Life After An EMP Attack: No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking And No Internet

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Most Americans do not know this, but a single EMP attack could potentially wipe out most of the electronics in the United States and instantly send this nation back to the 1800s.  If a nuclear bomb was exploded high enough in the atmosphere over the middle part of the country, the electromagnetic pulse would fry electronic devices from coast to coast.  The damage would be millions of times worse than 9/11.  Just imagine a world where nobody has power, most cars will not start, the Internet has been fried, the financial system is offline indefinitely, nobody can make any phone calls and virtually all commerce across the entire country is brought to a complete stop.  A nation that does not know how to live without technology would be almost entirely stripped of it at that point.  Yes, this could really happen.  An EMP attack is America’s “Achilles heel”, and everyone around the world knows it.  It is only a matter of time before someone uses an EMP weapon against us, and at this point we are pretty much completely unprepared.


The sad thing is that we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars hunting down “terrorists” in caves on the other side of the globe and we have been told that because of “national security” it is necessary for our private areas to be touched before we are allowed to get on an airplane, but our government is doing essentially nothing to address what is perhaps our biggest security vulnerability.

What would you and your neighbors do if the power went out and it did not ever come back on?

What would you do if an EMP attack happened in the middle of the winter and you suddenly were not able to heat your home any longer?

What would you do if all the electronics in your car got fried and you simply could not drive anywhere?

What would you do if all the supermarkets in your area shut down because food could not be transported across the country anymore?

What would you do if you were suddenly unable to call your family and friends for help?

What would you do if you were suddenly unable to get the medicine that you needed?

What would you do if your debit cards and credit cards simply did not work any longer and you could not get any of your money out of the bank?

What would you do if all of these things happened all at once?

A single EMP attack would be the worst disaster that the United States has ever seen by far.

An electromagnetic pulse could potentially fry the vast majority of all the microchips in the United States.  In an instant, nearly all of our electronic devices would be rendered useless.

Yes, the federal government knows all about this.  The following excerpt is from an April 2008 report by the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack….

“The consequences of lack of food, heat (or air conditioning), water, waste disposal, medical, police, fire fighting support, and effective civil authority would threaten society itself.”

Most of us have become completely and totally dependent on electricity and technology.  Without it, most of us would be in huge trouble.

The following is how an article in the Wall Street Journal described the potential consequences of an EMP attack….

No American would necessarily die in the initial attack, but what comes next is potentially catastrophic. The pulse would wipe out most electronics and telecommunications, including the power grid. Millions could die for want of modern medical care or even of starvation since farmers wouldn’t be able to harvest crops and distributors wouldn’t be able to get food to supermarkets. Commissioner Lowell Wood calls EMP attack a “giant continental time machine” that would move us back more than a century in technology to the late 1800s.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we had the knowledge and the infrastructure to live the way that they did back in the 1800s, but today that is simply not the case.

Dr. William Graham was Ronald Reagan’s science adviser and the chairman of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.  Dr. Graham believes that in the event of a large scale EMP attack, the vast majority of Americans would either freeze, starve or die from disease.

According to Graham, in the aftermath of an EMP attack life in America “would probably be something that you might imagine life to be like around the late 1800s but with several times the population we had in those days, and without the ability of the country to support and sustain all those people.”

Would you be able to survive?

All of those big bank accounts may never be able to be recovered after an EMP attack.  Your money might be instantly fried out of existence.

The following is what Graham believes would happen to the financial system in the event of an EMP attack….

“Most financial records are stored electronically. ATMs, which depend upon both power and telecommunications, would not be available; banks, which try to back up records but in general aren’t strongly aware of the EMP problem, would face the problem of unprotected storage and computer systems”

This is the danger of having a financial system that is so dependent on technology.  We may wake up one day and find that all the money is gone.

But if an EMP attack actually happened, the biggest concern for most of us would be trying to figure out how to survive.

The president of the Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney, is convinced that a single EMP attack could result in the deaths of the vast majority of the population of the United States….

“Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity”

Are you starting to get a feel for the scope of the problem?

The sad thing is that so much could be done to protect this country from an EMP attack.

Right now, most vital U.S. military infrastructure has at least some protection from an EMP attack.

But the general population has been left completely and totally vulnerable.

It has been estimated that the entire power grid could potentially be protected for about 20 billion dollars.  Considering the fact that we have spent over 400 billion dollars in Afghanistan, I think that we could afford it.

We have spent our national security dollars very, very badly and someday it is going to come back to bite us in the rear end.

Right now, other nations around the world are working feverishly to develop EMP weapons.  The following is from a statement by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry to the United States Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security on March 8th, 2005….

Russian and Chinese military scientists in open source writings describe the basic principles of nuclear weapons designed specifically to generate an enhanced-EMP effect, that they term “Super-EMP” weapons. “Super-EMP” weapons, according to these foreign open source writings, can destroy even the best protected U.S. military and civilian electronic systems.

But it is not just Russia and China that have been developing “Super-EMP” weapons.  According to Newsmax, it is believed that North Korea may have tested a “Super-EMP” weapon back in 2009….

North Korea’s last round of tests, conducted in May 2009, appear to have included a “super-EMP” weapon, capable of emitting enough gamma rays to disable the electric power grid across most of the lower 48 states

Remember, all it would take is one strategically placed EMP attack to wipe out this nation.

But an EMP weapon is not the only danger that can produce this type of effect.  The truth is that a really bad geomagnetic storm could also potentially produce almost as much damage.

This is something that everyone knows is one of our biggest vulnerabilities and it is something that we can make preparations for.

Yet the Bush administration and the Obama administration have just stood there and have done nothing.

Our idiocy is astounding.

General Eugene Habiger, the former head of U. S. Strategic Command, has said the following about the possibility of an EMP attack in the future….

“It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.”

Remember, this is something that could cause millions times more damage than 9/11 did.

Instead of molesting old ladies at airports and chasing goat herders around the mountains of Afghanistan, perhaps we should be addressing our largest security vulnerabilities.

But that would require using some common sense.  Sadly, common sense seems to be in very short supply in Washington D.C. these days.

So if the government is not going to do anything about it, that means that it is up to you to prepare yourself and your family.  This world is becoming very unstable and disasters can strike at any time.

We all saw what happened after Hurricane Katrina.  The government response was a nightmare.  An EMP attack would be millions of times worse and the federal government probably would not even be able to get you and your family any assistance.

You would truly be on your own.

So are you ready?

This is yet another reason why the number of preppers in the United States is exploding.  A lot of people can see how the world is changing and they understand that the federal government is not going to come through for them when the chips are down.

An EMP attack could end life as we know it at any time.

It is a glaring security vulnerability and the entire world knows that it is there.

I hope that you are getting ready, because the government certainly is not.

  • Steve

    Good article! I would HIGHLY recommend the book, “One Second After” by William Forstchen. It’s based on the very (scary) premise that you wrote about, an EMP-type attack on the US, and what happens afterwards. I hate to sound like a commercial, but it’s available on Amazon:

    • Hey you know what i don’t like to say it but it’s prob. gonna happen. Iran, north korea china and many other countries have already developed weapons that could reach the Middle of America in just under an hour. Heres how they would do it. they would load an EMP missle onto an unmarked cargo ship. They would anchor it down 300 miles off the american coast launch the missle and under 45 minutes or something like that they can exploded it over our great country. The Gov. wouldn’t be able to stop it. By the time they see it coming it’s too late they have already done their job and sunk their ship so their is no evidence that whatever country did do it did it.

  • Steve

    One more website, from the author of that book I mentioned previously:

  • Colin

    In your blog, you failed to mention that our faucets wouldn’t work. Our water system is generated by power. (This is what happened in Libya recently. When the power systems failed, the residents of Tripoli lost access to water.)

    What’s more scary is that the Sun is capable of generating an EMP that could devastate our civilization. If we had an event similar to the Solar Storm of 1859, we are screwed. Here is the article:

    Some have predicted this event may occur next year. I hope it doesn’t. If it does, I have heard it said that it could take at least ten years to restore our power systems.

    One last ****** point – most of the technology that forms our power system is built in China. We don’t build them here.

    • Michael

      Very good points Colin.


    • jstuxx

      Thats good news, in my opinion more countries should develop EMP weapons that way USA wouldn’t dare invade any country again. Second of all maybe a solar flare is exactly what this world needs to cause people to wake up and to get rid of the evil thing called money, either way it will be beneficial.

      • wow jstuxx you are just the kind of people are gov. is looking for…why would u call a EMP attack a positive thing that could happen….something is wrong with u man wow…..

  • mondobeyondo

    No Internet? WHAT??? NO INTERNET??
    Society will collapse without the Internet?
    What shall we do? We’re doomed! DOOMED, I tell you!

    Calm down. Relax. Have some herbal tea, and eat a cucumber.
    We’ll be fine.
    I was alive back in 1966 (yeah, it was the Stone Age for many of you.) Back then, this prehistoric musical group called the Beatles, made some amazing music using a four-track recorder. (Sergeant Pepper was recorded on 4 tracks BTW.) No CD’s. No MP3’s. Hell, they didn’t even use STEREO!!

    We will be OK.

    Back on topic now… an imminent EMP would cause untold chaos on our society. Everything is so interdependent on modern electronics now. And modern electronics depends on electricity. Ever wonder what would happen to the Internet without electricity?

    Now, before you throw your hands in the air and scream, “Oh God, nuke plants are going to blow up all around me! Have you seen Fukushima lately? My microwave oven is emitting radiation! And my convection oven – it’s emitting HEAT! Oh, Obi-Wan, help us, you are our only hope! We are DOOOOMMEEEDDD!!!” –

    (Hang on, pal. Breathe in…. breathe out. Relax. Have some Prozac. Try some herbal tea. Read that new book about Jacqueline Kennedy. We’re gonna be fine.)

    Even if the worst of the worst happens – remember, we’ve made it through far worse than this. It would be wise to ask your great grandparents how they made it through 1854. But since they’re dead, the next best thing is to find some diaries…

    • While I agree we’ve made it through far worse, I think the biggest problem is that we’ve become so dependent upon the computer chip that vasts amount of people will suffer and die because of such a catastrophic event.

      Will we make it through? Yeah probably, but what will the cost be to the population?

    • TK

      No Internet? That would be horrible!

      On the other hand, It would bring millions of family’s closer together as their addiction to internet is broken. This could be a good thing!

      • NMF

        TK…that is if and only if the families are living nearby…otherwise, you probably would never see them again…Kids that live in other cities…forget it…It would be emotionally destructive as well.

  • mondobeyondo

    Do not underestimate the importance of electricity on our modern society.

    Back in the mid 1800’s, “horsepower” meant the energy of a horse to plow a field to raise crops.

    These days, “horsepower” is the amount of energy needed for a Porsche to go from 0mph to 80mph.

    Yes I know, it’s a bad analogy. Sorry ’bout that!

    I recently mentioned a power outage that occurred in my humble abode in metro Phoenix. If something like this doesn’t make you realize how dependent we are on electrical energy, nothing will.

    Refrigerator: dead.
    Freezer: dead.
    Bedroom and ceiling lights: dead.
    Flashlights: AA batteries on standby!
    Air conditioning: Huh?
    Electric stove: dead. HOWEVER – got some charcoal just in case!

    • J.M

      I hope you are being sarcastic. The consequences would go beyond your dead crackberry and dead Ipad. Even for the 60s, most devices would be fried, don´t tell you didn´t have electric lights back then. If the only thing gone could be the internet it would be no problem, however most people in hospitals would die, the water supply systems would go offline for at least 10 years and if its an EMP attack you can bet on invading forces in your territory.

      Unless you live in the woods and have all the important knowledge in dead tree format (dtf) you are basically screwed.

    • WM

      mondobeyondo: Your first comment seems like you had your head in the sand when you wrote it, completely downplaying our dependance upon tecnology, and the reprecussions should we lose it. Your second posting seems written with a much clearer head. No offense, just an observation. A few friends I have referred this site to, said it is too radical and too negative. These are the same people who have their heads in the sand and do not want to face Truth and reality.

      You cannot compare modern society to that of the late 1800’s. I personally think things are NOT going to be alright, or that any herbal tea, Prozac or deep breathing will simply make things allright. Technology has made us very lazy as far as actually having to survive “off the grid”. The majority of the population 100+ years ago was rural and agricultural, they did not has electricity or modern transporatation as we know.

      Ask your neighbor who lives in the burbs, commutes 45 minutes to their urban, white collar job, eats out several times a week, uses credit card for everything, and is internet saavy…how they will survive should everything around them STOP? Or ask the locals at government subsidized housing projects just across town, who recieve their electronically generated checks each month, should their checks, electronisc, cars, etc. just STOP…how would they survive?

      I regretfully live in the suburbs now, with a lot of government funded housing projects close by, and 6 miles from the worse area in the capital city, I am not real comfortable with where I am right now, because I know should something like this happen,this is a very populated area, and people will be in the streets rioting and trying to take from anyone they can. I grew up in a town of 2000+ people and can tell you, I would much rather live in a rural location than in an urban one. I guess when this does happen, then we will surely know the results of an EMP attack.

    • Guido

      Correct, Sir. We are doomed without power. Just look at the riots after the FL hurricane in 93. Those folks went nuts in less than 24 hours when Uncle Sugar didn’t show up to bail them out. The NYC Blackout of 77 led to riots in minutes. Folks these days are even more tense and anxious than they were in either of those 2 cases and I believe they would be out in the streets panicking and looting as soon as the juice failed on all their toys.

      With an EMP, I think you would see even the authorities falling apart. Think about it-if you’re a cop and all the world goes to hell, are you going to show up for work? They can’t pay you with direct deposit down and no power to the free money machine, you have a family to worry about, 3-6 days of food in the cupboards, and your car is dead, too. Are you going to work? If you’re National Guard, will you try to report for duty or take care of the loved ones at home? In Katrina, the cops fled. I heard some even tossed their badges in the street when they boogied out of town.

      WM-it sounds like we live in the same neck of the woods…

  • callmecordelia1

    I really need to get a wood-burning stove. That’s my last big hole, and this article reminded me of that. I live in a neighborhood of about 65 houses– I’d be willing to wager that less than 10% of us have any kind of off-grid heating. And let me tell you, it gets COLD here in the winter. One winter after an EMP and the vast majority of us would be gonners. Frightening thought. I’m going to get on that. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Guido

      It’s even scarier. Have you considered your waste? And what happens when everyone is burning wood, too? Those trees will be gone in one season. I started thinking, as an exercise, how I and my neighbors would have to get along, since everything we do would affect the rest of us. Where we go to the bathroom with no running water, how we discard trash, What we do for food, how we warm ourselves. It gets pretty scary. In One Second After, they have a 10% survival rate on the East Coast after 1 year. Lord knows what that 10% would have to do to make it-but it wouldn’t be good. Thinking about it makes The Road sound like a bike ride. You might as well dig a hole and pull it in on top of you…

      • 2late4me2care

        Ever heard of an outhouse? I’m old enough to remember using them! Get a wood stove. I have one. Find a local company that sells fire wood and stock up. Well? Hand pump? Got it. Water filtration system? Do all you can to prepare. Here in the rural southeast, some of us still know how to survive.

  • Hyperseer

    Another excellent article! I’ve been reading about these dangers for quite some time, and I discovered something called a “Faraday Box” – basically, it is a shielded box that will protect anything inside it from an EMP. The box can be cardboard or plastic, and then you want to wrap the outside with metal such as aluminum foil or even chicken wire. The trick is that there cannot be any breaks in the metal (that’s why I think aluminum foil would be best – just wrap may layers around any old cardboard or plastic box).

    I am planning on constructing one and inside I would put all my solar lanterns and flashlights, as well as some electronics to keep from going mad – such as an ipod or Kindle. How would I charge these things you ask? Well, I will also put my Brunton portable solar panels in there as well ;-)

    Please comment on what other devices you all would think should go in the box!

    • ChiefEOD

      Something ready made and larger are the galvanized metal trash cans with lids. What ever you use, make sure what is inside is insulated somehow from the metal box/can.

    • wyedawg

      Don’t waste space on you I-pad or cell phone inside the Faraday box. There will be no connection.

  • Hyperseer
  • Ben Dover

    I have read about US experiments where the effect on vehicles was uneven and unpredictable. Of course these tests were on cars built before cars were so full of electronic gadgets.

    An attack would be somewhat risky in that if it was unsuccessful or only partially successful the attacking country would have to worry about retialation. It is not as though we would be bound by the courtroom rules concerning evidence when determining where an attack originated.

    For an attacker, it would be smart to not pin your hopes on one missle, but launch numerous strikes. I am unsure how capable Iran, North Korea, et al would be in engineering such a strike.

    I also hear USA is now a net food importer. This would be a huge problem after even a partially successful attack (or natural event).

  • We live outside a city in a house with a fireplace, but firewood wont last forever. We have stocked up on a lot of candles, canned food and we have a well. Russia will take down Scandinavia and especially Sweden on their way to USA because we have almost no military power exept a haarp-system up north. I don´t want to think about a black out in the middle of the swedish winter-night with -30C. Some days ago, yet again we spotted an submarine at the swedish coast that the mass-media called “some kind of fish” as expected from them.

  • Mainuh1

    That’s why you have books instead of IPads and Kindles.

  • Diane Denizen

    Funny thing is I wrote an article that included this same type of scenario-protracted power outage. People always assume that when they flick the switch the light will always come on and when they lift the phone there will always be dial tone. What if that doesn’t happen? People need to be ready for such eventualities.

  • Brady

    so, what would you recommend people do to prepare for an attack? for instance. I have all of music on my mac. I feel music will really ease the future’s pain. If this EMP wipes out everything including my computer it would be devastating. Music is one of those things humanity needs, but it’s no longer a physical thing. How can we hold onto things made during the pinnacle of human society (or supposed). How can I protect my one solace on this earth?

    • onecansay

      Learn how to sing and dance. Would keep all entertained. May also aid in your health.


    • Kevin

      It kind of sounds like you are convinced that ‘music’ could be wiped out if devices such as you MAC computer is fried. That if people did not protect their CD Players, all is lost.

      Have you ever heard of a violin? How about a flute, bass cello, guitar, set of drums?

      Heck, even a hollow log and a couple of rocks will do in a pinch. Music will NEVER die.

      HAVE FAITH !!

      • TX mommy

        Yes but I can’t sing like Van Morrison or Norah Jones. And my impersonation of Lady Gag me to death is purely for entertainment. My children are learning to play instruments but I doubt they are the next Fisher or Chantel K, especially since my kids don’t sing.

        I’m going to copy all my Van and bury it in a Faraday box that someone mentioned above. Seriously ;-)

    • callmecordelia1

      Pick up a guitar and learn how to play. While you still have the internet, there are amazing resources for you to teach yourself how to play. I have four family members who have taught themselves to play instruments– guitar, banjo, violin, ukulele, flute, piano– all from YouTube videos! And they are GOOD– two of them are in a symphony. Stock up on sheet music, learn to play and sing, and you’ll be a happy camper. ;)

    • …build a simple faraday cage for your laptop to protect it from being fried. If the EMP is due to a CME, at least you may know in advance to place your laptop inside the cage for protection. If it’s from the detonation of a nuclear device, you may not be forewarned. Good luck.

  • Macnasty

    I read this on the Asian News Times 2 years ago one of the ways China could cripple the US along with 10 other ways, all quite a possibility, we are so vunerable, just remember this when the power goes out for an extended time.

  • Kevin

    “The sad thing is that we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars hunting down “terrorists” in caves on the other side of the globe…”

    Actually their spending hundreds of billions to secure geography on and around oil resources.

    Regarding the functioning of US society in event of a computer crash many people in positions of management authority are incapable of thinking out of the box. Once the system crashes and no “official” orders come down for say food delivery the middle management supervisor frozen with the fear of making an independent decision for the first time in their life defaults to doing nothing. I seen similar situations many times in another industry. It’s like “When in doubt, do nothing”. Individual leadership will rise to the occasion but will be “too little, too late” to be of significant value on a large scale. Given a few weeks or a month or so things will move again. The US public is pretty pretty crafty if allowed to be so. Necessity is the motherhood of invention.

  • Dan

    Living off the grid (nearest phone/power line 15 miles away no cell signal) I guess that the only thing I would looses would be is the internet connection. We use satellite internet, it sucks but there is nothing else to use here.

    I can see where folks in the cities would be screwed,


    PS I live in one of the areas that does not have much light on the map.

  • sunny

    It’s a shame that Americans won’t realize that our government is not working for them, but against them. Their agenda is NOT for us, the common man, at all.


    RON PAUL 2012

  • Joshua

    A great book on this subject that I recommend everyone read is One Second After. It is a very realistic novel about an EMP that does to America exactly what this article talks about. A very chilling book.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Great article! Thank you for this very informative and well-written article. It is very sad to have such incompetent people in high offices who refuse to defend our Republic and who are leaving us to be slaughtered and enslaved. May God have mercy on America! May God give us faithful men and women of wisdom who will honor their oaths of office instead of mocking their oaths and promises.

  • jackieR

    The book ‘One Second After’ by William R Forstchen is an exact example of what could happen.

  • Reefer Gladness

    What we have here is scare-mongering at its worst…the mindless leading the brainless. Did it ever occur to you geniuses that the detonation of a nuclear device over American skies would be but the opening salvo of a nuclear war? And that there are far more lethal scenarios than a toasted I-Clod or a roasted PC? If “our” Nitwit Nation prefers to avoid such inconveniences, we might seek to restore civilian control over the Global Goon Squad that is the U.S. military. We have no enemies other than those we generate!!!

  • Straight veteran

    Instead of molesting old ladies at airports and chasing goat herders around the mountains of Afghanistan… LMAO

    Good article, as usual. EMP dangers gave been know about since the Cold War, I remember learning about it during NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) training while I was an active duty Marine in the 80’s. The threat back then was the fear the Soviets would use a nuclear EMP blast to wipe out our battlefield communications. I don’t fear a “man made disaster” (as our PC Homeland Security chief would label it)as much as a large solar flare storm causing the problems you describe.

  • Thomas

    This scenario is not nearly as frightening to be as the response I think our government would engage in if attacked in this way. Because history teaches us that our government NEVER engages in simple tit-for-tat. They kill 3000? We kill a million and counting.

    EMP attack? Think hardened silos opening up and launching a few hundred warheads at the attacker. We’re talking parking lot time. It’s how we roll, and it’s probably the only reason this hasn’t happened yet. Everyone knows the government of the US is batshit crazy.

  • mark

    This is a great article! Thank you for writing this. Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees. We are now preparing for this. We have been storing food, extra clothing, shoes and etc. for many years now. This has saved us money as prices have gone up and the prices we paid were much lower. This has really been a good investment. Make sure that you rotate your food on a regular basis. Also store what you eat. People in general will not eat different food than they are used to eating. If you would like to read a fiction book about what life could be like after an EMP attack, check out One Second After by Wm R Forstchen. If that doesn’t wake you up nothing will. After reading his book it made me think about not preparing with expensive tech like using solar power converters, etc. Many cars with computers will not run and maybe thanks to Obama’s cash for clunkers program most of the older cars are gone. If an EMP strike was to happen hand tools could be in demand to make usful things. Being a blacksmith would be handy. Do you have skills that might be needed to help others survive? If not start to learn some. Can you grow food? Do you have water for yourself and to grow food? What do you do if the power is out fot a few years or more and your pump does not work? If you have a power source, will the control box fry for your three wire pump or will a two wire pump survive better with the control down the well in the water? These are just some questions that we should learn answers for. I sure do not know all that I will need to. A small older diesel tractor will run as long as you have fuel and a tiller to make use of it. Maybe convert an old gas tiller to propane. Propane will last years in storage as gas will be spoiled in short order. Plus it is hard for others to steal propane if it is in a large tank. Do you have hand garden tools to work the soil? How about extras when they are broken. Shovels, rakes and hoes might be in short supply. Buckets would be a simple but needed item to have to carry water and other things. Neighbors and small commumities will have to band together. Other than all out atomic war an EMP strike would be worse than most anything.

  • Impaler Lord

    EMP is no joke, it can be created merely with a very powerful and focused pulse of energy from a RADAR set. It can be generated by “E-bombs” the goverment plans to use against us, and these weapons can also be made by anyone with a good understanding of electronics. Therefore a terror attack against us, either by our own government, Israel or subnational actors is more likely with each passing day. But most devastating is either a nuclear blast in low Earth orbit over the central U.S. or a massive Solar flare that triggers a similary powerful geomagnetic storm. In 1962, the U.S. got a preview of what such an attack could do when it lauched a Jupiter IRBM with a live 4-megaton thermonuclear bomb over the South Pacific Ocean, then detonated the warhead 250miles above the sea. The EMP damaged powergrids in Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, and knocked out satellites too. A nuclear weapon that produces an especially powerful EMP pulse for it’s blast yield is a fission bomb fueled by Uranium-235 alone. In other words, a crude Uranium bomb built by terrorists would not only be enough to destroy the downtown center of a large city, it would also generate a devastating EMP pulse too. No doubt these “Super-E” bombs have a rod or shell of U-235 for that same reason. Furthermore, such an attack is likely to be the first of hundreds of nuclear weapons directed to kill large numbers of people. The EMP attack will be intended to neutralize aircraft, RADAR and other systems that would allow us to retaliate before the hydrogen bombs arrive over our cities and airburst above them, which will obliterate them. I would say the only appropriate response to such an attack based on the projections of the number of people that would die here is to airbust high yield hydrogen bombs over every one of an attackers population centers in retaliation. A nuclear attack is a nuclear attack, no matter where the bombs detonate.

  • Julie M

    Terri Blackstock wrote a series of books about this very thing. The Restoration series. Great read, unimaginable circumstances.

    • Charlotte

      I read those books and loved them!

  • Michael

    The only countries who have the capability to carry out an EMP strike of such devastating capability are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. It would need a 30 megaton warhead, but you can’t just screw one of these on a Scud missile and launch it from a merchant ship. If North Korea or Iran wanted to attempt such an attack, they could inflict grievous damage on the US, but could not rely on destroying her ability to retaliate with a gloves-off nuclear strike. There is no doubt that an EMP attack on the US would leave the Iranians and the North Koreans with only a few hours to live.

    • mark

      They might have only a few hours to live, but if you are nuts they might not care. The president of Iran is a nut. We would still have the problems to deal with for a long time to come.

      • Michael

        If they’re that nutty and murderous enough to attempt the destruction of over a quarter of a billion people, exterminating them might be a lesser evil than letting them live to do the same to Europe or Israel. Mankind might also be persuaded that freedom to profess the religion of Islam may be a luxury the rest of the world can’t afford.

      • Kevin

        These guys are not nuts. They personally want to live. This is why they send others to do their dirty work. It’s doubtful that they would do it.

        Actually the threat of a stealth aircraft and PGMs prevent more wars then any treaty. The dictator or whatever their title knows that they are a target and the capability exists to get them.

        Beware when the above nations suppling a group without their fingerprints on it.

        A major nuclear armed power really going to the limits of conventional verses nuclear attack MAY, just MAY use such a device believing the other side would not escalate it into a full fledged nuclear exchange the outcome of which is obvious. The thought that such a thing could be reasonably discussed is madness.

  • onecansay

    Hey, what happened to the thing called the “Star Wars” program. To my knowledge, black budget money has been flowing to it in a never ending way.

    “Yes Tommy, you are a slave for you do not really know where your tax dollars are disappearing. Now, get your little slave a$$ off to the battle field. Kiss mommy goodbye now.”

  • benth165

    To produce an EMP pulse as large as in that diagram above, you would have to have a nuclear weapon in the Gigatons, not Megatons, and the only thing that pull that off in that scale is the SUN, unless you may be thinking of the new developments in HAARP capabilities.
    The type of bomb, how high it is detonated and the quantity of fissional material it contaned are all directly proportional to the diameter of the affected area.
    Does any country have a device that large? Only Russia had one that was even close to being that large, and they stopped making them some time ago, I believe because it was just an experiment.

    This fear mongering is sickening! Do you actually believe Russia or anyone else has the capability to deliver multiple war heads or bombs big enough to completely destroy our electrical infrastructure. Stop listening to idiots who want to make us shudder at their every utterance of how we must protect ourselves from the unseen enemy.
    This article is pure BS !!!

    • Michael

      Unfortunately it is not pure BS.


  • Imaplaneiac

    Michael, this forum is the only way I’m aware of by which I can contact you. Although this message is unrelated to your subject EMP article – but I wanted to inform you of this web site: Perhaps you’ve previously referred to this site on one of your web sites; before I learned about them and became a regular reader? Since I’ve become a reader/blogger … I don’t recall seeing an article specifically about the impending ” Debt Wall “. Although you’ve frequently written about the impacts of debt and hyperinflation.

    Over this past weekend, Mike Huckabee had a guest on this Fox News TV show: Marc Nuttle. Marc spoke about the Debt Wall, and noted his above web site. So, I visited the site and copied & printed several of the articles. ( These articles remain available as of my check … a few mintues ago). I find them to complement facts you’ve reported in your articles.

    So, if you haven’t previously referred or linked to this web site, I suggest you inform your readers of it in an upcoming article.

    • Michael

      Thanks for suggesting that link. It looks very interesting.


  • Luis

    I was quite alarmed after first reading this article, but as I got to thinking about it, I don’t see an event like this fitting in too well with Bible prophecy:

    “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Rev. 13:16-17

    Technology is a wonderful tool for control freaks. Why would the global elite create such a vast array of resources to control the mind of the public, and then turn around and destroy it with a massive EMP attack? It makes no sense to me.

    Also, why would the devil and his human minions put and end to Movies, TV Shows, Competitive Sports games, Secular Music, Video games, and the Internet? The content of most of these things turn people away from the truth (i.e. Jesus Christ). The ensuing suffering brought about by a major EMP attack would cause many of these people to wipe the dust off their Bibles and actually start reading and studying it. I suspect this possibility has not escaped the notice of the enemy.

    Having said all that- I do think it possible that a few small scale EMP’s could go off during a global war, especially in a conflict that takes place a few weeks or months before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. But major EMP attacks that would hamper the ability of the enemy to execute the prophecy of Rev. 13:16-17? I doubt it. The devil has many vices, but stupidity is not one of them.

    If you are curious about what the future holds, go to where you can read a free online book on Bible prophecy.

  • Joe

    One can ignore reality but one cannot ignore the consequenses of igroring reality.

  • I found an old WWII navy sailor’s suitcase at a yard sale for $10 – aside from being super cool and indestructible (it’s bee around the world and looks it) it also has a metal lip running around the inside of the lid, so there is no air gap and IMO it would make the perfect Faraday cage for laptops and comm gear.

    Thoughts/observations welcome!

  • Magdiel

    What a great article!I believe all this 100% that is why I am preparing myself to go to the Alaskan wilderness and live off the land.It is something.pretty much imminent,since God is not shielding this country anymore because of our iniquities,be it from our enemies or from the sun,if The Lord permits that to happen,we are in big trouble! May the Lord God Almighty have mercy on us and protect us!!!Amen!!!

  • Rudy

    Remember that the government does not lack common sense nor is it incompetent. Everything is coldly calculated. We don’t need to have a deficit or be dependent on oil. It’s all being done purposely. Look at all the alleged “incompetence” on 9/11. Whenever something goes “wrong”, they always try to blame it on incompetence. And if an EMP does happen in the US, it will most likely be due to the fact that it was planned from the inside or allowed to happen. We could get out of our financial mess, energy mess, medical mess, etc., etc., if the truth would be allowed to be told. Until we all wake up from this virtual reality game we’re in, the game will continue.

  • I love all the anti technology comments on this blog post. They are such hypocrites too. What are they posting with, a pencil and paper?

    The Kindle is wonderful and carries hundreds of pounds of books. Paper books eventually turn to mush, or rather pulp. Printed materials do not last forever. And print is technology too.

    I hate the anti computer crowd. They are such house pet sheeple on their deathbeds.

  • JD

    Thankfully, we have a wood-burning stove and old pickup trucks that arent electronic. We have mountains with plenty of wood all around us so firewood wont be a problem. We also have old tractors that will still start no matter what. In other words, we are ready. Like its been said a massive solar flare can put out everyone’s lights. The earth is moving into solar maximum again, so the potential is there for this to happen. Millions would freeze and starve to death. Why do you think my happy ass moved back to the ranch? I dont want to be anywhere near the cities when this all goes down. One thing to point out in the event of an economic collapse there will be no power anyways. So dont just think that because of a terrorist attack or solar flare that you wont be on your own anyways.

  • JD

    I would also be bummed that I couldnt talk to you guys on the internet anymore. :(

    • Michael

      We would be bummed too JD :)


  • El Pollo de Oro

    “These are Gerald Celente’s three Gs: gold, guns and a getaway plan. If you want to keep bombing other countries—if you want to keep expanding your global reach in wars—then as we used to say in the Bronx, payback’s a bitch. —Gerald Celente

    The enemies of The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) don’t need to carry out something as technologically sophisticated as an EMP attack in order to watch the country crumble. All it will take is one good low-tech attack, and the politicians of the BRA will terrorize fellow Americans in the name of “protecting” them. What do I mean by low-tech? For example, a terrorist nutcase gets on a bus or walks into a shopping mall in a major city armed with explosives, then blows himself and others around him to pieces. American politicians (except for a few sane individuals like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson) will respond by expanding the Patriot Act, trashing what’s left of the Constitution and use the attack as an excuse to abuse and terrorize the American people. The BRA is becoming more and more of a police state, and even a low-tech terrorist attack will be all that American politicians need in order to rationalize the torture, imprisonment and slaughter of innocent civilians.

    • Michael

      A reader identified as Karen wanted to add this comment to this article….

      This is the same thing as a CME Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun the last major CME was in 1857/58 NASA says all telegraph lines were fryed. But back then people farmed and nabor’s pitched in and helped each other today most people are worried that their nabor’s will rob them or don’t have a clue who they are, NASA web site and solar storm go check it out they say the big one is on it’s way anytime, check out space weather the sun is not a happy champer, lots of sun spots. Just think of one of the worst movies you have seen of earth destruction where nothing is left but a few people, well that is what it will be like but with nothing destroyed except power, no power what so ever. Total silence except for nature. So many people that will turn on each other, I do not like to bring this up but this has happened through-out history, people eating human I know it is sick but consider the people in cities and give them a week or so people lose it, so prepare!!!

  • Billi Joe

    Good Gosh! Where’s the movie for this one?!? I’m surprised Hollywood hasn’t jumped on this yet (or have they?). This would have left ‘Perfect Storm’ in the dark! (pun intended). ;)

  • Blinders Off

    Gee. What a perfect false flag event to clear the ponzi dept generated by the multi-trillions printed out of thin air. That would be one serious display of kicking the chess board.

  • Danno

    Thanks for posting this. It is a serious issue that I believe many people will not wright about or talk about. But yet has a very high chance of happening. Either from a solar flare or a nuclear attack. From????

  • MJW

    Sadly (massive understatement), what we would get from an EMP attack is several dozen or several hundred Fukushimas.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Interesting article I discovered EMP about four years ago when I was doing research for a book I was writing. From my research an EMP attack is a possible threat but not an immediate one. There are some “experts” who believe an EMP would not be nearly that devastating, and if you’re North Korea or Iran your going to only get one shot. Miss and you’ll be glowing until the cows come home even with the present dimwit in the WH. I believe there are far bigger threats that will take us out as a civilization. I would recommend One Second After.

    • Whether they get the U.S. mainland or not on their first strike, has nothing to do with the nuclear subs roaming the oceans and sitting off their coast hiding that will send them all to their 72 virgins…. not that it’ll help us much here on the mainland.

  • As we become more dependent on technology, we become more susceptible to this kind of attack.

    The Sun will be at ‘Solar Maximum’ in late 2012, so it’s possible that the Sun will cause an EMP event.

    People have become so dependent, that if and when the supply of electricity, municipal water, food from stores, gas, etc. is cut off, it will be chaos in the cities.

    Better get ready now before it’s too late. Start your preparedness plan today before the crisis hits.

    One of the best resources I learn from is the the Survive In Place – Urban Survival Guide.

  • Gary2

    Gosh Mike It sound like you are describing life after the tea-tanic and their conservative allies get done destroying this country.

    • frank

      Moronic staement

  • Between the financial preparedness articles and the survival articles I read… it would seem that in addition to moving your papers assets to silver and gold, farmland is a great asset to invest in.

    Having some land that has a water well will go a long way towards surviving in the post-EMP or post economic collapse world. You can grow your own food. Install a windmill and solar for power. Use horses for transportation.

  • This article blames our leaders for not protecting us from EMP attacks.

    But this country is controlled by the elite who believe in dramatic population reduction.

    And an EMP event would certainly help them achieve their goal.

    And since the economy is going to collapse anyway, they’re going to lose their ability to steal our money anyway, so they have nothing to lose.

  • pranah

    If our electric grid goes down for months to years, then it is a given that all the nuclear power plants will fail–because the cooling systems depend on electricity from the grid. When the grid goes down, the plants will be able to run for a very short time on backup generators. When those generators fail (which they will when we can no longer get diesel fuel to them), the power plants will fail, and then they’ll all go Fukushima. All of them, all over the country. Few people seem to be aware of this, yet it’s one of the most terrifying consequences of grid-down there is. This article from NaturalNews goes into detail and is well worth your time to read:

  • Ben

    Good article. However, there are some items within it it that are misleading. In terms of instant death, you would have a lot of it. There are about 2 million people in this country who have pacemakers, after an EMP, their electronic devices would quite. They would die almost instantaneously. 2 million people dead. At any given time, there are about 1 million people in this country that are on some kind of dyalysis, respiratory machinery or other artifical means of support. Those electronic devices would fail. They would die within hours. 1 million people dead. Let’s keep going. Now, at any given time, there are about 250,000 people flying in the air, if they are under the blast, the EMP would wipe out their instrumentation and they would not be able to land. Planes would fall out of the sky and cause massive damage to the people on the ground. Let’s say, conservatively, that takes out another 50,000 people. Who is going to help them? No emergency vehicles will be there to help. How many fires will start because of those crashes? So now, you are looking at about 3.3 million people dead within hours. How is that going to be handeled?
    What about people in elevators? How are they going to get out? Other patients, surgeries? Who will helpe them? I don’t know of any hospitals that are “hardened”. Sure they can run on generated power during a storm…but an EMP? That’s more dead, more deveastation and no one to help. Now, here is some scary stuff. What about prison populations? What are you going to do with them? Leave them there? Let them go? Shoot them? What will be done with those people? What if they are released into the general population?

    So to me, the article is misleading. It would not take long for there to be total catastrophe and it would NOT be getting better.

    But wait…it gets better.

    Now this is never discussed in these “government studies” on EMP’s. You never hear about the nuclear problems that would occur. Let’s not forget we have 104 nuclear power plants in this country. They are heavily concentrated in the East. Perhaps those reactors and plants are hardened, perhaps not. How would they protect against an attack? How would they cool the cores? Think of 104 different Fukishima’s around this country. You would have that many meltdowns and vast swaths of this country would become uninhabitable and you would have death on a massive scale from radiation sickness. Death tolls would rise.

    The nuclear problem is always ignored in EMP scenarios. Why is that?

    Which is a great segue into the next part of all of this nightmare.

    How would you deal with all of the death? It would come in waves. First you would have all of the diabetics, and people on medication that need it to live.

    That is where they get the 9 out of 10 Americans.

    Oh, it would be absolutely medieval. After you have all of those people die off. An estimated 30 million. Then you would have the starvation waves. Another, 30, 40, 50,….hell 100 million people.


    How would you deal with getting rid of the bodies?

    Because, then you know what hits next with rotting corpses?

    Disease. That would be a huge wave. another 75 million people.

    Remmember people, there is no sanitation. No medication. No running water. Unless you have a gravity fed system and live high up in the wilderness. I think you would be toast.

    How would you deal with the hoards of people looking for food?

    Hunt you say? Your area would be picked clean by every other Joe Suburbanite who had the same idea.

    Fend off the marauders? You have guns and ammo right? You will defend it!

    If you have guns, they have guns too, and perhaps they are trained military types who did not prepare but are trained to survive, use con-intel and get what they need by force.

    How would you defend against that type of individual? Say they aren’t trained, and you are ready to defend your “stuff”. How are you going to defend against the hoards of people who want YOUR stuff? I don’t care how good you are and how well-trained you are, shear numbers of people, some armed and hungry are not in your favor.

    So how would you survive in this brave new world?

    The odds are pretty stacked against it.

    Let’s hope it never happens.

    And at any rate…prepare and be aware!

    • Impaler Lord

      Unfortuantely, I would have to agree with you on all points. But if Iran or some other country does attack us this way, the body count will be massive here for another reason. The blast absolutely will not prevent U.S. forces from retaliating with a full nuclear strike on that country’s cities, and the massive clouds of fallout will also reach the United States. With everyone already weakened from disease, extreme stress, lack of food and clean water, the radiation will cause a lot of sickness that will claim many, many more lives. The damage to the ozone layer will also allow much more UV light to reach the ground, which will start killing plants and animals, and blinding humans and animals too. The late Leonic Bhrezniv, a former premier of the Soviet Union was right about one thing. He stated that if nuclear weapons are used anywhere by anyone, it will result in global devastation. No doubt Iran, Israel or any one of these other rouge states know they will start a global nuclear war if they attack the U.S., and I think that is their intention to kill off as many non-Jews and non-Muslims as possible. Fanatical religious hatred towards “infidels” combines with weapons of mass destruction equals Armegeddon.

    • pranah

      Ben, that’s some of the best-elucidated doom I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for putting that together.

  • Check out the Club-K container system from Russia. It allows countries to fire rockets or cruise missiles from a ship container.

    This system would be undetectable until after launch.

    Iran could modify this system to carry their Shehab 2 missile which has a length of about 11 meters. The Shehab 2 has a range of 500km. That would be enough to send to an EMP over the entire East Coast. This might even be enough to affect the entire eastern portion of the US. So Iran would need to fire at least two missiles, one from the Atlantic and Pacific, in order to cover the entire US.

    Please note that Iran has been training in the Caspian Sea on the ability to ship launch missiles.

    North Korea acquired super-EMP technology from Russian scientists. It is likely that North Korea passed this technology onto Iran for a fee.

    So two small nuclear weapons fired from Iranian ships could send the US back to the 1800s.

    • Texan Patriot

      Thank you for sharing that.

      • Randopholous

        Yes, we are always going to hear from the Israel Lobby what an imminent threat Iran is Our Way of Life. The Islamo-fascists will surely nuke us as soon as they cobble the first bomb together. So we are breathlessly told day and night.

        Question: why would they nuke the West when they need us to buy their oil? Do you really believe they are so insane, their reprisal obliteration would not concern them? If so, you probably also bought the line that Iraq was our mortal enemy 9 years ago.

        • China is a bigger consumer of Middle East oil than the US, AND they’re allied somewhat with Iran.
          Do we really believe those in the middle east are insane enough to do x,y, or z?
          Do you really have to ask that question about a culture where your son detonating himself in an Israeli cafe, killing himself and dozens of civilians, is not only acceptable, but a celebrated act of heroism? The believers truly are prepared to readily die for their cause, which we in the US have quite the impossibility grasping as there is no similar or parallel trait in our own culture.

  • Airborne71

    I ain’t buying this ! A study done last year showed that when a lab created emp was done to cars , all they did was shut the engine off and restarted it. That worked EVERY time ! Even with twice the amount of an electrical pluse of an atomic bomb !! Other electrical items ( generators, motors ect.) did the same thing . We are fearing this emp stuff way too much .

    • Fernando

      Could you elaborate on this, please? any link to provide?

      • Infidel

        I saw that study, too. I seem to recall, however that the voltages were not what this person claims nor anything remotely like what a Carrington event size solar flare would produce vis a vi an X class flare. The US Congressional EMP committee conducted the tests but the results were skewed for myriad reasons. Money and a lack of facilities being paramount.
        A link that explains some is seen here:

        Airborne71 is UNDERPLAYING the risks. The Russians wouldn’t be putting as much work into this as they are for it to not be viable. One, cars are insulated to a greater degree than stationary objects like transformers and generating facilities. These things would be fried and the same report that those trucks were tested for explained this in detail. He obviously only read what suited him to that point. Trucks and equipment are of little use once the fuel pumps are dead and there is not a real plan in place to get things in gear quickly if this happens. Society will collapse in hours. Airborne71 had better be ready for that.
        I have my doubts.

    • Guido

      Future weapons (linked below) proved otherwise.!

    • Impaler Lord

      How do you account for the fact that when Hiroshima was leveled by Little Boy, a Uraniium bomb, ever electrical circuit for 50 miles was wiped out? The Starfish Prime test 250 miles above Christmas Island in the South Pacific Ocean damaged power grids in Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia, all of which were thousands of miles away from the 4-megaton warhead when it detonated. It is possible to greatly intensify the burst of gamma-rays a nuclear blast generates, and those gamma rays slamming into atoms in the upper atmosphere are what caused EMP. It need not even be a nuke, a massive Solar flare, nearby supernova or even a gamma ray burst from thousands of light years away will do the same thing, only it would be enough in that event to wipe all life off the face of the Earth.

    • MelTX

      Then don’t “buy this!”… and keep on doing as you have always done, but if an EMP attack happens, don’t look to anyone else for water, food, transportation or protection. We are all responsible for the choices that we make, what we believe and if or how we prepare. We are also responsible for the consequences of those choices. Good luck.

    • Avenger

      I agree. This is really all a THEORY! Remember how the doomsayers were so positive that on 1-1-2000 that nothing would work (computers, power compnanies, etc.). Well, nothing happened!!

      • victor

        Y2K, while over-hyped by many and over-discounted by many it was a genuine problem -it was not simply a THEORY. Had not hundreds of millions of dollars been spent by governments and corporations on hardware and software remediation there would have been many malfunctions, some potentially very severe, others less so.Those heavy expenditures in the mid 90’s are what triggered the tech stock boom on which the speculators,stock jocks, and the greedy naifs piled into the market for that sector – just about the time the actual remediation expenditures were diminishing. To take just one for instance of what was a genuine and measureable complex of systems problems, it was not until late Spring of 1999 that the national/regional electric grid systems had been essentially fixed after years of extensive effort to that end.
        It was a genuine technological and fixable problem. Y2K is not analogous to the nature of or potential for an high altitude nuclear explosion attack or and extraordinary solar storm.

  • the Flyer

    Don’t get to anxious just yet
    Nowadays electronic devices are equipped with proper shielding that will protect its circuits from EM-Pulse to a certain extent.
    If a certain faction wants to destroy US electronics by exploding a single atomic bomb, that bomb would need to be strong enough to radiate the correct dose of EM Pulse, yet its radioactive and shock wave will give a much more deadly effect . Such nuclear bomb on that scale doesn’t exist yet.
    The biggest nuclear bomb ever exploded was the Tsar Bomba, and its EM-Pulse is nothing compared to the radiation and shock wave effect.
    Unless of course somewhere in the world there’s a mad professor with a certain secret device that could generate EM-Pulse so powerful absent of nuclear explosion.

    • Infidel

      So wrong. Tsar Bomba was a ground burst. They produce plenty of EMP but at such low altitude that it only travels a short distance. Dude, a kt weight nuke at 200 miles up would wipe out the USA. No heat. No blast. No Alpha, beta or gamma radiation. Just EMP.

    • Impaler Lord

      You are mistaken, because a single detonation of a strategic nuclear weapon in space over a target country need not be a 20 megaton blast to blanket a huge area with a very destructive electromagnetic pulse effect. A nuclear attack will likely start with a blast in the 100 to 500 kiloton range, as that covers the sort of yield many thermonuclear devices that are sitting aboard ICBM’s and SLBM’s right now. Some Russian missiles such as the SS-N-18 “Satan” were armed with one 25-megaton warhead and could be uses as a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System. In other words, they can put a nuclear bomb into Earth orbit, then detonate it later over any point on the globe to generate a massive electromagnetic pulse, or drop it onto a country with very little warning to flatten a city. Such a blast will not only cause immense damage or total destruction to electronics and electrical equipment on the ground, it will literally blind RADARS, and jam radio communications even if they equipment itself was hardened enough to survive the EMP itself. Infrared sensors will also be blinded, and that will be when the other re-entry vehicles dive back into the atmosphere and start airbursting over American cities, killing tens of millions the same way most of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were.

      If if the first bomb is the only one to be used against us, returing the nation to the late 1800’s will mean the carrying capacity of the nation will be drastically reduced. That means starvation, disease and violence when people fight over the food, water and shelter that is left will rapidly kill off far more people than those who died from air crashes, life support and pacemakers failing, toxic releases and massive fires that are caused directly by the EMP. In other words, welcome to the EMP created jungle.

  • Dan

    Folks, I think most are forgetting something. The U.S. govt is NOT in the business of taking care of, or protecting its citizens. Rather, it is with the globalists in a reduction scheme for us. We ask, and honestly so, “why is the Govt NOT preparing for this eventually?” (No doubt THEY are preparing, but NOT for us) Its pretty simple when you understand about the vast reduction in the population that the globalists have in store for us. EMP? Works for them!
    A note on the faraday ‘box’ or cage mentioned in another post to protect against the EMP: The aluminum foil covered box is good, but it must have a ground wire of at least #12 to drain off the charge, and connect this wire to a good ground. Include a good small portable world band radio, with the protected articles. Also some hand-held radios for local comms. An amateur radio license is not all that hard to get. Communications will be critical in defending yourself. Learn how to use a rifle and pistol. They will be needed. Check out Stan Deyos’s site and others for real tips on prep. Good luck and may God protect you.

    • Danny

      Quoting Dan”No doubt THEY are preparing, but NOT for us”

      THANK GOD someone else gets it!

  • Earl Worick

    I have for a very long time thought something such as this is likely to happen, but I do not believe that any preparation would be worth the effort. I truly believe that most Americans in power honestly believe that God will take care of them in the end–no matter what happens. Since I don’t believe in fairy tales, I am prepared for the consequences of such a catastrophe because what’s left of my life is not worth worrying about. I’ve said for a long time that my grandchildren will not live the beautiful and challenging life that I have lived, but it’s all because they came into this world at the wrong time. Instead of humans benefiting from their mistakes, they have come to hate one another more than ever. It could have been a beautiful and infinite life on earth if humans, the world over, had been able to realize what a wonderful thing this earth and our brains have given all of us. Suicide bombers are not the only people who have chosen to use their brains for insane reasons.

    Earl Worick

    • Mama Bear

      You probably see yourself as a noble, detached Stoic, willing to take what comes along (theoretically), but if you have grandkids, what a sick old man you are not to prepare on their behalf, if you think this is “likely to happen”. Shame on you. Any child that has air to breathe, food in his belly, and the protection of a loving family has a beautiful life, because life is intrinsically precious. Hopefully they have strong parents to protect them, because apparently they will get no help from some coot nattering about some faux golden age when people didn’t hate each other, like back in 1939. ?! Preparation IS worth the effort if you prefer not to see the Zombie Mutant Bikers assaulting and torturing your grandbabies for fun, and then eating them. Or having to decide which children to let starve to death, crying as the other children eat, as in the Ukraine under Stalin. Thank God my kids’ grandpas are ex-Marines who have been putting in a lot of range time. Your job as a father and grandfather is to protect and shepherd your family, not sit on your withered butt and whine.

      • Paddy

        Now THAT’S telling it like it is! Thanks Mama.

        What she said…

      • Texan Patriot

        Well said!

      • Russian

        Generally very wise thoughts just please don’t link your reasonings to the false story and don’t spread myths about Stalin when you most likely don’t know any TRUTH about him. Learn TRUE history from the first hands before saying anything and don’t repeat someone’s ************. Just stop trust your mass-media that telling you lies all the time so you are looking really stupid exposing yourself as “I-know-it-all” ignoramus. Sorry but for majority of Russians those “western-made” statements sound so ignorant and stupid most of times!

  • virgizzy

    Many Many people depend on machines to help them breathe, clear their kidneys of toxins, blood transfusions, etc.etc….thank you Ben….

  • To protect your electronics you must create an electromagnetic shield by wrapping electronics and ammunition in aluminium foil then in a sealable steel/iron box or building. Aluminium wil protect against the electric (full Spectrum) radio/microwaves and the iron/steel against the magnetic flux. To protect your vehicles (Pre-1978 models) disconnect your battery cables and bolt together with a brass bolt. IMPORTANT: Keep your fuel tanks at least half full at all times. EMP pulse will BLEVI (boiling liquid, instant vaporization) and cause portable and installed tanks to blow. A blanket of inert nitrogen gas also works. Blevi-proof gas tanks are Canadian in origion and using bunsen burner >1/4 inch openings layers of expanded metal screen prevent explosions from “Explosafe”(sp?) custom tanks to retrofit available… !/3 of All Military and Police communications devices should be kept in ammo boxes. If you can afford it spare ignition coils, alternators, generators car computers wrapped in aluminium foil and kept in steel/iron ammunition boxes with tools to make the change outs. Ground your car/truck antennas with multi-strand copper wire and aligator calmps or the like… Steel wire or aluminium wire to steel connectors/boxes anre possible to produce a thermite reaction, make shure all connections are clean and tight and use conductive electrical grease if replacement with copper wire not possible. People with pacemakers or other electronic medical devices need some sort of back-up help… The list is endless…. Think about all the iron nails in wood in your homes, offices and fences. When these get hot they loose their hoolding strength… look for more information on website for radiation safety/knowledge and EMP related articles… Frank John Holmquist New Mexico USA

    • Guido

      Wow, Frank J, I’m not an expert by any means, but I never heard of this BLEVI effect as part of an EMP burst. If that’s true, it changes the game in an attack. I followed your link and I can see you have more experience in this area than I do. Like I said, I’m no expert, but I was wondering if you could explain it to me or tell me where I can read more. Is this an effect of a close-range blast? When I think of an EMP attack, I usually assume it would be a high-altitude blast, since the higher the blast, the more area in line of sight of the blast.

      I’ve seen explosafe jerry cans and I think the idea is terrific. I remember learning years ago that a screen can be a simple way to stop flame, so when they filled a container with mesh, it seemed so simple and brilliant, I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been tried before.

      I attended a conference dealing with related topics in aerial and space technology and a defense contractor had an EMP device mock-up on display. Various aerospace contractors are marketing EMP-proof Faraday-type cages and lockers now for sale and research. The display device was a simple suitcase with components installed under clear acrylic for display and the exhibitor was happy to discuss the device and how simple it would be to build it.

      Neal Stephenson, in Cryptonomicon, dealt briefly with the idea of a short-range homemade EMP device and how an anti-authority group, like a hacker/techie group might use it to knock out the authorities’ comms and toys. Their device was good for a couple city blocks; more than enough to cause problems.

      Note to self: When searching EMP on Google, don’t accidentally type EMO. The results you get really suck.

  • NickyG

    It’s gonna be so fun! I wish it would happen today.

  • JJ

    Hmm…I like how it says in this article that things would revert back to the way they were in the 1800’s. Riiiiiiiight…we did have petroleum resources then, railroads, and factories. With an EMP attack, none of those things would even be possible. In reality, things would revert back to the year 1000 AD in the event of an EMP attack.

  • YF

    A good read is Little Heathens|Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During The Great Depression | by Mildred Armstrong Kalish

  • Ed

    Both my boys have spent 8+years in Boy Scouts. They go whole summers working at camps with little or no electric power. They would survive just fine.

    • MelTX

      They would survive better than most, but “just fine” is very optimistic. Disease would run rampant if no time. People are filthy and don’t know how to be any other way. If they can’t flush it, they don’t know what to do with it. Your boys knowledge will help THEM be responsible, but the rest of the “citizens” will make life literally unbearable for all. I commend you for supporting them as Scouts. It is the best education! Just wish the rest of America hat that education and we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in.

  • Energetics are a two edged sword. It is the ability to use the core of the earth itself as the energy source, and is available to all. The nature of this technology is such that it causes one to realize that using this as a weapon as man now already does, is like using it on yourself.Unfortunately “the people” do not know about it. Energetics in non living systems, bioenergetics in living systems, and psycoenergetics in control over thought and emotion. The EMP can be used, but several nations have it, so there is some deterrent against it, just like Nuclear. THERE CAN BE NO WINNER The technologies I describe already use the earth as a weapon, amplified and precision improved, using the global geoengineering known as chemtrails. The next item aside from economic collapse to cause people to beg for a replacement economic system which will be cashless as the mark of the beast, will be the collapse of the New Madrid Fault. It was begun with the Gulf oil spill to weaken the salt dome holding back the land mass in it’s place, now dissolving and inturrupting the heat transferr of the oceans. Combined with escaping gasses killing birds and the fish, it combines with ELF to confuse and destroy everything from beaching whales and dolphins to birds bats and bees. The resulting release of barium can be added to our now electromagnetic plasma geoengineered environment to produce effective 3D imaging to go along with the HD tv and psycotronics to lead people to believe with their own senses whatever scenario is going to have the effect their supercomputer modeling has predicted. The rip in the magnitosphere from this will kill anyone outside in daylight during the pole shift, which will happen within a few years of the arrival of Nemisis. Many already know of the DUMB and the report of Phil Schneider witnessing the issuance of orders from the fallen in the flesh to members of the UN in line with Agenda 21. For better understanding of these issues, I have assembled my own blog The Blogathoin Philabuster. For your consideration.

    • Jean


      Wow mate! What in hell have you been smoking, snorting, shooting, etc. This read like some alphabet diarhea! Sure hope you were joshing!

      • frank

        I thought L Ron Hubbard was dead

  • NickyG

    Note to editor: the Internet was made for military / civil communication during and after a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. We wouldn’t be exchanging info over the net had it not been for an EMP threat.

    Old school tech is still around. The government recently took over analog. There are still coal fired electrical plants. Most of the machinery would still work, all you’d have to do is gut out the wiring. You don’t need electronics to operate an old school boiler.

    The Amish have done without all of this stuff for years. The Mormons could probably get along without it too.

    • Guido

      I think you’re oversimplifying things. Sure, on a small level, you could get things working with old school tech-but do we have the spares and parts and know-how to do it at a national level? If you get the juice running in Pittsburgh, can you still keep the grid up in Northern VA? I doubt it. And where is the coal going to come from for your plant if the net is down, the highways are blocked, the trains aren’t running because their diesel isn’t being pumped or refined. It’s a massive “For want of a horseshoe…” kind of problem.

      And don’t forget the human factor. In the NYC blackout in, what, 1977?, the locals were rioting quickly, looting, and burning down their own neighborhoods. In an EMP, especially in this current climate, you would probably see widespread looting, rioting, and random violence. With limited law enforcement and government resources available, and possibly little or no transportation, the authorities would be hard-pressed to keep order.

      • Jessy S.

        True, but we don’t really know what could happen in the event of an EMP attack. At least wen do know that all things Electrical-Magnetic would be fried which means good-bye RFID and Facial recognition tech as well as credit and debit cards. At the same time, the shock from the EMP attack will knock out power, but we will quickly rebound because our power doesn’t come from magnets. Our power comes from water, coal, and nuclear energy. This means that it will take about a week for power to be restored. It took about a day and a half during the last power outage to hit the northeast US, including New York City, which was during August of 2003.

        As with all things RFID, Facial Recognition, and Credit and Debit cards, they will become more than worthless, and Cash will not only be king, but become a God.

        • DermalDeviations

          Jessy S.
          Sorry to say, that financial records are now kept on super computers inside of mountains. Personal debt will be the safest thing in an EMP attack.

  • ChiefEOD

    I see a lot of folks commenting that anyone crazy enough to do this wouldn’t because of retaliation. First, we would have to know who actually did it in order to retaliate. Second, considering the current administration, I doubt anything would be considered great enough “proof”. But back to the first point. When any type of munition is used forensics can determine what type of explosives have been used. The same is true of nuclear weapons and even more so, we can use that analysis and “signature” (both pre and post-explosion) to determine its origin quite accurately. One big problem in this EMP scenario, with a blast at anywhere near the altitude necessary to cover a significant area, there would be no residue to analyze. The only way we would know who the attacker was would be observing the launch of said missile. Launched at sea, from a freighter of unknown origin with a crew ready to sacrifice themselves and scuttle their ship, we would not have a clue of who to blame.

    • ChiefEOD

      Oh yes, BTW, among the documents obtained after the “fall” of the Soviet Union (also confirmed by testimony of former military officers) we discovered that that they had already developed those EMO “super weapons” and they are much smaller than 30 megatons, not even in the megaton range.

      • Guido

        The forensic equipment, if it existed, would probably be fried, too. Then again, if they cut our juice, I’m sure the DOD would be happy to fry every suspect nation out there, just on principle. I wonder if anyone would be in a rush to help us reconstruct or if the surviving nations would happily let America devour itself, perhaps with the intention of turning us into a pastoral 3rd world nation, as they intended to do to Germany after WWI and WWII?

  • Ben

    You know I hear a lot about this “reducing the population” talk that the elites have in mind for us. Do I doubt that is there plan? No. But think of the logistics? How would they do it? Cremation? Can you think of the mere tonage of burning that would have to be done to get rid of 80% of the population? And here is another thought. Would citizens of this country, and every other country stand for this? Would there be no resistance? How would they accomplish this “population reduction”? Gasing us? Nuking us? If the elites have so much power and control then why don’t they just do it! Just rid the planet of the useless eaters and just get it over with already? Ask yourself this…if this is their plan? Why don’t they just do it?

    Could it be they don’t have as much power as you think? Could it be an illusion?


    • Karen

      By controlling the water needed to grow food, drink, etc., like they are doing in the central valley for the last to yrs. in Ca. No food, limited access to clean water, no new refineries=limited fuel,and so on, voila, perfect storm. Read sbout Agenda21 and check to see if your state, county, or city are implimenting ICLEI guide lines. The ICLEI bribe cities and counties with grants and other funds
      that blind them to the fact that they are just useful clowns.

  • Guido

    Great topic, Michael!
    EMP scares the hell out of me. Frugal Squirrel carries a great fanfic article by a member you can read free of charge, Lights Out. It’s a great way to get newbies clued into the danger. One Second After is a great recent book, too.

    I’m all about preparing for the worst, but unless everyone around you is, too, I fear that prepping will turn you into a giant target. Then again, perhaps your mountain of supplies will go overlooked until everyone around you is too weak to do anything about it? In a situation like this, I’m afraid you would need to be far, far away from every other person to be truly safe. EMP scares the hell out of me.

    • Michael

      Thanks Guido. Hopefully we can get more Americans educated about EMP.

      And by the way, you always leave really good comments.


      • Guido

        Thank you. I really like your site and there are so many topics and ideas to trade and discuss. Sometimes, it is over-stimulating.

        • Michael


          I try my best to keep things exciting around here. ;)


  • Ken

    People just loved to be SCARED, don’t they? (For some, it’s addictive) It starts when we’re kids; Everyone loves a good ghost story. Hollywood knows it, and makes a ton from horror movies and disaster flicks ad nauseum. But I’ll tell you who you should really fear. Fear him who after he’s killed the body has power to throw both body and soul into hell. And no matter what happens to the USA in the next 5 or 10 years, eventually each of us is going to stand before our creator to answer for our lives. Pray to God you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior when you do. Once saved, all fear is gone!

  • Ken

    All these comments about death: the most horrific thing people can imagine. Stop a minute and ask yourselves, “Why IS death so terrifying?” Answer: It is because A) we know intuitively that death is not the end, B) we’re terrified of what comes next, and C) we have a innate fear it may involve judgement. Now, you may argue that, but one thing is clear– we ALL must and will die. Whether it comes from an EMP blast, or a sudden coronary in the next 4 minutes, lets not delude ourselves to think any one of us will somehow be exempt in any case. This temporal life is but a vapor in time. Actually, eternity is so much more important. Sadly, this is mostly ignored today– apparently in hopes it will go away. But it won’t. Trust Jesus Christ for your eternal destiny TODAY. He is the way, the truth, and the life. Trust him for your eternity, please. Then no matter what happens, you can’t loose. Read the gospel of John today. God bless.

    • Guido

      Maybe so, but I’m not going to do anything to bring it on sooner. I’m still going to buckle my seat belt, try to eat right, avoid walking in traffic, and get a seat in the exit aisle. As the Muslims say, Trust Allah, but tie up your camel…

    • Russian

      Ken, may God bless you for saying TRUTH and save your Deathless Soul for the Eternal Life in Heaven! I just wish every human being could hear and wake up before it is too late and prepare to meet the One and Only Fair Judge coming VERY SOON!

  • Todd

    Meh… I’m going fishing. Shut the whole damn world off, and I’ll just laugh.

  • old soldier

    I’m really surprised at most of the comments.Most downplayed the threat. In the first place the person who alluded to vehicles starting after an nuclear explosion did not read the full study of the test. Most of the vehicles restarted with 25kV/m.Raising the voltage to 50kV/m shuts down more vehicles. Remember it only take one or two vehicles shutting down permanently, which some did during the test, on a major interstate to block traffic. Going even higher EMP yield shuts down even a larger percent of traffic, meaning MORE vehicles blocking roads and …even worse bridges. As for shielding against EMP, alot of that was disproved by the Indian government recently. In other words, a Faraday box doesn’t guarantee protection against the threat.By the way, they found there is an energy surge that follows an intial attack within the electronic devices themselves that causes even more damage to the devices 10 to 15 minutes later. Finally, the REAL threat is not to vehicles shutting down and not restarting, it is to the electric power grid. Shut down all electricity in major parts of the country for a couple of weeks or longer, THEN you’ll see some real problems. Read the book, EMP Survival. It explains the realities of what to expect with an EMP attack. Also, read the report of the EMP Commission on what to expect.

  • Guido!

    Here is an actual car being EMPd at WSMR, NM on Future Weapons. They generate a pulse and kill the car-however, the battery survives and continues to power the windows and the dash lights. That’s it. No start. They mention prepping the fuel tank to insure it can’t ignite, but do not state that is an effect. Just thought I would share…

  • jm

    As far as testing of cars by the government they did not test the cars to a full emp. they were rentals and they had to be returned. There was not enough mney in the budget to completely test them. Then only tested until they got a mild response from the vehicles. This is covered in the final report and also on EMPACT radio.

    Also an nuclear emp has 2 pulses and the solar has only one. Protection agains solar is not protection again nuclear one.

  • jm

    Oh and if anyone thinks that there would be blast and radiaton damage they are wrong. You make it go off about 70 to 80 miles up . All this is expained on a lot of sites on the internet. Just search emp.

    There would be a loss of life in this country of about 75 to 85 percent with in a 6 to 12 month period.

    Mainly because there would be no food to feed 325 million people. There would be very little if any transportaion for food and other items. If you were not able to clean your own river water or catch rainwater you will not have a supply of water in the cities.

  • An emp is a serious concern. I read that a one kiloton bomb blown up 40 miles up over the midwest would decimate the entire electrical grid because it would travel through the wires and substations to every part of the north american continent, including Canada and Mexico. Within a year there would only be 1% of the population left not the 10% that the article cites.

    You know the real problem is having access to land to provide for ourselves what we need. The system has carefully and deliberately made most americans landless, thus permanent slaves to othr people, mainly the elites. An emp may make it possible for people to once again spread out and gain enough land to take care of themselves. Just a thought.

  • Suzan Gittens

    The biggest problem resulting from no electricity, is that nuclear power plants and many years worth of stored spent fuel rods would melt down. A large portion of the U.S. would become the “lake of fire” mentioned in Revelation.

  • dan

    A solar flair has more EMP potential than ALL of man’s bombs….put your radios and sensitive gear in a metal trashcan (ammo???) and hope that enough of us engineers get the alternative power going because the grid WILL be FUBAR.
    Sounds like a challenge/adventure.I hadn’t heard the one about nails heating-up since I first put in a woodburner back in “82,lol’s.

  • I have been reading online for over a decade.
    I do not know how I came upon the website of
    Rob Bast,”Survive 2012″,”Survival Blog” and a host
    of other things,but I became infatuated with the
    idea of living in a similar manner to the Pilgrims,basically taking care of yourself.
    I have put together ample food supplies,fresh
    water,1st aid supplies,gasoline and at least 1000
    rounds of ammo for each of my 7 firearms,so I will
    be prepared. I have to mention,I am 6o y/o and
    pretty much crippled from a fall thanks to my
    clumsiness and the incompetence and arrogance
    of roland vance askins (Sarasota)the attending
    orthopedic surgeon who has left me in this way.
    I like my air conditioning and H/D TV,and I
    would have to say good bye to the luxuries,but
    In am ready. Please,everyone prepare yourselves
    for the worst and live like the best.
    Look what happened in the aftermath of “Katrina”
    and why the people responsible for disaster relief were not imprisoned I do not know.
    Our society seems to reward corrupt government
    officials,I say life imprisonment!

    • Avenger

      Right on Steve! I’m with you!

    • DermalDeviations

      I know where im going, Steves house.. I can take a 60yr old cripple… lol j/k

  • Philistine


    Yes, there are hundreds of nuke plants that would in short order fail just like Fukushima. They generate electricity, but for some reason require outside sources of electricity to operate. Once the diesel gennys run out of juice, the plant runs out of juice, and the explosions and meltdowns begin.

    On a comforting note, the Russians and Chinese know this and know the entire world will become a radioactive dead zone. Therefore they will never do this to us. Likewise we will never do this to a country or region with any number of nuke plants.

    However, do the Iranians care what happens once Great Satan is hobbled? I have no idea. Certainly a state apparatus would be required to perform such a stunt, so are we sure about the ones that want to? Whether or not they care if the entire world is fried and lifeless? That’s the real question.

    • pranah

      “On a comforting note, the Russians and Chinese know this and know the entire world will become a radioactive dead zone. Therefore they will never do this to us.”

      Philistine, exactly–so I tend not to worry too much about weaponized EMPs, except when I’m really paranoid and wonder if some raving nutcase might damn well just push the button anyway and to hell with the consequences.


      EMP generated by solar flares are another story. They could cause all the same devastation as a nuke EMP, and apparently the sun’s in a very active phase right now. Some people are extremely concerned about another Carrington event-level solar flare. But hey. Between that, the Yellowstone caldera, the world financial markets blowing up, pandemic flu, and Peak Everything, something’s going to happen before too long to reduce our population.

      Good luck, everyone, and keep prepping!

      • Kyle

        Agenda 21 baby!

    • Peter Tefft

      They kill themselves and a few others. Its their idea of victory over the infidels. What in the world would stop them from destroying our whole country. Nothing.

  • Straycat

    If you have not read either “Lights Out” or “One Second After”, you should.
    Iran fired a missile over the Caspian Sea several years ago that detonated at apogee; they called it a success.
    Remember that missile launched off California earlier this year? Chinese SLBM sending us a message: We can do it if we choose to.
    Look at it this way; if you are prepared for an EMP, you’re prepared for ANYTHING short of an asteroid strike.

  • Prepping for the Future

    Product Description
    A fictional account of the end of the world after an Electro Magnetic Pulse Bomb (EMP) hits America and takes out the entire electrical grid. Americans fall into chaos, and survival of the fittest is the only way to turn. Three different groups try to survive the collapse of America.

  • Lynda from rual Maine

    So has anyone read One Second After? I live in a very rual area, lots of old cars still around.We are use long winters. Back in the 90’s we had a ice storm here in Maine and some of us did not have power for 6 months. But what worries me the most about an EMP attack is getting medicine for the old folks and people with diabetes. I have been looking for some natural replacement for insulin. There does not appear to be any for type 2 diabetes. Does any one have any ideas? Lynda

    • Anon

      Lose weight

      • di

        you are an idiot

        • Simple Facts

          Anon is right. Common sense. Americans are by and large grotesquely overweight. Negligence is basically suicide. The fat/obese ones will go first in any emergency scenario. You would think people would respect their bodies. Inflation is already increasing the cost of food. Diabetes is largely influenced by diet. If you eat like a glutton and/or do not exercise you are going to have a slow painful death. Diabetes leads to heart attacks and your limbs can rot off. Best to prevent this type of self induced idiocy.

          • paul

            Well, there is that theory that obesity and diabetes are caused by chronic dehydration.

            So, obesity is just a visible marker of the possibility of diabetes.

            When you got diabetes, the damage is done.

            But for prevention drink more water.

            Drink water whenever you feel hungry or are craving for a cigarette. Eat only, when drinking water doesn’t help anymore.

            And then select your food carefully. Oats contain 11% protein, but only 4% fat. And they store outside the fridge.

      • Avenger

        Simple, yet profound!

      • roxy

        Oh, she/he will lose weight , all right. No problem! No food. No fat! Undrinkanle water. Anything green is poisoned. No sun , nuclear darkness. Diabetes will be the least of your worries. Btw- my husband is type 2. He refuses to lose weight. And doesn’t even abide by the diet he should be on. If SHTF, I am afraid we’d have to leave him behind. He would be dead weight. If he could survive on his own till we got help, then so be it. But to be on the run or anything? He couldn’t make it. His legs are F’d up. So do lose weight. In any life, you will live longer.

  • TX Bennington

    There is an excellent fictional book based on an EMP attack that I haven’t seen mentioned in the first page or two of comments….

    The book is One Second After by William Forstchen. Lights Out by David Crawford is also a good read. They can both be found at Amazon or which ever book stores that are still in business.

    Either of these books will lend some dire perspective to the persons here posting about “just going fishing” and the like.

    Beans, Bullets, Bandaids, and gold/silver…….

    • guido

      I think you can still download Lights Out free of charge, or at least it used to be available, from Frugalsquirrel. If it isn’t up there, someone probably has it mirrored somewhere.

      • guido

        Sorry, I’ve read it off and on for years free of charge online. Now it’s gotten published and they removed all online versions. It’s still out there, if you look for it hard enough…

    • Peter Tefft

      Have read it over and over. Its a true scenario of what would happen and its real bad, very bad. It should start you thinking and preparing as best as you can. Some prep is a lot better than none. Read it and do it.

    • squirl033

      Don’t forget coffee and toilet paper!!

      • Keninem

        And beer!!!!! You might need lot’s of beer, since there may not be water to drink and if there is water, it may not be safe to drink!!!!

  • REB

    For Ken: Obviously you have read the scriptures, and your references are accurate. Many church goers think and feel the same. However, the “words” will not save you. You can believe as hard as you want, and think anything you want, but the reality is that none of that will “save” you, either spiritually or physically. Do you know what is on the other side? What are his commandments? Do you do the works he did, or greater works? Can you explain “Sin” or “Faith” without referencing scriptures? If you haven’t done, or cannot do any of these, you might want to stop hoping in hope and start preparing. When was the last time you “spoke” and created a situation? The scriptures can never be used to argue a position. When was the last time you had a situation “bound” or “loosed”, and it happened immediately? What does “worship” and the word “Believe” mean? He is Lord AND God. What is a God? Go ahead and start preparing…

  • Illuminated Enlightened

    Some of you people kill me when it comes to end of the world events. You still say “gold and silver” like purple are really going to care about money. I have a wife and daughter. I’m not worried about money. I’m going to Shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more them we can talk about gold and silver

    • paul

      good luck making your way through brambles and roses around my home.

  • Illuminated Enlightened

    People not purple

  • Dezibird

    Anyone in a city is doomed. Eat your dog and try to get out. There will be no water, fuel, heat, food, security….. nothing. However, people who live off nature instead of the system will be OK to an extent. He who is first will be last and he who is last will be first. Apart from nuclear plants melting down, the biggest threat will come from other humans, most of which will act very inhuman. Form your own hippy tribe real quick and help eachother with self defence, food production etc. As for modern technology, we don’t need it, we only want it. Those who have lost all the skills needed to live without this technology will become extinct real quick.

  • Guido

    A little late, I know, but American Thinker just ran an EMP article. A lot of folks are poo-pooing the issue, but EMPactAmerica is trying to get the government to pass legislation and take action to prevent total destruction. I doubt anything will change, but anything that gets more people aware is good.

  • JD

    Update Michael, Last night I was listening to a solar expert he says that the sun is going haywire in sunspot and solar flare activity. A sunspot just released a massive flare that we should be feeling in our atmosphere any time now. Its funny how the MSM dosent seem to think that this is a big deal but as the sun moves into solar maximum next year the potential for more massive flares to destroy our satelites and our electrical grid increases.

    • Michael


      Yes, I have been hearing about that too. I definitely think we need to watch the sun.


  • jm

    If anyone has taken the time to research the actual emp simulation tests on the vehicles they will find that they were not tested to a complete emp pulse. They were only tested up until they started showing a small effect. Why ? The test vehicles were almost all rentals , and there was not enough funds to purchase all the vehicles if they were damaged. This was for the Nuclear emp only , as far as i have been able to tell.

    Good resource for emp data and info is Empact America. They have a weekly podcast on emp related stuff every Wednesday, and Dr Peter Vincent Pry is running it.

  • Not Gonna Tellya

    If EMP doomsday strikes, it would be nice to be living on a cabin in the mountains of Wyoming, drinking fresh water from a mountain stream, staying warm with a wood-burning stove, catching fish with a net, hoping my half acre potato crop survives the latest pest infestation, and greeting strange cars in my driveway with a salute from my shotgun.

    It would be nice…but I wouldn’t live very long. Without the miracle of modern medicine in the form of a daily hormone dosage, my health would slowly deteriorate. I’d soon be unable to do much physical exertion. My immune system would weaken. I wouldn’t be able to fish or gather firewood or plant potatoes. I’d probably be dead about the same time as the guy in the Manhattan high rise who hopped on the boat to Bermuda.

    • roxy

      Mountain water? You don’t think the nuclear fallout would land in your high up mountain water? Burn the nuked wood? Toxic gasses anyone? Nothing would survive, anything that did would be in a dying state. Anything green would stop producing oxygen because the sun would be lost for months, years behind a nuclear cloud. However, the earth is resilient. But it can’t fix a nuclear meltdown. Not one. And there would be hundreds. It would be life ending for the earth. So, it’s not going to happen. Stop worrying and enjoy your life. Our economy will kill us before anything! And please don’t think of eating nuked fish! Wow. I doubt many would survive the initial explosion anyway. That would be a blessing if it did happen. It’s not going to. The earth would be ruined. Not just our grid.

  • Troll Boy

    If the electronics in the nuclear power plants are damaged and the generators are blown by an EMP or Carrington Event we wont have generators to bring them to shutdown. So you could have 20 50 or 80 fukishima’s happening at the same time. If we have even 20 nuclear plants blow do you think your survival techniques are gonna help.

    Take time to pray and things will workout.

  • Pyros

    Fallout 3 may actully happen…..without the radiation and mutants

  • Grant

    No Power, No internet??? HOw will the Amish survive-they barely keep pace now!

  • GMA215

    If watching the learned helplessness after Hurricane Katrina didn’t convince you to BE PREPARED because you’ll be on your own in a disaster, this article should help you wake the hell up before hell wakes you up.

  • JD2

    Who is this person that is going to explode ONE nuclear weapon over the center of our country? I suspect anybody that could explode a nuclear bomb high enough to produce this strong an EMP would not stop at one and we would have a few more significant issues (like being dead) to deal with than EMP

    • roxy

      Bingo! Such as total annihilation. Being vaporized. No sun. Only darkness. Poisoned water. Poisoned earth. Burns. Horrid injuries. All green life forms dead. Oxygen? It would be like the dinosaurs being destroyed all over again.

    • Babyfacemagee

      Not necessarily. A nation such as North Korea or Iran could put one of their limited nuclear devices on a missile in a container on a cargo ship and launch it from a barge not far from U.S. This would negate them having to have developed an ICBM. Today, North Korea has some nuclear weapons but they lack a means to deliver it accurately to the U.S. An EMP attack from waters just off our coast via a lone missile such as I describe above is very possible.

    • panait ciprian

      why explode one big one? this would be inefficient. Just explode a few small above big cities. That way you minimise all risk including the so called reactor melt down. Basically they will still function, but they will have no one to power with electricity.

  • Robert

    “You all are talking about a EMP attack, that will come from a solar flare.” Read below, have a great day!

    What is the Killshot?

    During the top-secret Remote Viewing (RV) CIA and U.S. Army research program, trained viewers that were normally tasked with foreseeing the outcome of war related events began picking up on a future occurrence that appeared to mark a dramatic shift in global life. At first, these viewers, along with Major Ed Dames, the program’s senior operations and training officer, had feared their subconscious was foreseeing nuclear war. It turns out after years of Remote Viewing sessions, the event is in fact a series of solar flares that are so devastating to the Earth, it may cause the death of billions and change life on Earth as we know it.

    Normally, one might not take such a warning seriously, but what sets this prediction apart from others is that Remote Viewers have a track record of being amazingly accurate regarding globally recognized disasters and events. In fact, there are many predictions that were announced on national radio and TV programs that have already accurately come to pass with unprecedented accuracy including the tragic disaster in Japan, a mysterious crop fungus, the predicted Indonesian 9.0 earthquake and more!

    But knowing what’s coming over the horizon is only first step. Learning how to prepare and protect yourself and loved ones comes next. For that reason, people have been learning Remote Viewing to locate their personal sanctuary locations, foresee smaller near term events, and become involved with optimal investments before time runs out.

    • roxy

      The largest known solar flare was recorded yday. However, it was not on the side facing the earth. It was caught on camera. The winds from it were millions of miles an hour. Maybe that was the big one? Lol. The moon got meteor bashed again, just days ago, if you were looking you could have seen the flash. W/O any atmosphere it is prone to such things thus it’s pocked appearance. The earth is somewhat protected by distance and our atmosphere.

  • Jacob

    This is why I am happy my family has a farm and cabin on 100 acres in rural northern wisconsin. With a wood burning fireplace, water from a well, and a outhouse. It is also on a creek and the cabin is in the middle of the woods. Luckily we all know how to hunt and there are plenty of guns. I think my family would be part of the 10% that would make it. Its good to be prepared.

    • Vandetta

      give me some and teach me how

  • So what is the effect of an EMP on our small DIY solar system. Especially the batteries?

    • roxy

      Nuclear clouds=no sun=no solar anything. Darkness would ensue. Cold and darkness. For months, years. Trees will die, all green life will die. So, no oxygen eventually. No food. No sunlight. Many millions would be vaporized instantly, as in a volcanic wave. This is crazy. Nobody is fool enough to allow this to happen. Throwing all satellites into a spin out of their orbits permanently. Nobody would benefit from this. Not one person. It would be as if the dinosaurs died again. Total earth wide cataclysm. Then the earth would cleanse itself after a few thousand years. It would be inhabitable again.

  • Kevin

    Your solar system batteries would be fine and the solar panels should be too, but the charge controller would be fried. Anything with electronic chips is vulnerable.

    • paul

      Forget the solar panels. They use the same technology – semiconductors – as all other electronics.

      Vacuum tube electronics will survive.

      Also think about Faraday Cage and EMI wallpaper.

      • roxy

        Nuclear clouds for months or years would negate anything solar from working. We would be cast into a nuclear winter. No matter what the season.

  • paul

    My bicycle works without electronics. And so do all of my hand tools and my charcoal grill. Same goes for my bed and my water buckets.
    My most important notes are in my (paper) notebooks. Like the location of plants, fruits, berries in nearby parks, river banks, woods.

    Just make sure your teeth and gums are in working order. You don’t want to end up at the museum of dentistry.

  • Any EMP will be Delivered by the Obama Administration and Israel and then blamed on North Korea!! Just like 9/11 was blamed on Osama, when it was Israel’s MOSSAD and the Bush Administration! WAKE UP AMERICA! You are going to be destroyed if you do not Remove the Jewish Mafia controlled Government out of office along with all the zionists holding high office!! You will be a destroyed country if you do not see the real enemy that is already inside the gates!!!!

    • Romans 10:9

      It has to happen and it will, but don’t be troubled. Have hope in your salvation :)

      • Kyle

        Most Americans are under an EMF mind control using cell phones and our water supply as well as being numb from big pharmacy drugs so yeah they are just going to dilly dally about the whole issue.

    • Vandetta

      Agreed. Most of Americans did know this but pretend like nothing. We must stand up together. Revolve this corrupted nation

    • cozybop

      How they know who to blame if there aren’t any communications?


    All the ignorant dope JEW HATERS are so stupid for blaming
    ISARAEL and the Jews have a zero IQ.

  • Daryl Victoriano

    Every couple years I go out to the woods with nothing but my 1911 and a back pack full of goodies… for a month, so I’d actually do pretty well for myself in such a situation. My family on the other hand, not so much

    • mfh

      Funny. Ya not to mention that 280 million other people all running for the woods. Yep that will work. If you don’t have a plan and don’t have the preps now, you will fail.

      • Raymond Andrews

        Even if 280 million people did try to run to the woods also, most of them would be dead of exposure, dehydration, starvation, and accidental poisoning from plants they thought were edible.

        • mfh

          There is that, but of course very few would make it there. Plus what about all those that live there? They will walk right into a crap storm.

      • Isaac Nelson

        Nice profile picture. Was not super thrilled about futurama but Bender was quite the character I am sure he would also die by the EMP regardless of what he did in such a situation.

        • mfh

          Its about Bender liking cigars and drink. Two of my favorite past times.

  • Chelsea

    This doesn’t take into consideration that without electricity, we would be completely unable to cool our several nuclear power plants. Each and every one of them would melt down and eventually explode, and they would irradiate the entire northern hemisphere. Think “On The Beach”. No nation on this planet wants this to happen and every nation on this planet knows of the potential onslaught. Hopefully, nobody is stupid enough to annihilate existence on this entire planet.

    • Chuck

      There are a few set up somehow to use remaining heat to pump and circulate water after generators shutdown.

      I have no idea how this works or how many are able to work like this, I only found out after I emailed 3 of the nuk plants west of wisconsin because there are 4 or 5 that would blow death right at me as I live south of central WI.
      I was am still worried about this.
      It literally would wipe out all life in the eastern half of the USA if only 2 burn up and the 20+ on the east half would sterilize the entire planet of life though that might take a year or three of slow agonizing death.

      Have a nice day : )


    • panait ciprian

      You are exagerating. At Cernobal things got a lot worse and they did not melt down and did not explode. Yes on a large area poured radiation, but it was not so large as to iradiate the whole world.

      • Chelsea

        Chernobyl certainly did melt down and explode. Switzerland detected their fallout. Where have you been? Living under a rock?

  • Erica Wilson Smith

    Humble yourself and rely I’m GOD. HE have manna to HIS followers in the desert. HIS eyes are upon the righteous. Seek GOD out with your while heart, and put HIM foremost, so HE will hear your prayers. From Bible: not everyone that crys LORD LORD will go to Heaven, but those that do the will of the FATHER… From the Bible: seek out GOD while you can. May GOD bless you all to eternity!!!

    • LibertyBill_1776

      GOD is all powerful and omniscient. He CAN work miracles, should he DECIDE to do so. But if you are planning on having GOD rescue you from your own lack of a willingness to prepare for such a cataclysmic event, well, I hope you have your life insurance policy paid up to date…

  • Romans 10:9

    Humble yourself and rely on GOD. HE gave manna to HIS followers in the desert. HIS eyes are upon the righteous. Seek GOD out with your Whole heart, and put HIM foremost, so HE will hear your prayers. From Bible: not everyone that crys LORD LORD will go to Heaven, but those that do the will of the FATHER… From the Bible: seek out GOD while you can. May GOD bless you all to eternity!!!

    • Silent Scream

      We have removed God from our government, our schools, and for the most part, our society as well. God has basically turned his back on this country as a result. You can pray all you want to, but if you don’t have a backup plan, you will undoubtedly die when we have an EMP attack. Just ask all the Christians that are begging Christ to save them as ISIS beheads them. God may or may not hear your prayers, but for now, I think he is saying GET READY. And if you don’t get ready, well, then, I guess you will suffer the consequences for you own inaction.

  • Romans 10:9

    Knowledge will pass away 1 Corinthians 13 .. Basically everything worldly will pass away, even our flesh, but the SPIRIT of GOD (love/agape/Charity) will remain. This love is not the good feeling you get. True love is an action, and often times doesnt feel good to the flesh. Bible says GOD is love. It says love is the greatest commandment! In fact it says the whole Bible is about this kind of love.
    So how do you have this love and become like CHRIST…? As follows:
    Love suffers long and is kind,
    Parades not itself, is not puffed up,
    Does not behave itself unseemly, seeks not her own, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil;
    Rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in truth;
    Bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things ~ 1 Corinthians 13:4~8
    When you struggle to do these things, it doesnt feel good. Its not easy. Thats why the Bible says to take up your cross and follow JESUS. Its says those who dont are not worthy of HIM. Without this love it says you profit nothing!
    from Bible: pray that you may be deemed worthy enough to escape (i personally believe this just means HIS wrath, not a prerapture) you have to put away pride. just come to HIM with what you got. Our GOD is a merciful and loving GOD! Just try.

    • mfh

      Yep and when it happens all those Christians will be praying for rapture and happy as little bed bugs. When they run out of food and water and start to starve or get slaughtered they will cry and wonder what happened. If you don’t have a plan you will be fodder.

      • Kyle

        No no no! They will form religious camps and will come after you’re food and water as you are one of Satan’s minions and in their minds the world could do without you but I think that’s part of the whole bearing the cross thing by standing up to what’s right even if it means making other Christians upset that you didn’t *tickle their ears*.

        Yes you will be persecuted for not following dogma but that’s all part of the written plan.

        • Keninem

          Whoa! Let’s not be rude and let’s not be Zealots! God helps those who help themselves!!! I am a devout Christian but I will not be sacrificed to the unruly like fodder. I am like Noah, and although my neighbors think I am crazy, I HAVE A PLAN, and MY PLAN IS TO SURVIVE!!!! Yeah, my survival is to serve the Lord, but ain’t no Mutha’Fucka gonna take me out without a fight!!!! Like King David, I am a warrior!!!! I will lay down my life for myself and my family and even my tribe; for a man have not greater love than to lie down his life for a friend!!! So read One Second After and figure out who I am!!! I do not intend to rape and murder and cannabilize, but I am not afraid to be the Executioner!!!!
          P.S. You need at LEAST 1 years worth of dried food and water to survive. Coffee, TP, beer, chewing gum, comic books, flash lights and lots of guns and bullets is a good idea too! Ya’gotta have a plan!!!!

  • Carl Squires

    Greetings, Off the Grid News Editor:

    Subject: Misunderstood Electromagnetic Pulse

    Far worse than a medieval bubonic plague, slowly afteran EMP burst, people become weary and despondent due
    to hardship and near starvation. They have also lost their
    jobs, income, equity and retirements. They are desperate to get their modern civilization back. But, without prior
    planning and action, this takes years for remaining

    So, the big problem is what and how to take steps to
    ensure you get your modern civilization back, quickly, or never lose it in the first place?

    But, where to begin? What are the strategies and tactics?
    What are the ways and means? Who pays and how does
    it all get done?

    The EMP Survivalists (aka EMP Peppers) have taken
    EMP protection into their own hands because their government has abdicated its fiduciary responsibility to lead
    and direct
    EMP protection options. However, the above indicates that
    EMP survival is barely existing and unknowingly participants
    have given up their lifestyle at the individual and family
    level. But, if they combine resources into a few
    neighboringg families, they share supplies, work loads
    and expenses and a glimmering of light for quality of life is seen at the endof the tunnel.

    When the family group is expanded into the community to
    continue sharing resources, the tunnel light gets closer.
    When it grows into a development, homeowners association and into a village to a town, the county becomes the
    strength of planning and preparation. Working groups
    formed via a combination of the Economic Development office, associated Chamber of Commerce, and selected local professionals, ensure things really begin to happen.
    The issuance of county and corporate bonds provides all the financing. Big government funding, subsidies, rebates, feed-in tariff andtax credits are not needed.

    But, if the size of the EMP protection town grows to he a
    far bigger city level, lifestyle, stymies because of
    limiting available solar rooftop power from tall buildings
    and the “Have Nots” become a major criminal problem

    Its all addressed in the recently published book, “EMP –
    Protect Family, Homes and Community”, by Don White
    and Jerry Emanuelson, available at Amazon. It even has
    chapters on shielding, bonding, grounding, surge suppression and solar rooftops and their EMP protection. Read
    learn, apply, and prosper from the benefits of creative
    capitalism at work. It will even develop millions of jobs.
    Wake up America! You are living on borrowed time. We
    do not want to get caught in a cataclysmic event that
    mak en look like a cake walk.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Carl Squires, Strategist
    EMP Solutions & Renewable Energy Creations.

  • Kyle

    I was hoping Obama would be our hope and change but he choose to be just like Bush and his pals.

    • Guest

      No disrespect but, what the hell gave you any idea he would deliver any hope and change? The man never had a job in his life where he commanded anything, or produced anything of value. He had never accomplished a single thing worthwhile other than get elected, and he only did that through predatory means and dirty tricks. Anyone who bought into Obama from the git go is a fool. To make such an important decision as who will lead our country based on mere hype alone is just stupidity.. Sure you didn’t just vote for him because he is black? And, by the way, did you vote for him the 2nd time too?

  • panait ciprian

    No food and no transportation? really? there are a lot of non electronic types of transportation. About the internet it had done more damage than good so good ridance. About banks they will survive, they just will not be able to steal that much from the real working man.

  • full program

    full program

  • Kaito Hideo

    Hi, selfish/self-centered guys! If most die, how can you survive? The US is not so stupid as to be attacked first! As soon as Russia or China pushed a launch button, the will be showered in fire millions of time more powerful than what they can do to the US. It will be their doomsday! What is EMP or super EMP? The US is not so stupid as to expose all the power grid to one strike! And what other countries have more global and outer space bases than the US? Don’t try to scare American children that way!

  • Glen Duncan

    Good article. I have made me several Faraday Gages. one on my property in Tampa. 3 on my farm in NW Florida. I have radios, DVD players that can play DVDS and CDs, AC/DC converters CBs, Walkie Talkies, I have several ways to make power on the farm..

  • Linda J.

    I have been thinking about how to survive homeless, broke, etc. Where I am does not have very many resources on the outside (i.e. clean water, edible plant life). If there were an EMP attack, I know I wouldn’t survive very long. Maybe a few months if that. I sometimes think that I would rather die in a nuclear attack rather than suffer for who knows how long after everything is wiped out. God help us.

  • I plan to have a home with water access. Solar stills can render saltwater into drinking water. Fish and crabs will be my food and barter. Sailboats and Row boats will be in demand for the fishermen. Drying fish, the art of smoking meat and gardens will provide nutrition to my larder. Neighbors will have to work together to protect each other from marauding bands of desperate people. Most city people will be dead within a month from drinking lake water and eating garbage. They will crap themselves to death from giardia after swallowing contaminated water.
    I make use my printer making copies of animal snares and survival material that won’t be available in the 1800’s. I buy books on Medicinal plants and Wild Foods as Wal-marts and CVS will be extinct. Also a book on making your own gunpowder also for use and barter. Barter will be the money in those dark days.

  • Linda

    I would rather die in a nuclear blast that sends a ball of fire across the land than this emp thing.

  • Robbin Knepp

    I don’t know what I would do. I realize this is very possible, and I would probably try to hike out, Possibly Canada. I imagine other countries would try and reach out and attempt to help the citizens, flying over with food and water drops,
    or at least I would hope so.

    • Peter Tefft

      Don’t count on it. Get ready as much as you can.

  • allison

    I don’t care

  • Ken Merkel

    I haven’t read all of the comments but; The internet will not be fried, it will be a live in the working servers in other parts of the world. If you are farther out from ground zero some if not all of your electrical equipment will work. If you are close to ground zero, it is likely nothing will work. You will need, a pantry, water and a rain water collection system. All electricians will be needed in their local areas. Outside assistance will work it’s way in, but it will take time. Will the major grids go down, yes. Should you consider extra stuff to store up, Absolutely! If your radio works help should be on the way in weeks. If nothing works, it may take 6 months, but it won’t be forever.

  • Lynn Kopa Balogh

    Government is not ready because politicians are dismantling the government and it’s agency’s by under funding , cutting manpower and demonizing them. We sabotage ourselves. Government funded, geared up and won ww2 in a short time because we made it work, government took us to the moon, it built the greatest inferstructure until we abandoned it. It is up to us. Living off the land will not work, 100 years ago 100 million people had wild life just about wiped out, until government conservation brought them back to today’s level that is highly regulated. . With out organization and controls and cooperation and technology we cannot survive today for very long

  • McGoo McCord

    never been to the moon DA

  • jrford

    Not worried about NK exploding a nuclear EMP bomb, I’m more concerned about the wack liberals in this country. What other countries besides the US wouldn’t let NK survive for a moment if that happened? Not a single one, because it will affect the entire world.

    Unless I get fried, my chances of survival is pretty outstanding. Could easily live off the grid forever and take a Sunday drive now and then in my stock Ford Model A.