The Chinese Government Is Buying Up Economic Assets And Huge Tracts Of Land All Over The United States

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In 2011, America is for sale and the communist Chinese are eager buyers.  The Chinese government is using sovereign wealth funds and Chinese state-owned enterprises to buy up economic assets and huge tracts of land all over the United States.  Many of our politicians hail all of this “foreign investment” as something that is “good for America”, while many others see something much more sinister going on here.  In any event, this is a trend that is rapidly accelerating and that is causing great concern among patriotic Americans.


In my recent article entitled “China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho“, I examined a potential deal that Sinomach (a company controlled by the Chinese government) wants to do with the government of Idaho.  There will be more on this deal in a minute.

But first it is important to note that this is a phenomenon that is happening all across the United States.

For example, a Chinese investment group is buying up a very large chunk of real estate in Toledo, Ohio.  The following is a brief excerpt from an article in the Toledo Blade on May 26th, 2011….

Dashing Pacific Group Ltd., which has already purchased the nearby Docks restaurant complex for $2.15 million, put its $3.8 million offer to buy the southern 69 acres at the Marina District in East Toledo back on the table for approval by Toledo City Council. Additionally, Dashing Pacific Chairman Yuan Xiaohong, in a letter signed in Hangzhou, said the firm wants a two-year option to buy the decommissioned Toledo Edison power plant property on the site.

Even more disturbing is what has been happening down in Texas recently.  The Chinese have been gobbling up our oil and gas fields.  The following is a quote from one local Texas news source about one of these deals….

State-owned Chinese energy giant CNOOC is buying a multibillion-dollar stake in 600,000 acres of South Texas oil and gas fields, potentially testing the political waters for further expansion into U.S. energy reserves.

With the announcement Monday that it would pay up to $2.2 billion for a one-third stake in Chesapeake Energy assets, CNOOC lays claim to a share of properties that eventually could produce up to half a million barrels a day of oil equivalent.

You can read much more about this particular deal right here.

CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Company) has been buying up oil and gas assets all over the globe.  They seem to have an insatiable appetite for them.

There is not much we can do about what is going on in other countries, but when we allow foreigners to buy up our own precious oil and gas assets shouldn’t that set off “national security” red flags?

Not that our politicians are too concerned about real national security issues anyway.  They just keep telling us that we will be just fine as long as we allow the TSA to grope our wives, our children and the elderly.

Getting back to the topic, shouldn’t we be alarmed that someday soon we may be importing “foreign oil” that is being pumped out of Texas land?

It is almost as if virtually all of our politicians have lost all common sense.

Of course one of the most insane projects was the one that Sinomach proposed to do in Idaho.  The following is a description of that project from an article in the Idaho Statesman….

A Chinese national company is interested in developing a 10,000- to 30,000-acre technology zone for industry, retail centers and homes south of the Boise Airport.

30,000 acres is close to 50 square miles.

That is a huge chunk of territory.

Fortunately, it appears that the deal is stalled at least for the moment.

But that could change at any time, especially considering the fact that the governor of Idaho is pushing hard for Chinese “investment”….

The following is a quote from Boise lobbyist Pat Sullivan….

“One thing these Chinese see is we have a governor here who has a great big open-door policy”

Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

A “great big open-door policy”.

That just sounds so warm and fuzzy.

All of this is a part of “Project 60” – a huge initiative to revitalize the economy of Idaho.

The following is an excerpt from an open letter from Idaho Governor Butch Otter about Project 60….

Project 60 is just a name. But it stands for a goal, and a way of getting there.

It means more than some abstract concept for increasing our gross domestic product. It means jobs and opportunity, hope and independence for the people of Idaho. That’s what I want you to think about when you hear about Project 60. This is an initiative in which we all need to be involved, to build Idaho’s economy together in a way that strengthens our businesses, people and communities.

No state or local agency, no government of any kind can successfully tackle this kind of goal alone. Project 60 belongs to all of us and it needs all of us to be champions of this effort. Today, I invite you to be a Project 60 Partner.

It all sounds so great until you learn that one of the primary pillars of Project 60 is “Inward Foreign Direct Investment“.

So how do you promote “Inward Foreign Direct Investment”?

Well, you do things like offer massive tax breaks to Chinese state-owned companies and you actively encourage immigration from China.

The following is a quote from an article on the New American website and it explains how a visa program known as EB-5 would help facilitate Project 60….

Specifically, “The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service administers an immigrant investor visa program called EB-5. The program grants foreigners permanent U.S. residency in exchange for helping create U.S. jobs.” This prong will facilitate the immigration of Chinese nationals into the United States for the purpose of establishing a Chinese industrial beachhead in Idaho, under the guise of creating U.S. jobs.

In fact, the state of Idaho is actually touting the EB-5 program on their website that promotes Project 60.

Yes, Chinese state-owned companies would probably hire a small number of Idaho citizens.  But as I have written about previously, the idea would be for “special economic zones” to be set up inside the United States that would be very similar to the “special economic zones” inside China.

The following is how Wikipedia defines special economic zones….

A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic and other laws that are more free-market-oriented than a country’s typical or national laws. “Nationwide” laws may be suspended inside a special economic zone.

Apparently the government of Idaho believes that allowing the Chinese to set up a 50 square mile “special economic zone” just south of Boise would be a grand idea.

But others are not so sure.  Barbara H. Peterson recently posted the following on Farm Wars….

This is not a boom to Idaho, but a death knell for those who are rapidly losing jobs to overseas outsourcing, only this will be so much more convenient for the mega-corporations.

Today, the cost of transportation is rapidly going up.  If state-owned Chinese companies can set up shop inside the United States and get massive tax breaks from state and local governments at the same time why wouldn’t they want to do it?

The truth is that the Chinese can’t believe how stupid we are.

30 years ago, the Chinese economy was absolutely pathetic compared to the U.S. economy.

But now they have almost surpassed us.


Well, we shipped them thousands of our factories, millions of our jobs and trillions of our dollars.

For much more on this, read my previous article entitled “40 Signs The Chinese Economy Is Beating The Living Daylights Out Of The U.S. Economy“.

It is insane what we are doing.

Now the Chinese are starting to colonize us.

Would we have ever allowed the Soviets to come in and buy up our companies and buy up huge tracts of land all over the country?

Yet somehow we have become convinced that it is okay for the communist Chinese to do it.

In fact, we even allow the Chinese to make many of the key electronic parts for our most advanced weapons systems.

It even turns out that some “counterfeit electronics” from suppliers in China have gotten into some of our military hardware.

A recent AFP article noted that “counterfeit electronics had “infiltrated” the Pentagon’s supply chain, including microprocessors for the F-15 fighter jet and microcircuits for US Missile Defense Agency hardware.”

Now China is even blocking an investigation into these “counterfeit electronics”.

We have become dangerously dependent on China.

In fact, if our relationship with China went south, there would be a lot of weapons systems that we would suddenly not be able to get parts for.

The people that originally decided that it was a good idea for China to produce electronics for our planes and weapons systems should resign immediately.

We are allowing the Chinese to dominate us in hundreds of different ways.

As China becomes wealthier and as the United States becomes poorer, all of this is only going to accelerate.

China is going to become even more dominant in the years ahead.

Should we all start learning to speak Chinese?

  • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

    Should we all start learning to speak Chinese?


    for starters:
    “ni hao” = hello!

  • UnemployedJoe

    There are also a huge demographic swift in the population in USA as well. Hispanics are giving birth to many more children than other Americans. Soon the majority of Americans will be located in the western and southern parts of the country. It is even projected the minorities will outnumber the white Americans after 30 years(If we get there). And as many know, most minorities have a lot higher chance of being unemployed.

    Some people in US are also starting to take apart the city’s infrastructure apart such as metal railings and even traffic lights for profits. The American society is really starting to cannibalize itself.

    • justnotsurprised

      Geez, dude! You are so late! Minorities passed the white population of America more than 10 years ago. And you didn’t even notice!
      You forget to add them all together and not separately like the media likes to do. (That’s to keep certain folks from freaking out)
      The situation being that we owe all our money to China and they already hold the notes on our homes, they can pretty much call the tunes as they see fit!
      Thank your boy bush for that one.
      But not to worry, they mean us no harm, in fact they are about the only ones with enough sense to try to get this country back on her feet, unlike our ruthless bankers who are responsible for this mess we are in. After all we helped bring them into the mainstream world, didn’t we?
      Can we say Karma?
      Yes, while you worry about being taken over by minorities and anchor babies, Wall Street has set the nation up to implode while they laugh all the way to the yacht! All the commercial real estate is in foreclosure, the houses are toast without hope of fixing the titles for the next 25 yrs, the jobs are already overseas and our own government is helping the bankers finish stealing what little wealth and sustenance we have left.
      Global domination? Too late for that, we buy their products, not the other way around!
      What do we make, burgers and fries!?
      If it ain’t a car it ain’t American made, and it don’t necessarily have to be an American model!
      We, as a nation, are already on the ropes, foreign investment will only help lift us out of the toilet before somebody flushes!

  • Concerned Reader

    “China is going to become even more dominant in the years ahead.”

    China has two primary goals. First, they want the United Staes out of Asia completely. This would leave them open to dominate Taiwan, Korea, Oceania and their primary target, Japan. China wants to conquer Japan as revenge for the Nanjing massacre. China;s second goal is global domination. Their leaders may preach all this so called “peaceful rise” that they going through, but with all intents and purposes they intend to rule the world. For example, China just recently proposed to bail out Greece’s national debt, and they would most likely move onto other cash strapped European countries. Remember that the borrower is always at the mercy of the lender. Case and point, the United Staes owes so much money to the Chinese that sooner later China, much like a bank forclossing on a house, will decide to take America’s territorial assest as collatoral, and when we refuse, they will invade us and take it by force.

    All you have to do is look at how rapidly they advancing their military. Everything from anti-aircraft ballistic missles to stealth fighters, China is bringing its military from the stone age to the modern age.

    • justnotsurprised

      Why would the Chinese attack when they haeve much at stake here? It’s not about domination anymore, it’s about business and making money without blood on it!
      We always think about if we can’t get our way with foreigners we must attack them and force them to do what we want. We slap a patriotic sounding title to the war and get out the flags and con everybody into thinking it’s to protect our freedoms and homes. Don’t know about you, but I don’t own a home in Iraq.
      Imagine the Chinese get the oil factories and projects going full force again, who will they hire? Then the malls and other businesses the Chinese bought, along with the houses, will need workers to repair and rebuild buildings, not to mention all the products needed for rebuilding. Those workers will put their paychecks back into the economy, the economy bounces back and they start to hire, things are no longer in free fall. Gas prices go down, oil imports fall to nothing.
      There will be a fast uplift for all things because the buying blockages will be blown away and sales of everything will go back to normal.
      If every home sold employs 2 people and we have over 5 million homes to sell, that will be 10 million jobs and a shortage of workers!
      Who said it was law that America had to be the greatest, most powerful, most influential, richest nation on Earth? All that idea did was make us paranoid that we might be knocked out of first place. Made us mean and act nasty. All the other nations had to deal with not being the top dog and lived, why did believe we would be attacked if the rest of the world thought we were weak?

      • sean

        you are very naive if you think it will go down like you predict buddy. I am not even american and I fear for your sovereignty!!
        The ********* Chinese have wanted to **********-well take over the planet for generations and we’ve been asleep at the watch!! WE have only ourselves and most of all the GREED of our rich and of our ‘leaders’ to BLAME for the current dilemma!!

  • What do you think we can do to actively prevent the further expansion and land grabs by China and Chinese state-owned conglomerates?

  • Jonathan

    My first thought after reading this article was, “Why I am not surprised?” It reminds me of the ‘Japanese economic invasion’ in the 1980’s when everyone was talking about the end of the US and having our children learn Japanese. This time there is greater cause for concern because of the development of the ‘economic zones’ within our borders. From China’s point of view, it’s a no brainer. They are holding trillions in T-bills and clearly want some security/equity for those investments. And considering that land is just about the only asset that you cannot make more of unless you are in the UAE, it makes good fiscal sense for them to do this. What is outrageous is that our elected officials have once again sold America down the river. Instead of creating economic zones in the US for US businesses they want to create unequal opportunities for foreign companies. Well, it all goes back to what this site and others have decreed all along – are We The People going to stand idly by and allow this to happen or are We going to stand up to this treason and throw the bums out of office? Someone once told me that to keep our rights all we have to do is exercise them from time to time. This is as good as time as any to do that. So vote NO to any referendums related to these economic zones and foreign ownership of our natural resources and vote out all who support such nonsense.

  • Nexus

    I think it is has reached a point where Chinese domination is either inevitable or global conflict will occur. My money is on global conflict. I cannot see the ‘elites’ in the US changing their policies as asset stripping the US is so profitable.

    • Terry

      Only a fool thinks the Chinese are a friend. Most who say this think they will personally benefit from the sellout. Parts of USA will resist this phenomena. The “leaders” who are shoving this up our a**es will not stop until forced, which will be at gunpoint in some cases. Others will be given the Chouchesca (Romania) treatment. The Chinese have huge problems of their own. 10% unemployment of a workforce of maybe as many as 750 million people is a huge group of unhappy campers, especially in a nation with basically no social safety net (in USA the net has become a hammock).

      People around the world who think the USA is a bully will really LOVE it if the Chinese push us aside. They have not really seen a bully.

      • I think you mean “Ceaușescu”. But forget it — if Americans who go on and on about using guns as a bulwark against tyranny were going to do more than talk, they’d have done it by now.

  • Many years ago, it looked like Japan was going to buy the entire USA but their economic bubble popped.

    With American multinational corporations making obscene profits in China, there is no way to prevent China from trying to do the same thing in the USA. American multinational corporations own the US congress and will not end the party at their own expense.

    With $2.4 trillion or so in dollar denominated bonds, Chinese currency revaluation could diminish the value of these bonds. This is what Japan did as it accumulated reserves through tough capital controls and then watched its new found wealth melt away when the world forced it to let the yen appreciate.

    If the value of Chinese foreign reserves diminish, so does the capital base supporting their economic boom so China is not likely to revalue their currency.

    As long as American multinational corporations own the US congress, a trade war will never happen either.

    After China has their beachhead in the USA, American multinational corporations will be forced out of China.

    So keep voting for democrats or republicans and learn to speak Chinese.

    • Terry

      A street has been named after Chinese “free trade” practices… One Way.

      • We need a new street named… No Way

      • Ser Korz

        The emperor of China said a long time ago. Go home Yankee . but Yankee wanted to be a merchant. don’t blame the Chinese who the West later victimized.

        best to apologize and see , hope they forgive the West.

        Nahum 3:16
        You have multiplied your merchants more than the stars of heaven. The locust plunders and flies away.

        Revelation 18:23
        The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.
        Ezekiel 27:36
        The merchants among the peoples will hiss at you; You will become a horror, and be no more forever.’”’”

        Ezekiel 38:13
        Sheba, Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish, and all their young lions will say to you, ‘Have you come to take plunder? Have you gathered your army to take booty, to carry away silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods, to take great plunder?’”’

        Revelation 18:3
        For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.”

        Revelation 18:11
        “And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore:
        Revelation 18:15
        The merchants of these things, who became rich by her, will stand at a distance for fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,

  • Gary

    I think I have been sloppy in my tax the rich creed. I do not simply mean taking money from one person and giving it to another.

    Let me be more specific: We need to focus more on labor and less on capital.

    1. Stop almost all-legal immigration and deport all illegal and fix the border. This is a tax on the rich as all immigration depresses wages and this benefits the rich.

    2. Stop the wars of choice. This is a tax on the rich as the military industrial complex etc gains from war.

    3. Refocus the fed on their full employment mandate as opposed to only focusing on inflation. This would be a tax on the rich as most people are in the labor and not the capital (wall street etc)

    4. Pass the employee free choice act to give labor more power. Unions will force higher wages and employers will need to pay them as the illegal unskilled people will not be here to exploit (also see #1)
    This would be a tax on the rich. Higher wages would be spreading the wealth.

    5. Stop the insane free trade agreements. This would be a big tax on the rich and would spread the wealth to many poor.

    6. Demand corporations interests be subordinated to the countries interests. This would be a tax on the rich and would spread the wealth.

    7. Have a more robust social safety net similar to Europe-4-5 weeks mandatory vacation. Much longer maternity leaves etc. This would be a tax on the rich and would spread the wealth.

    8. Single payer health care. No explanation needed.

    9. Stop corporate welfare-no more rules like the gov not negotiating drug prices for Medicare etc.

    10. Remove cap on taxable SSI but exempt the first $10,000 from SSI tax. This would be a tax on the rich and would spread the wealth.

    11. Tax capital gains as ordinary income but exempt the first 50,000 from any tax. This would be a tax on the rich and spread the wealth.

    12. Break up the too big too fails. No explanation needed.

    13. Public funding of campaign’s for political office/ban or severely reduce lobby influence. They need to represent us and not the people who fund campaigns. This would be a huge tax on the rich and would hugely spread the wealth.

    14. Enact a national labor policy so states cannot compete in the race to the bottom. It is no help to the country to take jobs from one state and move to another to pay lower wages.

    15. Repeal all bush tax cuts and add additional tax brackets for the upper end i.e.: over 1,000,000 and over 10,000,000 etc. Top marginal rate should be 60-70 %. Close all offshore tax haven loopholes etc. This is a tax increase on the rich. Additional revenue can be used for the social safety net. This would be spreading the wealth.

    I have no doubt we can agree on some if not most of these tax the rich and spread the wealth ideas and can at least move ahead in addressing the inequality of wealth and income. Even advancing SOME of these would put us on the road to recovery. I would think that the rich would be better off having a smaller slice of a growing economy rather than a large slice of a stagnant economy.

    • LoonyTunes

      Where do I go to vote for you? (grin)

  • Aurelius 7

    Looks like Russian professor Igor Panarin might’ve been the real deal:

  • nick

    Special economic zones, treaty ports, foreigners controlling your government,etc. Sounds like China circa 1900. In fact America sent troops to China to help quash the boxer revolt which was caused by the very things discussed in this article. The circle is almost compleat.

  • Gods Creation

    What do you think we can do to actively prevent the further expansion and land grabs by China and Chinese state-owned conglomerates?

    *************** THE FED and refuse to take it’s debt from the Chinese for OUR property.

  • Richard

    Here’s a suggestion: why doesn’t the United States get the hell out of China, to start with?
    Yep, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Intel.. all the rest of ’em… go… vamoose… get lost.. take your stupid ‘capitalism’ with you. THEN complain about the Chinese invading your shores and DARING to buy businesses over there. The arrogance! The conceit! The chutzpah!

  • Could this be a gift to the chinese in exchange for buying up our treasuries?
    Our politicians have sold us down the road, why stop now?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Anybody who listens to the John Batcher Show, Karl Denninger, Mike “Mish” Shedlock, and Financial Sense would be at lest skeptical of the China story. It is a state run economy that bases their GDP numbers on what they produce and not what they produce and sell. There are massive dislocations in the economy, massive gaps between rich and poor. The small Chinese Middle class is being squeezed by inflation. China is dependent on exports it doesn’t have ability to consume much of what it produces any hic up here and in Europe hurts China. With the serious demographic issues it’s having in the next 20 years China would be hard pressed to take care of a aging population let alone colonize anybody. Back in 2009 Current TV did a Great show on the affect of the 2008 crash on China if you can find it worth a look. I know Current is Al Gore’s network but Vanguard is a very good program.
    About the Chinese buying up farmland, gas fields, and building cities in Idaho let them. As my dad said when the Japanese where buying up everything and you saw the same freaking out he said “let them they cant take back it to Japan”.

  • Lizard

    I read this story in the 1990s. It was the Japanese. I read this story in the 1970s. It was the Arabs. I will read this story again in the 2020s… maybe it will be the Venezualans then, or the Indians, or the Australians. (Though the Australians, being white and (sort of) English-speaking, probably aren’t scary enough for this kind of article. These articles require the evil furriners coming to steal our land and rape our wimminfolk be dark of skin and speak a strange, heathen, tongue.)

    • justnotsurprised

      Good point! That is what has been going on! All you have to do is change the boogie men and fill the blanks.
      Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

  • As long a people keep buying all this “Made in China” s**t nothing will change, because the Money goes to China! It seems that the Americans even don`t care to buy “patriotic” items “Made in China” how you can see on our blog:
    I try to wake up my “friends” in Face Book every single day, but most of the folks are ignoring the biggest problem of the country: the outsourcing!
    And right know we can see, how the boomerang returns: After years of destroying our manufacturing industries the Chinese show up to buy America!
    Real Patriotism starts what you wear! It doesn’t start on the tongue! The only way to strike back is to stop to buy Chinese products!

    • Terry

      The dollars going to China are practically worthless. Look what happened to the Japanese who bought up so much of USA not long ago. The Chinese know their T-Bills are simply official-looking sheets of worthless paper.

  • At present, US President Barack Obama is inextricably embedded in a nexus of legal tangles, several of them with powerful Chinese traction. Any one of these, properly explored and contested, could terminate his presidency before the end of its natural term.

    For example, on Friday 17th June 2011, the 44th President of the United States of America, had on his desk in the White House Oval Office primary legislation for a US Tax Provision relating to the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation cash-in within the US. The proposed legislation requested eleven per cent tax. The President refused to sign the document until he received more money in his personal off-shore accounts.

    This executive refusal to sign further delayed the due and lawful disbursement of The World Global Settlement Funds ($47 trillion), the implementation of the US Dollar Refunding Project ($10 trillion), the long-agreed global debt jubilee (universal debt forgiveness), and the introduction of the new precious metals-backed international currencies.

    The text linked below is a letter dated the 17th June 2011 from Pasadena Attorney Al Clifton Hodges to the Chinese government through the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Zhang Yesui.

    The direct Chinese involvement in the internal finances of the US dates from 2009 when a $47 trillion Lien against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board was taken out by élite monetary interests in the UK and China.

    Al Clifton Hodges’ letter of the 17th June 2011 was copied to Michael Cottrell (a Basel list payee for the US Dollar Refunding Project), Lindell Bonney (CIA, and also the UK’s MI6 Paymaster at Bank of America, Richmond, Virginia) and Hu Jintao (President of the People’s Republic of China).

    The text cites the background involvement of the Kissinger-Bush-Clinton syndicate and Josef Ackermann (Deutsche Bank, Germany) in the illegal diversion of substantial tranches of the international funds for personal gain.

  • Steve

    According to the writings and speeches given by certain high level Chinese military sources, China’s ultimate goal is the complete extermination of the American People. They want the land mass presently known as the contiguous 48 states. They just don’t want the people who are the present occupants.

  • WM

    It is too late. We should have been more diligent 30 years ago and stop all of this before it even started. There is no turning back now….America as most of us remember it is gone forever. Our founding fathers would not even recognize this nation. Our “leaders” who for soem amazing reason we keep believing their lies and voting liberals who want to sell this country and give criminals all the rights, in office over and over again. Shame on us as a nation for being asleep pursuing the materialist “American Dream” while our nation has been sold from under us, and the “leaders” are doing whatever they please. It’s all part of a plan though, so don’t be discouraged. The Bibkle predicted a one world system thousands of years ago, and the fall of the American empire will allow all the cards to fall in place for a new world order, cashless society, realative truth being the norm, one world religion and the coming world leader, aka, the Anti-Christ.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    The Daily mail did another story of China’s Ghost Cities the above is a direct link according to the story China has 64 million abandoned homes. Can anybody say Resource Misallocation? Market Distortion?

  • William

    What do you expect when America squanders her resources on illegal and unnecessary wars of choice, and the Chinese spend their money on things of value??? The evil Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush is not so funny now, is he ???

  • Ben Witz

    We all better start learning Chinese… America will be done and revert to fourth-world status in 5-10 years..

  • I feel the first thing to be done is to strengthen the Tea Party and vote for conservative America policies. Get back to a conservative America as it used to be. We should know by now that the liberal way never works. I feel parties have switched and now the Republicans stand for all the conservative good values. I feel Christianty is still the majority. We do need to wake up before we loose that. Put God back in the public schools by strengthening our conservative vote.

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      The people who advocate all these “conservative” policies you support HAVE been in office for decades, either in Congress, the Oval Office or both at the same time. These god-fearing Republicans are the very ones who started the process of selling our nation to China in return for filthy lucre.

      It was the sainted Ronald Reagan who pushed for “most favored nation” status for China. Later, the Republican candidate for President in 1996, Senator Bob Dole, became a lobbyist for China after losing the election, which beggars the question — would he have still been a lobbyist for the PRC if he actually WON? You know the answer.

      The “patriotic”, god-fearing jingoist jargon preached by Republicans (and today by Sarah Palin) was the cover that allowed them to practice their treason in plain sight while lulling the ignorant masses — especially in the Bible Belt — into a stupor of feel-good obliviousness.

      Of course, the Democrats are equally treasonous. Just ask Bill Clinton, whose pal Schwartz of Loral Corporation so helpfully upgraded the guidance systems on China’s small flee of ICBMs, ensuring that they would be much more accurate when fired at US targets.

    • Terry

      Nice idea, but this is beyond mere voting. This mess will be sorted out through *****************************.


    Perhaps you need to take a more rational look at things.

    If China is investing heavily in the US, then our economies become more closely intertwined. If our economies are more closely intertwined, then they have a real need for us (the US) to be a healthy and vibrant economy and partner, not the opposite.

    It’s just basic economic arithmetic.

  • Piglet

    Yes indeed, the borrower is the slave of the lender. As you’ve written earlier, our cities and states are flat broke, and they’d look on “foreign investment” as a godsend. While the US created an expensive empire to dominate the world, it has driven itself into bankruptcy, and it will be at the mercy of those to whom it owes money. Whether we realize it or not, we’ve asked for this, and now we’re going to get it, good and hard.

  • All I can say is WOW! This is just simply depressing to me. It’s also just plain scary.

    Why are we allowing our government to do this to us? Sell us out? Bury us in a deep debt hole, lie and steal and enslave our children for many years to come?

    What is wrong with us Americans? Why are we simply this lazy that all we do is sit around and complain about what is wrong?

    When is America going to wake up? When it’s too late?

    • Terry

      America is only enslaved in this debt if we chose to be.

      • Ser Korz

        one can not choose to be undone after hit by a train. one can only have been wise not walking on the tracks obliviously to the fact that one was on a train tracks.

        ( best facing oncoming so as to see a train coming and move out of the way).

    • Ser Korz

      Greed . love of Money and the hate of the little people. may be not hate…but contempt.

      and all that is welcomed in by Godlessness behavior .

  • Retired American

    Most Americans do not know the Chinese are currently invading America. Probably most don’t think much about how much money the USA owes China. Amazing our leaders get us in such a mess and nobody notices. Amazing.
    First we should vote out all the incumbants in Washington D.C. except a very few like Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Dennis Kuchinich of Ohio. Then we should march in the streets until the bush tax cuts are repealed. We need to demonstrate and protest until the oil subsidies are cut, the wars are ended and taxes are collected from corporations earning profits in the USA. In all these ways, the government has undermined the country and defrauded the people of America. Who will lead the awakening of the American consciousness of our leaders selling out of America? Maybe Michael Moore, but he will need a lot of help.

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      Unfortunately, voting the incumbents out of office is almost never an option, because the gate keepers safely ensure that all the “choices” offered to us will carry out the same policies no matter who wins. Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel were and are flukes, and they will be kept from attaining higher office by any means TPTB may deem necessary, including vote fraud, media blackouts, dirty tricks and worse. Its happened before and its happening to Ron Paul now.

  • mondobeyondo

    The Chinese are invading our country. And they haven’t even fired a single shot in anger. They are doing it covertly.

    No need to invade. Just buy all our land, and make it their own. Next step – rename San Francisco “New Shanghai”. Or maybe “Beijing on the Eastern Pacific”. (Don’t worry, Chinatown will remain the same, more or less.)

  • mondobeyondo

    You do have to wonder though, if a few of our corrupt politicians are getting some kind of kick-back offers from Beijing for allowing this to happen. No red blooded American would allow such a thing to happen.

  • Ron

    I don’t blame the Chinese, or the Mexicans or the Africans or any of those, neither, ultimately, do I blame the group that has engineered this whole fall, who I do blame is our own people, the so-called “Greatest Generation” as Brokaw called them, who voted in the TRAITORS who did the bidding of the Inner Party, and these “GREATEST GENERATION” did it for SOCIALISM: i.e. Medicare, originally titled ELDERCARE, and all of that stuff.
    They threw away our HERITAGE, this was known as a CHRISTIAN NATION at one time, now it is a so-called “Judaeo-Christian” nation, BIG DIFFERENCE.
    The traitor within, none can stand against such Evil.
    Chinese-Americans (sic) vote HARD LEFT, ALL THE TIME.
    They think our 2nd Amendment is insane.

    Just read the news items about toxic substances put in children’s jewelry, fertilizer, and food exported from China to the USA.

    Here is one you may have missed, btw they do the same to their own people who they like, imagine what they will do to White Americans, who they hate, and I speak of those Chinese here as well as there in China:
    Radioactive cheese grater case shows lack of oversight

    Who is in charge of protecting Americans from products made from radioactively tainted metal?

    The answer: No one.

    The discovery late last summer of a radioactive EKCO cheese grater at a Flint, Mich., scrap plant. The Chinese-made grater was laced with the isotope Cobalt-60, and was giving off the equivalent to a chest X-ray every 36 hours.

    Estimated to have been in circulation for as long as a decade, the grater likely was four to five times more radioactive when it was made. EKCO’s parent company, World Kitchen, of Rosemont, Ill., described the incident as isolated and found no need to issue a recall, spokesman Bryan Glancy said.

    It was not the only grater found. NRC documents show that another Cobalt-60-tainted cheese grater had turned up in Jacksonville, Fla., in 2006.


    Ok, a rational point didn’t work so how about a history lesson.

    Back in the 1990s the Japanese were buying up everything around here left and right. I’m hoping you noticed it didn’t work out all that well for them?

    How about an appeal to jingoism… if we decide we don’t like what the Chinese are doing we nationalize their assets (i.e., reclaim the property) and we get to keep the cash they spent as well.

    Or maybe a military perspective. It is impossible for another country to conduct an invasion of North America. It requires men and materials to travel across a huge ocean. they would be big fat targets. It would also require a supply tail back to China which would be even more vulnerable. The invasion of Normandy was a close run thing and the two sides were practically next to each other, let alone 10,000 miles or more.

    How about a societal example. The citizens of the UK are better off today than they were in 1900 when they were the empire that the sun never set on.

    It does not matter, we’re investing in Chinese companies and real estate and they do the same. Frankly the best way forward is for our economies to get so intertwined that neither side can afford to have their partner fail.

    I know you don’t want to hear what you decided you don’t want to believe, but Chinese investment in the US is a good thing. It also balances the trade surplus on top of everything else.

    But, whatever, y’all have a good father’s day and all.

    Oh, one last thing… this is a Vietnam vet speaking.

    • Admin

      It most certainly is not impossible for another country to conduct a land invasion of North America.

      Of course certain things would have to happen first, but once our very limited strategic nuclear arsenal (currently about 5% of Cold War levels) was taken care of it would not be that hard.


      • justnotsurprised

        How old are you? Either way too old or way to young.
        We, with all the military might and technology can’t win a war, not even one we start against far more inferior enemies.
        Nuclear war was canned when the banks figured that even if America won, there would be no customers and nobody left to make more money off of. Dead people don’t open accounts or get loans. That’s bad for business, very bad.

        You know what the official criteria for winning a nuclear war was?

        Now it’s about whose economy can you crash or take over, can you devalue the money and cause inflation. Look what wall street did to Japan.
        We sold junk bonds to China and the rest of the world, we were selling fast and furious, the bankers were wheeling and dealing like crazy.
        But the bankers also figured it would be so much easier to buy off politicians, give credit cards out like cheap candy and sell house at prices 100 times the value and put every warm body in debt up to their eyeballs and wait for the inevitable crash to come and take back everything.
        Never trust a banker.

    • “Frankly the best way forward is for our economies to get so intertwined that neither side can afford to have their partner fail.”

      The USA is bankrupt. China is not stupid enough to intertwine their economy with the USA.

      At this point in time, intertwining has lowered the standard of living in the USA. If you disagree, show your proof to 42 million Americans receiving food stamps.

  • pier

    You also have to give some credit to the Chinese workers, among other workers in the emerging and the emerged economies such as the Brazil, India, Iran, Russia, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Egypt, S. Arabia, Syria,… to have absorbed a big portion of the US inflation through working longer hours, getting less real salaries and cut in benefits.

    The global bankers have somehow convinced the leaders of these nations that if the US economy slows down or the dollar loses its reserve status, they all going to lose.
    So just like the Mississippi river flood-control gates and levees, they have to intentionally break the levees protecting their countries and allow the flood of the US dollars to enter their countries, so the New Orleans and Shreveport could be saved.
    People around the world want the overthrow of their regimes because they are tired of getting flooded when they are not even in the flood zone.
    People are saying: ‘how did we get floodwaters when there were no clouds or rain? it must be our corrupt leaders collaborating with the Federal Reserve Corp of engineers’

  • Peaches

    You folks don’t have a blessed clue about the realities of this.

    Out West, for the past 5 years, as farms and ranches are abandoned by the children of farmers and ranchers, the auctions are happening every weekend. (Americans don’t want them; too much work, and besides, they can get all the food they want at WalMart.) So who is bidding them up and buying them up? Chinese investors. Do you think that they are going to produce the same high-quality (coff coff) food they have always done for American consumption? No, they are looking to feed the billions of Chinese… the same Chinese people who don’t complain about melamine killing little Frou-Frou, the same Chinese whose crops have failed again this year.

    These are the states in which Chinese corporations already have HUGE, thousand-hectare ranches and farms:
    South Dakota

    Do you think that they’re going to feed YOU once they own the food supply? Do you think that they care if their cattle, chickens, fruits and vegetables pass FDA requirements?

    Chinese corporations are also buying up cash-strapped water and sewer corporations, electrical companies, and even public transport companies, all across the US.They are putting their corporate fingers into every single thing that you need to survive – and you are gladly handing them the money to do it, while our own local, state and federal governments and ‘public co-ops’ sit mum, hoping that you won’t notice.

    But that’s ok, keep shopping at WalMart, keep buying all that cool cheap stuff from China – and funding the Chinese-government-owned corporations’ ability to starve you and your children.

  • Stone Cold

    Geez, the Chinese OWN this country anyway. What better way to pay back an impossible debt to a strongly rising nation. The Republic of the United States would have never sold out their countrymen, but this usn’t the Rupublic anymore. This country could not have been defeated by an outside army; not to mention the help from the coutless American firearms owners. Nope, it’s coming from inside and it’s IN YOUR FACE. This country is on the path to extinction, and the “leaders” are pied-piping the gulli-bulls down it, doubletime. It’s completely un-constitutional…but when has that bothered the last 3 administrations.

  • jack5

    Well well,Americans getting some of there own medicine for once.They stole the land from the first nation people now they are having the land stolen off them by China.What goes around comes around i supose.

  • h5mind

    It’s important to remember who and what we are dealing with here. Talking about this or that “country” is meaningless– our government leaders no longer think in such archaic terms. Instead, they are focused on Wall Street, leverage, and corporate profits.

    They will continue to do whatever is necessary to ensure more for them and less for us, regardless of how you cast your one thin reed of a vote in the next election. The folks running this global thrift sale assume they will remain the “haves” while everyone else becomes the powerless “have nots”.

  • Made in China, Idaho. It’s amazing that Idaho of all places would court deals with China. I’m surprised that China isn’t going after California, which is broke and offers ocean access for shipping.

    As America falls from Bailouts, Wars and Corruption, and the U.S. Dollar fails, China will swoop in and buy assets cheap.

  • GJ Estep

    ANYONE or ANY COMPANY that sells American land, economic assets including treasuries to a another country should be up on TREASON charges.

  • With the Marina District in Toledo, the Chinese will be able to ship food out of the Midwest.

  • dps

    This article is a xenophobic piece of crap. I bet those poor people in Toledo were thrilled to death to sell property to anyone that was willing to buy it. THEY GOT THE CASH FOR IT. Great for them. And great for some Chinese company with an entrepreneurial idea and the willingness to back it with real money. Toledo didnt just exactly emerge as a hot investment destination. What about the worthless American companies who left it to rot?

    On that real estate transaction I would have to score it an equal success. Sellers got paid and buyers got an asset.

    In the world of the author, no transaction will ever take place. No transaction means no market means no jobs means no economy means certain death.

  • LakeDweller

    If the Chinese buy American businesses/land, it should be the Americans (that sold the company/land) you should be mad at!
    Americans should feel ashamed that Chinese business people can come to Idaho and run a successful business. It shows that Americans are weak, simple-minded and lazy!!! Complaining about unemployment while foreigners get on with business in the USA. Shameful!!!
    It is time to forget national boundaries and start thinking about economic boundaries.
    Who cares who owns the oil and gas reserves. They will eventually be sold to Joe Plumber at the gas station for a market price, regardless of whether an American or Chinese company extracted them from the ground.
    I don’t see anyone in Wal-Mart complaining about Chinese imports!!!
    It should be a wakeup call to the people of the US to get off the couch (turn off American Idle) and start participating in our economy.
    And maybe it is time to stop thinking only about yourself. Central Planning works! Ask your government to bring resources together to accomplish big projects. You’ve done it before, so it shouldn’t be too hard. And don’t be afraid of big business, they just want to make money. And that is good for all of us. Money=jobs=local spending=growth=new business=money. See, it starts and ends with money. And that is what the Chinese have a lot of right now. Why, because of Central Planning!

  • Nikko

    At least the world will no longer have to deal with FIAT money anymore in their country. If the American finally realized that the Chinese is invading their country, well this shall be the prices Americans are paying for allowing their “patriotic” Politician spending money by invading and maiming other countries mercilessly in their imaginary name of Terrorism.

  • hyena

    If the U.S. was an actual country this kind of stuff would not occur. However this is and always has been(FROM THE BEGINNING 200 YEARS AGO!!) a Corporate profit center. Nothing more. If this was a real country then our own citizens/politicians would not be able to sell our roads to countries like Spain and then make them into toll roads.If this were a real country stories like land sales to the enemy would come from fiction books. This however is not surprising knowing that we live in a corporate plantation. and those who think they have rights are living in fantasy land.
    The United States Of America INCORPORATED!!!!!.

  • megadarwin

    Only Trump had the right idea until Pelosi paid him 500 million from the Stimulus cash

  • Bill Timmick

    First of all, great article as to alerting us to the giant meat grinder descending on us, one of many.

    However, credibility in writing is paramount. You claim to be an economic blog.

    At the very least you should get your facts right, especially when it comes to math basics.

    30,000 acres is not 50 square miles. Not ,even close. 30,000 acres is about 6.8 square miles. For it to be 50 square miles it would need to be 1,600,000 acres.


    • Admin


      I am afraid you are wrong.

      50 square miles is approximately 32,000 acres.

      But it is good to check out these things.


  • brian

    Being under the influence but nevertheless, what goes around, comes around, is the understatement of the centuries. How does it feel after all the genociding, enslaving and opportunising, by proxy or direct affirmative action? And remember, it is better the devil you know than the saint whom you have no idea of – like your “Administration”.

    Why do “Yankees”, in general, lack the ability to introspec, preferrring their favourite hobby of finger-pointing? Because … hint: guilt, oka fear, is when anger, oka greed, has lost its gung-ho. Got eet? Noo? Well, ‘fink of eyeRaq, the Afganis and the Pakis, the Libyans, the eyeRanis and Texas, Kalifornia … surely you don’t need any more reminders, do you? It really takes the cake, the real Pot calling the possible Kettle black.

    What is wrong with you people, eh? “Others” are not the lviing, perhaps? If that is the case, remember what Grandma told you? Yes me hearties, “Charity Begins At Home”…. and don’t look at the zillionaires for the real explanation because they are even grosser/dumb that you lot. CBaH means that, “There is nothing constructive or destructive that you could do to others without having done the same to yourself first”. That means should you want to damage others, you’d already damaged yourself. Got eet? Even you lot should be able to see this one, yes? If that is so, realise then that when you treat others as the living-dead, you had already been dead before that event. See, it pays to be really educated or else what all are seeing now is par for the course – the wage of the Living-Dead – still expecting to profit from one’s inhumanity. If you want others to be human, be so yourself and stop the hypocrisy and the ostrich act/posturing.

    Ask yourself, why are “Amerikans” so despised – from home [remember the Injuns and the Bliks whilst not fogetting those Chinkos who helped opened up Amerika and got spatted upon for their effort] and from others? Noo, not because of “Israel” but because of the continual hypocrisy, connivance, cunning and cruelty whilst claiming to be whiter than white. Now, at least some despot is honest about his cruelty but who would forgive or forget the bent copper who hides behind his badge whilst committing all kinds of inhuman activity. An “Amerikan” perhaps. God forbid after God bless. How convenient. Love yourself first such that you may then know how to truly love others if only because love is the common denominator amongst humans. Yes, we love you too.

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      You’ve got it all wrong, my Euro-leftist friend: The US government — which is nothing but a sham and a cover-story for domination by moneyed, pseudo-blue blood globalist elites — has never been of the people or for the people. It ode snot care a fig for “the people.” It is not the people but rather this government that has pursued policies — in CONCERT with China — that profit themselves AND the political elites of China, to the detriment of a populace they both despise.

      You are obviously an enthusiastic consumer of the swill disgorged by the American propaganda machine to the effect that this country is a “democracy.” You believe that this country’s government, with its secret police, its propaganda organs disguised as independent media, its faked elections, its spies and harpies everywhere, humiliating and terrorizing the people, rules by the consent of the governed, and that its CRIMES are committed with the consent of the governed. Most Americans are guilt of only one thing : a complete and total lack of INFLUENCE.

      You ignore the first law of nature — self preservation. I feel no moral command to submit to anyone, let alone Chinese colonists that our elites (whose ancestors openly despised MY forebears as WHITE “N********”) are bringing in to dominate and exploit us. I myself never owned stock in any INTERNATIONAL conglomerates that exploit third world workers overseas. I have NEVER served in the regime’s armed forces and have never committed war crimes, or participated in an invasion of another country. I don’t “support our troops.” I don’t work for any corporations, and I don’t partake in the regime’s phony elections and thus don’t lend my miniscule voice to grant the regime’s actions legitimacy. So who are you to gloat that I’m getting my just desserts?

      By the same token, I don’t give a fig for people killed or enslaved hundreds of years ago, nor do I feel any moral obligation to them or their descendants (especially since my forebears on both sides came to this country less than ninety years ago as INDUSTRIAL workers, not venture capitalists). There are tens of MILLIONS like me — white Catholic ethnics that have always been semi-outsiders to the elites that own America. WE will NOT pay THEIR debts with our children’s future, and YOU will not affix responsibility for their debts onto US.

      I do agree that much of the white American population in the South, West and other regions has willfully and malevolently embraced stupidity, living on junk food, junk TV and junk “religion” (i.e., worshiping a group of genital-mutilating, bronze age desert nomads and the supernatural being with whom they allegedly formed a covenant). These degraded beings passing themselves off as “Americans” exhibit the superstitions and sensibilities of jungle savages, without the savage’s healthy vigor or closeness to nature.

      Despite the examples offered by the fate of the Tibetans and Uyghurs, which promise a dire outcome for White North Americans following Chinese colonization, one good thing may come out of this — the willfully stupid, anti-intellectual, sports-watching, obese, high-fructose corn syrup addicted twits that are obsessed with ********** and the Grand Ol’ Opry will be culled quickly by the sweep of events. A new people will arise from the best human material than remains, and THEN we can make this country our own for the FIRST time in history.

      By the way, Brian, from your writings, I picture you as a gay man in Copenhagen with a Muslim boyfriend. Am I right? While you struggle for the answer to that question, I’ve got a message for you and your ilk: Try to punish or hurt me or mine, or presume to impute some kind of historical “guilt” onto me or mine, with the intent to ENFORCE our “penance” for things we did not do, and I will cause that person to regret that his parents ever went on their first date.

  • Ser Korz

    “Should we all start learning to speak Chinese?”


    Gun boat diplomacy blow back.

    ‘ You asked for it you got it” { The West did ask,and not politely ., not nice}

  • Bye Bye Whitey (The Song)

    Perhaps our new Chinese master will be more generous than our Rothschild master.

    Face it, China would be a breath of fresh air compared to Hitler/SA or Obama/TSA

    Rooking fooorword tu rar rew leedar

  • Karl

    Whether the rulers of the planet are Chinese, or not is irrelevant once the antichrist comes upon the world stage.

    That stupid pyramid with the eye of Horus on our USD $1 bill, on the roof of the Rothschilds’ funded Jerusalem Supreme Court complex and ubiquitous in movies, print, murals etc. annoys many of us without end.

    Appears being filthy rich and an antichrist go hand in hand. Whatever. They play their games and I play mine. We’ll see who comes out on top when the dust settles.

  • pammalou

    Well…according to the Internationalists and the CFR read NPR radio crowd China discovered North America.
    Seeing as Americans are deadbeats on their IMF loans,and you still insist on spending on wars,and taking loans,bailing out foreign banks mistakes,and countries,that you can never repay
    then they are talking about America as a foreclosed property over at the UN and IMF,WTO etc…
    You are just the previous owners,and they are just letting China have it because after all they discovered it!
    Here is one of many links out there about China Discovering the US !
    Finders keepers,but this time they have the money from all the goods you used to produce here.
    Before NAFTA!
    There will still be cheap goods from China.
    They will just have Americans working the in the sweatshops!
    Thats what a free trade zone is.
    But just saying…I heard this on NPR when I could still stomach NPR a few years ago.
    They tell you a lot of things they are going to do to you in very cheery voices! They make it sound rational somehow also.

  • pammalou

    SORRY !
    Here Is the link for China discovered America!
    I forgot cuz I was so busy typing!
    Cheers again!

    • USC

      Millions of American citizens should tell all of our US and State Congressman and Senators,

      To stop importing so much from such an; uncivilized, barbaric, sadistic, cruel, beligerent, corrupt, and criminally-inclined-engaged country as Communist China !

      And don’t let them buy into any property or business ventures inside of the USA !

      Look how thet treat millions of dogs and cats as if they were inanimate objects.

      How will they treat us after we so stupidly give them all of our SSS and power and they enter the USA in force and large numbers !!!

      Should we be giving them so much of our SSS, which they are using to massively build up their military industrial complex with


      Guangzhou China’s Dog and Cat; barbaric abuse and cruelty

      In China They “Boiled Alive Cat” Prepared, Served In Guangzhou Restaurants

      “Express” reporter also discovered in an interview:

      To guarantee the freshness of the cat meat, most cat meat restaurants have adopted “live cooked cat”, “beating”, and similar methods of slaughtering live cats.

      “The more suffering, the better the taste. Doing it like this is to ensure that the blood is fully soaked into the flesh, and that the flavor of the cat meat prepared tastes great.”

  • Brian

    The Chinese and a number of now minority groups have proven themselves to be more aggressive and frankly smarter than the Europeans who are rapidly becoming a minority in a country founded and civilized by their own ancestors. Yet, they continue voting for democrats and most republicans and they will get what they deserve.

    • cameron

      First of all the chinese “might” have discovered california but that is probably the limit of their exploration. Second they are fighting us without fighting,Sun Tzu

  • Jane

    Curious to know whose land this proposed Special Economic Zone in Idaho is/was.Is this public land being sold or private land?

  • Jane

    Is the land for proposed Special Trade Zone a WETLAND?
    A Couple from Idaho found out their land was designated by the EPA a wetland when they began preparing the land for a new house.They were told to cease and desist and threatened with fines of 32,000 a day.They still have to pay taxes on land they cannot use.The little known power given to the EPA can take ANY land, that’s right, ANY land without proof it is a wetland.Read this story and then decide if the Chinese STZ has been cleared by the EPA as a non wetland or what.BIG Trouble in Idaho-

  • William

    Marx said you have to eliminate the bourgeoisie(a social order,what we refer to as “the middle class”)in order to…you know the rest.

  • Tennessee Cornstoves

    China is not to blame.
    Bush is no shade from flame.
    Obama gets all the fame
    but voters remain the same
    I never voted for him they claim
    to my family be put to shame
    if I failed to play the game
    your temper you must tame
    your memory is lame
    Kansas plays Kenya – check mate.

    • terri

      It is responses like this. Do you comprehend
      what is happening in our country today. The simple question is to hault all buying, and don’t walk in a Walmart (chinamart) store. Your freedome is about to end – your self expression will end with as well. These Chinese people will put you to work on American soil, and it want be to rap. They will have you out in the fields.

  • Joe Caftee Wilmington NC

    Nobody had any problems with America buying assets/ land/ companies overseas?

    • lone survivor

      Are you saying the USA government is buying up land and companies in foreign countries? Since when? It’s one thing when a corporation buys up another business, it’s totally different when communist China comes to the USA and starts buying up land and companies. Here’s a question, when will it stop? When they use up the 100’s of billions of dollars they make every year buying up American farmland and ranchland?
      The Chinese leaders are a bunch of gangsters. They control everything in their country. You belong to them-you are their slave to do with whatever they want. If you protest or disobey, you are sent to reeducation (brainwashing) concentration camps-they like to call them job retraining schools.
      And you can believe these so-called Chinese workers that they will bring over from China will really be first class Chinese secret agents and Chinese soldiers, who are trained to take control of TV stations, newspapers, police stations, electric companies, etc. The new “Red Dawn”. The commies hate the USA Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They and the UN, want to get rid of them so they can enslave all America and make “New World Order” slaves of all Americans!
      what do you want to bet that they are also behind most if not all gun banning/hunting groups? I’ll bet they have figured ways to funnel money to these groups without being caught.
      Don’t forget that during WW2, the Japenese were going to invade the lower 48, but they were afraid of all the gun owning Americans! The Chinese figure, just BAN all guns in America, then they can take over!
      And what jobs for Americans? Working as grounds keepers-mowing the grass? Janitors? Nannys? If they bring over thousands of workers, why would they need Americans workers for? Maybe brainwashing experiments? Reprogram them? Sex slaves? Expect to hear about pretty white women suddenly turning up missing, ever hear of being Shanghied? (sic)
      That’s just the beginning. I think these politicians were promised free passes to Chinese golf courses and country clubs! That’s why they approved everything the Chinese officals wanted! Or maybe pay-offs? A new car?

  • N Aktarian

    Communists…..why we been fighting them ba****ds for 70 years and winning. Now thanks to Free Trade they are winning and we are going to lose everything. The Corporations do not care who they get in bed with, as long as they can make some extra bucks. Disgusting and our political leaders don’t care……so why is that not treason. Taking actions that hurt the economic power of the USA and transfer it to a Communist Government would get you killed five or six of decades ago. So now Commie Pinko Corporations are ok? So now Politicians can work against the best interests of the USA and for the Commies and that is ok? I do not think so. War can take many forms, it does not have to involve physical warfare as an economic war would also fit the definition. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. These Traitors have embarked on a plan of economic war against the USA and have given our enemy (China ) aid in developing their economy and knowledge about how to manufacture products. **************************************************************

  • Philistine

    yes, learn to speak Chinese.

    truman blinked, and see where it led.

    they have a long plan, what do you have?

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    This is The CFR stabbing America in the back for the Kill. The CFR TV programmers, the fed, and the central bankers. It was easy for them to get this far and I would get a real chuckle *******************************************. Simply for the sake of destroying the success that beat them all in fostering creativity and fair play for citizens from all over the world except in instances where racist punks got elected. TV has the public hypnotized by the most stupid garbage and lies and the public is lapping it up like hungry dogs. They wear ignorance as a badge to brandish in the faces of those aware of the details of the destruction going on. Radiation, poison gas from the gulf, destroyed fisheries, huge national debt and china buying the land from under their feet. They don’t care and ‘God’ will give them the strength to face their own failure as organisms.

    How’s that for depressing? I wish I was wrong.

  • Steve

    American billionaire Jim Rogers has moved to Asia, and is having Mandarin Chinese taught to his children.

    “Should we all start learning to speak Chinese?”

    The answer to your question is; ‘yes’…

  • megadarwin

    With 15 million homeless Americans sleeping in their cars anything is better than Obama’s Kenyan lawless dictatorship government

  • megadarwin

    Alert:: Huntsman is an Obama running dog. Beware of Him and opportunist Herman Cain.

  • realist

    The US communist government is doing what they do best–lying to Americans.

    These zones have nothing to do with improving the economy or jobs for Americans. Jobs in the zones will be for Communist Chinese immigrants.

    Here is a link to the infamous speech by Chinese Communist General Chi Haotian. The general clearly reveals what the Chinese plan to do to their “enemy,” the United States. Murder Americans and take over.

    • DB200

      Interesting article that says it all. Especially the notion that Chinese people should not believe in God as this undermines the power of the Chinese Party. Guess what is growing rapidly in China?

  • Arthur

    For as long as I can remember we have accepted that the Chinese work for very low wages and live in appalling conditions. At the same time we were content to buy goods from Walmart because it suited us to take advantage of their low prices. All this time the Chinese remained silent and continued living in poverty and working in sweatshops for “our benefit”. But what we were oblivious to was that they were economizing while we were busy spending, in most cases, money we didn’t even have. So now we are left with nothing while they have it all and it’s their turn to live the high life while we do what we are best at …complaining! We asked for it, now we are going to get it.

    • WinCA

      Wal-Mart under bid, and americans like a good deal. In Calif., our Wal-Mart shelves are filled with Wal-Mart named products – one or two choices to select from. Food, health and beauty, gardening, it just keeps growing. You’ll find the day, 20 years in the least, when you will wish you had fought more for what you are about to lose.

      How about – Give China the gold in Fort Knox since it is at a high rate of return, record highs. If there is any gold that is. End the wars – the cost of what teh objective is in the ME (oil for war machines, US presence for logistical reasons, fighting terrorism) is a failed country. It’s nonsensical.

      Life for your great grandchildren will be indescribable in its misery if this low road on the map called the Death of America is abandoned. Apathy, complaceny – the death of freedom to equality and justice. What has happened to us?

  • TF

    Gosh, I hope they buy my house as it seems I now am living in Little Russia, CO! But wait, there’s nowhere to go anymore.
    I can’t believe the people in Idaho would go for that land grab. I thought only patriotic people lived in Idaho!

  • The current wave of politicians:
    1. Kids go to private schools
    2. Have their own special health care
    3. Pensions after a few years…For life
    4. Spend trillions overseas
    5. Don’t do their own shopping

    How do you go from being a candidate, with a job, to getting elected and becoming a millionaire in a few years. Easy answer…Sell out to foreign investors. I was a body guard… I know.

  • Eugene

    Utter shame on all those who would SELL OUT
    our heritage and the precious blood of our
    fathers and forefathers who fought so hard to
    protect us from the advancement of communists
    and other barbaric enemies of our freedom.
    Shallow individuals who have no real character,
    no loyalty and no patriotism ( that’s right, I see nothing wrong with questioning anybody’s
    patriotism…”if the shoe fits, wear it!” ) will
    sell out precious liberty for “security” every time. Trouble is, that “security” won’t last
    long with an enemy occupying and taking over one’s country. Wanna be a SLAVE of the reds? Then just allow this travesty to happen.

  • Back in 1962 the local hardware store in southern California was being picketed by the John Birch Society because baskets from Romania were being sold there. Buying merchandise from a communist country was supporting communism. Too bad the “free trade” supporters did not care in the 90’s that buying goods from Communist China supports communism.

    Now Communist China is buying America, establishing colonial beach heads, and buying energy resources all over the world with those trade dollars.

    Their economy is directed by the military for their national good while our economy is directed by corporate profits, irrespective of the national good for the USA. Looks like China is winning!

  • June

    Well, guess I have to change my mind. I figured the radical Muslims and the Mexicans would get us first. Now we have to worry about the Chinese. Who’s next?

  • J. Williams

    good thing we still hold that embargo on Cuba we can’t give any support to commies

  • this is an attrocity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clark

    “A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic and other laws that are more free-market-”

    The obvious solution is to make the rest of America a free market zone so Americans can take advantage of this and compete.

  • clark

    Also, “we’ did Not ship them thousands of our factories, millions of our jobs and trillions of our dollars.

    “We” regulated taxed and otherwise drove the companies that provided those jobs offshore.

    The solution is to undo what drove those companies away. Mercantilism and protectionism are not the answers.

  • ron

    Years ago i listened to a show with a man who did remote viewing.They asked him what he saw in the future,he said its yellow as in chinese.He said they well rule.

  • Cannonfodder

    The Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold makes the rules.
    Americans are finally getting a taste of what they have done in many other countries since the end of the First World War. The US dollar was mighty, and became even stronger after 1945, giving American entrepreneurs the opportunity to buy large portions of foreign economies around the globe. But that was yesterday.
    Nearly a decade ago, after the US blocked the purchase of Unocal, I wrote, more than a few times, that the Chinese would find some way to spend the hundreds of billions of US dollars they were gathering up; that they would be the new landlord, and you wouldn’t even have to learn Mandarin. They won’t care as long as your rent check doesn’t bounce. I was called a crackpot. At some point in time, ALL US currency will come back to the remaining place where it will be readily accepted – the country of its origin. Nominal values for everything will skyrocket as the paper returns home looking for some notion of value.
    In the meantime, the bankers have pillaged the accumulated wealth of generations past, and it is already too late to bring it back. In its place lies an obscene stack of paper receipts and certificates…..worthless paper receipts.

  • Georgiaboy61

    It is a toss-up who will seize America first – the Mexicans, the Muslims or the Chinese. Perhaps the best-case scenario is one in which they kill themselves off fighting over what remains of our nation.

    • lone survivor

      Hey, that’s a good idea. Lets pit the Muslims against the illegals against the Chinese. Whoever wins- we declare war on!

  • Mike

    Blame the politicians, blame to corporations, blame the Chinese.

    Lots of blame going around, but I don’t see many people saying they are trying to buy American goods or trying to get others to do the same. If American companies can’t make money selling Chinese $h!t they won’t sell it, that simple. Who’s giving them the money? We all need to change our PERSONAL behavior soon or we will lose.

    • WinCA

      Everyone loves a bargain. Why not put in anti-competition rules into place. Regulate the ability to underbid so low it causes collapses of competitors – does not take a genius to figure out why that is necessary. Politicians have sold out their country via get-rich-quick payoffs. American businessmen will miss America as they interact in foreign markets, leaving the US taxpayer with the tab for generations. Sold their soul, after all the effort put into creating this country – It’s horrendous. It’s indefensible.

  • badmedicine

    the medicine americans gave all over the world; how does it taste at home?…quit complaining! swallow it and learn chinese!

  • crusad der

    Well, if America will not make and sell our exports to China, so china can use all the dollars they are holding and trade them back to us; then guess what they must come to the USA and buy things up with their dollars. They are smart and this is capatalism.

  • Dave

    Perhaps this is a good sign…not a good THING, but a good sign. Maybe this indicates that they won’t be militarily invading the U.S. They’ll just buy us up with our own dollars. If that doesn’t work, then maybe they’ll invade! Not a good scenario either way! Long live the United States of America!!

  • Warning

    The idea of China moving into the U.S. is scary even though the Idaho statesman never mentions that and tries to make it sound like it’s a good thing. The Idaho Statesman and the Post Register are often filled with misleading articles and not just about the Chinese government buying land in Idaho. In fact, the Post Register (at least sometimes) provides misinformation and I know that from experience. Those are reasons why I would never buy a Idaho Statesman newspaper and I would never buy a Post Register newspaper. I consider both of these newspapers to be a waste of money and I greatly appreciate the alternate media that’s avaliable online.

  • frankania

    Powerful foreigners owning assets in the USA is a good thing in some ways. They will be LESS likely to attack the USA militarily, if they are owners of properties/businesses in America.
    Plus, they bring new ideas with them, at the same time following the laws like the rest of us have to.

  • anon

    So… USA is now a third world country.

  • DB200

    In the meantime, the Chinese are learning how to read US e-mail:

  • China can only buy what the Japanese left them!!! It’s possible, with the number of Japanese owned real estate here, they don’t have to worry about radiation, at least not in Japan. They can move right in here. Slight problem, Japan & China have been enemies for thousands of years. That could prove interesting. But, since we’ve killed off our future here with abortion, we’re finding ourselves in the same place as the western Europeans. Remember that scripture in the NT when Paul wanted to go “East” with the gospel? But the Holy Spirit stopped him! Told Paul “they are being set apart until the end of days”. Hum, just a thought.

  • Gloria Ann Jenkins

    It seems no one is watching the hen house…but the fox. God help us all.

  • Robert

    Look at the elementry school that was called McMillan elementary up until last year. It is now a Chinese charter school. The kids were forced to learn chinese one day a week last year. I know because I had a child there. Breakfast free and not too many “english as a first language” kids. All paid by tax payers.

  • Erik

    It’s ridiculous to think that only a few jobs in the new chinese city in Idaho would be american. You will need many americans who knows american culture and can interact with the rest america in a proper way.
    And even if the new city in Idaho were to hire not a single american soul, that city woould still have needs from the surrounding larger area to function. It would need to buy foods and other commodities and services even though the chinese say they will be self sufficient.

  • Erik

    “Well, we shipped them thousands of our factories, millions of our jobs and trillions of our dollars.
    It is insane what we are doing.
    Now the Chinese are starting to colonize us.”

    Oh, boohoo. In the mean time the US has been selling worthless US bonds to the chinese, whilst constantly diluting the value of the US dollar. If it was not for China constantly buying american debt the country would have defaulted years ago. If china stopped buying US debt for just one month the US would be forced to default. Even american investors are dumpipng all their US bonds.
    China is supporting a crashing housing market and investing hugely in america by building a whole new economic zone. It seems China sticks to America when american investors flee as far away as possible.
    America can count their blessings for not being abandoned by China as it rightfully should.

  • Blammo

    Learning it now ! In Costa Rica.I have a Chinese buddy that owns a killer restaurant.I speak Spanish to him and he replies in Mandarin. I escaped in 2005 ;-)~
    BTW Chinese folks aren’t communist. Their govt, like yours, is. Have fun ! You voted for it.

  • Wow….what Chinese government is doing unbelieable..!!1….WOW…! no different from what USA corporations have done in Latin America and Asia and resources in those regions. Buying natural resources for pennies…remeber the United Fruit Co and Chiquita Banana..and many others…yes like oil giants, exploiting and refining oils and then reselling to those very nations where oil was exploited…at ten fold the prices. For years a gallon of gasoline, from Standard, Texaco, Esso or Exxon, and other powerful oil houses, in Central or South America, except in Venezuela, a gallon was from $2 to $3 dollars back in the ’60 ( now $6 to $7USD) and only $0.28 in USA…wow…about those people.doing this…be ware..!

  • justme

    Why should anyone be required to speak Chinese? Let them learn English. I don’t know what Idaho thinks is going to happen in that state, but I can guarantee it’s not what they think. As for buying up all those energy resources, the answer should be a resounding “NO!”. China is a big country. Let them find their own gas and oil reserves, and leave ours alone.

  • xavier borowicz

    the US been doing things like this all over the world for decades. and now that the evil “communist” overlords r doing it to us its a huge deal. what do u think will happen?? china needs us to be the non thinking consumers that we r to keep their economy growing strong. So paranoid americans have nothing to worry about. The overlords will be constantly refilling our food and water bowls for decades to come.

  • Willysan

    Don’t blame the CHinese. They are grabbing what’s available. The big question is why we don’t tax the chinese imports? I have so much Chinese made stuff and I am an American. Cause we can’t produce products as cheaply as China does. I would like to buy Ameircan made stuff, but very little choices and more expensive. Tax the Chinese imports and make their products cost a lttle more. Then watch American manufacturing come back. US stuff back on the shelves with jobs to boot. Sad thing is that there is a reason we won’t tax the chinese imports. Fear of something or money. You see, the 540 politicians don’t need to worry aboput life in 50 years because they will be dead. They care about money now. Either way, like someone said earlier, start learning CHinese. Better in the long run.

  • Sniper Rifle

    Hey Americans (Peasants as we are refered to by our CORPORATE Government) History repeats itself. Corporations have been successfully infiltrating the American government for years. The FDA for example. All the top brass at the FDA also worked at Monsanto. The FDA approved all those wonderful hormones that helps cows and chickens grow faster. Sure, they cause MS, thyroid cancer, early puberty, SIDS etc. But who cares. Kids NEED milk right? Oh….also….70% of all the food we give our kids has been genetically modified. Some people think this is just great. But the cows that suffered from Mad Cow disease were also fed genetically modified feed. Adding and removing genes from food causes a slow and painful death. But Monsantos FDA says its “A OK”.
    Also Wall Street and the US government are one in the same. U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Paulson also ran Goldman Sachs. And in some ways still does. Paulson has had vey close ties to China for years. The China land sale will happen. Just like the bank bailout did. Do you remember that? The “People”(meaning us) spoke: Nay to the bailout. Then 2 days later the banks got the money. How did that happen? Paulson made it happen. The US government is supposed to serve its People but hasnt done that for over 20 years.
    Its doesnt take very much research to find the real truth. Like…the federal reserve is a private bank, income tax is unconstitutional, the money in the USA is not backed by gold. Please….America…..dont believe the Bullsh*t and dont let Paulson sell us to China.

    • Darel

      Do you have any real evidence or source to back up your story? I hear that one over and over again, how genetically modified food causes this and that, but I cannot find the independent source to confirm such claims. Ditto for China <a href=""land sale. The reality is that China indeed has invested a lot in the USA, but the government would never let them take too much.

  • END the FED

    Kevin Freeman: Terrorists, Nations Plot Attack to Doom Dollar
    theres a motive behind the Gold trade that really needs to be better understood , HERE IS the Plan by China to Collapse the US Dollar , and they are going to use Gold as the vehicle :
    In this Report on Page 4 it explains how Operation Twist will drive down Gold prices because the Bonding Buying by the Federal Reserve will fund central banks to invest in equities markets and private investment will chase these equity valuation increases out of their Commodities holding position , this is to Chinas advantage wouldn’t you say ?
    This article talks about the plan to use those Bond Funds that form capital in the Operation Twist that the Federal Reserve is engaged in now like it says in this report on page 4 , they are buying 4 trillion bucks worth of bonds it says, to then be Invested into the equities markets to inflate the Dow and make it look like there is growth this could crash the gold market ,
    This is using taxpayer debt to create a FAKE rally in the equities markets to suck the gold investors out of gold and back into the equities driving down Gold so the Chinese can buy it cheaper and further consolidate the worlds gold supply , just Like The Stanfield research advertisement talks about . This is really bad someone needs to be looking into this scam , its a direct assault on the US Dollar !!! Man do we even realize the DEBT we all are being crushed with by these Actions that are just crushing the dollar and giving China the means to over take the US dollar ?
    I want you to read this article that opens the door to the discussion about where the effort to collapse the dollar trade currency status was being discussed in the highest levels of US Government and top rating agencies ,
    The Scam against the USA was all found here ,

    The above link is By This same Advertisement New America 1 .com, and it has been advertising the dollar crash for some time now is all about buying Gold to avert a Dollar crash and that Directly benefits Chinas attempts to become the worlds TRADE CURRENCY and takeover the Dollars position ???

    Bernanke says gold standard wouldn’t solve problems , is the federal Reserve saying he will help China become the Worlds Trade Currency and crash the Dollar

  • At least you can see what is at the end of your nose. Pity th poor blinked Australians in their “lucky” country being bought up inch by inch by China.

  • Randy Coplen

    IM so sick of these greedy companies making products overseas for pennies on the dollar for what it would cost to make it here anD still charging us THE SAME AMOUNT AS IF THEIR PRODUCT WERE MADE HERE!!!! tHE ONLY ONES TO GAIN ARE THESE GREEDY BASTARDS WHO ONLY MANAGE TO S-T-R-E-T-C-H THEIR PROFIT MARGIN. I now buy more crap that’s bad out of the box than when everything came from Japan!!! American corporations have sold the good will of their names and one can no longer depend upon 100 years of quality from an American company to attest to the dependability of their goods. If they charged for the quality of this Chinese crap everything would be half price!!!

  • ……Sounds More Like A Mean Lein Is On The Scene…When You Don’t Pay Up…Your Creditor Shows Up…And Eventually Owns Up…Sorry 2 Say…USA…Times Up…In Time We’ll Be Paying Our Mortgages To The “CENTRAL BANK Of The REPUBLIC Of CHINA”…The Bricks Are Probably Not To Far From Mortar…

  • Bob

    The Chinese Government has defaulted on trillions of dollars of bonds held by US Citizens and our government. They are now using these same defaulted funds to acquire assets here in the US. What is wrong with this picture.

  • Pelachile

    They said the same thing about the Japanese 20 years ago. China economy isn’t in that great of shape and has been slowing down recently. They still need us as much as we need them, they need us to buy their products we need them to keep loaning us money so we can keep expanding government spending. The real threat here is out of control government spending. Just the interest we pay to the Chinese on our debt funds their entire military. So while we keep putting people on food stamps, paying them to stay unemployed for years, giving everybody free healthcare, bailing out corporations, throwing money down the “green energy” toilet and funding social security, medicad, and medicare, the Chinese are modernizing their military. Fortunately the free market reforms the Chinese have implemented which are responsible for their massive economic explosion will only go so far without political freedom, which the Chinese will never have and eventually their economy will stagnate as well. Then we will be crying about India buying up all our land.

  • How is gov.Butch Otter doing?What has become of project 60 in good old Boise Idaho?Did the Chinese purchase 50 square miles of land in Idaho and set up shop yet?Will boiled cats alive be a menu special here on American soil?Will chinese woman who live in Idaho be allowed to have more then one baby?China wants to rebuild Americas worn out roads and bridges.Chinese police are used to enforce riot control in New York and assist in arresting harmless protesters.I read all about it in mag. called China smack last year.Chinese woman sneaking to birthing houses here in America so their newborns have American citizenship,then returning home to China.Female chinese army well trained and may be able to scale 20 story building with dental floss.China is buying all our assasts,oil and gas rights in texas.China wants to purchase large tracks of land all over U.S.A. Our good well water is shipped over to China on water barges.American farmland is in a chemtrailed drought this 2012.Toxic backpacks from China on American school childrens backs.Chinese kids have no heat in schools in winter and wear coats and hats all day in classrooms.Chinese investsing money here in America instead.Maybe we should teach Chinese in all American schools.Boiled cat alive anyone???

  • The Chinese school kids wear coats and hats to school all winter,because China does not heat its schools.Honest.China is investing loads of money in America.Project 60 will be a huge bonus for them,a feather in their cap.Idaho=Chinaho.Boiled cats for dinner anyone,Baby food is also the real thing on some Chinese dinners.

  • What certain voices have said..(Chuck Harder, Alex Jones, me, ect.) for YEARS. Now coming to pass!

  • Nicole King

    I laughed myself stupid when I read this. This is what happens when you decline government regulation. Most of the fears voiced in the article and in the comments would not become fact if there the idiot voters had actually elected a government that looked after their interest.

    You get the government you deserve.

    Warmest wishes for future good luck from Europe.

  • MarthaNan Bonelli

    I just heard from a produce worker in Williams,Arizona, that CHINA has first pick of fresh produce grown in Arizona,and CALI.Do we owe China that much money??Yes… It is FLU season folks.Locally grown produce should belong to us FIRST. Soon more produce in that pacific area will show signs of cesium 134 and 137.Almonds and Prunes,and CALI. pine pollen already Fukushimad out.Happy 2015.