Please Help Michael Snyder Become Donald Trump’s Best Friend In Congress #MAGA

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Can you name Donald Trump’s best friend in Congress? I was thinking about this question the other day, and I couldn’t come up with a single name. Since nobody else seems very eager to take on that mantle, I will be more than happy to claim it. If I get elected to Congress, I will call for the witch hunts against Trump and his administration to be immediately shut down, I will publicly defend the president every chance that I get, and I will do all that I can to advance the Make America Great Again agenda. I believe in the values and the principles that Trump campaigned on, and there is a reason why they resonated so strongly with the American people. Trump openly defied the globalists in both major political parties, and even though all of the “experts” said that he didn’t have a prayer of winning, he was able to pull off the biggest miracle in American political history. Now we need to get Trump some friends in Congress, and if you would like to help me become Donald Trump’s best friend in Congress you can contribute to the campaign right here

If you would like to send a check instead, just make it out to “Michael Snyder For Congress” and send it to the following address…

Michael Snyder
PO Box 1136
Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

Have you ever been around an organization or a business that is growing too fast? That is the biggest problem facing our campaign at the moment. Over the past 10 days we have had some of the most influential people in Idaho politics get behind our campaign. We have created a massive amount of buzz throughout the entire district, we have more social media followers than all of the other candidates combined on every major platform, and we are beating the other candidates in the race to the punch in just about every area that you can possibly imagine.

Just about everything that needs to happen in order for me to win this race is happening. But the problem is that this campaign is becoming so big so quickly that we are outstripping our limited resources. I have been so busy traveling, interviewing and working the phones that I haven’t spent enough time fundraising. As a result, we are running low on “fuel” at the exact time when we have an opportunity to really start soaring.

Our first FEC quarterly deadline is coming up at the end of this month, and we really need your help. The only way we have been able to come so far in such a short period of time is because of the generous donations of hundreds of donors, and now I am hoping that you will help us go to the next level. The donation limit for an individual for each campaign cycle is $2700, and if you think that you may want to become a “max donor” I would love to chat with you. Please feel free to reach out to me at my campaign email address…

michael @

All across the country we need to be supporting pro-Trump conservatives for Congress. So many are looking ahead to the November 2018 midterm elections, but the truth is that the real battles will be next spring. If pro-Trump candidates don’t win in the primaries, we won’t even have pro-Trump options to vote for the following November.

In the vast majority of cases, pro-Trump candidates will be attempting to unseat anti-Trump establishment Republican incumbents in the primaries.

But in my case, there is no incumbent.

There is no incumbent in Idaho’s first congressional district because Raul Labrador has decided to run for governor.

So the race is totally wide open, and we have a golden opportunity to fill this seat with a very strong pro-Trump conservative. These sorts of opportunities don’t come along every day, and I can’t do it without you. But if every one of my readers were to donate just $20 today, I could stop fundraising tomorrow because we would have more than enough funding to win.

Since I am running on a pro-Trump, anti-establishment platform, the wealthy donors and the big organizations aren’t going to get behind me. So we are “crowdfunding” our campaign, and it is going to take a grassroots effort.

If we do nothing, we are just going to get more of the same. According to Real Clear Politics, Congress has an average approval rating of just 15.5 percent at the moment. I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready to start “flushing the toilet”. We are trying to recruit pro-Trump people to run for offices all over the nation, and as they step forward it is absolutely imperative that we support them.

This truly is a movement, and if I end up in Washington I plan to quickly become one of the leaders of the “pro-Trump wing” of the Republicans in Congress. My hope is to do all that I can to help pro-Trump candidates win races all over the nation, and as that happens I believe that we can start pointing this nation in a more positive direction.

As you can see from my campaign platform, I truly believe in the Make America Great Again agenda. If you supported Trump, I would like to ask for your support as well. Doors continue to open one after another here in Idaho, and if you all will get us the “fuel” that we need, I have no doubt that we will win this race.

We are stretching every single dollar as far as we possibly can, and we will continue to do so. Thanks to you all, campaign materials are being deployed, events are being set up and our extremely strong conservative message is getting out to people all over the district. But in order to keep moving the ball forward, we need your help to put more “fuel” in the tank. If you would like to donate online, you can do so right here

Or if you would like to send a check by mail, make it out to “Michael Snyder For Congress” and send it to the following address…

Michael Snyder
PO Box 1136
Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

As this campaign continues to gain momentum, there will be resistance from Antifa, Indivisible and other radical leftist groups up here in Idaho.

But I don’t care. I am proud to be an extremely strong conservative, and I am proud to want to be Donald Trump’s best friend in Congress.

That is my stand, and I’m not moving.

Michael Snyder

  • DJohn1

    You are in for an eye opening experience when and if you get to Washington D.C.
    There is a reason my friend why Trump has few if any friends left in Washington D.C.
    He has come in like a bull in a China Shop and the results are not pretty.
    In all fairness, it was a setup from the very beginning by the opposition deeply entrenched in our government.
    Hillary was no better. In fact the Clintons are worse.
    The thing that needs addressing is how do we arrive at candidates for President.
    It has taken many years for this to come to the situation we find ourselves in.
    The weakness of both parties is it being governed by big money interests and that has been around for a very long time now.
    At one point Democrats were for the people, for the middle class, and for Union strength in setting up and applying good rules for everyone. Then it was taken over by the Liberal people and under Clinton it became ruled by the corporations.
    Deep political corruption became the norm.
    The opposition party has always been about being ruled by big money interests.
    Republicans have over history been notoriously for big business.
    They have never been the so called “Christian” party simply by the way they vote.
    They are basically liars one and all. Planned Parenthood is a good example of still being around despite disobeying law after law.
    So when a Donald Trump ran they did not know what to do and their reaction to change has been obvious.
    Donald is no angel. His personal life will tell you all about that.
    The only reason I can see that he made it as far as he has is the system is like a house of cards and the deck is about to collapse.
    So the majority of people of both parties voted for change.
    Now we are dealing with a bunch of old politicians of both parties that have obviously been paid off and it shows in the lack of progress since Mr. Trump became President. Planned Parenthood is still around and still financed.
    It has become put up or shut up and they obviously do not want the changes needed to keep this house from collapsing.
    You are right. It is time to remove all of them from office and start clean.
    You are about to experience what is really happening in the power structure that is our Congress.

    • iris

      Good comment, like your other one on the previous post. I have to agree with you, too. For example, I’ve contacted our Republican representative in Congress 3 times now, trying to get them to support an investigation of the CDC/federal government in possible collusion with the big pharmaceutical companies, regarding the shocking increase in the rate of isolated autism among our young people. Isolated autism is autism which presents in an otherwise very healthy 18 month old, who suddenly develops autism within hours to a few weeks of being given the MMR vaccine. The prevalence has gone from 1 in 300, 15 years ago, to 1 in 48, this year. I’ve asked for a response all 3 times, and am so disappointed that I have yet to hear back from them. It actually makes me wonder if this Congressperson has been given a large campaign donation by a large pharmaceutical co. In my opinion, this particular representative is one of the best we have in the U.S. Congress.

      • Guest

        Long ago there was a story about vaccines on this site but it was removed after a day or so.

      • iris

        I need to recant part of the last comment. I called the rep’s local office today, and the staff assistant is going to have the phone message sent directly to them, and I will get a personal phone call back regarding this issue.

  • Tim Murray

    You profess to be a Christian, yet you want to become the best friend of a man who is clearly NOT a Christian? You want to befriend a man who said perverted things about his own daughter, Ivanka, to Howard Stern? You want to befriend a man who is on his <third marriage? And only God knows how many extramarital affairs Trump has had. You want to befriend a man who has bilked others out of billions of dollars through his many bankruptcies, which he sees as “good business”?

    Christians don’t befriend the wicked, Michael. You have lost your way. But I know that you’re not going to listen to me or anyone else because you are blinded by your own pride.

    • Paul Patriot

      Michael wrote, “best friend in Congress” which you misquoted by incorrectly writing that Michael said “best friend……”

      I get you point, but I think Michael was implying a close political relationship, I don’t think he was implying that he and President Trump are literally going to be best friends.

      You criticize Trump as if it should be shocking that he is an imperfect sinner in the need of a Savior just like we all are.

      We all thank you for pointing out Trumps many imperfections.

      I wonder how many sins and imperfections you have in your life?

      Not once did I see you write the good things that President Trumps is attempting to accomplish??????? Rather you want to pinpoint his flaws, and criticize Michael for his attempt to want to work with Trump should he get into office, to try to restore the damage to the Republic, accelerated by the traitor obummer over the past 8 years.

      Christians DO occasionally have to work with “the wicked” and unless you are a prisoner in your Mommy’s basement, you may find yourself having to do a job with non Christians.

      • Tim Murray

        You’re silly, Paul. I have my own home, and I work for a living. Yes, I work with unbelievers, but working with them is the extent of my relationship with them. I am not “friends” with any of them, and I do not associate with any of them outside of work. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me with a few coworkers who are Christians. They make my job worthwhile.

        Paul, don’t you think it’s perverted and disgusting for a man to say that his own daughter is a “real piece of a$$”? Trump said that about Ivanka. And Trump was having sexx with with his current wife while he was still married to his previous wife.

      • Tim Murray

        I wonder how many sins and imperfections you have in your life?

        Nobody is perfect. But imperfection and sin are two different things. It’s not a sin to be imperfect. But God does not look lightly on the sins of adultery and theft, especially when someone steals from the poor.
        Do you think what Trump said about grabbing a woman between the legs is acceptable, Paul? I know many men who aren’t Christians who wouldn’t treat a woman that way, let alone say something like that.

        • MEP325

          “Do you think what Trump said about grabbing a woman between the legs is acceptable?”

          If you walked around with a tape recorder around your neck 24/7 and it recorded everything you said, I’m willing to bet it would pick up some things that are off-putting. Just like it would with me. And just like it would with those non-Christian men you know.

    • 4K

      And now Trump is supporting civil aset forfeiture, which is what police use to steal money and property from people (billions in official theft).

      I was already unhappy after learning about him using eminent domain to steal property from people and learning he supports forfeiture is not making me happy.

      No more Bill of Rights.

  • MaxRockatansky33

    Mickey is greedy for Power I see…

  • Mavis

    The Make America Great Again hats are from China.
    Bill Clinton’s friend Trump is not going to make America great again.

  • MaxRockatansky33

    Moike has become very political lately. Greed of Power? Money? Hypocrisy is a second name for HomoSapiens.

  • Isaac

    Michael don’t be so naive!

    Do you really think you can “drain the swamp” it as Trump said??

    It does not matter what you say. What matters is that there are those with more power than you. They will stop you just like they stopped others before you.

  • nilst2011

    I would never donate to someone that supports a warmonger, terrorist and fraud ! A good site has become crap…..

    • jc

      And Trump may invade Venezuela next!
      The war he keeps continuing in Afghanistan is bad enough.