Have You Ever….

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Have you ever wondered what our world is going to look like five or ten years down the road?  Well, today our world is changing at a pace that is faster than ever before, and the decisions that we all make right now are going to have a dramatic affect on the years ahead.  In many ways, 2012 represents a huge turning point for America.  There will be a presidential election, 33 seats in the U.S. Senate will be contested and every single seat in the U.S. House of Representatives will be up for grabs.  But the changes that are happening in America go much deeper than politics.  Anger and frustration are growing to frightening levels, and we have become a deeply divided nation.  Our affluence is rapidly crumbling and our national values are being transformed at a staggering pace.  America is drowning in debt, addicted to entertainment and full of people that think they know it all.  America is arrogant, cocky, smug, brash and full of pride.  But if we continue down the road that we are currently on, we will be greatly humbled someday.  It is just a matter of time.


In life, sometimes the questions are almost more important than the answers.

A good question can get you to focus on something you may not have considered before.

A good question can often get you to look at things at an entirely new angle.

Our nation is in big trouble and we desperately need to start making better decisions while there is still time.

Hopefully the questions below will cause you to do some thinking.  I know that they caused me to do some thinking….

Have you ever noticed that a lot of countries are now quietly talking about paying for oil in something other than U.S. dollars?

Have you ever wondered why top officials in the government get away with so much?  Right now, 36 top officials in the Obama administration owe a combined $833,000 in back taxes.  How in the world can they get away with that?  And why don’t they pay their “fair share” before trying to convince the rest of us that we need to pay more taxes?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that the federal government has been operating without an approved budget for over 1000 days?

Have you ever taken the time to read some of the foreclosure horror stories that are out there on the Internet?  Some of them are absolutely nightmarish.  It kind of makes you wonder why anyone would ever want to buy a house.

Have you ever wondered why so many Tea Party Republicans are voting for Newt Gingrich?  Considering the fact that he endorsed Obamacare a few years ago and considering the fact that he has been promoting individual health care mandates for years, it is amazing that any Republican is willing to vote for the guy.

Have you ever wondered why so many Tea Party Republicans are voting for Mitt Romney?  When he was governor of Massachusetts, he created Romneycare (which is what the plan for Obamacare was based upon) and he appointed large numbers of radical leftists to the judiciary in Massachusetts.

Have you ever wondered why Wall Street is pouring such a massive amount of money into Mitt Romney’s campaign?

Have you ever noticed that the EU seems to hold a lot of “summits” but that nothing actually ever seems to get accomplished?

Have you ever noticed how almost everyone in America is scared to death of getting sued?  No wonder people dislike lawyers so much.

Have you ever wondered why the Department of Homeland Security is so obsessed with monitoring Twitter?

Have you ever noticed that many major U.S. cities have become very unpleasant places in which to live?

Have you ever wondered why we didn’t build wider roads?  Most of our cities are terribly congested.  Each year, a total of approximately 4.8 billion hours are wasted on the roads of America due to traffic congestion.

Have you ever why so many Americans are constantly doped up on prescription drugs?  The percentage of Americans that say that they have taken two or more prescription drugs within the last month has risen to 31 percent, and the percentage of Americans that say that they have taken five or more prescription drugs within the last month has risen to 11 percent.

Have you ever noticed that the term “perfect storm” is being used a lot more frequently these days?

Have you ever noticed that virtually nobody in Washington D.C. is much concerned about China’s rapidly rising military strength?

Have you ever noticed that even European newspapers admit that Barack Obama is trying to turn the United States into a European-style socialist welfare state?

Have you ever noticed that the mainstream media avoids certain stories almost completely?  For example, a judge in Massachusetts recently ordered a 32-year-old pregnant woman to undergo a forced abortion and also ordered her to be sterilized.  The mainstream media ignored the story almost entirely.  Fortunately that decision was later reversed, but it is kind of frightening that a story like that did not make more national headlines.

Have you ever noticed that the FDA spends a massive amount of time and resources persecuting those that promote natural cures?  For example, the FDA recently sent in U.S. marshals to raid one company that was selling elderberry juice concentrate.

Have you ever wondered why information about natural substances that have been shown to fight cancer is suppressed in the United States?

Have you ever wondered who makes all that cheap plastic crap from China that fills our store shelves?  It turns out that working conditions are so nightmarish in many of those factories that many of the workers end up committing suicide.

Have you ever wondered why prominent news anchors such as Erin Burnett would call China “our greatest friend“?

Have you ever wondered why all of the big websites that protested SOPA so vigorously are not saying much about ACTA at all?

Have you ever wondered why U.S. state governments spend millions of dollars to train workers for big corporations?

Have you ever wondered how the area along the U.S. border with Mexico got to be one of the most dangerous places on earth?

Have you ever noticed how many of the latest Bible versions go to extreme lengths to avoid offending anyone?  It is almost as if those translating these Bibles are actually embarrassed of Christianity.

Have you ever wondered why America imprisons far more people than anyone else in the world?

Have you ever wondered why Greece is in such a financial mess?  Maybe it is because government officials in Greece do not seem to have any common sense.  According to the New York Times, the following categories of people are now considered to be “disabled” in Greece and can receive financial benefits from the government: pedophiles, exhibitionists, kleptomaniacs, pyromaniacs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists and sadomasochists.

Have you ever wondered why gang activity is increasing so dramatically in America?  It is estimated that there are 68,000 gang members living in the city of Chicago alone.

Have you ever wondered why more than 10,000,000 guns were sold in the United States during 2011?

Have you ever wondered how America would be different if we had not killed more than 50 million babies since Roe vs. Wade was decided back in 1973?

Have you ever wondered why so many young children drop dead or become severely disabled shortly after getting injected with vaccines?

Have you ever wondered why we don’t hear more about all the scientists that believe that man-made global warming is a hoax in the mainstream media?

Have you ever wondered why we can’t find a home for all Americans since there are far more vacant homes in America than there are homeless people?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Barack Obama actually got thrown off the ballot in Georgia?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without the Internet?  Every single minute, 168 million emails are sent.  What would we do without all that email?

Have you ever wondered why so many Americans are busy preparing for the collapse of civilization?

Have you ever wondered if this is the year when we will see a war with Iran erupt in the Middle East?

So do you think that you have answers to the questions above?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below….

  • Hognuts

    Have you ever wondered how much longer it will be before the “sheeple” wake up?

    • Justa Guy

      Many will lose everything or be dead before they have any clue about what’s coming. The only way some people will know something is wrong is when their t.v. goes blank. Then they will probably just sit there and stare at it, waiting until something comes back on, not knowing what to do with their meaningless lives.

      • Kris

        Very true.

  • Golden Child

    Where will America be in five years? That is a scary thought. Five years ago, America was a different place. Back then, anyone with a first and last name and a pulse could obtain a credit card with a $8000+ limit with barely any credit history. Jobs were much easier to come by in 2007. Getting a job interview, in itself, pretty much guaranteed you got the job. Way back in early 2007, the majority of college grads found career work within six months after graduation or even received job offers before walking the stage. Gas, food and everything else cost much less than today and millions of Americans were still riding the gravy train. Today we have an exploding unemployed/underemployed underclass, a spiraling national debt, no real job creation, massive home foreclosures and business closings, inflation and an increasingly declining standard of living for regular folks. The rug of artificial prosperity has been yanked from underneath our feet and millions of us are now injured in a deep ditch once hidden by the credit rug desperately trying to claw our way out of the deep hole.

    But what do we know? We are just a bunch of easily manipulated brainwashed simpletons who live solely to watch overweight grown men wearing bright colored tights get paid millions of dollars to tackle each other and throw a ball around on national television. We will not cause a ruckus when we are put out of work indefinitely and the cost of living is artificially jacked up, but you bet your arse that there would be massive riots if the NFL doesn’t play next Fall.

    • Gary2

      football is such trash TV. I totally agree that it lacks any merit.

  • Gary2

    When Obama wins re election and moves the country to the left we will be prosperous. The rich will pay their fair share finally and the wealth will be much more evenly divided.

    Hopefully Mrs. Pelosi will be speaker again as she was a great leader.

    We will rid ourselves of the conservatives as anyone with a brain can see that their tired old cut taxes on the rich/deregulate everything BS has failed and is a big reason we are in the republican great recession.

    Conservatives simply can not be [permitted to ruin this country anymore. They need to be crushed, never to return for many generations. They are the problem.

    • Justa Guy

      We won’t be prosperous, we’ll be headed for fema camps. If Obummer hasn’t made us prosperous in his first term, what will his motivation be to really attack the problem during a lame duck term? No, he will just continue spending money this country doesn’t have to help the elite and banksters get what they want, just like his first term.

      You also confuse republicans with conservatives. 99% of republicans are not conservatives, they just like to say they are, because that’s what republicans used to be many decades ago, and most Americans are dumbed down enough to buy into it. Today, republicans spend as much as liberals, just in areas that have little to no benefit for the general populace. I can understand your viewpoint, though, to the degree that if you’re going to have the government spending excessive amounts of money, they ought to be using it for the benefit of the majority of the populace, rather than the small, elite class that the republicans give the whole pile to.

      True conservatives would follow the constitution, which most republicans break their oath to uphold, which in my opinion makes them traitors. Unfortunately, the democrats are also oath breaking traitors.

      In my opinion, any elected official that has taken an oath to uphold the constitution, and yet creates or approves of legislation that is blatantly unconstitutional, should be tried and duly punished for treason. That would straighten things out in this country real fast…

      • Gary2

        Obummer hasn’t made us prosperous in his first term, what will his motivation be to really attack the problem during a lame duck term?

        He can take us far to the left with oput worring about reelection. Once we have single payer people will like it like they currently do SSI. The right will never be able to repeal it.

      • Timmy

        Don’t bother reading anything Gary2 posts. Waste of time. He’s a *****************************

      • Gay Veteran

        jeez, conservatism cannot fail, it can only be failed. Reminds me of Communism.

      • Steven Cornett

        I think the FEMA camp, meant for conservative “reeducation”, are implied in his utopian utterance. The iron fist is never far from the velvet glove.

    • ScoutMotto

      Don’t forget the golden calf while you’re at it.

    • WM

      Gary2: Pleeeeeeeeease tell me you were joking when you made the above comments. Conservatives stand for equality, morality and values, NOT giving tax payers money to people that do not want to work, NOT relaxing our immigration laws, and NOT softening our justice system so that it favors criminals and takes firearms away from law abiding citizens, and desiring to keep the moral teachings of Jesus in schools, they tend to be patriotic and support the men and woman in uniform……Liberals have been know to do the exact opposite. I grew up next door to Northampton, Massachussetts, one of the most liberal areas on the east coast. I know very well the worldview that liberals have and how lop sided their view of the world can be. I say rid the world of liberal thinking.

      • Gary2

        to say conservative and moral in the same sentance is an oxymoran.

        Please turn off fox.

      • Gay Veteran

        yeah, that “liberal thinking” like the 40 hour work week, overtime, the weekend, pure food and drug laws, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965, equality under the law, etc., etc.

        All things conservatives opposed.

    • Sunshine

      Yikes. Gary2, google -obamacare penalties- and see what you find. If Obamacare penalties have been withdrawn since the draft, please excuse my ignorance. I believe that penalty waivers were already handed out to some big businesses that pay their workers american slave wages. Was it McDonalds? Walmart? that got waivers? Haven’t heard the working poor getting any waivers from the penalty though. I think working poor may get kicked onto the government plan that may be funded by medicaid. With that, you might as well tattoo a ward of the state number on yourself while working for and funding your own eventual economic demise. Question to ask, does a medicaid number enable a state to activate the estate recovery act? Call your local Dept. handling that and ask. If so, then you and your descendants may never get out of the state sponsored poverty pool, generation after generation.
      Remember, Romneycare was the test state for the National scheme and Romneycare has no qualms/conscience about fining low income whose minimal wages cannot afford luxuries like health Insurance premiums, nevermind their co-pays and deductibles! May as well go get that tattoo if you can’t pay your own way. Tho- you won’t hear that on the nightly news.

      Now then, this whole -us against them- argument, what with poor having cellphones is a ruse to keep your eye off the root cause and to keep people divided and squabbling amongst themselves over the insignificant, rather than examining cause and effect. Why? For instance, there aren’t any decent paying jobs in poverty stricken zip codes, yet there are flourishing to the brim welfare offices signing people onto perpetual poverty programs.

      Repubs, democrats it doesn’t matter which as long as the bloated fatcats are funding and pushing their chosen to the forefront to further their interests to do the looters bidding.

      You know, when people were and still are losing their homes by the droves, when middle class jobs were, and still are being flushed out of the country to cheap labor overseas, where people are living in tent cities and hotels, when wages are 30years behind in contrast to todays cost of living, when wars were and still are being waged–what we heard from Pelosi and kin was re: Obamacare YOU HAVE TO PASS THIS SO YOU CAN READ IT. Priorities, anyone? Were the people being locked out of house and home, applying for food stamps, losing their sons and daughters to war really worried about health insurance?

      However, all these so called freebies are not free at all. Just ask Aunt Zuitini who lives in public housing last I knew. Now that’s some freedom and prosperity huh? Public housing- projects-, the newspeak for that is SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES.

      ( I really wonder who George Bush was speaking of when he declared they hate us, our freedoms. Who were the “they’ he was speaking of? It seems more and more that it was the bloated billionaires resenting the accumulating wealth of the average american, because the bloated parasites dispensing big bank food stamps cards have gained far more since the, while the average american is sinking deeper into poverty.)

      I agree with you on wealth inequality and that won’t change till LIVING WAGES become a MANDATE for those billion dollar corporations. Do you remember a time when working for a big American company meant you could afford the American Dream? It wasn’t that long ago. Just think, one breadwinner with a living wage could support a family instead of the modern dysfunctional fractured families working multiple low income jobs with latchkey kids raised on television, that unwittingly attempt to cope with this insurmountable recipe for social disaster through RX and street drugs. No wonder why our once cherished Rockwellian societal norms have crumbled into decaying chaos. As it stands, believing that either party who are sponsored by big moneyed interests will do you any favors is fools folly. Once again, is there any reason why the chinamart big box stores won’t pay their workers living wages?

      • Gary2

        I agree with the living wages. Corporations are sitting on record profits that rightly belong to the workers.

        Regarding healthcare we simply need single payer.

    • M L Morgan

      Wow! That’s not even worth arguing.





      I know you are a hardcore lefty, in the tradition of the Green Arrow, but don’t be a total sucker by voting for Obama again in 2012 and hoping that somehow the inner democrat in him will finally escape his rightwing prison and reign happiness and joy throughout the land.

      IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN………………….

      You rail against the republican wing of the war party but you give Obama and the democrat wing of the war party a pass. What’s wrong with this picture?

    • Pauly

      Wow are you dumb. Two years of demoncrat control and no labor reform and rich got richer…

      • Gary2

        I know I am disappointed that Obama was more conservative than I thought he was,. This is what happens when a liberal tries to work with the right.

    • Colin

      You ever wonder if Pelosi pays her “fair share” or has ever engaged in insider trading?

      C’mon man!

      Pelosi, seriously???!!!

      Nevertheless, your posts never cease to give us the endless examples of why your type of thinking wreaks of utter, naked stupidity.

    • DanShaw

      Keep up the good work. Your anti conservative comments help us focus more on what we believe and why we dislike the socialist agenda. Why without you we might just all be patting each other on the back and think everything is fine.

    • whens dinner?

      You want to know why you are wrong. Because you put your faith into the presidency.

    • Leave things alone. The people are actually shooting themselves in the foot. They will only bankrupt themselves in the end.
      This isn’t an issue of left/right/center, above, below and beyond. Evil is evil.

  • Gary2

    A friend sent me this. Its so true:

    The big question I ponder:

    I’ve often wondered how Christianists and the Tea Party crowd can cling to beliefs that defy logic and scientific fact. Now, we may have the answer: they’re simply stupid. I mean literally dumb from an intelligence perspective.

    A new study done by researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock
    University in Ontario, Canada, finds that those with low intelligence gravitate towards conservatism.

    Me again-As if we needed a study to know this.

    • ScoutMotto

      Gary, your opinion would mean so much more without name-calling, but then liberals resort to name-calling as a matter of course because they lack the very logic they accuse the other side of defying.

      • Gary2

        I am simply cutting and pasting from the study that clearly and unambigously shows conservatives to be of lower intellect than the general population. Google for your self. This was a very in depth study that went on for many years.

        I am sure there are very nice conservatives, its just that they hold a false world view commencerate with their limited cognitive abilities. Stupidity does not make one a bad person. it just means that you pretend to listen and then do the right thing which is almost always the left view.

        I do not think we needed a study to tell us the obvious though!

        • Hefsmaster

          Good thing we’re all libertarians around here….

    • Gary2 = Door Warrior


    • Tim

      “A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.” Proverbs 29:11

    • r.bitting

      Despite your views, yes despite them, God still extends his love to you Gary, that you might be saved. God loves you and DESIRES YOU TO BE SAVED. So do I. I will continue to pray for you Gary.. God bless you.

      • Gary2

        Thanks-Hopefully all my posting is helping consetrvatives to see how wrong they are and to start to get them to change their world view.

        if nothing else I bring some much needed balance to Michaels posts.

        Thanks Again! I do appreciate what you said.

        • whens dinner?

          leftist liberals are so racist

    • WM

      Gary2…Sorry to get on you about this, but your comments make no sense. Lets see…liberals say that a criminal has rights after he murders and rapes a family, ( I am referring to the Chesire, CT home invasion murders as an example). All the liberals made excuses about everything from hearing voices to a bad childhood as an EXCUSE for what these two men did to the Petit family. Now THAT, sounds like low intelligence and absolute void of any logic whatsoever. The conservatives seen it as a murder and that these guys should get the death penalty. They were sentenced to the death penalty, both found guilty well above a reasonable doubt. But, guess why they will remain on death row and cost the taxpayers of Connecticut millions to house them, feed them, give them cable tv? It is because of LIBERAL lawyers that keep appealing and appealing…

      • Gay Veteran

        conservatives who point to the post office as an example of government efficency are more than willing to let government execute people

        go figure

    • freath3

      here you go gary2….
      scientific factual proof that is not disputable.
      Milagro Eucaristico Buenos Aires Argentina





      I know you are a hardcore lefty, in the tradition of the Green Arrow, but don’t be a total sucker by voting for Obama again in 2012 and hoping that somehow the inner democrat in him will finally escape his rightwing prison and reign happiness and joy throughout the land.

      IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN………………….

      You rail against the republican wing of the war party but you give Obama and the democrat wing of the war party a pass. What’s wrong with this picture?




      Then what explains the ocmplete idiocy of people who claim they are for what they call iberalism or progressivism, but yet they gravitate towards and vote for a party, that instead of liberal or progressive programs and policies gives them every rightwing, fascist, lunatic, fringe policy and program that would even make eye-of-newt Gingrich and Spit Romney blush? This is what Obama and the democrat wing of the war party (the so called liberal/progressive party) has given its liberal progressive base since 2006:

      1. Renewal of Bush II’s Patriot Act

      2. First Socialist TARP, or the original banker bailout package not to mention continued FED socialist banker subsidies to the tune of over 27 TRILLION DOLLARS. Yes, that’s TRILLION with a CAPITAL T……..

      3. Illegal War on Libya, continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, ramped up wars on Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, need we go on? And Iraq contains thousands of paid mercenaries so no, the Iraq war is not ended.

      4. NDAA of 2012 – Gives the president unlimited power to lock away anyone indefinitely without charge, trial, or due process of any kind. This is clearly unconstitutional. Can we say 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th amendments to the Constitution anyone? And don’t talk to me about some stupid signing statement where Obama claims he will not allow military authorities to indefinitely detain amerikan citizens. The point is that a worthless signing statement by Obama now does not stop future presidents from doing this. Imagine any republican war party monster such as eye of newt gingrich with this kind of power.

      5. Obama has claimed the right to kill anyone for any reason or no reason, whatsoever. Spit on the White House lawn, get blasted by predator drone.

      6. Crackdown of the brutal police state. Sure don’t envy those occupy protesters right about now……. Brutal beatings with nightsticks and clubs, pepper spray, tasering people dressed in pajamas in the groin. Seriously? What type of barbarians do these things?

      Gary2, wanna talk stupid? Check out the extremely low levels of intellect in republican and democrat war party voters. That would make for some very interesting reading……….

      • Gay Veteran

        have to totally agree with Reed

        Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin

  • seanipie

    I think about all this everyday and wonder when something catastrophic will actually happen. Scary times we live in, but the worst has yet to come. I don’t think anyone, anywhere will be ready for what’s on the horizon.

    I just hope and pray that as many people as possible make their peace with God before its too late…

  • BenjiK

    “America is arrogant, cocky, smug, brash and full of pride.”

    I believe this one very true statement can account for the majority of the social diversity we now see. Far too often it seems that the majority of the population has discarded the practice of HUMILITY. It truly saddens me that we as a nation and species have turned so hateful.

    With all due respect to your article Michael, there is a question I would like to contribute:

    “Have you ever wondered what happened to spirited, RESPECTFUL debate?”

    The internet is by far the largest breeding ground of hate and discontentment the modern world has ever seen. Why does having opposing points of view automatically entail name-calling, belittlement and personal attacks? Undoubtedly this behavior then transgresses into how you act in the real world. I don’t have to agree with an opposing point-of-view, but I can certainly respect it. I believe the line between opinion and fact is constantly and intentionally blurred by the lack of humility. I sure the heck don’t have all the answers, but RESPECTIVELY, I doubt anyone else does either.

    Far too often we focus more on what DIVIDES us than what UNITES us. God Bless, Peace Out, Live Long and Prosper…… :)

    • Michael

      That is a very good point.


    • MisterC

      “Divide and conquer and keep the conquered divided” Unfortunately the real powers that be are doing a good job of this. “They” do not want us to unite against them because we far outnumber “them” and could crush them like the vermin they truely are. Reading the book- How To Be A Successful Tyrant by Larken Rose will shed a lot of light on why things are the way they are.

    • Ameen

      @BenjiK: WELL SAID!!!

    • mark

      I find your statemnt rather interesting. How do we get along with each other when there is such a large divide between where the left wants to take us and I want to go. Just look at Gary2’s statement above. He wants to control my life. He feels that if someone has worked hard they should be taxed hard. He feels that people from the tea party that want freedom do not have a brain. He feels that a person that has a belief in Christ does not have a brain. He wants to crush all those that do not agree with with his ideas. We would end up with a country without freedom to choose where we want to go in life. I want more freedom, not less. We would end up in a police state with more of the lefts ideas put in place. Where I want to go lets Gary2 choose much of his own path if he wants to work in that direction. Sure we are all children of God and as such we should be one big happy family. It does sound nice to say we should just get along. If I am to get along with the left, I guess the way it sounds is to give up my free agency and in my view live if that’s what you call it in a cage. My answer is to let each person choose for themselves what they wish to beleive in. I am sorry that when a group wishes to be a bunch of control freaks from either the right or the left, respect seems to go out of the window.

      • Gary2

        Mark-what you said about my views is exactly how I feel about the rights conservastive views. It is the right who opposes freedom by funneling all the wealth to the top. This is a major reason we are in the republican great depression we are in. You need to pay your fair share so thers can have the opportunity this great country can offer them to succeed.

        Your side IMO wants to pull the ladder up after them saying “I got mine screw you”. Very selfish.

        When you look at the conservative posts count the number of times the word “I” is used. Look at your own last post and see how many times you used the word “I”. There in no such thing as “I” in any successful country. We need a more “we” inclusive way of thinking such as tax the rich and spread the wealth or tax the wealthy to keep us healthy. There is no “I” in those statements.

        I look at comprimise with the right as akin to neogiating with cancerous tumor. There is nothing to discuss because unless the tumor is removed the body dies. One need only look at the damage the tea bagger governors have caused. We in WI are recalling the college drop out scandle ridden doush bag of a governor. we will be getting rid of Paul ($ sign b-day cake on fox) Ryan and his damaging policies. One does not neogiate with terriosts which the tea baggers AKA the American Taliban most assurdlty are.

        • Colin

          “It is the right who opposes freedom by funneling all the wealth to the top”

          …..and the left doesn’t. Get real, you can’t be taken seriously here.

        • Ben


          You are a fully programmed idiot. It would be amazing if you could actually think for yourself instead of regurgitating Democratic talking points from whatever news channel you get your information. You are a product of public school aparachik groupthink. You are a hopelessly lost individual. Hopefully, one day, you will wake up and see who your true masters are in this world. Until then, have a good sleep.

          • K

            He wont wake up until he’s penniless in a 3rd world country, and then he’ll STILL blame successful people for the fact that hes a failure.

      • BenjiK

        You have made the case for my post, Mark. You laid out your argument in a thought-provoking, well-worded, coherent post WITHOUT name-calling or personal attacks. Agreed, we will never reach civil debate on a large scale, but we can each personally do our best. Besides, how is the argument of the “opposition” viewed when their responses are laced with hatred, name-calling and sarcasm? Weak and uninformed.

        Please, let me reiterate, I do NOT believe we should just sit back quietly and let our fundamental rights be stripped away. But when the dust settles, I would hope the winning argument is the one that didn’t resort to sophomoric name-calling, condescending hate-speech and personal attacks.

        • Gary2

          Attack ads are done because they work.

    • r.bitting

      The attack ads and the hostile atmosphere in these televised debates could serve as exhibit A of what happens to a people who forsake Gods ways and go their own.

    • WM

      I would like to correct you if I may, and with all due respect. You said that ” I don’t have to agree with an opposing point-of-view, but I can certainly respect it”

      Your wording is not correct. I am writing this not to rebuke you or sound like Mr. smarta**, but trying to make a point as to how we say things.

      Your comment seems to indicate that you respect an opposing view. If someone has a view that blowing up people for their god will usher them into a place surrounded by virgins, your comment seems to imply that you respect that view although you may not agree with it.

      Here is my view: I do not respect that persons viewpoint, because it is dangerous and can hurt others. HOWEVER, I do respect their RIGHT to that viewpoint. There is a difference. But too many people today are trying to go along with the political correctness and say that they respect others viewpoints, but may not agree. Sorry, I do not respect a view that involves hurting others.

      Funny how many in modern American society say they respect others views/beliefs, but when a Christian tells them that Jesus is “The Way, The Truth and the Life, and that no one comes to the Father except through him” they all of a sudden do not respect that view???

      Please explain to me why that is?

      • BenjiK

        I completely agree with your observation, I should have worded that point differently. To reiterate your point, I respect a person’s RIGHT to have a different view on any given subject without having to respect the view itself.

        As per your final question, I think most realize we are in the midst of a secular-fueled war on Christian/Judeo belief and principles. While I do not condone, support or in any way agree with it, I hold firmly in the belief that God gave us each the power of free-will and He will deal with those that oppose Him on His own terms.

        I believe as Christians we are to spread the Good Word in a civil, peaceful manner, but we were not given the power to judge or chastise. Judgement alone is reserved for the Father, and we as followers are far removed from casting condemnation.

        • WM

          BenjiK: Thats what I thought you may have meant, I am glad you did not take my comments the wrong way, they were meant for good intentions. Actually, really made for other readers to broaden our logical thinking. Amen to what you said about spreading the Good Word. I am also a believer. Praise God for Michael and this post, I just pray that it remains on the net with all the regulation going on. Grace to you and yours.

        • Gay Veteran

          there is no secular-fueled war on Christian/Judeo belief and principles

          what you have are people who refused to be dictated to by christian fundamentalists

          • BenjiK

            While I can point to several Atheist groups making a mockery of the judicial system to make my case, I fail to see any “Christian Fundamentalists” tying up the courts to force their beliefs on anyone. Again, while I respect everyone’s right to believe what they so choose, a proposed $1.3 million, 151 ft “Tower of Atheism” cannot be called anything BUT war on religious freedom, especially Christianity.(When was the last time you heard an Atheist group condemn and file a lawsuit over Islam, Hinduism or WICCA?)


  • William

    The freedoms, rights and liberties that Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries are being crushed in the name of a false and phoney “war or terror” that resulted from the false flag attacks on America on 911. How else could Silverstein announce his decision to pull WTC 7 unless he KNEW that explosives were planted in the building??? Today, the Cheka/Stasi has formed in America to CONTROL, SUBJUGATE AND INTIMIDATE American citizens who are so BRAIN DEAD that they are willing to give up freedom for false safety. So, the future is dim…….Black Marias driven by Napolitano and pistole will be coming for you. Just wait for the next false flag attack by Israel. What will that be???…a nuke?? Ride, Cheka, ride. Unfortunately, 99% of Americans do not know the names of Raphael Eitan, or Felix Dzerzhinsky, or Moses Uritsky, or Kamenev, or Kerensky, or Zioniev, or Sverdlov, or Radek or Yagoda. This ignorance will cost them dearly.

  • r.bitting

    Micael, got the book ” The Harbinger “… Excellent book!

    • r.bitting

      Sorry, Michael, did’nt mean to hack up your name on the post.

    • Michael

      I am glad that you are enjoying it. I think the author really does a good job of bringing up some things that I have never heard anywhere else.


  • J.D.

    Watch these videos on you tube…DefinaNation Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/DefinaNation?feature=mhee



    You pose so many questions. As usual, I can’t imagine anyone answering all of them:

    1. Any judge that forces abortion and sterilization is not a radial leftist but a rightwing fascist. See History of Hitler for details

    2. Trying to pretend that socialism did not exist in amerika prior to Obama is ridiculous and a blatant misrepresentation of fact. Amerika became socialist long before Obama hit the scene. What he is doing is ramping up the pain and tightening the screws and making the socialism (or better yet fascism) worse, but he did not create it.

    3. Ya think the teabaggers wouldn’t vote for either Spit Romney or Eye-of-newt Gingrich? Worse yet, taking the teabaggers seriously? I don’t and never did. It was clear who was pulling the strings of the teabaggers and the deep pockets these people have. Teabaggers vote for the same three pillars everyone else does. But for the teabaggers the warfare state and the police state are at the top of the list and then the welfare state with their social security and medicare, which they would never give up, I might add.

    4. As to amerika’s arrogance, smuggness and pride? What would you expect? War anyone? You seem to want people to believe that war on Iran would be bad but yet you declare China an enemy and want to renew the cold war with Russia. Can’t blame anyone else for being smug and arrogant when you display the same exact traits.

    5. As for preparing for the eventual fall of amerika, smart people know it will happen. There is no stopping it. It’s the prescription pill addicted, rah, rah, flag waving let’s kill all the ayrab loving, torture is good cheering lunatics (Liz and Dick Cheney anyone) that either don’t know or could care less about the eventual crash of civilization. As for the power elite, they have their private offshore havens and bunkers to hide in. As for the rest of you, pray that there is no nuclear fallout because you will mutate into something so awful that even the X-men wouldn’t associate with you.

    There is no hope for the current generations. Maybe in about one hundred years society will evolve for the better.

  • Liberty

    @ Gary2,

    I must respectfully disagree with you. It is not only the Republicans fault, but also the Democrats. Pelosi was not a great leader. She said that we had to pass the healthcare bill to find out what was in it. Obama will not save us. Look at who he has put on his cabinet but the big banksters who have helped to destroy this country. Don’t get me wrong, the Republicans have much blood on their hands but the Democrats do, too. It’s two sides of the same coin, my friend. We need statesmen, not Republicrats and Demoblicans.



      Gary2 is for the democrat wing of the war party just as Michael is for the republican wing of the war party and thinks the teabaggers have something of value to offer, which is about as true as man made global warming. Anyone who thinks that either wing of the war party has anything of substance to offer or even remotely cares about solving any of the empires problems much less liquidating the empire which is the only logical course of action is pretty much a lost cause and is getting what he/she asks for.

  • johnnybee

    When the American people sit by idly and watch the president and congress start immoral and illegal wars in multiple countries and don’t raise a voice in protest about it, and when Americans sit by idly while fascist pigs like John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Carl Levin write bills that take away our civil liberties and don’t raise a voice in protest about it, then you know that this country is finished.

    It seems to me that the American people don’t have the stomach or the backbone anymore to stand up for what is right. Today people are in denial of what is taken place in this country and have been duped into believing all this is for the good of our country and its citizens. A rude awakening is right around the corner for America, and a lesson in humility will be learned the hard way. I believe that the darkest days for America have yet to come and when they do come reality will come home to roost. It will be a lesson most will wish they have never learned.

  • “Have you ever wondered why so many young children drop dead or become severely disabled shortly after getting injected with vaccines?”

    Have you ever wondered why those who are advocates for reducing the Earth’s human population are also advocates for mandatory vaccination policies – vaccinations that are supposedly meant to protect and prolong human life?

    “Body Armor and Flu Shots”


  • r.bitting

    I wonder how long God will keep reaching out to the lost, offering to forgive their sin and offering them the promise of eternal life with him in heaven. There will come a day for everyone when God will have tried to reach you for the last time and all that will await you is the fearful expectation of judgment and eternal separation from God ( Hell ). I pray that you folks Repent and trust in Christ today, who was punished in your place so that you might accept the free gift of salvation from a loving and just God, who must judge all sin. Please be reconciled to God today. For it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

  • WM

    This is for Gary2 also….You say conservatives are the problem. I have seen my fair share of liberals feeling bad for and trying to protect violent criminals wanting to make sure they have rights and their needs taken care of in the country clubs we call prisons, never once standing up for the victims or justice of right and wrong. I have seen liberals trying to kick the God of the Bible from our society, never once admitting that Godly teaching is really a good foundation for children and a great moral compass for society as a whole, (You shall not murder, you shall not comitt adultery, Love your neighbor, etc)

    I have seen liberals march against and spit on military men and woman, I have seen liberals get hysterical calling it “hate speech” when someone mentions in a conversation that homosexuality is a sin, I have seen liberals try to sue American citizens for praying around a flag pole, I have witnessed liberals relentlessly making a huge deal of a judge displaying the 10 Commandments of the God of our heritage on a court wall, I have seen liberals advocating for more government spending for poor people, many whom are able to work but have no intention to work, I have seen far too many liberals think that the influx of undocumented people pouring into our nation as not a big concern, I have met too many liberals that think the government should take care of evertyhing, I have seen FAR too many liberals that want to strip Americans of their 2nd Ammendment right to bear firearms. I have also met a few liberals who were almost killed through a criminal attack in ther home, who have changed their thinking about firearms ownership.

    I don’t know about you Gary, but I see the liberal world view as being bad for the long term future of America.

    • Gary2

      It seems to me that the republican deregulate everything/funnel all the wealth to the top mantra has caused way more damage than any liberal policy. Look at the damage and destruction this republican great depression we are in has caused.

      • Colin

        “It seems to me that the republican deregulate everything/funnel all the wealth to the top mantra has caused way more damage than any liberal policy”

        Again, the Lefties don’t funnel/consolidate their wealth? Ever wonder how Obama’s wealth has grown? How about Pelosi? Barbara Boxer? Feinstein? Barney Frank? There is a reason why career politicians make a career out of it…..and it affects both sides just about equally.

        You have tunnel vision at its finest.

      • whens dinner?

        you don’t know any history Gary

    • Gay Veteran

      great strawman you built there, WM

      Prisons are country clubs? What planet do you live on? Would you like go to one? H*ll NO!

      Wanting to make sure “criminals” have rights? You have to have a fair trial BEFORE you become a criminal. Or do you anyone arrested is automatically guilty?

      Kicking God from our society? Are preachers being pulled from their pulpits? Are the doors of churches being locked by the police? Godly teaching? That’s the responsibility of parents!

      btw, you forgot thy shalt not lie

      I’m an Army veteran, I’ve never seen a liberal spit on military men and women.

      And you can handle your snakes and call homosexuality a sin all day long if you want. We don’t care. But you will NOT make us second-class citizens in our own country.

      And your post just reeks of hatred for the poor. Hey, guess what? Where are the JOBS???

      The influx of undocumented people pouring into our nation is because businesses don’t want to hire Americans when they can hire mega-cheap illegal aliens.

      And as a liberal I’m a proud owner of a pistol, a rifle, and a shotgun.

      • WM

        Gay Veteran: You had better come visit us here in New England. I used to live in Mass. and cannot count how many times I have seen tax sucking lawsuits against the system from liberals yelling that jailed criminals were not getting enough “fitness time” or “time to further their education”. Here is one: A gang member brought a lawsuit agains the Ludlow, Mass. prison for being roughed up by guards. The media made it look like abuse by the guards. Well, I have a friend who was a guard at that very prison at that time, and he described the actions and threats made by the gang member to the guards, like trying to fight a guard and telling the guard that he will kill his family when he gets out.

        Please don’t insult me with your prison comments, due to your ignorance of the rights that incarcerated criminals have in the good old USA.
        If we were talking about Lurigancho in Peru, that’s a differant story.

        The home invaders in Chesire, CT for example were criminals long before they had a fair trial. They were guilty before the trial, they had to have a fair trial to be convicted of the crime.

        What year did they rip prayer from school, or remove Bible teaching from public schools? How many people have been arrested because they were praying to Jesus around a flag pole? If this is not kicking God out of our society, I don/t know what is. Is it complete? No, but in progress.

        Yeah, I forgot thou shalt not lie, I also forgot thou shalt not commit adultery…??

        Again, about the veterans being spit on, you had better visit the Northampton, Mass area. I have seen it with my own eyes. It also happened to my Dad, ( US Army) when he got off the plane in 1968 at the airport. Maybe they were conservatives, maybe liberals, I don’t know. What I do know, every single person I know who has conservative VALUES, supports and thanks all military people for their service, even in a time when the political climat for their service is in question.

        There you are reading into my post again. I never intend to make homosexuals second class citizens, I love tham as I love every other human being. I do pray that they will repent and turn to Jesus for foregiveness. The Bible says if you die in your sins, you will surely perish. We have all broken Gods law, and because he is a just, Holy God, he will not allow sin to go unpunished. The fruit of sin is death. If you have ever lied, stolen or even looked upon another with lust, you have broken Gods law. He loves you so much though, that he gave us Jesus to die in our place to appease the righteousness of God. You just need to repent(turn from your sins) and turn to Jesus and follow him.

        Wow, you are really reading into my post what you want. I do not hate the poor whatsoever. I am a lower middle class, blue collar worker that lives very humble because of the little income I earn. I am however, very much against a government who wants to reward and take care of people who are able bodied to work, but choose not too. No jobs???? How about taking all the able bodied welfare reciepients AND incarcerated persons ( chain gang) and have them working to repair/rebuild our crumbling infastructures in America?? At least have them do something productive.

        You are 100% right about the undocumented people. I am very close to the Latino community and have lots of Mexican friends. I personally have a friend in L.A. county who had a sucessful landscaping company for many years, doing work in Beverly Hills and Belair. Well, has no company now. He said he cannot compete agains the Mexican owned companies who invite illegals to come work for them and pay them low wages and offer no benifits. So, its not just the American companies doing this to illegals, it is their own people taking advantage of them.

        • Gay Veteran

          WM, it’s pretty stupid to have punishment without rehabilitation. Sorry if we liberals don’t want to turn prisons into Soviet-style gulags. The fact that you call prisons “country clubs” shows how utterly ignorant you are. Prisons are butal places and you know damn well that you would NOT want to go to one.

          In case you didn’t know, most schools have religious clubs. Some “war on religion”!

          And stop acting like conservatives have a monopoly on moral values and patriotism. There is NOTHING moral about sending our troops to bleed and die in a war of aggression in Iraq.

          Again, you can handle your snakes and call homosexuality a sin all day long if you want. We don’t care. But it is your actions that are trying to make us second-class citizens in our own country.

          How about taking all the able bodied welfare reciepients AND incarcerated persons ( chain gang) and have them working to repair/rebuild our crumbling infastructures in America? Gee, you willing to pay the TAXES that would require? Although I do think that people receiving unemployment should be forced to work at a non-profit organization while receiving their benefits.

          • Gary2

            Trying to reason with a conservative is an excersise in futility. You are using your rational mind to try to figure out why someone with an irrational mind(conservatives) thinks and acts the way they do.

            They have these things called good news clubs that are very religious that meet in the public schools.

            Sorry to burst the fox news bubble but there is probably more religion in the public schools now than there ever was.

            Google good news clubs to see for your self.

            According to the conservatives you should be abhle to pray the gay away! it would probably work about as well as me praying to be wealthy meaning not at all. Heck I even ratched it down and just prayed for my gas tank to be full in the morning–you can guess the result still empty.

        • Gary2

          If you are lower income blue collar how in the heck can you vote republican which is totally against your own intrests?

          I call that being low information.

          Yiou grossly generalize and it sounds like you parrot fox news. Antecodatal evidence is the most unreliable type of evidence.

          • Colin

            “Antecodatal evidence is the most unreliable type of evidence.”

            This from a guy who says Nancy Pelosi should be not only kept around, but one of the best “speakers.” C’mon man.

            You’re a smoke and mirror show who is the pot calling the kettle black.


    Have you ever wondered why Ron Paul is not leading in all the polls and well on his way to taking out Barack Obama in the 2012 election?

    • mark

      The reason that Ron Paul is not leading in the polls is that most of the Anericans receiving a government check each month for whatever reason will not vote for a person that will reduce the amount or take away their check. We know that this needs to be done, but they will not stand for it until they are forced to when the value of the dollar is worthless.

      • Kelly B

        Yes, though what I like about Dr Paul’s plan is he will over time make it to where the poor will no longer need these checks and services. It will be hard, but someone has to lift them out if the hole before the dirt packs them in permanently.

    • Gary2

      Because he is racsist-even called out by one of his campaign people that he knew the newsletters were racsist before he sent them out.

      • Kelly B

        Newsletters not authored by him a rumor 12 years ago
        There’s much more dirt to dig with the current ”president” as well as the candidates. You are the biggest troll on this website I’ve seen

  • Bruc

    Have you ever wondered what it will be like to have to take the life of another human being who comes to your door seeking food with violent intentions?



      And your point being, what? Torture is good and kill anyone who doesn’t wave the flag and cheer all wars?

  • mondobeyondo

    Five years down the road? If those Mayan calendar people are correct, we won’t make it to 2013.

    Nevertheless… just in case they’re wrong, here’s what will probably happen by February 2017:

    President Chelsea Clinton will impose martial law to quell endless rioting and looting.
    General Petraeus, the new head of the Department of Defense, will launch a war against Switzerland.
    Hyperinflation will be rampant. A Big Mac will cost $27.70, and that’s for the value meal.
    Unemployment will be near 40 percent.
    Wells Fargo will announce record profits, for the fourth straight year!
    The newly formed Department of Food will declare Spam, ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese “essential nutritious items for the American family”.
    The National Science Foundation will get a $50 million government grant, to determine the reason why dogs bark.
    Our educational system will decline to the point where Dr. Seuss will be on the same level as F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    A side note: My crystal ball is cracked.

  • Gary2

    “Have you ever wondered what happened to spirited, RESPECTFUL debate?”

    This started with Newts take over of the house in the mid 90″s and the rise of AM hate radio. It is culminating with the tea baggers being led by their patron saint rush.

  • Kelly B

    Ron Paul is indeed surging in polls. The MSN doesn’t want us to know that.

    • mondobeyondo

      He is, but he’s up against some really tough competition. It appears that Mitt Romney has won the Florida primary.

      If you listen to the MSM, it’s a race between Romney and Gingrich for the GOP nomination.

      Who’s that other guy? Oh yeah, Santorum, whoever he is. I heard he picked up a couple of votes. He really needs to get his name and platform out there.

      • Kelly B

        Who cares about sanitarium. He reminds me of a mean high school jock gone politician. The MSN can try to say this is a two man race but they can’t magically convert all the thousands upon thousands RP supporters. What baffles me is how anyone can take Grinch seriously. The RP campaign is saying that Dr Paul will win many caucus states, as he reports to be doing very well in Maine, Colorado and Nevada and hopes to even win CA.

        So I’m hoping for a surprise-everyone-crapless GOP nomination.

        If America votes in another neocon the people deserve where this country will be. Some are saying we are like Greece a year ago.

  • This article is a powerful punch in the face of the ignorant ones, but ignorance knows no limit today… at least until the SHTF! Too late!!!

  • Gay Veteran

    “…he [Romney] appointed large numbers of radical leftists to the judiciary in Massachusetts….”

    more like judges who take seriously “equal protection”

  • Michaela

    This ************** is depressing,

  • Cinderella Man

    Gary2 has changed my life! TAX THE RICH HAAAAAAAAARRRRRRDDDDDD!!!!!! F yeah Obama rules!!!! We can have food stamps and earned income credit forever!!!!! YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH thank you Gary!!!!

  • Nancy

    Have you ever wondered why scientists try to find cures for deadly diseases and at the same time, say 350,000 people a day need to die in order to save humanity?

  • Gary2

    Mitt Romney Wins: Florida Primary Results 2012

    Ha Ha the right is going down so hard and forever!

  • D

    5-10 years…….Here is what it will look like:

    1. Dollar/financial collapse in winter 2012, possibly winter 2013 at the very latest. They will collapse it when we are cold and hungry.

    2. WWIII after the financial collapse – it will take full effect about a year after the collapse. They are conditioning us already with the Iran nuke talk. This is where many deaths will take place (nuclear).

    3. The same people (elites) who strategized and gave us WWIII and the collapse will propose they have a solution while we are starving, hungry, desperate,and dying from WWIII and the collapse. They will say we need the One-world government to avoid such a scenario ever again. This is when the NWO will overly operate. This will happen by 2017-2020.

    The December 2012 will bring change, not end of the world (but the start of it). It was never intending to be and end-world. 2020 is the actual year it may happen, and that is what most prophecies actually point to. The NWO can not execute this plan in less than 10 months.

  • Guido

    Your writing today about the shape of America to come reminds me for some reason of Mark Twain’s greeting from to the 20th Century.

    “I bring you the stately matron named Christendom, returning bedraggled, besmirched, and dishonored, from pirate raids in Kiaochow, Manchuria, South Africa, and the Philipines, with her soul full of meanness, her pocket full of boodle, and her mouth full of pious hypocrisies. Give her soap and towel, but hide the looking glass.”

  • Hefsmaster

    Narcissism is a personality disorder. It usually affects small minded big idea individuals. Those who feel empowered by a source invisible to everyone else. Individuals suffering from narcissism cannot exist with like minded people, for their ideas to be buried in a sea of like minded drivel. Does nothing to stoke the ego of narcissists. Which is why we all continue to suffer.
    Not naming names… Quite evident here…

  • s

    to anyone awake..it is painfully apparent that voting to fix the problem is not gonna work since the big global corporations control most of what the zombiefied americans consume as info each night.I wanna scream everytime I see someone strutting around proudly w/ an “i voted” sticker……voting should be preceded by an exhaustive search about the candidates history and support base(monetary) before you even think about going to the polls….if you dont… the big media 20 second sound bytes paid by big gloabl corps will influence you to vote for their man and maintaining the destructive status quo…so if you cant find the time to do the research..do america a favor and stay home election day..an uninformed vote is much more damaging than to not vote at all

    • Kelly B

      Ron Paul is the least of two evils perhaps? I much favor Dr Paul over Romney anyday. He wants to audit 5 departments and cut serious spending plus reduce overseas bases. What this country needs is big change so I’m jumping the gun and voting for the good doctor.

  • Donald Wilson

    This country is doomed. Best have things in order.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Have you ever wondered why we don’t hear more about all the scientists that believe that man-made global warming is a hoax in the mainstream media?….”

    Hey climate change denialists! WAKE UP!

    “…The nation’s warmer weather prompted the U.S. Department of Agriculture to update its plant hardiness zone map last week for the first time in two decades. The color-coded map, used by gardeners to time their spring plantings, increased the temperature in each zone by about 5 degrees and added two warmer zones to the map….”


    • Guido

      Gay, you really don’t know much about how the climate works, do you?

      You know, the Earth is sort of big and complicated, right?

      Far more complicated than we can pretend to understand. There are variables we can’t begin to understand at play.

      So what if it’s a warm winter? Perhaps you don’t remember the unseasonably cool summer of 2009? Perhaps you haven’t heard of El Nino and La Nina? Back in the 1990s the media suddenly went hysterical over weather changes before learning it was a natural 5 year cycle of temperature changes in the Pacific.

      Just a couple decades ago, the big fear was global cooling. A couple decades prior to that, the big fear was global warming. And prior to that, the fear was cooling. And how can you explain the temperatures have gone up on planets we haven’t logged yet? (A: The sun is heating up. It changes in cycles, too.)

      Even if we are warming the planet up, the proof won’t be in a random warm winter here or there; the proof will be found many years from now when scientists can review the accumulated data over a period of YEARS. Besides, we’ve already seen how global warming idiots had to rely on faulty, made-up “data,” professional community peer pressure, threats, and government funding to push their junk science.

      The fundamental problem with you climate change alarmists is the assumption at the core of the issue that there must be some perfect climate that should not and will not ever change. There is nothing static on Planet Earth and you can’t change that. No matter how much of our freedom you stomp out in the name of loving the planet, no matter how much you try to destroy great inventions like the light bulb and the internal combustion engine, the world will still change randomly from year to year. Sit back and enjoy the ride and stop acting like a superstitious primitive.

      • Gay Veteran

        wow Guido, you really don’t understand how important are changes to USDA plant hardiness zones. Temperature has a huge impact on crop yields.

        People are being paid to deny this, just like the tobacco industry paid their shills to deny any link between smoking and disease

        • Guido

          No matter what people tell you, climate changes all the time. Every day. Every year. There is no rule that says the USDA plant zones will never change. Climate is never static. We’re used to it being a certain way, but we’re not here for very long, either. It may be warm now, it may be cold later, but none of that proves the climate hoax. We’re not causing it any more than we caused any of the ice ages that have gripped this planet over the years. In fact, experts have stated we’re overdue for the next ice age. Go figure. And take a look at Emmanual Velikovsky’s works sometime for a horrifying idea of what can happen to this planet naturally.

          Actually, if you think about it, the sheer number of volcanic eruptions this planet has had should have naturally put wayyyyyy more out than we ever could. Look at Mt. St. Helens. Look at Mt. Pinatubo. Look at that unpronounceable one in Iceland from 2 years ago. Next to those, it’s hard to really accept the blame for so-called global warming.

          People are being paid to deny this?!?! Where have you been? The real money is in claiming it’s real! Scientists don’t get federal aid if they don’t tell the feds what they want to hear. And look at the shoddy work the climate hoaxers turned in. And how they conspired, as revealed in the Russian hacker scandal 2 years ago, to keep honest debate out of the major journals. They pretty much ignored all the fundamental tenets of science to “prove” their point. You know, like objectivity and following the facts to the truth, not setting out with a predetermined result in mind, that kind of thing. They knowingly faked their own proof, like that hockey stick chart. Their own emails betrayed them and should have put the final nail in the coffin of man made global warming for all time.

          This whole issue is just another way for the powers that be/would be to control us. How else can you convince people it’s a great idea to throttle industry, that we should dump our most basic comforts, like the electric light bulb, and we should accept massive taxes on every aspect of our lives, even though these taxes don’t actually do anything to fix the problem as it’s been identified? And let’s not even start on the ridiculous logic of the carbon hysteria and the scam Al Gore and others set up in their carbon bank.

          Let me also point out that we haven’t been paying attention to the climate long enough to have any idea of what it does. The thermometer hasn’t been around for very long, only a few hundred years. Do you really believe we have a handle on what this planet does with the minor span of time we’ve been studying it? If you do, why does the weatherman seem to be wrong as often as he’s right? It’s all BS. If you’re not aware of it, at least we know the “scientists” who fake the data are aware of it.

          • Gay Veteran

            yes Guido, it’s a giant conspiracy

            bet you deny evolution too

          • Guido

            Go ahead, deny it. The facts are there. They’ve been busted out by their own emails. Their own words are all the proof you really need! They’ve faked data and used fear and lies to get what they want.

            Do you know what conspiracy means?

            It comes from Latin. The root word meant, “to breath together.”

            Conspiracy was literally 2 or more people getting together to speak together in secret, “breathing together,” as they came up with a secret method to get their way.

            So if the so-called experts on global warming are secretly communicating via emails and other methods to exclude disbelievers, to keep them out of print, and to fake the data, then doesn’t that count as a conspiracy?

            You can mock me, but you can’t mock the facts. That, to use another old Latin term, is what you call an Ad Hominem attack. Since you can’t refute the logic, you have to attack the messenger. That’s OK. I’m a big boy. I’m a vet, too, so I can tell when a professional is taking shots at me. Or a poseur.

            It WAS a conspiracy and it was outed. Their facts are fiction and only gov’t grants will help them and their lies persist in the face of the truth. (That’s why they have to target well-meaning, but ignorant, children in grade school to be their little eco-jihadi.) If you can’t accept that, well, maybe you should change your screen name to Chicken Little?

    • Kevin

      Gay Veteran

      Why are the developing countries specifically exempt from proposed carbon to atmosphere reductions? China has surpassed the US in carbon to atmosphere yet it’s exempt. Why would you reduce one unit in the developed world only to facilitate two units in the developing world?

      The reason for carbon fuel reduction in the developed world (by taxation) is to levy an increased cost so that less is used thereby making more available at less cost for global development.

      Regardless of the question the answer is globalization and equalization. The treaties proposed do not reduce carbon to atmosphere. The treaties just shift the source and in the end increase the carbon to atmosphere. It’s not about carbon it’s about global development.

      • Guido

        Precisely so, Sir! I couldn’t have stated it better. It is a wealth-transfer from the successful 1st World to the 3rd World. Our crypto-fascist liberal elite love to see US dollars being funneled to Communist China, who they hold up as an example. Look up Valerie Jarrett’s statements about Mao being her greatest hero some time… Considering he’s one of history’s greatest murderers, what does that say about her???

  • HeartofShadows

    Reading a story somebody wrote called the invisible hand which was more of a future from current now.
    In it America was a war economy like ghetto place that was the corporations dumping ground filled with corruption, gangs and the like.
    Only possibility people had their growing up was to join the military, be a cop(pretty much a death sentence as gangs and various groups targeted cops and their loved ones) or become a mercenary and join other mercenaries.
    Some get lucky and join a corporation but that’s like a special sort of thing.
    The citizens calling themselves patriots beg for the government to strip away their freedoms and take care of them all day every day and violence and death is a natural everyday thing.

  • JasonD

    Have you ever wondered whatever happened to Jello Pudding Pops? Those damn things were good!

    • Gary2

      there is a book by that title. just came out.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    What is The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) going to be like five or ten years from now? It won’t be pretty. Here are some of the “fun” things we have to look forward to:

    1. What’s left of the American middle class will disappear, leaving only a filthy-rich minority and a dirt-poor majority—in other words, conditions that are typical of Third World banana republics.

    2. The American dollar will go into cardiac arrest, resulting a formal devaluation of the abolition of the currency altogether. Get ready for bank holidays, as Gerald Celente has predicted.

    3. The police state will become increasingly abuse. NDAA will lead to countless human rights violations.

    4. But don’t think that the police state will make the streets safe. As economic conditions go from bad to worse and shantytown slums become increasingly plentiful, violent crime will skyrocket to Caracas and Johannesburg levels. Formerly middle class Americans will turn to drug trafficking, kidnapping, carjacking, and violent home invasions.

    5. The BRA’s infrastructure will become worse and worse. Welcome to dirt and gravel roads like one finds in Bolivia.

    6. Imperialist wars, championed by RepubliKKKan neocon fascists and the spineless Democraps who love to cave into them, will add to an already huge federal deficit. Never again will the BRA have a balanced budget.

    The future looks incredibly grim in The Banana Republic of America, collapsing empire of the Third World.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Oops, typo. My prediction #2 should say, “The American dollar will go into cardiac arrest, resulting in either a formal devaluation of the dollar or the abolition of the currency altogether.”

  • Old School

    “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”

  • Guido

    I’ve been reading FerFal’s blog on Argentina. That’s the one you want if you want an idea of where we’re probably heading.

  • scallywag

    The crime rates have actually fallen since 1980’s.. because of the abortions. Otherwise, all those unwanted children would have grown up to become thugs. There are studies about this. Look it up. ‘merica is going down the drain, but not because of some of the reasons mentioned here. Lots of paranoia and fear on this site.

    • Guido

      That’s a good point. I watched Freakonomics and they did a great segment on that. It’s hard to argue with the theory and the stats they cite.

      It places me in a quandary regarding my conservative values.

      I was always against abortion, aside from the tiny minority of health-related cases, so this one forced me to reconsider the issue. While I think it’s murder, they make a compelling argument there’s no point in forcing the least-prepared and, arguably, least-capable among us to bring kids into the world they won’t care for or nurture in any way.

  • Foreign Devil

    “Have you ever noticed that virtually nobody in Washington D.C. is much concerned about China’s rapidly rising military strength?”

    – Many have sounded the alarm, but I say BS. Now that the US is pulling most of its forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan, this is being used to justify ever more expenditures on military hardware. Ever wonder why former secretaries of defense and the various military services enjoy post-job lives as multimillionaire? That’s because they’re keeping war profiteer corporations stuffed with taxpayer money and they’re laughing at us gullible fools all the way to the bank. We fall for this EVERY time.

  • DB200

    One question is more dangerous than one thousand answers. Thumbs up, Michael, you have assembled a couple of very good questions.

    For anyone interested in some of the answers, look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-CrNlilZho

    I have watched this movie spread over several days, not more than 45 min. each time, to digest the information presented. Interesting info is mentioned on Rick Perry at 2h16.

    It has taken me almost a year reading several internet blogs and websites, and a lot of thinking. However, connecting the dots is getting easier but also more scary.

  • Barbara Tomaszewski

    One thing that is certain, Jesus Christ is coming back soon, if you have never had the opportunity to accept Him as your Lord and Savior, you can do so now. Just pray, Dear Lord, I know i have sinned against you and i repents, and want you to be my Lord and Savior today and forever.
    I pray for each and everyone of you. God Bless You all.