Thanks Obama – The Terrorists You Used To Topple Regimes In Egypt And Libya Are Now Attacking Our Embassies

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Many of us tried to warn Barack Obama that using militants from al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to overthrow governments in the Middle East would not end well.  The Obama administration has been so determined to get rid of some of these dictators in the Middle East that they have not even really stopped to think about who would be replacing them.  Our leaders assured us that those opposed to Mubarak and Gaddafi were “freedom fighters” that just wanted “liberty” and “democracy” in those countries.  Well, of course it turns out that the folks that took control of both Egypt and Libya bear no resemblance to George Washington whatsoever.  They have simply replaced one form of tyranny with an even worse form of tyranny.  Sadly, the last couple of days have been a huge wake up call for all of us.  Radical Islamic militants stormed the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt and replaced the American flag with the al-Qaeda flag.  In Benghazi, Libya the U.S. consulate was attacked by a crowd equipped with guns, homemade bombs and rocket-propelled grenades.  They torched the consulate, looted it, and killed the U.S. ambassador and three other U.S. officials.  Apparently they are not as grateful for our help in “liberating” their homelands as the Obama administration thought they would be.  Unfortunately, our politicians fundamentally misunderstand what is going on in the Middle East, and this is going to continue to lead to more policy errors.


For years, our politicians told us that “al-Qaeda” was the big enemy in the “War on Terror”.

But then during the “Arab Spring” the U.S. government was openly working with “al-Qaeda” and a bunch of other similar organizations all over the Middle East to overthrow established governments.

To say that our approach to the Middle East has been “inconsistent” would be a massive understatement.

After the protesters stormed the U.S. embassy in Cairo, they made it very clear who they are aligned with.  They tore down the U.S. flag and desecrated it, and they put up a black Islamic flag in its place.

So what did the black flag have on it?  The following is how CNN described the flag….

The black flag, which hangs atop a ladder inside the compound, is adorned with white characters that read, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger,” an emblem often used in al Qaeda propaganda.

This is very reminiscent of what happened in Libya in the days after the toppling of Gaddafi.  At the time, the Daily Mail and other international media organizations posted pictures of the black al-Qaeda flag flying high and proud over the courthouse in Benghazi….

The black flag of Al Qaeda was hoisted in Libya yesterday as Nato formally ended its military campaign.

The standard fluttered from the roof of the courthouse in Benghazi, where the country’s new rulers have imposed sharia law since seizing power.

Today, the new government in Egypt is completely dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  They hold 47 percent of the seats in parliament and the new president of Egypt belongs to the organization.

So how are they responding to this incident?

Well, they have issued a half-hearted condemnation of the attacks in English, and they have also announced that new protests against the anti-Islam film that originally sparked the violence will be held in Tahrir Square on Friday.

I’m sure that a new round of mass protests will definitely calm everyone down.

Or not.

Hopefully the U.S. embassy in Egypt will have significantly strengthened security by Friday.

In Libya, the U.S. consulate has been essentially destroyed.

You can see pictures of what the U.S. consulate in Benghazi looks like after the attack right here.

Looters took off with whatever they were able to carry.  Reporters saw some people carrying desks, chairs and even washing machines away from the consulate.

The U.S. ambassador, Chris Stevens, was killed along with three other U.S. officials.

You can see a photo of an unconscious Stevens being carried through the streets after the attack right here.

So who was responsible for the attack?

Once again, it appears to have been Islamic radicals associated with al-Qaeda.  The following is from a Reuters article about this incident….

The attack was believed to have been carried out by Ansar al-Sharia, an al Qaeda-style Sunni Islamist group that has been active in Benghazi, a Libyan security official said. Witnesses said the mob also included tribesmen, militia and other gunmen.

Ansar al-Sharia cars arrived at the start of the protest but left once fighting started, Hamam said. “The protesters were running around the compound just looking for Americans, they just wanted to find an American so they could catch one.”

Most Americans thought that it was a good idea for the Obama administration to back “the rebels” that were fighting to overthrow Gaddafi, but perhaps more people should have been asking what those “rebels” actually stand for.

The following is what former CIA officer Bruce Riedel once said about the composition of the fighters that were attempting to overthrow Gaddafi….

“There is no question that al-Qaida’s Libyan franchise, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, is a part of the opposition. It has always been Gadhafi’s biggest enemy and its stronghold is Benghazi. What is unclear is how much of the opposition is al-Qaida/Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – 2 percent or 80 percent.”

The leader of the Libyan rebel forces even admitted that some of the very same militants that were shooting at U.S. troops in Iraq were among those that were seeking to “liberate” Libya.  The following is from a 2011 article in the Telegraph….

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

You can find much more on the link between al-Qaeda and the rebel forces in Libya right here.

So we were shooting at them in Iraq but we supplied them with weapons and gave them air support in Libya?

What kind of nonsense is that?

The truth is that the U.S. government has absolutely no idea what it is doing in the Middle East.

And it looks like more trouble is ahead.

There were other anti-U.S. protests in Sudan, the Gaza Strip and Tunisia on Wednesday.

Sadly, even the top officials in our own government fail to grasp why these militants hate us.  In response to the torching of the consulate in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton asked the following question….

“Today, many Americans are asking, indeed I ask myself … How could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction?”

And of course foreign policy has never been a point of emphasis for Barack Obama.

In fact, it has been reported that he skips more than half of his daily intelligence meetings.

So the blind are leading the blind and we continue to make mistake after mistake in the Middle East.

When will we ever learn?

  • whoisbiggles

    Was it George Washington who warned against getting involved in other countries entanglements?

    I know the founders weren’t perfect, but the republic they tried to create was pretty damn good. Shame on us and the preceding generations for taking apart what they created and fought for.

  • Gay Veteran

    “The Obama administration was so determined to get rid of Mubarak and Gaddafi that they didn’t even really stop and think about who would be replacing them.”

    Obama supported Mubarak until it was painfully obvious he was going to fall, as for Gaddafi we opposed him because the Chinese were getting involved in the Libyan oil industry.

    don’t know why you’re so surprised.
    America supporting dictator – good!
    Dictator not fully toeing the American line – bad!

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “we opposed him because the Chinese were getting involved in the Libyan oil industry”

      We opposed him because he was trying to push for the end of the petroleum greenback.

    • Eisenkreutz

      What conflict are you a veteran of?

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        battle of brokeback mtn.

        • Gay Veteran

          Malcolm, I thought I recognized you

      • Gay Veteran

        I served four years in the Army (1983-1987).

        Did YOU serve?

  • Gay Veteran

    “….3) It is hard not to notice, and be disturbed by, the vastly different reactions whenever innocent Americans are killed, as opposed to when Americans are doing the killing of innocents. All the rage and denunciations of these murders in Benghazi are fully justified, but one wishes that even a fraction of that rage would be expressed when the US kills innocent men, women and children in the Muslim world, as it frequently does. Typically, though, those deaths are ignored, or at best justified with amoral bureaucratic phrases (“collateral damage”) or self-justifying cliches (“war is hell”), which Americans have been trained to recite….”

    • S. Wiseman

      My sentiments exactly. We are a nation full of self-righteous hypocrites. God help us.

      • DL.

        SOME of us are self-righteous hypocrites, you mean.

        And God will give is what we deserve.

    • Eisenkreutz

      True that.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    “The Obama administration was so determined to get rid of Mubarak and Gaddafi that they didn’t even really stop and think about who would be replacing them.”

    That may be accurate, but if so, it means the Obama administration is incompetent and ignorant of what has happened in the past dating back to the taking of the Tehran embassy in 1979 and the rise of militant Iran. OTOH, militant islamists taking control in Egypt, Libya, and Tunis may be exactly what they wanted to see happen.

    • Still here in CA

      Of course the Obamination is ignorant of of what has happened in the past. He is completely un- and anti-American. He doesn’t know the history of the United States – all 57 of them! – nor does he care about it. He sympathizes with the muslims, apologizes for the United States and wants to see the ruination of America…and he is doing everything within his power to collapse this country as fast as possible.

      • Gay Veteran

        “He sympathizes with the muslims”

        oh, I guess that’s why he’s killing so many of them

      • Rhynn

        There aren’t enough words in the English language to apologize for the disservice done over decades by US greed, dishonesty, and moral bankruptcy, so if anything Obama should be blamed for trying to ice skate uphill.

        See, “Still here” is another one of these comics likes to run around with Hulk Hogan’s theme song playing in the background acting like “American” is synonymous with Sgt. Slaughter. All of this ridiculous posturing about Muslims while history confirms for us that Thomas Jefferson was yet another proud owner of a Quran. And why would he own such a book? As another “Reel American”? Because Americans with brains bigger than walnuts realize that to deal with anyone is to understand their belief system. Comes with the territory when one is making an honest effort to coexist, rather than standing around acting like gatekeeper for everyone else’s right to life.

        This is the same level of dope who feels some kind of obligation to send your kids to die 10K miles from here in an Israeli power grab against Iran so as to supposedly keep you safe in Friend, PA. Because Israel is our “friend” too. Nevermind that they think nothing of attacking American interests in false flags or spending the money you give them on shiny new missile batteries while your local police can’t afford to pay attention. And God forbid you tell them no about anything, or hold them accountable for any of their own actions, because some brainwashed bozo like Reel American Still here will pop up with a race card accusation. “Still” can’t even tell you where AIPAC’s ideas stop and his start.

        How dumb do you have to be to talk about what America has or has not done to deserve what’s happening while defending the CIA decision to train terrorists to fight Russia and overthrow Iran’s president back in the 70’s? How dumb and deluded do you have to be to buy the BS about nuclear threats from Iran when the same people talking about it were sticking their chests out waiting to be pinned with a medal for introducing nuclear technology to Iran in the 80’s and helping them drive their cultural, economic, and industrial development? Huh?

        I approve of what Mike is trying to do here, drawing attention to the hypocrisy of this whole thing, but then he turns around and misses the mark by showing his partisan colors and attempting to cut history off at 2008. Fact is, this country has been pulling sh– like this all the way back to the 30’s. There is no lock on treachery owned by Barack Obama. Lies were told to get us into Iraq and those very same flags he points out over Libya are flying over Iraq as well and the Neocons are chafing at the bit to excuse the MEK from all punishment for wrongdoing while sparing nothing for groups not particularly useful right now like Al Qaeda. The rest of the world is ON TO the US. Only American dullards believe this flotsam anymore.

        There. Watch that, then tell me how much those “durdy EEVUL DEWERS” are threatening Israel and the West with their durdy religion. Then tell me why that can’t see the light of day on any Western news program.

        Oh btw. Not holding government accountable for refusing to act in the public’s best interest is a citizen’s obligation, not his/her right. Yet the second Americans want answers about 9/11, shills like Still Here want to start up the “traitorous Muslim sympathizer” chants.

        You’re gonna get the government you deserve.

  • bananarama

    When Americans vote in November, they will get exactly what they deserve in their next ‘leader’. there is a price to be paid by those that choose to be dumb, ignorant and blind to the truth.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Iran, 1979. History is beginning to repeat, once again.

    (The names and places have not been changed, to indict the guilty.)

    • Gay Veteran

      The only reason 1979 happened in Iran is because we helped overthrow the democratically elected Iranian government in the 50s.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        Minor correction: The elected Iranian government in the 50s arranged by the USSR.

        • Gay Veteran

          yes, because if it opposed British Petroleum then it was obviously arranged by the USSR

  • Palestina

    الموت لاسرائيل — ***** to Israeli Jew who made this film and the perpetrator ****** Netanyahu. Israeli is behind the controversial film portraying Mohammad as fraud, but the US should stop them. Actors and the Florida pastor — ***************. Film’s purpose was to fight Muslims through the so-called “US-made film.” False! A ******* Jew, operating for the Mossad made this film on the behalf of Netanyahu as the 9/11 was coming they wanted the US implemented into another conflict with the Arabs Muslims.

    • Michael

      I thought about deleting this comment, but I think that it gives people a view into the mindset that is common in the Middle East these days.


      • Palestina

        Thank you, I appreciate that. America is peaceful but Jews want the Arabs to look like a terrorists and Islam a secret weapon to the terrorism. Palestinians are upset that the US supports Israeli settlements on a Palestinian land and therefore comes the outrage. Israel is behind this anti-Islamic film and the set up for making it look like it’s an American job — though the actors are and should be punished for the death of the peaceful ambassador to Libya. US should arrest the Jew responsible for the protests, anti-religious film and a death of an American citizen due to the film. Jews shall perish, Americans shall unite and Muslims shall remove the cancerous Yisrael.

        • Michael

          Why in the world should anyone be arrested for exercising their freedom of speech in a film?

          And why do you hate Israel?


          • Piglet

            I believe an honest review of Mideast history from the late 1940s to the present will answer the second question.

          • PALESTINA

            It’s freedom of religion to practice the religion but if an American gets killed by a anti-religious movie it is a violation of that freedom. Let me bring up something. In the Treaty of Tripoli of 1797 signed by John Adams states “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Muslim] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.” Sen. John McCain claims the United States was founded on the Christian religion, where’s the freedom of religion? Or does the Americans are misinformed of the practicing the freedom until it gets dirty and somebody is killed for that reason? America shall peace come to you and may GOD bless the United States.

          • Michael

            The movie did not kill anyone.

            Radical Islamic zealots killed the American officials.

            I don’t think you are understanding the concepts of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.


          • PALESTINA

            Israel? No, I recognize the Palestine and the Palestinian land for what I care. American media shows Palestinians in Gaza as terrorists launching rockets into “Israeli cities.” Now, tell me why did the Israel steal land from Egypt — Sinai peninsula — and held it until 1979 in the Six Day War? Why did Israel attacked USS Liberty? Why did militant ************** bombed British administrative headquarters for Palestine in King David Hotel bombing? Why did Lawrance Franklin was caught in 2004 espionage scandal for passing documantation to the Israeli government through the AIPAC, regarding policies towards Iran? Why did Israel settled and occupied the Palestine? Why did the FBI released silently the Five Dancing Israelis days after caught on George Washington Bridge on 9/11 for after seen filming and dancing as the WTC was burning and people died? Why did Israel wanted to expand and occupy half of Middle East? Yisrael, ************ and the Israelis are the cancer and shall be removed. I have seen peaceful Jews who rant “Free Palestine” and they are anti-********* but Jewish. Take that fact seriously.

          • Palestina

            Where’s my freedom of speech of you delete the “*********” — a movement started by a French Jew but terrorizing the Palestine land in the 1940s through spying, bombings, targetings, assassinations, settlements on British and Palestinians. Read history and do not violate my right of freedom to express my views, whether you like it or not. Understanding of freedom of religion, the First Amendment will keep the Israeli Jew — or the Egyptian Chrstian that the news reported — but when protesters storm the United States embassy, consulates and violate property’s rights, and an ambassador, two ex-Navy SEALs and another Americans are killed by a senseless movie, anti-Islamic. But, I do not defend the people who attacked the American consulate and sexually raped him before killing him. NO! Shall justice come to them but shall justice come to the anti-Islamic movie made by the heartless Jew. Please, do not tell me what my understanding of the amendments and articles of the Constitution are because I do debate on that topic on strongly hit strongly points if I decide to do so. Enjoy NDAA, and the Patriot Act — so constitutionally lawful….

        • Mondobeyondo

          It is always refreshing to hear the viewpoint of someone who lives outside of the American media “bubble”.

          • Colin

            So, you like to hear the viewpoint of someone to tell what its like when a country to overthrows their dictator (Qadaffi), sodomize him and execute him without a trial? To live in a region where people suppress their women, oppress Christians, limit freedom of speech (amongst many other freedoms), and only allow 1 book to be read?

            I hope your comment was sarcastic……

          • Palestina

            So, you like to hear how Netanyahu bubbling false flags of nuclear armed Iran and blasts the Obama administration for not putting a deadline on Iran and wants taxpayers’ money wasted, and American troops lost in Iran? Wake up, wake up.

        • Alyssa

          Muslims don’t need any help looking like terrorists. USA SHOULD get out of the ME entirely, and take our dollars with us. You ragheads are always burning the US flag, but not our money.

          • Palestina

            Ignorance much? Thing is, neither I nor you can stop aid to Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Egypt. Boy, you are watching too much Fox News and this is going to shred your comprehension on terrorism. Al Qaeda — terrorist but supported in the late 1980s by the CIA, supported in Syria and Libya. Taliban — supported in 1980s during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan by the CIA. Even Gen. Patraeus claims the CIA supported them financially, arming them with weapons. Muslims? This is generalization, but reading history and waking up from the Jewish-American lobbyist media — Fox News, will help you remove the cancer and therefore wars, attacks and ensure your freedom.

          • Rhynn

            Nobody cares about America’s punk ass numbered toilet paper dear. That’s why America has to keep the world in a perpetual state of war, hiding imperialism behind human interest BS. You know, keeping it real fake like you do calling people ragheads from your cubicle.

            American citizens don’t need to burn the flag nowadays when they can bounce you out of your home or get you fined a couple grand a day just for flying it outside your house so from where do you get the audacity to speak on such matters as flag burning? Americans don’t care about that flag dear. And they won’t until it’s got Andrew Jackson’s face painted on it and it starts coming in green.

            See, if American money was worth a damn Alyssa, America wouldn’t have to extort other countries to keep it in play. You know what extortion is right? It’s where you pay protection to the same people threatening you. Remember those Al Qaeda fellas Alyssa? See that’s how your government got YOUR money too. And these other countries that America feels are human rights offenders? Every single one of them was in the process of dumping the petrodollar – GET IT?

            Either you accept American money, values, and ideals, or America will use its sanctions and proxy armies to destabilize your country causing it to collapse from within, or will destroy your country in NATO bombing runs and leave a leadership vacuum in their wake so that the puppet of their choice can drop in and rubber stamp the pillaging of your nation’s resources.

            Trust me. Those ragheads will not only let you take those dollars with you. They will let you borrow their wheelbarrow. And it’s the best thing they could possibly do. Because to not do so is to stay in a deal with the Devil.

      • Xander cross

        No Michael. Israel is involved in this through proxy attacks in Lybia, Egypt, Iran and Yemen. Israel get away with many crimes including human organ trafficking in the united states in the past few years. I noticed that you don’t put up an article of Christian men in the military peeing on dead afghan citizens. I agree with you on some things Michael, but not this. Even Alex jones think something is up.

        • MB92083

          How the heck do you say those Marines who pissed on the dead afgans were Christians? Do you have access or knowledge the rest of us don’t? Are you stereotyping white americans as Christians? Shame on you.

        • Alyssa

          Since you love ragheads so much, go live with them. You are obviously as insane as they are.

          • kaiserin

            It’s “insane” to fight an occupying force? How would you feel if the Chinese came in and took over the US because their religious book said they owned it? Everyone in the West loves to sneer at and mock religion but our whole Middle East foreign policy is based on religion and the Bible! But nobody sees a problem with that!

            I bet Alyssa would be the first to call out slurs against any other racial or religious group, ESPECIALLY the Jews, but has no problem smearing the “ragheads”. And we allow hypocrites like this to send our soldiers off to die for ISRAEL! What do we the people get out of these endless wars and our protecting Israel, an illegal state? More dead and maimed soldiers and terrorist attacks. When are we going to wake up and break free from the constant brainwashing and propaganda done by you know who? Who controls the media, the banking industry, etc? But when you point that out you’re labeled insane and a conspiracy nut. I’d think more people here would be aware of the truth, a bunch of tribes living in the sand would be ZERO threat to the US if we just stopped meddling in their countries and dropping bombs on them!

            No I am not a Muslim but I’m also not a moron so this ham-handed propaganda doesn’t fly with me. We think it can’t happen here but I bet we’ll be a lot more sympathetic to the Palestinians when the Chinese march in here to take over the country they own. You reap what you sow, and unfortunately we’re about to get ours.

      • NorthernCanuck

        Michael, why on earth would you even THINK about deleting this contributor’s comment?

        He is right on the money with regard to this tragic event!

        As in any crime, the first question should always be: “Who benefits?”

        When you’ve brazenly tried to send the USS Liberty to the bottom of the sea and murdered Rachel Corrie, a courageous American peace activist, on camera, then attacking an American embassy and killing the Ambassador is something you don’t even think twice about doing!

        And we won’t even go into their central role in organizing the assassination of a US prfesident, John F. Kennedy, for attempting to deny them nuclear weapons!

        • NorthernCanuck

          “US Ambassador Killed: Fingers Pointing at Israel

          Vienna, Austria.

          The murder of the US Ambassador to Libya John Christopher Stevens, due to riots after the offensive film attacking Islam’s Prophet Muhammad has many signs which warrant pointing fingers towards Israel.

          Without hesitation Israel declared through its official media that “Sam Bacile”, 56-year-old author identifies as an Israeli Jew, and he says that he believes that his film will help Israel to expose the flaws of Islam to the world.

        • Gay Veteran

          “Who benefits?”

          I was thinking the exact same thing.

        • Random Asshole

          I hate to jump in here, but Rachel Corrie was a fucking moron. Did she die? Yes. Was an Israeli at the controls of the armored bulldozer that ran her over? Yes. Was she a courageous peace activist? Possibly. Was she stupid for standing in front of a damned bulldozer, trusting that the operator could see her, and “knowing” he wouldn’t run her over? Without a doubt.

          Why in the cornbread hell would you trust any government worker, especially a government like Israel’s, with your life?

          Rest in peace, Corrie, and my prayers for the family. But, let’s call a spade a spade here.

      • Chris

        common in the middle east and amongst the new American commu..eer I mean Liberals.

        • kaiserin

          I’m no Communist nor am I a liberal, not that those labels mean anything. Don’t you know the quote “When you label me, you negate me” (Kierkegaard)? Do you like it when people dismiss your opinions with sneering generalizations of “fascist” or whatever they call so-called “conservatives”? This whole team mentality in American politics is a major contributor to the problems we’re currently having as a country. God forbid we could have opinions on issues that don’t fall in with your supposed “party”! NEITHER party represents me or my views.

    • Rodster

      You make such a good representative for the “religion of rest in peace”.


        I wish the United States says to Israel: You are on your own, Israel! Fight your own wars and agendas with your money because we’ll cut all the aid and give it to the American people. We’ll withdraw all our forces from Israel and welcome them and thank them for the sacrifices they made.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Ummm.. whew. If there’s ever going to be peace on Earth, we will all have to work harder, a LOT harder.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Okay, fourth things first:

      Why blame Netanyahu for what transpired in Libya?
      Yes – from everything I’ve read so far, it was an Israeli Jew who made that film condeming Islam. But the person who made that film does not represent Jews or Israel in general – just as someone who commits a suicide bombing represents Libya or Islam in general. There are radicals on all sides. So, why blame only Netanyahu for this? Did Bibi (Netanyahu) give instructions to this filmmaker to make an insulting video about Islam? Did he provide the funding? Not to my knowledge.

      How will President Obama respond to this?
      He won’t.


        Let’s me start with saying that Israel, and in particular the Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad were behind the 9/11 and later the Iraqi invasion for the Weapons of Mass Destruction. How do I know? Five dancing Israelis — read about it. Next, the Iraqi invasion is Israel’s plan to steal oil, therefore making trillion of dollars — or $43,000,000,000 a year to be exact. A $25 per barrel, oil floating to the pipeline Tapline to Israel will benefit the Rotschild’s Central Banks and the *******. Operation Shekhinah was planned in the early ’50s to expand Great Israel and therefore steal oil. Great Israel — southern Saudi Arabia, half of Iraq, whole Kuwait, whole Jordan, southwestern Syria and the Sinai peninsula. Why Iraq? Pipeline in Haifa, Iraq is running through the Palestine land and the other from Iraq to Palestine via Jordan. Do you still stand for Israel’s control on the United States? USS Liberty “incident”, an Israeli Air Force and Navy attack on the ship killed 34 and wounded 117 crew members. Oh, you will oppose those, right? But, why did Benjamin Netanyahu critized the United States for some damn deadline on Iran? Israel wants war with Iran? Let them go to war by themselves and oppose the war, stand your ground and stop the war Israel wants to implement the United States into. War in Iran — taxing more than the Iraq and Afghan wars combined and attacks in the United States. Israel did 9/11, USS Liberty, King Davis Hotel bombing, World Trade Center bombing of 1993 and stays behind Iraqi War and the instability in the region and the Libya attacks. Oh, on 9/11 Netanyahu said on the news “It’s very good…….Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.” This anti-Islamic movie was made by an Israeli Jew but in hiding somewhere in California and well-thought by the Israeli government and the Mossad intelligence agency.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      Its called freedom of expression. In the USA we don’t burn down the house and kill the inhabitants because someone expresses an opinion we find disagreeable or offensive. We live in the 21st century, you live in the 6th. You have a long way to go palestina before you join the modern world and become fully human.

      • Palestina

        6th century? Does invading Iraq was humanitarian effort or violation of international laws, costing the taxpayers trillion of dollars, no evidence of WMD but an effort to steal oil through Tapline pipeline from Haifa, Iraq to Israel and remove Saddam Hussein from power, tough the CIA supported them in the Iran-Iran war in 1980s. Ignorance? Palestine is land, nation and will always be human unlike the Israelis who attack pregnant women, abusive children and threaten men by pointin guns at them for no reason. They violate Palestinians rights by settling unlawfully, stealing land, violating human rights and get aid from the Americans but Israeli unthankfully want the American military to strike Iran because they are unable to that themselves, how pathetic! Jews should be persecuted for using white phosphorus on Pestinians in Gaza, an illegal chemical that burns your skin. Wake up

      • kaiserin

        No, here in the US we do it the “civilized” way. Just try and express a non-PC approved opinion and see what happens to you! You’ll lose your job, your family and livelihood, if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky you’ll have a whole ethnic or racial group gunning for you. Yeah, so much better!

        Oh it’s really classy to call Muslims not fully human. I guess that makes it easier to drop bombs on them? Dehumanizing the enemy is an old trick and too bad we haven’t wised up yet. But then again we have idiots spouting the trite tired old BS about Assad pulling babies out of incubators! That old lie goes back at LEAST to WWI when the Huns were supposedly doing it! More recently was Gulf War 1 and the Kuwaiti princess who testified in front of Congress about….yep you guessed it, Saddam’s troops pulling babies out of incubators, which was later proven to be a lie. They were also going to doctor video to make it look like Saddam was raping young boys. Funny how the HW Bush administration thought of that little gem after the Franklin scandal….certainly doesn’t say anything about them, does it? When are people going to wake up? You’re making it easy for them, they don’t even have to think of new lies, they can use the old ones because nobody pays attention! So sad that we are killing millions of people, American AND Muslim, over such idiocy.

      • Rhynn

        “Its called freedom of expression. In the USA we don’t burn down the house and kill the inhabitants because someone expresses an opinion we find disagreeable or offensive.”

        Said by a bozo condemning someone else as being non-human solely on the basis of her beliefs.

        Man this is pigeon-level intelligence at work now. Can you literally see and walk at the same time?

  • Dave Webb

    The only answer that will work is to cut all foreign aid to the “friends” who did this crap. Remove the embassies. Send their ambassadors home. Let them know that the next answer to violence is invasion. I talk about Sherman type invasion where you go in burn everything to the ground and leave not one blade of grass. You ruin them. Completely and forever. No one will ever live on that ground again. That is what you tell them. By all means bring on your clanish type feuds. But remember, not one blade of grass, not one hut or building anywhere, no oil wells, not anything left, they will be completely ruined in every way.
    It is a shame. But some people will not understand anything but dealing from strength. They only understand hate, xenophobia against anyone different than themselves, and constant feuds with everyone around them. Does that sound familiar? It should.
    Embassies are US territory and invading that territory is an act of war. The silly thing is too many times the US has let it go as a criminal incident instead of holding the governments responsible for the safety of our diplomats. Enough is enough. The Arabs are very conscious of financial losses. Anyone that gets in the way of their financial gains is doomed. So cut off their foreign aid already. Make it known that the penalty for further aggression is too costly to consider. They either call off the feud with the US or suffer a far worst penalty than they have ever had before.
    We are used to dealing with a different culture. One based on Christianity. These people have no use for us or our religions. What occurs in the US is none of their business. We have the freedom to opinions and the freedom to voice those opinions. No one is sending those opinions into Moslem countries. They have a right to run their own countries as they wish. They do not have a right to dictate how we run ours. I don’t see them doing this to Russia, or China, both of which have been atheist for years. Neither do I see long term feuds with those countries. Maybe it is time to let these people know, we won’t put up with their agression either.

  • K

    Yes, some of Obama`s decisions have made things worse. But only a little bit. They have been murdering each other in that area, for over a thousand years. We created the monster with the oil money. Without that money, they would still be a bunch of tribes killing each other. But no, because some people make so much money off of oil. We continue to use a fuel, that is over 120 years old. What other 120 year old technology, do we still use? Greed destroys everything it touches.

  • KYTim89

    This is the way I see this situation: Had an American not been killed then I would be in favor of just evacuating our people from the embassy and staying gone for good. However, since a single American was killed in the takeover a suitable retalitory response is in order. We should evacuate our people like I initally said, then send in our most powerful aerial bombers and flatten the embassy and everything around it for a ten mile radius. Then send in another squadron of bombers and napalm/fire bomb the area on a scale that would make Dredan, Germany look like birthday cake candles.

    Furthermore, it is high time that we start treating the Middle East like the bundle of savages that it is. The previous two president s and their cohorts have done nothing more than show the world that the US is a panzy. Look at the US Army generals crying aligator tears because the Koran was flushed down a toilet. Look at how our diplomats show weakness by scratching their heads as to why they want to kill us. To add insult to injury, our president even bows to foriegn leaders. In the Middle East you do not bow to your equal, you bow to your superior. Weakness indeed.

    Here is my solution for dealin with the Middle East:

    Cut all foriegn aid to Middle Eastern countries.

    Reduce American dependancy on their pretrouleum.

    Do not refine their gasoline.

    Abolish Islamic immigration via quotas and encourage allies to do the same.

    Pull out all America military and civillian personel and equipment.

    Ansolutely no trading with that part of the world.

    Sever ties with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, et all.

    Give Israel permission to do as they wish with their neighbors.

    • Xander cross

      Yeah, let Israel do whatever they want including launching nukes all over the middle east and the fallout affect us. Oh, by the way, why is okay for Israel to have nukes, but not Iran. Israel is not a stable state. Worse, Israel actually attacked the USA liberty.

    • Gay Veteran

      “Give Israel permission to do as they wish with their neighbors.”

      oh really, are we going to cut off all aid and arms to Israel too?

      • Eisenkreutz


  • Rodster

    I grew up in the Jimmy Carter era. That goofball gave us the Ayatollah and reawakened radical Islam to the world. This President is actually worse because it appears he’s made all these absolutely stupid decisions on purpose.

    • Gay Veteran

      Rodster, try reading some history. It was us and the British who overthrew the democratically elected Iranian government in the 50s, thus imposing the dictator Shah on the Iranian people.

      • witness the end

        Right, so you’re trying to infer that the currnet and past Ayatollahs are so much better than the Shah was.

        Most Iranians would tell you that they are Persians first with a Persian culture and they resent the radical Islamic culture that the Ayatollahs place on their country.

        • Gay Veteran

          uh, witness, the word you are looking for is “imply” not “infer” (which is what you are doing)

          and no the Iranian people are not better off now

        • kaiserin

          Who cares who was better? It’s not our business to make that call, that is up to the people of a sovereign nation. Would you want China coming in here and propping up a pro-China President against the wishes of the American people? Do you know what sovereignty even means? Why are we so concerned with foreign nations when our own is circling the drain?

  • Eisenkreutz

    They are not radicals! This is what the muslims are. An ignorant, violent, disgusting race of people. What the hell are we doing in those dirty, degenerate countries anyway? Any official stupid enough to go live over there deserves what they get. Just sieze the oil fields and colonize them. End of story. Why pay for these idiotic wars to prop up the petrodollar? Everyone should look at the latest video on StormCloudsGatherings page.

    • Gay Veteran

      spoken like a good little Nazi

      • Eisenkreutz

        Name a first world country that isnt run by white people.

        • Gay Veteran

          great, not merely anti-Muslim but anti anyone who isn’t white

    • kaiserin

      He is right about the white thing. The whitest people in ANY country are always the rulers, it’s just the way things are. Not saying other races don’t have their strengths and aren’t an important part of the world, just that the whiter you are generally the smarter you are. However, there is no need to dehumanize Muslims, non-whites or anyone else. We are ALL human and deserve to be treated with respect. The problem occurs when we try to pretend that everyone is exactly the same and there are no difference in races, abilities, etc. Oh, and of course, when we invade and colonize sovereign nations. Yes, the Africans were better off under white rule but it wasn’t our place to impose it upon them. Now we have to pretend that South Africa as it is today is just as great as it was under apartheid, and EVERYONE in that country is suffering as a result.

      • Rhynn

        So that makes it real simple to identify the people who run said countries into the ground, doesn’t it?

        Thanks for the E-Z Button.

  • What other websites do you have besides this one and economic collapse?

    • Michael

      This is the other main one that I regularly write articles for….



        If you speak the true wouldn’t you know the ********** Yisraeli terrorism and attacks? Why don’t you stand up and speak the truth as it is. Why didn’t you write the FBI doesn’t have evidence that the 19 “terrorists” identities weren’t stolen — their passports — and that they are either alive but jailed or dead. Truth speaks, Micheal so do I.

  • Colin

    Can we acknowledge that some on the right are anti-Muslim, and that there situations where they don’t consider the consequences of their actions on the global stage?

    • McKinley Morganfield

      I’m anti stoning homosexuals, I’m anti killing your daughter because she dishonored the family when she was raped, I’m anti destroying ancient artifacts because they are not respectful of Islam, and I’m anti savages who are stuck in the 6th century who believe they are on a mission from the prophet to conquer the world in the name of allah.

      The National Endowment of the Arts has funded “piss ******” and “Mother Mary elephant dung sculptures” and no one was murdered. Here in America we believe freedom of expression is an important brick in the foundation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Muslims do not have the right to use violence whenever they feel insulted no more than I have the right to gun you down on the street for your insipid comment.

      You, Colin, are missing the point. If someone chooses to burn the New Testament or pour bacon fat on the Torah or the Koran and post it on youtube; such actions of freedom of expression do not give anyone a license to commit murder. Wake the &#*@ up!

      • Rhynn

        Have you checked into the history of Christianity?

        Naw, huh?

  • Airborne71

    After yesterday , ANYONE junping over a wall at any american Embassy should be shot on the spot! Why do we have Marine guards at embassys if rioters are allowed to come in and murder and burn them ? I know , Marines have orders , and orders have to be followed . I understand that , but after yesterday a new set of orders need to be issued . Ones making rioters dead .

  • @Dave Webb

    “The silly thing is too many times the US has…” instigated the violence. Its called “blowback”. What do you expect for acting like a bully and threatening “Sherman type invasions”?

    “MIND YOUR BUSINESS” as Franklin said. Stop being pawns of banksters and mattoids.

    I do hear a definite echo.

  • Xander cross

    These terrorist attacks are also being done by Israel but of course, you never hear about that from the mainstream media. But then again, look who owns the media. The us need to stop stealing resources from Africa and that includes corporations like de beers, Hershey stealing caco from Africa. Let’s put this on the true culprits, the corporations.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “These terrorist attacks are also being done by Israel but of course, you never hear about that from the mainstream media. But then again, look who owns the media.”

      Those evil Jews! They drink the blood and eat the flesh of muslim/christian children, they control all the banks and the media, and they foment war against non-zionists. If only the Final Solution was successful there would be world peace for eternity. By all means, kill the Jews, and send their children to the ovens. But save a few hundred thousand to make lampshades from their skin for novelty items for Nazis.

      Proud of your vile mindset Xander cross?

      • Eisenkreutz

        The Jews DO CONTROL THE BANKS AND THE MEDIA AND FORMENT WAR. That is why they have been expelled from 70 countries throughout history. They invented the first central bank in babylon. I dont like Hitler very much either.

      • Xander cross

        Yes, just like how you are proud of your racist mindset.

        • Eisenkreutz


      • kaiserin

        Oh look, hyperbole and nonsense to avoid addressing the truth! Why not stick to what was actually said instead of flying off the handle with this crap? Oh…yeah…because then you’d have to admit the truth instead of trying to put others on the defensive and sweep that whole pesky thing under the rug! Eisenkreutz is 100% correct and all the blustering and overwrought nonsense in the world won’t change that fact. Go do some research and then try and tell me that the majority of people in power AREN’T Jewish? I dare you, you will NOT be able to do it!

  • Dave

    I used to believe Obama was a bumbling amateur. I now believe he is right on track with his plan. This man hates America and wants to leave it a smoking burnt out ruin (R U in). If America turns to him a second time, chapter 2 will be much more terrible. I repeat, he is right on plan.

  • NorthernCanuck

    “Embassy Killings in Libya, the Stench of CIA/Mossad “False Flag”

    Real Intelligence Reports at Total Odds with Reported News

    by Gordon Duff,
    Senior Editor,
    Veterans Today.

    Investigations by me, published yesterday on Press TV’s website, cited “Reverand” and “Doctor” Terry Jones as the source of the videos cited for instigating violence across the Middle East.

    Our investigation into Jones past showed him to be a trained CIA asset with direct ties to the Mossad. He served in Germany for years as an organizer for the CIA under the highly secret “Gladio” program until expelled by the German government. You can be a CIA agent, even a terrorist bomber but in Germany, if you buy a mail order PhD, it is a crime. “Dr.” Terry Jones would have been better off had he called himself “Agent” Terry Jones.

    VT offers its heartfelt condolences to the family of Ambassador Stevens and the families of the other Americans lost in Libya.

    Here is an MSNBC clip covering their “day late” discovery of Jones at the heart of what is a conspiracy, not only to cause unrest but as a cover for assassinations of US diplomats by highly trained special operations teams.

    Mossad and CIA AssetTerry Jones Responsible for Film Review and Criticism.wmv

    The network news has been told to find a way to blame “Al Qaeda” on the killings at the embassy in Libya. It has now become an accepted fact that the demonstrations were orchestrated to cover the murders.

    The video below is part of the streaming broadcast which includes scenes that are illegal to show, thus is only a short representation.

    Terry Jones Loses it Again!

    First of all as to the “film” or whatever. As news managed to get past the “controllers,” it became obvious that the “Israeli” director never existed and the film had been financed by a group out of Las Vegas in the casino business tied directly to the Romney campaign.

    This we know. You will see no reporting of this although the security around those funding the film and the quick “pounce” Romney made on Obama are enough to spark curiosity, if such a thing existed.

    I am not willing to name Sheldon Adelson as the person who financed the film. Someone should ask him, however.

    Normally, by now, we would have SITE Intelligence, the Mossad operation that takes credit in the name of invented terror organizations dig up a mysterious website taking credit.

    (UPDATE) Below, dated 9/12/2012 at 11:35 PM we received the confirmation of the cover story. This time it was CNN as the fall guy, someone had to be stupid enough to get suckered into pulling out the “Al Qaeda did it” ruse. However, as their time stamp is on the article, what applies now is “caught in the act.” Below is the VT date stamp predicting the Al Qaeda story, by 6 hours and 13 minutes exactly:

    (gif of VT date stamp)

    We expected SITE Intelligence to fall for it but, instead, CNN has chosen to take part in the providing “cover and deception” for the attacks:

    (Screen-shot of CNN headline blaming ‘Pro-Al Qaeda group’)

    CNN Falls Victim, Set up by VT as Fall Guy for Attack Complicity

    The reason that hasn’t happened is that the mainstream news went from “the evil Muslim mobs did it” to “it was a conspiracy” quicker than expected. Give them a day and they will come up with what has been asked of them. That?

    A phony website is, in all probability, being prepared to announce that the attack in Libya and the special operations aspect of the killings of the American diplomats was done by “highly trained jihadists.”

    I hope this announcement in advance doesn’t interfere with their efforts.


    Actual intelligence sources in Libya have told us the following:

    (Photo of placards: Printed and distributed days in advance)

    “The killings of the diplomats were done under the cover of the riots which had been orchestrated in advance over a series of days.

    Four color printed placards were ready to distribute prior to the Jones “stream-cast” and groups had been warned in advance to prepare for a “serious foreign threat.”

    The actual killings are said to have been done by a team of newly trained Special Forces from the United Arab Emirates working directly in conjunction with the Mossad.

    Crowds were being managed by French DGSE agents, seen by the dozen, and British security service personnel were present but their role was not clear.

    What is clear is that this was a carefully planned operation, orchestrating civil protests in order to facilitate the killing of American diplomats.”

    WHY NOW?

    The reasons for the entire operation are several. Two in particular are mentioned by analysts who actually observed some of the advance planning in both Egypt and Libya.

    There are more than two, however.

    * Netanyahu wished to embarrass President Obama after receiving a “slight” over his upcoming visit to the US. Though Obama phoned Netanyahu, there will be no White House visit.
    * Netanyahu and his US affiliates carefully orchestrated these terror acts with supporters of the Romney camp including the “donors” responsible for the production of the original film.
    * CIA cooperation in an attack on American diplomats was arranged through Bush era intermediaries who manage contractor firms that are now tasked with all CIA “black ops”
    * Netanyahu is very upset at the US for scaling back joint military operations and actually citing Israel, during secret briefings, as a potential threat to US forces.
    Netanyahu has been further emotionally destabilized by nearly violent confrontations with US Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, a close friend of President Obama’s.

    As more information comes available and we are able to provide additional verifications, all printed above carries “double” verification already, we will keep our readers informed.”

    – o O o –

    And, as a timely bonus, be sure to watch:

    “Israel Did 9/11…All The Proof In The World” (Video)

    • NorthernCanuck

      These intriguing paragraphs from the DAILY MAIL (UK) account certainly seem to support Gordon Duff’s assertions above:

      “Meanwhile, further details have emerged about the Benghazi attack – Mr Stevens and information technology specialist Sean Smith were killed during an attempt by U.S. forces to evacuate staff from a safe house, Libya’s Deputy Interior Minister Wanis Al-Sharif said.

      U.S. consular staff were moved to the safe house after an attack on the consul building, which also claimed the life of former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42.

      A plane with U.S. security units arrived from Tripoli to evacuate other staff but militants discovered the location of the safe house, he said.

      ‘It was supposed to be a secret place and we were surprised the armed groups knew about it. There was shooting,’ he said.”

      Read more: “Safe house where Ambassador died had no Marine guard and his body was missing for five hours: Full scale of chaos surrounding Libyan killings revealed”

    • McKinley Morganfield

      You imagine vast, complicated conspiracies that could never remain secret beyond a day. The reality is radical islamists hate they West. They hate you. They hate me. They hate your dog. Being a running dog lackey for radical islam will not in the end prevent them from slitting your throat once you are no longer useful.

      • NorthernCanuck

        I never see any facts in your posts, ‘McKinley Morganfield’ – just hyperbole and mindless hatred of Arabs and Muslims.

        If I were you, I’d ease up substantially on your reading of the Talmud. Acting as a continuous and reflexive mouthpiece, lackey and apologist for the real aggressors and terrorists in the Middle East can’t b e good for your mental health.

        And as for ‘conspiracies’?

        “Mossad Black Ops and False Flags”

        “Israel’s Blitzkrieg on Middle East Oil – Operation ‘Shekhinah’ a.k.a. Operation ‘Iraqi Freedom'”

  • Sayldog

    Do you think it is a coincidence about the timing of this whole thing? This start of “the Winter of Discontent?” Who’s anniversary is 9/11 anyway? Papa Bush made his infamous “New World Order” threat (“and we WILL succeed”) on 9/11/90, 11 years before 9/11/01, which was 11 years ago. See any pattern there?
    People are amazed that our (false dichotomy red v blue) Politicians didn’t see this coming, the fact that the powers that have been put in place after we toppled existing governments have come back to bite us in the a$$. So surprised that nobody saw this coming (when in fact just about every one of us DID see it coming).
    You need to look beyond the obvious cast of characters. Of course the ones behind all this knew what was going to happen, they have planned it this way, they are very smart and are working on an extended time line. They create the faces and institutions that are to be the focus of wrath while they stay behind the scenes. Nations, Presidents, media, nobody-preachers-from-Florida, all either in on it or most often useful idiots.
    If with all that is going on today with Arab Spring, Zionism, Israel/Iran, US police state, crumbling world economies, Occupy, UN Agendas, North American Corridor, Globalization, upcoming food shortage, etc, etc, you can’t see Biblical Prophecy of the anti-Christ New World Order right around the bend then you haven’t been paying attention. And that New World Order implies the existance of supremely evil authorship and willingly evil servants all too happy to sacrifice all of the world for their end game. Way smarter than any of us, with all of the money and resources in the world, hundreds of years of organization and planning, and now technology, societal breakdown, and global mind control (media influence, entertainment, psycotropes, etc) have advanced to their breakout point. It’s going to get worse, get your house in order. And watch out for the guy that brings peace.

  • S. Wiseman

    I am not an advocate of killing innocent people. People are not “collateral damage”. In America in the 20th century a man was accused of raping and murdering a woman. A posse, armed with guns, bats, torches, was rounded up, discovered where the accused lived, went and destroyed the whole community killing him and several innocent men, women, and children. A criminal must pay for his crime, not his family or fellow citizens if they were not involved.

    If a group of say 3 Americans went to China, hijacked three planes and killed several thousand Chinese citizens would you agree their government had the right to send its military to bomb cities on American soil because it had a hunch the Americans were part of a terror cell group?

    Wars are instigated by nation states, not its citizens. God did not say “thou shalt not kill unless you are a government agent.” Now men who have usurped power unto themselves take what is unlawful and make it legal at the stroke of a pen: murder, theft, robbery, rape, kidnapping, covetousness, lying. Stop calling evil good. Shameful.

  • jsmith

    Excellent article Michael! Obviously there is something definitely wrong with our foreign policy. There is a lot of hate for Americans and western nations by Arabs, and I’m wondering if some of it is well deserved.

  • Curtis

    Obama is just following the script. He doesn’t make foreign policy anymore than Bush did, or Clinton, or Bush, or Reagan…


    Project For A New American Century

    The Pentagons New Map

    Non Integrating Gap and the Core

    We created Al Qaeda

    Predictive programming. The same people who gave you the PATRIOT Act., Military Commissions Act., NDAA, Dept. of Homeland Security, TSA, Fusion Centers, VIPR, warrantless searches-snooping-arrests, and etc., are the same people who, through their proxies, helped ferment the so called Arab Springs. They are creating a pretense for another catalyst. And you will go all emotional, throw reason and logic out the window, grab your flags, chant USA USA USA, demand revenge, bend over, and take it in the name of safety and national security.

    You have Muslim on the brain. Put there 24/7 by your own government.

    Muslim. Boo.

    ************! We’re all gonna die! Save us government!

    Of course, they are only to willing to do just that.

    And you screw yourselves.

  • Sayldog

    By the way, referring to the significance of the 9/11 eleven year cycle to Illuminatti symbology.
    Eleven years before Papa Bush’s NWO threat, starting on Sept 1 1979, the US satellite Pioneer 11 began it’s study of the planet Saturn. Phase stop of the Saturn portion of the mission occurred on 10/5.
    This was the satellite with a gold-anodized aluminum plaque in the event that it is ever found by intelligent life-forms from other planetary systems. The plaque features the nude figures of a human male and female along with several symbols that are designed to provide information about the origin of the spacecraft. A modern hieroglyph following the Illuminatti tradition of communicating through symbols.
    Saturn is HUGE in occult symbolism and pagan worship, associated with many gods including Moloch and Satan.
    Again, all coincidence?
    What about 11 years into the future?
    Googling “where will we be in september 2023 I found:
    Taken from “News of the Future” net:
    A BBC poll asked where would the net be in 2023.
    We will have a mobile, pervasive/ubiquitous Web.
    Tim O’Reilly
    “So we are going to see the phone network merge with the web, sensor networks merge with the web. I think we will even see the power network merge with the web.
    What we are really building is a global brand where all the computers in the world are connected, where all the devices in the world are connected, sometimes intermittently off and on, and all the people are connected. ”
    We will have a semantic web.
    Robert Cailliau
    “In much less than 15 years I think we need to figure out what the social impact is going to be of the Semantic web. I am not sure this is a good thing. I don’t know who is controlling it. And because it works by onotologies, who decides on what basis I am going to see things?”
    Ridley Scott in Prometheus depicts Peter Weyland claiming at TED 2023 “we are the gods now.”
    Mars One says we will establish permanent Settlements on Mars in 2023. The new Genesis.
    Many predict Transhumanism being the norm by then. Fiction prepares us, tech-heads predict it.
    Which all seems to point to the original lies from the Garden: Eat of this fruit (knowledge) and you will be gods. You will not surely die. There is no God above all.
    That all fits the Illuminatti/Luciferian agenda, Lucifer the Light Bearer bringing wisdom to all, freeing us from the shackles of a cruel Jehovah God, claiming we need no Christ for salvation, we will attain eternal life through technology.
    The NWO anti-Christ will quell our fears of war, of dying, of having to answer to a higher power, and will claim to hold the office of God. Many will bow down before him, figuratively and literally. Then he’ll turn and show his true colors.

  • Michael,

    I truly do enjoy reading each and every one of your posts on both sites. However, in this post, I believe you are giving POTUS less credit than he deserves. I do not view these events as mistakes or a failure to heed warnings. This person that was selected as President of the US knows exactly what he is doing and has surrounded himself with very smart but truly evil and anti-American thugs. I cannot believe for the life of me believe that these events are part of some gross miscalculation. This was intentional and planned. No administration in our history could truly ever be this incompetent.


  • GA

    War before November? very possible, our sheeple always re-elect war time presidents. I agree with Zoomie – watch the other hand.

  • Piglet

    [So we were shooting at them in Iraq but we supplied them with weapons and gave them air support in Libya? What kind of nonsense is that?]

    It was Henry Kissinger who said the US does not have permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent “interests.”

  • Nikita

    Michael it is not a nonsense, your government is well aware of what does.
    When necessary Al Qaeda it is friend, when necessary Al Qaeda it is enemy. It is politics.

  • Chris

    With all due respect Michael you are severely underestimating this administration. Writing these events off as ignorance is naive. He intentionally handed these countries over to Radical Islam. Obama’s goal is to shatter The United States domestically and internationally by any means.

    I HIGHLY recommend everyone watch 2016: Obamas America if you want a peek into Obama’s radical anti-imperial/Communist upbringing and why he does what he does. Frank Marshall Davis/ Bill Ayers and Obama’s Commy parents are so proud right now.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    No shortage of conspiracy theorists posting on this thread. I am an agnostic. I do not pretend to understand the unfolding of the universe as we know it. I accept without reservation the right of others to believe whatever they may choose to believe. Nonetheless, when someone crosses over the line and engages in acts of violence against others in the name of god or ideology they become my enemy simply because they have shown that they are the enemies of individual liberty.

    “First they came for the socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    • NorthernCanuck

      Interesting to see an agnostic taking as his benchmark the famous utterance of a German anti-Nazi Christian pastor.

      Now apply that principle to the sentiments you constantly express towards Muslims and you’ll beb moving in the right direction.

      And if your main objection is to violence in the name of ideology, what ‘ism’ is the deliberate precipitator of most of the violence and war in the Middle East?

      • Graham


        It is always a pleasure to see consciouly awakened minds at work in here amidst the heavily programmed, obnoxious, mentally and chemically intoxicated droids. A balanced and coherent brain can easily handle the left brain dominant droids with zest. Facts supported by rock solid evidence is all they need to be shown. They will then awaken to the limits of their egoic thinking.

        What a fascinating post and forum debate. I for one welcome the factually proven commentary by people like Palestina, a fellow human being. Not “fully human” you say McKinley? Your mindset will take the ultimate blow in due course! You have proven your mindset on many occasions as you walk and talk like a Western propaganda tool… amidst many!

        Whilst all sides have their unique weaknesses, I wonder what the Christians will be thinking when Islamic countries attack with a similar bully boy might that the West attacks them. The contradictions are so immense it defies belief. Keep drinking the fluoride as it blocks your ability to “see”. 9/11 you shout? Get a life and waken up.

        We to are being suppressed in the West, have been for centuries, yet foolish enough to misunderstand the powers behind the promotion of “divide and conquer” tactics. It is the ultimate distraction and far too many wallow in the predetermined outcomes.

        As a human race, we are barely off the starting grid! No mind is an “island”. It is only perception that makes you believe so. It is only a fool who suffers from the fear of learning the truth, especially that which underpins their perception.

        When Christianity, Judaism and Islam rediscover their common denominator, who happens to be Abraham, there will be no further need to divide and conquer for political, religious or materialistic gain. Who runs the banks? The Protocols have created much devastation and our history has been corrupted by intent.

        Let’s see you doing an “explosive” story on the following Michael. Thousands of documents underpin the facts presented in the footage. Lets call the links a mere “glimpse” into the truth. If it doesn’t suit your agenda, don’t cover it.

        Mossad Truck Bombs on Sept 11:-

        9/11 – Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (Full-length)

  • Piglet

    And now this:


    Senior officials are increasingly convinced, however, that the ferocious nature of the Benghazi attack, in which rocket-propelled grenades were used, indicated it was not the result of spontaneous anger due to the video, called Innocence of Muslims. Patrick Kennedy, Under-Secretary at the State Department, said he was convinced the assault was planned due to its extensive nature and the proliferation of weapons.

  • Dave Webb

    My intention was never to threaten anyone. My intention was to give them a choice. Invading an embassy is an act of war. Just like the Japanese prior to World War II, decided to attack Pear Harbor. An Embassy is United States territory and property. Attacking the embassy is an act of War.
    The choice here is to not pursue violence as a means to an end. If you do, the alternative is war. If you pursue war with us, know that we will take off the kid gloves and level the country. Today it is an embassy, tomorrow it might be New York. Oh, I guess that already has happened.
    By killing an ambassador and 3 others, Libya has declared war on this country. Egypt is not too far behind. I say we follow Canada’s example and withdraw our diplomatic missions to both countries. This is an alternative to open warfare.
    You do not give foreign aid to a country that you are at war with. Neither do you give aid to a country that is openly hostile to our country. The leveling of a country is very serious business. It is necessary that these groups understand that there are very serious penalties to taking the road of violence. If they had done this to any other country in the world, they would have all ready been invaded and destroyed. They know this. That is why they didn’t do it to someone else. I don’t see any Chinese embassies being destroyed. I think the Chinese and the Russians withdrew their embassies already.
    This is not about religion. This is about someone finding an obscure video on the internet and taking offense. This is about Ala Baba and his 40 thieves. Only they have reproduced. There are now millions of them.
    First, hurt them in the money department. That will bring an immediate end to the violence. The people pocketing our money have to earn it. Not rioting crowds of religious zealots. Suddenly violence might be very unfashionable in that country or others.
    Last I checked, we had over 260 Baptist groups in this country. Last I checked, none of them were violently opposed to one another. Same gpes for other religions here. None are violently opposed to one another. My point is the culture of the Middle East has been full of violent religious groups for a very long time. Each one of them is ready, willing and able to destroy one another over the most trivial of offenses. In some countries under this religious zeal, you can be shot for idly whistling a tune. You are of course possessed by a devil if you did that. That is only one example. There are many more.
    We have to decide what to do about it. My thought is that if the penalty for violence is harsh enough, this group will think twice before taking that action. It may have to be done once, just to show the rest we are serious.
    Right now I see a lot of positioning. A lot of brown nosing going on. That will not work with this group. The only thing this group will pay attention to is loss of income and the possible destruction of everything else if the threaten us with violence on our own soil.

  • canuck

    regarding thanking Obama article by Michael. wake up Michael! America has done this crap since WWII.

    Look at Iran. They toppled the Shah late 1940s and attempted to bring in an elected government. The Brits didn’t want to pay 50% of the oil revenue so the US walks in and brings in the Last ruling Shah. That tyrant was kicked out in 1979 by, mostly a student led revolution which brings us to today’s present governmet. There is a movie out now about the escape of the US hostages through the Canadian embassy. I hope this great story is not tainted with the impression that Iranians are crazy, religious maniacs. Iran is a modern country and have a very high education rate. The US, Britian and saudi Arabia used saddam to go to war with Iran for 10 years. Over 1,000,000 Iranians died! Do you think they should trust the West? Would you if you were them. Don’t just go by information from Israel…they want everything! THe biggest danger the world has today is how misinformed US citizens are…there is no more true Journalism in the US. There are exceptions.

  • Tammy

    Longtime lurker. Enjoy reading the articles and comments and have learned a lot.

    I agree with Dave Webb. I don’t understand why we keep sending money over to these countries if they are going to keep killing our diplomats, ambassadors, and embassy workers. Our economy is in the tank and we need to keep the money here in the U.S.

    One unsettling note as we lurch toward a possible WWIII: Next month, October, marks the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. U.S. and the then-Soviet Union came uncomfortably close to a nuclear war over missiles on Cuba. It’s a shame that we don’t have someone like President Kennedy in the White House at this moment in time. Wonder how Kennedy would have dealt with these radical Islamists? He certainly would NOT have gone around bowing, apologizing, groveling, and making us look weak as our current WH occupant has done.

  • Graham


    Voting fraud across just about every state in the US is carried out to suppress Ron Paul’s chances at the Republican Nomination. That good Mormon boy Romney, who has been allowed by sleight of the hand laws to suit the elite, is able to avoid paying an expected level of tax on his gains. His business modus operandi also helps to destroy America even further. Learn what it is. Are Mormons aligned with Islam in their marriage beliefs? Also, so similar to Freemasonry!

    The PTB have stopped at nothing to ensure he becomes their next White House puppet. With a corrupt Republican party back in so called power, it will be business as usual for America. That means the great war machine awakens, mainly to appease their masters, the Khazarian Jews.

    The Jewish boy video released recently was designed to elevate things nicely in the Middle East in order to unify the American zombie population to accept what is coming should the Repubs get the chance to continue with their falsely promoted war mongering in other sovereign nations. Novus Ordo Seclorum.

    Romney has now been given a great political platform to talk up the need for war, underpinning the reason why the sheep should vote him in. The sheep of course will be made to believe that he will sort things out so they can once again return to their materialistic lifestyles where no conscience matters. Whilst he is the master of outsourcing, he talks about job creation… for critical votes only!

    What America can never have, under the existing “cabal”, is a President who has vowed to cut the venom out the “Brotherhood of the Snake” by taking fundamental steps in shutting down the monopoly money Federal Reserve cartel and closing down the majority of US basis abroad. Build from within, not beyond. Sound economics? It’s at least a start.

    Anybody with a fully functioning brain will realise of course that the conscious awareness that Ron Paul exerts will actually help to sort out America’s financial debacle and other problems. However, the one who aims to unite the people and works in their favour will never be allowed. The Protocls rule, as do the 13 bloodlines that make up the pyramid on the US $1 dollar bill. The eye of Horus is watching. The Phoenix has arisen. See end of Olympic closing ceremony! In fact, watch all of them very closely. Confused? See YouTube.

    Americans, who are you voting for and why? Perhaps you should all consider “writing in” your candidate of choice on the ballot paper and ignoring the current two choices. Instead, you will likely sit on your asses and bring on more of the same, dating back to the Bush regime (Scherf Nazi Family) and beyond.

    If 75% of all knowledge has been purposely suppressed, what do you actually know in order to make educated decisions? The jigsaw is complex by design. Those who awaken and “see” are immediately written off by proxy’s. Many exist in forums. Learn how the system works. It has been against you for a very long time! The few good bits inbetween were designed to keep you believing. Shame it was all about material wealth and self gain.

    Where have you been left today? Not so good? This is unfortunately the perfect timing for your country to have its focus shifted to war. The ego and whore must be fed. Understand the ego and you pierce through all of its deception, grandiose and subtle forms of illusion. The enemy is within, nowhere else. That is what the term “Kingdom Within” relates to in ancient and sacred texts. The real meaning of life transcends all “man made” religion. Get beyond that and awaken to the truth.

    Otherwise… continue to face devastation. You have been well warned by many. Forget the theories and examine the actual conspiracy’s. The truth is often hidden in plain sight! Waken up as quickly as possible. Fellow Christians, look a lot deeper into what you have been told! I’m a human being, not a religious biggot. Jews and Muslims (etc) are welcome at my table anytime.

    SAS Moto:-
    “Who Dares Wins”

    Mossad Moto:-
    “By way of deception, thou shall do war”

  • Graham


    The title for your story is very interesting. Why is there no mention anywhere in the story of what Senator McCain was sent to Libya to achieve on behalf of his fellow Republicans? Slight oversight? Who was it that recommended the opposing forces against Qadaffi should be sponsored and armed by the USA and NATO?

    Is it not McCain’s advice that Obama followed? To complicate things a bit further, the decision was blamed on NATO. A bit more homework is required to find out who and what runs this aspect of the war machine.

    Also, since when did a Consulate become an Embassy? An attack on an Embassy is regarded by many as an act of war. Oh.. maybe that is the intent. Are you trying to propagate a war by leaving your readers to perhaps go calling for one? The big war of course will be a holy war so that blindfolded fundamentalists can bring on written prophecy before telling their counterpart Jewish friends in Israel (non Khazarian) where to go in the final days. All planned?

    Can anybody verify with adequate evidence when Bible prophecy was actually written and by who? Challenging question? Consider that according to the BBC recently, the Vatican has “50 miles of sealed vaults”. What knowledge are they protecting? Do we not really live in a honest, open and transparent society? Of course not. Why is that? Who does it benefit when Joe Public are denied the truth? Dummies are easier to control.

    It’s all fitting together very nicely. God help us all and that means fellow human beings that will be taken to the slaughter like lambs. I guess the 1 billion hollow point bullets now in the hands of multiple USA agencies will deal with what remains in the US.

    McKinlay, are you standing in line? Racial bigots and white supremacists may be viewed as legitimate targets, especially by Obama. Your rhetoric in here is certainly in defiance of numerous new laws. I hope they are not watching you!

    Republican Senator McCain in Libya:-

  • Gay Veteran

    but, but, but why do they hate us?

    Libya: “Death To America”

    by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    KINGSTON, NY, 14 September 2012 — Try to imagine more deluded reporting than this by America’s Presstitute “free press.” For 11 years Washington in pursuit of its rightful hegemony has been sending troops, bombers, jet fighters, helicopter gunships, drones, and assassination teams into seven Muslim countries. Two of the Muslim countries, Iraq and Libya, and perhaps more depending on how you see it, have been overthrown by Washington and left in chaos.

    Washington’s assaults on seven countries have blown up weddings, funerals, kids’ soccer games, farm houses, hospitals, aid workers, schools, people walking along the streets, village elders, but the Muslims don’t mind! They understand that the well-meaning Americans who love them and are committed to their human rights, are bringing them democracy and women’s rights. The million or more dead, maimed, and displaced Muslims are a low price to be paid for liberation by Washington.

    The Muslims understand that liberation has costs and were content with Washington’s liberating violence until some idiot in California produced an anti-Islamic film. This film, and not Washington’s predations, set the Muslim world alive with “hate America.”

    On the symbolic date of September 11, the US ambassador to Libya and some other Washington representatives were assassinated in Libya. According to the Presstitute media, the assassins did not kill the Americans because Washington destroyed their country and left them in chaos. The assassins killed the Americans because of an anti-Islamic film for which the murdered American representatives were not responsible.

    This is the way Washington works and thinks. It is not Washington’s slaughter of Muslims and control over their societies and political life that produces blowback. It is independent film-makers in California!

    Deluded politicians in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats and, of course, the bought-and-paid-for “experts,” brought these forceful rejections of America upon us all. Washington has not only attacked Muslim countries on the basis of concocted lies – weapons of mass destruction, al Qaeda connections, brutal dictators – but also destroyed the secular governments who held the Islamists in check, and prevented their attacks on US representatives and institutions.

    In Egypt, long an American puppet states, the US Embassy was stormed and the US flag was torn apart. If only this was all. Washington could again purchase the Egyptian government, as it has since Anwar Sadat’s assassination. But the ongoing news is that Anti-American protests are not only spreading across the Middle East but erupting throughout the world: Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Gaza, Bangladesh, Lebanon, London, and even into Israel.

    The Obama administration is blaming al Qaeda, an Islamist group that the administration is currently supporting in its efforts to overthrow the secular Assad government in Syria and the group that the Obama administration used to overthrow the Libyan government, thus leaving a power vacuum in its place. Having destroyed the protection from Islamist attacks that secular Arab rulers provided Washington, Obama, in a show of force, has sent drones, aircraft carriers, Marines, and Tomahawk missile ships to Libya, raising the prospect that more schools and children’s soccer games will be mistaken for jihadi encampments and blown up.

    Attempting to politicize the turmoil, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney declared that the US needed him in the White House and as president he would provide “…the leadership that America respects and will keep us admired throughout the world.”

    What admiration is Romney talking about? Who are the admirers? In Egypt Muslims marching to the beat of “death to America,” have not been deterred by police after three days of protests. CBS reports that “Police continue to fire tear gas in hopes it will deplete the strength of the demonstrators but they [the demonstrators] are proving relentless.”

    Kings Good, Dictators Bad! Unlike the Washington-supported Saudi royal family that absorbs most of their nation’s oil income, Qaddafi allocated the oil money to Libyans. In Cynthia McKinney’s excellent book, The Illegal War On Libya, Stephen Lendman writes that Qaddafi “wanted Libyans to share in the country’s oil wealth, a notion foreign to America and other Western societies. Under his 1999 Decision No. 111, all Libyans received free healthcare, education, electricity, water, training, rehabilitation, housing assistance, disability, old-age benefits, interest-free state loans, as well as generous subsidies to study abroad, buy a new car, help when they marry, practically free gasoline, and more.”

    Why did such a relatively wealthy and egalitarian country need to be “liberated” by Washington and its NATO war criminal puppet state?

    What was achieved by overthrowing a government that provided for its people in better ways than do Western governments for the people they govern?

    The US is the new Rome, and Europe, the UK, Canada, Japan, and Australia are its tributary dominions along with the oil kingdoms.

    In his book, Rubicon, Tom Holland describes what it is like to be a dominion of a powerful and ruthless military state:

    “Prior to the cataclysms of B.C. 146, there had been some confusion as to the precise definition of ‘freedom.’ When the Romans claimed to be guaranteeing it, what did this mean? … Roman and Greek interpretations of ‘freedom’ diverged. To the Romans … freedom meant an opportunity for the city states to follow rules laid down by Roman commissioners.”

    This is the “freedom” that Washington imposes on the world. Washington is the übermensch. The rest of the world is Washington’s playground. Ruling as Rome did, Washington installs puppets and relies on their obeisance.

    In the end, empire destroys itself. Washington’s hubris and arrogance is turning the world against America. Thanks to The Clintons, the Bushes, Cheney, Obama and the neoconservatives, America, instead of being loved or even respected, is hated with a rising passion. The widespread attacks on the imperial power’s embassies are only the beginning.

  • Graham


    “In Benghazi, Libya the U.S. consulate was attacked by a crowd equipped with guns, homemade bombs and rocket-propelled grenades.  They torched the consulate, looted it, and killed the U.S. ambassador and three other U.S. officials.”

    After spending over an hour searching everywhere for the “US Consulate in Benghazi”, let alone in Libya, I cannot find any reference to it anywhere, “prior” to the mainstream media reports of the recent attack.

    I have also searched “within” two years worth of documents at the US State Department and cannot find any reference to its existence either.  Am I missing something? If such a Consulate “doesn’t” exist, in which and whose building did these attacks take place? Am I missing something?




  • DL.

    Why, Michael? Simple. Read “Charlie Wilson’s War” by George Crile. The CIA in league with ISI of Pakistan and other intel agencies have been funding al-Qaida since the beginning of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Also trained bin Laden and the rest. Crile pretty much admits that 9-11 was blowback, and now the Ambassador to Libya is part of that blowback. And don’t think that this sort of thing would not have happened if a Republican was President. Heck, if Romney wins Israel will get us involved in Iran more likely than if Obama wins. Not that I want either one of them…but I won’t vote for Romney anyway because he stole Ron Paul’s delegates–an issue with which you are silent about!

    • Michael


      I certainly do not approve of the way Romney ripped off delegates from Ron Paul.


  • Don’t be superised when they come here and take over.