Flash Mob Crimes And Organized Looting Have Become A Normal Part Of Life In America

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Once upon a time, most Americans had never even heard of “flash mob robberies” or “organized looting”.  Now they are considered to be a part of normal life in America.  On Saturday, more than 20 teens stormed into a trendy clothing store in Chicago and stole more than $3,000 worth of jeans, but it barely made a blip on the national news because this kind of thing has become so common.  After all, we just saw the exact same kind of thing happen in Jacksonville, Detroit, Baltimore and a whole bunch of other places.  Flash mob crimes have become so common in Chicago that they take public opinion polls about them.  But when I first started writing about this phenomenon a couple of years ago, hardly anyone knew what “mob robberies” were.  In fact, I had to explain what these “flash mobs” were doing to a couple of radio hosts because they had never heard of such a thing.  But now everybody knows about the flash mobs.  Another disturbing trend that we are seeing all over America is “organized looting”.  Groups of desperate criminals are going into empty or abandoned buildings and stripping out copper wire, copper pipes and anything else that they can sell for money.  At one time these kinds of thefts made the news, but now they have also become so common that they don’t get much notice anymore.


The sad truth is that the streets of America are changing.  They are becoming a lot more hostile and a lot more dangerous.

Young people in America today do not have respect for authority, they do not have respect for those that are older than them and they do not even have respect for themselves.

Posted below is surveillance camera footage of the mob robbery mentioned above during which thousands of dollars worth of jeans were stolen.  These kids obviously plotted to commit this crime well in advance.  These kids have so little respect for themselves that they are willing to potentially jeopardize their futures over a few pairs of lousy jeans….

Will any of those kids go to jail eventually?

That is a very good question.

In other areas of the country, law enforcement is so overwhelmed that they just let cases such as this one go.

For example, the CBS affiliate in Baltimore recently reported on a mob robbery in the Baltimore area where officials decided not to pursue criminal charges….

After reviewing the surveillance video, the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office opted not to pursue criminal charges in the case saying not every conflict warrants them.

What happened here is not an isolated incident. It’s happening more and more across Maryland and it’s a real source of frustration for law enforcement.

A similar incident happened last month at the 7-Eleven on Liberty Road in Baltimore County. And mobs of teens have looted several stores like the one in Montgomery County, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

And word on the street spreads fast.  Once kids realize that they can get away with this kind of behavior it will just encourage more of it.

Sadly, it is not just our young men that are acting this way.  Our young women are also banding together in mobs and are doing crazy things.

The following example comes from a recent New York Post article….

A wolf pack of drunken young women “acting stupid” on a downtown No. 6 train in Manhattan stabbed a 63-year-old man early today — for having had the nerve to ask them to pipe down, police said.

The man was on his way to work at about 6:15 a.m. when he was attacked as the train entered the East 23rd Street station, a law-enforcement source told The Post.

“The eight females were acting stupid. He just told them, ‘Relax. Calm down,’ ” another source said.

Instead, one stabbed him in the left shoulder. He was treated at Bellevue Hospital.

What in the world is happening to us?

Part of it can perhaps be explained by the rampant growth of gangs in America.

Today, there are approximately 1.4 million gang members living inside the United States.  That number has risen by 40 percent just since 2009.

Often these gangs take the place of the family unit.  With so many broken families in America today, there are literally millions of young people that are looking for someone to accept them and take care of them.

Another factor is economic desperation.  There are far more workers than there are jobs in America today, and an increasing number of Americans are turning to crime in an attempt to survive.

Right now we are seeing an unprecedented epidemic of “organized looting” all over the country.  A recent article by Victor Davis Hanson talked about the epidemic of copper wire theft that is happening down where he lives in California….

Protection is found only in self-help. To stop the Road Warriors from stripping the copper cable from your pump or the community’s street lights, civilization is encouraged to put in a video camera, more lighting, more encasement, a wire protective mesh — all based on the premise that the authorities cannot stop the thieves and your livelihood is predicated on the ingenuity of your own counter-terrorism protocols. But the thief is always the wiser: he calculates the cost of anti-theft measures, as well as the state’s bill in arresting, trying, and rehabilitating him, and so wagers that it is cheaper for all of us to let him be and just clean up his mess.

If you have not read his article yet, you really should.  It is excellent.  You can find the entire article right here.

I found it particularly interesting what Victor Davis Hanson is doing in response to the decay of society that he is witnessing all around him….

I find myself insidiously adopting the Road Warrior survival code. Without any systematic design, I notice that in the last two years I have put a hand pump on my grandfather’s abandoned well in the yard and can pump fresh water without electricity. I put in an outdoor kitchen, tied into a 300-gallon propane tank, that can fuel a year of cooking. I am getting more dogs (all vaccinated and caged); for the first time in my life I inventoried all my ancestors’ guns in all the closets and found shotguns, deer rifles, .22s etc.

I have an extra used pickup I chose not to sell always gassed in the garage. For all sorts of scrapes and minor injuries, sprains, simple finger fractures, etc., I self-treat — anything to avoid going into the local emergency room (reader, you will too, when Obamacare kicks in). And the more I talk to neighbors, the more I notice that those who stayed around are sort of ready for our Road Warrior world. At night if I happen to hear Barack Obama on the news or read the latest communiqué from Jerry Brown, the world they pontificate about in no way resembles the world I see: not the freeways, not the medical system, not the educational establishment, not law enforcement, not the “diversity,” not anything.

I would say that it sounds like Victor Davis Hanson is rapidly turning into a prepper.

Not that I blame him of course.

We all want our homes to feel safe and secure.  As society crumbles, it is only natural to pay more attention to preparation and security.

The sad truth is that these criminals are becoming bolder and bolder.  Over the past couple of years we have seen some very shocking home invasion crimes happen all over the country, and this trend is only going to get worse.

But these days the news is not going to really feature a crime unless it is truly horrific.

That is where a sicko like James Holmes comes in.

Criminals understand that if they want to become really famous that they are going to have to do something really violent or really bizarre to stand out from the crowd.

And America is absolutely crawling with psychos these days, so it can be difficult to truly make a name for yourself if you are a criminal.

Sadly, we are already starting to see some potential “James Holmes copycats” come out of the woodwork.

For example, just check out what happened in Oklahoma recently….

An Oklahoma high school student is behind bars after a cab driver reported hearing him plotting a Columbine-shooting at his school, police said.

Timmy Eike, 18, was arrested on Tuesday after police found a shotgun, rifle and 250 rounds of ammunition in his bedroom.

The teenager’s arrest came a day after gunman James Holmes appeared in a Colorado court accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 during a midnight screening of the Batman movie.

That is very disturbing.

I don’t know about you, but I am a lot more hesitant to visit the movie theater now, and I sure am glad that I do not have any kids in public schools.

In a world that is going totally crazy, public gatherings are never going to feel quite as safe ever again.

So what do all of you think about these flash mob crimes and all of this organized looting that is going on?

Do you believe that America is less safe or more safe than it used to be?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Kevin

    Back in the day over 35 years ago I walked out of High School and into a good job with DuPont. I was not an isolated case as I passed classmates walking by at shift change. You needed to be a HS graduate, pass a basic test that showed you could read, understand, add, subtract, multiply and divide and have no criminal record. That being said I thought about this statement in the above, “they are willing to potentially jeopardize their futures over a few pairs of lousy jeans….”. I believe that they believe that they have no future. I suppose the thought process is don’t do anything that will get you real jail time of any substance and with strength in numbers like a school of fish, “all of us won’t be eaten so the odds are in my individual favor”. There is more cold calculating logic than most see from their conditioned law abiding nature.

    • Gary2

      good points kevin

  • r.bitting

    ” And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many will grow cold “. The times spoken of by Jesus Christ in Matthew ch. 24 are upon us and yet the people are totally oblivious to it all. The people need to get alone with God and ask forgiveness of their sin, and repent. When that happens God will call you sons and daughters, but please don’t be so foolish as to think that this world will get better if we just get the right leaders elected. This world is about to tank, and God is going to punish the world for it’s iniquity, just as He promised in Isaiah ch. 13. You better accept his forgiveness while He still offers it and He still has patience with you.

  • Golden Child

    These flash mob crimes are a societal backlash that comes from one of the most disenfranchised demographics in this country of young unemployed Black teenagers living in the inner city. When White college grads from upper middle class families in the affluent suburbs are unemployed or working part-time at Home Depot, what the hell do you think Black kids in the hood are going through?! Income inequality is at an all-time high and social mobility is at an all-time low. Young Black kids in the inner city are biggest losers even during good times:


    The sad fact is that it has even got that bad yet. Everybody from the suburbs to MLK Blvd is on foodstamps and EBT these days. Even most of the poorest or the poor in America aren’t starving. But they will hurt you or even kill you for the new Air Jordans on your feet. If and when real hard times come to America, expect pandemonium. It is unfortunate that many inner city kids have to provide for themselves at a very young age by selling drugs and robbing people because their parents are neglectful and absent or abusive and addicted to drugs and alcohol. But at the end of the day, what we have is relative poverty in America. Yes, Black kids in the inner city do have it rough. But anybody who has lived in a real third world country will tell you that all the basics are provided for in America for most that need those things; FOR THE TIME BEING. But the ultra-wealthy in this country are hell bent on importing third world poverty to America. This won’t end well.

    • Chloe

      Baloney. These are kids, all races that were raised by a single mother instead of a loving mother and father. They are looking for acceptance anywhere they can get it. This is a very racist post. What does income ineqality have to do with it?

  • Guido

    Looting has a simple response: Shooting. We shoot looters during times of lawlessness. I think it’s time to enact those kinds of provisions. Looters should be shot-it sends a message to other would-be looters.

    Since these people have shown they can’t handle society and the burden of being civilized it places on them, they need to be treated like animals.

    Also, it wouldn’t hurt to begin looking for alternative methods of controlling access. I think the big mall doorways will have to be replaced with some kind of security turnstyle or revolving door with a maximum shopper limit and/or ID checks. Maybe in-store guards with clubs or cattle prods. If the mall checked all IDs or created a preferred shopper ID, all shoppers could be tracked, thus ending any chance of people trying to take advantage of the anonymity of a looting incident.

    In fact, you could RFID chip the shopper ID and ID individuals in any store at any time. I imagine it would be pretty intimidating if security called out individual looter’s names over the PA, telling them to stop breaking the rules…

    • JasonD

      thanks for the tips Guido. You’re just like a big brother to me!

    • Chloe

      Obama would love your solutions

    • xander cross

      Something is very wrong with Gudio. Something is just not there with Gudio.

    • liberranter

      Looting has a simple response: Shooting. We shoot looters during times of lawlessness. I think it’s time to enact those kinds of provisions. Looters should be shot-it sends a message to other would-be looters.

      That would almost certainly already have happened in any city other than Gun-Grabbing Chicago. In fact, “flash mobs” would probably have already become a very short-lived fad indeed, once a few crowds of punks were turned into lead-riddled street pizza by store owners.

      This actually might be a silver lining to a very dark cloud: let this flash mob trend in Chicago continue to get out of hand, and citizens might very soon tell City Hall to go fornicate with itself and take matters into their own hands. If the city reacts by trying to clamp down on citizens who exercise their natural right of self-defense, then those of us who believed that this trend is being encouraged by those “at the top” will have been vindicated.

    • Justa Guy

      I think you have gone off the deep end with this one. You seem to be proposing the antichrist’s agenda. I definitely won’t be shopping anywhere they expect me to have my background checked to do so. Like the turnstyle idea though, can’t get numbers through fast enough to feel as safe when looting.

    • rwd in Louisville

      Doesn’t anyone recognize sarcasm anymore?

  • Alasha

    i love victor davis hanson… i wonder wat will it take for him to abandon CA? did he every say? mmmm

    • Gary2

      victor davis hanson=====right wing hack

  • Buzzy Watts

    The American Dream isn’t just at its end–it’s the very source of the spiritual decay that’s brought us here in the first place. Instead of aspiring to be decent people, we are told to fantasize about obtaining, by any means, entrance to the largely fictional mini-Bourgeoisie known as the middle class. Our values, as they tell us, are “middle-class values”–those of the people whose only thought is to appear wealthier than the other 50%.

    Flash mobs are simply a different manifestation of the same senseless lust for material things. After all, if all that matters is wealth, what’s wrong with taking it by force?

    • Chloe

      Funny. THe American Dream worked fine for our parents. It’s how we attain it that matters.

    • Kevin

      Buzzy Watts

      It’s a “He who dies with the most toys wins” mentality. That went as far as just possession of said toys not necessarily ownership. This mindset supported ever increasing levels of debt to “win”.

      “After all, if all that matters is wealth, what’s wrong with taking it by force?”

      There is another mindset with the above. It’s that, “I deserve to have nice things”. Why? “Well others have them and it’s not fair that they have and I don’t”.

  • Grim

    You can have liberty, freedom, relative peace and live segregated among your own kind, at least for those in white or Asian communities.

    You can have diversity and expect this and much worse to come. Of course, you can take this delusional and suicidal course of believing that true liberty means living all mixed up together as it is and getting like all over. There’s nothing stopping people who believe in the cult of diversity from doing this now-but those who have a choice in the matter don’t! Those who who are stuck in the hell run as far from it as they can at the first opportunity they get. Why? Be honest.

    You cannot have it both ways, it’s a choice between one or another-between segregation or suicide/genocide.

    Anyone who opposes my sentiments can have my share of diversity. If it is so great and wonderful, more for you! Don’t complain, enjoy.

    • Gary2

      I also think that diversity is way overrated, that said it does have some good points.

      When I keep writing about how Scandinavian countries are beating the USA in most measures only 1-2 people said that the main reason is the homogenous society they have which I strongly believe to be a big reason for their success. Same with Japan etc,

      • witness the end

        Scandinavia, Japan, Isreal… Yeah, didn’t Mitt just mention something like what you just wrote?

      • Kevin


        No question that minorities are highly represented in violent crime far above they percentage in the population with 12% of the population committing 55% of the murders and 68% of the armed robberies according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. These figures have been more or less that same since they have been recording such data. The causes are debatable but the math does not lie.

        The above being said if a collapse occurs all bets are off regarding every other ethnic / racial group joining those ranks. Someone once said that civil society ceases when you miss seven meals in a row.

  • Dave Webb

    Look to see the military step in soon. It is not happening now because of the coming election. After the election, no matter who wins, you will see a massive change in attitude of the police and the army. Look to see National Guards all over the country shoot looters dead. It will not matter if the looters are 15 or 30. They will never see a jail cell. They will never see a lawyer. They will simply be dead.
    The movie theatre crime is a different story. I look to see armed guards in all our theatres soon. I look to see the weapons used to be outlawed everywhere.
    We are rapidly becoming a police state. Some of the reasons behind that armed state are in the article above.

  • marK

    I am glad that I live out in the country. Most of the cities and suburbs are getting pretty rough these days. We have been in Idaho visiting our daughter and even though it is mild here, I sure can’t wait to get home. I understand that many of you like all the stuff that large populations of people offer, but you can have it.

  • mondobeyondo

    Here’s a nice little touchstone:

    “Often these gangs take the place of the family unit. With so many broken families in America today, there are literally millions of young people that are looking for someone to accept them and take care of them.”

    The obvious question is – “what happened to the family unit?”

    If your knife and gun carrying, graffiti painting, gang banging, drug smoking and snorting “homies” are your “family”… what happened to Mom and Dad?

    Well, Dad’s probably locked up in prison for some crime or two, or three, or seventeen. Mom may be hitting the streets to earn some extra income. (You know what I mean.)

    I mean – those dudes from so-and so barrio – they are your “FAMILY”?? Right? Wow. Just… wow.
    Remind me not to forget my 9mm Glock at the “family” get-together this Thanksgiving.

    • Kevin


      It’s a perfect storm of generational welfare which allows children to be supported at a substance level without a working family while employment to support a family has been outsourced to slave labor nations.

      From an economic standpoint the traditional family is being rendered obsolete in many parts of the country. When the SHTF and a collapse occurs the new traditional economic supporter the government runs out of wealth or the illusion of. No guidance and no money…..look out.

  • Joe

    If I lived in or near a major metropolitan I’de get out while the gettin’s good. We ain’t seen nuthin yet and when the economy crashes it will be worse than hollywood has imagined.

  • Michael V

    It has been said that many of our youth in the inner cities, especially in Detroit and Chicago, that they don’t expect to live past 21, and if do, your on borrowed time. Maybe this explains, in part, their actions.

    It will also be interesting what will happen when they start to turn on the police as the size of our police forces are reduced. Could this be a reason why DHS is stocking up on weapons, ammo and body armor? mmmm….

  • S

    Blacks and Hispanics are not “our young men and women”. They are not American in the slightest. Americans are of European descent. White.

    Get rid of the third world population and America will cease transforming into a third world country.

    • Michael

      I feel sorry for you that you define people by the color of their skin.


    • lee

      how sad.

      i have a lot more in common with the southern baptist blacks and catholic hispanics than almost all of those white people in congress currently passing laws on how i am to live.

      just apply the laws on the books to everybody and enforce borders and the US will turn back much of the lack of respect it gets from its own people.

    • A.S.

      In a way you are right…maybe most blacks and hispanic have no intent intergrating into society. Why is that most people in prison are black and hispanic? Why is that most people on welfare as a lifestyle are black and hispanic? Why is that most gang members are black and hispanic? Those types of hoodlums only prove that certain stereotypes are true. They make honest, hard working blacks and hispanics treated badly. They give their own race a bad name.

      And this is coming from someone that is a minority–a Jew. Most Jews that came from Europe and elsewhere to the U.S. quickly integrated and helped build up America. When we experience hardship we look to our community for help and do our best to petition the government to change.

      Sure we have our own criminals, but the percentage is much less than our general population among the country we live in. See this source: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/926301/jewish/When-Someone-You-Love-Goes-to-Jail.htm. Jews are about 2% of the U.S. population, but our prison rate is only about 1/10% (1700/1.5m). So explain that to me, because I just don’t get it how Jews are always not according to our numbers. For bad things, we have way less than our population; for good things (doctors, engineers, Noble Prize winners (30%), etc.) we have much higher. If only the parents of those thugs taught them from childhood the importance of a real education and being a good citizen, then we wouldn’t have these problems.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…Why is that most people in prison are black and hispanic?….”

        because of our “War on Drugs” and the prision industrial complex. Prohibition of alcohol failed, so has prohibition of drugs (see Portural for the solution)

        “…Why is that most people on welfare as a lifestyle are black and hispanic?….”

        Lie. Most people on welfare are white.

        • A.S.

          you still don’t answer my question with your answer: war on drugs? So why can’t we find many drug dealers and pushers that are white? Because there are very few.

          As for welfare, go to any downtown office in any major city. What is the majority in gov’t offices waiting for handouts? Blacks and Hispanics.

          Just pointing out an observation.

      • xander cross

        You’re lying A.S. but then again, that does not suprise me from you earlier posts. I see you don’t recommend whites that rape children, and the census data proves that whites commit far more crimes than blacks, but you focus on crime that blacks do and say, all black people are bad. Crime is crime. You don’t call what jerry sandusky did white on white crime or whites killing each other everyday. You’re a fool, just like ron paul always been.

      • Gay Veteran

        speaking of welfare, how about the ultra-orthrodox Haredi Jews in Israel? currently exempt from serving in the Israeli military and receiving state subsidies paid for by the tax-paying citizens

      • Andrew

        please…, Italian mob wasn’t the biggest and most deadly one, the Jewish mafia was; the Jews are behind the porn industry – there are a few books on it by Jewish authors :(

    • Eisenkreutz

      Mexican girls are hot. Theyre really nice, family-oriented people. Try one.

    • ScoutMotto

      S, some of my best friends over the years have been from other races. One of my best friends today is of Mexican decent.

      • ScoutMotto

        Make that “descent,” not decent. He’s a decent man indeed, but I hate my typos.

  • Alyssa

    Every conflict does not warrant charges? The cops & prosecuters think every conflict involving THEM warrants charges. They don’t give a sh*t when somebody else gets robbed. Contrary to popular belief, these thefts are usually not covered by insurance.

    I notice that a certain demographic is heavily represented here. When shops close up in the ‘hood, they will whine just like they did after the L.A. riots in the 90s.

    • xander cross

      Don’t worry, when they start closing whole foods in white communities, you will riot with them begging for your organic orange that costs three dollars each. Oh, the best part, when your credit cards decline, I bet you and many white peole will be angry when you cannot buy food and shop at american eagle, nordstroms, ruths crisp steak house, world market. Buy the way, why are many white people spending thousands of dollars eating at ruth’s crips steak house on a credit card?

  • I have a fantasy sometimes about this. Imagine a white store owner that has been the victim of 4 or 5 flash mob incidents, and each time they steal more goods. He decides he’s going to get even, and purchases one of those .30 cal machine guns that has the square box of ammo that will hold probably 200 rounds or more. The 5th time the mob comes in, he stands up on the counter and unloads it on everybody. Then he walks down the aisles and shoots everybody in sight. 40 or 50 black bodies lie dead or wounded on the floor. Then, to top it all off, there is in store video footage of it all–haha.

    Sorry, just a fantasy I’ve had. “Getting Even” is what more than 50% of all movies are about anyway–right? Can you imagine how ballistic the media would go with that one?

  • A.S.

    Hopefully it would not be racists to point out an observation: only one guy was white; the rest were black or hispanic. Seems to me that there is not enough blacks and hispanics sitting in prison. Maybe it needs to be closer to 90%, because we have to arrest, try, and incarcerate all the gang members, because most of them are, once again, blacks and hispanics.

    • A.S.

      Due to such flash mobs and other similar events, the rest of us have to pay higher prices, because now the store has to recuperate their losses. So will the government and/or police reimburse me for spending more at stores? No! Who will then? No one! Thank you society for raising such youth, where honest, hardworking people are further robbed of their already stretched-dollar.

    • Gay Veteran

      gee, nothing that a good job wouldn’t cure

    • xander cross

      Yes, you’re a racist and it does not suprise me that it’s coming from a jew. Don’t worry, when this collpase happens, I can assure you, your white breathen will come for you as well and maybe, have a prison cell waiting for you as well. Remember on this day, that you became a true idiot, just like Ron Paul and knighowl77

      • A.S.

        So I would be racist to point out that in Europe as a whole, Muslims are about 5-8% of the population, yet use about 40% of the social benefits, all the while having parades that say to the effect, “kill the infidel,” with the police protecting them, but the nationals can’t protest such behavior because they will be deemed racists? Explain that Gay Veteran and Xander Cross.

        Suppose Americans had a parade that said, “kill all the LGBTs,” with police protection and you can’t protest because you will be put in jail. Do you think that will be fair? If not, obviously, that is exactly what is happening in Europe.

        • A.S.

          And I anyone who says, “Lies,” watch various youtube videos of mosque leaders speaking openly about making war from within. I have a friend that used to learn at Jewish Theological College near Paris. He said the police are so afraid of the Muslims that when Muslims commit crimes, not only against Jews, but against a Frenchman, they will not do anything! Hmm, why is it that? Because they will deemed racist. How it racist to arrest, try, and convict, a murder, who happens to be Muslim?

          • xander cross

            Because people like you commit murders all the time and are scott free to do so. Why are you killing all of the paliestians? You don’t mentioned that there are white muslims, but you equate all musilims as black. Typcial racist response from someone like you. You don’t talk about all the crimes that french people do all the time and sex slavery is one of them, but I bet you dont speak about that because the majority of crimes of sex slavery is done by white people. Muslims and jews always been at war, but of course, you dont talk about all the crimes that jews do everyday, including raping of young boys.

          • Andrew

            so true, but it’s far more than political correctness on their part, false leaders want to decompose European societies to mold them into something new. Their pride blinded them, like communists they strive to create a new society from the scratch (or to be more exact from the ruin)

        • Gay Veteran

          again, speaking of welfare, how about the ultra-orthrodox Haredi Jews in Israel? currently exempt from serving in the Israeli military and receiving state subsidies paid for by the tax-paying citizens

  • Roger

    G’day cobbers…

    You do recognise you’re all bullshittin’ yourselves, don’t ya ? I do see a coupla twats in there, but there’s one common thread here. Scumbag wankers. Well, at least 80% of them are….

    Let’s face it. When you’re fuggal good at doin’ anythin’, ya steal. Right ? Right….

    Face up to it. Youse 80%, ya’r feckin’ useless.

    • MB92083

      Can someone translate what he wrote into intelligible english? I’d like to know what he is thinking but cannot intelligently express in words.

      • Macnasty

        Its Australian so you don’t understand it!!!!!!

    • Aussie bloke

      I may be able to assist. I speak Australian (or Drongo as the locals call it)
      Hello people…
      You do know that you are kidding yourselves, don’t you?
      I can see a couple of unsavoury types in the video, but they all have one thing in common. They like to pleasure themselves, well at least 80% of them do.
      let’s be truthful here, When a person is not very talented or skilled the only thing left for them is a life of crime. Am I correct?
      Face facts, 80% of the people (in the video) are totally useless.

  • This country is facing an explosion of nihilism, what one Johnny Rotten spoke about when he sang “NO FUTURE” a lifetime ago. If there is no justice in a society, if there is no reciprocity of purpose and goals between the state and its people, this is what you get. Btw, prophet Johnny’s last words on stage as a Sex Pistol were “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” Seems like everybody I know says yep. America is about to explode, and it’ll make the 60s riots look very, very tame.

  • bibsky

    Is it really surprising children have no respect for the elders when the news is filled with stories of political leaders and businessmen screwing over the nation in droves. “Do as I say not as I do” tends to diminish your authority.

  • lee

    This is way i have a stun gun on me and pepper spray in the car(carrying around a gun everywhere is not appropriate for daily life imo), and i’m a guy.

    unless, you are in a small town, as economic conditions get much worse; you never know when someone desperate or with selfish intents will pick you.

    • Chloe

      I carry one but you couldn’t tell. A gun is more likely to scare someone off than pepper spray.

  • Shared on my photo blog from the heart of it all.

    Porches of Dayton: Americana in the Midwest

    • Michael

      I like the photos – they tell a story all by themselves.


  • Sandman

    I worked in a big box retailer for quit a few years and have seen the lack of respect not only from kids but from their parents as well. Every generation of kids tell their parents they won’t be like them when they grow up. I think my generation (Xers) actually succeeded. I think you hit the nail on the head in that there is a tremendous lack of respect for others and self in today’s world. It’s sad when you see a parent acting more like a 5 year old than their 5 year old and cry and whine that they can do whatever they want. I could ramble on with story after story but the 30-something temper tantrum is always the same. I’m left wondering when they stopped teaching accountability…or was it removed from the Newspeak dictionary and I wasn’t told?

  • WM

    Once someone arrives at the point where they think they can do something and not get punished for it….well, then that is a dangerous time to arrive at.

    It seems this nation is headed in that direction, where good is called bad, and bad is ignored. Why the CO shooter is still breathing oxygen is beyond comprehension. Yet years ago Bernie Getz shot some “yoots” trying to rob him and he went to jail?????????????????????

    The (2) Chesire home invaders in Connecticut who raped, tortured and murdered 3 woman, are sitting in a CT prison for life, at the expense of the already overburdened CT taxpayers.

    Again, I view what is happening as a VERY dangerous game, when people are allowed to get away with things and have to face real justice.

    What we are witnessing is the fruits of yanking the God of our heritage from society, education, government, family, etc. and we are seeing the true colors as it were of what happens when a society worships self. Is the economic condition we are facing so unique in world history?? I think not. It is however, befalling a nation that has enjoyed years of peace and prosperity and is now unable to “cope” with not being able to have it all.

    We as a nation have also demanded a “king” that would lead us, a leader that promised change. Just like the Bible story about Israel demanding a king of their desire, they got what they asked for and payed dearly for it.

    We too as a nation, bought into the “change” that was promised and change is what we got indeed. We asked for this “king”, the most liberal, anti freedom, anti-heritage, anti Christian, pro socialist president this nation has ever seen. A man who is jet setting around the world on vacation after vacation after vacation while Americans are hurting very badly.

    Sorry for ranting, regarding this article, and the questions asked: I do not feel safe in America anymore, especially in higher population, lower income areas. The police do nothing to protect us, (check out what happened in MI last month with Christians being stoned and attacked by muslims as police stood by and did NOTHING)

    Criminals do what they do because they BELIEVE THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT.

    I work with a guy from Laos and he said it is far safer there, (communist country) becasue if you are caught even stealing, the police take you to a public cemetary, have you dig a hole, then they shoot you in the head, push your body in the hole……

    My coworker said the crime is almost non existant where he is from because the people ARE AFRAID TO DO SOMETHING WRONG IN FEAR IF THEY GET CAUGHT THEY WILL BE SHOT IMMEDIETLY!!!

    All you liberals who want to eliminate the death penalty and are decieved into thinking that real tough laws and consequences for actions do not work, well I just gave you an example. Another great example is reading the Old Testament scriptures in how tough the laws were in keeping society pure from evil.

    And I conclude with a bit of logic for those who are thinkers and like to use the brain God gave them.

    If these youths who came in this store and stole all the clothing knew that if they got caught, they would be dragged to a remote place by police and shot dead in the head…..do you think they would think twice about commiting this crime???

    If a home invader thought that there was a really good possibility of getting his face removed by a 12 gauge shot gun by the homeowner as he came through the window, do you think he that would make a criminal at least think twice?????

    • Gay Veteran

      “Once someone arrives at the point where they think they can do something and not get punished for it….well, then that is a dangerous time to arrive at….”

      Have any white Wall Street banksters gone to jail?

      “…What we are witnessing is the fruits of yanking the God of our heritage from society, education, government, family, etc….”

      And yet we are still one of the most religous countries in the world. Yanking religion from education? Why do you want to use the power of the state to indoctrinate children? Of course it is YOUR relgion that you want the state to impose.

      “…We too as a nation, bought into the “change” that was promised and change is what we got indeed. We asked for this “king”, the most liberal, anti freedom, anti-heritage, anti Christian, pro socialist president this nation has ever seen….”

      I’m a liberal, and Obama is NO liberal, he’s just another Bush (but more telegenic). Anti-Christain? how? Pro-socialist? That’s funny, Obamacare was a gift to the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. So the word you’re looking for is fascist (the merger of corporate and state power).

      “…All you liberals who want to eliminate the death penalty….”

      Eyeroll, you right-wingers make fun of the post office and yet you trust government with executing someone. Simply amazing, especially in view of so many people who were convicted yet were innocent.

      • WM

        Not my religion, but the religious worldview that this nation was founded on,
        The religious worldview that inspired the writing of perhaps the greatest governmental documents in world history, the “religion” of our founders, from the Mayflower Compact to Constitution.

        I encourage you to read some pre-revisionist American history.

        We have strayed from those founding principles, do you think our society is better off now?

        • Gay Veteran

          our Constitution was inspired by the Age of Reason and The Enlightenment

  • GA

    Definetly less safe now and getting worse by the day. If these predators are acting this way now, what will it look like once the s*** really hits the fan. Prepare yourself now. Stock up and make a plan!

  • Karen

    My daughter is now 22i raised her to have manners and respect for others to say yes’mam no sir thank you and please to give up her set for the elderly or to someone more in need it is hard job in today’s world the kids to day do not have a parent to talk to communication is the utmost we had a heck of a time when she entered middle school all you see on tv is diet pills and skinny woman we always talked we had hard times it is very hard to be a good parent these days so much crap on tv I finally got rid of cable because of the crap that is on it I am not saying I am better but you never give up being a parent it is the rest of your life these. Hard core kids of violence are a product of there parents because there parents don’t care they do not want to take the time to love there children women on welfare having children only for a check I see it everyday and men not caring whom they get pregrent it is a two way street NO ONE WANTS RESPONSIBILIY

  • Kim

    Relax. Watch America’s Got Talent, and just let the reality of life leave your mind. Feels better that way.

  • John Blythe

    Even in Bakersfield, California, which is near my hometown, is experiencing organizing looting. In the neighboring city of Oildale, which is the largest oil producing city in California, several businesses over the last month have been targeted in a rash of burglaries and the police department can’t seem to stop it. Its really taking a toll on the small business owners who stores have been robbed, because with the economy already in the tank, they’ve had to spend hundreds of dollars in repairs, only to be robbed again and then pay more in repairs. You have to ask yourself out of desperation, why even run a business if they can’t stop the robbers?

    This growing trend across America is starting to remind me of what Yugoslavia went through in the mid 1990’s after the country experienced severe economic depression and hyperinflation. Things were apparently so bad that thieves would actually rob stores and sell the items that they stole on the black market without the fear of getting arrested, because Yugoslavia’s inflation problems were so bad that police officers couldn’t even get paid the real value of their paycheck, so they decided “what is the point of trying to enforce the law, if we can’t even get paid.”

    As our Federal Reserve and Treasury continues to print worthless devalued money and as foreign governments refuse to take dollars in repayment or devalue those dollars as a reserve currency, I think we’ll start to have hyperinflation here in the U.S. and this will lead to larger slash mobs and looting across America. It sounds controversial to say, but if it happened in Yugoslavia and in other countries that struggled with a crumbling economy and largest financial problems, then I think Americans need to wake up and realize that yes, it can happen here too!

    • liberranter

      California is a gun-grabbing state in the same mold as Illinois and the Northeastern People’s Socialist Democratic Republics. It’s no wonder flash mobs continue to be a problem there.

  • Mark …

    Conscription would help. 16 and older, under 21, no job, not in school … you have the choice between military conscription or special vocation school/camps … if you don’t have the money to take care of yourself.

    The Hover dam was built with special labor camps.

  • Gary2

    Groups of desperate criminals are going into empty or abandoned buildings and stripping out copper wire, copper pipes and anything else that they can sell for money.

    Sounds like wall street but change wire and pipes to peoples homes and retirement funds and ability to get a good job.

    Both are bad but wall street is way worse. Need to keep things in perspective michael.

    • Kevin


      Remember what President Teddy Roosevelt said, “An uneducated man robs a train while an educated man steals the railroad”.

      May I say that educated man today has help from a government so willing to either remove regulations such as Glass-Steagall thereby allowing unethical practices that we’re illegal a decade and a half ago or not bothering to prosecute white collar criminals when they do break the remaining laws that supposedly govern them.

      We’re raised with a lot of false truths with one of them being, “Equal protection under the law”.

    • Gay Veteran

      Ol Grey Ghost: “Then you’ll understand why Socialism, which is slavery by another name, never works…”

      and maybe you’ll understand that unregulated capitalism naturaly leads to monopolies and cartels

  • LM

    The federal government has utterly destroyed the black community (and is in the process of destroying the lower income hispanic community) by rewarding illegitimacy and punishing those who marry. The situation is so upside down and defies logic to such a degree that I can’t help but believe that it was and is intentional.

    My teenaged son just returned from a short term missions trip to St. Louis. His youth group worked with an inner city church and held Bible day camps for the black youth (children and young teens) in the area. He was very moved by the kids there and how hungry many of them are for God. One young teen just wanted my son to tell him Bible stories. He listened for several hours! This young man never knew his father and his mother is in prison. What hope do these kids have??? Christians – we must step up and meet the overwhelming needs of our inner cities. This is our only hope!

    • Andrew

      I couldn’t agree more! God bless You LM and Your Son
      no families = no love

  • prestodo

    America is as safe as it has always been. “Safety” all about perception. The reality is that America is no more or no less safe than what is percieved by the public. Media blows things out of proportion and in a large way is responsible for giving the bad guys the information they need to take adantage of society. There’s no such thing as “security”. A person can die tomorrow from a lightning strike, bee sting, car wreck, asphixiation, disease, or any other number of reasons. Point is, life is short, make sure you repent of your sins and get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ by one with proper authority to do so, receive the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, and endure in the faith to the end of your life. Only then, if you have done these things, will you have true salvation in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Guido

    This behavoir is only normal as long as we let it be normal. If and when the exigencies of the moment demand it, we can modify our justice system to be a more or less instant one where sentences are carried out with Russian efficiency.

    By the way, does it seem timely that the new comedy with Ben Stiller mocks the idea of a neighborhood watch?

    It seems like this is the time when more citizens will have to band together to watch their communities to keep order. With roughly 1 cop for every square mile in the US, the chances of the police being there when you need them are rather low.

  • Maxx

    Mat 24:12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. (ESV)

    Enough said.

    Good evening.

  • liberranter

    In other areas of the country, law enforcement is so overwhelmed that they just let cases such as this [flash mob robbery] go.

    But of course. The swine have no intention whatsoever of fulfilling the role of peace officers. They are far too busy doing their masters’ bidding as law enforcement thugs, a position that involves shaking down motorists for money in the wake of petty traffic offenses in which no one is harmed, assaulting and killing the disabled, elderly, pregnant women, and small children; assaulting and jailing citizens who are peacefully exercising their right of free expression and protest, and otherwise causing mayhem and suffering among the peaceful, (natural)law-abiding, freedom-loving citizenry.

    That a majority still looks to the swine to “keep the peace” and “protect and serve” anyone or anything other the reigning bankster-corporate Elite that is the source of our oppression, despite all of the plain-as-the-nose-on-the-end-of-your-************-face evidence, tells us that we’re doomed.

  • Too long to read the conversation between A.S and Gay Veteran.! lol.! in my point, I think A.S was right.! Good point A.S

  • t

    Kevin said:
    “Back in the day over 35 years ago I walked out of High School and into a good job with DuPont …”
    My uncle did exactly the same thing back in the 1960s after graduating high school. He took early retirement with a nice pension as well.
    Sadly, a career path like this is rarely available today, even for college graduates.

  • Cannon Fodder
  • Joe

    The way to stop flash mobs will require a number of moves:

    1- elect only conservative gun-owners to elective offices
    2- execute everyone currently on death row
    3- issue “carry-permits” to all law-abiding citizens with a “license-to-kill.

  • Anon

    Bull crap, lets burn bibles to scare off the pissy evangelicals!