Radiation In Milk?

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First they found radiation in milk in Spokane, Washington.  Then they found radiation in milk in San Luis Obispo County, California.  Now they have found radiation in milk in Arizona as well.  Should we just start assuming that all of our milk is going to have nuclear radiation from Japan in it until further notice?  Of course federal authorities insist that the levels of radiation being detected are completely safe and that nobody should start worrying about the milk that they are drinking.  In fact that there are even some crackpots out there that are attempting to claim that nuclear radiation from Japan is actually good for us.  Yes, let’s all run out and guzzle as much of that “nutritious” radioactive milk as we can.  Of course it isn’t just milk that the radiation is getting into.  It is showing up in water supplies from coast to coast and it is inevitable that it is going to get into most of our food products.  Not that there is much that we can do about it.


Hopefully our authorities are right and that the radiation from Japan is not a very serious threat.  But having to think twice before drinking a glass of milk is not very comforting.

Sadly, the nuclear crisis in Japan only seems to be getting worse.

Hundreds of tons of water a day are being poured into these reactors.  All of that very highly radioactive water has to go somewhere.  What we are finding out is that in addition to being released into the air as steam, it is also getting into the groundwater at Fukushima and into the ocean off the coast.

The radiation level in the ocean near the Fukushima nuclear complex was recently measured to be 4,385 times above what is considered normal.

So what is this going to do to the Japanese seafood industry?

And what is going to keep that highly radioactive water from circulating all over the Pacific?

The groundwater under Fukushima is even worse.  TEPCO has confirmed that the level of radiation in the groundwater underneath the Fukushima nuclear complex is 10,000 times above the legal limit.


But of course since Barack Obama (one of the great con men of our generation) has promised that the nuclear radiation being released at Fukushima is “no danger” to the United States we should all be able to sleep really well at night, right?

Well, I don’t know about you, but when I hear that it is being reported that the University of California at Berkeley has found that rainwater in San Francisco contains significant levels of nuclear radiation I start getting a little bit concerned.

So just how long is this nuclear crisis in Japan going to last?

Well, there is at least one nuclear expert that claims it will be 50 to 100 years before any of the spent nuclear fuel rods at the Fukushima complex will cool down enough to be removed from the facility.

So what are they supposed to do for now?

Well, there are some hints that the Japanese are starting to think about implementing the “Chernobyl solution” and encase the entire area in massive amounts of concrete, but there are also quite a few experts that believe such a solution will not work in this case.

Hopefully something can be worked out.  For the moment, the folks over in Japan will just have to keep pouring massive amounts of water on those buildings.  Of course that will continue to create huge amounts of very highly radioactive water that is going to go into the groundwater and into the ocean, but what else are they supposed to do?

When this crisis initially began, not too many nuclear experts were all that concerned, but now some of them are really sounding the alarm.  Just check out the video below….

Amazingly, U.S. workers are actually being recruited to go over to Japan and work at Fukushima.

The pay is apparently going to be very good, so those that volunteer could end up with a lot of extra cash.

They just might not live long enough to spend much of it.

What a crazy world we live in.

So far, most of the attention in the mainstream media has been focused on the radioactive iodine-131 that is being released at Fukushima.

But iodine-131 only has a half-life of about 8 days.

The radioactive cesium-137 being released at Fukushima could end up being a much larger long-term threat.

As I wrote about recently, radioactive cesium-137 is being released at 60% of the level that it was being released at during the Chernobyl disaster.

Considering the fact that Cesium-137 has a half-life of approximately 30 years, that is a very sobering statistic.

So will cesium-137 be showing up in our water, milk and food for many years to come?

Most of us would rather not have to worry about that.

Hopefully the authorities in Japan will find a solution to this crisis very soon.  The damage that has already been done has been bad enough.

The truth is that if this nightmare continues long enough, things could get much, much worse for Japan.

Residents of Japan were alarmed recently when the government declared that the tap water in Tokyo was not safe for infants to drink.  That sparked a massive run on bottled water and it prompted many residents of Tokyo to start bracing for massive radiation exposure.

One day later, the government in Japan said that the tap water in Tokyo was suddenly completely safe and that caused most people living in Tokyo to settle down a bit.

However, what is going to happen if at some point the water in Tokyo is deemed unsafe for all humans for an extended period of time?

There are over 30 million people living in and around Tokyo.  You simply cannot evacuate that many people.

But if it gets to the point where Tokyo residents cannot drink the water, bathe in the water or use the water to prepare food, what in the world are they supposed to do?

Without water, life becomes very difficult very quickly.  Just try it some time.  Take one day and try to get through it without using any water.  You will quickly find out how precious water is.

If we ever do get to the point where some or all of Tokyo must be evacuated, that is going to be an absolutely devastating blow to Japan and to the global economy.  Let us hope that it does not happen.

But the truth is that if I had been living in Tokyo I would have gotten out of there already.  This nuclear disaster at Fukushima is rapidly becoming worse than Chernobyl.  The health impact of this nuclear nightmare is going to last for decades, and one can only imagine how many people will eventually develop cancer and other illnesses as a result of all this.

So what do all the rest of you think about all of this?  Should we be concerned about radiation in milk?  Should the residents of Tokyo be preparing for the worst?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • mondobeyondo

    Relax. Calm down. Take a deep breath.
    Now take another deep breath. Feel better?
    That’s good.

    There is radiation in many of the foods we consume. Even in bananas. That’s right – bananas. They are rich in potassium, and potassium is naturally radioactive, as are many other minerals. Chances are, you’ve been eating bananas for years.

    Take another deep breath.. ahhh. Feeling better yet?

    Unless your milk comes from a cow raised on the grounds of the Fukushima nuclear plant, I wouldn’t worry much about it.

  • cshellz

    is radioactivity cumulative? Are there ANY reports that are trustworthy enough to make decisions by?

    I need more info to make decisions for my family. We live on the west coast. At this point we’re doing powdered milk. I’m no longer buying dairy products, including cheese. I’m worried that by eating out of the garden this year and using our own eggs that my kids may be getting too much as it is just by the rain water. Our government feels that by not responding to a crisis we will all just follow along with the party line. Therefor, not trustworthy. Not only would I NOT be feeding my baby Japanese tap water, I would have gotten my baby the hell outa dodge.

    Beside, this isn’t going to turn out well for us or Japan. Might as well start practicing now.

    • concerned mommy

      @cshellz Yes, radiation is cumulative. But, Medium chedar ages for 5 months, old cheddar for 10 months. I’ve got some in the freezer, we like cheese, and although I’ve changed a lot of our eating habits – the cheese takes the edge off. Your garden is probably your best bet for nutritious food, wash everything with soap and filtered water and a scrub brush! Loprest Water Company sells a filter that fits on your kitchen tap that removes radiation. the filter housing is around $88 US and the filters are about $40 each, cheaper if you by 4-12. Also, there are supplements you can take, some as simple as antioxidant vitamins that help. Lentil type beans, especially Pinto beans are excellent anti-oxidants too. It has been interesting learning how to cook them… I eat them in salad, make them into dip, soups etc.

      Good luck & God Bless

  • The distillation process is most effective in the removal of inorganic contaminants from drinking water, and most radioactive contaminants are radioactive isotopes of inorganic contaminants.


  • OldPhart

    large “liquid and gaseous releases”, sounds likemy normal day (sigh)

    Seriously, though, what I find disturbing is the shutdown of hte majority of the west coasts public radiological meter readings by the Obomba government. These suddenly went off line. The best we can do now is to monitor the rapidly growing private metering websites.

  • john w

    Forget radioactive iodine and cesium. The greatest part of the spent rods in a reactor consists of plutonium. It has a half life of 24,000 years, meaning that it remains dangerous for about 500,000 years. Right now we are burying our spent plutonium underground, pretending that nothing can ever happen to release it.

    For decades some people have been against nuclear plants, warning about the dangers of radioactive leakage. No matter how well a plant is planned, there is always human error and natural disaster to worry about. But of course such people are just weird eco-freaks. So let’s see – I guess an eco-freak is someone who pays attention to the world around them, who accepts established scientific facts, and who realizes that the best-laid plans can go wrong. And I guess a normal person is someone who makes fun of the idea that maybe we are taking the planet for granted and are being a bit reckless in the way we are treating it and using up its resources.

    How many people who used to think anti-nuclear sentiments were unAmerican will now jump on the bandwagon and rage against governments that are putting us in danger’s way?

    If you have a huge house, if you drive a gas guzzler, if your house is full of things you never use, if your house is full of appliances that are never unplugged, if you think things are more important than the people around you – you are the problem. That’s why we have nuclear plants – so that we have enough energy to supply your addiction. You are the reason things like Fukushima happen.

    Ever heard the saying “the buck stops here”. Well, I guess it’s more fun to whine about all the other people who are ruining our fun.

  • As hollywood and our polititions have proven, they cannot be trusted to tell us the truth. We have to weigh the data and decide for ourselves what is right for us.

  • A.S.

    To the owner of this blog, if you really are a Christian, then you will understand that this disaster in Japan is due to the Japanese government holding in prison 4 Jewish young men for an unintentional crime.

    As a religious Jew, if the U.S. makes a similar wrong against the Jews, i.e. Israel, regarding the West Bank, the building freeze, etc., then G-d’s wrath may be in the form of Los Angeles having a 10.0 earthquake or the South West having a hurricane wiping out ALL of Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, etc. How will the U.S. deal with just one of these disasters? What about both? What about these two and others? Pray to G-d that the U.S. stays out of Israel’s business. Pray to G-d that the U.S. kicks out the U.N. out of the country and gets out as a member. Pray to G-d that the U.S. will start behaving morally in accordance with the 7 Noahide Laws for all of mankind.

  • On the bright side, the radiation fall out effects on surrounding countries like China will help reduce human overpopulation in the immediate area.

  • [a/non

    “Should we just start assuming that all of our milk is going to have nuclear radiation from Japan in it until further notice”

    No, but maybe you should assume that your milk has had nuclear radiation from your own nuclear detonation tests in it for the past 30 years.

  • pogue

    AS, that’s one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever seen. Japan’s earthquake and tsunami disasters were not God’s wrath on the part of wrongly-arrested Jews. If that’s all it takes to piss off God, shouldn’t Europe have been melted down in WWII? Maybe it happened because those dirty foreign bastards aren’t even Christian? I figure they had it coming, being Shinto and Buddhist and all…

    To the sane readers here-
    You should assume your milk and other products will have radiation in them, just like Europeans had to do in 1986. First, cows ingest contamination grazing and concentrate it in their milk, meat, and bones. Fruit and veggies will have contamination on their surface. Water will carry it. My understanding is distillation may not be entirely reliable, since the contaminants can go airborne and end up on the other end in the bottle. In 1986, the authorities disposed of milk and other products and told people to live off canned food. You can probably purchase powdered milk or canned milk (depending on the date) if you don’t trust the current stuff.

    Get a sensitive survey meter…

  • A.S.

    To pogue,

    The Katrina disaster dislocated and/or killed 10X the people that were dislocated and/or killed in the Gush Katif (Gaza) expulsion. The damage in dollar values in the Gulf area was 10X the loss in Gush Katif. Do you understand the math (see below at well)?

    I can’t explain why Europe was not punished. Oh, wait, they are now with collapsing economies in Greece, Portugal, and soon Spain, Ireland, UK, etc., not to mention the problems they are having with Muslims sucking away all their welfare system. Did you know that Spain, for instance, was the most developed and enlightened nation in Europe until the end of the 1400s? What happened? They kicked out the Jews. Every nation that kicked out the Jews eventually lost its empire. Look at ancient empires as well: Babylonian, Turkish, Greek, Roman, etc. They all died and the Jews continue to survive even though we are a super small minority in world population and scattered across the planet.

    The Bible says, “I will Bless those that bless those that bless you and Curse all those that curse you.” This means if you support the Jews, G-d will Bless you; if you go against the Jews, G-d will Curse you. So, Katrina happened in the U.S. (around the next day or so, if you look up the dates) because of the Gush Katif expulsion.

    What do you think will happen in the U.S. if the whole West Bank is expelled? If about 500,000 Jews are kicked out, I shiver to even imagine what will happen in the U.S. This time G-d’s wrath could be 20X. That means, as I said in my above comment, a scenario like a 10.0 earthquake in Los Angeles is very likely, G-d forbid (dislocating and/or killing 10 million people). G-d is very patient with other countries. But I don’t think G-d is patient with the U.S. (largely because it is still a land of kindness, belief in G-d, and the words “In G-d We Trust” on our money). Please tell your Senators and Congressman to let Israel live and act like the free country it is, to kick the U.N. out of the U.S. and to rescind its membership thereof.

    The Messiah is coming (I know we and Christians disagree on this issue). That is why there are so many disasters and economies in collapse. The only way to get G-d’s protection is to follow His Laws and support the Jews worldwide unconditionally, especially Israel. If anyone disagrees with me (or agrees) I welcome your comments.

    • Admin

      I am very glad that you have started commenting on the site – I think your comments add a lot to the discussion.

      Since you asked if anyone disagrees, I thought that I would throw a question out there….

      In Daniel 9:24-27 it says that the Messiah would come before the Temple was destroyed.

      Well, considering the fact that the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD, how can you still be “waiting” for a Messiah to come?

      The truth is that the Messiah came exactly when the Scriptures told us He would come.


  • Mr Carpenter

    Yes, Daniel 9:24-27 says all of that, HOWEVER, G-d (I’m being polite here for the sake of A.S. by not writing out that word, as is the custom of Jewish folk) clearly indicates in the New Testament that He will allow the Jewish peoples to continue on (i.e. they will be largely UNABLE to see that the Jesus Christ is the messiah, died for all sins for those who accept Him, and rose again from the dead).

    G-d has a plan for the Jews of the world – whom are STILL His chosen people. G-d doesn’t lie; He doesn’t change His mind; He has/does and will “punish” those He loves in order to gain their attention if necessary (and this is all throughout the whole of the Torah and Bible). Not to mention in every current newspaper and news website (i.e. G-d allows us to take the consequences of our actions when they vary from what He would wish). We use the word “punishment” but it is more like a father of a 19 year old saying to his son “OK, you are adult and think you should make your own life and reject what I believe; now you get to live with the consequences of what you do.” (Is that the “fault” or “punishment” of the father? No, of course not!) It’s “tough love.”

    It’s just that we mere humans cannot think like G-d; He has chosen Jews to continue on in Judaism, but has not abandoned them to hell for simply being Jewish. Yet we also know that the new Covenant demands that there is but one way to G-d and that is through Jesus Christ. How can they both “be”?

    Paradoxically, Christ will save them; they just do not realize it, nor can we understand the process of how this will work/works. We cannot understand it!

    Again, we mere humans cannot think like the creator of the universe, nor should we even try.

  • pogue

    There is no logical way you can connect events that happen to Jews in Israel and Hurricane Katrina. Heck, even your illogic doesn’t make a great deal of sense. You’re engaging in little more than a superstitious attempt to explain the random events of nature.

    A random hurricane hitting a poorly-prepared city located 2 meters under the water level and surrounded on all sides by rivers, canals, and Lake Pontchartrain by the Gulf of Mexico is a lot easier to believe in than God’s revenge for some act elsewhere. I’m a Christian, but you can’t convince me God is making the world pay for things that happen in Israel or elsewhere. Disasters occur naturally and always have, just like men have always sought some kind of answer to explain the random and senseless nature of events. At this point we can prove lightning isn’t Zeus’ spear and tidal waves are caused by movements of the crust under the ocean. We know how hurricanes form and we even know how to make it rain or not rain when and where we want.

    Your numbers are wayyyy off, too. Gush Katif, which I had to look up because it is an esoteric tiny in-the-weeds issue nobody ever heard of was, what, 8500 people forcibly moved by their own government? Katrina killed 1836 and made 1 million +/- homeless and cost $86 Billion. So how are you accounting all that damage and misery for the forced expulsion of Israelis by other Israelis? Because I have to assume you’re figuring there were, what, 8.6 Billion USD and 100,000 people involved in Gush Katif, right? And, of course, it’s all America’s fault, too.

    Then again, if your strange logic is correct, where is the punishment for the folks in Israel that perpetrated the action? Shouldn’t God be leveling Israel, too? Because punishing innocent people half a world away who had nothing to do with it, who never even heard of Gush Katib (And in many cases, probably Israel), doesn’t sound much like the God I know.

    Then again, people who attempt to pretend they know what’s in God’s mind have been around with us forever. If they were always right we would probably still be slitting virgins’ throats on alters and burning witches at stakes, too. I think you’re anthropomorphizing a natural weather event, just like people do with global warming and other natural events. (Hell, the act of naming hurricanes after people is a great example of that.)

    And where’s all the punishment for the Muslims in all this? They’ve been making life hell for Jews since, what, the 7th century? I don’t see much happening on that front. Then again, you might have me convinced if a hurricane Katrina hits the Palestinian Authority.

  • pogue

    By the way-where’s the proportionality for the Japan thing? Are the 10X rules at play here, too? Because I’m pretty sure they passed the 40 dead mark already and I can’t imagine how much cash they must have been carrying when they were arrested. Are you telling me 4 Jewish dudes, and I don’t know who we’re talking about here, are so important that God would level much of the nation, destroy trillions of yen worth of real estate, and dump radiation into the land, sea, and air? What could possibly be so important God would level half a nation in this day and age? This isn’t the Old Testament, so what’s the deal?

    Or is it just another attempt on the part of man to explain the seemingly inexplicable?

  • Don’t eat the vegetables or the fish, don’t drink the water or the milk, don’t breathe the air and YOU WILL BE JUST FINE… Anything else!?

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  • JP

    I agree that the philosophy seems to be that there will be radiation until further notice. I am tired of people saying it is much less than you get in everyday life…this is not an accurate argument as the kind of radiation you get in everyday life is radiation that is natural and your body is created to withstand. Radioactive iodine is man-made and your body doesn’t know what to do with it. It is not the same. I have filled my freezer with dairy products as I am pregnant and have an infant and live on the West Coast. If I trust my government to protect me I am in trouble. According to them, seafood in the gulf is safe…even as tar balls continue to wash up on shore, PBA, phthalates and other chemicals are safe even though other countries have banned them due to the toxic effects. The govt is just worried about panic and the different industries that could hurt. They say that a pint of milk has the equivalent radiation as a 5 hour flight! Do you know how much milk an infant drinks? And that is safe? Give me a break! And the levels are only going to get higher and higher

  • Guido

    And they tell me a plane flight has about the same radiation as a chest Xray. It’s good to see we’re getting everything explained. I don’t mind drinking a few chest Xrays every morning, they’re good for the bones! Hell, I’ll drink my milk in front of some film and get some preventative Xrays done for the next rainy day…

  • Look on the bright side. If this keeps up the abortion debate will be solved since no one will be able to have children. Ha Ha Ha

  • ricky

    Oh! We’ll still be able to have children; unfortunately they will have all kinds of tumors, like thousands of children in Ukraine being born now still do as a result of Chernobyl.

  • EnViRo11

    Thanks for all the helpful religious facts and opinions along with the very vague comments on radiation poising. It helped me decide that more people should focus on being more educated in the future years because most of us are too dumb to understand the actual issue. This is why we are all posting comments here and not over there trying to save our environment, which will help our families live longer. When I say, “Our”. I mean everyone that is alive on this planet. Don’t always rely other people opinions. Dedicate your life to the world and your world will be safer.

  • ARhea

    I find it hard to believe anyone any more. If they are mean what they say, do they have their facts straight?? Aftet reading all this religious mumbo-jumbo, it reminds me why I am not… religious. I agree with EnViro11, we should be trying to solve the problem not just post about it. All this information or MISinformation is ditracting people from the real issue at hand… Is our food safe? Is our planet safe? I think the answer is no, but how do we make it safe ? That is more legit question.

  • ARhea

    I admit I feel a little like the funny monster posted next to my last comment (on a funny note)

  • shaggyrat

    Im on my phone so ill make this quick bit my son got this milk brand new jugg just bought he barfed all day long took him to hospitol brought milk too found he had radiation poisoning they tested the milk and it higher levels then his little 4 year old body can take so yes take it serious milk wasn’t out dated anyone tell me different that the milk isn’t tainted is a liar first hand knowledge sks

    • dwayne

      Hi Shaggyrat, where do you live? ( city, state) What store sold the product? What was the product name?. Our criminal governments cause EVERYTHING !!! **************, one more thing to worry abaout beside GMO’s. I feel bad for you and your family.

      • dwayne

        I live in Arizona.

  • Owen Larson

    To A.S.,
    You have got to be kidding me. This ‘god’ of yours is not going to spite an entire region of people and children who live in the near-by vicinity. If he’s so benevolent, then why would he allow even a whim of threatening the lives of millions to even cross his ‘all-powerful’ mind? And if it’s the initial earthquake and tsunami that you’re talking about, then he killed 14,000 people and caused another 14,000 to go missing in Japan alone. A value far greater than four of your measly jews. If you really think that fourteen thousand people would just let some meddling bum kill any of their family members and without getting just a little bit mad about it. So keep your superstitions to yourself. No one wants to hear them.

  • Ryan

    Sin is the cause of most of these events. All us need to understand ourselves responsible. Me, you, everyone. Breaking one of God’s commands is the same as breaking them all. We are all sinners and our only solution is accepting God’s free gift of salvation through His son Jesus Christ.

    God will also allow trials in our lives to draw us closer to Himself and its our choice of whether we respond in the correct manner of understanding our need for complete reliance on Him, or continue in our own illusion of thinking we are actually in control of things.

    The buck stops with ourselves, we have to look at God’s law as the mirror to show us how we’ve fallen short of God’s requirements (which exist for all of us, whether we believe in God or not, doesn’t matter we will all be held accountable to the same set of standards for how we lived our lives and what we did with Jesus).

  • Certainless

    AS – your dumb… You bring doubt to all religions with your nonsense, I’m sure every atheist reading this is loving it.

    I don’t think not drinking milk will help. If the rain is in the cows food over here it’s probably in everything. Anyone else feel skecthed out that the Japanese government took back their warning about the milk in one day? Best wishes to those in the thick of it.