The United States Has Plenty Of Oil: 10 Facts About America’s Energy Resources That Will Blow Your Mind

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The United States is not running out of oil.  In fact, nobody on the entire globe has more energy resources than the United States does.  The truth is that we are absolutely swimming in oil and natural gas and we have so much coal that we have no idea what to do with it all.  At current consumption rates, America has enough energy resources to completely satisfy all of its needs well into the 22nd century.  If we would just access those resources, we would not have to import a single drop of foreign oil.  But most Americans don’t realize that we have plenty of oil.  In fact, our education system has brainwashed most Americans into believing that our energy resources are rapidly being depleted and that we will soon enter a great energy crisis.  We are all constantly told that we must transition to “green energy” before it is too late.  But the reality is that America is an energy rich nation and new discoveries of oil and natural gas deposits are being made all the time.  Shouldn’t someone tell the American people the truth about these things?


Sadly, Barack Obama keeps running around the country declaring that there is no way that the United States can supply itself with enough oil.  During one speech a while back, Obama made the following statement….

“With only 2% of the world’s oil reserves, we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices”

The funny thing is that what Obama said sounds very similar to something that Jimmy Carter said back in 1977….

“Unless profound changes are made to lower oil consumption, we now believe that early in the 1980s the world will be demanding more oil than it can produce”.

How did that prediction work out for Jimmy Carter?

Not too well.

The truth is that Obama is misleading the American people just like Jimmy Carter did.  A recent Investor’s Business Daily article explained how Obama is twisting the truth….

But the figure Obama uses — proved oil reserves — vastly undercounts how much oil the U.S. actually contains. In fact, far from being oil-poor, the country is awash in vast quantities — enough to meet all the country’s oil needs for hundreds of years.

At current consumption rates, the United States has enough oil to last into the 23rd century without ever importing a single drop of oil from another country.

But only a very small fraction of the American people know this.

So when are we going to start hearing the truth?

The following are 10 facts about America’s energy resources that will blow your mind….

#1 Back in 1995, the U.S. Geological Survey told the American people that the Bakken Shale formation in western North Dakota and eastern Montana only held 151 million barrels of oil.  Today, government officials are admitting that it holds 4.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil, and some analysts believe that the actual number could be closer to 20 billion barrels of oil.

#2 It is estimated that there are up to 19 billion barrels of recoverable oil deposits in the tar sands of Utah.

#3 It is estimated that there are at least 86 billion barrels of recoverable oil deposits in the Outer Continental Shelf.

#4 It is believed that there are 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil deposits in the Green River formation in Wyoming.

#5 Overall, the United States is sitting on approximately 1.442 trillion barrels of recoverable oil deposits.

#6 According to the Institute of Energy Research, the United States has a 120 year supply of natural gas.

#7 According to the Institute of Energy Research, the United States has a 200 year supply of oil.

#8 According to the Institute of Energy Research, the United States has a 464 year supply of coal.

#9 According to Pastor Lindsey Williams, absolutely gigantic oil fields have been discovered up in Alaska that the American public is not being told about.

#10 Goldman Sachs is predicting that the United States will be the number one oil producing country in the world by the year 2017.

But you never hear any of these statistics from Barack Obama, do you?

And some of our oil fields that were thought to be “depleted” are actually filling back up with oil.  Many scientists are extremely puzzled by this.  The following quote is from a 1999 Wall Street Journal article….

Production at the oil field, deep in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, was supposed to have declined years ago. And for a while, it behaved like any normal field: Following its 1973 discovery, Eugene Island 330’s output peaked at about 15,000 barrels a day. By 1989, production had slowed to about 4,000 barrels a day.

Then suddenly—some say almost inexplicably—Eugene Island’s fortunes reversed. The field, operated by PennzEnergy Co., is now producing 13,000 barrels a day, and probable reserves have rocketed to more than 400 million barrels from 60 million. Stranger still, scientists studying the field say the crude coming out of the pipe is of a geological age quite different from the oil that gushed 10 years ago.

The truth is that there is still much about the formation of oil that is a great mystery to our scientists.  For much more on this, you can listen to a recent interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi on Coast to Coast right here.

Unfortunately, much of the information that you have read above is being repressed because it would be very damaging to the “green agenda” that the global elite are trying to impose on all of us.

As I wrote about yesterday, a “green economy” is absolutely central to the “sustainable development” agenda that the United Nations is promoting.

The elitists at the UN believe that carbon dioxide is evil and that it is going to cause catastrophic climate change.

But the truth is that we have always had “climate change” and even if you eliminated all forms of human activity it would only reduce carbon dioxide levels on our planet by a marginal amount.

And carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.  Every plant on earth uses carbon dioxide.  In the past, our planet actually had much higher levels of carbon dioxide.  When there are high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, plant life thrives and more food can be grown.

So if you want the earth to be more “green”, then you should actually want levels of carbon dioxide to be even higher.

Unfortunately, this kind of logic evades the “true believers”.

Folks like Al Gore run around the planet declaring that global warming is going to bring an end to life as we know it if something is not done immediately.

Well, you know what?

The climate on earth is going to change and nothing can stop it.  It has always changed and it always will change.

The primary cause of climate change is the gigantic ball of fire that our planet is revolving around.  You could fit 1.3 million earths inside the sun.  When there is a lot of solar activity the earth tends to get warmer, and when there is not a lot of solar activity the earth tends to get cooler.

The sun has been behaving very strangely in recent years.  If this continues (or gets even worse) we are going to see some very bizarre weather patterns in the years ahead.

And there is not a thing we can do about it other than pray.

But Obama is going to continue to repress energy production in the United States and try to push us toward his vision of a “green society”.

Unfortunately, much of what he is trying to do is extremely damaging to our economy.  This was beautifully demonstrated in a recent YouTube video entitled “If I Wanted America To Fail“….

So does this mean that alternative energy is bad?

Of course not.

At the same time that we work to exploit the vast deposits of oil, natural gas and coal under our feet, we should also seek to develop cutting edge alternative energy technologies.

For example, most Americans have never even heard of thorium, but many scientists believe that it could provide nearly endless amounts of very safe, very cheap and very clean energy for future generations.

America is not going to run out of energy.  America has more energy resources that anyone else in the world and our nation is also one of the leaders in developing cutting edge alternative energy technologies.

This country has a lot of problems, but a lack of energy is not going to be one of them unless our politicians get in the way.

So what do you think about all of this?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Proftel

    Argentina gave example, nationalizing oil companies.


  • Piglet

    The amount of oil located in the US won’t change US foreign policy a bit. We don’t invade and occupy other countries simply to get oil for domestic use; instead, we seize it in order to control the flow to the rest of the world. By controlling the flow, our Glorious Leaders control the economies of the world. It’s as if our GL’s wrap their fists around the doodads of other countries and say, “We understand each other now, don’t we?” Other countries can only meekly nod their heads in acknowledgement. This is the same game of empire that has been played for centuries, while the befuddled We the Peasantry are continually prompted to fight in and pay for this or that war for God, Country, Mom & Apple Pie, “They hate us because of our freedoms” (we still have freedoms?) and other nonsense. Our GLs must truly despise us for being so gullible.

    • JJ

      In 2004 I met a man who retired early as an Oil Refinery Engineer.
      He said the US had enough oil reserves in the ground to last the world until the year 3000.
      He retired early because of the politics behind oil & that the war(s) are due to taking oil from other countries.

      Another story I read was Henry Kissinger made a deal with the Arabs that if they bought US treasury bonds they would buy their(arab’s) oil. This was back in the 70’s when they had that so called gas shortage. Now the time is coming where we(US) is going to tell the Arabs we no longer will buy their oil. This will then cause an world economic crash starting US. Then in about 5 yrs after a new government(NWO) is place & the people submit to it becuase they are poor & starving, they will say they found new oil reserves & will restabelize the US but under a new currency & most likely a dictatorship type govt.

      If you look at the events now….you can see these things being put in place.
      Just what I understand about it anyways.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    This is what I don’t quite understand. Globalization depends on cheep energy if the US has so much oil or if oil is Abotic. Why are the evil forces of the NWO not ripping this stuff out of the ground? You can’t run Disneyland or New York City on solar panels, any dimwit how has looked at this knows that.

  • prof. Pizdoboltsev

    Unfortunately, USA, represents a consumer country nowadays. USA is dependent on import of products, including oil. It is very difficult to break such a dependence. The reason is, oil and other goods are being exchanged for US dollar currency that goes to foreign countries. This, to say, outflow of US dollar currency maintains its global circulation and eventually, its value. If USA decides to use its own energy resources – there won’t be any migration of US dollar currency. US dollar will be less recognized as international currency, and its value will… drop.
    At this point in time, USA is not ready to become independent of import. The transition from consumer to producer economic model is needed.

    • Joseph Malo.

      It can only lose 17% more.The dollar has already lost 83% since 1970

  • c’mon, that video was pure right wing propaganda, just fulla**it, promoting the rape’n’plunder corporate line we’ve seen for decades.

    • Larry speier

      Your ignorance is astounding. I wonder if you have a job? not likely.

      • social misfit

        “Your ignorance is astounding. I wonder if you have a job?”

        I have one do you ? I agree with him on his point

        so what does a job have to do with anything ?


    • mondobeyondo

      Oh well. Whatever. Nevermind.
      Here we are now, entertain us……

  • whoisbiggles


    How much does it cost to recover this oil per barrel for these sources?
    Oil recovered from Tar sands and shale is not cheap. It is only when we are paying higher prices at the gas pump that these types of extraction processes become profitable.
    I agree that there is no shortage of oil, but we are running out of CHEAP AND EASILY RECOVERABLE OIL.

    • Michael

      I will concede that point.


    • Nexus789

      This is the KEY point….yes there is lots of oil and gas but it is locked up in deposits that requires massive amounts of energy to extract but also creates massive environmental damage. Have a look at the disaster that is being created in Canada. So it is meaningless to bandy numbers like this without putting them in the right context.

    • 1stVArifleman


      • 1stVArifleman

        (Didn’t mean to post just exactly)
        whoisbiggles is exactly right, what truly matters about oil is what is the return on our investment. According to Richard Heinberg and “The Party’s Over,” when we first discovered oil, mid way through the 19th century, the return on our investment was 200:1. Meaning for every one unit of energy used to extract the oil from the ground we received two hundred units in return. According to Richard Heinberg (I realize, he could be involved in this cabal based on his name, again could be!), today we receive an 8:1 investment on oil extraction. The reason for this is the only oil left is very difficult to extract or it isn’t crude oil, it is tar sands or shale oil. Tar Sands and Shale oil require a lot of energy investment just to make them into viable forms of oil to convert to liquid fuels for our internal combustion engines. Most of that energy is lost in the extraction process, transportation process, and then finally the conversion process. Michael Ruppert backs all of Heinberg’s research up in his books “Crossing the Rubicon,” and “Confronting Collapse,” as well as his documentary, “Collapse.” This information is again supported by Chris Martenson’s research as well, “The Next Twenty Years are Going to be Nothing Like the Last Twenty Years.”

        However, I do admit this could be mis-information, but Lindsey Williams and others could be spreading mis-information too. This is exactly what Huxley’s book “A Brave New World,” is confronting and revealing our future would be like; so much information and technology, in a dumb-ed down society, causes massive distractions and complacency (A Brave New World was published in the 1930s and is about the future in the 26th Century). Combine this work with George Orwell’s “1984,” and I believe you have an accurate depiction of the present written in the 30s and 40s.

        Long Live the Constitutional Republic!
        Sic Semper Tyrannis!

        • 1stVArifleman

          Also, the Laws of Physics definitely don’t support your article Michael.

          especially, the
          Laws of Thermodynamics:
          with heavy emphasis on the
          Law of Entropy

          No matter how benevolent or great man thinks he is. We can never defeat or by-pass the laws of Physics. Whether you believe these laws were set by God or Nature it doesn’t matter. These laws on undeniable and unavoidable on our planet. For one to truly understand energy one must understand physics.

          Long Live the Constitutional Republic!
          Sic Semper Tyrannis!

          • 1stVArifleman

            Furthermore, we undeniably live in a finite world. At some point, without any question, humans on earth will depleat their oil reserves. The question is when. We cannot aviod this, plus reference my first comment and always remember once oil extraction cost us more energy units than we receive in return; the gig is up.

            Please reference any of the sources I listed previously and also consult: Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.”

    • Lolpeakscam

      The tar sands wheren´t exploited earlier because it was too expensive, hovewer technology have improved enough to make it profitable and it will get even more profitable in teh future, given there are investements.

      Oil becoming too expensive? That was the news in 1920s, 1930s, 1970s etc. Thought it haven´t happened, again and again.

      More so, oil is abiotic, not “fossil fuel”. That is why Russia exports oil to the zeropean union and the US and not vise versa, their scientists aknowledges that oil is abiotic, knew that since 1951. “western” scientific community does not and have not bothered to examine Sovietic researchs.

      Thing is, the Russian theory is the correct one, because of it Russian companies are able to find oil reserves.

      • 1stVArifleman

        I have never heard this theory before. I just read a short article about it, and I found two books that directly address the subject. I’ll definitely buy those books from amazon and read them. This theory, if true, definitely would change the game.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, from my understanding the abiotic theory is that oil is created from a biosphere deep in the earth, where oil is basically indefinitely created by the earth’s heat and pressure from material deep within the earth from her origins 4.5 billion years ago. As you said, oil thus would not be a “Fossil” Fuel. But an indefinite fuel created geologically and not biologically.

        Thanks for commenting and giving me the direction to obtain that knowledge. Never the less I will be objective and try to weigh the evidence as I read more about it.

        “The education of a man is never completed until he dies.”
        Robert E Lee

        “Wise men are instructed by reason; men of less understanding, by experience; the most ignorant, by necessity; the beasts, by nature.”
        Marcus Cicero

        “The restriction of knowledge to an elite group destroys the spirit of the society and leads to its intellectual impoverishment….The important thing is never to stop questioning.”
        Albert Einstein

        “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”
        Sam Adams

        “If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be…. If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”
        Thomas Jefferson

        “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

        Long Live the Constitutional Republic!
        Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  • mondobeyondo

    Barack Obama says the U.S. has 2% of the world’s oil reserves?
    Do you believe him?

    There’s the Gulf of Mexico oil wells. (Apologies to all the dolphins, sea gulls, oysters and other creatures.)

    We have the Strategic Oil Reserve.

    We have the ability to convert shale rock into oil.

    And that is only 2 percent?
    Okay, take the benefit of the doubt, and assume Obama is right.
    Alternative energy is available. “But it’s too expensive!!”

    Sure it’s expensive, for now.
    So why not develop it, enhance it, and make it cheaper?
    It shouldn’t be too difficult to make hydrogen powered cars (although the obvious implication is that they could blow up like the Hindenburg). Water is hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Separate the hydrogen, and convert the water into a usable fuel.

    Why is that so hard? Refine and improve the technology, so that the vehicle doesn’t blow up when it’s rear-ended (like the 1977 Ford Pinto) and you’ll have a winner!

    No. It’s about the money. Bottom line.

    • mondobeyondo

      p.s. I’m more of a musician than an energy engineer. But if I can figure this out…

      • Michael

        From what I can tell you are quite smart Mondo.


    • Kevin

      The hydrogen / oxygen bond in water is very stable and it requires a lot of energy to break the bond. The net result is a poor fuel source.

      Natural Gas will be displacing diesel in the next few years as a heavy motor fuel. Currently the economics are as follows. You get 550 BTUs per penny for Diesel and over 5000 BTUs per penny for Natural Gas.

      • LenguandoBeyondo


        From what I can tell, you are much smarter than Mondo.

        The only issue I see with what you say is that once (if?) the switch to Natural Gas to a motor fuel source is ever made on a large scale, the economics will change significantly as Demand will increase, while supply will likely remain fairly stable (or increase incrementally). Thus resulting in the current 5000 BTUs per penny rapidly moving closer and closer to the 550 BTUs per penny for Diesel. May not ever get there, but it certainly won’t stay anywhere near 5000.

        And heck, once the Federal, State, and local governments get their claws into it – adding taxes on top of taxes – the BTUs per penny may well equal that for Diesel or even Gas. On purpose I might add.

        • mondobeyondo

          Perhaps so. But I’m not in a competition to be the smartest. If I were, I’d sign up for American Idol.


      • mondobeyondo

        Depends on if the end product of the hydrogen/oxygen breakdown, is more efficient or cheaper than the traditional petroleum refining to oil to gasoline breakdown.

        Is it cheaper to refine oxygen and hydrogen? No.
        How available is oxygen and hydrogen? It’s everywhere.
        Just go down to the oceanfront. There are (literally!) waves of it rolling onshore on your nearby coastline! Granted, we’d have to use some technology to remove the salt and other garbage.

        Available potential energy source: Endless
        Cost to harness this energy: Could be problematic, but not impossible
        Harm to the environment: Can’t be much worse than what we’re already doing to it.

        And these rich loonies like James Cameron are talking about mining asteroids for gold and stuff? Gimme a break!

  • Benjik

    “It (abiotic oil theory) was relatively popular in the past, but it became largely forgotten at the end of the 20th century after it failed to predict the location of new wells.

    So the lack of instantaneous and exploitable profits pushed abiotic oil theory out of the public forum. Surprise, surprise. Like any suppressed theory or cover-up, just follow the money……

    • Peaskoilisunbunkered

      Actually, that theory has predicted where to find new oil reserves.

      In 1946, it seemed that the Soviet-Union would meet its peak oil and Stalin ordered researchs into the origins of oil, 80s soviet-union had higher production than consumption, despite having a land army as big than all of the nato land armies put together.
      Today, the Russian federation is exporting oil to the zeropean union, China and north america despite the complete cluelessness of the oligarchs in anything else than maintaining a plutocracy and seizing people´s wealth.

      • Benjik

        Thanks for the info. I did some more research on this and you are absolutely correct, however it still amazes me with the Russian scientific info readily available that there is still a virtual global blackout of the facts. The global suppression of this data just doesn’t pass the smell-test……

        • Peakoilscam

          “The global suppression of this data just doesn’t pass the smell-test……”

          That is precisely one reason it can work.

          But it is very much feasible, as this vid states, most humans exposes themselves to info that backs their own worldview. -)
          The “scientific community” is only slightly more immunized from biaise and subjectivity, not completely. The scientist looses his/her research fundings and faces ostracism, perhapse even become jobless if he/she disproves the established truths like human-caused global warming and peak oil.

          Most today are conformist and influencable enough to be seriously delluded about things, even when there is easily available evidence to the contrary.

          Have you not seen it enough already? Individuals +10 years of age believes for many years the debts and deficies are not going to be a problem, that Saddam Hussein have WMDs and his hell-bent on detroying the USA, that Obamamessiah will save the country etc.

  • mark

    Nothing will change if Obama gets to stay. The tree huggers in the democrat party will not let the drilling begin. I know that many of you think that Romney is just like Obama, but at least he is a business man and if enough republicans can be elected our energy future might change. I have always felt that since we, the taxpayers of this country own most of these reserves, we should be able to have plenty of wealth and good paying jobs in the US energy industry. Instead of leasing off the reserves to the oil companies and they reap most of the profits, let’s put out to bid without all the stupid regulations to run up the cost of production, the development of these reserves. If you want the workers to be union, then they can be paid at 70% of union scale. This would be a good family wage. That throws a bone to the unions, but keeps the cost down. All the rest of the work will be bid and done with private non government workers. Let’s use the profits as follows: 50% of the profit goes to pay down government debt, along with a balanced budgit amendment. 20% would go towards the greem movements wish for green power plants. 15% could go to US colleges for research on stuff like batteries and 15% to just the states that are drilled on. We sure could use the good paying jobs and there would be a lot of positive things by not buying oil from Chavaz and the Arabs for us. Our balance of payments would look a whole lot better.

  • ZombieDawg

    Here we go people who haven’t done the basic research…

    Google Lindsey Williams debunked.

    A good read :,11308.0.html

    Proven reserves are one thing, RECOVERABLE is another, ok ?
    The whole point of Peak Oil is one of VIABLE COST EFFECTIVE RECOVERY!!!!!!!!!!
    Who cares if there is 10 trillion barrels if the cost of extracting and refining it pushes the price of petrol to 2/3/4 times what it is now ?
    How many times do we have to cover the same basic facts. Jeez…

    Poor old Lindsey is just a puppet of the oil industry. Do you really think he’d be disclosing anything they didn’t want released.
    C’mon – your school educations can’t be that bad!
    He isn’t the source of anything – just a blind regurgitator.

    Have people actually read “The oil age is over”, or “Crossing the Rubicon”, or “Twilight in the desert” or spent any serious time over at ?
    Sure doesn’t look look like it !

    • Greg

      Not too long ago gasoline was 29¢ a gallon. Now, let’s see…at 3.95 a gallon it is now over 13.6 times what it was then…this is because why?

      To borrow a phrase, ‘**********’

  • Tatiana Covington

    Apparently there is so much oil, that it helps lubricate continental drift! Not just trillions, but quadrillions of barrels of it!

    The human race won’t last that long.

  • Cinderella Man

    As someone who has lived in both Wyoming and Montana for all of my life, there is more oil in WY than there is in Iraq! My Dad was a roughneck in the 80s. He told me why they stopped drilling new wells is because the govt. wanted to use up all the Arabs oil first. I can tell you first hand there are thousands of wells in Wyoming that are just capped waiting for the time when the go ahead is given to start them! There is a huge coal strip that runs for almost 200 hundred miles from Gilette WY to Colstrip MT. There is thousands and thousands of years of energy there. But you see that is the problem to the elites. They want us freezing and starving to death. I live near a wind farm in Judith Gap MT and Ive talked to the guys that do matenience on the prop blades. They tell me the turbines always are breaking down and the energy they produce is a meager pittance compared to a coal fired plant. If not for govt. subsides the cost to maintain them for the benefit of the power they produce is not worth it. Then for the electric car yeah thats just great so gas is high and the Obama administration wants to keep GE happy by not letting us use our oil and punishing coal power plants out of business how in the world does this make any sense? So no gas, no electricity to plug your car in a smart person can see the patterns emerge. The elite powers want less of us and they dont want us to have the freedom to travel unless they say so. Off topic Michael, but for your next article you need to talk about the disapearing American farmer and rancher. The average age of that group is in their 60s. It is extremely difficult for a young person to get into this vital trade because no banks are loaning money, nobody young wants to do it, the govt. has passed the law banning kids from learning the trade from their parents, and the corporations want to control it all. You talked about water shortages in the past, but a food crisis is coming soon within 10 years even if the economy survives this presidency.

    • Michael

      I think that the disappearance of farmers and ranchers would be a great topic.

      Would you happen to have any links to get me started?

      Also, great comments about all the energy up there in Wyoming.

      If Americans only knew….

      The truth is that the numbers in my article are very conservative and that there is massive amounts of unused energy resources out in the mountain west.


    • 1stVArifleman

      I definitely agree with the last part about farmers. I’m only 24 and would very much like to go into farming. I’ve tried to acquire loans to do so but have always been denied, due to my lack of experience in farming. I guess being a Marine and earning a BA in Military History don’t instill confidence in the banks that I could be a farmer.

      Also, I have read a theory by Jim Marrs that is very similar to the one you describe that your father told you. Basically in his book “Rule by Secrecy,” Marrs states and cites sources claiming that there has been a secret US Government policy emplace that is going to exploit the world of all its resources before we [US Corporations] consume our own resources. I guess if that is true a lot more of US history makes sense. (This is mainly referring to fossil fuels, from my understanding.)

      Long Live the Constitutional Republic!
      Sic Semper Tyrannis!

    • Peter Carson

      Cinderella et al

      To concur your point above.
      At one time I owned a machine shop In Vancouver canaDUH?. One of the busiest large scale local manufacturing plants during the late 1970’s – early 1980’s was Mainland Manufacturing – building oil inspection platforms & land-based drilling rigs. From conversations I had with people at Mainland at the time – large oil companies were using Mainland equipment to drill and cap oil wells all over the U$ & canaDUH? – including many national parks. It did not make a lot of sense to me at the time – especially in consideration of the 1970’s oil-shock, which in 20/20 hindsight – was conspiracy / beta test, contrived to increase corporate profits, executive bonus programs and shareholder ROI, and to examine how commoners would respond to limitation of resources.

      As an alternate explanation for why Uncle $cam is patrolling and controlling as many of the oil fields – held in weaker political and virtually defenceless jurisdictions as possible – it is my suggestion there is a much more obvious answer : CONTROLLING AND DENYING ACCESS TO PETROLEUM – ELIMINATES BATTLEFIELD COMPETIONS.


      In my present analysis, based on what few credible sources I have been able to find to date – it would appear beyond academic theorem – politicians are simply a fire-wall of socio-pathetic and psycho-pathetic front-men, playing theatrical roles of scripts dictated by their even more psychopathic and sociopathic bankstering and plutocratic handlers – WHOSE SINGLULAR ULTIMATE GOAL IS : CONTROLLED DEPOPULATION.

      As any business person of reasonable intelligence, management experience and foresight will likely concurr – difficulty increases with more people “under management”. Therefore, from a purely business POV – it makes sense to reduce populations under management.

      The “trick” is, to “down-size” in an orderly, surreptitious manner, especially in consideration to alternate possibilities of proletariate uprisings – which I presently believe elite world management teams view in similar to “wild-cat strikes” to use a euphemism – based on their “computer business models”.

      Furthermore, it is alleged, Ted Turner was identified as one public face who arranged for the erection of Georgia Guidestones, containing words graven in granite defining objectives to reduce world populations down to 500 million, translating need to ELIMINATE approx 6.5 BILLION USELESS EATERS from payroles.

      Depopulation was also a central theme postulated by Zbigniew Brzezinski (sp), who adroitly summarized a simple thesis of dark foreboding conclusive facts : Before WWII it was much easier to control a million people than to kill a million people. However, with advances in military and viral technology leading into the late 1970s, it is now much easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.

      To enable arguments and debate from future posters on this website, I offer my current view of how the last chapter of my thesis will play-out. It is my dire suggestion : depopulation will commence in fall and winter seasons of western hemispheres – because they are most populous and vulnerable to harsh weather. With all critical grids now controlled and operated by computer networks, it will be a very simple task to turn-off virtually everything with the flick of a single switch : electricity.

      Without electric power, there will be no communications, no food, water, heat or gasoline. Cities will become rioting prisons overnight, common populations will quickly devolve in hysteria and become reduced into frozen morgues. Any who attempt escape will be challenged to leave by road, rail or water routes, as all airliners will be summarilly grounded. Those on foot will succumb to a combination of viral infections pre-injected into air, water and food before power grids stop, or self eliminate from winter elements and starvation.

      It will be my greatest pleasure to be completely wrong in my thesis posted above, and I look forward to productive comments from anyone to correct any misapprehensions I may have.

      As one possible way to fight-back, it is my suggestion commoners must embrace a few simple facts : Either we maintain our status quo as sheeple, accepting dictates from unelected monetary masters, or we mount unified common defense strategies.

      It is obvious to any thinking person, elite plutocrats are in process to crash systems which support commoners, dictating need for commoners to crash elite financial systems FIRST, on an expedited basis.

      It is moot, possibly 40% – 50% of commoners will continue living in denial of what is happening in front of their faces – as long as TV broadcasts maintain daily mind-numbing injections of football, X factor etc. For others embracing reality, I recommend focus on ways to usurp finance and taxation.

      1. Liquidate all superfluous possessions – while idiots are willing to buy.
      2. Take out as much credit as possible, using funds to purchase camp supplies.
      3. Beans, bullets, bullion, barter items : cigarettes, medicine, liquor
      4. Form loosely woven communities of friends who are taking similar actions.
      5. Begin networking while communication grids are up, and supplies available.
      6. Refuse to pay all forms of taxation, debts and financial obligations.
      7. Refuse to work for any financial services company or MIC contractors.
      8. NEVER attend street protests, show solidarity from safe distances, homes.
      9. Remain mobile if possible, as cities will quickly become chaotic.
      10. Wait.

      Keep in mind – TIMING IS EVERYTHING, take lessons from Occupy movements which failed largely due to winter conditions. For commoners to successfully crash financial systems – it must be done in spring or summer, not fall or winter.

      It is my belief, subject to correction, IF only 5% of western populations prepare to walk-away and refute financial obligations, WITHIN THE NEXT 8 – 10 MONTHS – there is a possibility our focused attack will pre-empt depopulation.

      This thesis turns on a fast groundswell of other commoners getting on-board similar programs ASAP, increasing numbers of dissident protagonists into an exponential doubling of growth every 2 – 3 months.

      If commoners quickly unite – financial markets will be usurped within less than 12 months, and rebuild will begin thereafter, whereby commoners utilize technology developed by financial inventors without usury.

      Good Luck.
      Yours, very truly.

      Peter Carson

  • GW

    Maybe, it is all a diabolical plot by our brilliantly intelligent national leadership to Rule the World by first using up the rest of the world’s oil supply while preserving our own supply for the future…

  • Joseph

    What I do not understand is that there is enough oil here for 200 years and it mentions nothing about Prudhoe Bay or the killed off Keystone project.

    My Solution: End most of the ridiculous regulations, lower taxes on the middle class, close the corporate tax loopholes, start the Keystone project to create jobs to help reduce the trade deficit and eventually balance it, and lower the price of gas…oh wait, we’re producing more oil then we consume…then why is the price rising, how is that possible?

    I understand the idea of alternative energy, no question about it, these resources will not last forever, we should use a fraction of what is made off the sources to invest in engineering these technologies over time, makes too much sense to D.C. bureaucrats…


    Too bold or just what we need to combat the approximated unemployment between 17-23 % in the U.S.A. and 50%+ for college graduates?

  • Stan522

    The oil “issue” is no different from the global warming “issue”. It’s purely man made in that environmental mental midgets along with their opportunist politician’s and crony capitalists are driving these myths to reach their desired end game.

    The environMENTAList’s want renewable energy AT ANY COST! And that cost is to give our billions to terrorist states like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc…. Never mind wind, solar, steam and the rest of it CANNOT match up to the loss of oil.

    Politician’s are jumping on board because they can pass stringent environmental laws that drive us to “green energy” solutions and then personally invest in these businesses so they can make a buck.

    This is a game and we all are being played.

    • Greg

      Hear! Hear!


  • Rowell

    In regards to green technology, there’s a point that most people completely miss. Say the US has a 120 year supply of natural gas and a 200 year supply of oil. If green technologies could cut in half the energy used, that would mean you would have a 240 year supply of natural gass and a 400 year supply of oil. Talk about planning for future generations.

    I think another point many people are missing about oil/energy imports into the US is that we’re dealing with a finite resource. Once the oil runs out in Saudi Arabia, it’s gone. Same with oil and gas in the US. What better long term plan could there be than to import oil/energy resources from other countries (depleting their supply) while maintaining the energy resources we have here at home? When the oil runs dry in the Middle East, the US will still have a 200 year supply to fuel her engine. It’s a pay now, or pay more later scenario.

  • BBP

    “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” What is the truth, this is the key question. Lies and distortions and manipulative created perceptions only serve to imprison. Only the truth can set us free in all aspects of our existence.

  • Wow, are you asking the wrong question!

    Fossil fuels, irrespective of their type, have poisoned the planet and made changes to things like the Atlantic conveyer belt, which will alter weather on this planet irreversibly. The idea that we can continue to plumb oil and gas indefinitely will doom the planet. Plus, of course, each are rapidly diminishing resources and non-renewable. The equation is easy: if they can’t be renewed, they eventually will exhaust. Peak oil, in other words, is not a conspiracy theory.

    Meanwhile, Shell is searching the Arctic for oil, since the ice caps have melted to the point they can do so. I hate for you to miss this epochal cataclysm so completely!

    • Peaskoilisunbunkered

      Nope, oil is not “fossil fuel”, it is an abiotic and renewable ressource.
      Peak oil is that the oil is too deep to be exploited. How comes it is so deep if it really is from biological origins, huh?

      CO2 by human activities is only a small fraction from that created by biological activity and isn´t what cause the Earth to be warmer, it is vise versa, Earth gets warmer and COs starts increasing 800 years later as a response.

    • Greg

      Ignorance is bliss.

  • LenguandoBeyondo


    You are much too humble.

    I would have to say that from what you have said, you are much more a genius energy engineer than a musician!!!

    You have obviously figured out how to get around those pesky laws of thermodynamics, physics and chemical reactions that have kept us from efficiently and cost effectively converting water into hydrogen and oxygen for use as energy sources, at least up until now…

    Since it usually takes about twice as much energy to split those hydrogen atoms from that oxygen atom, than you get from burning the hydrogen as an energy source afterwards, I presume that that problem is now solved by you – as you so state! I am standing by with gobs and gobs of investment money to support the building of your system that can now use at most half the energy we now need to split water into hydrogen and oxygen than it used to! We will make $ Trillions and $ Gadzillioins once this system goes into routine production and daily use!!!

    Unless, of course, you don’t have a system designed that can do that…. If not, total bummer dude. An opportunity lost.

    But a serious question. If you don’t have a design for that ‘perpetual energy system’, where are we going to get all the energy that will be needed to split those water molecules up into its basic atoms so we can fuel our vehicles (George Jetson flying saucers??) with hydrogen? Because if it still is going to take twice as much energy to get that hydrogen from the water, are we going to use nukular (thanks GWB!) energy to do it? Coal? Oil? Solar? Wind? Unicorn Skittles?

    (Oh yeah, and the Hindenburg didn’t “blow up” because of the hydrogen used…it burned rapidly due to the dope used on the skin to keep the hydrogen from leaking out. But you already knew that I suspect.)

    • mondobeyondo

      Hehe… thanks for the compliment! :)

      As I’ve stated, it’s much easier for me to figure out the chord progressions on “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin (it’s in DADGAD tuning, if you play guitar), than it is for me to determine how to create fuel from oxygen and hydrogen. Both are noble ideas, though.

      Um, yeah. Whether or not such an energy resource system really works, depends on several factors. How efficient is it? (Economically? Financially?) And there’s balance – finite supply of petroleum vs. endless supply of water. Would it be cost effective? Would it even matter after a while, when the lights go out?

      Yes – it takes energy to make energy – much like any financial guru will tell you “it takes money to make money”. The key is balance. How much money? And how much energy will be the result?

      Is it worth it?
      If so, pursue it. If not, abandon it, and select another option.

  • It’s great to hear the TRUTH that the media won’t tell people. The tree huggers love their solar and wind energy gimmicks, but they don’t tell you that 80% of the power they expect to generate must be backed up by fossil fuels when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. Until they can power a 747 airliner with wind or solar, we can’t take them seriously, and we will need fossil fuels for the forseeable future. Only in their utopian world is this not a reality.

  • A.S.

    If I were a genius in all the sciences, I would put online the “recipe” for FREE ENERGY that any “average Joe” could put together with common place parts and specify that it is my gift to the world…I wouldn’t care about making a dime as profit. This would be one of the biggest defiances against the NWO. Then again, Tesla was shut up for similar ideas. Today, people like this would be assassinated. So, I would require people like Anonymous to help hosting my ideas. The best things in life are free! Energy should be free too!

  • Babylon America is the only nation that fulfills these parameters when compared to the other restrictions of the prophets. There is no other nation upon earth that even comes close. There is not any GROUP OF NATIONS that comes close. BELIEVE GOD. If Babylon is indeed the richest nation in the world, then it stands to reason that her citizens would also enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. This is not to say there are not the poor in Babylon, but that the average citizen of the country would enjoy a standard of living UNKNOWN to the vast majority of the earth’s population. The wealth and style of living in Babylon is one of opulence, pleasure, greed and luxury.

    · Isaiah 47:8: “given to pleasures.”

    · Isaiah 47:9: “great abundance of thine enchantments.”

    · Jeremiah 50:37: “her horses…her chariots, her treasures…”

    · Jeremiah 50:38: “they are MAD UPON THEIR IDOLS.”

    · Jeremiah 51:13: “abundant in treasure.”

    · Jeremiah 51:13: “the measure of thy covetousness.”

    · Revelation 18:3: “abundance of her delicacies.”

    · Revelation 18:7: “and lived deliciously.”

    · Revelation 18:14: “all things which were dainty and goodly…”

    · Revelation 18:16: “clothed in fine linen, and purple and scarlet.”

    · Revelation 18:19: “by reason of her costliness.”

    There is no mistake here. The citizens of Babylon enjoy the highest standard of living known in the world. There is no place upon earth like America, the Mighty Babylon. Americans who travel abroad will tell you that there is nothing like America, or the dainties and goodies of American life. The citizens of Babylon America are mad upon their idols. They worship pleasure and have a multitude of idols that they have set up. In the Bible, an idol is anything that gets in the way of the worship of God or Jesus Christ. An idol is anything that TAKES THE PLACE OF GOD OR CHRIST BEING FIRST IN THE LIFE OF THAT PERSON. Americans have put sports of all types above the worship of God. Baseball, football, basketball, softball, hockey are only a few of the sports involved. Surfing, flying, sky diving, boating, model aircraft, and a multitude of other hobbies are placed ahead of God and Christ, Then we have SEX, which includes adulteries, prostitution, fornication, pornography, homosexuality, perversions of all types which Americans have sold themselves into.

    The pleasures of Babylon are many, so many they cannot even begin to be named. America does not worship God or Christ, it worships ITS IDOLS, which it has gone insane upon. The Christians in America are no different from the unbelievers. They must be entertained with music, television, movies, videos, books plays, concerts and all types of DIVERSIONS that have become the idols instead of true worship. Their houses of worship have become huge TV production houses, and rather than worship, they have huge productions to entertain their “followers”.

    IT WILL ALL COME TO NAUGHT, IN A MOMENT, IN ONE HOUR. It will suddenly be over, with millions swept into eternal ruin and loss. The American Christian, of which the vast majority are totally UNREGENERATE according to the Scriptures, because they have rejected the way of the truth, will likewise be swept away into eternal ruin, never to escape, never to obtain a reprieve. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ONE OF THEM. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF THEM. Thus is Babylon portrayed as the QUEEN OF THE NATIONS, THE LADY OF THE KINGDOMS, THE GLORY OF THE WORLD’S NATIONS, THE PRAISE OF THE WHOLE EARTH. It is fitting therefore, that America has, in the harbor of the GREAT CITY BABYLON, NEW YORK, a LADY THAT STANDS AS A SENTINEL TO HER DOORS.

    This lady, quite fittingly, LIFTS HER ARM UP HIGH IN THE SKY, WITH A GOLDEN TORCH (CUP) IN HER HANDS. She beacons to the world, and the world has indeed GONE MAD OVER BABYLON, AND HAS INDEED DRUNK OF THE WINE OF HER FORNICATION. And yet, we have not begun to touch the parameters of God for this mighty end time nation Babylon the Great. We have not even begun to prove that America is and must be Babylon the Great. We have only skimmed the surface of parameters. In our next issue, we shall further examine these parameters, and will substantiate with further evidence that America is indeed DESTINED FOR AN EVIL AND UNTIMELY END.

    America had it all. She did not consider her latter end. She did not consider she was not eternal, but only a nation among the nations of the world. She did not consider that God is SOVEREIGN, who sets up and tears down nations and leaders at His will and pleasure. Babylon America did not consider that she was a speck of dust in the hand of the Lord. She did not consider that ANY NATION THAT REJECTS GOD IS TURNED INTO HELL. She forgot God, and she left the fear of God. She turned and fought against God and His anointed.


  • whoisbiggles

    If a government was serious about “green energy” that can supply base load power the answer is geothermal.
    It has been used in the US, New Zealand, Iceland for many decades.
    For years governments and industry have been tinkering with “hot rocks technology” (see link ). Maybe the problem with this technology is that it works, is cheap and reduces our reliance on Arab oil.
    Personally I am for anything that reduces our reliance on foreign oil and reduces the price of gas at the pump.

  • Cinderella Man

    Michael, heres a few suggestions where to get started… check out the following: The World according to Monsanto and Food Inc, for the corporate farms, Fox Business had Jim Rogers on the other day asking him what is he investing in and he said commodities because the average age of farmers is in their 60s. I can assure you that is true in my line of work I only see older guys coming in for feed or seed cleaning and treating. Infowars the other day had an article about the no child under 18 being allowed to do farm or ranch work. Maybe check out or The Prairie Hope it helps.

  • Bob Marshall

    Van Jones Obama’s former “green”jobs czar once said in an interview on UpRising Radio that the push for “green” jobs by the Obama administration was to bring down capitalism.

  • Greg

    The truth is Jimmy Carter is no longer the United States of America’s worst President.

    • mondobeyondo

      Wow! Herbert Hoover is still the worst ever! Woo-hoooo!

  • mondobeyondo

    I’d hug a cactus if I could. But they are really thorny.
    It hurts when you hug them.
    So I’ve decided to hug trees instead.

  • Sandy Kirby Morman

    Please, please, please, won’t Big Government “rape and plunder” our land. Please. Heard this type of BS all of my life…and it’s never been done…and we’ve seen lousy results from our other options. Be smart. Develop cleaner energy while plundering away. THAT would be smart. And as for controlling other countries…really? How absolutely ignorant dim/lib BS. It’s so old and stupid and ridiculously wrong. Please, oil men, big G, plunder, plunder…rape and plunder! I want to buy fuel for my car at about 50 cents per gallon…warm my house at about 25 cents per gallon…develop it and put a low ceiling on taxing it. End of problem. And the dim/libs can’t blame anything on anyone…

  • jhall

    If the biotic origin of oil is true, then why is the surface of Titan (the largest Moon of Saturn and our solar system) drenched in copious amounts of oil? Throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, there are vast clouds of dust and gases comprised of hydrocarbons, which are the constituents of oil and natural gas. The abiotic origin of oil is much more likely, and plausible than any biotic origin. It is quite obvious that the Earth had plentiful amounts hydrocarbons during its accretion.

    • jhall

      If the biotic origin of oil is true, then why is the surface of Titan (the largest Moon of Saturn and our solar system) drenched in copious amounts of oil? Throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, there are vast clouds of dust and gases comprised of hydrocarbons, which are the constituents of oil and natural gas. The abiotic origin of oil is much more likely, and plausible than any biotic origin. It is quite obvious that the Earth had plentiful amounts of hydrocarbons during its accretion.

  • monk

    What is technically recoverable isn’t the same as the extraction rate, and the extraction rate is in turn negated by energy needed to process what is extracted.

    Given that, non-conventional U.S. oil and gas sources are expected to add around 4 million barrels of oil daily for the next two decades. The problem is that global demand has to grow by that amount every two years in order for global economic growth to be maintained.

    In general, it is expected that global non-conventional sources worldwide will increase energy production by 9 pct. Meanwhile, energy demand has to rise by around 2 pct a year to maintain economic growth.

    Given that, the world does have “plenty of oil.” It’s just that most of it is too deep to extract or too dirty to be used at cheaper costs, and the extraction rate won’t be enough to meet increasing demand.

  • Mark

    Watch this:

    Then come and tell me that the world is swimming in oil.

  • webtrekker

    This entire article is complete BS.

    ‘It is believed …’
    ‘It is estimated …’
    ‘Approximately …’
    ‘At current consumption rates …’


    Why not learn some REAL facts …

    Take care, friends.

  • Thanks for all that….er….so the President of the United states wants his country to fail……..yes….of course he does……er…..exactly what is the reason he wants this again???…also…..having told us that US has all the oil it wants…where do you get all this information that noone else can get????…then when you accuse them of waging war just for oil, you ate talking crap…..yes????? So everybody hates America…and everybody is leaving their wonderful counties that they love to come to Britain or America to live….er….what is the crime again for having unlimited oil reserves????? Er…why does everybody want to live in America again if it is such a terrible place????? Yes I think I will leave Britain and go and live in Syria, no Iraq, no Egypt, no Yemen, no Afghanistan, no North Korea, no, Iran, no Saudi Arabia, No China, no ……on second thoughts I think I’ll stay here thank you very much! Sick and tired of digs at America while it gives more aid and help to the poor of the world than anyone in the History of the world…why don’t you give us a breakdown on all the help and positive thing that great country does for the world!!! Instead of knocking them all the time while other nations (especially the Islamic ones) behave like animals in the jungle killing each other…Sunni…Shia?????? Wot the Hell is that about as if I didn’t know…I googled it…something to do with a difference of opinion as to what Muhammed used to eat for breakfast…something like that!!!!!

  • I read some of your rant ‘smash the control machine’ above…fell asleep 8 times while reading it……let me guess….you are the sort of person who at the drop of a hat turn any issue into an excuse for preaching about God and the Bible…..jury is out for me about whether there is a God or not…am old man will find out soon….but you sound like a raving nutter to me….can you keep it a bit shorter next time because………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

  • just curious, when oil was discovered seeping out of the ground, by ‘native americans’ , if they called that a ‘spill’, to be cleaned up, & blamed on someone, or if they just used it for lamps?

  • Sid Davis

    In 1930 the amount of energy to acquire 100 barrels of conventional oil was equal to the energy in one barrel; this meant that the energy cost was 1%, an insignificant cost. This cost has doubled about every 20 to 25 years. At first nobody even noticed because 1% went to 2% and 2% then went to 4%. Today, we are up to about 12%. Obviously energy used up to get oil can’t exceed 100% because we would have no gain at all.

    The “low hanging fruit” principle is at work. We exploited the easiest to find, shallowest, biggest, purest, most proximate deposits first because these were the most profitable. What is left are the difficult, costly, lower quality deposits. This is why oil executives tell us the era of cheap oil is over. The same principle operates for natural gas and coal, each with its own growing cost curve. What matters is not how much energy we acquire in total, but how much is left after we lose some energy to acquire energy; this is net energy, which is our energy profit after deducting the energy cost.

    It is this net energy that has fueled our economic expansion for the last 300 to 400 years. There is a direct correlation between net energy use and economic output. If net energy falls, so too will economic output, and this is our most probable future. If you are relying on a future with abundant energy, you are in for a world of hurt.

    This article is much more wishful thinking than an accurate assessment of available energy.

  • Daniel.G.W

    Easy to take it as a truth.

  • Robert Silva

    The big question in oil industry is not the ammount of oil, but the ratio Energy Returned/Energy Invested, also known as EROEI.
    It measures how many energy you have to invest to return the oil
    this number decreases year after year, because we have already explored the best areas with wonderful ratio EROEI around the world
    What we have nowadays are places with extremly bad ratio EROEI

    That’s why the peak oil becames a reality

    here you have precious information:

    from brasil, congratulations for your blog

  • Robert Silva

    in the previous comment:
    where you read
    “this number decreases year after year”

    you must read
    “this number increases year after year”

    Because the truth is: that day after day, year after year, we have to invest more and more energy to return each barrel of oil.

    Think about the early days of oil industry in Texas or Pensylvania, when oil came easily from the ground
    Now, think about the oil expltation we have here in Brasil, where the oil is 5 thousand of meters under the ocean and we have huge platforms

    That is the POINT:

    Oil is becaming more difficult to exploit, in terms of energy invested, day after day

    thanks for the blog and the precious information always

  • dale

    US crude oil production has fallen from over 10 mbpd in 1970 to under 4 mbpd at the end of Bush’s term, to rise to about 5.8 mbpd under Obama. It peaked in 1970, as predicted by peak oil analysis which was made in the 50’s. The only issue (peak oil has arrived 40 years ago) is how much more expensive gas will be to produce from the gas/shale/tar sources and how long it will take to change to clean, sustainable energies, with infinite supplies of solar/wind.
    Conservation (CFB, electric vehicles, and recyling) can cut costs drastically, but in the long run, oil will be very very expensive and the alternatives will be cheaper and cheaper, and without the trillions spent on health/environmnental damage.

    Those who criticize Peak Oil (and who meantime profit from it in terms of higher prices) are Big Oil CEOs and economists. They seek to delay transition to clean energy and so put out the propaganda that there is nearly “infinite” fossil fuels to exploit. This is pure propaganda, seeking to dupe the public in order to protect the unhealthy and increasingly expensive dependence on fossil fuels, which however maintains historic records of profit for Big Oil.

  • This is what Lindsey Williams has been saying for years. The Energy NON Crisis. Check it out:

  • suresh bansal

    Deep origin of oil without any involvement of fossil is ok and i fully agree also but i am not in favor to ignore the strong chemical evidence of its biotic origin. i am not in favor to manipulate it with abiotic origin and there is hard need to observe the basic reason of its biotic origin while it has deep origin also. according to earth itself is a single giant living organism and itself producing hydrocarbons like all other living organism including trees and plants, like a bark oil.presence of all other minerals in the earth like iron,zn,mn,nickel,cu….. etc are also present in all other living organism.this is very much common factor in all living things.

  • suresh bansal

    petroleum has not been formed from oil shale but oil shale has been formed from pre generated hydrocarbons by the past seepage of oil that has been buried and has been mixed with the organic matter that was present at the time of seepage. this organic matter has been struked in this sticky and waxy material from seepage (heavy crude oil).

  • sandy

    Dear Americans
    Since past 25 years there is no change in oil policy and oil mafias will dominate world oil markets to grow their $$$$.
    Americans need to understand that they control white house and white house presidents are puppets (who do you think funded OBAMA) in their hands.
    Secondly the OIL OPEC consortium will ensure that the oil is explored using cheap labour and abuse of cheap labour and igonring basic human rights, while this is not possible in USA.
    IF USA has to tap its energy and natural resource the cost will be huge as you have to pay RIGHT salaries.
    Thirdly, why would USA leadership care if citizens are unemployed or aking bread at food charities, as long as CAPITALISM is protected at NYSE at all cost, most of financial criminals go free.
    Lastly, do not worry, as every one knows that OBAMA is not christian and he will be replaced soon by US Voters.

  • Peter Madden

    This article was written by nothing more than a conspiracy theory nut-case.

    I bet he got his facts and figures from the comittee he formed with Bigfoot and various species of space aliens.

    • Mitch

      Shut up man. Anything that’s too sour for your tongue is a “Conspiracy”
      Well why don’t you present us some facts like the gentleman who wrote this did?

  • Roman

    America imports oil from other nations so we can clean them out before we brake into our own supplies. They do it because no one can stop us. It’s just part of being a super power :)

  • goinkayakn

    Does America actually own our own Federal oil and gas reserves? Think about the fear tactics of running out of oil, and of global warming – Think about the Politicians clinging to the “Protection of Federal Land”, while sending money to Brazil to drill – Think about how our Fed is printing money with no gold standard to back it – What if our Fed is actually borrowing against our reserves of black gold?

  • Jake Logans

    Just like taxes, once the price of crude oil / gasoline has risen to it’s current, unjustifiable price, it will never decrease more than a few dimes before going back up to its usual price. Supply and demand has nothing to do with the economy-wrecking prices that we see at the pump. Oil companies are partially responsible, along with absurd government allowances, giving refineries and distributors a larger cut of profits than ever before, plus deregulation by George W Bush and friends has allowed Wall Street to make huge profits on oil sales, therefore building in expenses that we’ve never had to deal with before. The government is protecting these thieves, and people don’t have the research ability or common sense to realize that they are being robbed every time they pump gas. We could build thousands of oil rigs and pipelines, pumping oil into the U.S. increasing the availability of fossil fuels, but the price of gas WILL NOT GO DOWN to its justifiable price. Statistically speaking, if the same regulations existed today that existed in 1999, oil would be $2.00 per gallon or less. However, greed will insure that the price of oil will never go down. The mainstream media’s lies, along with the garbage coming from D.C., is designed to convince Americans that gas prices are justified. It’s not! I have spent a few thousand hours investigating this subject (I am disabled and I research the economy and the government nearly 8 hours a day). If you research the occurrences that lead to this gasoline price spike, you will arrive at the same conclusion. It is imperative that you read the exact words in the many laws and proposed legislative bills, available at government websites, you will see first-hand the reasons for our economic collapse and increased fuel prices. You’ll see that forced sub-prime loans in addition to artificial price inflation of energy caused the 2008 economic recession. The sad part is that it was ALL avoidable, but the government’s greed and alignment with unethical corporations caused this collapse. Also, please don’t rely on my opinion or the opinions of anyone else. Do the research for yourself – read the legislation that was passed which allowed criminals to raise the price of gasoline to an average of $3.70 per gallon. Quit believing the propaganda released by the government and their minions. Use your own intelligence, think for yourself, and find the truth. Best of luck to you.