Barack Obama: I Have A “Moral Obligation” To Neuter America

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Barack Obama actually plans to do it.  He actually plans to neuter America by unilaterally dismantling most of the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal.  In fact, Barack Obama says that the United States has a “moral obligation” to disarm as we lead the way to “a world without nuclear weapons”.  Sadly, a “world without nuclear weapons” is a fantasy that will not be possible any time soon.  Nuclear weapons technology is getting into more hands with each passing year, and geopolitical tensions are rising all over the globe.  If the United States did not have nuclear weapons, anyone with just a handful of nukes would constitute a massive threat to our national security.  An overwhelming strategic nuclear arsenal helps keep us safe because every other nation on the planet knows that it would be national suicide to attack us.  If you take that overwhelming strategic nuclear arsenal away, the entire calculation changes.


Many out there claim that even if the U.S. only has a few hundred nuclear warheads that it will be more than enough to be an effective deterrent.

Sadly, that simply is not true.

If an enemy knows that we only have a few hundred warheads, and if they know exactly where those warheads are located for verification purposes, then a first strike which would take out the vast majority of our operational warheads becomes very plausible.

That is why what Obama wants to do is so incredibly dangerous.  If he reduces our strategic nuclear arsenal down to almost nothing, the odds of a nuclear first strike against the United States someday go up dramatically.

The following is what Fox News reported that Obama said during a speech in South Korea the other day….

“American leadership has been essential to progress in a second area — taking concrete steps towards a world without nuclear weapons,” Obama said yesterday during a speech in Korea. “I believe the United States has a unique responsibility to act — indeed, we have a moral obligation.”

A moral obligation to do what?

A moral obligation to neuter America?

Obama also said the following in South Korea during his speech the other day….

“Even as we have more work to do, we can already say with confidence that we have more nuclear weapons than we need.”

Is that really the case?

Back in 1967, the U.S. military had more than 31,000 strategic nuclear warheads.

The START Treaty that was agreed to back in 2010 will limit both the United States and Russia to a maximum of 1,550 deployed strategic nuclear warheads.  That represents a massive reduction from the height of the Cold War.

Unfortunately, that is not nearly good enough for Barack Obama.

Obama has instructed Pentagon leaders to draft a plan which would unilaterally reduce the number of strategic nuclear warheads in the U.S. arsenal by up to 80 percent.

The U.S. military may soon cut down to a level of only 300 warheads without requiring the Russians to make any additional cuts.

This is complete and utter madness!

Retired Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney shared his opinion of this disarmament plan with the Washington Free Beacon….

“No sane military leader would condone 300 to 400 warheads for an effective nuclear deterrent strategy”

Sadly, we do not appear to have sane people running things at this point.

In addition, the START Treaty did absolutely nothing to address the overwhelming superiority that Russia has in tactical nuclear weapons.  Today, Russia has at least a 10 to 1 numerical advantage over us in tactical nukes.

By shifting the balance of power so dramatically, Barack Obama is making a nuclear attack on the United States someday far more likely.

And we have no idea how many nukes the Chinese have.  They could have thousands.  We have no nuclear weapons treaty with them and so they can build as many nukes as they want.

How in the world can we be so foolish?

But Obama doesn’t just want to strip us of our nukes.

He also appears very willing to negotiate away our missile defenses.

On Monday, an exchange between Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev was caught by a microphone that was accidentally on.

The following is what was said during the exchange as recorded by ABC News….

President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

Video of this exchange is posted below….

So essentially Obama is saying that he will be willing to negotiate away our missile defenses after the 2012 election when he won’t be accountable to the American people any longer.

Get ready America.

You are about to be neutered.

Meanwhile, Russia and China are taking an approach that is 180 degrees in the other direction.

Russia has already been spending big money modernizing and updating the Russian military.

And now Vladimir Putin wants to take things to a whole new level.  During the speech he made to formally launch his campaign to reclaim the Russian presidency, Vladimir Putin made the following statement….

“In the next five to 10 years we must take our armed forces to a qualitatively new level. Of course, this will require big spending …. but we must do this if we want to defend the dignity of our country”

We are also seeing nations in Asia really ramp up military spending.  The following comes from a recent article posted on Business Insider….

Military analysts at IHS Jane’s say that South-East Asian countries together increased defence spending by 13.5% last year, to $24.5 billion. The figure is projected to rise to $40 billion by 2016. According to SIPRI, arms deliveries to Malaysia jumped eightfold in 2005-09, compared with the previous five years. Indonesia’s spending grew by 84% in that period.

It is part of a wider Asian phenomenon. For the first time, in modern history at least, Asia’s military spending is poised to overtake Europe’s, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a think-tank in London. China is doubling its defence budget every five years and India has just announced a 17% rise in spending this year, to about $40 billion.

Both the Russians and the Chinese have much larger conventional military forces than we do.  It has been our overwhelming advantage in strategic weaponry that has tilted the balance of power in our favor.  But now Barack Obama wants to totally neuter us.  A well-timed first strike at some point in the future could leave us as sitting ducks.

Most Americans don’t ever think such a scenario could possibly happen.

Unfortunately, most Americans are dead wrong.

Right now, gun sales in the United States are absolutely skyrocketing.  Someday those guns may be needed, but not for the reasons that most people think.

If we only have a handful of nukes, a limited first strike that takes out our nuclear weapons, our air bases, our naval bases, our electrical grid and our command and control capabilities could leave the United States wide open for a “Red Dawn” scenario.

The war and the starvation that would follow would result in the vast majority of Americans ending up dead.

That is why we need a strong strategic nuclear arsenal.  Nobody ever wants to see a single strategic nuclear weapon be used.  But we need them so that no other nation on the planet will ever dare nuke us.

Sadly, most people that will read this article will not understand it.

Most people that will read this article will choose to believe that a nuclear attack on America is absolutely impossible.

I wish that was true.

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    PJ Media » His Worst Mistake: Obama Surrenders to Vladimir

    • Barackstar is right on this one. We spend too much money and waste too much effort on killing each other. Those resources are better used anywhere else.

  • mondobeyondo

    We should always keep our guard up. There are a lot of people out there who hate the U.S. Al-Qaeda is just one of them.

    So, is Barack Obama crazy for wanting to reduce our nuclear arsenal? No. He’s not crazy. Charles Manson is crazy. Barack Obama is simply insane. You don’t give a potential advantage to your enemy by voluntarily taking your queen off of the chess board. That is just stupid.

    Ronald Reagan once said “Trust, but verify”. In other words, keep your guard up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for peace. Peace is a good thing. It’s far, far better than the alternative. Peace tends to save the lives of innocent children, as well as kittens, puppies, dolphins and other living creatures and stuff. But the reason we’ve HAD world peace (more or less*) for the past 70-odd years, is because of our nuclear arsenal. Dismantle it, and you’re just asking for our destruction. Crazy people exist in every society. Yes, even Islamics. We may be afraid to use powerful atomic weapons. They are not.

    (*There have been a few exceptions. Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan. None of those conflicts involved nukes.)

  • Foreign Devil

    I well remember McInerney from my days in the USAF in Germany in the 1980s. I lost my respect for him then, and I sure wouldn’t listen to his warmongering neo-con blatherings on behalf of the military-industrial-congressional complex now. Even as this country goes broke, he and fellow war profiteers (yes, like so many other former military men, he works for corporations making big bucks off of war-making now) are trying to get us to spend our last, debt-financed pennies on renewed spending for limitless militarism. They see spending on bloodletting in the Gulf region slowing down, so now they’re looking for more boogeymen to scare us into emptying our wallets into their bank accounts yet again. We have been down this road so many times before. Will we never learn, or will we always let them fool us and take advantage of us?

    No foreign country with hostile intentions needs to take any action against the US – certainly nothing as drastic as initiating a nuclear war with the US. This country is clearly a sinking ship and not even nookles with save it from sinking into the abyss of national bankruptcy.

  • mark

    So do all of you still think that Romney is the same as Obama and will run things just the same? Even though I do not like the MAD policy, it has somehow worked. Very few would be stupid enough to try start a war that they know they would lose. This will change if Obama is relected and has another four years to continue to ruin this nation. I would prefer not to live in a Red Dawn world or one that is dark for a long time from an EMP burst. If we have no way to counter attack, then we will be sitting ducks. Does anybody really think that if Iran developed an EMP weapon, that they wouldn’t use it on the US if they were not counter attacked? Most of us that read this site think the an economic collaspe is coming our way in the future since very few are willing to take the cuts to improve our books. I guess that Obama still feels that he can walk on the water and save us all with his speeches. He hasn’t a clue and if he still does not understand how crazy and nuts some world leaders are and goes this route we are doomed to the dust bin of history.

  • Gary2wannabe

    America can create a world free of AMERICAN nuclear weapons. Those who beat their swords into plowshares end up plowing for those who don’t.

  • This is the fantasy world liberals live in – If you be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. It’s never worked (See Neville Chamberlain) and never will. The naive’ notion that other countries, including those on record as wanting to destroy us, will lay down their arms if we do the same, is dangerous and foolish. Obama presumes that the terrorist nations and Russia and China simply misunderstand our intentions. This philosophy refuses to believe in evil, and engages in the wishful thinking that all other nations will be good to us if we could only get them to trust us.

    • 0bama is a marxist. His goal is to take down America from it’s position of power.
      He uses Alinsky methods to advance Marxism.

      He is destroying capitalism thus eliminating the middle class in America. This will leave an open place for communism to move freely into America.

      • Ann


  • de Malfosse

    Isn’t it a good thing to remove as many weapons as possible from our crazed paranoid Uncle Sam?

    Is it not true that the vast quantities of nuclear weapons held by Uncle Sam are because of operational planning overkill? A ‘why use 1 when you can use 12 & make sure the job is done’ mentality?

    Surely the weapon manufacturers are not concerned their feeding at the public trough might actually come to a limit.

    Even more radical is this: not only should Sam have His nuke arsenal reduced but the US Army should be reduced by 80% – tomorrow – because Uncle Sam is no longer playing with a full deck.

    Can not a reasoned argument be made that the military build-ups in “Russia … China … South-East Asia … India” could very well be in response to an Uncle Sam who claims the right to wage pre-emptive war and has a history of getting involved everywhere and anywhere?

    What good were nuclear weapons in preventing the break-up of the USSR?

    Aren’t nuclear weapons inherently immoral because they exist to incinerate targeted civilian populations? Why else speak of MAD?

    The United States is impervious to sucessful, sustained, foreign invasion & conquering precisely because the logistics required to accomplish such a feat is impossible to attain. Therefore, why would any nation wish to invade & occupy – “Red Dawn” – a nuclear contaminated America?

    And – though the US is now a net food importing nation – would not imagined adversaries at least have to reflect on how to feed people once American farmlands are polluted with radioactivity?

    How will nuclear weapons protect these United States from a collapsing dollar?

    This may be the only subject for which I can support Chairman MaObama.

    • Not so familiar with Neville Chamberlin it seems?

      • de Malfosse

        if that’s all ya got, stick to trolling … or else answer the questions or question the points.

  • Eisenkreutz

    This is why the constitution states that only the senate and not the president may radify treaties. This is stupid to the point of being dangerous. DO SOMETHING FOR ONCE, CONGRESS!!! If only we could repeal the 17th Amendment, we could finally ban all democracy in the Senate and restore the voice of the states in our affairs.

  • Rick

    I have a hunch that the Russians may be equally as anxious to reduce their nuclear stockpiles as well.

    • mark

      Right, I guess that’s why they are adding to their stockpiles with more powerful nukes. Good luck with your hunch pal.

    • Fingal

      Just like you don’t have to outrun the bear, only the other guy, you don’t have to have enough nuclear missiles to convert the other country to glass, only enough that you can convincingly claim that you’ll have enough left over after a first strike to inflict what the other side would consider unacceptable damage. That doesn’t take thousands of missiles, it almost certainly doesn’t require more than a few dozen. (Especially since for a Russian, the destruction of Moscow would be as significant as the destruction of NYC, DC, and LA, according to the Hermann Khan nuclear-war theorists back in the 1960s.)

      The notion that the Russians or the Chinese could count on destroying 90% of US nuclear missiles, including all those on submarines, is preposterous. I say *count on*, because that’s what they’d have to do, they’d have to *count on* it.

      Otherwise, they’d have to answer Dirty Harry’s famous question: “Do I feel lucky?”

      That said, I think a stronger approach would be to start with a 10% reduction, or maybe 20%, and indicate that we’d continue building down if the other side follows suit.

      Another principle is to have the two sides (China doesn’t have many nukes now, realistically, though that could change in the future) — to have the two sides rank the various types of *each other’s* arsenals as to how threatening they find those arsenals, and decommission 10%, or 20%, of the threat the other side claims to feel. I hope that’s not too complicated to understand — the principle is like dividing the last piece of pie or cake: I cut and you choose, or you cut and I choose. Makes the cutter honest.

      All of this assumes that military establishments are or have ever been serious about arms control, which doesn’t seem at all obvious. Ours, theirs, whoever’s — all these military fatcats want to keep the rest of us in fear so they keep getting assloads of money from the public purse. That means from you and me, and from the average Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and/or Israeli. A pox upon all their houses.

  • ScoutMotto

    Where are all those folks who scream “you can’t legislate morality?” Obama is doing exactly that.

  • This is what you get when some fools put an idealistic gas-for-brains marxist academic that never ran even a lemonade stand in charge of running the most technologically advanced and mighty Nation on earth.

    I wonder at times if we’ll survive this fool.

  • Cuneiform

    To the writer or editor. Who are you trying to kid here with that fear mongering story, most people with any intelligence know it will take a long,long time to dwindle down the USA’s sizable stockpile, decades as a matter of fact .Plus no one on this planet believes that Obama will give up his entire arsenal of nukes.So your story is an obvious attempt at misinformation and fear mongering of the masses. I for one would appreciate an unbiased op. rather than partisan propaganda.

  • Cuneiform

    Strange to see all the HAPPY soldiers i don’t recall seeing this once when Bush was in command. I do recall seeing serious and depressed looking soldiers around Bush and entourage all the time though.

    • anthony paul

      there are no happy soldiers. unless you are talking about those who enjoy murdering because it is okay by their government to do so.

  • Piglet

    Why is it that we’re supposed to trust the people running the government that spies on us, lies to us, initiates wars that only benefit war profiteers and special interests, creates ever-oppressive laws for us, destroys our economy, exports our jobs, colludes with the criminal banksters to plunder us, etc., to offer any real protection for us?

    We have come very close to nuclear extinction on numerous occasions due to misunderstandings, false radar readings, etc. If we keep looking for nukes to be the answer to a problem, we’re going to get that answer good and hard one day.

  • knightowl77

    As bad as Rpmney is, he would be a damn sight better than the traitor Barry Sotero…

    Seriously, for all Bush’s faults (and they were legion) he was not half as as bad as the current Marxist in the WH….Elections do matter, when you consider the damage that one extremist in the WH can do by executive order. Whether it is his EPA banning new coal electric plants, or declaring that Gary2’s exhalations are a pollutant (well they might be right on that :-) ). Do not forget that the next POTUS or in Sotero’s case TOTUS will probably appoint at least 2 and maybe 3 Supreme Court Justices….

    Whatever happens, Barry Hussein Sotero Obama has to go, that is Job 1!

    • Xander cross

      So by own admission, you are okay with Romney being president. Once again, you are an example of what is wrong with this country, just like ron Paul working for mitt Romney. You truly are a hypocrite.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Two of the western lefts dreams are universal heath are (i.e. a single payer system) and the abolition of nuclear weapons. The problem of the lefts thinking is they never think through the consequences of thier policies. Universal health care is bankrupting the UK. Weakening the U.S. nuclear forces when Iran, Russia, China and God knows who else will not will lead to the end of West. We already have allies who are either in serious social, economic, and demographic trouble. Saudi Arabia has stated if Iran gets the bomb they will also what will that do to the price of gas?

    • Gay Veteran

      The U.S. pays 2 to 3 times what other countries pay for medical care and it is bankrupting us.

      The Veterans Administration has a great health care system. Oh, that’s socialsim.

      • guido

        I can only imagine our healthcare could be cheaper if the government got their hands off it, we reformed the tort system, and we didn’t have to pay for the parasites who get free care on the public dime. If folks who “cry wolf” and abuse the ambulance and emergency room were booted out of the system, we would save a ton of money.

        My father was a doctor and got to see just how difficult the gov’t makes it to get new equipment, build new hospitals, or even to prescribe necessary drugs. Many of the regs date back to WWII and Roosevelt’s socialist economic meddling.

        The drug companies also do their part. If they had to openly compete with the drug sellers in Mexico and Canada, they might have sell at more reasonable prices.

        If Insurance companies could market across state lines, perhaps we would be better able to find the insurance we want.

        Instead of more regulation, perhaps less is the answer???

      • anthony paul


        • anthony paul

          all of this blogging is useless. what is going to happen is going to happen. you have only to make the decision. what side are you on?

  • Chris

    Ok apart from the fact that the USA probably now has something even more powerful than atomic weapons maybe the worlds elite have decided that there hasn’t been enough wars since 1945 due to the presence of nuclear arsenals. Maybe knowing how much they must like to see the human population culled through war and famine they have decided we could get many more big conventional wars going if only we could get rid of nuclear weapons. This would satify their lust to reduce the human population and would be welcomed by the weapons manufacturers.

  • Donald Wilson

    If obama pushes this through he is a traitor, if the generals and congress go along they are also traitors and must be tried as such. No american would ever allow this.

  • mondobeyondo

    Well, at least he has no plans to spay America.


  • Piglet

    [Strange to see all the HAPPY soldiers i don’t recall seeing this once when Bush was in command. I do recall seeing serious and depressed looking soldiers around Bush and entourage all the time though.]

    There were indeed “happy faces” when Bush was around, but photo ops were “stage managed” then as they are today, and always will be in the future. Prior to such events, troops are screened for their political leanings so that only a president’s true supporters will be included in the background mob. They’re put into place in the bleachers hours ahead of time and read the Riot Act to let them know that God help the wise-a$$ who uses the occasion to make faces, gang signs, fall asleep, etc., in front of the camera because that person’s chain of command will show no mercy. They are told to clap and cheer loudly and enthusiastically (this is even practiced before the president shows up to ensure they get it right), and to show they couldn’t be happier to be in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else the president’s whims have sent them on US-Occupied Earth.

    Bottom line: These photo ops are never real or spontaneous. They are stage-managed and faked, just like everything else we see on TV, especially when it involves politicians. No one should assume that a politician’s public affairs staff is going to leave any of these occasions to chance.

  • mondobeyondo

    My opinion: Obama’s policies are a bunch of fish poo.

    In other words – he is a bass turd.

    However, if his ideas do work – I will retract that statement.

    (Elsie! Bessie! Time to come home now! Come on home!….”)

    • mondobeyondo

      Wow – I’m surprised nobody got the “bass turd” joke.

      Oh well. You can’t win ’em all.

      • Fingal

        Folks got it, they were just too polite (or apathetic) to give you some friendly advice about maybe not quitting your day job just yet.

  • Tree Man

    Nuclear war head missiles are OUTDATED! The new world order weapon is HAARP. Strait up weather dominator. And from what I understand it can do much more than just make it rain in the desert.

    The last one gets a little “religiony” But evidence suggest that nuclear missiles are like the original ipod… outdated.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “We are living out the very last hours of the American Century, and all of Mitt Romney’s appeals to nostalgia and belligerent nationalism cannot reconstruct what has been lost. The peerless engine of American economic supremacy has run out of gas, and is sputtering on the false fuel of fiat money.”—Justin Raimondo

    “These are Gerald Celente’s three Gs: gold, guns and a getaway plan. If you want to keep bombing other countries—if you want to keep expanding your global reach in wars—then as we used to say in the Bronx, payback’s a bitch. —Gerald Celente

    “When all else fails, they take you to war.”—Gerald Celente

    The “they” that Gerald Celente is referring to are the Democrap and Republikkkan wings of the War Party. It’s painfully obvious that The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) is in toilet on so many levels (high unemployment, sky-high federal deficits, bailouts, corporate welfare, a collapsing currency, 50 million people without health insurance, a crumbling infrastructure), and in an effort to get the BRA out of the toilet, the neocons will take us to war in Iran. Whether we get four more years of Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama and his pal Hillary “Bombs Away” Clinton or four years of Mitt “Wall Street” Romney, a war with Iran is inevitable.
    Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are smart enough to avoid such a blunder, but no way are Americans smart enough to elect Ron Paul or Gary Johnson as president.

    “You have psychopaths and sociopaths in charge.”—Gerald Celente

    “The conservative movement of today is a Bizarro World version of the historical doctrine of the American right, which up until the 1950s, was anti-imperialist as well as anti-government.”—Justin Raimondo

    “This isn’t capitalism. It’s fascism. Capisch? We have become slaves to the money changers. They’ll take you to war, they’ll rob you blind, they’ll spit on you and grind you up. They could care less because they’re money junkies. And junkies have no bounds or boundaries. They’ll screw their mother, and they’ll screw you too.”—Gerald Celente

    Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts, Gary Johnson, Justin Raimondo and other libertarian patriots have had a lot to say about this country’s warmongering imperialism. Empires, they have warned us, carry much too high a price tag. They aren’t sustainable. England, Spain, France and the Soviet Union found that out the hard way, but neocons have not learned the lessons of history. So get ready for a disastrous, costly invasion of Iran. And there will be no economic miracle for The Banana Republic of America—only a grim future as a crumbling Third World empire.

    • Gay Veteran

      great comments El Pollo de Oro!

    • guido

      I agree with that Justin Raymondo quote about American Conservatism. I never understand how these big Conservative talking heads,i.e. Hannity, Rush, Beck, Coulter, etc can promote traditional American Conservatism, the Constitution, Mom and Apple Pie and so completely ignore the essential points of the founders that we shouldn’t be involved in the world’s problems. These folks are the biggest thinkers and leaders on the right in America and they completely embrace the assumption the US should be running the world. I don’t think that belief is compatible with the values of our nation and its founding documents.

      When I read our founders’ documents and what they had to say, it seems their intention was for us to be trading with the world, not leading it. And we did pretty well at that part up to somewhere in the 19th century when we were enticed by the promise of wealth and privilege and empire. The next thing you know, we’re invading every South American country that doesn’t kowtow before our fruit and mining companies and we’re invading Spanish Cuba and other possessions.

      I referenced Gen Smedley Butler in another post on here. He repudiated his long, distinguished USMC career at the end after realizing he spent his entire adult life in the service of business interests, not his nation. That’s a big statement for a career soldier to make.

      Speaking of, as an American Conservative, I’m a little disgusted with these same leaders I mentioned above. I’ve listened to all or most of them, read a lot of their stuff, and I generally agree with them. But the one thing that bugs me about them is none of them have served their country, themselves. Hannity and Coulter are lawyers, Rush avoided conscription based on a birth defect, etc. These same folks, however, are happy to cheer on the military and call for bombing one place after another. I’m glad they’re supportive and raise money and stuff, but it bothers me.
      In that respect, they’re chickenhawks.

      Celente talks a good game, but he seems like a blowhard, too. How else can that guy criticize the system, dispense advice, and pretend to be the smartest guy in the room, then get completely taken for a ride by MJ Global?
      On that count, his words and deeds aren’t adding up.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Guido: And when libertarians like Justin Raimondo, Alex Jones, Ron Paul and Katherine Albrecht question Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest of the neocon chickenhawks, they are called unpatriotic, traitor, pro-terrorist, etc. Here in Philly, there was a Libertarian talk radio host named Irv Homer, a.k.a. Evil Irv—Homer (who passed away in 2009) was a fighter pilot during WWII, yet whenever he criticized the neocons on foreign policy, they called him a traitor. And Evil Irv, as he called himself, would respond that anyone who has actually witnessed first-hand the horrors of war doesn’t run around thumping his chest like that.

        I have a different take on Signore Celente getting screwed by Jon “The Don” Corzine, as he calls him, and MF Global. My feeling is that if someone with Celente’s street smarts can get screwed by The White Shoe Boys, it really shows how deep the corruption has become in The Banana Republic of America. But yeah, Celente sure got screwed by MF Global. And ironically, a lot of Dems I know over in Jersey still insist that Corzine is a “man of the people”…..yeah, suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure he is.

        • Guido

          It really is a stunning disconnect to have people sound off on our Founding Fathers and then support the most anti-American stuff and pretend it’s perfectly legitimate. If it weren’t for call screeners, there would be a lot more uncomfortable moments in radio.

    • anthony paul

      it would be best if we had a “solution”. and it will come. i pray i will not be a part of the “solution” that continues things in the direction it’s heading. evil must be destroyed. if the proper solution occurs i will be glad to be a part of it.

  • Gay Veteran


    the U.S. spends more on “defense” than the rest of the world combined

    “…In addition, the START Treaty did absolutely nothing to address the overwhelming superiority that Russia has in tactical nuclear weapons. Today, Russia has at least a 10 to 1 numerical advantage over us in tactical nukes.

    By shifting the balance of power so dramatically, Barack Obama is making a nuclear attack on the United States someday far more likely….”

    Tactial nukes are not strategic nukes.

    Plus we have the most advanced submarine technology in the world. Just how is there going to be a first strike on our subs?!?!?!?

    • Michael

      Yes, of course tactical nukes are not strategic nukes.

      But they can still be absolutely devastating.

      A couple of tactical nukes launched into the middle of L.A. or Chicago would create quite a mess.

      And Russia actually has much quieter subs than we do.


      • Gay Veteran

        please provide evidence that Russia has quieter subs than we do

        and strategic weapons would do NOTHINGto prevent tactical nukes going off in L.A.

        • guido

          Actually, Russia admitted in the 1990s they smuggled nuclear weapons into the US and deposited them at strategic locations.

          I heard this very interesting and comment-worthy story reported only one time on the national news before it was canked. I felt like Winston Smith, since the story disappeared as surely as if it went down the memory hole. You can find some online now, but when it first came out, it vanished quickly.

  • Jim Miller

    Story is totally bogus. Obama is like Bush Jr on steroids. This evil asshole is responsible for uncounted deaths in Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan and he’s trying to start others wars in Syria and Africa.

  • Gay Veteran

    “A tactical nuclear weapon (or TNW) refers to a nuclear weapon which is designed to be used on a battlefield in military situations. This is as opposed to strategic nuclear weapons which are designed to menace large populations, to damage the enemy’s ability to wage war, or for general deterrence. Tactical nuclear weapons were a large part of the peak nuclear weapons stockpile levels during the Cold War….”

  • Nam Marine

    And we have a moral obligation to put your *******************
    butt in Prison for High Treason!

  • TheDarkEricDraven

    How dare he take some out of the bloated military budget and put money towards stuff we actually need.

  • guido

    Hopefully, we can get this resident out of the whitehouse and overturn Obamunism.

    I have to disagree with you Michael. There is absolutely no reason to believe the US is threatened with invasion. What would the purpose be? What would the benefit be? Who would do it and why? There is no reason to invade the US, especially when the benefits of stealing from us, subverting us, cheating us, and letting us pioneer other new things to steal are so much more profitable.

    China and Russia stand to gain nothing from invading here. Russia doesn’t have the army to conquer the US, even if they wanted to. China has the manpower, but no experience in global military operations, nor the ability to get an army here. And neither state has a history of foreign military adventurism outside of their relative spheres of experience. In the modern era, they haven’t invaded a nation they didn’t have a past with.

    In any case, neither nation has much of a tradition of innovation, however both live to steal ideas and designs from innovators in the US and the West. Invading us doesn’t help that.

    Actually, Russia can make a minor claim on the Pacific coast and Alaska, but I don’t believe they have any serious intention of demanding them. They sold it fair and square. When Vladimir Zhirinovsky actually claimed the Russians should nuke the US and seize Alaska, he was roundly laughed at.

    I think anyone who seriously claims the US is threatened with attack from Russia and China is living in their Cold War childhood past.

    • Michael


      The Cold War is not over.

      In the end, the truth will be evident to all.


      • guido

        Michael, the Cold War is over. What we’re seeing these days is not the Cold War. Russia isn’t our friend, I’ll agree with that, but we have no friends. No nation has friends. Some nations are friendly, but they’re not our friends.

        Russia does challenge our hegemony, but in all fairness to Russia, we created this problem ourselves, as we so often do. During the 1990s, when Russia was recovering from the collapse of the USSR, the USA did not stand down from its Cold War stance. Believe it or not, it matters.

        Where the USSR maintained a policy of opposing us at every turn, the sudden collapse of the USSR, starting with the coup against Gorby and ending with Yeltsin pooching the reforms, insured they could not stand up to us. While they stopped sending out the Bear bombers and their subs and whatnot to test us, we never stopped sending out our stuff to test them. You can imagine this would be insulting. If you can’t imagine it, think about how our relationship with China will be when THEY are ascendant and we are on the wane. People are already very upset about the one aircraft carrier they’re building.

        If you’ll remember, the Russians didn’t have a pot to piss in back in the 1990s when I visited Russia several times. I passed by acres of rotting MI24s, just bleaching in overgrown fields. In Sebastopol, their ships were rusting wrecks. Back then, Naval Infantrymen begged for cigarettes in the streets and sailors begged for money to buy basic supplies for ship maintenance. Their most secret installations were wide open. I visited Kubinka, their armor testing base, which was equally decrepit. I met a former tank driver in Odessa who was one of the new breed of opportunist businessmen who were raiding every factory, unused piece of equipment, and pile of resources left over from the USSR and selling the former state property to wealthy Westerners. The entire Black Sea Fleet had been sold in this manner to foreigners, killing merchant shipping on the Black Sea.

        The Russians I met had been told all their lives WE were the threat and only Russia stood between the world and American domination. They were friendly and stated they harbored no ill will. I assure you, while their government may have been mad (as I think ours frequently is), the people were generally good, decent folks who work hard and want to be left alone.

        Now, to get back to my point, the Russians took one on the chin, a blow to their sense of greatness and prestige, when they suddenly found themselves broke and out of work, while the West went chugging on. I think many of them thought with the end of the Cold War on their end, there would be a similar de-militarization on our end.
        A Peace Dividend. Reciprocity.
        That did not happen.

        Clinton and others continued to get us into wars around the globe while we pushed NATO up to Russia’s back door and continued our armed patrols all around them. Remember how we went into Serbia, Russia’s ethnic cousins and one time ally? At the time, we were upset Russia wanted to interfere and deployed troops into the region independent of our own. When Russia faced Muslim terrorists in their backyard, we tried to QB every step of that fight, while we assumed no one had a right to critique our handling of the same enemy after 911. We were strong enough to create a uni-polar world regardless of what they said, but no one stays on top forever.
        We forgot that part.

        I’m not a pacifist, nor anti-American, nor a Russo-apologist. I just try to look at things from outside the box, and what I see was an over-confident USA unaware of anyone but themselves and the possibility their actions could be seen as wrong. Even the biggest patriot among us has to admit Americans can be ignorant about the outside world at least some times. Sure, we were on top for a while, but I see it as being like that old saw about the ladder and being careful about who you step on on your way up.

        I don’t know if you know this, but one of the central motifs of Russia’s history, and one of the dark secrets of their soul, is a sense of inferiority to the West. The Mongol conquest of Russia pulled them East while the West flourished, forcing them to play catch-up. Russia’s xenophobia and fear of outsiders discovering their weakness goes back a long way. I forget the monk who came to spread Christianity and was forbidden to leave, lest he reveal some Russian weakness. Or the architect who built a great Russian cathedral, only to be blinded so he couldn’t build another. Peter the Great traveled the West in disguise so he could learn how they lived and worked. Certainly, Stalin had a deep fear of the West-he created a buffer zone hundreds of miles wide to protect the USSR. I read when Russia paraded their first nukes through Red Square they were fakes; the missiles were empty and did not actually exist yet.
        Some things never change.

        So when Russia was weak, and down, and recovering, they adopted a policy of opposing us in any way possible. They were no longer a great power, but they resolved to play the game as hard as possible, “punching above their weight,” as Obama likes to say so much. Now that Russia’s mineral resources are paying off, they are in a better position to flex their muscles. And it places us in a position of feeling threatened by a foe we thought we “beat” in the Cold War.

        I don’t see Russia as a friend or enemy, but as an opportunistic competitor who does not agree with us or our goals. They have not seen in the US a reliable ally, nor an honest player, and you can’t fault them for being suspicious. They’re not the only ones, either.

        A rising tide raises all boats, and more of those boats are starting to become direct competitors with us. China, South Korea, Brazil, Venezuela, Turkey, India, Iran, and Egypt are just some of the nations who we now have to accept are or will be players at the table.

        These nations all see direct conflict with us as bad, but economic and diplomatic conflict is OK. That’s why you see them actively working against us. I don’t believe they want a war with us, but they are going to do whatever they have to in the pursuit of their own national destiny, even if it comes at our expense.

        While I would rather see us predominant, I don’t think it should be at the expense of our soul. We should beat them with better ideas, better products, better values, and better leadership. If America were true to her values and free of her parasitic business/bureaucrat class, perhaps we could honestly claim to lead the world. Perhaps they would follow!

        Do you remember how even Iran was supporting us after 911? And do you remember how we shot that good will? (Bush made that Axis of Evil speech, which set our nation’s policy, in a speech NO ONE PROOF READ BEFORE HAND! Iran was helping us prior to that! He also made that ridiculous “with us or against us” speech.)

        When I look at our present values, what we do in the world, and who is leading us; I’m not surprised other nations don’t trust us and even actively try to subvert us. Some day, we’ll be going down the ladder, however briefly, and a lot of people will be in a position to remember the stuff we did to them on our way up. I support my country, but I wish I could believe we were doing the right thing for the right reasons. For just one example, read USMC Gen Smedley Butler’s pamphlet, War is a Racket, for his take on his career in the USMC as a tool of US business policy. You could also watch Iraq For Sale. Or read Chalmers Johnson’s Blowback series, in which he explains how our hegemony creates problems for us.

        I’m firmly convinced, Michael, there is no new Cold War. The Russians, and other nations, are responding to American hegemony and unilateral action in the only way they can. I don’t agree with what they’re doing, but when I look at the big picture, I’m not surprised. Please excuse my long-windedness, but this was one of those things I couldn’t get out in a single line.

        • anthony paul

          i am not representative of american politics. i am a man. and i don’t care where you are from, you are a man. i speak for myself. i do not have a representative to speak for me. what i do, i do, what i say i say, what i believe i believe. to hell with the senate, house of representatives, the president, the shieks, the ayatollahs, the premiers, the dictators, etc.

      • Fingal

        The usual war-mongering suspects figured out after WWII that it’s not a win, moneywise, if you destroy the entire game board, which was and is clearly possible once nukes start flying around. And blowing things up has always been a means to the end of lining the pockets of the very powerful.

        So they do it via financial operations now. The US has done it for decades, and China is playing the game better these days, on track to beat the US at it any year now. Why would China need to invade, if they already hold enough financial leverage to compel the US to do whatever the Central Committee decides it wants?

        Sun Tzu writes that it’s best if you can defeat your enemy without firing a shot. The nukes are theater, the large chunks of money (billions, tens of billions, hundreds of billions) are where the real action is.

  • gary

    It could be posible Nuclear weapons are obsolete. Unless everbody knows that, it could be dangerous. I have heard of Scaler and Particle Beam Weapons. We still need to keep our Nukes.

  • sylvie

    Obama was a traitor from the get-go, he is sounding more and more like a radical Muslim brotherhood fella every day. Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood could use him ruling over there in Egypt or Libya. Lord knows we don’t need him changing anything else here. It is going to be a real mess to clean up after he leaves next election cycle.

    • Fingal

      Obama’s been pretty good to the bankers who, on W’s watch, destroyed trillions of dollars of capitalist value. The stock market is waaay up since early 2009. Obama hasn’t been much of an anti-establishment, socialist revolutionary based on what’s actually happened while he’s been in office.

      As for the Muslim thing, Obama’s the guy who gave the order to kill bin Laden. Some radical Muslim Brother he is.

      As Ronald Reagan used to say, “Facts are stubborn things.”

  • dod

    The Elite want a Russian attack. It will give a good reason to for the US to go into another war (false flag). After all, that is the final goal. Don’t think the US is getting rid of all their nukes; good lord. We have plenty in stock. Don’t fall for the propaganda. WWIII is just around the corner Y’All. Obama is a puppet, just like Bush and most before him. What is so hard about this concept to understand? They don’t make the final decisions on anything. They are good little puppets (with more $) and you are good little slaves. Good boy, good slave. Follow the cattle in the barn. Moooooooo!

    • Jerry

      well said my friend…

  • Benjik

    “When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns…”

    Just as firearm bans do nothing to curb the availability of weapons to the “bad guys”, the same holds true for nukes.

  • Foreign Devil

    March 28, 2012
    For Nuclear Security Beyond Seoul, Eradicate Land-Based ‘Doomsday’ Missiles

    America’s 450 launch-ready land-based nuclear-armed ballistic missiles are the opposite of a deterrent to attack. In fact, their very deployment has the potential to launch World War III and precipitate human extinction – as a result of a false alarm. We’re not exaggerating.

    by Daniel Ellsberg and David Krieger

    President Obama and other world leaders gathered at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea, this week to address threats posed by unsecured nuclear material. If Mr. Obama is truly concerned about nuclear safety, he should seriously consider doing away with the 450 inter-continental ballistic missiles deployed and ready to fire at Russia on a moment’s notice.

    Last month we were among 15 protesters who were arrested in the middle of the night at Vandenberg Air Force Base, some 70 miles north of Santa Barbara, Calif. We were protesting the imminent test flight of a Minuteman III inter-continental ballistic missile.

    The Air Force rationale for doing these tests is to ensure the reliability of the US nuclear deterrent force; but launch-ready land-based nuclear-armed ballistic missiles are the opposite of a deterrent to attack. In fact, their very deployment has the potential to launch World War III and precipitate human extinction – as a result of a false alarm.

    We’re not exaggerating. Here’s why: These nuclear missiles are first-strike weapons – most of them would not survive a nuclear attack. In the event of a warning of a Russian nuclear attack, there would be an incentive to launch all 450 of these Minuteman missiles before the incoming enemy warheads could destroy them in their silos.

    If the warning turned out to be false (there have been many false warnings), and the US missiles were launched before the error was detected, World War III would be underway. The Russians have the same incentive to launch their land-based missiles upon warning of a perceived attack.

    Both US and Russian land-based missiles remain constantly on high-alert status, ready to be launched within minutes. Because of the 30-minute flight times of these missiles, the presidents of both the US and Russia would have only approximately 12 minutes to decide whether to launch their missiles when presented by their military leaders with information indicating an imminent attack (after lower-level threat assessment conferences).

    That’s only 12 minutes or less for the president to decide whether to launch global nuclear war. While this scenario is unlikely, it is definitely possible: Presidents have repeatedly rehearsed it, and it cannot be ruled out due to the graveness of its potential consequences.

    Russia came close to launching its missiles based on a warning that came Jan. 25, 1995. President Yeltsin was awakened in the middle of the night and told a US missile was headed toward Moscow. Fortunately, Yeltsin was sober and took longer than the time allocated for his decision on whether to launch Russian nuclear-armed missiles in response.

    In the extended time, it became clear that the missile was a weather sounding rocket from Norway and not a US missile headed toward Moscow. Disaster was only narrowly averted.

    Here is the really compelling part of the story: If all 450 US land-based Minuteman III missiles with thermonuclear warheads were ever launched at Russia – with many of the targets in or near cities, as now planned – most Americans would die as a result, along with most of humanity. Our own weapons would contribute as much or more to these deaths in America and the rest of the globe as any Russian warheads launched.

    This is because smoke from the enormous nuclear firestorms created by even a “successful” US nuclear first-strike would cause catastrophic disruption of global climate and massive destruction of the Earth’s protective ozone layer, leading to global famine.

  • Larry

    I can’t even look at the guy without getting sick to my stomach. He has definitely given a new meaning to the “N” word NONRIGHTOUS.
    He has hurt himself in the eyes of good kind honest hard working people and he will never regain their trust again.
    He has proven that his duty to the American people as a leader and protector isn’t on his agenda. He is fiendishly without feelings and compassion to the American people, this is too easy to see.
    A man who with trust the American people voted into our highest office,who set up thieves and high minded criminals whose only goal is money “MAMON” to steal from the honest hardworking American citizen and laugh with stupid smiles on their faces when people lose their homes,their families and their jobs.
    People would be crazy to vote this JO into office for another 4 years.
    In Jesus precious name I call on the power of the Holy Spirit to disperse this demonic invasion. America is a Christian Nation and our constitution is of our Lord God don’t touch it! I call on the power of the Holy Spirit to remove all demonic forces from our country NOW!
    This the Lord God shall do
    in Jesus precious name!
    John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

    • Fingal

      The United States of America may be a country in which a majority of the people are Christians of one denomination or another, but while Iran is officially an Islamic Republic, the United States of America is not, and has never been, a Christian Nation.

      The United States Constitution does not contain the word, “God.”

      That’s not by accident, it’s because the framers had recent historical memories of Government-established religion in England, and its corrupting effects on both government *and* religion. They said to hell with that.

      (I don’t know the policy on URLs here, so even though this one is noncommercial, I’ll make it non-clickable)

      www constitutioncenter org/ncc_edu_Text_of_the_Constitution.aspx

      • Larry

        Hi Fingal
        The Christian is of an individual persona, the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Father our Lord God. The stength of the Christian people is the Holy Spirit.
        I say that America is a Christian Nation because the people are all filled with kindness and caring and love giving to others less fortunate. This is true Christian.
        Also our constitution was set out by our Lord God to keep the American people free and allows us to worship our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ without any fear of being persecuted(this was true till 2009.
        The hard working honest kind carin people are the people that know Jesus as their savior.
        The media wants it to look like America is going down the tubes and making us look like liers and deceivers but we are not.
        The ones that have invaded our country wants our Christian Nation to look decepid and ungodly. It is time to let them all know that the Holy Spirit lives in all of Jesus’s own and the word of our Hevenly Father ,our Lord God,is sharper than a two edge sword.
        This is our Fathers fight so let Him fight.
        The word of our Father is the truth and demons rush out of the way with the mention of our savior’s name Jesus Christ.

  • chris

    Meanwhile in Russia they are stocking up hundreds of millions of tons of food in underground bunker networks large enough to house the whole population of Moscow. What is Russia getting ready for? Where is the military when Obama is making utterly insane decisions like this?

    • guido

      They made this a goal from the start. When the Moscow Metro was built, it was intended as a civil defense shelter, too. Russia intended to have shelters for everyone. Not that they’re all the same level of quality. I’m sure the secret bunkers they built for evacuating their leaders in the Urals are much nicer.

      The US abandoned the idea of sheltering their entire population early in the COld War as too expensive. They focused on secret bunkers for the top leaders and VIPs, believing the public would accept the rationale there was no protection from nukes, and they would never know about the bunkers, anyway. Except folks let the secrets slip here and there. Mount Weather is known, the bunker in the Greenbriar Hotel was accidentally discovered when it was left open, and Site R is so well-known, it even figures in video games like Fallout 3. The part of it that bothers me is, if we’re not worth protecting, then why should the government be protected? After all, if we’re all dead, then what is the point of protecting them? Perhaps the mark of a free nation would be not having any secret bunkers at all? It would certainly seem a lot more egalitarian, wouldn’t it?

  • Jerry

    Everything is going according to plan… obubba-bama is doing exactly what he’s told to do and say… obubba was / is / and always will be an enemy of this country – and as ‘the enemy’, he’s doing exactly what you and I would do if we were in the same situation – dismantling and disarming from ‘within’. Sun Tzu would be proud.
    If everything works out… this country will be complete destroyed as we know it, but as crazy as it sounds – that just might be a very good thing. Ultimately, several goals will have been accomplished – with each objective working in tandem with the others.
    1. We’ll have rebellion, martial law [NDAA], government induced starvation by way of government shutdown of ‘all’ entitlement programs [8 out of 10 people in the US receive some form of an ‘entitlement’ which ultimately helps to pay their bills and feed their bellies] thus leading to the starving masses rioting, ultimately tied to…
    2. The loss of all private property by way of the loss of ‘citizenship’ because of being suspected as a ‘terrorist’ because of their acts of aggression against the government, thus, the government will ‘own’ everything leading to…
    3. – the ultimate apocalypse – what better way to reduce the size of the herd and thin out the population than by starvation or a bullet to the head – and the masses will have done it to themselves – they were ‘stupid’ enough to buy all the crap obubba put out during his campaign in 08, and they’re getting exactly what ‘they’ voted for.
    You just can’t fix ‘stupid’ [but you can shoot it]… Jeremiah (17:9) was absolutely correct when he said “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?”
    If there is one thing man is good at – it’s the ability of coming up with countless ways to kill each other or the enslave each other… it always depends on who has the biggest sword and to savagely use it without mercy…

  • Pobbit

    Well thats all and good but if you realize that we’re well beyond nuclear weapons and with our growing national missile defense system and nuclear detection system, us having a vast arsenal of nukes capable of destroying to the world 7 times over really is not necassary so us transferring these weapons grade plutonium and uranium into fuel wouldnt be a strategic dissadvantage, not only do we missiles such as the trident and other forms of pre-emptive responses that would destroy such large areas with one ordinace, the stock pile we have is reaching its shelf life of stability, so it would be stupid not to recycle, but ontop of that, the future of not only missile defense is laser systems and detection. And to for reassurance we have chemical weapon and biological weapon systems that could wipe out any threat that thinks about first assault, and they dont have nearly the same implications as radioactive fallout on a global scale.

  • Lolwut?

    “Back in 1967, the U.S. military had more than 31,000 strategic nuclear warheads.”

    Hahahahaha! Either total propaganda garbage or 99% of those warheads where nuclear shells and david crockets.


    google you tube

    2012 the truth you’re not being told parts 1 + 2


  • onecansay

    Is that a “Heil Obama” that he is doing in the still picture above.

    Come on everyone, get your heads out of your collective A$$es.

    The “regime” is alive and well, and will be for thousands of more years should Y”ALL keep your heads up your collective A$$es!

    Peace. Out.

  • guido

    There are much more devastating weapons to be had. Anyone ever heard of Rods from God? Look it up. All you need to do is drop a Tungsten rod the size of a telephone pole from space and let that sucker obliterate your target for you. No rads. Cheap, too!

    I would think neutron bombs and EMP weapons are a much better idea than the traditional “legacy” nuke.

    And let’s not forget the place of hacking. Why worry about nukes when you can completely shut down a developed nation from its stoplights to its hospital emergency room equipment to its power generating infrastructure to its banking system with the push of a button? You might even complete the attack in such as way no one ever knows where it came from.

  • GungHo

    The RUSSIAN ELITE knew in 1992 that the USA would have a black communist president named Barack with a white mother from Hawaii. Google Tom Fife Obama Russia —read and weep!!! I have told my friends that communism is roaring towards us like a freight train—and since our media is totally corrupt—Americans will not know about it until they’re on the trains bound for the FEMA concentration camps!!! AMF time is closing in!!! Hail Messiah!!

  • Guest

    Read this free on-line book to understand the connection between the nuclear energy industry and nuclear weapons.

    It truly is a MUST read:

  • Obama is truly the Manchurian Candidate. If you don’t know what that is, rent the movie. America, you’ve been duped. It’s time to wake up and fight for the soul of your country. We have a president who is actively engaged in bringing us down.

  • Skip

    What does he think he is anyone in Office is their due to the vote of the people he is accountable and needs to be Held accountable Bankster Frauds go unpunished thery just keep demanding More?
    (Fast & Furious) left unpunished?
    The Delaration that the Constitution is Flawed Document after swearin an Oath to Protect and Support it this man is a *****************?
    He now by-passes Congress making them obsolete so why keep them in office sure big savings can be made if they are all dismissed might even stop all the insider trading eh?
    Corruption and lawlesness have taken over USA
    Pray RON PAUL gets a chance to Kick his Ass right out where it belongs.
    Or wait till they start loading you into the Trains Next Stop Camp Fema!

  • Ian MacLeod

    He’s all but neutered this country NOW! He’s run the military into the ground, “conditioned” the military into being happy genocidalists, converted the police into a standing – and occupying – army that is never held accountable for misuse of police powers (and isn’t often limited to them either!), he’s turned the Middle Class into the working poor, and has in essence turned the U.S. into a Third World country. What else does he have in mind? Actually, physical castration of all males and tubals for the women?? I wouldn’t be surprised at all.


  • Amerca#1military!

    I could not agree more. Everyone knows nukes are bad. But if we reduce or completely get rid of our own, our enemies will only laugh in our faces. Do you honestly think that countries like Iran, north Korea, and other enemies of the US would just agree with Obama and stop all their nuclear efforts? Hell no. If we reduce our stockpile it would only increase their incentive to create more. Think about it everyone! It’s only logical!!