The Dark Side Of Halloween: The Kind Of Stuff That Real Life Nightmares Are Made Of

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On October 31st, tens of millions of Americans will celebrate Halloween by going trick-or-treating or by attending costume parties.  For most people, Halloween is a fun evening of dressing up and eating too much candy, and it is a holiday that is becoming more popular than ever.  According to a recent report from the National Retail Federation, seven out of every 10 Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year.  That is the highest level that the National Retail Federation has ever recorded.  This year, it is being projected that Americans will spend $6.86 billion on Halloween.  Every year Halloween just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  But there is also a dark side to Halloween.  It is not “politically correct” to talk about this, but the truth is that the way that many people choose to celebrate Halloween is the kind of stuff that real life nightmares are made of.


This article is controversial.  If you are going to be very offended or very frightened by what really goes on deep in the woods on Halloween night, then you probably should not read it.

It is not “cool” to talk about the dark things that happen on Halloween.  A lot of people will get very upset when they read this article.  But just because people want to deny what is going on does not mean that the horrific rituals and blood sacrifices described below do not exist.

So please be warned.  This article is attempting to discuss a very, very controversial subject.  If you think that this may deeply offend or deeply traumatize you, then you might not want to read it.

Let’s ease into this slowly.

So how exactly did we get this holiday that we call “Halloween”?

A recent article posted on Raiders News Update summarized some of the history behind this holiday….

ALL HALLOWS’ EVE, or Halloween, originated in the 7th century AD. It was celebrated on 13 May and was a night for remembering deceased saints and martyrs. The date was later changed to November 1 in order to Christianize the pagan holidays Beltane and Samhain–festivals of summer, winter and fire.

The Catholic Church attempted to make a very popular pagan festival an official holiday of Catholicism.  But the truth is that Samhain was celebrated for many centuries before “Halloween” was ever invented.  In fact, there are many groups that celebrate Samhain even today.

A lot of Protestants did not approve of “Halloween”.  In many areas of early America, Halloween was considered to be so evil that it was banned.  But later on as waves of immigrants from Europe came over the celebration of Halloween began to spread and today it has been overwhelming accepted by most of society.

When I was growing up, most children would dress up as ghosts, cartoon characters or super heroes on Halloween.

But today, Halloween has become much more “edgy” and much more “seductive”.

An article posted on the website of the L.A. Times noted that even girls as young as seven or eight years old are now dressing very “sexy” for Halloween….

“Halloween costumes for 7- and 8-year-old girls and even younger have become downright titillating, and for tweens and teens, the vast majority of those sold in stores and on the Internet are unabashedly sexually alluring.”

But is this a good thing?  In a recent article for the Washington Times, Tricia Owen lamented how depraved Halloween is becoming….

What’s happened to Halloween? I live around the corner from one of those pop-up costume shops, and looking in the window is truly frightening. Not because of all the ghouls and goblins, but because of what can only be described as the debasement of Halloween. There are the sexy nurse, sexy teacher, sexy witch, naughty nun – a seemingly endless supply of not sexy, but R-rated costumes.

Since when did Halloween become an excuse to dress so, well, slutty?

Unfortunately, the truth is that Halloween was never an “innocent” holiday.  It is just that mainstream America is quite a bit more eager to embrace the darkness of Halloween these days.

Most Americans are completely unaware of it, but the reality is that some very, very bizarre rituals take place on Halloween night.  For some, Halloween night is the most important night of the year.

There is a reason why many animal shelters and pet stores refuse to adopt out black cats in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

The following comes from an article in the New York Daily News….

“This is a time when blood rituals take place,” said Hedy Litke, director of animal placement at the ASPCA. “Black cats are often sacrificed.”

Once again this Halloween, there will be cats, dogs and other animals that will be tortured and/or sacrificed.

The people that work at animal shelters day in and day out know what is going on.  The following is from an article in the Baltimore Sun….

“As horrible as this may sound, cats are tortured around Halloween time,” said Deborah Thomas, executive director of the Maryland SPCA, which for years has enforced a virtual moratorium on black cat adoptions in the days before Halloween. “It’s just incredible what people will do to cats, as if they don’t have any feelings.”

Reportedly, black cats and white cats are the ones most commonly used in these rituals, but as an article in the L.A. Times noted, these groups will use cats of any color if they are desperate….

“There are also so-called religious groups that sacrifice animals,” said Leslie Eppick of the Glendale SPCA. “If desperate, they will take any cat, no matter what color.”

For those that love cats, stories like these are absolutely horrifying.  How anyone could treat cats this way is absolutely inconceivable.

But this stuff really happens.

In fact, if you are squeamish, you might not want to read this next part.

The following is from an article posted on….

The black cat was carried into the woods near a Clayton County, Ga. apartment complex, sprayed with flammable liquid and set on fire.

In Stockbridge, Ga., someone tried to chemically burn a devil caricature, horns and all, into the face of a black kitten.

As another Halloween approaches, animal activists and animal shelter officials say black cats, always shrouded in superstition, always linked to bad luck, again are at risk for twisted holiday rituals.

“I think more happens than we know about,” Deborah Rumbold of PeachState Pet Partners said.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in the occult in the United States.  Some of the most popular books, television shows and movies have been about vampires, witches, warlocks, ghosts and dark supernatural phenomena.

Unfortunately, some people seem to want to act out these things in real life.  For example, down in Florida recently an 18-year-old girl was charged along with four others of beating a 16-year-old boy to death.

What was so strange about this was the fact that the 18-year-old girl actually believes that she is part vampire and part werewolf.

The following comes from an article about this bizarre incident from the local NBC affiliate in Miami….

Stephanie Pistey confirmed assertions by police in Parker, Fla., that the people involved in the July murder of 16-year-old Jacob Hendershot were in a vampire cult. Pistey, who was arrested last Monday and charged with accessory to murder, said she sees herself as a modern day Dracula.

“Since I was like 12 every fiber in my body, basically everything, I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I’m a vampire and part werewolf,” Pistey told WBBH-TV.

Sadly, this is not just an isolated incident.  Just check out the following description of another “vampire crime” that comes from a recent article by the Christian Post….

Just a few months ago, a 19-year-old in Texas, claiming to have been a 500-year-old vampire needing to be fed, broke into a woman’s home, threw her against the wall, and tried to suck her blood.

Whether you want to deny it or not, the truth is that there are some people out there that take this stuff very, very seriously.

For many of them, Halloween is the highlight of the year.

You see, it is not just cats that are abused and sacrificed on Halloween.

Children are often involved as well.

You won’t find it very often in the mainstream news, but the reality is that a lot of people have come forward with stories of what really happens on Halloween night.

If you don’t want to believe what they are saying, then don’t believe it.

But that doesn’t mean that it is not happening.

You can view video from a documentary of one ex-Satanist describing his involvement in horrific blood rituals on Halloween night right here.

Do you think that he is lying about the sacrifice of that little girl and about how the Satanists would drink her blood?

Many people simply do not want to believe that such things are going on in America.

Sadly, a lot of people have come forward with tales of ritual abuse.  The following is what one blogger shared about her memories of Halloween abuse from childhood….

Some of my earliest memories of the ceremony and worship of the dark side that I experienced here follows. One of the hardest involved being up in the canyon at the lodge where they gathered. Very late into the night of the moons shining upon them they would begin. After the normal families left and the “die hards” lit the bonfire and continued to binge on the feasts and drink the hard booze it would commence. There was a man who was the leader. He would “all gather, lets get this thing on the road” and cheers would sound up as the wild tones would echo. I and other kids, children of the others there were in a cabin like building. The big kids would then get the little kid that was chosen by the adults. That night it was me.

You can read the rest of her nightmarish story right here.

There are some groups that actually use “breeders” to produce babies that will be used for child sacrifices.  The following is what Nancy Dunn (who was raised in a Satanist family) recently told CBN….

“My father worked in the aerospace industry. My mother worked for a doctor. On the outside just looked normal, but nobody knew what was going on behind closed doors.

My father was actually a Satanic high priest, so he did all kinds of evil things. He sexually assaulted me, took me to satanic rituals. My father actually used me as a baby breeder, which means I was impregnated so the Satanists would have a baby to sacrifice to the devil in their Satanic rituals. As soon as I was able to have a baby, I was pregnant.”

As I mentioned earlier, it is very controversial to discuss the dark side of Halloween.

There is stuff going on out there that is absolutely unimaginable.

A lot of people do not want to acknowledge the real life nightmares that happen during Halloween, but refusing to acknowledge them will not make them go away.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    The Hollywood idiots are more than happy to serve up Vampire trash to your children…

    • Joe Johnson

      As a real conservative you have no stomach for people that can actually think for themselves and happen to work in the movie business. These Hollywood idiots put thousands of folks to work each year, making a wage commensurate with the cost of living in this country. What is your contribution to the current state of affairs in this country. ?

      • wisefool

        Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. I thought I’d heard it all until I read Joe trying to justify degeneracy by the jobs they create…really? dang….

    • United We Stand For Prosperity

      A bit about the history of all hallows eve. Take note of the original publication date.
      I’m convinced a gang of parasitic vampires are running things, I mean, they just can’t let the sun shine in the most beautiful natural way, for one thing. Pretty sure vampires don’t like sun. Drag ’em out by the light of day, the worlds disinfectant so it’s been said. Sick of the filthy skies and the filth these vampires spread about the world.
      So I guess I will be celebrating all Saints Day after all hallows eve. Might need the help of Saint Michael to rid the world of these evil devils and get thee behind thee!

  • Harriett

    Thank you for this article. It needed to be said.

    • Joe Johnson

      Of all things needed to be said in this late great society, this has to be somwhere near the bottom.

      • Ashly

        Joe Johnson, you are filled with hatred.

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh yeah, there’s also Devil’s Night in Detroit, when gang members torch abandoned buildings in that city on the night before Halloween. Must be fun, eh?

  • mark

    This is so sad. Our sociaty trys to make little girls bad. Give them a break. Let them just be little and sweet. They grow up too quick anyway. We tend not to be involved in Holloween. Nobody ever comes to our home way out in the country on holloween night. It can be very dark and the owls in the forest sound kind of spooky. The church took over the pagan days in December that was a drunken week long party and turned it into Christmas. The church has tried to take pagan parties and turn them into sonething better.

  • HeartofShadows

    Wow you need to stick to the other kind of articles. This is kind of sad.

  • ScoutMotto

    Very good article, Michael. I help moderate a website for men who were abused as children and adults, and sometimes ritual comes up in the topics. Heartbreaking stuff.

    • Michael

      I can only imagine the kind of things that you hear about on that website.

      A lot of stuff goes on in America that the public never even learns about.


      • ScoutMotto

        That should say ‘ritual abuse’ but you get the idea.

  • Chris

    I never heard of any of this…very scary stuff indeed!

  • Owen

    As a Christian, I have absolutely detested Oct. 31st. I consider it the darkest day of the year. For over 30 years, our porch lights have never been turned on to signify our participation in a dark pagan ritual of unimaginable evil. I hope all true Chritians are discerning enough to know that they, too, should be boycotting this celebration of evil.

    • Joe Johnson

      It is believed by many scholars that Christmas was also initialy a pagan holiday coincidining with the Roman winter solstice. The Catholic church co-opted the day as the birth of Christ. Today it is nothing more than a retailers dream providing them 70% of annual profits. I suppose if it generates enough revenue and profit for capitalist, it can’t be evil. At least we know that holds true for the banking industry.

  • MaddMaxx

    October 31 also is Reformation Day. Martin Luther’s nailing of his ninety-five theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517, provoked a debate that culminated finally in what we now call the Protestant Reformation.


    The Making of the Protestant Reformation (Part 1)

    • Glock30Eric

      Happy Reformation Day by the way!

      I am glad that you brought this up. :) God’s grace be with you always.

  • Ken w

    The greatest feat that Satan ever accomplished was to make people believe he wasn’t real.

    • J Colin Vaughan

      Actually, the greatest feat Satan – or the “force of evil” – ever accomplished was to make certain people (European witch hunters of the middle ages, Christian fundamentalists of America, Muslim fundamentalists of Iran, Iraq, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, etc.) believe that the true way to serve God, who is merciful and compassionate, was to do the work of Satan and behave with no mercy and no compassion whatsoever. Thus, the God of Love becomes the God of Hatred, Murder, Torture, Rape and Evil.

    • Joe Johnson

      Many believe satan is at work everywhere; George Bush, Dick Cheney, Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama, Lloyd Blankfien, Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernake, Alan Greenspan, Donald Rumsfeld, Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Ayn Rand, Sean Hannity, Dick Army, Karl Rove, Adolph Hitler, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Charles Manson, Newt Gingrich, Anthony Wiener, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Michelle Bachmann, Erskine Bowles, Alan Simpson, David Koch, Charles Koch and many, many others.

      • Ashly

        Obama, you, Hillary…

  • had a priest many yrs ago that would throw a party for children and have food, games,etc…but the catch was that one had to come as a biblical character and in modest clothing……no Eve pre-Fall in other words….Satan mock and apes God, hence not surprising that he mocks the eve of God’s saints….Michelle Remembers, good book, similar to the CBN interview….might add that Robertson is scary himself…..As Christ conquers nations, so to His Church over pagan celebrations, substituting a holy time in place of evil paganism…that said, no many kids in my neighborhood, will likely have lights off, no candy…..any more, too many wackos…..many now also going to malls and Churches for candy,etc….much safer…..good that you brought up the satanists….a real threat and on the rise, as more exorcisms are needed per Fr. Amorth… to pray and be in the Ark…..

    • BePrepared

      My church has an ‘Saints’ costume party for the kids on (or near) Halloween; no ugly/evil/scary stuff, just come dressed like a saint. Wonderful example for young impressionable minds!

  • Gary2

    WOW good article Michael. before I read it I thought you were referring to conservatives being scary and creepy. I still thing they fit the bill so to speak. They are way more scary then anything in your article as their policies hurt way more people.

    Maybe if we cut taxes on the rich, err, job creators Halloween will go away? Its about as believable as cutting their taxes will create jobs.

    • Ben Dover

      Gary, give it a rest!

    • MatterOfFact

      yea really Gary let it go!!

    • whoisbiggles


      You sure about that – you’d rather hand over your child to satanist then vote conservative?

    • Guido

      There’s always room for dogma!

  • C#

    Thanks for this article. Although some of the stories and links are graphic, I disagree that it is “controversial”: there is plenty of evidence that ritual satanic abuse happens, and with all of its emphasis on death, gore, and evil, it is not a stretch to believe that Halloween would be an important time to Satanists.

    In the pre-Vatican II calendar, Halloween day is the Vigil of All Saints and is supposed to be a fasting day. Perhaps those of us who still fast should devote our fasts to the conversion of these Satanists.

  • Rowell

    It’s very easy to blame television, the movies or even a holiday such as halloween for the evils in this world. Children that claim to be vampires, or go around killing other children, that sounds like poor parenting to me. It’s so simple to blame the “evils” of the world for the eradict acts children perform, but if the parents were doing their jobs, paying attention to their children and guiding their development, such things would be less apt to occur.

    I grew up in some tough times. I was exposed to some dark elements and some rotten apples. But because my mother was involved in my life, I developed a strong moral compass and steered clear of “the dark side”. Parents today are just too busy, too uncaring, to pre-occupied or predisposed to get involved in their child’s life. And that’s the foundation for kids today to find someone to pay attention to them any place they can…even the more seedy alternatives.

    • wisefool

      We can blame those for the ‘influence’ of evil. We don’t battle against the flesh, but against the powers of darkness. Too bad the world has been handed over (temporarily) to the degenerates who’s agenda IS to destroy what is good.

  • Texan Patriot

    Good article. Another example of the moral decline of this once great nation. Children here indeed are loosing their childhood. Sexualizing children is evil and the popular culture continues to do it. Occult things are dangerous and evil. Why do people waste their time on creepy things like Halloween? If they want scary, they should just watch the news.

  • Joe Johnson

    I’m sure satanic rituals happen all year long, not just during Holloween, after all, it is a religion of sorts. Christians burned people at the stake, alive, and commited other atrocities in the name of their particular brand of belief. Since I’m a people I find that much more disconcerting. Extremist Muslims find it necessary to murder as many infidels as possible while blowing themselves up, they don’t require any special day to do so, so watch out for those guys. So, one might say that satanic worship is no different, or worse, than many other forms of worship. For me, if this particular brand of nuts called satan worshipers decide to kill a few black cats, and that keeps them from requiring a child, I’m all for it. Sell them the cats.

  • KnightOwl

    There have been sick twisted people from the beginnings of time. However now Hollywood and our culture are popularizing these sick twisted ideas as being mainstream or even “Cool”. We will continue to see increases as long as the weak minded are exposed to this satanic crap…

    • Joe Johnson

      I’m going to say you’re a conservative and as such believe in getting government out of the way. As the typical conservative though that reasoning only goes so far-sound like you.? When it comes to things you don’t agree with such as Hollywood liberal thinking or abortion, you feel the government should step in and impose you’re sense of morality, otherwise, stand back. It is this hypocrisy on many fronts that most find very distasteful.

      • chris

        I didn’t see him say anything about having the government fix the problem…

  • Hyperseer

    I’ve read articles implying that many of the members of the elite that control the world are in fact Satanists. Someone actually did a chart showing how the major silver beatdowns coincide with Satanic holy days. I for one believe it – it’s obvious that the handful of families who control the majority of wealth on this planet sold their souls for money and power a long time ago…

  • The”dark side” of America isn’t only Halloween, it’s all year; and, well-protected. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything” “Go along to get along” “Boss ain’t always right; but, he’s always the boss” “Nobody can do any good” (and you better not try to do any good, or we’ll fix you) On and on, like that.

    One of the “Seven Sages” of ancient philosophy was Bias of Priene (Ionian). His axiom was “Most men are evil” He was reputed to be a kind, generous and honest man.

  • I think the story of Valentine’s Day is much more horrifying.

  • vincent

    A woman said to the well known Stigmatist, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina: “I don’t believe in Satan!”
    Padre Pio replied: “You will believe in him, when you meet him!”

  • BePrepared

    I totally 100% dismiss and ignore Halloween (a.k.a. Satan’s high holy day)…as best I can! Just get me over to All Saints Day :) then I’ll celebrate our friends in Heaven!!!

  • Every day over 4000 innocent human babies are sacrified in this country on the altar of ‘choice.’ We have become calloused to the real purpose of life and have substituted that purpose for cheap man-made idols of fame, fortune and feelings.
    As atrocious as satan worship is, how much worse is the taking of a human life because of economic difficulty, family embarassment or “I just can’t be punished with a baby right now.”(thank you, Pres. Obama)
    It is little wonder that our children are growing up believing bizarre delusions when we have abandoned the sacredness of human life.

    • Gay Veteran

      hey justadad, how many unwanted babies have you adopted? None? Then you have no moral authority to speak on this subject.

      • ScoutMotto

        Gay Vet, what you demand in your call for justadad’s silence is completely unfair. He should not have to adopt every “unwanted” baby to speak on a particular matter.

        Everyone has a voice, including you and including him. But what you demand of him is not reasonable. It is however very reasonable to desire that a woman who gets pregnant either be the mother, or give up the baby to someone else who wants to be a mother. Mothers do this everyday, so there is nothing unreasonable in wanting this, for the sake of an innocent.

        • Ben Dover

          Typical of those who believe in “choice”. YOU take responsibility for my actions. These women are still mothers. Just mothers who have killed their babies.

          The thing about the life or health of the mother is largely bogus. It is most often used to asuage guilt.

        • Gay Veteran

          ScoutMotto: I’m not demanding that justadad adopt EVERY unwanted baby. Just ONE will do before he seeks to impose his beliefs on others. The failure to do so proves that he is unwilling to take on the burdens he seeks to place on others.

          • justadad

            Gay Veteran,
            By what “moral authority” do you call them “unwanted” and “burdens”?
            By what “moral authority” did Obama call them “punish”ments?
            How dare you impose your beliefs on others?
            I am being accused of exercising “moral authority” for calling the baby inside a mother’s womb a human being. I am merely stating a known scientific fact.
            If it isn’t a human baby, what on earth is it? A bag full of feral cats?

            When my oldest child was 2 & 1/2 years old, he refused to leave the hospital after his mother had a routine OB check-up. With tears pouring down his face, he confusedly thought that his mother was leaving without his little brother, whom he had been told would be born at said hospital. He was calmed down when his mother reassuringly placed his hand on her tummy and he felt little brother kicking inside. He knew it was a human baby and he was ‘expecting’ a baby along with his parents.
            Is it a human baby inside the uterus?
            If a 3 year old can answer the question, why can’t 9 grown adults sitting on the highest court of our land?
            If it is a human being, why will we not grant it the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

            You assert that my freedom of speech must be limited because, according to you, I must have adopted children before I can ‘morally’ open my mouth on this issue.
            Is that really the argument you wish to hide behind? Then you have already lost the debate.
            This is a blog for opinions and the moderator has given you the same opportunity to “impose” your opinions (beliefs) as he has given me.

      • justadad

        Thank you for rightly calling them babies and not hiding behind the latin term, fetus (which incidently means ‘baby’). You prove my point, they are babies and as such are to be protected whether born or inborn. Therein lies my ‘moral authority’. I am speaking out on behalf of millions of innocents who will never be heard because they are slaughtered before given the chance to breathe.
        As to whether I have adoopted children or not; it is an empty argument to which no answer is required. So I leave you in your ignorance.

        • Gay Veteran

          We know the answer. Of course you haven’t adopted an unwanted baby. Your type is unwilling to take on the burdens you seek to place on others.

          • ScoutMotto

            Let me see if I can apply your logic: I have many gay friends, but because I am not gay, I cannot speak in favor of gay rights. Sorry, but I guess I have no voice for your or your cause.

          • Gay Veteran,
            What burdens do “people like us” seek to place on others? Is it a burden to ask a mother not to kill their own child. A child who cannot defend themself. These people put the burden on themselves by living irresponsibly and getting themselves pregnant in the first place. The whole problem is people not taking responsiblity for their actions. Instead they take the easy way out for themselves at the expense of their own baby. Plus there are plenty of people who want to be parents but can’t. At least give the child a fighting chance. Who are we to play God?

      • mb

        hey justadad, how many unwanted babies have you adopted? None? Then you have no moral authority to speak on this subject.

        Taking your logic to the next step, by throwing in your 2 cents (and thats about what your comment is worth) you yourself are “speaking on the subject”. Therefore you yourself have adopted, am I correct Sir?

    • Ben Dover

      I have helped place the crosses for aborted babies at my church. Mine is one of few local parishes that has room for all of them (well over 4000 babies aborted every day). Most parishes have to use 1 cross for every 10 babies. It is truly a disturbing sight once the crosses have all been placed.

      • grateful

        Ben Dover
        Thank you for your bold participation in a public event to acknowledge and commemorate the deaths of the unborn. Most Americans, even those who oppose abortion, are not willing to be identified and are completely ignorant of the magnitude of this national crisis. God bless you.

  • KT

    There is also a great Christian watchman who goes into this with way more detail.

    His name is Dr.Scott Johnson

    Check out his research:

  • Ouida Gabriel

    The other day I was walking through the store and asked my husband if he noticed anything odd about the Halloween costumes. All of the girl – even very little girl – costumes had a “naughty” vibe about them. The boy costumes were cute, Mario, Batman, Superman. It is sickening.

    Thank you Michael, for putting this article up. It is also refreshing to see so many people comment in agreement.

    • mondobeyondo

      On any other night, watching 5 year old girls dressed as French maids would make any normal male a pedophile…

  • Fred

    Ah BS!

  • confused

    Why would anyone choose to follow a defeated power?

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Halloween is my birthday (yes, I really was born on Halloween). The interesting thing about being born on Halloween is that everyone who shows up at your birthday party looks like they just stepped out of an old episode of “Dark Shadows.” You get Barnabus Collins biting people on the neck, Quentin turning into a werewolf and Angelique putting a curse on anyone who gets on her bad side. And things become even crazier when Laura Collins the phoenix shows up praying to Ra The Sun God.

    But it’ll have to be a small birthday cake this year because money is tight when you live in a banana republic (the one south of Canada).

  • mondobeyondo

    Considering how popular movies such as the “Twilight” series are…. we’ve got a long, uphill climb to go.

    To paraphrase a popular country song, “Darling, don’t let your babies grow up to be vampires…”

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Whether you want to deny it or not, the truth is that there are some people out there that take this stuff very, very seriously….”

    True, and they are mentally disturbed.

  • old soldier

    Good article. Wish, in a way, I never read re: what was/is done to black cats and kittens. It kinda tore my heart out reading it. Very true about the R rated, provocative costumes for girls and women.Every Halloween see the advertisements with alot of pictures of what is available for women and young girls. When did Halloween cease being fun, as it was when I was very young? Again, good article. It needed to be said.

    • Ben Dover

      I have never been a cat person, but am also not a twisted freak who tortures them. Sadly, this kind of twisted behavior happens every day.

      If they are just some of the dilapited structures in Detroit, I don’t see a problem, other than tying up firemen to keep the fires from spreading to useable structures. Any federal aid given to Detroit should be in the form of demolitiion equipment and dump trucks. Could serve a jobs program. Change we can believe in.

  • Whatta heck? That’s scary!

  • MaddMaxx

    “My Halloween Theory” by Tim Challies, blogger, author, and book reviewer:

    “What Halloween offers is the one day in the year where I actually communicate with my neighbors and where there seems to be a sense of community. This is the one day in the year where I can go and knock on my neighbor’s door and find that he will do something good for me. At the same time, he will knock on my door and I will do him some good.

    This calls us back to something we know existed at one time—a sense of local community. We may never have experienced this kind of thing, but in the background of our cultural memory, we know it is there. We know there was a time when we truly related to the people around us and Halloween triggers that memory, that memory of something we just vaguely remember and somehow still long for.”

  • Nick Nailer

    My uncle used to have a farm and all the cats would get into the chicken coops. He built a trap for em. When it was full he’d empty it into a burlap bag. He would then smack it against an oak tree. Cats are worthless animals. The only thing they’re good for are crab pots.

    • MatterOfFact

      thanks for sharing that Nick……..I think we just found mentally disturbed person #1

    • Gay Veteran

      People who abuse animals often go on to abuse people

      • justadad

        It is interesting that you seem to lament the abuse of animals (and rightly so) but are critical of people who speak out against the willful murder of unborn children.
        A society that abuses unborn children often goes on to abuse its living children (This is proven statistically: evidenced by the dramatic rise in child abuse since the legalization of abortion)

    • Guido

      That’s a repulsive story, if it’s true, and rather cruel and ignorant. There’s no explaining the nasty crap in man’s heart.

  • Brian Gregory

    Christian holy days do not begin at sunrise or midnight but 6pm of the previous evening (vigil). I also suggest you stop writing Satanic gibberish – God is the Creator of time.

    Who are you to judge what days are holy, and what days are not, as if Satan is the equal of God. He is not – he is a fallen angel.

    The best way to counter Satanists mocking All Saints’ Day, on Hallowe’en,is to begin the Festival of All Saints (1 November) as it should be celebrated – on the evening of October 31st (after 6pm) either with a Eucharist or ‘vigil service’.

    Read St. Paul:14.5-10: ‘For one judgeth between day and day: and another judgeth every day: let every man abound in his own sense. He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord. ….. For to this end Christ died and rose again; that he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living. But thou, why judgest thou thy brother? or thou, why dost thou despise thy brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.’

    In the OT the Jewish sabbath (Saturday) began on the evening before (Friday evening). The true Church (the Catholic Church)is the New Israel.

    Protestants are not ‘Bible Christians’ – you claim you are ‘born again’, however, Our divine Saviour tells us to be ‘born again’ (St. Jn:3.3,7) we must be reborn of water and the Holy Spirit (Titus:3.5-7 St. Jn:3.5)in Baptism (1 Cor:6.11 St. Mk:16.16). Even the devils believe but they are in Hell (St. Jms:2.19)- the Scriptures do not support salvation by ‘faith alone’.
    Brian Gregory

  • Pogue Mahone

    Hallowe’en is an occult day that glorifies Satan and the demons. It is evil and not just harmless fun like the world would like to think.It’s the anti-thesis to Christmas and basically like celebrating Satan’s birthday. We need to bring light to counter-act the darkness. It is a celebration we completely avoid in our house; we serve the Lord and NOT the demons!

  • JD

    HELLoween is a stupid day where you teach your kids to be beggars and dress up like whores and for perverts to act out their fantisies. I hate the day and I will not be honoring evil. Do the world a favor and boycott the holiday.

  • JR

    “When men cease to believe in God, they don’t believe in nothing, but ***anything.***

    – GK Chesterton

    Welcome to the hell of post-Christian America.

    We must do everything we can to not let this leftist/atheist nightmare – worse than anything the Nazis or Japanese militarists after Pearl Harbor could have done – succeed.

  • Just a Son

    Two years ago I saw a movie on this very thing. Not like a Horror Film or something just like a Documentary. It was very informative, and it really Answered So many Questions About Halloween. But I had never thought of Abortion as Sacrificing the innocent like the do on Halloween. “Thanks Just a Dad” for sharing it in those terms…I completely Agree with you.

  • Michael,

    “The Catholic Church attempted to make a very popular pagan festival an official holiday of Catholicism… A lot of Protestants did not approve of Halloween'”.

    Did you mean that Protestants did not approve of Halloween nearly 1,000 years after this and nearly 1,600 years after Christ, when Protestantism was invented?! The statement as you wrote it is, frankly, nonsensical, as Protestantism nor anything close to it did not exist in AD 700. Until the Great Schism, the Catholic Church, which is and and was the specific, hierarchical Church funded by Christ (a historically provable fact) was all of Christianity, save a few random, heretical sect, none of which lasted.

    But the split that occurred in the Great Schism of 1054 was absolutely nothing compared to Luther’s Revolution ~500 years later.

    The core doctrines of Protestantism – sola fide, sola scriptura, and the others – have essentially no history whatsoever before Luther came along in the 16th century.

    On the other hand, every single Catholic doctrine is traceable to the earliest Church of the first and second century. Do Protestants (or even typical modern Catholics who are woefully uneducated about the faith) know this? Of course not – they are steeped in ignorance. But the facts are out there, and once one studies the early Church the truth of Catholicism is beautifully revealed. As Cardinal Neumann, a convert, once remarked, “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant”.

    You have something of a point in a sense regarding Halloween: IT has pagan origins. But the _CATHOLIC_ feast day of All Saints Day is in fact a CHRISTIAN holiday and has NOTHING TO DO with Halloween. Your article very much fails to make clear this critical distinction. I would guess that’s because you don’t understand it. In fact, to say “The Catholic Church attempted to make a very popular pagan festival an official holiday of Catholicism” is flat-out incorrect – what the Church did is attempt to give the people a NEW holiday (this means “holy day”) to _take the place_ of Halloween. Please see your Bible regarding the holy practice of honoring the saints, as God does:

    Sorry to have to post a rant here but your offhand comment here was a clear “shot” and Catholicism and reveals the typical Protestant ignorance of the true history of Christianity.

    Here are a few quick articles that offer some support for what I’m saying. Of course, this only scratches the surface.

  • Well – I meant to write “founded” instead of “FUNDED” above. Typo!

  • The scary part is that Americans will spend a projected $6.86 billion on Halloween.

    At a time when the economy and most people are on the brink of financial disaster, it’s interesting that people still keep spending money they don’t have on stuff they don’t need… like more candy.

  • Based on the direction of the U.S. and global economy, I doubt if anyone except the elite bankers will be celebrating Halloween next year.

    The majority of people are getting ‘tricked’ by the elite bankers, and 2012 looks like it will be a very scary year.

    Now that the elite have taken control of Libya to setup their Central Bank, take control of the oil assets, and setup Sharia law to terrorize anyone who doesn’t conform to their rules…

    They will move on to Syria and other countries.

    Have you noticed that they use our military to take over countries?

    Our soldiers get killed and we get stuck with hundreds of billions of war debt…

    and the elite get the oil, a Central bank and control of the country.

    Check out this list of all of their Central Banks

    Are you tired of getting tricked yet?

  • Guido

    I’m sorry, but I like Halloween. It’s never had any more significance for me than a night to have a good time. As a kid, you got candy and ran around with your friends. As an adult, you give the kids the candy and you get beer and run around with your friends. I even met my future wife at a Halloween party.

    I’ve had more good times on Halloween nights up at Chapel Hill’s Franklin Street or in Georgetown or DC and elsewhere. I met so many interesting people and had so much fun wandering around the crowd seeing what different costumes people had come out with.

    Until recently, most people made their own costumes and it was really great seeing the clever and creative things they did. Folks didn’t usually buy pre-made costumes-they made their own. I’ll never forget the guy I knew who put a pair of underwear on over his pants, taped a potato to them, taped a feather duster to his arm, and announced he was a left-wing dictator.(think about it)

    One year, I put together an awesome Stalin impression. I figured the real thing was wayyy scarier than some phony vampire. It really revealed the ignorant morons, too-you wouldn’t believe how many people thought I was Hitler. Apparently, a funny hat and a big, bushy mustache is close enough for some people…

    I can’t say I have a problem with women who want to dress up as a sexy whatever. For some reason, most women don’t like to make fools of themselves and they’re not really interested in anything scary. That’s a real point worthy of study. Guys will make clowns of themselves, but few women are willing to do that. My wife’s from a country that has no Halloween tradition, but she thinks costumes need to be either scary or funny and she doesn’t want my folks seeing her dressed in a seductive outfit. I can deal with that. Her costume this year is rather modest and elegant compared to mine.

    When I go out for Halloween, I get together with my wife, maybe a friend or two, (this year we’re hosting a dinner and then hitting a great tapas bar), put on a costume, have a few drinks, and we go look at what other people came up with.

    I don’t think there’s anything really evil about walking around in a costume and having a few beers with your friends. And I think it’s cute to let the kids get out in the evening to run around and get some candy. It used to be, some of them made their own costumes, too. When I was little, my mom made my costumes. I still remember most of them. It was considered safe enough for you to run around at night with little, if any, supervision, too. Some folks were hysterical and hospitals X-rayd candy, but I don’t know if anything was actually discovered. It’s sad to see kids trick-or-treating at local malls at 2pm on a Saturday while their parents shop. It’s so… cheesy.

    I don’t think it’s right to force sexuality on kids-they’ll have plenty of time to mess their lives up on their own once they’re adults. That’s an issue for the parents, too. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be responsible for that choice.

    Halloween even has a peculiar way of reflecting current events in the nation. I remember doing Georgetown in 2001 and, perversely, many of the people that year were in Arab man dresses, turbans, head scarves, and fake beards. In 2008, a lot of folks showed up to Franklin Street in ACU uniforms and BDUs. I remember in 1996 seeing a bunch of frat guys in suits and ear buds running interference for a guy in a Clinton mask. I don’t know if anyone thought to do Monica. I noticed the costume suppliers are selling Osama costumes this year, including one with a bomb through his head. I wonder how well they sold???

    I don’t endorse the sick crap Michael wrote about-abusing animals is ridiculous. It’s just awful. There’s no good explanation for abusing a defenseless creature. Satanists are pretty sad, anyway. I forget who referenced Carlin in another posting, but I thought his point was funny that to be a Satanist, you have to fundamentally admit you believe in God, you just refuse to accept that he’s in charge. It’s sort of like rooting for the ultimate underdog, like when I used to root for Ricky Rudd (788 starts/23 wins!).

    So I’m defending Halloween. There’s no dogma or ideals in it for me-just a fun time with friends and family. Had I avoided Halloween, I probably never would have met my wife.

  • billybonesIII

    What’s with you people? October 31st is a marketing ploy PERIOD!
    Deluded and, sadly, demented people rush out and buy or rent heathen regalia, spend millions on candy for overfed children.
    Adults (that’s questionable) party it up with too much alcohol and food.

    True, it once was a pagan event for the ignorant and uneducated but today the ad folks on Bay street in Canada and Madison Avenue in New York make millions promoting this crap that passes for candy!
    On November 1st adults are waking up with a hangover and kids are waking up wired on all the sugar they’ve eaten and a few months down the road, mom and dad will take the little darlings to the dentist to patch the holes in their teeth.
    This is a holiday?

  • billybonesIII

    Oh, and Guido, it’s people like you that keep this lunacy going,
    you know,
    flat screen tvs that cover a wall, cell phones and laptops etc……yes and a new car every year.
    Any wonder why our economy is in the crapper?

    • Guido

      Doesn’t bother me a bit. If you choose not to participate, fine. You can sit home and brood over all the world’s ills. At least I’ll have a good time.

  • Laurie

    Thank you for not equating Christian Satanists with Pagans neo or other wise. Satan is the Christian God of Evil and has nothing to do Paganism. Satanism is a perversion of Christianity so you have to be a Christian in order to know what to pervert.

    • “Satan is the Christian God of Evil”.

      Yes, so, you do not understand the most basic teachings of Christianity (any and all stripes).

  • jm



  • billybonesIII

    Hey Laurie, satan is not a god by any stretch. He is a created being, in actuality, Lucifer and yes, satanists, pagans, new agers – all who deny the deity of Christ or that He is the Door, will go into that basket. Sadly they all go with the goats eventually.

    Thing is, you all still have a choice to repent(change direction). Too late for Lucifer though.

  • Carol

    If the world chooses to celebrate Halloween, that’s their business. But for someone who calls himself by the name of Christ (no matter what his denomination or non-denomination) who celebrates Satan’s holiday (or un-holy-day) in any form or fashion, whether they call it Halloween, All Saints Eve, Harvest Festival, or whatever, that person, who is claiming to belong to Christ and following Him, has not read their Bible, and if they did, they did not do so with the help and instruction of the Holy Spirit, or they are deliberate in refusing to hear and obey! I don’t care if their church calls them “Father”, “Pastor”, “Deacon”, or “Pope”; if they are not hearing and obeying the Word of God, then they are none of His! Let them celebrate, but please, let them know that they don’t know Him before it is too late. Time is running out, and Jesus is returning soon; not as a babe in a manger, but as the all powerful, all glorious, all mighty God that He is!!!

    And this goes for the ungodly celebrations of Christmas and Easter and Valentine’s Day, etc.!

    It’s Friday afternoon, and soon the sun will set, and God’s 7th day Sabbath will begin (And NO, I am not a member of any 7th day church organization, but I am a member of the Body of Christ!) The Lord tells us to keep His commandments. Last time I looked there were 10 of them (and my King James version of the Bible doesn’t add up to any Bible approved by The RCC), and I would bet the farm that most here who claim to be Christian do not keep God’s Sabbath Day, which is the 7th day, and has never passed away as we have been brainwashed to believe by the corrupt “priesthood” of both Catholocism and Protestantism. You will keep all these feasts that rot your teeth, empty your wallet, teach you to pretend that you are what you aren’t, glorfy evil and materialism, and yet, you refuse to obey God and rest on the 7th day of the week. UGH!

    The Judge of all the earth is coming. Will you be able to stand before Him?

    And those of you who don’t know Him, seek Him while He may be found, because as it is written, He is the Judge of ALL the earth! Halleluyah!!!!!!!!!

    • Elaine


      I’m happy to know that you understand God’s teaching about the seventh day sabbath. I keep the sabbath day holy,too. I don’t give Halloween the time of day unless I can use it for spreading the truth of God’s word.

  • it is all real

  • jay karma

    i am neither christian or a satan worshiper nor a “witch” but i speak for all people that say no matter the words u choose to use u will not b able to stop the inevitable, if we are going to die rather it be by satan or god himself we can not stop it nor prevent it, also no matter what u say u will not change what people believe in or worship. people will believe what people want to believe its simple as that so y get angry and preach “the word of god” when in all reality your just another person trying to pressure someone else into your religion, doesnt it even state in your “bible” something along the lines of a true christian will not and can not force their religion upon the non believers? you dont see the wiccans trying to make u believe that if u dont believe in mother earth that it will devour your soul do you? so really whos to say that being a christian is the right religion? from what i have learned its not about how the message is received its the point of the message n from what i have seen they all do have the same message.. just saying

    • michael hannes

      jay karma….

      i’m sorry but you are mistaken.

      many thousands and millions of Christians from every country and ethnicity in the world will tell you that their belief system WAS changed. Myself included (at age of 27, now 41 )

      and yes there are some Christians who have and do and will do it the “wrong way”… Christianity by force is about as successful as democracy by force… (though of course we are not a democracy but a constitutional republic )

      I am not trying to be contentious it’s just that I know from first hand that belief systems can and do change. and also that you can teach an old dog new tricks…. ( my aussie taught me that )

      seek out the 3%, or 1%, or 5% of Christians who evidently bear fruit. but remember not to be too judgemental on us also! we are called to not just wish people the best luck (without helping) but to pick them up, feed and clothe, shelter and follow through…. it is challenging to truly act as “the good samaritan” (it’s not helping someone take groceries to the car, or to give someone the jacket you are wearing… thats relatively easy )

      thanks for listening and reading and i apologize if i did not use the best approach in responding to your statement.

      also, if you will… something i came up with …

      transcend karma,
      embrace grace

      (because grace does not keep score)

  • Rick

    Jay, people change all the time! They’re growing in charactor, shaping they,re thoughts, even changing they,re minds!! Your right i will never change people but The Truth will!

  • Megan

    So, if these are real, these are just a few examples of what goes on at the night of Halloween. Most people just do the normal dress-up/Trick or Treat routine. Imagine how many Halloweens there have been, now see how many examples you have, I’m willing o bet there are more but then compare that to how many people celebrate Halloween. It’s not a massive percentage. And we shouldn’t have an issue with other religions just because they do some starnge rituals with chicken blood or whatever, did you know the Budists used to mummify themsleves while they were alive. All religions have a darker side. We just have to accept the differences in our cultures.

  • A.S.

    Do you actually believe this happens only on October 31st? This kind of stuff happens on a daily basis. I heard there are “whore houses” where pre-teens are the prostitutes and any “client” can come–man or woman, adult or child. And who knows what satanic cult is associated with that place.

  • Annabeth Salt

    Have you guys gone crazy or what? The tales listed above are urban legends. So and so heard that this and that happened, with no real documentation other than hearsay and vague rumors. Kind of like the girl high on drugs who microwaves the baby she’s babysitting. All that gibberish about satanic rituals was disproved quite a while ago. In the 1990s. The McMartin pre-school case and the Orkney abuse case in the UK…disproved, for a couple of real-world examples. The Exorcist is not a documentary! And Halloween, yes, has its roots in Ireland and Scotland, was, yes, called Samhain, and the wearing of costumes and masks came out of that, blah blah. And as for people trying to adopts black cats around Halloween…bull feces. I worked in animal shelters and can tell ya no one, dripping slime and breathing heavily and smelling of sulphur, coughed out a request for a solidly black cat. Though this is one of the funniest articles I’ve read all day. Thanks!!!

  • banepollock

    Christians destroyed pagan and non-Christian cultures during the Crusades and ever since. Yet, nowadays, if a Christian church is burned down, they have to throw a fit and blame non-Christians. Halloween has become a marketing tool for big businesses and has completely distanced itself from paganism. The true believers in Samhain or other related festivals distance themselves in response. Christians are wrong for calling Halloween a Satanic holiday for pagans to worship the devil. Guess what? The devil is a Christian deity. There is no Satan or Lucifer in any pagan religion. Stop trying to pick a fight because you are making yourselves look like fools. Sometimes its best to keep your thoughts to yourself. We arent trying to cause Christians any harm, so stop trying to harm us.

  • FaithlessTrinity

    Halloween is not evil. It was just a celebration of the new season and that is all. CHRISTIANS have invaded it, and made it something much more than it actually, was like they always do, and bashed pagan religion. Christians wanted all people to think it was evil, so that more people would convert to Christianity. And guess what folks, it worked! You’re following a man made religion, how does that feel?

  • HolidayHistoryLearner

    yes i am a christian i dont like halloween that much myself im in it for the candy not much else lol. to be honest i was kindy of edgy about reading this article because i know its real but im a christian and i only believe in god so i read it knowing i wouldnt really believe it but now im actually kind of terrified about going out to tonight i dont want to be sacrificed lol anyway all the christians out there please pray for me :D