How Can The American People Ever Trust Congress Again After Learning Of The Rampant Insider Trading That Has Been Going On?

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Will the shocking insider trading revelations that have come to light in recent days finally be enough to motivate the American people to start throwing all of the con men and charlatans out of Congress?  On Sunday, 60 Minutes opened up a huge can of worms when it did a feature story on insider trading by members of Congress.  Up until now, the vast majority of Americans had no idea that insider trading was actually legal for members of Congress.  In fact, as will be documented later on in this article, members of Congress have been using secrets that they have learned during the course of their duties to make huge amounts of money in the stock market.  If you can believe it, during the financial crisis of 2008 some members of Congress were making huge stock moves that would only pay off if the stock market crashed really hard at a time when they should have been focusing on creating legislation that would help the U.S. financial system survive.  Why haven’t we heard more about this scandal from the mainstream media?  It is hard not to feel sick after learning how low some of our “leaders” have stooped to enrich themselves.  Now that the American people are learning the truth, how can they ever trust Congress again?


Even before these revelations about insider trading by members of Congress came to light, the approval rating for Congress was sitting at about 11 percent.

There is a widespread feeling in this country that our political system simply does not work any longer.

Nearly all of our “leaders” seem to be wealthy elitists that are rapidly becoming wealthier.  Today, the average net worth for a member of Congress is approximately 3.8 million dollars, and the collective net worth of all of the members of Congress increased by 25 percent between 2008 and 2010.

It would be one thing is they were accumulating all of this wealth legitimately.  However, it is just not right for members of Congress to use government secrets and inside information that is not available to the general public to make huge profits in the stock market.

If any of the rest of us engage in insider trading, it could get us thrown into jail.

But as a recent CNBC article noted, members of Congress can pretty much get away with it as much as they want to….

When you buy and sell stocks based on secrets you learned at the office, it could be insider trading.

But when a United States Senator does it, it’s probably perfectly legal.

That’s because the SEC has largely determined that trading stocks based on advance knowledge of action in Congress is not insider trading.

But just because it is legal, that does not make it right.

Former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff made headlines recently when he claimed that “a dozen members of Congress and their aides took part in insider trading“.

Well, it turns out that there has been a whole lot more insider trading going on than that.

If you have not seen the recent 60 Minutes report on this issue yet, you really should take a few minutes and watch it….

One of the politicians featured in the 60 Minutes story was Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi has been doing incredibly well financially in recent years.  For example, her net worth soared by 62 percent in 2010.  If you can believe it, Nancy Pelosi is now worth 35.2 million dollars.

That is a nice chunk of change.

So has she been getting a little bit of “extra help” along the way?

According to a recent CNN article, one very preferential stock deal involving a credit card company went very well for her.  It also turns out that there was credit card legislation that was pending in the House at the time….

Pelosi and her husband participated in an initial public offering of Visa in 2008, according to CBS. They bought 5,000 shares at the initial price of $44; two days later, shares were trading at $64, CBS said.

The network reported the investment came at the same time a piece of legislation that was opposed by credit-card companies was making its way through the House.

But what is even worse is what many members of Congress did with secret information that they were told by U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke at the start of the financial crisis of 2008.

On September 16, 2008 Paulson and Bernanke held “closed door meetings” with members of Congress and warned them that the financial system was about to totally collapse.

But instead of racing out to save the financial system, author Peter Schweizer says that many of our representatives in Congress raced out to save their stock portfolios.

In his new book, Schweizer alleges the following….

*Schweizer says that U.S. Senator Dick Durbin sold $74,715 worth of stock on September 17th and $42,000 worth of stock on September 18th.

*Schweizer says that U.S. Representative Jim Moran sold off shares in 90 different corporations on September 17th.

*Schweizer says that U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse sold off at least $250,000 worth of stock between September 18th and September 24th.

*Schweizer says that U.S. Representative Spencer Bachus bet very heavily against the stock market in the days following the September 16th meeting and made tens of thousands of dollars doing so.

*Schweizer says that U.S. Senator John Kerry bought up approximately $350,000 of Bank of America stock and approximately $550,000 of Citigroup stock during October 2008 and November of 2008.  It was during this time period that the bailout programs for the big banks were being developed and debated.

Are you feeling sick to your stomach yet?

But it isn’t just members of Congress that are using secrets to make money in the stock market.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, quite a few Congressional staffers have also been making questionable trades….

“At least 72 aides on both sides of the aisle traded shares of companies that their bosses help oversee, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of more than 3,000 disclosure forms covering trading activity by Capitol Hill staffers for 2008 and 2009.”

But nobody is getting into trouble for any of this.

This is how corrupt our system has become.

And there are scientific studies that show that members of Congress have been doing significantly better in the stock market than the general public has been doing.

For example, one study from 2004 found that members of Congress do even better in the stock market than corporate insiders do….

“A 2004 study of the results of stock trading by United States Senators during the 1990s found that that senators on average beat the market by 12% a year. In sharp contrast, U.S. households on average underperformed the market by 1.4% a year and even corporate insiders on average beat the market by only about 6% a year during that period. A reasonable inference is that some Senators had access to – and were using – material nonpublic information about the companies in whose stock they trade.”

A recent CNBC article mentioned another recent study that found that investments by members of the U.S. House of Representatives beat the market by about 6 percent a year….

In the 2011 study “Abnormal Returns From the Common Stock Investments of Members of the U.S. House of Representatives,” four university professors found that a portfolio that mimics the purchases of House Members beats the market by 55 basis points per month, or approximately 6 percent annually. That study looked at 16,000 common stock transactions made by approximately 300 House delegates from 1985 to 2001.

Clearly all of this is not just some huge coincidence.

So why doesn’t Congress just pass a law to make it illegal for members of Congress to make trades based on insider information?

Well, a few members of Congress have actually tried to introduce such legislation, but it has never gone anywhere.

It turns out that members of Congress like things just the way that they are.

Being a member of Congress is one of the best jobs in the country.  It is a great way to become famous, get rich and live the high life.

As mentioned earlier, only 11 percent of the American people think that Congress is doing a good job, and yet we keep sending the same people back to Congress time after time.

Since 1964, the reelection rate for members of the U.S. House of Representatives has never fallen below 85 percent.

Yes, our system is a joke, but the joke is on us.

So do any of you out there actually believe that we have a chance of changing this deeply corrupt system?

Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • mark

    Term limits are needed. One two year term for the House and one six year term in the Senate and then go home. No pensions or benefits period. No special privleges, no free cars or gas, no free gym, no free lunches, breakfasts or dinners. Maybe they should just stay home in their districts and vote online on bills. We would not have to pay for airline flights. Toss most of them out on their ears



      I disagree. I think that if people do not have the presence of mind or the force of intellect to vote for logical, sane, honest, and clean candidates, then they deserve the crooks who will then loot the treasuries clean…………….

      The mark of a responsible citizen is earnest participation in representative democracy, (assuming that we had such a thing).

      • Guido

        For once, I agree with you Reed. Term Limits are an excuse for a lazy electorate.

      • mark

        Reed, Many have their heads in the sand. They spend their time playing computer games, watching boring TV. A lot of the voters do not finish high school. Their votes are bought with government benefits. It is almost impossiable to remove a long term Congressman from office. Term limits could make this happen.

  • KyTim89

    When the next congressional electrion rolls around, every congressman involved in this fiasco and any congressman sitting on the super committee must be voted out and replaced with senators and house reps that have a strong sense of integrity and understanding of free market and republic based principles. America can ill efford another round of incompetent and corrupted elected officials.

  • Highspeedloafer

    My congresswoman is Sue Myrick and I promise to never vote for her again. I will never vote for any candidate for more that 2 terms in the house and one in the senate.

    Vote your Rep Out of Office.

  • Guido

    Huh? Wait, so you’re saying they’re super wealthy elitists? Sort of like a tiny, wealthy statistical minority far removed from the rest of us, perhaps in the top few percent of tax payers? And they’re corrupt and abusing their positions and powers to get wealthy???

    I’m shocked! Shocked and outraged! Why, this is unheard of!

    If only there were some group of dedicated people who wished to root out corruption and evil; activists in the name of social justice! Heroes dedicated to speaking truth to power who would be willing to call these people out!
    If only there were such a group willing to take on this leviathan…

    Oh, wait, I’ve heard of one group-but they’re friends with these people and they’ve never once dared to call out, or even consider, that government may be the problem. In fact, they seem to consider the solution to be MORE GOVERNMENT!

    Good job, Occupy Whatever protestors! You’re making history! History as the most myopic, ignorant folks in contemporary America. How’s your big buddy, Uncle Sam, working out for ya now?

    Postscript: Now that you’re all being evicted from your stinky, rotten campsites, perhaps you can stop raping and killing each other long enough to think about moving to the REAL source of the problem-Capitol Hill. In case you need to googlemap it, here’s the address for you: East Capitol Street, NE and 1st Street, NE Washington, DC 20002. You might also consider camping out at 1700 Pennsylvania Ave.

    • James Smith

      GUIDO, You obviously have NEVER been to an OCCUPY event. You get ALL you info about them fro FOX psycho-news or Rush or Hannity. Occupy’s tactic is civil disobedience but for the moment it lacks a leader like MLK to fuse it into a movement like the civil right movement in the 60’s. (i recall it as i’m that old) The Occupy folks were inspired by Arab spring protesters who succeeded in getting change by demonstrations. Arab Spring had support in third and fourth parties in their countries government. Americans DO NOT have support in either of our laughable 2 parties. we need multi parties be they green or workers or whatever. If we had smaller parties we could get thing done in government to the benefit of the taxpayer.
      OCCUPY is now trying to get hometown folks involved on the local level. ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL remember???? To direct most activities in DC would serve to make the movement just another remote and far removed “thing” like congress and the presidency.

  • John


  • shypuffadder

    Each and every member of the Senate and House needs to be thoroughly investigated; but they won’t let anyone investigate them except themselves. With good reason – none of them would pass the smell test!! There is no such thing as “lawful for us” but “unlawful for all of you.”

    • jaxon64

      exactly shypuff.. any expectation that Congress will self-regulate and eliminate insider trading is on the same mental wavelength as believing that The Fed’s internal audits are going to reveal their unlawful and unethical ties to international banksters……….

  • instead of “occupy” movements, perhaps we should boycott elections or in masse, vote for ourselves in elections.

    • Guido

      That’s a silly idea. While you absolve yourself of any responsibility for who gets elected, you really have no right to complain if you didn’t vote. And you’re letting the few people who are motivated make the decision for you. Someone would still vote, no matter who abstains.

  • FM

    Russel, you need to calm down. Put down the rifle. And think for a minute.
    I used to be just like you; into conspiracy theories and all that other fun stuff.
    Really engross yourself in the process and be a part of it.
    I’m not saying shady stuff does not happen, but the things you are claiming are outrageous claims without outrageous evidence.

  • Mr Carpenter

    If this sort of thing is not treason, with all that that deserves in final punishment, then there is absolutely no hope left for his nation.

    There, I said it!

  • ctd

    The system is created exactly like casino. We are the players and they are the dealers. How many of the player came out winning may be only one out of thousands of players if they let that person win because the program set up just like the lottery one out of millions chance to win. However, there is only way to beat this system is that we still in the game but not put in the money. Just take the trip there for free food, drink and room and enjoy the free entertainment and go home. Don’t play the game with them as you can see the Las vegas now there is not many people come to play there any more. May be there are some just visit to know the city but the players are broke so soon the dealer will be broke because no one play. The overhead and operating cost will destroyed themselve. Just like stock, you bet on the guessing, but the insider knew the out come and they can change at any given time by the technical programming or very high tech software that they can buy and sell within nano second. If you buy the stock at certain price, and waiting to sell at the higher price to make profits, but most of the time the stock is up and down like a jojo. when the stock goes down and you want to sell but there is no one to buy. You got stuck until it zip. You have no control what so ever. Please get out the stock unless you can buy and sell within a second (NOT nano second) if you are capable to do that then keep playing. There is no way out because if it head they win and if it tail they win too, so if you play you lose. If no one play then we all win and they are lose. This is the trap and it did trap the whole world and people still excite to get in this TRAP.

    • Guido

      Your comment reminds me of the host in Running Man.

      “You can have a chance at our fabulous prizes of wealth and happiness, just like our previous winners, Wittman, Price, and Hadad! You remember them, Wittman, Price and Hadad! At this very moment they’re basking in the beautiful Maui sun!”

    • Justa Guy

      That’s what I say. There has to be losers in the stock market in order for there to be winners. They can’t make you a loser if you don’t play. Unfortunately (I say this word a lot), most Americans are too stupid, so they keep putting their money in, and these people keep getting rich at their expense.

  • The problem is apathy and greed. Those who can take, do. 98% of the country are a bunch of morons who can’t get away from Facebook and Twitter long enough to see what is going on around them. And they will continue to ignore it until their world comes crashing down around them. Our only option is to start preparing for the worst, then educate those who will listen. I am not convinced that Ron Paul is the savior, as he is part of the same system of corruption. He is merely a lesser evil and will most likely never get elected. The existing powers work to keep the status quo. Government is a parasite that serves only to feed itself. Congress will not regulate itself, and it is foolish to believe that the solution lies in elected officials. The one issue that has been brought before Congress more than any other issue is replacing the Electoral College with a popular vote. It still has not happened. Research it yourself and see.



    On the contrary, I don’t feel sick to my stomach at all. The Democrats and the Republicans have made it crystal clear that they have one purpose and one purpose only and that is to loot all treasuries at the local, state, and federal level. To that end, they will then imprison or kill anyone, and I mean anyone, who gets in the way of that egenda.

    I am all for the looting. I think the Democrats and the Republicans should steal everything not nailed down to include sending armed IRS agents door to door demanding the piggybanks of children. This will teach the amerikan people what true “POWER IS ALL ABOUT”……..

  • Nick Nailer

    Don’t tell Gary. These are the people he trusts to soak the rich.


      Nick Nailler,

      Trust me, Gary won’t even get near these guys. That is why Jamie Dimon has bought the NYPD and others are forging their own private armies. Soak the rich? Gary had better pray that he doesn’t get the “Occupy movement” treatment…

      If day after day, month after month, year after year republian and democrat voters continue to fall for the same cons and shell games, I say at this point, Bring on the Pain!…………..

  • Hi there

    Nothing new here. There are many MANY more important topics that should in focus right now. Typical mirror show that distracts from the main problem facing Americans today.

    CBS= Communist Broadcast System

  • guest

    Phone the SEC tell them to do their jobs and INVESTIGATE.

  • If you’re not OUTRAGED, you’re not breathing.

  • Hefsmaster

    Investing is like playing monopoly with my 5 year old nieces and nephews. The rules change minute to minute with every turn.

    They always win!

  • Hondo

    These criminals will one day soon meet face to face with Almighty God where they will be speechless in light of all their lifelong corruption and wickedness.

    They will then be cast into outer darkness forever from the presence of the Lord.
    I have no envy nor pity for any of them.

    Their time here is very, very short and eterninty is forever!

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “The people are angry. It’s running out of control. And unfortunately, there are a group of police that have become nothing more than enforcers for the political and financial crime bosses.”—Gerald Celente

    “You have psychopaths and sociopaths in charge.”—Gerald Celente

    Time and time again, I have said that this country has turned into a banana republic—and time and time again, the evidence proves that I am right. The former USA is now The Banana Republic of America, a Third World horror movie where the middle class is being destroyed and fascism (the merger of state and corporate power) is prevailing.

    “There’s no doubt that we’re in a depression, and the globalists have been covering it up.” —Alex Jones

    “I’m not an imbecile. I don’t like being raped. I don’t like my money going to the Goldman Sachs Gang. Capisce?” —Gerald Celente

    “Prices are going up. Unemployment is continuing to go up. And we have not had the necessary correction for the financial bubble created by our federal reserve system.” —Ron Paul

    “Violence is not going to work. This has to be an intellectual revolution.” —Gerald Celente

    Gerald Celente is right: only a nonviolent “revolution” (really more of an EV-olution) can clean up this cesspool. Republi-cons and Democraps alike must be voted out of office, and only a third-party movement stands a chance (Ron Paul, one of the few patriots in Congress, is technically a member of the GOP, but philosophically, he’s a very much a libertarian).

    God help the rotting, decaying, collapsing Banana Republic of America.

    • Guido

      Hey, did you see Celente had his gold investment fund raided in the MF Global collapse? They stole 600K from him! Funny that he should trust the system as much as he did. For an end of the world guru, he doesn’t sound too savvy…

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Yes, I saw Signore Celente discussing his misfortune on Alex Jones’ show. How ironic that someone who has been warning us about The White Shoe Boys appears to have gotten seriously screwed by The White Shoe Boys.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        And who is the bozo who used to be in charge of MF Global? Why, none other than New Jersey’s former Democratic governor Jon Corzine (another Democrap who has been part of the Goldman Sachs gang).

  • Rickky

    “How can the American People ever trust Congress again”
    I never trusted them in the first place. Our whole political system needs a big reset.

  • Red

    I thought the EU (IV Reich) was bad, well it is, it’s much worse in many respects, but this is just crazy.

    Oh well, come the revolution, they’ll get theirs.

  • KnightOwl

    Voter apathy and a lack of critical thinking are the main cause that these morons get elected over and over…Most voters don’t care that their rep or senator are dirtbags, they only care about what stuff they might get from their particular dirtbag…I agree that term limits are a must, and the State legislatures should elect their senators rather than the people…the way the Founders intended…

    Seriously, Ayn Rand was correct when she wrote “Atlas Shrugged” back in the 50s…We need to let this mess collapse, so that we can start over. The republic as is, is indeed beyond saving…

  • A.S.

    I wish I had money to run my election. I would say what I mean and mean what I say. I would research each issue extensively and vote for or against various legislations (or make my own) based on Biblical principles.

    In short, my G-d will be the Ultimate Guide. I may not get elected even once but at least I would know that I ran an honest race and behaved with dignity. Maybe there are some people out there that would like to see a true conservative.

    And I would pray to G-d and ask for people to pray for me, that I will NEVER take any bride from lobbyists (which I think should be made illegal because they truly are unconstitutional) and that I will NEVER engaged in insider trading (nor relate such information to any relatives or friends).

    If you like what you hear, please help me start my first campaign. Michael knows how to reach me, as he has my personal email. To Michael, please help me in any way that you can, to start my own campaign, as I am beyond sick and tired of all the lies, theft, cover-ups, etc., among those that should be serving us (as opposed to serving themselves). Any suggestions where to start (i.e. particular city, state, Congress, etc.) or how to start, would be greatly appreciated.

    • Justa Guy

      I like your posts, you seem to have a good grasp of the situation. What office would you be likely to pursue?

  • A.S.

    To quote from above:

    “So why doesn’t Congress just pass a law to make it illegal for members of Congress to make trades based on insider information?”

    That is a rhetorical question. Duh! That would be like saying “TSA agents had a peaceful rally in Washington in order to stop, effective immediately, the whole agency.” Why would they want to be fired if they have the best possible job in the world for convicted sex offenders and pedophiles, making it perfectly legal for them to do on the job, which would put them behind bars again if done in the streets?

  • mondobeyondo

    Gotta love how Congress is screwing, um, SERVING their constituents.

  • Italics Mine

    What do you mean when you ask how can we ever trust Congress again? Who ever trusted them at ALL?

  • Edward Lubomirski

    I have a suspicion that the voting machines have been hacked to make sure the same crooks keep returning. We need to go back to a non-electronic method of tabulating the votes. I think the counting of the ballots should be public knowledge so the voters can make sure no ‘hanky-panky’ has taken place. Of course we know that this will NEVER happen.

  • The Biggest Con Job in History

    For almost 100 years, congress has been using the Federal Reserve to steal trillions of dollars from American citizens.

    If most Americans have no problem with the Federal Reserve, why would they object to legal petty theft (insider trading)?

    Even Better than the Stock Market

    With inside information, you can double your money in the currency market in less than 30 seconds after key economic numbers are released.

  • Natural Law

    Many in the OWS movement don’t see they can be manipulated by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be, ie…agents provacateur. For a serious treatise on what’s caused this exasperating state of affairs, please see:
    Mark Passio has done an exemplary job of explaining Natural Law Principles along with solutions. We must all manifest a greater consciousness that the consciousness that got us in this mess. We are entering times pregnant with opportunity to get it right as well as seeing a dinishing point of no return.
    Keep the framework of our form-freedom balance under The Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution but place citizen servants in these representative positions of We The People…..lawyers need not apply……..cowboys, truck drivers, farmers, loggers, fishermen…..return every function of government shy of regulation of interstate commerce and border protection to the States of the Union. Throw em’ all out………bring in new players….keep Our beloved National Principles……….show fidelity.

  • Fred

    This article and the 60 Minutes program is a reflection as to how far the American Government has fallen. Corruption is so rampant at the Federal, State, and local level that the American people cannot trust anyone in government. It does not make any different who is elected in 2012, it will not change their moral behavior. The Rebublicans and Democrats are one and the same.

  • expatriot

    We’re in a depression and congress is making a killing. They debate cutting food stamps. They shut off the heat for the poor. They cut mental health services. The poor get the ax and the elite get richer. Ya I’m starting to see how a banana republic works.

  • Justa Guy

    If nothing else, this should inspire everyone to vote out all of the long-term congress-people. At least if they rip you off, it won’t be the same people ripping you off over and over. Don’t let them be able to perpetuate for themselves personally. The next one in office will probably try doing it too, but it may take them awhile to learn the ins and outs, and the one voted out won’t be able to sit there laughing at you for decades because you keep giving him the right to continue.

  • Justa Guy

    I wish I had time to research all of these people, but I have to work for a (barely) living. I would love to give some specifics on all of the elected officials, but I’ll just tell you this-

    John Kerry – bum
    Nancy Pelosi – bum

    How stupid are Americans in these states to vote for these people. There are many more out there, but these 2 are definitely bums.

  • William

    So What?? Americans are brain dead. They will go to the polls in Nov of 2012 and vote for the same criminal cretin, over and over. You get what you vote for.

  • Paul

    Come to think of it, How could the American people ever trust congress BEFORE learning of the rampant insider trading going on??

  • mike mcmahon

    Your right Marvin, Americans wont take to the streets because we still have comfortable couches and cable will have to come to the point where we are burning our couches for heat,cable is only a pipe dream, and a loaf of bread costing ten dollars. this is sad but Americans have become too spoiled, and will not rise up until this country crashes really hard.

  • jed

    Why does everyone seem to want term limits? In the House of Representatives, a term is only two years. Most representatives are just figuring out their job and a handful of issues by the end of their first term. How about these solutions instead:

    What other highly-paid high-stakes job takes on uninformed/untrained employees and allows them to do all their learning/training on the job? How about introducing a requirement that anyone who wants to be a member of Congress has to pass an exam in basic constitutional law, basic economics, civics(how government functions in the US), American history, world financial/political history since 1750, logic,and ethics. No ideological questions allowed – just ones that show understanding of facts and their relevance, as well as the ability to read and understand, and to reason. Too much to ask of a potential candidate? Why? Should stockholders be able to vote me in as a mechanical engineer with a big company even if I have no knowledge or training, just because I have a couple of ideas and I want to be an engineer? Would you go to someone with no medical training just because she had a couple of catchy phrases and she put a sign on her lawn that said “Vote for me next time you need a hernia repair”. Elitist? No – you wouldn’t have to go to college for this – anyone who really wanted to could teach themselves in a couple of years. And anyone who isn’t willing to spend a couple of years learning shouldn’t be trusted with our country’s future.
    Hey, it would even help the economy – within a year or two there would be a whole industry with books and software to help people learn the information. (To be honest, none of us should even be allowed to graduate from high school without learning this information.)

    Make it illegal for anyone who has worked as a lobbyist to serve in congress. Make it illegal for anyone who has served in congress to become a lobbyist. Limit the activities of lobbying groups. Only allow them to prepare informational packets that must be sent to all members of congress and that must be posted online for all citizens to review. This transparency would help keep lobbies honest, allowing the entire public to see what they are up to and to call out any manifestly untrue/misleading information. Make lobby-sponsored lunches/trips/ conventions/gifts illegal.

    It is never going to be legal to prevent elected officials from trying to enhance their financial status. Solution – a website that keeps a running tally of all stock market/bond transactions undertaken by elected officials. It is not much use having inside information if everyone else has immediate access to your transactions.

    Right now everyone says throw the bums out and then turns around and sends the bums back for another term?
    Why? Because about 70% of congressional districts are drawn up in such a way that they are completely safe for one of the two main parties. As a result, you can be intransigent, uninformed and unethical, but still win again and again because many people vote a straight party line without taking into consideration the actual merits of the candidate. If congresional districts were more competitive, candidates from all parties would have to be better-informed and more reasonable.

    Maybe I am an independent. In some states, that means that I cannot vote in a primary. So who cares if I am actually independent – if I register with a party, that means I can participate in a primary and have more voice in who the eventual candidate will be. Of course this varies by state, so you need to find out what the best option is in your state.

    Your representatives are never going to pass laws like the ones mentioned here. So don’t wait for them – get the issues on a ballot, or just harrass the hell out of your representatives.

    If someone is doing a good job, why get rid of them after two years? Most people don’t become corrupt that quickly. Why not make a limit of say three terms (six years) for a representative and one term for a senator. There could even be a law that says only someone who has been a representative for at least one term can become a senator (a way to reward the most effective representatives and a way to have senators who are informed about issues and who already know how things work before they start the job).

    Hey, I’m no genius – just tired of living in a high-tech banana republic.

  • Hank

    Even if there was a will to vote them all out (and there isn’t) it will never happen. There is too much money and shenanigans behind it all. Look at the Dirty Harry re-election in Nevada. He has done nothing good for the people yet there is is back again. Elections are bought and paid for and the people just get what they get. Big money, big corporations, big unions, and big BS makes it happen.

  • BillybonesIII

    Taking to the streets! Sit-ins! Occupy this city or that!
    It’s too late! You’re hitting the ass of an elephant with a tooth pick as he goes by!
    Don’t y’all get it yet? Watch Patrick Wood talking about the Tri-lateral Commission on utoob.
    They have us by the short hair. It’s over! The fat lady sang in 2008.

  • BillybonesIII

    Something else.
    It just shows how far down the USA has sunk when a scumbag liberal medium like CBS or CNN blows the whistle on these rats.
    It’s really sad when returned service men and women, patriots all, refer to their homeland with terms like ‘Banana Republic’,
    Just sad.

  • Kevin

    The politicians actually believe this is ok. Immoral? Nope, amoral.

    • S. Wiseman

      “amoral,” yes, that is a much better description.

      amoral – having no moral standards, restraints, or principles; unaware of or indifferent to questions of right or wrong: a completely amoral person.

  • An Eagle Scout

    Easy solution – stop complying with any and all of their laws. Civil disobedience on a national scale.

  • Just because 1 goon of the Empire says another goon of the Empire is legal doesn’t make it lawful, it’s just an extension of the crime, as is this bogus nonsense claiming the legality of insider trading because the SEC wants to take a fall with congress. Ridiculous and that you’d parrot this nonsense makes you as guilty you *****************.

  • This reminds me of when the bikers were deciding what to do with PeeWee. But I don’t think the congress are such skilled dancers to use PeeWee’s escape. Hopefully, we’ll prosecute em, and the SEC and then we’ll jail em, then we’ll prosecute them both some more, then we’ll keep them jailed, then nobody will suffer the indignity of their presence except for their jailers who will hopefully be exactly as cruel as the jailers they employed. Maybe it’ll be enough that they be in jail. But maybe we can get everybody together willing to do them worse and that’d be fine by me.

  • This is like Woo telling Bush torture is great, apply at will. They’d have to be a pair of mental midgets to think a constitutional republic provides lawful conduct of torture. Ridiculous. They’re both cooked gooses when this Empire goes in the tank. I’m going to guess justice for this last crew of Empire cronies is going to take a while to draw up and while simple to execute I imagine it will be outrageously just and satisfying to The People who impose this justice on these murderous clowns, disciples of the fleshy man god chiefest sociopath clown maker. Because some hairy bunch of people says something is legal, does NOT make it lawful, does not make it just, certainly leaves it open to prosecution and in this case of glutonous treason, I predict deadly by far.

  • S. Wiseman

    People who don’t vote have EVERY right to complain. Especially if they still pay taxes. Voting has never in the history of mankind brought about “change” for the better. Did voting help Germany when Hitler was voted into office? Did voting help the Roman Empire when all of its Caesar’s were voted into office? Mozambique? How about Argentina? Voting is just a means to help the Elite – the uuber-rich, and they know it. Voting is thinking inside the box. Inside the box you are given a specific set of choices. We’ve all been conditioned to believe that we need a man, or a group of men, to rule over us, to tell us what to do, when to do it, and how. Real change comes by individual action and it doesn’t take a majority to effect positive change either. People are so deathly afraid of freedom. What do you think will happen without man-made government? Widespread civil unrest? Raping and pillaging in the streets? Theft? Poverty? Look around yourselves. No human master of men can eliminate moral degeneration. The only way to “fix” corrupt governments of men is to bring about their end. History testifies to that fact. As it stands, the American people have been so brainwashed to believe they need a master to rule them, the only thing that will happen is the current scapegoat government politicians will be replaced with a new bunch of corrupt, scapegoat politicians, still serving the elite who rule the world.

  • This wasn’t exactly new news to me. It’s typical moves by our political elite and I’ve known about it for some time now. It’s just further evidence of the “Do as I say, not as I do,” attitude of our government. It’s sad of course. But sadder is that this re-revelation – if you will – is not going to move voters. Some have just given up and don’t see the point in voting because they see the whole thing as corrupt. Some don’t care. And some don’t want to bite off the hand that feeds them.

  • Bryna

    Yes, you’re all on the right side and are feeling the inevitable rage, frustration and despair. All that’s missing here is the coming climate degradation that will cause floods, droughts, bitter cold winters, painfully hot summers, tornados and crop failures leading to inflation on top of depression. All this guaranteed to happen in the next 20 or so years, during which our government will do nothing to prepare for or ameliorate these natural disasters.
    At least the 1% and their mealy-mouthed, greedy and criminal political servants will feel the same pain as the rest of us.

  • James

    We need to remove ourselves from the system. Barter networks and an alternate currency for goods and services. If they won’t end the Fed, then we need to starve it. Tie up your fiat money in PMs. The IRS can’t tax it if they don’t see it as a form of currency. Pay employees in PMs and request to get paid in PMs. You can still earn a living and ‘purchase’ items you need to live, just don’t use the Fed’s system. Starve the cancer out…

  • James

    @ Jed –

    Here’s a way to increase jobs (semi facetious): Why not remove the beltway sitters in DC? Every Rep. can ‘telecommute.’ With the technology today, They can VTC from their respective States and only need to meet in DC perhaps 2x a year for an opener and a close-out summit. This would make it harder and more expensive for lobbyists to perform their work and it would open more jobs for AV geeks to keep the VTC devices and architecture working. Also, it keeps the reps in their respective states, closer and more accountable to their constituents.

    Just some thoughts…

  • It’s time to do away with the system of democracy in force, now, in the country. It’s a failure. Every political employee, from the lowest civil servant in a city government to the President of the US, is being fed by the taxpayer. Their salaries, healthcare, pensions and expense budgets are being paid by the taxpayer, to these most entitled of all Americans. Then we can add the various lobbyists that line these pols pockets, and the scams that politicians run throughout the country to get them even richer. I liken these people to “pond scum” and “bottom feeders.” There is no end to the “tsitsu” these folks are into.

    Time to rewrite the Constitution, and appoint a council of wise men & women to govern. All pensions and healthcare should be phased out. Medicare for all. Employees to receive a 403b or IRA investment plan that allow a 3% government match, up to 3% of their annual income, which they can invest on their own.

    This is only a start. The waste & mismanagement can be stopped, as well as the cheaters, who should be dealt with by the most stringent standards.