Obama’s Lucky Charms: A Hindu God In His Pocket, A Masonic Emblem, And A Ring That Says “There Is No God Except Allah”

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Why do our politicians have to be so weird?  You can tell a lot about a person by the jewelry that they wear and by the things that they carry around in their pockets, and Barack Obama’s “lucky charms” include a Hindu god, a Masonic emblem and a “wedding ring” that has the phrase “there is no god except Allah” inscribed on it.  So what do these things tell us about Barack Obama?  That is a very good question.  Perhaps someone should ask him about these items.  If he is indeed a Prince Hall Freemason (as has been publicly reported), then he should just come out and admit it.  If he feels a connection to Hinduism or Islam, then he should just come out and admit it.  One of the biggest things that annoys so many people about Obama is the secrecy that he has about his past.  There are vast stretches of his history that nobody is even supposed to talk about.  We are all just supposed to accept that he is a “Christian” man that is not into any freaky stuff even when there is a tremendous amount of evidence to the contrary.


Personally, I would love to see a reporter ask him about the little Hindu god that Obama carries around in his pocket.  The following is a photo that has been circulating around the Internet of Obama displaying this Hindu idol along with a bunch of other “lucky charms” that he carries around.  It has been reported that Obama carries these lucky charms with him wherever he goes….

The U.S. press pretty much missed this story, but it was talked about extensively in the international media.  For example, the following is from an article in the Economic Times….

A recent photo posted on Time’s White House Photo of the Day collection shows the first ever Black-American nominee of a major US party for the Presidential elections carries with him a bracelet belonging to an American soldier deployed in Iraq, a gambler’s lucky chit, a tiny monkey god and tiny Madonna and child.

That “tiny monkey god,” of course, appears to be a statue of the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman, says the posting but editors and the photographer has not identified it as such.

Obama, whose father was a Kenyan and mother a white woman from Kansas, spent initial days of his life in Indonesia where Hinduism is a popular religion.

So exactly who is Hanuman and how does this god fit into Hinduism?

The following is how Wikipedia describes this Hindu god….

Hanuman (IPA: hʌnʊˈmɑn) is a Hindu deity, who was an ardent devotee of Rama according to the Hindu legends. He is a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana, and also finds mentions in several other texts, including Mahabharata, the various Puranas and some Jain texts. A vanara (ape-like humanoid), Hanuman participated in Rama’s war against the demon king Ravana. Several texts also present him as an incarnation of the Lord Shiva.

Some Hindus in India got so excited about this that they decided to give a two foot tall gold-plated idol of Hanuman to Obama.

And as an article in the Times of India back in 2008 described, this special gift was actually presented to one of Obama’s representatives….

Obama’s representative Carolyn Sauvage-Mar on Tuesday received a gold-plated two-feet-high idol which she will pass it on to the Obama after it is sanctified.

The idol is being presented to Obama as he is reported to be a Lord Hanuman devotee and carries with him a locket of the monkey god along with other good luck charms.

An hour-long prayer meeting to sanctify the idol was earlier organised at Sankat Mochan Dham and by Congress leader Brijmohan Bhama, Balmiki Samaj and the temple’s priests.

“Obama has deep faith in Lord Hanuman and that is why we are presenting an idol of Hanuman to him,” said Bhama.

Why didn’t we ever hear about this in the mainstream media in the United States?

Perhaps of much more concern is the fact that Barack Obama has been photographed wearing a ring with a Masonic emblem.

The picture posted below is of a story from the June 2008 edition of Newsweek magazine.  It shows Obama’s two hands reaching for the seal of the president of the United States….

On closer inspection, the ring definitely appears to have the familiar “square and compasses” emblem of Freemasonry on it….

This is especially true when you zoom in even more….

The following is a different piece of jewelry with the “square and compasses” on it.  As you can see, there is a striking resemblance….

So what is the big deal?

After all, haven’t a whole bunch of other U.S. presidents been Freemasons?

Yes, but the disturbing thing is that Obama is so secretive about it.  If he is a Prince Hall Freemason he should just be open and admit it.

Another of Obama’s “lucky charms” that is raising eyebrows is his “wedding ring”.  It turns out that he was wearing this ring long before he ever got married, and recently experts were able to examine the inscription on the ring closely enough to be able to translate it.

So what does the inscription say?

It says “there is no god except Allah”.

A photo of Obama wearing this ring on his left hand is below….

According to WND, Obama has been wearing this ring since his days at Harvard Law School….

As a student at Harvard Law School, then-bachelor Barack Obama’s practice of wearing a gold band on his wedding-ring finger puzzled his colleagues.

Now, newly published photographs of Obama from the 1980s show that the ring Obama wore on his wedding-ring finger as an unmarried student is the same ring Michelle Robinson put on his finger at the couple’s wedding ceremony in 1992.

Moreover, according to Arabic-language and Islamic experts, the ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada: “There is no god except Allah.”

The WND story does a great job of breaking down this whole mystery.  If you have not read that entire article yet, I encourage you to do so right here.

So why would Barack Obama (who is supposedly a “Christian”) be wearing a ring that expresses devotion to Islam all these years?

Could it just be an innocent mistake?

Once someone points out to him what the ring really says will he take it off?

Or does Barack Obama really do have an affinity for Islam?

After all, he certainly has said a whole bunch of nice things about Islam over the years.  I documented many of these in my previous article entitled “10 Quotes By Barack Obama About Islam Contrasted With 10 Quotes By Barack Obama About Christianity“.

Of course Barack Obama is free to believe whatever he wants.  If he wants to be a Freemason, a Muslim, a Hindu or something else that is his choice.

But what the American people deserve is honesty.  In November they are electing someone to lead the entire nation.  Is it too much to expect the candidates to be open and honest about their pasts and about what they truly believe?

And don’t think that I am giving Romney a pass either.  If anyone out there has any information about weird stuff that he is carrying around I will be glad to do an article about that as well.

So what do you think about all of this?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • John

    Has anyone ever seen Obama eat bacon .

  • Gay Veteran

    trying to think if I could possibly care less

    George W.Bush was a “Christian” and a war criminal (at least the last characteristic he shares with Obama)

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      I thought you always pointed out Obama was a war criminal too…

      • Gay Veteran

        sorry, but can you READ???

        I wrote: George W.Bush was a “Christian” and a war criminal (at least the last characteristic he shares with Obama)

        Note the word “shares”

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Yup, I missed that one! My apologies, It typical that I can instantly point out your lies, stupidity and hypocrisy. I owe you a coke.

          • Gay Veteran

            “It typical that I can instantly point out your lies”

            bearing false witness YET AGAIN

  • Imaplaneiac

    This is a link to a video within which Obozo admits he’s a Muslim. This short video also has several other references by BHO to his Muslim ” faith “. This video has had more than 8.5 MILLION viewings! All of my fellow bloggers should view it, as well! Have you?!


    • Graham


      Sure have…

      That video was shown once (to my knowledge) in the mainstream media and has never been shown again. Speaks for itself and the words come straight from the horses mouth. Many will likely deny its reality through cognitive dissonance.

  • Imaplaneiac

    The main objective of the secretive Masons ( aka ” Shriners ” ) is to DESTROY the Christian church! Their’s is a ” religion ” of Naturalism. Their ” god “, is the Great Architiect of the Universe. No one who professes to be a Christian should be a Mason!!!

    Don’t be deceived by ” Shriners ” hospitals; including their TV commercials made by NFL players and others! NEVER contribute to a Shriner / Mason standing at a highway intersection / traffic light!

    • HecatesMoon

      I don’t really know anything about the Masons so when I say this, I am not being a jerk.
      “The Great Architect of the Universe” does not refer to the Christian God? It sounds as if it would. What God does it refer to?

      • m


    • Graham


      “No one who professes to be a Christian should be a Mason!!!”

      Very true, but many are, certainly up until the 32nd Degree. I will however “assume” that many are found between the 1st & 3rd Degree.

      Self gain may be the motive as some Christians are often bereft of a moral conscience unless it suits. Christian Politicians being the worst.

    • Gay Veteran

      you do know that George Washington was a Mason

      • Eisenkreutz

        Every president we have ever had has been a mason. Have fun kissing other men.

        • Gay Veteran

          have fun kissing other pigs

    • liz killingsworth

      I have known many men who were Masons, and all of them were very devout Christians. I don’t know where this idea comes from, but it is totally untrue. My father was a very devout Christian, he attended church regularly and loved the Lord with all his heart and soul. He was also a Mason. I know many Christians who are Masons. Indeed many of our presidents have been Masons, but they were also Christians. It is not up to you make such a broad statement concerning the Christianity of anyone. You, the judge of others should know that the Bible says,”Judge not, lest you be judged.” As Christians we are to leave all judging up to God!

      • Graham


        Very strange defence in light of what was written. Read it again, then check how many of the Masons you speak of are “32nd Degree”, or ABOVE. Now research the rituals and ask them a few questions based on what they swore to. Christianity and the “32nd degree upwards” are mutually incompatible and diametrically opposing.

        I would therefore highly doubt you know of any “Christian” Masons who are higher than Master (3rd). I could almost guarantee you certainly know of “NO” true Christians above Knight Kadosh – Scottish/York Rite (30th). Perhaps you are being too quick to defend Christians for the sake of it. If so, bad error. Learn what and who is running your country and many others (G5)… into the ground.

        Please prove me wrong!

  • Gary2

    What you don’t say! Another hypocritical tea bag GOP. Say it isn’t so. They are supposed to be such good Christians.

    A pro-life, family-values congressman who worked as a doctor before winning election as a Tea Party-backed Republican had an affair with a patient and later pressured her to get an abortion, according to a phone call transcript obtained by The Huffington Post. The congressman, Rep. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee, was trying to save his marriage at the time, according to his remarks on the call, made in September of 2000.

    • Randome-11

      “according to a phone call transcript obtained by The Huffington Post.”

      Yeah and I am Alucard!

    • Stan522

      So, that’s all you got? That’s your defense of this *************? Priceless!!!!

      Gary, go ahead and clime out of the chairman’s rear end…

    • Eisenkreutz

      Who cares

  • Gary2

    Michael–are you posting this so you can be on the crazy mans true news show? This is the type of trash I expect to hear on that crazy mans show.

    BTW you never did explain why you would go on such a obviously crazy mans show.

    • Graham



      You remind me of a foot pump. That means an energetic attempt to blow out air.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        LMAO! Now thats funny right thar.

      • Rodster

        Classic ! :)

    • chris

      Michael has the patience of a saint for putting up with you. Still publishing your rubbish comments even when 50% of them are insults directed at him…

      • Graham


        Gary2 is actually a communist test bot, fine tuned to keep the forum lively and colorful, but Michael needs to add some further programming commands as it is rather basik. Good fun though!

  • OldPhart OutIn TheDesert

    I am wearing my father in laws wedding ring. Perhaps Obama is wearing his fathers ring.

    I don’t like Obama, but personal idiosyncracies, pocket litter and everyday carry would make me look like a raving madman.

    I’m nobody special, and I have on a titaneum ring, with a revolving inner band, given to me by my wife’s family after his death. My every day carry includes a five inch pocket knife, three silver eagles, and taliban cell phone in my left pocket (sometimes an extra pack of smokes). Right pocket has two sets of keys; one for the car, the other includes the company master key, the gun club key, keys to the ’48 F-3 I learned to drive in (and now own), key to my silver vault, key to the first new car I ever bought (wife totaled it twenty years ago) and a one inch Philmont Scout Ranch pocket knife. (I don’t include the miscellanous change).

    I wouldn’t even dare to begin the inventory maintained in my wallet of stuff I’ve carried for at least 40 years.

    I don’t care what the AIC (a$$whole in chief) wears or carries. I care that he’s reached the pinnacle of the Peter Principle.

    He’s acheived the position of his most incompetent. The ownership franchises’ alternate player, Romney, is not much better.

    I’m never voting R or D again (truthfully I’ve never voted D except in town or county races for people I personally know) in my life. I may even vote commie at some point.

    Michael, you write some really insightful articles and you back them up with links, analysis, zero hedge…you’ve been doing a really great job at this.

    But this reaks of jumping the shark, maybe you should take a bit of a break and come back reinvigorated enough to avoid this sort of drivel.

  • Markus

    I would not call this ‘weird’ behaviour that politicians exhibit. I would call it ‘trying too hard to be all things to all people’. In other words, it’s duplicity, and lack of sincerity.

    I reckon that anyone who tries to be all things to all people ends up being nothing to anyone.

  • Randome-11

    Funny taht the christian-haters insists he ius a christian and yet doesn´t mock him for that.

  • Candy

    Gary2, so what, I thought the left was all for free love and abortion. If only she had the free birth control, the evidence would have been destroyed.

    And btw, at least he didn’t get a BJ in the Oval Office and rape several women… while many on the left defended him and claimed what he did in private was nobodys business; At least I didn’t pay for that other guys room.

    You must not be a Christian, therefore I invoke the leftest rule of you can’t comment. You go to church because you know you’re a sinner; If you were perfect, you’d think you were God, knew all, make the rules and didn’t need it.

  • Graham

    When you come to understand what “The United States of America” Corporation actually is, and stands for, you will come to realise it is irrelevant what Obama’s true background or beliefs are. He is NOT the President of the “Republic of the united States”, which is upheld in its entirety by the 1776 Constitution. If you want to make a difference at the polls, don’t vote, or write in the candidate of your choice. How can a Government form without a mandate to do so?

    As far as the latter is concerned, your Government is anything but “legal”. The easily recognisable principle of “divide and conquer” has many of you so successfully blindfolded and distracted that the truth has little chance of seeing the light of day despite all the available evidence that supports what I have said. Either continue to operate from the “egoic state of consciousness”, or waken up to your true potential as a human being. That means get out of “left brain dominant” thinking patterns. Patterns that are indoctrinated into you.

    As things stand, it also makes no difference who wins the November election. Romney is yet another puppet who will carry out what he is told. The person who vowed to make real changes was deliberately eliminated through delegate voting fraud. The next six months will be very interesting indeed! As long as your minds are bound by fear, you have little chance of “awakening”. People make a living out of keeping people in a state of FEAR. Religion is the best example.

    Ever wondered why as an American you have been BRAINWASHED into believing that you are superior to everybody else only to see everything now being taken away from you? You have served your purpose for that part of the agenda and been so busy with the “self”, that you failed to UNITE and STOP what has been going on for decades right under your nose. They have kept most bound by greed and materialism.

    You are in for extremely difficult times. The “party” was over long ago. Why do so many continue to dance like mind controlled zombies? How many spend their time in forums debating meaningless “positions”, or attacking others who have different viewpoints? Forget religion, it exists to keep you powerless. Be your own saviour as there is no other. It all has to do with your mind and how consciousness works.

    In fact, just ignore this post and move on in the usual manner. Time has run out and it will take “an act of God” to sort everything out. The latter relies upon a UNITED and committed people. Forget what you had in the past, it was just another “experience”. What did you do with that experience? Greed seemed to get the better of most and they rallied around their country attacking multiple other countries all in the name of false flag events. Waken up.

    Some here will fully understand what I have said. Most will keep the same old arguments going unabated as they fail to recognise “ego”. Feel free to attack. Re Masons, you have to reach the 32nd degree before you learn what is really going on. That is when you denounce Islam and accept Lucifer as the only true God. You will also vow to protect your “brothers” no matter what. That means if they kill another, you have to cover for them.

    You may now have “glimpsed” the bigger picture of what is controlling this planet and how. It’s all in the bloodlines. God bless America as your days are now numbered in several different ways! What goes round comes around and there is no point in hiding in the bushes. A moral compass is the only thing left that will lead to a better future. You must UNITE first and realise the enemy is within, not beyond. The war of the mind is very much ongoing and most are victims of the bullshit propaganda that your Government (etc) spews forth.

    Don’t waste your time worrying about Iran, focus instead on the USA and Israel. The real truth will absolutely shock many!

    • Astasheiks

      “As things stand, it also makes no difference who wins the November election. Romney is yet another puppet who will carry out what he is told. The person who vowed to make real changes was deliberately eliminated through delegate voting fraud. The next six months will be very interesting indeed!”

      Amen, Amen, and Amen!!!! Go Brother Graham!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “1776 Constitution”

      *cough* 1789

  • K.Mc

    Still think he’s a muslim? Either your muslim or your a mason – can’t be both. He uses those other charms to amuse the other religions. I have said it from the beginning. The one they call Obama is an elitist, well he thinks so anyway.

  • What DOES Mr. Romney Carry Around In “His Pocketses?!” (Hssssss…)

    • “One Ring, To Rule Them All…”

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        and that right there is why Romney handed Bamster his back side in the debate. Leftist dolts make Romney out to be this horrible idiotic monster so all he had to do was respond and refute.

        Of course the ring is on the other finger. Which of the two candidates openly proclaimed his hatred for America so much that he wanted to tear it down and replace it with something else?

        “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United states of America”. I’ll even give you 2 guesses just in case your so ignorant of your own candidate, you cant get it wrong twice.

  • Xander cross

    Being ********** again Michael. His charms are gifts and yet, you try to make a racist point about it. We know that you’re a Christian, so why do you attack other faiths so much? Also, Romney is not a Christian, but you don’t attack him? Why is that. Obama is not a muslim. Did you ever read the book of Mormon? They are not Christians and you have one that is the republican choice for president. Guess who else is a freemason as well, why congressman Ron Paul and his wife is an eastern star. Bush defiantly is a freemason and was in skull and bones. But yet, according to many Ron Paul supporters, bush is an wondeful Christian. You’re trying to hard Michael.

    • Astasheiks

      You got that right Xander cross, the Mormons are not Christain!!!!! Revelation!

    • Graham


      Anything that happens in Masonry “3rd Degree and below” is completely irrelevant. Most are law abiding do gooders and many are of the Christain faith. It is not until you are “invited” into the 32nd Degree and beyond that you realise what the movement (in its hijacked state) is all about.

      It is fairly easy to find the facts if you know where to look. Either that, find one and talk. Masons are not allowed to enquire what lies beyond their existing level, but try whetting their appetite a little and see what questions get asked. It will surprise you what they want to know. The other thing worth considering is “energy”. You are not “what you think” and you will bring into your life the things you focus on, whether positive or negative. The key is to focus on only the things you want to see happen. This opens up a debate about people are being indoctrinated to think without realising it. Poison the brain and immune system with food and drink and you have a docile audience to manipulate.

      Ron Paul was/still is a Mason, but clearly not of any significant level. He at least has a consciously awakened mind and does not let fear prevent him from speaking his mind. He is one of the best politicians to drag America out of the dark age presently ongoing. What did they do to him?

      Re Mormons. It is probably the closest sect to Freemasonry and many years ago there was talk of them merging because of it. If one worships the Devil and views Lucifer as being the only true God, what does the other do and who is its God?

      When the Republicans return to power, and they likely will, watch for the first statements re their intended war motives. Only a fool cannot work out what goes on and there are plenty of fools around, blinded by things they do not think to question. People are so distracted that history to many has a very short lifespan.

      Obama isn’t a Muslim? Can you prove it? Many think Obama, when given the chance, will do what he originally said he would do. What (or who) stopped him? Is he a good guy, or bad guy?

    • chris

      Does Romney make a secret of it? NO.

      And please do explain how these basic inquires are “racist”.

    • Eisenkreutz

      Because, jackass, the talmud and the koran are the most vile and disgusting books ever written. Muslims are obviously an inferior race and anyone who doesnt see it is an idiot.

      • Gay Veteran


        • Malcolm Reynolds

          EisenKRAUT again…

  • Joe Rocket

    I’m amazed at the ridiculous comments and claims about Masonry by the so-called “intelligent” and “awake” people here. I guarantee, the criticisms and claims made are made by those who are not and have never been Masons. It’s always popular to bash so-called “secret societies” and will continue to be so, at least until the critics actually *read* our history, delve into the thought processes of our Founding Fathers, and educate themselves to the level where they can understand what motivated these brilliant men to do the things they did. Our Constitution is a gift from a group of some of the most brilliant and learned men in history, who were also, almost to a man, Masons. Before you continue your Masonic bashing ignorance, take some time to actually study what Masonry is about. Otherwise, you will continue to discredit and shoot down all of your own arguments with non-factual allegations and hyperventilating gossip. At least until your sick child needs specialized medical care that you can’t afford but the Shriners will provide for free, as part of their belief in service to those less fortunate. Incidentally, I’m not a Mason and have no affiliation with them- I just study and learn BEFORE I open my mouth. Try it sometime; some of you may actually like it.

    • Graham

      Joe Rocket:-

      Fantastic post dude! You clearly have a lot more homework to do on the history and structure of Freemasonry. Your level of knowledge amongst the “low level” ranks is likely very accurate, but don’t assume for one minute that what you know at those levels applies to anything above the 32nd Degree (Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret – Scottish Rite).

      Don’t see any mention in your post of the 30,000 + that left American Freemasonry after they found out what it was really all about. I will leave it for you to fill in the blanks and dates, but you are WELL out of touch. You may want to begin by reading “Morals and Dogma”, instead of showing your outstanding level of ignorance in a public forum.

      It would also seem you know very little about your Constitutions. Yes.. that is an “s” on the end. Go and figure it out then you will realise why your country is in such a mess and your Federal Reserve banking cartel have been “lending” a helping hand in destroying many other countries. Sorry, but enslavement isn’t the way forward! Neither is Luciferianism.

      I note your use of the terms “intelligent” and “awake”. Do you think I come on here to make headstrong assumptions without having thoroughly researched the subjects I mention? In general, Europeans aren’t that stupid. At least our pineal glands aren’t intoxicated with fluoride, nor do we have our immune systems weakened by GM substances, although it has been attempted. Are you up to scratch on the Third and Fourth Reich? Operation Paperclip? The Scherfs?

      If you want to learn more about GM products, research Monsanto and Bill Gates, who happen to have financially contributed to the building of the Svalbard seed bank. A rather strange contradiction unless you understand the depopulation agenda. See “Georgia Guidestones” and take a look at “Denver International Airport” whilst at it, especially the Google images of it. It was built by those “brilliant” Freemasons you refer to. Now research what is below it and why it was built in the first place.

      Also, watch some recent music videos and decide if you think all the symbology has any purpose. Do all four of the Olympic ceremonies too. Also try this years Grammies and the Madonna Superbowl concert then get into some of Lady Gaga’s material and that of a few sidekicks. Try out Gaga’s new perfume. The ingredients are as mesmerising as the promo video.

      If you prefer reading, get a copy of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Either that, research the bloodlines of all your American Presidents.. bar two. Truly brilliant men indeed! We just loved “Dubya” over here in Europe. Romney is of course shaping up nicely to be the next numptoid. Does he wear a Gnostic ring too? Does he worship “Baphomet”? I suppose you think Iran should be bombed too?

      Sorry you opened your mouth, which led to me responding in kind.. with some useful knowledge. Forget the theories and study the conspiracy. The truth is often hidden in plain sight for those who can join the dots. If all this is too much, get a copy of the documentary “America, Freedom to Fascism”, then search YouTube for “Aaron Russo”. You won’t be disappointed!

    • William

      Read Juri Lina’s UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION, and learn you have known NOTHING before.

      • Graham


        Thanks for the heads up, it’s now on the list. I have often seen it referred to but gone no further with it. I know from here you are well up on various subjects!


  • Virginia

    I personally don’t care who or what people worship as long as it is not the devil. We get too wrapped up in people’s religion and their sexual orientation and judge them accordingly, not good. We need to spend more time worrying about the sustainability of our globe and creating a better earth for all. With that said, I do enjoy reading what you have to say. Why don’t you try getting beyond the political a little more and start doing research on solutions instead of problems. Just sayin…

    • Andrew

      You’re contradicting yourself Virginia –
      sexual orientation, religion, sex, education, family, combat experiences, addiction, job, injuries, etc. ALL constitute a person, determining the way he/she comprehends role of society, importance of history and culture.
      Enemies of mankind started they eugenic solutions in XIX century (always at the expanse of the poorest). They hate families!
      …and what makes You think You’ll be among those ‘fit’ to live [they think it’s up to them to decide]

  • Honeybooboo

    This is actually an old story from a Newsweek article I had read before Obama was elected. Maybe not the wedding ring but all the others. Keep watching things develop…it’s ongoing.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    I could care less if Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama, a.k.a. Bailout Barack, has a Hindu lucky charm (Hare Krishna, Hare Krisha, Krisha Krishna…….) or his rival Mitt “Wall Street” Romney (the Republican who I predict will enjoy a narrow victory in November) is a Mormon with a supply of magic underwear. But here’s what I do care about: regardless of the outcome on November 6, 2012, the banksters are guaranteed a victory. Wall Street owns both of the two major parties, and The White Shoe Boys have rigged this farce of an election perfectly so that they will maintain control regardless of the outcome. Either way, the fascist oligarchy will maintain its stranglehold on The Banana Republic of America (the Third World sinkhole that used to be Les Etas Unis). Either way, the BRA’s corrupt politicians will be taking us to war. Gerald Celente is absolutely right: when all the bailouts, stimulus, quantitative easing, etc. cannot save this Third World ponzi scheme of an economy, our lying politicians will take us to war.

    “America is a country in name only. This country is nothing like it used to be, and it breaks my heart.” —Gerald Celente

    “The presstitutes aren’t reporting this, but there are massive demonstrations going on in Spain, in Portugal and in Greece. Tens of millions of people in dozens of different cities are taking to the streets. It’s breaking down worldwide.”—Gerald Celente

    “Homeland Security is armed and locked and ready to blow your brains out if you start protesting martial law.”—Gerald Celente

    “The neoconservative propaganda that America is the indispensable nation with a right to world hegemony sounds a lot like Deutschland uber alles.” —Paul Craig Roberts

    “The United States is a country that is running out of control.” —Gerald Celente

    “This is the face of our political class: arrogant, authoritarian, and on the level of some banana republic south of the border. Welcome to the New America, where leader-worship has taken the place of politics, Team Red and Team Blue battle it out to see who gets to be El Supremo for the next four years, and politics resembles a prolonged soccer game.”—Justin Raimondo, AntiWar.com

    “I see the beginning of World War III. This will be so hellish.”—Gerald Celente

    “The mixture of politics and religion……..debases both, and has turned the GOP into an apocalyptic sect.”—Mike Lofgren

    “We’re getting ready to face a really big crisis, even bigger than the World War II Generation.” —Alex Jones

    “Because we have a zombie population living in a trance, the criminal elite have gotten away with things that are just staggering.”—Alex Jones

    “Prepare, prepare, prepare. Three months worth of water, fresh water, first aid supplies. If you are going to buy weapons, do it now for self-defense because it’s obvious that with 11 policemen being shot in a 24-hour period and police forces being cut back, you will have to look out for yourself. The predators will come out.”—Michael Ruppert

    “We’re heading for very turbulent times.”—Chris Hedges

    “The Nuremberg Trials of Germans after World War II established that naked aggression is a war crime. Naked aggression, renamed by Washington ‘preemptive war,’ has become the operative principle of US foreign policy.”—Paul Craig Roberts

    “One of the engines of spending is militarism and empire, and (Obama) enhanced it.”—Ron Paul

    “Only the market creates jobs. Governments can’t, and presidents don’t do it.” —Ron Paul

    “My next door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration.”—Gary Johnson

    “Unemployment for a year or more, the kind that just sucks the heart and soul out of people, is about double what it was in late 2009—and yet in the 1960s, it was essentially nonexistent. ”—Michael Fumento

    Whether Pennsylvania Avenue gets Bailout Barack’s Hindu lucky charm or Mormon Mitt’s magic underwear, get ready for total economic collapse—and get ready for war. Some might disagree with my punditry when I say that Mittens will enjoy a narrow victory in November (fair enough, I’ve been wrong before). But I can say this with total certainty: The War Party will carry all 50 states on November 6, 2012.

  • Imaplaneiac


    Like you, the majority of Americans know little or NOTHING about the Masons!? Their ” Great Architect of the Universe is NOT Jesus Christ or the Holy Trinity. It is another false ” god “. Masons also have a ” bible ” – but it’s NOT the Christian Bible! As another blogger mantioned there many ” degrees ” of Freemasonry. ( 33 as I recall, without checking the books I have on Freemasonry ). Masons are very secretive! They take an oath of secrecy – under penalty of death!

    If you want specifics or greater detail, there are books about Freemasonry. Be careful which you acquire! I can give you the titles of those I have; which I know are accurate and trustworthy. Over the years, I’ve seen shows on Christian TV networks; which had quests who escaped Freemasonry. These men detailed or unmasked Masonry. As a starter, you can find info on the web.

    Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the supposed benevolent Shriner hospitals. They are a deception.

    • liz killingsworth

      Someone mentions people who have,”escaped from Masonry”,what on earth does that mean? I don’t think any Mason is a prisoner, if they so choose they may stop attending meetings and give it up. They are not put to death, as stated in this person’s tirade They believe in the exact same Holy Bible as all Christians. If he is not a member of the Mason’s there is absolutely no way he can be such an authority on the subject. I am not an authority either, but having known so many Mason’s I can assure you he is wrong. I know of people who have dropped out, and NO one was ever murdered!

  • ScoutMotto

    Seeing Ovomit wear the masonic ring is really no surprise, but it does confirm some things: he definitely works for higher-ups in the global elite, he is helping to cause a head-on collision for the economy by design, he is helping his masters take this nation down by destroying the middle class through excessive taxation and regulation, he is rotten to the core and a traitor.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It seems President Obama isn’t all he says (or we think) he is.

  • William

    The Obummer, identified and prepped decades ago for insertion in the White House, is a phoney and a fake. His election was a reaction to the Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush taking the nation into a war that was based on LIES!
    But, it gets worse…..Mutt Romney is not an America First man, and he is controlled by the very same Bolshevik Communist trash that owns and operates the Obummer. Bottom line: the criminal evil in the City of London will win whether or not the Obummer wins. For American citizens, there is a small and marginal advantage in having the Obummer reelected. Mutt Romney’s first act, if elected, will be to kill more Americans, and spend more borrowed money, in another unnecessary war of choice based on LIES! After all, wasting more trillions of dollars, all borrowed, will only hasten the crash that is only a few years away.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Bush taking the nation into a war ”

      Remind us all exactly how that happened.

      • Gay Veteran

        right, it was Cheney and the neo-con cabal (Republicans AND Democrats)

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Ahh, So there was actually a congressional vote by republicans and democrats on that. I’ll bookmark this for the next time you call Bush a war criminal.

        • Gay Veteran

          AS IF a Congressional vote renders a war crime a harmless act

    • Graham


      “Bottom line: the criminal evil in the City of London will win…”

      October 11:-


      Jewish lobbyist in Washington, D.C. implementing us into wars in Middle East and stay behind the unrest and rioting. In the late 20th century, we were told that Islamic radical terrorists from the Middle East want to attack us and declared war on the United States and Israel. But, we were told wealthy Saudi was training mujahideens in Afghanistan to “attack” us, even though the CIA helped and armed them in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Americans biggest mistake was to fall for Clinton’s lies on terrorism. Bill Clinton’s approval was and is a high but what happened in his 8-year term as President? United States enforced the no-fly zone — used in Bosnia in 1995 bombings — from 1991 Gulf War to 2003 invasion, leading to bombings of Iraq in 1993 after the George H. W Bush’s assassination attempt of car bombing in Kuwait, bombing military targets in southern Iraq in 1996 and cruise missile strike on Baghdad in Operation Desert Fox in 1998. Clinton administration launched bombings in Afghanistan and Sudan targeting al-Qaeda training camps and factory suspected of obtaining chemical weapons. We were told terorrists in Middle East declared the Holy War. Certainly, under Clinton the budget had surplus and jobs were steady at some point. But, the Jewish-American lobbyists control the media, banks, government and military. Who’s Obama working for? Federal Reserve is the superpower of the United States, not the president. Obama supporets “hope for change” because they won’t wake up who are these people working for by. And what I said is, Clinton, Bush or Obama are all the same.

    • Gay Veteran

      “The Obummer, identified and prepped decades ago for insertion in the White House”


  • I wonder why Christians (Republicans) tolerate Romney. Romney is not a Christian. As a Mormon he has “another” testament by Joseph Smith. A Christian can’t do that. The Word of God the KJV 1611, is complete. Colossians 1:25 Whereof I was made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God;

    • chris

      Never met a Mormon I didn’t like. Their doctrine is heretical, sure. But I do believe Mitt Romney is a good person with the right intentions. Ultimately when I have to choose between a Mormon and a Commy who may or may not even believe in the crazy idols he carries around and sympathizes with radical islam and hates Israel, I side with the Mormon.

      • Eisenkreutz

        Youre a knucklehead.

      • Mondobeyondo


        So, a Mormon, a self-declared Protestant who may be a closet Muslim, and two Catholics walk into a debate.

        No. Sorry. Can’t come up with a punch line for that one.
        Never mind.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Ignore eisenkraut. She’s a bigot of the highest order and you mentioned them JEWWWWS!

  • Carol Crumlish

    Please see Webster Tarpley’s new book on Romney and Mormonism, spefifically Romney as the fullfillment of the White Horse Prophecy. This is important stuff.

  • chris

    Masonry is pure apostasy. It’s used to lure in Christians and the farther in they go the more they embrace all sorts of paganism, idolatry, islam (Shriners) and satanism.

    No Christian should be carrying trinkets of other gods either!

    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth

  • Col. Wilson

    How can you trust a person that lies about his beliefs? If he lies about this, then how can one trust him in office?

    Simply you cannot.

  • liz killingsworth

    Mason’s do not carry trinkets of other Gods, nor do they have other Gods or graven images. I’m very sorry to see so many narrow minded people commenting. I don’t like Obama either, but how do all of you know whether or not he is a Mason? This whole discussion is ridiculous.

  • Eisenkreutz

    I told you. He IS a Muslim from Kenya.

    • Graham


      And “apparently”, archived British documentation proves it, certainly according to some recent US researchers. I cannot state if the documents I have seen are legitimate or not, but the approach was certainly made with the correct authority.

      There is clearly a lot more to Obama than people realise. When it comes to “The United States of America”… Corporation, it apparently makes no difference what the background, religion or beliefs of a President are. As long as they become and remain loyal to the Bush (Scherf) family and “cartel”.

      All the public get served up with is a completely deceptive and highly controlled mess, underpinned by plenty of meaningless mind massaging. “Write in” the candidate of your choice and ignore the two horse race come November, that is if Martial Law doesn’t come before it. They are trying very hard!

      Remember, the more “incredulous” the things that go on, the less likely anybody will ever believe anything other than what the mainstream media tells them. We are dealing with sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths, so it is worth learning how the human mind functions at those levels. Plenty online about it.

  • A. S. Mathew

    President Obama cancelled the national day of prayer in the first year of his presidency. But,
    he invited the Hindus-Muslims and Sikh believers to conduct their religious festivals at the Whitehouse for the first time. I read somewhere that when he went to India for the official visit, some Indian friends adviced him to take
    the Hindu idol ” Ganapathy” which has the fase of an elephant to please the Hindu politicians of India. The U.S. has donated more than 9 billion dollars to India all these years, and now the U.S. President has to please the political leaders of India with the Hindu idol?
    What a great tragedy! When President Obama visited India, he was greatly interested to visit the Muslim memorials of India but less interested to visit other historical places where the foreign dignitaries were greatly interested to visit.
    The U.S. is a country based on the Biblical foundations. Starting with George Washington-then John Adams, they were true believers in GOD and read the Bible and got inspiration from heaven. When Franklin D. Roosevelt got a deeply depressed economy in his hand, his trust in GOD-
    compassion for the poor and helpless people, lead him to bring the nation from the great depression. GOD is not looking for the crowd to solve the problems, but always used one person to solve the problems of a nation or city. Our great nation is in serious trouble. Until we call upon GOD with broken hearts and contrite spirit, we are heading towards serious problems.

    • Andrew

      G.Washington was a deist
      Founding Fathers spoke a lot ’bout God, but His Name = Jesus [or Emmanuel] eluded them somehow…
      “The Government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” Treaty of Tripoli (June 7, 1797) ARTICLE II
      [drafted by G.Washington himself]
      >>>Mt 10,32

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “G.Washington was a deist”

        Try posting the rest of that quote so you aren’t lying your ass off about the man.

        “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion, — as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims], — and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Muslim] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries. ”


        Try reading the book “Sacred Fire” because you are certainly ignorant of the real man. I suspect you’re a victim of Progressive reducation.

        • Andrew

          1. I’m Catholic from Europe, so “Progressive reducation” is out of the question!
          2. the full quotation speak volumes against its author (read Mt 10,32 instead of “Sacred Fire” to grasp the difference)
          3. far too many of American Presidents were freemasons [including G.W.] = Your country is baconian New Atlantis…
          4. my countrymen fought Muslims for almost a Millenium, so spare me your ‘Regressive education’

          • Gay Veteran

            “…In over 20,000 pages of Washington’s known recorded writings, the name “Jesus Christ” appears only once. One other time Jesus is mentioned by example, not name. And both of these were in public addresses, written by aides but given under Washington’s name. Nowhere in Washington’s many private letters is the name or person of Jesus Christ invoked. Though Washington’s private correspondence mentions “Providence” and other more generic God words very often.

            …On Washington’s non-Christian death, where he asked for no ministers and said no prayers, Lillback likewise makes excuses. Indeed, in addition to a great deal of facts, “George Washington’s Sacred Fire” contains much idle speculation, illogical arguments, and redundant prose in 1200 pages. No respectable academic publisher would publish a book that length where so much could have been edited down. “Providence Forum Press,” the publisher, is part of a group of which Lillback himself is leader. This is essentially a glorified self published book.”


          • Palestina

            Treaty of Tripoli, John Adams signed in 1796 states, “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,” and I say the United States was founded on Freemasonry.

        • Gay Veteran
  • Mondobeyondo

    Reminds me of the days when I used to eat “Lucky Charms” cereal as a kid.

    (in fake leprechaun Irish accent)
    “Ah, me needs me Lucky Charms! Pity me Lucky Charms!”

  • Piglet

    Here’s a quote for you: “I believe that Christ died for my sins and I am redeemed through him. That is a source of strength and sustenance on a daily basis.” Barack Obama quoted in the Washington Post, August 17, 2008.

    Unless we’ve crossed the line and we’ve become a theocracy, which religious fairy tale we prefer shouldn’t matter when picking our next pre-selected dictator, I mean, president. (Oh, heck, I was right the first time.) As for Christians, I’ve known enough absolute loons to be vary wary of anyone professing to be a “good Christian.” Our last president claimed that God spoke to the American people through him, and he was nothing but a liar, a fraud, an incompetent and a war criminal – just like his successor, who is even more so in all respects.

    And then there’s this quote: “With or without religion, good people will do good things and bad people will do bad things. But for good people to do bad things — that takes religion.” — Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize-winning physicist

    The main thing I remember from a college history course several decades ago is that some of the worst atrocities are committed by those claiming that God is on their side. When God is supposedly behind you and you’re doing “God’s will,” no viciousness or brutality is too much.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “I’ve known enough absolute loons to be vary wary of anyone professing to be a “good Christian.” ”

      Spoken like the good little secular humanist. You know, the loons that have foisted 70+ million abortions on this country and the type of thinking that killed 160+ million people last century.

      • Gay Veteran

        oh, they forced people in America to have abortions?

  • Graham


    “Enda” Kenny, not Edna.

  • Alexander Smith

    I asked a black freemason about the order once. He pointed out that he couldn’t do anything to help me to get in because the black and white freemasons are separate. I don’t know the reasons why or the history, but that came from him.

    • Graham


      Interesting story in the link below, but your point is far better covered in a link I cannot find just now which involved the recorded testimony of a 32nd Degree Mason who left the order in disgust after what he learned and was told to accept.

      Black Member Tests Message of Masons in Georgia Lodges:-

  • Rowell

    Michael, I am very disappointed in you. This article is pretty much scraping the bottom of the conspiracy theory barrel. If you’re relying on this type of right-wing, nutjob misinformation to feed the trolls and increase your readership, well, you’re just going the way of the republican party…too far to the right. You’ve **************************************. I’m very disappointed in you indeed.

    • Graham


      With all due respect, you are talking complete and utter nonsense, or as we say in Scotland “dogs bollocks”. I think Michael is absolutely right to expand on the areas of research, irrespective of whether it is related to site hits or not. When you consider how a jigsaw works, you will notice the picture isn’t complete until all the pieces fit. Got the picture yet? Everything (within reason) is relevant, especially at this juncture point. Many incredulous things strongly interconnect.

      I also don’t think you have a clue what a “conspiracy” is, let alone who the biggest perpetrators are of creating them. Forget the “theories” and focus on seeking the facts that validate and expose the conspiracies. If you religiously follow the mainstream media for your data, then I can perfectly understand your level of ignorance and why you speak like a mind boggling proxy puppet who likely questions very little.

      It’s the sum of the parts that make the whole, by understanding the parts the whole becomes apparent. Keep up the good work Michael and keep expanding on the data set being covered. My own “key” is to not believe or disbelieve, but read with interest then watch what occurs that either strikes down a “theory” or fully acts in support of it. It’s a very time consuming process.

      It is the powers that be who want people being labelled as “conspiracy theorists” and “nutjobs” in order to shut them up and discredit them. Some of the best data I get comes through senior ranking military personnel, many of whom can speak in relative safety after retiring. Are they bullshit merchants too? I highly doubt it. Same applies to airline pilots, who will happily talk in private.

      Investigate what the astronauts and NASA whistleblowers have been saying, on camera. We have been told so much bullshit that many have lost the ability to penetrate the smell of it and uncover the reality we actually face. As I have said before, as a race, we are barely over the starting grid, but are obnoxious enough through “ego”, to believe we are supreme beings. Sorry, but it is more like a monkeys tea party at the local zoo. No offence to the animals!

      Let’s see a post on the Third Reich and the Bush (Scherf) family connections plus Antarctica. Cover Gwen Towers, Tesla, Bush and JP Morgan too. It’s all relative. I have also recently provided some links to the stuff at Balmoral Castle, where the UK Royals visit every August. Why is there a war memorial on the grounds that has two rows of swastikas at the bottom? Why is there a mini pyramid? Coincidence? Conspiracy? Bloodline facts? What is their DNA?

      How about a “fourth” website called “examiningconspiracies” or something similar. The “hits” will skyrocket and Rowell might become a lurker. Once the emotional intelligence rises, he may become a believer in much of what I and others have written this year. Sometimes people need to receive a “shock” before they start to waken up. I certainly remember how unpleasant my early thoughts were about what I was learning. It takes a long time to deal with it then accept “what is”.

      Quantum physics can answer the rest. They are at last close to unravelling consciousness and how particle physics really works. It makes our reality look more like a sick illusion, or certainly the utter bullshit we have been taught and conditioned to believe. Human 2.0 exists right now but is only accessible to the global elite. Can you cope with that one Rowell?

      Signing off:- “The Nutjob Conspiracy Whacko”

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “this type of right-wing, nutjob misinformation to feed the trolls and increase your readership, well, you’re just going the way of the republican party…too far to the right”

      leftist lunatic fringe nonsense. See “progressive revisionism” and “Overton Window”.

  • Rowell


    Now, as far as conspiracy theories Graham, look at the topic. The article is talking about trinkets and rings, and makes assumptions as to their meaning, with absolutely no fact. He’s wearing a ring that’s has a muslim saying. So what? Perhaps it was from his father, or someone special. Who knows? Did you ask him? No. You’re simply making wild accusations based on wild-eyed assumptions of “Oh no, he’s wearing a non-Christian item. He must be a muslim/hindu/non-christian”.

    Let’s be honest here for a minute. The simple fact that this is even talked about is because many christian folk have an absolute intolerance for anything non-Christian. If the president were muslim or hindu or aetheist, that sole fact would be the only thing needed to condemn everything the president did…even if he were to cure cancer, create gold from lead and lead this nation to greatness and peace.

    So, before you start pointing at trinkets and say “oh, he’s a closet muslim”, why don’t you take a moment and ask yourself “why does it even matter to me what religion the president is?” Seriously, why does that matter?

    Personally, I think the world would be a better place without religion. Religions are the cause of more death and suffering throughout the the history of mankind than anything else. And it still continues its work today.

    Have a good one.

    • Graham


      I’m not so much interested in the so called “trinkets”, but the two rings Obama has been photographed wearing have a very profound meaning in their own right. This is about the power of symbolism, nothing else. Only those in the know will recognise the true meaning.

      Yes.. the “Islamic” ring could well be his fathers, but I have seen the documents that were obtained in the UK confirming his birth place. Yes, they may be fake, but the data surrounding the finding would state otherwise.. at this point in time.

      As I said, it’s the sum of the parts that make the whole, by understanding the parts the whole becomes apparent. With this kind of material, I leave the finding at that level until something bulldozes it right out of the window. At that stage I will reevaluate my thinking and so called “beliefs”.

      Hope that makes sense.

      • Yeah, except that high-res images of the ring shows it has snaky squiggles. Not Arabic script. Squiggles. But Obama Derangement Syndrome has been proven to make weak-minded people see things that aren’t there.

    • Ben deraps

      It matters a great deal Rowell because in the Muslim qor’an their no less than 109 verses calling for the death of anyone who is not Muslim including any Muslim who is unwilling to kill in the name of Allah. We are at war as a country with radical Islamic terrorists and you don’t see an American President who supports their Idiology as a problem? Many people say that Islam is a peaceful religion but I have just shown you that it is ANYTHING but. So the only difference between a so called “Radical Islamist” and a “peaceful Islamist” is simply that the peaceful Islamist is living a false, compromised, fake version of the Islamic religion. The Christian equivelent of a professing Christian who never reads his bible and lives a life doing whatever he wants, ignoring scripture , but then still tries to say he’s a Christian when everyone knows he’s a fake. If Obama is a Muslim then he’s a pathetic version of one and we have to ask ourselves in light of all the terrorist attacks this question…..”What would happen if Pres. Obama. Decided he was going to be more devout?” Can a Muslim really fight the war on Islamic terrorists? Obviously not….. And to answer you on the idea of us speculating……I can assure you with 100% surety that absolutely NO CHRISTIAN WOULD EVER EVER EVER CARRY AROUND A MONKEY GOD FALSE IDOL IN HIS POCKET LET ALONE EVEN TOUCH ONE AND I DONT CARE WHO GAVE IT TO HIM…. THERE IS JUST NOOOO WAY…. So to consider this gentlemens comments a mere assumption is just a pinhead excuse to ignore the obvious. President Obama has not only doubled our national dept from 10,trill to 20,Trill in just 8 yes and spent 4.5mill dollars on a golf outing here in Cali where I live, he has been weak on every foreign policy, is bringing 92% predominantly young fighting age Muslims to our country “calling them refugees” when we have no way to know who they are and if the US states refuse to take them, Obama threatens to cut off gov funding to that state…..which these so called refugees will be the biggest Trojan horse ever created and we are helping them build if, pres Obama is a this biggest traitor to this nation that we will EVER KNOW……HE HAS DIVIDED BLACKS AGAINST WHITES, CHRISTIANS AGAINST MUSLIMS AND ANYONE ELSE SECULAR, AND HE ALLOWS THE PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS IN THE US BY STRIPPING AWAY OUR RIGHTS AND GIVING THEM TO THE MUSLIM AND LGBT COMMUNITIES INSTEAD!!!!! HE IS A TRAITOR TO THIS NATION AND HE IS THE WORST PRESIDENT WE HAVE EVER HAD. CONSIDER THIS TOO MY FRIEND anyone who doesn’t call Jesus their Lord will spend their eternity in hell. And it doesn’t matter dear friend if you believe in hell…..because hell and the devil believe in you….That voice that your hearing right now…..tugging at your heart….screaming inside of you right now,begging you to hear what a lot am saying and listen because your heart knows its true and is scared to death because it knows that hell NEVER EVER EVER NOT NEVER ENDS…….IT NEVER ENDS………IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!! IN A HUNDRED TRILLION YEARS FROM NOW THE PEOPLE BURNING THERE NOW WILL NOT BE EVEN ONE MINUTE CLOSER TO THE SENTENSE AND I PRAY WITH ALL OF MY HEART, MIND, SOUL, AND STRENGTH DEAR FRIEND THAT YOU DROP ALL THE EXCUSES AND MAKE A DECISION FOR CHRIST BEFORE ITS TOO LATE BECAUSE ONCE YOU STAND BEFORE THE LORD TO BE JUDGED……….THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCE. IF YOUR NOT READY WHEN EVER HE COMES CALLING FOR YOUR LIFE FRIEND……YOUR ETERNITY IS SET IN STONE IN A LAKE OF FIRE WHERE YOUR ARE BURNED UP BUT CANNOT DIE,TORMENTED DAY AND NIGHT ,FOR ALL ETERNITY IN A PLACE WITH NO DOORS, WHERE THE PRESENCE OF GOD AND HIS GRACE CAN NEVER EVER EVER BE FOUND……EVER….NO MERCY……….NO GRACE…….JUST FIRE……DAY AND NIGHT……NO SLEEP, JUST FLAME……NO REST, JUST SCREAMS…..PLEASE DEAR FRIEND I BEG YOU….DO NOT MOCK THE LORS BUT RATHER EXCEPT HIS LOVE AND FORGIVENESS AND MAKE YOU FEEL WHOLE AGAIN. WITH ALL MY LOVE I ASK YOU TO PLEASE CONSIDER THE DEATH OF CHRIST AND HIS BROKEN BODY ON THE CROSS JUST TO SAVE YOU FROM THIS ETERNAL PUNISHMENT…. HE LOVES YOU DEAR FRIEND MORE THAN ANY ONE EVER HAS OR EVER WILL…….PLEASE CHOOSE CHRIST THIS DAY AND LET HIM SAVE YOUR ETERNAL SOUL FROM A DAMNATION YOU GOTTA TRUST ME YOU SHOULD FEAR.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    “The simple fact that this is even talked about is because many christian folk have an absolute intolerance for anything non-Christian… ”

    LMAO! Yer a complete nutter.

    “Personally, I think the world would be a better place without religion. Religions are the cause of more death and suffering throughout the the history of mankind than anything else. And it still continues its work today.”

    Ya, it wasn’t really secular humanists, despots, dictators and far leftist pro-death abortionists that completely ignore, misuse or abuse religion to commit mass murder. NAH!

    May God bless and keep you!

  • Get Prepared…Spiritually

    Bottom line here is that BOTH Candidates are Spiritually wrong, . Obama-Mason-Hindu-Islamic.
    Romney-Mormon. All of these spiritual beliefs are very similiar. Masonry for example, has the exact same principles as mormonism in regards to attaining different ‘steps'(mormonism) and ‘degrees'(masonry) to god hood. I had a mormon melchizedek priest verify that George Washington was indeed a mormon AND a mason (bring up pictures of George Washington’s grave stone, it is an obelisk (a mason symbol), the egyption pagan sun god, and also our national monument. Masons will verify George was a Mason. Satan is not stupid. He has given the world so many different religions. They are the same birthday presents, only with different wrapping paper and designs. But the core gift of false religion is the same. All of these offer high degrees of attaining god hood, becoming god-like . After all Genesis Ch 3 vs.1:12, Satan was described as being “cunning” when he tempted Adam and Eve. Satan convinced Adam and Eve they would become ‘God like’. But to Adam and Eve, God was so good in their eyes, that they did not think that was a bad thing. He was craftily evil and deceptive.

    I will not be voting for either candidate based on their spiritual beliefs, I am going to pray. I do believe that some mormon’s and mason’s on lower levels are brainwashed because they never investigate their own beliefs, etc. they are good people believing the wrong thing. So Let’s all pray that God is the one to intervene here, because He is in control of all of this. So be Spiritually ready. But rest assured….God’s got this! If you want more info, the best way to study your Bible is to read it!

    • Adriangreen369

      You must be mentally handicapped, George Washington died Dec 14, 1799. The Mormon church didn’t originate until April 1830. The founder of the Mormon church (Joseph Smith) wasn’t even born until December 23rd, 1805. 6 years after George Washington died.

  • Get Prepared…Spiritually

    2 Corinthians Chapter 11:13-15

    vs. 13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.
    vs. 14 And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. vs 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

    Satan can appear as an angel of light, he can appear as good.

  • sandy

    USA Fools this is not about faith, its about votes.
    He is smart

    Indian Votes – Hindu Votes
    Muslim Votes
    Black Votes (Being Black)
    Mexican votes (Non White)
    Love for CUBA – CUBAN Votes
    Poverty Sticken Poor American Votes as Romney is classified as Fund Manager – capitalist.
    Arab Votes – donates money to egypt and other arab countries.

    well what do we have 95% chance to win again.
    Smart politician.

    • Get Prepared…Spiritually

      And what happens after the votes are tallied?

      Everything political is about faith, in every country across the globe. Yes, the candidates in the US want votes, they will say and do anything to get as many votes as they can. However,after the election, we will be left with a winner.

      Where they are spiritually is of utmost importance as it will effect you. Like it or not.
      We are not fools, far from it. No matter what people’s spiritual beliefs are, what is decided by the President of the United States will effect the world. ‘Religion’ will effect the world. Has the ‘Arab-Spring’ affected you? Yes. It has effected the world.

      I had a very good conversation with an atheist, he said he doesn’t have a religion or belief in God because it causes violence and hatred (as demonstrated by the muslims in the Arab Spring, and current Syrian crisis…just two examples).
      Everything that is decided in the Middle East is about the strong ‘Religious’ beliefs system. For example, Egypt is now being run by the Muslim brotherhood party (hmmm wonder what decisions they will make based on the beliefs they carry in their souls?). Every other country in the world is run by men and women that make decisions every day based on their spiritual beliefs. As humans, we ALL do the same, it is undisputable.

      I told this atheist man that it is not that you don’t believe in God, it is that ‘they’ do, and their spiritual beliefs will effect you! He thought about that and now believes there is a God, he came to this conclusion himself.

      So no matter if you believe the religion of Islam is real or not, the fact of the matter is that everybody’s ‘Religios beliefs'(false or truth) WILL EFFECT YOU. Every politician’s approach to making decisions will effect you and all of us.

      Does who you are voting for believe in truth or falsehood? Because there is only one or the other. No grey areas on this one. Sorry.
      Therefore, a presidential candidates spiritual beliefs is at the core of their decisions.

      Thanks, Michael for doing this article, at least it made people stop to ask and ponder…..
      Just what ‘religion’ exactly is Obama? because he has never come out and clarified specifically what ‘religion’ he is.

      Again, what happens after the votes are tallied?

  • Wow… Is there anything too silly for you to believe?

  • Danielle Yoon

    I think the Freemasonry has stepped over the line by taking control over the world. This is definitely a sign that the judgement day is coming soon!

  • Waaaaaaa

    Crybabies waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Vincenzo Luciano

    He is a damn fool, he is fooling people, nothing else. He is playing third world politics where empty rhetoric and gestures matters. Why do you think he loves to get himself clicked with kids? He does that to create an image in people’s mind, similarly he knew that in order to win he would need vote from every single community, so he declared he carries a picture of Hanuman in his pocket, he said many other similar things to many other people to attract them, to make them vote for him and he got their votes. But life is not about winning, its about performing and that’s where he miserably failed.

  • whitke23

    All his trinkets are symbols that lead back to the same “God”- Satan.

  • awesome

    a great article for indians to read and contemplate , folks are pressing obama and calling him wierd becoz he carry various religious things in his pocket while our pm manmohan said “muslims must have first claim on our resources” ,a non hindu PM of a hindu majority country is uttering this BS,its amazing.