More Than 100 Million Americans Are On Welfare

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There are more Americans dependent on the federal government than ever before in U.S. history.  According to the Survey of Income and Program Participation conducted by the U.S. Census, well over 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government.  Many are enrolled in more than one.  That is about a third of the entire population of the country.  Sadly, that figure does not even include Social Security or Medicare.  Today the federal government runs almost 80 different “means-tested welfare programs”, and almost all of those programs have experienced substantial growth in recent years.  Yes, we will always need a “safety net” for those that cannot take care of themselves, but it is absolutely ridiculous that the federal government is financially supporting one-third of all Americans.  How much farther do things really need to go before we finally admit that we have become a socialist nation?  At the rate we are going, it will not be too long before half the nation is on welfare.  Unfortunately, we will likely never get to that point because the gigantic debt that we are currently running up will probably destroy our financial system before that ever happens.


It is really hard to believe how rapidly some of these federal welfare programs have grown.

For example, the number of Americans on food stamps has grown from about 17 million in 2000 to 31.9 million when Barack Obama took office to 46.4 million today.

The federal government spent a staggering 71.8 billion dollars on the food stamp program in 2011.

That sure is a lot of money to spend on food.

And I thought that my grocery bills were high.

Medicaid is also growing like crazy.

The number of Americans on Medicaid grew from 34 million in 2000 to 54 million in 2011.

Once upon a time, Medicaid was supposed to help the poorest of the poor get medical care.  In fact, back in 1965 only about one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.

But now about one-sixth of the entire country is on Medicaid.

Will we all eventually be on Medicaid?

As I mentioned recently, it is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

And we all know that projections like that are usually way too low.

Other federal welfare programs are exploding in size as well.

For example, federal housing assistance increased by a whopping 42 percent between 2006 and 2010.

The chart posted below was produced by Senate Budget Committee Republican staff.  As you can see, the number of Americans on welfare just continues to grow and grow and grow….

Keep in mind that the chart posted above does not even take into account the huge numbers of Americans that are on Social Security and Medicare.

In the United States today, more than 61 million Americans receive some form of Social Security benefits.

Just think about that.

That means that nearly one out of every five Americans is drawing on Social Security.

That is just crazy.

And in the years ahead we are going to see wave after wave of Baby Boomers retire and so the number of Americans drawing on Social Security is just going to keep going up.

The same kind of thing is happening with Medicare.

As I wrote about the other day, it is being projected that the number of Americans on Medicare will grow from 50.7 million in 2012 to 73.2 million in 2025.


That sure does sound expensive.

If you can believe it, Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars over the next 75 years.

That comes to approximately $328,404 for each and every household in the United States.

Will you be able to pay your share?

And that is just for Medicare.

The federal government just keeps becoming a bigger and bigger part of the health care industry.

Back in 1990, the federal government accounted for just 32 percent of all health care spending in America.

This year, it is being projected that the federal government will account for more than 50 percent of all health care spending in the United States.

Americans have become completely and totally addicted to government money, and word has gotten out to other nations that the U.S. is a place where you can live the high life at the expense of the government.

According to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, 43 percent of all immigrants that have been in the United States for at least 20 years are still on welfare.

Keep in mind that the study only looked at immigrants that have been in the country for at least two decades.

Nearly half of them are still on welfare.

Needless to say, the system is fundamentally broken.

And there is no way in the world that we can afford all of this.  We have rolled up the biggest pile of debt in the history of the world and our children and our grandchildren are facing a lifetime of endless debt slavery.

Once again this year we are facing a federal budget deficit of well over a trillion dollars, and very few of our politicians even seem to care.

We just continue to spend money as if it was going out of style.

At this point, spending by the federal government accounts for more than 25 percent of U.S. GDP.

The last time that happened was during World War II when we were trying to rescue the world from the tyranny of the Germans and the Japanese.

If you divided up the U.S. national debt equally, it would come to more than $134,000 for every single household in the United States.


Overall, the U.S. national debt has gotten more than 37 times larger than it was when Nixon took us off the gold standard.

We are a nation of debt addicts, and both political parties have been responsible for getting us into this mess.

We simply cannot afford to continue to go down this road.  We need to significantly reduce all categories of government spending.

And yes, we will always need a safety net.

But we simply cannot afford to financially support more than 100 million Americans.

That is absolute madness and it must stop.

So what do you think about all of this?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Randy

    Fewer well paying jobs inflation and unemployment higher than the government reports medical costs 1000X what they where in the 60’s = more people seeking help.

    Yeah one in 5 is a lot, but instead of implying your neighbors are to blame,lets look at the government that allows this much economic disparity………..capitalism has it is now practiced in the USA is a failure , socialism would be preferable.

    • Rodster

      Socialism might be preferable for you and Gary2 but not for me. And this is coming from someone who is considered on the poverty food chain.

      Socialism crushes economies and destroys the souls of it’s citizens. If you love socialism so much why don’t you move to Europe or Venezuela? You’ll find plenty of it there. ;)

    • Gary2

      Amen brother amen. The socialist countries of Scandinavia are beating the USA in just about every measure. We need to heavily tax the rich and spread the wealth and I do mean heavily tax the rich-70% at least.

      Michael–the “welfare programs” have grown due to the republican great recession we are still in. It is disingenuous for you not to acknowledge this.

      • A.S.

        Actually, in true capitalism, you let failing business die, regardless of their size.
        So that means all the banks, corporations, financial/stock companies that were in “debt” should have received $0.
        But when they receive a bailout, that is fascism. So the U.S. has always been fascist since 1913.

        And who started the whole mess of these welfare programs–a Democrat by the name of FDR–so learn your history Gary2.

        It amazes me how there are so many dimwits on this site, who claim they don’t listen to corporate media, yet regurgitate all their lies. And re Scandinavian countries, name one thing they export besides a Volvo from Sweden. Please provide at least one and how much revenue it brings into the respective country.

        • Gay Veteran

          FDR saved capitalism from the banksters of the day, partly by passing laws like the Glass–Steagall Act. Without him you would have gotten Huey Long.

          • Clinton did it: The Steagall-Glass Act was revoked to make it possible for commercial banks to speculate MADLY on the Stock Market (enter the collapse of global economies to an insidious infusion of faux “mad” money)

            WHEREAS, the leadership of the U.S. Senate has sabotaged the inclusion of the Cantwell-McCain Glass-Steagall amendment into the so-called financial reform bill, thus leaving our banking system vulnerable to the ongoing blowout of the world financial system, as such is anticipated by the current freeze-up of bank lending, and the 1000 point “flash” drop in the U.S. stock market; and

            WHEREAS, that same leadership, under pressure from the Obama Administration and Wall St., has similarly removed any significant enforcement mechanism from that “reform” bill in respect to the trading of derivatives, and has given every indication, as of May 24, that they intend to remove the Lincoln amendment which imposes restrictions on banks’ trading in derivatives, from the bill entirely during Conference discussions with the House of Representatives; and

            WHEREAS, the re-imposition of the Constitutional Glass-Steagall principle that separates commercial from speculative banking, and the shutdown of the hundreds of trillions dollar derivatives casino—both measures which have been strongly promoted and supported by leading economist Lyndon LaRouche—are the indispensable, and inseparable, first steps for saving the U.S. economy, and creating the basis for the launching of a real economic recovery program based on massive infrastructure projects.

            Under the powers given to us as citizens, through the Preamble of the U.S. Federal Constitution, the Glass Steagall law of 1933 must be re-enacted now, as an essential stepping stone towards a real economic recovery, pivoted around the NAWAPA project. The 1960’s North American Water and Power Alliance project. Glass-Steagall, and the Hamiltonian Credit System, and NAWAPA are essentially a mutually dependent single issue.
            Obama is out to destroy dams.

            NOW THE GOOD NEWS..
            ‘The Rats Are Jumping Off This Sinking Ship’ . 8-14-12, Rothchilds of London want Glass-Steagall now to save their asses. Sandy Wild, who led the attacks against Glass-Steagall is saying, we have to go back to Glass-Steagall. 80 sponsors now for Bill 1489, Both the NY Times and LA Times said “We were wrong, we need to go back to Glass-Steagall. Hundreds of Trillions of dollars from derivatives and credit default swap insurance policies on derivatives are bringing about Armageddon. Peter Hamburgers of Hambergers Bank is part of the Rothschild and the Rothschild’s publication The Financial Times recognizes the need to return to Glass-Steagall

      • off the hook

        Welfare has grown because over 50% of americans are handout deadbeats! Most rich folks create jobs the deadbeats won’t take,because the powers in d.c.keep robbing the folks that do work. And you can believe all the deadbeats vote DEMOCRAT!

    • liberranter

      instead of implying your neighbors are to blame,lets look at the government that allows this much economic disparity………..capitalism has it is now practiced in the USA is a failure , socialism would be preferable.

      For the ten-thousandth (and counting) time: “capitalism,” as practiced in the USA today is NOT capitalism at all – it’s state-corporatism, which is something altogether different and altogether destructive.

  • Steven Eads

    I agree. But Social Security is not an “entitlement”. It is something all pay for (try asking the IRS to not take money from you for it). Yes, if you work, you are forced to pay Social Security. So my suggestion is: close all the foreign military bases and give those of us unfortunate enough to need Social Security a raise with the money saved.

    • Scott

      You can make the same argument about any government social program, “I paid taxes so it’s not an entitlement.”

      When you start pulling out more than you paid into it then it’s an entitlement.

      • Paul

        Sorry Scott, thats wrong. No one pays a specific “foodstamp” tax, But we do pay FICA which is supposed to be the same as an insurance premium. I’ll bet if your insurance company called your legit claim an entitlment, you would be all kinds of angry.

  • marK

    I might as well piss off a few people and open up their eyes. I will touch the third rail of politics. If you read the Supreme Court decision from May of 1937, Helvring vs Davis, the finding states that all of the money collected from the employer and the empolyee funds go into the general treasury and none of the funds can be earmarked for a specific purpose. That means that Social Security is just a General Fund flat tax. That also means that since Congress sets the rules to recieve Social Security which redistrubutes general fund money to the public, it is just like any other welfare program. It just has different rules to recieve the benifits than othe welfare programs. So add the 61 million on social security to the 100 million plus recieving welfare and we are all ready over 1/2 of the population on welfare. Don’t bother to say that you paid for your social security as I never hear that said about any other taxes. Ha. I paid sales tax so the government owes me a pension. Like it or not we are have become a nation of welfare bums.

    • MisterC

      The supreme court established the principle that entitlement to SS benefits is NOT A CONTRACTUAL RIGHT. See Flemming v Nestor 363 U.S. 603

      • Squirt

        You are correct. AND the law also states it can be changed at any time. If Congress said tomorrow they were stopping the payment of SS benefits, legally, they could do so.

    • Don Jusko

      S.S. was never ment to be in the general fund. Pres. Johnson moved it there and gave me a worthless IOU for the money he stole. They have been stealing from S.S. that I voluntarily paid into ever since. Put it back into its own trust fund you crooks.

      • marK

        Read your history. The government was out talking with one side of their mouth to the public about old age pension and at the same time in court claiming that it was a tax. They sold the public a bill of goods that would not happen. This new tax was a cash cow as the average life span 1n 1937 waqs about 59 yeaqrs and you did not get to collect until you were 65. They knew that the court would not ok social security as an insurance policy. Gee,do you really believe that the government looks out for your best interests. Don, I have a bridge for sale if you are interested.

        • I lived history and was offered the same bridge you bought but turned it down. SS was working fine, I invested in my own future. It was making more money than it was using and we got the intrest. Then Johnson moved it and stole from it. Stole my money, it wasn’t gov’t money until it was taken out of its untouchable trust fund. Get it? Your gov’t did something illegal. Clinton balanced the budget stealing my money. I hope you can get rid of your bridge, I heard the gov’t was using fiat money and spending it wildly, maybe they’ll buy it.

  • DaytoDay

    What do I think?

    * Bring back Glass Steagle

    * Abolish NAFTA and GAFT

    * Close down US manufacturing ANYWHERE in the world (China, Mexico, Taiwan, etc…) And bring them ALL back to the U.S.

    * Make a law that ALL political contributions have to come from the public, no “special interest” groups (i.e, banks and corporations)

    * Abolish the Income Tax and Property Tax (Instate a Flat Tax)

    * Put tariffs on our exporting products

    * Put a cap on monopolies/corporations (How long they can operate and how much they can grow)

    * Put the Dollar back on the Gold Standard

    * STOP KILLING SMALL BUSINESS, make it to where small business can start-up and at-least have a chance…

    * And most importantly… ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK (FED)

    Only then, may we all have a chance to thrive (And what I mean by thrive, is a chance to live above poverty)… Well, here’s to wishin…

    • Don Jusko

      DaytoDay. That is a great list. I would like to add one more to align with the article.
      * S.S. was never ment to be in the general fund. Pres. Johnson moved it there and gave me a worthless IOU for the money he stole. They have been stealing from S.S. that I voluntarily paid into ever since. Put it back into its own trust fund you crooks.

      • Gay Veteran

        and Reagan jacked up Social Security taxes to mask the true size of the Federal deficit

        • Thanks, I didn’t have that information.

  • James

    The U.S. Government could well afford to provide the needed money to operate the so called “entitlement programs” if they would pull out of the wars they are currently involved in, stop foreign aid to other countries, stop funding stupid programs that lead to nothing of value, and cut the pay of politicians. Agriculture programs should be the highest priority along with medical care, since these are the areas that ensure the survival of people. Apprenticeships should be encouraged to provide needed skills to support the activities of the agriculture and medical sectors. Families should be encouraged to let older family members live with them. They have a lot of experience to pas onto the younger family members and could provide child care services. I think I would prefer to have grandma take care of my child rather than some stranger I wouldn’t trust. There are all kinds of ways the U.S. Government could drastically cut expenditures while at the same time greatly benefit the citizens of the U.S.

    • I agree, we could afford it all, if the politicians actually put the citizens of the USA first.

      Why are we rebuilding OTHER countries while our own infrastructure falls into disrepair?

      Ponder that one.

      • Sebastian

        the infrastructure is not in as bad as shape as you claim. you use this excuse just like every other liberal failure to take successful people’s money and buy people jobs, jobs they are unable and unqualified to get on their own. and these people claim to be so smart.

    • David Hammond

      I agree. The US Government does need to abandon its middle-eastern policy of proxy wars, toppling regimes, and pull permanently out of Afghanistan. After that, there needs to be a drastic cut in the spending in the Department of Defense. Next, the US Government needs to focus on bringing jobs back to America. Problem is, we are so tied into globalization that it’s near impossible to break away. Finally, the US Government needs to refuse to barrow anymore, especially from foreigners, and hold the Federal Reserve accountable for their actions.

  • Kathy

    We need jobs now.

    • Jodi

      Yes we do!

      • xander cross

        no, start your own business. get rid of being dependment on a corporation.

        • Kevin

          xander cross

          In the end that major corporation creates wealth that filters down to purchasing power for people to patronize your “own business”.

          I’m so tired of hearing how the US should help small business when it abandoned big business here in the US with Trade Agreements that created downward mobility for millions of workers.

          • Gay Veteran

            it was Big Business that wanted that those trade agreement so they could access slave labor wages in places like China, thus boosting their profits and CEO salaries

            America was the loser, all those jobs and wages and taxes

          • Kevin


            Amen to that. I walked into industry in 1976 and had the layoff man nipping at my heels up until I retired. I seen the shrinking of employment as facilities closed or dramatically decreased in labor force (6500 to 500). If they were as successful with cancer the disease would have been virtually eliminated.

  • RJB5852

    This is what you get when you follow the teachings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and The Communist Manifesto”, if you want to understand what is going on I highly recommend you go and read it. It is rather clear for anybody to see, that the Bankers and the Federal Government have been following it for the last 40 years (both parties!!!). Don’t believe me, here is the proof you need, straight from the “Manifesto” itself.(Chapter II. The Communist Manifesto, Marx 1848)

    “the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”
    = sure seems like the bankers with the help of the government(s) are doing this.

    “Abolition of the family”
    = there is no way on God’s green Earth you can’t tell me this isn’t the goal of all the government programs and Agenda 21.

    “abolish fatherland and nationality…working men have no country”
    = Sure sounds like Agenda 21, again, and free trade too.

    “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion and all morality”
    = Now you know why the government and the powers that be are always attacking religion, no matter which one, to a communist all religion is bad, the “state” is the only true religion. (Think USSR, 1917 to 1989)

    And here are the good-old “General Guidelines” to be a good Communist (according to Marx)

    1) Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
    2) A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
    3) Abolition of all right of inheritance.
    4) Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
    5) Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
    6) Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
    7) Extension of the number of State factories and instruments of production: the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement fo the soil generally in accoradance with a common plan.
    8) Equal obligation to all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
    9) Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.
    10) Free education for all children in public schools….Combination of education with industrial production, etc.

    We have ALL the above, not one line is missing,(except #3, we just tax the hell out of it) we have done better than the U.S.S.R. and we didn’t have to openly kill millions, upon millions, of our own people, (just tens of millions in other countries), our overlords must be so proud of themselves.

    • Nexus789

      Unfortunately, you are barking up the wrong tree. You have none of what you have listed. Wrong enemy and totally wrong perspective.

      What may appear to be ‘collectivist’ to you is actually the extreme concentration of private power and wealth. What you should be looking for is the agenda for a fascist state. The concentration of assets is not public. It is private as more and more assets are being owned by private interests – how many homes do the banks own for instance. Credit is not centralised by the State it is tightly controlled by the private banking system and global cartel that practices destructive usury. The right of inheritance is not being abolished. If anything Romney wants to eliminate tax on inherited assets (more wealth for already greedy). The State is not controlled by the ‘masses’ or the ‘public’ it is controlled by corporates an other private interests. So if anything is going to be concentrated it will be in their hands as they OWN the political class in the US and have been dictating tax policy, diluting labour rights, eliminating environmental controls, etc.

      No factories are state owned in the US. Factories have been closed down, dismantled and shipped overseas along with 8m jobs and 1m or so Indians that have taken jobs inside the US. There is no equal obligation to work. Why to you think jobs are going off shore and US citizens only have access to crap jobs if they can actually find one. It is because the banks and corporations want wage equivalence with India and China leading to your standard of living collapsing. Education is far from free in the US. It is a debt trap which is like housing – a form of debt servitude.

      No you are very much up the wrong tree. A fascist agenda driven by Statism, Corporatism and a kelptocracy/plutocracy is what you should be looking for.

      • RJB5852

        Everything you just said is the definition of Communism, based on the HISTORY of the last 164 years. I just love it when a somebody clearly doesn’t understand their history. Fascist and Communist are one and the same !!!! The only difference is that in a Fascist State, all production is for the state, where a Communist state all production is by the state, everything else is the SAME!!!! They are BOTH Socialism, BOTH take over society, BOTH put the state above the people, BOTH terrorize their population into submission, etc…etc… If you don’t believe me, get a good history book and compare how Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russia, were almost mirror images of each other, BOTH used the exact same tactics, and EVERYBODY was/is financed by the SAME banking families of the last two hundred years.

        As for you argument that no factories are stated owned in the US, is the biggest load of crap I have hear in a long time, did you FORGET about the BAILOUTS???? How many companies are now owned in part by the US Government????? This is by definition, is a state owned company.

        Education IS free in the US, up to grade twelve, and you are mandated by law that you must teach a certain state approved educational viewpoint. Even if you home school, you must still follow the state approved education, you children will be tested on it. Sure sounds like the Manifesto to me.

        And finally, your argument about labor, what is going on right now, it is the exact same thing that the Communists, (with the help of the Bankers) did in Russia a hundred years ago. It is the SAME tactic that is always used, wreck the economy, destroy jobs, destroy society, and when everybody gets hungry enough, guess who rides to the recuse with all the answers !!!! All you have to do is turn everything over to the state, the state will provide for you, the state will tell you what to do, what think, how to act, what to say, what to believe,etc…etc…, and if you don’t agree, well we all know what happens next, millions die.

        Not only am I barking up the right tree, it appears to me that you can’t even see the tree. Which raises the question are you even standing in the forest? or do you really think we are all that dumb? This all makes me think you might be a hack or a troll working for the other side. Because anybody who would support the dumb shit Rommey and think his clearly ********* policy (which remember, Obama and Rommey, work for the same team, and it isn’t our team, just follow the money on this one) is good for us, clearly doesn’t understand the Mormon religion that this man follows. This may sound racist, but I grew up around two Mormon communities and know this religion very well, they are a end of the world cult. I really don’t think would be a good idea to put a guy in the white house, who really thinks that Jesus will come when he launches the nuclear missiles to end the world. I know that statement will tick a great number of people off, but it is the truth, it is just something the Mormon religion tries very hard to hide from outsiders, haven’t you ever wondered way only certain people can go into the Mormon temple? Ever wonder what goes on in there? You should, it will really freak you out. You want to talk about satanism, well there it is, I highly recommend that you learn more about this so called religion, I promise it will blow you away.

  • Uncle Sam

    The Communist Manifesto is REQUIRED reading. It is short, well written and free to read on the Internet (you can and will find it)

    Read and you will be blown.

    Especially the parts about land use tax, rents and labor units. It is as if the US has used it as an instruction manual, it just took us some time.

  • Michael1962

    No, America isn’t a socialist nation. In a socialist nation everyone would be guaranteed a job, and running a private bank would be a crime. America is in the throes of descending into a welter of barbarism which it won’t leave until Christians take the law into their own hands and impose a Christian social order.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      The Banana Republic of America is definitely not a socialist nation or a communist nation. Nor is it a capitalist nation. It is a FASCIST banana republic, run by banksters and a criminal oligarchy. Fascism, as Gerald Celente and Alex Jones point out, is the merger of state and corporate power–which is exactly what we have in the BRA. God help us.

    • Russ Shute

      Yes. The country should be run by people with a book fetish.

  • Gary2

    Tax the rich and spread the wealth. Problem with welfare solved as more people will have money to spend and create jobs.

    • Col. Wilson

      So will you proclaim the same when the govt comes to take your wealth?

      I think not.

      Taking others wealth will not create jobs – it will only make them dependant & stupid. Just look at the failing countries who are doing the same thing = it all ends horribly.

      Learn from history my friend, do not continue & make the same mistakes.


  • Gary2

    Michael–no sane person cares about the deficit. This is simply fear mongering from the right to cut social programs.

    Given that nations will lend to the USA at almost interest free clearly shows the deficit is a non issue.

    Yes way down the road a deficit will matter but not anytime soon and there are real people suffering now.

    Time to tax the rich and spread the wealth.

    If anyone who car4es about the deficit yet will not talk new revenue ie tax the rich is not serious.

    • Michael

      Are you saying that I am not sane?


    • MB92083

      Michael–no sane person cares about the deficit. This is simply fear mongering from the right to cut social programs.
      Gary2, do you realize you sound like Dick “defecits don’t matter” Cheney?

    • A.S.

      Deficits do matter because if the government would be a person, its credit score would be below 200 if that is even possible. The projected (key word is “projected”) deficit for 2012 is about $1 trillion.

      And BTW, when did Bush ever create that much for any single year? In Bush’s 8 years, he added a whopping $4.9 trillion. Obama’s first 4 years isn’t even over and he already racked up an economy-crushing $5.4 trillion. Yeah, I really laugh when Obama does exactly the same thing Bush did and its no big deal. But when Bush did it–oh, he is evil. Hey, lets call out Obummer by the same rules. Obummer already added more debt in half the time than Bush did. So why aren’t there any news stories about that? That’s right, because corporate media thinks Obama is the messiach and whatever the messiah wants he gets.

      Go back to your ghetto-like projects Gary2. People there are dumber than you so they will be amazed at how smart you are.

    • Pastor Glenn

      THAT explains my problem, eh Gary2?

      I’m INSANE to not want to have my country the biggest deadbeat debtor the world has ever seen.

      So let me get this straight?

      Debts are fine.

      So….. what happened to Germany between 1921 and 1923, Gary2?

      Debts are fine, right?

      Go study what DID happen. You’ll find it under “Weimar Republic Hyperinflation”. You’ll also find that it easily can be seen to be a foundational reason that Adolph Hitler came to power some 10 years later.

      Survivors (yes, survivors) of the hyperinflation could tell you a lot of stories about empty stores, starvation, having the hausfrau go to their husband’s work twice a day with huge wheelbarrows to go spend the money as quickly as possible – but having mostly empty shelves on stores. The few stores that were still open.

      Read a story about a busboy getting a VERY nice tip from a Frenchman in about 1920 – a Gold Angel coin, something like 1/3 ounce of gold ($550 now). By 1923, the boy was able to buy the entire hotel with the same coin – because it was gold.

      But I’m the Insane one, eh, Gary2? At least I’m in good company, with Michael….

      • Col. Wilson

        Your wasting your breath on Gary2 – he is under the delusion that the U.S. is too big to fail & no amount of debt can sink it.

        The facts you relaid are true & we are to learn from history or we will be doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately Gary2 feels entitled to other ppl’s money even if it means enslaving other citizens to do so.

        In effect Gary2 endorses slavery – too bad because when the truth rears its ugly head, his hopes & dreams will be dashed & it will be too late.

        Just pray God opens his eyes to the truth.


    • Guido

      “Yes way down the road a deficit will matter but not anytime soon and there are real people suffering now.”

      Either you’re a plant, or you’re amazingly and stunningly ignorant.

      Either of which would explain a lot of what you post here every day.

      Go to and look at the numbers. The #s don’t lie. We’re well and truly screwed.

    • Eisenkreutz


  • Cathison

    Let’s the game continues…

  • BillK

    It is pointless blaming the poor for being poor or the sick for being sick. This is the result of banana-republic unequality. The 0.1% at the top have stolen everything from the rest of the country. They have the American Dream. The rest of the people can go and die quietly somewhere out of their sight.
    There is another alternative, but the welfare is essential to keep the starving hordes from running amok.

    • You nailed it. This is EXACTLY the RESULT of the last 30 years of poor fiscal and trade policies and now its time for the 1% to pay the piper–and that includes the politicians who set this up.

      The growing numbers of the poor are making it become impossible to demonize us–though a lot of people are still trying.

  • Robert


    You said:
    “How much farther do things really need to go before we finally admit that we have become a socialist nation?”
    You are being too simplistic, because even in socialist and communist countries they provide jobs (privately or publicly) for the population and there are ideas, theories and conceptions behind the words communism and socialism and also American democracy. We consider the founding fathers ( the term founding fathers is quite vague) as the ones who idealized American democracy as Karl Marx is considered the idealist behind Communism, but what we have today in America is not Socialism, Communism or American Democracy, because it is a system that controls both political parties, it is a system that sends jobs abroad, destroying American cities, families, tradition and etc.
    The elites must have a name for this system, but it is a secret, the masses must not know. I think it is more related to a modern feudalistic system than any of the above, but what are the ideas, theories and conceptions behind this new system that has put in place or at least the name of it.

  • Here’s the facts, The globalism has led us to this place. The multinational corporations threw America overboard, and now people are taking the only options they have.

    Even for those who shout socialism, the banker bail-outs was a weird confluence of extreme socialism married to crony capitalism.

    It certainly doesn’t escape my mind that had nothing to do with capitalism.–The Squawker.

  • Trishia

    It’s sad that so many people have lost their jobs and can’t seem to find employment. What happened to the land of opportunity? It’s still there but you have to think outside the regular “Job” box.

    After applying for over 300 jobs I started thinking outside of the “I need to find a Job” box. How about food storage as a financial investment and earning money with it too? My cousin is a consultant for a food storage company. She is earning good money and gets a lots of free and 1/2 price stuff. Read more info at I am signing up too as soon as my kids are off to school.

  • i’vegivenup

    Fat chance that the debt crisis will ease anytime in the near future. I think is laughable (though not funny) that many think we are coming out of this depression and will be fine in a couple of years when all the signs point to things getting worse and worse and worse and…

  • James


    This is a very eye-opening article. In regards to the baby boomers retiring, I thought a lot of them no longer have the ability to retire. I am not saying that they still won’t take social security but I thought less are retiring.

  • Sherlock

    When you say americans does this include the illegals and the anchor babbies in this numbers or not? The americans will just roll over and keep taking what this goverment dishes out until they find themselves in a fema camp or they vanish without a trace. Its to late for this country in my eyes, the people keep voting for these criminals and send them to Washington thinking that they will do what they want and bring back the money for the states but wind up enriching themselves and taking away you rights. The people believe that everything should be given to them and they are to good to pick produce from the fields and to good to clean a toliet! You have been taught socialism and communism for along time. If you don’t believe me then ask yourself why do you keep voting for the same people that are members of the socialist and communist of america…. Look it up and see and stop being dumb!

  • GA

    As our food prices skyrocket due to these terrible droughts, how far are the government handouts going to get these folks dependent upon them? Could be a real problem in the very near future. Prepare now, stock up because there is going to be pain. If you haven’t done so, start prepping now as time is running short.

  • David Hammond

    Thank you Michael for all of the articles that you continue to write.

    • Michael


      You are welcome. I am so privileged to be able to do this every day.


  • Lonelydogooder

    Throw the greedy politicians into the streets,cut their pay and put them on welfaare!!

  • Jessy

    So 1 out of 3 Americans huh? Thanks to the liberals for killing the America of our Founding Fathers.

    • Gay Veteran

      yeah Jessy, it’s ALL the liberals fault

      get a clue

  • Pastor Glenn

    I’m fully aware that I’ll probably not see a penny of my Social Security “pension” nor will I probably see anything resembling medical care (other than what I can pay for myself) in 10 years when I retire.

    There are some youthful people who look at all of this and may think, and comment online, that we of my generation ‘deserve’ this ‘for getting them into debt’…..

    Here’s my response. We didn’t do any such thing, we millions of ordinary Americans. The people who lied to us into voting for them, in both parties, and who essentially control everything for their own benefit – did this to us all – not just to you young people.

    In fact, some of us have been warning others about this for over 3 decades and have been almost totally ignored.

    I do see the youthful exuberance for Ron Paul as a positive thing – but of course, the powers that be didn’t want him in place and so their media essentially continually mocked him.

    Even when he spoke the truth.

    • Guido

      Sorry, but you did do it. All of us who supported freebies and handouts and welfare and gov’t-backed loans and bailouts and buyouts and grants and tax rebates,etc. We ALL did it. Every time someone says you can’t cut something from the budget for XYZ reason, they’re supporting it.

      We all did it to ourselves. Congress figured out a long time ago they could get reelected if they gave us what we wanted. So they did it. Practically no one can pretend they haven’t been at the trough at some point.

      Don’t believe me? Did you take advantage of the housing tax credit to buy a house 2 years ago? Are your kids on the free lunch program? Are you old enough to get help with meds? What about SS or Medicare? Do you get SNAP? Or a free cell phone? Or Title 8 housing? What about WIC for your baby? Or did you go in for the Cash for Clunkers deal? What about green energy improvement tax rebates? Or gov’t-backed loans for school? Or retraining after losing your job? Tax rebates for buying a hybrid? How about your bank account-it’s covered by FDIC, right? What about that payroll tax cut we had the last year or so? Congress can’t seem to find the willpower to end that, even though it funds our SS.

      With all the sacred cows we have, I don’t think it will improve until we’re so broke the decisions are taken out of our hands by circumstances.

  • Don Levit

    Mark has done his homework.
    In order to pass constitutional muster, the tax, and the appropriations for benefits were in two separate articles and 2 separate functions.
    This begs the question: “How are the subsidies for the ACA considered taxes when the money goes from the Treasury to the insurance companies?
    Isn’t a tax for the general welfare, and cannot be directed to specific beneficiaries?”
    Oh yeah, that’s right, it goes to the Treasury first, and then is spent like any other pay-as-you-go program, like Medicaid. It must be a tax for the money, actually, can be spent on anything, and not directly applicable to the insurers.
    Don Levit

  • 1stVArifleman

    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
    Frederic Bastiat

    “The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.”

    “Given that the nineteenth century was the century of Socialism, of Liberalism, and of Democracy, it does not necessarily follow that the twentieth century must also be a century of Socialism, Liberalism and Democracy: political doctrines pass, but humanity remains, and it may rather be expected that this will be a century of authority … a century of Fascism. For if the nineteenth century was a century of individualism it may be expected that this will be the century of collectivism and hence the century of the State.” [Which sadly continues well into the 21 century as well.]
    Benito Mussolini

    Long Live the Constitutional Republic!
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

    Fortune Favors the Brave:

    “By liberty I mean the assurance that every man shall be protected in doing what he believes his duty against the influence of authority and majorities, custom and opinion.”
    Lord Acton

    “Shame on the men who can court exemption from present trouble and expense at the price of their own posterity’s liberty!”
    Sam Adams, Sons of Liberty

  • Piglet

    [So my suggestion is: close all the foreign military bases and give those of us unfortunate enough to need Social Security a raise with the money saved.]

    As much as I’d like to see this happen, it wouldn’t be enough. Even though this country spends a ridiculous amount of money keeping the war profiteers rich, completely eliminating all military spending would not keep this country from spending more than it takes in. The hole is THAT deep.

  • William

    The federal government, in the past, has taken the excess paid in Social Security monies and wasted them on stupid pork barrel spending, general government operations, and unnecessary DOD spending for unnecessary wars of choice, like the war in Iraq. The total is about $2.57 TRILLION dollars. REPAY that money to the Social Security system BEFORE you start rattling about “entitlements”.

    • marK

      William, you don’t get it. Social Security is just a flat tax and all of the money by law goes into the general treasury. By law they can spend the funds where they want. They promised you a rose garden but all that is left are the thorns. That is we are stuck with huge debts and the promises that can’t be funded except with borrowed money until the money lenders cut us off. Don Levit also brings up that Obamacare is funded as a tax just like Social Security. The power to tax in the US will destroy our freedoms. We need to remove some of that power from the Federal Government.

      • Michael


        What in the world is this country going to look like if Obama gets a second term?

        Unfortunately, we don’t have much of an alternative because the Republicans chose the Republican candidate that was most like Obama to run against Obama.


        • marK

          Yes, Romney is close to Obama in some ways. Like Bush he is a progresive light and Obama is progresive heavy. I would hope that since Romney has LDS culture in him that he would not consider people that store food as the LDS Church advises, to be terrorists. I would hope that we would be considered to be good people ready to help out some of our neighbors in hard times. I think that Romney will try to slow down our approach towards the edge of the cliff. We know that the coming depression can’t be stopped, but I do feel that Obama will keep claiming more power through excutive orders and we will have more rules and regulations forced on us. It is sad as to the position we have put ourselves in when we had the right plan from our founding fathers.

        • marK

          Thank you for showing me another one of your great web sites.

          • Michael

            Well, the three that I am going to be focusing on are The Economic Collapse, The American Dream and The Truth.


  • Colin

    Deuteronomy 15:7-11: “If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother. Rather be openhanded and freely lend him whatever he needs. Be careful not to harbor this wicked thought: “The seventh year, the year for canceling debts, is near,” so that you do not show ill will toward your needy brother and give him nothing. He may then appeal to the LORD against you, and you will be found guilty of sin. Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to. There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be open-handed toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.”

    Address by Theodore Roosevelt, Before the Convention of the National Progressive Party in Chicago, August, 1912: “We stand for a living wage. Wages are subnormal if they fail to provide a living for those who devote their time and energy to industrial occupations. The monetary equivalent of a living wage varies according to local conditions, but must include enough to secure the elements of a normal standard of living–a standard high enough to make morality possible, to provide for education and recreation, to care for immature members of the family, to maintain the family during periods of sickness, and to permit of reasonable saving for old age.”

    I believe that our nation has an obligation to care for its citizens. I, also, believe that corporations and businesses should pay their workers a wage that meets the criteria as set out by Roosevelt in 1912. The failure to pay a living wage is one of the contributing factors I see at work here in this sorry statistic. I know that business people will argue that raising wages will cut into their profits; however, this was a situation that Henry Ford met on, and he responded by raising their wages. His workers could afford the automobiles they were making. ( Many workers nowadays can barely afford to buy the products they work with everyday.

    Jesus believed that there was a contract between the worker and the employer. It was the obligation of both to honor the contract, and the employer should pay a wage that would be considered a living wage. This was an idea that John Ruskin, an economist, expanded on in one of his essays, Unto the Last.

    It is not the liberals who are turning their backs onto God. Many of us embrace God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is the corporate culture that has turned its back onto God and Jesus Christ, and who are creating a culture where a man or a woman can’t support themselves and their families. They steal from the poor, and curse the poor when they come for aid in their times of need.

    When I think of the Christians in the Republican party, I think of what Blaise Pascal said in the Pensees:

    “I say there are few true Christians, even as regards faith. There are many who believe but from superstition. There are many who do not believe solely from wickedness. Few are between the two. In this I do not include those who are of truly pious character, nor all those who believe from a feeling in their heart.”

    I wish we were a truly loving nation; but, from what I have learned about us, and what I have experienced, I think we are a long way from this.

  • Kevin


    You having problems posting?

    I can’t get my post up.

    • Alyssa

      Sounds like a personal problem.

  • Mr. G

    I have no philosophical gripe with welfare.

    My main concern is that we can’t afford it.

    I would very much like it if every single person could have a Rolls and live on an estate, and eat prime cuts for all three meals a day.

    Of course, they would have to be served by robots so that no one would have to be in a servant’s position.

    Obviously, none of this can be.

    We are entering a phase where it once again will matter whether a person is truly good at something valuable, or not.

    Those who can’t or won’t do anything will be left behind in the big world. So, I expect that it will be necessary to have these programs. However, inflation will likely erode the lifestyles of the dependent to the merest subsistence.

    Still, it is better to spend the money on people here to spend it killing folks over there!

  • Les

    If Romney becomes president and institutes austerity measures such as those proposed by Ryan and other like-minded Republicans it will devastate a business like Walmart. As bad as it may be, Walmart is indirectly subsidized by many of the government programs such as SNAP. Much of the food and products bought at the store are EBT cards. Walmart is America’s number one employer. If the benefits are removed from the system there will be a catastrophic collapse. People are not going to run out and get jobs elsewhere and all of a sudden become productive citizens. There are hundreds of millions of Americans who will never re-enter the workforce for varying reasons from retirement, to being unskilled, unwilling to be retrained, and ultimately just not wanting to work. The new normal for America is and will be a downtrodden working class of about 100 million determined to make a living somewhere above the poverty line while shouldering the burden of taxes to pay for entitlement programs and wars and general government misuse. A select class of people dubbed the “1%” will carry on with no worries no matter what happens, as the rigged financial system will continually enhance their greed.

    • Colin

      Many of the people who are on government subsidy are productive citizens. Many of the people who work at Walmart are on SNAP. Here is an article on that:

      When I first applied for general assistance and SNAP, I saw a woman in her Safeway uniform with her child applying for assistance.

      The corporations are not behaving as good citizens. They are paying workers the minimum so they can garner a good quarterly report to Wall Street. Wall Street awards companies who place the bottom line over workers. Our government has to step in and make up the difference. While the government is subsidizing the citizens, this institution is subsidizing corporations who aren’t paying taxes and are having record profits.

      I am not going to argue that every person who is on general assistance and SNAP and every other welfare program is acting in good faith. There are always exceptions. However, I take offense at the assertion that people who are receiving government subsidy are not productive citizens. This is an unfair assertion that doesn’t allow for exceptions, and does harm to a reasoned argument on this issue. Like I said earlier, many of these people are productive citizens who have been given few options, either because of location or personal choices they made in their lives, and are trying to put food on the table and pay bills.

      If the Paul Ryan budget bill does get passed, or Romney does become president, then I believe we will see more Americans who will go hungry, and I believe we will see more Americans dying from causes that could have been prevented if we had a more emphatic government. Contrary to what some may say, empathy is an important trait that an individual or an institution must have.

      I am worried about this situation. If more Americans are put on government subsidy, this will add oil to the already burning conflagration that is our economic crisis. The government will run out of money subsidizing the citizens and the corporations soon. Eventually, the government will have to make a decision – who will be subsidize, and who won’t be subsidize?

    • Lisa Tyree

      If you get the facts you’ll find that most people on welfare have worked before, it’s just something happened & they can’t work so need to tap into that tax money paid out when working to get it back when it’s needed.
      The reason why welfare cases go up in number though is because people can’t get work in the job market.
      In this great recession period we are in to rival the great depression period is a state of being of rampant unemployment. If you want people to go back to work then every employer needs to give every worker a job.

  • Kelly B

    Today I saw a groupon preteen girls. Each were clutching smartphones and one was holding a big wad of cash. Alot of today’s young people will be adult children for a long time. They will depend on baby Boomer momand dad likely till their mid thirties. The opportunities just aren’t here anymore the way they were in the Boomer years. I was thinking, if it weren’t for moms and dads my college buddies would barely survive. Not only is there decreased opportunity now, but I believe even if things got better these adult children won’t have the skills nor drive to work hard. I can only dream of having parents who help out. It is a whole ‘nother world for twenty-somethings without parents. I know many my age who are turning to sex on
    the internet to make ends meet. The sad thing is that, even. Porn barely pays more than McDonald’s. In Mississippi there are still a good bit of job opportunities so my fiance works and I work online. We make ends meet, bit I notice most going adults my age either has great parents who pay 90% of everything, or they’re drug heads who aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks for reading my two cents.

  • Dave Webb

    A person works his entire life. That person works 4 to 8 hours overtime every week. Saves a couple hundred thousand in a lifetime. Guess what? It doesn’t really belong to you! The game rules have changed. It belongs to the welfare department in the form of Medicare and Medicaid!
    In that lifetime, inflation cuts its value to about 10% of what it was when you started. Thank the people controlling our currency for that. There were expensive items like war to pay for. Pay for them with counterfeit currency printed with nothing to back it up. This is an unseen tax. Never voted on. But it is there to deplete your real income. The plan being to recycle as much of your wealth as possible before the children get their hands on it.
    One expensive illness in that lifetime brings you back to nothing. Under welfare rules of Medicare and Medicaid, you are allowed $2,000 in personal savings. The government takes the rest. You are allowed a car worth approximately $2,000. (A junker) Chances are you will end up in a human warehouse in squalid conditions to recover. They call them nursing homes. The game rules are they can take your entire pension and Social Security and give you $40 pocket money a month. Might buy your cigarettes if you smoke. For this infested plague ridden home, your government will pay approximately $4,000 to $6,000 a month. Oh, you are allowed a burial allowance out of that money they take. Take advantage buy a nice cemetery plot and funeral.
    Joe Ant works hard all summer to save for the winter of his life. Joe Grasshopper plays all summer. Government takes what either one earned and spends it for him when they are sick. Guess which one had the better life? The game rules are very wrong!
    The reward for hard work right now is to have your entire life’s work stolen by the government. Once you are a part of this communistic system it is difficult if not impossible to leave it behind.
    I know people that have gone from a monthly income of $800 to a nursing home that the government paid for to the tune of 4-6,000 dollars. Now what sense does it make in this game of finances to work? I know people making just above the welfare limits to get nothing. They work hard. They have pride. They haven’t worked the system. I know others that have the equivalent of $40,000 worth of benefits simply because they stay under the minimum to receive all the benefits the government will give them!
    Until we change this system of welfare and communist behavior legislated by our representatives, it doesn’t really make sense to work for a lot of people.
    I do not blame them for taking advantage of poverty level communism. I blame the people in charge that allowed this game plan to happen.

  • Mr. G

    I am glad to see people pointing out that we are most definitely not becoming a socialist country. As much as I hate collectivist-type ideology, I would prefer it to what we are becoming.

    The only so-called “socialism” which ever existed which is similar to what we are becoming is National Socialism – Nazis. We are treading down the same path so foolhardily that I can hardly believe it.

    Look at the loss of respect for life. The wars and killing of innocents with little upset here at home. The warehousing of the useless eldery. The devolution of public schools into thought-control youth prisons.

    You know, people want to work. They want to do things that are useful. But you should not be surprised there is no work ethic when you have reduced work to the use of people as mindless automatons working for the mega-corporate-government, in order to enrich the few in what is simply a cheap game.

    And people want to have stable families, but we have destroyed that in so many ways, starting with making our childrens’ minds focused on sex as the whole point of relationships.

    America and the West are so sick, now. You gave your children over to TV and Hollywood. Now, you pay the price.

    Mr. G


      REMINDS ME OF SYSTEM OF A DOWN SONG!!I’ll wait here,
      You’re crazy,
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      [Serj moans now]

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      [Serj and Daron Harmonize]

      (The lines in the letter said, “We have gone to Hackensack”)
      Look at all of them beg to stay

      Phoney people come to pray.

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      You should have never trusted Hollywood.
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      All you bitches put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care.

      You should have never trusted Hollywood.

    • S


      Did you just say that the US is becoming like National Socialist Germany?

      LOL you’re kidding, right? Do you even know what a National Socialist or National Socialism is, or did you learn everything from the “History” channel and Fox News specials? Wow, people will twist absolutely everything to blame it on the “Nazis”. The sad thing too is you’re allowed to vote.

      Here are some quick notes for you;

      Under National Socialism, 6 million Germans were given jobs within the first two years. Unemployment and poverty were wiped out in Germany, including all annexed territories later on. Suicides dropped to zero. Crime was non-existent.

      Under National Socialism, work was highly encouraged and welfare was only for those who truly needed it (disabled, sick or those struggling). Germany was the first to implement the 40 hour work week, and paid vacations/leave.

      Under National Socialism, large families were encouraged. The State would pay a newly wed couple and for every child they’d have (at a reduced rate), stopping payment at the 3rd child. Women were taught how to be mothers and men had guaranteed jobs with a high-enough wage to support the family. Children participated in group activities and developed skills; they weren’t doing drugs, drinking or having sex.

      Under National Socialism, corporations had no sway in politics or civilian life. The People were protected, businesses were allowed to do their own thing as long as they followed the rules and (most importantly) farmers were given all the support they needed.

      Animal rights were first developed in National Socialist Germany. Vivisection was banned, as was kosher slaughter. Germany was also the first to discover the link between smoking and cancer, and many public campaigns were made to inform the People of the dangers. Adolf Hitler designed the Volkswagen and made it affordable for the average German family; production began in 1938 but was halted when the war started.

      Under National Socialism, healthcare was the best in Europe. Germans were fit and healthy, could see the doctor at any time and didn’t have to worry about ridiculous charges or lines.

      Under National Socialism, the mentally deranged were kept away from the public. Homosexuality was barred and marriage was kept between man and woman.

      Under National Socialist law, it was illegal for any politician to hold sway in the economy or profit from wars. Adolf Hitler and all National Socialist officials had NO stocks, bonds or ties to any corporations. They gained nothing from the war.

      National Socialist Germany was prospering while the rest of Western civilization was suffering under the Great Depression. Hitler could shake the hands of thousands of Germans, ride around open-top and not worry about “oppressed Germans” killing him. Because there were no oppressed Germans!

      This is what National Socialism looks like:

      This is what America looks like:

      Yes, you’re correct. We’re so National Socialists. LOL! ;)

  • Tammy

    This is my first post. I have been a long-time reader of your Economic Collapse blog and now I have started reading this blog as well. Thank you for the great public service you provide. Like many on this forum, I have sensed for a long time that things are not right. I feel that our leaders have sold us out while trying to suck up the the bankers and corporations.

    If I had a chance, there is one question I would love to ask the banksters and other members of the 1%: Do you really believe that you will be able to take your money with you when you die? We came into this world with nothing and when our time comes we will leave with nothing materially.

    Many in this country has confused real wealth with money. Real wealth includes such things as our education, our skills, the ability to contribute to society in constructive ways, our family and friends, and our spirituality and/or religious faith. I came across an article that was written in 1997 when the economy was supposedly doing well at the time but the author described exactly what we are going through today ( I had an eerie feeling as I read it

    • Tammy

      Didn’t do a good job of proofreading. Should be “trying to suck up TO the bankers and corporations.”

      Sorry. My bad. Michael, keep up the great work.


    • Michael


      Thanks for posting, and I hope you will comment more often. :)

      Sadly, most people do not think beyond this life at all. Most people are so focused on this life that nothing else really matters to them.


  • Mark

    The ratio of two non-welfare recipients supporting one welfare recipient is definitely mind blowing. In my two person household we are not receiving any welfare. I’m fully employed and fully supporting my five year old daughter, yet there is someone out there in which we are supporting their welfare benefit fully at 100%. My daughter isn’t old enough to work yet but the federal government is definitely charging it to her “credit card”. What is worst is that 61% of new debt is issued by the Fed and we are paying for that portion now via higher prices. My daughter will eventually would have to pay that debt back.

    I just find this absolutely appalling.

  • Tatiana Covington

    We need an addictive contraceptive.

  • K.Mc

    Not everyone has to have a good job, just the head of house. Thats how it used to be. Unfortunately be design thats been done away with.

  • bravhrt

    The goal is to transform every state into Kaleefornia, every major city into Detroit.

  • I saw a couple of posts referring to S.S. as an entitlement. Here is the real story, I was there. President Johnson moved S.S. from its untouchable trust fund into his general fund and gave us an I.O.U for the money. He put this I.O.U. into what he called a “lockbox”. Next Clinton balanced the budget using this money. Every party since has been stealing from S.S. Put it back into its own untouchable trust fund. For that we need Ron Paul, the rest are crooks.

  • Don Levit

    You are right that the trust fund was intended to be untouchable.
    The special issue Treasuries were supposed to be used specifically for Social Security beneficiaries. Instead, the excess FICA dollars (and “interest”) were loaned to the Treasury to pay for current expenses.
    I have many reputable government links, attesting to that fact, some from the Social Security administration itself1!
    This was a problem envisioned long before Johnson, though.
    Many visionary people predicted this new form of financing expenses would result in huge amounts of debt.
    These visionaries are quoted on the history portion of Social Security’s web site.
    Suffice it to say that the entire trust fund balance is part of our total debt. What else needs to be said?
    To add to the truth, subtracts from it (The Talmud).
    Don Levit

  • Gary2

    Michael–again I ask–why are you not focusing on the big welfare problem–corporate welfare is many times higher than any welfare for the poor. You need to go after the real problem which is corporate welfare and stop bashing the poor.

    I know you are smart enough to know this and I find you very disingenuous in your stronger focus on the poor people on welfare while almost ignoring corporate welfare. stop throwing red meat to the low information conservatives and actually focus on the big issue of corporate welfare.

  • And this election said to say has become the working people against the non working people. This my friends is not sustainable.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I can only echo the words said by the late Johnny Rotten during the Sex Pistols’ last U.S. tour in 1978:

    “Do you ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

    Yes. Yes, I have.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Life in 1812:
    Go to school, become a cobbler or farmer or horseshoe repairman or something.
    Have a large family to take care of you in your old age.
    Try not to get dysentery or the plague.
    Your last day on the job was the day you died.

    Life in 1912:
    Go to school, become a ironworker or farmer or shipyard worker or something.
    Have a large family to take care of you in your old age.
    Try not to catch the flu, or malaria, or gonorrhea (for the more adventurous males!)
    Your last day on the job was the day you died.

    Life in 2012:
    Go to school, don’t bother going to a university if you don’t want $75,000 in student loan debt.
    Become a waitress at Starbucks or burger flipper at McDonald’s or something.
    Children are a liability. Depend on Social Security to support you in your old age. Ha ha ha.
    Try not to get AIDS or Ebola, or getting shot by a face-eating maniac with a 12 gauge shotgun as you walk to the corner store.
    Your last day on the job will be the day you die, if you even HAVE a job!!

    Gee, how times have changed!

  • DownWithLibs

    People believe so much crap. No wonder man-kind is doomed!

  • Since everyone is voiceing their views and opinion. I will say this as Viet Nam Veteran spending two years and three months and twenty=two days tour of duty in Nam and returned back home and to be called a Baby Killer. This what is what I was labelled! I spent my time in hell and get this in return my service to the US! Do something instead of just talking!!!!

  • George Costanza

    This is a out and out lie…4.4 million people are on welfare not 100 million. 100 million would include people receiving social security and medicare, which for some reason the author lied to you all about and said wasn’t included in their stats. We dont produce anything in this country anymore and we allow our companies to ship more and more entry level jobs overseas…Most companies figured out how to run lean after the mess in 2008 and they are now investing more and more in their IT departments which means they need less people to do the job…This isn’t the presidents fault, its the entire governments fault.

    • ZfromDelco

      It says 100m people are receiving some sort of gov’t assistance.

  • George Costanza

    Also…This idot Paul Ryan wants to take away your tax deduction for mortage interest…And increase school loan repayment rates…The cost of going to school is already ridiculously high and only going up, which obviously means more loan debt when you graduate. This loand debt has essentially taken 20-30% of the buyers out of the market to purchase a home, and when you couple that with taking away the tax deduction incentive that most families either use to pay for things like school, cars, clothes, or vacations you are going to see the real estate market continue to flat line. The middle class has relied on the appreciating value of their homes to put kids through college or retire for the last 40 years and by limiting the demand for homes that appreciation will be nowhere near the levels needed to create any where near the wealth needed to fund a childs schooling or their own retirement…Considering real wages havent gone up since the 70’s we are now talking about taking away the only other way to live in this country somewhat comfortably and retire before you die.

    I grew up in a very conservative household, and I maintained those ideals through college and my first few years in the workforce. However, what the republicans are proposing these days are very dangerous and backwards. The information they pump through people like Rush and Fox news are disengenuous at best. Some how they get 98% of their votes from people voting against their best interest because they pretend to be good christians and all good christians need to vote republican because of the abortion issue. The laws on abortion aren’t going to change, so dont cast your vote because someone is telling you what you want to hear about a topic that isn’t really an issue that is going to be decided by them. They get a poll saying their base needs to hear that they are Pro-Life, so they say they are pro life and anti gay marriage. They tell everyone that they want to reign in government spending so they vote against raising the debt ceiling….THAT WAS THE BIGGEST LIE OF THEM ALL…THE DEBT CEILING ALLOWS US TO PAY OUR DEBT..IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL BUDGET..THE ONLY OUTCOME WOULD HAVE BEEN US DEFAULTING ON OUR DEBT WHICH WOULD HAVE CRIPPLED OUR ENTIRE ECONOMY.

    Vote in your best interest.

  • Squirt

    There are many reasons why more and more people are receiving some kind of welfare from the federal government. Here are just a few:

    1. The populace has been indoctrinated into believing the government exists to solve problems and support everyone who made bad choices.

    2. The populace has been conditioned to believe they are entitled to some kind of privilege simply by being alive.

    3. Both business and government, and all institutions, are filled with greedy and corrupt people simply looking out for themselves. Big business and big government share the same bed. This is true because there are no moral or ethical standards in anything. There is also no line that will not be crossed by someone for any reason.

    4. The generations after WWII have been living off the capital, sacrifice, drive, integrity, and Judeo-Christian princples their ancestors used to build America into a superpower but most haven’t contributing a single thing to advance America into surviving into the future. (Only those who have joined the military have made a contribution towards a future for the USA.)

    5. The generations after WWI have been taught that allegiance to America will no longer be tolerated because the world is more unified and thus we all must be citizens of the world. Globalization, multiculturism, and diversity are all code words invented while children have been taught that America is a racist, bigoted, imperialistic nation of greedy land-robbers. (Obama is the first president raised entirely with this ideology and his presidency has proven he isn’t concerned with the survival of America because he truly is a citizen of the world who happens to live in and rule over America.)

  • Gay Veteran

    “Only those who have joined the military have made a contribution towards a future for the USA”

    yes, that future is empire

  • It’s no accident that the welfare rolls are growing. We have a government that has fully embraced the idea that in order to preserve power (for whatever party has it) they must dispense alms and actively discourage self reliance.

  • Try the response to ARTICLE 8 on the below link, this needs you to vote properly for a candidate willing to sign a statuary declaration to amend laws on land distribution :

  • Paal S. Dinessen

    Suffer the Children and the horror of all future lost generations.

    Before our century’ increasing mechanization in industry was only seen as a boon by industry chiefs. Less outlay on labor of course translated to more profit. In the twenty-first century, industries increasingly fell under the control of the state, while continuing mechanization (Crew oil refining) and ‘social justice’ created an ever-growing underclass of unemployed and unemployable. This class was generally kept under control by the medias bread and circuses of our times, (Soap operas and football to name but a few), but problems increase with the exponential growth in numbers of people being displaced by increasingly ‘expert’ mechanization and ever increasing proliferate use of hydrocarbons – Increasing masses of people less easy to control. To manage this, the political classes chose to find employment for them; chose to bring them into the fold by creating a huge and pointless bureaucracy, but even that had its limits. It soon became evident that not all could be thus employed. The old world were 10% of the population used 90% of the energy did not exist anymore. It soon also became evident that with population booms and ever increasing percentages of third world countries rapidly developing into second and first world economies, Still too many educated people were available. The answer was simple: cripple education Systems, Banksters given free hands to gamble and rob blind all and dis-inform that growth is GOD but in reality it is death. Feed the masses with processed food devoid of micro nutrients and necessary vitamins, but full of chemicals, additives, Preservatives, pesticides and more! ensuring bovine stupor; this fact can be clearly seen in most sick obese persons. Unregulated the health and social professionals = drug dealers not healers, issuing pacifying drugs (Prozac and Retalin but to name a few), mutilating both tiny bodies and minds even while still in mother’s wombs, ensuring more numbers end up in the more easily controlled, obese, depressed, incarcerated and or drugged underclass. However even this has proven only a temporary solution, as the biomass of + and counting humans that each one on average uses 10 calories of non-renewable energy for every calorie consumed is far past un-sustainable. The only individuals raising grave concern and complaining are deemed Luddites and conspiracy theorists and are ignored by the masses in their mindless naivety (who only see the microscopic areas between their TV,s and the shelves of processed food in the local shopping mall). Organized religions turn a blind eye to the undeniable fact of Gods truth and the genocide that is coming due to overpopulation. It is a mathematically certainty and factual truth that more drastic measures will need to be applied, and this very soon as the global species extinction rate is so alarming high, its past any form of realistic contrivable savior except potentially by a mass extinction of humans be that by an extreme plague of a virulent airborne Ebola virus strain or God forbid (delayed) by the final mass extinction when available fossil fuels run out and the ecosystem has totally collapsed (25-32 years’ time). The longer we take to become conscious and alert the more horror we will see and ever increasing multitudes will succumb. In an utopian world where one child per woman and vegetarian life styles was by law strictly enforced, where craft and corruption would constitute serious penalty’s, and where honors, accolades were given to persons who create, plant trees, save bio diversity and engineer solutions striving for a better cleaner natural world there could still be a glimmer of hope, not as present where praise is given to banksters, usurious thieves, leaches and evil persons who by their actions and insane profit driven policies are committing despicable heinous crimes against the innocent unborn children and all future earthlings, each and every day, primarily due to stupidity, malicious materialism and greed. These individuals should be convicted of infanticide and genocide. The few surviving children of the next generations will look back at us and our lack of actions with disgust and incomprehension, in much the same manner as we look back upon Hitler, Pol Pot, and Nero’s of our short history on this planet. The unbelievable paradox is that these blind and malicious individuals also have children that will die they also all live and should coexists on this one and only once beautiful world of ours.
    Paal S. Dinessen. 07-September 2012.

  • BracGypsy
    Total number of Americans on welfare 4,300,000
    Total number of Americans on food stamps 46,700,000
    Total number of Americans on unemployment insurance 5,600,000
    Percent of the US population on welfare 4.1 %
    Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment) $131.9 billion
    Welfare Demographics
    Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
    Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
    Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
    Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
    Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %

    • laura merrone

      How much is spent annually on food stamps, the WIC program and unemployment? I bet the totals would be a lot higher if you include those in your numbers.

  • Bill Edlebeck 2

    I’ve been looking since I read this article, there are absolutely no records that can substantiate the claims in this article, it is pure fiction. Even the right wing Cato Institute claims that a total of 46m use at least one form of government assistance. The actual number according the the US Dept. of Commerce in 2012 was 4.3m. It’s not hard to call this crap out.

  • Austin Kelley

    Where are your sources? you have none. hmm…

  • Olivia


    If you can believe it, Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars over the next 75 years.
    That comes to approximately $328,404 for each and every household in the United States.
    Will you be able to pay your share? – “””

    /////I think senior citizens have paid already for our BENEFITS! The government demanded that we pay and WE DID – They took the money out of our paychecks.

    As far as the illegal aliens alreadybeing on welfare for 20 years now, well just wait until 20 years FROM now and see what mess this country is in. You don’ t think the illegal aliens are going to give up our free tax dollars, do you? America is on the way out – thanks to our government.

    • off the hook
      • off the hook

        Thanks Olivia, most people think of medicare and SS as an entitlement, and don’t realize that it was a benefit paid over the years to the govt. individually, by workers thru the federal insurance contribution act (FICA) every week of their working life. Don’t ever think of SS medicare as welfare. In 1965 the Lyndon Johnson regime tapped into the SS account and have robbed it of our BENEFITS to this day, (50 years) In 50 years liberals and conservatives in our executive,congressional and judicial branches have all been complicit in robbing the working american citizen. As for me and my wife, 52 years we worked full time jobs,and would never have thought of asking for a govt hand out. We have sympathy for those who are on govt. welfare but we paid our way, tell me why WE should be entitled to foot the bill for 50years of those citizens that don’t even try to succeed, and illegals who sneak into the country we built, and pillage us, by jumping on the govt, gravy train. The regime now in Washington is the worst ever, at pimping the american worker. Lets face it, in most cases, bad choices in life put all people at risk of becoming a welfare statistic. By the way to all the zealous bible quote folks try this one, ”if you will not work, you will not eat”.

  • Ryan Martin

    But it’ll get better when Obama legalizes all the Mexicans and they start paying taxes. Right?

  • kal98

    education is the great equalizer, the better educated you are like a nurse you get $20 an hr over a person like a kitchen worker getting $7 an hr, no brainer the better your education the better your quality of life and the more you pay into the system, so your country is deliberately making getting an education too expensive for the majority, some countries give you a free education!

  • concerned

    when you are doing these posts, at least get things right. You include social security in your analysis of government funded welfare spending. In the first place, the social security is not government funded (although they take from it). It is funded entirely by the employers and employees of the nation. And it would be totally solvent if the feds would leave it alone.

  • TellTheTruth

    What about the costs of corporate welfare and fiscal welfare and occupational welfare?
    How sad that only the needy/poor/modest income are identified as the culprits.
    So-called “public Assistance” and Social Welfare” is much less than the other 3 forms of welfare.
    An honest source with some integrity would identify ALL recipients/beneficiaries sucking at the public troth — and that would be 100%.

    • pride

      not true I don’t and im poor I live below my means to survive no assistance whatsoever and I raised my son that way also so I know of at least one other person that works survives pays taxes although I do have 4 immediate family members that fit your category one on disability since 46 one on school dist retirement retired at 50 another on military retirement retired at 38 and another drawing the gi bill and whatever else he milk the system for he is 30
      oh by the way im 57 my son 26 welcome to the new middle class aka govt employees

  • Shareyourtoysboys

    The fact of the matter is you are broke. There are two ways out. Declare bankruptcy and start over. That means burning every country that uses the American dollar for trade and has a reserve of same. The other way is to start a major war to put every body to work in the country and kill off the least desirable in the country as cannon fodder, as well as reduce the world’s excess population. There maybe a third way but that will affect the power elite. Since the system that has benefited corporate America for the last 50 years and put everyone else in debt to satisfy corporate greed, has worked so well, they should pay off the debt that allowed them their excessive profits..It is time the masses get the use of all the bags of cash the well heeled corporations are sitting on. There is enough corporate cash in America to pay off the national debt twice over. It is time they paid.

  • Pastor Maddy

    Your statistics are not correct. The majority of people receiving food-stamps and benefits are the disabled and elderly. Now you can add in Veterans whom the Government does not seem fit to receive their benefits. Your the reason the elderly go hungry and do without medicine!!!

  • saganhill

    This is so full of crap.

  • Well said.

  • pbr90

    Feudalism isn’t working well in the U.S. though Europeans may love it. It’s much more costly in America than in Europe apparently. When will the world realize that America can never be Europe; too many people, and too many ethnic groups that require jobs, not welfare to sustain them. When commerce departs, welfare is all that’s left to live on! What doesn’t capitalist America understand?