Have We Raised An Entire Generation Of Young Men That Don’t Know How To Be Men

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  • Deborah Cederquist

    My son is 24. He worked at Walmart for about five years. Derrick got that job right out of high school, they fired him about a year ago to hire someone to pay them less. Derrick saved every single penny he had while working.
    He has not took unemployment benefits he is not on food stamps.My son does not drink he does not have a girlfriend. He is a virgin. He want’s to
    go to college but does not want to take on any debt. Derrick does not even want a serious relationship because he want’s to make sure he could support a wife and family. I think that is admirable in this economy. He cuts the lawn for our church right now.I also think it is admirable that he has NO DEBT!!!! he want’s to stay out of debt period.