The Demonization Of The Tea Party Movement

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Once upon a time, news anchors at least attempted to conduct themselves in a professional manner. But on election night 2010, quite a few of the anchors on the various news networks threw all standards of professionalism right out the window and did everything they could to demonize the Tea Party movement.  As you will see below, Tea Party candidates were not just called “wacky”, “kooky” and “extremists” on Tuesday night.  On MSNBC alone, Michelle Bachmann was repeatedly asked if she was “hypnotized” as the news anchors openly laughed at her while she was being interviewed, and there was a roundtable discussion which went on for an extended period of time about how Rand Paul, by himself, was going to cause a massive worldwide economic depression.  If MSNBC even had an ounce of integrity left they would fire the whole team of anchors that covered election night, but we all know that is not going to happen.  The truth is that the establishment is scared to death of the Tea Party movement now, and the executives at these various networks will almost certainly be directing their news people to demonize prominent Tea Party politicians more than ever.


During the 2010 campaign, the news media generally treated Democrats and establishment Republicans with a great deal of respect, but it was open season on Tea Party candidates.  If you were running for office under the Tea Party banner, suddenly it became acceptable for the media to refer to you as a “bitch”, a “witch” or even a “Nazi”.  The establishment is not even trying to hide the hatred that it has for those who love liberty, freedom and a more limited government any longer. 

Posted below is video of the MSNBC interview with Michelle Bachmann on election night.  It was absolutely shameful how the MSNBC anchors treated her.

Over and over and over Chris Matthews kept trying to accuse her of McCarthyism and of wanting to investigate other members of Congress for “un-American” activities.  When Bachmann refused to take the bait, Matthews started to openly mock her during the interview.  The following are some of the questions he actually asked her…. 

“Are you hypnotized tonight?”

“Has someone hypnotized you?”

“Are you hypnotized?”

“Has someone put you under a trance tonight?”

Near the end of the interview, Matthews declared that her philosophy is “to investigate everyone for everything”, once again attempting to link her to Joseph McCarthy.

As the interview was ending, he took one last shot at her: “Thank you very much, congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, who seems to be in a trance.”

How disgraceful is that?

Is this what passes for professional journalism in 2010?

Later on, as the MSNBC anchors were discussing the interview, Matthews described Bachmann as “moronically looking directly at the camera”.

Do you ever think that he would treat an establishment Democrat or an establishment Republican so shamefully?

Of course not.

Here is the video footage of that interview…..

But it is not just Michelle Bachmann that is being demonized.

On election night, one of the biggest targets was Rand Paul.  In the clip below, MSNBC anchors spend an extended amount of time discussing how Rand Paul could single-handedly cause a massive worldwide economic depression….

The video clip above is so bizarre that it could actually be mistaken for a sketch on Saturday Night Live. 

Rand Paul is going to cause a worldwide depression all by himself?

Are they kidding?

Sadly, they are not.

This is yet another sign of how desperate the establishment is becoming.

The truth about our financial system is coming out, the truth about the Federal Reserve is coming out and the truth about how the U.S. government really works is coming out.

The American people are waking up, and the overwhelming support for the Tea Party movement on Tuesday is really shaking the establishment up.

So in response, expect the vitriol from the establishment attack dogs on the major news networks to get even worse. 

The Tea Party movement is a threat to the status quo.  The Tea Party movement has the potential to bring some real change to Washington D.C.

But the folks who control the system do not like that and they aren’t just going to roll over and let it happen.  Expect the establishment to fight back and to fight back hard.

  • Concerned Reader

    What I do not ever hear any one say is that the Tea Party came about mainly because of President Bush. That man generated so much animosity among the people of this country with his tax cuts, phony wars and the fact that he almost left us on the brink of economic collapse. Let’s also not forget that he passed bills through congress that nearly turned us into a dictatorship.

    What I find ironic about this whole situation is that if Bush were still in office the liberals at MSNBC would be embracing the Tea Party because they hated Bush themselves. I mean look at desperarte Fox News is to bring the Tea Party under their dominion. They are smart enough to know that a new wave of actual change is sweeping across the nation and they want in on it, or to see it fail.

    Honestly, the Tea Party is not racist, but there are some bad eggs among the group. My gut tells me that this country was teetering on some kind of armed rebellion under Bush and this is why the Tea Party came forth. Then along came Obama who promised all these goods for America. The preceeding eight years caused people to be angry and willing to listen to new ideas. This is why Obama got elected. After two years, people are realizing that Obama is just like Bush in every regard.

    Overall, the Tea Party represents Americans not taking any **** any longer.

  • Rational Thinker

    The tea party has a loud message with little policy. It’s all very well to advocate cutting the deficit, but that would mean cutting Government spending by 40%. How they could do that so quickly without turmoil is beyond me.

    Also their encouraging of protectionism only works as long as other countries don’t slap tariffs on American products.

  • Gary

    The tea party is demonized because the are fools who are being manipulated by astro-turf rich people. Who can respect such low information unsophisticated dolts? It would be one thing if their stupidity only affected them but unfortunately they vote and their ignorance effects everyone. We have a right to be upset at this. How can so many people be so dumb? Do we even live in the same country?

  • Dave Anderson

    I would have considered myself a tea party member if their perceived ideas were closer to the center of the political spectrum.

    Just as I don’t believe throwing more money at our problems is the solution, nor do I believe that cutting more and more taxes is the answer either.

    I used to be a Republican; I used to me a Democrat; and now I am in Independent.

    Let’s have a true Third Party. Maybe the tea party folks could latch on to that idea. The R’s and D’s aren’t solving our problems.

    And let’s have true campaign finance reform.

  • Clint

    The Tea Parties claim that they formed to protest federal overspending during the Obama administration. My question is, where were these people during the Bush administration, considering: (1) the two wars Bush dragged this country into at 8 billion dollars per month, (2) the massive tax cuts to the rich, (3) the pushing through of the bloated Medicare Prescription Bill with no means to pay for it, (4) bailing out the banks with no strings attached when the economy tanked (and yes, folks, that was Bush who did it, not Obama)? The Tea Partiers get their knickers in a twist when accused of racism, but they only started up immediately after a black Democrat was elected president. I don’t see this as a coincidence.

  • Justin G.

    You’ve been slurping up the propaganda pretty good there Gary. Calling millions of Americans “fools” “dolts” “dumb” – while offering nothing up but hateful words. Vile, truly vile.

    These two video clips show the sad state of our media to the Nth degree. MSNBC, FOX and CNN are all in the same camp – Hack, Slanted Pseudo-Journalism. And people like Gary chomp onto it and just hate, hate, hate. Pathetic that he would use the word “ignorance”…

  • VegasBob

    Here in Nevada, I have no love for Harry Reid – I voted against him in both 1998 and 2004.

    But this year Reid’s Republican opponent was a Tea Party lunatic named Sharron Angle.

    Angle’s advertising explicitly demonized Hispanics and immigrants. I think she probably would have targeted African-Americans as well if she could have gotten away with it.

    While she lived off her husband’s Federal government pension, Angle wanted to privatize Social Security and Medicare. Since I am rapidly approaching the age for Social Security and Medicare, Angle’s proposals turned me off real fast. I’ll be the first to admit that Medicare costs are not sustainable. But compared to Medicare, Social Security can be fixed with only modest adjustments.

    Needless to say, I did not vote for Sharron Angle.

  • Gary

    Justin G.-yes I do think the majority of Americans are fools or to put it more kindly very low information people. All the folks who did not vote are in that category, along with the tea party fools who are manipulated by the corporate/right/rich right wing to vote against their own self interest. I would say that qualifies them as fools/dumb/dolts at best.

    This does not mean they are bad people. If stupidity were a crime the prisons would be over flowing even more than they are.

    How many Americans are functionally illiterate? Last time I checked it was north of 14%. I am sure there is a lot of overlap with the tea party. Watching the tea party rallies is like a bad episode of Jerry Springer. Toothless morons who can’t spell.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    I think that The Tea Party, as originally envisioned by Ron Paul and his allies, started out as a libertarian reaction to the horrors of the Bush regime. RP was the Republican who the neocons at Fox News loved to hate. He was anti-imperialist, anti-deficits, anti-globalist, definitely anti-neocon, anti-Drug War, anti-War in Iraq, anti-Patriot Act, anti-prison/industrial complex. But unfortunately, The Tea Party made a deal with the devil when they allied themselves with Dick Armey, Jim Dimint and many of the same neocons and globalists who raped the country during the Bush years. They would have been much better off as a third-party movement intent on building the Libertarian Party. And when I saw some morons at a Tea Party rally waving a “Dick Cheney for President” sign, I said to myself, “This movement has truly been co-opted by the very people who did nothing but vilify Ron Paul when Bush was turning us into a Third World banana republic.”

    Then there’s Tea Party darling Michelle Bachmann, who once called for nuking Iran…….definitely NOT a libertarian Ron Paul position. Yeah, I’m afraid that most of the Tea Partiers have been suckered and conned by the GOP neocons and globalists who turned the USA into a Third World horror movie called The Banana Republic of America.

  • Carl Jones

    The Tea Party is a decoy. It look real, but the reality is that its all about soaking up a lot of bad feeling. You can clearly see that the election was manipulated to elect moderates. Nothing will change.

  • zack

    The pundits on MSNBC (and most of the mainstream media) are owned by the political establishment that benefits from the status quot. The banks make billions off government debt, and so they are threatened by the Tea Party’s creating of a movement that opposes the reckless deficit spending.

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  • The Tea Party finds itself in the crosshairs of the liberal media because it contains viewpoints that can be seen as extreme and even threatening to the liberal media and to those of us that believe government has a positive role to play in American society. The Tea Party’s ideology demonizes government, as Rand Paul’s speech clearly does. Calling for fiscal sanity and responsibility are noble goals, and through compromise, can be achieved over time. But it also seems like the Tea Party is only looking out for the interests of the upper and business classes, which by default means that government is looking out for the interests of the lower and working classes. I wonder how the Rand Pauls of the Tea Party criticize and belittle the institutions of government while they become members of it.

  • Elise

    Haha, deep inside, I really feel the same as you, but I’ll try to go beyond the generalization.

    It seems that the media doesn’t quite know how to handle this new movement; rather than mock it, which will rally others and make them stronger, they should go about it professionally: cover them with integrity, and let them dig their own grave.

    The sad thing about the Tea Party is that the idea, the concept in itself isn’t so bad; when I first heard about this new movement, I thought this was great news for democracy. The problem came when you dug deeper into it: the fact is you have all these super-rich tycoons funding the whole movement under the false pretense this is a middle-class “average Joe” people movement. Why have the rich historically been Republicans? They just HATE it when the government tells them what to do and how to do it with their business and their MONEY. It is in their best interest make the government disappear. And somehow, when things are not going well in this economy, people point the finger at their politicians, hence the sudden excitement with the Tea Party.

    What these people don’t realize is what kind of world they want to unleash. They naively believe that less government will make things better. In cases such as communism, they would be right; but not in the case of a good balance (or close enough anyways) as you currently have. You’ll always have leaders: if they are not elected, they will be imposed, as in a dictatorship. You know what feels a lot like a dictatorship, much more than your current regime? Companies, businesses. If you let them loose, like, say, pre-syndicalization days, or let them do business as they wish, like in China, India, and other such countries, what do you think will happen to your standard of living? Pocket change for a salary, 6-7 work days, 12 hours a days. The poorer you’ll be, the richer they’ll be.

    Oh, you’ll have a job alright. But gone will be you “life”.