Enhanced Pat-Downs At NFL Games? America Is Rapidly Turning Into A High-Security Prison

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The NFL has announced that it will be implementing “enhanced” pat-downs at all 32 NFL stadiums.  Once this is fully implemented, the 16 million fans that attend games each season will be frisked from the ankles to the knees and from the waist up.  Apparently this new level of security was brought on by a recent incident where a Cowboys fan smuggled a stun gun into a game between the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys and started zapping other fans with it.  As usual, authorities have responded to a minor security incident by massively overreacting to it.  In the post-9/11 world in which we live, paranoia is standard operating procedure.  Those that are responsible for security are far more interested in “covering their backsides” than they are in respecting the liberty, freedom and dignity of average Americans.  America is rapidly turning into a high-security prison.  When naked body scanners and “enhanced pat-downs” went into U.S. airports, those that warned that we would soon see these types of “Big Brother” security measures pop up at train stations, bus stations, shopping malls and sporting events were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”.  But it turns out that the “conspiracy theorists” did not even fully understand how quickly all of this nonsense was going to spread.  How much “security” is going to be enough?  Where in the world is the line going to be drawn?  If groping all fans is “necessary” for security at all NFL games, how long will it be before it is implemented at all other sporting events across the United States?


The truth is that no matter how hard they try, those in charge of our “security” cannot keep us perfectly safe.  Life is dangerous and bad things are going to happen no matter how much “security” you throw around.

We have a choice.  We can live as free men without fear, or we can cower in terror and call for increasingly repressive layers of “security”.  If we continue on the path that we are on, this nation is going to become a totalitarian “Big Brother” police state so repressive that it will make our founding fathers roll over in their graves.

In fact, they are probably already rolling over in their graves.

Do you enjoy living in a prison grid?  That is what this country is becoming.

Once upon a time, going to an NFL game was great fun.  But like with so many other things, “Big Brother” is sucking all of the joy out of that too.

The following is from a USA Today article which describes that new “security” procedures at NFL stadiums….

Under the new “enhanced” pat-down procedures, the NFL wants all 32 clubs to search fans from the ankles to the knees as well as the waist up. Previously, security guards only patted down fans from the waist up while looking for booze, weapons or other banned items.

Do you want to wait in incredibly long lines to get into a game while security thugs grope fellow fans as if they were a herd of cattle?

I think that I will be more than happy to sit home and watch the games on television.

Where will this end?

If we keep going to the games and act as if nothing has changed, then they are going to see that as a sign that they can tighten our shackles even more.

Yes, of course nobody ever wants to see something bad happen, but do we really have to live like this?

All government agencies that have anything to do with national security should be given a dual mandate.  Instead of just focusing on “security” at any cost, they should be required by law to provide security while pledging to never compromise the liberty, freedom, honor and dignity of the American people while doing so.

If those in charge of our security right now cannot protect us without compromising our liberty, freedom, honor and dignity then they need to immediately resign and allow someone else to do the job.

Right now, those that are supposed to be “protecting” us treat us all like a bunch of trash.

Rather than shielding us from “the enemy”, they actually treat us as though we are the enemy.

It started in our airports, but now futuristic “Big Brother” police state security measures are being implemented at subway stops, bus stations, ports, shopping malls, highway rest stops and sporting events.

We are spending billions upon billions of dollars on programs that are turning us a little bit more into North Korea every single day.

Did you know that TSA “VIPR teams” now conduct approximately 8,000 “unannounced security screenings” every year at subway stations, bus terminals, seaports and highway rest stops?

Should we be proud that in America today, goons in black uniforms conduct “out-of-nowhere” security sweeps at transportation hubs and at public events?

What in the world is happening to us?

In prison, you should expect to be locked down and frisked by security thugs at any moment.

But I thought that we lived in America.

And you know who is going to be flocking to fill these security goon positions?

Yes, you guessed it.  For the growing number of perverts and child molesters in America, these are going to be dream jobs.

As a security goon, they can legally touch the bodies of other people and get paid while doing it!

But unleashing hordes of security goons is not enough for the government.  Now they want us to snitch on one another.  That is what the whole “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign is all about.

When I was growing up, East Germany was a nation that was despised because of their repressive totalitarian police state.

But now we are becoming just like East Germany.

Sadly, things will soon become even more repressive.

Are you ready to be monitored for “pre-crime”?  Yes, new technology will soon be watching you at public events that will determine whether or not you have the “intent” to commit a crime.  If you fail any of the “psysiological” or “behavioral” tests, you will be flagged for “suspicious activity” and security goons will pull you off the street.  This new program was described in a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson….

Homeland Security is also developing technology to be used at “security events” which purports to monitor “malintent” on behalf of an individual who passes through a checkpoint. The promotional video for the program explains how “Future Attribute Screening Technology” (FAST) checkpoints will conduct “physiological” and “behavioral” tests in order to weed out suspected terrorists and criminals.

In America today, watching for “suspicious activity” has become a very high priority.  As I wrote about recently, an FBI document that is being distributed to stores and hotels says that “suspicious activity” now includes….

-paying with cash

-missing a hand or fingers

-“strange odors”

-making “extreme religious statements”

-“radical theology”

-purchasing weatherproofed ammunition or match containers

-purchasing meals ready to eat

-purchasing night vision devices, night flashlights or gas masks

Do any of those apply to you?

I have also written about how our children are being trained to accept living in a repressive “Big Brother” prison grid.  Life in U.S. public schools is becoming a little more like life in U.S. prisons every single day.

Our kids are being conditioned to accept that it is okay for “authorities” to constantly watch them, track them, record what they do, search them for no reason and put them on “lock down” at any time.

Somewhere along the way, the American people became the biggest threat.  Instead of an “enemy” that lives on the other side of the world, we are now being told that our biggest enemy may be our neighbor or the person traveling in the seat right next to us.

Since the American people are the biggest threat, it has become necessary to monitor everything that we do and say.

Just check out what a recent Politico article had to say about how things have changed in the post-9/11 world….

At the NSA, thousands of analysts who once eavesdropped on troop movements of enemy soldiers in distant countries were now listening in on the bedroom conversations of innocent Americans in nearby states.

“We were told that we were to listen to all conversations that were intercepted, to include those of Americans,” Adrienne Kinne, a former NSA “voice interceptor,” told me. She was recalled to active duty after Sept. 11.

“Some of those conversations are personal,” she said. “Some even intimate. … I had a real problem with the fact that people were listening to it and that I was listening to it. … When I was on active duty in ’94 to ’98, we would never collect on an American.”

Are you disturbed by this?

If not, you might want to check to see if you are actually an American.

Of course some of the biggest abuses are happening at U.S. airports.  The following is what one of Steve Quayle’s listeners recently shared with him about her own TSA experience….

She proceeds through the upper body part, then moves down to the ankles and up one leg. As she reached the top, her hand hits the middle of my crotch area and she slightly “slides” it away from there. This area had NEVER been touched before, and I only asked her a simple question, “since when can you touch the crotch?” She immediately pulls back, stands up, and calls a supervisor! He comes over, she tells him what happened (although her words were, “she complained I touched her in a personal manner”)…he proceeds to tell me she was following protocol. I told him I had been patted down 2 or 3 times this year, and had NEVER had anyone touch my crotch! I told him, I was sorry, but I was standing on my principles. One thing leads to another, eventually I was able to retrieve my cell fon, and tried my darndest to record the incident, without them knowing I was doing so, but could only get brief recordings, the best one is linked here (Real Player format). You hear the guy at the end hesitate to answer my question..unfortunately I wasn’t aware it had stopped recording!

Eventually the duty supervisor for my airline walked over and introduced himself. He was very kind and understanding. I asked him if this was going to get me in trouble at work. He told me, as far as he was concerned, not at all. He said his wife has a disability, and she also has complained at the intrusiveness of the TSA patdowns, so he fully understood my position. I told him, that as a Christian, this type of touching is totally unacceptable. He agreed!

After just sitting in a chair, waiting around, they brought in the “Federal Security Director” of Sky Harbor!! He proceeds to inform me of my “options.” He tells me that they can have another woman complete the procedure and I can then proceed through, or if I refuse, I would be further investigated and charged with a civil suit!

This type of behavior is absolutely outrageous.

So why are so many Americans still willing to get on to airplanes?

Have we become so desensitized that we are willing to be groped and manhandled like cattle just so that we can feel a little safer?

Sadly, even if you get through all of the scanners, the groping and the searches, you can still be pulled off your plane in handcuffs and interrogated for hours just because someone thinks that you look “suspicious”.

If you do not think that such a thing can happen to you, just read this story.  After reading that story you will likely never want to get on to an airplane in the United States again.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether the Republicans are in control or whether the Democrats are in control.  We just continue our sad march toward becoming a totalitarian police state no matter who is in charge.

Anyone that still believes that we live in “the land of the free and the home of the brave” is delusional.

This country is undergoing fundamental changes and everything that our forefathers passed down to us is in danger of being wiped out forever.

You better wake up America.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Back in the George W. Bush era, feminist Naomi Wolf wrote a book titled “The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot,” which was about The Banana Republic of America turning into a police state. Predictably, the neocon peanut gallery went bananas and gave us the usual “liberals don’t understand the terrorist threat and don’t support national security” garbage. But Wolf never framed her argument as a “liberal good/conservative bad” mantra—and some right-of-center libertarian/paleoconservatives such as Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and Justin Raimondo (Antiwar.com) agreed with Wolf while some spineless Democraps distanced themselves from her because they didn’t want to be considered “soft on terrorism.” The late Irv Homer, a libertarian talk show host and WWII veteran here in Philadelphia, shared her view that the Patriot Act was anything but patriotic. And Katherine Albrecht/, another libertarian/paleoconservative, has made the excellent point that historically, authoritarian regimes have killed a lot of more people than terrorists. As tragic as the carnage on 9/11 was, Albrecht certainly hit the nail on the head when she pointed out that dictators like Stalin, Mao, Polpot, Hitler, etc. killed a hell of a lot more people in the name of “homeland security.”

    The point is that sensible people, whether they fancy themselves as “left” or “right” or somewhere in between, can see that nothing good will come out of the BRA becoming more and more of a police state—and it’s only going to get worse as the BRA economy becomes worse and worse. But as Benjamin Franklin famously said, those who are willing to trade liberty for security deserve neither. And Americans will get neither. Violent crime will skyrocket in this Third World hellhole that used to be the United States, but the BRA police state won’t reduce crime or make the streets any safer. The BRA will become like Caracas, where you have a strongman for a president as well as one of the worst crime problems on the planet. Gerald Celente and Alex Jones are absolutely right: the iron boot of the fascist/corporatist police state won’t save you from kidnappers, carjackers or gangbangers, but it will make your life increasingly miserable.

    Get ready to be abused by the cops AND the robbers as the rotting, decaying, collapsing Banana Republic of America continues to sink deeper and deeper into the abyss. God help us.

    • mondobeyondo

      Just the name “Homeland Security” makes me nervous. It sounds too much like “Fatherland” and “Motherland”…..


        Speaking of the current goings on right about now, if I was Zacarias Moussaoui, Richard Reid, Jose Padilla, The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, and anyone else currently residing in a “Supermax” Prison I would be laughing my arse off………




      I share your views as they are right on target. I have said as much many times no other venues that the rightwing lunacy of imposing a prison police state will do nothing to protect people but will in fact cause more people to die as the only people that will be emboldened will be the criminal element and the criminal law enforcement element. But hey, we do have the choice between Slic Rick Perry and Barrack Hussein Obama. The current police state was a foregone conclusion as soon as those planes were hijacked and the towers came crashing down. Even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could have seen this coming.

  • Gary2

    off topic-I do not see the appeal of football. It seems to me to be a bunch of overpaid jocks throwing around a ball on a field. How can this be even remotely interesting????

    Pointless trash is what I think of when I see football. (or most sports)

  • It is one thing for the TSA to abuse airline passengers with a tight schedule and no alternatives.

    When the TSA starts abusing sports fans that have already had a few beers, things are going to get very ugly real fast. What happens next may be more interesting than any sports event.

  • mark

    I dislike going to airports anymore. I do not fly these days. I live in a very small town (one stop light) and we do not have a camera except at the bank’s ATM. When I drive to the nearby county seat you start to see cameras. Our cell phones all have GPS to track us. This stuff is bad enough, we do not need more. Just think about the wasted and costly labor of those watching us. My cows live better than most of you in the city. They have more freedom than you! A lot of this started with the Woodrow Wilson progresive agenda. He wanted you to rat out you neighbors. These are the same ideas with modern tech. We should have a general strike against the TSA and airlines and not fly. That might make some positive changes.

  • TR

    If someone doesn’t like security, don’t go to anyplace that has security checks. If enough revenue is lost the situation will change & this takes no effort & cost nothing to effect change.

    POWER of the PURSE



      I agree with you 100 percent. I do not fly and I sure as heck will not be shelling out big bucks for a football game………..People should not fly unless their bosses mandate it and everyone should boycott the NFL until this lunacy ends……………

  • ScoutMotto

    The federal government declared the people of the united states the enemy of the federal government on March 9, 1933. They amended the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 to include citizens of the US as the enemy. This was how they could steal the people’s gold. Today, the federal government is treating us more and more like the enemy of the federal government. All levels of government are acting in concert to show us we have no rights.

  • William

    When will Americans WAKE UP and see that their freedoms and rights earned with bloodshed since 1776 have been sacrificed on the alter of phoney
    “terrorist” threats that were manufactured by the federal government??? The FBI is a bad joke, and the CIA means Criminal Insane Asylum.

  • John

    Any one who accepts security over freedom and liberty deserves neither.
    Currently, I think the terrorists have won. If security measures are relaxed and something big happens, people would scream that they were not protected. One guy sneakes a taser into a football game, and we all have to pay for his mistake. One bad apple spoils the barrel. In many ways, we have brought this on ourselves.

  • jc

    Some people don’t fly to avoid these radiation or group situations. So now football games, what’s next American’s. I will call NFL and ask if my child my have a TSA agent stick their hands down their pants.

  • Will Enough of Us Refuse?

    by Sheila the Watcher

    Living without the bonds of TV affords me the luxury of having time to read. As my third book this month, I happened to pick the Leon Uris novel, QB VII, written in the 1970s, when there was still something to be proud about in America, and when there were still enough people around who could remember the horrors of WWII.

    The story takes place in post-WWII England, and is about a libel suit brought by a Polish Nationalist doctor (Kelno), a former POW in Jadwiga concentration camp, against a Jewish-American author (Cady) who names him as performing surgeries for German doctors who were experimenting on Jewish prisoners.

    This is part of the opening statement made by the defense attorney (for Cady) in the British courtroom:

    “ “Well, as a matter of fact there were some Germans, soldiers, officers, priests, doctors, and ordinary civilians who refused to obey these orders and said, ‘I am not going to do this because I would not like to live and have this on my conscience. I’m not going to push them into gas chambers, and then say later I was under orders and justify it by saying that they were going to be pushed in by someone anyhow and I can’t stop it and other people will push them more cruelly. Therefore, it’s in their best interest that I shove them in gently.’ You see, the trouble was, not enough of these people refused.” 1”

    When my tears subsided I thought, what an amazing time to be reading this. How appropriate to what is happening in our country now.

    Day after day we see headlines about the indignities suffered by air travelers at the hands of TSA agents who are content to place their hands on the genitals of passengers of no matter what ages for their daily ration of bread (read: HFCS, MSG, GMO, etc.). And still the passengers line up for the privilege of being “man-handled” so that they can get to grandma’s house or their next business meeting a little faster instead of saying, “I am a free American and you may NOT touch me without cause,” or even, “I will not ride your airplane if I must be accosted so.”

    Day after day we see headlines about some police officer tazering an elderly citizen for asking a question, or throwing the occupant of a wheelchair to the ground to prove that he is handicapped… or killing a veteran for having a gun in his own home. And still we say, “Yes, sir” to the police and skulk away in fear, instead of saying, “Don’t do that to this person!”

    Day after day we see headlines about what a potential criminal/terrorist — someone to be suspected regardless of their actions — is the person who cites the U.S. Constitution to affirm their rights, or likes a certain political candidate, or has served his or her country in the military, or just wants to be left alone by “the system”, or has the audacity to disagree with the current administration — or who asks for acknowledgement of the truth instead of ridicule on a point of fact. And still we say, “Thank goodness you’re taking care of my safety and security, because I don’t want to get my hands dirty,” instead of saying, “I have a right to my opinion, to think my own thoughts.”

    Day after day we see headlines about the millions cheated out of their homes, loosing their jobs, forced to beg the government for poisoned food that will make their children imbeciles compared to who they could have been so that those who control the money can amass more and more for themselves, reaching orgasm at the thought of how much they have attained and how they can hold the “cattle” as slaves. And still we say, “Thank you for the job as a hamburger flipper so that I can pay you most of my wages in taxes,” instead of saying, “I will take care of my money myself.”

    Stand up. Don’t let them grope you. Don’t let them go through your car at a warrant-less checkpoint. Don’t let them search your home without cause or due process. Don’t let them control your money. TPTB’s philosophy is, if you don’t complain, nothing is wrong. Start complaining. Start deciding that you won’t allow yourself — or others — to be treated this way.

    We are at the proverbial “slippery slope”. From here it will be easy to fall into the same state as was controlled by the German nazis. The slogan of the time was, “Never Forget!” But TPTB are doing everything possible — dumbing us down, directing thought — to make us forget so that they can use the same tactics unencumbered by the ghosts of the slaughtered. Don’t allow us and our children to be next. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Just make sure the history you remember is the truth.

    Aldus Huxley is quoted as saying (paraphrased) that the ideal situation is one in which the slave is contented with his enslavement. You are an accomplice to your own enslavement. Stop being contented. Stop rationalizing your own enslavement as the best you can hope for.

    TPTB know that if you don’t resist, you are theirs to exploit in any way they see fit. Stop complying. Imagine what would happen to TPTB if we all just said, “hell, no” — no matter how gently they grab our balls.

    Through our website, placeofrefuge2012.com, we talk to far too many docile, I-have-a-million-reasons-not-to-take-action kind of people. The time to stand up is now, not as they close the gas chamber door behind you. No football game, airline flight, bus trip, concert, prom, no job, no social group is worth your human dignity — nor your freedom. Spread the word that we are enslaved by our own volition — and that it doesn’t have to be so. Stop complying now with that which is, at it essence, wrong. There is no excuse.

    “ …You see, the trouble was, not enough of these people refused.”2 ”

    1 QB VII, by Leon Uris, Copyright 1970. Bantam Books edition, published 1972, page 295

    2 Ibid.


  • Magdiel

    This nation is unfortunately getting so messed up that I am actually thinking about moving to Alaska next summer and live remote in the wilderness fishing and hunting to survive.I already bought me a rifle and a bow and arrows,fishing rods and nets,among other things preparing for my journey.I do not intend to remain here to be treated like this.

    • Tim

      That’s not as easy to do as you may think. Have you ever read about Christopher McCandless? Google that name.

      • Gary2

        that was a great book. movie only so so

  • I think lawyers have a lot to do with this issue of potential liability related to the NFL. Regardless, as with the Internet, no one has a case unless there’s strong enforcement of prevention. In other words, a web site owner is protected from defamation laws unless they begin censoring people’s posts. Therefore they are upping the ante by overreacting to the incident making them more liable then ever if another person smuggles something in. Then the security people can be sued under neglect.

    The lawyers are just finding ways of making more money for themselves exploiting fear and paranoia, that’s all this is.

  • jackieR

    I read the article that spoke of the stadium patdowns. I also read the comments. Lots of people going to sell their season tickets and no longer go to the games. The public needs to wake up and not support these invasive procedures nor the games. By not supporting these things is the only way to boycot them.

  • pauly


  • Great article! If people would band together and simply boycott any venue or event where these procedures are being carried out,then it would stop almost overnight. So sad that will never happen. In order to stand on principal and defend your freedom it requires that you leave your comfort zone, skip the flight, not attend the game, cancel the trip etc. I did an informal little survey of ten people at work when some of us were discussing this subject, and 8 out of 10 people told me ” I don’t like it but if thats what it takes to keep us safe, then I’m all for it”. How sad. So really, when the prison control grid is fully in place, and we have lost all of our rights freedom, and dignity,and we’re looking to place blame for that we can all just walk over and take a look at ourselves in the mirror.

  • DEFCONStudios


    Hegalian Dialectic at play.

    Problem (Incident(s) at NFL Games)
    Reaction (Overplaying and over exaggerating the incident(s) and building on public fears.)
    Solution (Gradual Big-Brother prison state)

  • onecansay

    Seen this coming some three decades ago. Do not know where the rest of you have been!

    The quest to keep up with Jones’ has revealed that not only does the Emperor have no clothes, neither do the slave surfs.

    “Reap what you sow.” Allowing others to think for you allows others to have dominion over you!

  • Gay Veteran

    Department of Homeland Security sounded so much better in the original German

  • James Stevens

    This is kind of the opposite side of the problem. I recently went to a rock concert at Yankee Stadium and lemme’ tell you, security was pathetic. It took an hour to get to the front of the line and there were 3 security stations to go through, each checking your ID and your ticket. After that, we had to go through two more checkpoints to actually get to our seats. At our seats, I saw people with wacky weed, flasks, pipes, and various other things that would easily had been found during a pat down. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you: THERE WERE NO PAT DOWNS! Nevermind if you had a gun on you, it was all about having the ticket. Gotta’ make sure people get paid. Sometimes they didn’t look at the ticket or the ID. They just took it, looked at me, and handed it back! (As a side note, inflation is killing entertainment too; $11 for a bad 16 oz beer and $6 for a heat lamp hot dog; tickets were $245)

    We have folks that are so bad at “security” that it doesn’t matter if there are numerous checkpoints, a “terrorist” could still sneak in a weapon.

  • mondobeyondo

    Good grief, the “security” issue has even gotten into sports now.

    Pretty soon you won’t know the difference between “play ball!” and “play with your bal… ” – oops, this is a family website, better be careful.

    Needless to say, once the “security” has patted you down, used an electronic wand all over you, and checked your pants pockets and socks for hidden hand grenades and plastic explosives, with a little help from your neighborhood police K-9, you can now get down to business, watching the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys. I feel so much “safer” now. Terrorists won’t bomb Lambeau Field. They’ll just launch their jihad at the local Wal-Mart instead. Soft targets and so forth.

    High school football, anyone??

  • bcvbnxcbv

    NFL stadiums are private property. You have no constituitonal right to go there. If they want to assure you are searched for dangerous items, it is their right.

    Are you guys really this dumb?

    • frank avila

      wrong,most nfl stadiums are owned and operated by the municipalities they are located in

  • bcvbnxcbv

    The idiot author of this article quotes Paul Joseph Goebbles, err, I mean Watson. That is enough to indicate the author is a brainwashed idiot who is utterly intellectually depraved.

  • Gary2

    Obama Millionaire’s Tax: President To Seek New Tax Rate For Wealthy

    Finally tax the MF rich and spread the wealth.

  • Salub

    security? security? this has nothing to do with your security and everything to do with your INCULCATION!!! I also suggest that everyone watch the movie ANTS, what?. Yes, ANTS. You see, in that movie the leader of the grasshoppers tells the other grasshoppers the secret – the ANTS outnumber the grasshoppers many times over, and if the ANTS ever worked that out the grasshoppers woud be finished. It is time to tell the grasshoppers that think they are our leaders that WE outnumber them many times over….

  • Aurelius 7
    • Michael

      I am very honored that others consider these articles to be newsworthy enough to post.

      I always encourage people to spread them as far and as wide as possible. The more people that see them, the more good they will do.

      One way that all of you can help out is by taking a few seconds to post these articles to Facebook, Twitter, send them out by email or vote for them on Google by using the Plus One button.


  • bcvbnxcbv

    El Pollo de Oro, you’re a *****************************.

  • A.S.

    That story what happened to that Arab/Jewish lady on the plane reminds of what happened to me once: I was almost arrested for putting on Tefillin (Phylacteries==from the Bible) on a plane. I have done this many times before, but that time, someone thought it was suspicious behavior and I was interrogated for a few minutes, luckily in the control room of that tunnel thing that connects the plane to the gate.

    In the end I was told if I were to do that again, I may be charged with a ban on flying. Hmm, I thought, I can no longer be a religious Jews on a plane! I should have sued them, but I was too traumatized by what happened.

    I don’t know what I would have done if the same thing happened to me what happened to that lady. I would called them “NAZI A-HOLES” for sure and threatened them with major law suits as an affront to the my 1st Amendment rights. There is no more Constitution. G-d help us!

    p.s. If any of you Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., are reading this, I am no longer afraid. I will sue you for billions of dollars for preventing me from being Jewish.

  • Gary2

    Ahhh – The Reagan Revolution­. Trickle, trickle.
    30 years later, the middle class virtually destroyed, our infrastruc­ture on a par with El Salvador – and the rich richer than they’ve ever been. Ever.
    I know, I know; if we’d only eliminate all taxes for job creators – everything would be fine again.

    Time to drop another job creator in the toilet.

  • Did I miss something here? Where’s a government directive/mandate in this?

    The first sentence:
    “The NFL has announced that it will be implementing “enhanced” pat-downs at all 32 NFL stadiums.” No where do I read that this “security” has been directed by the government at any level. It doesn’t appear to be akin to the airlines being required by law/regulation to comply with TSA/Fed gov directives….

    So if large numbers of people do not like being frisked before entering a stadium for a football game, then let the owners know this in no uncertain terms. Don’t buy season tickets and don’t go to the games. Watch on TV if you must,…

    There are plenty of entertainment venues where searching customer’s pockets & purses along with a mandatory patdown is not uncommon; even rejecting individuals on basis unacceptable attire is not rare. The owners are trying to avoid violence, graffiti and illegal drug usage on their property by confiscating articles (and individuals) they suspect of having those purposes.

    Bottom line: Don’t want to be frisked before being allowed into a private establishment? Don’t go there.

    Now the question gets murky when tax dollars (stolen of course from residents/visitors) are used to build sports arenas/stadiums and then the owners of clubs using those arenas mandate physical searches before entry….. Still, letting the owners know by not associating with them and their clubs is sure to get their attention. This is a purely entertainment situation; not akin to travel for business or family emergency.

  • JD

    Im so sick of football. When the greedy bastards had the strike this year it just made me so discusted I dont even give a shit anymore about it. Its a useless distraction just like the tv shows we watch. It makes grown men that have no idea whats being done to their country be pacified into complacency. If the men of this country dont grow up ther will wake up on day in a neo-facicist regime that is already underway. Wow my team won last night whoope! NOW WAKE THE HELL UP AND START FIGHTING FOR YOU CHILDRENS FUTURE YOU BUNCH OF DUMB SHEEP! WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR F**KING FANTANSY DRAFT AND START CARING ABOUT THESE NAZI THUGS THAT ARE STEALING YOUR LIFE AWAY!!!! Man, I must have grew a brain when I turned 30.

  • JD


    You sound like a real smart lady but Alaska is a brutal cold place to live. Even here in Montana the winters will KILL YOU. If you have no outdoor experience you wont last long. The only way to live in the mountains is to have a log cabin with a fireplace and have access to hunting and fishing. But bear in mind there will be thousands of others that have the same idea that you do. You will quickly find out that wildlife populations disappear when thousands of hungry people are hunting them. I wish I could offer you encouragement but best of luck.

  • Kim

    If we do not boycott the nfl,,write letters to the heads of nfl teams..boycot them if they do not put a stop to this. If we allow this people,,if we dont stand for something, we will fall for anything. Because it wont stop here,,next will be college ball..then other sporting events,,then the streets of america, shopping malls etc. we have to stop this NOW, and it will take each of us speaking out. Rise up america,,the times now

  • Golden Child

    America is already a big prison in the literal sense. One out of every ten American adults is in prison, on probation or in jail.


    I live in Maryland which is the statistically least free state in the country. The county where I live in one of the top three richest counties in America is a complete police state with dozens of police cars patrolling single roads constantly in a county with a very below average crime rate. When I first moved here in the 90’s, there were like three cops in the whole town and there was roughly the same amount of crime. What justifies a much higher police presence? You can get put in jail for up to a year for having less than a gram of marijuana in your car out here. Every single police arrest and charge carries the possibility of jail time. What the hell is wrong with America?! We have much more violent crime than most countries yet we still have the world’s largest prison population.

  • bcvbnycby, You say it’s private property and they have a right to do this? Well, “thinking people”, who will not tolerate this kind of intrusion on thier 4th amendment rights have the right not to attend. As for the question of “who’s dumb here”, I think you just cleared that up for us.

    • bcvbnxcbv

      Paul, you’re stupid.

  • karen

    This is the same thing as a CME Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun the last major CME was in 1857/58 NASA says all telegraph lines were fryed. But back then people farmed and nabor’s pitched in and helped each other today most people are worried that their nabor’s will rob them or don’t have a clue who they are, NASA web site and solar storm go check it out they say the big one is on it’s way anytime, check out space weather the sun is not a happy champer, lots of sun spots. Just think of one of the worst movies you have seen of earth destruction where nothing is left but a few people, well that is what it will be like but with nothing destroyed except power, no power what so ever. Total silence except for nature. So many people that will turn on each other, I do not like to bring this up but this has happened through-out history, people eating human I know it is sick but consider the people in cities and give them a week or so people lose it, so prepare!!!

  • karen

    Can you please transfer this reply to your other article on EMP I clicked on the wrong one thank-you.

  • Matt

    Since I left amerika more then 12 years ago,if I come to vist familly in the late great usa I fly into Mexico and then take a bus to the states(take my chances with the narcos then TSA)But the frist time I see TSA or Boarder Patrol due on the frontier like they do in airport no more vists.

  • Texan Patriot

    Taking from those who work for their wealth and giving it to those who do not is called “communism”, and it is thievery for lazy, ignorant people. They tried it in Russia and China and it didn’t work. They tried socialism in Europe and all it produced was tax slavery and chronic 10% unemployment. The envy and greed of the the American leftists must stop if this country is ever to survive.

  • Dose any one in there right mind believe that Home Land Security was put into power to protect us American”s ? Fat chance of that. They were put into power to protect the Rich.

  • If Americans are so STUPID, that they will go to an NFL game, and submit themselves to this – then, they get what they deserve. Unfortunately, so do the remainder of us, who actually know what is going on…