Out Of The Ashes Of The Collapse Of The Eurozone Will A “United States Of Europe” Arise?

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All over Europe, headlines are declaring that the eurozone is on the verge of collapse.  Many people falsely assume that this will mean the end of the euro and a return to national currencies.  Unfortunately, that is not going to be the case at all.  Instead, this is going to be yet another example of how the elite attempt to bring order out of chaos.  The European elite have no intention on giving up on a united Europe.  Rather, they hope to be able to bring to life a new “United States of Europe” out of the ashes of the existing eurozone.  Over the coming months we will see widespread panic and fear all across Europe.  The euro will likely sink like a rock and there will probably be huge financial problems in Europe and all around the globe.  But for the European elite, a great crisis like this represents a golden opportunity to tear down the existing structures and build new ones.  The solution that the European elite will be pushing will not be to go back to the way that Europe used to be.  Instead, they will be pushing the idea of a much more tightly integrated Europe really hard.


Of course it will not be called “the United States of Europe”, but that is definitely what they have in mind.

But they know that the people of Europe will never go for this solution unless they feel enough fear and pain first.

Right now, the stage is being set for the coming financial crisis in Europe.  All over the EU, media outlets are priming Europeans to expect the worst.  For example, the following comes from an article in the Telegraph….

The collapse of the eurozone would cause a crash that would instantly wipe out half of the value of Europe’s economy, plunging the continent into a depression as deep as the 1930s slump, the president of the European Commission has warned.

Some newspapers are even warning that a financial “armageddon” is coming.  Just check out the following excerpt from an article in the Express….

PREPARATIONS were under way last night for the break-up of the euro as Europe’s debt crisis spiralled out of control.

As Treasury officials worked through the night to soften the impact on Britain, David Cameron warned that the single European currency was facing its “moment of truth”.

Business Secretary Vince Cable went further and spoke about “Armageddon” while Brussels officials warned that the chaos threatened to plunge us all into a new recession.

If you can believe it, many among the European elite may actually be looking forward to the collapse of the current eurozone structure.


Well, it will give them the opportunity to implement something new.

A financial crisis is only temporary, but many among the European elite believe that they can build a “new Europe” which will last for ages.

News outlets all over Europe are already reporting on rumors that French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have been “secretly plotting” to create a “new eurozone” that will exclude some of the weaker nations such as Greece and Italy.

For instance, the following is from an article that just came out  in the Telegraph….

France is drawing up plans to create a breakaway organisation of eurozone countries with its own treaty, parliament and headquarters – a move that could significantly undermine the existing European Union.

That same article in the Telegraph is also already preparing readers to accept that the ultimate solution to the coming financial crisis will be to “strengthen the union between eurozone countries”….

France and Germany are understood to want to strengthen the union between eurozone countries with new taxes and legal measures to stop nations borrowing and spending too much in future.

But what is not being said in these articles is that Germany and France have no intention of leaving anyone out in the long run.  They just want some of the weaker countries to be afraid of being “left out” of the “new club” so that they will agree to a much more tightly integrated Europe and to all of the new rules that Germany and France plan to impose.

Mark my words.  Financially weaker countries such as Italy and Greece will eventually join the new “economic bloc” that Germany and France are setting up.

But before any of this happens, a lot of these debt problems in Europe are going to be allowed to play out, the euro is probably going to sink like a rock, and chaos is going to be allowed to reign all over the continent for a short period of time.

The cold, hard reality of the matter is that the current structure of the eurozone simply does not work and it should have never come into existence in the first place.  A recent article posted on Crackerjack Finance summarized some of the problems with the existing eurozone structure very nicely….

The problems of the Eurozone’s flawed construct are now completely exposed. A block of 17 sovereign nations have adopted a common currency and outsourced monetary policy to a common central bank. Yet each of the 17 sovereign nations have different comparative advantages, industries, debt levels, interest rates, budget deficits, labor market rules, and tax policies. Reflecting on all the differences, it is amazing that the Eurozone has survived in the current construct for over a decade.

But instead of going back to national currencies, the elite of Europe are convinced that it is time for a “United States of Europe” that will be much, much more tightly integrated.

An article in the Guardian recently quoted Angela Merkel as saying that the solution to the problems that Europe is facing is going to “mean more Europe, not less Europe”….

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, said the situation had become “unpleasant”, and called for eurozone members to accelerate plans for closer political integration. “It is time for a breakthrough to a new Europe,” she said. “Because the world is changing so much, we must be prepared to answer the challenges. That will mean more Europe, not less Europe.”

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has been even bolder in his calls for Europe to “unite”….

The president of the European commission, José Manuel Barroso, issued a new call for the EU to “unite or face irrelevance” in the face of the mounting economic crisis in Italy. “We are witnessing fundamental changes to the economic and geopolitical order that have convinced me that Europe needs to advance now together or risk fragmentation. Europe must either transform itself or it will decline. We are in a defining moment where we either unite or face irrelevance,” he said.

To facilitate this process, new politicians are being put into place all over Europe that will be sympathetic to the “united Europe” agenda of the European elite.

In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi is out, and it looks like he will be replaced by economist Mario Monti.

Monti studied at Yale, he is a member of the European Commission, he is the chairman of the Trilateral Commission in Europe and he is also a member of the Bilderberg Group.

In Greece, George Papandreou is out, and Lucas Papademos has been put into power.

Papademos taught at Harvard, and he previously served as governor of the Greek central bank, as a vice president of the European Central Bank and as a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  He is also a member of the Trilateral Commission.

It is funny how people from these same elitist organizations always seem to pop up in positions of power, isn’t it?

With men like these in position, it will be much easier for the European elite to get the rest of the continent to make the transition to the “new Europe”.

But what will a “new Europe” look like?  Well, a Daily Mail article from a while back entitled “Rise of the Fourth Reich, how Germany is using the financial crisis to conquer Europe” contained the following sobering assessment of what much deeper economic integration for Europe would mean….

This would entail a loss of sovereignty not seen in those countries since many were under the jackboot of the Third Reich 70 years ago.

For be in no doubt what fiscal union means: it is one economic policy, one taxation system, one social security system, one debt, one economy, one finance minister. And all of the above would be German.

That doesn’t sound good.

But that is what the elite always want.

They always want more power and more control.

Right now, the people of Europe are not ready to go along with the whole “new Europe” thing.

So that means that there is going to have to be a lot of chaos, pain and fear first.

A financial collapse is most definitely coming to Europe.

It is going to be tremendously unpleasant.

But after it is over, the European elite are hoping that they will finally have what they have always wanted – a “new Europe” that is more tightly integrated than it has been at any point since the fall of the Roman Empire.


  • JD

    Ah, the mighty Phoenix of facisim here we come. Of course our monetary system is interlinked with theirs so we gotta suffer too… To me this is old news. Ive been obsessed with the NWO for years now it finally looks like they may get there way. I would say WAKE UP like so many do that its all become clique. We wont wake up to tyranny untill we ourselves become opressed by it. We wont wake up to police violence untill we have been victimized by it. And we wont wake up to Economic despair untill we have lived through it. Most people that comment on this site, Hey we still have power! we still have a computer and internet access! Whats the big deal? Nope the average person dosent care. Untill it happens to you homelessness, being falsely jailed or losing your ass in the stock market, nobody cares.

  • The Truth

    At Last! An article that puts most of the pieces together. Well done.
    However, don’t think for even a minute that the US, Canada, and Australia (and one or two other ‘commonwealth’ countries too) will be left out of this.
    The ‘Eurozone’ was the prototype for a much larger ‘family’, one which was planned a long time ago (before any of you were likely born – unless you are in your late 90’s).
    I used to think that this plan was evil and diabolical, however I have come to realise that it is not the plan (which has prevented developed western nations from destroying each other) but how it is being instigated by those trusted with ‘steering’ it through that is potentially evil (but not inherently so – it is the absolute power corrupting human nature that has caused problems of greed and creeping totalitarianism).
    The plan for one world government (new world order) is now well known thanks to the internet (which was not even dreamed off when these plans were first concieved).
    Unless we have some ‘black swan’ event that changes everything this new world order will come to pass (and it will not be ‘directed’ from the US or from Brussels).
    Hold on to your hats (and food, water, silver, and gold) as things will soon get a bit rough for a while………

  • old soldier

    My question is: what impact of all this is going on in Europe have on us, the U.S.??

  • Neanderthal

    It has been obvious since the creation of the Eurozone that domination by France and Germany (and probably France being doublecrossed by Germany) was the endgame right from the start. Germany did not enter this union to carry it, but to dominate Europe, a goal that has eluded them for a long time.

    Even this semi-educated hillbilly from USA could see that from the start. Germany has invested too much to abandon their effort now.

  • Charles

    Fantastic article. What else has this author written? How does one fight against such overwhelming forces?

  • Highspeedloafer

    When I first saw the picture, I thought, Hmmmm, Michael must be a gamecock fan. You can’t deny they look similar.

  • Donald Wilson

    I have but three words “One World Order.”

  • Texan Patriot

    Excellent analysis in this article.
    JD and William hit the nail on the head.
    “Untill it happens to you homelessness, being falsely jailed or losing your ass in the stock market, nobody cares.”
    “Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Uritsky, Frankel, Kamenev and Zioniev, are here today, just with other names” Anti freedom marxist central control is still here.

  • James

    Time to invest in KY? I think we’re all going to get bent on this deal.

  • Guido

    I never thought the EU would succeed in the first place. Coupling Germany and France to Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain seemed like a nightmare, to me, from the get-go. The Southern economies have never performed particularly well and it always seemed like a way to channel wealth from the North to the South. I remember when it used to seem like Italy changed governments about as often as I changed my socks.(Read that comment as they changed it frequently, not that I never change my socks.) On a personal note, I always liked traveling in the old Europe. You could hop on a train, ride from West to East and pass half a dozen borders in a matter of hours, interact with half a dozen unique cultures, get half a dozen new stamps in your passport, and have half a dozen different and unique forms of currency as a souvenir. As someone who believes in sovereignty and looks with skepticism upon centralization, the EU always seemed like an awful idea. I’ve prayed it would fail for years and I hope it really does collapse. The solution to their problems isn’t more Europe, it’s less Europe and more sovereignty. What lunatic would turn over charge of his nation’s affairs to unelected bureaucrats somewhere far away?

  • RevBryan

    In agreeing with JD let me offer a George Santayana comment: “People believe in volcanoes until the lava actually overtakes them”, a la Pompeii. It seems that those who are in power are merely repeating on land what happened to the Titanic on the sea. They know that what they are doing contains the potential for great harm, but the are pressing on— with one notable exception: they are counting on being in a lifeboat before the ship sinks, with all their ill-gotten gain.
    As for much of our population— whose planning?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I read the same Telegraph article and one about the UK planning for a Euro break up. I believe it was on Financial Sense, and the Automatic Earth who predicted Germany and France would lead a scaled down EU mainly Germany and the Northern European nations France I don’t think will make the cut in the long run. Germany and Northern Europe have been fiscally responsible, and both still make things. I don’t think the EU is going anyway soon I also don’t believe it’s going to be this world beating monolith the NOW people believe. Europe has a number of serious issues there are more debt rumblings come out of France and Eastern Europe. Not to mention the demographic issues not far on the horizon. I think you’ll see a more closely integrated Germany and Northern Europe but a resentful and more unstable Southern and Eastern Europe.

  • Lewanna

    “…the beast that was, no longer is and will rise again”!

  • RevBryan

    Let me amend my post with a correction to the G.S. quote. He said, ” People do not believe in volcanoes until the lava actually overtakes them.” My apologies to the memory of G.S. for my omission.

  • Bible prophecy foretells that soon, out of sovereign armageddon, a credit bust and financial collapse, that a prince of the people, Daniel 9:26, and Revelation 13:5-10, will rise to power in the EU; he will be accompanied by a European Banker, Revelation 13:11-18. Together, their word, will and way will provide a new economic, political and social order, as well as a new moneyness, that is the seigniorage of diktat, and the people will be amazed by this and place their trust in it, giving it their full allegiance, Revelation 13:3-4.

    John McManus, Business Editor of the Irish Times, writes suggesting that Germany wll inevitably face final choice on Euro zone cure. More than ever there is a certain “all roads lead to Frankfurt” inevitability about the solution to the euro zone debt crisis. Which road we go down to get there remains to be decided, but as things stand it looks as if things will have to escalate to the point where a binary choice faces Germany: debase the ECB or see the euro zone break up as market support for Italy or Spain or France evaporates.

    Please consider that freedom and choice are simply mirages on the Neoauthoritarian Desert of the Real. God is soveign, Isaiah Isaiah 4:9-14, and being omniscient, looked down the corridor of time, and planned and is orchestrating all things 2 Corinthians 5:18, to effect operation free mankind to set one free from sin, that is doubt, that he is sovereign.

    The Book of Daniel, specifically Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, Daniel 2:31-35, presents God’s divine appointment of kings and kingdoms to govern mankind from the sixth century BC until a sovereign world leader, breaks peace a middle east pact and establishes the abomination of desolation in Jerusalem and demands to be worshiped as God. His rule will last for three and one half years, at which time, the Lord Jesus Christ will come to rule the world from Jerusalem for a thousand years, which is known as the Millennium.

    God’s message of sovereign kings to rule mankind was conveyed through the appearance of a giant statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The head of gold represents Babylon. The breast and arms of silver indicate Medio Persia. Its bronze belly and thighs symbolize Greece. Rome is the final entity that appears in two phases: its legs of iron, the ancient Roman Empire of the first century, and its feet partly of iron and partly of clay, the Revived Roman Empire which will emerge as one of ten regions of global governance, after a soon coming global financial collapse. The prophet Daniel’s ten toed kingdom, Daniel 2:41-43, is the same as the Beast regime, Revelation 13:1-4, which is literally rising from the governments located in the Mediterranean Sea. It will have seven heads, that is it will occupy in all of mankind’s seven institutions. And it will have ten horns, that is, it will govern in all ten world regions.

  • DB200

    “the euro is probably going to sink like a rock”

    This is still be seen. All depends on Italy. But if so, then imports will sink like a rock to. Ciao, China, Korea and Japan. And guess where they then will have to dump their excess inventory?

    And of course, German exports will go through the roof.

    So, were this the case, Asia looses, the USA looses and Germany wins.

  • DB200


    People in Europe already talk about the neuro (northern-euro) and seuro (southern euro). Wasn’t there this north-south divide somewhere in the 1860s?

    And then in the meantime, politicians in the neuro-zone, are starting the discussion to go back to the former currencies:



    I guess, reading news in the pre-2007 era was a lot more boring and less interesting.

  • when ca nad will, Germans throw out Merkel?

  • meant “can” and “and”

  • Bella

    They always say IT IS TOO BIG TO FAIL ,isn’t that what they said about the Titanic and look what to happened to it . They have said the same thing about the American economy as well and now Europe . Watch out people stop challenging God because you know the ultimate end result. . MARANATHA my Savior!!!

  • A.S.

    Fourth Reich = Another Holocaust, G-d forbid.

  • Adam Hiley

    if the Peoples of Britain,Europe and America act now We will benefit greatly getting rid of these Criminal elites the EU and UN must be dismantled