China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho

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Thanks to the trillions of dollars that the Chinese have made flooding our shores with cheap products, China is now in a position of tremendous economic power.  So what is China going to do with all of that money?  One thing that they have decided to do is to buy up pieces of the United States and set up “special economic zones” inside our country from which they can continue to extend their economic domination.  One of these “special economic zones” would be just south of Boise, Idaho and the Idaho government is eager to give it to them.  China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach for short) plans to construct a “technology zone” south of Boise Airport which would ultimately be up to 50 square miles in size.  The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30,000 acre “self-sustaining city” that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government. The planned “self-sustaining city” in Idaho would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers.  Basically it would be a slice of communist China dropped right into the middle of the United States.


According to the Idaho Statesman, the idea would be to build a self-contained city with all services included.  It would be modeled after the “special economic zones” that currently exist in China.

Perhaps the most famous of these “special economic zones” is Shenzhen.  Back in the 1970s, Shenzhen was just a very small fishing village.  Today it is a sprawling metropolis of over 14 million people.

If the Chinese have their way, we will soon be seeing these “special economic zones” pop up all over the United States.

So exactly who is “Sinomach”?

The following description of the company comes directly from the website of Sinomach….

With approval of the State Council, China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) was established in January 1997. SINO-MACH is a large scale, state-owned enterprise group under the supervision of the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

As you can see, Sinomach is basically an arm of the Chinese government.

The borrower is always the servant of the lender, and now China is buying up America.

The reality is that Sinomach is not looking only at Idaho.  Sinomach is in discussions to develop “special economic zones” all over the United States.

Sinomach has recently dispatched delegations to Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania to explore the possibility of establishing “special economic zones” in those states.

Will such “self-contained communities” soon start appearing from coast to coast?

According to Dr. Jerome Corsi, the U.S. government has already set up 257 “foreign trade zones” across America.  These “foreign trade zones” will apparently be given “special U.S. customs treatment” and will be used to promote global free trade….

“The FTZs tend to be located near airports, with easy access into the continental NAFTA and WTO multi-modal transportation systems being created to move free-trade goods cheaply, quickly and efficiently throughout the continent of North America.”

So what do our politicians think about all of this?

Most of them are greatly in favor of it.

“Idaho’s the last state that should say we don’t want to do business with Asia,” Idaho Lt. Gov. Brad Little said last year. “Asia’s where the money is.”

So will all of this “foreign investment” really bring jobs back to the American people?

Perhaps a few, but the truth is that these “special economic zones” that the Chinese are setting up are designed to be self-contained communist Chinese communities.  Some Americans will likely be employed in these areas, but not nearly as many as our politicians would have you to believe.

In addition, these “special economic zones” represent a massive national security threat.  The communist Chinese could potentially be able to bring in and store massive amounts of military equipment virtually undetected.

In the days of the Cold War, we would have never dreamed of giving the Russians a 50 square mile city in the middle of Idaho.

But today we have become convinced that the communist Chinese want to be our great friends.

The following quote originally appeared in the Idaho Statesman, but has since apparently been taken down….

“The Chinese are looking for a beachhead in the United States,” said Idaho Commerce Secretary Don Dietrich. “Idaho is ready to give them one.”


If relations between the U.S. and China go south someday, we will deeply regret giving China so many open doors.

The truth is that you can never fully trust the communist Chinese.  Their top military officers talk about a coming conflict with the United States all the time.  China is extremely interested in North America.  In fact, the Chinese and the Mexicans have even been holding talks on military cooperation.

But even if you don’t consider the communist Chinese to be a military threat, you should be deeply concerned about the economic implications of what is happening.

Today, tens of millions of Americans are wondering why the economy is so bad.

Well, there are a lot of reasons, but the fact that we have sent China thousands of our factories, millions of our jobs and trillions of dollars of our national wealth is a major contributing factor.

If you do not know the truth about how badly the Chinese economy is wiping the floor with the Americen economy then you need to read this article: “40 Signs The Chinese Economy Is Beating The Living Daylights Out Of The U.S. Economy“.

Beautiful new infrastructure is going up all over China today, and meanwhile many of our once great manufacturing cities are turning into rotted-out war zones.

China would not be what they are today if we had insisted that they abandon the communist system and respect basic human rights before we ever opened up trade with them.

But that did not happen.  Instead we enthusiastically welcomed China into the WTO and we let the predatory Chinese system run wild.

In 2010, China had a “current account balance” of over 272 billion dollars, which was the largest in the world.

In 2010, the United States had a “current account balance” of negative 561 billion dollars.  According to the CIA world factbook, that put us in last place in the entire world. In fact, our negative current account balance was more than 9 times larger than anyone else in the world.  If you go check out this chart it will give you a really good idea of how nightmarish our trade situation has become.

The world is changing and nothing is ever going to be the same again.

Just ask the residents of Boise, Idaho – they are about to have a 50 square mile self-contained communist Chinese city plopped right into their backyard.

  • Colonization occurs whenever any one or more species populate an area.

    Colonialism includes colonization and the ruling of new territories’ existing peoples.

    This is the last nail in the coffin of America. At this stage, there is no way to prevent these special economic zones from spreading like a cancer. Our politicians have sold America to the highest bidder. When these special economic zones are as common as Wal-Mart, guess where most Americans will be employed (other than peasant farms). China is also buying American farm land.

    In Vancouver, wealthy Chinese are purchasing single family homes. The same thing will happen around special economic zones. These homes will not be occupied by Americans. Special economic zones will include dormitories for American workers.

    At what point will Communist China replace our current government with their own organization or has it already happened?

  • Colin

    I am thinking, this sounds very familiar. I have read that empires often establish outposts in other countries where they can trade with and control the native population. My question is, are we witnessing the birth of a Chinese global empire?

  • teenspirit

    This is what happens with an economy in the toilet. Idaho will take business anyway it can get it and give the finger to American sovereignty.

    You know damn well if Idaho is gonna do it, every other state in the country will do it. All that so called conspiracy talk of china buying up America is literally happening right in front of our eyes.

  • guido

    This is disturbing, but nothing new. Our politicians have sold us out many times in the past. The Chinese already have a port terminal in CA. Oddly, I heard after they established that COSCO terminal, in 1996 they stopped a ship with over 2000 ChiCOm AK-47s on their way to the US. I wonder who was going to get them?

  • Ben Dover

    Would we ask the Chinese to loan us money to fight them?

  • Concerned Reader

    There are already Chinese “specieal economic zones” here in America and it is called “Wal-mart.”

  • David

    They already got a huge ‘Chinatown’ in San Franscisco, why not move there?

  • Nexus

    The US is dead as a country from many perspectives – the only shot in the locker that is left is overwhelming military force and that is either a use it or lose option as US debt continually mounts up. It obvious that the ‘elites’ in the US will do anything to make an extra dollar…screwed over the general population and now going to sell what remains for a further few dollars more.

  • Nexus

    Is this for real? It’s not April the 1st is it?

  • Anonymium

    I suspect

    1) The chinese plan on harvesting the minority of individuals usefull to their economy/nation when the US collapses.
    2) Then, from there, expand the sphere of influence across third-world north america.

    One thing I would ask you to watch out for is Chinese presence in africa.

  • Edouardo

    Oh, well—what goes around, comes around, I guess…

    Years ago Marie Antoinette said, “Let them cake” when responding to pleas that the poor masses of the French countryside had no bread to eat. Now fast-forward to to-day’s world, where the Idaho politically elite are saying, “Let them eat rice” in the matter of the unemployed.

    I wonder if history will repeat itself in this instance…? **************************************


  • Aurelius 7

    Russian Professor Igor Panarin… He may have been laughed at some time ago for his prediction. But it looks as if it could be coming to fruition.

    The prediction: The USA is to be disintegrated and will be divided into sections.

  • Overt communism and covert fascism are still slave systems. I would rather have the overt system. At least no one could pretend they were actually free. I grow tired of these standard waiving dupes.

    Wouldn’t it be great to see Sean Hannity picking tomatoes under a Chinese lash?

    • Preceptible Future

      You sir, neither deserve liberty nor freedom, collaborators such as yourself continue to amaze me. Resistance is victory, capitulation is cowardice. Slugs like you, who survived previous tyranny’s, slither about on your belly’s licking the boots of your masters. Step aside useless, let brave and free men engage the tyrants so you can hide and write the blatant lies of cowards…

      Free men live free for all or die with honor. Which is acceptable and good.

      • Bud

        Only problem is the “brave and free” are slaves to the elite

  • I remember Bill Cooper saying back in the 90’s that we were going to be foreclosed on by our creditors, because of our bebt.
    All US debt is sold with the following caveat
    “Guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the American people”.

    I guess China is just foreclosing on us and the politicians are selling it as a good thing!!!!!!!!!!


  • Colin

    I think we have passed the sniff test a long time ago. China is actively pursuing and buying assets from many places, not just from us. I think we are a declining empire, and China is an emerging empire.

  • annonomys111

    By giving away territory to other nations presents a large security risk. Especially when the u.s. laws have no effect inside them. They already have territorial zones within the u.s. Why do they need more? Whom ever is giving China territory inside the u.s. needs to stop and tried for treason….

    • Bud

      Yeah, the fact they may not be under US law in the middle of the US is really strange. Neither you nor I could do that. At least if it was contained in a 50 square miles, we could surround and destroy them when it becomes necessary.

  • Alfred E. Neuman

    The following is from a transcript of a speech believed to have been given by Mr. Chi Haotian, Minster of Defense and vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission. Independently verifying the authorship of the speech is not possible. It is worth reading because it is believed to set out the CCP’s strategy for the development of China.

    The speech argues for the necessity of China using biological warfare to depopulate the United States and prepare it for a future massive Chinese colonization. “The War Is Not Far from Us and Is the Midwife of the Chinese Century” was published on February 15, 2005 on and was published on on April 23, 2005.

    “Would the United States allow us to go out to gain new living space? First, if the United States is firm in blocking us, it is hard for us to do anything significant to Taiwan and some other countries! Second, even if we could snatch some land from Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or even Japan, how much more living space can we get? Very trivial! Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.”

    [LINK: ]

    So now we know what Timothy Geithner, that Chinese-speaking dual-citizen of a certain Middle Eastern country, promised China during that closed-door meeting last year (as payment for all those financial goodies the Rothschild-banker Goldman Sachs elite received with the money “we” borrowed from China) — our country, our homes and our future. Just ask the Tibetans and Uighurs how great life is under Chinese colonization. But hey, at least Israel will be safe.

  • Klatoo

    That is fine.

    Americans will ******************************************************.

    Reset button set to “on”

    Lets get it on.

  • Piglet

    “The truth is that you can never fully trust the communist Chinese.”

    – Interestingly enough, they’ve said the same about us. Chou En-Lai remarked, “These foreign devils, you just can’t trust them.” Knowing our crooked national leaders, I have to agree with him. We just resent it when outsiders point out the obvious to us.

    “Their top military officers talk about a coming conflict with the United States all the time.”

    – Ours do the same. Given a lack of serious competition after the end of the USSR, they talk of duking it out with the Chinese in order to justify fat budgets and purchase of expensive hardware.

    – Unfortunately for us, the Chinese have a long memory, and they remember that, prior to WW II, the US occupied China in what was the largest overseas basing of US forces until post-WW II Europe. See “US Armed Forces in China 1856–1941”:

    – US occupation forces were in China to ensure US corporations would be able to fleece the Chinese without interference. As Major General Smedley Butler said, “In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.” See:

    – Now it’s payback time.

  • Buzz

    This is like a greek tragedy unfolding…I wonder what the military thinks of this. Isn’t Idaho awfully close to our ICBMS?

    I almost want to puke when I read this kind of *************.

  • Blobart

    If they set them up, we need to ********************************.

  • hive member

    Hopefully those crafty mormons are allowing this in the same area where they disposed of 6700 TONS of DU contaminated KUWAITI soil they imported to the US for ‘safe disposal’ lol

    Most are aware that the US State of Utah is a theocracy-few know that Idaho is one too. And that Huntsman has had his fingers in the China pie-tit for tat business… as ambassador there after doing his mission for ‘the church’ in China.

    Huntsman along with brother Mitt are both running for President in 2012. The theocrats of the bee hive religion know all about hive colonization-sounds like this is what they’re doing in Idaho. One of the few states that would ever allow this ominous activity.

  • Jasonn

    Just say no to Communist China. Tax the living daylight out of their imports. Don’t buy their goods. Make it impossible for them to do business here.

    • Duane

      “Tax the living daylight out of their imports. Don’t buy their goods. Make it impossible for them to do business here.”

      You moron, that would mean the US also has to do away with access to rapidly growing Asian economies. I have zero sympathy for all you alarm bell ringers. An SEZ does not mean virtual territory of a foreign country in your own land; it’s just some sort of a tax-free haven for fair trade purposes. Look it up on wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

      Moreover, if China has started enormous construction projects in America, all the power to them. They’re simply smarter, more capable and of late, even more technologically advanced compared to the United States. This means American businesses are no longer able to compete with China. 30 years ago, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see American and German corporations oversee construction projects in India, Africa and South-East Asia. Today, Chinese corporations are doing the same in those places, as well in America.

      The nature of business and free economies is to expand. After all, the United States has always been the biggest advocate of capitalism and free trade. And, China with 1.4 billion people India with 1.1 billion people, they have an enormous advantage over smaller countries in terms of population which includes the United States.

      All you morons need to read some real projections like Forbes. It says while China and India (and Asia in general) would grow to become the largest economies of future, the United States influence won’t vanish completely. It would still remain the 2nd or 3rd largest economy, only its global influence would decline to the levels of Germany or the UK today. We are increasingly moving from a uni-polar world dominated by the United States to a multi-polar world, like it always used to be in history.

      The rise and rise of Asia is inevitable. You can either deal with it gracefully or keep whinging on forums like these.

      • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

        Duane – right on!!!!

        +100 for you, we are on the same page.

        ah these americans, such pussies, just cry-babies. no wonder they are falling off the top.

        go china!

        • GT66

          LOL… Duane and Dirt are drinking from the same dirty kool-aid glass.

      • Gisette

        *slow clap*

  • Lilly

    The globalists have made it politically incorrect to address the reality of China’s communist system and it is a crime in China to complain about their system. Dropping this oppressive and ignornant govenment on the citizens of the US is treason. It is treason.

  • Bornforeign

    This is ridiculous. As a Chinese, I would say American companies get huge profits from their factories in China. What did they pay Chinese workers? 32 cents an hour. We Chinese people live like slaves for Americans. Most American millionaires are raised by drinking Chinese workers’ blood. And then, American government spend money on stupid things. Stop blaming others when you can’t even manage your own country’s balance sheet!

    • realist

      As an individual who has done business in China, your mindset of an average Chinese blue collar is extremely outdated.

      Most of the factories I visited, these guys also get free dorms, food, and a lot of them have cell phones. Just wait till the Chinese working age population peaks in a few years. These individuals will have quite a bit of leverage when it comes to demands with their workers.

  • A.S.

    Unless I don’t understand how the U.S. constitution works, I thought a state cannot negotiate with a foreign government; that is the sole right given to the U.S. President and pending Congress’ approval. So if I am right, how can Idaho sell some of its land to a foreign nation?

  • patriot

    “special economic zones” for enterprises such as proposed by the Communist Chinese to be located S. of Boise while U.S. government, at all levels, regulate U.S. companies into bankruptcy? Who decides this stuff and where do they live? Camp on their door “holes” until they finally need to come out for air at which time they are arrested and prosecuted for crimes against the state. The record is established and there’s no denying it.

  • Dr Jones

    China was the largest economy for the last 18 out of 20 centuries. I see no problem with this. Let America get in on the ground floor of remaining a world power before its too late. I for one salute our new Chineese Overlords.

    • Gisette

      Are you an Imgurian or a Redditer?

  • Nate

    I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords!

  • mondobeyondo

    The Chinese are getting out of dollars and Treasuries, and into tangible assets such as gold, silver, and foreign real estate. Like, say, in Idaho.

  • Piglet

    Here’s a good look at China today and in the near future. Is the US doing anything close?

  • Dave_A

    I am so happy about this development! One step closer to a facist dictatorship here in the US. We will be so fortunate to live under an enlightened government such as the chinese communist. I hate the US constitution so much and can not wait for the day its thrown on the trash heap of history.

  • Dave_A

    I just sent this to my life partner AROCK and we plan to vacation in the chicom economic zone as soon as it is up and running……

  • WM

    Hey Bornforeign:……. “we Chinese live like slaves for Americans” NO! You live like slaves for the American companies, please get it right. The last thing I ever wanted is to send jobs to a communist nation with cheap slave labor, but the idiots in power decided that was best move to quench their lust for money and also to avoid the increased taxes and regulations here in the USA, (thank you lawyers!) I don’t blame the Chinese at all, I blame our incompetant, unloyal leaders who have sold out America. Is there someone, somewhere out there with enough dignity, ethics and patriotism to stp up and say NO!!! to China???

  • realist


    I enjoy reading a lot of your articles, but you really need to put down the Tom Clancy books.

    From what I know, the main thing the Chinese want is money and natural resources. Unlike the olden days of white privilege European colonialism, the Chinese don’t seem to care or want to spread their influence or “religion” the same way the Europeans colonialists once were.

    At the end of the day, if the Chinese can get a return on their investments, all will be okay.

    The only thing of concern is that it may phase a lot the Idaho locals from an economic standpoint just like Chinese investment in Africa have actually phased out a lot of African locals. However, this whole “Red Dawn” conspiracy is a bit overdone imo.


    An individual who has done business in China for years.

    • cat

      So, when the Chinese government banned the peaceful practice of Falun Gong in 1999 and subjected its followers to human rights violations in hundreds of ways, they were doing it for money or something? They still do this by the way. One of the things they like to do is place an electric baton against a person’s face until the skin is crispy. I don’t agree with all of the beliefs of Falun Gong, but I don’t think these people deserve this treatment for just believing in something.
      Also, seriously? Because you do business with them, you assume their government has no ulterior motives? Yeah, like you’d walk into a meeting and they’d say “Stupid American..Soon we will take over your country and destroy your people. HAHAHAHA!” Really.
      You’re pretty damn naive if you don’t think that other countries don’t want to spread their influence.

      • realist

        This comment shows you obviously don’t know much about the Falon Gong prosecutions. As such, your analogy was a pretty bad one.

        A better example of this is the Chinese’s current role in Africa. They only want $$$ and a return on their investment. I have yet to see them persecute an Africa for practicing witch craft.

  • Bob

    I don’t any problem with this as long as the Chinese do not implement Sharia Law.

    • cat

      Are you serious? The Communist Party in China isn’t really much better. Have you even heard of Tiananmen Square? That wasn’t that long ago. They still brutalize their own citizens in unspeakable ways.
      Am I in the Twilight Zone? What is wrong with all of you people that seem totally okay with this? How do you not pay attention to history and then try to give an opinion like any of you are informed? I’m not going to pretend our government isn’t corrupt, but at least they don’t anally rape people with electric batons here.

      • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

        and some alien need anal probe Gary.
        maybe they finally prove he got “******** for brains”. ya.

    • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary


      ‘your’ government isnt doing it … yet!


  • amh

    Hey, having a small, condensed population or foreigners, beholden to a different government and ideology, contained within a nation, that works out well all the time… like, say, with Israel and Palestine.

  • Politicalpony

    I say its unconstitutional if they are ruled by any other law other than our constitution. This is what the founders ment when they declared it the “SUPREME LAW” over the land. If the Idaho government moves forward in favor of this, its time the people rise up and product remove the idiots that are in favor of such foolishness. We should no longer allow any representative at any level to be allowed to take our kindness as a weakness. I say “Game Over”.

  • Edouardo

    If you guys really & truly want to know what China is all about vis-s-vis the U.S., then go to, Chapters, or ANY reputable book store & buy a copy of THE COMING CONFLICT WITH CHINA…

    This paperback was written by a couple of journalists back in the late 90’s—but what they said then has just as much relevance in to-day’s 2011 world. The Chinese don’t waver in their policies.

    It’s quite a frightening read, but most eye-opening.

    Would that our political leadership & so-called captains of industry pick up copies & read them as well. But it’s probably too late now, anyway…

  • There is something about Chinese Special Economic Zones that does not smell right.

    If it is not profitable for Americans to manufacture products in Idaho then why would it be profitable for China? What benefits or incentives are being offered to China by our government. Why are no benefits or incentives being offered to American manufacturing businesses?

    Most Special Economic Zones will be located near US airports. If you combined the TSA with Special Economic Zones, what would you end up with?

    Adolf Hitler would love what is happening in America. Like Jews in Nazi Germany, Americans are not able to see what is happening in front of their own eyes.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    A year ago I would have laughed at something like this now, I’m really not so sure the NOW weren’t really right form the start. The problem is the CHICOMS more then likely promised jobs, jobs, and more jobs to the poor gullible local Polls. Once this is built it’ll be interesting to see how far it goes once Americans are treated like slaves and the jobs are for houseboys, maids and slave wages look up FOXCOM.

  • Great article Michael! It has taken first place on my site out of over 11,000 other articles! KUDOS!


    Over 1,600 hits so far today alone.

    • Admin


      Thank you for featuring it on your site! I am always thankful when these articles get spread around the Internet like crazy because the more people that see them the more of an impact they will have.

      I am hopeful that as time goes by these articles will get spread on Facebook more often too because I don’t have much of a presence on there. If any readers can help with sharing these articles on Facebook that would be great.


  • Anton D.

    where the hell is the Like button on this?

  • Law Abiding Citizen

    say “communist China” one more time, and you might truly strike fear back into the hearts of Americas. This article is extremely biased, and I am disgraced to have even read it.

    • cat

      If you actually did research on “communist china” you might understand why someone who is actually informed of what they do to their own citizens might be a little bit frightened of them. I don’t think you know anything about them and how they treat people.

      • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary


        ooh dont worry. soon it will be “communist USA” thanks to folks like Gary.

        Gotta love it.

  • Eaglemount

    Many of our leaders have shown themselves to be too stupid and greedy to run this country. And what do we citizens do? We elect them repeatedly.

    They spend our tax money enriching elite criminals and we stand aside while they prosecute the very whistle blowers that seek to protect the citizenry from their fraudulent behavior.

    They threaten the global economy, insult us with crotch tweets and blatant fraud while ignoring fundamentals of sound government. And we send the same crowd back to the Hill and the WH again and again.

    It’s our own fault. As voters we have allowed this to happen to our democracy. Maybe the Chinese can do better with totalitarianism.

    It’s all well and good to comment about issues that need the attention of citizens. It’s even more important to ACTUALLY DO something significant that will allow necessary changes to be made to improve our country.

    *Real Change* will not happen without effective grassroots effort. That’s us.

    Here is a link that will interest many of you.

  • Buck Henry

    There colonizing us, pure and simple. China have to many people and not enough resources, the US have to many resources and not enough people. They will setup these places, hire a few americans but most importantly when they get set up they can put money into the coffers of local and state govt. which will only care about staying in office.

    We are done and if they can’t see it, then we should die.

    • Gary

      We have way too many people. If you do not believe this try driving anywhere in a medium to large city.

      • Guido

        Yet, if you crack the #s, we have a very low person-to-acre ratio. People congregate in cities because that’s where the work, food, housing, and entertainment is.

  • I guess we the citizens should grab our copies of the constitution and do what it says…take our country back.

    • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

      did you pick one copy of your constitution?
      what does it say?

      naw, dont tell me what you think it says, tell me what it says….


  • mondobeyondo

    Message from a fortune cookie:

    “America we own you!! p.s. Message like this not found in Chips Ahoy cookie” *



  • Mike,

    I have a very good Facebook presence with over 8,000 friends. (two accounts)
    I also have your RSS feed on my site so I should definitely be driving traffic your way.

    • Admin

      Thank you Jeff – I very much appreciate that. I think you are doing a great job with your site and I hope that your traffic is really growing. I have a feeling that it probably is. :)


  • Rob

    Idaho’s leaders would have to be out of their minds to even consider such a plan. Only in the socialist republic of Obama could such a horrible idea be entertained. Do you think for one instant China would allow us to do anything close to a “Technology Zone” in China?? Sorry, when they roll over and allow us to do the same thing in their country,then we should CONSIDER the same.

    • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

      i love to see this sheer stupidity of ppl here.

      ya they allow free tech zones in china. if you dont know, GM is the most selling brand in china. but what do you actually know besides being scared to sh!t because someone might be more successful than you and ranting about it in comments?

  • Ketan Goradia

    In management school they teach that a product always follows a smiley in profit making with the top left is the research the bottom is manufacturing, marketing and the top right marketing, till date American companies have always occupied the top two ends and left the bottom to China, the problems with America will start when they vacate the top two edges to the Chinese companies

    • Iman Azol

      That’s an interesting post, and if I had a clue what you meant by “follows a smiley in profit making with the top left is the research the bottom is manufacturing, marketing and the top right marketing,” I might be able to figure out what you meant by the rest of it.

      Seriously. What language is this?

      • GT66

        He means a circular path (life) through a set of quadrants + (cycles). So you start drawing the circle in the upper left, through the upper right, lower right, then lower left, each quadrant being a particular process in the life cycle. Like “research” in the top left in his example.

  • kerri

    I just went to the Idaho Department of Commerce website to see it there was more information on this. According to the site, this company is also interested in building a fertilizer plant in the same area. Does this seem odd to anyone or is Idaho just a great place to produce fertilizer?

    • All human waste from Chinese Special Economic Zones will be converted into fertilizer. Ask anyone from Asia how they fertilize their family vegetable gardens.

      • lone survivor

        Yeah, and Americans will also be converted to fertilzer for the crops to feed the Chinese troops (oops, I mean “security guards”) that will also be stationed on these places.
        The greedy politicians were probably promised passes to the Chinese country clubs and golf courses that they will also build and Americans will be hired as grounds keepers-so hows that for big, high paying jobs they promised?
        Yhr Chinese government is run by a group of power-crazed gangsters, who will stop at nothing to help destroy the USA and our Bill of Rights (remember in China, you do not have any rights, you are “owned” by the state! And if you don’t do everything you are told, you get sent to “re-education” concentration camps, oops, I mean “job education” schools!

  • Hmm

    While this is terrible, I do not think this can be called colonialism.

    Colonialism depends on exploitation and an unequal balance of power, with the power in favor of the colonizer. In this instance, America has all the power to deny China the right to developing this region.

    • Chris

      It is colonialism. Colonialism doesn’t depend on exploitation or the unequal balance of power. It can be mutually agreed upon.

      Examples: Putero Rico is still an American Colony by choice. They can very easily become their own sovereign nation with an independent economy.

    • Shifty Sands

      Do you really believe the United States ‘has all the power to deny China the right to developing this region’?

      We – the United States – OWES China more then we can EVER repay.

      Why do you think that while the current administration states that the U.S. cannot drill and refine its own oil and natural gas – for ‘environmental reasons’, it has welcomed a flood of foreign energy companies into the heart of the U.S. in order to allow them to extact and ship back to their respective companies OUR energy supplies. China National Offshore Oil Company is drilling in the Niobrara formation of south western Nebraska and north east Colorado among many other locations.

      Why do you think the rate of export to China by the United States of its coal reserves – under the current administration – has already tripled in a little more then two years???!!!

      Now it is publicly recognized that China has moved into and effectively taken over part of Idaho.

      What excuse will you offer when the most fertile agricultural land in the world, located in the middle of the United States, is “zoned” by and for the Chinese???

      • Genghismom

        All we have to do is default on the debt payment and China crumbles… They’ve actually been selling off U.S. Debt like crazy for just that reason.

      • azcIII

        Please tell me how many trillions of dollars worth of military secrets, intellectual property, and business innovation has been stolen from American businesses/taxpayers over the years, and then tell me again how much we “owe” the Chinese. Allowing a potentially hostile foreign nation to set up shop within our country is insane. Think they wouldn’t stoop so low as to build so-called special economic zones that are really military barracks. Infiltration. I think this is an extraordinarily bad idea. Instead of asking foreign nations, including those who desire our destruction, to help our economy out by moving their people here to exploit our resources, why don’t we develop our own resources?

      • hmm

        “more then we can EVER repay”

        I do not understand why you alternative media readers can simultaneously believe in the fact that America is “printing too many dollars” and is simultaneously indebted to China. It seems these two contradict each other.

        The fact is the United States has no intention of repaying anything.

      • Guido

        Actually, the Chinese are dumping our debt. As I understand it, the largest holder of US debt is the US, specifically the Fed. Look it up.

    • march21

      That’s exactly how India came to be ruled by the British. India or rather some Indian kings allowed East India Company to set up trading in India.

  • Derpper

    You shouldn’t blame the economy, blame the traitors we ‘elected’ who are willing to sell our home to settle a paper money debt.

    Anyone remember voting to allow them to just shift the ownership of our land? Feeling like an Indian yet?

    • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

      you did it to the indians, and now the chinese are doing it to you?

      its ok if you do it to others, but not ‘fair’ or terrible if others do the same to you?

      awww damn, such double standards…

      • Alfred E. Neuman

        Ah, Cookie, a likely cultural-Marxist who seems to believe the Old Testament-like crap about “guilty” classes, is perturbed that Americans won past wars of survival against the New World peoples. He doesn’t know, or he fully approves of, the fact that sometimes the Indians gave us as good as they got. Ever hear of King Philip’s War (1675-76)? Not likely.

        As for the here and now, Dirt Cookie, what you are saying is in effect thus: Chinese colonization is BAD for America. I’m glad you agree with those patriots who object to this blatant treason on the part of our globalist, bought-and-paid-for elites.

        While you’re at it, tell us why we are morally obligated to passively accept punishment for the supposed past “sins” of our ruling classes, and tell us which other country/nation in the entirety of history has willingly chosen to be punished based on an abstract moral standard.

        You “think” like a 14 year old girl, and doubtless you are unaware that historically, survival is the only interest of peoples, and raison d’etat the only interest of states.

        Of course, if you want to have a liaison with the ultimate reality, Cookie, why not come here and try to punish us yourself? Tens of millions are waiting with eager anticipation to see you make a stand for morality.

        • Izzy

          First of all, when the ENGLISH came to North America, they began the slaughter of Indians before the revolutionary war even began. And might I say that things that happened hundreds of years ago by someone else isn’t my fault? I didn’t own slaves…. so black people really shouldn’t blame ME for the sins against their people. As for the rest of the article, I’m hesitant on making a judgement, because I’m reacting purely in an emotional manner. It could be could, it could be very bad.

      • 30moves

        Almost every European country colonized. It is happening to you now – only its a religion/ethnic colonization.

      • Izzy

        And one more thing….. I happen to abhor what early settlers and government did to the indigenous people and the slaves. It was NOT ok.

  • Phillip

    All is well. Go back to sleep. It’s is nothing to be concerned about. All is well. ZZzzzzzzzzzz….

    • AwakeAndPissedOff

      i think i love you

  • nailworx

    I have one question, rather curiosity. Considering the fast growth of sharia law and the increment of the Muslam population on US soil, to the abolishment of American rights, how will these two cultures play together (pork fried rice in a Muslam neighborhood)??? Grab the popcorn and beers and get ready to watch the fireworks and this ‘ain’t gonna’ be your normal 4th of July!! :-D

    • Me

      I guess if there’s a bright side, that would be it.

    • Voleenian

      Ahhh, food for thought!

  • SDR

    It is essential that any deal with China prevents them from building their own airport in their own city in the U.S.

  • nick

    Ha! Imperialism comes to America. Cant wait for the unequal treaties, spheres of influence, treaty ports. Sounds like China early 20th century.

  • Gary

    My only ? What are all those right wing people in their compounds going to do when China is on their door step?

    • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

      Gary, you should rather worry what you will do, when you ask for social justice, and the chinese ran you over with a tank

      hmmm… thought about it yet?


  • I understand their first Boise plant will be for the manufacture of Soylent Green made from real, organic Idahoans. Served with a side of potatoes, of course.

    • WHG

      That is sooo funny…. best post yet!!!!

  • jack Hopkins

    Our POLITICIANS will do any thing to SAVE their BUTTS and SELL ours to any one who would BUY them. America is DYING and WE can THank all those who SOLD US OUT !! Get their NAMES & Addresses so when YOU finally WAKE UP..You will know who to THANK !!

  • There are truly stupid and greedy people in government who truly think that nothing they do will effect them in the future, THIS WILL.. On yesterday June 8, there is an article about the Chinese take over of the U.S.A. the Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotain spells it out clearly in a long article about the chinese needing land, that they have polluted every thing in thier country, he talks about America, not just the U.S. But Canada will be included in this. Their ultimate plan is to KILL every man woman and child on this continent.Starting with Biological warfare, then probably with Nutron bombs(my comment) compliments of Bill Clinton. He gave them the Nutron bomb plans, FELLOW PATRIOTIC AMERICANS, you better arm yourselves to the hilt, and learn to take thier lives because they sure will try to take ours, My forfathers bought this country with blood sweat and tears,And some of my Cherokee forefathers lost it. if we want to keep it, we have to stop incursions like in Idaho, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington. etc. According to the chinese we have bought thier inheritence for them. So when they come and try to take it from us they want our homes, and everything we have in tact. our infrastructure etc, Now if these chinese want an exclusive place to build heavy equipment, YOU BETTER THINK WAR MACHINERY too. and above all flood that Idiot governors office with really negative comments.
    My dad fought in China with the AVG’s, He always said Son someday YOU will have to fight the Chinese on our own soil. Folks I believed him. I have my bullets and beans, I can only hope you have yours, your gunna need em.
    I’m getting toooo old for this, but I still have a little fight left in me.
    Old Sarge

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      Thank you, Sarge.

    • UKTrooper23

      Your Dad was FIGHTING China? Hmm that’s funny because the ‘Flying Tigers’ AKA; Amaerican Volunteer Group, acted as a mercenary unit with the purpose to protect China from Japanese invasions in 1941 -42 you idiot. Just want to educate people here away from you totally insane fear spreaders. Let me explain something to you jackass, there’s already millions of Chinese in the USA when the USA promised families wealth and a ‘new life’ then forced them to work as slaves building rail roads etc. These Chinese set up the USA’s multiple Chinese quarters and as far as history can point out… Have NEVER done anything wrong to Americans, blended in to society and actually done a heck of a lot for tourism etc. So I’m going to say this to you, how can a nation that has had multitudes of other nations attempt invasions, colonies and religious missions that have drugged, killed, raped and pillaged it’s civililions yet NEVER sought vengence in it’s entire HISTORY, how can such a nation be a threat to YOU? Most people speculate on China having NEVER been there and never understanding the positives that are going on, you listen to idiotic media and dangerous ignorance, choosing to be patriotic blindly rather than studying the other side of things. Idiocy, I’m commenting on this simply as a British WHITE Male before you claim biases, I think you need to stop spouting rubbish. I also think people should stop believing such rubbish as well.

      • UKTrooper23

        Oh and ONE more thing… The Communist party BEGAN in 1949, so your Dad was working with Nationalists, I know you didn’t state he FOUGHT with China but I can tell you that China’s very infrostructure changed from 1949 DRASTICALLY… Meaning whatever impressions your Dad had of the Chinese was founded PRE-Communist. You know? When China was in a weak place and almost broken entirely leading to a Civil War the USA funded in hopes Chiang Kai Shek could allie China under a new vision WITH America, basically OWING the USA millions that he spent on military to overwhelm China by FORCE. Mao unitied all the parties to pursue a different concept as radical politics needed to reshape a fallen country… Do you GET THIS? No, because you never have access to REAL facts do you? I’m not saying the Communist Party is perfect in China but it’s NOT what the West thinks in ANYWAY. The vision of China was always long term unlike Western politics, as such it pisses so many assholes off to see China working so damned hard to get to it’s current position. Just take note of Beijing Olympics, the ceremony was an invitation to the West to open the doors peacfully and showcase culture of China for the FIRST time on such a scale, NO expense spared and ALL the West did was rip China apart, complaining all the fecking time about CG use for extra fireworks or how much of a political blah blah blah it all was to show China’s power… This kinda attitude showcases ONE thing and ONE thing only, you MISSED it, you MISSED the amazing once in a lifetime celebration… The Communist party have succeeded in making China a superpower for it’s OWN people, in the radical speed it has done this it’s due to the strategy and sacrifice of the government and it’s people… It’s not ALL been positive, most has been truly hard and dark at times… Yet now things are improving at a radical rate and if you’d been to Asia you’d see that. If China had have stayed nationalist then in reality it would have become sactioned as a US playground much like S.Korea and Japan has been. I’m not saying this is bad, but I am saying it would NOT work with a place as big as China. Communism saved collapse, so do your homework Sarge… And stop the mission to fill heads with trash, fear breeds fear.

      • Philistine

        You need to learn to read. You sure can type a lot without saying much.

        He said “My dad fought in China with the AVG’s”

        “with” means along-side-of you dolt.

        So we saved China’s ass from the Japs, and this is how they return the favor? Truman should have let MacArthur nuke China like Mac wanted to.

        • UKTrooper23

          “I know you didn’t state he FOUGHT with China but I can tell you that China’s very infrostructure changed from 1949 DRASTICALLY… Meaning whatever impressions your Dad had of the Chinese was founded PRE-Communist.”

          Buddy think it’s YOU that can’t read… I already spotted what was said and added this later in the follow up. Just curious to WHY you think China owes america, the US troops sent to aid China helped in a small way not in a COLLOSAL way the end result happened politically and the Japanese moved out of China due to sanctions and the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki causing them to lose the power to invade. At this time the British lost it’s remaining colonial power and the Commonwealth began. This was all created politically to prevent WW3 but GUESS WHAT the USA claimed overseeing power in Japan and S.Korea in a way similar to the current santions the USA placed on Iraq and Afghanistan. I think you are confused my friend, you aren’t seeing anything clearly at all. China did NOTHING to NO ONE outside it’s nation, and it’s definitely NOT planning a colonial movement on the USA. You want to pick a war because you fear the unknown and the different? Sounds like you have a serious lack of cultural and historical understanding mate. Good job you aren’t in politics and just at home on your computer because minds like yours will simply destroy before understanding. I’m not insulting you but your inability to see clearly spawns fear in others and my friend, I simply can’t allow that. Some nice fictions in this thread, but I assure you ALL it’s just fiction. Take each statement and research it, you’ll see quickly Sinotech is an OPTICAL FIBRE APPLIANCE company for example. So urhm… GET REAL and spawn a healthy understanding rather than leap from one culture to another blaming them for YOUR OWN nations downfall… UK is pretty much SCREWED due to passing the blame and avoiding responsibility USA unfortunately is going the same route. I type all this to stop this crazy hate and fear of China, simply because they have fought things YOU can’t imagine to be were they are today, it’s HARD WORK and a national focus sometimes it’s been harsh and unkind but in modern days China deserves to be celebrated NOT chastised by the likes of ignorant fools who have never A: been there in the first place and B: who have never studied China’s history and cultue. I appreciate others views but NOT when they are based on total trash.

    • Guido

      Sorry folks, but try doing some geopolitical reading. China has no intention of occupying the US, nor do they need Lebensraum here. Look at a map. The natural target would be to invade Eastern Russia where resources are rich and people are few and far between. Or you could look at the old school (Mahan?) of geopolitics that teaches all power rests with the center-Asia. China, were it to pursue that line, could just spread into Central Asia and seize valuable territory and resources.

      But China doesn’t seem to pursue much land grabbing and foreign adventures. They haven’t really pushed their luck much outside of traditional claims on places like the Spratleys. Instead, they seem happy to set up economic deals that eliminate the need for pesky military conflicts that threaten stability and business. That’s what we do-we bomb folks who annoy us. China is slowly establishing deals and connections with folks for resources and strategic business outposts and outfoxing us.

  • pfistar

    One way or another we the Americans will HAVE TO give way to a more socialistic style of living (unless of course marauding gangs and religious cults are what we really want.) I vote for “civilization more or less as my generation has known it” (I’m 40 yrs old), but on our own American terms, not China’s. The European/Canadian psuedo-socialist model will work better for us, I’m certain. We should do all we can to figure out ways to not abandon our cities but to modify their infrastructure to affordable, sustainable, “middle class” living. The green movement of the 1970s was onto something. The native wealth will invest in the ideas if A)they think it may generate capital for them, and/or B)they’re squeezed, politically speaking. Recycling could be a cottage industry, and one that is potentially exportable. That should be our future, NOT CHINESE COLONIES!

  • robert stolt

    We’ve placed our trust in the hands of the politicians, and look where that got us. Now that they back this fiendish scheme is all the more reason why we should be against it in the strongest possible ways.

  • Nick

    Well, It looks like those Idaho and Montana militias are going to have something to do after they set it the city up.

  • June

    First the Hispanic invasion and now the Chinese are after us. Hey, we’re broke. Might as well try somewhere else. We seem to be the county of choice to invade. Had this been tried on the “greatest generation” there would not be an illegal alien here, nor would there have been a Chinaman’s chance of setting up an “economic zone.” But with today’s leaders – and I use the word loosely – they’ll flip a coin to see which way we go. Either way, the greatest experiment in democracy will perish.

  • Cecilia Niles

    Now you know how those in Palestine felt.

    Soon our country name will be changed!!

    • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

      change from Estados Uniados to what?

  • Petrified Zombie

    As a person living in Boise, this makes me edgy. I think THE DUMBEST thing ANY person could do, is allow something like this to be built. Paranoia aside, it just doesn’t make good business sense, and I am fairly certain that the Chinese will play fast and loose w/ the American rules (I mean have we really forgotten the whole lead paint thing, the sweat shops, etc.?)
    Personally I see these as little siege cities, should things go sour, like should the U.S. choose to default on it’s loans… I am seeing far more cons than pros. I just hope the citizens of the nation do not allow it, and our politicians set their heads on straight, and don’t go for supposedly “easy money”.

    • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

      ya ya… you can default. sureeeee.
      but then the rest of the world flips the middle finger at you. and you get no more oil imports.
      just think about it: emtpy gas stations.
      how will you drive to work without gas? or do anything really?

      you cannot default. the world wont let you.
      but see it as a good thing: the chinese sweatshops might force you obese americans to loose some pounds. that’s right.

      • lone survivor

        Hey dipstick-
        ( from europe-dirt cookies) The USA has plenty of oil and coal. It’s Europe that doesn’t have any and has to kiss the middle-east’s ass!
        In North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana, the USGS has repots that there is more oil underground then in all of Saudi Arabia!
        And the next time Europe has a world war, maybe we (the USA) should sit it out and let Europe fight for itself, since the USA won the last two world wars!

  • Davis

    So our forefathers fought for nothing? This is a direct attack on American freedom and as many times before we need to stand united and defend what if ours. Remember what stands on our money, out of many one. The reason why we came to this wonderful country in the first place was the pursuit of liberty, and now this liberty is being taken away from us. The Chinese are not our friends and I really hope that Mitt Romney wins this election. We need somebody to kick China’s ass and draw a line in the sand. Yes, Ron Paul would save our economy but we need somebody to defend America and Mitt would do that. Remember all the sacrifices we have given over the years, all the brave young men and women who gave their lives so that we would enjoy this freedom. Should their sacrifices be for granted? If congress allows it, I’ll be the first one to sign up to defend America.
    USA, USA, USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    In response to NickyG, stating that he prefers overt fascism to covert “democracy”… I would disagree. In the chinese fascism, if you protest because a 9 months pregnant woman is forcibly abducted by the state and forced to have an abortion, you will end up in a slave work reform camp, or maybe just ‘dissapeared’ by the state. A country which is based on a strong constitution such as the one belonging to america has much more prospects of the people rising up and implementing a fair and just government, especially since most of you are all still allowed to have guns.
    If you try to protest anything in communist china, the spy control grid and police authority state is so strong, any rebellion, or even talk of such will be crushed immediately.

  • from europe – DIRT COOKIES 4 Gary

    mmmm ok, i posted many comments on this article and lets see if you block them Michael.
    you can be a administrator nazi or let different opinions be heard. lets wait and see.

    even if i appear to be very critical of you americans, i care. you all just need to be bitch-slapped to face the realities. coz reality will be worse than any bitch-slapping im doing thru my comments.

    • Admin

      I try not to be an “administrator nazi” :(


    • Seems to me all you Europeans ever did was fight with each other before WW2. I’m sure Hitler killed some of your family members. Maybe even Napolean. And all our military bases sit right their in Europe. Why? Was it to keep the Russians from over running your sorry @sses. Why are our bases still there? Is it to keep your EU nations from going at it again? All while your masters integrate europe into one big happy family contolled by a few elite. Oh, and who said the US can’t default. Which country is going to come looking for their money first? Also, America doesn’t need the worlds oil fool. Their is more than enough here to sustain the US for at least 100 years. Why do you think we don’t drill here. It’s because we are using up everyone elses and saving ours as a strategic reserve fool. Besides, if we really need some other countries oil we can take it fool, for which you European colonizers are famous. As for Americans being fat, tell that to the American soldiers that are walking around your soil. As far as China being a threat to America, that’s a joke. We cut off trade to them and they fall flat on their face. But let me point out one more thing dummy. China wants to spread their influence around the world, much like the US. Maybe one day you will have chinese commie thug soldiers walking around your territory. You see how they treat their own people, but I’m sure they’ll treat you guys right. HAHAHAHA

  • Ulysse Kerry

    Aren’t the Chineese doing to us what we did to the natives when we took over their land? And don’t you think this hasn’t been planned by the power elite or banksters for use of a better word? Keep putting politicians on a pedestal and we will get more of this.

  • MH

    Communist communities setting up shop on United States soil…..treasonist of those who allow and in some cases promote it. I have never liked the practice of selling United States property to anyone not American. Some years ago I know the statistics indicated that not Japan as most would think but Holland was the largest investor in American property. Of course, a fascist leadership such as we have now is more than welcoming this project, as one world order is their agenda. Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves!!! Americans (those who can honestly call themselves Constitutional citizens)are already infuriated at what has been happening to our great country by the hands of those who would destroy all signs of Democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people. I SAY ABSOLUTELY NOT TO THE SALE OF AMERICAN SOIL/PROPERTY TO ANY OTHER NATION – EVEN IF IT WERE TO MEAN JOBS FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS, WHICH IN THIS CASE IT MOST DEFINITELY WILL NOT!!!!!

    • lone survivor

      I agree with you 100%!
      Only American citizens should be allowed to buy land in the USA, not froeign countries like China. With the 100’s of billions they could buy up huge tracts of land and put soldiers on it!
      I’ve read that foreign countries and China are now buying up American farmland-paying more than what it is worth- so they can produce food and ship it back to their own countries! This must stop NOW!! Plus, they don’t hire any Americans, they use their own slave labor!
      So it’s getting more costly and fewer areas to buy land for a survival retreat.

      • Guido

        Soooo I guess you aren’t aware of foreign military forces on our soil, either? Like the German base in Arizona or Russian flyovers to verify our compliance with START? And I suppose you never heard of embassies and consulates? Not to forget the many foreign businesses with factories here, such as FN, Volvo, Mitsubishi, etc. And businesses or private investors who just see value in the American economy.

        You’re getting worked up over nothing. Remember when the Japanese were feared to be on the verge of ruling the world in the 1980s? Look where they ended up. If you were to try and stop all foreigners from buying our land, they would naturally stop us from buying theirs. And we end up even more at each other’s throats.

  • ed

    The spineless politicians will sell off America to our enemies to raise the funds necessary to buy the votes to stay in power. Any politician who supports this is committing treason and should be treated as our constitution says that traitors should be treated. **************

  • NLW

    I became very concerned when the former Mayor of Chicago, IL began doing business with the Communists.

  • beavis

    creative journalism – good for a laugh but not much else.

  • jimcp

    A Trojan Horse? Must be. The Chinese think strategic, long term while the American’s think in short term profits. From richest nation to poorest nation in one generation. From a loved nation to the most hated nation ever.

  • ALberto

    From an Brasilian perspective:

    Naaah! the US is not dying…

    Its a Dead Zombie wich does not realize it died some decades ago…

    RIP USofA

    or join the American Way-Cup!

  • LYNN

    If any state in our country allows this to happen each then everyone of us are in for a very rude awakening. The Chinese government always has a long term goal.They will look you in the face and agree. But behind closed doors they will dump on you. As the Am. Indians used to say “they speak with forked tongue.” They have for years been looking at the U.S., they look years ahead instead of next week or even next year or 10 years. They want what we have,what we wanted, & what we fought and died for to get but are now ready to give it all away because our politicians that don’t have the B%**# to stand up for the people of the United States.

  • Marge

    The elite love to put our faces in it well before the plan is actually implemented. Hollywood has been a propaganda arm of the powers that be from the beginning. They love to tell us what they plan to do; so it’s like “Hey, we told you but you didn’t pay attention.”
    Watch “Red Dawn” (it’s a terrible, campy movie but it indicates where this likely is headed) and watch “Soylent Green” (Charlton Heston in the 1970s).
    And those of you who think this is all government incompetence, you’d better think again and again.

  • The Communists in DC are a much bigger threat to Idaho than the Chinese are

  • sounds good if
    1. they only lease the land for a specific time.
    2. employ Americans.
    3. pay taxes.
    4. bringing industries back are great for this country.

    • Hey Steve,
      my bet is
      1.they will own deed to the land
      2. they will only employ Chinese
      3. all the “taxes” will go directly back to communist china.
      4.we need to bring american industries back to america and employ americans!
      am I the only one that realizes that this is the american economy’s biggest problem?
      WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!

      • AwakeAndPissedOff

        hey.. who cares? american IDLE is on.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ dumb shits get what they deserve for calling the awake.. conspiracy theorists. GO BACK TO SLEEP YOU DUMB @%^@@%!@#S

  • Chinese American

    This is the same game America has been playing for 50 years. Look at Coca-Cola and the other once American multi-national corporations. What goes around comes around or so they say.

    I am Chinese American therefore I am in the middle of this bullshit. I will not be accepted by the Chinese or fully accepted by Americans evethough I speak better English than most of the US population. If China prospers, I do not benefit. But if you actually pay attention to history, the US has done some f’d up things around the globe.

    Say No to Obama and the Repubs. We need a true democracy.

  • Vida

    Wow! Really?! Attacking each other…that’s the only thing the people of this world have in common. We didn’t oppress the native americans…our forefathers did! We didn’t enslave african americans…our forefathers did. For a country that seems so out of touch w/the Lord…you sure do seem to believe that the sins of the parents rest on the shoulders of their children! We are so “politically correct”, so as not to offend any race, nation, etc…that we are being victimized by reverse action! Plain and simple…many of you would rather attack each other than deal with the issue. Play nice…listen…educate yourselves! These are skills everyone would benefit from if used by more people across the board. Its a shame that we can’t import common sense and common courtesy. It must be awful to have such harsh feelings for others over nothing more than a difference of opinion. Put down who you want…it doesn’t change the reality of who they really are! Focus and unite for just once people! Kudos to those of you who stuck to the issue (China moving into Idaho’s backyard…remember) or those that are a party to the issue…Politicians!!!

  • UKTrooper23

    Urhm, firstly CONSPIRACY theory or WHAT… Secondly I can tell you don’t know a thing about China. There are no plans for a war with the USA and China’s cultural revolution pushed the country into a socialist movement not the classic USSR model of communism. You based your facts on random fiction my friend, I suggest you RESEARCH what you say. This is the reason internationally people give up with the USA mate, because of snide rubbish like this. If there is any development it’d be a simular joint venture head up by the Chinese to something like Korea Town in Los Angeles. But I’ve never heard this utter crap before in my life, and I’d suggest that your sources are ones of the many out here in the USA looking to pick a fight with the East due simply to FEAR. Get a damn grip, I won’t comment again because I’m not after an argument. I SHALL say it’s minds like YOURS and your sources that wish for an end on our planet, seeking wars is a GREAT sign of weakness and I think you should consider that China has NEVER invaded another country in it’s history WHY? Because it protects only it’s own interests, conquest means nothing. If they develop the USA it’s been pre-arranged for money hand outs to bail the USA from the unfortunate greed that destroyed the USA, I’d say the same about the UK and other places also… The West has ALWAYS been greedy and we burned ourselves totally in a capitalist dream. So get a reality check on who is breaking the 7 deadly sins and turning them into INDUSTRIES before you blame China… Evolve, simply, EVOLVE… Good day to you

    • Irishrover

      China has never invaded another country? You might want to tell that to Tibet. You Brits are so self righteous and patronizing…

    • dc6282

      China invaded tibet shortly ofter ww3 tibet being a peaceful nation of only 8,ooo troops was washed over by the 1,000,000 strong invading force of china’s P.L.A.

    • Guido

      You’re wrong, dude. China has invaded lots of places.
      China has invaded other nations throughout their existence. They’ve practically made a tradition of invading Vietnam.

      I had a professor who pointed out the Chinese don’t go out for invasions overseas except for territories they consider to be traditionally Chinese.

  • American DreamZzZzZzZz

    The National Debt is a fraud. It was artificially created by the private gangster banks who make up the Federal Reserve. They are the ones who really OWN all the land in America. This is why none of us OWN property in ALLODIUM and can only be tenants. If anyone owes any debt it’s them and the District of Criminals as well as any “government” official down to the city councils. They are the corporate fictions and government entities who owe and they have become TRAITORS to LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and the RIGHT TO OWN PROPERTY In ALLODIUM and LIVE IN PROSPERITY!! Research how many taxes we pay and how many statutues and codes this de facto banker government and their de facto “Just-Us” system unlawfully enforces on us. This is the Whore of Babylon drunk off the blood of the Saints. Idaho Commerce Secretary Don Dietrich and Idaho Lt. Gov. Brad Little who said “Asia’s where the money is” are traitors and should move to China. They are parasites and not worthy to live in a FREE society even though we are far from that these days.

    “A Nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor, he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies depp in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear” Cicer – Roman Statesman.

  • UKTrooper23

    Just a link to display another bunch of trash that the original poster of this thread said to all of you… Shen Zhen a fishing village!!!? Really – looks like a pretty big city sprawl to me. This picture was taken in 1970, now I CAN agree Shen Zhen is vastly bigger now with a city scape etc. But alas, so is Hong Kong, so is Birmingham (UK) so is many US cities… It’s call growth mate. Get a damned grip and people, start opening your minds!

  • Cabriael

    Blame Truman for this. A few nukes to China on 1950 would have nipped this problem at bud.

  • Treason at it’s *************** worst!

  • Sam Austin

    Law. Under what laws will the folks and busines in this zone be subject to? The Muslims ONLY consider Shira Law where ever they live. The Chinese folks living and working ‘INSIDE ‘ the USA will want protections UNDER their own laws. If this happens then they HAVE set up a separate nation within the USA. Will the business operating So. of Boise pay the same taxes, local, state and federal as American Corporations??

    Sam Austin

    • Sam you are completely wrong about Sharia law and I am going to set you straight. I happen to be a Westerner, who has converted to Islam by the way and am married to a strict Muslim girl.

      Sharia law is optional in some places where Muslims live in the West. The places it has been introduced, are as with Tribal Law for aborigines in Australia, not turned to exclusive Sharia Law, and Sharia law as with Tribal Law is not permitted to over ride the law of the land. As it is a generally superior and fairer and much simpler legal system than the endlessly evolving monstrosity we are left with these days, where it is possible, smart Western businessmen generally choose Sharia law to deal with Muslims, because they find the outcome to be better and quicker than in the Crown Law system we all have inherited in the West. My business partner was informed by me of this right in the course of our negotiations and at the same time, he is not subject to the same thing by me. He can use Sharia law against me, but I cannot do so against him. This is in fact something I have extended to him as a good Muslim, not because we have the option in my country yet.

      The day Australia does introduce Sharia Law, it will make as much difference to the average Australian non Muslim as the fact we have Tribal Law affects any non Aboriginal Australian. Which is to say, none at all.

      Now you have been informed and so has anyone else who has managed to retain their concentration long enough to read this post. Not a given these days with the severely retarded levels of comprehension and concentration of most youth especially. So if you persist in your delusional and bigoted rants against things and people about whom you obviously know nothing, knowing you are propagating hatred and lies.

      • Guido

        Yeah, but at least under Western jurisprudence I don’t have to worry about being stoned or losing a hand or having acid poured on my face if I commit a crime.

        I can also worship freely, exercise free speech, and choose not to believe in God. Oh, and under Western law, Jews are permitted to exist. Women aren’t forced to veil themselves. They can drive a car. And if a girl’s school does catch fire, the religious virtue police we don’t have won’t force the girls to burn to death because they forgot their veils in the fire. (Happened in Saudi Arabia)

  • T

    Free Trade is bad. It has shipped 80%(in some sectors) of our manufacturing jobs out of the country and the number is increasing. This is an Economic War and we are being led to defeat by our treasonous Politicians. But why is this happening? Well it is the Corporations, Big Business if you will, who want more profits at any cost. They have donated huge sums to Politicians and their parties to gain sway over them and to dictate the Corporate desire for cheap labor with little to no regulations. Now white collar jobs are being outsourced and soon we will have such a huge shortage of jobs that you and I will be forced to accept far less money to keep our jobs. Supply and demand mandated this more people chasing fewer jobs means less money fro those jobs. The Chinese won’t see their wages rise but we will see ours fall to their level. Harmonization is the key word and everywhere around the world laws and standards are becoming the same. Corporations are killing Unions and destroying all of our lives so they can get a “one Price one law” World. Take a look, read the facts and take a stand while you can. Make no mistake, there are big changes being implemented at these Business – Government meetings (Bilderberg and G20 etc.). Economic war is real, you can see it at work in Greece today. You don’t need bullets, you don’t need guns, all you need is debt and as debt killed the old USSR, debt will kill us too!

    • dc6282

      I agree with u T we gave up our rights to tariff incoming goods to make them competitive with ours and also gave up the way we paid for our army since the revolution free trade has killed America and the politicians want us to give up more and more rights so we cant protect ourselves i say go out everyone and buy u a weapon its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it

  • rev robert c arnold

    are we so stupid as to give away America a piece at a time…we are selling our childrens futures right from under them…we believe in a democracy they the cummunist govt believe in state rule.
    how much will we be willing to give the greedy nations of the world…that would destroy what our men and women of our armed forces gave there very lives for..when is it enough//wake up america we are on a slippery slpoe..and we are going down it very fast with no way to return when we hit the bottom…say no to the selling of american soil and rights to the chineese gov…we have sold enough of America…enough is enough..get the crooked politicians out of office and make them work for us for a change..thats what they are there for”does ..TROJAN HORSE “ring a bellwe are being set up just like that.GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE FREEDOM THAT GOES WITH IT>>>

  • markus

    Haha, you Americans are just too stupid, lazy and multicultural to do anything about it. Your country is becoming a third world hell hole.

  • Factual_basis

    I think many Europeans forget that you have only been here since 1492(excluding the so called ‘Vikings’ that got kicked out), on this land you are still a foreign vessel, a UNITED STATES citizen (corporation)on the land (east india trading company). ‘Africans’ were here, ‘Asians’ were here, ‘Native American’, ‘Arabs’, and what ever other ethno-compartmentalization you want to create were here well before the Europeans made it over.

    Factually it isn’t european land, unless you admit that it has been usurped. Admitting no true real title.

    • armegeddon

      actually the europeans were here way before the indians and some of the others.arent you keeping up on the latest archeology before u open your mouth?
      ancient american
      kenniwick man skeleton and others

    • Iman Azol

      I think many people realize you’re taking some serious drugs.

      The aboriginal Americans were of NW Asian and Central Asian ancestry, approximately 18,000-12,000 years ago. Then the Europeans arrived and displaced them. Almost everyone speaks English, most of the rest speak Spanish, a few in Canada speak French. It doesn’t get much more European than that.

      As the earlier natives didn’t have deeds or titles, conspiracy-nut talk about “no true real title” is ridiculous.

      As to “usurpation,” that’s a fact of nationalism. There is no nation on Earth that didn’t usurp land from some prior group.

      Incidentally, the “so-called ‘Vikings'” left voluntarily, but occupied several locations before the recent native groups were, and did file title in the Vatican, so Europeans do have a valid claim to large chunks of the Northeast.

      PS: what does this have to do with China?

  • LOL. Well what did all you clowns think the collapse of the USA was going to look like? No apocalyptic scenes, you’re all too tame and docile for that, it is more like a giant garage sale, including the house and all contents, whilst the tenants (you) look on helplessly.

  • Dean Jackson

    What happens in three years or so when the Communists in China follow the USSR and have a fake collapse of the government? The new ‘democratic’ government in China (which will be controlled by the Communists from behind the scenes) will be in place, severely muting any criticism of the proposed Chinese cites within America.

    This is the problem with conventional analysis of Communist nations. Conventional analysis doesn’t take into consideration the ‘dialectic’ thought processes of Communist strategy. In other words, all Communist rhetoric must be filtered through the main objective of the Communists: the neutralization of the United States.

    “A campaign for a new system of World Government will be launched at Summit level and will be accompanied by pressure from below, the active use of agents of influence and secret assassinations of leaders who are seen as obstacles. The campaign will come as a surprise to the US Administration. In the ensuing negotiations, the US President of the day will find himself facing a combined pressure from the Russians and the Chinese. The Chinese will by then have adopted a ‘reformed’, pseudo-democratic system.” — KGB Defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, The Perestroika Deception, April 1993, p. 166.

  • Jack

    Non offense, but this is not looking good. Wake up American People! (Before it’s too late…)

  • Peter Pan

    I think the author of the article should stop referring to Chinese as communists. I think based on the facts they are less communists than America. At least they don’t radiate their citizens and don’t stick their hands down their pants. And they execute the stealing bastards not give them bailouts. They are not conducting 4 wars as the US. As far as the self-sustained city, I think the Chinese are trying to preserve the fruits of their citizen’s labor. Wouldn’t you want your government to preserve the fruits of your labor instead of devaluating your currency and thereby stilling from you?

  • American Patriot

    We do not need the Chinks or anybody else to screw this country up. Our Government is doing a good job all by themselves.

  • MorningStar

    Where is the outrage??

    China is wanting to paid off with American land and this is serious.

    Need to now read a new book out about Americans taking a stand against D.C. tyranny cause we love our country, but our government is selling us to the Chinese.

    It’s a must read about saving our country.

    Our government is going to pay off their debt by giving away our land.

  • Gary

    maybe the Chinese will force the USA to finally tax the rich hard and spread the wealth.

    I am sure they would be better than republicans, however, that is not a high bar to get over.

    Here’s the thing with republicans-you can’t polish a turd. No matter how gussied up the right may be they are still a turd and only want to give tax cuts to the rich.

    They (right wing) need to be flushed and the toilet cleaned.

    • ME!!

      Congratulations, Gary, you’ve fallen victim to the propaganda. That’s precisely what the Democrats want you to believe. As long as you listen to their rhetoric, they’ll stay in power (relatively speaking) and this country will go down the toilet both economically and socially.

      Here’s a little tidbit of logic and common sense (things the liberals in Congress don’t want you to have), the rich are the JOB PROVIDERS. If they aren’t doing well, the rest of the country suffers and people are laid off. If they are doing well, they create more positions and hire more workers. Unemployment goes DOWN.

      You don’t have to like or be a Republican. There’s no longer enough of a difference in the two parties anymore. But you should get yourself knowledgeable in the realities of economics and how it really works instead of listening to every Democrat who pipes in on CNN, MSNBC (a self proclaimed liberal organization), CBS, or ABC and then repeating it here like a good little puppet.

      Incidentally, has it ever occurred to you that these people you vote for and support are rich, too? It’s not about the rich versus the poor. That is class warfare and it’s one of the things liberal progressives must use in order to further their agenda.

      No offense, but get your head out of their tail end for God’s sake and your own. Get a q-tip and clean those ears out! And if you don’t like this country and what it stands for and how we do things here, then GET OUT. I’m SURE the Chinese would LOVE to have you. Or perhaps you’d like to try Cuba or North Korea? I hear Iran is quite toasty this time of year. Of course if the progressives have their way, we won’t have too much longer to wait before you’re living under Sharia Law anyway. You’ll love that, I’m sure.

    • Volmadman

      Are you really that Stupid Gary. The reason these states are going in debt is because of spreading the wealth to everyone with their hand out. If you tax the rich more then they will send their businesses and companies to China like is happening now. The unions here are causing that
      You are a socialist moron. I bet you admire the Chinese Communists.
      Wake up and smell the coffee

    • renee

      you are an idiot. the word “rich” is a relative term. we (myself and my husband)make over a 100k a year. would we be considered “rich”? to some who are collecting welfare we are, even though people who collect welfare are living off taxes that we pay in. we don’t receive any help from the government. it is the democrats who give our hard earned money away to people who are living off our “richness”.

    • Charles

      The rich pay more than anyone. If it were not for the rich you would not have a job like a lot of Obama americans. When I was young I was a dumbacrat, now I am part of the Tea Party…

    • Dee

      Gary you are a nincompoop. Taxing the rich is not the problem they pay 70% of the taxes anyway. The problem is spending. We are going on 4 wars now wars and borrowing money to pay for it. Something is very wrong and it is not taxation of the rich. Stop drinking the Kool aid wake TF up! Read (history) start connecting dots, pay attention or you will soon be a Koolie.

    • deadlib

      You are an obvious communist loving douchebag. You liberas assholes are so stupid, you do not even see the truth and nightmare before your eyes. I hope you are first in line during the coming round-up. You deserve nothing less than the shiria law imposed on your anti American ass. Suffer you %^*&^*()&(

    • mike

      Well, only after the mental maggots from the ignorant left have taken your money, freedom, individuality and life, will you realize; If the liberals; like you, get what they want, they won’t get what they want. They will get what they deserve. Nothing, then a slow death from the very power structure that they voted for. Dumb.

    • Rod

      Wow, Gary. You sound like real winner. You may not have a single digit IQ (although you may) but the openness of your mind would have that same equivalence. Your comment makes zero sense and has nothing to do with the article. You see to know a lot about turds, maybe there is a good reason.

    • Quigath
    • Don’t listen to the left/right posters on here. It’s well known that Chinese have an Internet propaganda presence posing as Americans that agree with China, or distracting us with right/left flame baits when we need to evaluate China’s plans.

      Enough is enough, we need to stop this period.

  • Northrop

    Wow alot of unfounded bullcrap on the comments.

    China is dangerous, they lie to their own population.

    My old lodger was on a placement at my local university (Exeter) and she was so sad to leave because she could see the sky as back in her home town it was covered with smog and the government tell the population that it is like that all over the world.

    We’re no different we just do the same old gig just in different ways.

    Nixon and the powers to be knew exactly what they were doing when they ‘opened’ China up.

    Let’s create Nuclear Fusion and nanotech and never look back.

  • Titus Sviatoslav

    Sun Tzu said it best:
    “Supreme excellence in warfare is achieved when you are able to conquer your enemy without loosing an arrow!”

  • Last Patriot

    Americans died to keep the Communists out of America! Now, we invite them in! WFT people!

    We have stooped so low as to disrespect our ancestors who died so, we would be free forever.

    Obama and Congress should be jailed.
    Bankers should be stripped of wealth and jailed.
    Oil companies should be nationalized and the executives jailed.

    Basically, ALL the people in charge, WHO have been in collusion with breaking America’s back, should be on trial for treason and sedition.

    I hate China and Chinese products. I hate being stripped of my Rights by traitors of the Constitutional America.

    I hate it that Americans have lost their WILL to fight oppression and evil.

    If you don’t fight it then, you support it…great future you are leaving for the kids!

    • Excellant deduction and thank you for mentioning the important points. By these comments I see most people are not getting it. COMMUNISM will be thriving in the US and our NATIONAL SECURITY is most def going to be compromised. WHAT KIND OF INSANITY is this? Where are the people of Idaho, Ohio and Pennsylvania in all of this? Are they writing their Govenors and threatening them at the voting booths? Where is the MEDIA in all of this? O well, it’s too late now. Remember long suffering… it is a virtue. Look forward to it. God be with us all in this generation.

    • Thanks, Patriot, for saying it like it is. They’re just following the guidelines of the Art of War…

  • C

    Majorities in the US begged politicians to spend money on war, without caring that money spent on destruction is not so great an investment. It’s like using a credit card to buy war games when your kids are starving. China, with three times as many people spent far less than fifteen percent of what US spent on “defense”. No telling how much more messed up the world would be if they had been equals to the US in destructiveness.

  • David Stanley

    Does anyone now think China doesn’t Own USA ?Of course they do.
    Those with the money always get to call the shots.
    this 50 sq mi City is the first of many ,Americans will be stacked and packed ,while the Chinese ,or the new owners of USA get all of the sprawl space.After all it is the Americans who are the tenets and it is the Chinese who are the new Landlords .Though the average American who’s income is paid by China does not understand this .
    I can put it in layman’s terms for them.

  • Maybe this aint so bad. Chinese restaurants are a good thing throughout the US. Maybe they can revive our manufacturing base.

  • Pam Pavelek

    This is unbelievable!! I can not believe we are even considering doing this to the Treasure Valley!!!
    Idaho is one of the few remaining wholesome and clean places to raise a family in the US. This is one of the most devastating plans I have ever heard. My Father Robert L Day a former mayor of Boise would be heart broken to know that our officials are even entertaining this proposal.
    Hoping for some sensible people to stop this plan, a very concerned native of Boise, Idaho. Pam Day Pavelek

  • This is unbelievable!! I can not believe we are even considering doing this to the Treasure Valley!!
    Idaho is one of the few remaining wholesome and clean places to raise a family in the US. This is one the most devastating plans I have ever heard of. My Father, Robert L. Day, a former mayor of Boise would be heart broken to know that our officials are even entertaining this proposal.
    Hoping for some sensible people to stop this plan.
    A very concerned native of Boise, Idaho,
    Pam Day Pavelek

  • stophypocrisy

    May as well give it to them because the US government ‘s not doing a damn thing to help Americans build a self sustaining city. Hell, we can’t even get a road re-paved or a bridge repaired because they are to busy ripping us all off. Capitolizm has let us down, if you want to get rich in America you have to have some scam going to stael it from hard working Americans that live one auto repair from bankrupsy

    • lisa

      I think it was the lying politicans who let us down.

  • tony N

    Here is some links to the Idaho Statesman on the stories that were said to be taken down , and some other info that we the people have not seen .

    Chinese national company is interested in Boise ……
    China Just Made A Huge Investment In The American Energy Source That Everyone Still Ignores .

  • Ginger S

    “China would not be what they are today if we had insisted that they abandon the communist system and respect basic human rights before we ever opened up trade with them.”

    turns out you are one of those, that honor the ill-logic that america MUSTdetermine the world’s politics and economies, the same ill-logic that beautified and gloried american government’s military invasions in afghanistan, irak, lybia, pakistan and not to mention all the other countries in the recent past, the engineered color “revolutions” all over the place.

    i’ve heard so many people talking like this and I’m just genuinely curious, why only blame china for all the problems and not the people in america that are responsible for the migration of industries and jobs to developing countries? why not the people that would rather buy the “cheap products that “flood the american shore” than support the local industries?? if the elites in american had not sold out the american people’s wealth and future, perhaps all the jobs and opportunities of economic growth would not have ended up in China or Honduras or Vietnam instead of here.

    isn’t it easy to just point the finger and blame someone else for the problems?? i’m just very disappointed because apparently you can influence a lot of people with your writing, and yet what you have to contribute is not brilliant, not ABOVE THE CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL THAT CREATED THE PROBLEMS. only looking at the surface of everything and pointing fingers, exactly the kind of maze the globalist elites have set up for us. may i suggest reading david icke?

    • We have become week

      I totally agree… The USA has become week and I’m not talking about our military. We have become a week country from within and our government and the people have not helped to stop it from happening. A chain is only as strong as its’ weakest link and if you look around all we see are week links in our society. We have week education, week social structures, week government, and a very week manufacturing base. The USA was a great country but its’ people have become lazy and complacent over the years and like any nation that have followed this path it is on its way out. One day we as a nation will wake up and stop living so reckless and start putting our society’s issues at the top of the “To Do List” and not how I can out do my neighbor down the road. If our government could bring all of us together to work toward a common goal this country could be great again. But it may be too late for the USA and we only can blame ourselves in the end. It may take this county hitting rock bottom before we wake up and really make the difficult changes that are required to fix our broken system.

  • John

    You used the word communist about 9 times. We get it.

  • levotb

    Every Idaho elected official who voted for this should be thrown out of office for treason. Some no doubt were offered kickbacks which is a Federal and state felony.

    Please, someone, list the names of the perps!

  • patriotliz

    Chinese cities in America?
    This a fine mess this government has gotten us into. To even be considering such craziness means the end of America is near.
    Can our stupid politicians spell “TROJAN HORSE?”
    First I would pull our troops home from all these stupid and worthless wars. What could possibly be MORE IMPORTANT or in the BEST INTEREST of America than NOT to depend on the Chinese buying our debt. I would rather live in a deep economic depression worse than the 1930s than see one Chinese city established on our soil.

    • rvlqcitizen

      Here, here! Even scarier should be the communist subversion of our entire “Education” system. And all the people who think that communism and socialism sound like great ideas. Easy sell to folk who have been groomed for this all their lives. The same folk who buy crap at Walmart will welcome anything they are told will “make their lives better”. We are FINISHED. Without a shot fired by China. People don’t seem to take Sun Tzu seriously. Looks like China will be playing a huge role in our move to the Brave New World.

  • Traitors! The puppet politicians will give away the country so they can get more debt to finance more wars to appease the puppetmasters/warmongers… great plan that will happen if they want because Americans are ASLEEP! Wake the heck up people!
    Get Up! Stand Up! Get Involved! “This model resolution has been used in multiple communities, most recently the city of Richmond, CA, where it passed 6-0 on March 1, 2011 (with some additions).”
    ‘Model Resolution to Free Democracy from Corporate Control and Amend the Constitution’;

  • patriot76

    All of you talk of concern…but you all do not have the heart nor courage as our Founding Fathers had. Imagine: letting the British build a city outside of Washington DC after the Revolutionary war. Yea Right! We’ve allowed our people to be so dumbed down and allow bad judgements to create cancer bigger than ever. And it will spread worst.

  • Americans need to stop buying that useless crap! Seriously think about where your dollar goes! Not just Walmart aka China, but the corporations like Monsanto, Dow, BP, Exxon or DuPont… and STOP voting for Uniparty Incorporated politicians (GOP/Dems)!
    Read this short article, ‘STOP SHOP’ and watch “the Corporation” (link in article)… Most of all, START THINKING DIFFERENTLY!
    “STOP SHOP 01/01/2011 “:

  • Mendor

    Many have commented that the politician have sold us out. They have.. But we must remember it was all in the name of helping the poor. Welfare programs, safety nets, nation building and excesses in military spending. In short we abandoned the constitution and now we are paying for it. Are you willing to do what it takes to prevent the complete take over of our county to others like the chinese? Namely, cut all federal spending besides basic military infrastructure.

  • EuropeanNonUnion

    UKTrooper, you are probably a Chinese troll if not just a brainwashed liberal communist. Just LOOK at your backwards ass, royalty-driven failure of a country who cannot even keep Pakistan out! You fail to understand that the Japanese were NOT a threat to China nor to Peral Harbor until WE (yes WE!) – a special military group in our OWN shadow government at the time – bombed Pearl Harbor and made it look like the Japanese to further escalate things and bring more countries into the war! You commie faggot, you don’t even understand enough to look around you and see that you couldn’t keep the Pakis out of your own damned country from taking over, and you dare to lecture the US about the Chinese?! Grow up and go back to your faux unit you military pansy! Your intelligence is worth less than nothing on these posts, and your links are half-truths at best. Get some FACTS and learn to think realistically rather than liberally, and then close your mind so that your brain doesn’t fall out like your common sense did years ago. For goodness sakes…it amazes me how you UK liberals defend disinformation only to go after what you refuse to believe! I bet you think Tony Blair is a great guy too, don’t you? LOL! Coward. Let the Pakis take over the UK, keep your cameras all over the streets, and keep paying for your idiot-box tv’s. But please, find something better to do than pretend you aren’t a chinese/communist troll. This is serious.

    • RE: EuropeanNonUnion
      Guess you have never heard of the ‘Rape of Nanking’?

      and that’s only a down payment on the terrible atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII.

      So angry, so ignorant, so very very sad….

  • Intelligent Observer

    It’s kinda sad how few, if any, of you guys seem to realize that China is no longer truly Communist, but corporatist FASCIST at its very core…….kinda like Nazi Germany or Mussolini’s Italy, but merely without the genocides of the former……..for now.

  • Steve Antush

    Every Military base inthe USA is a self contained city. You would think that in 50 square miles they will soon have their own airport to fly supplies directly into the base, I’m sorry I mean city to drop off cargo, troops and other military aircraft.

  • It is all Bush’s fault.

    Of course, that is said with tongue firmly in cheek.

    Anybody who is willing to trust the Chinese Communists should have their head examined. Period.

    Wake up, America, before it IS too late.

    Lawrence Klepinger

  • GlennT

    I get tired of hearing this baloney about China “FLOODING” our shores with “CHEAP” products. First of all, chinese companies and factories (of which a good 40 % are AMERICAN ownership) are supplying ONLY what we want to buy. If there was no demand for it, they wouldn’t be supplying it. Secondly, A LOT of the nicer products, furniture, high end stainless garbage cans, car parts, tools, manufacturing equipment, etc, save business and consumers billions of dollars over having it made here. (do our jobs disapear over that, you bet! but thats our government not doing its job establishing trade tariffs to keep that manufacturing HERE where it belongs) And I suspect you biggest WHINERS about China are the biggest hypocrites when you purchase. If everyone went out and spent double on US made equivelents, there would be nobody whining about China filling the labour void. Obviously, we aren’t doing that, therefore you are VOTING with your pocketbook WHERE our companies make there goods. Only trade tariffs will stop the exodus of manufacturing offshore, and our government appears to have NO intention of doing that. Quit bashing China for being smart enough to look ahead, and take advantage of our US goverment not looking out for us. The business of China is Business, the business of the US is War.

  • Joe Lightyear

    Kick out the pagan Chinese. Let our traitorous politicians live there too!

  • China Factory Outlet… I mean Walmart, is based here, so it makes sense for them to want to locate here.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out…

    Mike Dillard Elevation Group

  • The Tree of Liberty

    I feel like the charlie brown christmas tree!

    I am SO hungry.

  • Prophesy declares the USA will set up a one-world-government through the UN ( Rev.13:11-18 ) Organized labor has priced our work force out of business and driven jobs out of the US. Our greedy citizens have voted for a welfare government. Poor people are not the only ones on “welfare” cooperations also are “on-the-dole” We buy our friends with foreign aid. We think we can police the world and prevent war, so we tax our economy. We send our brave men and women to make nations keep in line. We have put,the God we profess to trust in, in a position where he is off limits. We can’t address Him publically. His Law cannot be displayed publically. We allow homosectuals to mock Him in sexual matters. The list of america’s sins goes on and on. We have a bigger problem than China, or the economy. We are in trouble with God and repentance is required. Other nations got to where we are and they were replaced by this GOD who “sets up kingdoms and takes the down” Daniel4:17

  • Al

    You are wrong. Some made in USA products are actually less expensive than the Chinese counterparts. In addition I noticed when many products we used in the construction industry were all of a sudden coming from China instead of the USA, there was no price drop. In some cases the price went up. It is just plain greed on the part of American traitorous manufacturers because they get us to pay the same money but now they pay less for labor. Time for trade tariffs to make a comeback!

  • listen to if any of you know your history .you would flat out so B.S to china having anything like that in the USA.Bottom line is what they want is communism for all and that puppet obama is the piece of shit that would let it you really think he runs anything.NOT he does what he is told to do nomore or less and that go’s with what he say’s on tv as well .Any bodie what’s learn the truth really be woke up check out grand design exposed . com start their and cont act that person John Daniel very smart and biblical God fearing man that will tell you the truth cause Jesus Christ our Creator and redeemer is over him. This so much bigger than any body thinks it’s unreal its a lie so deeply implanted in all of us we would believe the truth if we saw it .so learn your history!The government is the lie !and is one of the beast that is written in Revelations and the other beast is the Rome yes the pope.

  • Tanoshi

    Gary, you are completely wrong! Anyone who has every been to China will know that the Chinese government does not redistribute the tax base… If you think that is the answer to our economic problems then you need to spend some time studying history!

  • sgb

    I’m sorry but God has nothing to do with what is going on with the world. It is man and man alone.
    It is man’s greed, wanting control and having and taking no matter how destructive the process is.
    The only time there will ever be peace on earth is when the destructive human is eliminated.

  • sgb

    BTW the simple solution to the american problem is so easy!! Stop paying any taxes. When the government has no more free money to waste they will have to down size. Too much Government has never worked in any country. They can’t put all of us in jail!! If our political idiots continue on the path they are playing on now, there will not be anyone paying taxes anyways so we can win our country back either way.

  • John Doe

    Probably a SMART-City, which means total controlled city. Like the latest (globalist made) Zeitgeist Moving Forward pushes to. Like the “Megacities on the move” propaganda advertising.

  • judy dexter

    Does anyone remember the story of the Trojan Horse? Think about it!

  • Ann

    Communism is communism. Government run and owned everything. Complete government control. What is China’s record on human rights? Our military, security and intelligence citizens have died to keep us a capitalist democracy. Those who think this is good are ignorant or they are sheep with no ambition or ability to think for themselves. The chinese government does not allow free thinkers to exist. Check out their prisons and cemetaries. Shame on any US citizen who thinks this is good. Move to China.

  • Bob

    “”prophesy declares the USA will set up a one-world-government through the UN ( Rev.13:11-18 )””
    ummmmm what?? i dont see anywhere in the bible it says USA but that’s your opinion. and i think end of the world is not for years to come, and wether its gunna end like Rev. I dont think it matters, but the USA gov’t needs to get there heads out of their ass and actually do something, Canada can only survive so long with the US economy in shambles.

    • Guido

      Seriously! You’re right, Bob. I’m a Christian, too, but some folks need to stop trying to introduce their own personal slant into the book and just read what it says. There’s no mention of the US, China, Communists, or anything else. I hate it when folks try to shoehorn their own subjective ideas into the book. It’s like that moron preacher who just made a gigantic ass out of himself claiming the world was going to end.

  • Bill Rich

    And all we need to do is to find Sinomach doing something illegal anywhere on earth and all of these are ours legally. Or when China declare war on US… POOF…

  • Mark


  • Asif Ali

    I can feel the American arrogance, well it looks like the tables are being turned, the Brits had the British East India Company to loot and plunder the occupying countries by colonizing them, USA used IMF and the World Bank to do the same but in a more sophisticated and intricate manner & we have now China more than willing to do the same with USA.

    I guess the Chinese will never forget

  • Flip

    Doctor Ron Paul has been preaching these themes all along while the vast majority of Americans seem to be in a state of profound ignorance. He’s running for president in 2012. He has the right plans to restore our land back to health if only we muster the collective sense to vote him in. Read what he has to say about all this and you too shall be convinced – then spread the word:

  • A Very Concerned American

    A Very Concerned American

    First, let me say that I’m not going to stoop to the low level of communication that many Americans have while making comments about China (as well as Chinese have while making comments about America), which is entirely devoid of virtue and intelligence (not to mention ‘facts’ that seem to be touted as so important but which those posting are obviously and shamefully unaware). Most comments I have seen are full of hatred and vitriol (abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will). This is not truth, it is renegade Nationalism (not Patriotism) and Politics (which – we all know – often presents a great many problems). By so doing, they have completely lost their audience. Also, allow me to say that it’s probably a very good thing that they’ve lost that audience, since they are woefully misinformed.

    I’m an American who’s been living in Asia for going on a decade. Much of this time has been in China. For this reason and several others, which I probably needn’t mention, my writing should speak for itself. My intention is to indicate that I am qualified to make these comments as I have had the fortunate opportunity to be in a position to do so, not to ‘blow my own horn’, so to speak. Therefore, I offer the following information:

    I am quite well-traveled and well-informed not only in Philosophy, History and Geography, but also Global Economics (among other things). I am also a Disabled Veteran. My passion is certainly not popularity (as you will see is fairly obvious), but Wisdom. My devotion is to Truth (Ideally, as objective as possible).

    The reason I chose to be in China is because I believe the proper way to deal with America’s tragic economic situation, for those who are not ethnocentric (afraid or intolerant of foreign culture), is to go abroad and attempt to regain what this economically challenged, tragically governed country has seen fit to give away. Also, it is counterproductive (and self-destructive) to stay in such a nation that would allow this to happen. *Americans* (and the government they elected) have given away jobs, GDP and all hope of a future economy for the financial benefit of a few business leaders and those government officials who profit from doing so – many of whom should probably be tried for Treason. They have also saddled several generations, in all likelihood, with the responsibility of correcting this grave mistake. Let me clarify what I mean by *Americans*, above:

    Many Americans either refuse to accept responsibility (out of sheer idiocy or lack of participation) or fail to realize (out of a lack of knowledge) that it is a government resulting from an irresponsible electorate – Yes, the American people – that have created this government being blamed for ‘selling them out’. Americans put them in office. If you did not vote, then you probably have no right to complain. In the case of China, they do not have this option. For those who did vote but who were not a part of the majority, you have my condolences. Personally, I find it very hard to decide on any political figure, in any country, regardless of party or perspective.

    Some of the information provided below is for the benefit of those who, apparently, are lacking in education or pertinent facts. If you cannot understand some of the material I have offered here, please refer to the comments section of the article (if you have the stomach for it).

    Now, I would like to offer, based on truth as I know it (and despite what many may believe), my perspective regarding this article:

    To begin with, the Chinese were twice attacked by the Japanese, who were far more advanced and economically in dire straits and were looking at invasion of China as a means of expanding their failing economy. This is the reason for both Sino-Japanese wars which predate the Second World War (And Japan’s attempts to invade any or all nations during the entire period including the Sino-Japanese wars as well as WW2). In the first, which was about the turn of the century, China lost much territory (Taiwan, some Northern territories, etc). In the second (1937), also before the bulk of US participation in WW2, the Japanese went on a slaughtering spree that made Nazi Germany look humane by comparison. It was not of the same scale, not by far, though hundreds of thousands of Chinese were brutally raped, mangled and destroyed in the most horrific ways, the worst of which happened in only about an 8 month period during the Japanese movement from Shanghai to Nanking (now Nanjing). Interestingly enough, there is still much anger and resentment against Japan in China – not because of what happened, necessarily, but because, to this day, many Chinese people believe the Japanese Government still refuses to accept responsibility and basically redacts this information from the History books they use in public education, though, this information is widely available through other sources. For comparison, it could be noted that this is something similar to what is in American History books regarding what happened to Native American Indians. There are many examples throughout History which involve invading nations who conquered other nations. I truly wish people would study more. You may gain some useful insight by reading ‘The Rape of Nanking’ by Iris Chang. Just remember, books are just as subject to personal ‘spin’ as news, politics and many other things are. This doesn’t invalidate them; it just means you should keep an open mind. Ok, we are done with that, for now.

    Next, let’s move on to WW2 and US involvement. The US was providing Japan with oil when Japan decided to cooperate with Germany and lay waste to the South Pacific while Germany was laying waste to Eurasia. The German campaign included attacks on US allies in England and the US needed a way to ‘get into the war’ to defend their allies, so the US cut off Japan’s oil, knowing they would retaliate – by bombing Pearl Harbor. Yes, Japan did it (though some have convoluted this information), but sure, it was calculated and well-known by America. There is plenty of information to indicate that the President at the time knew full well of the impending Japanese attack. In truth, this is a brief summary, at best. There is much, much more to it. If you look around, you will notice there are many odd circumstances regarding this tragic event.

    Now that, hopefully, this is cleared up, I will explain why the idea mentioned in the article regarding allowing China to build ‘Self-Sustaining Cities’ in America is very foolish and dangerous. China is indeed Capitalist; However, it is much different (and probably a more detrimental version) than Capitalism in the US, though I have found it quite hard to see ethics of any kind in the practice of Capitalism in any of the places I have been or lived. Perhaps, this is a flaw in Human Nature. The citizens of China have no real influence on politics. The only influence on the Chinese government is economic. This is mostly true in any nation. These days, words like Democracy, Communism, Fascism, Dictatorship, Monarchy and so on…mean very little, since it is all about Capitalism (however irresponsible and destitute of ethics it may be). Anyone with intelligence knows that, in the short term, governments make the rules but in the long term, the Economy does. The only reason there is change in China is because the Chinese Government has no choice. If the majority of people in the US were wise, they would not have supported outsourcing. They would not have allowed China to dominate the US economically, which China most certainly will, if they don’t already. This is due to the foolish choices many Americans (and the government they elected) have made (no doubt, as a result of being lied to by big business and politicians); choices likely based on greed and selfishness, rather than the welfare of all people. These were the wrong economic choices, but not the only ones that could have been made. Sadly, it is too late to turn back now.

    Moving on… If there are those of you that are unaware of these ‘Self-Sustaining Cities’, let me give you an example:

    Foxconn (who has/had contracts with Apple, Acer, Amazon, Asus, Intel, Cisco, HP, Dell, Nintendo, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, etc) has several of them and they are rife with disturbing problems. For example: people often commit suicide, the company suffers incredibly high employee turnover due to labor exploitation and a severe lack of loyalty between employer and employee culminating in a serious lack of trust and a completely counterproductive business environment. This is true nationwide in Chinese business, regardless of industry. I’m sure there is a host of other tragic, depressing things that you don’t even want to think about (for example, routine disregard for health and safety, etc.). There is absolutely no trust in business and an incredibly severe lack of business ethics across the board. This is due to an incredible lack of standard education in China. It is wise to remember that the reason people are doing business in China is *not* because the majority of Chinese are very highly productive, well-educated people, but because the labor cost is low. China is being exploited out of greed, both by their own Government and companies as well as foreign companies, and the people there are not really benefitting. Salaries are well below standard, quality of life is sub-par and, while you may think things are getting better – they are getting better for the Government much more than they are for the people. They will get better in time, as they do in all developing nations, but they still have far to go. It is for these reasons that it would also be far too late to correct the mistake of allowing China to develop ‘Self-Sustaining Cities’ in America (especially noting that China is still a developing nation, itself), once America realized these facts.

    Many people think China’s educational system is good. That is both true and false. They are good at the single thing(s) which they seek or are allowed to learn, but a great many fail miserably at many things which we would consider standard fare; things such as courtesy, ethics, creativity and leadership. This is not because they are ‘bad people’. This is mostly because education was not an option until very recently and China is now playing ‘catch-up’. It is also a result of cultural issues. China is a country that, basically, is full of farmers running factories. They can do what they are taught, but there is so much they have not been taught (and that is what you should be most concerned with). If one thing goes out of order, many are often helpless and unable to figure out a solution on their own. This may seem like a generalization and I am not one to generalize, but I must mention that there are some who are exceptions. They are the ones brave and fortunate enough to ‘think outside the box’ and who have been blessed with the ability to find as well as comprehend higher education that was not offered by their own country. Under Chairman Mao, education was not really an option – much to the later detriment of an economically powerful China. I am sure, if you lead any of these well-educated, fortunate Chinese people to this article, they will likely agree with me.

    If they do not, it is probably because of another unfortunate part of Chinese culture – the fear of ‘losing face’ or losing reputation. Coupled with a lack of ethics, many will quite nearly do anything to prevent it – even the most irrational things. They also, as a rule, prefer to skirt the issues (I bet you didn’t know that, but if it weren’t true, the US would have already gone to war with them, no doubt). Avoiding important issues often results in people not communicating information that is of substantial importance, due to the unwillingness to risk confrontation. For example, in business, information doesn’t flow in a circle, it is top-down and those at the top are often deprived of necessary information that those close to the lower levels are more informed about. Also, respect is often given as a result of position, rather than being earned. These are probably due to the fact that China is an employer’s market, not an employee’s market. The bosses make the rules. “If you don’t like it, then leave! Go find another job, if you can!” These are among the maladies of the Chinese culture. Rest assured; the US has many of their own. They are an inherent part of every culture. But, in fairness, all cultures have many beautiful things to be proud of and that others can enjoy.

    Anyway, I could go on and on about this. There are so many things that America is ignorant about regarding China and so many things China is ignorant about regarding America. This is probably because those who suffer have no voice (access to the media, etc.). I truly hope I will have the opportunity to write about all of this before the two countries fall afoul of or destroy one another. That would certainly be in nobody’s best interest.

    For the record, there are many wonderful things I would love to say – would prefer to say (and often do say, in other articles) – about both countries, rather than offer these unfortunate facts. The reason I have done this is because it is pertinent to the context of this article. I also hope I have the opportunity to write again about the beauty of China (and about the US). I am quite sure this would be a much more pleasant experience. I thank you for your time and patience. My only wish is that you will seek every opportunity to educate yourselves – being sure the information you absorb is valid – and that you be good to one another as you continue on through your lives. It makes the world a better place.

  • Now is not the time to be clling each other names, if we don’t unite and get something done on a grnd scale then we are lost, China will eventually take over America in a very short time, I don’t want to live in another china. Between George Bush and Obama we have lost our country but if we all rally, all of us, get class action suits going, we are losing our country after all, and do something for a change instead of blaming liberals or Republicns or democrats, it’s our fault, here you had man who would not even salute the American flag and everyone voted for him, what did you expect? He never did tell us what change he was going to put us through, now we know, make sure you vote for him again but you better learn ot speak chinese first. Everyone knows what George Soros is all about , he told us, he wants to see us broken and on our knees and then he will be happy, no one in Government hauled him into court for treason, they are all in on it and no matter which of these candidates win, they will all belong to the CFR who is really running our Gov. Flood the courts with class action civil suits, you are losing your country, sue to have it stopped, impeach the nitwits in office, and the Supreme court, get them all out , if you don’t then we are history. The Tea Parties should concentrate on something else besides taxes, it won’t matter how low taxes are, we shouldnt’ be paying them ot ruin our country and you can’t pay if you have no kopb anyway, obviously being an American is a liability with this Government.

  • K-Man

    How many articles have you seen that say the US is the leader of Globalization? A few. How did China get to participate, we, our businesses went there and those stockholders benefited. What will happen next/ More globalization. Who will be in the lead? Whoever can afford it. Chinese are naturally good at trade. See all of history for examples. So were we, but we are babies at 200 yrs old. they are 5,000 years old. What do we have left that is worth anything? real estate. How much should it be worth? priceless.


    Im proud to be a loyal communist and CPUSA will help the Chinese and there wonderful Government absorb,control,convert,unite this country of the US of A into the Second Great China! i got tons and tons of members of the communist loyalist to welcome our Chinese brothers and sisters,in fact my family and myself will help them build there city and WE WILL CONTROL THIS USA AND CONVERT IT INTO COMMUNIST!.

  • R Kenworth

    IDIOTS in Idaho!

  • Owen

    We need to slow down the Chinese. Maybe this should be a land for lawyers trade — we give them our land in exchange for taking our lawyers… Maybe this would be a good chance for us to get rid of some bankers and insurance executives at the same time.

  • David F

    To Ginger “S”: You want to place blame? Place it where it belongs! On the lazy and greedy; not the frugal! if this economy teaches anything it is budgeting, frugal shopping & saving, if you can. LAZY PEOPLE always want something for nothing. They don’t WANT to WORK, especially if they are not getting a fortune per hour (Union MEntality). So manufacturers can’t afford them and have to move where the profit can be made. Lower your demand for wages and buy responsible. Hollywood and Wall street shouldn’t determine how much you pay for a shirt. Good, great looking clothing doesn’t have to expensive. The clothing doesn’t make the man or woman. Common sense and personality go a long way. You can have the painted faces &
    designer clothes/bags etc…they’re all FAKE.

  • unohoo

    To me it sounds like China’s building a military base . . . after all they are self efficient

  • yeah, but Idaho, this is insane

  • Terry

    After reading some of the comments on this article I can see why this country is in the sewer.

  • America Needs Its Manufacturing Back

    The Chineese have bought prime riverfront property in Toledo, Ohio for one HALF the assesed value. What’s next?

  • Mike

    The first Chinese military base on US soil.

    Get “Pocket Change” out of the White House!

  • Mike

    The way to defeat the Chinese in this country is Unionize them. That will kill any chance of them making a dime.

  • Viva

    This sounds like the definition of a “military base”. Are you sure you know what your doing?



    • AwakeAndPissedOff


    • AwakeAndPissedOff

      anyone with the brain given to a flea knows not to get their news from main stream media. lamestream news..

    • becky

      you talk about democrats being stupid at least we can spell country…contry? really…
      no child left behind one of Bush’s retarded decisions…kids in America are getting pushed through school with no common sense or basic living skills.

      • Lillian

        How sad Becky you are one of the “left behind” with no common sense or basic living skills!
        Why are you not moving to China?????

      • Bob

        Hey “becky”,
        You’re condemning someone’s whole political persuasion because they made a typo? Wow, I’ll bet you’re just a joy to be around! How’s that whole walking-on-water thing, anyway?

        Oh, by the way sweetie, your name is a pronoun, and pronouns are always capitalized. Guessing you were one of the ones left behind?

        • Don

          Amen Bob!

          • Primatebuddy

            Bob, I think you meant proper noun.

      • Joan Pernicano

        Becky, go look at pictures of the “No Child Left Behind” bill signing and do a little research. That was a BIPARTISAN bill and Ted Kennedy took half the credit. Funny how Bush always gets all of the blame and none of the credit by the left. I’m the first to say he made a lot of mistakes, but he looks like one of our better presidents along side Obama.

      • CJ-CA

        becky, one word description where you are concerned….DUH!

    • Miklev

      Hey,RAYMOND,Idaho is about as REPUBLICAN as you can get. And they want this development! Go figure!

  • flamethrower

    First the U.S. goverment will take away our second amendment so we have no way to defend ourselves, The Chinese will be flying in the means of war, tanks, artillery, guns and there army undercover in there planes that will land in there airports right under the American Goverments nose. when they find out it will be to late, it will be genocide to all Americans who try and fight and slavery to the rest them.
    How dumb can they be? This is the perfect game…

    • Bill

      Hey flamethrower,…don’t show your stupidity…don’t you mean, “Their, ???
      you said “there” twice !!!!

      • CJ-CA

        Hey Bill, don’t show your stupidity…don’t you mean “Their”???
        Punctuation error is equal to the confusion of they’re, there and their. To, two and too hard for you to comprehend?
        Let’s play nice folks. How about this for a change?

  • To build a Babylon inside the USA will make Americans run away from the Lord more quickly by learning from pagan, will make their values and minds more chaotic in super liberalism, and the nation will decline quickly.

  • Catfish

    The US now owes China so much money that they can do as they please. Like it or not ! If they were to cash in their US Treasury Bonds, it would bankrupt the US, so we hafta’ cater to them. They won’t beat us at war, they’ll just buy us out ! Using our own money to do so !

  • wearetheresistance

    And they thought I was CrAzY!!!!! Here it is folks, in black and white. This is just the beginning of total domination. Get ready guys, better brush up on your Chinese and learn to eat with chop sticks. Cause the Red Dragon is rising.

  • Joe

    Talking about US enemies- China is the most dangerous one- military strong, unpredictable,
    full of US dollars, bonds, US property and most important the millions of Chinese in America…..
    Do you think after getting the citizenship they became American?
    No, they remain Chinese.
    Al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda is nothing

  • bea

    Guess no one in DC ever played Civilization. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, why would anyone think this is a good idea? Do we get a majority vote on this?

  • vaughn

    “The way to defeat the Chinese in this country is Unionize them. That will kill any chance of them making a dime.”

    Shows the ignorance of the reader. Wal-Mart couldn’t come into China until the workers had a union to represent the workers.

  • Judith

    How ironic! This is just another example of “what goes around, comes around”. Perhaps now American will wake up and realize exactly how so many in OTHER sovereign countries feel about having AMERICAN military bases on THEIR national lands! You can’t on one hand complain about the Chinese plans and yet support our nation doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING everywhere around the globe.

    • Lauren

      People, this should not be allowed to happen on US soil. NO WAY. Get the chinese out of here now! This country is not safe with them here.

  • curtis neff

    Man, there are a lot of idiotic folks on the internet. “pocket change” really! Richard Nixon is the dupe opening the door to relations with China and Clinton and Bush are the ones going whole hog on the global trade. I wish people would just admit they are racists and get on with it. After reading the numbers we it’s apparent we are completely bent over. China is union already idiot as is Germany and they are doing stellar. It’s the low wage no health care model in the USA not making the grade. Our education system obviously sucks and propaganda is working.

  • House

    @from Europe …

    What is your problem?

  • Where is the media on this?? Why haven’t they published this information?? This should be broadcast all over the US.

  • susan

    Not surprised. After years of fighting in Viet Nam for fear of the big bad Communist China, after losing 60,000 American lives, Nixon ended that war and opened trade to China. HUH????? Bad move for the country but lots of his friends got rich…. Trade agreements never work for us -only wealthy corporations -unless you like losing our manufacturing sector and jobs. -like the Mexicans did with NAFTA. 40 years later and I wonder wat VN vets think about this….

  • oxygen please

    Just when I thought Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama had done about everything wrong to the U.S. they could think of, the feds thought of another way to help destroy the U.S. What’s going to happen when the U.S. goes bankrupt and the Communist Chinese take over? For decades the U.S. has been fighting communism and now they are going to embrace it? Obama is a millionaire, so he can fly off to Switzerland to live when the shit hits the fan.

  • GT66

    Just so you guys know, in my area of Pennsylvania, we lived near a Foreign Trade Zone that was set up in the seventies. Not much came of it. More than the idea that these “zones” are for foreign trade, what you should be wondering about is our government’s obsessive preoccupation with creating “zones” off all sorts everywhere. Anyone remember Georgie Bush’s Free Speech Zones? And then there’s this 100 mile deep Constitution free zone based on some dopey national security excuse.

  • Maybe we are getting a taste of our own medicine.

    Being a child of a military veteran nearly 30 years. I have lived in many overseas military bases. Yes, it felt like I was always on American soil.

    It’s just sad that we are giving our beautiful land to China..for what? Money?

    I would rather our country sacrifice and be poor then sell out to China!

  • Ron

    The following quote originally appeared in the Idaho Statesman, but has since apparently been taken down….

    “The Chinese are looking for a beachhead in the United States,” said Idaho Commerce Secretary Don Dietrich. “Idaho is ready to give them one.”

    Now the disappearance of news for political purposes should WAKE UP anyone who reads that quote. You CANNOT trust “official” “approved” society, they are LIARS, they are BOLSHEVIKS.

    Managed news and NO FREE SPEECH.
    Kagan and Sotomayor and Breyer and Ginsberg have written that they DO NOT ACCEPT FREEDOM OF POLITICAL SPEECH.

    This is very close to Bolshevik Russia, they are almost at TOTAL POWER.

  • Obamunism

    And Obama, communist puke, will let them.

  • LogicalJoe

    Wow, amazing level of paranoia in the comments. What this says is WE THE PEOPLE of the USA have given away our jobs for the opportunity to pay Wal-Mart 20 cents less for a shirt, or screwdriver set, and now we’re upset because all the jobs are in China and the Chinese are coming back to invest that money in the US?

    How is this the GOVERNMENT’S fault? Why SHOULDN’T someone who has the money be allowed to buy land in Idaho?

    We got ourselves into this mess by being penny wise and pound foolish, and we are still trying to find the ‘magic bullet’ to fix things — be it deficit/tax reductions or stimulus plans and bailouts. Here’s a hint — all wrong.

    It will take work and scrimping just like it took to build in the first place, and it will take time. We didn’t get in this mess overnight, and we won’t get out of it that way, so stop bitching about the politicians and get your OWN house in order first. Don’t like China buying everything? STOP BUYING THEIR STUFF so they don’t have money to buy ours. Want that cheap toy from China, then don’t complain when they take over everything.

    Easy as pie.

    • justamused

      You got it brother. Perot warned us in the 80’s. It ain’t to late to strangle the Chinese economy. And it wouldn’t take long, about 3 weekes I figure. Another approach is a truckers strike. Common carriers shut down for a week. Logistics would implode. To bad we don’t have a strong teamsters union to control trucking instead of a bunch of money laundering PROG FOOLS.

  • irene hoffman

    I guess we aren’t learning from history. Another Trojan Horse is going to be put into place, this time full of Chinese communists on American soil. Outside of the money gained by Idaho, I can’t see how the American people will gain by this move. Another nail in the coffin of American sovereignty and a terrible decision for the people of our country. Sadly, we will probably continue to buy all those inexpensive goods and put our own plants and factories out of existence.

    • Go Figure

      What makes you thing that money gained is a good thing. Perhaps you’ve missed the entire point.

      There’s more to life than cash.

  • Its all baloney and part of the innumerable smoke screens and mirrors China uses to hide the building of the great army. Everything she does is to cover the military buildup. Absolutley EVERYTHING! We get this from two scriptures. Revelation 16:12 (the KINGS OF THE EAST) and Revelation 9:16 (200 million soldiers). We can also see for ourselves the great unexplained, unneceassary PLA expansion. China is up to skullduggery. Somewhere in China today there will be a great Peoples Liberation Army controlroom, fully switched on to “ASIA CONQUEST”. Already there are many visions and prophecies amongst the Christians of Australia about a Chinese invader. The classic revelation is WHAT WILL BECOME OF AUSTRALIA 1974 by Jack Burrell. If Australia falls America, may already have taken a broadside. Smoke screens, mirrors, dingly-dangly windchimes, sweet talk and a million concepts like the ‘Boise concept’…its all to cover the great PLA buildup and the coming lunge into asia. Watch out USA. Dont go to sleep.

  • Up the US

    If America were a man in a bar, he’d be the one with the fat gut who thinks he’s thin, drawling drunk at a pretty girl while he’s forcing dollars down her top, telling her he wants her to have freedom of speech while he has his foot on her neck. He would be so devoid of empathy he wouldn’t understand why nobody sits near him, why his family don’t want him, why he can’t figure out what anyone else is thinking.
    He’d be stupid event though good money was spent on his education, but he’d be damned good at selling himself because the only thing he has is the myth of who he is, no substance at all.
    I’ve been to China, it’s OK.

    • Ranchman

      @ “UP” I’m not devoid of empathy. I’m secure in the knowledge of who I am. I am an American, father, veteran, and proud to be a Citizen of the most exceptional nation the world has ever seen. I am a Patriot, I love my country. I cannot and will not accept association with the slimeballs in congress, those who have usurped their power and destroyed the visions of our founders. I will do my utmost to stop you and the rest of the people in my country who would tear her apart. My brothers and I will win, we will never falter or quit until America has been restored to Constitutional Governance and the traitors in Washington D.C. are gone. One way or another, we will succeed. This is not simple minded rhetoric, this is truth, held up before your eyes as plainly as ABC. Those who are Patriotic will prevail, you can take that to the bank.

      • justamused

        BRAVO BROTHER, BRAVO!!! I got your back!

      • zach

        sorry Ranchman, but i just don’t buy it. Patrotic? nah… i usually take the stance emma goldman does on such issues; “Indeed, conceit, arrogance, and egotism are the essentials of patriotism. Let me illustrate. Patriotism assumes that our globe is divided into little spots, each one surrounded by an iron gate. Those who have had the fortune of being born on some particular spot, consider themselves better, nobler, grander, more intelligent than the living beings inhabiting any other spot. It is, therefore, the duty of everyone living on that chosen spot to fight, kill, and die in the attempt to impose his superiority upon all the others.”

        But even more so, i think that its important to challenge the history that you speak of. When our founding documents were written we were then one of the largest consumers in the slave trade, after that we feel under the spell of manifest destiny and raped and pillaged the native peoples here. Our history is one of theft. There isn’t a single ‘exceptional’ thing this country has done that wasn’t first stolen. And maybe thats harsh, but i can’t think of any off the top of my head. It seems to me that the ‘slimeballs’ are just continuing that legacy.

  • Nick Rhea

    This doesn’t seem much different then America sending over Nike factories, telecommunications centers, or any other business to india / china.

  • Go Figure

    “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”

    China has it’s hands around your greedy throat and the irony is you can’t even see it as you sit there typing away on your disposable Chinese computer that you bought because it was such a good deal.

    Stop complaining about China, Mexico, or anyone who doesn’t share your false believe in God. Stop consuming.

  • gabbie

    Well folks, I guess the time has come to bend over and kiss our asses goodbye.

  • Rod

    Shoot for the Moon, Alice!

  • Barbara

    My father told me in the 50’s ” watch out for the yellow race”, I guess he was right.

  • FNTM

    Anyone remember the Trojan Horse?

  • Ranchman

    Is this for real?!? Ar our politicians gone plumb crazy? What is wrong with them? How in the world can they even possibly consider allowing the COMMUNIST CHINESE to come in and build bases here?
    They honestly want to bill this to the American people as being good for our ECONOMY? If the American Patriot community isn’t aware of this, they need to be. And it is only them, the Patriot Community, which can stop this insanity. We HAVE to do something about this madness. I personally will be talking about this with everyone I know. This is insane madness. This is treason and worse. This most likely spells the end of America as it once was.

  • MattGinOK

    How did this ‘concept’ pass government (state) scrutiny? It’s one way to start a war on US SOIL.

  • Edouardo

    Hi MattGinOK,

    “…It’s one way to start a war on US SOIL…”

    Guess what…? The war has been waging for years, and the front-ine scouts have already arrived on our shores, & are well-entrenched…

    And their battle cry…? Well, it is NOT “BANZAI”, but rather, “WELCOME TO WAL-MART!”

  • Kendrik

    Is anyone on here that is bitching INDIAN like myself??? hmmmm.. my guess is not many… you want to talk about getting screwed?? talk to us..The Native American Indians…

  • Lauren

    Why are Americans so stupid?



  • Bob

    We lost control of the US econonomy in the 1960s and trade with other countries and laziness to earn money to keep American trade American and poor running of American business by fat cats has led to the demise of the control of American politics and business by wise people who know the plans of the communists and their promises of the last 100 years (we will bury America from the inside). So when will the wise people stand up, take over, and enliven us all with some common sense and take the high hard road and shut this mess down?
    Anyone out there?

  • ******************* most of the people replying are morons. This isn’t about a military base. There is no military base, its about a very precious ore that china already has a hell of a lot of, and the u.s. has very little of…the biggest deposit being in Idaho.

  • Warren

    There is a parade of US states and local govts, eager to do deals with Chinese entities, including local government entities.
    American states and local governments have falling revenues. US has built its economy for last 30 odd years on debt while people have gone into hock. The value of their major asset-house-is American do not want to invest in America, at least someone does. Chinese basically need to get rid of the dollars they own, that are fast losing value.
    Doing this they will employ Americans.
    So it is a win win situation!

  • Warren

    You may also want to read:
    Didn’t they notice?

    John Bogle, founder of vanguard-the index fund-has also been sounding the alarm to deaf ears:
    The Culture That Gave Rise To The Current Financial Crisis
    Owners Capitalism vs. Managers Capitalism

    The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism
    Remarks by John C. Bogle
    Founder and Former Chairman, The Vanguard Group
    At the Miller Center of Public Affairs
    The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
    February 8, 2006

  • Olaf Stapelton

    Can’t you just hear these words? “Diplomatic Immunity”. And, the elected officials welcome this @%&#? And, I was thinking that the goal was simply the same uniform level of poverty across the globe, with a handful of enclaves for the wealthy/powerful/PTBs. Well, whatever. Further redistribution of wealth is ahead.


    I just wanna say… if colonialism is what you’re fearing, turn your attention to wall street, the FED the IMF and the World Bank.

    America has become a colonial empire to most of the world, including itself.

  • An American

    I have not yet come across any article that is reporting who owned the land that the Chinese have purchased in Idaho and Ohio. Who are these land owners who are willing to sell America to foreign governments? And which state level officials were in the know early on about these transactions but remained silent as their state and our nation was being sold out? What do the state constitutions state regarding such transactions for foreign governments? (Federally that is prohibited as only the FEDERAL government can deal with foreign governments though the Chinese corporations ARE Chinese government arms.)

  • Megatron3

    Everyone should listen to this… Democrats, Republicans and everyone in-between… mainly Americans. After these “economic-zones” are in place, they soon will become an embassy of China, since they are owned by the Chinese government. As the tensions rise betweeen China and the U.S., especially over natural resourses, the tensions will rise amongst the true Americans and these so called “economic zones” and an attack or fight that breaks out between the people will be seen as an
    ACT OF WAR against China, which will cascade into the Great World War III. This is a bleak outlook, but reality and history have a tendency of repeating itself. The only thing I’m afraid of is the fear in my own eyes as I look down upon my beautiful innocent 2 year old son, and the future that is as dark as the evil we have created and have yet to create… Time to pray… and fight!
    George Washington, 1st President of the United States of America

  • sopwith

    This is what China is doing in Africa, set up communities where the locals are forbiden, then stretch out their tentacles to get the resources. There is a reason the USA does not develope it’s vast energy resources, they have been set aside for the Chinese in return for endless loans. When the loans are due, they move in. The loans are now due. We Americans have been betrayed by the one world government oligarchs. The Chinese do not want to destroy our infrastructure in a war, they want our resources intack. Chinese general Chi haotian spelled out the plan years ago in a speech that you can easily find on line.

  • Audrey

    We are moving to Canada!

  • zach

    man… idk where to start… except that sensationalizing this exopses the ideology it comes from. Just look at how racist most the comments are.

    In reality this happens all the time, from nations owning ports and pieces of airports and embassies, to companies over riding all of these in what’s knows as “free trade zones”. Free trade zones end up just being a fancy way of saying that companies override national laws (mostly labor laws) usurping them thru ideas of private property rights. Usually they come in the form of area built to be slave towns with factories and housing and even sometimes stores, often completely self-sustaining like this one being talked about. US corporations have been doing this in other countries for years, we really do this more than anyone else already.

    There was recently and big battle in Jamacia over this when one was set up under the guise of ‘creating jobs for jamacians’, but once the garment company (fruit of the loom i think) figured out that it was still cheaper to import Phillipino workers than to pay the Jamacian ones (after the local economy became dependant on the influx of these jobs of course) they just shipped the new workers in.

    Plus these are classic tactics in the supression of the working class. These sort of manifacturing zones go all the way back to the mining booms, where the companies would own all the services in the mining town, enabling them to carfully plan prices and wages, essentially enslaving their workers. Lol, yet this is todays Neoliberal policy.

    Hopefully soon people will learn their history and realize this sort of exploitation is inherant within capitialism

    • Hmmm…inherent in capitalism…perhaps you mean inherent in humans, its not capitalism that holds these keys. All known forms of capital management utilize strategies to minimize all expenses, people are no different than a copy machine in the macro picture.

      I dont care about who is setting up any of this stuff. I tend to fall back to our roots which isn’t the private law we’ve all contracted with called US. Free trade isn’t what benefits people, people benefit people not policies. All of this crap is a construction of your minds designed for ulterior purposes.

      There are no such things as Special Economic Zones except on paper and in your head. I’m not digging another country setting up shop in the middle of the country but that’s only because I’m raised thinking there is such a thing called USA. There aint one of them either…there’s people who you meet and places that you see. You can colletively call it USA if you like, but its lines on paper folks. Its divide and conquer and it works fabulously for those elite people who are the ones benefitting from your labor.

      Understanding how you’ve created contracts will be your only salvation. You may want to start with Blacks Law Dictionary, look up the word “person” and never call your self one again – you are HUMAN, not a corporation…uh oh I’ve already said too much

    • TAE

      Zach, perhaps you need to go back to school and read your history. I agree with hermes…it is a human issue. Not a capitalism issue. As stated above, China is quasi communist and yet they intend this tactic.

  • Bud

    Gary, you are right, though everyone thinks you are wrong. The rich do provide jobs, possibly, but their CEO’s make up to and more than 100 times what their workers make. The rich are mostly greedy, and I don’t mean the ones that make a piddly 100k a year. The elite are elite because they screw every one they can get away with screwing. The blind protect them like pitbulls evidently, but pitbulls are still the most evil dog I can think of, and I love dogs.

    • pit bull lover

      I can’t believe this! Bash the communists and the Chinese all you want… They deserve it. But why call Pit Bulls evil? I am a proud, responsible Pit Bull owner. I would absolutely leave my two young grandsons alone with my Pit before I would leave them alone with either of my Labs. Get educated or shut up!

      • D

        Well, PIt Bull have been bred for generations for fighting and aggressiveness that’s why. A retriever retrieves based on it’s breeding; a pointer points based on it’s genes. Yet, when a dog bred for fighting to focus on genes for aggressiveness and is said to be aggressive, you don’t make the connection. Illogical at best. Ignorant of genetics and breeding at worst.

        • me

          pits do what they are trained to do and do it exceptionally well… whatever it is.

          Why should pits be blamed for stupid humans?

          How quickly poeple forget the good, why not look up stubby, world war 1 war dog.

          What an exceptional dog… it is a shame most humans are too stupid to own such dogs.

        • bugeyes

          Pits were not bred for fighting,they was bred for catching cows.

  • Bud

    You know what, another evil is lobbying, and it seems we have to clean House and Senate before we are going to make any headway. If it wasn’t for illegal immigration, we the people of the United States might have some leverage against the evil doers right here in charge of our country… thank you for your support, all good people.

  • For sure this can not be helpful to Boise. To bad this isn’t on the ballets.

  • cannonball

    How can so many hold this whole “FTZ” and “SEZ” thing to be a Democrat party plot? I think our Idaho Republican Govenor is very much in favor of this “Foreign Trade Zone” idea and has made serious efforts that Idaho have the first “FTZ” in this nation.

  • Pixurman

    OH, NOW it’s RACIST to be anti-communist, is it Zach?? These are NOt Chinese companies, they are CHI_COMS, otherwise known as the Communist Chinese Government. How many of “our boys” died fighting the Chi-com backed wars in Korea and Vietnam?? Can’t count that high. Next will be their take over of Taiwan, and THAT has been their goal for decades. OUR money is buying them NEW missiles, NEW fighter planes, and NEW Aircraft Carriers, designed exclusively to take on the USA..
    Are you, and many others, really that blind AND naive. Don’t take my word for it, just google for info on THEIR new military build up, paid for with the wishy washy American publics greed for CHEAP SH_T!!!. Be a patriot, but not uninformed.

  • The communists always said they would take us over without firing a shot. Nuff Said!!!!!!

  • Cid

    Let’s construct our own 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City, South Of Beijing, China.
    I’m proud to say that there once was some truth and common sense associated with the Republican party. Unfortunately it’s been flushed down the toilet because no Republican in power gives a damn about this country, (except Ron Paul and perhaps Walter Jones). Democrats are just as sold out as the Republicans. Obama is just as beholding to the corporate giants and power elite as any other president. It’s all a show just for ratings. However, I’m not here to throw rocks but to make suggestions. The very thing that President Eisenhower warned against, ‘the military industrial complex’ of corporations, has successfully taken over this country to it’s detriment. Why do you suppose that wars go on and on and we are constantly in a military action, undeclared war after war. My gosh, the courts have made it possible for corporations to donate money to political candidates like voters, but they aren’t voters, and now they can affect the outcome of elections. It’s obvious that we are at a disadvantage when it come to international business because the corporations leading our country by the nose don’t give a damn about this country’s future. China has a great advantage and are smart enough to use it.
    Instead of making economic inroads, setting up business bases, into countries, like China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India, which offer great economic potential prosperity, we are spending money on bombs and prisons. This is a great example that you may never have heard about. In June 2005, the United States Department of Defense announced that a unit of defense contractor Halliburton would build a new 1 BILLION US Dollar detention facility and security perimeter around the GTMO base. No, no one heard about how our tax money was spent, because there is just too much stuff like that going on, all the time, and the corporate controlled media keeps you in the dark with nonsense like Lindsey Lohan, or whatever other irrelevant information to divert your attention. One billion dollars spent on leased Cuban soil, not even on US soil for a place that was supposed to be a fueling station, a place that defiles the US constitution. If we can ignore the constitution with regards to torture, then a little more ignoring and let the states decide on the issue of housing foreign combatants and “Build that dog in Texas”. At least they know how to deal with criminals.
    National, multi-national & foreign corporations have agendas that do not always support this nation’s best interests. That’s why big business has been responsible for the closing of every kind of factory imaginable here, regardless of the effects to the local economy and then shipped those jobs overseas. What’s the end result of 50 years of hollowing out our economy?, your neighbor is screwed and tossed to the side of the road like roadkill. My neighbor, a good man, a Vietnam vet, a carpenter, has been out of work for over two years! What the heck is going on here? He’s on unemployment, but that’s no way to survive and he wants to work. On the other hand there are millions of people who want to use the system, stay on the dole and not work. I’ve heard the good suggestion that all persons on welfare of any kind, including food stamps, take a monthly drug test, and work a few days a week at the local level to help clean up their community. Nothing in life is free and welfare needs to be part of that philosophy. The reality is that there’s no free lunch. Firefighters have to take drug tests and I don’t hear them complaining. All government employees should be required to take drug tests at private local companies.
    With the amount of compensation politicians receive, we should know that the decisions they make are made with a clear head.Tax payers should be represented by people who take the job seriously.
    Try to remember back to when you were a kid. Things weren’t perfect but there was still a certain kind of civility and common sense that gave Americans the feeling that there was a “Right” and a “Wrong” . Not so anymore. Anything is “Right” now, if enough money is behind it. The laws make it so difficult to build a building because of the possible environmental damage but yet the laws say nothing about protecting the local citizenry and the local economy. Sure, turn cities & towns into wastelands. The local corporate-owned factory was given no incentive and pressure from the state or federal government to make an investment in their business, with tax money to retrofit, modernize and improve. That would have kept the industry or factory here and built a base for the future. We need jobs for our youth, we need new technology, we need research and development, we need to stay competitive, we need hope for future generations. The market is the world and the competition is from around the world. I know America still has the determination. Please keep in contact with your representatives and voice your opinions about a “Support America’s Rebuilding”.
    There is still a lot to do and it may seem impossible to go against the ideology of “almighty greed” and “profit only” motives, which seem to have trumped everything else. If you think that caring about this country’s citizenry is socialist then you are missing the point. I’m not talking about a welfare state. Americans should be able to play a successful part in the world economy with the support of the US government. The Chinese government is doing just that.
    Hell yeah! You may want to keep paying that corporate executive 600 million dollars a year while he trashes this country’s industrial base. You may think he’s a true patriot because he makes millions yet sends more jobs overseas. But that’s not what I think and I believe that most Americans are waking up to the knowledge that they are getting screwed and sold down the river. I’m still upset that no more Levi’s Jeans are made in the USA, and 5000 people lost their jobs because some unpatriotic suit was to lazy to use his brain to figure out another way to accomplish the task of securing profits for the company. He should be penalized for not upgrading the manufacturing technology here to keep an American icon alive and well, Levi’s is an American tradition & “Made in the USA” has value and if he or she were good business persons they would have capitalized on that! I’ve lived overseas and I can honestly say people in other countries want to buy American! What kind of business person gives up so easily? . Can you believe it? You can’t even find boots made here. Not easily anyway. We’ve given away the production of shoes, TVs, refrigerators, cameras, all appliances almost all high ticket items. What do we make on a massive scale? Hmmm, Socks?, hamburgers? Does that count?
    Just take a look at the other successful countries in the world, besides having strong industrial bases they care about their citizenry and the future of their country. All except the good old USA. Look at Canada, Germany, France, Norway, and even Japan. If the government would help coordinate the transfer of technology developed by our amazing military to our businesses we could once again become a formidable competitor on the world scene. Other countries do it and it’s about time we got on that wagon. Isn’t our government here to help us compete in the world market, to help us achieve a nice quality of life? China’s government; does it and how can we compete if we are not on a level playing field?
    It sure seems like our government doesn’t give a damn about our future competitiveness, our national budget, our debt, the encroachment on individual liberties and privacy, the family farm, the genetic manipulation of our crop seeds, the list goes on and on.
    You don’t want to hear what I think about the oil companies and pharmaceutical corporations. They seem concerned about this country as much as China is. Get my point? We are not number one on their priority list. In the recent past we gave protection to the auto makers by requiring foreign automakers to use a certain percentage of locally produced parts. That is still on going. I think it might be a good idea to extend that idea to all products and to require foreign and multi-national corporations selling products here to be required to use a certain percentage of locally produced parts and materials or be taxed at rates equivalent to country of origin tariff schedule. China and most foreign countries use tariffs to protect their markets. The USA should not hesitate to follow suit. They protect themselves. It’s about time that we start to think “Let’s protect our markets”. The old days of trying to get the whole world to switch over to a capitalist system are over. We won. Everyone is kicking our ass now. We’ve got to become more competitive and protective. As I said before, we need to level the playing field. Do the research, it’s not difficult, we have a trade deficit with almost every country. What the heck is going on? Why do we permit that? All the other countries are capitalist economies, so let’s have protectionism like everyone else. Check it out please. We make it easy to import here and just about all of the other major economies make it difficult for us to export to. Your computer hard drive is probably made in Thailand but try to import something from America to Thailand and it will probably be taxed at 80% to value. What’s that all about???
    But we are still free and live in the best country in the world. It’s worth protecting. Any foreign country, with money, can get lobbyists in Washington, and can effectively turn our government on our own citizenry and we’re helpless. Let’s address that problem as well and change things. It’s time for the USA to retire from the role of world police. Bring our troops home! Stop spending billions of dollars overseas. Take out our bases from South Korea and Japan. Get us out of Europe. France’s got nukes now, so does Israel. Japan and Israel have incredible, loyal militaries and they can defend themselves and their immediate neighbors. Right now we need to pull back, and re-group, and get our homeland in order. If indeed there is a real conflict, a declared war, we support our allies.

    We can’t blame the Chinese for being smart, for having their own central bank, we can’t blame them for our corporations going over there and making deals to produce products with labor at ridiculously low wages. Let’s take over the FED. Each state should start its own state bank like North Dakota. Let’s realize that the EU, Russia, and China would love to see us fail as long as they didn’t lose too much money.

    We need some, young, intelligent, strong Americans with a will to start new factories, we need politicians who will reign in this out of control government and help our industry rebuild with incentives. Let’s get that new infrastructure going, Get our roads in shape again, get the trains going again, modernize all our utilities.
    Let’s ourselves, US businesses working with the government, construct our own 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City, South Of Beijing, China. Let’s not sit on the sidelines as the future overtakes us, let’s wake up, get on the ball and get back in the game. We need a clear, aggressive national policy and incentives regarding our international economic development that is in our favor for a change.

    • Billy


      You are simply BLIND, IGNORANT and without an education of TRUTH!!!!!!


      I PERSONALLY went to CHINA for A JOB interview with the SINOMACH CORP. As an engineer. GUESS WHAT my pay offer was ????????

      $35.00 U.S. dollars per day. I can’t even eat off that kind of money. A days wages for a days supply of food??????? Is this your understanding?? I really think it is. NO NATION IN THE WORLD can COMPETE with this kind of slavery and oppression. Why DONT YOU GO to CHINA???

      Cat got your tongue??? HuH????
      Maybe your are an illegal alien or ???? a SPY for China or Why dont you just get the ____out of here, YOU B______. Its people like you that have destroyed this COUNTRY. IF the CONSTITUTIONAL FATHERS WERE ALIVE TODAY, YOU WOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON!!!!!!!

      • christian

        No, it isn’t people like Cid who have ruined this country. It is people like ALL our politicians and morons like you who spout crap without ANY basis in fact. First of all, quit lying, China doesn’t hire Americans as engineers in the government owned corporations. Second, even if you were offered $35 U.S. a day, in China you could live fairly well on that money. Third, Mr. Education, explain exactly WHAT in his post could allow CID to be tried for treason according to our Constitution? NOTHING. I am sick and tired of idiots like you, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin trying to quote a Constitution they have neither read nor understand at all. Big business and politics along with greed and apathy have destroyed this country. NOT people speaking their minds. As to the whole are you an illegal alien thing. Get a life tool! You can’t come up with something relevant so you fall back on a Glenn Beck moronism? It’s pathetic and certainly shows how intelligent you are. Illegal immigrants weren’t a problem for the average citizen here until huge corporations started shipping all the “good jobs” overseas. Now all of a sudden we want all those jobs we used to say were only good enough for our OWN version of slave labor. Get your head out of Limbaugh’s ass and actually educate yourself!

        • NeaCutare

          Amen, brother!

    • Jimmy Ryan

      Well stated cid

    • me

      I couldn’t AGREE with you more.. your post should be sent to every us citizen and every topic should be required for everyone to research so they can understand what is going on.
      Billy, don’t get your reply… I have been to china, of course they are going to pay you china wages in china… duh. They are not slaves, their cost of living is extremely low and they make great sacrifices, more than americans would. I work for a clothing company that has their own factory in china, the people that work there live in dorms while their family lives somewhere else usually is some remote village. It is a different lifestyle completely. I will say… every city I was in… they are putting up buildings like they were crops of corn.

      Americans need to become dependent on america not foreign countries for their goods.

  • Biff

    Last year Idaho voted on some changes to the state Constition without any real debate or information. One of the changes concerned Idaho airports. I thought it odd that these changes appeared so quickly. Then I started thinking, who is behind these changes? I voted against them.

    Then there is the national security issue. Gowen Field (Boise), is home to the Idaho Army and Air National Guard on the airport’s south side. It is also a major training military training base. How nice to have an economic trade area next to the a major training facility.

    What will really go on behind closed doors of this “city”.

  • terry shepard

    People never learn from history. A trojan Horse for sure, bet the Rockefellers are happy since they see China as the perfect model of socialism

  • Kouu Tori

    Forgive my crude language, but:

    …communist pieces of s**t…!

  • Mat

    They are building a huge super mall/city thing in Puerto Morelos just south of Cancun where I live. It’s going to be called Dragon Mart, there is already one in Dubai.

    At the moment Puerto Morelos is a sleepy village with a beautiful coral reef, but they are going to smash the reef to make the dock deeper and bring 4000 Chinese workers!

    Mexican corruption and Chinese domination – a scary prospect!

  • Ksnow

    What are they thinking? Never mind them, what is the defense part of our government thinking to allow this to happen?

  • Jack Handy

    Zach, Racist? Strong and idiotic words. How many U.S. military lives have been lost because they were fighting for OUR country. China can go stick it up their *********************, as far as I’m concerned.

    China doesn’t want to set up like an embassy. Their goal is to take over the world. Zach, ********* move to China and get the ********* out of OUR COUNTRY!

  • Jack Handy

    Why would an opinion need moderation? Because it’s not politically correct. ************* THAT!

  • Jack Handy

    Communism SUCKS

  • coldsteel61

    ,,,,sounds like a inland beach head,to me,you dumbasses better wake up!

  • Love America


  • Stu Bragg

    Zach? You’re an unlearned person… No one is talking about ports in this conversation…This is about a COMMUNIST CITY being build on AMERICAN SOIL! Get it! Have you ever been to a communist nation or a government controlled Muslim Nation? I have been to both and the experience is NOTHING like being on American soil… So, if we’re all racist for expressing our disdain for this reprehensible action…Then i’m a racist… You however, are a funtioning idiot…

    • chess

      You are so right.

  • Patriot

    Chinese “long view” philosphy says to subvert from within. The city in Idaho rises. Poorly paid American workers are hired. They are provided with everything they need. They see this as “communisim is good.” America as we know it is doomed and our apathy is the root cause.

  • Amargosa Gus

    What has happened to our (Federal and State) officials. They are all letting their greed and lust for the almighty dollar override their sense of duty. Unfortunately, it will be WE THE PEOPLE that ultimately pay the price when they finally give away (or sell off) the last of our American Heritage. Hasn’t Obama and his “Zars” and blind followers degraded this once Great Country enough? What we don’t give away to the Muslems and illegal aliens we are now going to sell to the Chinese Communists for their “thirty pieces of silver”. I only wish I would have been born 40 or 50 years sooner, so I would not have to be witness to the fall of this Great Country. WHAT BECAME OF PATRIOTISM ? OUR POLITITIONS SOLD IT !!!

  • Frank

    I live in Boise. We all are talking about this but how do we get organized to stop this. We cannot just sit back and let this happen to our country and to the state of Idaho. This is very serious theat to our national security.

    • kokopely

      You write your senator and the house of representatives for Idaho.
      You challenge their bills they try to pass thru without you knowing.
      I I

  • Howard

    In case you haven’t noticed, most of our Federal and State officials are for this kind of thing as the majority of them seem to want Socilism or Communisum (take from the rich and give to the poor). Remember the speech and platform our current president had “its time for change”. Well now we have the change the the majority voted for and there is more coming.

  • This Chinese ‘build a city in America’ plan is really a military trick which is at least 3000 years old. The “enterprise zone,” which will have Chinese sovereignty, is a TROJAN HORSE. It will become a military base, and it will be used to prosecute war against Americans at some time in the future. Given the history of this particular ruse, I’m surprised anyone can be deceived by it.

  • Ray Esquivel

    Tell the Chinese leaders of the People’s Republic, ha ha, love the way they use the term ‘People’s’ to go and F**K themselves. They can take their yuan/renminbi and stuff it in their desert somewhere so they can relocate their unemployed within their own borders. We need jobs for Americans and we don’t need their money or their scorn. And if they think they can take advantage of us just because of a difficult situation, they have another “think” coming.

    • me

      oh, but we do need their money… who is buying our national debt? Who is funding the war machine?
      do your homework.

  • my church(pastor)david j smith told us about this about #4months ago i dident hear any one else say any think .but he always knowswhat he talken about. but he also said the gov. of ida. had offerd the land and buildings to them but david said that they( idaho,gov,) wanted only chinese communist to work and live there no christians,budist ect. he said that the chinese turned down the offer, they said they would have enough of there own land.power to do anything anywere they #5 yrs…our site is we americans better wakeup super fast,,and thats the truth!!!!

  • Party Lines

    Living in Idaho, I can personally vouch that it is filled with unconcerned idiots. As evidence I present the last election in which Idahoans, rather than looking at the issues and the records of the candidates, voted along party lines. For anyone who wanted to look, there was overwhelming evidence that those elected were nothing but incompetents bent on their own self-interest rather than the collective interests of Idaho, and yet they were elected anyway. Bah, Bah Idaho. You are a collection of sheep and you are being sheered.

  • John Silverton

    Great! Now we’re actually selling off our land to foreign interests. What next? If we let China do this; what keeps us from selling off more to, say, Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan, or North Korea? This is like selling our living room to the bank, rather than pay the mortgage.

  • prentiss

    Well, no matter what else, you sure can’t blame this on Democrats, Greenpeace,PETA, or any other of your I love to hate lefties organizations. This is a true red, white and blue right-wing, money is God venture sponsored by your very own Republican Governor, Legislature, and business leaders. Wonder how long it’s going to take you cowboys to learn to say “Want fries with that?” in Mandarin.

  • Curtis Johns

    I just heard about this from my brother who sent it to me,and I don’t know if any of ya remember about the talk of a new world order back in the early 90s & 2000 well if our government goes through with this then a New World Order will come true,for they will have infiltrated the only country in the world that could have stop them.If they are given the OK to set up cities with thousands of there own people they will be free to build and stock pile what ever they need to take control of our primary defense of the country and if there in talks with Government south of the border then they can hit us from two fronts?and if you don’t think this is possible just watch the move “Red Dawn” even though its a movie of fiction it brings the point home.We need to to stop our gov from selling of our legacy that our Fathers Fathers sisters and brothers of all the past generations gave there lives freely for this country we live in freely?but this will change if we do not stand up and fight to stop this and similar things going on that’s what over the last 200 years all the blood was spilt for by our for fathers,for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”Our Gov.needs to be reminded of the fact that they work for the people not the people work for them”.That’s why it is a temporary job and not a permanent one. what to do about it?what you can do is do more Researching on the net about this,also tell everyone you know and for them to do same until this is in the light and stopped,”For we are the people and this is Our Country and we will not sell off our Hairitage”.Just to put it like this{If you rented some of your private land to someone and then you find out they sold it to someone else and there’s nothing you can do about it “HOW WOULD YOU FEEL”.You ed fight for it?its that time to let everyone Especially our GOV.know this is not going to happen.


    Does anyone one on here leaving comments believe for a second that “president” Barack Hussein Obama gives a rip about our national security? He has his filthy hands in every under-handed deal out there. He funds the crap with our money and pushes past the blind eyes as a ‘stimulus package.’

  • oduydaday

    the real truth is the congress is suppose to protet our borders and it itsn’t a 1500 mile fence we need it’s the need to tax the everelovin’shit out of the people leaning on our bout we start with the oil magantates.15 billion per quarter x wonder the world hates/loves us.

  • McGyver

    Right about those Chinese Communists. After we saved their butts in WW2 they opposed us in Korea and Vietnam. But I personally know a few that never left Vietnam. But if you want to know the big picture… google Agenda 21, Project 60,North American Federation, etc. It’s Bush, Clinton, Obama, Huntsman and more. Globalists, using the UN to screw us out of our private property and our Constitution!

  • Snoop Dawg

    It seems like just a few years ago that we hated communism and would do nothing for them, and now our greedy, retarded government things it’s good to just give them whatever they want. The Cold War, Korea, Vietnam has done nothing to teach our government. It’s like a afternoon of playing board games. America wins the Risk game and Mexico and China are winning at Monoply. The American people are going to be herded off a cliff, just so our corrupt government can make a buck. America better pull there head out of there ass.


    Don Dietrich is either naive or a fool. This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing scenario. The man is blinded by false and imaginary promises of money and power. Having worked in China and knowing the culture, the term “Politely deceptive” comes to mind. He should read the story of the “Snake and the Tortoise”.

  • cannonball

    Seems the Government has to hate something or support it. There is no middle ground. A lot of people were against a war with communism, so the government seems to have decided to support communism. Why is there no middle ground? Could it be because there is little profit in the middle ground?

  • cannonball

    I forgot to bring up that it was Richard Nixon that visited China to start this cozy deal, and he ignored the protestors of Tiananmen Square who gave their lives trying to give Nixon a message. It was Ronald Regan who started our government borrowing money from China, money gained from the trade. Were these two undercover Democrats?

    It might be this growing debt that keeps Washington in favor of this deal. It would be awful is China cut off our easy money.

  • praxis22

    The reason why the factories were shipped to China, is that the labour is cheaper and the producers want more profit.

    The Chinese sell to America, and the West more broadly, as its a big market, and in order to make up for the stagnating wages, and the fact that jobs are being offshored, products have to get cheaper to maintain the same standard of living. This imports deflation, which was sold to you as the “great moderation” by your political class.

    This is the wonder of the all singing, all dancing market. Your own leaders, business & political, sold you out in the 70’s for more profit.

    If it wasn’t the Chinese, it would be some other populous Asian nation, with cheap labour and little in the way of regulatory overhead.

    Getting angry at the Chinese is pointless. Get angry at the political classes that gave you the McJob as a birth right.

  • Sinh

    We are just a bunch of whiners. We complain when companies relocate oversea, and we also complain when oversea companies relocate to the US. Can we do better? I wonder where is our confidence to compete in the global economy.

  • karma

    Those who support this should move to China. For those that have not lived through Communist Suppression are so gullible. You should travel to China, Burma, Vietnam, etc. to see what life is really like. You are so spoiled all of your life. You don’t really know what the Communist can do. Wake UP! There are lots of “boat people” who lost their lives by escaping oppression in VN. Of course, karma is a ……!

  • Whoever sponsored or introduced this should be fired on the spot and charged with treason, sedition or something that is for this. There must be something to charge them with this.

  • John J

    China is not a communist country any longer. They are a government controlled super capitalist country – and they are thinking LONG TERM.
    Not like the rich and super rich Americans that get famous and treated like celebs… they are ONLY looking for short term profit. They are not interested in DEVELOPING new technology and keep PRODUCTION and manufacturing JOBS in the US. They want the US universities to develop technology they can buy – and then hire some Indian engineers to develop it further and then start up production in China.. at a Chinese owned company. The “US” company gets their product manufactured cheaply in China – but the Chinese can use and develop more advanced production technology. They keep their factories running 24/7 because the equipment cost more then the salaries for the workers. The Chinese are VERY GOOD when it comes to SAVE MONEY. They have a small continuous profit that they save. They use the money to buy foreign tech companies or technology or equipment. They are getting more and more advanced.
    What are we left with here in the states? We have a few filthy rich investors and people that serve the filthy rich people. We are loosing our middle class at the same time, when we loose manufacturing competence.
    Think of IBM and HP and Bell Labs and Xerox and all the technology they developed and how many jobs they created. If we are left with companies like Apple we are DOOMED. Apple designs a product and a fancy wrapping. They co develop the products with Foxconn (Hon Hai Pres. ind) in China. Foxconn takes parts from Samsung, LG, Kyocera and so on – and assembles an iPhone or iPad for Apple. Foxconn also makes the housing of the phone/pad and so on..
    Then people in the US wait in lines over this Chinese products. They use their US money to buy a Chinese product. Samsung and LG and other part vendors make their profit. Foxconn makes their profit and the Chinese workers make some pocket changes as well. The US money is distributed to countries all over the world. It is not American part suppliers and their workers that make money here. They are not using their profit in the US. It is not an American company assembling the products so they and their workers can spend their money in the US.. NO is all goes to Asia.
    It is only Apple share holders that make a profit and a few Apple employees that make some money.

    And then people wonder WHY people can not afford a home or a new car? There are no jobs for them – and the middle class disappears. Then they can not pay for their children to go to college and universities – and almost all the high tech jobs will go to Asia too. Then we have some that are filthy rich (if they didn’t sell their stocks to the Chinese or Saudi investors) and many that are ARMED and poor.

    This WILL NOT end well!

  • Lyle Larson

    Some 300? years ago a Native American tribe sold some New England colonists Manhattan and look what we got – the great American city of New York!

  • chess

    Without an activive islamic movement in our country, we would not even be discussing this option.
    bho is hellbent on the total take-down of the U.S. as we have known it.
    Those who voted for a radical shiite muslim for U.S. president should move to afghanistan.

  • Jack

    And you thought you would have to learn Spanish. When the ChiComs are finished with this, you will be learning Mandarin and the Mexicans will be hastening back south.

  • What is to stop them from putting in secret military facilties or to use it as a base for spy operations? Far-fetched? Perhaps, but stranger things have happened in history. We have forgotten lessons learned by Ancient Greece. Remember the Trojan Horse? We have become a nation that worships the Almight Dollar, and not God–a nation of idolators.

  • Mike

    I find this to be bizarre and shows just how stupid politicians in the U.S. have become. I have seen them in Japan, begging Japanese to come to their respective state, all the while never seeing any U.S. company in Japan. China was right on the money when they created SEZs in the coastal areas of China, taking the advice from Singapores success. The idea is to copy what they are doing, not invite them in, you dumbazz! Why cant the U.S. set up SEZs in the U.S. that benefit U.S. companies first with no taxes for the first 5 years, but must stay in the SEZ for min. 10 years or pay a huge penalty so you can recoop the revenue for taxes? Who elects these people? Such nonsense would never take place in Japan, they take care of their own interest first. So why are all the U.S. companies going abroad if China finds it in their interest to set up a SEZ in the U.S.? The sh-t is quite puzzeling to me.

  • Mike

    One of the reasons for the huge deficit is that the U.S. gov has no source of profit to tax. An 800 billion dollar defense fund doesnt help it either. Seems these days Americans have two choices for employmet: Military industrial complex or a service sector job. Manufacturing has moved offshore. The outsourcing craziness of the 90s and early 2000 is catching up. All the media jobs jobs. Ok everybody know that. How do you make a job? Well there is a job on every corner in China or Singapore. They start by making it easy to set up business there with no taxes and a well trained labor pool. No drugs or guns either. The U.S. answer to this is casinos on Indian reservations or some other ridiculous sh-t. If you want a good paying job, work for a defense contractor. Where does that money come from? Money borrowed from Japan or China. Im in favor of SEZs in the U.S. if they favor U.S. companies first with incentives for foriegn investment also. One poster here mentioned setting up SEZ in China. U.S. companies are already there, they figured out that its cheaper to pay a Chinese 6 dollars a day legally there than a U.S. type 30 dollars a day in the states. He gets a huge tax break, cheap labor, and sell the product hand over fist in China. That US company is doing great, but not much benefit to the U.S. ??? maybe in taxes or some design engineer in the states, other than that, am I missing something? Same thing if Japan or some Euro company comes to your state. They coming there not to benefit you, its to benefit them, just as the U.S. companies are doing in China. Get out and see the world, and I say vote for Ron Paul!!!

  • Mike

    more puszzles….

    Why does the U.S. customs, EPA etc let China in but make it difficult for U.S. companies to develope in the U.S.? Say the U.S. wanted to make its own SEZ, offshore, with a no gun law, 5 year ban on any drug offense/lifetime ban on any drug dealing offense, 0 taxes on the first 5 years with a 10 year obligatory commitment in the SEZ, minimum requirements on education to enter the SEZ, all this done offshore to get around the regulatory crap that sends companies offshore. Seems there is something missing to this, are the foriegners getting special treatment?

  • Mike

    My last rant on this for tonight…lol, Donald Trump mentioned on Pierce Morgan that China has no regs or red tape but the U.S. EPA etc raise so much hell when you want to develop offshore that it makes it impossible to do anything in the states. I think the folks to blame for this mess is the U.S. gov and its lack of resourcefulness in creating new sources of revenue and politicians seeking a quick fix/vote by inviting in all the foriegners.

  • Its called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,leave it that way!!!

  • Bianca

    Who went to China and gave them the technology to produce cheaper goods?
    Who wanted a greater profit line?
    Who is buying the products that are falling apart (quality is a foreign word here, that you get sick from (how many times do you see this on the news?), that you die from (pet food that a friends dog had to put to sleep) ?
    Looks like everybody is playing a part in this.

  • Duggr

    This is fitting in so nicely with Agenda 21 and sustainable development. For those of you who are not aware of Agenda 21, do some research. Google words like:ICLEI, Sustainable Growth, Smart Growth, Communitarianism, Agenda 21, Executive order 13575. From there keep researching, it will blow your mind.

    • It is refreshing to hear that more know of Agenda 21. Folks we are in dire need of a revolution!

  • CorkSoaker

    Well, at least there will be more Chinese restaurants. Dim Sum anyone? :-D

  • David Chester

    Sounds like the Chinese know what they are doing. Unlike most native U.S.Americans whose need to politically fight over how they might govern, the Chinese have already got it all worked out.

    Surely the control of the airports would still be in US government hands so the fear of an inport and stock piling of military supplies for a subsequent local war is not only unlikely but actually of no value to any nation who wants to have its nationals occupy rather than die for another piece of soil, that in this case is not soverign.

  • Chris

    Hm…The writer of this article is pretty hooked on the thought of the US letting in a “communist” system across her borders. Considering that USA is(more or less)thought of as being The most “Western” country of all, when it comes to rights of free enterprise and thoughts, one should also understand that China is NOT so much of a communistic system anymore. It’s run by a cold , harsh dictatorship with no actual respect for human rights and with its people being held on a very tight leash. THAT is what will also be brought into these “closed chinese cities” on American soil..!
    Before you listen too much to the sassy words of your politicians and governors, you should also consider that that regime is an expert at “clearing the path” via the help of lobbying and fat hidden wallets, surpassing any presidential campaigns by miles. Sometimes money talks too much…

  • Nicholas

    So, I live in Boise. Is writing a letter to my representatives really going to do ANYTHING? …

    • Do It Anyway


      Doing nothing is the same as consent. Gather friends, neighbors, community groups, and start a letter/calling campaign. Don’t let this go unchallenged. Your future and that of your children depend on it!

    • Laura

      Nicholas, I live in Caldwell and I would definitely be behind you in not supporting that idea at all!!!

    • bonnie sagan

      It is a start…what else do we have in your arsenal to fight back? Educating each other and our “representatives”…then vote them out. Don’t let “them” have more that 6 years in office, no matter how good they might be. In gardening you have to till the soil and rotate your crops….same with those who would represent us! Pay attention to what the candidates say…check it out. Watch them after we “elect” them. It is the least we can do….the electoral college works against us…but we must stay vigilant!

  • Steve S

    There will be no America in 10 years thanks to our politicial misleaders. Only in America will they sell land to the countries we might have to fight later.

  • rob

    If this is allowed this will be the end of our nation, idaho will have millions of chinese with voting power. a cival war is in our future. WE THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO RISE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM THESE TRATER LEADER THAT WOULD EVEN ALLOWED THE IDEA

    • deb

      I think American citizens need to take a astand. If we love our Freedon that all our military is fighting for. I do not want any part of a China being any of America. WAKE up Americans we need to find a way to stand against this.

  • Marie

    What the hell is wrong these leaders letting this shit to happen… Why don’t they move their selfs to China… I am sick and tired of these leaders running our country. They should be ashame of themselves… They are traitors in my book… President Obama and Lt. Gov Brad Little and Idaho Statesmen should be in prison for this… Obama this happens you surely will not be re-elect for second term nor will Idaho Statesmen… We don’t need a traitor running our country… ONE NATION UNDER GOD…OUR LAND LIFE & LIBERTY FOR ALL AMERICANS… NOT COMMUNIST CHINA…If u want to give someone the land how about our native americans who got the short end of the stick…Please help Americans not Communist Chinese..GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Derek

    Its all about the money. The guys with the money will just make millions more. What are the chances that such a “closed” zone will be exempt from US Labor laws. Wake up fellows, Chinese slaves will be brought into the US to produce goods at prices that nobody can beat. Next they will use the additional leverage (debt) to claim more US land as payment.

  • john

    What a pile of alarmist horse crap this article is. Woe is me! We’ll all have to bow down before idols of Mao and read from little red books if we allow China to create jobs in the US! We all know their real plan is to secretly have a base in America from which they can stage an invasion and foreclose on all *their* property! Now can we complete the crazy tour with an article on how sharia law is infiltrating our communities? I for one think it’s high time we preemptively pass a law ensuring Chinese law does not apply here…oh no wait, it’s not high time; I’m just high and believe stupid things spewed by concern trolls.

    • John, You miss the point. China is not planning on invading us. They are already here spying on us very effectively. These cities will provide them with businesses that will interact with our existing businesses and they will steal all of our technology much easier. That’s all they want and then they will bury us.

  • We need to American people to work not give China a foot hold the US.But we got to many Greedy politicans in US from small town reps to the white house

  • i wish china buy indiana =(

    • deb

      Move to China then if you want to be a part of China.

    • leanne

      Great grammar Zach. If you can’t speak english go to china!

  • I believe the United States of America should have
    a program now to start paying off China. Relieve
    them from taking over our country. The people in
    Washington need to work together and get things done to protect our country. From all I gather,
    the Congress is well supplied with doctors, lawyers and brilliant people who went to the best
    colleges in the USA, but evidently that is far as
    my little brain will let me go. I know they need
    some 101 classes on economics and foreign governments. Not only the people now, but our
    grandkids and children need this to happen today. Wake up America. China is not a democracy.

  • We’ve had more and more people rent units to work on their cars so we decided to put up some more small shops

  • Geddy

    Come to Ohio, Take Youngstown, Cleveland & Toledo….. PLEASE!

  • Craig Mellor

    If this is approved then the officials in Idaho should be charged with treason! This is simply a ploy for the Chinese to gain a foot hold in America….imagine a piece of our country under the control of the Communist Chinese!! What a bunch of degenerate Idaho officals…reedy to say the least.

  • jake

    this is crazy im 5 min away from this!

  • Lynn Norton

    That is pretty scary, it sounds as if the Chinese will eventually buy up a lot of this country. My Mandarin is kind of rusty. If the Chinese can do this, why can’t we have a tax free city? Please, let’s not let this happen, this is just a step in the door.

  • Barbara

    We owe China so Much! That’s how stupid we are.This message your writing is imcomplete.
    China Or a Chinese North or South group,knock it off people the bad batchs of dope from Mexico really Kills a Family.
    Oh I forgot My Daughter is 1/2 Chinese just retired USA Air Navy! She is other wise 1/2 dumb in Dutch.
    whatever this earth need’s a reminder We need help.

    • Jules

      ease off the sauce before you post here

  • RED DAWN !

  • Grimm

    The Bible says ” Money is the root of all evil”
    all we see going on around us is evil. We can’t stop the inevitable. Prayer however does change things.

    • Nicole

      Money is a tool. The bible says that the love of money is the root of evil. As in all things, we must use common sense and self control or those things that are meant to aid us in life become the very things we live for, thus making us slaves!

  • Who do we Americans contact, in our Pacifistic, Liberal Government, in WASHDC, to DEMAND 50 SQUARE MILES OF. “American Property,” INSIDE the borders of the Communist Chinese Republic ?

    AND, TELL THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT, UP FRONT, we intend to BUILD a “Democratic, FREE, CHRISTIAN CITY…,” with an, ‘open border policy,’
    for any Chinese Persons, who DESIRE to live in a, ” free society,” and
    worshiping Jesus Christ, the Son of the ONE and only, Almighty God, of this Universe? Can we choose to send someone, besides a our Socialist, Sec/ Of State, Hillary Clinton and the OTHER Socialists, occupying Obama’s current Cabinet, who openly worship Obama and excluding also excluding our current President, who openly denounces America, as a Christian Nation and subserviently, BOWS, to Christian hating Muslims, around the world ?

  • darryl

    This is something all Americans need to stand up and say hell no. This is worse than treason and the politicians should be ran out of here if they go along with it. I suppose next they will want to sell Washington DC to Russia.Florida to Cuba.New Mexico to Mexico. THEY ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO SELL AMERICA OUT FROM UNDER US IN THE NAME MONEY>PROFITS I SAY TO HELL WITH DEMOCRATES AND REPUBLICS WE NEED SOME FREE THINKERS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY INSTEAD OF CORPERATE PUPPETS

    • Manny


  • george

    I understand we are in debt to the Chinese and other nations but this is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of. Our Government doesn’t care about us “the citizens” at all when they sell OUR land. Their whole priority is MONEY and their own well being. We Americans have to stick together despite our differences and be united as one nation under god, indivisible,for liberty and justice for all. If this happens there will be World War 3 and it will be on our soil. All politicians need be gone and have REAL AMERICANS run this country.

  • Dave

    America has become the Great Prostitute! Ready to throw her legs in the air at the drop of a dollar! Thank the treasonist bastards when you are forced to live in a Re-education zone. Why do you think Bill Clinton declared all the National Wild Areas? It wasn’t for you and me, but for the chinese?

    • NeaCutare

      HA HA HA HA HA, Maaannn!!! What kind of freacking morons are you all out there ??!! I can not believe this!!! Aren’t we americans, doing the same thing in different countries, all around the world, for ages? What kind of planet are you guys living on? China openned up all kind of economic zones for americans and other nationals on their on main land as well, and other countries did the same. Maann, you guys are as smart as a freacking furt.
      Ha ha ha ha!! This is the greatest one I ever stumbled upon!

  • These are all very good reasons and pretty convincing too. I would agree that a lot of people are not buying, probably renting and just waiting for the right opportunity.

  • cally907

    Just say NO to CHINAHO!!

  • Dan

    The US military and US corporations made this ugly global system out of hedgemonic greed and now you’re gonna reap it!!! Look at you all crying now that you may be on the end of it after subjecting so many around the world to your tyranny! hahaha

  • tj

    if the usa leadership is incompetent enough to allow their economy to deteriorate to the degree it has so it believes this sort of thing is a benefit, they (and the american people who ‘elected’ their leadership), have nothing to complain about if this were to happen.

    the apathy and indifference toward the ills that have plagued the usa for the past half century is solely the result of lack of citizen involvement in the ‘so called’ democracy there.

    YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW… live with it!!!

  • Manny

    Hell NO!! What is the matter with our Government?? What are they thinking?? The Chinese are destroying us economically and now our own turf is being invaded by China!!Is Money really more Important than our Pride and Dignity and most of all Freedom??

  • Well just like I ahve always said,

    Bullet Proof Vest

    Just STUPID if you dont!

  • No China any where in USA , you see Chinesse woman picking the can,bottle.. . They geting Welfare, and make Cash to their pocket . Save money to buying the Bomb a late againts USA . No China every where .

  • Captain America

    I’m more afraid of half the posters here than of any Chinese threat.

    • BeenThere

      Boy, ain’t that the truth!

  • Joseph Pham

    No China any where in USA. The USA belong us, not belong them.

  • What a fake life

    Hahahahahaha………pride comes before a fall I tell yah

  • Britney


    • Maybe they are in cahoots with our Communist/Marxist President.

  • If China moves in I will view it as an act of war.
    An invasion of soveriegn US territory. There would be no oversight on what is built there so we could have anything from Nuclear weapons to tanks and 155mm Cannons not to mention all the Chinese troops I mean workers that would be brought in to live and work there.
    Not in my lifetime or on my life! This can not be allowed. If the Government will not stop it them we the people MUST invade and destroy it

  • Blaise

    I am an American living and working in China for a US not for profit and the things I see here are beyond belief. If big business ever told the truth to America about the realities of China, you would never buy from here again.
    Of course no one wants to tell the truth, however. They don’t seem to care that 40 million souls are on welfare.
    Here is a good page about the reality of Chinese construction and I strongly advice all of you to save the photos and send them to your congressmen or those who claim there is not a price to be paid when dealing with China.

    • BeenThere


  • Tina

    Please do not trust them, the Chinese people. They will buy our land piece by piece and last thing we know there no more America , the land of freedom.

  • I think it’s the beginning of Chinese colonization if you ask me! With over 1.5 billion people they need to spread thier wings.

  • Thien

    I’m Vietnamese. China has used this tactic to VN and other countries. Result: VN looks only independent on paper thanks to corrupt government, but their economy is greatly controlled by China. Don’t let it happen to the US! Stop them before it’s too late!

  • james sanders

    been many years since history class which comy leader said america would be taken without a shot being fired ? better prey hard gather amo

  • Do not be afraid. During the 1930’s, we, the United States, sent stock piles of scrap metals to the Japanese and in return, they sent us their Bombers and dropped Bombs on us. Oh yes, airplanes and bombs made from the scrap-metals that we have been sending to them for years. So what is a few square miles among friends ?

    • BeenThere

      And now we are allies. What’s your point?

  • whitewinged1

    As if it’s not bad enough that The Fed has given away trillions of your tax dollars to banks and businesses both foreign and domestic, which your next few generations will still be paying off, now the government is selling off your land from under your feet to a communist country.When the hell are you people finally gonna say enough is enough? Your government is shredding your constitution and taking away all your civil rights and liberties, it murdered 3000 of your citizens the day the World Trade Center was brought down by EXPLOSIVES!! Don’t you think it’s high time you get off your asses and take back what is rightfully yours?? YOUR COUNTRY!!! before it is too late!! Remember …Land of the free and home of the BRAVE !! Yes that’s right BRAVE !! Take your country back and clean house on your corrupt government because it is rotten to the core!! And by the way…I AM CANADIAN !

  • Patricia

    The country has a policy for immigrants, to sell part of the country to another is another thing. America is a country of many people, many religions and it is great because it is free. China on the contrary has different policies and believes. The power of China is growing in the world, do we need them inside the country? What could happen if US could not pay the money we owe to them, could they take the rest of the country?

  • Beachcomber

    Saving The USA may already be impossible. Since Nixon opened the door (Pandora’s Box) to Communist China virtually every Republican presidential administration has contributed to the building up China’s wealth and might. That goes for nearly every Republican member of congress as well. It is Republican’s Wall Street greed that is quickly bringing about the demise of the USA. So, have a revolution? No, ain’t gonna happen. While I still have some assets I’ve already made plans to move to Switzerland, taking my family and assets with me. It’s over folks.

  • Subee

    Maybe America should bring the trade backhome.
    Fine the Companies , like Walmart and Target, for doing business abroad and bring it home.
    Yes prices will go up, but that will level out and we might help our economy.
    We give to those who hate us and it is killing this Country. It is time to take care of our own.

  • Micheal

    I’ve read almost all the comments, and its just sad. Lets face it, America is a terrorist. American have always lied to its people, and attacked other country on there soil. America can’t remain a superpower forever. All the media, and its propaganda making China look bad. After reading all these comments its safe to say America is no more.

  • James Coyne

    A disturbing video of a news report about the partnership of Russia with China in an attempt to devalue the dollar and replace it as an international currency standard.

    This video has been taken down from all the sites at which I originally found it because of some kind of copyright violations. But I captured the video to my hard drive, and have posted it at a blog at which I subscribe.

  • cody buffham

    the chinese dollar isnt worth as much now as was a few years ago so they think coming to the states and building whatever they want to here will make up for that loss, they aren’t losing anything by this the american people are and our government is giving in to this, i knew this would happen eventualy the govt owes china billions of dollars, they cant pay china back so instead giving away federal land is the only answer that they have,our blm land will be next in line to be gone and who will we have to ask to use it for recreational use? you got it the chinese govt and they will pretty much charge us all to step foot on it. so this my friends is a bad idea and we as Americans should not allow this to happen.

  • Dave

    We bought this land from the Indians, the French and the Spanish. Is this any different. Perhaps it’s merely a wake up call that we should all be more united and productive to make sure this doesn’t happen.

    To many in our society are focused on entitlement to an affluent lifestyle. Our youth is more focus on the drug of the day rather than education and working for future. Our universities are full of foreign students and top jobs across the nation are being filled by overseas candidates from all over the world.

    Are the Chinese at fault? Or are the Chinese just smarter.

    Is greed and opportunity consuming the local politicians and landowners in Idaho like has done for decades in the halls of corporate America and wall street.

    The Chinese work well together because they have a greater necessity by way of political motivation or an overwhelming shortage of resources.

    Now stop reading this and make a real difference in this world of ours.

    • ryan

      Bought? Lol… Dont you mean stole? We did send plenty of lead and cannon balls there way. I guess your right. Wait……

  • Jenasus

    Dooms Day USA

    America is being taken over by communists.
    Expect the worst and hope for the best.

  • Ron Nagim

    My question is, if everyone of us calim to be a American Citizen (Black nor White) then it is our duty as Americans to fight till the death against thsi type of Treason and the destruction of AMERICA as we know it. Thsi si all true and thsi will top it off. All those so-called Prison Camps in the USA now. Are now being gifted with Hardwire Service for the Internet . Thanks to a source for mCenturylink themselves whom have been awarded this COntract. So I say if you have there service get rid of it and get someone else instead. The Corporations are using our hard earned payments to destroy America right in our faces. Last qyestion who is willing to fight. We need millions or all is lost cause.

    • Jermo

      Amen! But our nation needs to repent before the Almighty Jesus or our efforts, and history has proven, are for naught. Judgement is coming:

      -Illegal immigration and its baggage of trafficking guns, humans and drugs, creating garbage dumps on our borders, raping women, murder. See Border Wars – National Geographic online and

      -Islamic militants training to kill in 35 established camps across the US. Google it.

      -China buying American soil.

      All the info is available online. God have mercy on us.

      • Cathy

        Only Jesus is gonna save us. Focus on Him and let God deal with the rest. It’s on in His hands.

    • Cathy

      And the government is innocent? My husbands is not the $250,000 and above income – he is under 90,000 and atleast 20,000 the gov takes in taxes and we have 4 kids – one a brain cancer survivor! Why it it ok for the gov to take so much money from hard working Americans and when it comes time for tax refunds they give little back? ANd those who dont even pay taxes are giving a refund too how does that happen?? I guess its like we learned from Joe the Plumber in 2008 – spread the wealth. Well, we are not wealthy by American standards We’d like to give that 20,000 to our church or orphans. NOt liberal agendas and abortions!

      • rafi

        i can tell you are liberal, just by how intelligent you are. dam the repubs..

    • topun10

      Americans will never “fight to the death” like they did in WWII. White America is too polite, too content, too spoiled and too busy having fun to pay attention. Blacks know how to riot and loot and grab attention and turn things around for themselves. They’ve had to fight for everything. White folks hide in their houses or go the Mall or out to Dinner.

  • Mike

    They want the THORIUM !

  • Cathy

    Anyone at all curious why all the US presidents starting with the first and ending with last are all related???

  • Wyatt larew

    There are instructions for what we are supposed to do federalist papers 17-19 of the 2nd ammendment. Educate yourself the answers have been given to us by our forefathers. You just have to be smart enough to look. Why do you think we can own firearms. Not to protect us from each other the ONLY reason we can own firearms is because of federalist papers 17-19 read and learn spread the word

  • Shenzhen is my favorite city in China. New, modern, clean, close to Hong Kong, and with a girl to boy ratio of 9:1 it is very convenient got guys to see girls from every province in China in one place.

    Americans have nothing to fear about the Chinese. They are strong family oriented people. They have not invaded another country for perhaps a couple of thousand years. They work and study hard. The sons and daughters are taught their responsibility is to take care of their parents when they are old and feeble. They also have the love of freedom flowing through their veins. Most love America. They remember and are thankful when the Flying Tigers came to help them fight Japanese tyranny.

    Once in America they will quickly become American Firsters, no doubt. They obey the law, don’t use drugs, and are not a danger to American society. They will make great Americans.

  • Shenzhen is my favorite city in China. New, modern, clean, close to Hong Kong, and with a girl to boy ratio of 9:1 it is very convenient for guys to see girls from every province in China in one place.

    Americans have nothing to fear about the Chinese. They are strong family oriented people. They have not invaded another country for perhaps a couple of thousand years. They work and study hard. The sons and daughters are taught their responsibility is to take care of their parents when they are old and feeble. They also have the love of freedom flowing through their veins. Most love America. They remember and are thankful when the Flying Tigers came to help them fight Japanese tyranny.

    Once in America they will quickly become American Firsters, no doubt. They obey the law, don’t use drugs, and are not a danger to American society. They will make great Americans.

    • Jermo

      We are not living in WWII before Chinese Communism: It was in 1949 when Mao Zedong came into power. After World War II and the Chinese Civil War (1946-49). This is when Communism came! And there are a whole new set of rules after the Communist takeover.

  • Jermo

    Beijingyank –

    I understand that many Chinese are upright – I am talking about hardline Communist Chinese behind this fiasco. Communism is brutal – read your history. Also, tell me one good reason the destruction of 50 square miles of Idaho landscape and habitat should be replaced with a “TAX FREE” Communist Chinese city? How is this good for American workers? Tax free = lower prices which effectively puts American workers out of work; that is, if Americans are stupid enough to buy the junk. Pay no taxes means the state government gets no revenue!? We are being sold down the Yangtze River folks. How about China’s agreement with Mexico to import Chinese agricultural laborers – what’s that all about, when Mexicans and other illegitimate third world nationals are crossing our borders daily to work in America. If Americans put the dots together, they will see that we are being surrounded and are being invaded to our own destruction. Lord God, open the eyes of those who cannot see the trouble coming to the USA – bring Your Holy Spirit to our Nation and use Your people to share Jesus before judgement.

  • sAM

    To me American companies that help build up communist China should be considered Tratiors
    to the United States, are politican are bought
    out whores, there Greed has ruined this Country i Love so much. I really feel sorry for what we left the next generation! now we will be spied on by our own country and controlled by a police state, and free speech that we take for granted will be a thing of the past,and just think about us walking by and trying to explain to our kids about a communist Flag blowing in the wind.

  • topun10

    We must get use to it folks, the Great American Empire is coming to a close, and we’ve done it to ourselves with debt we can not repay. The interest alone is unsustainable, not to mention paying China back for the original principal. The only cultures in the USA that reproduce the required 2.4 chidlren per family are the Mexicans and the Muslims. First we will be run by Hispanics because they will vote in their own. Then Muslim will take over as they too are reproducing in high numbers. THose number will eventually vote in their own people. Then the Chinese will come here becaue we can not pay them back in anything but the US land, businesses and infrastructure. Learn to speak Spanish, Arab and then Chinese, in that order. Our fate is sealed because the American deficit snowball has been pushed over the top and is growing as it picks up speed. We are doomed. It’ not even under debate; it’s a done deal. And don’t forget, we elected these officials that are selling us out, so don’t complain; we got what we deserved. Too bad, so sad, be glad!

  • j.p. nielsen

    to all of the politicians who are making big $$$$$’s on this, you must not really be americans at least not true americans. keep selling us out and there will only be two types of people in this united states, the filthy rich and a new breed of NON-AMERICANS,(foreigners).
    in case our gov. and reps. can’t read or comprehend? read the sentence with shenzhen in it, “a small village turned into a “sprawling metropolis” long for “craphole”. are you kidding me 14 million people??? is this what we want? another california? if so, all chinese and their culture for sure, will spread all thru this country! why? because they have ran out of any and all decent inhabitable places to live in china.
    just an idea, africa has lots and lots of open space. maybe the chinese can go there and take the polititions who thought this up with them. we need to get rid of these reps. that don’t care about use, and only care about $$$$$$.
    also, if this happens i will no longer live in or near this state!

  • maureen

    Has this country just gone crazy? What and still no jobs for Americans? Hey Dave don’t blame the American people. I agree with your freedom statement to a point. The government is making believe it’s because of terror or child porn. I say bullshit. I’m with Dave waiting for a revolt. No other nation especially communist should be allowed to set up shop in our “free county”. I do not want the here. Our borders should of been closed long ago. I’m sick of this we are based on immigrants shit. And if we are all about God how about setting this example with the citizens that are already here. All our politicians and Ceo’s need to be tarred and feathered and left their to dry. Period. They all suck period. Way too much government. We hired them and we as a country should fire them all.

  • Ann

    The Chinese are considered on of the worst offenders when it comes to patent and copyright violations and stealing American technology and that of other nations. Think of all the knock off software, golf clubs, etc. produced in China and sold as authentic American products. It’s gotten to the point that many American companies will not let their employees travelling to China take their personal computers or personal cell phones there in fear of having the information stored on them ripped off by the Chinese. They may be wonderful family oriented people, but that is with their families, not ours.

    A Chinese group of investors from China just purchased over 200 acres of land in my small town and want to construct a large housing development. Some have said that this housing may be for Chinese workers coming over here. This same company made a bid on a closed, Ford Motor Company related business in our same small town. This all makes me wonder, I wonder, can Americans buy land in China? If the answer is no, then why can they buy up land here in the US?

  • Welcome Chinese to U Stupid America
    Here in U Stupid everyone can come and go to free college and get welfare and grants in abundance.
    Ask the mexicans, they have taken us over. We in U Stupid welcome all who want to destroy us. We live in U Stupid so why would we do anything else.

  • chris

    They will import tereown CHINESE slave workers.Dealing with Communists that mistreat there own people.

    Our we headed that way to.GOLOGs.fema prision camps for resistors?

    Wake up folks. We now have NATO coming to Chicago…………..They want to redistribute the wealth to poorer Nations———-something big is going to happen..Be prepared..Our dollar isnt worth a dime,Fiat money.Start growing your own food if you can.

  • R. T.

    Well, it looks like the history has come to a full circle. Remember back in the late 1800s, every major western nations, including the United States have special zones set up all over China. Those special zones are not subjected to Chinese laws, but rather to the laws of each respective country. So basically there were many little pieces of UK, US, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Russia, Holland, and Germany in China. Now, China is setting up special free trade zones here in the US, it sounds exactly like what had happened 150 years ago. Indeed, it is the Golden Rule, those who have the gold, make the rule!

  • sushi

    This is military strategy period. Check out Sanzu’s Art of War book written by a chenese author and general.

  • sushi

    Sorry, the correct spelling is Sun-tzu, The Art of War.

  • Cynthia

    Folks, this is just the beginning. Here’s another thing that China has been doing in our country: funding “Confuscious” Institutes at U.S. universities to teach Chinese culture and language. The Chinese Communist Party has given millions of dollars to educational institutions in this country. Here’s just a few of the universities that now have such institutes:
    University of Maryland, Columbia University, Stanford University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Michigan. Currently there are 70 such institutes on American soil. Here’s an article that explains more:

    Read more:
    Inside Higher Ed

    This is not good, folks.

  • Scrooge

    If “ANY” foreign country claims ownership of an American inland state, I promise physical bloody war on that country. If that makes me a terrorist, so be it. THIS is what it means to die for your country.

  • Flyfishing

    Well it’s a lookin like time to keep up the amo stock and food supplies. Thinking I may sell out and but a small plot in the mountains. This is just the beginning of total Socialism in out country. A country I fought for to keep its freedom, which is heading towards the sewer.

  • General

    why can’t the U.S. Govt set up such economic zones themselves and re-employ the millions of U.S. workers who have lost their jobs due to large scale outsourcing to China and other countries.
    I’ll bet this is what U.S. needs to increase it’s employment and these economic zones could be set up and be managed by the United States and the companies inside these economic zones should be the U.S. companies who have outsourced their manufacturing elsewhere. This would probably lead to “in-sourcing” and the flow of jobs back to the United States.

    • Kait

      Like The Hunger Games?

  • Michele

    I can’t believe that the citizens of the United States of America cannot see that if we continue down this path our country will no longer exist. I REALLY hope that whomever becomes the next president STOPS this now. Stop letting GREED dictate everything – what happened to us? our ancestors that fought to create this country are rolling over in their graves – we got here through their blood, sweat & tears and our greed is going to give it away !! SHAME on us!!!! I don’t want my grandchildren living under the iron fist of a Chinese government do you?

  • Just renounce the debt. Problem solved. Sure, there would be a massive world wide depression, but there is going to be that anyhow. Renounce the debt. Default. It’s like sacrificing your queen to win the chess game. But do it now, while we still ave the military and all the new-found oil. Too bad the ignorant people elected that African fool again.

    • Daxon Islander

      Just renounce it? You’re joking, right? You think just saying: “Sorry guys, uh… yea we don’t plan to pay you back.” will simply lead to a world wide depression? Oh no, oh no no. No, it will be far FAR worse than that. If China doesn’t sell us stuff, guess what? Our transport trucks break down, food doesn’t get to major cities. (It’s going to happen anyway, we deserve it for our apathy and arrogance)

      And our dollar will be finally called on the worthless currency it is. There’s no way to avoid the millions who will die once the day America has to fess up to it’s on going mistakes comes.

      • graham

        lol people like you crack me up

        you REALLY have no understand how global politics or a global economy works but you are so convinced you do that you have become extremely arrogant in spreading your misinformation

        get a clue!

    • thadea

      So you’re going to ignore the 12 years of republican congress and pin it on the president that doesnt control law enacted by congress?

  • The DUDE

    China clever girl!! China is the raptor and America is the fat computer man off Jurassic park

    • vlad the impaler

      you wish, homo,china has zero combat experience zero…..let me say it again zero….go ahead underestimate us we haven’t even unleashed our capabilities.we own Afghanistan though,right next door to china.fat computer men can reek havoc.

  • Wow… Self sustaining city. Another name for a military base.

  • I once (70s) worked with a then former Nazi who told me in his (Hitler youth days) that he heard some Chinese say that they would change however they had to, to take over the world, that when they knew war would not work, they would get the American youth on drugs, buy as much land as they could(in Americas), and make the largest sales of products they could to Americans and world to build (our debt) and their coffers so when the time came they did not need to use military tatics, they would use economic warfare and then since they would already be here, they would just wake up, walk in as many Chinese as needed and simply overrule, the thinking (he told me) was the rest of the worlds American loving sheeple would follow easy. looks like their plan is still a GO.

    • vlad the impaler

      oh yeah they have been planning this since they were eating bark off trees and wearing potato sacks.give it a rest,america made them rich by selling us out,now they are buying power it wasn’t some master plan,they are still years behind us.

  • I can’t exactly put it in words, but this does not feel right.

  • Joshua Theirs

    What a load of horseshit. If you people were any dumber you’d be afraid of your own shadow.

    • Bill

      YEP……Americans with no knowledge have opinions that are useless…..just like themselves….

    • vlad the impaler

      its not bullshit,look at the panama canal,part of the take over was the small us military base now being expanded by china along with canal,new aircraft carriers built to fit through canal .while you slept.

  • Botan

    money is the root of all evil,cliche but true!

    • Daxon Islander

      No, that’s like saying guns kill people.

      Quit blaming inanimate objects for the actions of humanity. It’s quite pathetic.

      • Adam Steiger

        Mr. Islander, here is the amplified concept:

        It’s the “love of” (i.e. the single-minded and selfish pursuit; the lusting for obtainment) money which is the root of all evil.

        Taking that kind of mindset into consideration, pursuing such an inanimate object, indeed, would lead to many forms of criminal and destructive behavior.

        Take the territorial wars of the Mexican drug cartels, for example.

    • kfengler

      The love of money is the root of all evil.

  • This would certainly be better than Sharia law that would be imposed upon everyone by the Muslims. At least the Chinese do not pan to use violence to do it.

    • tamba

      James – are you racist, stupid, or both?

  • Some Guy

    Mabye then we’d get a real president lol!

  • Sylvan Tieger

    voted to “Spread the wealth” twice so China and Mexico want to say thank you as
    they to are “citizens of the world” and it is only right to give them all the
    work they can handle . I rather see money go to China and Mexico then for
    handout money for three generations of welfare leaches

    the more money America has the bigger pay increases the senate and congress
    give these

    or Pelosi and Mrs Bamas personal staff to the tune of 125 MILLION per year plus
    the 2 BILLION already spend on the Bama’s vacations

    least China will open markets here that the Savage in the oval office gave
    away. “YES WE CAN”

  • jonny gravy.

    i don’t know how true this is, but I’m not against it. its about time we americans get a taste of their own exploitative medicine within our own borders, especially if its legal. everyone who is mad about this should be mad at the US federal government for showing countries like China that business is more important than any other type of policy. also if this thing were to follow through anyone who is afraid of Chinese “militaristic” aims within this goal are super paranoid and obviously know nothing about china. A reasonable fear would be that labor standards lower than those we are used to in America might occur in this “zone,” but these are the same conditions american politicians suggest are acceptable when they mention doing away with the federal minimum wage or unemployment insurance. the bottom line here is the fact that this zone is even being considered is a problem with AMERICAN policy, not Chinese policy. Our irrational fear of China has completely distorted our policy regarding the nation, giving them the upper hand on the world-stage. Its our fault.

  • jonny gravy.

    also, what is the problem with american workers being employed by chinese employers? plenty of chinese are happily employed by american employers everyday.. and these american employers who have factories in China definitely do not hold their factories to american labor standards, they hold them to chinese labor standards, which is very obviously why american-owned factories are located there. as a conservative, i find it contradictory that my fellow conservatives act like job creation is their most important political belief, yet are irrationally afraid when china tries to bring jobs to the united states…

  • poptoy1949

    How in the Hell is this even Legal?

  • Marthanan Bonelli

    I hope China does not bring its nasty black G.M.O. killer bee`s to Boise Idaho.Bill gates is a satanic people hatter who is depopulating America and supports Chemtrailing and killing Africa with tainted shots,polio,ect.We be livin in our own private Chinaho

  • Utku Mun

    USA have been depending on China’s slave labor for years, people became blind for wow gold(!) workers died out in many kinds of industry and for years Chinese had a yearly income quarter of a monthly wage one had in US. Where were your concious then? Sorry but this makes no sense whatsoever, boycott Chinese products in consumer level without government regulations, and choose local brands if you so want to get rid of Chinese threat, China wouldn’t be interested in US if there wasn’t a consumer base, they are coming simply because you are the best customer. IF citizens want to buy cheap Chinese products and government puts excessive custom taxes, that would infact be against the will of citizens of USA, since it is statistically obvious that they prefer Chinese products for they are cheaper….preserving economies by excessive custom taxes, do protect local manufacturers that is for sure, but that would never be a solution(look at the countries that practice excessive custom taxes, will be a good reading). USA is far far greater than you think though for USA is not only a nation of dimwitted citizens who have no benefit to their surroundings (people, city, country, even themselves) but also a nation of the enlightened minority. Caveman thinks might is muscle, when he evolves but gets poor he thinks money is might, when he gets rich, thinks networking(lobbying, connections) is might, when he becomes wiser he realizes that knowledge is might, when he gets enough wise as Rockefeller he finally understands energy and might are one and the same(comprehends the true meaning of power and energy and understands that all he thought since understanding this, only serves to produce power, knowledge, money, muscle, lobbying these are all mediums of power, power is the freedom of will, power is might, energy, virtue, it is the only thing there is, and that might is always right) An abstract comment for who can understand what is written. anyway no worries China is gonna get richer you gonna get poorer but you getting poorer or even US getting poorer doesn’t necessarly mean US is gonna get weaker for it is ruled by people(not governed*) who understand what Chinese have long forgotten….

  • hadenough48

    All of the so called free trade agreements with the America’s and elsewhere were flat out slave labor zones for corporate America and corporate world. America is gone and run by vampire pigs at the trough starting with the democrat party the RINO GOP. We are doomed. We use to recycle our own economy and one person could support a family. I don’t know how anyone could be patriotic in this treason.

  • Vernon Cunningham

    We can’t just give the country away for a few dollars. what american laws will they obey? I would guess none.

  • AndyA121

    Worse than Monsanto products.

  • Randy Winner

    I actually had to look for this once I heard about it, and querry to these fact is hidden so that only exact reference would bring up this page! The fix is in on the last bated breath of the coward and traitor formally known as Gov. Butch Otter. To sell us out in the last two years of his administration to the chinese should guarantee that he needs to retire in some other state. He is not welcome here anymore. If Lt Gov. Brad Little had any involvement in this I would have to say a legal recall is in order here and both men should be charged with treason and whatever we can levy against them as well as cancel any retirement and health care afforded them by the State of Idaho! These men are not only traitors to Idaho they are traitors to the Constitution and the American people. The media to allow this to be unsung for as long as it has been are traitors to the citizens and the American people too. They are complacent in that they omitted many opportunities to air these facts and choose to not divulge any facts about the sale of this property to the chinese government and it was done without a state wide vote? What country do we live in that the powers at hand can sell state land without so much as a “By your leave” from the taxpayers of this state? I feel betrayed by Otter and that Gov. Butch Otter has trod on me and my family. This being four year old story makes me feel this was slid in and nobody even knows about this. Call on our politician that represents your area and flood their phones and email to give fair and legal protest to this unconstitutional act and have this reversed. This land had no business being released to chinese government without a statewide vote from the people whom call this state home. This in my eyes was done ileagally and must be reversed!!!!!!!!!