Is Now The Time To Move Away From Major U.S. Cities?

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As the U.S. economy falls apart and as the world becomes increasingly unstable, more Americans than ever are becoming “preppers”.  It is estimated that there are at least two million preppers in the United States today, but nobody really knows.  The truth is that it is hard to take a poll because a lot of preppers simply do not talk about their preparations.  Your neighbor could be storing up food in the garage or in an extra bedroom and you might never even know it.  An increasing number of Americans are convinced that we are on the verge of some really bad things happening.  But will just storing up some extra food and supplies be enough?  What is going to happen if we see widespread rioting in major U.S. cities like George Soros is predicting?  What is going to happen if the economy totally falls to pieces and our city centers descend into anarchy like we saw in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?  In some major U.S. cities such as Detroit, looting is already rampant.  There are some sections of Detroit where entire blocks of houses are being slowly dismantled by thieves and stripped of anything valuable.  Sadly, the economy is going to get a lot worse than it is at the moment.  So is now the time to move away from major U.S. cities?  Should preppers be seeking safer locations for themselves and their families?  Those are legitimate questions.


According to a recent Gallup poll, satisfaction with the government is now at an all-time low.  Americans are rapidly losing faith in virtually every major institution in society.

Anger and frustration are rising to very dangerous levels, and we are rapidly approaching a boiling point.

When people feel as though they have lost everything, they get desperate.

And desperate people do desperate things.

In many communities in the United States today, crime has become so terrifying that people are literally sleeping with their guns.

The following is a story from Rancho Cordova, California that one of my readers recently sent me….

When I first moved here, it was not a bad place, it was quiet and clean.

However, over the past three years this place has gone to the dumps there are thugs and unruly people everywhere.

I have prevented two car break-ins by scaring these thugs away.

While I was home on thanksgiving weekend, someone decided to break into my apartment.

They trashed my place stole all my items and even took my law enforcement (LE) vehicle to include my equipment.

I m sure they had been watching me for a while because they did not take items that contained my identification.

Thank god, I had my weapon with me.

In many areas of the country, law enforcement resources are being dramatically cut back due to budget problems at the same time that crime is rapidly rising.

Right now, the city of Detroit is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.  Officials there recently announced that due to budget constraints, all police stations will be closed to the public for 16 hours a day.  From now on, they will only be open to the public from 8 AM to 4 PM.

But in Detroit the police are needed now more than ever.  The following is what one British reporter found during his visit to Detroit….

Much of Detroit is horribly dangerous for its own residents, who in many cases only stay because they have nowhere else to go. Property crime is double the American average, violent crime triple. The isolated, peeling homes, the flooded roads, the clunky, rusted old cars and the neglected front yards amid trees and groin-high grassland make you think you are in rural Alabama, not in one of the greatest industrial cities that ever existed.

The population of Detroit is less than half of what it used to be.  Over the past few decades people have left in droves, and large sections of the city are in an advanced state of decay.

Not too many people want to buy homes in Detroit now.  At this point, the median price of a home in Detroit is just $6000.

The following video contains some video footage of the “ruins of Detroit” that is hard to believe….

Detroit has become a very scary place.  100 bus drivers in Detroit recently refused to drive their routes out of fear of being attacked on the streets.  The head of the bus drivers union, Henry Gaffney, said that the drivers were literally “scared for their lives“….

“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.

But it is not just Detroit that is having these kinds of problems.

In Cleveland, over 50 percent of all children are living in poverty and abandoned houses are everywhere.

The city has already demolished about 1,000 homes, and there is a plan to demolish 20,000 more homes.  The following comes from a recent CBS News report by Scott Pelley….

Perfectly good homes, worth 75, 100 thousand dollars or more a couple of years ago, are being ripped to splinters in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Here, the great recession left one fifth of all houses vacant. The owners walked away because they couldn’t or wouldn’t keep paying on a mortgage debt that can be twice the value of the home. Cleveland waited four years for home values to recover and now they’ve decided to face facts and bury the dead.

Down in St. Louis they have a different problem.  In some of the worst areas of the city, roving packs of wild dogs are a serious threat to children that are walking to school.  A recent report by the local CBS affiliate in St. Louis described the situation this way….

…Lewis Reed is sounding the alarm. “I’ve witnessed packs of dogs, 10 and 15 dogs running together, and I’ve seen all these dogs I’m talking about they don’t have collars, they don’t have tags, these are truly wild dogs,” he said.

Reed says stray dogs are terrorizing the north side. “It’s obscene that parents have to walk their kids to school, in some parts of the city, with a golf club to fend off wild dogs.”

How would you feel if you had to fend off wild packs of dogs as you walked your child to school?

These kinds of conditions can be found out on the west coast as well.

For example, there is an area of San Francisco that is known as “Hunter’s Point” that is an absolute nightmare.  In Hunter’s Point, over half of the population lives in poverty and more than half of all children live in a home where there is no father present.  The following is what one reporter discovered on a visit to Hunter’s Point….

Abernathy and I cut through the complex, tromping over an expanse of dirt and concrete toward the northeast end of the development, where a row of apartments looked down from a grassy hill. We paused next to a vacant, boarded-over unit to take in the scene: A stream of ****, piss, tampons, and toilet paper spewed from a dark hole in the sidewalk, poured down the hill, and formed a sort of **** lagoon next to the street. Weeds, about six inches tall, were growing in the little lagoon.

Raw ****, obviously, is not cool. Beyond the fact that it smells and looks nasty, fecal matter provides a haven for dangerous bacteria, most notably E. coli, a virulent pathogen that can sicken and even kill humans, especially infants.

When conditions like this reign, it is a prime breeding ground for crime.

In major U.S. cities all over the United States, drug dealing, gang activity and prostitution are on the rise.  The following comes from a recent article in the New York Times….

In November, a terrified 13-year-old girl pounded on an apartment door in Brooklyn. When a surprised woman answered, the girl pleaded for a phone. She called her mother, and then dialed 911.

The girl, whom I’ll call Baby Face because of her looks, frantically told police that a violent pimp was selling her for sex. He had taken her to the building and ordered her to go to an apartment where a customer was waiting, she said, and now he was waiting downstairs to make sure she did not escape. She had followed the pimp’s directions and gone upstairs, but then had pounded randomly on this door in hopes of getting help.

In some major U.S. cities, the gangs have virtually taken over.  In an article entitled “City of Ruins“, Chris Hedges described what life is like today in Camden, New Jersey….

There are perhaps a hundred open-air drug markets, most run by gangs like the Bloods, the Latin Kings, Los Nietos and MS-13. Knots of young men in black leather jackets and baggy sweatshirts sell weed and crack to clients, many of whom drive in from the suburbs. The drug trade is one of the city’s few thriving businesses. A weapon, police say, is never more than a few feet away, usually stashed behind a trash can, in the grass or on a porch.

As I wrote about the other day, the FBI says that there are now 1.4 million gang members inside this country.  That number has increased by 40 percent since 2009.

Organized criminal behavior by groups of young people is on the rise all over the nation.  Just check out this video which shows a flash mob robbery happening in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Sadly, this is just the beginning.

This country is still enjoying a tremendous amount of prosperity.  We still have a very high standard of living compared to most of the rest of the world.

So how nightmarish are things going to get when the economy gets really bad?

The most frightening thing is when these criminals start invading private homes.

The following home invasion story from Sacramento, California was sent to me by one of my readers a while back….

Somebody got into my sister’s house last night while she was out. My mom was upstairs, but didn’t hear anything. Whoever it was, they ate some chips and sorted through a stack of maternity clothes my sister had ready for selling on ebay. He left a dirty pair of boxer shorts and a bottom dentures on the dining room table. Fortunately, he was gone when she got home. I’m amazed, but the police actually came out and collected fingerprints and his boxers and false teeth. Probably a homeless guy. He may have switched his dirty boxers for a clean pair of maternity jeans, so the police just have to look for a guy wearing women’s maternity pants with no lower teeth. 

Because of stuff like this, an increasing number of Americans have decided that it is better to be armed.

The truth is that you never know when you will get jumped.

For example, in Pennsylvania the other day one 65-year-old man was suddenly knocked off his bicycle by three teen thugs.

The 65-year-old man responded by pulling out his gun and shooting two of them.  One of the teens was killed.

Down along the border with Mexico, many ranchers have discovered that a gun battle could potentially erupt on any night.  The federal government has refused to protect the border, and so millions of illegals just keep streaming on in.  The following was recently posted on….

Barbed wire fencing doesn’t keep illegal aliens off the property anymore. One Starr County, TX rancher doesn’t have time to worry about the illegals these days. He now worries about the smugglers protecting their loads.

“I don’t think they would have any conscience of taking someone’s life,” the rancher says.

He saw that will to kill firsthand. A smuggler shot at him on his own land.

“One round was fired at me, and it missed my head by about two feet,” says the rancher.

He says there’s only way to react.

“Fire all the rounds you have, reload, and do it again,” says the rancher.

The more stories like this you read, the easier it is to understand why more than 10 million guns were sold in the United States during 2011.

The truth is that you never know when you may need to defend yourself.

This past New Year’s Eve, a single mother named Sarah McKinley was home alone with her three-month old son when she discovered that two armed men were trying to invade her home.  If she had not had a gun, there is no telling what might have happened.  The following is from a news story  about that incident….

An Oklahoma woman was recently home with her 3 month old son when two men tried to break in.  Armed with a shot gun and a pistol she called 9-1-1.

Operator: “Are your doors locked?”

Caller: “Yes, I’ve got two guns in my hand.   Is it ok to shoot him if he comes in this door?”

Operator: “I can’t tell you what you can do but you do what you have to do to protect your baby.”

The mother did shoot killing one of the intruders.  Oklahoma police called the shooting justified.

What would you have done in that situation?

America is rapidly changing, and we all need to adapt to the new reality all around us.

The truth is that America is not the same place it used to be.  In some U.S. cities, authorities are actually dumping dead bodies into mass graves.

Just check out what the Daily Mail says has been going on in Chicago….

It’s a practice more closely associated with third world countries, but in bleak times in a Chicago-area suburb, 30 people were buried in a mass grave on Wednesday.

The pauper’s burial section at Homewood Memorial Gardens was established for those who could not afford to pay for a burial plot.

And it is a problem that’s sweeping America as tough economic times have led to an increase in the number of indigent burials the morgue must perform.

All over the country, major U.S. cities are flat broke and are rapidly decaying.  They are filled with impoverished people that are rapidly becoming angrier and more frustrated.

There simply are not enough jobs for everyone.  Millions of ordinary Americans spend their days agonizing over the fact that they cannot provide even a basic living for themselves and their families.

And as the economy gets even worse, the economic despair in this country is going to grow to unprecedented levels.

So is now the time to move away from major U.S. cities?

In the end, each of us is going to have to answer that question for ourselves.

Jobs are scarce, so if you have a good job right now it may not be wise to give it up.  It can be incredibly challenging to move to a new area when you don’t have a job.

One solution may be to move farther away from your current job so that you are in a more rural setting.  But the rising cost of gasoline can make that a very expensive proposition.

Some families are purchasing second homes that they can “bug out” to in the event of a major disaster or emergency.  But if your financial resources are limited that may not be an option for you.

In the final analysis, you have just got to do the best you can with what you have.

But if you are able to move, it is better to do it while times are relatively stable (like now) than when times are very unstable.

So what do all of you think?

Do you think that now is the time to move away from major U.S. cities?

Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

  • It is well past time to move. That said, there is no place that will remain untouched by the effects of what is on the way. This is the long-foretold Great Purification and the entire world and all herein will go through a purging like we cannot now conceive. Homes in the country, mega-bunkers deep underground, well-equipped submarines — none of them will place you beyond the reach of what lies ahead. All we can do is make the best preps we can and, principally, get our minds and hearts in harmony with the One who gave them to us for a much nobler purpose than merely existing or wasting our lives chasing money, sex, or power. Godspeed to you and yours in 2012 and beyond.

  • Gay Veteran

    And our number one problem is American jobs being outsourced to countries like China:

    Why Are You Buying Apple (And Other Chinese) Products?

    • Why Are You Buying Apple (And Other Chinese) Products?

      Answer: Because many of the products have the lowest cost and higher quality.

      The real question is why has our government made it more profitable for companies to move jobs overseas?

      Answer: it’s because of oppressive government corporate taxation, oppressive government regulations, oppressive government work rules, oppressive government mandated employee benefits, oppressive government minimum wage requirements that keep poor people from working, ….

  • GSM1(sw)

    Manned and ready!

  • mondobeyondo

    I feel sorry for the many millions who don’t have the means – social, financial or otherwise – to leave the major metropolitan areas. When things really do go downhill, those people will be essentially trapped.

    Not everyone has a car, or the money to purchase a bus ticket out of town, or gas for a car. An airplane ticket out of Dodge… are you kidding me? For you, maybe yes, but not for the less fortunate among us. These people can barely afford bus fare to get to the other side of town! How can they possibly afford a taxi, much less a plane ticket?

    These people are going to be trapped in the ghettoes and the barrios, with no way out, and they will be doomed.

    • Ben Dover

      Most people have feet.

      • mondobeyondo

        60 or 70 miles is a mighty long way to walk.

        Guess I should buy some shares of stock in Schwinn?!

        • BenjiK

          Exactly, and not only that, but what would a mass exodus out of a city look like? I don’t foresee it to be orderly, cordial or safe. When a large crowd is in panic mode, things have the tendency to get real ugly.

      • Guido

        While most people have 2 feet, most of them probably wouldn’t be able to get that far on them. Have you ever walked a long distance, like, say, 20 miles in one day? I was in the military and I’ve done hiking and road marches just for fun. It’s not easy if you’re a “tender foot” with no experience. When I started doing long-distance hikes, I was in for a rude surprise. The first time, I did 60 miles in 3 days and my feet were hamburger for a week. In a bad situation, I don’t think most people would get very far. In a seriously bad situation, I imagine folks would die from all sorts of preventable deaths, like exposure, drinking untreated water, and poor hygiene.

    • SEAL

      How can you feel sorry for these morons in our largest cities? We all reap what we sow. Fritz Katz said it best, “What do all those declining cities have in common: Democrat and union control for decades.” These big city people have done this to themselves by supporting progressive politicians that steal from the workers to buy votes from the blood sucking ticks of society. The vast majority of productive people have already left the cities because of these progressive policies that punish the productive and reward the parasites. No I don’t and I can’t feel sorry for these parasitic morons that have caused their own misery.

  • John Blythe

    This is really much the case nationwide lately. I’m from Kern Valley which is the small mountain community in Lake Isabella, California, located about 30 miles northeast of Bakersfield; and while I have been residing in Los Angeles part time, I usually go back to Lake Isabella every other weekend. I was raised there my entire life and what used to be an incredibly friendly and peaceful community is slowly turning into a ‘breeding ground’ of racism and “neo-Nazi white power” hate groups. I have noticed in the last year that there is more vandalism, more graffiti and some businesses have had Swastikas spray-painted on their windows. In fact, a friend of mine on Facebook recently posted just last week that his brother was jumped by a small group of skin heads in front of a pizza restaurant. These are things you do not encounter in smaller rural areas like Lake Isabella/Kern Valley. And this is apparently becoming an epidemic in cities and towns across the nation and nobody is really addressing it.

    • Michael

      That is a very frightening thing to hear.


    • The lake there is being drained, which is the main cause of this problem. This was an Agenda 21 effort to clear the “wildlands” and eventually destroy the damn. Of course, most reservoirs are being depleted for one reason – the oil companies are the water thieves, while blaming the people for not conserving. Gotta replace the oil caverns in the ground with something, they say. But the water is not as dense, and seeps through the cracks unlike the oil.

      Lake Isabella is a victim of Sustainable Development.

      • Undzen

        Nuclear energy power plants are water thieves, too.

        Each nuclear energy plant uses 2.5 billion gallons of water a day! Yes, a day!

        Multiply 2.5 billion gallons of water a day by the approx. 450 nuclear power plants around the world and you’ll see why water levels are depleting and being polluted everywhere.

    • Gary2

      the racsist republicans encourage this. I am so tired of the racsim on the right. They do not even try to hide it anymore.

      The republicans are accused of being racsists because most of them are.

      Did you see that old bag wag her finger at Obama?

      That picture sums up the rascism on the right.

      • SEAL

        Gary2 has my vote for the most un-American person I have heard in a long time. His hero Stalin had a good name for him, “A useful idiot.”

        • Gary2

          Again I site facts you say stupid shit. Nad who is the idiot?

          I called out the republicans and the right in general as racists because they are. That just a fact and if it makes you uncomfortable then change it.

      • Wow, you are an ignorant person.

      • Coral Ockert

        No, that photo sums up a thin skinnned, don’t challenge me, tyrant of a president. Has the president been to the U.S.-Mexico border? No! I have, many times. It is not safe to be within gun shot anymore. The place is trashed with filth. Armed smugglers are dangerous. Border Patrol agents patrol alone. This is nuts. All of that lawlessness migrates to the cities. Are you happy with your America? Racism has nothing to do with this. I care not if you are purple with pink polka dots, I want to know your character if you are my neighbor, or the nations leader.

    • Coral

      I am sorry to hear sad news from Lake Isabella. We drove up on a few occassions to enjoy it. But then, our little town in Nevada has seen more drugs, and death in the past year than since the wild mining era.

  • Cinderella Man

    Yeah Detroit is a real hellhole. Just watch that show “Hardcore Pawn” and you get just a peek at the utter desperateness of broke people. Those people get so pissed when Les wont take their junk of fake jewelery. It would be funny if it wasnt true. Yes people now is the time to get out of the city. However if you are not prepared for wilderness or rural survival you wont last long. When I read some of the responses that some readers leave especially the one that say ” When the time comes I’ll just head for the mountains with my rifle and fishing pole and I’ll be all good.” WRONG!!!! I think most of you dont know or forget that there are lots of dangerous animals in the mountains. The other day Ive been hearing reports of wolves getting closer and closer to where our ranch is day by day. Go watch that movie “The Grey” and see if it’s gutcheck time for you if you could face a pack of wolves. I highly doubt it. Second is weather. You might be fine in a hippie like tent commune in the summer, but come winter and fall, you would be toast. The weather changes on a dime in the mountains. We had almost 100 mph winds here yesterday in MT. You will die. This is not the romantic west seen in the movies. It is a beautiful hard cruel world that is not for the feight of heart. Another point is the gold preppers. Your gold will be almost worthless in a SHTF secenerio. We will not trade you beef for a brick of gold. Store up on food, fuel, and ammo. Maybe toiletries. You can’t eat gold. Get it in your heads. Good luck city slickers, my heart will hurt for your suffering, but for me and my kind out in the sticks, we will be prepared to die to defend whats ours, so thieves be warned, you do not know who you are messing with!

    • Ben Dover

      The most dangerous wolves have two legs.

    • xander cross

      It’s amazing that Les still do business in Detroit. But then again, I am staring to belive that show is truly fake and scripted. The point of the show is to show downtrodden black people desperate for money. After all, this is the same network that aires Jesse Ventura’s show as well. This is all planned.

    • Coral

      This is harsh country out here. We love it! In Nevada there are kitty cats; BIG ones. The wolves are just moving in. Sadly the predators deplete the herd animals needed for food by critter and human alike. You must know where to find water, and it isn’t where you think it is. Temperatures fluctuate 40 to 50 degrees from day to night. We were easterners, transplanted by work. I am glad we have had time to learn, before necessity demands flight. We are here, going nowhere unless a job transfer to Canada.

  • mark

    I moved onto a ranch well away from any large cities 11 years ago. Best move we ever made. We have been able to develop the water and add to the buildings over time. We have and continue to build up the bottom ground and add deer fencing around the garden areas. We have added a large green house to extend our growing season and have purchased and use all the farm equipment for hay. This is a great life is you like it quiet and don’t need to be around a lot of people. The work can be hard, but to me hard work is good. Make sure that you have good water rights on site that are current and if you can finding a place with gravity fed spring water is a big plus for drinking water when the power is out. I could go on and on but I have to go. Hope you find the right place if you are looking. PS I did not want to live where the ground gets hard in the winter and I don’t have to shovel rain.

  • mondobeyondo

    These people don’t want to live in rotting inner city ghettos. But their options are limited. They have little to no money to travel or move.

    Do you really think they LIKE living in places like that? No way.

    “Hi, this is Scott Pelley from CBS News, and standing next to me is Nathan, a resident of central Detroit. Now, Nathan’s spent the majority of his 35 years in Detroit, so it is obviously his home. He went to high school in this city, but couldn’t afford higher education. He loves it here! The excitement of evening gunfire, the possibility of getting gravely wounded in a drive-by shooting, prostitutes available at every corner… no other American city defines the American dream quite like Detroit. Nathan, tell the American people about the adventure you live on a daily basis here…”

  • Mike Dillon

    If Detroit is in such bad shape, how can the Tigers give a record contract to Prince Fielder. I’m sure they assume that their revenues will continue to grow in order to justify such a contract. How can they grow revenue in a city in as dire shape as Detroit? What am I missing?

    • Dr. Detroit

      There goes good old Michael ragging Detroit again.

      First off, lets be straight to the point
      Detroit is fine in the downtown area where
      the casinos and sport arenas are located.
      The problem is getting there and those areas are protected by so many cops nothing goes on.

      The people who goto the games are from the BURBS.

      And not to get on a racial tangent but what does every city Michael mentioned in this article have in common? They all have black populations of 80 percent or more. As well as low income areas.

      I live in Downtown Detroit on the riverfront. There are pockets of the city where people with money live.


        Dr. Detroit,

        Could it be that Michael does not like minority populations? Could be. Your point is well taken. However, the most important point to keep in mind is that the social, economic, and political decline of the amerikan empire is happening now, albeit at a somewhat deliberate pace. But the decline is happening. The amerikan empire will collapse, and it is ony a matter of when, not if. So, enjoy the oasis where you live, it may not last too much longer.

        • Michael


          Why would you say such a thing? Anyone that has been reading this site for any length of time knows that I believe that God created all people equally and that He loves all people equally.


          • Guido

            Michael, why would YOU say such a thing? Anyone that has been reading this site for any length of time knows Reed runs off half-cocked at the mouth and loves to make the same tired old ignorant comments about everyone else except him being a racist.

          • Gary2

            He just loves the rich more because they are rich correct?

            That is the conservative world view.

            Michael – do not think for a minute you are rascist but when you associate with a racsist hate groups like conservative republicans/libertarians you are going to get lumped in with them unfortunatly.

            When you paly with swine you are bound to get mud splatter on you.

            Sorry to offend those on the right but them is the facts! You are mostly all racsist. Hell some of you even still display the confederate flag. WTF with that? South lost get over it. Your man Newt is a joke!

          • T Bonham


            Libertarians? Really? So by your standards Liberal leftists are the only non-racists, am I correct? And All Libertarians? Do you also mean Liberal Libertarians also? You do realize there are two types of Libertarians, liberal and conservative? Both are staunch supporters of individual freedoms, both sides may differ on some points, but neither are associated with primarily with the political party of democrat/republican. You do realize that libertarians, for the most part, beleive and strongly support the tenants of the Declaration of Independence, that ALL men are created equal and have been given certain rights by their creator, of those Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness?

            But then again by your statements you are more interested in stirring anger and causing striff.

          • wisefool

            Gary2 where there are democrats there are liberals. Liberal is just a nicer way of saying degenerate. Another misnomer, like progressive. How can one be a progressive and a degenerate at the same time? Another misnomer for all who keep using it. Racist. We are the same race. The human race.

      • xander cross

        I noticed that as well. But I personally would not worry about that because they will see this happen to their rural areas as well. He never attacks white sub culture cities and they are violent as well. For example, Nags Head, NC, Devner, Co, Seattle, WA, Spokane, WA. Those areas are dangerous as well.

        • Hendrik Mills

          Xander cross, I have been mugged twice, once in Plainfield, NJ, and once in Philadelphia, PA, and both were by young black men. Now I live in a rural area almost totally devoid of black people, and do not lock my car at any time unless I go to a larger urban area, which is rarely. White people have been and can still be criminally violent, but it is commonly observed that BLACKS are MORE LIKELY to commit criminal violence than are whites or Asians. Iceland doesn’t have many street killings but South Africa does. You can argue over the root causes and history, but you can’t argue with facts. Areas with more blacks are more dangerous. I wish we could calmly and intelligently discuss why this is true, but even Jesse Jackson said that it is true, about a decade ago.

          • xander cross

            Whites have a tendency to rob as well, just somehow, its not reported as much. Oh sure, you can claim that you’re safer in your white community area, but that does not mean anything when the SHTF, right? Just because you live in rural american does not protect you from your meth out white friends.

      • mondobeyondo

        But that’s the thing. Detroit is surviving because the people who have money (and haven’t fled their neighborhoods when everyone else did) are propping up the city. Those are the people going downtown, and to Lions and Tigers games (I would say Bears too, but that’s Chicago). If these wealthy people who live in the suburbs leave, then Detroit is toast.

        There’s still opportunity there, I’m sure. Detroit is the (former) home of Motown. The rap star Eminem is from there. There is still the auto industry. But it seems to me, that so much potential wealth has been squandered. Much of the population does not have the money to attend those sports venues. They live in rotting gang and drug-infested ghettoes. Why is that? Racism? Socialistic style government over decades? Financial mismanagement?

        I don’t know, I don’t live in Detroit. So I’m not keen on the specific problems plaguing that city.

        Just my $1.04.

      • Guido

        Dr. Detroit-if I read your comment right, you’re not disproving Michael at all. So what if you’re safe in your enclave? I just watched a report on Detroit where they show the miles of abandoned homes, the rotted landmarks like the Detroit train station, and is it 4 of 11 major skyscrapers in the downtown that are completely empty? The statistics don’t lie-the population if fleeing and crime is going up. Didn’t I read a few months ago Detroit was in such a bad situation, the power company pulled up some of their street lights because the city couldn’t pay to light them?

    • Ben Dover

      The politicians in these cities don’t seem to have missed a single meal. In most of these cities, the city buildings are the nicest buildings in the city.

  • Best to be 300 miles from any population center of 100K or more – here is detailed info:

  • Louis

    Read between the lines in this article, its a warning for those of you
    willing to face the reality that this is now, worse in some places,
    none the less, its actually happening, get your supplies, and weapons
    find a place in the deep forest, and mountains, form survival

    groups, strength in numbers!!
    On YouTube look up Steve Quayle ” now we are the criminals”
    Best weapons to have:
    12g mossberg 590 ( has a bayonet lug )

    More to follow!!

  • DaytoDay

    Good article Michael.

    I wonder what we should do?

    I mean, I posted your last article on Yahoo Answers and I got a lot of responses, and many of the comments were very negative, in response to the 24 facts.

    It just goes to show that there are still a lot of people that are very much asleep… And all I can do is try to inform people the best I can, and the work that you do, really is invaluable for us.

    Some people appreciated it though, they were amazed by the stats, and some posted links of their own, so not all is lost.

    It does seem hard though, to keep your head up high, when you have nothing to look forward to… I really don’t know anymore, I ask myself everyday if I would even want to live in an apocalyptic world… Let alone the one we’re living in now…

    So, I try not lose hope, but it seems like with each new statistic, each new year, each new job, it gets that much harder to keep going and to stay positive.

    All I know is, as bad as things are, they could always be worse in some way, so, all we can do is hang on, pray to God, and hope that he will deliver us from our tribulation.

    Stay Strong and Keep Up the Good Work!

    • Michael


      Thanks for spreading the articles. It is important for those that are asleep to be exposed to this kind of information because that is what will wake them up. :)

      Everyone out there that spreads these articles around the Internet is a huge, huge help. I wish I could thank all of you personally.


  • Cinderella Man

    The movie “Frozen” “The Edge” with Anthony Hopkins are also good ones to see. Maybe “Grizzly Man” the one about that fool Timothy Treadwell. Bears and wolves are not cute fuzzy creatures. You are not the top of the food chain. I was walking out to the guest house with my pump action shotgun and two coyotes walked out in front of me. I felt real fear in my heart. you never know how you react when encountering wild animals. My Dad a badass Vietnam marine vet told me when he shot the mountain lion out of the tree in the front yard, that was one of the scariest things he had gone through in his life. If just saying prepping is good, but when the time comes and the danger is real, can YOU control your fear?

    • mark

      I had an encounter with a mountain lion a couple of years ago in one of my hay fields. I was digging wiyh my backhoe and got off for a break. I left the hoe running and was about 100 feet from it. The hair on the back of my neck started standing up and I felt that something was watching me. So I started back to the hoe. Across the field a cat was coming towards me and so I picked up a big 7 or 8 foot long stick and made myself as big as I could. We had a hissing match from about 45 feet apart and then she figured that I was too big for her. I was lucky she was small. A couple of weeks later a big tom crossed the road with it’s nose up a deers butt right in front of my car. He weighed over 180 pounds. If he had been the one in my field instead of the smaller female, I don’t know if I would be writing about this today.

    • Gary2

      I do not know whats worse-republicans or wild animals. Both are very scary.

      • Kate

        @Gary2: Why are you attempting to convince people that there is even a difference in the fake paridigm 2 party system of government that gave americans Obama continuing where Bush left off? YOU really should cancel your cable and just shut off the propaganda news which is owned by the moneymaking corporations to confound the least intelligent with LIES. As long as people believe in their “toothfairy” status quo “change agent” presidencies whether Bush,Clinton or Obama then they are able to continue with the oppression of the american people. Either you are on the party payroll, or you are massively brain disfunctional.

        • Gary2

          As I have said MANY times-both parties suck, however, the dems suck was less than the conservatives.

  • r.bitting

    You can’t run from the judgment of God. Many have this misconception that living in a rural setting will be a lot safer. While that might be so during the initial phases of economic collapse, one should not decieve themselves, because people will do whatever they need to do to survive including expanding their territorial search for sustanence. This is demonstrated everyday in the animal world, when animals who are territorial by nature cannot secure an adequate food or water supply for themselves and their herd or pride or pack, they leave their territory in search of those neccessities. Do you folks really believe for a minute that you won’t have to fight to survive, and by fight, i’m talking about being on a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week perpetual watch over that and those which is yours because somebodies always going to be trying to take it. Only now, there will be some new players to contend with, the prevoiusly well off middle class will be put into an unfamiliar position, that of having to survive by any means neccessary, and when there are kids to feed, all bets for civility will be off. I find it both fascinating and ironic that in the beginning, America was a vast wilderness when the founders arrived. The nations founders who were christian separatists from Europe trusted in the God of the bible and lived according to his teachings, and in return God made America the greatest nation on Earth. America then began to become proud, and over time apathetic. They began to question the authenticity of Gods word, even removing it from the public square. In return, God gave them over to reap the fruit of their own doings and as it stands this day America is a morally bankrupt nation filled with murderers, rapists, thieves, adulterers and the like where on any given day you can find unbelievers who are busy reading economic collapse and survivor blogs and making all the neccessary preparations to move BACK INTO THE WILDERNESS so that they might avoid having to deal with the fallout from the state of affairs they caused . Yes, I know for a fact that this is the judgment of God on a nation who had the truth and threw it away. To those who are given, much will be required. As I said before, you will by no means escape Gods judgment. Your only hope is repentance and returning to God.

    • xander cross

      You sure did not tell that to the navite indians and black people back then about “god’s word”. You christians almost killed an entire nation of people when you so called founders invaded what is called america today. The nation of slavery, but yet, it’s the greatest? A lot of you are indeed, pure hyprocrits to the core.

      • Guido

        Xander, you’re rants would be entertaining if they weren’t so worn out.

        • xander cross

          Something is really wrong with Gudio.

      • r.bitting

        The word of God states that there is none that is good, no not one ( this includes you of course ). BTW, it has not escaped me ( or others on this blog, I suspect ) that the vast majority of your comments are race related. Has’nt your continual attack of the white population shown you to be among the most committed of racists? ( Guess that would make you a ” pure hypocrite to the core ” huh. Maybe you should listen to your own sermon, and maybe you should stop steryotyping all whites as racists, and maybe you should repent and trust in God, through Jesus Christ who created ALL men equally.

        • xander cross

          Like how you all attack black people for being poor on this site and anyone that is on food states. Sounds like you’re the hyprocrite on this one. Typical of white people, they think that they are the superior race and above everyone else because of skin color.

    • EndTimesApostle

      Ultimately the only hope which will not be frustrated is in Jesus Christ.
      Believe in the Word even unto death and you will have life.
      Survival in what is coming will be like playing an old Atari 2600 game like pac man or space invaders. It is not a question of “winning”, but how far can you make it before losing.


    • you need to read this!!!!When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.
      34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

      37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

      40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

      41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

      44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

      45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

      46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

    • Kate

      @R.bitting and Smash: You are studying thyselves approved, Amen. You both are spot on for the Lord God will NOT be mocked. Repent All and come out of her Now!

  • David

    Way ahead o’ ya. I made the move last February, and in October I went out even further. The only disadvantage is that I don’t dare drive home with my “low fuel” light on, because I might not make it to the nearest gas station the next morning, but it sure is nice, knowing that I’m so far removed now from the city and all the crime problems.

  • Aurelius 7

    Move away from the major cities? Try moving out of the country. I already did.

    • Patriot

      AND, if you think it will be any better moving to another country, think again!

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I brought this up in an earlier post has anybody heard of the American Redoubt by James W Rawles? I think it’s a pretty intriguing idea and one I’ve been batting about. His thoughts on moving out of larger cities are below and pretty detailed. Anybody even remotely pondering the idea may want to take a gander. I’m not much on the bug out location idea. Meth is a major epidemic in rural America and you could find your bug out location looted right when you need it. Any relocating I would think seriously about and put some thing into it. If you have a spouse or SO and kids make sure everybody is on the same page. If you’re in or near a major city, New York, Boston LA you know the drill I would seriously think about getting out.


  • William

    Well, one can not run away from themself. Still, there are places with “castle” laws and
    conservative values (not in the political sense of the word) that are appealing. I am contemplating moving from a city of about 65,000 further SOUTH to one with a population of about 13,000.

  • an4

    I never knew this before Japan’s nuclear plant meltdowns in March, but it’s a concern:

    116 million Americans live within 50 miles of nuclear power plants and our power plants are getting old!

    There’s a great site to keep current on Japan’s nuclear crisis and how it’s affecting the U.S.:

    (I’m not affiliated with the site, it’s just one of the few sites keeping current on Japan’s crisis which is FAR from over)

    And did you know that radiation from Japan’s meltdowns was found in the air, milk, drinking water in the U.S. ?

  • DanShaw

    Now is the time to find friends or family who live in the country who share your values and who know that bad times are coming. There is strength in numbers.

    While there is strength in numbers there is also the need for more food and shelter area. So don’t expect to show up at mom/dads home with nothing but your hunger.

    Many families work together to build up supplies that can sustain everyone involved. The time to do that is now.

    If there is no alternative to bugging out, there are several courses online that help you prepare to survive where you live now. Just google “survive in place”.

  • Kevin

    This is a question to be debated regarding the former industrialized cities?

    Camden NJ lost it’s industry when the steel industry in PA that Billy Joel wrote about was still vibrant. It has the dubious distinction of being a trend setter. Some people, abet few held on to the thought of the old thriving Camden NJ not wanting to take a loss on their home. Now they would have to damn near give it away.

    No jobs, no reason for a city.

    Camden NJ should have a sign seen when entering.

    “Welcome to CAMDEN, we’re ahead of our time”.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    As The Banana Republic of America (the Third World hellhole that used to be Los Estados Unidos) continues to rot and decay economically, its cities will become increasingly dangerous. If you want a glimpse into the violent future of the BRA, take a close look at Caracas, Ciudad Juarez, Johannesburg or Port Moresby; that’s what BRA cities will look like. The affluent will live in gated communities with armed bodyguards; the poor majority will live in ghettos and shantytown slums. Blood will flow in the streets.

    The population density of large BRA cities will make them very dangerous; the have-nots will do desperate things with their guns and knives. And for those who think that small towns and rural areas are necessarily going to be safe, think again. Crystal meth is pandemic in small-town America, and the notion that white methheads and tweakers are somehow less dangerous than crackheads of color is a racist myth promoted by the neoKKKon fascists, robber barons and White Shoe Boys. Poor, hungry, desperate people are still poor, hungry, desperate people regardless of whether they are black or white or urban or rural.

    Further, there are plenty of small towns in Northern Mexico that are actually more dangerous than Mexico City, which is saying a lot. So rural isn’t necessarily safer than urban when desperation is so widespread. Urban or rural, keep your gun loaded and know how to use it; you’re going to need it when this Third World hellhole called The Banana Republic of America goes from bad to much, much worse. These are dark, dark times we’re living in.

  • Gary2

    This is what happens in a country that has such a huge wealth and income inequality. The 6 Waltons of walmart fame have more wealth and income than the bottom 30% of the population. 6 people have more than 90 million people. WTF???

    Tax the ********** rich hard and spread the ************* wealth!

    • xander cross

      But gary, we love the rich. We love Mitt Romney and his millions that he stole in the cayman islands. We love ron paul and state’s right against blacks, although many people complain about big government. We love Newt Gingrich and his adultry, that is why he won a christian state like south carolina. We love free markets, that is why wal-mart is so powerful and send jobs to china, hey, its free markt capitalism.

      • mqg25

        “We love Ron Paul and State Rights against the blacks…” You have to be kidding? The reason why this country is going to the shitter is because a powerful financial cabal controls the federal government and our Presidents. They want all of us broke SLAVES dependent on them. It’s not free market capitalism that has caused this mess but crony capitalism a synthesis between the Central Govermment and Corporations. Eliminating the Federal Reserve and de-centralizing our Government is our only chance to bounce back from the ashes…which at this time is slim to none because what I see and hear the masses are still asleep.
        BTW…Ron paul is a strict Constitutionalist which forbids slavery and jim Crow laws…you need to do your homework before showing your ignorance.

        • xander cross

          Ron Paul supported jim crow laws and in fact wrote about it in his very own newsletters for over ten years.

      • T Bonham

        What an idiot statement about state’s rights! You poor deluded soul. Don’t you realize that the ending of the 10th amendment, radification of the 16th made both white and black slaves. Keep nuzzling right on up to your big Fed mother and keep sucking on her teet!

        • xander cross

          Yes, look up the tusgee sylphis project and learn what your precious states rights truly is. Only true racists supports states rights.

    • Kevin


      Better check your math again.

      90 million x $10= 900 million
      90 million x $100= 9 billion
      90 million x $1000= 90 billion.
      90 million x $10,000= 900 billion

      So how much money does the Walton family have?

      • Gary2

        I think you get the jist of my arguement. I actually got the stat from NPR

    • Kevin

      This is what happens when the middle class employer manufacturing is eviscerated.

    • Guido

      You think they stole that wealth, Gary?!? They started the most successful business in the history of the world. They’re the world’s largest employer and they can afford to sell cheaper than anyone to more people than anyone. They’re successful at what they do. There’s no crime in that and how can you accuse them of being thieves when they’re trying to sell people what they want at the lowest prices possible? You’re nuts. In fact, go ahead and take 50% of their wealth and throw it at America’s poor and watch what happens. Aside from the poor still being poor, I bet most of the money would be spent at Walmart! Let’s tear them down and destroy Walmart. Nothing would be better for us than to close the nation’s largest employer AND the cheapest purveyor of goods in the nation. Good thinkin’!

      • Gary2

        Yes I think they stole the wealth by exploiting their workers with low wages and relying on the government to pay health insurance and food stamps to subside their low pay model. They have posters in the employee lounge that I have seen first hand encouraging their employees to sign up for Badger care (state healthcare for the poor in WI) and how to apply for food stamps)

        So yes they did steal it and I would take 99% of it away and redistribute to the poor.

      • Gary2

        Low information right wing dolt says:

        “Let’s tear them down and destroy Walmart. Nothing would be better for us than to close the nation’s largest employer AND the cheapest purveyor of goods in the nation. Good thinkin’!”

        High information liberal actually agrees with low info right dolt but uses facts to support his thesis:

        Yes lets- Walmart is a net drain on the economy and has done more to destroy family supporting jobs then anyone I can think of. There is a very high cost to low prices.

        High info liberal guesses that low info right wing dolt will not get the last sentence about there being a high cost to low prices.

      • chiggi

        I agree with you Guido. I am tired of hearing the “class envy” stuff propped up by the liberal politicians and media – . This causes people to hate other Americans who have been successful in business. If more people would wise up and be responsible instead of wasting their energy criticizing wealthy people (who do you think provides all the jobs?) they might be more likely to share in the personal satisfaction of their own success. And all those “occupiers” are little more than deceived criminals being led by people who don’t have any constructive ideas other than teat down city halls and destroy parks. They need to be sent to boot camp!

  • Jack

    While problems should be addressed, the solution may not be to “bug out” to other areas but learn to grow food in the area one lives in. A small plot will produce a lot of food. “Victory Gardens” were the answer after WWII in most of Europe. Small neighborhood groups working together to plant, tend, and protect the garden would secure the needs for families.
    Get kids off the street and into the garden to learn and teach. Community kitchens where everyone brings something for the pot instead of just an empty cup.
    Every household growing one vegie per day to go in the pot makes for a big pot of food.
    The information gathers who point out the problem without research into solutions more than just running away become part of the problem. Reach out with information which will help people take advantage of the resources where they are instead of flooding into other areas which may be on the very brink of overload and would sink into the same conditions with the added influx of “Runners”.

  • Ed_B

    ” You can’t eat gold.”
    if I never hear this idiotic statement ever again it will be TOO ********** soon! I can’t eat my truck, boots, chainsaw, ’tiller, or hundreds of other things either but they all still have their uses. So will gold and silver, at the proper time and in the proper place. No one knows even if there will be a collapse, let along what kind it will be. Best is to be prepared for a variety of situations and barter with various items will be among them. If nothing happens, then one can still protect whatever wealth they have via precious metal ownership. We KNOW that dollars are inflating away to nothing as we speak. shows this to be somewhere in the 8-10% range and not the 3.5% area that the Fed keeps blathering on about. Not saying that we all need nothing but gold or silver but that everyone should have a little amongst their food, guns, ammo, meds, tools, etc.

    • mondobeyondo

      No, you can’t eat gold. But you can exchange it for items which you CAN eat.

    • Guido

      Of course, it’s folks who don’t own gold that say that. I’ve argued about it with people for years-but I’ve also watched gold double in value in just 3 years.

  • Options

    Move out of the city? Hell, move out of the COUNTRY! The wold is a big place with plenty of nice pales to live if you are enterprising, or have saved enough money to “start over”. People have been doing it for ages. WWII brought countless immigrants to this country from all over Europe, and prior to that we had refugess from potato famines etc. Granted, learning spanish, or thai may be a challenge, but if you find a nice safe place to live away from the overly burdensome and prying eyes of the US gov, why not?

  • Airborne71

    In the case of a shtf event how many of you have an escape plan to get out of the city ? have you driven that route before ? How about at night under limited visiability in the rain or fog or snow ? Do you have a topographical map? it showes ALL roads even trails . What about an alternate route if the main one is blocked or closed by the police and military making you and your loved ones prisoners in your city ? If your car gets taken or won’t start do you have other ways to travel ? NOW IS THE TIME to figure all of this out and practice how to get out of the city. Time is rapidly running out and not much of it is left to do all of this and more besides . Better get started .

  • Joshua10

    Anyone who travels to Brazil frequently enough will notice that the more affluent properties are protected by 7-8 foot tall concrete walls topped with high voltage electric fences. These measures which may seem overkill to us here in the US became essential for protection in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s when Argentina experienced a total economic collapse and hyperinflation which devastated much of South America especially its neighbor Brazil.

    Crime became a way of life and innocent people had to resort to draconian measures to stay safe and alive. As conditions worsen here in the US, Americans may have to take a page out of Brazil’s playbook to keep the barbarians outside the gates.

    • BrazilianGuy

      Take a page out of Brazil’s playbook? I don’t think so. As a brazilian, I can tell you that US can’t take this country as an example. 50,000 homicides/year here, things are way worse than before. And things became pretty bad here since the 80’s, it had more to do with social/moral decline of brazilian society.

  • mike

    We live on 62 acres in the country and love it,hard times are not comming! It’s here! anybody that does’nt think it is needs to pull their head out of the sand box! it is time to pray for the best but prepare for the worst. stay safe!

  • Don’t move to the small towns (< 20,000) that are along any major highways. If you can get there in a matter of minutes using the modern roadway system, so can the scum that will be following you out of the big cities.

    And if you want to escape to rural America when it all falls apart, now is the time to start making friends in those area. When the SHTF, those country folks are going to have a hard time distinguishing you from the scum you are fleeing and will fill the lot of you with buckshot…

  • Jim

    Report: Chicago home to 70 major gangs with 68K members

    This was just published in today’s Chicago Tribune:,0,6445988.story

    • Michael


      Good one – that goes right along with the theme of this article.


  • xander cross

    I got a message for the teens (now 2) that attacked the 65 year old man. Stop messing with old people, they will kill you. I think that this is the begining of the Instant Bullet Response that El De Pollo is talking about (I sorry if I spelled your name wrong). People are begining to respond to these thugs and criminals with force. I think that these criminals will be a rude awakening in these major cities, thinking that they run them. Personally, I kept keep my head low and travel lightly as Michael suggested.

    • mondobeyondo

      Yep. Don’t think that the elderly are so gullible or vulnerable.

      That 65 year old man you’re trying to mug, just might be a Vietnam veteran who did 2 tours of duty. He knows a thing or two about fighting and killing, believe me.

  • shypuffadder

    Do whatever blows your hair back because no matter what you do, government will find a way to tax you to smithereens for it or just plain ‘ol take it away from you. We are being robbed now, and when TSHTF, we will be robbed harder, and then harder, and then harder. All in the name of the rich and privileged but called “government.”

  • AnotherMichael

    These ‘preppers’ have absolutely no idea. They think that they can survive what’s coming by stockpiling a few months’ supply of food and ammunition.

    The USA is in transition from being the world’s only superpower to being a third-world cesspit. The only way for Americans to survive long-term is to learn how to farm and how to do so without technology, as the Amish do.

    For most Americans, it will entail a moratorium on having children. An agrarianised America simply cannot support the population it has today without any industry to speak of.

  • EndTimesApostle

    My father and I recently moved away from Kansas city Missouri after having lived there for 35 years. I saw my neighborhood go from a place where it was relatively safe day or night to a slum where it is not safe to walk down your own street in the middle of the day.
    Specifically the suburb Raytown, which is where we are from has really gone down hill in the past decade. Thugs carry guns in cars and even in backpacks as they walk. We now live more than 150 miles away from there in a rural area and are getting to know our neighbors while bringing them all together into a group.


    • mqg25

      Sounds like you and your dad made a wise decision. I am very familiar with Raytown and your are correct it is becoming more of a crap hole everytime I drive through the area. I live outside the lees Summit area and I’ve noticed over the past few years some sections are becoming real seedy with gang graffiti. I would love to move into an area with like-minded people…who don’t carry the mark of deceit in their forehead.

  • desertwolf

    ya know i read all these locations and it seems people take the states as a whole when i can tell ya western colorado and the front range and eastern colorado are very different worlds i have been a prepper most of my adult life i have lived on the ground in everyone of the 19 states mentioned and yes there are pros and conns to each but i have settled on western kansas for a whole list of reasons i bought a house out there on several acres of land for 30k try finding that in colorado or wyoming or montana with full utilities even through we are mostly off grid 70% as of this writing the community we found has a 0 crime rate population of about 400 remote lots of game water and removed from the rest of the county so find whats right for you

  • Cinderella Man


    The one my Dad shot out of the tree was 180 lbs huge tom. The only thing that saved his life was our little corgi dog named Tuffy. Tuffy treed the tom and it was pitch black and my Dad shot him at a nine foot distance. It took four shots to kill that tom and the shotgun rounds were the bering sized ones not the bbs. Whats funny is that he wasnt allowed to tell the papers or neighbors that he killed the cat. How stupid is that? I guess they dont want to scare anyone!

  • Cinderella Man

    Ed, Gold is worthless unless you can find someone to accept it. Im just saying in a Mad Max or the Road type of apocolyptic situation, what would you want more? Bullets for a rifle so you can defend your self or a brick of gold to throw at the guy with a gun? Use some common sense man! Im sure people like rancher Mark or my Dad could care less about your bag of gold coins when it comes time to barter over a side of beef. Toilet paper and toothpaste will be the new gold in the post apoclyptic America. Or gas or diesel or bullets! Not f-ing gold!

    • Kevin

      If the decline is somewhere below “Leave it to Beaver” and above a “Mad Max Movie” gold and silver will be valuable.

      My bet is a 50% reduction in standard of living using Federal Government income and expenditures as a guide. Natural Gas will be a lifesaver for the US so for those healthy and young enough to work moving where there is NG and food will be a big plus. Having a skill for the area would be useful too.

      Needless to say cities of size offer neither NG or Food.

  • steve

    “like George Soros is predicting?”

    predicting?? you ******* head hes the one whos running them! He *********** owns the magazine that orchestrated the whole occupy wallstreet bull*********.

  • Yes I have one thanks

    Yep, without a doubt, Americans are ******** looneys, who are slowly but surely destroying this world with their greed, arrogance, stupidity, vested interests, ignorence, financial incapability, trigger happy warmongering fascism whilst at the same time supporting every extremist dictator on earth.
    Not for much longer though as it is in rapid and terminal decline. The rise of China will thwart American ambitions for control and there’s not a damn thing the Yankoffs can do to prevent it. The U.S already belongs to China to whom it has to crawl cap in hand just to keep on functioning. It’s politicians are bought and paid for and corrupt to their lying cores.
    The only chance the world has for survival is a weak dominated USA as they have proven that they are not to be trusted/believed/relied upon under any other circumstances.
    I drink to American destruction not Americans who destroy.
    America is a cess pit populated by turds.
    The New American century didn’t even get off the ground and has been renamed the Asian century.
    Bye now and do let us know if you need any food parcels you poor, broke, stagnant working for peanuts duh’s.
    Tell me what does it feel like to own a house that isn’t worth whay you paid for it?

    • mondobeyondo

      I do agree with you that many Americans are greedy, from the top down. From bankers at the top end, to bank robbers at the low end. It’s even glamorized in our movies! “Greed… for lack of a better word… is good!” (“Wall Street”, 1987)

      As for your other comments about America… umm…

      • yes i have one

        I don’t care what you think about my comments about America, they are all true and I could add to them if I had a toilet roll or two.
        On the other hand you are probably a Yankoff so you are not to be trusted/believed or relied upon. The U.S is hated all over this planet (except by its dictators, who the U.S supports) with very good reason. I come from a nation that is propably Americas principle ally yet everybody here hates you to.
        You are racist, xenophobic retards probably brought on by the significant amount of inbreeding there, especially all you ‘good ol’ boys down south. Nasty, nasty, nasty.
        Now you’re broke and you utterly deserve it.
        Do hope you suffer. Call it part payback for all the death, misery and destruction you have caused, oh and do remember it’s only part payback, we’ll ‘take’ the rest later.
        Bye now and don’t have a good day. Food parcels anyone??

        • bluexiii

          You seem very hateful towards americans. Not all of us are like what you describe. I for one, disagree with the corrupt politicians, bankers, etc, etc. From a human being to another human being, I pray you are willing to help those who become displaced, no matter where they are from.

          • yes i have one

            Amercans deserve to be hated, they are a obnoxious and toxic waste of space.
            3% of the worlds population who think it’s their right to dispatch their idea of justice whilst of course breaking every law themselves and believing that they should never be brought to account as of course they are ‘exceptional’.
            Yeah they are exceptional alright, exceptional Arseholes!
            Droned any innocent kids lately, I kinda hope you have as that means more enemies of your stinking nation.
            Anyone serving time for hiditha, Bhopal, or any of the thousands of crimes that the lousy USA commits every day, No of course not, after all the US doesn’t recognise the ICC. That would be because it knows it is a criminal pariah and doesn’t want any consequences. On the other hand though it is quick to persecute those who show up its own crimes, can’t have that can we?
            You are stinking hypocrites.
            If you can’t handle the crime and danger in your slum like cities then think on this…..It is because they are populated by Americans.

  • Enid Mejias

    Very well said! People have departed from the truth
    of God. I like your answer! Only putting our
    Faith in Him will be our shield and buckler! Heaven
    help all of us! Repent and return to our only
    Saviour! America wake up from the demoralizing
    And evil generation because no will escape the
    Judgments of God that is coming!

  • Vince

    Bet if Detroit were majority White, they would not have all these crimes!

    • xander cross

      I seriously doubt that. But then again, they probably get money from Mitt Romney in the cayman islands. Don’t worry, your white (extreme couponing) friends will plot against you if they lose their jobs as well. I work in a white populated area and I know this first hand how you all turn on each other when you run out of money and your credit card declines in the check out lines.

    • mine

      Bet you’re a fat ignorent, retarded rascist yank scumbag.

  • Is now the right time to get out of the cities?

    NO! Ten years ago (or more) was the right time to get out and into the rural remote.

    Thing is, many folks who would like to get out will not be able to handle the hard work necessary to make the move a successful one…work such as gardening, building a house, fixing vehicles, improving driveways, gathering rainwater, septic tanks, dealing with grasshoppers and more dangerous critters like maountain lions, etc. It ain’t just about food storage and shotguns, believe me!

    We started doing this stuff over 25 years ago when we were much younger. I simply cannot see folks in their 60s or late 50s doing this starting right now. Preppers? Don’t make me laugh!

  • Danno

    The city will be a great place to live, if you don’t mind being a cannibal when SHTF. Or being someone else’s meal.

  • Oldcrow

    Gary2, You are the most ignorant summabitch I ever hurd of in my life.

    • Gary2

      then you apparently do not listen to AM hate radio or fox or even to yourself.

      Did you take down the confederate flag from the back of your government paid for electric scooter yet?

  • An

    90% of the people will never understand what is coming. For instance, what do you say to the person who disabled you from a car accident? He doesn’t see that I’m dead where I stand because of him. Neither did the arbitration panel who heard my case- and denied me the chance to get out from under the financial medical burden he placed me in. Before the accident- I could have walked to safety with a tent on my back. Could have carried the firewood to keep my family warm. Grow my own food & dug my own crap hole. Now-I’ll watch my own neighborhood burn when East St. Louis finds their way south when the dollar busts. The only thing that gives me comfort- is that they’ll burn down that SOB’s home who disabled me.

  • Fred

    The Euro Zone in Continental Europe will be safer…

  • Why do so many anti-white race baiters and self righteous Christians continually say (the BIBLE states)that “God created all me equally”. Please show me where it says this. It does not! In fact is says that some men were made for honor and some for dishonor. Some will even be called the LEAST in the kingdom of heaven. It appears you have confused the Constitution (which does state all me are created equal) with the Bible. You worship the false God that you created in your mind instead of the one who the scriptures detail. Your idle worship and self important vanity are apparent. Only good and faithful servants who accept their position will be greatly rewarded. Peace.

  • Is Now The Time To Move Away From Major U.S. Cities?

    Has anyone read all the comments, and thought about the topic? I have and it seems the entire comment section is of the mindset its past time to get away from major cities. I agree! Move now while there is still safety to do so with your family.

    CK Quarterman

  • Rich

    The destruction of this country is purposeful. The plans have been in effect for many years, and there is nothing the US citizens can do about it. Government is the single most detrimental enemy of this country, and the enemy of government is the Constitution, and the people who support it. It is the one limiting factor for government which will soon be eliminated and replaced with a government for the government, and by the government. Don’t bother believing any of this. It is beyond most to comprehend.

  • saoirse

    and how much of this crap is due 100% to no law enforcement ?
    cities out of control,lib loiyuuhs,revolving door justice and apathetic or just ignorant citizens as well are included here.
    Packs of dogs threatening people ? shoot them…or get those animal rescue folK to set up their “traps” and of course rehab them–it is possible.
    dope dealers and pimps ? arrest them. dope dealers/pimps in public housing ? arrest and EVICT THEM—there are existing laws for every single situation right down to evicting those convicted of any criminal activity and the question remains the same –WHY are the laws not being enforced ?
    should be zero tolerance and gun training/permits to ALL without a criminal recors.
    watch crime drop.

    move away from the cities ? and who will you team up with to watch your back etc ?

  • Nam Marine

    YES! Now is the time to abandon the large Cities!

  • hardcore harry

    i suggest u all come to europe ( holland , spain , france )where things r still pretty nice , maybe we will try and re discover america in about 100 years or so …

    • softcore stan

      No, sorry, I don’t want any extra mouths to feed here in Europe. Let them stay there in their “American Dream/Nightmare”.

      Europe is full, move on elsewhere.

  • Kudos! A top shelf feature article that should be read by everyone.

    We American’s are notoriouos for sticking our heads in the sand denying and repressing threats to our very existence.


  • The economic decline is part of the larger decline of the ecosystem. We’ve been on a binge of overpopulating, over-extracting, and polluting since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the bill is coming due in more ways than one.

    • Jonathan

      Your comment is right on time and makes the most sense. Also, I love my cat and all cats too

  • Magdiel

    That is why I am saving money and getting ready to move out to a small town in Alaska,where I am going to be surrounded by the wilderness.Sadly,all this is prophesied,like Jesus Himself said;that as it was in the days of Noah and Lot,so it will be in the days of his second coming.Let us seek after God and trust Him,for the end of the world is near!!

    Thank you Michael,for such a great job you are doing,keep it up,keep spreading the truth!

    • Michael

      Thank you Magdiel.

      And watch out for the bears up in Alaska! :)


  • Paul B

    Read what Fernando Aguirre (google “ferfal”) wrote about in the Argentine crash. He’s got a blog and a book. Living in a small town is the best bet. The rural retreat is just the thing for gangs to take your place over and torture you to death.

  • Watcher

    I bought land in Nicaragua 12 years ago.. and I still own it. 45 nice acres high in the mountains about 26 miles from the int.airport and the capital city.
    Fertile land, coffee trees, citrus, banana, mango… cool and nice.
    I am headed there asap… safest country in Central America. NOT a target for the coming “take-down” and both South and Central America have not felt the depression that is strangling the EU and the US.
    And a safe haven for me and those close to me that have made the choice to go with me.

  • Round Belly

    we bugged out in 2006- got top dollar for our city house too (but of course, paid top dollar for our country hideaway). We have been very happy here and able to build a strong local network.

  • Tico

    Suffice to say that all that leave to another country are bound to turn that country up side down too. The problem is the get for me and all but for me and the hell with the rest. Soon there will be nowhere to run. Men has made everything go out of control. Poor U S how its own sons and daugthers turn their back to her. Well I guess its called survival. To me the Indians are the people with the best of life’s philosophy. May God return soon and have mercy on all.

  • goostaf

    I really appreciate that this conversation is possible. Even though there are people who have some anger problems, I appreciate their emotions, although misdirected. I have thought of these issues and became certified in permaculture. I now believe that the future doesn’t have to be degradation. I am hopeful of the sociability of human nature to overcome what would be the instinct to take what you have.I think the most important piece of advice in all of this is your proximity to a nuclear power plant. Fukishima has awakened everybody to nuclear’s evils. I love the map of the nuclear power plant proximity. Soooo important moving forward.

    Sustainable agriculture has the potential to direct the new post-carbon era with optimism and hope. In this regard, I appreciate the rankings including a growing season rank. This is also very important. As we watch climate change morph the environments in front of us, we should embrace this as an opportunity to try growing something that wouldn’t otherwise have a chance. Where I live, we have changed from a zone 4 to a zone 5 in the matter of a few years. I think we could be a 6 in a few more years.

    My advice, return to nature as much as you can. Understanding nature in the city or out in the country will give you awareness and resilience. While I acknowledge there will be tough times ahead, please acknowledge the power of the extended hand despite having a gun hidden behind your back. Lead by example people. Inclusion is real power. Exclusion is prehistoric clan behavior.

  • goostaf
  • Of course, contain the 700 military bases and hundreds of thousands of troops overseas, constantly spending money and material resources into service by artificially creating enemies all over the world – and then there is nothing left to its own population. All of the U.S. war – only to enrich the military industrial complex corporations. An incredible corruption, lobbying for their interests and a handful of financial oligarchs, for the sake of the thousands of professionals working on a regular legend “threats” and “challenges”. Everything is much easier – greed, vanity, and the impunity of the oligarchs and complete obedience to the authorities

  • I’m just convinced that the U.S. government in case of riots will apply in respect of its own population bespritsidentno brutal suppression measures (. Because the habit of killing people of other countries (which are located at a distance of tens of thousands of miles from the U.S.) and a complete disregard for the right to life of other residents countries – a “calling card” for the United States.) A population of this “free” country is so intimidated by the official propaganda, and accustomed to the total supervision of secret services, which inevitably suffers.

    • Lois

        Zhenna, I am combining your two comments for clarification. In the first post you blamed the military for gov spending uselessly. The GDP spending on the military is estimated to be about 5-10 %. So that is NOT the reason for loss of money for our nation. TOO many people have become depended on the gov, and continue to demand more and /or refuse more gimmicks to, like obamacare–Keeing them dependent. Now in the second statement you mentioned -the gov wanting to fight it’s own citizens, -that part is unfortunately true. Obama just signed another of many executive order in March allowing him to take food and water from private citizens.

  • Louis

    Two movies that would help everyone understand what time it is!!
    1. The road
    2. The book of eli

    With this my advice:
    1. Rifle,pistol,shot gun
    Minimum 2-500 rounds each
    2. Large rucksack as go bag
    fill with only things you absolutely have to have
    Such as: knife
    Fire starting kits, water purify kits,hygiene gear, medical & dental g
    gear, cold weather & hot weather gear, compass, mini fishing kit
    safety goggles, MOTO cross body armor, Protec helmet,
    Etc. Very important!! Do not dress tacted out!! Meaning
    dress up like a character from a Halo or call of duty video gsme

  • Judy Ply

    We need the Rosary. God, Mother Mary, Jesus, Love.Pray. Prayer is very powerful.

  • Ross


  • Kay

    Somethings coming no doubt. Many people feel so insecure these days. A great book I just read and saw the DVD is The Harbinger. It is written like a novel but it’s all true and has a powerful message and makes things pretty clear what’s going on. You must practice trusting God because we are really gonna need it. Many people cannot prep as myself who is currently jobless so I have no choice but to trust in God which is a good thing. I have been a victim of some of His great miracles so I know first hand.

    God Bless everyone!

  • Lisa

    I live in a mid-size southern city. In the last ten years I have had my apartment broken into three times and been mugged in broad daylight (hit in the back of the head with a pistol). I live in a “good” neighborhood. The news of these things is always covered up because they want to maintain the value of the overpriced homes in the area. I have seen people in general change in the last ten years. They are louder, rude, very self-centered. I can’t help but think of the “Last Days.” I live across the street from a middle school. When the kids are getting off the buses or on their recess break, they hit each other, yell at each other and basically act as if they have no decorum whatsoever. Many years ago, this was all unacceptable behavior — now I see teachers standing by while this is all taking place. I dream of living in a better community but realize that does not exist anymore in America.


    when people wake up and really really UNDERSTAND there is not ONE REASON FOR THESE TURD WORLD STANDARDS and start demanding investigations of exactly WHERE ARE OUR TAX $$s going and WHERE HAVE THEY GONE…where is the LAW and LAW ENFORCEMENT etc and even take it to the point of literally TELLING THESE POLICIAL WHORES that if they WON’T,not CAN’T—WON’T as in REFUSE TO GET THE LAWS ENFORCED than we have no alternative then to TAKE THESE ESTABLISHED LAWS into our own hands. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO
    WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE AMERICANS ? everybody simply sits on their rumps moaning or hypnotized by the television and on top of it ALL,eating prozac and other “mood enhancers”-
    Americans FIGHT BACK.
    wake up.
    and STOP THHE BS THAT WE DON’T DO THAT–yeah and this IS WHY the nation has deteriorated.

  • john

    Prayer changes everything..if people in large numbers turn back to God …He will heal our land.We have already been warned that these things would happen and we’re now in the beginning stages…

  • Jos

    At least realise the real situation. I don’t know all that can,and must be done.It’s obvious,honest praying people are not dangerous.Too many persons have no understanding that everyone will end up in an eternal hell or Heaven.It’s awfull,many people living in poverty, who desire to do honest work.Of course, never reject proper,honest work that payes a proper wage.Young people,learn a good trade.Respect towards others,to property.Most impotant:learn to pray ! That is very important;more important than you may think.Yes,for God wants to help you.Don’t refuse to know Him,don’t refuse His help.

  • Jos

    Don’t forget to pray.Evangelize by the way you behave.Start with creating a good,proper loving family.

    • Majco

      People should pray to someone, who is watching criminals raping, killing and excruciating thousands of people and do nothing about it? You should seek help.