Flash Mob Epidemic

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Flash mobs used to be so much fun.  A group of people would arrange to meet in a public place at a particular time and would perform a song or a dance number or some other form of entertainment very suddenly and without warning.  Well, the term “flash mob” is rapidly coming to mean something else now.  All over the country, young people are using social media and other forms of communication to coordinate shocking large scale crimes.  At first there were just a few isolated “mob robberies” around the country, but now we have a full-fledged flash mob epidemic on our hands.  Sometimes these flash mobs are involved in “mass shoplifting” events, and in other cases flash mobs are just committing random acts of violence.  But it is a very disturbing sign for our nation that all over the country we have large groups of young people that are banding together to commit very serious crimes.  This is something that is really unprecedented in modern U.S. history, and it is yet another indication that our society is starting to fall apart.


So exactly what do these flash mobs look like?

The following is video of a flash mob conducting a “mob robbery” in a 7-11 in Montgomery County, Maryland on August 13th, 2011….

Authorities keep telling us that they have everything under control, but these kinds of incidents continue to become more frequent.

Other examples of this flash mob phenomenon have been captured on video in Stockton, California, in Washington D.C. and in Las Vegas.

But flash mobs are not just engaged in shoplifting.  Recently, we have seen quite a few incidents where flash mobs have been involved in mass violence.

Back on July 4th, approximately 1,000 young people violently disrupted an Independence Day celebration in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights.  Reportedly, the young people used social media websites to mobilize for the event.

Even more disturbing is what happened recently at the Wisconsin state fair.  The following is how one local ABC News affiliate described the “flash mob” attacks that took place….

Milwaukee police said that around 11:10 p.m., squads were sent to the area for reports of battery, fighting and property damage being caused by an unruly crowd of “hundreds” of people. One officer described it as a “mob beating.”

Police said the group of young people attacked fair goers who were leaving the fair grounds. Police said that some victims were attacked while walking. They said others were pulled out of cars and off of motorcycles before being beaten.

Could you imagine taking your family to the state fair only to be pulled out of your car and beaten up by a horde of violent youths?

Yes, this is now happening in the heartland of America.

But the biggest problems with flash mobs have been in highly concentrated urban areas.  In America today there are millions of young men and women that don’t have jobs and that don’t have any hope and they are starting to take out their frustrations on innocent people.

So far this year, the worst flash mob violence has been in Chicago.  In a recent article, Janet Tavakoli attempted to describe the horrifying violence that has been unleashed in the city by these flash mobs….

This year, all hell has broken loose in downtown Chicago. Years of under-hiring have resulted in a police force that is unprepared for wildings and gang violence. Moreover, concealed carry in Chicago is illegal, unless one follows the Constitution.

Tourists and residents have been attacked by mobs of youths on buses, on beaches, on bicycle paths, near the shops of the Magnificent Mile, and outside their homes. Mobs of shoplifters plagued “Mug Mile” stores.

Even in some of the “best areas” of Chicago, people are being pulled off of bikes and pulled out of cars.  Innocent people that are just minding their own business are being brutally attacked.

The following is one eyewitness account of a flash mob attack in Chicago that Tavakoli included in her recent article….

At about 11pm last Friday night, June 3rd, I heard shouting, screaming, horns blaring and tires screeching from my apartment…When I looked out my window to the street below I saw a crowd of about 20 young people…directly across the street from the entrance to my building. They were leaning on parked cars and clogging the street. They were screaming at people walking and driving by. I watched them stop vehicles, including taxi cabs, and pull people from the vehicles…It was a frightening scene and I was sure someone was going to be hurt.

The violence in Chicago has become so extreme that even The Wall Street Journal is reporting on it.  The following is how a recent article in the Journal described one eyewitness account….

In another incident last Saturday evening, Krzysztof Wilkowski, after shopping on Michigan Avenue, was sitting on his scooter a couple of blocks away checking his phone for a restaurant when he got whacked in the face with a baseball.

At first, he said, he thought it was a prank, but then he looked up and saw 15 to 20 young men approaching. “My first reaction was, ‘I’m about to get robbed, what do I do?’ ” Mr. Wilkowski recalled in an interview.

The 34-year-old insurance company employee from a Chicago suburb grabbed the keys from his ignition and held tight to his phone. A few of the attackers dragged him off his scooter and pulled him onto Chicago Avenue where they punched him, hit him with his helmet and tried to grab his phone.

What would you do if you had 15 or 20 young men approaching you?

Don’t think that it can’t happen to you.

The truth is that we can no longer trust that our fellow citizens are going to behave with common decency.

Our society is crumbling, and fewer people than ever seem to have any sense of morality.

All over the nation we are seeing some really bizarre crimes right now.  This isn’t just happening in the big cities.  Just check out some of the recent crimes that have been committed all around the nation….

*In Louisiana recently, a 30-year-old man decapitated his 7-year-old son with a meat cleaver and left his head on the side of the road.  What made this crime even more shocking is the fact that the son was suffering from cerebral palsy and was confined to a wheelchair.  Reportedly the man had gotten “tired of taking care” of the young child.  The following is an excerpt from a Daily Mail report about this horrible crime….

A father has admitted to chopping his son’s head off with a meat cleaver and leaving it in the roadside outside his home so that the child’s mother would see it.

*In Georgia on Monday, a 14-year-old teen stabbed his grandmother and his great-grandmother with a sword.  The 77-year-old great grandmother is dead, but it looks like the grandmother is going to be okay.

*A 21-year-old man in the Chicago area is accused of killing his father with a weed trimmer while his father was sleeping in bed.

*A 19-year-old man from Galveston, Texas who claims to be a vampire recently stormed into a young woman’s apartment and started biting her on the neck.  Reportedly he was “growling and hissing” while attacking her.

*Recently a 17-year-old Florida teen killed his parents with a hammer, hid their bodies in the master bedroom, and then invited dozens of people over for a massive house party.

The hearts of Americans are growing cold.  We have become so desensitized to violence that reports like these barely even affect us anymore.

The United States is becoming a very cruel place.  As the economy continues to crumble and as people become even more desperate, the flash mob attacks are going to become more frequent and the bizarre crimes are going to become even more horrible.

We are now starting to reap what we have been sowing for the last several decades.  We have thrown away the principles that made this country great, and we have taught our young people that morality really doesn’t matter.  Now we will pay the price.

So what do all of you think about the flash mob epidemic that we are now witnessing?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….


  • Debbie

    America is paying a heavey price for the way she has treated people in the past!! I just retired from teaching as of July 1st after 33 years because I knew that if I stayed rough days
    would be ahead. Low morality from our youth is due to poor parenting and a nation that rewards entertainers,and politicians for doing wrong.It becomes very hard to teach young people to work
    hard,play by the rules,and be good citizens when they see negativity be rewarded everyday.

  • William

    When the collapse so neatly engineered by Wall St and the FED arrives, these “flash mobbers” will not be stealing beer for the fun of it…….they will be HUNGRY. Can YOU protect yourself??

  • The Sojourner

    Its just a matter of time before we read about a flash mob victim pulling out a concealed 9mm, then squeezing off a few rounds into the heads of these criminals.

  • kiel king

    i am 19 i am ashamed that young people of my age have become shit

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Trust me the “Authorities” do not have everything under control not by a long shot. What’s going to happen is one of these flash mobs are going to show up drag some guy out of his car he’s going to have a CCW and smoke a few of these wastes of human flesh. Then the fun will really start, because exercising his right to self-defense he’ll be charged with a hate crime if he’s white murder if he’s Black, Latino, or Asian.
    The cops don’t want to confront these animals fearing the situation will escalate. The press under reports these incidents because they don’t want to appear “Raciest”. Corporate owned stores will tell their staffs not to resist because there more concerned about thier image than law and order. Meanwhile law biding Americans regardless of skin color are terrorized and victimized because nobody in charge gives a crap.

    • Guido

      I hear that, Dodgy. Remember that pizza delivery guy who got his CC gun out and got fired for saving the day?

  • Bart

    first let me say welcome back and hope the move went well,I was just recently told about your website and have been completely hooked! as for these flash mobs I happen to live in Wisconsin and about 15 miles from where our state fair is held,the one major problem I have is knowone is reporting on how that mob was totally racially motivated a so called (beat up whitey night) we also had this happen sometime ago at another summertime festival (summerfest)where the youths(black) picked out only whites and began to beat any whites in the area as was the state fair black youth picking out white people and beating them to the point of being sent to the hospital mind you they also sent several police officers to the hospital as well,my point being why is it that the media will not call it what it really is reverse racism,and as for the other flash mobs taking place not to sound raciest but the majority of these youth are also black,are we looking at maybe a bigger problem than just flash mobs?

    • Michael


      I am glad you are hooked. :) Actually it really does mean a lot that people enjoy the articles and that they come back and continue to read them. Now that my move is over hopefully I will be able to get up regular articles once again.


    • anne

      I think the almos 40% unemployment of african americans and the fact that many of the ones that had made it into middle class are losing their wealth is affecting what is going on along with a loss of values. We have no social net for these people and they are going to start getting really mad if things don’t get better soon and they can get jobs.

      • Highspeedloafer

        What Obama is about to face will make Mubarak’s problems look like childs play.

  • Gary2

    Michael-the violence at the Wisconsin state fair was black people beating up white people. I do not know why you leave the fact out of your post.

    The State Fair story made national news for days – I even did an interview with National Public Radio – because of the racial dynamic of “flash mobs” that have also appeared in other cities involving black kids targeting white bystanders.

    Black columnist Eugene Kane-Milwaukee Journal


    I can not condone any violence period. We do need a lot of wealth redistribution and as I have said the rich will either do it voluntarily or people will do their own wealth redistribution like they did on London. In addition to whites loosing a ton of wealth in the republican recession, Blacks have lost 53% and Hispanic lost 64% of wealth not to mention income.

    All we have is the right wing wanting to cut taxes for the rich. This is the result.

    • Guido

      That’s cute, but you can’t call this wealth redistribution. This is crime. And the people who are being attacked and the businesses being raided are not “the evil wealthy.” These people and businesses aren’t bottomless money machines. They’re people trying to build success for themselves and they’re following the rules. How can you equate assaults on white people returning from the fair to wealth redistribution? They were attacked for no reason than their skin color by racist blacks. The 7-11 hit in Montgomery County, MD was not some monolithic capitalist edifice, it’s a small convenience store owned by some person who is trying to generate income off a thin margin selling chips and sodas and taqitos and, maybe, gas to folks. Ever talk to the folks who work in those places? They’re not making millions of dollars selling that crap. When you charge with a credit card, they make even less, thanks to the credit companies’ fees.

      These attacks are only going to get worse if they aren’t stopped right now. And the black community can kiss goodbye to these businesses and jobs if they’re going to raid them. I’ve seen black community leaders decry the lack of jobs and businesses in black neighborhoods. Well, what can they expect when they’re permitting this in their community? At least Mayor Nutter in Philly is talking a tough game now. I’ll be curious to see if he can make a dent in the problem.

  • Pol

    I live in Chicagoland, and this scares me. I don’t go to the city often, but this makes me want to go even less. I frequented many of the areas where these mobs have attacked. Very disconcerning since IL is runned by near fascist anti-gun future federal prisoner. Conceal carry would go a long way to curbing these mobs, if not stopping them outright.

  • A.S.

    America is too immoral to fix anything. Best thing to do: if you are a G-d fearing, Bible following, American patriot, take your family to a small town of 1000 max and hope for the best. Leave the big cities, leave the rural areas, leave the big towns. Live a life of simplicity and real small town values.

    Tv, radio, internet, etc., for the most part has noting to offer. If you must get news, get it from patriots like Michael on this site, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, etc.

    Throw out your Iphones, stop using Facebook, cancel your Cable/Disk Tv, and stop using every new gadget. Be as low tech as possible.

    Once again, Live a simple life and value things that really matter.

  • Mac Wilson

    May God help us all

  • Briana

    This is absolutly rediculous..who would have thought that this would be happening in a country like this. All of the people doing these crazy things are ruining this country. it is sad that some people think it is funny and ok to do this..

  • WM

    This guy who decapitated his son…..Classic example of possible demonic influence, ( he hears voices). Also evidence of a very SELFish man. To the “realative morality” camp, and atheists/evolutionists, this should not cause alarm. To the “absolute morality” camp and creationists/Christians/Jews, this is a SIN. A sin that this man will have to answer a Holy, righteous, angry, (yes, angry) God for.

    I pray he finds forgivness in Christ Jesus before he dies and has to face an angry God.

    “God is angry with the wicked every day” –Psalm 7:11.

    Well written article showing the moral decline of a nation turning from God and going its own selfish way.

  • lone survivor

    This is probably just the beginning. Copy cats across the country see “flash mobs” going into party stores/gas stations, retail clothing stores, electronic stores and taking whatever they want and they want to do the same.
    What’s the problem? Too many people, not enough GOOD jobs available and working people can’t afford to purchase homes anymore and have to live in apartments. And some people think that the world owes them just because they are here.
    As far as jobs go, ever since the Klintons passed NAFTA, WTO, IMF, factory jobs left America to go to Mexico and South America. In fact, Klintons even offered to pay companies to move to Mexico. So that’s why there was 9 million factory jobs in 1990 and today around 1 million (or Less). There were more Americans working in factories in 1950 than in 2011. Even office jobs aren’t safe either. Ever since cheap 800 phone lines came in, companies closed up offices in the USA, and moved them to Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, where they can pay employees 25 to 50 cents an hour, where in America they would pay office workers 15 to 20 dollars an hour. So these jobs are gone too. Forget about cushy city or state jobs, they now can’t afford to pay retirement and health care benifits. And did you see on TV that the big, billion dollar insurance companies don’t want to pay big dollars to American doctors, so they have people go to an office and stand in front of a video camera and a “doctor” ?? in India or Pakistan looks at you and tells you whats wrong with you (yeah I’ll bet). This saves the billion dollar insurance companies billions which they can then give to their ceo and board of directors as bonuses!
    In order to get Americans back to work, repeal NAFTA and WTO now! And have everybody in America buy products “Made in the USA”!
    But the politicians (doesn’t matter which party), will come up with the dumb-ass idea of giving billion dollar corporations tax breaks and give them subsidites to hire employees. Oh some may hire 2 or 3 employees part time (to look good to the politicians) but will lay them off several months later saying things were slow and they didn’t need them anymore.
    And stop all immigration to the USA now! Both legal and illegal. We sure as hell don’t need another 2 million (some sources say as high as 5 million) every year, with 20 million unemployed Americans here. America can not take the worlds poor, unemployed, criminal, excess people. I’ve read as many as 1 to 2 billion people want to come to America to live. What kind of country would it be here with a billion people? (Another site said the population will hit 1 billion by the year 2100).
    Finish the border fence from Texas to California. Bring the troops home from Iraq, Germany and Japan and put them along the border. Plus, they can then spend their pay here instead of some foreign country. And the USA will save 100’s of billions of not having to station troops in foreign countries that don’t want them there anyways.
    And don’t forget the UN wants to take over America and to open “New World Order” concentration death camps here. Plus, all Americans will have to get UN issued “New World Order” bar code tattoos on their forearms and become “New World Order” slaves!

    • Gary2

      Good points all. We sure as hell do not need more people in this country period.

  • Bob Marshall

    This is just the beginng. Look for much more of this. we can’t deny most of the riots are caused by blacks in America. I have black friends who watched this video with me and were horrified as i was to see this.One mentione dhtis give people a bad image of blacks. I have to agree1 This can lead to curfews and one day martial law. I did notice they were different age groups. If the food stamp program and other social programs are eliminated i hate to think of the repercussions for our country.

    • Guido

      I’ve read a couple times there was a plan 40 years ago to lock up blacks in time of trouble. The gov’t had assembled plans to insure they could be interned to prevent wide-spread rioting and anarchy. I think these days we’re more color-blind and we can expect the plans now include locking up more of everyone…

      • Gary2

        I think this would be happening somewhat now-look at the prison population and the crimes for crack cocaine being much more severe than powder cocaine. (both should be legal)

        The prison industrial complex is much more effective than any Jim Crow laws ever were.

        Once one gets a conviction they are basically screwed for life.

        There is still a ton of racism between all races.

        • Guido

          You make it sound like you catch jail like you catch the flu.

          Your choices matter.

          I doubt that many of the folks in prison for coke or crack are there because someone else made the choice for them to possess, use, or deal the stuff.

          If you know your future success can be adversely effected by playing with drugs, perhaps you shouldn’t play with them. I knew I wanted to do certain things in my future, so I neglected to get involved with drugs. Here I am, doing what I want to do.

          I have a failed drug dealer relative, on the other hand, who is in his 30s, lives with his mom, and can’t seem to function independently. He can’t legally own a gun or vote, doesn’t own a car, and he’s only now getting out of years of debt. That’s the result of his poor choices.

          He was starting to do well as a paramedic until he got himself a drunk driving conviction and was put on house arrest, which was a large step back, and lost his job. Those were his choices. It doesn’t happen to you.

  • ScoutMotto

    This is what we get for ideas such as “there are no absolutes,” and “follow your heart,” and “if it feels good, do it.” These terrible ideas that everyone came up with to justify their own moral shortcomings have taken root, and this is the result: people who don’t care about others. They only care about themselves. We are a nation ripe for captivity.

    • WM

      ScoutMotto: Well said. I was starting to think I was the only one that felt this way.

      The insane thinking that there are no moral absoulutes is starting to catch up with us. Relativism is running rampant in this culture. But, the sad story of the man decapitated his son is a good example of when I ask realativists, atheists, or evolutionists: “Do you think that is wrong”? Usually they say yes, ( any sane person would say yes). I then ask them to give me the basis for their conclusion that this crime is wrong…..they never can. Realative truth is a dog chase cat world view, they can never really say what is right and what is wrong…it’s all relative!!!

      Its about time in this nation that politicians, (good luck with that), and pastors and preachers start speaking out against the folly and danger of realativism, “following your heart”, “if it feels good, do it” and start bringing Godly precepts and moral absoulutes, AND, creationist world view that there is a God and we are all accountable to him….to young minds….otherwise, just as the Bible predicted, “In the last days, it will be as in the days of Noah”. It looks like we are headed in that direction. God help us.

  • Georgiaboy61

    What happens when a nation and a people turn away from God? A quote commonly attributed to Russian author Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karmazov” provides a clue, “If there is no God, then all is permitted…” Without a higher power who calls upon human beings to be good and holy, our existence becomes Hobbsian – nasty, brutish and short. In short, the strongest and fittest survive – the law of the jungle… and the devil take the hindmost. Even one chooses not to believe in God or a higher being who makes moral claims on human behavior, one should still support a society built on such a foundation – because without it, any barbarity becomes excusible.

    • WM

      GeorgiaBoy61: Very well said. Your post is great for evolutionists, atheists, and people who don’t think God is important in society.

      Sadly, In my experience, the majority of atheists, evolutionists simply do not want to acknoledge God. They would rather live in a society gone wild. They just do not want to admit that there is a God and that we really do need him and his laws.

  • Chriz

    As far as the non-violent store robberies go, I’m not particularly fazed. In my mind, compared to other things I read about hapening in America, these events were relatively harmless.

    Every generation of youth seeks to break free from the previous generation’s cultural norms. No one can honestly expect a generation of youth nursed and nurtured on full riot marketing to not turn their back on that very same society in order to create a little reality tv of their own.

    • Guido

      Wrong. Laws apply to all, regardless of age or era. We can’t have one set of laws for old people, one set for adults, and one for youth. If these people want to act like savages and criminals-then they can be dealt with like savages and criminals.
      In case you haven’t seen the reports, these are not non-violent protests or victimless crimes. Many of these mob events are, in fact, quite violent. Philly, for instance, has seen huge gangs of people running through the streets attacking people and stealing things. The mayor of Kansas City was almost shot during a mob event last week.

      The non-violent cases were non-violent only because clerks and civilians get out of the way of the mob. When dozens of teens and adults push into your store all at once, unless you’re armed, you don’t have much chance of halting them. Watch the Montgomery County, MD mob theft-nearly 30 people pushed in and almost sauntered to the shelves and coolers for what they wanted. Only a few bothered to cover their faces.

      These people are taking advantage of numbers and the implied threat of their numbers to steal and loot. It’s disgusting and it is an obvious challenge directly to the authority of the state, since they are brazenly walking into a private establishment, seizing what they want, and daring the employees to try and stop them. To me, a challenge like that must be stopped with all resources possible immediately. Every time one of these things happens without being punished, it can only get worse. The police never seem to be around to stop these things, either, and they won’t be around until long after it is over. And the mob knows it, too.

      It disgusts me because these are groups of people deciding to all break the law together. It used to be one or two people might break the law, but they had to fear the judgment of society at large and generally kept their actions to themselves. Here, society, at least their part of it, is joining right in with them. This is in sharp contrast with the sort of peer pressure we all feel to follow the rules, the fear of being shunned or judged by other law-abiding peers and neighbors.

      It’s even more disgusting, since it’s obviously a herd mentality. People do things when they can join a mass they would never do alone because they can submerge their individuality into the group and justify their wrongful actions as being what everyone else is doing. I find it absolutely sickening. It’s the same thing that happened in the old days with lynch mobs. It’s the same thing that happened when the Germans burned books and brought the Terror on the Jews. It’s the same thing that happened in Russia when Bolshevik gangs roamed the streets, attacking anyone who even looked like they might be intelligentsia. The worst things become permissible when people let the group do their thinking for them and it must be stopped.

      Read up on the Milgram studies or the Stanford Prison Experiment to see how the group mindset and peer pressure can get normally good people to do awful things.

      Sooner or later, someone with a gun is going to be in a position to stop a mob and it will be ugly. And I can’t wait to see the black leaders getting upset when fewer businesses and restaurants remain open in their communities. The Montgomery attack was a 7-11 open late at night. I’m sure they and other competing businesses are rethinking late-night hours.

      I also want to point out these attacks are NOT victimless crimes. Even if someone didn’t get hurt, what does this do for a business like that 7-11? The owners of the shop aren’t a bottomless money machine for their neighbors to steal from. When a tornado smashed a storefront in Minnesota last Spring, looters quickly took advantage and cleaned out a liquor store. The owners were forced into bankruptcy by the non-violent theft you seem to be championing. What happens to them now? I think you need to look at the greater effects of what you’re supporting.

      • WM

        Guido: Today seems to be “compliment felloe posters day” But, I wanted to give you an “amen” and ” heck yeah”!!!! for your comments. It is refreshing to see others who actually get it. That is why I love this site. The author, Michael, actually “gets it” and I am glad he has created this site, to speak the truth plain and simple, with no sugar coating or political correctness.

        Your comments are spot on. How I pary for the day a black leader, politician, police chief, etc. would just speak up and tell it the way it is.

        It is funny, no one seems to be fighting back against these mobs, and they know it. However, like you, I believe that the time is coming when a store owner or someone carrying will fight back and open the eyes of the mob.

        Of course Obummer wants to take guns from law abiding citizens….if criminals KNOW that can do anything withOUT anyone fighting back…this will onoly make things worse…what kind of society will it be then?

        Its the same old argument I have with liberals I grew up with: If a criminal thought that there was a very good chance of him getting shot and killed should he try to rob you, although it may not prevent all crime, the criminal WOULD MOST DEFINETLY THINK TWICE BEFORE COMMITTING THE CRIME. The same goes for the death penalty. if a said criminal knew that if he got CAUGHT during a crime, that he would be killed, I guarantee he would at least think twice. You would not see the brazen attitude you see on the faces of these youths as they saunter around taking anything they want. I remember the LA riots when Reginal Denny was being beat…the arrogant laughing and joking by those who were beating him up, was disgusting to see. If they thought for a second that they would get their face blown off by a 12 gauge shot gun…..I GUARANTEE you they would reconsider. Thats just the way thugs are, they are really cowardly bullies. If they know someone will violently fight back, most would turn away. Any liberal that things otherwise, well I pity you.

  • Arm yourselves to the teeth. This problem is going to get worse as Nobama and the gang promote class envy and wealth redistribution.

  • Bart


    • Highspeedloafer

      What truth are you looking for Bart? I think the writer is spot on and most posters are like minded. What am I missing? Enlighten me.

  • I can’t help but think that the government is taking a part in this. Psyop!

    Order out of chaos! is there axiom.


  • chris wiliams

    The elephant in the room for each of the many flash mob videos that can be found on the web is that they are ALL perpetrated by blacks. The uniformity is startling, and the brazen disregard for anything resembling social order or civilized conduct portends more of this… and more unraveling within black society.

  • Cannon Fodder

    Too late, nothing can be done as a whole generation has been lost. Criminals thriving at every level. TV, violent videos, Gangster Rap and the ultimate example of crime from Wall Street. Keep your head down, eyes open and your gun loaded.

  • Flash mobs are still fun. Every group activity that is organized via social media is not a flash mob: http://bit.ly/oz4Qwb. Flash mobs, by definition, are not criminal acts; therefore, there is no such thing as “flash mob crime.” It is so frustrating to see this inaccuracy all over the media.

  • Piglet

    Does anyone care to describe the appearances of the flash mob perps vs. that of their victims? Or do we already know the answer and feel too uncomfortable acknowledging the obvious?

  • jackieR

    What can we expect when the example is set by our elected leaders? Corruption, stealing, and no morality.

  • Guido

    It’s going to become real news when they pick on a citizen with a concealed weapon. The media will fall all over themselves to call the guy who engages one of these mobs with a pistol a racist for defending himself. It will be Bernie Goetz all over again. They’ll interview mothers of the poor victims and ACLU will file lawsuits and it will become a big circus.

    Today, the cops had a message on the radio announcing you should not defend yourself with a gun if one of these mobs strikes. It sounded pretty stupid.

    • WM

      Yeah, the KOPS will arrest you for defending yourself as a law abiding, legally registered gun owner, but will not show any spine when it comes to doing their jobs and “protect and serve” the public.

      I don’t mean to sound like I hate cops, I don’t hate them…..I just don;t trust them as far as a I can throw them. I would love to speak to the idiot copper who made the above statement about not defending yourself with a gun. He/she should be ashamed!!!!

      Ok, ociffer, I will just sit back and risk being injured or killed, and watch my personal belongings taken, and hey why not throw the rape/murder of my wife in there while you are at it??? I will do this because you told me too. Thanks for everything ociffer.

  • Clockwork Orange; ultraviolence.

  • flash charity

    1. Hang the X commandments back up on the school house wall.
    2. Take your child out of school and teach them at home.
    3. defund the Department of misEducation
    4. Preachers, priests and Rabbis fire up your sermons. Advise your congregations to familarize themselves with the Constitution and the constitutional principles and get educated on the issues. Ask those congregants to be on the look out for people who wish to go to Washington to do what is right; that they will honor the Constitution not just talk about it.

  • Robin Jernigan

    The flash mobs are 95% Afro American. To avoid these incidents you will have to avoid certain demographic areas.

  • Donald Wilson

    As any citizen you have to be prepared for the unexpected, 20 years in the military have helped me in this area. As other posts have stated this is only the beginning it will only get worse. Good luck.

  • Mr. G

    I have been feeling much colder myself, these days. A person can only be victimized so much.

    My siblings and I were raised in an old-fashioned way, and we were not prepared to deal with a society that is populated by materialistic sociopaths. My mother grew up in a Mayberry-like atmosphere and she did not understand what we were going to face in the world after about the mid-1980’s. Something really changed around then.

    The depravitiy I have seen is remarkable, and sickening. I have almost quit doing business due to being ripped off so many times. I can’t help but be snooty towards people, because while I don’t like to be judgemental, a great many of them are not raising their children properly, and I cannot ignore the abandoment of wives and children I have seen among many fellows in recent years.

    The whole society is very sick now.

    Mr. G

  • WM

    Funny thing, If I were a criminal reading this post, and I had a sliver of intelligence, I would come to the quick conclusion that there are lots, and lots, and lots of people around this nation that are ( pardon my french) REAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYY pissed off and tired of being bullied by criminals. It is only going to go so far before things explode and the criminals get a taste of their own medicine.

  • HeR3tic

    Absolutely disturbing days we are in. The added comments from all have been most educating.

    Those that suggest anarchy followed by martial law leading to a militaristic takeover are very disturbing. I wasnt expecting this until the end of 2011.

    The anger should be redirected to the top 20% of wealth holders with 80% of everything. An uprising is needed in the right direction. A second revolution may be necessary. The oligarchy, the fascist military industrial complex, the lesser of two evils, will never let a good crisis go to waste.

  • HeR3tic

    Radical change is absolutely necessary to restore this nation to its former self. A third party, the party of Dr. No, is in my thought-out opinion the only way forward. A Sovereignty for all people; not just the entitled few.

  • Foreign Devil

    Unfortunately black mob attacks on whites are not new, and Milwaukee, where one recent mass attack took place, is no exception. Earlier this year a Milwaukee friend of mine in his upper 60s was out for a jog when some young blacks knocked him down from behind. He got up and said, “Why did you do that? I don’t have any money.” (Naturally, while jogging, he wasn’t carrying anything of value.) One of the thugs told him, “We don’t want money. We just don’t like white people!” And with that remark, another big thug smashed him in the face with his fist. He was actually lucky, too. A little higher and he might have lost his vision in one eye. A little lower and his jaw would have been broken.

    • WM

      Thanks for sharing that with us. Gee….I wonder if a bunch of white youth did the same to as black man, and for the same reason, and someone (media) caught wind of that????

      There would be all kinds of problems, and the inner city blacks would again have an excuse to hit the streets and start rioting and pilaging.

      When is it going to stop????

  • Gary2

    Michael-Have you read the book “The Fourth Turning” By Neil Howe?

    I heard an interview with him on Thom Hartmann.

    Do you think you could look into this for a future post?

  • Michael

    I would think that it would be easy for Big Brother to track down flash mob participants. First, flash mobs are organized through social network sites, which can be monitored or checked out to see who is on a given list. Second, smart phones are traceable. Is this thinking incorrect?

  • Ted

    I agree with Bart. I also live just outside of Milwaukee and the police are only charging one of these youths with a hate crime because he admitted it. They won’t charge anyone else because “there is not enough evidence”. All the 911 calls played on the news over several nights had the same theme, white person calling to say black youths were randomlly beating on white people. I won’t to know where is Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton. Why aren’t they here condeming this and trying to give speaches and words of encouragment to the “American African” community. You know if there was a hint of this race thing the other way they couldn’t get here fast enough. I am completely against this type of behavior no matter who the perpatraitor, however with a few acts like this here locally it is the same group of persons commiting these barbaric acts. And to hear some of the bleading hearts in the local paper say if they only had fathers in their lives, is sickening. I have enough common sense that when I was in my teens I knew it was wrong to drag someone out of their car and beat on them just for fun. We recently passed concealed carry here in Wisconsin and come November first it will be in effect. While I hope nobody ever has to take a life defending themselves and their families from thugs, this is unrealistic. I just hope and pray the first time it happens here in Wisconsin it is clear cut justified. God bless America, and long live the Republic.

  • emptyhandkiller

    Too bad that the owner of this site is turning into a racial coward. The vast majority of the participants of these mob attacks are BLACK. Yes, say the word, BLACK. No harm done, just tell the entire truth. Don’t be afraid.

  • Who Wants To Know?

    Think people! ***************************
    One word: microchips
    They will be put in every thing and everybody to control and track our every move. The Bible’s prophecy of this event and many countless others (don’t have the time or space to post) proves that God’s existence is very real.
    Yeshua/Jesus help us!

  • Jim

    These flash mobs are fools. Instead of going after the real criminals, the international banksters, the real thieves on wall street, and the fed, they go after innocent people. When the total economic collapse engineered by the globalist banksters hits, are you going to be prepared to keep these hoards at bay?

  • James Emerii

    Auugghhh That’s Disturbing,….. (Long Exerted Sighs,,,,)

  • James Stevens

    “What would you do if you had 15 or 20 young men approaching you?”

    My wife and I used to live in a quiet part of Baltimore City (yes there still are a few of those) a few years back. Six weeks after we moved there, she was mugged at 6:30 am, week day, on a semi-busy street while walking to her car. That was a wake up for both of us. The days of leaving your car unlocked or being in an urban area by yourself at night (or even daytime now) are over. We moved out of the city but we both still carry weapons with us and know how to use them. Do I want to use them? No. Not ever. But if “15 or 20 young men are approaching” me, I can’t go out like a punk and in no way can I ever let my wife be put in a harmful situation again.

    • Michael

      Baltimore is a really tough place to live.

      I used to visit there quite a bit.


  • Janice

    It’s so obvious that it’s being professionally organized by Alinsky-ites either inside, or favorable to the Obama administration. It is a pure diversionary technique, what wanna-be dictators always do. We are heading into another war, our constitution is being shredded, the Justice Department has just led an operation to fund and furnish with weaponry Mexican drug cartels and Obama has declared amnesty for illegal aliens.

    More to the point, the government wants to control the internet and it wants to control people’s right to organize publicly in groups. It would love to destroy the Tea Party’s ability to organize. This is how community organizers operate. I’ve worked with them in my younger days and my brother was one of them. There are so many things going on right now that this administration wants to distract anyone from paying attention to that it’s using its most effective tools – terrorism and violence. This is my personal punishment for voting for a dumb ass communist community organizer.

  • Kindra

    Be prepared for the censorship of the internet….these flash mobs are a great excuse to take more of our liberties away. And to prevent us from fighting for liberty.

  • Ron

    About 2 or 3 years ago I read a news story about 2 White young people, a college co-ed and her gentleman friend who made the mistake of taking the bus in Baltimore. They were IMMEDIATELY set upon by African-American “youths”, she was very brutally hurt, fractures all over the face, the eye sockets, the boy about as badly. A very dear and close friend of mine, a tiny little gal, was attacked and beaten and robbed and then STOMPED by 4 large African-American males in Queens New York City. I might tell you about it in a little detail. She had lived, previously, in a state where she could carry a handgun. Then relocated to the City of New York. Well you know for a long time, since 1917, you need a permit, and only people like Robert Deniro and politicians have them, and favored sons like Arthur Sulzberger publisher of the New York Times, who doesn’t want heartland Americans to have guns. You know us, “bitterly clinging to their guns and their Bibles” as the first Mulatto president of the US stated in San Francisco during the campaign.

    It was at 7pm, and she had gotten off the public transit train stop and was walking to her apartment, in a ‘good’ part of the city. She was chatting on the cell phone and some sixth sense made her look behind her, she saw two large black males, about 6’2″ tall coming towards her. Then she looked ahead and saw two large black males, same height, coming diagonally across the street towards her. She screamed, IN FRONT OF A ROW OF PRIVATE HOMES, so loudly that it was heard one and half city blocks away. It was heard by a black lady at that distance WHO DID NOT CALL THE POLICE, even when she saw AFTER the scream the black men running by her.
    It was that scream, I believe, that save the woman’s life. She was sucker punched from behind, spun around and got a punch in the nose an the jaw simultaneously while being kicked in the knee. She fell but by instinct or whatever, went into a fetal position, they already had her pocketbook, her cell phone but they stomped and reached down and punched this 5’2″ 90 lb woman, all the time calling her names, “Cave Bitch” “White MF c–t” and etc. They KNEW, however, that the scream may have made someone call the cops, so they didn’t finish her off. Eventually the woman was able to stagger towards her residence, the black woman would not call police for her but offered the victim the use of her cell phone, my friend was UNABLE to dial. Luckily the manager came out and dialed 911. The cops were joking not at all interested, the next week another White woman was even more seriously beaten and robbed. My friend moved, within a week. She is not the same person I knew, her mind is not sharp, she doesn’t remember very well. This is hard to type.
    Recently in Seattle Washington there was a very similar event surveillance cameras caught 5 black males walking behind a 69 year old white man, who they beat and stomped, stomping on his THROAT. In the photo from camera he is just walking TOTALLY oblivious to what was behind him. I could tell you about another thousand accounts such as these I’ve read in various local newspapers over the last 7 years but what’s the point.

  • William

    I am thankful for Gaston Glock and living in the SOUTH!!

  • SanjuroJoe

    Yeah, “white guilt” is really gonna solve this problem. Looks like things are as bad here as they are in the UK, just in a different style. Know this, I will deal brutally and without remorse with anyone that I see threatening innocent people. The police are incompetent and impotent. Citizens need to take the law into their own hands.

  • No one in the press will describe this as “flash mobs by black youth.” OH my gosh America is this racist or just the truth?
    Shoot at the knees or stun them, and take it down.
    It will go away real fast.
    It’s called enforcing the law.

  • victorkiriakus

    I have heard that the gangs are overwhelmingly black and the victims are mainly white. Why is this not reported as a hate crime? Imagine if the ethnic groups were reversed? How would the media cover it then?

  • Tyrone


    Black Democrats voters in Philly will go down as some of the dumper voters in history. Mayor Nutter should be impeach and never allowed to ever run for political office! His latest statement is racist and demeaning and disrespectful to all black teens!Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia response to black children going around being violent hooligans i.e., savages attacking innocent people.
    I am highly against the teens behavior horrible and cowardly and disrespectful behavior against other Americans! There parent should be called out! But Mayor Nutter is a hypocrite and a piss poor leader and a danger for all black people!
    Remember the incident where more than a dozen police officers was taken off the street as authorities investigate a video showing three black suspects being kicked, punched and beaten after they were pulled out of a car during a traffic stop. 15 white Philly cops beat and kicked and handcuff and beat some more! What turn out to be innocent black men that had did nothing! The reason I call Mayor Nutter a hypocrite and a racist against black people!
    There was no calling those white cops hooligans there was no attacking their parents. There was no going to white churches and criticizing all white men! That makes Mayor Nutter a hypocrite and gutless! Again there must be something done and I have written a plan to attack the Flash Mobs and end the practice! It’s not attacking all black teens like Mayor Nutter has done it’s not disrespecting all black parent and a entire black community!
    Mayor Nutter came into office enforcing Stop& Frisk which turn out to be stop black people!Black children as young as 8 years old going to and from school are made to drop their trousers and take off their shoes in full view of the public! This is Mayor Nutter way of appeasing white Philly residents!
    Mayor Wilson Goode the first black Mayor of Philly was just as gutless and worse! He allowed a black neighborhood to be burn down! 11 black unarmed Americans to be murder! This was after black Philly residents fought to get Wilson elected. This was after openly racist Mayor Rizzo!
    In the months prior, Goode had taken a position of “appeasement, non-confrontation and avoidance” with MOVE until enough pressure from the group’s neighbors and the white control media pushed him to action, according to the MOVE Commission report.
    Goode delegated the leadership and coordination of a plan to the white police commissioner and the city’s managing director while he monitored the events from City Hall, the commission said. Many of the people he delegated to so how Rizzo handle MOVE. John Africa was beaten like a animal as Rizzo communicated with officer….He was caught of radio saying “ kill the Ni—ger!
    Another thing that is gutless on the part of Mayor Nutter…There are killings of black men weekly in Philly and there was no curfew or attacking all black people and parents! When the Philly cop lie and said he was shot by a black man with cornrolls. The lowlife was able to resign with know jail time or discipline from Mayor Nutter…The cops parent were not blame for his behavior!
    Again I’m against Flash Mobs but I’m also against police brutality!

    • Iconix

      Bothers me that this is looked at,viewed and titled only flash mob or young men, and not calling it like it really is. If they where white then headlines would read RACIST white, KKK, skin head, etc. Instead of sugar coating it to make it seem “not as bad” call it for what it is. RACIST BLACK attacks on whites. Something like 7 different US states have seen this in just THIS YEAR, something needs to be done. But WARNING don’t be white and self defend your self when this FLASH MOB hits you, you will end up in jail as a racist murder.

  • Tyrone


    If you listen to me “Flash Mobs”OR Group Attacks will be stopped and or deterred! First make it illegal for any store to operate without video cameras. From the mom & pop to the big big stores! FIRST:

    1. If a cop capture any one of the participants in the Flash Mob 0r Group Attackers). That person will be charge a thousand dollars for each of the other participants plus his or herself!

    2. The only way the person capture can reduce their fine is by identifying other participant in the “Flash Mob“..or Group Attackers!

    3. The videotape of the “Flash Mob be shown daily on every news channel until all are capture!

    4. If someone from the public identify a “Flash Mob” participant. That person would be paid two thousand dollar by the person he or she identify! Plus a $1,000 to the store violated!

    5. NO jail time if the Flash Mob” “or Group Attackers participant DO NOT have a weapon…Instead the participant if not in school must get a high school diploma. If he or she has one they must get a college degree two or four year degree. Then paid their fines!

    6. If they drop out there fine must be paid in 6 months…..if not paid….. 5 days in jail then another 6 month to paid and another $1,000…repeat until paid! Plus they must wear the yellow uniform!
    7. Any violation during sentence will result in repeating sentence and double fines!

    NOTE” Create a web page and publish the partcipants picture and their static…Whether they been capture or still at large! The Department of Correction must create a uniform program. Where Flash Mob & Group Attackers are sentence to wear a yellow uniform for the amount of time sentence or until fines are paid. These uniform will be wore everyday! The uniform will state the crime the participant is sentence to! It would also have the inmates number. Law Enforcement must learn that jail and prison is not a solution to all criminal acts! Matter of fact in my opinion jail and prison create a better criminal and the public pays many times over! First the public pays by the crime…Then by placing the criminal in jail or prison.. The public pay with there taxes! Then by having a criminal record the criminal can’t get a job…So the public taxes pay by way of welfare or more criminal activity! Politician must draft laws that protect Americans citizen.

  • Tyrone


    I have a plan to stop gangs in America! LET THEM ELIMINATE THEIRSELVE! This is HOW:

    When a American is arrested and identify as a gang member of a non violent crime! He or she will be sentence to a yellow uniform for 18 months.
    The gang member would be jailed for five days. During those five days the Department of Correction will show a video on how to live in yellow uniform.
    During the time sentence to the uniform if the inmate violate. The sentence starts over plus the time started
    The inmate must be issue a ID card and must have it on his or her person at all times!
    The inmate IS NOT allowed to wear any jewelry (religious or not) makeup fake hair or hair extensions! While sentence to yellow uniform!


    When a American is arrested and identify as a gang member of a violent crime! He or she will be sentence to a yellow uniform.
    Ones inside prison the female or male inmate will be shave bald and must maintain the bald head the entire sentence!
    The inmate IS NOT allowed to wear any jewelry (religious or not) makeup fake hair or hair extensions!
    The inmate must be issue a ID card and must have it on his or her person at all times!
    The inmate must be issue flip flops the must be wore in the institution. A pair of sneakers and boots will also be issue…ALL IN YELLOW!

    NOTE: Ones the Department of Correction adopts the YELLOW UNIFORM SYSTEM …(YUS)! Gangs member will eliminate theirselves. THIS IS HOW: The DOC will adopt a number system. The inmate will start of with 500 points

  • Freeman

    Interesting…wonder what effect it would have when one of these mobs started dieing from my gun?
    I will defend myself, to the death, if need be.
    Don’t like violence, but since being in Nam it seems the war is not over…
    Yeah, it’s a cold way to be, but I prefer not being cripled or killed no matter who the idiot might be.
    Simply, either allow yourself to be a victim or defend yourself.
    Besides, it ain’t gotten really bad by a long ways. Hungry/thirsty people are very dangerous.
    When it all fails, then those who couldn’t, will now try to take from anyone who has…
    Best be far away from all big cities and population centers. If not, expect the fight of and for your life.
    I’m already far enough in the woods that it will be months before or if anyone tries to ‘visuit’…and we will be ready.
    The riots in Europe have been reported as the ‘warm up’ to the nastier ones that are coming…especially here.
    Think of how many there are who will take riotous action given the chance…30% +.
    Add all those in some sort of pain they believe the government caused them…20% more.
    When the lights, water, and food ain’t there, exactly how are most going to act?
    70% will hit the road immediately.
    20% will wait til the crowd leaves to hit the road.
    Of all of these only 15% will live.
    The others will already be at their hide out or living well away from all that.
    In all major emergencies (hurricanes as an example) everything of any value was taken out of a wal-mart super store in 3 1/2 hours. I timed it (already went shopping)…
    Guess the average citizen needs to declare a personal state of emergency, get armed, and feel/be safe.
    Maybe move out into the woods…hmmm?

  • Sharon

    I agree with your statements about society and young people in particular becoming more desensitized to violence, and having little regard for rules, authority, or the feelings and well being of others. In my classroom I have encountered students that exhibit apathy and a lack of empathy.
    I hear so much angst about how there isn’t anything anyone can do.
    I used to say that I can’t change what my students do outside of the classroom.
    But there is something I can do. I can control the atmosphere of my classroom. I can exhibit civilized behavior and I can expect civilized behavior from students in the classroom, the halls, in the cafeteria, and at bus duty. I can be an example of caring and compassion, while still helping them to see the value of respecting themselves and those around them.
    Will I reach all students? Of course not. Will I reach some? Maybe.
    This I know for sure, I will not make any positive impact unless I take responsibility for my own little corner of society.

  • Every large, unexpected, public event is not a flash mob. Flash mobs, by definition, are not criminal acts: http://bit.ly/oz4Qwb.

    • Gabe

      Terms change so quickly today though. Pre-Internet, the term “hacker” wasn’t a bad thing, it was just a person who changed a computer program or process to do something different than it was intended to do (a very loose definition, I know). Whether they hacked to improve a system process at their place of employment or they hacked to steel information from their place of employment, they were a hacker…no more, no less. Today though, the average person considers it a bad term as the media frequently uses it when reporting on cyber crimes. It’s just one more proof that media = brainwashed masses…it’s not that the media is lying, it’s just repeated enough until the masses “understand” it. Look how effective it’s been with politics. Wow, I got on a little tangent there. –steps off soapbox–

  • George Kadlec

    Man’s problems are all moral problems. The following was taken from an article written by Charles S. LiMandri. I believe that the illigitimacy rate in the U.S. is now about 40%.

    A renowned British anthropologist, Joseph Unwin, PhD., presented his study to the British Psychological Society in 1935. Unwin sought to prove that the traditional monogamous model for marriage was not essential to the maintenance of a healthy society.

    After studying 86 different cultures, across time and continents –and much to his surprise — he came to the inescapable conclusion that the traditional male-female monogamous model for marriage was indeed the best foundation for a healthy and productive society.

    Unwin found that societies that adopted this model typically took about three generations to reach their peak of productivity and progress. After that, frequently, a gradual development of complacency and licentiousness would take place and what he described as an ”outburst of homosexuality” would sometimes occur.

    When that happened, and the society started to move away from the traditional model of male-female monogamous marriage as its foundation, it would begin to unravel. It would then take another three generations of deterioration from that point for the society to collapse.

  • Tim

    I don’t think it has as much to do with people becoming desensitized to violence as it does with the fact that there are now whole segments of the population that have been trained to be dependent on handouts and to believe that they hold no responsibility for their actions. This training has gone on for multiple generations now, and we’re seeing the fruits of social experimentation all over the Western world.

    That’s the reason why, but when the dollar finally collapses and the real economy stops working these MILLIONS of people who believe that they deserve whatever they want won’t be breaking into stores to steel shoes or electronics, they’ll be busting down your door to take whatever food you have, rape your wives and daughters, and perhaps murder you and yours for the offense of having something that they wanted. Hard times are coming folks. I suggest you be prepared…

    • frw55

      I believe you’re right. The safest place to be is far away from big cities when this country collapses. The preferable thing would be a small sufficient commune armed to the teeth with people you trust, industrious, and well trained

    • Gabe

      I think it was Joseph Stalin that said, “Give my you childrens minds for one generation and I’ll have you.” Sadly, we’ve given up several genrations.

  • This is BS. The 1st commenter is whining about the Mayor of Philly being ‘racist’ towards blacks? That is the biggest bunch of BS crap and I’m sick of blacks and jews using the race card to the point a white man(Imus) can’t even joke about a girls basketball team being “nappy-headed”.

    All of these “flash mobs” have been gangs of blacks. ALL BLACK! Yet does the mainstream media even tell you this? Do they tell you that most of these mobs include racist attacks on anyone with white skin? Old men and women in their 80’s are even attacked by blacks 15-20 years old! The media NEVER mentions this. They always say “teen mob” or urban youths” at best.

    If this happened just 1 time with a gang of whites attacking a single black man, the news would show it for months & call the whites “racist skin-heads” or “neo-nazi’s”. Just like he cases involving Lacey Peterson, Casey Anthony, Duke LaCrosse team, etc. THey always ONLY focus on the rare occasion a white person is suspected of the crime, and ALWAYS portray them as GUILTY even before they go to court. When I was growing up, America was great because you were presumed “innocent until proven guilty” by law. Today you NEVER hear this mentioned. THe media has been tainting cases like this for the past 20 yrs. Even though blacks make up only 13% of the US population, they commit 90% of all violent crimes in America. Rape, robberies, assaults, murders.

  • Zakk Hicks

    “Authorities keep telling us that they have everything under control, but these kinds of incidents continue to become more frequent.”

    Isn’t it funny that the police don’t have enough resources to quell the “flash mob epidemic,” but they seem to have enough resources to shut down innocent lemonade stands.

  • Jim


    From the video, I can’t tell that all of these people are ‘youth’.

    I can certainly tell that all of them are black.

    Why do you Americans have such a hard time making basic observations about race and crime? Is there some sort of Commissariat that will take you to a dungeon for a beating should you point out the obvious? I don’t get it.

  • watchfulprey666

    I am sensing a Hegelian Problem-Reaction-Solution situation happening here. These kids in this video looked WAY too happy. (I loved how the little girl came in behind the brutish young man who flipped the bag of chips onto the floor and tidied up after him. It was like she wanted to leave the store in the same shape they found it just short of the items that they stole). Our government has been very eager to roll out their shiny new police state and I think this might just be the Raison D’etre that they have been looking for. “We must protect the population from these horrible monsters who want to rob them of their liberty”, blah, blah, blah “freedom”, blah, blah, blah “safety”, blah, blah, blah. “We have these fabulous new NON-Lethal crowd control devices that we could make available to your local police forces for just a FEW tax dollars to keep you (sheep), I mean GOOD PEOPLE, (in line), no, no, i mean SAFE!” “We have several models available. The light dazzler (so bright and shiny!) or the heat sensation Active Denial System ADS (we like to call it the microwave. hee hee)” “Or you could try the Long Range Acoustic Device LRAD to disperse those pesky “flash-mobs”‘. If none of these appeal to us then they could just bring out the “Water Cannons”.

    We are being played like a cheap violin here folks. Stand up for your Constitutional rights before it is too late. If that clerk had a gun, a simple warning shot might have made all the difference. The police are nothing more than stenographers in bullet proof vests sent to take down your statement.

  • charlie

    The only way to handle this is that the store’s will have to fortify like the check cashing stores have: put up bullet-proof glass in front of the cashier, and make it where absolutely no one can get to them, because in these situations, or almost any other time as well, their lives are in danger. Next they will have to use plexiglass windows and doors, so they can’t be broken, and have some kind of panic switch that will “lock-down” the building. This is expensive, but you would be able to basically trap everyone inside, until the po-po shows up. Now if they could just ship these parasites on society to some sort of modern day Devil’s Island, we could rid ourselves of this nuisance.

  • azcIII

    Blaming this behavior on “desensitization to violence” is asinine. How about the welfare culture that teaches and encourages dependency and produces entitlement-minded people–for generations? What about the lack of parenting? What about the skewed laws that tend to make excuses for bad behavior instead of punishing it? Multiple sets of performance and behavioral standards based on race, religion, ethnicity or gender? What about the discouragement of self-reliance and individual responsibility? Lack of morality? Demonization of faith? Attitude that working hard and being successful is “acting white?”

    I note that you omit the fact that the vast majority of these flash mobs are black youths attacking predominantly non-black victims. I think that is significant and should be discussed and analyzed. We have to find out who is doing it to whom, and then we need to understand why so we can correct it, or at least provide potential victims with enough information to protect themselves. Hiding this information is unconscionable. It is a fact. And why is no one calling these young blacks “racists”? Many of them clearly hate “whitey” and will openly tell you so. Why is that not regarded as racist? Those double-standards I mentioned earlier, perhaps?

    Stop the PC crap and report the facts, please. We either have one set of laws and standards that apply to everyone equally, or this country will eventually come apart and it will not be pretty and orderly.

  • JAlanKatz

    Youth today have watched their futures handed, on silver platters, to the rich. They’re angry, and they know their actions don’t matter – jail or not, they have no future. Maybe they can get into school – and come out with plenty of debt, and still no job. They’re striking out like irrational animals, making no effort to hit their actual targets.

  • Toni

    I’m anxious about what this school year will bring, especially in the inter cities. Bullying has always been a problem. And now we could see this move into the mob type attacks. Teachers as well as fellow students could be attacked…I would like to hope this won’t happen but nothing is as it should be anymore.

  • Cathy Yeomans

    Reading this article made me so sad. I am a Canadian, and I have often wondered if we had the same population as the U.S. if we wouldn’t also be facing many of the same issues. Why can’t we choose to do a flash mob of kindness? Like a bunch of people showing up in a park and handing out a flower to each person, or a flash mob dance to raise money for a charity? It’s a sad day when your average person will look online to find out if they can be part of a mob mentality for bad. We recently had riots in Vancouver after our hockey game. It was disgusting. The only good thing was that many people were arrested through social media, and lots of citizens (young and old) came out the next day to help clean up the broken glass, garbage, etc.

  • ot

    I think the 1st step would be to train and arm ALL store owners. I doubt that there would be too many flash mobs once the looters and criminals realized that they might be killed during their robbery. Second, build a safe room for all employees, and once a flash mob was in progress, the employees could go to the “safe room” and automatically the store would then be sealed and the flash mob locked in. Third, flash mobs should not be treated as “adolescents”, “unemployed” and “frustrated young people.” They are violent, uncaring, amoral sociopaths. First offense – a 10 year prison term. Second offense – life at hard labor. I know that many bleeding hearts will say that this is heartless and doesn’t take into account the terrible socio-economic hardships that these young people have had to endure. Bull! During the Great Depression men and women did whatever they could to obtain work and they did it legally. There weren’t food stamp programs back then, nor food banks, nor were there all of the safety nets that the “poor and disenfranchised” have today. That is part of the problem. Kids and their parents who have NEVER had to work hard to earn a living and support themselves.
    Desperate times deserve desperate measures and if the public can not be assured that walking into a convenience store or walking down a city street is safe, then drastic steps must be taken to restore law and order.
    For those that disagree I have a joke for you: Two social workers were walking down a city street when they happened to come upon an elderly woman laying on the side walk. She had been beaten unmercifully and was bleeding from every orifice, and obviously had multiple broken bones. She was unconscious. One social worker looked at the other social worker and said, “We must find the people who did this…
    and help them”. This is the tactic we are using today in the US and around the world. We help the perpetrators and the victims are left to fend for themselves.

  • Kwll

    So many idiots on this site claiming they’ve got their heads in the game yet still going on whining and waving their little racial statistics around, pointing fingers and attempting to create more differences between each other. Arrogant and tired little morons with even more tired angles who really believe there’s no other enemy here than the nearest White guy or the nearest Black guy.

    And then you wonder why, what with as many baseball bats to the face Americans are taking, they still can’t understand why everyone they are trying to blame is bleeding and empty handed just like they are.

    You people clearly don’t grasp what “WAKE UP AMERICA” means. Please stop pretending to be “clued in” until you can prove you realize who your real enemies are.

  • Creed Rawlinson

    Seems like these teenagers are taking advantage of drivers not being able to run them over, or having to stop at traffic lights, well maybe the laws need to change. Maybe self-protection laws need to expand. If a flash mob is doing this we should be allowed to just run their asses over or pull out our glocks and shoot them up. End of story. Is that the same as them? NO, they are the perpetrators, they are the ones who are instigating this. I’m sick of people like this, they are the ones who are bringing America down. The burden has shifted to law abiding citizens and it should be the other way around.

  • probe

    Please see –

    Is this not the fulfillment of prophesies?

    2 Timothy 3

    1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,


    Matt. 24
    12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

    Luke 17
    28Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot;


  • Fob Mob

    Do you really expect people to read your long comments?

    Pls keep it short, straight to the point, and not revealing of your B.S.(ht) degree.

    Flash mob crimes are disturbing. “Prepare to defend yourselves!”

  • Nancy

    Flash mobs gather due to lonelinesss and a sense to belong even for a short while.

    Yet when young people gather to cause harm onto another, then they have no right to bitch about the paybacks of life. Never is there a justified reason to hurt another just because you are bored. There is no right to steal from another just because you are bored.

    And you have no right to act like a fool and as if you are entitled to something. Being cool would be fighting to get out of the bad situation with an education, the showing of respect as disrespect on gets direspect and acting as if you want to acheive not as if you are entitled! Only fools feel that they are entitled—–hurt another just because and steal to fill the empty within.

  • Allen Foster

    Flash mobs and other forms of violence are the result of children growing up without their fathers around. Tens of millions of fathers have been forcibly separated from tens of millions of children during the past forty years by the mothers and the gov’t. Approximately half of those children never see their fathers again after the mother snatches them and the other half are only allowed to see their fathers a few days a month. The epidemic of violence should surprise no one. Mothers, step-fathers, boyfriends of mothers and the gov’t seldom make good substitute fathers.

  • James Tyrsson

    with all do respect, perhaps these kids are not as dumb as you may think.

    first i ask that we dispel the very racist overtone of these comments by saying that the fact that the kids in the video are all black does not mean that all black people are criminals, it means that particular part of that particular city has a significantly high ratio of black people to other races. for example, in states like New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine which (to the best of my knowledge) are predominately white, you will find a significantly higher ratio of white criminals to black criminals. Point being, stop your racial trolling and start talking like you have a functioning brain. anyone who earned a basic high school education would be able to point this fact out so enough with the FOX propaganda.

    secondly i would like to point out how this author lumped clearly organized actions with grizzly and seemingly psychotic actions of individual kids actin in their own capacity. it comes in bad taste and as a major discredit to the author, it would be better to not sensationalize the matter like FOX does to…well…everything serving a fascist agenda.

    and now onto the actual point. I do not believe these kids are acting “stupidly” as some have put it, this is clearly evident by how well organized their actions were. I saw a couple of comments mentioning an “age of entitlement” and a disrespect for law and law enforcement. To better understand why this has happened, we must first understand why these sentiments exist, truth be told it is a form of “trickle down” psychology that is leading to this.
    to begin, in America, some of the first people to believe they were entitled to special treatment were judges. Judges in America have and still do hold to a concept called “absolute judicial immunity”, which means (in short) no matter what a judge does, criminal or otherwise, they will suffer no legal consequences. Now, this ideal is by no means found anywhere in the constitution or federal law which instead says that judges are accountable to the law and constitution. unfortunately, there are almost no judges who are willing to enforce these laws against corrupted judges and those who do are made “examples”, thus judges as a collective have entitled themselves to be above the law and thus have corrupted the judiciary. next, that corruption spreads to lawyers (who often become judges) and politicians (who are largely lawyers), thus they are rarely or never prosecuted and return the favor back to those judges and visa versa. wherefore, because a lack of respect for the law by the corrupted legislators, judges, and attorneys, they disregard the law and then start doing “favors” for the wealthy, corporations, and/or law enforcement, thus corrupting them and further corrupting those who control all aspects of society. When corporations, politicians, judges, lawyers, and police officers no longer respect the law and very often abuse their favor-based source of power, the common person also looses any respect for law either because they seek to benefit from the corruption or because they feel the system is too far corrupted to want to up hold laws and civil liberties.
    this is corruption and control, largely the very reasons for the American revolution, although it appears different, when looking at the why’s and how’s rather than the what’s of history we can see it is the exact same. These flash mobs are nothing more than the direct result of a society that has already allowed itself to be broken down and usurped by the corrupt. these “ambushes”, if i may, are a form of gorilla warfare against those with money and resources such as food, a testing of response times and reactions of a broken down system. this will lead to bigger, more organized actions against much larger and wealthier targets. In a way, it is our generation’s “Boston tea party” and is only going to get worse. these actions will cause people to take bolder stands and actions against the larger and wealthier until they are finally going after those who’s corruption caused this mess to begin with. It’s called a revolution, and it is starting, those who know history see it unfolding before us. My prediction, things are going to get ugly