The Deep State’s Political Coup: A Special Prosecutor Means The 2018 Elections Are Life Or Death For The Trump Presidency

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The deep state is orchestrating a political coup against President Trump, and this latest move makes it clear that they are going for the jugular. Now that former FBI director Robert Mueller has been appointed as “special counsel” to investigate the scandals swirling around the Trump administration, the mid-term elections in 2018 have become of the utmost importance. There is a reason why most people refer to a “special counsel” as a “special prosecutor”. Special prosecutors usually spend years digging around even if there is absolutely no evidence that any crimes have been committed, and in the end they are always going to find someone to prosecute to justify all of the time, money and energy that they have expended. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mueller “will now have unlimited time and resources to investigate more or less anything and anyone he wants.” So in the end someone is almost certainly going to get charged with something, and it could ultimately be Trump himself.


Fortunately, special prosecutors usually take a lot of time to complete their work, and that means that it is likely that Mueller will probably not complete his investigation before the mid-term elections in 2018 have taken place.

If an impeachment process moves forward, it is going to be really tough to stop it in the Senate. No matter what the evidence shows, virtually every Democrat and many anti-Trump Republican senators would gleefully vote to impeach Trump. It would be wonderful if we could get rid of the most anti-Trump members of the Senate such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham, but neither of them is up for re-election in 2018.

However, every single seat in the House of Representatives will be up for grabs in 2018, and that is our best shot of stopping Trump from being impeached. If we can pack the House with Trump supporters, we can stop impeachment before it ever gets to the Senate.

At this point, there is no evidence that Trump has done anything wrong, and even if everything in the Comey memo is 100% true it still would not amount to obstruction of justice.

But the establishment has seized on this as their opportunity to get rid of Trump, and so now a full-blown political coup is underway. If we want to stop this witch hunt, we are going to have to take dramatic action. I have previously called for an army of pro-Trump activists to run for Congress in 2018, and now there is far more at stake than when I first issued that call.

If the deep state is successful in taking Trump down, the entire political movement around Trump will be wiped out and our constitutional republic may never recover. Trump is our last, best chance to dethrone the progressive globalist establishment, and that is why they hate him so much.

So they are using the law as a weapon to try to destroy him, and as Dick Morris has pointed out, special prosecutors always want to come up with something “to justify their own existence”…

The Trump Administration may never recover from the decision of Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein to cave into Democratic pressure and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the totally fictitious “scandal” of Trump’s relationship with Putin.

The prosecutor, hired to investigate something that never happened, will not report Trump’s innocence. Special prosecutors never do. They justify their own existence, importance, budget, and staff by finding something to prosecute. Usually the “crime” they end up going after is one that his own investigation has created.

Ultimately, Mueller may pursue an angle that doesn’t even exist at the moment, because what the Democrats and establishment Republicans are currently pinning their hopes on is rather flimsy. In congressional testimony earlier this month, FBI Director James Comey admitted under oath that nobody had told him to end any investigations for political reasons

Not in my experience. Because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something like that — without an appropriate purpose.

I mean where oftentimes they give us opinions that we don’t see a case there and so you ought to stop investing resources in it. But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal.

It’s not happened in my experience.

You can watch Comey making these statements under oath on YouTube right here

But just because Comey is a dead end doesn’t matter now, because Mueller will be able to take his investigation in any direction that he would like. There are thousands upon thousands of laws that apply to the executive branch, and by the end of his investigation he should be able to come up with something.

Meanwhile, the Trump agenda is likely to come to a grinding halt as the Trump administration constantly deals with this endless crisis. Here is more from Dick Morris

In the meantime, they hobble the president, drain away his political credibility, separate him from his supporters, and paralyze his administration. No legislator is willing to lend his support for fear of what the prosecutor might find. Each one will run for cover rather than work with Trump to get something done.

In appointing a prosecutor, Rosenstein has killed this Administration’s ability to function. No health care overhaul. No tax cuts. No government reform. All while we await the results of a nothing investigation into a nothing scandal.

So what can we do?

I don’t buy into the talk of those that are saying that things are hopeless. The promise of the Trump presidency can still be realized, but we are going to have to be willing to work together.

This is what I propose…

#1 We need pro-Trump activists to be willing to run for Congress in districts all over the nation. Don’t just sit back and wait for someone else to do it. If you live in a district where a Democrat or an anti-Trump Republican currently has a seat, you may want to consider if you should run in 2018. And if you are planning to run, please contact me so that we can rally pro-Trump voters to support you.

#2 We need to be willing to support those that are willing to stand up and run.

This isn’t a lot to ask, and if Trump supporters are not willing to do these things then there really isn’t any hope for the future of this political movement.

But I believe that there is a future for this movement. Against all odds, Trump convinced millions upon millions of Americans that we could turn this country in a positive direction, and he absolutely shocked the world when he defeated Hillary Clinton in November.

Now we have to fight for the future of this political revolution, and I believe that good men and good women all over America will rise up and answer the call.

  • William Lutz

    Michael you are at it again. Just a couple of weeks ago, you were convincing us to get ready for doomsday. Now, you claim that you don’t believe all the doom and gloom statements from others. Seriously? Which planet are you on? Please leave this crazy objective behind. This isn’t going to happen.

    The 2018 elections are almost a couple of years away, and I don’t believe the political process is going to allow us to infiltrate Congress in a breeze. The idiocy of this article is an epitome of why the optimistic Trumpster patriots should get their heads out of the sand, continue making preparations, and planning vacation time.

    • I Don’t Know

      Talking like that could get you banned here. Just sayin.

      • Zlatko Milanovic

        Sure could! Take it from me…the Commissar doesn’t like dissent!

        • epn

          And he deleted that comment!

    • “Trumpster patriots should get their heads out of the sand”

      “The sand”?? Oh, you polite little creature, you.

  • Jeff

    I am willing to do it. And I will win easily!

  • Zlatko Milanovic

    “At this point, there is no evidence that Trump has done anything wrong, and even if everything in the Comey memo is 100% true it still would not amount to obstruction of justice.”
    If that is so, you’ve got nothing to worry about, right? So what are you so worried about, hmmm?

  • iris

    The real deep state is the globalist cabal, and many politicians, whether labeled conservative or liberal, and large companies, for profit and non, take their cues from them. They don’t care whether the tool of the day is; Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, general chaos and anarchy, terrorism, weather and geo manipulation, biological/chemical alterations, whatever floats their boat to accomplish the end result; their utopian vision, with them in control, and the common folk becoming a menial labor force when allowed to survive at all. These are the folks, tied to the world banks; which cause and end wars, finance, ruin or bolster nations’ economies, rig and hack elections and disseminate mass propaganda. They’re much more astute than we give them credit for, and have been around for over 100 years. One of the worst things our Congress did was in 1913, allowing the Federal Reserve to take charge of our money.

    Of course, history is replete with the consequences of humanity’s choices. If it weren’t the global elites, it would be some other group or individual. The world as we know it is very temporary, but individuals can turn to Jesus Christ in faith, for eternal life through His atoning sacrifice for sin. Without believing and receiving God’s mercy, we’re going to keep making the same mistakes. Most of us fall for the smoke and mirrors, closed circuit of human understanding and human attempts at righteousness or control.

  • Abe

    I wonder why we din’t get a special this fast for Barry and HitLARy!

    I don’t trust former FBI Director Robert Mueller! Trump and Putin, is just an idiots fantasy for those that believe the loony left, and the neocons. They’re calling for Trump’s impeachment even before a special hearing. I heard that former FBI Director Robert Mueller will chair this joke of a hearing. So Mueller was in charge of the FBI during 9/11. Mueller is the “swamp!”

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels

    So the morning of 9/11, Coleen Rowley former FBI special agent and whistleblower, was trying to get a search warrant for Zacarias Moussaoui for the Minneapolis FBI field office even as the planes were crashing into buildings. Rowley found out Moussaoui et el were at the Northwest Airlines facility in Eagan MN learning on the simulators how control aircraft’s for just in flight. No landing, no take off. Agent Rowley called FBI Director Robert Mueller, numerous times for a search warrant. Mueller refused every time knowing there was a potential of multiple aircraft’s. What most if not all call 9/11 the largest terrorist attack ever. I call it the the largest gold heist ever. Not a peep from any one about in the basement of World Trade Center 6, being the gold vault of the Federal Reserve Bank. The 30 foot hole went from the roof, through all 6 floors to the basement. No debris in it from the 220 STORIES of WTC 1 & 2. “EVERY WAR IS A BANKERS WAR!”

    Then there’ what the FBI & DOJ did to Sibel Edmonds

    • iris

      Yep, thanks, Abe. There were so many missing pieces and data that didn’t line up with the “independent panel” appointed by W over 9/11. The first homeland security bill of 1200 something pages was sitting there, though, and was signed into law within 2 days. I believe only 2 in Congress actually read the whole thing first, and U.S. citizens lost a great deal of their rights and privacy, now it’s even worse in that regard, but as far as I know, none of the 40+ known terrorist cells in our country at that time, have been dismantled. I’ll bet there are many more now. Imo, it points more to an inside job than anything, and some 50% of New Yorkers for years, agreed.

      The same thing happened with Pearl Harbor. FDR knew full well that we had received over 300 messages from the Japanese, over months, that if we didn’t lift the oil sanction against them, they would be forced to attack us. FDR et al responded by leaving 2/3 of our naval fleet sitting there, and then claimed it was an outrageous surprise. These games are played by both ends of the political spectrum, and they’re taking orders from those higher up. FDR was anti Semitic and wouldn’t have gotten involved in WW2 at all, had he not been so pressured from 2 very rich businessmen who had heavy investments in Europe. I’m glad the Nazis lost, although their racist ideas are still alive and well in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere.

      • Abe

        I had two Senators that were originally against war. Wellstone died in a plane crash a couple weeks before being elected. The weather was BS! I think it was the same weapon that did Deepwater Horizon. This caused Dayton to become a drunken idiot and go along with the propaganda.

        “There were so many missing pieces and data that didn’t line up with the “independent panel”

        Everything was missing. Even the planes. I even went to the funeral of Tom Burnett. Flt. 97. I was good friends with his sister. They grew up two doors down from me.

        I do believe that Americans are about to know they’ve been duped by the neocons and progressives. The house of cards are ready to fall. At least Trump got people to wake up about the “VERY FAKE MEDIA”. This by itself is a game changer. He appears to be getting along to go along, but I firmly believe this is just a ploy. I think he’s going to expose everything once the economy crashes. Those crooks in DC are about to feel the wrath of the American public!

        Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is the swamp. This is just another distraction for two things.

        One, the global monetary collapse that’s days at worst, and weeks at best. Hope your ready.

        Two, is to protect the pedophiles in CONgress.

        Should research Herbert Walker, Avril Harriman, Prescott Bush, John J. McCloy, and others involved with the 1933 coup, and arming the Nazis. McCloy had all the traitors walk! They should of been shot! Bush was a front man for Fritz Thyssen at Union Bank. Hitler was looking for his money, and so was Truman. To bad Harry didn’t go to Wall Street.

        John J. McCloy was in FDR’s cabinate, World bank Pres. and on the Warren Commission. “EVERY WAR IS A BANKERS WAR!”

        The Nazi’s are alive and well in DC.

        • iris

          Wow, thanks, Abe! Always appreciate a real history lesson. It’s sad that history is so often re-written, case in point, just look at the garbage required by the CA school system today. Did you know that we actually helped to foment much of the crises in the Middle East against Israel from the 1930s, on? I believed it was only over oil, but from the names you brought up, it probably had a lot to do with anti Semitism, as well. The U.S., while remaining allies with Israel in some ways, has also been quite duplicitous. God bless.

          • Abe

            The 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, The Balfour agreement came out of the end of WWI, just for the Rothchilds. aka .Khazarian Mafia. aka fake Jews. I’ve got a lot of old books. Even after I donated over half of them of the library. A lot of times I hear something screwy, and have easy references to confirm my suspicion. Not talking science, but history and maps. It’s a safe bet nothing you hear from the state and very fake news is true. Not many love history as much as I, let alone did through multiple sources for answers. Only a fool would believe everything from one source. To know the future is to understand the past. History always repeats it’s self. Why??? LOL THE SAME THING ALWAYS WORKS FROM ONE GENERATION TO THE NEXT. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. In my 60+ years I can’t believe whats happened to education. Kids today are brain dead.
            Thanks for your kind words.

    • epn

      Finally a commenter with a brain, unlike that looney Carrie and others here.

      • Abe

        Thank you epn for being awake. Usually only trolls hit me with comments I make like this. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is the swamp. This is just another distraction for two things.

        One, the global monetary collapse that’s days at worst, and weeks at best. Hope your ready.

        Two, is to protect the pedophiles in CONgress.

  • Linda

    You missed the absolute most important thing we should do – PRAY! I truly believe that Trump won this election because God chose him. If God wants Trump to be president, there is nothing the Deep State can do that will change that.

    • iris

      So true! Yes, God is ultimately in control. He allows many circumstances in our lives for our best in the long run and to show us that we need Him. He gives us free will, because we are made in His image, but He remains sovereign, non the less.

    • “If G-d wants Trump to be president, there is nothing the Deep State can do that will change that.”

      So if when deceitful Donald is removed from Office, it will be because G-d wanted that, right? Because you don’t think highly enough of G-d if you think He EVER wanted Demᴽnic Dᴽnald to darken the White House.

  • LOL, Robert Mueller has worked since 2014 at the law firm Wilmer Hale — which represents Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, as well as Paul Manafort.

    So, yeah, let’s all be super worried about this going poorly for Donald. Dimbulb Donald IS the quintessential Teflon Don, as no matter how often he commits crimes, faux pas, and bad acts, he still sails off with a free pass because everyone considers his grotesqueries simply the acts of a little scamp. Reminds me of Lou Costello with his finger in his mouth saying, “Ain’t I a little stinka!”

  • “If we can pack the House with Trump supporters, we can stop impeachment before it ever gets to the Senate.”

    Ummm, but even plain old American CITIZENS want Dishonest Donald impeached. More voters want the Prevaricatin’ P*ssy-grabber removed from Office than want him to remain.

    How would anyone drum up enough traitorous non-Patriots to pack the House with enough traitorous non-Patriots to keep the Feds off of Beelzetrump?

  • SantosGarcia