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Hillary’s Future Chief Of Staff Worked For A Radical Islamic Journal That Blamed America For 9/11

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Huma Abedin - Public DomainHuma Abedin worked for Hillary Clinton when she was a U.S. Senator, when she was Secretary of State, and at this moment Abedin currently serves as her top campaign aide. If Clinton wins the election in November, it seems virtually a certainty that Abedin will become the White House chief of staff. She is already one of the most powerful women in America, and yet the vast majority of Americans have absolutely no idea who she is. Well, it turns out that she worked at a publication run by her mother known as “the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs” for more than a decade as an assistant editor. While Huma Abedin worked there, the journal regularly published articles that promoted radical Islamic causes and that opposed the rights of women. In fact, Abedin’s mother edited a book that was published in 1999 “that justifies the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation under Islamic law“. If you know anything about that insidious practice, then you already know that it is one of the most horrific things being done to women around the globe today.

Not only that, but one article that was published while Abedin worked there actually blamed the United States for 9/11. The following comes from the New York Post

Huma continued to work for her mother’s journal through 2008. She is listed as “assistant editor” on the masthead of the 2002 issue in which her mother suggested the US was doomed to be attacked on 9/11 because of “sanctions” it leveled against Iraq and other “injustices” allegedly heaped on the Muslim world. Here is an excerpt:

“The spiral of violence having continued unabated worldwide, and widely seen to be allowed to continue, was building up intense anger and hostility within the pressure cooker that was kept on a vigorous flame while the lid was weighted down with various kinds of injustices and sanctions . . . It was a time bomb that had to explode and explode it did on September 11, changing in its wake the life and times of the very community and the people it aimed to serve.”

Needless to say, the Clinton campaign is not commenting on any of this.

For many years, there has been much speculation about the nature of the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin. And to this day, many of those questions remain unanswered (at least publicly). What we do know is that Hillary feels extremely close to Huma and trusts her implicitly.

But should she?

Huma Abedin has been accused of being a “Saudi spy“, and there are claims that her family has had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. And without a doubt, her mother holds to a form of radical Islam that should be antithetical to everything that America is supposed to stand for.

Despite all of this, Abedin has a tremendous amount of support in both parties, and that includes top Republicans such as John McCain

Many politicians, of both parties, strongly support Abedin including Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona.

‘Put simply, Huma represents what is best about America: the daughter of immigrants, who has risen to the highest levels of our government on the basis of her substantial personal merit and her abiding commitment to the American ideals that she embodies so fully,’ McCain said then. He added: ‘I am proud to know Huma and to call her my friend.’

One of the controversies that has brought Abedin into the forefront in recent months was the email scandal that could have potentially derailed the Clinton campaign and ended Hillary’s political career for good. And now we are getting indications that the scandal may not be completely over. Earlier today, Bloomberg reported that there are approximately “15,000 previously undisclosed documents” which the FBI has recovered from Hillary’s email servers which will soon be released to the public…

A federal judge has ordered the U.S. State Department to accelerate its review of almost 15,000 previously undisclosed documents recovered by the FBI from private e-mail servers used by Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state.

Those documents are among tens of thousands of records the State Department is sifting through to cope with the demands of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the conservative group Judicial Watch as the presidential race between Democrat Clinton and Republican Donald Trump enters a crucial phase.

So what will those emails show?

Could they potentially contain solid evidence that could lead to the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and many of her top aides?

I wouldn’t hold your breath.

But if those documents are released in time, and if they contain some very damaging information, they could perhaps sway some key swing state voters at a critical point in the election.

If you follow my work regularly, you probably already know that I am very skeptical of those that believe that Donald Trump is going to win the election. The elite are desperate to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, and so they are throwing their support behind Hillary Clinton in a major way.

The Clinton campaign has far more money than the Trump campaign does, the mainstream media has completely sold out for Hillary, and hordes of establishment Republicans have already publicly committed to vote for her.

So at this moment, everything appears to be going her way.

But there is a long way to go until November, and one huge scandal could literally change everything in a single moment.

  • K

    Evil, always surrounds itself with more evil. Hillary=Evil.

    • watchmannonthewall

      Sort of like that old saying, Birds of a feather, flock together.”

    • TheLulzWarrior

      “Despite all of this, Abedin has a tremendous amount of support in both parties, and that includes top Republicans such as John McCain…”

      Best proof is this, McTraitor supported her.

    • jaxon64

      What’s even scarier is that with Hillary’s growing mental infirmities, this radical Muslim may actually be the one running the country behind the closed doors of the oval office.
      We thought Valerie Jarrett influencing Obama was bad–this could be REALLY bad.

      • iris

        Oh, my, I think you’re right!!!! The votes are already rigged for Hillary, even if they perform thorough “diagnostics” and proudly pronounce the findings before during and after the hacking takes place. Just watch, I’ll bet they’ll do that, because some people are on to these huge lies, at long last, but tptb’s gig can’t be up, just yet. Radical jihadists will be doing here, on the same scale or worse, as the EU has seen. Then, we’ll realize that the country was already dismantled decades ago. The Bushes, the Clintons and the current administration are all on the same page, and our governance looks and reads like it’s Mad Magazine. What we have now is semblance. Our citizenship as Christians is in heaven, though, and this is the way of this world. Jesus will return someday, and reign in true justice and peace.

  • shots autism MSM LIES

    Several political people critical of Hillary have been asasinated and she’s not even president yet!!
    Just the other day it looks like someone tried to asasinate Julian Asange.
    A number of social media users suggested it was an asasination attempt ordered by Hillary Clinton, while others thought Obama was involved.

  • john folger

    she is wright we voted bush/clinton/obama in ,bush did 911 so it is our fault rothschild/ soros paid them for it

  • john folger

    her mother removed her genital as a child an they think it is ok [hillary will get advice from her

  • ivor biggin

    Any truth to the rumours that Hilary and Huma are lovers?

  • Jordan

    9/11 happened because of our intervention overseas for decades. It has nothing to do with radical islam.

  • AverGo

    Bush, did 9/11 Part of Agenda 21, Secret societies that they belong to. Skull n Bones, 322. Which is 44 base pairs of DNA, which they want to add 22 more, for transhumanisum. 3×22. They want to live forever.
    Gen.3:22 And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: Destroy the Twin Towers and rebuild the Freedom Tower, which looks like the two towers combined, inside each other. As Above, So Below. People need to see, who’s really running this world and wake up to just how big the deception really goes. Combining of DNA!!!

    • Guest

      Uh, what?

  • Sm

    I know for a fact that true Islamic law never “justifies the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation.” It is extremely absurd to justify such a stupid practice, but some cultures especially in Africa practice this.

    Say whatever you want about Huma, but neither her nor her mother represents the vast majority of Muslims who are proud to be patriotic Americans and serve the country positively in many various ways.

    • Rhialto the Marvellous

      Q: What’s worse than a fool?

      A: A blind fool – like you.

  • MEP325

    9/11 happened because of American foreign policy in the Middle East. Nooooo, they hate us because we love football, beer and allow women to attend universities! Give me a break. The disastrous and failed Iraq war left that country in ruins and has also added to the Islamic rage against America. Might I add, Hillary’s policies as Secretary of State has caused even more instability in the region. She has blood of Muslims on her hands just as much as George W. Bush

  • jesus freak

    And,,,, the are both married to perverts

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Yep, Huma could have found better than that ugly oil driller.

  • Jim Davis

    Female circumcision is barbaric to be sure. But no more barbaric than the butchery done to infant boys in the male version.

    • Lazarovic

      You’re saying circumcision is butchery? It’s done in the hospital for hygienic and safety reasons, fool.

      • charliewonder

        Why? I thought god created us as perfect creatures. Foreskin and all. Are you saying people know more then god who created the foreskin in males? Truth is following the jews is why many westerners circumcise. However, if you are not already a chosen one of god circumcision will not make you one of his favorites. Begging the question why would a supernatural being have to play favorites anyway?

      • TheLulzWarrior

        “It’s done in the hospital for hygienic and safety reasons,”

        You actually buy that old meme?

  • Lazarovic

    This site has gone completely off the deep end with political fanaticism; it’s laughable. I used to enjoy the prepper articles, but now it’s just mostly Michael’s political and social fantasies. It’s a disservice to your readers.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      I bear witness Mohammed is in Hades, he is forever boiling in the blood of the river Phlegeton, he moan and gnash is teeth in torment as he is forever raped by 72 burning gentacles…

      I bear witness that Allah is a giant pig in Hades wallowing in a great lake of boiling blood alongside countless hundreds of millions of moslems, they cannot escape because living razor wires are endlessely ripping through their flesh and the burning dejections of mocking birds rains endlessely uppon them all…

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Not only that, but one article that was published while Abedin worked there actually blamed the United States for 9/11….”

    assuming 9/11 was not a false flag operation (our very own Reichstag fire), they the attack was blowback
    like they say, payback is a bit ch

  • A.S.

    Just like Hillary, she looks like a witch (and the other word that rhymes with ‘witch’), so the two of them will make a nice lesbian couple.

    • RageHard84

      I hope you’re kidding. I don’t like Hillary Clinton, but she’s married to a man, so I’d not suggest she’s a lesbo.

      • A.S.

        Of course I’m kidding. You already know I’m an Orthodox Jew (we also believe that being gay, lesbian, etc, is wrong, but will never kill someone over it like Muslims).

        • RageHard84

          OK. I would agree that it’s wrong but we shouldn’t kill over it.

  • iris

    A planned demolition was involved, and why if fell straight down. 50% of New Yorkers don’t buy the stock answer regarding 9/11, and the “independent panel” appointed by W. Bush, provided information which didn’t line up. Have heard that much of why 9/11 happened in the first place was to push the 1200? page bill regarding Homeland Security, which was coincidentally waiting in the wings. All of 2, count them, 2, Congress people actually read the bill before signing. That law took away many rights and much privacy, and since, has been reinstated. I think the other part was two fold, one to do with oil, the other to do with creating chaos and fueling the fires we fanned in the ME decades before. Now, the world is seeing the fruit of it, more chaos and violence. The goal is a one world economy, government and religion.

  • tacoma

    “Not only that, but one article that was published while Abedin worked there actually blamed the United States for 9/11.”

    So a bunch of guys who maybe a little bored, wanted some excitement, suddenly decided to travel to America, hide and planned for a whole year, learned broken English, then hopped on a few airliners on a suicide mission. Destinations: World Trade Towers – symbol of America global economic power, Pentagon – symbol of America global military power. Interesting that they decided to do this to the U.S., not any other country. But of course America is completely innocent, completely benign in its foreign policy, pissed off nobody, fights no wars of opportunity, profit, ideology or religion.

  • bob smith

    Another follower of a murdering, illiterate pedophile in the white house,eight years of the last one was enough!!! Hillary for prison 2016!