Rick Perry And The HPV Vaccine: Would A Real Conservative Attempt To Forcibly Vaccinate 12 Year Old Girls For A Sexually Transmitted Disease?

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The debate about Rick Perry and the HPV vaccine is a battle for the very soul of the Republican Party.  Right now, Rick Perry is parading around the country talking about how “conservative” he is, but would a real conservative attempt to forcibly vaccinate 12 year old girls for a sexually transmitted disease?  If Rick Perry really wants government to be as “inconsequential” in our lives as possible, then why did he issue an executive order that mandated that 12 year old girls in the state of Texas be injected with a highly controversial vaccine?  Rick Perry did not even consult the Texas legislature and he spat right in the face of parental rights when he did this.  Conservatives in the United States love to talk about how much they love individual liberty and about how much they love parental rights, but they keep supporting candidates that are trampling on our liberties and our freedoms.  Forcing young girls to be injected with a highly controversial government-mandated STD vaccine is something that we would expect Barack Obama to do.  Rick Perry keeps saying that he wishes he would “have done it differently”, but you will notice that he is not saying that he was wrong for trying to do it at all.  The really sad thing is that you have all kinds of “conservative Republicans”, “evangelical Christians” and “Tea Party activists” running around defending Rick Perry on the HPV vaccine issue.  All of those people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.


Why in the world should we be injecting pre-teen girls with highly controversial vaccines that are supposed to “protect” them against the consequences of “unsafe sex” in the first place?

If Bill Clinton had tried to pull such a stunt, social conservatives would have had a field day.

But because the conservative media has told them that they are supposed to worship Rick Perry they are giving him a free pass.

It says a lot about the Republican Party today that “Slick Rick” is currently leading in the polls.

Look, you can support Rick Perry if you want, but if you do, don’t even try to pretend that you are a “conservative” anymore.  As I have written about previously, Rick Perry has a long track record of doing things that Tea Party activists should abhor.  Rick Perry has dramatically increased government spending in Texas, the size of the debt in Texas and the size of government in Texas.  Rick Perry is incredibly soft on illegal immigration and he was leading the charge to develop the Trans-Texas Corridor which would have been part of the planned NAFTA superhighway system.

If you cast a single vote for Rick Perry, you might as well tattoo “RINO” on your forehead.

Rick Perry continues to lie about his financial connections to Merck, and the conservative media is letting him get away with it.  Fortunately, some in the liberal media are looking into this issue, but because he is an “establishment” candidate they will also probably let the matter drop soon.

Merck is the manufacturer of the HPV vaccine Gardasil.  In 2005, Merck hired Rick Perry’s former chief of staff Mike Toomey as a lobbyist.  Toomey went to work on his former boss, and on February 2, 2007 Perry issued his infamous executive order.

Perry knew that there was no way that this mandate was going to get through the Texas legislature, so he tried to sneak it through the back door.  It was slimy and it was underhanded.  If it had been successful, Merck would have made millions.

Fortunately, there was a massive public uproar and the executive order was overturned by the Texas legislature.

It is being reported that Merck paid Toomey as much as $535,000 to promote Gardasil between 2005 and 2010.

So what is Toomey doing now?

Well, now he is the head of a pro-Perry “super PAC”.  The PAC is called “Make Us Great Again“, and it can raise unlimited amounts of money for the Rick Perry campaign.

So how much money did Merck give to Rick Perry?

The following is what Rick Perry said about that during the recent Republican debate according to the Washington Post….

“It was a $5,000 contribution that I had received from them,” Perry said. “I raise about $30 million. And if you’re saying that I can be bought for $5,000, I’m offended.”

Well, that is not exactly true.

It turns out that Merck gave Rick Perry a lot more money than that.

The following is from a new article by Brent Budowsky on The Hill….

Rick Perry asked during the debate whether he can be bought for only $5,000 when it appears Perry had received almost $30,000 from the company for his gubernatorial campaigns. Trust me, no politician forgets who donated $30,000.

It now appears that the company and its subsidiaries had donated almost $400,000 to the Republican Governors Association since 2006, when Perry first became active in the association, according to The Washington Post. It is inconceivable that Perry was not involved in soliciting some of that money, a subject journalists are investigating as you read these words.

If it seems to you that something does not smell right here, you would be on target.

It turns out that Merck has been funneling huge amounts of money into the Republican Governors Association, and huge amounts of money have been been funneled out of that organization to Rick Perry.

You don’t believe it?  Just check out the following from a recent article in the Washington Post….

Merck and its subsidiaries have also given more than $380,000 to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) since 2006, the year that Perry began to play a prominent role in the Washington-based group, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Perry served as chairman of the RGA in 2008 and again this year, until he decided to run for president. The group ranks among the governor’s biggest donors, giving his campaign at least $4 million over the past five years, according to Texans for Public Justice, a watchdog group.

Yes, obviously Rick Perry would not have gotten the entire $380,000 from Merck.  But the truth is that Rick Perry has gotten a whole lot more from Merck than the “$5000” that he is claiming.

This is “crony capitalism” at its finest.  Merck knows that it will make much larger profits if state governments force children to take the vaccines that they produce.  Merck is not shoveling all of this money into the pockets of politicians like Perry because they feel like being generous.  The reality is that they want something in return.

Sadly, in this situation all of the corruption is actually hurting people.  Posted below is a CBS news report about some of the very serious problems that have been associated with Gardasil….

Rick Perry wanted to make it the law in Texas that all young girls would be required to take a very highly controversial STD vaccine that many claim is extremely dangerous.

Before you ever cast a single vote for Rick Perry, watch the videos posted below.  There is a reason why there is such an uproar over the HPV vaccine.  Rick Perry says that he is “pro-life”, but once you know the truth you will laugh at that claim.  Just watch these videos.  Imagine how you would feel if the life of your daughter was permanently destroyed….

*Urgent Warning About Gardasil

*One More Girl

*Gardasil Victim Speaks Out After Two Years

*Gardasil – The Damage Is Done: From A Best Friend’s View

*HPV Vaccine Debate

Look, parents should at least have a choice.  If some parents want to allow their kids to be shot full of experimental vaccines that the FDA claims are safe, that is their choice.

But other parents should be able to choose to protect their children from substances that they consider to be highly dangerous.

Very disturbing reports about Gardasil continue to come in from all over the nation.  The following is from a recent article by Anthony Gucciardi….

Between May 2009 and September 2010 alone, Gardasil was linked to 3,589 harmful reactions and 16 deaths. Of the 3,589 adverse reactions, many were debilitating. Permanent disability was the result of 213 cases; 25 resulted in the diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome; and there were 789 other “serious” reports according to FDA documents.

In the end, what this comes down to is a matter of parental rights.

Conservatives are supposed to be strongly defending parental rights against government interference.

What Rick Perry did was inexcusable.  Even now he is not apologizing for trying to do it.  He is only apologizing for the way that it was done.

If the majority of Tea Party activists continue to support Rick Perry, it will show that the Tea Party movement is already dead.

Rick Perry is about as “establishment” as they get.  He has been really bad for Texas, and he would be a nightmare for America.

Instead of supporting him, every single conservative Republican should be screaming for him to drop out of the race.

If the Republican Party nominates Rick Perry, it will be declaring to the world that it is a party of hypocrites and that it has rejected all of the core principles that it claims to stand for.

Rick Perry is not a real conservative.

If you support Rick Perry you are not a real conservative.

Any questions?

  • Dan

    Our kids, (now grown) never got any vaccinations what so ever. Its not easy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone thinks your hurting your kids by not giving them vaccinations!

    I remember when virtually all the kids in town got chicken pox, our kids were not vaccinated and were just about the only kids in town who did not get chicken pox, or any other children’s diseases.

    This is what happens when the politicians work for the corporate plutocracy instead of the people!!!!

    Stop complying with tyranny!!!!!!!!


  • Conservative and liberal candidates all say that they’re ‘different’ and that they will bring change… but then we get the same old story.

    Their track record tells the REAL story, so don’t listen to their slick talk, look at their actions.

    Only one candidate is talking about REAL solutions when it comes to reducing the size of .gov, our debt and eliminating the Fed.

    Take control of your own economy and eliminate your dependence on .gov http://elevationgroupvideo.com

  • I so glad the people of Texas stood up and stopped that mandate. People can make a difference when they unite together.

    As for Perry, when the ‘elite’ pick their candidate, the media (which they own) is going to promote that person and ignore their past transgressions.

  • Kevin

    I don’t believe he is a true conservative not that I care one way or the other. What he did is looked like a fool on camera. Oh I can’t be bought for $5000 tends to make people think you can be bought for a higher price. The smart political move is to stand firm and say that my decision will save lives preventing people in the future of dying from a most horrible disease cancer. Then state that cancer touched your family deeply. I’m sure someone in his family died from it. The attacker would have had no reply to effectively counter that. Top it off and say, “To save lives I would do it again”.

    He needs Arlie Flecher from GW Bush first administration. Cornering that guy with words was like trying to nail Jello to a wall.

  • Kevin

    Oops misspelled his name. It’s Ari Fleischer.

    That guy was good, real good.

  • Colin

    Governor Rick Perry has many issues. This issue, though important, is not as important as others. He cuts the budget for firefighters in a state that is suffering from drought. When the fires began, there weren’t enough firefighters to fight the blazes. This is symptomatic of his thinking – his policy decisions are dictated by ideology, and he doesn’t prepare for contingencies that may arise such as wildfires.

    The possibility that a Republican may win the White House is getting stronger every day. The governor of Pennsylvania is working on changing the allotment of electoral college votes for his state. Previously, the state had a winner takes all approach to the college. Under the governor’s plan, the electoral votes will be apportioned on a county by county basis. As the electoral college decides the issue, the Republican could win Pennsylvania. Other battlefield states, Ohio and Wisconsin, could follow suit. This is Constitutional, and there is very little the Democrats can do to challenge it.

    If the Democrats are bad, the Republicans are worse. Under the Republican regime, I fear the deterioration of our nation will accelerate.

    • Kevin


      Democrat or Republican pick your poison. Neither has a plan to increase the wealth of the US. In reality as we speak a NAFTA of “The Pacific” is being ironed out opening up the likes of Vietnam to compete tariff free with 25 cent /hr labor.

      Print currency and build roads to everywhere and nowhere. Tax “The Rich” until there are no rich no more. Send everyone to college to obtain a skill that has no economic value in the marketplace. Oh lets not forget to hire a abundance of people to administrate the above policies.

      In every plausible scenario coming from both party’s the outcome in the end is a lower standard of living. They can postpone and delay but in the end one plus one equals two.

      • TK

        Hey Kevin,

        You are correct, no matter who gets in office, our destiny has already been planned.

        To think people believe that voting will make the future better.

  • Gary2

    Conservatives are immoral scum so I would believe anything about them. Just when you think they can not get any dumber along comes another republican dumber than the last one.

    They are all a one trick pony-cut taxes on the rich.

    They make me sick.

    • Guido

      Funny to see a socialist tossing around the term, “moral”. I believe you are incorrect to use the term, “immoral,” since it implies active resistance to morality. Most conservatives are fairly religious and tend to take morality rather seriously. I think a comparison of their views and the leftists’ would seem to indicate the leftists are the immoral ones.

    • Victoria

      but that is the trick to know the Grassroots real conservative not the fakes like Bush and Perry. We have just had a cue through the real conservative movement i.e. last election landslide. Just good people saving our freedom. :)

    • John

      Gary2, you are a fool and a moron. The Reubs are dumb and stupid and rich? The Democrats are the ones in bed with the rich, aka Banks, WallStreet and Buffet, Google and many, many others. Grow a brain and stop drinking all the kool-aid !!! You libs are incredible…….

  • Ezekiel

    Sorry, you totally lost me on this one. I suppose you have your “perfect” candidate in mind? LMAO. Get real!

  • Smash the control machine

    OUR ONLY HOPE OTHER THAN THE COMING KINGDOM!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEov7B5ewdk

  • Smash the control machine

    Has anyone noticed that Rick Perry is now copying ads that look like a Ron Paul ad for President? And, he is trying to sound like Ron Paul….but we all know he is another AIPAC employee!

  • Smash the control machine

    John Stossel on GOP Debate: Ron Paul Is Right About Almost Everything!!!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw_m1G4_F1o&feature=related

  • pauly

    It’s terrifying that a government could force it;s subjects to take a hypo of poison.

  • I haven’t finished reading the article yet, but would a real comservative attempt to forcibly vaccinate a 12 year old girls for an STD?
    Of course he would!!! The pharmaceutical companies are making money and Rick Perry is getting paid one way or another! What does anybody expect?
    Didn’t he ask for money from the federal government for the wildfires in Texas? This is BIG government! Would Michelle Bachman ask for money from the government for the wildfires in Minnesota now? Of course she would. She already got money from the federal government for her clinic and SHE TOOK THE MONEY! What about Rand Paul? He is an eye doctor and took lots of money from Medicare patients, yes he took the money and justified it! The list of justifications from people like Rick Perry and others goes on and on…

    There is more! I personally know some Tea partiers who take Medicaid when they lose their jobs and lose their health insurance. Medicaid is big government that’s getting bigger, the Tea partiers who fall from grace take it and JUSTIFY IT! Other true conservatives take social security and Medicare and yes, they justify it! Others take unemploymant benefits, food stamps and justify it!

    Here is why : When we’re fine, all we can say is ‘screw you’, big government.
    When we’re screwed… HELP ME NOW!!!!!!!!!

    Everybody wants bigger government! Some want more troops on the Mexican border, some like war without end, some want boots on the ground on the borders, Rick Perry wants the above and got it, and above all, Dick Cheney said that deficits don’t matter!!! I bet he’s justifying it right now. Is all of the above cheap? People on the right want it. People on the left want something else, but all of it is BIG GOVERNMENT AND IT’S JUSTIFIED.

    • KnightOwl

      So when you are working you are Paying into Medicare and SSI…you also pay for unemployment insurance…so you have paid for the right to use it…

      It is exactly like buying auto insurance and then getting into accident, you file a claim and get reimbursed…what you are claiming is that they never paid in and are still filing the claim…Horsepucky

      What the Tea Party is trying to say is that the program as it is currently structured is going broke and needs to be reformed…The gov’t does not have the money to pay all the outstanding claims

  • There is quite a bit of information going around about what happened a few days ago with the presidential debates. Ron Paul was asked if a 30-year old should die because he/she doesn’t have health insurance. A couple of people in the audience shouted YEA!!!

    Oh yea? Wait until it happens to you years from now when premiums skyrocket like never before!!!
    Your insurance will pay for it all? Just wait!

    • KnightOwl

      Life is risk, no one anywhere promised you that you would make it to 90+ years old…you drive too fast, you smoke, you eat too much, you get sick and possibly die…It will happen eventually to us all….The question is, who pays for your medical care? You should pay for your own care.

      There is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone, somewhere in the world ends up paying the bill…You should pay your own way and not expect someone else to take care of you.

  • Colin

    “Would A Real Conservative Attempt To Forcibly Vaccinate 12 Year Old Girls For A Sexually Transmitted Disease?”

    Probably not. Given the choice between Perry and Obama, who would most vote for?

    I feel that Obama’s next 4 yrs, if re-elected, will be the final nail in the coffin for the US. Under Perry I don’t think so

  • mondobeyondo

    Anytime the government sticks its nose in your affairs, and FORCES you to do something, that is when you know things are getting bad. Even the sheeple have to agree, this is pretty baaaaaa-ddd.

    Even if it is supposedly for our own good.

    So Rick Perry says that “tween” girls need to be injected with an HPV vaccine. What’s next? All 14 year old males must eat spinach, because it makes you strong and mighty like Popeye?


    What if I don’t like spinach? It’s just so icky and stringy and…eewwwww. Of course, at this point Perry comes on your TV set and says, “Look at what it did for Popeye! You MUST eat spinach! Spinach makes you healthy!! And here’s proof! (Whips out some 800-page report from the Centers of Disease Control, showing spinach makes you healthy). And our daughters WILL have the HPV vaccine! Because they need to be SAFE! From the dangers of SEX! Yes! Sex is DANGEROUS! You could get STD’s! You could get HERPES!!! ARGHHH! (What about “himpes”?) Governor Perry raises his sword and declares, “Vaccinate our daughters! Vaccinate!!”

    And then I awaken from this nightmare in a cold sweat.

    Okay, step down from the pulpit, Mr. Perry. It’s Pastor Mondobeyondo’s turn now. (clearing throat..)

    There is an option, called “abstinence”. Why isn’t it working? Because our children are inundated with sex, sex, sex, from every direction and angle. It’s in the magazines they read, and the TV shows they watch. It’s in the magazines their moms read. (Cosmo, Maxim, etc.) So the odds are heavily against abstinence as an alternative….

    But, give abstinence a try, and you won’t have to worry about any HPV vaccines. When God said, “Be fruitful, and multiply”, He did not intend it to fornicate with whomever or whatever you please. God intended sex to be the culmination of a man-woman relationship, bonded in marriage and a lifelong commitment – NOT as a prelude to a Britney Spears concert, or the end result of a couple sips of whiskey.

    That is basically where many of our problems arise, and following God’s intentions and plans – one man, one woman, married, both heterosexual – is how we can solve them.

    Yeah, call me a right wing conservative with a scarlet letter if ya want, but that’s how I feel.

    Um… okay Governor Perry, the floor is yours again.

    • TK

      You crack me up!

      I do agree, this guy is baaaaaaaaddddddd!!!!!

      And following Gods word is always wise:

      The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

    • Guido

      You are correct, sir. I believe Perry is no conservative, but a progressive. The idea you can force people to do something because you know better than they is not what our nation was founded on. I oppose Perry because of this issue and I don’t believe he is sufficiently interested in a free and sovereign nation with a real border policy. Then again, he’s probably just happy to do whatever the highest bidder pays him to.
      I would prefer Paul, but he hasn’t a chance in Hell.
      Romney, on the other hand, is just as big a tool as Perry.

      • mark

        Guido, You are right about Perry and Rommey. It looks like we will end up with one or the other at this point.I do think that either one would be a lot better that Obama. I would rather have a more consertive progresive than an extreme left leaning progresive. At least they are slower in the destruction of the country.

  • Highspeedloafer

    No. Rick Perry is a RINO. He most definately is not a true conservative.

    • Highspeedloafer

      Hey Michael,
      Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about Perry? lol

      I wrote my first response to the title of this article before reading the article itself. I would say you are spot on in regards to Slick Rick.

  • Aurelius 7

    He’s far from a conservative.

    For anybody who thinks that Republicans can’t be Communists — go back and watch “Manchurian Candidate” again.

    The red states are the perfect place to hide, if you’re a Commie think about it. What would Communist sleeper agents pretend to look like? Think about it?

    They would be more Catholic than the pope.

    At the moment he’s doing everything right that conservatives want to see, but he’s a communist wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Don’t believe me? I don’t care. Both major political parties have been infiltrated by communists. The facts speak for themselves:












    He’s one of “them”… Once you people come to grips with it, you might finally elect someone like Allen West and get the country back on track. Perry is only being passed the baton for 2012 because Obama is in over his head with trying to get away with too much, too soon.


    Finally picked up on this issue. This issue is more about the moral repugnancy if the idea of forcing 12 year old girls to take a vaccine that has proven lethal to some than the politics of it. I see they have even adopted the name of Slic Rick (my spelling) which I gave him (and no offense to Slick Ric Flair the wrestler) that I gave to Rick Perry.

    But long ago I gave up on Republicans, christian wannabes and wish they were conservatives about so call limited government. What these rightwing lunatics really want is big government to control the lives and the parts of the country that they hate with a vengeance, (blue states, liberals, anyone not part of them etc.) As evidenced by cheering executions and wanting uninsured people to simply disappear or let them die as they would want. But hey, when the globalists totally collapse the society and these warmongering fools are homeless and starving in the streets I’ll be the first peerson to declare “Let them starve and let them die”……………

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Would a real conservative attempt to forcibly vaccinate 12 year old girls for a sexually transmitted disease? No. But then, the Republican Party of 2011 is authoritarian rather conservative and bears little resemblance to the party of Barry Goldwater. There are a few people in the GOP with integrity (mainly Ron Paul and Gary Johnson), but they aren’t representative of their party on the whole. Today’s GOP will gladly show their commitment to “small government” by kicking the crap out of the poor and stomping on small businesses, but when it comes to the nanny state, they love big government—and the bigger, the better. The GOP’s dirty little secret is that many of the big-government things they favor (from imperialist wars to corporate welfare to the failed War on Drugs to monitoring people’s bedrooms) carry a heavy price tag. Rick Perry is the poster child for the modern Republican Party (more like the RepubliKKKan Party) and every intrusive thing is represents.

    Not that the spineless Democraps offer this banana republic any hope. When Ron Paul and Gary Johnson had the guts to stand up to neocon imperialism and the War on Drugs, many Democraps caved in. The two-party system in The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) is an abysmal failure. RepubliKKKans will not save the BRA from total collapse, Democraps will not save the BRA from total collapse, and the Tea Party will not save the BRA from total collapse. The Tea Party condemned itself to failure when it decided to embrace the GOP instead of building a third-party movement.

    The Roman Empire is collapsing. God help The Banana Republic of America.


      I agree with you that the collapse will come and there is no stopping it. The globalists have won, and they are merely consolidating their wealth and building the fortresses with armed guards and underground bunkers for what they are planning next. It really is shameful that most of the Asylum States of Amerika, especially the southern parts of it, are either totally oblivious to what is going on or they have decided to play the “ostrich routine” and bury their heads in the ground whilst all hell breaks loose. As it is often said in the political arena, “Everybody ends up getting what the majority deserves”………………..

      • El Pollo de Oro

        REED RICHARDS: And whatever happens with the election in 2012, the BRA’s collapse will not be avoided. I doubt that Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama will be reelected; except for FDR, few presidents have been reelected during such an abysmal economy. So if Rick Perry gets the nomination, he’ll probably win. Ron Paul, sadly, doesn’t stand a chance—no way will the globalists let him get the nomination, let alone win in the general election.


          Agreed. The globalists will not allow anyone near the White House whom they do not totally control, Obama and Perry included. But this is the key moment in time. What do the people do, go along with the status quo or fight for change? Many are oblivious, many do not know what to do, but through it all, the machine rolls on, steamrollering over anyone or anything that gets in its way. But then again, having a populace with the anti-intellectual fervor that the Asylum States of Amerika has does not help matters any…………

  • InArizona

    WHOA Michael!

    Some of us conservatives are screaming from the rooftops AGAINST Perry. Please do not include us in your attack!

    Perry does not even qualify as a RINO, he is a democrat, so is Huntsman and Romney.

    When the establishment (in this case, the dems, the repubs and the media) push candidates on us, the uninformed electorate gobbles it up, hook line and sinker. Some of us pride ourselves on, being informed and would never consider voting for Perry et al.

    We are trying to change the political landscape right now, but the repubs have tried to co-opt the TEA party and ALL conservatives. Until we have a viable third party, we are all screwed!

    I have never been so unexcited and unimpressed in our candidate field in my life… save last election with Johnny McShame.. it just keeps getting worse, both repub and dems are just extensions of the same corrupt and rotting branch.

    And you are correct in your statement that a TRUE conservative could never support Perry!

  • As Roosevelt said,”Presidents are not elected, they’re chosen”. People are aware of countless examples and forms of corruption in our country. Why when you back of and take a look at the big picture, it’s really kind of hard to find anything our government has it’s fingers into that is not corrupt. Then why in the world to people still cling to the absolute fairy tale that our electronic vote is recorded honestly and accurately?? What makes people continue to think this?? Yes everything is rigged and corupt, but not our vote! Our vote is sacred!They really would’nt do that! Well than why are all of the electronic voting machines run using a computer software that is proprietary and owned by a private corp.,with absolutly NO ONE allowed to examine, audit, or have access to it except the owners. Read “VoteScam The Stealing of America” by James Collier, can be found and read online. We have only they’re word as to the outcome. The system is complex and honed to a fine art for decades now. The software will assign votes sccording to what the result is chosen to be regardless of how individual votes are actually entered. Software allows the printing of a receipt that shows whatever they want it to show,all very believable. So am I missing somthing here? can anyone tell me why I’m supposed to just automaticly believe my vote counts?? I love this country but I cannot say the same for my government.

    • Kevin


      They have no need to be as crude as voter fraud. They own both horses in the two horse race. They want everyone to argue over the Democrat verses the Republican. Regarding the major issues their on the same page regardless of the lip service to their respective voting blocks.

  • Joe Johnson

    I don’t think we need the nomination of Rick Perry to discern that the REpublican party is full of hypocrites.

    • expatriot

      I agree, hypocrite should be the name of their party. It’s disgusting the type of shit they say and the neo-con lap dogs making thirty grand a year lap it up like the brainwashed talk radio and fixed news junkies they are. Perry is bush on steroids. You should have a lot to write about the next few years Michael.

  • DBAllyn

    Rick “the fairy” Perry has been a fraud since day 1 – why is anyone surprised at all of this “news” ?

  • JD

    NBC news said the Gardisil vaccine was safe. And Good Morning America says apple juice is safe. Even though Dr. Oz and others says that these products are not safe. Hmm. Im confused. The news report had a mom who had throat cancer from oral sex caused by HPV says she wants to make her kids safe by giving them a shot that could kill them. Again Im scratching my head. But then again the news told us younger people that even though we are young and healthy we would die from swine flu more than older folks will. Wow. I dont fall any of this shit. Whos right whos wrong? Im just another dumb sheep I guess.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Jack Spirko of The Survival Pod Cast episode somewhere in the low 600’s made the comment he didn’t like Rick Perry and has several issues with him. Anybody familiar with the Jack and his pod cast know he used to live in Texas.
    That said the “Conservative Media” said that George Bush was a conservative because he ran around with a Bible under his arm and said all the right things. He bungled two wars got a bunch of people killed and spent money like a drunken democrat. I never listen to the so-called conservative media anymore Glen Beck, and Laura Ingram are about the only two nationally with any integrity left. I have minor issues with both Ingram has to many insiders even though she asks tough questions, and she really pimps her books on her show (Really Annoying). Glen sometimes gets so hysterical he reminds me of Alex Jones. I’m tired of holding my nose and picking the lesser of two evils. Ron Paul is about the only one talking semi sense out of the present menagerie of dimwits.

  • William

    Another IDIOT governor from Texas??? One would think that the nation had learned its lesson from the Smirking Chimp and war criminal supporter of torture Bush.

    • KnightOwl

      or the pathetic moron from Illinois…1 party with two heads…But if you think the guy who has “been to 57 states with 1 more to go” is any smarter than the idiot from Texas then go for it

    • mondobeyondo

      Yup, another Texas governor running for President.

      Let’s see….
      Lyndon Baines Johnson… George H.W. Bush… George W. Bush… Rick Perry…

      Come on, give Nebraska a chance! Who’s the governor of Indiana? Why should Texas get the spotlight?

  • Anyway, I was way of subject, sorry. An exellant article about Rick Perry.

  • JD

    I loved watching Rick Perry squirm like the eel he is on the debates. When he was confronted about the Gardisil vaccine and the contributions he got from Merck and his own “Dream Act” he looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole. I agree with William we dont need another Texas gov. to be our president. Why cause its a big state and its like a little country? Screw him. The only Texan I like is Ron Paul. Im writing him in if Perry’s on the ballot. Im sure as hell not voting for Obama but if we dont let Fox News pick our canidate we should all write him in. He may be our last chance to save this country. And thats a BIG IF that it can be saved.

  • JD

    P.S. I hate seeing his face on the web ads on this sight. You know the one that says “RICK PERRY, PRESIDENT?” VOTE HERE. I would block them if I were you Michael.

  • OldPhart

    Perry is the media selected bitch to be the republican front runner come hell, high water, or Ron Paul. Similar to the media tool, John McCain, endorsed by the LA and NY Times (and a subsequent kiss of death by real conservatives).

    Perry is only a distraction. A distraction once again thrown out by our owners to divert our attention from people with serious rethinking, such as Ron Paul, who’s been literally, and unreportedly, been kicking conservative ass.

    Ignore the media, ignore the left, ignore our owners, look/watch/listen/research Ron Paul. It’s time to elect an Economic Terrorist as President. We HAVE to tear this BS economical model apart.

  • jc

    Some girls died. The poison is in the cure this time for shure.

  • Kim

    Thank you for writing this. I haven’t seen such a comprehensive write up on this issue before. I’m sending this to everyone I can. I appreciate the time you put in to this website.

    • Michael

      Thank you so much Kim. Hopefully we can get everyone to understand what Rick Perry is really all about.


  • mondobeyondo

    Rick Perry doesn’t impress me. In fact, none of the Republican candidates impress me. Ron Paul has some great ideas, but unfortunately, very few people take him seriously.

    And Obama? Umm… well… He may be a former senator from Illinois, but he is no Abraham Lincoln.

    Kind of looks like this country is doomed, leadership-wise.

  • Phillip

    Vote Prick Perry as the GOP nom’? then the fate of the GOP is sealed and god help the U.S. if he makes it to the oval office.
    The country is on a road thats becoming increasingly harder to get off of.
    American’s are conditioned so much to only believe what the media spoon feeds them every day from the idiot box,
    American’s tend to overlook the conseqences.
    The real Conservative is Ron Paul, & they hate him because they know hes right & cannot be bought for any amount, unlike the rest of those’s RINO’s.

  • saoirse

    not a perry supporter BUT nobody understands the words “OPT OUT?” you could easily OPT OUT which is a helluva lot more than WE CAN DO in the nyc school system ..and WHY are newborns getting the first dose of hepB and why is this hepB REQUIRED for admission into our hallowed schools as hepB is blood borne –meaning sexual or IV drugs with shared needles==you think we got a chance to OPT OUT of this abomination and repeats of DTap ? anyway–WHO MAKES These immunizations MANDATORY ?

  • Donna

    I remember Obama’s campaign. He was bought and paid for. His opponent NEVER had a chance, ever. Now, watch Perry. If he is THEIR next choice, no matter what Obama does, he’s finished. Perry will take over where Obama leaves off. All, I’m sure arranged. We may vote for a better candidate, but the one with the backers, power, and money will win. This is politics in our country today and throughout the world.

  • It is a very noticeable to ordinary folks that
    NO MATTER WHICH PARTY is in power
    things move along just the same.The same foreign policy meddlesome imperialist and deeply UnAmerican.
    Politicians are paid for and owned by vested interests. The game is up and the American people
    are much smarter than their politicians think.
    We know that Perry is really Kerry.
    We know that those vested interests meet with secrecy.In the case of the elitist Bilderberg meetings American Politicians are -Breaking the Logan Act.
    Ron Paul is the only one to point to the root of Americas woes the: Federal Resereve and a totally corrupt monetary system.It is a Treasonous system. Americans have a great country: A Free Republic! Go out and take it back from the evil internationalists and arrogant globalists. Ron Paul is the man and the establishment politicians and media cant conceal their fear and are resorting to slander
    and cheap tricks.
    Well lets say Hello Ron Paul
    and Good Bye Tricky Ricky!
    Thats only the beginning Kick out the UN
    Stop the pernicious influence of the unelected CFR and Trilateral Commission. Noone elected them. So lets get, new faces who are NOT members of these elitist vested interests gropups.GOD SAVE AMERICA

  • mike

    why dont you just got get a case of STFU! REAL ************* smart-attack Perry so Obama gets 4 more years . I think you need a brain shot because yours is too dumb

  • Berni Conners

    Warrior for Truth

  • Berni Conners

    Did not read all the comments but apparently all fell for the errors in your article. Perry DID NOT FORCE the girls to have the vacination. They were given the right to opt out. That IS NOT BEING FORCED!!! He said he made a mistake. How many politicians ever admit they made a mistake. You need to correct this glaring error. To destroy the good name of someone without correcting it is a serious sin, it is classed as murdering their good name. Slander???I I see you also did not mention the woman who eventually died from cervical cancer who said she would do anything to keep anyone from going through what she did. She contacted Gov. Perry to ask what she could do to help. They became friends and he spent time with her (no press) a nmber of times including her bedside as she was close to death. NO PRESS EVER only because he cared!

  • frank

    if a twelve year old is sexually active and opts to be checked and vaccinated for STI’s or STD’s they should be able to do so.
    i fail to see why this is a bad thing. obviously, twelve is too young for a person to have a healthy sex life, however these things have always happened regardless of how you remember things were ‘back in your day’. the world isn’t a PG rated place – its not disneyland.

  • Manny in NJ

    You people have some real hangups with anything sexual. That is the LEAST of our problems. Get off your moral high horse and let’s fix this country in the areas that effect everybody, not your primitive belief system.