Has Kathy Griffin Produced A Defining Moment That Will Cause America To Reject The Hate-Filled Ideology Of The Radical Left?

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The image of Kathy Griffin holding up a bloody mock ‘decapitated’ head of Donald Trump will be burned into our memories forever, and she may have just produced the single most destructive moment for the radical left that this country has seen in decades. It is perfectly fine to disagree with President Trump and his policies, but to hold up his ‘decapitated head’ like an ISIS executioner would goes far beyond anything that would ever be acceptable in a civilized society. This is a moment that absolutely screams “too far”, and I believe that it will be this moment that causes many Americans to finally realize that the hate-filled ideology of the radical left is entirely bankrupt.


At this point the radical left doesn’t have any sort of positive message to offer the American people. They hate that wealthy people have so much money and so they want to raise taxes. They hate capitalism and use every opportunity that they can to try to destroy it. They hate conservative Christians and so they mock Jesus and the Christian faith every chance they get. They pander for money and votes by pitting one racial group against another. They are all about killing liberty, killing freedom, killing babies, and killing the values that this nation was founded upon. And they have demonstrated over and over again that they are willing to use violence to achieve their goals.

What Kathy Griffin was attempting to communicate was so horrible and so over the top that even CNN has decided to fire her

“CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” spokesman Shimrit Sheetrit confirmed to USA TODAY in a statement Wednesday.

The network used even stronger language a day earlier: “We found what she did disgusting and offensive,” read a statement sent to USA TODAY Tuesday night by Sheetrit. “We are pleased to see she has apologized and asked that the photos be taken down.”

And even her old buddy Anderson Cooper denounced her on Twitter

For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in. It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.

It is hard to imagine that Kathy Griffin will have much of a career left after all of this, so hopefully she has been saving her money. In fact, she has already lost a major endorsement deal

Squatty Potty, a Utah-based business that creates and sells bathroom products — including a popular toilet stool made famous by one of the company’s well-known viral videos — has decided to pull down a new ad that Griffin stars in.

“We were shocked and disappointed to learn about the image Ms. Griffin shared today,” Squatty Potty CEO Bobby Edwards said in a statement issued to Faithwire. “It was deeply inappropriate and runs contrary to the core values our company stands for.”

I don’t know what she thought would happen. If a conservative had done the same thing to Obama, we would probably be talking about prison time right about now. Griffin went so far over the line that even the Church of Satan has disavowed her.

And of course this isn’t the first time that she has done something like this. During a 2007 awards show, she openly mocked the name of Jesus. What she said was so horrible that I do not want to repeat it.

Surprisingly, not everyone on the left is turning their backs on Griffin. In fact, Democratic Senator Al Franken says that he is not going to cancel an appearance with Griffin that is scheduled for July.

Al Franken will be up for re-election in 2020, and I think that it is time for the people of Minnesota to find a new senator.

Of course I think that things are going to be very difficult for most liberal Democrats moving forward. If anger and hate are the core of your message, and if you survive by constantly pitting one group against another, eventually the American people are going to see through the games and will start choosing another direction.

Whether she intended it or not, Kathy Griffin is now the poster child for the radical left in this country, and she just did Trump and the Republican Party a huge favor by showing the true face of her movement. I really like how Mike Adams made this point…

There’s no other way to say it: Kathy Griffin and the deranged, lunatic Left are mentally ill and pose a very real danger to society. This wretched, terrorist-style beheading video posted by Griffin encourages deadly violence against Trump supporters and sends a message that murdering political opponents of the intolerant Left is a normal, acceptable activity.

That’s what the deranged Left already believes, of course. Fanned into flames by a wildly dishonest, discredited fakestream media, Trump Derangement Syndrome has now escalated into a left-wing murderous rage that now celebrates gruesome images of beheadings that were once the sole domain of fanatical terrorists. What’s even more disturbing about all this is that Kathy Griffin apparently thought posting a video showing a bloodied, decapitated Trump head in her fist would somehow be hilarious or inspiring in some twisted way.

So how should we respond to all of this?

Instead of responding to this kind of hate with even more hate, I propose that we respond with lots of love.

Let’s show the American people that there is a fundamental difference between the right and the left. Let’s show them that true conservatives are all about loving everyone and doing everything that we can to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s show them that we believe in a positive, united future for our country based on the values and principles that are enshrined in the United States Constitution.

We don’t have to attack Kathy Griffin because she has already destroyed herself and done an immense amount of permanent damage to her political movement.

The American people are going to be looking elsewhere for inspiration, and we should be ready to supply it. If we can clearly communicate a positive, uplifting message, we can start to clear out the cesspool that Washington D.C. has become and begin to build a brighter future for all Americans.

  • I don’t know

    Civil war coming very soon.

    • Guest

      Agree. It is so fragile right now, all it would take is some elderly grandmother with her MAGA hat on, to be gunned down by a fascist at a protest. The minute her dead body and MAGA hat is flashed across the country on tv…

  • Tim

    Sorry, Michael, but I am a Christian who doesn’t adhere to your effeminate form of Christianity.

    • Paul Patriot

      Tim, good comment sir.
      I see way too much wimpy, politically correct, effeminate, social justice “christianity” as well.

      Yes, we should love the lost……love them enough to strongly and boldly share Truth and speak against AND expose unrighteousness, via the preaching of the Word?

      In this “post modern” world that is infected with political correctness, and fear of being called intolerant , the “jesus” being preached today is a politically correct, blonde haired blued eyed surfer jesus with “love” being his only characteristic…….this false “jesus” does not hate sin, is tolerant and is relativist…..and will not speak out against sin nor mention the need to repent, nor will be so intolerant to proclaim that there is only one way to be saved….

      Nope, the effeminate “christianity” is here to stay.

      I believe we are going to see much more apostacy coming

      • iris

        Yep. It’s time we Christians start sharing the Truth, in His Love, but the Truth. He is the Truth, and knowing Him will set people free. I was angry and sad to see Billy Graham on a video made with the Crystal Cathedral guy, Robert S., think it was in the 90’s, the same period when Graham kissed the feet of the giant Mary statue in the Vatican. In the video, Graham said that there will be people in heaven who have never heard of Jesus. Well, that might apply to aborted babies, or someone who hasn’t become accountable for various reasons, but Paul reminds us in Romans, that everyone who has reached the age of accountability, knows about God, and knows of His understanding of sin and righteousness. Deep down, every thinking person knows they’re in trouble. Jesus is the only answer.

      • Tim

        Thank you, Paul. But, no, I do NOT love those, like Kathy Griffin, who blaspheme the name of my Savior. I agree with what the Psalmist David said:

        “For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain. Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.”

        Psalm 139: 20-22

        • Paul Patriot

          Yes sir, but keep context in mind!
          The Bible consists of old dispensation and new dispensation, and although both are the Word of God, Jesus came and brought some “revised, updated” Truths for those who would folllow him.

          Matthew 5:43,44

          “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy….

          “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you”

    • apeiron

      Thank you Tim…I thought I was the only one who sees how American Churchianity has been totally feminized. The idea gets NO traction at ANY church I’ve been to…as if to think it is some unspeakable heresy. There is NOTHING for men at most Churches except the expectation of 100% responsibility with 0% authority.

  • Paul Patriot

    The previous asked the question, this article answers it.

    Liberal, progressive, leftist lunatics like this poor excuse for an entertainer, and those (conservative hating) people that think like her………..will always be at odds and opposed to those who are conservative, Christian, Constitutionalists, and freedom loving people who have knowledge of history, and those who are getting fed up with political correctness so that we “don’t offend” or harm the dekicate feelings and self esteem of someone, all because we stand up for values and principles that have made this nation great.

    This nutjob should be considered mentally I’ll and should be arrested IMMEDIATELY for her hateful actions towards THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES…….MY President!!!!!!

    No, there will never be any sort of peace between left and right…..funny how the left claims the right is intolerant, and clings to their “religion and guns”….yet the leftist lunatics continue to prove how suscepticle they are to violence. For the past couple years the left has shown how intolerant they are revealing what hypocrites they are and a threat to Liberty that they pose.

    They call Christians ” haters”. They are the haters, and the same ones that welcome Islam Into our nation with open arms, totally, and completely blind at the repercussions of their flawed thinking.

  • TheRunningMan

    While liberals, in effort to appear politically correct, may publicly condemn what Griffin did, in private they are celebrating it as fine entertainment and a fitting outcome to Trump’s presidency. Just as all Americans are infidels to Islamic extremists, conservatives are infidels in the eyes of liberals/progressives…and you know what must be done with infidels.

    • iris


      • iris

        While sadly, there are conservatives who would laugh at images of O being hurt or killed, most Christian conservatives would find that abhorrent, myself included. As much as I disagreed with him, he was still my president, and I prayed for him and still do. At least some Americans still show respect for the office.

        • ” images of O being hurt or killed, most Christian conservatives would find that abhorrent”

          Yeah. MOST, but not all. Just like MOST liberals found has-been Kathy Griffin’s stunt to be gross and beyond the pale. Until certain people quit fallaciously believing that only Christians and only Republicans have morals, the political divide of hatred will remain.

          • Paul Patriot

            What is the standard that morals are to be held to?

            In other words, what and who determines moral standards?

            Are morals absolute Or relative?

          • social norms suck

            Simple: treat others how you want them to treat you!

          • TheRunningMan

            Ah, the golden rule, Matthew 7:12! Yes, I do try to live by that, failing miserably most of the time. The trouble is that occasionally you run into the sort that just wants to throw a brick at you for the fun of it. So, l carry my brick at 4:30.

          • double taqiyya

            That’s basically the same main rule as the one at the top of my local n .
            (moderated word?) resort brochure:
            “Do unto others…
            And do nothing that needs an apology.”

            Quite different than the Quran, “And kill them wherever you find them”

          • iris

            While everyone over the age of accountability has a sense of right and wrong, morals can be culturally influenced and therefore subjective/relative. We’re made in God’s image, so normal people want love, justice, truth, life, peace, joy, the absolute things of God, which He wants for all of us. But only in Christ Jesus, God’s word and by His power, can we find and keep them.

          • needahbeh

            asked the demon

  • Ray S.

    Proof Satanism controls Hollywood.

    • The vile, disgusting star of failed reality TV show, The Apprentice, becoming President is the only proof that $atanism controls anything.

      • Ray S.

        I’d hardly say The Apprentice was a failed reality TV show. With 14 seasons behind its belt and viewership in the millions. Not to mention rankings were in the top 10 its first few seasons. If numbers and rankings mean anything it was never a failure.

        • “rankings were in the top 10 its first few seasons”

          And the last few seasons were flops. He’s a failed reality TV star. He has stripped away any meaning to the term “President of the United States”. Next time around we might get Kim KardASSian or Honey Boo-boo or someone from Jersey Shore (I can’t be bothered to look up any names).

          His current job title does prove what you’d said: $atanism controls Hollywood.

          {EDITED TO ADD:} Or since Disastrous Donald has reset the bar so low, we might even get Kathy Griffin in 2020.

          • Ray S.

            C’mon now Carrie, a failed reality tv show lasts 14 seasons? A failed show would have been cancelled mid-season or after the 1st season and not renewed year after year. I agree that satanism does play a part in Hollywood and even politics no doubt. But to say that The Apprentice was a failure, well the numbers don’t say that. It’s worst season was the most current one with Arnold Schwarzenegger who was hosting it, whom by the way is making plans to run for US Senate. I remember listening to Mark Levin last year who predicted Trump was going to win because of the presence he had already made on television from seasons of being on The Apprentice. It’s crazy but he was right and that came from the show being successful (thought most won’t admit that they were watching it back then but millions of Americans were. The numbers don’t lie.), well that’s what happened. People have made entertainment and sports their gods. We have become like the Romans. I think if someone like Michael Jordan ran, he would have been elected as well just because of his name and fame. All that hollywood exposure is what this generation knows. Kathy Griffen has no chance to ever be elected. She was just booted from CNN this week which means even the Left is dropping her.

          • Gay Veteran

            and Hillary is a failed neo-con war-mongering psychopath

      • Paul Patriot

        Wow! Your hatred for Trump is revealing your mental illness.

        • A hatred of $atan is only considered a mental illness to someone who’s projecting.

          Or you could back up your pro-$atanic statement with a page number from the DSM-IV, something that Trumpskyites can scarcely figure out how to do.

      • Gay Veteran

        and the fact that Hillary came so close to the presidency

  • davidnrobyn

    I just looked up Griffin’s bio and found she was born in 1960. A late Boomer. Amazing, I expected such barbarity from the 20- and 30-something generation of barbarians. But those on the left tend to achieve maturity very late, if at all. Their emotional growth is stunted by their refusal to acknowledge any authority higher than themselves and their own puny reasoning power.

  • “If a conservative had done the same thing to Obama, we would probably be talking about prison time right about now”

    Yeah. I just spent an altogether far too long time scouring this site for any signs that it denounced all of the Republicans who proudly burned Obama in effigy after both of his record-breaking elections, who proudly hung [phony] Obamas in noo$es outside their homes (on Halloween and beyond), who openly prayed to G-d to smite Obama with Sickle Cell Anemia, and so on. Perhaps not surprisingly, I could find no such instances that *those* displays offended this site’s owner, let alone many of the readers who openly wrote death wishes here directed at former President Obama.

    I also expected to find the actions of Jeremy Christian, pro-Donald freak and 2nd Amendment fan, dismissed as an anomaly… JUST KIDDING — of COURSE I didn’t expect this site to dismiss Jeremy Christian’s actions or behavior! I wonder what his disqus screen name was, and if we’ll notice his absence in the comments section?

    Nor am I surprised that this site (and other two-faced sites) avoided dismissing pastor Cedric Anderson’s “righteous” murder of his wife. Nor Robert Dear’s “righteous” murders. Nor the Alt-Reich in general. Nope, it seems that the only sinfulness this site (and Right-leaning publications in general) denounce are the ones that happen in the Liberal camp.

    Mind you, unlike all of the Christians mentioned by name above, the gross !diot Kathy Griffin killed nobody.

    • carson

      all sorts of screen shots from jeremey christians facebook rants that’d show you more about him he wasn’t pro-trump…

      lots of people ranting..all upset that ‘their world’ (whether right or left) is failing….
      Love of the world is a bad bad road…and beware a root of bitterness springing up and cursed are those who trust in man and forget the Lord and well lets just finish with everyone needs Christ Jesus since He’s the only empowerment to overcome the world the flesh nature of sin and the devil.

      • No, sockpuppet — his Facebook account and the cell phone videos of his hysterical rantings all show he is very much a pro-Donald kook who agreed with broadening the 2nd Amendment, building the wall™, anti-immigration, Jesus, and hating the librulz!!!1!1

        If you’re referring to his brief flirtation with Bernie Sanders, read further to see that he was only trying to get “that evil see-you-next-Tuesday Hitlery” off the ballot. Once Crooked Donald became our so-called President*, Jeremy Christian started attending as many Alt-Reich, pro-Donald, “free speech” K|an rallies as they’d let him attend.

        I love to call him “so-called” because that’s what Donald called the judge who overruled his unconstitutional attempts to thwart the country’s laws.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…Jeremy Christian started attending as many Alt-Reich, pro-Donald, “free speech” K|an rallies as they’d let him attend….”

          ah yes, guilt by association. patheticly weak

      • p.s. Are you fine with this site and this site’s author avoiding all specifically Republican/Christian murder? You approve that he cherry picks silly things like washed up entertainers pulling stunts, while very specifically sheltering Republican Christians who d!ddle kids, or murder in the name of G-d, etc.?

        • Paul Patriot


          Wow, please take a breath, as the fact that Tump is president is causing you to think irrationally, and to post spectacular, nonsensical comments.

          True Christians do not “d!ddle” kids or murder in the name of G-d, etc?

          • I used to believe that people who posted online were at least as educated as a grade-schooler, but many have proven me wrong.

            If you could not comprehend my words in English, it is a problem with your cognition, not my disdain for people who respond nonsensically to a comment rather than address the exceedingly clear question I gave. This site (and others down in the same dumpster) enjoy snagging the occasional “Other” who commits an atrocity, while smugly shoving their fingers deep, deep, deep into their ears when so-called “Christians” or so-called “Republicans” commit atrocities in the name of Christianity or Republicanism/Patriotism. To call out kaka-head Kathy Griffin while not calling out people on the Right who do worse really lowers the standards of journalism, and that shouldn’t even be POSSIBLE at this point anymore.

          • Gay Veteran

            you have Trump Derangement Syndrome

        • Gay Veteran

          most of the violence is coming from the left

    • Gay Veteran

      you need to go to Berkely to join your fellow neo-Maoist Reg Guards

  • joanofark06

    “Instead of responding to this kind of hate with even more hate, I propose that we respond with lots of love.”

    Sorry….I can’t LOVE satanism”. Or satan, Or evil….it’s against my religion…

  • iris

    Agree. There’s a huge difference between poking fun at or criticizing authority and overtly suggesting his or her demise. Both liberals and conservatives have been culpable.

  • j vaughn

    What the Jews were for Hitler’s Nazis, Anthropogenic Climate Change is for our little Lefti-Nazis. A murderous, mindless hysteria with intent to commit genocide.

    What we are already seeing in the streets, college presidents’ office lobbies, Hollywierdland with its mindnumbingly moronic suicidal snowflakes, and the permanently employed state apparatchiks all screeching like zombies will spin out of control.

    This will not end well.

  • needahbeh

    Lets not forget, it was CNN that brought this demon into you homes for years!