Michael Snyder’s New Book Entitled ‘Living A Life That Really Matters’ Has Just Been Released

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Have you ever reached a point in life where things have gotten so bad that it seems impossible to ever turn things around? In my new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters”, I begin by sharing such a point in my own life about 20 years ago. If someone would have told me at the time what my life would be like today, I would have laughed at them. But God took the broken pieces of my life and turned them into a beautiful thing, and He can do the exact same thing for anyone else.


This is the most personal book that I have written, and it is quite a departure from my normal work. If you follow my work on a regular basis, than you know that I like to write about politics, economics and the hard issues of our day in a way that the average person on the street can understand. And I heavily document the points I make with facts, figures and statistics, and there are still lots of facts, figures and statistics in my new book.

But in this new book I hope to inspire people to reach for something more. Instead of focusing so much on the problems, this book is absolutely packed with solutions. In many ways, it is patterned after the Book of Proverbs. There are literally hundreds of secrets that I have learned over the course of my 47 years embedded throughout the chapters of this book, and I wish that someone had shared all of these secrets with me when I was a young man.

So it is not a book that you will want to speed through. There are literally life changing truths on every single page, and you may find yourself going back over some portions of the book time and time again.

This book is not written on a theoretical level. I know that the secrets contained in this book work, because they have absolutely revolutionized my life. But of course I didn’t invent these secrets. Ultimately, every bit of wisdom that any of us have been given comes from the One that created us all. Without God nothing is possible, but with Him all things are possible.

As I was writing this book, I often struggled to find the words to describe what it was about. Sometimes my wife would even look at me with a puzzled look when I tried to explain it to her. It is not a “self-help book” that will help you to become wealthy, famous or successful. Neither is it an “inspirational” book that will give you warm fuzzies. Rather, it is a book that is absolutely packed with life lessons that nobody else seems to want to talk about. The following is the description of the book that is on Amazon

Deep inside all of us is a yearning to live a life that is filled with meaning and purpose. We all want to feel good about our lives, and we all want something to look forward to when we get out of bed in the morning. As little children we were filled with hopes and dreams for the future, but for so many of us those dreams have long since faded. Instead, many of us drag ourselves through life feeling down, depressed and defeated. In this book Michael Snyder is going to share with you what he has learned about living an overflowing life. We were designed to love, to laugh, to discover, to create and to live lives that are filled with passion. Unfortunately, so many of us have bought into lies that have enabled the enemy to steal all of that from us. No matter how bad things may seem right now, God can take the broken pieces of your life and turn them into a beautiful thing. But you have got to be willing to break your old patterns and start doing things that will produce good fruit in your life. This book will help you to do that.

In order for our lives to function the way that they should, God must be at the center of our lives. And He has given us instructions for how we are to live, but most of the population is completely disregarding those instructions.

Following His instructions will lead to life, love, blessing and peace, but so many people have been living another way for so long that they don’t even know that such a life is possible.

This book is going to be extremely controversial, and it is going to deeply challenge you as you read it. But for those that embrace what I am sharing, it will be a completely life-changing experience. In fact, I believe that this book is going to change more lives than anything else I have ever written.

After you have read the book, I hope that many of you will write to me and share how it has affected you. Writing this book was an emotional experience for me, and I believe that it will help a lot of you wrestle with things that you have been dealing with for a very long time.

Near the end of the book I also share about why I am running for Congress, although in the future I hope to do an entire book about why we desperately need to try to get this nation to change course.

But this book is primarily about matters of the heart. Most people I encounter in life are not living victorious lives. Instead, most people out there seem to have had the life completely sucked out of them by all of the pain, heartache and trials that they have been through.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can live an overflowing life, and the greatest chapters of your life can still be ahead of you.

But if you keep falling into the same patterns that you have been following all along, you will keep getting the exact same results.

God has a better plan for you, and it starts with doing things His way.

So I very, very much encourage you to get my new book and to read it all the way through. If you embrace what I share in this book and apply these principles to your own life, they will turn your life completely upside down.

Now that the book is finally out, you can find it in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com. It will also be available from many other online retailers, but if you want to get it right away Amazon will be the place to go.

No matter what you have been through, God still has a plan for you. And if He can turn my life completely around and use me to touch millions of people all over the world, then He can do it for anyone.

Thank you again for being such faithful readers. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this new book…

  • paul mullin

    um.. so Michael is jumping ship and running for congress, and all of a sudden its no longer the ‘end of the american dream’, but now its just ‘the american dream?’ Wow. That sell-out didnt take long. Guess yer gonna re-fund PP next week?

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      Ya, haven’t you heard? The American dream has been saved by the election of Insane Clown President, who has brought prosperity back to the middle class. It’s all good now.

      • wage slave

        What I don’t like is he wishes to spend 1 trillion on infrastructure and increase other spending.
        Meanwhile the rich get richer and the poor folks like me, who work for the rich, gradually get poorer since we don’t get wage increases for inflation.

        And then conservative hosts like Rush Limbaugh, M. Savage, et al. defend the rich by saying stuff like they earned it, the poor are lazy, etc. I work really hard!
        They ignore the real problem which is masive [modded word?] income inequality (like my CEO making billions while only paying me a few hundred each week).

  • Zlatko Milanovic

    I am a faithful reader of this blog. It has taught me a few things and introduced me to some ideas I hadn’t considered. It got me back into prepping, and opened my eyes to a few threats I hadn’t considered.
    MS has correctly diagnosed the problems in our nation, but his solutions are usually misguided, and he blames all the wrong people for our nation’s problems, and ignores the real causes of our plight, because he doesn’t want to face facts that would conflict with his world view and who he wants so desperately to blame.
    The American gov’t, per se, is not the problem or the enemy. It’s the rich, the wealthiest one percent, that have destroyed our middle class and stolen our American dream. They set the rest of us against each other with dog whistles about race, class, religion, etc.; all the while they deny you a pension, health insurance and a decent raise.
    President Johnson once said: ” “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”
    Substitute “liberal democrat” for “colored man” and the same thought process applies. This is what Fox does too. Divide and conquer.
    Think about it folks, it’s not the gov’ t that steals your wages, it’s your employer.
    I don’t plan on reading the new book, but it sounds, from the description above, like it has an uplifting message, so that’s good. But I suspect, when he gets to the part about running for Congress, it will degenerate into the blame game, denouncing other Americans, falling right into the partisan trap again, just as the wealthy want, another distraction from the real causes of our current economic, social and international problems.

  • Tim

    I look forward to reading it, Michael.

    • Shane

      I wish he would stop promoting Amazon. The Bilderberger who runs Amazon is an open borders globalist who bought the Washington Post and turned it into a site that fabricates fake news in an attempt to install Hillary and impeach Trump. There’s plenty of stories online about how he mistreats his employees and he even pits them against each other so the one’s at the lower percentage get fired. If they do well he raises their required quota. If they do make it through, well it’s good luck having enough money to retire! He is monopolistic in nature and when Amazon and Wal-Mart move in everyone else goes out of business.

      Currently Amazon is working on software to block people from visiting competing shopping sites when using the Wi-Fi in Whole Foods and he is expected to reverse Whole Foods promise to have GMOs labeled as well as replace employees with automation.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Let’s just say that 50 yr ago tomorrow, my inner landscape looked like Hiroshima the day after. Since then, a personal reconstruction effort has gone far indeed. I shall say no more.

    • tax slave

      Since your comments never add any useful thing to say I will block you.
      Maybe unblock later. We’ll see.
      If i was the mod I would not block u–just individually to save my time for useful comments.

      • Tatiana Covington

        Don’t like it? LUMP IT!

  • Dawg01

    You talk about writing a book in the future, but all of your articles over the years has been about a disastrous future starting with an economic collapse that was supposed to happen in 2015-16. You went on Jim Bakkers show and said many times how all these terrible things were going to happen and we need to be preparing for disaster. But now you are preparing to run Congress when you were telling everyone else to prepare for disasters.