Government Shutdown 2011? – 16 Things You Need To Know

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Is it actually going to happen?  Are we actually going to see “Government Shutdown 2011”?  Will the streets of Washington D.C. soon be eerily quiet as hundreds of thousands of federal workers are temporarily sent home?  Right now Barack Obama, Harry Reid and John Boehner all say that they want to reach a deal and avoid a government shutdown, but the deadline is coming up fast.  The current spending bill that the government is operating under expires at the end of Friday.  If the Republicans and the Democrats do not come to an agreement before then, the U.S. government will “shut down” at 12:01 AM Saturday morning.  The Republicans have proposed a plan to extend government funding for one more week so that negotiations may continue, but the Democrats have rejected it.  Obama has summoned Reid and Boehner to the White House tonight in an attempt to hash out a deal, but most observers are not particularly optimistic.  Sadly, government debt is going to expand at a mind blowing pace this year no matter who wins this battle.


Both sides are attempting to play political hardball.  During the 2010 campaign, the Republicans promised to cut $100 billion from the budget for 2011 and they know that Tea Party activists are going to hold them accountable.  The Democrats control the Senate and the presidency and they probably figure that when push comes to shove that many of the new, inexperienced Republicans in the House can be intimidated into giving in.

But in the end it really doesn’t matter that much who wins this battle.  The Republicans are proposing $61 billion in budget cuts which would cut the budget deficit for 2011 by only 3.8 percent.  The Democrats are proposing $33 billion in budget cuts which would cut the budget deficit for 2011 by just 2.1 percent.

Is that extra 1.7 percent really going to make a massive difference over the long run?

Of course not.

But right now Republicans and Democrats are both in the mood for a fight, so we really might actually see a government shutdown.

If the government does shut down, it probably won’t be for too long.  The longest government shutdown of all time ended in early January 1996 and it lasted just 21 days.

So exactly what would happen if there is a government shutdown in 2011? If it does actually happen, the following are 16 things you will need to know….

#1 Hundreds of thousands of “non-essential” federal workers will be told to stay home during a government shutdown.

#2 Those in the military will not receive paychecks during a government shutdown but they will be required to keep performing their duties.

#3 The Obama administration is anticipating “significantly lower staffing levels” at the White House if a shutdown happens.

#4 Barack Obama will continue to be paid during a government shutdown.

#5 Congress will also be paid and will continue to operate at close to normal levels during a government shutdown.

#6 The Federal Reserve will continue to operate normally during a government shutdown.  The Federal Reserve is not part of the U.S. government.

#7 In all probability, all government employees will eventually receive any pay that is missed during a government shutdown.  During the 5 day U.S. government shutdown back in 1995, approximately 800,000 “non-essential” government employees were told not to come in to work.  But eventually they all got paid retroactively anyway.

#8 During a government shutdown, the Department of Homeland Security will suspend operation of its e-Verify system.  Employers will be unable to verify the immigration status of job applicants and that could have a substantial negative impact on hiring.

#9 The processing of small business loans and FHA mortgages will be delayed during a government shutdown.

#10 The U.S. Postal Service will not be affected by a government shutdown.  You will continue to get your mail.

#11 According to the Social Security Administration, everyone that is currently receiving Social Security benefits will continue to receive those benefits during a shutdown.  New applications will be delayed however.

#12 Medicare payments will continue during a government shutdown, but there will be a delay in processing new applications.

#13 During a government shutdown, the processing of paper tax returns by the IRS would be delayed.

#14 If there is a government shutdown, the processing of passport and visa applications could be seriously delayed.  This could have a negative impact on the tourism industry.

#15 National parks, museums and tourist attractions will be shut down.  According to the Washington Post, “about 500,000 visitors could be turned away this weekend alone from the National Zoo and the major Smithsonian museums on the Mall”.

#16 The annual Cherry Blossom Festival parade in Washington D.C. that is scheduled for this weekend would be cancelled.

So why don’t the two sides just compromise on a figure and get it over with?

Well, it is just not that simple.

Barack Obama is pledging that he will not sign any budget bill that cuts funding for Planned Parenthood and the Environmental Protection Agency.

But to Republicans those are very important things.  Many Republicans are sick and tired of large amounts of money going to the Planned Parenthood abortion mills and many Republicans are determined to take away the EPA’s authority to regulate the “greenhouse gases” that many Democrats believe are causing “global warming”.

If the Republicans back down they risk alienating their Tea Party supporters.

And we have already seen what happens to Republican politicians that cross the Tea Party.

The truth is that many Tea Party activists are already upset with the compromises that Republican leaders have been making.

Originally, Republicans had pledged to slash $100 billion from the budget for this year.  Then, they said that $61 billion was good enough because a large portion of the fiscal year was already gone.

Now that there are rumors that Boehner may be willing to reduce that figure even further, some Tea Party activists are becoming extremely upset.

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips posted the following message on his organization’s website about a month ago….

“The Tea Party movement should find a candidate to run against John Boehner in 2012 and should set as a goal, to defeat in a primary, the sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

The truth is that this entire controversy shows how divided America is right now.

The Democrat base is simply not going to accept cuts to Planned Parenthood or the EPA.

The Tea Party base is simply not going to accept the small budget cuts that the Democrats are offering.

So who is going to give in?

Whichever party does give in is going to have a lot of explaining to do to their base.

But if neither side gives in we could be in for an extended government shutdown.

It is certainly a fascinating game of “chicken” we have got going on.

It is going to be extremely interesting to see who blinks first.

Personally I think it is going to be Boehner that is going to cave.  If he can get the Democrats to agree to a budget cut figure in the neighborhood of 40 to 50 billion dollars I think he is going to grab it and try to “spin” it as a great victory for fiscal conservatives.

Unfortunately, the truth is that no matter who “wins” this current battle government debt is going to continue to soar.  The Obama administration is projecting that the deficit for this year will be 1.6 trillion dollars.

Even if we were to cut $100 billion from that number it would barely make a dent.

The U.S. financial system is dying, and nothing that the Republicans or the Democrats are doing right now is going to change that.

  • A.S.

    Maybe Obama will use this opportunity to begin martial law in the U.S.?

  • Colin

    Planned Parenthood is not an abortion mill. The majority of PP’s efforts are directed to women’s health and reproductive issues, and has programs for children’s health programs. The reason that PP is under attack is two-fold: (a.) the Republican party doesn’t believe that women alone have the capacity to decide what is best for themselves and they need government intervention and (b.) PP is a major donor of the DNC. The Republicans are waging a series of attacks on the logistics of the DNC with the hope of starving this party and, for the long-term, supremacy of the Republican party in American politics.

  • Xander cross

    Wait a minute. The republicans are against abortion mills but support the Mass killings of children in the middle east? Even rand paul supported the attack on lybia and actually voted for it.

  • Kaz

    I don’t get it – they all seem to behave like children. “I can’t get what I want” (throw tantrum) Close government – go on paid holiday for government officials and stuff the consequences. Of course no one else gets paid while this is going on. Geez… this stuff hurts my head. I don’t know how you Americans cope. It must drive you all completely mental.

    Still there’s a good chance you’d be better off without your Government. Maybe you could get them to close down for good and run the place yourselves – you’d do a better job for sure.

    • Anthony

      Still there’s a good chance you’d be better off without your Government. Maybe you could get them to close down for good and run the place yourselves – you’d do a better job for sure.

      There’s a 100% chance that we Americans would be better off with the parasitic Federal Government. They need us. We don’t need them. I HOPE IT DOES SHUT DOWN!!!

      • Anthony

        WITHOUT…The Federal Government NEEDS the American People to feed off of. The American People would be in a world of happiness if the Federal Government just went away….for GOOD.

  • Richard

    Reading through your list, it becomes apparent that nothing of any substance will change if there is a “shut-down”. Oooh, how terrible! As usual, “Exceptional America” will hardly suffer at all if there is a shut-down. Nobody will – or need to – learn any lessons and life will go on practically as usual.
    America will receive a far more severe jolt for other reasons, a life-changing jolt that will alter the nature of the country for ever. It’s coming, folks. Get ready…

  • LC

    Planned Parenthood came from Margaret Sanger and the Eugenics Movement. It is an evil operation that started as a way to remove minorities from the planet. Don’t trust me, just Google “Margaret Sanger.” With all of the birth control options in this world, why does the public need to fund millions of abortions? It’s horrible. If a woman wants an abortion, let her, the man, or her family pay for it. Otherwise, don’t have sex with protection of some sort.

  • paulie

    Will false-flag terror such as OK City and 911 be planned during a government shutdown?

    • Anthony

      Probably. To get started back up again.

  • xander cross

    I have a question? If you all are against government so much, then why do you support politicans like ron paul and donald trump? And don’t give me this “voting record” and “audit the fed” crap because neither will do it. I really do believe that ron paul is working for the globalists after all, if and only if he does audit the fed, that will usher in the bancor to the U.S.

    • Anthony

      Really?? How much were you paid to post that?? LOL

  • Tao Jones

    This is all street theatre for the masses.

    There is no real debate going forward. Our Rulers are simply pretending to have a big showdown for the benefit of the Slaves. It’s like a soap opera that everyone is taking seriously.

    It is time to face the unpalatable truth: our Rulers are insolvent. There is no money. This ‘budget battle’ is no more real than the battle between GI Joe and Cobra. These criminals are pretending to be deadlocked over numbers that are irrelevant. The amount they pretend to agonize over will make no difference to the overall problem.

    It’s like a terminal cancer patient arguing with his doctor over whether or not he should trim his fingernails.

    It’s a show, a farce, an episode of the A Team.

    Any person, including those posting above me, who talk about the Republicans or the Democrats as if they actually represent differing ideologies is publicly demonstrating their level of brainwashing.

    It’s like listening to your buddies earnestly debating who would win a fight between Batman and Superman in a summer camp when you were 12.

    It’s not real. Please, for the love of god, PLEASE figure this out already.

    What will it take to shatter your child-like belief in this political fairy tale? How much money must be stolen until it dawns on you that politics in this country is simply highly organized crime? How many times must the will of the American public be set at naught until it penetrates into your programmed consciousness that you are not free?

    Apparently this will never happen as long as you have Time magazine and MSFoxCN to tell you what to think.

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

    This system cannot be fixed. The corruption is too deep. Do you think the Romans could have voted themselves Salvation when the Vandals were tearing down the gates?

    The old paradigm is dead. Until the people accept this we cannot take effective steps towards forging a new society, a new system, a new way of interacting and living.

    This crisis can be frightening at times, but we are on the treshold of GENUINE CHANGE. We can create any kind of world we want, but we cannot do anything as long as people are mentally enslaved to the idiocy and childishness that passes for the political system now.

  • Guido

    Except for that whistleblower who called up dozens of PP clinics to ask for breast exams and they all stated in the recorded calls that they don’t offer mammograms. Or the PP employee who stated their funding comes from doing abortions, not women’s health…

  • Guido

    Actually, I just heard government employees at some agencies are required to show up Monday if gov’t closes, but they won’t be paid. They may be paid, but it will be on Congress to approve the funding.

    Gov’t employees who are furloughed are legally required not to do anything they are paid to do, otherwise it is a violation of Federal Law. It is actually illegal under the Antideficiency Law for a gov’t employee to volunteer his services. It will be illegal for them to so much as pick up a gov’t phone, answer their blackberry, or read their email. Due to the furlough, it is also impossible for gov’t personnel to take paid leave, since there is no money available for them to be paid.

    Soldiers are supposed to be paid because the Republicans are promising to make a funding bill to support DOD.

    I can’t help thinking this shutdown might illustrate how little we really need these people.

  • Mike

    RvD (Republican vs. Democrat)

    Whoever wins, we lose.

  • Melina Unknown

    Thanks alot government. My husband dosnt get paid and still has to work. I guess thats what the military gets for protecting you. Hey its not big deal my husband got hurt for this country. REALY!

  • karen

    As I have mentioned before that I work for the goverment and the latest news is a shutdown so far, and that we are not allowed to get a job, kind-of-strange. Only after are regular work hours, after four for me, and nonessential persons will get no pay for the time they have been furloughed. And I truly believe the shutdown will be a long period, the post office is owned by the goverment but not run by it, postal employes just like the military will get a I-owe-you, but they will have to work. We are all getting ready to get hammered, you should see the police cars that are parked in the Ford company parking lot here, and I live is a small area, I have never seen anything like this, and where I work they have been preparing for some type of desaster.

  • Tao Jones

    @Melina unknown

    Your husband is not protecting this country.

    Your husband is not fighting for Freedom, Democracy, or any other idealism of a similar nature.

    Your husband is fighting to further enrich warmongers and corporate interests who care nothing for the citizens of this nation.

    The military are dupes. This is not meant as an insult; I served in the military myself.

    Because I was a dupe.

    Please Google ‘Smedley Butler, War Is A racket’. It’s always been about enriching baknksters and munitions manufacturers.

    from whom do you imagine we are being ‘protected’? When is the last time hostile troops have threatened an invasion of the American territories?

    No one is fighting to keep us safe; it’s just another lie that keeps people working tirelessly for the very system that enslaves us all.

    If you are in the military, it is time to put down your weapon and go home. You swore an oath, you say? To whom? To criminals and theives who command you to go to foreign countries and kill civilians there?

    Why do you feel yourselves bound to keep an oath to such people, people who filled your mind with this ‘defending America’ nonsense in the first place?

    put down your gun. go home. Get yourself an honest livlihood.

    The Beast cannot be fought; it can only be starved to death.

  • Guido

    Xander-you have any other options? Because your guy would appear to be in office and he had majorities at his beck and call in both houses last year and nothing got done. They didn’t even create a budget. They also increased the national debt more than all previous congresses combined. Soooo what’s your solution? More of the same?
    My idea is quite simple-take the current income and subtract it from the current planned budget. That massive gap between black and red goes out the window. If you can’t shoehorn what you want into the budget where the black part covers it, out it goes. I don’t care if it’s education or defense or school lunches or rural internet hookups or green jobs or whatever-just make sure we pay cash for what we want. Ending pointless waste and subsidies for stuff we don’t need would be nice, too.

  • tlyons

    the military will be paid back later…correct?

    • Admin

      Yes, the military will eventually get all of their pay

  • kurt c

    government shutdown is having a negative effect on the dollar.

  • Planned Parenthood does more to PREVENT unwanted pregnancies than ALL of the Anti-Choice groups combined. Calling it an “Abortion Mill” is a falsehood and slander.

  • Cyk

    Bad for the US, good for other countries.

    Germany’s imports from the US have dropped significantly during the last years.

    They are now significantly lower than the imports from China.

    Continue to act like this, and the rest of the world will just ignore you.

  • Dave

    They’re going to have an 11th hour miracle agreement. It will be one big political photo op and “we the people” are the ones who will suffer. Congress will want the american people to bow at their feet as our savior. We the people need to take this country back, and say enough is enough…

  • Bubba Dan

    I say let the government shut down, kick em all out and start over. The current government we have is obviously broken. Nothing works. Everything the government touches turns to stone. Congress, the Senate and even the President are all whores to the offshore corporate bankers, and the 1% that have all the wealth in this country.

    It’s time we the people stood up and took our country back, do away with the corporations that have destroyed this country, put to trial and imprison those that have committed high treason by selling us out and stealing from us our liberties and prosperity.

  • Guido

    I served, too. I would have a hard time feeling motivated to do my duty if I weren’t being paid for it. Sure I volunteered, but I signed a contract and they were supposed to be keeping up their end of the contract, too. The medical care and the food were bad enough, but not being paid would be outrageous.

  • no-gmo

    @Colin Why do democrats want the Government involved in everything else except women’s health and reproductive issues and abortions?


    The hypocrisy of both democrats and republicans is comical but more so the democrats right now. Just look at the war. the anti-war left now loves war).

    Bring back thinking. Be more independent and responsible for yourself so if Government shuts down you wont be so dependent on their free goodies.

  • Demachi

    From mostly what I’ve read a “skelleton crew” will be in most federal offices.

    It’ll definitely delay mailing tax returns, but as far as electronically sending things, everything will work file. (E-filing, direct deposits, et al)

    So, no offense.. but why not let robots run the country? We’d save a lot of money (sans the power bill, but I’m sure we could hook up some sort of wind/solar power) and it’d potentially be more effective.

    Also, what’s all this scraping on PP? A good friend of mine is a regional coordinator and I support her and the company. She genuinely cares about women’s health and safety, volunteers her services in the community by handing out information, questionaires and contraceptives and organizes events for awareness. She does great things for the community and I 100% support her and PP.

    Also, she’s somebody that can’t be replaced by a robot. A certain empathy and understanding is needed.

    Just sayin’.


  • Why are the democrats blaming women for the government shut down?

    They ignore our issues for years but suddenly women’s rights are important enough to shut down the government. They should stop hiding behind our petticoats!

  • Why do I have to pay for abortions? Why do I have to pay for the military? They haven’t won a war since 1945. What good are they? I was in the military and if I knew then what I do now, I’d never have joined. War is a racket. Ooh Rah! Why do I have to pay taxes to a bunch of crooks? Oh yeah, they’ll throw me in jail if I don’t. Now that’s what I call freedom!

  • pogue

    Why should the fedgov pay for abortions? Or female medical care? Why shouldn’t the woman pay for it? And if what 2 adults do in the bedroom isn’t the fedgov’s business, then why should the logical consequences of it be their business? And why is abortion always the most important thing in the world? The nation is teetering on economic collapse and hyper inflation and all the democrats can argue about is the massive necessity of killing babies and, supposedly, providing cancer screenings.
    I would rather see the fedgov get out of the stealing my money to give to others racket.

  • pogue

    By the way, where’s the men’s medical care and why aren’t we fighting over that, too? Seems sexist if you ask me.

  • Don’t touch government (fed, municipal, revenue, whatever) bonds. Don’t give trust your money to a bank involved in bonds.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details.

  • cshellz

    Is this is true than it should be a fact that troubles are only going to get worse because that’s the plan… total chaos… and we’re on right on track.

  • Patty Carey

    I was made privvy of the government shutdown by another person,l my brother lost his job. I did not recieve any info about it other wise. I am a 50% disabled vet who relies on the monthly disability checks, I did not vote for any of them and I guarentee no one will get my vote to stay in there either. The budget problem is caused by one thing…thier overspending and overpaying of everyone in power, has been for years. It just caught up with them. FIRE THEM and not the backbone of the UNITED STATES!!!!

  • Ken

    Shut down EPA, Dept. of Education, Fanny, Freddy, CPSC, Osha, and all the other 3 & 4 letter bureaus. They are not in the Constitution!!!

    Oh yes shut down Socialistic Health care (O-care)it surely isn’t in the Constitution either. And every thing that is not listed in the Constitution

  • Jim

    Tao Jones, you sir are hitting the nail on the head. The concept of the United States of American as a sovereign nation is an illusion! Media is now centralized, and highly censored to create mass deception. Our middle class, and our currency has been deliberately destroyed. The wealth of America has been stolen and used by the global elite to defy the will of the entire population of the world, and to advance their selfish, evil agendas. All countries are as one nation now, and under the rule of the New World Order! They just haven’t told us yet. Eugenics is the real topic! Depopulation, in case youre new to the concept. Many new eugenics programs are under way as we speak. They are doing this with our own tax dollars and are actually profiting from all the death and disease they kindle! Our lifespans are being “limited”. Our central nervous systems and immune systems are under constant attack. We’re being incrementally poisoned via food, water, pharmaceuticals, vaccination, and the very air we breathe! Meanwhile our only true medicine (natural organic) is being slowly suffocated! Sure our environment is being polluted due to industrialization, but what I’m refering to is NO ACCIDENT, its a deliberate attack against the populous, and its being fostered and orchestrated by a tiny group of elitists( a few hundred). The “Bilderberger’s” mission is to gain complete control so they can cure the planet’s chronic infection. They mean to control and rule over, a socially engineered population that serves them. The point is, the world is indeed morbidly overpopulated to the degree of the many crisis’s we face. War is just one tool. Biowarfare, nanotechnology, HAARP and Chemtrails are perhaps more efficient tools of the trade. “We the people” can no longer afford to look the other way when people of any creed are being exterminated! The bilderberg group is a not-so-secret global nation, and they have NO LOYALTY TO AMERICANS! This is the real Matrix. Please wake up. Peace.

    “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” Ernest Hemmingway 1940

  • starving in the usa

    Why cant we fix whats in our own backyards first before we help others….I am disabled and on a fixed income in order for me to eat i need to live with others which gets hard at times…but when i live on my own i cant afford to eat how does that work……..we have starving people here too but seems to me that all the money goes overseas to help their starving countries….all well thanks to my roomies…..i care about others but damn when will someone care about our backyards

  • Rose

    If this happen i need to let them know that our family is on the low income level, and have alot of meds THAT i CAN NOT afford and i hate to see them go with out. IT WILL BE IN THEIR HANDS !
    thats heart conditation, dibeates, mental heath disabilities,…….don’t do it please???


  • Burt

    The Government feeds us and pays us.Plus gives us medication when sick. Ya know, food stamps, social security, medicare.Remember, those that were here and lived off the land did our best to keep it that way. But the white man and the rest of you loved the government, so suck it up. Just quit crying over spilled milk. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. and enjoy the casino’s.