The Republican Establishment Has 4 Options It Can Try To Stop Trump, And None Of Them Are Good

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Donald Trump Running For President - Photo by Michael VadonCivil war has erupted in the Republican Party, and the Republican establishment is in full-blown panic mode.  Donald Trump was never supposed to get this far, and now party insiders are scrambling to come up with a plan to block him from securing the nomination before the convention.  After winning seven states on Super Tuesday, you would think that the Republican Party would be rallying around Trump and preparing for a tough general election battle with Hillary Clinton.  Instead, the goal is now to stop Trump at all costs.


It is amazing to me that a candidate that is openly at war with the Republican Party establishment, Fox News, Glenn Beck and a whole bunch of other prominent conservative pundits is running away with the race for the nomination.  If someone would have told me this a year ago, I never would have believed it.

But the war is far from over.  Special interest groups are going to pour tens of millions of dollars into an all-out attempt to defeat Trump, and the mainstream media is going to continue to try to smear him however they can.

Normally, any candidate that was forced to endure such withering attacks would be done by now.  But Trump has just continued to roll on, and his momentum appears to be unstoppable.  Moving forward, the Republican establishment has four main options that it can try in an attempt to stop Trump…

#1 Marco Rubio – The establishment could put everything that they have into pumping up Marco Rubio’s failing campaign, but it might be too late.  Just like Jeb Bush, Rubio doesn’t really inspire anyone, and his reputation of being robotic is well deserved.  The main reason many Republicans are voting for him is because they don’t like Trump or Ted Cruz.  Rubio is already way behind in the delegate race, and if he doesn’t win his home state of Florida later this month, it is hard to see any possible way that he is going to be able to block a Trump nomination.

#2 Mitt Romney – Have you noticed that Mitt Romney has started to make a lot of waves over the past week or so?  There are reports that suggest that if Marco Rubio does not win the state of Florida that Rubio will drop out and Romney will enter the race.  At that point it would be difficult for Romney to accumulate the delegates that he would need to clinch the nomination before the convention, but if he could win big states such as New York, California and New Jersey, Romney could keep Trump from getting the delegates that he needs to secure the nomination ahead of time.  That would lead to a brokered convention, and such a scenario would almost certainly mean that Romney would come out as the nominee.

At first a lot of people dismissed these whispers about Romney, but now that Romney has been relentlessly attacking Trump these reports are being taken a lot more seriously.  And according to NBC News, Mitt Romney is scheduled to deliver a speech on “the state of the 2016 presidential race” tomorrow…

Mitt Romney, the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2012, will deliver an address Thursday on “the state of the 2016 presidential race.”

In a news release sent to press, no further details on what he will say were provided. But aides to the former Massachusetts governor say they expect him to speak out against Donald Trump, and praise Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Romney’s comments will be focused on “the state of the race,” likely echoing past criticism of Trump for failing to release his tax returns, and not decisively distancing himself from the Klu Klux Klan.

#3 Independent Campaign – There had always been speculation that Donald Trump would try an independent campaign if he did not get the nomination, but now it is Republican insiders that are seriously considering going this route.

Of course an independent campaign would be far from easy to pull off.  Just trying to get on the ballot in all 50 states is a logistical nightmare, and over the years the Republicans and the Democrats have made sure that the rules are heavily stacked against anyone else.

In addition, an independent campaign mounted by Republicans would almost certainly split the conservative vote, and that leads us to option four…

#4 Throw The Campaign To Hillary – This may sound completely and utterly bizarre, but the truth is that most establishment Republicans are far more comfortable with Hillary Clinton than they are with either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

By disavowing Donald Trump or mounting an independent bid, many establishment Republicans think that they may be able to keep control of both houses of Congress even if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election.

Plus, many Republican members of Congress are right on the same page with Hillary when it comes to foreign policy, free trade, immigration and other key issues.

Sadly, if it came right down to a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a lot of establishment Republicans would willingly choose Hillary.  Just consider the following anecdote from

In November WND reported a lunch hosted by former US Ambassador to the European Union Rockwell Schnabel.

“In attendance in a private dining room of the Hotel Bel-Air were powerful donors said to include Ronald Spogli, the venture capitalist and former ambassador to Italy under President George W. Bush; his business partner Bradford Freeman” and former Los Angeles Mayor Dick Riordan.

The donors were reportedly asked a hypothetical question: “If it was Donald Trump running against Hillary Clinton, who would you vote for?”

“One version has it that most of the Republicans at the table put their hands up for Clinton,” The Hill reported.

All of this shows me that there is absolutely no hope for the Republican Party.

If they can’t unite now, after eight years of Barack Obama and potentially facing four years of Hillary Clinton, when will they be able to get their act together?

The fact that establishment Republicans seem far more freaked out about four years of Donald Trump than they do about four years of Hillary Clinton says an awful lot.

Sadly, the Republican establishment is not even willing to rally around Ted Cruz because they hate him almost as much as they hate Donald Trump.  They would much rather deal with “President Hillary” than either Trump or Cruz, and so that is quite likely what America is going to get…

  • K

    You are correct the Republicans hierarchy would prefer Clinton.As long as the status-quo is maintained. Before the Country, before the party, and before the citizens, MONEY. As long as money keeps flowing into their pockets, they care about nothing else. Before you get too angry. Remember, many of you created these vile creatures. No matter what they did, no matter what they said. you kept voting them back in. Both parties are totally corrupt. So what are you prepared to do about it. All I hear is crickets. Now to the few on the board. That I have a deep respect for. Sorry you had to read this. It was not meant for you.

    • Holger Jahndel

      There could come the fall of the US Dollar and of US Economy with liberal or better neoliberal Hillary Clinton, indeed. Even quite probably, I suppose.
      She refused during a press meeting to reintroduce the Glass Steagall law. The Clintons abolished the Glass Steagall law against destructive financial speculations, President Roosevelt made as the Glass Steagall Act. The LaRouche Movement demands the reintroduction of the Glass Steagall law! And Hillary Clinton refused and refuses still.
      She also wants neoliberal free trade like TTIP and CETA and TPP and TISA and of course keeping NAFTA. He neo-liberal Globalism is made for the big corporations like MONSANTO with their genetic modified foof and for bankers of the Wall Street and the City of London. George Soros is her ally.

  • GetReal4U2

    Sadly, the Republican establishment is not even willing to rally around Ted Cruz because they hate him almost as much as they hate Donald Trump…
    I voted for Cruz…as did my state…but I will also vote for the republican winner…unless some “brokered bs” goes down…

    • Gay Veteran

      you voted for Cruz (R-Goldman Sachs)???

      • GetReal4U2

        perhaps you like hildabeast better…I don’t…

        • Gay Veteran

          nope, not a single person running that I would vote for

          • GetReal4U2

            so…you’re not voting at all?

          • Gay Veteran

            no, lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

            and we have NO way of knowing whether Trump will keep ANY of his campaign promises

    • TheLulzWarrior
  • Foreign guest

    It’s funny to watch Americans vote and have the illusion of democracy. Yet every article basically paint a picture of those really I control behind the scenes. The American political system is amusing to watch but sad that the people don’t really seem to have a real say in things. It seems a majority want trump yet those that REALLY make the decision say no no no to the peasants…and the republic matches on.

    • Dalton

      Mark Twain was right when he said if voting made any difference the wouldn’t let us do it.
      I think after this Americans will have no doubt about it, we have no representation in Washington, it is simply an organized crime ring and the so called parties are a complete farce. Clinton is the preferred criminal to continue the take down of America , she is a Bolshevik Communist all the way.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      You mean the “empire”. The “empire” marches on.

  • Hell+Handcart

    Well if that is true it proves there is no two party system, it’s just vested interests and America is run by a cabal just changing colours every 4 years.

    • Zaphod Braden

      ONE party, TWO names

      • Jim Davis

        Two wings of the same bird of prey, as Pat Buchanan would say.

      • afchief

        Yep! Trump and Hillary are one and the same.

        • Mike


          • afchief

            Both are liars. Both are narcissists. Both are immoral. Both will not follow the Constitution. Both are liberal.

          • bankersuck

            Says the genius with 22543 comments! Trump has to follow orders or he’ll get killed like Kennedy. You would follow orders too. At least he’s not an insider like the rest of the bunch.

    • K

      Michael and all the rest here, well done. Thanks to this blog, and other alternate media sites. Romney publicly announced he would not run for the Presidency this cycle. Well done.

      • Yukon36

        You want to bet!! He is not as hot as he thinks he is

  • greanfinisher .

    If Trump should win the nomination, my prediction is that the Republican Establishment is prepared to jump over the aisle, and helping bankroll the Hillary campaign would not be out of the question. In fact, I can see the Establishment even campaigning for Hillary by running a horde of smear advertisements against Trump. In short, they’re going to do whatever it takes to insure a Clinton victory.

  • afchief

    It’s unbelievably sad that Trump has any deligates. The man is a disgrace to anyone who calls themselves an American.

    Ted Cruz 2016

    • Dalton

      Obviously there are millions of Americans who disagree with you and the media smear campaign the elites have called for, Trump is a good and decent man who wants to save America from decline.
      Cruz on the other hand is a Trojan horse working for Israelis and even his wife is a traitor having written the paper on the North American Union for the CFR.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      Vote for Ted! because it’s only been two years since he relinquished his Canadian citizenship, and he was FOR the SECRET Trans Pacific Partnership before he was against it.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Have you seen the video on Ted Cruz by Stefan Molyneux? Cruz really is as slimy as he looks!

      • guest

        An added bonus is that his wife authored the blueprint for the North American Union while with the CFR…… But wait, there’s more, during her time with goldman sachs, she helped secure funds for the nafta highway.
        So yeah, rafael booger eater is definetly the ‘consistent cuckservative’ that we should all back…..

    • Gay Veteran

      Ted Cruz (R-Goldman Sachs).

      how about the first republican all gay ticket?

    • Steve Inskeep

      Cruz is endorsed by Kevin Swanson Taliban preacher advocates death to citizens

    • TheLulzWarrior
    • Mr. Cipher

      Cruz is bought and paid for by Goldman Sacks.

  • Ronny

    You forgot one option, that both Reps and Dems will support: the JFK option…

    I fear this is where it’s going to… I hope it’s not gonna happen but if it does, then I really hope the sheeple will finally wake up to all this… (But as they are braindead and living off EBT cards,
    That’ll be lost hope)

    • pissedlizard كافر ‏

      That is exactly what I think they are going to do. Mess with his jet or something. They are smart enough to know if it looks like a muslim terrorist it will anger his base against them even further. I just pray that we are wrong that they take him out.

    • Dalton

      If they JFK Trump I hope those millions of Trump supporters descend on Washington and burn it to the ground dragging these criminals into the street and burning them at the stake, every last one of these traitors to America.

    • Holger Jahndel

      Or Al Gore.

  • Rick Candler

    How can anyone support Hillary, especially a republican. This shows me there is no difference between the two parties.

  • Richard

    “If someone would have told me this a year ago, I never would have believed it.”

    Not quite, Michael.

    “If someone HAD TOLD me this a year ago, I never would have believed it.”

    • BraveNewWhirled

      Had someone told me this a year ago, I would never have believed it. ;)

  • greanfinisher .

    There is a strong likelihood that even the Koch brothers are going to divert their resources towards the Clinton campaign. In fact, I can see the unthinkable occuring here in which the entire Republican political machinery is simply going to team up with the Democrats in defeating Trump. The beauty of the whole affair in their view is that at least the status quo will be preserved with a Clinton victory.

    • Holger Jahndel

      It could happen, that the articles and books of investigative independent journalist THORN at AMERICAN FREE PRESS (with Pat Buchanan and Dr. Craig Roberts) become known to the public and the mainstream media and global society.
      THORN writes about the Criminal and corrupt Clintons and criminal Hillary Clinton and her Crimes. And he can prove it by many facts, indeed.
      Than the Establishment has a real problem, and probably will try to reactivate Al Gore for some kind of softer and more social green Globalism. Or even nominate Bloomberg.

  • Dalton

    The establishment demands either a fellow criminal – Clinton or Romney, or an easily controlled puppet like Rubio….

    • Holger Jahndel

      @Dalton: Indeen, either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders could be a real problem for the Establishment. I would prefer Bernie Sanders economically, although also Donald Trump at least is against the neoliberal free trade and TISA!

  • Libertarianski

    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      The Reeps rejected Ron Paul and look what happened.

  • Dalton

    To the establishment a known felon and communist is perfect choice, the GOP should just shut down and join the Dems in running the communist party

    • Gay Veteran

      fascism = merger of state and corporate powers

      • Steve Inskeep

        Hey GV got banned on the other site Economic collapse. hahahaha. fascists

      • Wayne

        Surprised you’re not blocked yet. I got one of my work ips blocked on American Family Association in like 4 comments! Now I have to use their prayer request to leave a comment.

      • Holger Jahndel

        @Gay Veteran: NWO or the NEW WORLD ORDER – global totalitarian state and society, a new feudalism of bankers and corporations. Wiithout a middle calls and without democracy. Also see Neocon and US Senator John McCain and Neoliberal George Soros (City of London fraction of the Globalists and) and US Geopolitician Zbigniew Brezinski and Plans for World War III against Russia! They even support IS and Islamic State in Syria and worldwide and Islamists for it. And Nazis and Facists in Ukraine, for geopolitical reasons, against Russia and Putin, they demonize Russia and Putin and their justified national interests in the neoliberal postmodern globalist mainstream media of the Globalists!

        NATO is their tool. And international organisation like WTO and World Bank and IWF and neoliberal free trade like TIPP and CETA and TPP and TISA!

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Proof that we all need to stand with Trump. Not because he’s a genius or he’s morally upright or has great policies, but because the entire corporate fascist Establishment ruling class is against him. Go Trump.

    • Yukon36

      Trump has not learned how to be a corrupt genius politician.

  • Tom

    David Stockman devotes a lot of pages to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital in his epic book _The Great Deformation_. None of it is good. Mitt Romney is the poster child of sleazy financial engineering scam artists who left a trail of wrecked businesses and lost jobs on his way to ill-gotten wealth. Anyone who would vote for this man, or even listen to him, is displaying their ignorance of who he really is. It says a lot about Americans and our controlled mass media that the same can be said of anyone who would vote for or listen to Hillary — they have no idea who she really is. At least we know that Trump has built successful businesses, hired a lot of people, and (so far at least) hasn’t bombed anybody.

  • DJohn1

    The powers behind the candidates are not even attempting to hide what they are doing. They have no fear of prosecution. That tells me they own the courts.
    Hillary still has a lot of legal issues with the Emails. So if that goes badly, who do the Democrats propose to run for President?
    If Trump gets the election, where do the establishment powers that be go?
    I think it is “let’s make a deal …” time.
    The last time they did that the powers that be almost had Reagan killed. He took the deal which was to run Bush as his Vice. Reagan was very shook up about almost being killed. That his Vice might have had something to do with it should shake anyone up.
    Will Christy be Trump’s Bush? It seems likely.
    He has already stated that he wants an establishment person capable of running the country if something happens to him.
    I think it takes a lot of guts to buck the obvious power structure that is capable of doing just about anything one can imagine. Especially since they make no attempt to hide what they are doing.
    It comes down to the question: “What do they know that we do not know that makes them think they can get away with it?”
    Know your enemies better than your closest friend. Because that is the key to winning. And these enemies seem to think that public opinion means nothing if they arbitrarily use legal tricks to deny Trump the nomination.
    So I repeat: “What do they know that makes them think this is something they can get away with?”
    Maybe it is because they have done it before.

    • Tom

      Trump would be wise to name someone “capable of running the country” as his VP, but a fool to name an “establishment person”, which would only guarantee ongoing assassination attempts until one was successful. There is a great wealth of talented, knowledgeable, patriotic Americans to tap for leadership positions, most of whom, like Trump, have never held elective office (a huge plus). If Trump were to pick a proven corrupt party hack insider for VP it would tell me that he isn’t nearly as smart as he thinks he is.

  • fedupMan

    Both parties in the long run just scratch each others back to stay in power. The d’s have all the stones and do whatever it takes to win as per the Alinsky way while the r’s just lay back and ply the game.

    • Holger Jahndel

      If Hillary Clinton has to retire because of the crimes and corruptions the independent journalist THORN in his books and articles, for example in AMERICAN FREE PRESS with Pat Buchanan and Dr. Craig Roberts, proved and wrote down, i suppose the Establishments will nominate Al Gore.
      They can not tolerate a social democrat like Bernie Sanders being the possible next President of the United States of America. The Democrats could accept Al Gore, he is better than the Clintons and Bushs and a green Globalist.
      Also see the independent and investigative Journalist F. William Engdahl and his website and BLOG and books and articles about that and Michael Moores website and books and articles.

      If this scenario should become reality indeed, we will need The LaRouche Movement of Lyndon LaRouche (for a new glass Steagall law and against neoliberal free trade and against TISA and Monetarism of Milfon Friedman and his so called “Chicago Boys” and against Globalism and Neoliberalism and Neocons and World War III)
      to keep the balance. A rational solution could be found for economic problems. Also see the webites and BLOG of Prof. Margrit Kennedy (R.I.P.) about Silvio Gesell and Bioregionalism and of Michael C. Ruppert (R.I.P.9 with his daily Peak Oil Blog and books and the video documenation “Collapse” about that.
      Also Pat Buchanan of AMERICAN FREE PRESS Newspaper is against the neoliberal free trade with TTIP and TPP and CETA and TISA and TAFTA and NAFTA and so on…read THORNs articles and books there and Dr. Craig Roberts!

      • fedupMan

        Glass Steagall law would have stopped the 1st housing crunch but BOTH parties won’t or don’t start it up again . IMHO way to many donors on both political sides are making many billions $ and getting rich beyond hope b/c the risk is now born by the taxpayers to save the banks that are too big to fail. Legalized theft / blackmail to keep the nation at least going on. DA financial collapse of he globe will be the worst ever.

  • RedSky

    It’s amazing to me that HC has gotten this far let alone worry about Trump. HC has got to be the most conservative democrat ever. Can you say austerity! She is more of a republican in her views than Trump. After MA scolded the women of this country and shamed them into voting for HC so they would spare themselves burning in *ell, it seemed to shift the backing from Bernie to HC. I guess you could call them both, HC and DT party hybrids. I have never voted republican but I will not be backing the dems this time around unless Bernie by the grace of God is granted the democratic candidacy.

  • M B

    I think its fun and entertaining these super delegates, delegates, billionaires financing their own horses

  • JMG

    If Trump wins enough delegates, the GOP will back him because they allowed him to run under their banner to begin with. It takes far more than ballot numbers to run as a presidential nominee for either party- look at the Democrats they only have two candidates out of their entire party. It, however, can be the Bush dynastic family’s influence in the party has damaged it so much that Trump’s ascendancy is causing it to implode.

    • Mistanick

      Don’t be naive JMG. The elite’s who really call the shots take people out they don’t like, they don’t make up. No room for negotiation with them. Don’t believe for a second the election process is NOT fixed from day one. Votes disappear, appear out of nowhere. Care to explain why Rubio did so well in Wisconsin of all places? You can’t.

  • chriscas

    The RINO’s are truly Stuck on Stupid as the Bamster’s favorite “Pastor” (!) would put it. God help this country!

  • laughing fool

    Circus 2016 is in full swing now…

    Complete with clowns, elephants, and jack-asses!

    [Waits for the popcorn and cotton candy vendors to start working the crowd]

    If [S]election 2012 wasn’t enough to make you realize that you’re participating in a scam no matter how you vote, Circus 2016 should leave *no* doubt that it’s been reduced to a cheap scam…

  • Jim Davis

    If they try to stop Trump, especially with #3 or #4, then the Republican Party will be destroyed. Not that that’s a bad thing! We need both of these evil parties gone.

    • Holger Jahndel

      But if your read the independent investigative journalist THORN and his articles and books of and on American Free Press with Pat Buchanan about Hillary Clinton and her crimes and corruptions, you will see she is nothing better at all. Also the the independent and investigative journalist F. William Engdahl and Dr. Craig Roberts and Michael C. Ruppert and Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche Movement about it. Liberal and Neoliberal Establishment works together with George Soros and the liberal or neoliberal City of London – the postmodern globalist neoliberal Mainstream Media of the Globalists support them by medial propaganda. Neocons like George Bush was and US Senator John McCain is are just the other side of the medal of the Globalists. Also see US Geopolitician Zbigniew Brezinski and medial propaganda against Putin and Russia and Ukraine for starting a (nuclear) World War III!

  • Gay Veteran

    “…The main reason many Republicans are voting for him [Rubio] is because they don’t like Trump or Ted Cruz….”

    what is the supposedly conservative fascination with Sentator Cruz (R-Goldman Sachs)?

    how about the first republican all gay ticket? Cruz/Rubio

    • Steve Inskeep

      how do I contact you GV?

  • Daddy50

    The reason the establishment doesn’t like Trump is not largely because they disagree with this policies but because they think he is unelectable, which I agree with. Conservatives and constitutionalists need to unite around the one candidate who can appeal to many Trump supporters as well as gather enough support from the establishment to beat Hillary in November. That’s Senator Ted Cruz.

    • Holger Jahndel

      @Daddy50: The reason, the Establishment is against Trump is, Donald Trump speaks out against neoliberal free trade. As Pat Buchanan did before him and still does at AMERICAN FREE PRESS!

  • greanfinisher .

    I thought that I would never see the day in which all of the Republican big donors are rooting for Hillary.

  • Mistanick

    WHO CARES about the Republican party or the Democrat party. They decided they are one in the same a long time ago, but each needs an opposition to give the illusion of a fight, so pretend. That is reality.

    What IS important is the Constitution and the Bills of Rights. Freedoms we believe our elected reps cares about in reality don’t give a hoot about. GET ELECTED AND RE-ELECTED, that is what they care about. Money to go around for those who obey. Power, committee assignments (get lost Ryan) and re-election money from the “party”. No money and press scorn for those who don’t go along.

    Along comes Trump, who has bought both sides a time or two, given them what they want. This time, he wants THEM. The party elites are going nuts over it and it appears they are willing to do anything to get what they want. Maybe mayhem. Been done in the past.

    The garbage the elites put out that Trump is unelectable is just that, pure unadulterated garbage. The garbage of a “brokered convention:” is just that garbage. If it comes to pass, millions just won’t vote, and the commie’s will win again. You see, the elites are commie’s too and win either way, except with someone like Trump. They can’t control him.

  • Jim Clark

    As Honest Abe Lincoln said, you can’t have General Anybody, you have to have General Somebody. Right now the GOP leaders have Private Nobody

  • Letfreedomring

    Due to their pride, greed, and lust for power, the establishment has chosen to put on their blinders and ignore the will of the people (nothing new here!). From what I’ve observed, the more Trump is attacked, the more people will support him as they feel he is not ignoring them, but instead hears them and gives credence to their viewpoints. IMO of course

  • TheLulzWarrior

    More Trump-hating desperation.

  • tacoma

    The GOP beginning the 1990’s have become a party of extremism and recklessness. In all manners of policy. A party of War, Corporate Fascism, Infinite Debt, Unlimited Profit, Exceptionism. Convinced of its infallibility and grandeur, those in power proceeded to apply their dastardly deeds to its own political base, those who voted for them. Books have been written about it – check Niomi Kline’s Shock Doctrine: Disaster Capitalism. The party of War began to fight never-ending wars not only with weak foreign enemies, but with the Democrats.

    It’s one thing to apply the Shock Doctrine to weak countries – they can’t hit back with their military, sanctions or weaker currencies. It’s another to apply it to the people who voted for you. Today GOP voters are screwed, belief in the Republican lies led to betrayal. In came The Donald who claims he is on the side of the Screwed, and together they will wipe out the Establishment. He is winning states after states. Such is the utter blindness of the GOP Establishment that they cannot see a powerful uprising in its own base waiting for someone, anyone, to play the point man.

    It does not matter if The Donald win or lose the presidency. The Grand Old Party will become the Dead Old Party. The United States will accelerate its decline.

  • MaxRockatansky33

    Marco Rubio is a closeted gay. During his young college years he attended gay parties like bath houses and foam parties. Yet he’s a republican and anti-gay. Hypocrite.

  • Hank

    The Republican establishment elites must be thrown out completely. End it. They are the disease of the conservative party. If people will wake up and vote for Cruz, and only Cruz, the establishment can then be defeated.

    • Holger Jahndel

      Neocons are the problem, indeed.
      And the Neoliberals at the postmodern globalist liberal Democrats. Like George Soros and the City of London. Postmodern neoliberal Globalists.

  • AzDi

    This is why so many people ARE for Trump because of the establishment republicans. There is NO republican party anymore. It is totally being run by lobbyists and the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable. The people we send to WA have not been working for the American voters for years!

    This is why Trump has a following. I am not a Trump fan, but I would vote for him over an establishment like Rubio. I like Cruz, and do hope he will make it, but the establishment will do all they can to get rid of him also. I am totally disgusted that the establishment would rather have corrupt lier Clinton. That tells you EXACTLY where we are today. We have no “representative government” anymore. Hopefully the REAL conservatives will eventually take over but it will probably take many more years of destruction before they do. If we even survive!!

    Unfortunately because of the liberal takeover of the education system, people today do not even know about the founding fathers and the constitution, or if they do, they don’t understand the price paid for a real representative government. The people today, MUST stand up and fight for our country again!

    • Holger Jahndel

      Well, Donald Trump at least rejects neoliberal free trade and TISA. Like Pat Buchanan on American Free Press, a real conservative, no Neocon.
      The Patriot and Democrat Lyndon LaRouche is for a new Glass Steagall law with his LaRouche movement and the international EIR NEWS Agency Online. Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders might be acceptable, as Al Gore was, although somewhat still part of the Democratic Establishment of USA.

  • jaxon64

    Hilarious…I absolutely love how this April Fool’s joke by Cannonfire’s website in April 2011 has continued to survive and grow. Who knows, if we keep repeating it and spreading it, in 20 years it will probably be accepted as it! Keep up the good work.

  • Mr. Cipher

    You know the elite are worried if they sent out Mittens.
    Mittens the attack dog. LOL

  • Hank

    I agree 100 percent. But, the way things are now, voting for Cruz as President and Rubio as VP, is the only way we can stop Trump and Hillary.
    We can trust Cruz because he was trained and prepped for the presidency. He knows the Constitution like the back of his hand. Think of Cruz like the first Founders not being natural born when they were president.
    Until we abolish the 17 amendment and return to the 12 amendment, this is our only chance to save the Republic.

    • Keren

      Really?? wow… thanks Hank for this info. I did not know he could be a VP for Trump. That would be a good thing.
      Keeping them in prayer for protection as well. We know from past that perhaps the elite and others do not want the change from the spell that has been cast on the people for many years

      • Holger Jahndel

        Trump is against neoliberal free trade. And TISA. Like Pat Buchanan at American Free Press newspaper.

  • Mr. Cipher

    Get a grip. He wants to deport illegals,regardless of skin color. like any other sovereign country.

    • Jews were illegal in Germany. Why is it wrong to deport Jews from Germany but good and right to deport Latinos from America?

      • Mr. Cipher

        “Done nothing wrong” There’s “nothing wrong” with entering a sovereign control without permission?

        Try to enter Canada or Mexico. Bring your children. Tell them you want food stamps, housing, a cell phone… Oh and amnesty. See how far you get.

        The open border, lawless Obama days are coming to an end.

        • No, I am talking about his rallies. His rallies. You know, where people gather to hear him say things into a microphone?

          The mob is the people in the crowd. He whips them into a frenzy and they beat people up, shove people around, and drag people out who’ve said or done nothing wrong.

          You don’t think this will translate to mass violence if he behaves in the same manner from the Oval Office?

          • Mr. Cipher

            Ooh. Okay disregard previous post ;-)

  • Yukon36

    Republican party is going to lose all of their Republican Conservative Trump supporters. They will never rebuild.

  • Holger Jahndel


    I would prefer Bernie Sanders, because of this and other things. But at least Donald Trump is against neoliberal free trade and for an allicane with Russia and Putin against IS or Islamic state and Islamists in Syria and worldwide. He can not be worse than George W. Bush J.R. ;-)

  • SallySmith71

    If Warren Buffet says Hillary is going to win then you can be sure that Hillary is going to win. This is all just another staged Hollywood act!

  • Elainee Perkins

    If the way the GOP establishment is acting about Donald Trump doesn’t prove that these RHINOS are up to their ears in the “One World Government”, just like the Democrats are, nothing will. I have said for years that America is being run by a “Shadow Government”. Now ALL should be able to see what the GOP and Democrat Party has done to America. They have “DESTROYED” it.

  • Holger Jahndel

    There are successfull economic systems and modern tax systems in Scandinavia with Sweden and Finnland and in Iceland!

    Even the Japanese want to introduce the Scandinavian Swedish tax modell in their country as the national taxt system of National Economy and the Benefit of the middle class producing the most jobs! And also CANADA is doing better than the neoliberal Neocon USA with the neoliberal Globalists!

    Neoliberalism has spread from the city of London and mass media like the failed fraud Monetarism of MIlton Friedman of the University of Chicago! The USA are deindustrialized by neoliberal free trade and destructive financial speculations and are loosing their whole industrial basis and the middle class is melting away now!

  • Holger Jahndel

    The international EIR NEWS AGENCY ONLINE of the LaRouche Movement, beyond neoliberal postmodern Globalist mainstream Media with the manipulations and lies and frauds of the Neoliberals and Neocons and Geopoliticians and the financial network of the City of London and the corporations and bankers and Globalisation – against NWO ord New World Order as a feudalism of bankers and corporations and against democratic souvereign national states and republics, against neoliberal free trade and against the Monetarism of Milton Friedman and his so called “Chicago Boys” and for a new Glass Steagall law and against Bail in and against TISA and TIPP and TPP and CETA!

    Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% Of Democratic Party Superdelegates Are Lobbyists

    Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 03/10/2016 22:00 -0500

    Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

    On July 25, these superdelegates will cast votes at the Democratic National Convention for whomever they want, regardless of primary and caucus outcomes. Democrats like to describe superdelegates as mostly elected officials and prominent party members, including President Obama and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

    But this group, which consists of 21 governors, 40 senators and 193 representatives, only makes up about a third of the superdelegates. Many of the remaining 463 convention delegates are establishment insiders who get their status after years of donations and service to the party. Dozens of the 437 delegates in the DNC member category are registered federal and state lobbyists, according to an ABC News analysis.

    In fact, when you remove elected officials from the superdelegate pool, at least one in seven of the rest are former or current lobbyists registered on the federal and state level, according to lobbying disclosure records.

    – From the ABC News article: The Reason Why Dozens of Lobbyists Will Be Democratic Presidential Delegates

    Daily Peak Oil Blog

    From the Wilderness’ Peak Oil Blog

    With the arrival of Peak Oil, the curtain has closed on Act 1 of the drama Petroleum Man. What will happen in Act 2? Chekhov said, “If there’s a gun on the wall at the beginning of the play, by the end it must go off.” In the world’s nuclear arsenal are many guns on the wall. If life copies art, will there be an Act 3 in which the players, having learned their lesson the hard way, live sustainably? To explore these and other questions… FTW’s Act 2 Blog. Read, comment, take heart! Orkin

    FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2016

    From Jenna Orkin

    Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% Of Democratic Party Superdelegates Are Lobbyists

    Peak Oil and 9.11.

    Also see Prof. Margrit Kenendy about SILVIO GESELL and BIOREGIONALISM!

    Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy

    was an architect, an ecologist, a financial expert and a critic of the prevailing economic system. As a Professor she headed the department of “Technological Advancement and Resource Efficient Construction” at the University of Hannover’s architecture school. As early as 1982 she recognized that the broader application of ecological principles were inhibited by fundamental flaws in the monetary system, especially the consistent need for economic growth resulting from interest and compound interest. Through her continuous research and scrutiny she became an expert on the subject, working on practical solutions for essential Problems:

    How can we create a sustainable monetary system?

    What characterizes monetary systems which do not collapse repeatedly and which serve us rather than control us?

    Where can we find examples of well-working monetary systems in the past and present?

    Curriculum Vitae

    Foto Margrit KennedyProf. Dr. Margrit Kennedy was an architect with a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a Ph.D. in Public and International Affairs. Over the span of her long career, she published books, articles and reports on community school planning and building, women and architecture, urban ecology, permaculture, money, land and tax systems. She also practised architecture and urban planning in Brazil, Nigeria, Scotland, the USA and Germany and worked as a professor for Ecological Building Technologies at the Department of Architecture, University of Hanover.

    For more than 28 years, she lived in the eco-village of Lebensgarten in Steyerberg, Lower Saxony. In 1982, her work in ecological architecture led her to the discovery that it is virtually impossible to carry out sound ecological concepts on the scale required today without fundamentally altering the present money system or creating new complementary currencies.

    Her book ‘Interest and Inflation-Free Money, Creating an Exchange Medium that works for Everybody and Protects the Earth’ was published first in 1987 and updated and revised in 1995: Seva International, Mumbai, India & Okemos, Michigan, USA –, you can find it here…

    As a consultant in complementary currencies, she helped in the preparation for creating a sustainable money system with demurrage for the planned international city of Auroville, India, for (the city of Santiago de) Cali, Columbia, and for different regions in Argentina, Germany and New Zealand. From 1988 – 2004 Margrit and her husband, Prof. Declan Kennedy, ran international workshops on different aspects of monetary reform, in both English and German, in Steyerberg, Germany.

    Contact Legal Disclosure

  • P>Hopkins

    Its long past time for the Republican Party to be overthrown. Their spineless refusal to do anything to stop Obozo even after they were put into congress to do that very thing. I have no sympathy for establishment republicans