According To The FBI, Internet Privacy Is Now Considered To Be Suspicious Activity

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When you use the Internet in a public place, do you prefer to have as much privacy as possible?  Well, that makes you a potential terrorist.  According to the FBI, Internet privacy is now considered to be suspicious activity.  If you are out in public and you attempt to keep snoopers from peeking at your computer screen, then according to the FBI they should gather as much information about you as they can and they should report you to the authorities immediately. If this seems completely and totally ridiculous to you, then you are not alone.  Millions of Americans have become deeply concerned about the constantly expanding definition of “suspicious activity” in the United States.  Sadly, the federal government is now engaging in an all-out attempt to have us all spy on one another.  All over America, the Department of Homeland Security is running ads promoting the “See Something, Say Something” campaign.  They even had 8,000 stadium workers at the Super Bowl this year go through special training on how to spot potential terrorists.  So the next time you see a hot dog vendor, keep in mind that he might also be part of a special anti-terrorism task force.


The following are some quotes from a government document entitled “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Internet Café“.  In between each quote, I have included some commentary.  It is absolutely amazing what the definition of “suspicious activity” now includes….

“Are overly concerned about privacy, attempts to shield the screen from view of others”

Look, if I am doing some online banking or am composing an email to a friend I don’t want someone peeking at my screen.  Aren’t most Americans “concerned about privacy” and don’t most people want to keep their Internet activity to themselves?

“Always pay cash or use credit card(s) in different name(s)”

We have seen the government warn about this before.  It appears that from now on using cash in America is going to get you labeled as a potential terrorist.  How bizarre is that?

“Act nervous or suspicious behavior inconsistent with activities”

Some people are just naturally nervous.  This kind of vague language could be applied to almost anyone.

“Are observed switching SIM cards in cell phone or use of multiple cell phones”

What if your cell phone battery is dead and you need to use your wife’s cell phone?  Does that make you a potential terrorist?

“Travel illogical distance to use Internet Café”

A lot of times people will use Internet cafes when they are out of town on a trip.  Is there something inherently suspicious about that?

“Evidence of a residential based internet provider (signs on to Comcast, AOL, etc.)”

Why in the world would this be considered to be suspicious activity?

“Use of anonymizers, portals, or other means to shield IP address”

These are lots of people out there that take Internet security very seriously and that use things like this.  And how would a casual observer know that these kinds of things are being used?  You would have to be watching someone pretty closely to know that something like this is going on.

“Suspicious or coded writings, use of code word sheets, cryptic ledgers, etc.”

What would “suspicious or coded writings” include?  Again, this is very vague language and could include a vast array of different things.

“Encryption or use of software to hide encrypted data in digital photos, etc.”

So nobody should use encryption anymore?

“Suspicious communications using VOIP or communicating through a PC game”

What exactly would fall under the category of “suspicious communications”?

Also, if you are talking to someone through a PC game, there is a good chance that it is a very violent PC game and that you would say something that you normally wouldn’t say in real life.

You might say something like this: “Okay let’s get the guys together and go kill the boss.  We’ll meet at the Gates of Endor in a half hour.”

According to the FBI, that could easily be labeled as “suspicious activity” that needs to be reported to the authorities.

So exactly what are we being instructed to do if we see something suspicious?

Well, the following is one of the action points from the FBI flyer….

“Identify license plates, vehicle description, names used, languages spoken, ethnicity, etc.”

That sounds like something the KGB would ask people to do.

You can view the complete FBI flyer right here.

But it isn’t just Internet privacy that the FBI is concerned about.

There is another FBI flyer out there that is directed at those running hotels and motels.

The document is entitled “Potential Indicators Of Terrorist Activities Related To Hotels And Motels”, and you can view the entire document for yourself right here.

The following are things that the FBI says make a hotel guest “suspicious”….

“Request specific room assignments or locations.”

I do this all the time.  I always request a non-smoking room and I always prefer a king size bed.  Also, if I have a lot of stuff to carry I may request a room on the ground floor.  Does that make me suspicious?

“Use cash for large transactions or a credit card in someone else’s name.”

Once again, using cash is considered to be a suspicious activity.  How long will it be before they try to outlaw cash?

“Arrive with unusual amounts of luggage.”

Has the person writing these things ever even traveled with a woman?

“Make unusual inquiries about local sites, including government, military, police, communications, and power facilities.”

When I am visiting a new area, I will often talk with hotel staff about places to eat or places to visit.

Is that a problem?

“Refuse cleaning service over an extended time.”

This is something that I have done for years.  I don’t want a maid to wake me up at the crack of dawn.  If I refuse cleaning service will that get me put on a list somewhere?

“Use entrances and exits that avoid the lobby.”

Many hotels have entrances all around the building so that you don’t have to walk a mile to get to your car.

If I walk out a side door directly to my car does that make me a potential terrorist?

“Abandon a room and leave behind clothing and toiletry items.”

How many of us have ever left something behind in a hotel room by mistake?  Sometimes I triple check the room and still manage to leave something behind.

“Do not leave their room.”

Sometimes when you have a day off you just want to stay in bed all day.

Or if you are newly married you may not want to leave your room for a few days.

Should newly married couples be reported to the government as potential terrorists?

“Change their appearance.”

I change my appearance all the time.

If I am on vacation, I may not shave for several days.

And most people I know wear different clothes every single day.

So exactly how dramatic would a “change” of appearance have to be in order to be considered suspicious?

“Leave the property for several days and then return.”

Sometimes people have business plans or vacation plans that involve an unusual schedule.

Whoever wrote these flyers does not seem to have a lick of common sense.

Using the criteria above, almost anyone could be considered to be engaging in suspicious activity.

And it is highly offensive that the federal government is instructing us to watch one another so closely.

When did the United States turn into East Germany?

Unfortunately, these flyers are just another sign of the mass paranoia that seems to have descended on this country.

In America today, everyone is a “potential terrorist” and will be treated as such.

If the authorities will detain U.S. Senators at our airports for “security reasons” and if they will issue hundreds of thousands of tickets to school children, then there is no reason to believe that you are going to be treated with dignity and respect.

The United States is rapidly becoming a Big Brother police state.  I didn’t sign up to live in North Korea, but that is exactly where we are headed.

We have been told that all of our rights are now “limited privileges” that can be taken away at any time for the sake of “national security”.

Sadly, most Americans have become convinced that if we give up large amounts of liberty and freedom it will help the authorities keep us safe.

But that is a lie.  Without a doubt, more bad things are going to happen in the future.

When those bad things happen, we will be told that we need to give up even more liberty and freedom.

In the end, we will be living like slaves.

And we will still not be safe.

Please wake up America.

  • r.bitting

    Michael, i’m afraid the day is nigh at hand when our little community here in cyberspace will forcibly come to an end. While I hope that won’t become a reality, I want to say right now while the opportunity is still afforded me, that I have met some truly wonderful people on your blogs, both this one and theeconomiccollapse blog. We all might not agree on the issues or on our ideolgies but I think we would all miss these sites, as they have taken on the feel of our own little community where many here come not only to read your articles to become informed about whats to come, but I believe many come here to connect with like minded people to not only share advice, but also to open up to others with their problems ( which we all have )in the hope of finding a compassionate soul thats willing to empathize, and almost without exception they always do. I have read commenters on your sites who have reached such a level of despair that they were considering suicide,who found a community of people who offered them hope and unconditional love. I hope I speak for many if not all here when I say thank you. You are having an impact dear brother, I promise you that. G

  • DaytoDay

    Here you go Michael:

    I remembered this Visa commercial from 4yrs ago. This has been in the making for a while… Notice how the guy using cash, is seen as complete imbecile, and holds up the line…

    • Michael


      I had forgotten about that commercial.

      Very relevant to what we are seeing now. Good stuff.


  • Ken

    “Always pay cash or use credit card(s) in different name(s)”

    Just like the millions of illegal aliens the government loves?

    • Couldb5150

      There you go taking the words right out of my mouth…….Accurate and Concise….”Can you break a $30.00 bill for me…?)…..Stay alert and informed people!

  • Moo man

    George Orwell was right, we all have a BIG BROTHER protecting us now.

    Read the fine print on Googles new privacy rules before you accept the contract.

    Paranoia and greed is killing this country. What happened to the old USA spirit of caring about people, having a good job and having a future to look forward to?

    When did the music die?

  • godsofold

    Great article Micheal. Sadly, everyday seems to role out another piece of oppressive garbage from our government. Notice how events are moving faster and faster? Better wake up people.

    Semper Fi

  • General Nuisance

    It’s a tarp

  • mondobeyondo

    Big Brother is watching you, everywhere you go.

    I’m certain one of the reasons why the feds want so badly to ban cash transactions, is to prevent any attempt for them to track you. When you make a transaction with a credit or debit card, you leave an electronic “paper trail” which can be picked up by your bank, or possibly a law enforcement agency. Use a credit card to buy a loaf of bread, and the FBI and TSA could put you on their terrorist watch list. They’ll file it under “suspicious activity”, and perhaps even put you on a “no-fly” list.

    That’s what they want, but that’s not what they are going to get. Not if I can help it. Hopefully, it will never come to that. We still have a few liberties left. Enjoy them while you can.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    My immediate thought was, yes we must leave any public terminal we access the internet with logged into our bank account so should the next person at the terminal be so inclined they could help themselves to the funds in our bank account.
    The FBI has lost it’s collective mind if they are serious about this.

  • mark

    This is all bad enough. Check out the article at Business Insider about all of the fleet of drones coming home and the Air Force intends to fly them all over America. That would be north and south I bet. We will not have any privacy anywhere soon between all of the cameras. I am now glad to be getting old as the future here looks a little dimmer all the time. It is bad enough with the county looking at your place for taxes, now they might catch you taking a leak in the middle of nowhere.


    FBI = Fools Buffoons and Idiots

    In addition to this idiocy, which should surprise no one, the FBI also had one of their conference calls with Britain’s Scottland Yard hacked into by, you guessed it, Anonymous. The very group of suspects that they are supposed to be investigating and setting up arrest operations for hacked into one of the very conference calls in which plans were being discussed. No wonder Puppet Obama has officially decriminalized crime on Wall Street and does not want to investigate any of the bankers. Not like these FBI clowns or anyone elese in Eric Holder Clouseau’s justice department could have caught the Wall Street crooks anyway……………….

  • Highspeedloafer

    I hate using a credit card or even a debit card. I always use cash. So far, I’ve had no trouble. I had one clerk at walmart ask me my name once when I bought some ammo, I just made up a name, Millard Fillmore, the clerk didn’t bat an eye. I got that idea from a novel.
    Here’s a trick to use for the homeland security folks, fight fire with fire, get the personal license plate of a couple of local cops or state workers if you know any and send in their tags for suspicious activity. Caution: Do this only with a throw-away phone, one you will never use for personal reasons. when they ask for your name, tell them you are afraid to give it and then just hang up. At least part of the time they will be chasing their own tails.

    If we are to win this battle, we must fight them onm their turf, but we don’t fight according to their rules.

    • Proftel

      Do not use credit cards too.

      I had two cards when I paid the bill took two pliers, was the biggest piece of 4mm.


    • Kevin

      I bought a few hundred rounds of 9MM from Walmart shortly after the shortage went away (supposedly due to Iraq). I had cash but they wanted a debit card. I was concerned about what was in checking so cash was my choice. I relented and used debit and was just happy factory ammo was available again.

      I thought it was strange. Damn there are 70 million gun owners. How many people are employed to watch how many many people?

      It’s nuts.

      • Couldb5150

        Just wait til they start fingerprinting you …limiting ammo quantities…and the best one…Laser inscribing shell cases with serial numbers ……(watch for it to happen in Calif soon)……Thank GOD I’m in Idaho……off to the range now!

        • Madge

          The drones will find you in Idaho. Remember that while you’re on the range. This is the goal, it is the plan, it is the New World Order (which isn’t new, but as old as the Tower of Babel) and thank God, will last about as long.



      Or better yet, prove how braindead you are by confessing to the crime(s) to any and all who wants to see that you are filing false reports with federal authorities using a computer to post a message online with said confession knowing that it can be traced back to the computer that sent it. Good going there genius……………….

  • jaxon64

    Systematical implementation of the police state continues with barely a whimper or outcry heard from the masses.

    First we get Homeland Security–then we get NDAA to allow “lawful” arrest and detention of the citizenry without charge, trial and to be held indefinitely…and now they will gradually expand and expand the list of “suspicious activities”. Pretty soon, every/any American could “lawfully” have their door kicked in and be taken away by Homeland Security officials- who will offer no reasons or explanations for their actions.
    Michael, I hope and pray it never gets that far for us, but as a fellow Christian, I can see these tools could be quite useful to the man of perdition- when his alloted time comes. Strange times indeed……..

    • Michael


      Prayer is going to be absolutely crucial in the years ahead, that is for sure.




      And low and behold, it is “christians” who are passing and signing bills to legalize secret arrests, indefinite detention without charge or trial, and torture into law. Non believers do have a point here……………..

      • mondobeyondo

        The people who pass these laws, or who approve of them, are not true Christians. Remember the real Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Not that other golden rule — “he who has the gold makes the rules”.



          Well, “they” would disagree with you. According to these barbarians, they are god fearing people who are doing god’s work. This explains why religion is such a terrible idea and belief system.

      • jaxon64

        Reed, you misconstrued my words or read far to much into what I was saying. I only mentioned “Christian” as an aknowledgment to my Christian brother Michael, who would understand the biblical reference I had made ( son of or “man of perdition” refers to an upcoming global leader according to scriptures- and he definitely won’t be Christian anymore than Obama is)

        I’m still actually waiting to see evidence of Obama’s christian faith. I don’t know another Bible-believing Christian alive who espouses the “Holy” koran, quotes it chapter and verse,whimsically recalls the “most beautiful sound on earth” of the muslim call to prayer and has repeatedly mocked both the bible and called Christian believers a bunch of hayseed,gun-totin, uneducated, rubes.

        PS: although he has shown a great love and passion of things Islamic-maybe just a love of his father and stepfather transferrance thing- I am not saying that the O is a muslim–I do not know the man’s heart. However I can truly say that I have seen behaviours, mocking and ridiculing that demonstrate good reason to question his lip-service of a Christian belief. In reality, I think O would never let another god of any faith upon his pedestal.



          Not so. I merely point out that it is people who call themselves christians who are doing all these things.

          • Dave J

            No, there are a lot of secular humanists involved in doing “these things”, to include a lot of self-proclaimed good Christians who are secular humanists first and Christians second, i.e. Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Sec. Seblius (sp?). What do they say about serving two masters?

  • Proftel

    These guys are “Antas” (with all due respect to animals) and, by the way my passport to the U.S. after it is canceled, yet I take what I’m writing.

    99% of ordinary mortals sail over 10% of the Network (google, wiki, email, etc..). The federal focus on these mortals good, has no “chest” to browse a network with Linux or Kolibri.

    Working in a Federal agency in a country in South America, we suffer many attacks about three months ago. Thanks to the good technicians here the damage was not great.

    90% of the network is hidden, works in “https” and other forms of direct communication is not closing the MegaUpload able to stop piracy on the Web, things get worse, out of control because new features and more people will know how browse the “darkweb.”


    • urescrewballs

      What the *********** is wrong with you nut bars? Don’t you see how paranoid and ridiculous you all sound? Your country is becoming a police state because you are all begging for it to be so.Protect me . Maintain my freedom by limiting everyones freedon.Boy,to thinking people the “land of the free” only exists now in stories.The U.S. is the biggest exporter of anti-freedom in the world and the government agencies and military make it the worlds biggest socialist spender on earth .Forget your foolish meanderings.It’s over already.

  • you americans are living in Nazi Germany. Wake up or not, it´s your choice!


      Perdavid Nygren,


      Amerikans prefer to remain asleep at the wheel and enduring the nightmarish police state they find themselves in. As long as the bread and circuses of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc. keep them sufficiently occupied, there is no stopping the power elite from draining them dry and when they are all used up, either locking them up or flat out killing them…………

  • Cinderella Man

    Ok, Im now offically a chemtrail conspriacy believer. This morning, out of the beautiful blue Montana sky starting around 10 am I counted over 30 different chemtrail passes over our area. In a period of 2 hrs the sky has gone to a white haze. I thought it was a kooky story but now after seeing it for myself I am convinced there is something wicked this way comes. Does anyone have a link for a good documentry on chemtrails? I would be very grateful because Im new to the subject, and after what I saw today, am very concerned!

  • cjf

    A couple of old sayings:
    “Never put all your eggs in one basket” (not the basis of a centralized authority)
    “Believe half of what you see; and, none of what you hear”
    (not the basis of the see-all security state)

  • what

    sounds like we are slowly turning into a nazi germany. the jews didnt see it coming either. im upset the privacy laws in this country is practically nil compared to that of europe!



      1. Drug war = asset forfeiture = criminal enforcement officers can legally steal from people

      2. Judicial Tyranny = CPS taking away kids without justification = Divorce Court = Theft of Assets = Busting Up Families

      3. Criminal Enforcement Tyranny = Outrageous Fees for Tickets and Citations = Murder By Cop = Taserings = Beatings = Arrest Without Justification

      4. War on Terror = Patriot Act = NDAA = Legalized Targeted Murder = Legalized Torture = Waterboarding

      The Warfare, Police, and Welfare States: Anybody with open eyes could have seen this coming. And the people do see it because that is all they vote for every election cycle…….

  • rdm

    Their fear tactics just doesn’t work in scaring me because I know fear when I see it, and these quacks are seriously afraid of us much more than we are of them. Their fear grows more and more everyday. Its a good sign they’re running out of power, and control.
    All of their plans will fail because their game is over.

    • William

      I hope you are correct. I really wonder if most Americans recognize that the ***********/Stasi has formed here in America. I doubt it. Too many sat dazed at the Stupid Bowl yesterday…..all the while, the cherished freedoms that Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries are circling the drain and going down quickly. Most in the US Congress do NOT care, just as long as they are reelected. The Nov 2012 election is the LAST chance to save America. Voting for an incumbent will not fix this.

  • William

    Make that last name Gallop, vice Goolsby.

  • Jasonn

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

    — Ronald Reagan

  • Citizen

    Figured I’d jazz up the flyer a bit for them.

  • I FIND THE FBI TO BE SUSPICIOUS! Why are they so sneaky
    that mainstream media cannot tell this story?
    This is why I like

    If you are being harassed by government report it!

  • wfse

    i see im guilty as charged on almost all points. i have one q: am i be deported in guantanamo or elsewhere? …just currious.. ;)

  • Obey your betters you ignorant commoners.

    The Founders INTENDED, as obvious from their actions, for the federal government to be owned and operated by a ruling elite class.

    For the one-in-50,000 of you commoner citizen-sheep who actually read and the fewer who read non-fiction at least look at the pictures within “The Irony of Democracy.”

    One of many books that will inform the reader as to what and how the Founding Fathers intended to and actually created; a constitutional republic headed by an elite ruling class who controlled who was to be allowed to run for elected political office.

    It is your DUTY to obey!!!

    Obey your betters!!!

    To do otherwise is unAmerican and disloyalty to the USA and spitting upon our Founders.


  • Rudy Grrrr

    I was recently surprised to find a billboard
    sign in Milwaukee warning that adults who
    host partys where under age drinking occurs
    can be fined. Okay, but the sign also indicated
    the ad campaign was sponsored in part by the
    Homeland Security Agency! Such laws are local,
    or state level. Why is the federal government
    meddling in state or county level law enforcement
    of things not related to terrorism?

  • Rationality

    There are problems with internet privacy yes, but this article is a joke and some of the people commenting have no idea what they’re talking about, conspiracy theorists disconnected from reality.

    The FBI isn’t stupid, they know you’re not a terrorist. The flyer is not a sign of mass paranoia. The flyer is not devoid of common sense. This article is a sign of paranoia and devoid of common sense. It blatantly ignores the wording and throws logic out the window. It should be common sense that it takes multiple things from the list to match to make someone suspicious. It should be common sense that if they say “Make unusual inquiries about local sites, including government, military, police, communications, and power facilities.”, they’re not referring to a damn restaurant. They mean exactly what they say, “government, military, police, communications, and power facilities”, not a restaurant. When they say, “Refuse cleaning service over an extended time.”, the key word is EXTENDED. Not a day, not a few days, extended. When they say “Use cash for large transactions or a credit card in someone else’s name.”, don’t ignore the word LARGE. Most people, not all, but most, use cash for large transactions when they don’t want a paper trail. Hell, people do this with cigarettes when they don’t want their spouse finding out. They didn’t say no encryption, they said “Encryption or use of software to hide encrypted data in digital photos, etc.” “in digital photos” being the important part. When they say “Abandon a room and leave behind clothing and toiletry items.”, they mean ABANDON. As in, leave more than a toothbrush and a sock behind. When they say “Change their appearance.”, they don’t mean a change of clothes and a 5 o’clock shadow. The author already knows they mean a dramatic change, but insists on asking the common sense question anyway. “Leave the property for several days and then return.” Few people book a hotel and then don’t stay in it, and again, one thing alone doesn’t matter. This is common sense, the FBI does fact know this.
    Any problems with the FBI or privacy aside, the article completely misinterprets what the flyer says, and obviously so for anyone that actually takes a minute to stop and think. YOU are the one who’s paranoid if you think changing your clothes, asking about local restaurants or forget a toothbrush will make the government suspicious of you. You’re the one claiming common sense, so use it. If you honestly think the US is heading towards being like North Korea, you have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Nobody is ever going to take issues like privacy seriously if it is represented by people who can’t be taken seriously. If you actually care about rights and freedoms and privacy, don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories and sensationalism. Be rational, present your argument, and the argument of the other side, fairly and honestly. Understand the politics and policy that go into these things. Don’t let the government write you off as a crazy by writing like this. Do this right.

    To the crazies in the comments, stop assuming the government is out to get you. You are not special, the government does not care about you. There is no NWO, there are no chem trails, drones are not watching you. You do not live in Nazi Germany, or North Korea, or China. If you think you do, you obviously have no idea what that’s actually like. Take a minute and actually stop a think about what you believe, realize how ridiculous it is, how illogical, how insanely improbable. Actually listen to the people who disagree with you before writing them off as sheep. Think of simple, logical, answers to why things happen, instead of trying to fit it into some crazy theory. Actually learn things about what you claim to know so much about.

  • its only a matter of time before, all civil liberities are gone or modified to the NWO clan;team;group;government; whatever type of group they are. Obama has already passed laws permitting his word and his word only to justify martial law in america. which basically means he can use every part of law enforcement and military to lock down/control the area or areas obama proclaims martial law against e.g.(New York State) Its really scary that one person in the government(president) could potentially impose something much worse than the jewish holacaust. (i said potentially, dosent mean its going to happen like that, im simply speaking hypothetically) AND we cannot forget the PATRIOT act how could we foreget about that civil liberty killing piece of trash legislation. The act gives the right for anyone for no reason at all to have phones wiretapped, physical survillance, camera bugs planted in your house, and audio bugs placed within you residence to pick up chatter not heard from house/cell wiretapping. 14 law enforcement agencies federal, state, and local already possess drone aircraft for survillance, by 2014 there will be an estimated 5,000 drones flying over U.S. territories. NOW those are all facts. what about that humongous super highway being built from mexico through texas all the way through north dakota and into cananda aboout? I thought we were trying to slow down IMMIGRATION not make it easier for mules to transer illegal alliens to the US. Ive heard from some sources this is not a fact keep in mind, that the US is going to form a North American Union, which would be a super country composed the united states, canada, and mexico. A new form of currency woud be issud called the AMERO (their are pictures AMERO moneys already printed.) A leak from the department of justice specified the U.S. sent 900 billion ameros to china 6 months ago for an advanced payment on our 1 trillion dollar debt to CHINA(communist country know to manipulate how much there currency is actually worth) china is widely know for currency manipulation, and from what mitt romney says OBAMA seems not to care, seeing they loaned us a little over a TRILLION dollars. 13% of our DEBT is to the NEXT superpower and this superpower just happens to be communist.(peoples repulic of china LMAO yeah right, more like the slaves of the chinese regime) FBI got a huge grant a feew months ago to the tone of over a billion dollars to AMP up CCTV cameras (aka most widely used type of surivlliance cameras) public CCTV cameras that do not already have facial recognition software installed in them will soon have them by the end of 2013 i believe it said. IT is literally gettiing out of control, all in the name of TERRORISM. Im not going to put down the 9/11 attacks or the attack on our embassy by terrorists, but those were 2 attacks by al queda in about 12 years. Mexican cartels are popping rounds at federal border agents every day, not to mention killing thousands of us citizens from the drug war. AND these cartels have already gained access to the U.S. and our working in every state. they pump thousands of metric tons of cocaine, heroin, marijuana , methamphetamphine, and other drugs. DRUGS KILL ALOT OF PEOPLE EACH YEAR from viloence to overdose. ruins peoples lives as well. And all the federal governemnt is concerned about is a rouge fucking terroist group over 2500 miles away from us when the mexican drug cartels are knocking on are door. It shows you that the war on terror is really a war on your civil liberites. watch out people they are trying to convince you to give up your civil liberities in exchange for protectionm AND WELL ALL KNOW HOW THAT ENDS just take a look at your old HISTORY BOOKS. the day the afghanis raid the atlantic coast via boats in the thousands well armed with automatic rifles and advanced arteliary, will be the day i stop believeing the government is not trying to take away our civil liberties for some reason under false pretenses(war on terror BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldnt be surprised before 2015 we are in wwIII starting with the iran/israeal headache. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND GET INFORMED ON WHAT IS GOING ON and WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP STOP IT!!!!!! SPREAD THEE WORD ANYWAY YOU CAN!!!

  • K.S.

    The government is beginning to resemble a totalitarian dictatorship.
    I don’t see how being Christian (which I am) or paying with cash is in any way suspicious. In fact, I do not actually see how any of these criteria are pertinent to terrorism. I have bought myriad antiques and gold objects with cash. In reality, I buy everything with cash. I was never reported even once.
    The most infuriating part is that, because of the government’s darned egomaniacal megalomaniacs, they believe that believing in God is so horrendous. It is disappointing and disheartening beyond words.