Did Obama Just Make A Deal With Israel To Delay The War With Iran Until After The Election?

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Barack Obama cares about Barack Obama far more than he does about either Israel or Iran.  And as far as Barack Obama is concerned, delaying the coming war between Israel and Iran until after the election is what is best for Barack Obama.  Just think about it.  If Israel attacked Iran right now, who would that please?  It would mostly please hardcore Republicans, and they are not going to vote for Obama anyway.  To independents and liberals, Obama would look like a guy that couldn’t stop war from happening in the Middle East.  If the U.S. showed support for the Israeli attack, that would greatly discourage his anti-war supporters from going to the polls.  If the U.S. did not show support for the Israeli attack, Obama would potentially lose many of the Jewish voters that he desperately needs in swing states such as Florida.  A war between Israel and Iran is a no-win situation for Obama right now, and as I wrote about yesterday, the Obama administration has been trying to discourage Israel from attacking Iran for weeks.  Well, now it is being reported in major international news sources that a deal has been reached between Obama and Israel.  Obama is going to publicly declare what the “red lines” are that will cause the U.S. to strike Iran’s nuclear program, and the U.S. military is going to send some of their most advanced bunker busting bombs to Israel.  Those bombs will come in very handy in getting at the Iranian nuclear facilities that are hidden underground.  In return, Israel has apparently agreed to delay the attack on Iran until after the election.  So would Barack Obama really play politics with war in the Middle East?  Of course he would.  Barack Obama is obsessed with winning a second term and he would make a deal with just about anyone if it will get him closer to his goal.


The Israelis really did not want to go ahead with an attack on Iran without U.S. support anyway.  They feel like time is running out to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, but without the support of the United States it would have been hard to justify an attack to the rest of the world.

So in the end, it looks like both sides are going to get what they want.  At some point there will be an attack on Iran’s nuclear program, and Obama gets it delayed until after the election.

According to Fox News, Israeli officials have admitted that they have been involved in talks with the Obama administration about Iran’s nuclear program….

Israeli officials said Tuesday they are in close discussions with the United States over how to deal with the Iranian nuclear program, seeking to ease tensions that have emerged between the two allies over a possible Israeli military strike against Iran.

The dialogue, in which Israel is looking for President Barack Obama to take a tough public position against Iran, suggests the odds of an Israeli attack in the near term have been reduced.

But I have not found a U.S. news source that is reporting on the details of the deal that has apparently been reached.  The following is from an Israeli news source….

The United States may supply Israel with advanced Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) bunker-buster bombs that can penetrate through up to 60 feet (almost 20 meters) of reinforced concrete, reports Maariv Tuesday.

This is part of a deal being worked out between the countries, which also includes the supply of refueling jets.

This equipment will make the job of demolishing Iran’s nuclear weapon production array more feasible for Israel, should it decide to do so.

In exchange for the weapons, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will agree to hold off on an independent attack until after the U.S. elections. President Barack Obama fears that a war could negatively affect his chances of being reelected. Israel, on the other hand, fears that Obama’s re-election could create diplomatic and military conditions that allow Iran to acquire the weapon it needs for killing millions of Israelis.

The latest generation of bunker busting bombs is reportedly unlike anything that has ever been seen before.  The following is how a recent Wired article described them….

It’s an absolutely ginormous bomb designed to convince rogue regimes that there is no redoubt for the manufacture of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons buried deep enough to escape the U.S. Air Force.

Reportedly, the U.S. Air Force has spent approximately 200 million dollars developing these bombs.

In addition, the Israeli government has been pressuring Obama to take a firm public stand against Iran, and it looks like that is about to happen.

According to the Telegraph, Barack Obama will shortly announce the “red lines” that would cause the U.S. to launch a military strike against Iran.

But of course none of those “red lines” will be crossed until after the election in November.

You can take that one to the bank.

Obama is a political animal and he is going to do what is best for his political career.

So why aren’t we hearing about this deal between Obama and Israel in the U.S. media?

Well, it is because the U.S. media is so busy covering all of the other important news items of the day.  Just check out some of the headlines that I pulled off of major U.S. news websites earlier today….

“Katie Couric’s new talk show digs a little deeper”

“Michelle Obama on how she’ll pick DNC dress”

“When exercise equipment lies”

“Kelly Ripa reveals new ‘Live!’ co-host”

“Heidi and Seal Top Hollywood’s Nastiest Divorces”

“Ready for iPhone 5? Apple is”

“Prince Harry steps out for first time since scandal”

In America, the media tells us what the news is going to be, and the American people accept it.  The media is dominated by just a handful of incredibly powerful corporate conglomerates, so the news is actually not that hard to control.

I would think that it would be important for the American people to know that the date for the war with Iran has been pushed back until after the election because Obama wanted it that way, but obviously the big news networks disagree with me.

What do all of you think?

  • Juan

    I am not convinced that war is inevitable, or in the making as you put it. But if it seems that our next president is aiming to take it that way (which would likely happen no matter who won since it is all staged anyways and the president is just a figurehead), maybe American citizens including the soldiers who are also American citizens could just choose to not follow the orders of corrupted politicians anymore? I guess maybe that kind of resolve is gone from humanity at this point, but you never know. As far as I can see, Obama is the first person in a while who has tried talking to them crazy folk over there without involving guns or missiles.

    • 21st Century Pluotcracy

      Juan, but here’s the thing with that theory.

      It is the “corrupt politicians” that signs the paychecks for these soldiers that you suggest should revolt. These soldiers still depend on those paychecks to put food in their children’s mouths.

      We can preach about the humanitarianism crap all day long. But when the day ends, if a solider has to choose between following a “corrupt politician’s” orders (which could even mean detaining you without trial and jury and killing you blind) and losing that paycheck their children depend on for food everyday because they chose not to follow the corrupt politician’s orders, which option do you think they’re going to select?

  • the media is the forth branch of the government

  • Eisenkreutz

    Obama is such a jerk. Stupid megalomaniac and his merry band of media cretins. Egghead academic.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Oh Barack, work your magic! You know, that voodoo that you do!

    *ahem* We’re going to be at war with Iran by this time next year. :(

  • Airborne71

    Israel cannot wait much longer or it will be nuked , Ima nut job has said over and over again he will wipe Israel off the map, does anybody in our government understand that ? I think not.

    • Randome-11

      Such a nuttyahoo spazmo fan to the max!


      Here ya go.

    • Gay Veteran

      that is pure garbage, quit buying into the corporate media propaganda

      and btw, what did over 4400 dead American troops in Iraq buy us?

      Iran Supplying Syrian Military via Iraqi Airspace


      thank you neo-con warmongers

      • whoisbiggles

        Yet another unintended consequence.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “thank you neo-con warmongers”

        Oh ************, there he goes again.

        For those that are actually interested, the democrat party has gotten us into every war this country has been involved in except Iraq, Afghan and Kuwait (the firt gulf war).

        And yea, goober, Ahmadinejad actually has said Israel should be wiped off the map Several times.

        Oh oh, the crazy right wing nutbags at the NY Ties said so.

        ala the anti defamation league.

        “A new Middle East will definitely take shape, but with the grace of God and the help of the nations in this new Middle East, there will be no American or Zionist presence in it.”

        any freedom lover and justice seeker in the world must do its best for the annihilation of the Zionist regime in order to pave the path for the establishment of justice and freedom in the world…”

        Me thinks you democrats are going for revisionism to provide some cover for getting into bed with these islamist nutbags.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          if only I could spell ‘NY Times’

          • Randome-11

            I recall Kuntchnev saying he was going to bury you

            did it happen?

            Quite wetting your pants.

        • Randome-11


          Nope, sorry to burst your warmonger bubble but he didn´t.

          • zen

            So according to the source you provided, the actual interpretation of what Ahmadinejad said about Israel is:

            “This occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the arena of time.”

            Does that sound like any less of a threat to you? It seems to me that a nation being “wiped off a map”, or forced to “vanish from the arena of time” is pretty much the same threat. Glad you could clear that up.

          • Vivisector-Unit 371

            Nope, a nation is not a regime.

            Last time Iran/Persia started a war? 1798. When did Nadir Shah live? 1688-1747.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You can post that as many times as I can go post those quotes from the Anti defamation league. I’ll believe the likes of MEMRI and ADL over some leftist any day. Sorry sparky, he’s said it NUMEROUS times.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Oh BTW, the democrat party, having gotten us into damn near every war since the war of 1812, are the real warmongers. You can throttle back on that conservatives are warongers nonsense because I’ll be sure to post the list every time you try that lie.

          • Vivisector-Unit 371

            As it is, it isn´t just leftists (or muslims) that states that. Pick up a dictionnary.

            What of the ADL? They are just as subjective on this subject as leftists are on subjects such as the defense of illegal immigrants, Kosh brothers or “gay” rights.

            Last time Iran started a war? 1798. Last aggressive Persian ruler? Nadir Shah, 1688-1747.

            Ahmadinejad´s strategy is that israel and the US bankrupt themselves with military spending, former would have to choose between anti-missile systems and settlements.

            So no, it isn´t the Iranians who intend to start it, they aren´t the ones currently developping nuclear weapons, they aren´t the ones who would profit from an Iranian-israeli war.

        • Gay Veteran

          do you think it actually matters who was president when the wars start???

          poor Malcolm, just doesn’t understand the BIpartisan nature of DC: empire abroad and the national security & surveilance state at home

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            “do you think it actually matters who was president when the wars start??? …just doesn’t understand the BIpartisan nature of DC”

            Are you kidding me with that?! You poor idiot lefties are non-stop ‘Bush the war criminal and his illegal wars’ and ‘Republican warmongers’

            The truth is that you stupid leftists are all up in people’s faces with ‘its all them evil republicans fault’ until someone can refute how stupid you are and then all of a sudden it doesn’t matter.

          • Vivisector-Unit 371

            Yeah, Romney is essentially Obama + more military spendings and more bailouts, SHTF comes faster.

        • Gay Veteran

          The Message From Both Parties Is That Americans Are Disposable ~ Paul Craig Roberts

          “…Most credible foreign policy experts, none of which either political party has, believe that Washington has thrown away US “soft power” by its obvious lies and unjustified military attacks on seven Muslim countries, its encirclement of Russia with missile bases, and its encirclement of China with air, naval, and troop bases.

          In other words, Washington’s moral force no longer exists. All that exists is financial and military force, and both will fail as they are insufficient.

          Neither party asked why the US is at wars with Muslims for Israel. Why should Americans be losing lives and limbs for Israel while going broke and running up enormous war debts for our children and grandchildren? The answer from both parties is to blame the country’s bankruptcy on what Washington does for its own economically disenfranchised citizens. America’s financial problems are all the fault of Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, housing subsidies, Pell grants–any and every thing that gives a leg up to the non-one percent….”


        • Rhynn

          For those who are actually interested, the Democratic Party is the one that represented the rich. The 1%. The group of people that middle-upper class arrogant jagoffs love to think they are a part of when it’s time to mock and smirk at public uproar over Wall Street but in actuality are far from a part of.

          The GOP was formed to oppose the spread of slavery beyond the original Southern slave states. So essentially, the smug BS being peddled by Republicans who think they are opposing the “Welfare Party” don’t know half the US history they play at knowing, and might want to do something about that before shooting off their mouths.


          For those who think “vanishing from the pages of time” is the same threat as being annihilated with malice and forethought? Pull your heads out and review:

          The dinosaurs vanished from the “pages of time”.

          Stars become red giants, collapse, and turn into antimatter thus vanishing from “the pages of time”.

          Over 95% of the animal species that have ever inhabited the Earth are now extinct. Most went extinct before any humans were here to hasten their disappearance. There was no deliberation. They simply didn’t make the cut. They vanished from the pages of time.

          The Nazis were annihilated with malice and forethought.

          See the difference yet dumdums? There is natural progression – the elimination of something that simply cannot exist forever. Its demise can be hastened, but it is an eventuality that will occur on its own. Then there is the deliberate forced removal of something with no regard for its natural place in the order of things. Two – different – ideals.

          You dumdums catching onto this yet? Don’t have all day for you to fumble around and figure it out.

    • Rhynn

      Dumb as a bag of hammers. You’ve got a problem with nuclear tech in Iran? Find out who in Corporate America took out this ad bragging about having something to do with it:


      And for the last damned time. The lies about the translation of that “wiped off the map” crap have been debunked.

  • Randy

    I supported the concept of Israel but after seeing it in action the past 40 years it was obviously a mistake. I am beginning to understand why God sent them to be lost in the dessert and why the world has despised them for 2000+ years. After seeing the way they have treated the Palestinians first hand and hate to say it but they deserve what ever retched fate befalls them. The IDF has even admitted they foster a culture of abuse against Palestinian children and abuse them regularly.

    Child abuse is more than enough reason for me to toss them to the wolves they have spent 50 years kicking…………

    • Gay Veteran

      Malcolm: “The truth is that you stupid leftists are all up in people’s faces with ‘its all them evil republicans fault’ until someone can refute how stupid you are and then all of a sudden it doesn’t matter.”

      poor Malcolm, you don’t get out much, do you? there are many of us on the left who recognize Obama as being just as evil as Bush

  • A.S.

    You think Israel is stupid enough to take this deal? Israel will attack when it feels the end is near regardless of who says it shouldn’t attack. It has been determined a long time ago Obama is pure evil. And to Christians, he is the anti-christ. So, let him lose the election. Heck, he doesn’t need an election to begin with. He has a mount of executive orders that will make him king of the U.S. forever. Let’s hope and pray that the U.S. will stand by Israel unconditionally; if not, then Biblical prophecy will destroy the U.S. more than it has ever seen in all its history.

    • lil

      It is another trick! He hates Israel because he is a Muslim. Hail King Obama~ sheesh

    • NorthernCanuck

      “Let’s hope and pray that the U.S. will stand by Israel unconditionally; if not, then Biblical prophecy will destroy the U.S. more than it has ever seen in all its history.” I see that A.S. is back with his phoney Talmudic fearmongering and threats, trying to scare Americans into supporting Israel in all of its evil acts lest worse than ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE be supernaturally visited on America!

      A.S. – you are a blatant false prophet, an occupier of stolen land and merely a descendant of Turkic Khazar converts to Judaism. All of that means that the land is not yours and nor are the Biblical promises. Your *********** secular political contrivance will inevitably disappear. You’d be better off getting ready for that rather than wasting your time issuing dire phoney warnings of judgement to Americans.

      ************ Israel is finished already – you just haven’t realized it yet.

    • Gay Veteran

      you Israelis can defend yourselves without our troops, our arms, our money

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Oh, so you DO support ISraelis killing any and all terrorists, no matter if those terrorists choose to hide behind their own women and children while they try blowing up Israeli civilians?

    • Michael

      Why does israel need our help if “god” is on their side? You talk a lot of crap, but can’t back it up.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        I guess the only time you stupid leftists are able to pretend the reality of the world stage means absolutely nothing is when it gives you a chance to show off your anti-semitism.

        • Gay Veteran

          yeah, because if you don’t kiss the *** of the neo-conservative regime in Israel then you’re antisemitic

          if you want to fight for Israel then go to Israel and join their army

        • Vivisector-Unit 371

          You stupid leftists just be antisemit!

          That would be your Wall of China, even more overused than Jesse Jackon´s race card.

          Nor would it work against a real antisemit. You never heard of the tale of the boy who cried wolf when you where little?

          It never occured to you arabs have much more semitic ancestry than jews?

      • Gay Veteran

        considering the Holocaust, if god is on there side then who needs enemies

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          God is on no man’s side. We are supposed to be on His side. And where did God ever tell the Israelis that no harm would ever come to them? Yea, point to that spot in the Bible because I missed that.

    • Vivisector-Unit 371

      “Let’s hope and pray that the U.S. will stand by Israel unconditionally; if not, then Biblical prophecy will destroy the U.S. more than it has ever seen in all its history.”

      WOW, just WOW! “Anti-semites” will thank you for backing them up.

    • Rhynn

      This is the biggest load of poppycock I’ve seen to date next to your icon A.S. Proof positive that you’ve most definitely left out the second “S”.

      It’s been determined that Obama is “pure evil”? Thanks Father Merrin. Beg questions much at the back of the short bus?

      Israel will attack regardless of who says it shouldn’t? Why shouldn’t Israel be attacked then regardless of who says they shouldn’t? You know since we’re wiping our asses with UN Charters and such forbidding attacks on the populations of other sovereign nations.

      To Christians he’s the anti-Christ? I know Christians who say the same thing about Santa Claus. Put another way, who gives a damn what Christians think? Aren’t Christians the people who act like fools 6 days a week then come crawling into church on the 7th to beg forgiveness? I see precious little to trust in their doctrine.

      Look here. I can pull bums off of every street corner in America who’ll swear up and down they’ve been “chosen” for something. Difference between them and that simp warmonger Netinblahoo is that those bums don’t play at sending MY kids to die making sure everyone else respects such “choices”.

  • Jason

    I doubt if BO would attack even after the election. This looks like a face saving solution for Nuttyahoo.

    Think about it for 1 moment. If the US attacks Iran then several things will happen:

    1) Price of oil will explode leading to economic

    2) China, Russia, possibly syria will all come to
    iran’s help. This could lead to WW3.

    3) Iran uses asymetric warfare against stretched
    US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    4) With the Intaglio printing press given to the Iranians during the time of the Shah, Iran prints
    trillions of dollars causing the dollar to crash!!

    5) Iran smuggles into the US biological weapons to wreck havoc. Think what a few letters of anthrax did in 2001.

    6) From a purely moral point of view destroying another countries nuclear facilities is repugnant. (So the US is saying to the world that if U want your independance from us then U can’t have science laboratories to better yourself.)

    7) There is no evidence that Iran is builing a
    bomb. If there was it would be on the front page of the NY times.

    8) Israel’s real reason is for the US to smash Iran to a pulp like it did to Iraq so that israel has no rivals in the M.E. Israel can then acquire more land, possibly South lebanon for both Liebensraum and water supplies.

    Regards Jase.

  • DEFCONStudios


    Even the MOP cannot penetrate successfully some of the more hardened Iranian nuclear sites.


    [quote]Pentagon’s joy at getting tons of money for a bigger, badder bomb was, apparently, premature. Iran claims to have invented “super concrete” – of a type that will stop the Massive Ordnance Penetrator from penetrating… well, anything.
    Iran is known for being one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world. As a result, their scientists have gotten really good at creating ultra-high performance concrete, or UHPC, which is one of the toughest and most rigid building materials in the world. And like any dual-use technology, it can have military applications as well – something the Iranians are keen to utilize.What they’ve done is the exact opposite of that age-old adage: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But it will allegedly allow Iran to effectively stop any potential bombing of strategic facilities that are in the Pentagon’s scope. No breaking, no fixing. Just good old stonewalling of the literal variety.[/quote]

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Iran is known for being one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world. As a result, their people have gotten used to dying by the tens of thousands in moderate earthquakes.”

      There, I fixed it for you.

      • Rhynn

        Like those F5 tornados fixed your trailer park for you.

        Nature rocks.

  • Jodi

    This is BS. Obama makes me sick and he’ll do anything to get elected. He has never shown any respect for Israel. We were so stupid to elect this guy in the first place. He is a liar, cheat, thief, arrogant, extremely selfish, and shameless.

    • Randome-11

      “He has never shown any respect for Israel.”

      Actually yes, he have but should he? Should anyone? Nope.

    • Rhynn

      Jodi, he just handed Israel more money in one day for buying shiny new missiles than you’d make at your job if you’d started with Jesus in the next cubicle over. Meanwhile, states in your own country are bankrupt with police forces basically claiming that until someone gets murdered they’ve got better uses for their money than the paper they’d need to fill out a police report. What is respect to you, exactly?

      His opponent meanwhile, just got through going on record with the statement that there is no American security priority higher than the protection of some warmongering country 10K miles away from here known to have attacked our assets in the past, from dangers presented by a country that hasn’t attacked anyone in over two centuries.

      Make sure to come back after your home invasion robbery and subsequent visit to a station full of police who are shrugging their shoulders about your plight like horses with flies.

  • William

    Israel has NOT signed the NPT and has hundreds of nuclear weapons made from nuclear materials and equipment stolen from America. Why not attack Israel, as the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty in June 1967, killing 34 Americans and wounding 171?????

  • Dave Webb

    After the Republican mistake Tuesday, Obama, will most certainly win re-election. The Republican side has chosen dictatorship over legitimate differences of view. I feel that half the Republican party will be in objection to how things were done. Ron Paul had 11,000 people in Florida. Well, the news is they mean nothing to the Republican machine. Someone forgot that all those people have a vote at the Voting Booth in November. So no matter what corruption they have made of the Republican Party, all those people have a vote.They are angry at what happened and the change in rules. But blatent misuse of the chair and voting counts will tear the party apart. It was a very obvious misuse and it will cost them in November.
    Everything said here about the Democratic Candidate is probably true. It does not matter. The opposition at this point has proven themselves to be worse.
    Is Boehner up for re-election? If he is, fellow Ohioans, please vote him out of office. I always thought the man was doing a good job. That he was as honest as a politician is capable of being. Until now, I just watched his behavior at the Tampa convention.That is reason enough to get him out of office as soon as possible.He is on the wrong side of this thing. The mistake is going to cost Romney the election. It isn’t the democratic candidate that did this. It is the people behind Mr. Romney and it looks like cheating to me. The only thing a Republican or Democrat has to get re-elected is his honest name. When behavior like this is exhibited, that name goes out the window. He is not electable.
    Israel may just postpone going to war with Iran. Would someone like to comment on why there are Chinese Navy people in the Gulf right now? Or why the Russians have chosen to withdraw their embassies from the region? No? Probably haven’t even heard about it. But that is what is happening. Whether Israel acts or doesn’t act, the area is now a hot bed. The major powers are involved, not just ours either.
    Obama is on that hot seat, whether he wants to be or not. My own feeling on the matter is withdraw. Let the Iranians alone for now. I feel the enemy is not Iran. The enemy is the many foreign powers starting to get involved with the conflict coming.
    We had nuclear power here in the Ohio Valley for years. It is not all it is cracked up to be. Any accountant can show you the liabilities of this source of energy. What do you do with the waste products that are radioactive for the next 1000 years? They have to be stored in a unit that is better than the pyramids structurally or it will come back to haunt you big time some where down the road. Look at Japan and the problems they are currently having, or Russia with their atomic plant gone wrong. Why anyone would want atomic weapons is beyond me. A major natural event could put all our lives in jeopardy using this technology. Even if you use nuclear weapons in war, it comes back in the form of radioactive clouds to destroy your own people. Yet, even after all that history lesson in Ohio(neclear cost the local power companies a lot of money), major politicians want Nuclear Power Plants. I think it is crazy thinking on their part. I think it is even crazier on the part of Iran, Korea, and others to pursue this technology when the dangers are well known.
    The world’s authority on weapons is Janeway. At least my meager knowledge says so. Janeway deals with existing weapons and technology that is not secret to anyone.
    Janeway can probably show you weapons of mass destruction that do not use nuclear power. Nuclear bombs are so 1945. This is 2012. In that time frame, a lot has changed. We have got to have better weapons now than in 1945. Even if they are all top secret,logic would say we have developed something much better in that period of time that does not use radioactive materials. For one thing we have robotic devices that have revolutionized common soldiers everywhere.This site has articles on what is going on. It is not really a secret. Atomic weapons are obsolete.
    So why does Iran insist? I think they are on top of a very unstable government. Their only hope of staying in power is to have a threat of war constantly. They have been doing this for a good number of years. Fighting Iraq used to be their thing. Now we have made that impossible. Iran’s government needs an enemy to stay in power. The trick is to have an enemy worth fighting but not strong enough to win against you. I suggest they need Israel to provide that enemy for them. Not only does that do the trick, they are not Muslim, so they can ask for help from their Muslim brothers in other nations near by. The motivation is to stay in power.
    Provide them with an easy enemy and they will happily go to war with that enemy for years to come.

    • Gary2

      Dude–I thought Janeway was captian of the star trek starship Voyager which was lost in the Delta quadrent for a number of years before coming home.

    • Virginia

      I tend to agree with you on many points made. Nuclear weaponry is so 1945. What you said about Iran is true. They just have to have a beef with someone and so it is Israel now. If we got into it, we might be sorry because that would bring Russia into the picture and they have weaponry that would knock the socks off the world, Scalar EM gravitational wave weaponry. The Russians are the only people on the planet that have this technology now.
      http://www.prahlad.org/pub/bearden/scalar_wars.htm. This is the stuff we need to be concerned about.

  • jsmith

    If the Japanese are having a hard time containing their nuclear “accident” and are not telling us the total truth, what would happen when one or two nations (US & Israel) deliberately target the Iranian nuclear facilities? Besides contaminating large areas of Iran including the oil facilities, wouldn’t the contamination spread to other countries like Pakistan and India? Perhaps a coalition of Russia, China and India with some sanity as opposed to the United States and Israel, can stop this madness!

  • lee

    WOW !

    It is amazing how posts here usally lineup pretty good, but the anti-Israel faction sure do show up when anything with a pro-Israel slant gets posted.

    Right, this whole thing with Iran, Gaza, Egypt and everyone else is all Israels fault; sure.

    On topic:
    I sure hope Israel got more weapons than it can carry and got Obama to sign in front of witnesses that he’d back up Israel 100% if he wins.

    IMO, Isreal probably decided they could wait and going sooner might convince enough people to not change presidents in the middle of a war and were able to wrangle some weapons out of Obama at the same time. If that’s true, good for Israel.

    • DownWithLibs

      If you think this is bad, just mention Jesus’ name in a site like Yahoo and get your butt handed to you!! All biblical prophesy unfolding. Actually warms my heart…Gods word is TRUE!!! Pray for the “haters” in here. They have clearly cast their lot in the wrong direction.

    • Rhynn

      You say this as though there is anything in America publicized without a Pro Israel slant.

      I’m not even going to waste anymore time with another Israel apologist save to say you need to crack open a history book. But before that if you could kindly write down what exactly it is that Israel has done for you personally that’s worth your kid or mine dying for? I’d sure like to know what it is.

      Unless of course you’re one of those pieces of flotsam like Romney and the rest of his neocon jackass friends who are all in on sending someone else’s kid to die for their bank balance sheets but keep their own kids so far from the front you’d think it was on another planet.

      It’s so easy to tell the cowards who haven’t experienced the first thing about the wars they send other people to fight in.

  • chizeled

    Obama is just trying to bide time until after the election when he, with the help of the EU and UN, will divide Israel and give parts of it to the Vatican and Islamic caliphate via the Palestinians. Obama will then play out his messiah complex by pretending to be the Mahdi.

    Obama to Palestinians: Delay statehood until election over: http://www.wnd.com/2012/08/obama-to-palestinians-delay-statehood-until-election-over/

    Romney endorses Palestinian state: http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=10955

    • Joe Bloe

      Well said.

    • Gay Veteran

      chizeled, are you high?

  • Jackson B

    I’d bet my savings on a Nov. 6th strike. Just wait until then, when Israel is sure who they are dealing with in the US

  • Joel Hughes

    Jesus and the OT prophets warned us all this would happen. the question is when. I believe the road map to peace in the middle east is the road to armageddon. I also believe the next major event is the Rapture of the church. war or no war

  • NorthernCanuck

    Michael, ease up on this. The Israelis are inviting everyone else to drink their Iran Kool-Aid but have NO intention of drinking it by themselves.

    Iran is NO threat to anyone. Note that it is ISRAEL which keeps threatening to attack IRAN, not the other way around.

    The US military brass are getting sick of Israel. The US intelligence community are getting sick of Israel. The nations of the world are getting sick of Israel.

    Every time you pound this drum about a coming ‘attack’ by Israel on Iran you help to further their propaganda, which is based on lies and fear.

    Christians should not be supporting a rabidly anti-Christian and warmongering state, anyway…

    “Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them”

  • Randome-11

    “In return, Israel has apparently agreed to delay the attack on Iran until after the election.”

    Q: How do you say ******************** in hebrew?
    A: Trust me.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “World war is already going on. When all else fails—after the bankers have robbed us blind and in public—they take you to war. And they’re taking us to war now.” —Gerald Celente

    Indeed they are. I’m still predicting that Mitt “Wall Street” Romney will enjoy a minor victory over Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama in November, although I might be wrong. But Romney or Obama, The Banana Republic of America (the Third World horror movie that used to be Gli Stati Uniti) will be going to war in Iran. And when that happens, say hello to World War III.

    Gerald Celente on Israel attacking Iran: “This will unite the entire Middle East against Israel. This will be so hellish. We won’t have to talk about the price of corn or the price of tea in China. This is going to be World War III. I dread it. I fear it if it happens.”

    “You see the price of oil and the price of gold now? If they attack Iran, you’re going to see a bloodbath in the Middle East.” —Gerald Celente

    “The neoconservative propaganda that America is the indispensable nation with a right to world hegemony sounds a lot like Deutschland uber alles.” —Paul Craig Roberts

    “The conservative movement of today is a Bizarro World version of the historical doctrine of the American right, which up until the 1950s, was anti-imperialist as well as anti-government.”—Justin Raimondo

    “Whereas the conservative middle class once cheered the circumscribing of the federal government, it now celebrates power and adores the central state, particularly its military wing.”—Lew Rockwell

    “Death is what ‘your’ government in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats, are bringing you. Both parties are driven by the neoconservatives who believe that American hegemony over the world is worth nuclear war to accomplish. If these dangerous ideologues continue to prevail, life on earth has a very short-run prospect.”—Paul Craig Roberts

    “Los Estados Unidos has turned into a banana republic, a fascist banana republic. That’s what’s happened to America. I’m not making this up. The facts are there for anyone who cares to look at them.” —Gerald Celente

    “I see the beginning of World War III. This will be so hellish.”—Gerald Celente

    Hellish is right. Israel attacks Iran; the BRA escalates the conflict by jumping in on the side of Israel, Middle Eastern countries jump in on the side of Iran. Bienvenidos todos a World War III, which is what the fascist neocons have been longing for—and they will get their way under either a Romney regime or a continuation of the Obama regime.

    For years, Celente, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell, Gary Johnson and Justin Raimondo have been warning us about the bloodlust of the neocons. So has Patrick Buchanan, who isn’t a libertarian but is a paleoconservative on foreign policy. They have warned us that the imperialism of the neocons will bankrupt this country, and they’re right.

    Get ready for The Greatest Depression (which will make the 1930s look like a picnic), get ready for the total financial collapse of the BRA and much of Europe, and get ready for World War III. These are dark, dark times we’re living in.

    • Gary2

      el pollo–on what do you base your prediction of mittens winning? I think Mittens was picked to loose. remember he has been running for office for seversal years and looses.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gary2 in Wisconsin–Like I said, I might be wrong about Romney having a narrow victory. This is shaping up to be a very close election. Incumbents, as a rule, get voted out of office when the economy is in the toilet (Carter, Bush Sr., Hoover). The exception was FDR. Plus, the corporations are pumping tons of money into Romney’s campaign. But I’ll be the first to admit that my Romney prediction is going against two great minds: Gerald Celente and Justin Raimondo. Both of them predict an Obama victory. Raimondo believes that the Republicans are throwing the fight by nominating Romney because they know that a massive economic crash lies ahead–and they want Obama to take the blame. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in November. I predicted a McCain victory in 2008…….good thing I didn’t make any bets. But in 2004, I called every state except Wisconsin.

        My response to Justin Raimondo’s throwing-the-fight theory is that if the GOP really wanted to throw the fight, they would have nominated Ayatollah Santorum. He would have lost the general election by a landslide. But then, maybe nominating Santorum would have made it too obvious that the Rethugs wanted to lose.

  • Maxx


  • Franklin Paredes

    About Iran nuclear sites (Elam?).

    Note that it comes after the Damascus,(Arpad the inland in front of Tartus)

    Jeremiah 49:23Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted; there is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet.

    24Damascus is waxed feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear hath seized on her: anguish and sorrows have taken her, as a woman in travail.

    25How is the city of praise not left, the city of my joy!

    26Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, and all the men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the LORD of hosts.Jeremiah 49:35 Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Behold, I will break the bow of Elam, the chief of their might.

    And Jeremiah
    49:36 And upon Elam will I bring the four winds from the four quarters of heaven, and will scatter them toward all those winds; and there shall be no nation whither the outcasts of Elam shall not come.

    If the US is not among these 4 winds, what or who is going to destroy Iran nuclear sites?.
    Four angels instead of 4 nations?

    Franklin Paredes

  • Gary2

    Again I say let them fight each other. We can deal with the winner. I do not give a ****** about either country and NO American lives are worth sacrifacing for Isreal or Iran. This is another war of choice. We have to stop being the police to the world.

    • Michael


      You always criticize other readers for not caring about others.

      Why don’t you care about people in other countries?

      We should love all people no matter where they are from.


      • Gary2

        If you care about the deficit then we need to stop being the worlds policeman and worry about taking care of our own citizens. The other countries can take care of them selves.

        • Kevin


          Your correct looking at the world at face value. I agree with you regarding your idea being preferred.

          The problem is the US economy is predicated upon the USD maintaining reserve currency status. At one time that status was for sound economic reasons. Too often now it’s maintained because of the ability and willingness of the US to use military force. This is especially true for oil producing nations that don’t have a big brother to stand behind.

          As bad as the above is anarchy is worse. If the US abandoned it’s policeman position another nation or group of nations would fill the vacuum. That is not a pretty thought.

          As much as I dislike the position the US is in I do understand it. What I don’t understand is the US manufacturing evisceration. Without a maintaining a strong industrial base with the good employment it provides political stability is problematic. Wealth creation declines along with governmental revenues while domestic expenditures increase. These expenditures will result in a cut in “defense” spending.

          I can’t figure out the logic when long term plans pull in opposing directions. The only logical conclusion I can see is the grand plan of RAPIDLY financially elevating the third world (or second at best) has spun out of control.

          • Randome-11

            In any case, it is a rotting, decaying house that ought to be kicked down, not propped up.

      • Gay Veteran

        Michael, then you don’t value the lives of Israelis over others then?

        • Michael

          I love everyone. I love people living in Israel, I love people living in Iran and I love people living in the United States.


      • HecatesMoon

        Because before we go around putting our noses in everyone else’s business, telling other countries what they should or shouldn’t be doing, what kind of government they should have, fighting wars, and handing out money to other countries, especially countries that don’t even like us (though understandably) we need to be focusing on our own house first.

    • vancouver mark

      Gary 2 continually denies God and mocks His Word. Such actions can only further harden his heart. As Gary continues to get older and closer to death the mounting despair inside him will become a grave shadow over his every word and action, and he will lose more and more capacity to care and love, getting uglier and even more insufferable.

      The good news, Gary, is that it is still not too late. God’s love is so great he is still ready to forgive all of your spite and spittle if you would only turn away from the darkness and repent.

      • DownWithLibs

        Well said!!! And all true!!!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      So you support getting the US out of the UN?

  • No way

    Israel can go this one alone. We have enough of our own problems here in the US and the last thing we need is to fight another war. The best intelligence suggests that Iran does not have the nuke, only the US and Israel say they do and AIPAC will breathe down the neck of any ‘leader’ whether it’s Obama or Romney until they get their way. If they are ‘God’s chosen people’ I’m sure God doesn’t need us to fight their war. Aside from that, last I checked the US and Israel are always picking fights whereas Iran has minded its own business for the last 200 or so years. So what if they have a nuke? Are we so dumb to beleive that the minute they have it they will shoot it off? LOL! I don’t believe in this Christian Zionism nonsense simply because it is a horrible misintrepreted indoctrination and secondly how can a people be ‘God’s chosen people’ of they have to come to Christ? The Christian’s are technically God’s chosen peoeple and Israel is a mostly secular nation. I believe this thread destroys the idea of ‘chosen-ness’ and we need to get rid of this idea of supremacism of any kind as it is bad for humanity. http://forums.carm.org/vbb/printthread.php?t=39284&s=606260bf7fad8dd3b6dd430233208849&pp=10&page=1 Christian Zionismm and Israel are about to cause WWIII! This is nutts!

    • Randome-11

      “If they are ‘God’s chosen people’ I’m sure God doesn’t need us to fight their war.”

      Good point, lol!

  • Michael

    One of our sponsors wanted me to let you all know that if you use coupon code SEPEOTAD you can get 10 percent off on all orders of $50 or more at Ready Reserve Foods….


  • Gene Conway

    Obama doesn’t give a damn about Israel except that Jews make up a significant demographic here and a heavily disproportional number occupying seats in the government. He doesn’t want to piss them off before the election.


  • This promise to Israel from a man who approved, in Detroit, the Democratic platfrom that included no mention of Jerusalem as capital of Israel and didn’t add it in until a massive outcry from the conservative media.

    Why Obama made that promise to israel…were his lips moving?

  • sonofliberty

    And the winner is…you guessed it, IRAN. The purported president of the United States just bought Iran another 2-3 months to further their effort. That is plenty of time to get more uranium from Mongolia and hardware from North Korea.

    • Rhynn

      To form what? An agreement with Israel based on the same principles that kept the US and Russia out of nuclear war. Mutually Assured Destruction.

      Can’t think of a better scenario than neither side thinking they can throw their weight around and survive.

  • David Hammond

    Michael – can you write an article about Quantitative Easing? We’ve been hearing a lot lately how the federal reserve is going to print up some more money. Is there a way you can give us ideal where that money goes, what is it intending on achieving, and the harm it does to our nation in the long term? I’ve been reading that QE3 is going to start this week or soon.


  • proOBAMA

    Good Grief. Obama this, Obama that! I suppose Obama is the cause of massive obesity too! Wake up to our own issues. Are you all so blind that you did not see us collapse in 08? As he took office? Did you forget Bush & CO? Or Clinton? Or the last, what, 70 years of lies and deceit? This so-called mess were in is OUR fault, for living-it-up and not paying attention. For letting Unions basically run the country, for letting Disney put ‘a wonderful world’ in our kids heads, for letting music/sports distort reality, for letting computers/cellphones give us absolutely no social skills. Get it? What will you do when the shelves are empty? Or you need to call 911 but there are no services? Where will you get water when pubic utilities are cut off for days or more? How about when you can’t afford/get medicines? [already happening in greece/spain] Get it? Well, don’t blame this mess on one person. And personally, I don’t give a crap if they make a ******* glass crater out of Iran or Israel….

    • DownWithLibs

      I see you are conveniently forgetting that Bush was lame in ’06 to ’08. It was the DEMS that were in control for Bush’s last 2 years. Yes, convenient indeed!

      • Gay Veteran

        right, Bush was powerless, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rhynn

        Here comes the Republican Bull********Express down the tracks right on time.

        Well you’re right about one thing. Bush sitting in that chair looking like he got caught with his knickers in the wrong position while those planes flew into the trade center. He looked really ************* lame.

  • NorthernCanuck

    “US Navy Warned of Attack by Israel

    The US Navy AEGIS Destroyer, Nicknamed the USS Rachel Corrie, Warned of Attack


    by Gordon Duff,
    Senior Editor,
    Veterans Today.

    It was 1967 when Israeli planes bombed and strafed the USS Liberty for hours, machine-gunning life rafts, peppering the 20 foot “stars and stripes” with machine gun holes, napalming, torpedoes, one of most dastardly sneak attacks on a virtually unarmed ship since Pearl Harbor in 1941.

    The US had scheduled a major exercise with multiple AEGIS surface to air “killer ships” many months ago but decided to put off the exercise because of Israeli interference in the US election and the deteriorating relationship with Israel over Iran.

    Now we are told only one ship will be used and very few troops. This news came in before the President ordered language removed from the Democratic Party platform supporting Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as a capitol of a Jewish only state.

    The fight over this issue has raged on the floor of the Democratic Convention held, this year, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Now, Veterans Today has learned that naval personnel in the upcoming exercise have “shoot to kill” orders if approached by unknown aircraft, even if clearly marked as “Israeli.”

    Sources near the president are quoted:

    “Netanyahu’s gang bought Romney with 30 pieces of silver, getting him to agree to invade Iran if elected. This, in light of the Israeli court finding of “not guilty” for the murderers of Rachel Corrie, the young American woman mutilated by an IDF driven Caterpillar bulldozer sent us a message. We heard it loud and clear, as loud as the screaming insults Netanyahu tried to leash upon General Martin Dempsey last week until the general made a few issues clear.

    Whatever America’s loyalty to Israel may be or may have been, abuse of the highest military officer of the world’s greatest military power by an angry little “pissant potentate” from a “seaside sand heap” nation, the difference between “tail” and “dog,” one forgotten by President Bush is not going to be forgotten by this president.”

    Naval sources said they were surprised at the order:

    “We knew the region was ‘hot’ after two Turkish jets were downed by Syria but a warning about an Israeli attack during a joint exercise is almost bizarre if not unreal. There are few if almost none in service who still feel there is a grudge to settle over the USS Liberty incident.

    The ”Liberty,” of course, was unarmed. An AEGIS could down the entire Israeli air force and would have even less trouble with their missiles or torpedo boats. Few in the military know the history or have much understanding of the current dispute with Israel but anything entering attack range get’s ’splashed.’”

    There appears to be little risk as American and Israel commanders have a long history of cooperation and many warm personal relations. The issue, however, is that current Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, leader of the militant Likudist group advocating war on Iran and a possible attack on American forces in the region, is no longer communicating with his commanders.

    Are there rogue units, as some fear, willing to fly against a Class A American warship, Israeli planes with Syria or Iranian markings, perhaps even Egyptian?

    The experience of 1967, one kept alive, not just by Naval historians but a crew properly briefed for a dangerous assignment, may well prevent an impending disaster, a “stew long boiling over” in Netanyahu’s cook pot.”

  • HecatesMoon

    My nephew has decided to join the military, and he’ll not be talked out of it. Ohhhhhhhh….. :((

  • Kevin

    Why would Israel prefer Obama over Romney?

  • DEFCONStudios

    Michael these reports are false. The Obama administration has rejected red lines and deadlines as of recent. There are numerous sources that can verify this and confirm it.

    Here is one:


  • None

    The fact that you site Fox News as a resource for your discussions is a testament to your corruption and hypocrisy. Why don’t you mention how isreal has a nuclear program and how they’re occupying land by apartheid and ethnic cleansing of the innocent Palestinians