The Obama Flag: Who Decided That It Was Okay To Replace The Stars On The American Flag With The Face Of Barack Obama?

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Democrat Party headquarters in Lake County, Florida has been flying an American flag with a face of Barack Obama on it.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The “Obama flag” features a huge picture of the face of Barack Obama in the area where the stars are usually located.  To many Americans today, the American flag may be “just a piece of cloth”, but when I was young I was taught that one must never desecrate the American flag.  The American flag is our highest national symbol.  Millions of Americans have fought and died defending freedom and liberty under that banner.  To see a photo of Barack Obama plastered on it is an absolute disgrace.  Sadly, there are lots of these flags floating around.  In fact, you can buy them online for $12.95.  Down in Florida, the chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party took down the “Obama flag” after a group of veterans protested, but she also said that she is not promising that she will not put it back up and that she is going to consult an attorney about all of this.


Needless to say, a lot of veterans had steam coming out of their ears when they heard about the Obama flag.  Korean war veteran Don Van Beck said that he was absolutely furious when he saw what they had done to the American flag….

“I can’t describe how upset was because you just don’t do that to the American flag”

Van Beck was one of the vets that confronted the chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party (Nancy Hurlbert) about this flag.

One local news report detailed the tense moment that occurred when the vets asked that the flag be taken down….

“There are laws against desecrating the flag,” Van Beck said, right before he read out loud the federal flag code, public law 344, section 4G to Hurlbert: “The flag should never have placed upon it or any part of it, any marks, insignia, letters, words, figures, designs, picture or drawings of any nature. We would like to ask you to take it down please.”

Thankfully the Obama flag was eventually taken down because who knows what those vets would have done if it had kept flying.

A lot of old vets may have aging bodies, but their spirits are still very much alive.

Ex-marine John Masterjohn was also incredibly upset when he learned about the Obama flag.  He compared this flag to what we have seen from some of the worst totalitarian regimes in history….

“Joseph Stalin, pictures of Mao, pictures of Adolph Hitler. The pomp, the ceremony — the flags like that”

And that is exactly what this Obama flag reminds me of.  It reminds me of pictures of Chairman Mao plastered everywhere….

Socialists and communists always love to create a “cult of personality”.  They always love to exalt their “dear leaders” to godlike status.

Shockingly, the Democrats in Florida are not even apologizing.  In fact, they seem rather proud of the Obama flag.

A statement from the Lake County Democratic Headquarters said the following….

“We were given this as a gift. We are proud of our president, we’re proud of the United States, and we felt it was time to display that.”

Can you believe that?

But that is not even the worst part.

What Nancy Hurlbert, the chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party, had to say about all of this was absolutely disgraceful….

“It leads me to believe that it’s not about the flag,” she told “Certain elements cannot accept Barack Obama as president.”

Is she serious?

We should just accept the face of Barack Obama being plastered on the American flag?

This is just another sign of how far we have fallen as a nation.

America is not the same place that it used to be and people better wake up.

And there is one last thing.  It also turns out that the Obama flag was made in China.

Isn’t that fitting?

So what do you think about the Obama flag?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Well, Obama is the God and shepherd of the american sheeple after all. Let them eat cake!!!

  • Paul Ginther

    This is an absolute disgrace. Thank you to all the veterans in Lake County that confronted this travesty. It has nothing to do with Obama. He is an inconsequential pissant in all this. You don’t desecrate or modify the U.S. flag!

  • Imaplaneiac

    Had anybody in that Democratic Headquarters SERVED in our Armed Forces they would have KNOWN about proper handling of and respect due the American Flag. I can confirm that those of us who served in our Air Force were trained and / or instructed to do so. KUDOS to my brother Vets in Florida who defended ” Old Glory “!

    BTW, Fox reported that ” flag ” was Made in China – like nearly everything sold in America!?

    That’s one ” flag ” that SHOULD be set ablaze!

  • Gay Veteran

    the Cult of Obama is as bad as the Cult of Bush

    saw a Confederate flag on a truck today, not sure which ticks me off more

    • droodspen

      There was never a Cult of Bush– there was only a Cult of Bush-haters. Those of us who supported Bush only did so because of the sad, sad alternatives.

      • Gay Veteran

        good try at rewriting history, you couldn’t oppose King George without being accused of aiding the terrorists

        • Lars Olfen

          Nice try, drood is correct there were no accusations hurled at Shrub opposers. It is obvious you are a supplicant to the left and have been herded like the other sheep into the left/right demorepublicrat dichotomy. God help you.

  • Piglet

    Unfortunately this nonsense goes on no matter who is in the White House. The last occupant was widely advertised as God’s representative on earth, someone who claimed to speak with God every day (something must have been lost in the translation), and through whom God spoke to We the Peasantry. See more of this kookery at:

    I suspect the next occupant, standing on the shoulders of his predecessors and their abuses, will be no better.

  • Benjik

    What a bunch of bullmess. B-Rock would gain an enormous amount of respect from our veterans if he would issue a “I appreciate the gesture but we need to respect our flag” speech, but I seriously doubt that will happen. I’ve never seen an American leader so openly try to capitalize on such a wide array of divisiveness. It seems when we as a nation need to pull together the most the politicians on BOTH sides are fervently working to divide us. Imagine if the extraordinary effort being spent to divide us was being used to unite us, we could once again hold the title of the greatest nation on Earth. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall….”

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The United States as we knew it no longer exists. We have become a Third World police state run by a corrupt and ruthless fascist oligarchy, as Alex Jones, Gerald Celente and Paul Craig Roberts have often pointed out. This is no longer our beloved USA; it is now The Banana Republic of America, and this is what the BRA’s flag looks like:

    • Michael

      That banana flag made me smile. :)


  • Tate

    His handlers don’t care what happens, just as long as business as usual continues for as long as possible, and then the profitable predictable crash happens when they assume all the assets.

  • Predictably, Hurlbert responds with charges of racism. That is all the Democrats have in 2012. Obama cannot run on his record, so it will be about race.

    The Obama flag is as shameless and despicable as he is.

  • laura4basics

    Wow! Obama keeps pushing the anger buttons on the people who are aware of his shenanigans, and his shenanigans keep getting bolder and bolder. He also just signed an order to allow the killing of Americas Symbol – The Eagle in Wyoming. Kind of like declaring war an Americans, you think? Yet it seems that the Obama worshipers are still oblivious to what is really going on.
    What is it going to take to knock some sense into them?

    • i’vegivenup

      Just read about the eagles. What a travesty! Never dreamed that this kind of stuff could ever happen on American soil. Obama keeps proving his uselessness as president…

    • OldPhart

      Two eagles are to be killed by American Indians for use in rituals.

      I, for one, am quite content that we still have both surviving in our nation. Let the Indians have their moment.

      We can sacrifice two eagles now that they are on the road to recovery.

      • Lars Olfen

        ….and then we’ll sacrifice an indian (feather)?

    • Gary2wannabe

      Have you noticed that Obama supporters reject any criticizm of him out of hand and get loud and belligerent if any negative comment is made about him? My personal favorite is to state that his own wife is on record as confirming his ineligibility to be president. Meeshall is on record as saying that they visited Kenya, the country of her husband’s birth (can probably be found on You Tube). If you dare say this make sure you are outdide arm’s reach.

      Tax the rich hard!!! I demand everything you have worked for!! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

  • Benjik

    Does anyone else remember “flag duty” in school? All students took turns raising and lowering the flag, being taught the correct way to handle and fold Old Glory. I remember the number one rule was to never, NEVER let any part of the flag touch the ground. I wonder if this is still being taught/implemented in any public schools today. BTW, I’m in my early 30’s so this wasn’t all that long ago.

    • justme

      Yes they still do flag duty in school.

  • R. Ealy

    These so called flags should be burned and the laws enforced against not only those who chose to break the law and display them in utter contempt of the one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all that the flag represents, but they should be rounded up as the communist traitors to America that they are!

  • i’vegivenup

    Wow…just wow…

  • Jesse

    Just another step towards a totalitarian state…

  • Tom

    Why would anyone expect more from this man and his party, they have no respect for the American flag, or America for the matter as they march us into communism.

  • mondobeyondo

    As if our very own “Dear Respected Leader” isn’t getting enough attention already…

    Look out, Kim-Jong-un! You’ve got competition!

  • I am 67 years old and hope I live long enough to see the Bilderburg Group, the Federal Reserve and this government go down in flames. This is not the American Government that I was taught of, in school. They have no reservations at desecrating the American flag as they had none in desecrating the American Government and its people. President, Senators, Congressmen & women: IT’S GONNA BE UGLY AND YOU CREEPS, BROUGHT IT ON YOURSELVES.

  • Robin

    Anyone stupid enough to support Obama after three years of broken promises, arrant lying, and egregious trampling of Constitutional Rights is obviously too deeply stupid to understand the impropriety of placing Obama’s arrogant mug on the American Flag. O’bummer’s unctuous manner and ingratiating lies successfully created a cult following which apparently endures despite his many and perfidious betrayals of the American people. He is a scoundrel, not a Messiah, something only enduring fools cannot yet see.

    • .

      What delicious irony: Robin calling OTHER PEOPLE enduring fools.

  • mondobeyondo

    A sign of the times?

    The canton (I think that’s what it’s called – the blue space on the upper left corner of the flag) is supposed to represent the 50 states. They are replacing it with a portrait of Obama?!! In other words, all states united under Obama?? He is our President. He is not King Barack the 1st! Didn’t we dump the idea of a king back in the Revolutionary War? ******

    We’ve taken hero worship to a new high, um, low. Even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom doesn’t have flags with her image on it! Too bad it wasn’t a peace sign, like many flags were in the 1960’s. It would be more appropriate.

  • Ameen

    This idiot was on ESPN today showing his “I am of the people” credentials, doing something with a basketball lottery. The Great Seal of the President etc, was prominent. A DISGRACE!!

    • mondobeyondo

      Great Seal of the President?

      You mean that cute fluffy furry white creature sitting on an Arctic ice floe that’s about to be clubbed?

      (sorry, I know, not funny…)

  • Proftel

    Babylonians, Jews, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Romans, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German, Japanese tried to dominate the world through trade gold and silver goods.
    Traders today seek oil, gold, commodities, and territory. Dress in sheep’s clothing by companies, large companies (and everyone here knows who and where they are).
    Do not expect any of them say “Let them eat brioche” because they learned their lesson in France in 1776, and another (almost) lesson in 1939.
    There is no better solution for a puppet state that hold their citizens with initiative, today the U.S. is a puppet of Israel.
    “Safety Standards” and the like were used by “Guestapo” as are commonly used in Israel against Palestinians.
    These procedures are applied, adopted here, against our citizens, this is crazy!
    The basic operations are in the hands of mercenaries or immigrants / children of immigrants.
    The Roman Empire fell rightfully so.
    To begin to raise the nation must be taught to lawyers what a shovel, a hoe and a Gadanho, as much as lawyers have to replace tractors with ease in case lacks oil.
    After that, we need to asses, there are plenty of politicians to pull the wagons.
    Wake up!

    • jaxon64

      Mixed in with your anti-semitism and Jewish hatred is some pretty lame history knowledge. You must be a graduate of our public school system.

      -Bastille Day was in July 1789
      – Nov 1789 ” the assembly” seized all properties and vestiges of Catholicism and the Christians
      – the Royal family, including Marie Antoinette ( who NEVER uttered “let them eat cake”)were captured in 1791
      -Finally in Sept 1792 France declared itself a republic

      PS: you would have made a fine nazi death camp guard…….

  • Mary

    March 14, 2012
    I am outraged by this behavior. My son is overseas fighting for these stupid idiots, so they can disgrace the United States of America Flag. This is a symbol of our freedoms that people the world over recognize and risk their lives to come to this country so they can have the same freedoms we enjoy.
    Now the Democratic Party in Florida shows their true colors regarding how they feel about America and the Constitution of the United States by so openly disrespecting this symbol that people in the military have fought to defend.
    Obama needs to be replaced and all those who support his destructive policies. Our founding fathers did not want a king or dictator and neither do I and those I know. Let’s return to God and our founding fathers’ vision for America, by being the light upon the hill for the world to see!!
    Repent and change …Replace Obama and his group in the 2012 election!

    • Please be sure of who your son is overseas fighting FOR. I am a 22-year veteran, and I feel anger at not just Obama, but Bush, Clinton, etc, who use the military to perform the wishes of the power elite. Look up the official charges against Bin Laden, (, the official FBI wanted Poster ( and tell me where in either, is he charged or wanted for 9/11? No, the only thing your son is doing, with the best intentions, is fullfilling 5-star General Douglas MacArthur’s quote: “Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear -­ kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervour -­ with the cry of grave national emergency. Always, there has been some terrible evil at home, or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.” I support your son, I do not support what he is deployed for.

  • David McKibben

    Just so you know, the only representationn of the US Flag has 12 stripes and 50 stars.without the stars it is no longer the US Flag, but meterly a banner. And you can do anything you want with a banner.
    Me? My hackles go up everytime I see someone walk by, be they Republican or Democrat, with the flag on a Tshirt. Usually with food stains all over it. Or represenations of the flag sown into pants or jackets. Or those dumb tall hats. Now that is totally distasteful, but apparently it is not illegal and you cannot stop anyone from wearing them.

    • Mondo

      Just so you know it is 13 stripes that represent the 13 colonies. I do agree with you though. The flag with Pres. Obama’s face may have been tacky and all but it was not the US flag. If the stars had been on there then they would have a valid arguement. I have seen other flags with Harley symbols, the twin towers and even the tea party has replaced the stars with a symbol of a tea pot and the words, “American Tea Party Revolution” printed in the blue field. Where are the vets protesting that one?

  • jack nichols

    Sambo the magnificent

  • Tjcrewsa

    Burn them!!!!!

  • iguana one

    This is the kind of crap that will eventually lead to another Civil War.
    I’m speechless. My first reaction is to fight fire with fire. Can anybody think of anyting creative to combat the Florida Dems Obama Flag? You betcha’.

  • mark

    I have not seen Gary2’s post here yet. Do you like what your dear leader and your party stand for now Gary2? That picture is worth a thousand words of sadness. Vote these bums out the November.

  • whens dinner?

    this pisses me off. I would have climbed that building and stripped the flag off that pole. It’s not about Obama, its about the american flag, its about respect, and appreciation for Americans and America. Thats the problem, nobody respects America, or appreciate what it has done in their life.

  • BeenThere

    Not sure if it is sinister. But it certainly is tacky.

  • .

    “Who Decided That It Was Okay To Replace The Stars On The American Flag With The Face Of Barack Obama?”

    Uh, the person who purchased the flag and, by sake of being human, can do whatever the ****** they want with it. Are you Nazis, err, free human beings suggesting a person cannot use his property as he desires, within the limits of law? I thought you sheep were fighting for, not against, such things.

    • jaxon64

      Uh, it was on a political headquarters dimwit- not a case of individual property or private residence..uh, it is against the law..

      PS: Isn’t it ironic that the double-standard, soft-brained liberals who are always trying to create laws to make our speech and expressions “politically correct” are out there breaking laws with their anti-American, pro-dictator emblems?

      • .

        jaxon64, you’re obviously not very bright, so I’ll restate:

        Do you really want big government telling you what you can do with a piece of fabric? Of course it’s against the law, you dimwit, but only because idiots like you want the government to tell you what you can do with a piece of fabric.

        And you calling others “soft-brained” and “dimwit” is delicious irony.

        • jaxon64

          And I’ll restate..if you can’t differentiate between an overbearing government proposing regulations upon PRIVATE citizens.
          AND–as in this instance– representatives of a politico party of our government ( the dems) taking a symbol of our national sovereignty and liberty and turning it into an emblem similar to that used by dictators and tyrranical leaders worldwide throughout history, well then the higher thought processes and points are lost on you.
          I could care less about some piece of fabric but this is more than that. It is the promotion against the very things that you are railing about–freedom from government intrusion.
          You really want some government intrusion? Watch what would have happened to someone if they had taken the flag down, taken it to the toilet and colorized the image for Ms Hurlburt………

  • Xander cross

    Ah, but none of complained about having Ron Pauls face on new currency issued as real money a few years ago? Barack Obama did not put his face on the American flag, but you blame him anyway, I know, it messes with your mind that a black man is in the white house and that is the true reason why Ron Paul supporters are voting for Romney and yes, Paul is going to give his delegates to Romney. Let’s face it,, the type of America you all want is one where black people are inferior to whites, that is the truth of the tea party and Ron paul supporters.

    • .

      Shhhh, or the genius, jaxon64 will be along to misunderstand your post and OTHER PEOPLE stupid.

      • jaxon64

        Actually, I AM a genius ( and it doesn’t take much of it to figure out that all Xander ever sees are things in black vs white). His vitriolic hatred practically oozes with each reply as he sees everything through a transposed view. He hates whites so much that he thinks that any statement made against O is because of skin color. He REALLY believes that people are opposed to Obama because he has a Kenyan father.
        I don’t drink red state cherry or blue state raspberry koolaid…I am an Independent. You know us, we’re the ones intelligent enough to transcend the “our team vs your team” ploitics of division. We’re the ones who have no scales upon our eyes and see things as they are. I’m not even much of a natiopnalist. I’d love to see America healed and leadership “of the people, by the people and for the people” but I fear that koolaid drinkers are too far gone. As our nation stands divided with one polital side absolutely hating the other, we have become ineffectual at creating any type of change from our current course of an elitist class and a future proletariat society.

    • whens dinner?

      lol. I cant stand Obama, he sucks at president.

    • Gary2

      its because the repubes are racsist homophobes that they are bothered by Obama on the flag.

  • Kendra

    I don’t care WHO it is that has replaced the stars (although the fact that it is Obama does infuriate me..) it’s just not okay. By doing this, Obama is now more important than our American History and heritage. That flag is a symbol of what our country has been through in order to be so great. It’s a symbol of freedom. Except that now its a symbol of sellouts, big bank interests, and decpetion.

    I think this is just totally disgusting.

  • WM

    Where were the boys in blue (police) during this? Probably arresting someone for a tailight that was out or getting donuts. They should be all over this. They arrest protesters, kids selling lmonade, people conducting Bible studies, people filming a traffic stop,etc. but they did nothing about this.

    This is an offense to this nations flag, to all the military veterans and those currently serving in the military, this is an offense to those who love this country and are thankful for the freedoms that those stars and stripes offer us, and thankful for the men and woman who paid dearly so that we can have those freedoms. Obama is laughing I am sure at how he can do whatever he thinks he wants to and no one seems to do anything about it. Why are people not speaking up and demanding accountability for this ridiculous abuse of authority. I agree, these flags should all be burnt, as they do not really qualify as being an American flag. The company who is importing them should be fined VERY heavily, and all of Obummers disciples who follow him and voted for “change” should be required to say the pledge of allegiance to a real flag 1000 times. Obummer should be kicked out of office now,with no government pension, fired for breaking the flag laws and committing treason against the USA.

    The government keeps pushing and pushing little by little so blatantly…..and surprise, the sheeple just sit back and do nothing….so the government pushes some more and strips more and more of our freedoms away and does thing that are so Un-American.

    You all know, if we just sit back and watch things happen, the goverment is onbly going to keep pushing and pushing some more. Its kind of like the schoolyard bully that pushed you each and every day, and eventually added knocking your books on the floor. He kept pushing you day in and day pout till the day came that you confronted him and “pushed back”. Problem solved.

    In the 18th Century, England kept pushing the colonist with laws, tax upon tax, and the colonist fought back…..look at the nation that grew out of that rebellion.

    I am not advocating actual fighting whatsoever, but peaceful fighting in the form of speaking out and demanding that our “leaders” be held accountable.

    People can criticize Bush and Obummer, but just look at how much change has taken place in this country since 9-11-2011. First with the Homeland Security, that was really just an excuse to open the gate to begin to remove our freedoms, and then Obummer….I will say one thing about Obummer, he promised change, and change is what we got.

    • Gay Veteran

      WM, you ever hear of the First Amendment? you can do whatever you want to the flag

      I’m a veteran, this act disgusts me, but as Americans we have FREEDOM (which is rapidly disappearing)

      • WM

        Yes, familiar with it. Just because you have the freedom to do whatever you want, does not mean you should, especially if you are the president. I have seen my share of flag burnings, and it disgusts me that some people think that Veterans like you served so that they can do whatever they want to. I agree, we seem to be losing our freedom at an alarming pace.

  • John M.

    This is just more proof of what a cult of personality Obama has, and yet another example of how he and his followers have put him above the country.

    It started with candidate Obama removing the flag from the tail of his airplane and replacing it with his own Obama seal. It then continued with the chillingly creepy videos of school children being made to sing songs praising Obama. Now this.

    These O-bots are nothing more than cult members. It’s sickening, and more than a little disturbing.

    Can you even imagine this happening with any other president?

    • jaxon64

      You forgot those creepy commercials where all of the Hollywood degenerates pledged allegiance-TO OBAMA after the election.
      I honestly believe if he wins reelection that we could see a Chavez situation before 2016.

      As a registered Independent, I don’t care what color, gender, race or party affiliation a person is–I won’t live in a dictatorship.

    • Mondo

      Yes President Obama did remove the flag of the tail of his leased jet during his campaign. It was moved to another spot on the plane. This typically happens on jets leased by those running for such a high office. He did not, and I repeat did not remove it off of Air Force 1 as many seem to believe. It amazes me that people who are online will blindly believe such stuff with out doing a search for it and find the truth. Check out this page:

  • Steven

    It is a violation of PL 94-344.

    • .

      You are OK with the government dictating what you can do with a piece of fabric? I thought you were fighting tyranny?

      • Lock & Load

        If you have such little respect for your flag (I’m assuming your American)then why don’t you pack up your house full of wal-mart shit and move out of this country. There needs to be a law to keep idiots like yourself from desecrating the flag of MY country. If you hate it so much, then get out!

        • .

          I guess the answer is, yes, Lock & Load DOES want big government dictating to him what he can do with his personal property. Pretty scary. He’s just another sheep who attaches too much meaning to symbols and material goods.

          • whens dinner?

            I have no problem with government standing up for the flag. You buy an american flag and trash it, then you are trash.

          • .

            Quotation by whens dinner?:

            “I have no problem with government standing up for the flag. You buy an american flag and trash it, then you are trash.”

            Fine. It is your right to be as self-righteous as you desire. So I’m trash if I buy an American flag and trash it, but why should it be illegal?

  • Steve Bollingsworth

    What’s the name of the website? I want one for 4th of July.

  • Gary2

    People fly the confederate flag so I do not see the difference???

  • davido

    Obama is maybe one of the worst presidents ever. Spends money like he’s printing it….oh yes, he IS printing it! Will not vote for him again!

  • bill

    How about putting a picture of Jesus on that flag instead of OB?? If the country was run according to biblical principals, we would NOT be broke, would NOT be in debt to China and have a ton of $ saved in the bank for education, infrastructure improvements, etc…..

    • angelp

      I agree 100%

  • shypuffadder

    Oh the outrage! Too many idiots.

  • David Gurney

    Our goal should be to have Obama behind bars and wearing stripes.

  • 22d22

    ******************** that flew this flag, set an example of the ndaa bill that this fool signed into legislation

  • .

    Quotation from the article:

    “Socialists and communists always love to create a “cult of personality”.”

    So do feverish nationalists, but the cult of personality exists for a piece of fabric. Borders are just lines on a map. Until everyone gets that, many proplems will never get fixed.

  • mondobeyondo

    When is Obama going to have his own monument on the Washington Mall?!

  • mondobeyondo

    Slight twist on an old favorite – I first heard this circa 1981, when I was in high school.
    Five thousand years ago, Moses said, “Grab your camels, and mount your asses, we are headed for the Promised Land”.

    Eighty years ago, FDR said, “Light a Camel, sit on your asses, we are headed for the Promised Land”.

    Today, Obama will sell your camel, kick your asses, and tell you we are in the Promised Land.

    I’m proud I’m an American, I’m glad that I am free,
    But I wish I was a little dog, and Obama was a tree.

    • Gay Veteran


      FDR saved capitalism

      • Kelby

        @ mondobeyondo LOL, thats hilarious but still all too true.

        And Gay Veteran, FDR did NOT save Capitalism – he created a fascism by starting the failed Social Security, starting the EXCESSIVE involvement in the economy. Our Fathers wanted us to keep laissez faire (leave the economy alone!) and with DAMNED good reason! FDR and his mafia did the exact opposite and look where its gotten us!

  • Kevin Wiley

    On TV when I see other Countries burn our Flag, the same Flag our solders and veterans give an oath to protect and their lives to defend breaks my heart. To see something as disgusting as this Obama flag sickens me. Although right now, I’m far away from home. I can say without a doubt America is the best Country in the world. You can take me out of America but you can never take America out of me, Some have lost their way and some are just clueless.

  • Georgiaboy61

    This stunt is just further proof that Obama and his supporters aren’t genuine Americans, and have no basic loyalty to this nation or its values.
    “If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention”…

  • Tomas

    This is just more “proof” of what this “man” and this administration is a bunch of socialist/commies. With the passing of the NDAA and now the “Trespass” Bill where only 3 congressmen voted against we are officially AmeriKa!

  • Beachluvn

    Hate to say it but I voted for the man so it’s not about accepting him as President. That’s the flag of the “American People” not the president. That flag SHOULD BE BURNT!!!!!!!!!!

  • gary2

    Michael-talk about appealing to the lowest common denomanater.

    It leads me to believe that it’s not about the flag,” she told “Certain elements cannot accept Barack Obama as president.”

    She is correct-a bunch of old white racists homophobes are the only ones who care about this,

    Its a flag-get over it.

    • whens dinner?

      old white racists homophobes are the only one who care about this ? dude you are the most judgmental person ever. And you call Michael low ? to me your comment is far far lower. You got some real nerve and need to take a long look in the mirror. Cmon Gary2 your better than that.

      • Gary2

        I simply speak the truth.

        In the big picture who cares about this either way???

  • 1stVArifleman

    I don’t completely agree with your logic. Remember the 1st Amendment supersedes any crazy law that veteran cited. To put it simply the 1st Amendment guarantees you the right to express yourself which would include flags that look similar to “Old Glory”, “The Stars and Stripes” or whatever name you want to give her. The important thing to remember is what the flag truly stands for and that is the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, especially the BILL OF RIGHTS. See a true libertarian will defend someone else’s rights even when they don’t agree with them. It is a slippery slope when you start trying to regulate the Bill of Rights.

    I realize what you are saying is from a Socially Conservative view and you feel it is justified. However, I have to be objective and be critical of you for being a pawn of the neo-cons (fascists), just as I am critical of Gary2 for being a progressive (socialist) pawn. I honestly feel social conservatives are just as great of a threat to the Constitutional Republic as the progressives. For, most Social Conservatives feel they must dictate there beliefs on other people by passing or endorsing more FRIVOLOUS LAWS! In addition, I know how manipulative and deceiving this global Rothschild cabal is, and they will use any means to meet their ends, including manipulating social conservative views or groups. Thus, no matter how just, moral, or divinely correct you believe your socially conservative view to be you have no right to dictate it on another person, especially by a law that violates the Constitution. You can’t complain about someone/law violating the Constitution when you don’t agree with that policy, but you yourself justify violating the Constitution when some law/person you agree with violates the Constitution. Remember our government is a mixed Republic that protects the rights of individuals, because our Constitution makes all US citizens their own SOVEREIGN, with Natural Rights to make their own private and personal decisions. Those natural rights would allow you to fly a Obama flag no matter how much anyone may disagree, just as a Nazi can fly a swastika flag or a southerner can fly the Stars and Bars or the Regimental Battle Flag (“Rebel” Flag). Remember people our liberties were not easily won, and to give them up because you don’t agree with someone, well is insanity or ignorance, and in my opinion neither is an excuse.

    Also, I own a Betsy Ross Flag and Betsy Ross 3% Nyberg flag, does that mean I am a desecrating the flag? Since, those flags are no longer technically the official American Flag and only have 13 stars on them and one has III (Roman Numerals). (I guess at the bare minimum it makes me a domestic terrorist to the ABC bureau-bum monitoring this site. I own a Gadsden-Culpeper Flag and Lee HQ Flag too! Molan Labe!)

    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”
    Patrick Henry

    “We are right to take alarm at the first experiment upon our liberties.”
    James Madison

    “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”
    Thomas Jefferson


    • 1stVArifleman

      “It will be found an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it.”
      George Washington

      • TK

        George Washington is a great man and was smarter than 99% of the population today!

    • WM

      Some good points you made, however, you are not the president of the United States. In spite of what rights the Constitution grants us, patriotic logic and respect for the flag should precede obummers desire to glorify himself by replacing the stars with his mug.

      • 1stVArifleman

        What does not being the President of the United States, have to do with me defending the Constitution? Unless you are trying to say that because Obama is President and has a cult like following we should be cautious of a flag like this because of the possibility of him becoming a populous tyrant. If that is your point, I have an easy answer, the 2nd Amendment!



      While right on 1st amendment grounds, don’t you think there is something really screwed up about this? Aren’t there some things that should simply be off limits? I would put desecrating the asylum state’s flag up there with molesting children. It should be totally off limits……………..

      • 1stVArifleman

        Read my comment again. Whenever you try to regulate the Bill of Rights, no matter how just you think your cause may be, it is a slippery slope. What I mean by that is, if you allow the government a precedent to regulate the Bill of Rights they will cite that precedent for more regulations in the future. Until no other option is left but violence to defend the Bill of Rights.

  • I’ve been closely watching the mayhem unleashed in the US for years and this example further highlights that the country has sunk to a new low, indeed. I honestly never thought I would see this… this out in the open… this in-your-face. I feel sorry for anyone who blindly thinks this is a great place to move TO at this point in time. That said, I have great respect for the inhabitants willing to stay and fight the good fight.

    I sincerely hope I never see Harper’s evil goody-two-shoes face on the Canadian flag… although the British Queen being on our money is bad enough.

  • jim

    This just goes to prove people need to engage brains before acting or speaking. The local Democratic party should apologize. Or is it that it is OK for them to break the law or ignore it? I guess because the President has ignored Immigration laws or DOMA laws that it is alright for everyone in the Democratic party to do the same. If I or anybody else would put their face on flag that we would be arrested. Same thing if I ignored any of the laws. Every one needs to obey the laws. We are all held for our actions for thay all have their consequences. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is a basic law of physics. Think before you act people.

  • Gary2

    Senator Pam Galloway Resigns Seat On Wisconsin Legislature, GOP Loses Senate Control

    We are taking back our country. We now control the WI senate.

    Michael and other right wingers you have to know in your heart that we on the left are going to clean your clocks!




    While many rightwingers in the democrat and republican wings of the war party HIDE BEHIND THE FLAG VENTING FALSE PATRIOTISM TO ADVOCATE FOR POLICIES LIKE WAR WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION, WATERBOARDING AND OTHER FORMS OF TORTURE, AND OPPRESSIVE POLICE STATE TACTICS, I do agree with you that actually putting someone’s face on it, like the president’s, is a real disgrace. Even though he used the military and its fighter jet and aircraft carrier toys as political props, not even Bush Jr. went this far and used his face on the amerikan flag. Bet he wishes he had though………….

  • John M. Allen

    If Barack Obama had even an ounce of the class he has so far failed to demonstrate as president (an IPod containing several of his speeches as a gift to the Queen, 21 DVDs to the British PM that he can’t even play on his machine in the UK, $15 plastic helicopters to the PMs children that were “obtained” at the last minute from the White House gift shop), then he would make a public statement that he finds this flag not only inappropriate, but offensive and wishes it taken down and destroyed. The fact that he has not already done this is more than a little indication that he actually prefers to continue this “cult of personality” most often seen in third world banana republics and communist dictatorships.

  • Gary2

    Hey look at the bright side-it could have been a picture of Magog and or Gog on the flag. Now that would be a sight to see.

  • Common Sense

    ALL American flags are made in China. Even the flags that drape the coffins of our fallen troops are made in China. The souvenirs visitors buy in the Capitol gift shop are made in China. The office supplies in every Federal and State office in America are made in China. The desks are built in China. The phones are made in China. The TVs are made in China. The radioactive drywall is made in China. EVERYTHING is made in China. The only thing we still produce in any appreciable quantity in America is filthy lying politicians.

  • “A primary object…should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing…than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country and of our national flag?”
    George Washington

    I believe this quote says it all–the flag is off limits to demi-gods and wannabe’s who will never be one of the original founders. Obama is a sad story and one which will go down in history the same as Jimmy Carter.

  • CanadaEH

    People have been duped. That is not even your flag, I’m talking about the one WITH the stars.
    THAT flag that you’ve pledged allegiance to is the american forces flag, your true flag is the civil flag. Where the colors are flipped (stars are blue background white, red and white stripes reversed and then turned sideways). One flag, the current one, was used for when the country was at war, and the civil flag was used at times of peace.
    It’s a tragedy nobody has known that since they’ve duped you. No wonder why you’re so war-strong in the head, you’ve pledged allegiance to the flag that represents war for your country, you’re under a SPELL. Break it.

  • r.n.

    we trully are living in the obamanation of desolation.

  • Annabeth Salt

    I hear he also controls the weather, eats babies, and wrote the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain.

  • Mondo

    The myth of the civil flag has no evidense to back up any of the claims on the barefoots world website. Another example of people who believe something they have read online and do no further research on the subject. The author of that site stated many things that are not true. There is no civil flag of the United States and never has been. Check this site out that explains, with evidence, all about this myth.

  • W.T.

    The problem that has become obvious, isn’t Obama, it is the people who support him and vote for him, and their ideals and initiative, or lack thereof. Societies of dependents implode. We are heading down that path, and if it continues, it will be ugly, for everyone, even those who support the “entitlement” philosophy.

  • Brian

    I was fooled into voting for Obama. Many of us were. It was a “reflex” after 8 years of Bush. This is what happens when the politics of the US are in a downward spiral. I don’t think there is a way for the normal person to climb out of the “drain.” Maybe Ron Paul if he is nominated. If he is elected and pulls this shit then it is “Bar the door.” I swear. What a mess. Romney is a “do as i say, not as i do” person. He’ll laugh every day at the normal American. He was born into a commune I’ve read. From such an upbringing, how poorly will he “serve” us if elected? I hear that his wife says he’s a funny guy. OK, so what. I know Ron Paul has his drawbacks but he gets to the point so much better than the rest of the bubble heads. I hope he’s nominated so I can vote for a “reason.” If not, I’ll never care for politics again. If he is elected, he better do a good job for the US. Bring the soldiers home to guard our borders and help make sure the mail is delivered. Really, that’s it. Our Soldiers are here to protect the US, not the interests of some (oil) cooperation, overseas.

  • Jennifer

    Above is a link to a website which gives an overview of the history of the creation of the American flag.

    Above is a website that discusses what the American flag means to us as a nation.

    With all the great men and women that helped to create and lead our Nation, not one man or woman has ever been so vain as to think they were our Nation. Not one felt as though their image should be included on our Nation’s flag. All past great men and women understood the meaning and unity behind our American flag.

    I am not sure how this flag with President Obama’s image circulated, but I do believe as leader of a great Independent Nation, our President should stand up and publically recognized the desecration of our Nations flag and how that affects our Nation as a whole.

  • Can’t Americans see the evil in the past dictators when we were put in chains? The ppl supporting this act are obviously those that are always on the taking or receiving end of government. This has nothing to do with color but everything to do with our way of life and how democrats refuse to obey our established law but expect the ppl to follow their illegal establishment of new laws????

  • Ruth

    He disgusts me. These California liberals better not dare hang that abomination anywhere that I happen by because I assure you it will be a flaming flag in short order.

  • Brenda Stines Mills

    that’s what megalomaniacal dictators do… are the libs too brainwashed or too stupid to realize that?… also, they are breaking a federal law… are they too brainwashed or too stupid to realize that? God help America…the despot needs to go…libs you should look that word up… everyone else already knows what it means…

  • migdalia.leonie

    This Obama flag I find it offensive and disgusting, through out history many brave men died and shed their blood for our Freedoms and to have the face of this evil man on our Flag is a crime. I want my Country back from this communist dictator.

  • Joseph Angel Velez

    I am thinking of buying one of the Obama flags so the day that he leaves the White House I can make a video tape with Barack Obama’s face plastered on the American flag so I can set that sucker on fire and we’ll film it so we can post it on youtube facebook and every media available his face should not be in the American flag he is a disgrace and a traitor to his country so I might just get the flag what is face poster on it so the day that he leaves the White House we can still meet I can film it and at the same time set it on fire because his face does not belong on the American flag there is only one American flag many men get their lives for our freedom long live the Republic down with Obama.he can go back to Kenya Africa where he belongs he’s a traitor to this country and everything it stands for may God bless all you Americans out there who loves his country who fought for this country who are true Americans