The Russian Bear Is Back, The Soviet Union Is Being Revived And The Cold War Is Not Over

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If you believe that the United States is the “sole superpower” in the world, then you really need to read the rest of this article.  Most Americans have very little idea what is actually going on in the rest of the world and how the global balance of power is shifting.  For example, can you name the country that is the number one oil producer in the world, the number one oil exporter in the world, the number one exporter of natural gas in the world and that also has the second most powerful military in the entire world?  In case you need a hint, it is not Saudi Arabia, it is not China and it is not the United States.  The correct answer is Russia.  The Russian Bear is back in a big way.  Did you know that Russia is rapidly becoming one of the top suppliers of oil to the United States?  Russia has vast natural resources, a national debt that is very low (ratio of publicly held debt to GDP is less than 10%) and an economy that has boomed over the past decade.  Russia is busy flexing its muscles in many different ways.  For example, many are pointing out that the “Eurasian economic union” that Russia is putting together is a significant move in the direction of a revival of the Soviet Union.  Russia is also rapidly modernizing its military and developing very powerful new weapons systems.  Most Americans believe that the Cold War is over and that Russia is a toothless bear that no longer represents a threat.  It is difficult to find words to describe how wrong that assessment of the situation is.


The other night during the Republican debate the candidates said next to nothing about Russia.  It was almost as if the second most powerful superpower on the planet did not even exist.

That debate was yet another example of just how bizarre our foreign policy has become.  As you will see below, if there is one country on the face of the planet that could defeat the United States in a war, it is Russia.

And if you believe that Russia is now our “friend”, then you have been seriously deceived.

The Cold War is not over.  In fact, activity by Russian intelligence agents inside the United States and other western nations is now at least at Cold War levels.

And tensions between the United States and Russia are rising on multiple fronts.

For instance, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has announced that Russia is going to deploy new nuclear missiles that will be specifically targeted at U.S. missile defense installations if the United States proceeds with plans for a missile defense shield in Europe.

The following comes from a recent article posted on Yahoo News….

Medvedev warned that Russia will deploy short-range Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, a Baltic Sea exclave bordering Poland, and place weapons in other areas in Russia’s west and south to target U.S. missile defense sites.

Medvedev added that prospective Russian strategic nuclear missiles will be fitted with systems that would allow them to penetrate prospective missile defenses.

In addition, we are starting to see some major treaties between the United States and Russia totally break down.  For example, the U.S. State Department has announced that the United States will no longer be observing the provisions of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.  Russia stopped observing the treaty back in 2007.

The world is changing and the American people need to wake up.

While the United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars chasing around goat herders in Afghanistan, Russia is preparing for nuclear war with the United States.

Did you know that Russia has been spending huge amounts of money building a vast system of underground bunkers and shelters?

In Moscow alone, 5000 new “emergency bomb shelters” are being constructed.  The goal is to have enough shelters to hold nearly the entire population of Moscow and the plan calls for all the shelters to be completed by the end of 2012.  When construction is finally finished, virtually the entire population of Moscow will be able to reach a bomb shelter within a matter of minutes.  You can see a video news report about this development right here.

So what is the U.S. government doing to prepare all of us?


Instead, the Obama administration is doing the best that it can to disarm America.

In a previous article, I described what the new START Treaty is going to do to the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal….

The treaty restricts both the United States and Russia to a maximum of 1,550 deployed strategic nuclear warheads.  For the U.S. military this would represent a decline of well over 90% from a peak of approximately 31,255 strategic nuclear warheads in 1967.  The treaty would also limit the total number of deployed ballistic missiles or nuclear bombers to 700.

In that same article, I discussed the fact that this treaty will leave Russia will a significant advantage in nuclear weapons because it does nothing to address their overwhelming superiority in tactical nuclear weapons….

The treaty completely ignores the very serious imbalance that exists between the U.S. and Russia when is comes to tactical nuclear weapons.  Today it is estimated that the Russians have approximately 10,000 tactical nuclear warheads while the U.S. only has a few hundred.  These tactical nuclear warheads can be delivered by cruise missiles, long-range artillery or aircraft.  The treaty does nothing to change those numbers.  This would put the United States at a very serious strategic disadvantage.

Over the last several years, Russia has also been quite busy updating and modernizing their strategic nuclear forces.  The United States has not been doing the same.  U.S. officials still believe that the U.S. has a technological edge in this area, but everyone agrees that this gap is rapidly narrowing.

In recent years Russia has also developed submarines that are too “quiet” for us to track and ballistic missiles that can evade all of our missile defense systems.

While the U.S. has been making strategic mistakes like helping al-Qaeda take  over Libya, Russia has been developing devastating new weapons systems.  The following are just a couple of examples….

*In 2010, Russia introduced their new “fourth generation” nuclear submarine to the world, which is apparently quieter than any other submarine in existence.

*A while back, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin climbed into the cockpit of Russia’s new “fifth generation” fighter jet and announced that it was far superior to the F-22 Raptor.

But most Americans don’t know any of this.

As the United States drowns in debt, Russia is thriving.

According to an article in Forbes, Moscow is now the third most expensive city in the world in which to live.  An article posted by CNN says that Moscow is the fourth most expensive city.

In fact, the cost of living is higher in Moscow than in any city in the United States.

Now there are even fears that Russia is trying to put the old Soviet Union back together.

It didn’t get much press in the United States, but the initial members of the “Eurasian Union” were recently announced.

Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia will be the first three members, and it has been made clear that all of the nations there were formerly part of the Soviet Union will be welcome to join.

The following comes from a recent AFP article….

Three ex-Soviet states were Friday to agree the first steps towards creating a Eurasian economic union, a project backed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to bind closer the former USSR.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his Kazakhstan and Belarus counterparts Nursultan Nazarbayev and Alexander Lukashenko were to sign a declaration on further economic integration at a summit in Moscow, the Kremlin said in a statement.

“The declaration will set out the ultimate aim (of economic integration) as the creation of a Eurasian economic union,” it said.

So why isn’t the U.S. press reporting on this?

Back when Reagan was president, Russia was the number one foreign policy issue.

But today nobody wants to talk about Russia.

Everyone in America so desperately wants to believe that the Cold War is over.

Everyone in America so desperately wants to believe that Russia is no longer a threat.

But the truth is that Russia is much stronger politically, economically and militarily right now than the Soviet Union ever was.

And significant portions of the Russian population have developed a great fondness for Soviet nostalgia.  Many of them wish that the Soviet Union was never broken up.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent news report from Australia….

Mikhail Chernysh, a professor at the Institute of Sociology in Moscow, says constant exposure to a lost country has clearly rubbed off on Russians.

“What is striking, that there is nostalgia about the Soviet past even among young people who never lived in the Soviet period, who were never part of Soviet history,” he said.

From new retro Soviet-era vending machines to statues of Lenin in central squares, to the ubiquitous hammer and sickle, reminders of the USSR’s past glory are everywhere and for many in the new Russia, the past is too good to forget.

If the United States continues to underestimate Russia it will be a gigantic mistake.

The Cold War is not over.  Anyone that runs around saying that does not know what they are talking about.  The top politicians and military leaders in Russia do not view us as a friend at all.

If Russia was ever able to pull off a successful first strike and take out most of our remaining nuclear warheads (remember, our nuclear arsenal is now less than 10% the size it used to be), it is entirely possible that Russia would be able to totally defeat the United States in a future war – especially if they are allied with China at the time.

Most people in the U.S. think that this can never happen, but the top brass in Russia and in China spend long hours on exactly such scenarios.

Sadly, very little about Russia will be said during the entire 2012 election season.  Instead, everyone will be focused on the “massive threat” posed by the goat herders that are running around the hills of Afghanistan.

The blind are leading the blind and meanwhile the world is dramatically changing.

The Russian Bear is back, and Russia is going to play a huge role in world events in the years to come.


During the speech he made to formally launch his campaign to reclaim the Russian presidency, Vladimir Putin made the following statement….

“In the next five to 10 years we must take our armed forces to a qualitatively new level. Of course, this will require big spending …. but we must do this if we want to defend the dignity of our country”

  • World War III was an economic war and the United States lost.

    Does the United States have the financial resources to prepare for World War IV?

    • Aurelius 7

      WW3 was actually the entire cold war that has entered into a new phase. The economic warfare aspect is just but one phase.

  • Concerned Patriot

    I’m sorry but this “analysis” is no where near the truth of the matter. Modern Russia bears the FARTHEST resemblance to “Soviet” socialism or communism than any first world country.

    The U.S. — our own country — on the other hand, is taking on more Soviet-like qualities by the day… Replacement immigration (ethnic cleansing of European Americans), speech codes, politically motivated slander for would-be dissidents or worse, lopsided black-on-white assault murder and rape statistics that go deliberately unreported by the national media in favor of stories about how white Americans are inexplicably “racist”, despite demonstrable statistics alluding to the contrary, and the list goes on.

    Sure, most people in this country are well-off enough that they can just keep their heads down and ignore the facts, but as the noose tightens I hope people will find a way to set aside their uniquely American biases and see that it’s not the immigrants (Washington invited them)… it’s not some resurgent “Soviet Russia” (they’re Nationalists now, like we used to be)… it’s our own *subverted* government — liberal/progressive, conservative/neocon… none of them mean us well these days.

    The only reason Communism failed in Eastern Europe was because it’s chief policy aims were successfully implemented in the West. Check out the political pedigree of the so called “Neocons” and you will find that they are self-styled ‘former’ Marxists… some of them w/ dual citizenship.

    Trying to relive some U.S. vs Soviet Union / Rocky movie scenario isn’t helping anyone understand the nature of the problems we face today in the 21st century (with all due respect).

    If anyone would like to know more, then start here:

    VIDEO: Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov) L.A. 1983
    (soviet/marxist subversion of the West)

    How will it all end up?

    Possible solution?:


      Concerned Patriot,

      If the chief aim was to implant fascism/communism in the west, especially in what now known as the Asylum States of Amerika, (ASA) then that has been a huge success. State and Corporate power have fully merged in Amerika, and that is, by Mussolini’s definition, fascism. Let’s go down the bill of particulars shall we:

      1. Arrest and permanent detention without charge and trial, all the while being tortured in overseas and domestic military gulags not governed by federal judical oversight

      2. Aggressive war without moral justification and without legal sanction

      3. Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act that clearly violate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      4. Police state grid set up nationally. Random checkpoints on highways. TSA groping people and forcing them through cancer causing porno scanners at airports.

      5. Police and federal law enforcement agents escalating violence to obscene levels, especially toward young protesters and the elderly

      6. As Mike Adams coined it, Trickle Down Tyranny in the form of local and state government bureaucrats behaving as tyrants to ordinary citizens, including the waterboarding of an 89 year old elderly woman in a nursing home by the staff of said home over some missing ice-cream.

      Add all of this up and clearly the verdict is in. And that is fascism has come to Amerika.

      Only two choices at this point. Either run for higher ground (which is unlikely because the megabanks control most of not all the world’s governments). Or two, stay and fight the good fight, which the odds would suggest, eventually you would lose to the globalists, unless the 99 percent receive substantial defections from the enforcers for the political and corporate crime bosses, law enforcement. As long as the 1 percent can recruit enough psychopaths who like to crack skulls and kill people, then the 99 percent stand no chance of success.

  • mondobeyondo

    An example of how far we have fallen:

    We, in the U.S.A., have no access to manned spacecraft at the moment.

    The shuttle program is retired. There are no new programs in the works.

    We are having to rely on the Russians to get U.S. astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station).

    How bizarre is THAT!?!?

    In the 1960’s, we were engaged in a “space race” to ensure our citizens were better equipped, better educated than those “Commie cosmonauts”. We went to the moon! We sent unmanned probes to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and beyond!!

    What the heck happened???

    (Here’s a hint: Leviticus 26, in the Bible)

    • mondobeyondo

      OUR OWN manned spacecraft, I meant to say.

      You know, good old American spacecraft, like the Saturn V rocket (take that, Moscow!) Or even the much criticized space shuttle (replace letter “u” with letter “i”.) It’s still better than riding some tin bucket from another country.

      We will never return to our glory days, and that is truly sad.

    • Dominic Matich


      Here is a link to an article I know you’ll find interesting.

      My name is Dominic Matich and I am the author of a new book called “Sypheria”. It is designed o wake up this generation about the dangers of political correctness and our enemies as they stand now. Check it out.

    • andy

      Russia has no gays and clamps down on gaiety wherever it rears it’s ugly head – and as a result, it has a MANNED space program that’s the envy of the world. In China Gaiety is punishable by organ donation while you’re still alive or something, and again, they have a successful go-it-alone space program manned by REAL MEN!

      While Britain, the gayest country on earth (even ruled by a Queen!) has’t had a space program since the 60s! Coincidence? I think not!

      • Charles E. Winchester

        “While Britain, the gayest country on earth (even ruled by a Queen!)”

        Yes, a queen named David Cameron!

  • mondobeyondo

    With friends like Russia – who needs enemies?

    Is the Cold War over?

    “Nopey – dopey!”

    Thank you, Miss Palin.

  • David

    How dare you suggest that our “leaders” should concentrate on an archaic issue like Russia? They’ve got far more important things to concern themselves with, like…like…getting re-elected!

    (Yeah, yeah, that’s it, that’s a good one!)

    • lone survivor

      Noobama says we all need a big HUG! Give everybody a big kiss and it will be okay.
      Noobama is in over his head. It’s one thing to be a congressman from Chicago, but you’ve got to have some “balls” to be President of the USA.
      We need another “Teddy Roosevelt”.
      Noobama gets rid off the nuclear missles in the USA to please Russia, while Russia “claims” they got rid off theirs (which they have hidden in tunnels, mines and in mountains).
      Governments like Rissia’s hate our Constitution, hate our “Bill or Rights”-so do some of our politicians, and HATE the fact that Americans can own guns!!
      Russia also wants to BAN and to CONFISCATE all guns in America. The KGB is working with these gun banning groups-like Sarah Brady’s handgun control/brady group (or whatever name they are using today.) The KGB funnels them money.
      Don’t forget that during WW2, the Japanese had plans to invade the lower 48, but were afraid of all those Americans who owned guns who would fight them off.
      Russia (and China) know that for world domination, that they must crush or get rid of America, so start by banning nuclear weapons in America, then BAN all guns in America.
      Looks like the movie “RED DAWN” might be coming true soon!

  • mark

    The sad thing about a nuclear war is that the fallout would spread over the whole globe. We were worried about the radiation from Japan coming over here, just think how much would come here if bombs went off in a large number anywhere in the world.

  • You are so right watch this video it has english subtitles

    • Charles E. Winchester

      “You are so right watch this video it has english subtitles”

      No, it hasn’t!

  • Guido

    I’m no expert, but I’ve been to Russia and I met a lot of friendly, interesting people. They are not and never were the enemies we were all told they were. I grew up with the Cold War, Red Dawn, On The Beach, etc.

    The Russians I met told me they were never our enemy, never meant harm to us, and never wanted to fight us, but they were told we were threatening them. Their government and our government both spent a lot of time telling us our enemies were preparing to destroy us. I have some old propaganda newsreels from the 50s-70s and they portrayed us as depraved monsters.

    I’ll never forget a friendly argument with a proud fmr tanker who was garrisoned in East Germany. “We defended Europe from you! No, we defended Europe from you. No, we defended Europe from you!”

    I’m not a big fan of their provocative actions, but we didn’t do anything to cool the tension after the Cold War was over. While their military collapsed and had to reform, we maintained the same aggressive posture. Believe it or not, this was considered something of an insult. The Russians don’t forget insults. I’ve known folks involved in the international treaty process and they state the Russians are keenly attuned to any slight, real or imagined, and return it at their nearest convenience.

    In recent years, flush with oil wealth, they’ve been able to get their Bears back in the air and their military back on its feet. I don’t think they’re any closer to a war with us, but the tables have definitely turned and I think they see it as getting their dignity back. We’re now the ones in trouble and they’re the ones with money in the bank. I think we can expect to see them sticking it to us in various ways for some time to come.

    Just look at the situation we now face with no space shuttle and no future space lift capacity. Our astronauts now have to hitch rides on Soyuz spacecraft to go to the space station. It’s humiliating and they know it.

    I don’t think they’re seriously planning on a return to Communism. The old timers feel betrayed, since everything they were promised was invalidated by the end of the USSR and they lost their pensions, but I don’t think the majority of people really want to go back to the good old days. It wouldn’t work. I’m not surprised they’re nostalgic, though. Even my wife is a little nostalgic for the days of Communism. I don’t think that nostalgia is sufficient to regenerate the Communist Party, especially since Putin’s party has pretty much consolidated power.

    I’ve heard some people describe Russia as a new form of government-a kleptocracy. This new government is a law unto itself and is based on thievery, bribery, and intimidation. Just look at how Putin consolidated power and forced the most successful business leaders to either support him or face prison time.

    Oh, it should also come as no surprise that Belarus is willing to sign on to anything Russia suggests-Belarus is a poverty-stricken communist dictatorship that only survives with Russian support. According to a coworker of mine who was there recently, the dictator, Lukashenko is jailing people for clapping-it’s seen as a form of protest.

    Russia is still a power in the region and the former republics can’t escape her influence. Look at how we failed to support Georgia. It isn’t easy to strike a path independent of Russia (especially with ethnic Russian minorities in every former republic). Your options are either Europe, China, America, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, or Afghanistan. Europe is weak, America is weakening and far away, Turkey isn’t really a player yet, Iran is Shiite (the ‘Stans are mainly Sunni), and the other Central Asian nations are failing. Aside from Russia, the next biggest regional player is China. I fear China more than Russia.

    • Armel

      I agree, I was there too, I worked there for several months out of high school on an exchange student type of program. They were wonderfully hospitable to me as an American over there; I have nothing but good to say about the Russian people I met while I worked over there. They have, it seemed to me, a deep love for themselves as a country and a tremendous sense of national pride…even though many of them have very little money or material items and were seriously taken advantage of by less than honest regimes, mafia-controlled policies, etc. They are a people that would die for their country, and each other. They would be a terrible enemy on a war front, is what I remember thinking back when I was there as a teenager. They are so proud of their country and heritage…America would never stand a chance against people with such heart if we were at war.

  • “And if you believe that Russia is now our “friend”, then you have been seriously deceived.”

    Also, if YOU believe that the US was ever anything but an enemy to Russia, you have also been gravely deceived.

  • William

    Russia is only reacting to being surrounded by surveillance/ABM sites that are said to be in place to respond to an attack by missile from the MidEast. This is a joke. The only country in the MidEast that would attack Europe is Israel. Putin, not a saint, has, nontheless, done a lot to reestablish the Orthodox church, which was destroyed by the Bolshevik Communist Khazars. Some think it will be Russia that saves Christianity. If you do not know who Stolypin was, you can not fairly critique this comment.

  • A.S.

    When the U.S.S.R. broke up, having come from the U.S.S.R., I knew right away that it was all fake.

    I knew they had something up their sleeve.
    I knew Russians could not be trusted for anything.
    I knew the Cold War was still on.

    It is a no-brainer.

  • shypuffadder

    But, but, but, the unemployed and homeless are eating up our tax dollars – we have to destroy them first. Those missiles aimed at this country don’t cost me

  • shypuffadder

    But, but, but, the unemployed and homeless are eating up our tax dollars – we have to destroy them first. Those missiles aimed at this country don’t cost me a dime. snark/

  • kay

    Yes, I believe the US does have the financial resources to prepare for World War whether it be WWIII or WWIV simply because it has conveniently siphoned off from the economy trillions of dollars. The US will never admit it but I believe this is their War chest, sadly.

  • John

    How can we possibly win a war when we have dismantled our manufacturing base?

  • Alan

    Sir – You have it all wrong. I am an expat living in Moscow for many years. Russians are rightly terrified of the Corporatist Fascist dictatorship that the US has become. Why did you not mention the US/NATO Eastern European missile defense plans that “will target Iran, not Russia”. Of course it targets Russia.

    You also failed to mention the spiritual rebirth in Russia. Churches here are flourishing, being restored and built. Russia is one of the last few truly Christian countries left. As I write this, over the last four days there are estimated to have been over 150,000 Muscovites lining up in the cold streets to venerate the relics of the Virgin Mary brought from Greece. Young and old alike. Can you imagine for a second something like this happening in the West, where churches are being converted to discotheques and condos. Do not fear Russia.

    Your piece belongs in a neocon think tank.

    • Michael

      No, I am not a neocon. I definitely do not want to see war between the U.S. and Russia. A lot of things that the U.S. is doing is making such a war more likely.

      If there is a war between Russia and the United States, there is a very good chance that Russia would win. Hopefully people will wake up and realize this.


      • jakex

        there are no winners in a war…people lose their lives,possessions,families,etc…everyone is a loser,unless you are the one financing all this nonsense…and that’s why all this is still going on.

        • Impaler Lord

          There are no good guys in war either as the fighting in Eastern Europe and Germany itself during WW-II proves. I am a Russian and Ukrainian American whose ancestors became just as monstrous as the satanic and sadistic Nazis were, just as monstrous as the sadsistic and satanic Bolsheviks were too. The problem is when fighting a monster, one often becomes one himself. The Second World War scarred my paternal relatives mentally so severely that it has had a profound negative effect on my family and myself. It created monsters on both sides. World War II was a massive genocide against the white race, especially the Slavs, who died in numbers that exceeded all other Europeans and Americans combined, and that was after the genocide the Bolsheviks inflicted upon Russians and Ukrainians between 1917 and 1939. The U.S. should fear Russia when it comes to fighting a war, because Slavs have been the victim of one genocidal invader after another such as the Germans, the Muslims, the Mongols and the United States, which funded and directed the Bolsheviks. Slavs when they wage wa, they do it with no mercy whatsoever towards their enemies when they are fighting on their own ground. Russia is the last nation the U.S. should pick a fight with, and I would not want to be in the path of vengeful Russian troops either.

    • Aurelius 7

      Alan, the “Church” in Russia is state controlled. I’m sorry to tell you.



      I agree with you 100 percent. Where do you think Michael should send his membership dues, to the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, Keep “Amerika Safe” by the new mass murdering, one of the three witches of Macbeth Liz Cheney or with the Foundation for the Defense of “Democracies” run by that genocidal, homicidal maniac Cliff May?

  • RevBryan

    Michael, this article is on target all the way. As a veteran of the Cold War, we really have erred greatly by underestimating the Russian Bear. And we should not be provoking the Russians either. I agree with GE, we do not have the resources or the national will to fight such a conflict, especially one that need not take place.

    • Michael

      Thank you for saying that. A lot of old timers understand what is going on with Russia better than most.




        Ah, yes. The classic, we don’t understand or we don’t know what we are talking about response. The day I see a Russian ICBM cross amerikan skies or a single Russian soldier cross amerikan soil will be the day I gird for war…………

        • Guido

          Why would the Russians invade the US? There’s absolutely no reason to. Give it a few more years, and they’ll be able to BUY the US. The only fighting would be with the Chinese to get the crown jewels of our high tech industry and remaining manufacturing.

          And why would they need to nuke us? It’s absolutely pointless.



      What do you want, a Purple Heart? You, sir, are a relic of an era that is best left dead and forgotten…………

      • Guido

        You ought to be careful before you open your mouth, Reed. You keep jamming your foot in it for some reason.

        RevBryan-thanks for your service.

  • Egor

    Yes, the Russian bear is a danger. Do you want to see terrible Russian army with their own eyes? Look at the photos. This military facilities of Russia. Caution: viewing dangerous! You can die from laughter.

    Inflatable tanks, aircraft and missiles is a powerful weapon. Be Afraid!

    • Guido

      I don’t think you can look down your nose at the Russians. I got to take a look around the Kubinka tank proving ground and they had done some very interesting things with armor. Their approach and methods are different from ours, but they find unique ways to fix problems.

      Their equipment may not be the best wizz-bang stuff, but it works and survives abuse that our stuff can’t. Their anti-tank rockets are pretty nasty, their anti-air is nasty, their small arms work in any environment, their cargo aircraft are so reliable and have such high capacity that the US uses them to move supplies in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they’re the only people who can put an American astronaut in space.

      While those pics aren’t flattering, they’re the result of years of neglect after the collapse of their country and their economy. I fear we are headed for a similar situation in the US. Does it sound crazy to imagine some day parts of Fort Hood or Fort Bragg or Fort Riley might look like that in a few years? Go take a look at Fort Ord some time. It looks similar. Heck, parts of our military bases already look like those pics. You should see the barracks I lived in. Fort Polk, for example, still puts people up in these rotten wooden buildings from WWII, complete with crumbling asbestos floors and rusting lead plumbing. I lived in one building that had been condemned, repeatedly, and left open because the Army had no alternatives.

      You can’t fault them for having fake tanks and equipment-the Russians are masters of maskirovka and deception. Just ask the Germans. If I remember correctly, not only do these inflatable vehicles look real from a distance, but they have generators to pump out heat, fooling thermal imagers. They’re also the ones who came out with that ClubK missile launcher concealed in a conex.

  • Aurelius 7

    Never thought I’d see an article like this here in 1000 years. I’m proud of you. I might even put this on my blog.

    People saw a wall physically collapse in Berlin, a Russian economy tank and then communism supposedly died. This was in fact the Perestroika deception. The economic warfare aspect is just but one phase.

    If people only read these two books, they’d understand what is happening today and see the danger the United States is in.

    Anatoliy Golitsyn – The Perestroika Deception: The World’s Slide Towards the Second October Revolution

    Anatoliy Golitsyn – NewLiesForOld: The Communist Strategy Of Deception And Disinformation (1984)

    Over 94% of what was predicted by this man has come true by 1994. The Berlin Wall’s collapse that I mentioned was one of them. We’re just only in the “final phase” now.

    Anatoliy Golitsyn info:

    Final Phase info:

    • Michael

      Why didn’t you think you would see an article like this?

      Just because I am against the use of the U.S. military in places such as Afghanistan and Libya does not mean that I don’t understand foreign policy. :)


      • Aurelius 7

        Well, what can I say. You just did a good job on connecting the dots on this one. The only improvement needed is to understand the origins and historical roots of this country. That’s to say Communism, Marxism, Lenin, Stalin, etc… as the doctrine and war against the blind west has receded, nor changed. One has to put into context the historical aspect along with the societal and cultural movements from then and now. Then Russia can be seen for what it is: A massive and dangerous fraud ran by a bunch of KGB thugs that never went away. It’s too complicated of a subject to discuss in one silly comment box. Either way, I put your article on my blog and have linked you up.

        Global Geopolitics

        • Michael

          I appreciate that. Unfortunately, a lot of other readers of this site do not seem to believe that Russia could ever possibly threaten the United States.





    One has to wonder, are you trying to avert war with Russia or do you have a death-wish along with Bush Jr. syndrome and want the Kremlin to “BRING IT ON”?

    My reasons for this question are as follows:

    One, you downplay how missile shield “defenses” are offensive and threatening to Russia as they are designed to be

    Two, you don’t even mention the so-called “color revolutions” in former Soviet Republics in which the Asylum States continues to encroach and trying to surround Russia and meddle within their sphere of influence.

    Third, you don’t even mention that amerika’s ever increasing aggressive wars in the Middle East and now Africa are designed to wage economic war on China and to meddle in Russian affairs. (Think Syria and the Russian Naval base there)

    Finally, from the contents (or in this case the lack thereof) of this article, it seems that you, like the neocons, don’t even contemplate the possibility that at this stage of the game perhaps the asylum states should liquidate and dissolve its empire, go home, and get to the business of friendly, diplomatic relations with the rest of world as opposed to gunboat diplomacy against everyone everywhere on Earth.

    • Michael

      Many times I have written about how America cannot afford all of these wars and that we spend too much money on the military.

      But let there be no doubt – Russia is a massive potential threat and if we continue down our current path the threat will not be “hypothetical” anymore one day.




        “But let there be no doubt – Russia is a massive potential threat and if we continue down our current path the threat will not be “hypothetical” anymore one day.”


        You have been reading one point paper too many by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Heritage Foundation:

        No doubt that Vladimir Putin is old School KGB from a brutal era best left dead. But Vladimir Putin is also a nationalist. From what we know (not rumor or propoganda) Putin is not trying to rebuild the old “Soviet Union” because he wants an empire. What he is doing is trying to build alliances in Central Asia, with China, and the former Soviet Republics because of Asylum State meddling and increasing belligerence towards them. Putin is not a fool. The last thing on his mind is nuclear war with the Asylum States. But, continue on with your Sean Hannity worldview and foreign policy……….

        • Guido

          OK, corny rhetoric aside, I don’t see how Michael’s statement makes him a neocon.

          Actually, I hate that term. It sounds so silly. In conservatism, if you embrace conservative ideals, you’re a conservative. So far, I’ve never seen any reason not to see Michael as fairly conservative.

          Neocon, though, all too often seems to be a crypto-racist dig at conservative Jews from their former comrades on the left.

          I don’t know why you spend so much time here if you disagree. I’m sure HuffPo or Daily Kos wouldn’t cause you quite so much pain and frustration.

        • Neanderthal

          Russia, China, et al need a strong enough military to keep USA at bay while we bankrupt ourselves.

  • Rowell

    Even with less than 10% of its nuclear arsenal still in operation, the US has enough capability to destroy the entire world several times over. Nuclear is not an option. Nuking a country the size of the US would pretty much irradiate the entire planet (look at the fallout from Japan that is reaching the US. Do you think it’s not having an effect on us).

    Gutter is correct. WW3 is an economic war and we’ve inflicted it upon ourselves.

  • andy

    Are you completely insane? It is not possible to win a nuclear war. Your “winnable” war with it’s “first strike” and a Russian victory would end with almost everyone on Earth either starving to death or being killed by nuclear fallout. Their best bet after such a “victory” would be to invade Australia, Africa and South America as they might be relatively fallout-free, even so the massive climate change (nuclear winter) caused by all the bombs would likely lead to mass starvation anyway.

    Anyone, anywhere who thinks a nuclear war can be “won” is off their meds. The Russians don’t want war, they just don’t like having American missiles pointing at them.

    • Michael


      A whole lot of Russian and Chinese generals would disagree with you. Just read their white papers.


    • D

      The countries know Mutually Assured Destruction is highly plausible. That is why nuclear bombs haven’t been used since WWII. Funny though – every developed country is stocked piled nice and high with them regardless.

      People tend to think irrationally when things get desperate, and all it takes is for one moron to launch one out to create the new world of domino mushroom clouds. It’s only a matter of time. It is, after all, the elites’ method of population control. I just don’t see how they can maintain it so effectively when it will start. I’ll grab some popcorn.

  • Why would Russia want to attack the US?

    Check out this article:

    From the article:

    What I want to show is that the Russian leadership (Putin) is quite capable of launching a nuclear attack against America and absorbing the resulting counter-attack. We need to get into the mind of Putin and find out what he is like. If he is capable of such an attack, then why, and when, would he do it?

    Very briefly, Putin hates America. In effect he has told us this many times. Next we will learn that Putin thinks Stalin wasn’t all that bad. Now that should make you take notice.

    How likely is Russia to initiate a nuclear war? Did you know it almost did in the last Russia-Georgia war? …

    This article lays out the signs of war:

  • knightowl77

    Well if you all think we live in a POLICE STATE now, I can hardly wait to hear what you think when the Russians take over…Oh wait, you won’t be able to post jack about the Gov’t unless it is favorable, assuming you survive the first strike…

    Happy Thanksgiving! We may only have 1 more.

    • Michael


      Your comment made me smile. :) Most of the people out there have no idea what Russia is capable of.


  • john

    Russia a threat? Give me a break. Russia, like us are trying to protect their interests. The only difference is that Russia wants to stop the spread of American Militarism and to stop us from trying to surround both China and Russia. The bankers have all those interest there, the American people do not. I for one am glad that Russia moved warships into the coast off of Syria. Hopefully, this will deter NATO from trying to kill more innocent civilians for their “regime changes” and coup d etat’s going on around the world.

  • DW

    What did we expect would happen? For decades, America has gutted and weakened itself from the inside out. The rot has spread to every corner of the country; tens of millions of good Americans want no part of the society that’s been handed to them. The mightiest nation on Earth was handed to our degenerate leaders decades ago, and they’ve ruined every part of it in their quest for eternal employment, power, and self-promotion.

    Incendiary Insight

  • Gay Veteran

    “…the truth is that Russia is much stronger politically, economically and militarily right now than the Soviet Union ever was….”

    gee, maybe because Russia doesn’t have nearly 1000 foreign military bases? because Russia doesn’t have carrier groups in every ocean?

    there’s only one empire left, and it ain’t Russia

    • Egor

      It is exactly so. You are absolutely right. The only thing that the bear can – a threatening growl.

    • Neanderthal

      As USA self-destructs, they mostly need to stay out of our way. Remember the “peace dividend”? While USA has been sitting around congratulating itself on being “the lone superpower”, the rest of the world has continued to modernize their militaries.

  • D

    The cards are falling perfectly in place. This has been in the works for some time, folks. WWIII is needed to reshuffle the cards. “They” will wait until the economy breaks down a little more until a false flag event like 9-11 is enforced.

    The sheeple really don’t know how brutally close we are to nuclear war. Take some time to think about a nuclear war and how it would be.

    I sure hope the elite know what they are doing. They got to have people alive if they want to implement their one-world government.

    Problem-Reaction-Solution, my friends. That Dec. 2012 end date tends to get more plausible by the day.

  • D

    For those of you not familiar with what’s going on in war town these days, this is basically how it will brew up:

    Israel and Iran hate each other. The US and UK are buds with Israel. Russia and China are buds with Iran.

    If Israel or Iran make a large attack on one another (both now have the nuclear capabilities to do so), this will cause the big powers to intervene and build into WWIII.

    It’s just a matter of time before something is sparked. We are so damn close right now. I’d say less than 8 months before a small nuclear bomb is set off in either Israel or Iran, then TSWHTF.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • afoofa

    Are commenters here aware of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)? I wonder how this ties in with Russia specifically. The BRICS may also have an agenda/plan that is not public yet. That’s all for now.

  • Jason

    Sorry, don’t buy it. Russia if anything is only interested in protecting herself, growing her economy and making sure it’s strong. Putin has said over and over that war is a dangerous and messy business. Unlike the chikenhawks who infest the US gov Putin is realistic and doesn’t want WWIII.
    Russians are very historically oriented towards survival. Not many Americans would be able to survive what they did in WWII.We in America talk a big game and see threats everywhere but how much is real and how much is BS?
    I am saddened by the writer of this blog playing into fear mongering Republican talking points.Yes the US is pretty much becoming a Homeland Security state. Yes the Wall Street crew runs the White House. Yes a lot of Americans are pretty clueless. Yes things are getting seriously bad.
    But it is not the fault of Russia. Get a grip.

    • Michael

      This article is not laying blame on Russia.

      Please everyone get the point of the article.

      The point is that Russia has experienced a massive resurgence and represents a serious threat to the United States if tensions between the two nations continue to rise.


      • Gay Veteran

        The US spends more on the military than the rest of the world combined! So what “threat” from Russia?!?!?!?

        • Michael

          Yes, we spend a ton of money, but we waste most of it.

          Russia now has nuclear superiority over us thanks to Obama. If Russia was able to hit us with several EMP strikes, take out most of our nukes (thanks to the new treaties they know where they are), take out our air bases and naval bases and take out most of our “command and control” it would be pretty much a cake walk for them.

          Well, except when they try to occupy us they will have to deal with millions upon millions of gun owners that have survived.


          • Guido

            Michael, regardless of tension, I think the likelihood of Russia invading us for any reason is rather low.

            I don’t blame them for being angry over the missile shield, but I think if we can get it to work, we should. Who could fault us for trying to protect ourselves?

            I think the missile shield will end up being part of the chess game, like the Cuban Missile Crisis was. That event was engineered by the Russians (their foreign policy is much more clever than ours) as a way to bargain us into removing our medium range nukes from Turkey.

            I don’t think Russia has grand designs of world conquest. I know pop culture and Cold War mythology paints them as conquerors, but I let’s take another look at Russia from a different direction.

            Under the Czars, Russia expanded it’s territory to pretty much what we saw in the USSR. Interestingly, when the Revolution happened, the Communists, not caring for nationalism, permitted many territories to break away. They didn’t care. Communism would take over the world, anyway, so why worry about it?

            Later, under Stalin, that policy was reversed and he attempted to gobble up as much land as he could. The interesting part is he never expanded outside traditionally-Russian territory. The only exception is Koenigsberg. Stalin did conquer Eastern Europe and held Iran at the end of the war-but he never attempted to annex these areas.

            Instead, he set up friendly Communist governments as a buffer against the West. Stalin’s entire interest was turned inward on Russia, not the world. He killed the globally-minded Communists, like Trotsky, and proclaimed Revolution in One Country as his goal.

            Scholars have argued Stalin really was just a new Czar satisfying traditional Czarist appetites. Again-he never attempted to go beyond traditional Russian territory, including Sakhalin, Karelia, and the shifted Polish border.

            Stalin’s successors to this day don’t appear to have an interest in conquering or annexing new lands. Even when they invaded Afghanistan, they tried to install a Communist government.

            Post-Soviet Russia seems to be very interested in maintaining some level of control and integration with the former Soviet republics, but their excuse for action is always ethnic Russian minorities, i.e. Georgia.

            I think the territory isn’t as important as power. They don’t need to physically control Azerbaijan, for instance, if they can get its oil. And look at how they play around with natural gas shipments to Ukraine and Europe.

            At the same time, Russia is and always has been very touchy about foreign interference in their business. That trend goes back centuries, thanks to the Mongolians dragging Russia East.

            Russia has been invaded repeatedly throughout history by Chinese, Japanese, Finns, Germans, Romanians, Italians, Hungarians, Swedes, Poles, Lithuanians, Czechs, Turks, and even US and British forces after WWI.

            It’s no wonder they’re touchy about perceived threats and they absolutely hate foreign interference in what was traditionally their backyard.

            So US ships in the Black Sea, defensive missile shields in former Warsaw Pact nations that shift the balance of power, and proposed NATO membership for Ukraine probably really makes them mad.

            (Plus, the thought occurs that the very existence of NATO after the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Warsaw pact probably annoys them, too.)

            I’m not an expert, but I don’t think the Russians are interested in attacking us. There’s no reason to attack us. There’s no profit. I think their central motivation is to be powerful enough that no one can screw with them.

            I read the first time they paraded their nuclear missiles in Red Square, I forget the year, the tubes were empty. They didn’t have missiles to parade, but they desperately needed to show off something to scare the world.

            The post-USSR years were humiliating to them and they took every opportunity they could to stymie the US. I think they will continue to make our life difficult, if for no other reason than spite. And I think their goals are to regain lost glory, accumulate power and wealth, and have Russia take a leading role in Europe and Asia. They wants respect, yo!

            There’s no reason to start a war with us to accomplish that. In fact, America’s situation is such, I think Russia can sit back and watch us go to pieces on our own.

    • Neanderthal

      Russia is not “only interested in protecting herself’. Given the right opportunity, they would gladly kick USA when we were down, just like every other country (including USA) would take advantage of such a situation.

  • Jason

    Micheal, please take your head out of the neo-con think tank oven. I have done business with Russians and have a relative that recently returned from Russia. It’s the American/Corporate Fascist State that wants a war. The Russian economy is doing better, standard of living is better(unlike here), and they don’t want to be threatened with missiles.

    A little example: It’s easier to travel to the Russian Federation for work, study or pleasure than to travel to and from the former United States. Just check out their visa requirements versus ours.

  • whoisbiggles

    The main reason for increased tension between the US and Russia has been the missile defense shield. Moscow has consistently stated that they view this defense system as a threat to its National Existence. Nobody should then be surprised that these installations will now be targeted by Russia.

    US military planners have called for full spectrum dominance, a revamped first nuclear strike policy and expanding NATO to the borders of Russia. Should we be surprised that Moscow is not prepared to bend over and take it up the date?

    Russia is being encircled by American military bases, NATO and American missiles. Is it really necessary to be so aggressive towards Russia. Do we need to create situations where one mistake by either or misinterpreted action can lead to a unpredictable and unintended consequences?

    Is it prudent to declare that the Caucasus are a vital area to American strategic interests. For Georgia to be one of the largest recipients of American military aid? Russia has been clear that they would not have changed its response towards Georgia over South Ossetia if Georgia was a member of NATO. Think about that for a moment, the US is pushing for Georgian membership of NATO, if Georgian troops re-enter South Ossetia Russia will respond with force. How many dead American soldiers is the poxy South Ossetian rump state worth?

    America’s greatest threat comes from within not from Russia, Iran, or any other foreign country. America’s greatest threat comes from a complacent populace who would sit back and do nothing while their constitution is flushed down the toilet.

  • The War Solution

    With our current politicians in Washington, you can’t find fault with Russia for maintaining and upgrading their military. Our politicians will be blamed for lost jobs, lowered wages, foreclosed homes, higher taxes, broke pension funds, a worthless dollar and restrictions on freedom. Out of fear and self preservation, our politicians will blame other nations. If our politicians can fool most Americans, the United States may again engage in a major foreign war to divert attention from domestic problems.

    Nuclear War

    If the United States is attacked first, this would most likely be an EMP. Radioactive contamination would be less than multiple ground strikes. After less than a year, much of the United States population would perish so finishing the job would not be difficult. If this attack was launched from space, it may be impossible to know who was responsible.

    The New World Order

    Our current politicians are bringing about the destruction of the United States economy to prepare Americans for the New World Order. It is assumed that Russia will support this new system. What if this assumption is wrong?

  • taya

    This is crap.



      You’re telling me! Even if you wanted to put the best possible spin on this crap article, the only logical conclusion anyone with two brain cells to rub together could come to is gird for imminent war against Russia and their fear inspiring military machine. If this article is to be taken seriously, then that means amerika’s current foreign policy is not belligerent or murderous enough……………..

      • Michael

        No, the last thing I want to see is a war with Russia.

        That is why we need to understand that we need to have a very healthy respect for Russia and the threat that they represent.

        That is why we also need to quit provoking Russia so much.




          What is it that you don’t understand? By using the word “threat” repeatedly over and over and over again, you are saying without ambiguity to the average person with a neocon worldview that a military response/buildup is the only possible response in dealing with Russia. Russia may be a spirited and strategic ocmpetitor, but that is all they are at present. Continue on that “yellow neocon brick road” that you are traveling on and pretty soon we’ll all be hideous, nuclear waste eating, mutated creatures living underground…………….



          If you are truly serious about respecting Russia and having diplomatic relations and honest trade with them, I am with you 100 percent in that endeavor.

          But you are never going to get to that point by calling them an existential threat to our very existence. And you certainly are never going to get to the point of diplomatic relations and trade by pointing missile defenses at them. And trying to coopt governments in their sphere of influence trying to surround them work either. And you certainly are never going to get to that point by egging on stupid, megalomaniacal, homicidal buffoons like Mikheil Saakashvili to attack other sovereign enclaves or peoples in a clear provocation to the nation state of Russia. We saw how the asylum state inspired invasion of South Ossetia by amerika’s Georgian puppet turned out, didn’t we.

          Change your tune and rhetoric if you are serious about averting war…………

          • Michael


            Just because the United States does bad things does not make everyone else “good”.

            Yes, there is so much to blame the U.S. government for. I write about those things constantly.

            But there are a lot of other really bad governments out there too.

            You make it sound like one must pick one side or the other to “root” for.

            To me, the United States and Russia are both to blame for a lot of things.

            I don’t want to see a war between Russia and the United States. If it happens, most of the people that I love in the United States will end up dead.

            That is why reducing our nuclear arsenal so dramatically is a huge mistake.

            At this point, our stockpile is very small and the Russians know where most of our nukes are.

            That makes a first strike by them much, much more likely.

            Why are so few people able to see this?

            Yes, Russia represents a massive threat to the United States.

            If we keep pushing and pushing them eventually they will be willing to go to war.

            Putin is a bad, bad man. You do not want to mess with him. He is absolutely ruthless, and he does not take any crap.

            It is imperative that all of us realize how powerful Russia has become and what they can do to us if we are not careful.

            I often right about all the things that America does wrong, but I do not want to see the end of America.

            If we go to war with Russia, the vast majority of the people that read this site will be killed.

            That is a fate that all of us should want to avoid.


          • Guido

            I agree with you, Michael.

            Reed likes to spout buzzwords and doesn’t necessarily know what he’s talking about.

            And he gives you the typical liberal Either/Or argument.

            I think Russia is a threat, but I don’t think they’re going to war with us any time soon.

            They have been a constant threat to our interests for a long time now. Russia has consistently worked to undermine our efforts. They arm our enemies with advanced weapons, bully their neighbors, and try to hurt our interests wherever possible.

            Occasionally, I have felt like they behaved like petulant school kids over various issues, as if choosing to always do the opposite of the US makes for a sound foreign policy.

            I don’t think we’re likely to go to war for Georgia, either. I think we’ll do to Georgia what we’ve done to all our sort of hopeful friends. I’m talking about folks who like us, but aren’t allies of ours like the Brits are.

            Hungary in 1956 is a great example. We broadcast VoA to Communist Europe, told them to overthrow their Communist masters, and we promised to help. Hungary listens to us, Budapest topples the Communists, begs for help, and we sit on our hands because we can’t go to war with Russia over Hungary. Instead, we listen to these freedom fighters begging for help over the radio and wring our hands. So much for our promises.

            We did it again in Iraq in 1991. Bush Sr. tells the Iraqis to get rid of Saddam and the entire nation breaks out in civil war. Our victorious troops are sitting right there, watching, and we don’t help in any way as the Ba’athists massacre the Shiite fighters, turncoat soldiers, and Kurds who practically controlled the entire country. We did nothing to help them, either.

            These two examples are really humiliating and tragic for me. Folks listened to our advice, put their lives on the line, and got killed for it. I love America, but I hate how our foreign policy works sometimes.

          • REED RICHARDS



            I have never said that Vladimir Putin deserves a halo over his head, not in the slightest. Does Chechnya ring any bells? I don’t live in Russia and I am not a Russian citizen so therefore what Putin does internally is not my responsibility. It is the responsibility of the Russian people to check Putin if needed, not the amerikans. My point is, at present, there is no “ire” or fire in the belly of Putin or Russia to “take us out”. This constant fear mongering that you insist upon shoving down everyone’s throats will be the precise reason why mankind will eventually destroy himself. Putin knowing where amerikan nukes are does not in any way gaurantee that he would be foolish enough to launch a first strike knowing that an immediate retaliation would be the only response. Russia destroyed, the asylum states destroyed. Who wins? No amerika or russia. All be dead or mutated to such a hideous state that “victory” will be totally meaningless at that point. Sorry I don’t see Russian gremlins hiding under my bed or leaping out of every closet, but NO ONE, AND I MEAN NO ONE on the Russian side or the American side, to this point, is stupid enough to launch a nuclear first strike. Although Obama is looking dumber and dumber by the minute. Who knows what this stupid idiot President is going to do next. Trust me, I worry more about the current dummy sitting in the White House more than anything Putin might do……………

          • REED RICHARDS


            You are right about one thing. I do want people to pick a side, the side of peace, prosperity, and a decent quality of life. Spending trillions more on weapons for an enemy that does not yet exist is the total opposite of that outcome.

            You have made your choice. You have chosen war over peace. Well good luck with that and tell me how it turns out for you………..

          • REED RICHARDS


            I like the spirited debate. Although you feel that your heart is in the right place, you just happen to be wrong about certain things, things of monumental importance. And this idea of reviving the “cold war” is one of those monumental things that you are wrong about……………

          • Michael

            We don’t have to agree all the time :)


  • Visitor

    Daniel chapter 7 shows the bear as one of the End Times beasts.
    America is also shown as the “eagle’s wings” that protrude out from the lion (England).

    However, by the time we reach Revelation chapter 13, where the “One World Order” globalist beast is shown, the bear’s claws are still in existence but there are no more eagle’s wings. Take that FWIW.

    On another note: A respected exposer of the NWO from the 1970’s was Peter David Beter (his archived work is online though he is deceased). He had a radio show & newsletters; & from 1977-1982 had his radio shows put on audio cassette tapes for anyone who wanted a copy. His opinion re Russia/USA was that the Bolsheviks/Zionists/Marxists who destroyed Russia 1917-forward were all kicked out of Russia by the 1950’s by the Russian “Christian Nationalists.” Thereafter, the Bolsheviks/Zs/Ms swamped into the USA & took over the USA & plan to use the USA to punish Russia for kicking them out of Russia. That was his opinion from the 1970’s, & I am no political scientist history major so take it FWIW. Merely FYI.

    • D

      It’s also interesting to note that the lion’s “eagle wings” were starting to defeather, which resembles the crumbling USA trying to help it’s friend, the UK, during WWIII.

    • Guido

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know if you can assume the creatures in Daniel’s vision are America, England, and Russia. I’m not at all an expert, but isn’t it a little easy to read into this what you want to see?

      For instance, just because there was a lion with eagle’s wings, does that necessarily mean it’s England and America? Historically, many kingdoms associated themselves with bears, lions, eagles, and even mythical animals, including unicorns, dragons, or combo monsters like the sphinx.

      Poland uses the eagle to such an extent, they even had knights who rode into battle with wings attached to their backs.

      I had one professor who had done a lot of business in Russia who told me Russians see themselves more as a wolf than a bear, although the bear has become a popular symbol in recent years. Russia also sees itself as the eagle. Look at their coats of arms-you will see two symbols. First, the two-headed eagle, looking east and west, and St. George slaying the dragon. That symbolism in mind, perhaps Russia is the eagle?

      The way things are these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if America is the monstrous iron beast with all the horns and stuff.

  • Scott

    A substanial portion of our nuclear deterrence is our SLBM force which would survive a first strike and is now more accurate than it was during the 1960’s and 70’s, meaning it would provide a devistating and effective counter attack. As a result, an attack by Russia would be suicide on their part, As we could target their cities, agriculture and industrial complex in retaliation. Even if they were in shelters, Russians wouldn’t survive very long without the ability to replenish their food and water supplies. And some of our more advanced missiles have bunker busting capabilities. The author makes some valid points though about the growing threat and the need to be prepared against that threat.

  • Fernando

    Jesus sure ain’t gonna save us.



      And why should Jesus even try and save “us”. A species that never quenches it thirst for war, death, and destruction is not worth saving. How about this rather radical notion: How about trying to save yourself by making war “obselete” and dustballing anyone who wants illegal, aggressive war?

  • mondobeyondo

    “Lead, and we shall follow!”

    That works if you happen to be Jesus, or Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr.

    Doesn’t work if you’re a lemming. Unfortunately, most people are lemmings (aka sheeple).

  • tommcd

    In this article Joel Skousen discusses the Russian threat in detail. He also clearly explains why the phony breakup of the USSR never really happened:

  • Bob

    Totally barking up the wrong tree. The next major war (World War III) will be between the West in particular Europe and the Muslim nations of the Middle East and North Africa. It will be a religious war and the uprising has already started. You don’t know your bible very well or the prophesies of the Saints if you are not prepared for this. This world war is the first Seal and the first horseman of the tribulation as written in Revelation.

    God bless to you all in what will be a difficult time ahead.

  • mondobeyondo

    Da! Ze Russian bear, he iz back! Perestroika und Glastnost, dey iz dead! Dasvedanya!

    The Russian bear may have traded in his brown fur for polka dot fur, but he’s still a bear. Walks like a bear, talks like a bear, and growls like a bear.

  • Kevin

    The US has an offensive punch that is unmatched because of it’s literal ownership of the sky. It’s usefulness and design is to thwart any conventional force. It’s beyond a force multiplier and more like an exponent. A platoon of Americans with communications have more accurate and abundant firepower at their disposal then a division.

    The above being said the US in a mad rush to secure worldwide resources is sticking a pole into the bear cage poking the bear.

    I have a feeling that something very big is brewing.

  • JD

    A woman came into the office the other day telling us about her son who was in Russia teaching them about new agriculture methods and ranching, remarked to us about the wealth dispairities in that country. She said the workers are very poor, most of their paychecks go to food, and the wealthy live like modern-day czars. I was thinking to myself hmm.. coming soon to a country near gasp!! Wait! Its already here in America! If we didnt have social programs to soften the blows we would be in that sitiuation too… just look at all the people that line up for free turkeys. Some of those people I wonder about though. I guarantee some of them have the money to get their turkeys but that would cut into the beer fund… sorry but I know people that do that so im not just being an asshole. Nope I think we should get our Obama flags out (thats your empty pockets turned out) and put a smile on our face and a song in our heart that someday when we are weak from wars and economic collapse that we can look forward to being split up by Russia and China. I envision that the future war they will not nuke us. Instead Russia will allow about 400 million Chinese soldiers to cross into Russia into the US via the Bering Straight. That way they can take all the farmland and natural resources for themselves. What good is radiated land to them? Nope they just have to wait it out and America will fall on to its own sword and save them the trouble of a pesky nuculear war… Just a thought.

  • Hefsmaster

    Happy thanksgiving everyone.
    I went home for 2 days and had a 3-1 argument with my parents and an aunt. They believe america will not fail, and that our govt. is not a police state operative. SS will be there in 25 years when i retire and the world has always been this crazy. We just didn’t know about because there was not so much media fear mongering propaganda as there is today…
    Then my aunt said this… She has not been frightened by anything in 40 years since the day the russians tried to plant themselves in cuba. They all agreed that was the most dangerous time ever and nothing else comes remotely close.
    If anything i can only say they have become desensitized and accept all the media spun propaganda as it’s written because they’re all dependent completely on the system now. My dad who claims political astuteness over everybody does not even know who Ron paul is. It surprised me even…
    My dad mentioned this exact story but yet cannot correlate the hypocrisy of the U.S. putting missiles in europe but damn the the russians in cuba.
    They all said OWS gets what they deserve but it does not look like nazi germany. Then the next morning is pissing and moaning about the security instituted at football games as being overkill, not unconstitutional, just misdirected.
    Pointing out his hypocrisy gets the conversation shut down. As he a stubborn as hell and of course… So am i…
    They don’t want to be told anything they already know even though i am just showing examples on the way to showing them where i’m coming from. My parents and i don’t agree on much anymore just like most of america doesn’t agree on anything anymore. Pointing out divide and conquer strategy’s covering any and all aspects just get me told to stop worrying about everything so much. Chemtrails are not real even though i showed them some outside and plenty of damning video i brought with me..
    I never thought my parents would turn into govt. lackeys… but they are now… If it could happen to them, it can happen to anybody… I am seeing where my grandfathers were both frustrated with them now. Being to young to know or understand their simplistic “That’s socialism” to questions i asked. I wish i could go back and ask them what they knew.
    The great depression was without a doubt. A great educational experience in all things political as we are finding out the same things today. Waking up the sleeping masses today is not so simple as it was back then. It is probably too late for most of them. For the matrix seems to be almost complete now.
    Where as i seem to constantly evolve my frame of mind to the realities of today as to where history books try to teach us. I just look crazier and more insane to just about everyone around me.
    We’re in for a real battle here people… It starts with our own before we start going after russians, iranians and chinese.
    To hold whole countries peoples to the actions of their govts. is insane… Most of the world understands what tyranny is, americans on the other hand have no idea nor are going to get one anytime soon, until it’s too late.

    If God is out there and really exists….

    He better get here soon…

    Pray for humanity regardless whether you believe in him or not….

    We’re in it deep now…

    • Michael

      It is good to have conversations and debates with our families.

      They may not wake up now, but when things start happening they will remember what has been said.


  • Guido

    At this point, is it necessary to have a nuclear war? Nukes are old tech at this point. There are much worse things you can do to someone without firing a shot.

    For instance, look at the incredible things you can do to someone via the interweb. All you need to do to screw the US up is poke around in our unprotected infrastructure computers and crash our power grid. (Experts have already found attackware hidden in power co. comps.) You could stuxnet our power plants and have them burn out their equipment or crash the phone system or meddle in our water purification plants. My hometown once lost water due to a failed system-instant water shutoff with no warning. You had to buy bottles. It was inconvenient, to say the least.

    And there’s Walmart and others’ just-in-time delivery and tracking systems. Infect those and who knows what kind of chaos you could cause? Imagine if they were able to crash the credit card systems in major stores? If you couldn’t use your credit/debit card for a couple days, how crippled would you be?

    In 1999 or 2000 I read about a meat packing plant that had a computer glitch that caused them to destroy thousands of cans of corned beef because it appeared to be expired. I wonder what you could do as a hacker?

    And, of course, you could really kick us where it hurts by attacking us financially. Who knows what kind of damage someone could cause if they targeted our financial system, especially if they were really ready to accept the wide-spread damage they would also suffer?

    And of course, if you really want to screw up the US, don’t attack, just send in your agents, found a victim rights/lobbying group, and convince Americans that your people are unjustly hated and are victims who need special attention.

    Just look at CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. They’re fighting oppression of Muslims in the US, they rake in millions in donations, feed the money to terrorists, and fight in court to defang our own intelligence and security apparatus-AND WIN.

    CAIR actually teaches the FBI and others to leave Muslims alone and even gets them to hire terrorist-connected Muslims to help train them in outreach and community relations. Read Muslim Mafia for the inside scoop.

    With weak, ignorant, liberal PC America as it is-who needs to wage a war on us when its more profitable to tell us you hate us, demand equality, and beg for money? You can profitably and comfortably eat out our guts from the inside and never fire a real shot.

    I don’t think nukes are really our greatest worry-except when it comes to rogue states and non-state terrorists, like Al Qaeda. A nation like Russia or China has more to lose from a war than they do to gain. A rogue nation, like Iran or North Korea knows it will lose, but Al Qaeda has nothing to lose. (Anyone ever see The Mouse That Roared? Had Kim Il Sung seen that movie, he might have declared war on us, let us beat him silly, and actually come out ahead!)

  • John


    The Russians want what most Americans want. We want to be able to trade with other nations peaceably and we would like to have peace and economic stability. We do not want a war with every nation that has resources and is politically weak. Americans want peace and we do not want a government like we now have that believes war and killing of innocent people is the best way to get precious resources into our hands. You know this and I know this. Stop the Republican and Democrat B.S.

    • Michael

      I am not taking a side with a political party here.

      We are not going to have a war with Russia in the next few years, but down the road that is where things are headed.

      If you don’t believe me now, just file it away and remember where you heard it.


      • Hefsmaster

        Exactly. Been filing away for 30 years and putting 2+2 together even after decades between correlating aspects. I had my own subscription to readers digest when i was eight. No, i didn’t get it for myself. My grandparents did. I read every back issue out of their attic going back 50 years.
        It was where i read some of the most progressive articles that i can remember. No wonder i was confused to their agenda for so long.
        I was taught not to believe everything i read or hear. Now i have to teach the same lessons back. How many quotes did i hear straight from MSM this week… Enough to say even i didn’t want to argue anymore. And that is my number one hobby.

  • Gay Veteran

    I think Russia will attack us……right after Iraq attacks us those missing WMDs

  • Gay Veteran

    Paul Craig Roberts (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term):

    “…The President of Russia said that the Russian government has asked Washington for legally binding guarantees that the American missile bases are not intended as a threat to Russia, but that Washington has refused to give such guarantees.

    …After the massive lies told by Washington in the 21st century–”weapons of mass destruction,” “al Qaeda connections,” “Iranian nukes”–why would anyone put any credence in “a legally binding guarantee” from Washington. The guarantee would mean nothing. How could it be enforced? Such a guarantee would simply be another deceit in Washington’s pursuit of world hegemony….”

  • Mary O’Brien Drumm

    Although I have spent many years in Russia (love the people, hate the government), I am no expert on the Russian military. However, I found many Russian military men and cosmonauts who were extremely helpful to me in my charitable work with children. I made many friends there and war with Russia would be heartbreaking to me because of the tremendous loss of life on both sides.

    What I do know is that Putin is very dangerous man who is willing to tolerate the loss of many Russian lives to achieve his goals. Russia has been building their military might while we have been decimating ours. Russia is not only a credible military threat, but can, along with China, bring down our financial system with relative ease if they choose to do so (watch “Too Big To Fail” on HBO to see how). Of course, we are already doing a pretty good job of destroying the US economy all by ourselves.

    What I do believe will happen is that war will break out in the Middle East, western nations will get involved as will Russia and China and we will have a nuclear WWII. This will be preceeded by the assination of three world leaders – two in the Middle East and one in Europe (Gadaffi was the first). I also believe we will first be given a supernatural WARNING. To learn more about this see the website: What you read may seem quite far fetched to many of you, but the coming warning, tribulation and chastisement has been predicted by numerous Marian apparitions, the prophecies of many saints and Sacred Scripture.

    There is very little we can do to avoid this just punishment, but my suggestion to all of you believers and none believers alike is to watch, pray and seek forgiveness for anything you have done that has harmed someone. The sin of abortion and the innocent blood of billions of children throughout the world cries out for justice as does the abuse of innocent women and children. However, these sins and all sin no matter how terrible can be be forgiven if we are truly sorry.

    The good news is that God loves us all. He is not only all just, but all merciful and desires, as Our Creator, to save everyone on this earth, no matter his beliefs or his sins, to spend eternity with Him. If you do not have faith, ask Him to give it to you. God bless all of you!

  • Mr Carpenter

    I would say that within a few years we will see if Dimitru Duduman’s prophecies about the United States BURNING are from God, or his imagination. (California – sodom and gomorrah; Florida – sodom and gomorrah; New York – sodom and gomorrah).

    Look him up on youtube and be prepared to be shocked. I bought his book (Through The Fire Without Burning) – 2nd edition (with translation errors corrected) and in fact, I strongly suspect that God’s hand of protection has gone away from the United States of America and that the current leadership has been allowed to be present, for the simple reason that there is almost no remnant of Christ’s flock left in this country, and those of us left are being marginalized by PC’ness.

    The comments about Russia being closer to God are more true than I’d like to admit, but God has used countries to punish other countries before and I suspect it will be largely they who do this.

    Of course, this all plays into the hands of the prophecies concerning the very end of days – none of which include the United States (since “Babylon” – the US – will be destroyed). But Russia’s big chest over destroying the US will prove their downfall when they (along with the rest of the world) go up against Israel.

    If you don’t believe me, go read the Bible yourself.

    • Gay Veteran

      gee, this year we HAD Texas burning. not exactly a hot spot for Gays


    • J.M.

      Sloppy interpretation, typical of an American Churchian.

  • Delmar

    I have watched Russia for years, and unlike some of our government, I have seen the regrowth of that nation , since the price of oil went up thus so has Russian military, this is not to say that the USA is a weakling, no not at all, but we have to recognize there is a change in the world, we have been at war for ten years, and we will be at war again, this is what bible prophecy declares, for those whom have not studied some things that will transpire will be a shock, it is imperitive for those whom wish to see that their soul remains alive and intack through the eternity and live with God the Father they must recognize that Jesus Christ is the path to eternity, I pray and hope people quit argueing and open their eyes to the events that will happen apparently soon, and seek Him who controls the future,, God bless….

  • RevBryan

    While I am in agreement with those who are desirous of peaceful relations with Russia, nevertheless, their nuclear refurbishment program is just another example of the old dictum, “In times of peace, prepare for war.”
    It could be that the Russian government simply wants to counter what this country is doing over in Eurasia. It could also be something far more sinister. Having a watchful eye is good advice even in today’s world. As Margaret Thatcher once commented about the Soviets to President Reagan, “Keep your powder dry and have lots of it.”

  • Come see us in Ecuador:
    Quito is the Capital, right on the Equator, at 9,350 ft. (1.77 miles) above sea level in the heart of the Andes Mountains, where the weather is 50’s in the evening, and 70’s during the day all year round. Valley of Eternal Sprintime! Do not hesitate to contact me for your relocation or exploration needs!

  • View from Abroad

    “In Moscow alone, 5000 new “emergency bomb shelters” are being constructed.”

    Well, Russia has been invaded 3 times in the last 200 years – Napoleon, WW1 and WW2.

  • Eddy

    No doubt about it, American paranoia will ultimately lead to it’s own destruction.
    It’s obvious too, to a blind man, the U.S. desperately needs a Bogeyman to sustain it’s debilitating military manufacturing industries, the ONLY industries still left in the country.
    So of course they need a Bogeyman and who better, (now that that evil Genius OBL is allegedly passed on)then the good old Russkies ?
    The U.S. together with it’s NATO masters, has over the last 20 years decided to build a ring of steel around Russia, giving no credence whatever to Russi’as views or feelings at being surrounded by such.
    I wonder what the American responce would be, if Russia were to build similar around the U.S. ?
    I suspect we all know the asnwer, so which nation is the REAL danger and culprit for causing decension and division between nations ?
    It’s certainly not Russia that’s for sure.

    • Eleonora Sabodash

      Eddie all that you have written is completely true as it is seen from Russia. Thank you.

  • Eurasian economic union, Brzezinski’s nightmare…

    it’s an interesting article, but has a flaw, it’s not Russia that has been playing emperor all over the world, it’s US administrations/MIC

    and it’s US missiles that are surrounding Russia’s borders and not the other way around….

  • Ru
  • Russian

    Oh my goooood! >_<
    People! Don't be a paranoidal(or something)
    Why Russian and Americans still fearing cold war!?
    Time to STOP! WE ALL HUMANS!!! We must be a friends!
    Dear Americans, Russian – not stupid animals, like in Hollywood movies. We people like you. People with families, job, and dreams about great future.
    In your city you ever see a bear?! I think, no!
    Our city just like yours.
    Ok! I just wanna say: Lets make love! Not war! =-)
    We want friendship with you!
    ******** the gouverment with they weapons!
    USA, Russia, China.
    P.S. Sorry my very bad English ^_^

  • vancouver mark

    And a big “loving chuder” right back at you, Russian.

  • Wilson

    Sadistic morons, go worry about something else other than the ruskies nuking you all the time, it’s highly depressing, instead of publishing these useless blogs, go find a job, and don’t moan that all the immigrants of got them.

  • Captain Obvious

    Republican’s bull*************.

  • innocent

    Wars will end when life ends. Fools claimed the end of warm wars, do you mean there is no more life!

  • Mycola

    American brothers! I’m Russian. And you must know that Russians not going to fight with America or any other country. Learn our history. Russia never was an agressor. Napoleon wanted to capture Russia, few months later Russian army was in Paris. Hitler in 1941 attacked my country, and he was beaten. We use our military forces only in case of aggresion toward us. So we want a peace all over the World. But look at your government, why are they bombing Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia. The next are Syria and Iran. Why they spend a lot of money to make revolutions in Arabian countries, in Ukraine and now in Russia? Because the only thing they want is money and oil. They defend interest of FRS and bankers, which want all people to be their slaves. They printing dollars, and we should work for it. So all people in the world working and dying for paper. Kaddafi wanted to stop it… Hussain wanted to stop it… Now Putin wants, but Russian people will never do what libians did. And we won’t let any army occupy our territory, like US army occupied Iraq(This is the only reason why we build a strong army). Vote for Ron Paul he wants the same. We love americans and all other people, but we hate your bankers wishing to rule the whole world. So join “occupy the wall street” movement and help all people in the world to become free. And don’t fear Russians, we are the most peaceful people on the planet.

  • Ian smith

    Well Mr.mycola I respect what u say. However, ho do u explain your country invading Afghanistan.

  • YuriVII

    I think the author knows a lot of facts that most people don’t know. I think he takes a good attitude in not relying on old outdated and never correct to begin with stereotypes, but I still think his overall conclusion is wrong. He does not take into account weaknesses and imperfections of the Russian Federation.

    1)Demography- not as bad a problem as before but it is still a problem
    2)Russia is not building nuke shelters in Moscow, this article from RT is bullshit. I know I’ve lived there and the ones they are thinking about are nothing but Cold War relics from the 70s

    3)Russian military has severe institutional weaknesses. Despite so-called reforms. Russia has exciting new weapons like the T90 MD Tank which would probably kick the ass of an Abrams, but there is only one prototype version….so a lot of good that will do. They can produce more but mainstay tank of Russian Armored forces is still the T-72 which is more or less the equivalent of a M60 Patton.
    4) Russian economy is not very diversified and infrastructure has STILL not recovered from the collapse of the Soviet Union, even during the Soviet Union it wasnt much to marvel at other than some show projects like Dneipropetrovsk Dam (now in Ukraine).

    5) Russian Federation has security problems it needs to tackle before sending the world into a thermo-nuclear death spiral. Caucuses is one, and so is Afghanistan. Wait isn’t that an American concern? Well yes it is, and it is a Russian one. Because who will be left to clean up that mess? Russia will be, and Russia does not have the option to so casually withdraw since Afghanistan is in its neighborhood. Before the USA invaded the Northern Alliance was being bankrolled by the Russian Federation because it kept the radical anti-Russian form of Islam from overthrowing the Former Soviet Central Asian states. Russia has a serious vital strategic interest in those countries.

    One stereotype that author does adopt is that Putin and Company are megalomaniac would-be world conquerors out to make Russia the dominate force. Well I am sure they would if they could, but they cant, and their behavior suggests that they recognize this. So they walk a balancing act of cooperating with the West on issues that benefit them and then do their own thing when the West goes against their interest. As far as the USA goes, the best move the Russians could do is sit back and watch the USA screw itself over and not interfere at all. No need to prepare for a nuclear war just yet,

  • Billy Bob Hick

    Typical redneck paranoia

  • Ahmad Nawaz

    100% Agreed