The Prepper Movement: Why Are Millions Of Preppers Feverishly Preparing For The End Of The World As We Know It?

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In America today, there are millions of “preppers” that are working feverishly to get prepared for what they fear is going to happen to America.  There is a very good chance that some of your neighbors or co-workers may be preppers.  You may even have noticed that some of your relatives and friends have been storing up food and have been trying to convince you that we are on the verge of “the end of the world as we know it”.  A lot of preppers like to keep their preparations quiet, but everyone agrees that the prepper movement is growing.  Some estimate that there are four million preppers in the United States today.  Others claim that there are a lot more than that.  In any event, there are certainly a lot of preppers out there.  So exactly what are all these preppers so busy preparing for?


Well, the truth is that the motivation for prepping is different for each person.  Some preppers believe that a complete collapse of the economy is coming.  Others saw what happened to so many during Hurricane Katrina are are determined not to let that happen to them.  Some preppers just want to become more independent and self-sufficient.  There are yet others that are deeply concerned about “end of the world as we know it” scenarios such as terrorists using weapons of mass destruction, killer pandemics, alien invasions, World War III or EMP attacks.

But whatever the motivation is, the prepper movement is clearly growing.  Today, millions of Americans are converting spare rooms into storage pantries, learning how to grow survival gardens and stocking up on everything from gas masks to auxiliary generators.

Recently, the Salina Journal gathered together about two dozen preppers.  What they found is that there is a tremendous amount of diversity among preppers, but that they also clearly share a common passion….

It was a diverse bunch. All different shapes, sizes, ages, gender and political persuasions.

Some were ex-military. Some never served. Some were unemployed, some had jobs. A few were retired.

But they all shared a common bond: They call themselves Preppers, and they had gathered to share ideas, demonstrate various skills, enjoy each other’s company and to put faces to the online names they use to disguise their identity.

Never before in U.S. history have we seen anything like this.  We are at peace and most of us still have a relatively high standard of living and yet millions of Americans feel called to start preparing for the worst.

A lot of preppers don’t like to publicize the fact that they are prepping.  As the Salina Journal discovered, a lot of preppers try very hard to keep their prepping to themselves…..

They are trying to keep their passion for prepping hidden from neighbors and, in some cases, employers who they said would frown on their association with such a group. Two admitted their appearance here would probably get them fired if their companies found out.

Many people believe that it takes a lot of money and resources to be a prepper, but that is not necessarily the case.

For some, the best way to get prepared is to radically simplify things.

For example, a recent article posted on Yahoo Finance profiled a man that lives in his RV and that survives on about $11,000 a year….

I had an apartment in Burbank and was the typical Los Angeles apartment dweller. I started to feel a strong desire to simplify my life. I had a garage full of stuff I never used, my closets were full, and I started to see that it was costing me money to have an apartment big enough to hold all the stuff I never use.

My initial plan was to scale back and move into a smaller apartment. Before long, I realized I didn’t need too much to be happy. I could fit into a small space. That’s when the RV idea occurred to me. I was just sitting in traffic and an RV pulled up. I said, “I could probably fit in that thing.” The more I looked into it, the more I realized how practical it would be. For what I was paying for rent in LA, I could own my “house” free and clear and not pay rent, and own my car as well.

Other people make the most of what they already have.  It is absolutely amazing what some families are able to do with limited resources.

For example, there is one family that is actually producing 6000 pounds of produce a year on just 1/10th of an acre right in the middle of Pasadena, California.

This family grows more food than they need and they sell the excess to restaurants in the surrounding area.  You can see video of their amazing garden right here.

Other Americans take prepping to the other extreme.  For example, Steven Huff is building a 72,000 square foot “home” (some call it a fortress) in Missouri.  Huff is the chairman of Wisconsin-based TF Concrete Forming Systems, and he wants to show off what his firm is capable of.  Huff claims that this will be “a home that uses very low energy, as well as having strong resistance to tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, flood and insect damage”.

In reality, what Huff is building kind of resembles a castle.  You can see pictures of this remarkable “home” right here.

But Huff is not the only one taking things to extremes.

In a recent article, I detailed how renowned Texas investor Kyle Bass appears to be very well prepared for the horrible economic collapse that he believes is coming.  The following is how one reporter described his recent visit to the 40,000 square foot “fortress” owned by Bass….

“We hopped into his Hummer, decorated with bumper stickers (God Bless Our Troops, Especially Our Snipers) and customized to maximize the amount of fun its owner could have in it: for instance, he could press a button and, James Bond–like, coat the road behind him in giant tacks. We roared out into the Texas hill country, where, with the fortune he’d made off the subprime crisis, Kyle Bass had purchased what amounted to a fort: a forty-thousand-square-foot ranch house on thousands of acres in the middle of nowhere, with its own water supply, and an arsenal of automatic weapons and sniper rifles and small explosives to equip a battalion.”

Do you think that Bass is taking things too far?

Well, there are other big names that are busy preparing for the worst as well.

For instance, Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books is now a full-fledged prepper.

He says that he is “prepared for the worst” and that he and his wife “have food, we have water, we have guns, gold and silver, and cash”.

So should the rest of us be preparing?

Of course we should be.  Our nation is drowning in debt, the U.S. economy is dying, the number of earthquakes and other natural disasters is increasing, and the entire globe is becoming an extremely unstable place.  If you read my articles on a regular basis, then you know that there are a whole host of reasons to try to become more independent and self-sufficient.

So what can we all do to get prepared?

Well, in a previous article I listed a few things that can be done by most people….

#1 Become Less Dependent On Your Job

#2 Get Out Of Debt

#3 Reduce Expenses

#4 Purchase Land

#5 Learn To Grow Food

#6 Find A Reliable Source Of Water

#7 Explore Alternative Energy Sources

#8 Store Survival Supplies

#9 Protect Your Assets With Gold And Silver

#10 Learn Self-Defense

#11 Keep Yourself Fit

#12 Make Friends

For those interested in learning more about preppers and prepping, there are a lot of really great resources out there….

*American Preppers Network

*The Survival Mom

*In Case Of Emergency, Read Blog

*The Surburban Prepper

*Doom And Bloom

So what do you think about preppers?

Do you think that the prepper movement is going too far?

Do you think that the prepper movement is not going far enough?

Are there legitimate reasons why Americans should be preparing for difficult times ahead?

Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • HeartofShadows

    They don’t sound to excessive to me considering the road this countries going down.
    If anything these people sound like the smartest I’ve seen in this so far.

  • I think that another reason that some people are prepping is because of inflation. They see the costs of food on the rise and if they can buy can goods and non-perishables through good deals than they see themselves as saving.

  • So what do you think about preppers?
    I think that preppers fall into categories. Some are more survivalists, some more homesteaders, some more frugal living, etc. To think all preppers are tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists is like saying a race is a certain way.

    Do you think that the prepper movement is going too far?
    I think it is defining itself into those categories. Where one goes from there is up to individual families. Who is anyone to say it is ‘too far’ unless actual harm comes to someone else.

    Do you think that the prepper movement is not going far enough?
    Those who buy a ‘wall of food’ and think they will just live out of boxes for X number of months/years need to realize that there are tons of ‘old skills’ that they need to be more self-reliant and less system-dependent. We teach and promote the skills side of prepping. Something that a lot of folks forget.

    Are there legitimate reasons why Americans should be preparing for difficult times ahead?
    It is simply prudent. Do you wear a seat belt because you KNOW you’ll crash or just in case? It’s the same scenario. We are all preppers to some extent.

    • frozen chosen

      You are exactly right Donna, food and water will only get you so far.

      Many of the most essential life skills have been either lost or ignored by my generation (20s) and my parent’s generation.

      The popularity of microwave dinners, alternate reality video games, and growing urban centers, are partially the reason for this.

      I know people who have never killed an animal for meat, grown their own veggies in a garden, or even baked a loaf of bread. they take supermarket food for granted and are so out of touch with reality that they could’nt think their way out of a wet paper sack!

      the first step in prepping is a reality check!

      meat isn’t made at the grocery store, veggies don’t come from the produce aisle, and the moon isn’t made out of cheese! :-)

  • KT

    Because, informed people know about the coming collapse.

    Top Investors Final Warning: Get your money out of danger immediately!

  • Texar

    When you do the math… you realize that the US is going to default. Prepping is the only way to stay ahead of the curve. We are buying extra food before the price soars. Inflation is here and it will only escalate.

  • hognutz

    I get it…..I feel for those with their heads in the sand.


    (1) Asteroids, droughts, earthquakes, famines, plagues, solar storms, volcanoes, water, and winds.

    (2) Bankrupt, corrupt, and incompetent government (federal, state, and city).

    The US government continues to operate by borrowing money that will never be repaid.

    When democracies are supported by a diminishing base of tax payers, they cease to exist.

    When governments use paper money to steal wealth from citizens and create unsustainable debts by borrowing, violent revolutions result.

    When the majority of a nation’s wealth is controlled by a small minority of citizens, violent revolutions result.

    The days of low cost energy are over.

    Debt has reached the saturation point where additional debt can only collapse our economy.

    (3) Fragile and vulnerable infrastructure.

    When people supported by governments discover that their gravy train is over, they kill, loot, riot, and destroy infrastructure.

    Due to modern day reliance on communications, credit, energy, and water, any significant disruption in any of these areas could empty store shelves faster than the worst natural disaster in recorded history.

    The US government (federal, state, and city) is spending less than half of what is needed to maintain infrastructure.

    (4) War (civil, conventional, economic, nuclear, and terrorist).

    Politicians will be blamed for lost jobs, lowered wages, foreclosed homes, higher taxes, broke pension funds, a worthless dollar and restrictions on freedom.

    Politicians will blame other nations. If necessary, an enemy will be invented.

    If politicians can fool Americans, the US will again engage in a major foreign war to divert attention from domestic problems.

    • Great list!

      The scary part is that several or all of these may happen at the same time.

    • DB200

      I have just read an interview with Peter Schwartz, a futurist from Global Business Network. His work: doing scenario planning for companies, governments and NGO’s. He predicted the break-up of the Soviet Union in the early 80s.

      When I translate the interview back to English, he says the following scary stuff:

      “For the first time in my career I seriously consider a war scenario. And then I mean China and the USA in particular. Both countries have relatively few collective interests, the war will be predominantly fed by internal power politics from the USA, however also in China there are strong, dominant forces that are convinced that China will dominate the coming century. In the USA there is fear that America’s position of power is history. This will start a power demonstration that we are still number one.”

      He expects the war to start in the Philippine region, around 2020. The war is started by the USA.

  • Ben

    Excellent article.

    You asked if I think the Prepper Movement is going to far? My answer would be yes and no.


    Because a lot of Americans are ill-prepared for any kind of emergency. They are also not involved in their commmunities like they should be. When the crunch happens, they will be THRUST into workin with their communities…or trying to fend them off. That is why I am trying so hard to work with my community. It started with me, went out to my neighborhood and now I am trying to get involved with the small town I live in. We can make it thru this if we WORK TOGETHER. Let’s not forget, we ARE AMERICANS DAMMIT! Never forget it! We are the strongest smartest and most capable people this planet has ever seen. We have are backs against the wall now….so let’s not piss it away! Settle our differences personally, locally and out from there. Now is not the time for bickering amongst ourselves.


    Because there are a lot of preppers out there that give the movement a bad. Name gun nuts and food horders that think they are going to play Rambo and take this situation and try and play it to their favor. The thing that worries me about these people is that they are ego-driven and could be just as bad as the “brigands” or “gang types” that will see a crunch or debt crisis as an opportunity. A lot of people and prepper friends that I know don’t believe that these types of individuals are out there. I beg to differ, while they make up a very small part of the Prepper Movement, these people/individuals are out there. I have personally met two of them. I hope that when the SHTF…I don’t cross paths with these individuals.

    Great article Mike.

  • DaytoDay

    Hey Michael,

    I’ve been reading a lot of your posts and they’re very good. I was wondering if you could do post on our prison population, here in the US? I think that would be a very interesting read.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Michael


      I will put that idea up in my head and see what I can come up with. :)


    • Bankrupt cities and states are already making budget cuts, which is giving prisoners early release.

      So in the event of an economic and societal collapse, would our prisons have the resources to be able to provide for the inmates?

      Or would they release them into an already chaotic world, making it much more dangerous for everyone?

  • kiel king

    sir are you triyin to scare us

  • I believe that one of the most important things to do right now is get out of paper investments(401k, IRA, stocks, bonds, etc.) because the paper market will be worthless in the next year as the U.S. economy collapses.

    Buy quality water filters, to provide clean water and because you should be removing the toxins from the tap water anyway.

    Stock up on extra food, because you don’t want to try to compete at the grocery store, and because prices are going up anyway.

    Move your money to silver and gold, because the Dollars are becoming worth less.

  • Not only do people need to prepare for economic crisis and natural disasters…

    but they need to be prepared to protect themselves because the majority of people aren’t prepping…

    and those people will be panicked, and there will be rioting in the streets.

    Store shelves will be empty and they will be desperate.

    I wouldn’t advertise your prepping, as uninvited guests may show up at your door when the crisis hits.

  • Deborah

    should i stop paying my mortgage on my underwater home and just spend all of my money prepping? I am beginning to wonder where my life is going. I am a public school teacher and my husband is out of work 3 years now. Money is tight and I wonder how I can possibly be “prepared” for anything! The only thing I can do on this list I am doing…staying fit and healthy. I do believe that something bad may happen soon and I am really scared for my children.

    • mark

      If you stop paying your mortgage and you lose your house, where will you store all of the food you have bought?

    • If you’re upside down on your mortgage, there’s no real reason to fight to keep the home, because you’re basically renting, and you’re having to pay property taxes.

      It may take a year or more for the foreclosure process to begin.

      One year of mortgage payments would go a long way towards preparing, and planning to move to another place.

      I believe that the situation in the U.S. will change drastically in the next year, so I would leverage this time to move away from the city and learn to be self sufficient.

    • Nightshade

      Let the house go, save the money, prep with it. Save the cash you will need to rent something smaller. it will take quite awhile to evict you. You could extend it by a month or two when it comes if you talk to the bank about re-writing your mortgage, just don’t sign. It sounds dishonest but they get the asset in the end so that’s business. Also, depending on the state, let the taxes on the property go unpaid as well. Local counties will put the lien on the house and the bank will have to pay it to keep the house.

  • William

    While I do not have the money or the storage space to accumulate all that I would need in the coming few years, it is prudent to have some extra stock of common use items. Not a huge supply, but enough to give some “breathing” space if the unexpected happens. But, there are other equally important considerations. Keep a low profile. Keep your financial affairs to yourself, plus spouse, if applicable. Avoid debt. Eliminate non-housing debt, and do not take any more on. Diversify your assets. Have some cash on hand. Be more willing to do some things yourself, instead of paying someone else to do it. GUARD YOUR PRIVACY. cOMPLETELY AVOID THE SO-CALLED “SOCIAL” WEB SITES.

  • I think that so many people take the ‘support’ system for granted, that it’s going to be catastrophic when the system fails.

    It’s not even a matter of ‘IF’ the economy is going to fail, but WHEN.

    And natural disasters are occurring more frequently, with many experts saying several areas in the U.S.(along CA and New Madrid fault lines) are overdue for a major earthquake.

    When people can’t find food or water for themselves and their family, they will do desperate things.

    Once the crisis hits, it’s too late to prepare.

  • Take it for what it’s worth, but here’s some notes I took from an interview I listened to last night from Lindsey Williams, about what’s happening in the economy:

    “The U.S Dollar will be ‘dead’ by the end of 2012. It will still exist, but it will be basically worthless.

    By the end of 2012, private fortunes will be lost if they are secured with paper (401k’s, IRAs, bonds, stocks).

    Silver and gold prices are being held down by the bankers, so that the elite can secure their fortunes by moving their money from paper assets to precious metals.

    It’s an orchastrated redistribution of wealth, where all of the money will go to the elite…

    unless you prepare like the elite are doing.”

  • I hope that everyone is preparing, because the evil elite bankers of this world have been preparing for hundreds of years…

    to move us into a one-world financial system, which they control.

    We can defeat them by not giving them our money.

    The elite own the major oil companies Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP Amoco and Chevron Texaco… so buy gas from Independent Oil companies like Sinclair Oil.

    The elite own the major banks Bank Of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo… so move your money out of their accounts to a credit union, or better yet, into precious metals.

    If you owe these companies money on a credit card, just know that they received 16 TRILLION DOLLARS in unauthorized bailouts from the Federal Reserve during the last few years, so if it was me, I wouldn’t be inclined to pay them back on their credit cards. This contracts the money supply and their wealth.

    They are devaluing the US Dollar by printing more money, so get out of Dollars and into silver and gold.

    They’ll cause another ‘false flag’ event to try to justify taking away people’s guns, so stock up on guns and ammo, and learn how to use them properly.

    or you can do none of the above and they’ll provide a nice place for you at Club FEMA.

  • I definitely consider myself a prepper, but am unable to take it too far, as I’m unemployed and have no cash resources for stocking up as much as I’d like. But gardening, preserving food, trying to live on less…poverty is the new normal here.

    • You’re blessed in that you are already adapted to living with less.

      It’s going to be a major wake-up call for the middle-class when a crisis hits and the grocery stores are empty.

      Life skills such as gardening, preserving food, etc. are extremely valuable.

    • FENWIG

      Look around your home and find things that are useful for a prepper event. Find what can be traded, what can be converted. Buy just one item per week if you can. If you can qualify for food stamps, then it sounds like to me you are someone who should do that and use those to stockpile.

  • mark

    As I sit here typing we just finished eating huge stuffed bell peppers grown in our garden. The ground beef we raised along with most of the other ingredients. We had some banana squash that lasted a full year in storage. I could not believe how great the taste was. I saved the seed on that one. I have never had one last that long before. We just stored away this year’s crop of winter squash. Yesterday we picked the last of the tomatoes as last night was our first hard frost of the season. One of the big beef master tomatoes weighed 2 pounds 9 ounces. It was like carving a roast. We brought in the rest of the different kinds of peppers. The winter garden is growing great. The broccoli is perfect right now. There is nothing like picking a head of broccoli, tossing it in the steamer and eating it within 15 minutes. The heads of cauliflower are about 12 inches across. The wild berries this year were the best ever. They made the best jam and the juice was out of this world. Working in the garden is hard work but it is worth it. I like to listen to the sound of the water traveling over the rocks in the stream next to the garden. The sound of the ravens in the forest is nice at this time of year. The big leaf maples are turning gold and the colors really stand out mixed with the dark green of the Douglas fir trees. The vine maple is the prettiest red/pink. The freezers are full of beef, for grass fed beef is great. The barn is full of hay and the cows are nice and fat. I guess you can call the life we live as prepping, but I love it. We try to be prepared for many of life’s tribulations. As we prepare for this or that possible problem, it just seems to overlap to solve other things that might come up. We have gravity fed spring water; you know the type folks buy in little plastic bottles, running out of the faucets. If I need to water the garden and there is no power for the pump, we could open up a valve from a spring fed pond that holds 500,000 gallons of water. If you look for a farm/ranch, make sure you have plenty of water and try to have some gravity fed a least to your house. You might lose power for extended periods of time. We have a heat pump, but we usually use wood to heat the house and our hot water. I don’t like to rely on the electric water heater. Cold showers do not get it when the power is out. Anyhow the hot water from the wood heating the house does not cost any extra and we never run out of hot water if you take a long shower. You want to make sure that the place you buy has enough hard wood for heating your house. Madrone is a great hardwood for heating. It burns very clean and hot. You want to try to find a place with nice bottom ground for your garden. It is a lot easier to improve good soil than hard rocky clay. I try to keep a huge compost pile always ready to use. Of course keep plenty of seeds for at least next year. Something else we try to keep up with a stock of lime to add to the compost and keep the lime up on the fields if your soil needs it. If a collapse was to occur fertilizer would be hard to come by. Try to do the best for whatever situation you are in but just prepare for yourself, family, friends and neighbors. Most of them will not be prepared. Try to get a neighborhood preparedness group going. You sure won’t regret it if you needed it.

    • Kelly

      YOur life sounds idyllic but most humans cannot do this. I hope if and or when the time comes that you will be willing to share your good fortune and your acquired skills with those around you!

  • whoisbiggles

    Prior to the 2011 Brisbane (Australia) floods our family had been working together to grow food in our garden and to increase amount of food on hand in the pantry. This was as a result of lessons learned from being without power for a week during the 2010 storm season.

    Although the 2011 flood did not directly affect us or our home, and the food supply didn’t end up being disrupted. My family decided to:
    Increase the amount of food we have on hand to a months worth.
    Start replacing trees with fruit trees (2 down, 6 more to go).
    Increase our water storage capacity.

    We had previously purchased a small petrol gennie to run the freezer. And some solar powered lighting. We paying down debt and building up an emergency fund. The kids are all learning Tae Kwon Do (for a variety of reasons, not all prepper related).

    For us prepping is not so much about surviving TEOTWAWKI but not being inconvenienced through the increasing ferocity of the annual storm season. Especially as more flooding and cyclones are being predicted for the upcoming storm season.

    Finally our three immediate neighbours have been very helpful with organising our vegie garden. We don’t talk politics or prepping, but…

  • pranah

    Excellent topic, Michael. Here’s my best tip: for the love of God, don’t shoot off your mouth about what you have in your preps, or even that you have preps at all. You don’t want anyone–friends, relatives, neighbors, strangers, criminals, cops, or feds–kicking in your door when TSHTF and they think you have something they want or need. Hey, law-abiding citizens’ food, gold and guns were confiscated by the Nazis. DON’T think it can’t happen here!

    If you have no idea how to start prepping with food and water, here’s an article by Sharon Astyk about bare-bones beginning food storage on $5/week. You have to read it for a bit before she gets into the nitty gritty (but I do love Ms. Anon E. Mouse :-):

    • Amen to that!

      It’s not that I don’t plan to help people in their time of need…

      but for the safety of my family, I need to be able to decide when to them…

      instead of them taking it by force.

      • VALG

        I happen to be a Deputy Sheriff who preps as do about half the guys I work with. We will be busy in the event of an actual collapse taking care of our families. We already plan to bind together and have numerous other skillsets, for instance, one of us was a corpsman and the other a medic. We have 2 nurses, a wife who manages a huge organic garden for the local college. almost all of us are vets of iraq/afghanistan. A certified mechanic, truck drivers. Cops tend to have more than one job so we all have specialties in other areas. We also have a preppers code that says we do not steal from others, if we catch thieves they will be divested of their goods and those will be kept for charitable giving to folks we encounter. There is no use in prepping if you can’t maintain your humanity and honor. Problem people will be dealt with accordingly however and without a second thought.

  • With many I talk with, they see the economists troubles, the political upheavals in the Middle East, the civil unrest in Europe, and the UN saying that there are/will be food shortages worldwide, now combined presently with the protests here in the US and they don’t want to be found needing. They also saw what happened during Katrina, the 1989 GMS that hit Canada and the blizzards and hurricanes that hit the East Coast of the US. If the time came when they couldn’t get to work, the doctor, the store or even to church due to economic downturn, civil unrest or some natural disaster they want to be able to survive just like their grandparents did during the Depression.

  • Ted

    I don’t think that there are enough people who are prepared for what’s happening, although I have noticed that there are more and more people who don’t think it’s such a crazy idea anymore.

    I just bought a place out in the country with a well, etc., but I’m also looking into getting out of the country altogether. I’m not sure that sitting tight out in the country is such a good idea if the US turns into a police/prison state.

  • SmartAss
  • This is great! “Prepping” is good for the spirit (whether in time of impending danger or not). It gives people something to do (especially if they are depressed and/or unemployed) and allows them to build life skills and self-esteem.

    Getting back to self-sufficiency is the only way to break the chains that the “Franken-Corporations” have bound us with.

    People should also focus on learning how to build their own houses so that when the banks are done burning down the excess inventory people will be able to put a roof over their heads as well.


  • Joshua

    Good article, but I beg to differ on one point. We are not at peace, we are at war; and we will continue to be at war for the foreseeable future. This government has no intention of turning off the money spigot to the military industrial machine.

  • Airborne71

    WHEN you start prepping , don’t forget to rotate your stock of supplys to keep it fresh and up to date .

    • tallpaul

      correct, you have to know what needs to be eaten in a timely fashion and what can sit for years. We have a mix of long term storage, stuff we use daily, buckets of grains, beans and rice and over 20k non-hybridized seeds. Those are the only unknown factor, they claim they will keep for a long time but who really knows.

  • Anton

    The second coming of Jesus is going to be soon. Be prepared. Read your Bibles.

  • JimandKim

    I agree with many of you. Great comments! We will be lucky to have another year to prepare. One good hurricane and the price of oil will skyrocket. One (true or false) terror attack and we are toast. Perhaps we will have a bit more time if it is a slow decline as it has been in the past several years. As soon as the welfare checks stop we are heading for the hills! We are stocking up on food storage to prepare for what is surely to come. Check out The food is fantastic and the prices low (… for now). I’ve got car insurance, and home insurance…. food insurance is the logical next step. Even if things are getting better, which I doubt, we can always eat the food! Just got an email they have a special sale going on. We will put in another order tonight.

  • Rowell

    Better to be prepared for something that never happens, than be unprepared for something that does happen.

  • karen

    I’m not a prepper but I have been preparing for five years now, and like the preppers I try to tell people to do something for themselves, just think of your kids if nothing else and as history has proven collapse of mankind always happens. No great civilation as we know it has lasted they have all collapsed, and so will this one we are dieing with in like Rome, I have prepared for five years and have done this by myself and a woman, so no one can say that they can’t do this it takes some will power and I love it, growing your own food and canning raising your own meat it’s clean with no chemicals, natural like it should be. Nature I love it, working with the earth, I am a Hopi and Mayan clan member and they have said this would happen YEARS ago and so they are right.

  • KnightOwl


    I would also recommend…
    There are many many resources for those new and experienced about prepping. “Knowledge is power”.

    May God Bless Us All

  • With the economy going the way it is, I see more and more people getting into prepping and survivalism.

    There are people at my office that I never thought would be worried about prepping are talking about stockpiling food and water.

    Ever since the bank bailouts a few years ago, and Obama showing his true side, I think more people are worried about our future then ever before.

    I have not seen this much talk about prepping since the 1970s and 1980s, back when the US and Russia were in a cold war.

  • Bill

    Why worry about getting out of debt?
    If things collapse, debt will be irrelevant, yes or no?

    • mark

      It depends on what type of collaspe we have. We could collaspe into a police state and your debt will never be forgiven. The super rich pull the strings of power and they will not give up power if they can help it. They might have debtor’s prison or a corporate debtor’s farm labor system. Better stay out of debt if you can.

    • Yes, could someone explain why it is important to get out of debt if the economy is going to collapse anyways?

    • mondobeyondo

      Yes and no.
      Assuming hyperinflation takes effect, your massive student loans will finally be payable. But are you ready for that $183,748.06 electric bill?



    Preparations for the end of the world are relative. One can certainly make the case for stocking up on certain items like canned goods, water, and having a good supply of hidden cash around in case debit/credit and ATM card machines are down. But why people would buy toilet paper by the ton you got me there. Should the world end, well, the people would only have themselves to blame. When you cast your lot with governments, institutions, and societies based purely on evil, then you have to accept the consequences of their actions that go along with that association.

  • mondobeyondo

    BE PREPARED!!! Every Boy Scout knows this, as it is their motto.

    Most people suffer from what is called “normalcy bias”… that things will always be the same as they ever was. Those who are lulled to sleep are in for a rude awakening.

    A hurricane could come along and blow down your house. Think you’re safe in New York City? Hurricane Irene paid a visit there not long ago. A tornado could take care of what’s left of your house after the hurricane blows it down. The stock market could crash. (It’s happened before.) Your local market could run out of food. Yes, even in the United States of America. What if that drought in Texas continues into next year and beyond? Rogue terrorists could disrupt your gas, water and electricity.

    There are no guarantees in life. You’ve got to Be Prepared!

    • DB200

      “Your local market could run out of food.”

      We just experienced that one month ago. There were logistical (IT) problems and the distribution centre missed one delivery. The result: almost empty shelves within ONE day.

      • TALLPAUL

        the food in any given grocery store is designed to last under normal shopping conditions for 3 days. the entire stores stock in theory rotates every 10. In an emergency, most stores are empty in a matter of 4-8 hours of processed foods. Usually a little fruit gets purchased and most of the fresh food stuffs are ignored.

      • TALLPAUL

        imagine you lost your job. What would your own store of about a years worth of food do for your wallet You could survive for a year without using your savings. Btw, they say if you lose your job, rather than using your saving to pay the mortgage let it go. It can take over a year for a bank to repo and if it’s through job loss you often can get it re-done once you are employed again. If you have saved your cash and are thrown out, then you have the cash to rent something to shelter your family while you do odd jobs to support them.

  • mondobeyondo

    “When the ship goes down, you better be ready…”

    (the original Cypress Hill lyrics are a little more risque, but “ship” works just as well). We’ve already hit one iceberg, and Bernanke, Obama and TPTB are determined to smack another iceberg and then ram this boat into a coral reef and set it on fire.

    Naturally, the people in charge will be long gone in their lifeboats, yachts, or helicopters in the case of Richard Nixon. So, we’re on our own. I hope you know how to swim.

    • mondobeyondo

      The iceberg has a name. It starts with “D” and ends with a “T”. Well, a couple of names actually. I was thinking of “Debt” myself, but “Detroit” will do…



        Bite your tongue! Alan Greenspan explicitly said that Amerika can pay any debt that it incurs because it can always “PRINT THE MONEY NECESSARY TO PAY OFF SUCH DEBT”. Have no fear, “Helicopter Ben Bernanke” is here……….!!!!!

        • mondobeyondo

          Ha ha ha ha.
          There aren’t enough trees on planet earth to make the paper to print the money needed to pay off the U.S. debt.

    • josh

      haha i wonder if cypress hill has been preparing?

      • mondobeyondo

        Nope. They’re too busy rapping about their riches. Same for 50 Cent (soon to be 500 Dolla).

  • Linda

    Even The Good Book states in Psalms 8:8 “Go to the ant, consider her ways and be wise.” That’s good enough for me to prepare.

    • Charles

      That’s Proverbs 6.6

  • laura

    I’m prepping “lite” some I know are not prepping now, since y2k was a joke and some tossed everything out. Some preppers I knew are laying in the cemetery, their preps tossed out by family, all in vain. This incl cook stoves and water filters, generators, etc. If bio/chem weapons are released or nukes, all the prepping done is for nothing if we’re killed..common sense says “prep lite.”

  • callmecordelia1

    I’ve been prepping for a while– before I knew there was a name for it. Back when I first started, I remember looking up information on the internet, and all I could find were REALLY scary survivalist, Skin-head type web sites. Back then (just 7-8 years ago) it was considered very weird and extreme. But now you can find all kinds of great information from more rational sources (like the links shared in this article). I think it’s becoming much more mainstream. Those people quoted in the article saying “If my boss knew I was here, I’d be fired”, might actually be surprised at who is prepping. As for secrecy, I understand the motivation behind keeping your prepping a secret, but I am very open about it. All of my neighbors know I have a basement full of food and toilet paper to last a decade (not really! But close. ha ha!). I’ve helped a few of them build up their own supplies. The more you talk about it with others, the more likely they’ll be to start prepping themselves. The fewer desperate people in your neighborhoods, the safer you will all be. I plan on helping those in need, but the fewer there are in need, the farther the supplies will go.

    Also, another thought– Even if you don’t believe in any kind of economic collapse or other such calamity, there is ALWAYS a risk of personal emergency. A few years back we ended up in a situation where our income was limited and we lived on our food/supply storage. I was so grateful that we had it because we could still feel independent during a stressful, difficult time. If you’re not prepping yet, start today!

  • gretchen

    RE: Comment on debt and preparedness: Prepping isn’t just about ‘the end of the world as we know it’, but also for the Katrina and Joplin kinds of disasters. I have a friend whose home was destroyed in Katrina. It took 3 years to get the insurance company to cave — InsCompany was claiming it was a FLOOD destruction (not covered) not a Wind/Hurricane destruction (covered). The husband was out of work and had to go to ALabama to earn income. She was living in their shared hunting cabin in the sticks in Louisiana with 5 kids. They had to PAY the mortgage on the non-house all that time or they would never have gotten another mortgage. Too affluent for FEMA help, but couldn’t afford another home/mortgage until the insurance mess was cleared up. That’s one example of why being debt free is part of being prepared. Same could happen to a car you don’t own outright. As long as you have debt, you are vulnerable to outside influences that can make you even more miserable when trying to recover from a disaster.

  • Kelly

    I have been preparing some but not on the scale that some are. Just enough for the transition. I do believe that we are in for some HUGE changes but they are on an evolutionary scale. We will not go “backwards” to the dark ages but we are at a new beginning! We just need to get these “people” out of the way that are holding back any and all new technologies that are about to explode. Anything that is not about love, gratitude and respect is dying out and will allow room for the new paradigm to arise! Beware…..the beginning is near!!!

    • josh

      “We will not go “backwards” to the dark ages ” i would love to know your reason why not? my parents seem to think the same thing, that we will never have to grow our own food again, or have regular power outages… i believe i will see both in my life time.

  • Ken. Scalf

    Hello. I am a WWII Vet, South Pacific campaign. Also, born in 1917, there for, I went through the great depression of the thirties. I remember the terrible suffering of the home less people. And there feelings of terrible day and nights of sickness, lack of adequate shelter, etc etc. But as the weeding of sustainable life took its tole, a fierce manifestation of resolve to knuckle down, and pull through, came forth. People need to know, that our Government lackys owe us nothing, and nothing will be forth coming from them. Every able bodied Man, and His family needs to face the truth. Our past way of life here in the U.S.A. will not ever be the same in our life time. So prepare for the complete financial break down. Love your neighbor as your self. But if your neighbor will not prepare for this breakdown, He will have to suffer for not preparing. Buy true organic seeds, by all means.

    • Susan

      where to buy true organic seeds? thanks

  • I see so many people talking about getting prepared by storing food, guns and ammo, and gold/silver, but few are medically prepared. It’s important to learn first aid skills and to obtain the medical supplies that will allow to you to keep your family healthy in hard times.

    • Michael

      Good point.


    • Very true! It’s vital to be in optimal physical condition. In the event of a crisis, you’ll need a lot of energy to deal the crisis.

      There will be reduced sanitation, so you need to strengthen your immune system now and during the crisis.

      MRE’s and most prep food may give you calories, but not a lot of nutrients.

      And taking a first aid course and getting medical supplies are vital.

      • george

        and don’t forget dental supplies, temporary fillings, tooth extractor and some knowledge of dentistry. An infected tooth can be life threatening.

  • The ownership of weapons in the 1920′s to 1941 was a little over 12% of the population. Now over 161 million citizens own all types of weapons including Military level equipment.
    Do you remember last year, when, the Military called for the confiscation of all discharged weapons of ex Military soldiers. This is not a coincidence. The Powers That Be (T.P.T.B.), unlike us think in terms of 50 to 100 years in the future.
    I am a former Military Officer with some friends still at The Pentagon.
    The plan in place is through U.N. treaty, is to confiscate all weapons in the United States and place them in storage, or destroy them. If we lose our 2nd Amendment, we lose everything.
    A major mistake was made when a former Marine named Olson, was shot at point blank range in Oakland California with a tear gas canister. There is quite a flap going around D.C. about that one.
    There is no stronger bond that will be carried to a grave than that of a current or former U.S. Marine who has, like myself, pledged to defend our Constitution, against all enemies foreign, or domestic. We have not forgotten that pledge.
    It is common knowledge in higher circles that our Commander in Chief, is a complete fraud and an out and out traitor.
    The problem at this time is how to get rid of him without racial riots across the country. The gang element here has some of the most advanced weaponry available, through black market and other means. They, ( gangs from The U.S. and Mexico), are recruiting in every arm of our military to get closer to the source to acquire more of these weapons. This scares the hell out of the powers that be.
    Iran is being set up by Israel and it’s main enforcer The United States Military, to begin what will certainly be a World War.
    The Chinese now have bases in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. The U.S. has been warned by both Russia and The Chinese to stay out of Syria and Iran. We’ll see.
    Many people in the Military are already saying they will not follow an order from Barry,( or whoever he is), to launch a full scale attack on any world power. They also believe that over 75% of all Military personnel will side with the American public at a time of Global Confrontation. A false flag event will be initiated within 3 months to draw our attention to something else that will scare the daylights out of Joe 6 pack, and draw people into the now Ready FEMA Camps.
    If any of you care to do so, Google Tampa bay baseball game on you tube and listen to the howl that you hear in the second inning of that game.That is the sound of D.U.M.B.’s being evacuated at their air, that was sealed at that time.
    The earthquakes that followed, sensed in the D.C. area and in Tennessee, was the nuclear destruction of about 1/2 of the underground tunnels that TPTB had spent Trillions of your missing dollars to build for themselves when War breaks out.
    Since then about 80% of those Underground Bases have been destroyed and sealed.
    This forced our Commander in Chief?? to construct a new one in the White house lawn,(Google it).
    The Military is forcing the 1% to make a choice, use their own shelters they have built,( which are not even close to the Underground Bunkers that were destroyed), or find another plan. negotiations are underway.
    We will need every citizen, Peacefully Please, to let their Congress know that they are standing together by mail or by phone, and we will not be divided by these people of darkness that ultimately order the deaths of the ” Useless Eaters”, as they put it, on this planet.
    I could go on all night, but if you have not prepared for your family, make a list of bills to put off and stash, rice, oats,water ammo, and some sort of defense for your family if TSHTF.
    May God be with you, and with us all.

    • War Is Peace

      Please continue…it seems you have much to tell.

  • Gene-o

    I guess I’m a prepper not for the end of the world but for budget and diminishing cash flow reasons.
    You do not have to look very far to see that the USA economy is headed in the wrong direction for most people.
    One way to offset budget restraints and loss of cash flow is to buy now when you have the means and store those items that have long expiration dates.
    With 42 million people on food stamps, how long do you think that will last?
    Peppering can help greatly when the personal budget decreases.

    • Texan Patriot

      Same here. We are seeing the unwinding of an economic debt catastrophe.

  • Here is why we are one of those preppers…
    1. I just remarried (age 49) & don’t want a 30 year mortgage – so my husband & I are building our home – earthbag under $10,000.
    2. We grow our own organic food, save our seeds, hunt, and live off our land – it’s healthier, cheaper
    3. We collect rainwater – it’s free
    4. We give tours of our home & garden to empower other people who want to live FREE
    5. We are voting for RON PAUL because he wants restore Liberty & the US Constitution.
    6. We are the solution to problems we face–are you?

  • The things you need to do to prepare are the things that you need to be doing anyway for optimal health and to protect yourself, like…

    Buying food from your local farmers to support them, to get fresher food, and to build that relationship for when a crisis hits, so that you have a source of food.

    Growing your own food to get better nutrition and save money.

    Purifying your water to get rid of toxins

    Becoming proficient at hunting and/or fishing.

    Becoming proficient in self defense.

    Learning about wildfoods that grow in your area.

    Learning how to remove toxins out of your body with zeolites, and how to block nuclear radiation with iodine supplements.

    Having extra batteries, lights, lighters, etc..

    Preparedness should give you confidence, not instill fear.

    • Kristin A Willis

      Also learn how to light a fire without matches using flint…may come in handy later

  • Hefsmaster

    I made my choice a year ago. Closed the 401. Lost my job,lost the house… Best decision i ever made. Bought an old school with 8 acres and 45,000 sq. ft. of storage space. It was also the cheapest thing around.. People have always looked at me as kind of crazy.. But they could never accuse me of being stupid. For all those who think they will come to my house with a provisional pallet of beer when TSHF. Will now be subjected to my laughter. For i warned anyone and everyone for years.. He who laughs last laughs loudest… Unfortunately, It is no laughing matter. This is serious *******…
    The more crap i read in the news and even worse, the comments section to news, the more positive i am that i did the right thing…
    It is evident that a majority of americans are completely asleep and have no intention of waking up. I have no sympathy for most anymore. They make the bed they sleep in. If they crap in it, too bad. My patience is gone…

    • Texan Patriot

      Sounds like you hit the jackpot!

  • Simple Facts

    And loose weight!

    1. Sugar can suppress the immune system.

    2. Sugar upsets the mineral relationships in the body.

    3. Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children.

    4. Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides.

    5. Sugar contributes to the reduction in defense against bacterial infection (infectious diseases).

    6. Sugar causes a loss of tissue elasticity and function, the more sugar you eat the more elasticity and function you loose.

    7. Sugar reduces high density lipoproteins.

    8. Sugar leads to chromium deficiency.

    9 Sugar leads to cancer of the ovaries.

    10. Sugar can increase fasting levels of glucose.

    11. Sugar causes copper deficiency.

    12. Sugar interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium.

    13. Sugar can weaken eyesight.

    14. Sugar raises the level of a neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

    15. Sugar can cause hypoglycemia.

    16. Sugar can produce an acidic digestive tract.

    17. Sugar can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline levels in children.

    18. Sugar malabsorption is frequent in patients with functional bowel disease.

    19. Sugar can cause premature aging.

    20. Sugar can lead to alcoholism.

    21. Sugar can cause tooth decay.

    22. Sugar contributes to obesity

    23. High intake of sugar increases the risk of Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.

    24. Sugar can cause changes frequently found in person with gastric or duodenal ulcers.

    25. Sugar can cause arthritis.

    26. Sugar can cause asthma.

    27. Sugar greatly assists the uncontrolled growth of Candida Albicans (yeast infections).

    28. Sugar can cause gallstones.

    29. Sugar can cause heart disease.

    30. Sugar can cause appendicitis.

    31. Sugar can cause multiple sclerosis.

    32. Sugar can cause hemorrhoids.

    33. Sugar can cause varicose veins.

    34. Sugar can elevate glucose and insulin responses in oral contraceptive users.

    35. Sugar can lead to periodontal disease.

    36. Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis.

    37. Sugar contributes to saliva acidity.

    38. Sugar can cause a decrease in insulin sensitivity.

    39. Sugar can lower the amount of Vitamin E (alpha-Tocopherol in the blood.

    40. Sugar can decrease growth hormone.

    41. Sugar can increase cholesterol.

    42. Sugar can increase the systolic blood pressure.

    43. Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children.

    44. High sugar intake increases advanced glycation end products (AGEs)(Sugar bound non-enzymatically to protein)

    45. Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein.

    46. Sugar causes food allergies.

    47. Sugar can contribute to diabetes.

    48. Sugar can cause toxemia during pregnancy.

    49. Sugar can contribute to eczema in children.

    50. Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease.

    51. Sugar can impair the structure of DNA

    52. Sugar can change the structure of protein.

    53. Sugar can make our skin age by changing the structure of collagen.

    54. Sugar can cause cataracts.

    55. Sugar can cause emphysema.

    56. Sugar can cause atherosclerosis.

    57. Sugar can promote an elevation of low density lipoproteins (LDL).

    58. High sugar intake can impair the physiological homeostasis of many systems in the body.

    59. Sugar lowers the enzymes ability to function.

    60. Sugar intake is higher in people with Parkinson’s disease.

    61. Sugar can cause a permanent altering the way the proteins act in the body.

    62. Sugar can increase the size of the liver by making the liver cells divide.

    63. Sugar can increase the amount of liver fat.

    64. Sugar can increase kidney size and produce pathological changes in the kidney.

    65. Sugar can damage the pancreas.

    66. Sugar can increase the body’s fluid retention.

    67. Sugar is enemy #1 of the bowel movement.

    68. Sugar can cause myopia (nearsightedness).

    69. Sugar can compromise the lining of the capillaries.

    70. Sugar can make the tendons more brittle.

    71. Sugar can cause headaches, including migraine.

    72. Sugar plays a role in pancreatic cancer in women.

  • RebelRankin

    I am a prepper since 2007 of Dec. I heard a special report on my car radio coming home one afternoon from the grocery store. I heard it again one more time on a Special Documentry-TV and then had a nightmare about the same for a few days. I began listening and believing that something was really going on out in this world. I and a daughter of mine started reading up and researching the internet and information began exploding. We started prepping and continue to prep even though finances and job are strained. I am grateful to have my weapons and survival supplies, my faith, and though my other family member don’t feel the urgency, I will keep looking for way to survive what is soon coming to crush America. God Bless & keep Prepping.

    • Reaper Prepper

      What was on that radio Special Report program and then what was on the Special Documentary TV program exactly?

  • Just wanted to add, if you have pets, be sure to prep for their needs also. I have 2 dogs whom are spoiled on good food so I always think of their needs too. I have not tired to grow anything in this dead soil if you even call it soil but I have to try. I can, and dehydrate foods. Buy the medications needed also for various illness’s. Have your Advil or other products, tape, gauze etc for most home-first aid. Think of all the little things you want to continue enjoying and add them to your supplies. It’s quite fun and challenging. I am 69 but still need to look out for my unbelieving grown children, and grandchildren and Great-grans.

    • Dabs

      The dog will be on his own. He can hunt and eat leftovers if there are any.

  • Pat

    Preppers have the right idea. But do they know who is destroying their economy? Do they know who is behind the non-white immigration wave? All roads lead to the Federal Reserve which is NOT a government agency. It’s about as “Federal” as “Federal Express”…another private for profit company.

  • I say stock up on food,water,medicine,fuel,cloths.ammo weapons,books on references to fix or repair things,can food,smoke meats,anything to help you survive for more than a year and a half.get out of debt.move to the country,buy a trailer,burn wood for heat and cooking,buy and get a license to operate a hamm radio.ect.

  • Another source for prepping information can be found here:

    This site as an informative card-catalog type of resource that includes information gathered from lots of other websites, on emergency home preparation. All information links back to it’s original source and is organized in topical formats so you can easily find the area of prepping that you are looking for.

  • Rastus McGee

    I have been “preparing for a few years now, my wife says if it gets that bad she wouldn’t want to live. I told her it would be nice to have the choice if it did!

    • White Patriot 1776

      So very true Rastus! Starvation doesn’t seem like an enjoyable way to die to me.

  • Flo Wolf

    YES, there are very legit reasons why Americans should “prepare for the worst and hope for the best”. I’m in my 60’s and I was a “prepper” before the term was invented. In fact I was way ahead of my time because I had everything we’d need, including weapons for defense, to get us by in style for over a year, not a Mormon either. This will definitely age me but after watching the goings on of the republicans during the Clinton years as well as having lived through some truly adverse weather conditions I saw the writing on the wall and decided then that being prepared was my best defense against leaving my family in want. My youngest son is now grown, with a family of his own, and even though we are at opposite ends of the political spectrum we are both “preppers”.

  • White Patriot 1776

    Many, many people will scoff and not prepare, and when the SHTF, will come to you/us with a hard luck story and expect you to look out for them.

  • Jerry O

    Now is the time to get

    Learn from past history
    what is in store for us.

    We are going to see a major collapse
    in our economy as we know it today.

    However, the good news is that massive
    wealth will be transferred to those
    who are prepared.

    Find out what is about to happen
    and how you can profit from this
    craziness that we are going through.

  • Testicus

    i didn’t know this movement had a new name… so it appears i’m a Prepper too. sounds like the Dr. Pepper commercial from a million years ago… wouldn’t you like to be a Prepper too? anyway, i have honed a skill to memorizing the geometry of 2, 3, and 4 frequency domes. i can build a very stable shelter from scratch and from memory. having food and water is nice, but in reality all you really have is the information in your own skull. don’t forget to store things in there too!

  • Frank

    If we prep and nothing happens, we have a stockpile of food that cost less than it will in months and years to come. Therefore, we have saved a great deal of money. If we don’t prep and something does happen, we’re screwed.

    Prepping is better than insurance. If you need it, it’s there. If you don’t, you still benifit from it. No matter what happens, you’re better off for having done it.

  • S B

    If it isn’t clear to you by now that we are entering into a cycle whereby the number and magnitude of natural disasters are on a sharp increase, and will continue to do so, allow for me to help you understand what’s more is headed our way. The reason this increase in cyclic activity is happening is due the natural rhythmic cycles of our galactic and planetary atmospheres/spaces. We are not just coming upon the change of an age in our precession, but in fact coming to the END of the, “Great Year”, a 26,800 year cycle in which we have now precessed through all 12 of the zodiac signs. And hence, the Great Year ends, and a new Great Year begins. Rather than staying in the grips of fear of what this all means, I’d like to share with you what to actually expect in the very near future as well as how to prepare yourself to be as ready for whats coming as much as is humanly possible. And lastly I will share with you what this new dawning age will stand for and be about. NOW is a most important moment in time to be alive, for this there is no doubt.

    What makes for being alive at this precise moment in time so exciting is the fact that our species will soon be enabled with knowledge’s, gifts and abilities far beyond any of those we’ve yet encountered. It will become a time when we don’t just follow God, or walk by God’s side, but we will begin to walk AS GOD. To get to this “Godly” level in our evolution a few more things will need to preface our pathway prior to such Godly gifts becoming manifest. How will it all unfold?

    The new Aquarian Age will 1st and foremost stand for Purification, an age whereby our species shall be cleansed and rightfully purified. The 2nd thing that this new age will usher in is that of an all new level of global consciousness, whereby each and every one of us shall realize that regardless of where one lives, or how one speaks, or of what race one is, that each person opposite of us is actually our brother, sister, and family member. Quite righteously we will all finally realize that we are all of, for, and from, the same family. And finally, perhaps both the most exciting and most scary change that shall come about in this new age of Aquarius will be a new level of global spiritualism, the likes of which have never been seen before.

    A final important tip I may offer to you all is this: that one should do their VERY best to strive for making peace and balance with any outstanding issues they may have with others, and perhaps above all else they should do their VERY best to have gotten right with themselves. The earlier one reaches for, and attains such personal balance and peace, the faster they shall become enabled with the divine energies of ascension, and the fruits of Godliness.

    Quite evident becomes the fact that in our short recorded history, there hasn’t been a more exciting time to be alive. For this is my mission for which you have now been briefed, hence now it is up to you to embrace the divine path that awaits thine true destiny and will.

    In Love, and in Light,


  • AlAnon

    There’s not much you can do to *physically* prepare for what Jehovah has in store for this planet.

  • Ben There

    You might assume that someone who once made a living as a survival instructor would automatically be aligned with preppers. No way. I happen to have most of the skills they favor…trained sniper, gardener, carpenter, and so on. But I refuse to indulge in this mentality of paranoia, and often plain silliness. My brother-in-law demonstrated a bit of this last year when he cocked his new shotgun for my benefit to show me that he was ready for the “marauding hordes.” Bullshit. I asked him what he was going to do when he ran out of ammunition. I’m waiting for his answer. I think a lot of the preppers actually hope something terrible will happen, and will spend more time and more in anticipation than they would ever spend doing something for their communities. One woman showed how she had spent $50,000 in the last year on food and supplies, and I had to laugh. Do some reasonable things, for god’s sake, such as making sure you have the tools and supplies anyone would need in the case of, say, a tornado, and from there on, live your life as if tomorrow the sun will shine and people will continue to try to get along together. Don’t live in fear. That’s not life. That’s the desperation that Thoreau described.

    • BenRICE

      so what, you were a sniper if that is even true. I have hunted for 25 years. Spent 14 in the Marine Corps Infantry and 10 as a cop. I still prep. Why? Because it’s purely stupid not to be ready for everything from a flood to a tornado. I have seen societal collapse in Iraq, it would be worse here because people are less adept at handling that type of adversity. Your advice is counter intuitive to what you claim your skill sets are. As silly as you claim your brother in law is, he is one step ahead of you.

      • Susan

        well said Ben!

      • Facetious Frank

        I agree! I can’t believe there are people who don’t prepare for every possible scenario that might maybe one day eventually occur. I’d rather live my whole life in constant fear than enjoy the moment I’m in.

        Thoreau doesn’t know anything about desperation. He spent several years in a cabin in the woods mostly alone and was completely content. Doesn’t sound too desperate to me.

    • Melvin P. Arbuckle


  • LF

    Reminds me of what my mother always used to say, “It’s better to have it & not need it, than to need it & not have it.”

  • daisy

    This is a great time to learn to be more self-sufficient there is nothing wrong with folks learning to take care of themselves. We all know the government isn’t gonna help us

  • roert

    The world’s population has doubled in my lifetime. There wasn’t enough resources for 3 billion let alone 7 billion now. The oil embargo of the 70’s hasn’t resulted in any meaningful positive changes. A terroristic nuke, dirty bomb, or EMP strike would reck havoc in the country. I think only those who live in rural areas have a chance of even bugging out. I think Martial Law will be declared immediatedly and everyone they find will be disarmed like in New Orleans. I think we will find that our police forces and National Guard will be enforcing laws not in the citizen’s interest. I think decentralization of everything we can think of is a good idea. It is not hard to download entire websites for general knowledge and burned to DVDs for access when the internet doesn’t work. Seems a good idea is to build a faraday cage around a gasoline generator. The gasoline generator can be run from a wood gasifier. Spare laptops and other electronics need to be stored in a faraday cage. Here’s a prepper product idea, a conventional retrokit for a vehicle to bypass all of the fried electronics.

  • Jerry O

    Being prepared is very important.

    I am so glad that I learned from a
    millionaire what is coming our way
    and what to do about it to be ready.

    Go to:

    The information and advise he gives is priceless.

    We are headed for major problems.

    Make sure you are prepared.

  • Billy B

    An EMP strike could happen with as many enemies as the USA has and many have the capability to do that. We are bound by our electronic age where every record is now on a chip somewhere and not likely on hard copy. Am EMP will stop everything electronic that has a computer chip in it and any residual electricity in a chip whether it is on or off will immediately fry into a wad of pcb, solder and what ever else they are made of. No semis will be available to haul food supplies, gasoline, water or medical supplies. Your home computer will be fried as well as your refrigeration, cook stoves, and washing machines. Your personal vehicle won’t start and run unless you have one without a computer in the system. All an enemy has to do is send a rocket with an nuclear devise to explode a couple of hundred miles above the USA and the race would be on! No real estate, homes, buildings etc. would be damaged. Hunger would set in as soon as all the food was raided from the storage and supply and in some places and some faimilies that would be within a week or so. It is unlikely your city water supply will work, so your faucet and bathrooms will not work. It won’t be a pretty sight within a week or so as people realize they are about to die from starvation, so those guys with the food horde will be a bit target for raids.

    • John S

      And what happens when the idiot raiders you describe in your theoretical apocalypse scenario realize that even with their ability to plunder existing food stores, they will still starve to death when that runs out? They are going to need farmers. And people who run food canning plants for long-term storage and off-site distribution. And people who drive trucks to ship food to and from the cannery. And people who refine petroleum so that those trucks will run. And people who make machine parts so that the farming, canning, and truck equipment can be maintained in good repair. And on, and on, and on. I guess that’s called civilization and society! Whoops! There goes your perfect dystopia. So sorry.

      • molon labe

        how will all those people operate vehicles, and production plants. You have no clue what an EMP does do you.

  • Jesse

    Has anyone studied Revelation. The rapture will happen before the tribulation begins and world war 3 will be during the tribulation and not before. I must put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ before anything else. I do beleave we will see a lot before the rapture and we do need to be prepared, but the one thing I have not seen anyone put in there prepping equipment is a Bible. don’t you think we should be praying for the return of Jesus Christ before things happen and not after things have happened. Don’t get me wrong, I have done some prepping, but my prepping has been with my Bible and Jesus.

    • marcus

      according to the revelation there will be martyrs who die because they did not take the mark of the beast and for their steadfastness in Jesus. This is during the tribulation, not before. These are not those who died in the past, but during the tribulation when the mark of the beast is to be implemented. Rapture is not mentioned, rather the arrival of Jesus from the east coming in clouds to put an end to the anti-christ nonsense, bind Satan 1000 yrs and resurrect the faithful. Not saying I espouse this as accurate prophecy, but the sequence of events written in the Book is fairly clear.

  • Andy
  • GrannyToad

    I have lived a long time and haven’t always had enough money. Once I asked for help for me and 3 children, I accepted food stamps 2 months, tried to give back the 2nd month, realizing my way of buying bulk flour, grain, growing and killing wild was better oh well. Survival. This prepper stuff is nothing new. I already know how to dry, can, jerk meat, most of what we’d need. My husband and I are elders.

  • Survivor

    I’d like to pass along the first three rules of survival.
    1. Get out of the cities.
    2. Get out of the cities.
    3. Get out of the cities.
    It will take less than 24 hours for the rogues to start looting and killing after the event happens.

    • DANIEL

      YEP, you better have a preplanned bug out spot. We have a nice one in the rockies with our cabin and a cave about a quarter mile from it that we cache our stuff in.

  • okprepper

    I don’t believe the entire country will be flipped upside down over night. I can foresee a large section such as 15% of the lower 48 states with another hurricane, quake (California or Madrid), EMP from terrorists or solar, Tsunami or any combination and a gov’t that won’t hesitate to let a natural disaster be the excuse they need for Marshall Law. Katrina affected a very tiny portion of land but had very noticeable temporary inflation and left so many people on their own for weeks. May 3, 1999 I lived without electricity or natural gas for 12 days when an F5 tornado along with 70 other tornado’s ripped my state to shreds. I learned a lot about people (self included)! Police blocked every road in the F5’s path which was over 100 miles. We were blocked inside the damaged area where 2 tornado’s traveled 3 miles apart. I drove through a field to get past road blocks to get out for a few hours and again to get back in to protect my property. Having a minimum of 1 month of food, water and other essentials is Mandatory for me now. It’s the only smart thing to do. In case of long term SHTF I won’t be staying in the city but will take my supplies with me.

    • Kristin A Willis

      Being in Tornado Alley gets anyone prepared…I used to live in Tornado Alley seen some God Awful Tornado’s…and now I’m in Arizona and I’m prepping people think I’m absolutely crazy…but I rather be safe than sorry…I’m also teaching my little girl how to be safe!

  • Daniel Bradshaw

    Crazy Legs Productions is seeking a big personality, prepper for a new TV show. Do you spend hours researching the latest gadgets that will prepare you for a natural disaster? Or have you engineered a state of the art invention that will radically change the way people survive? If so, we want to hear from you. We are looking for a prepper who has all of the best toys, from water filtration systems to energy generators. This prepper would have a strong knowledge base of how to prepare for the End of the World As We Know It and be able to speak to the newest advances in prepper technology.

  • Biological hazards will be the main thing to worry about in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

    Water procurement and storage is more important than stockpiling guns and bazookas. Stockpile support-networks within your community.

    More effort should be spent to educate your friends and neighbors on how to live more efficiently and harmoniously with each other. Start working together now to build networks to support each other in times of crisis.

  • Doolsey

    Jesse, I have studied the Book of Revelation and I don’t really see any mention of the rapture in there.

  • Jack Lee

    You people are CRAAAAAZEEEEE!

    Interesting, too, that it was a “prepper” that went crazy and killed all those poor kids. I guess paranoia and guns have to have an outlet somehow…

    • Yeah I Said It

      He wasn’t a prepper. His mother was. He was a mentally ill game addicted douche.

    • Christian American Patriot,

      Hey jack lee, Dont come to my door when things get tough! Oh, and by the way preppers are not craaaaazeeeee, just think about what a differance it would have made for people in the world wars ,or the great depresion, or when Japan had a nuclear problem, or when the commy Russians took over Germany ,oh sorry I forgot, you where public schooled you dont know this important history. God bless America (opps, I probably offended somebody,get over it!)

    • 77yearsyoung

      his mom was a flaming liberal and raised him like an idiot. He obviously wasn’t right in the head. But if it makes you feel better to live in denial then go ahead.

  • Dallas

    it is better to have something and not need it, then to need something and not have it.

    • GuidoFL

      Like the spare tire in your trunk !

    • RINOSHaveAbusedBase4LastTime

      True. If I remember my past news reading correctly, the guy in Missouri was SCAMMED by his concrete supplier. The concrete delivered was NOT UP TO SPECIFICATIONS. This did not come to light for a good while. A low level employee reported his employer to the guy building. I think the guy building wanted to tear down the whole castle and start over.

  • Miraoli

    Wanting to build your stockpile up for cheap or free?

    Try using to get things for cheap or free.

    It’s ran by a woman in Southern Illinois who I know personally.

    She works really hard to gather all of the coupons in one place and make it easier for cheaper.

    It’s made getting extra food a lot easier for me.

  • John S

    I agree with poster “Ben There”. Prepping is the constructive indulgence of an imaginative and unrealistic fantasy. Playing out end-time scenarios in your head, and seeing what you can accomplish on your own is mostly harmless, and sometimes even fun. It’s what makes movies like Red Dawn so popular. However, obsessing about the permanent breakdown of society or the permanent absence of the rule of law is silly and counterproductive. That will never happen, and it should not be something that we work toward or encourage. As long as preppers can stay grounded in reality, and can understand that it’s just for fun, I’m on board with the movement. In the precious little undeveloped woodland we have left, imagine how crowded all the choice camping spots near water will become, as all the preppers flock into the wilderness with their bug-out bags in tow. Sorry, but the survivalist paradigm, as a new world order, just doesn’t work. Civilization will always re-establish because that’s what we gravitate toward as a species.


      “civilization will always reestablish”? that may be true but not until a great many die of starvation, disease, lawlessness and suicide. Which type of victim will you be.

  • HiddenCave

    Were not at peace you moron, look at the news once in a while… I’m a 15 year old high school student and I could write a more accurate article than this. This is ridiculous. I come from a family of “prepper’s” myself and although some of this is true, and I do agree with many points, make sure that you have your facts right before you post it on the internet.

  • High Speed

    This is really great information and I have to thank you for such a well researched and interesting review. The information has particular impact with the current issues around the USA and the health budget issues. It could get crazy very quickly, and when it happens you need to be ready for the effects of a great deal of social unrest.

    I am not saying we all need to kit ourselves out like a Navy Seal, yet some of the items would be very useful in a situation of civil unrest, and that may happen in the USA soon..

    I have some more information about this should you now wish to grab it

  • HellIfIKnow

    Regardless if you believe the world will end or not, it’s a smart investment to buy as much as you can now, if you have the money to spare.
    Look throughout history, the price of everything has risen. If you buy $2,000 worth of food and in 2 years, what will that food cost?$2300, 2,500-$3,000??
    Anyone who has bought a gun or ammunition in the past 5 years knows the cost has gone to extremes.
    I paid $699 for my AR15 in 2007 and came with 2 mags and a case.
    Today, in my area, the S&W is $2499.99 with one mag and no case.
    I currently do not have a large stockpile of food, basically enough for about 25-30 days for a family of four. I do however, have enough ammunition to last me and my children a lifetime… Unless a war breaks out on my road.
    I’m not saying Aliens are coming, or a solar flare will end us all…but, if you look throughout history and look around the world, the U.S. may very well become a third world nation.
    Maybe then, the illegals and welfare cheaters will or be forced to actually survive on their own.
    Perhaps one day, the government will no longer be able to aide the citizens….if that does happen, where does it leave us?

  • superdave

    It doesn’t heart to be prepared. I have lived thru 1 5 tornado And 2 100 year floods. At least keep a backup generator and a months worth of food been there.

  • Kristin A Willis

    I have been prepping for almost 5 years now as a single mother I have become very knowledge of almost everything and I have even started training other families in what they need to know when this time comes…My cousin and I talk almost every night about the numerous natural disasters that have hit almost everywhere in the USA and out….It’s becoming a daily occurrence either Mother Nature is pissed about the way we are treating our earth or Global Warming is getting ready to rear its ugly head…Either way you need to prepare your family for the worst possible scenario.
    First thing you need to do is getting clothing for all people in your household including heavy duty boots.
    Second make sure you have enough food to live comfortably for a long period of time…either by the bucket or MRE’s…Buckets you can buy from any LDS Cannery or online distribution center..
    Third teach your family the importance of learning how to shoot a gun and the proper use there of.
    Fourth buy non-gmo seeds for planting gardens that will keep your family sustained for a long period.
    Fifth Build an underground facility that will house all your family members properly with composting toilets, solar or generator energy and a well for fresh water..
    Sixth find a prepper site and start stocking everything they say to stock and more importantly get the first 35 things that are going to disappear off the shelves first both food and non-food items…This will come in very handy….Also keep in mind you want to buy gas masks for everyone in your household no matter what….
    If you have more questions on any of this you can contact me via email and I will send you everything that I have on this very misunderstood subject…