Jedi Religion: Thousands Of People All Over The World Are Converting To ‘Jediism’

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Yes, there are actually people out there that want to be a Jedi so badly that they have made “Jediism” their official religion.  As you will see below, a new documentary entitled “American Jedi” has just been released that examines this phenomenon, and when I first heard about this I decided that I wanted to learn more.  So I did some research, and I discovered that there is actually an official website for “the Temple of the Jedi Order” that bills itself as the “international church of Jediism”.  And even though this “faith” is entirely based on fictitious characters, the IRS actually granted tax exempt status to the Temple of the Jedi Order in 2015.


I was seven years old when Star Wars first came out, and it definitely had a major impact on me.

But even as a child, I understood that it was just a movie.

Unfortunately, there are some people out there that are so drawn to “the Jedi Order” that they actually want to make it a religious faith.  The following comes from the Huffington Post

For small sects of the fanbase, however, the line between the two worlds has blurred, and their love for “Star Wars” has manifested itself into a religious devotion. Literally.

A new film called “American Jedi” is an enchanting look at this community.

This new documentary was filmed by Laurent Malaquais, and he told the Huffington Post that he “grew up in an environment where spirituality was about being inclusive of many religious practices.”  So as he filmed this project, he felt that he was able to identify with those that have chosen to belong to “the Jedi community”.

Of course wherever there are Jedi, the Sith are not too far behind, and it turns out that “a practicing Sith” also plays a significant part in this film…

According to the Huffington Post, “American Jedi” follows one follower of Jediism in particular: Opie Macleod. While they were living in the Jedi community, Macleod discovered his wife was having an affair with his friend Miles Robinson, described as “a practicing Sith.”

“My student, who I had said was a Jedi Knight, not only tossed the Jedi path away, to follow and explore the Sith path,” Macleod said, the Huffington Post reported, “but also slept with a Sith.”

You can watch the trailer for this documentary right here.  It is one thing to dress up like Luke Skywalker and wave a fake lightsaber around, but it is another thing entirely to make “Jediism” your religion.  I guess it just shows how spiritually empty a lot of people are feeling these days.

The core of the Jedi religion is a creed known as “the Jedi code”

The Jedi Code

There is no Emotion, there is Peace.
There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge.
There is no Passion, there is Serenity.
There is no Chaos, there is Harmony.
There is no Death, there is the Force.

This “code” doesn’t even make sense, and yet there are thousands upon thousands of people all over the world that have chosen to make this the foundation of their lives.

In recent years, you may have seen news stories about “the growth of the Jedi religion” in English-speaking countries around the globe.  According to Wikipedia, this “movement” began in 2001…

The Jedi census phenomenon is a grassroots movement that was initiated in 2001 for residents of a number of English-speaking countries, urging them to record their religion as “Jedi” or “Jedi Knight” (after the quasi-religious order of Jedi Knights in the fictional Star Wars universe) on the national census.

Without a doubt, many are reporting “Jedi” as their religion to census officials just to be funny.  But there are others that take this stuff deadly seriously, and their numbers are growing.

According to the New York Post, “Jediism” is now the seventh-largest religion in the United Kingdom, and it has 65,000 adherents in Australia…

The US census doesn’t count Jedi as a religion, but other countries’ data give us a sense of the size: In England it’s the seventh-largest religion, with 175,000 members; 15,000 Jedi can be found in the Czech Republic, along with 9,000 in Canada and 65,000 in Australia.

If the U.S. census actually included “Jedi” as an option, it would be fascinating to see what the numbers would be in the United States.

We live at a time when people are groping for answers to the most fundamental questions in life.  Millions of Americans are feeling deeply disillusioned, and they don’t know where to turn.  The spiritual void in our society is growing with each passing day, and the need for a new spiritual awakening has never been greater.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

  • jiff

    I wonder if Jedis stone witches and gays?

  • DJohn1

    A “force” in nature does exist. It is called the Holy Spirit.
    The Bible does teach us about the power of faith. It teaches how to use that faith.
    The problem is that the “Holy Spirit” is not something that “science” can define.
    Neither can they define many things about religious beliefs.
    The government does not even attempt to define religion beyond the fact that many people believe something to be so and give all of them equal treatment tax wise.
    The beauty of this system of government is we get to believe whatever we want without harassment from other religions. They too have this right to believe what they want.
    That is why the terrorist concept is all wrong. Using fear and terror means a religious group cannot defend their faith with logic.
    And that goes for any number of religious beliefs that defend themselves with force rather than logic.
    We, as a people of the United States came to this legal ability to religious liberty the hard way. Many people suffered before that was instituted as law in this country.
    We used to kill people by religious law before this law was instituted. If you were different you were in danger. To this day, in certain communities Xenophobia exists and people are persecuted under the guise sometimes of religious belief.
    If your religious belief is using violence to enforce their beliefs then I believe the belief system is a lie.
    It is my right to believe whatever I want in this country.
    In human nature, in the past, there is a history of violence.
    The entire concept of Christian belief has many opinions as to what is and what is not true. I think we need to keep it simple.
    Obey the ten commandments. Obey the concepts of forgiveness as defined by Christ. If you want a long and healthy life then follow the Moses diet as it is described in the Bible. If you want to worship God then follow Christ’s commandment stating “Love the Lord God with all your heart and all your soul.”
    If you want wealth? Then tithe.
    To me, in my opinion, all of that is real.
    You are of course welcome. Welcome to believe whatever you think is the right way. Because in this country we have the right to believe anything we want to believe.

  • Heidi K.

    The end times are screaming at us. Get rapture ready, people!

    • K

      Totally agree.

  • Philip Kane

    I enjoy the Star War flicks—but as you said, they’re just movies. As the old saying goes, once people quit believing in God then they’ll believe anything—-and this is a clear example of that adage.

    • nineleven

      the level of deception in the world is staggering due to the turning away of the nation from God.

  • carson

    in this (last) age it’s anything but Christ..

    worship of anything, everything, BUT Christ

  • aimjamaica

    Crazy is the new norm. People will believe or follow anything these days.

  • “[…] but it is another thing entirely to make “Jediism” your religion. I guess it just shows how spiritually empty a lot of people are feeling these days.”

    ^^^THIS is exactly what I mean when I say there are bad Christians driving out good people from the Church. Loudmouths. Homophobes (the violent, angry ones). Haters of women (I’d have said ‘misogynists’, but misogynists believe there’s no such thing as misogyny in their country). Xenophobes. Jingoists. And worst of all supporters of Donald “Lifetime Conman” Trump.

    People who are willingly, knowingly joining some glorified fanclub such as “Jediism” are a lot like people who join Buddhism, as Buddha was not a god either, but he spoke some truths that are soothing to certain people. Wicca also is not believed by its followers to be a ‘real’ religion with ‘real’ gods. But people join it anyway, because its message of peace isn’t marred by nasty POS’s like we see and hear about on the news every night (Robert Dear, Dylann Roof, Todd Coontz, Eddie Hilburn, David O. Jones, Rhonda Shoffner, Tony Perkins, Cedric Anderson, etc., etc., etc).

    • stealthman5

      So when Leviticus says that Gd thinks homosexual unions are an abomination, Christians with a Christian Bible should ignore that?

      • Ninety percent of proffers starting with the “So-you-you-think…” or “So-what-you’re-saying-is…” are false (and stupid).

        What shouldn’t be ignored is loving your neighbor as you love yourself. What shouldn’t be ignored is G-d’s all-encompassing love and mercy. What shouldn’t be ignored is that homophobes in Church are spewing vitriol and delighting in a supposed eternity-in-Hell punishment for people who aren’t as filled with as much hatred and anger as you, rather than accepting your brothers and sisters in Christ as you are commanded to do.

        What shouldn’t be ignored is how YOU are emptying the Churches with your nasty agenda to make Christianity an ever-shrinking “club” forcing out as many would-be members as you can. Jediism????? If you can’t get through your thick, numb skull how ludicrous JEDIISM as a religion is, then you’ll never see how important KEEPING Christians coming to G-d is.

      • Tatiana Covington

        How do we know that the quote is accurate?

  • 4K

    Probably a lot of them were born illegitimate & likely can’t go to heaven. Deuteronomy 23:2 If a person is illegitimate by birth, neither he nor his descendants for ten generations may be admitted to the assembly of the LORD.
    Zechariah 9:6
    Hebrews 12:8