Has The American Dream Been Outsourced?

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For decades, politicians in Washington D.C. insisted that “globalism” and “free trade” would be good for us.  Well, it turns out that “globalism” and “free trade” were good for the wealthy because they could pay someone in a foreign nation 1 dollar an hour when they used to have to pay an American 20 dollars an hour to do the same job.  Globalism and free trade were also good for American consumers because they could go down to Wal-Mart and pay 20 cents less for plastic crap made in China than for similar stuff made in the United States.  But “globalism” and “free trade” have turned out to be an absolute disaster for hard working middle class Americans.  Tens of millions of really good jobs have been sent overseas and they are simply not going to come back.  This is causing many Americans to start asking this question: Has the American Dream been outsourced?


Well, yes, it has.

Unemployment is shooting through the roof in the United States while U.S. corporations continue to send millions of jobs to places like China, India, Mexico and Brazil.

Now it has come out that even several states with some of the highest unemployment rates are outsourcing their food stamp services to call centers in India.

Michele Brown, a 52-year-old underemployed woman living in Florida was absolutely livid when she found out that her questions about that state’s food stamps program were being answered by a worker in India.

“That really put me over the edge,” ABC News recently quoted Brown as saying. “It’s not right because we need the work here. People are in a bad way here.”

That truth is that Brown has every right to be upset.

Why are states that have massive unemployment problems having calls about their food stamp programs answered by someone in India?

But it is not just happening in Florida.

ABC News is also reporting that this is also happening in West Virginia and in Tennessee among other places.

Anything to save a buck, eh?

The truth is that “globalism” and “free trade” have allowed the rich to get richer but have caused the poor to get poorer.

After all, how can an American worker making 15 dollars an hour compete with someone making 1.50 an hour in another country?

It is getting harder and harder for hard working Americans to make a living.

The reality is that the once mighty American middle class is slowly being ground into the dirt.

The politicians insist that we have now entered a “jobless recovery” (whatever that is), but most Americans are not nearly so optimistic.  According to one new survey, 88% of Americans believe that the U.S. economy is still in a recession.

And it is.

Unfortunately, things are only going to get worse.

Meanwhile, the economic turmoil that we have experienced already is causing tremendous social chaos in many areas of the United States.  Homelessness in rural and suburban America is severely straining shelters this winter as the economy continues to decline and as the official unemployment rate hovers near double digits.

So is there any hope that all of this will turn around any time soon?


In fact, some of our major cities are seeing businesses close at an alarming pace.

In the area around Sacramento, California one out of every seven businesses has already closed and a whole bunch more are getting ready to close their doors.

This is happening in America?

Yes, this is happening in America.

It would help if the financial powers would start opening their wallets and start putting Americans back to work, but that simply is not taking place.  In fact, the latest numbers indicate that the majority of large corporations in the U.S. are hoarding cash and are hiring very few new workers.

The Federal Reserve continues to tout a “jobless recovery” and is predicting that unemployment will stay high for at least the next two years.

But the American people don’t have two years to wait.  Families are hurting and people are losing their homes.

Unfortunately, the American people are not going to get a “bailout” like Wall Street did.  That Wall Street bailout was supposed to “trickle down” to the rest of us, but we all know how that goes.

The truth is that the financial powers in the U.S. and the political fatcats in Washington do not really care about the American people.  The fact that the American Dream is rapidly being outsourced means very little to them.  Mostly what they care about is making even more money and holding on to their positions. 

So who is going to look out for the interests of the American people?

 That is a very good question.

We have come to a time when you are going to have to look out for your own interests.  Incredibly hard times are coming, so now is the time to make sure that you and your family are prepared for what is ahead.

  • Nimesh

    In the 1970’s through 1990’s a lot of factory work was being outsourced. And many working professionals told those factor workers to get an education and were very condacending to boot. Now their very own jobs are being outsourced.

  • kevin

    what about the people who are really suffering as a result of the neo-liberalization of the global economy? the workers of the global south?

    americans can boo-hoo about the state of employment right now, but at least we aren’t forced into wage-slavery by transnationals or condemned to perpetual debt and underdevelopment by world banks. “But the American people don’t have two years to wait.” how long must the farmers, the slaves, of the global south wait? were it only two years.

    the real story, as usual, isn’t here.

  • Stephan

    @Kevin, Hey bro, what kind of job do you have that you can make such a cavalier comment? Maybe you should go move to the global south to help ’em out, being such a smart guy and all.

    Reality check: the impoverishment of America is a harbinger of the impoverishment and ruin that will sweep across the world. It is not that ‘the global south’ is not suffering, but rather that ‘the global rich’ have achieved hegemony over all political and military entities. Dark days are coming, Kevin.

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    • “In the 1970’s through 1990’s a lot of factory work was being outsourced. And many working professionals told those factor workers to get an education and were very condacending to boot. Now their very own jobs are being outsourced.”

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