25 Signs That America Is A Seething Cesspool Of Filth And Corruption

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Do you believe that America is a seething cesspool of filth and corruption?  If not, you might change your mind after reading this article.  Sadly, the truth is that the United States is absolutely corrupt to the core.  This is true from the very top of our society all the way to the very bottom.  The current occupant of the White House will likely go down in history as the most corrupt president in history, and that is really saying something.  Almost every single day he adds something new to his list of corrupt deeds.  He is a con man that deserves to be impeached for a whole host of reasons, but that will never happen because we have a Congress that is also deeply corrupt.  But it is not just our politicians that are corrupt.  Even the men that are supposed to be in charge of protecting the president are corrupt.  A whole bunch of them were recently discovered sleeping with prostitutes in Colombia.  We also find very deep and very pervasive corruption in our financial institutions, in our judicial system, in our police departments and in our religious institutions.  It is almost as if nearly the entire nation is saturated with filth and depravity.  It is becoming harder and harder to find men and women of integrity, and our young people have very few positive role models to look up to.  How long is our society going to be able to continue to function normally if all of this corruption gets even worse?


The following are 25 signs that America is a seething cesspool of filth and corruption….

#1 The men and women of the Secret Service are supposed to be the best of the best.  Instead, they have become a national embarrassment.  11 members of the U.S. Secret Service are under investigation for consorting with prostitutes in Colombia.  Reportedly, several of the Secret Service agents that hired prostitutes were married.

#2 Our financial institutions are filled with cheats and liars.  2011 and 2012 have been absolutely horrible years for natural disasters in the United States.  At a time when homeowners need their insurance companies more than ever, many insurance companies are systematically trying to weasel out of payouts and are trying to shift as much liability over to homeowners as possible.  The following is from a recent Reuters article….

Insurance companies are raising rates, cutting coverage, balking at some payouts and generally shifting more expense and liability to homeowners, according to reports from the industry and its critics.

“Insurance companies have significantly and methodically decreased their financial responsibility for weather catastrophes like hurricanes, tornados and floods in recent years,” the Consumer Federation of America said in a statement after studying industry data.

The industry concedes that it is trying to avoid getting trounced by those same punishing weather patterns.

#3 Identity theft for the purpose of stealing tax refunds has reached epidemic proportions in America.  The following is one shocking example that made the news recently up in New York….

Authorities say a former manager at a nonprofit Long Island health agency stole the IDs of more than 50 brain injury patients to get their tax refunds.

#4 The filth on television continues to get worse and worse.  As WorldNetDaily recently reported, one new HBO series is going way over the line….

HBO’s irreverent mockumentary “Angry Boys” is under fire for combining child actors and phallic humor, including one scene in the series’ 12th episode, where a little girl drinks from a water bottle shaped like a giant, pink penis.

#5 All over the country, violent crime is getting worse.  For example, there were 60 percent more homicides in Chicago during the first three months of 2012 than there were during the first three months of 2011.

#6 Some of the violent crimes committed recently in cities such as Chicago appear to be absolutely senseless.  The following is one recent example from the Chicago Tribune….

A woman was shot in the face while driving in the Gresham neighborhood on the Far South Side late Wednesday.

The woman, 38, was driving west in the 2000 block of West 84th Street about 11:30 p.m. when a light colored car pulled alongside her and someone inside fired shots, according to police News Affairs Officer Hector Alfaro.

#7 It isn’t just in the big cities where these kinds of senseless crimes are being committed either.  One crime that happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma recently is almost too horrifying to describe.  The following is from a recent Daily Mail report….

An 85-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and battered to death by a home invader who also shot her 90-year-old husband in the face with a BB gun.

Nancy and Bob Strait, who had celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in December, were discovered by their daughter at their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Both the pensioners were rushed to hospital where Mrs Strait, who was nearly blind, died from her injuries.

#8 The flash mob epidemic that made headlines all over the nation last year is continuing in 2012.  For example, several dozen young people recently stormed into a gas station in the Portland, Oregon area and took off with whatever they could carry.

#9 Thieves all over the nation are becoming incredibly bold.  Up in New York, thieves recently stole brass plaques and bronze vases from a cemetery.

How desperate and corrupt do you have to be to desecrate the graves of the dead?

#10 These days thieves will steal anything that they can sell easily on the streets.  For example, Tide detergent has become extremely popular to steal because it is being used as an alternative form of currency on the streets of many American cities.  The following is from a recent article in The Daily….

Theft of Tide detergent has become so rampant that authorities from New York to Oregon are keeping tabs on the soap spree, and some cities are setting up special task forces to stop it. And retailers like CVS are taking special security precautions to lock down the liquid. 

One Tide taker in West St. Paul, Minn., made off with $25,000 in the product over 15 months before he was busted last year.

“That was unique that he stole so much soap,” said West St. Paul Police Chief Bud Shaver. “The name brand is [all] Tide. Amazing, huh?”

Tide has become a form of currency on the streets. The retail price is steadily high — roughly $10 to $20 a bottle — and it’s a staple in households across socioeconomic classes.

#11 In Baltimore, a man was recently knocked to the ground, stripped naked and had his car keys, watch, money and cell phone taken.  In itself, that is not much of a story.  But what made it a story was that instead of helping the man, the crowd of onlookers watching all of this happen laughed hysterically while recording the incident with their cell phone cameras for YouTube.

#12 The number of Americans that are willing to become permanently dependent on the government is absolutely astounding.  At this point, there are approximately 67 million Americans that get some form of financial assistance from the federal government.

#13 Government dependence is increasingly being glamorized in popular culture.  For example, one nightclub down in Alabama recently held a “Food Stamp Friday” party.

#14 As I have written about previously, employees of the federal government are living the high life at the expense of hard working American taxpayers.  In fact, one federal employee recently made an outrageous rap video about it.

#15 Recently, I reported on the “Obama flag” that was flying above a Democratic Party headquarters down in Florida.  Well, now another one has been spotted flying above a home in New Jersey.  During the 2012 election season will we see American flags that have had the stars replaced with the face of Barack Obama flying over homes and businesses from coast to coast?

#16 In the United States today, the use of sexual humiliation by security officials has become normalized.  If you are not convinced of this yet, you should check out this video of a woman sobbing as the TSA touches her private areas as they pat her down.

#17 Sadly, TSA officials have shown over and over that they are deeply corrupt and cannot be trusted.  For example, one TSA manager at Dulles International Airport was recently discovered to be running a prostitution ring out of a local hotel room.

#18 According to the U.S. Supreme Court, police in the United States can now strip search you any time that they want.  All they need to do is to make up some reason to arrest you.  Needless to say, police all over the country are now going to be looking for any reason that they can think of to arrest very attractive women.

#19 In the United States, it has become regular practice for young couples to “live together” before marriage.  In fact, in America today more than half of all couples now move in together before they get married.  Sadly, the divorce rate for couples that live together first is also significantly higher than for those that do not.  At this point, America has the highest divorce rate on the globe by a wide margin.

#20 The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world by far.  In fact, the United States has a teen pregnancy rate that is more than twice as high as Canada, more than three times as high as France and more than seven times as high as Japan.

#21 Unfortunately, there are dramatic consequences for all of the loose sexuality going on in America.  The CDC says that there are approximately 19 million new cases of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia in America every single year.

#22 Most Americans have no idea this is happening, but the truth is that abortion clinics all over the country are selling aborted baby parts to scientists for medical research.  If we keep cheapening human life like this, eventually it will mean next to nothing to us.

#23 According to the results of one recent investigation, an astounding 30 percent of all Internet traffic goes to pornography websites.  A different survey found that 25 percent of all employees that have Internet access in the United States visit pornography websites while they are at work.

#24 There is a right way and a wrong way to do things.  This is especially true when it comes to notifying military wives that their husbands are dead.  Sadly, some women are now being notified about the deaths of their husbands in the military through Facebook.

#25 Our politicians are stealing 150 million dollars an hour from future generations so that we can live more comfortably right now.  The American people participate in this theft by voting these politicians back into office over and over again.  The crime that we are committing against future generations is almost too horrible for words.

So what is causing all of this filth and corruption?

Why has America become such a cesspool?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below….

  • This is happening because we have turned our backs on God!! Taking prayer out of schools was one of the dumbest things we ever did as a country… :(

    • Argon

      Right, I’ll stop you there.

      My school district inserted a minute long moment of silence into the morning announcements. They explicitly said that we could use this time to quietly pray or meditate in a manner we deemed appropriate.

      Just because prayer isn’t a visible and explicit thing in schools doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I’m sure there’s other districts doing the same thing Goose Creek CISD did. They had to get that idea from somewhere.

      Now, on a more general point: I can summarize this entire…thing in a single sentence and an onomatopoeia:

      THIS *********** IS REALLY BAD, GUYS! AAAH!

    • KP

      Oh, please. This country never had God, nor has any other human nation. This country worships Nimrod, Semiramis, and Baal just like its ancestors always have. Look it up: Christianity *is* paganism…period. Its myths have been around for ages, upon ages, upon ages. A bunch of bishops around a table decided to take Christ and his Father’s names in vain and slap them on a bunch of ancient holidays and myths, and now over a billion people follow its twisted misinterpretations in ignorance. It’s sad, but it’s all ending soon.

      • J

        Wow… you must have gotten your education from satellite TV… sad that you seem to believe what you just said!

      • Gary2


        (What Would Magog Do)

  • Gay Veteran

    #14 As I have written about previously, employees of the federal government are living the high life at the expense of hard working American taxpayers.

    I know a lot of Federal employees and they are NOT living the high life.

    And what about corruption among the clerics? Molesting children, cheating people out of their money, etc.

    • lars olfen

      What about it? It’s sinful in Gods eyes and the eyes of most men. The difference is, they’re not supported by theft of other peoples money. Oh yeah, who cares if you’re a homosexual?

      • Gay Veteran

        obviously a lot of you so-called Christians

        • Jacques

          I am not a christian and I don’t care if you are gay or straight. The issue of sexual behavior is nobody’s concern. The gays began the mess when they displayed themselves in shameful situations claiming they had “rights” to do so under the name of liberty.
          When the heteros are behaving like this they must be blamed as much as the homos.

          • Gay Veteran

            well Jacques, too many of you hets think merely holding hands is a “shameful situation”

            and “homos”? really? in 2012?!?!?!?

          • Gary2

            I have been saying forever that conservatives are mostly 99% racsists and homophobes.

            Being surprised by this fact is like being surprised a dog barks.

        • Witttness

          So called Christians may hate homosexuals but God merely hates homosexuality, not the person, the sin. If you can’t understand and accept that, or that sin is sin wether you agree or not because it may hurt your feelings, then you will never understand what’s going on in the world or understand that God is not who many (children of satan) portray him as.

          • Gay Veteran

            sorry, but I don’t believe in your mythology

      • gary2

        but they are–the church and pastor home get tax free status. They do not pay their fair share (like the rich currently do not) so the rest of us subsidize.

  • Rita

    The reason the culture has declined so much is that people don’t fear God. Plain and simple.

    • Nexus789

      Because religion is based on a bunch of fairy tales and the fear and myth of religion is dead and dying. This is an earthly problem…too many people, not enough jobs, etc.

      Stick your head in the sand if you like and don’t face reality.

      • MB92083

        You are incorrect. Just because “religion” is declining here in America, worldwide millions are accepting Christ (not the same as religion). Even though small in percentage, countries like India and China are so large that you are talking about millions of souls. God so loved the world (note, not America) that he gave his only son… John 3:16.

        • Benjik

          Exactly! There is currently a HUGE global movement of people coming to know Christ WITHOUT the shackles of various organized, fear-mongering, human-infused religion, and it is nothing short of beautiful……. :) Salvation, contentment and happiness is ONLY achieved through Jesus and The Father, not through the doors of a man-made building. (I’m not ragging on all churches and denominations, but many have lost their way to the Truth)

      • john

        Do you honestly believe that all of creation happened by accident and that this accident occurs over and over on a daily basis with each accident assigned functions and specific roles?Who has their head in the sand?There is proof of a creator everywhere you look..you just don’t want to admit it because then you may have to live a certain way.There are many many unexplained supernatural events that have occurred and are occurring as now.Why don’t you look for yourself into Lourdes,Medjugorje,Fatima..which was a communist aethist nation in the midst of persecuting the church and religious when it was converted after the events that unfolded there.Try reading the bible and look into prophesies..you’ll find that what is happening now has already been foretold and coming to fruition.You could choose to keep your head in the sand and live in darkness with your narrow mind or you could open your mind and look into these things amonst others and learn something.Even though you don’t believe..if you decide to investigate the spiritual side of things..pray to God to reveal and show you..and be ready for what you will experiance.To ignore the supernatural and to look at even an insect or a microbe and not see that they were created with specific roles and designs is to be the one with your head in the sand.As St.Pio ..a stigmatist priest who died in the 60’s once said..those who don’t believe in Hell..certainly will when they get there.Look him up as well while your at it.Also the tilma of Juan Diego in Guadalupe Mexico which scientists are at a loss to explain.There is plenty of evidence of God..you have to take your head out of the sand and look in order to see.

    • fvasdfads

      So, the author lists 25 examples of crime and bad behavior and, according to you, “the culture has declined so much…”?

      Be careful, you’re going to choke on the Kool-Aid.

    • Adam

      April 16th, 2012 at 3:09 pm · Reply
      The reason the culture has declined so much is that people don’t fear God. Plain and simple.

      WRONG, it is BECAUSE so many FEAR ‘God’, and the people who claim to represent ‘God’.

      Jesus didnt teach FEAR, he taugh LOVE, the exact OPPOSITE.
      Fear is what lets ‘good people’ do horrible things.


      Spred LOVE, not FEAR…..

  • Frank

    Why has America become such a cesspool? Answer – No fear of THE LIVING GOD

  • Gary2

    1 Sign That America Is A Seething Cesspool Of Filth And Corruption:

    Conservative policies/republicans/libertarians and their sickening selfish policies.

    • ScoutMotto

      Right Gary, because everyone knows that democrats are above and beyond reproach.

      Give us a break from that partisan self-righteousness.

      • gary2

        everyone knows that democrats are above and beyond reproach.

        I am glad we agree.. Though not perfect they are WAY better than ANY republican conservative dolt.

        They are not cutting programs to help the poor in order to give the rich more tax breaks.

  • Gary2

    The number of Americans that are willing to become permanently dependent on the government is absolutely astounding.

    Hey Michael–in your usual bash the poor mode- Why did you not say all the corporations/corporate welfare which costs WAY more than any welfare for the poor.

    Yep Michael–you never miss an opportunity to bash the poor.

    Your libertarian selfish unchristian theme is rather sickening.

    Jesus said we are our brothers keeper yet you bash the poor all the time. You can say you also bash corporate welfare but your bash the poor WAY more.

    • lars olfen

      Gary 2 he is not “bashing the poor” he’s bashing the system set up to make “the poor” dependent upon the system. That is the purpose of Statists, to make people dependent upon the State. Have you not heard about personal responsibility and accountability?

      Scripture says we are our brothers keeper however it does not ordain the State to execute such programs through the theft of others money. Clearly, children take care of parents as parents take care of children. Faith based organizations take care of their congregants. Why do you think the Statists seek a GODLESS society, HE is a threat to their existence.

      You should get over the left vs. right dichotomy as it is a false pretense that they’ve constructed to lead people to fight with one another rather than seeking and knowing the truth. Politicians right and left have a vested interest in the perpetuation of the State and its status quo.

      • gary2

        give unto Ceaser…

    • whens dinner?


    • Tim

      “Jesus said we are our brothers keeper yet you bash the poor all the time.”

      Where exactly is that statement in the bible, Gary? Please show me where in scripture that statement of Jesus is. The truth is, it’s not to be found in the word of God. The bible has much to say about those who are poor in this world, but your claim is simply spurious.

      With all the irreverent statements you’ve made in the past about God and Christianity, where do you get off retorting to one of the points in this article with something supposedly from the bible? Furthermore, I don’t where Michael bashed the poor in this article.

      • MB92083

        My thought’s as well.

      • Vin

        It was Cain who said to God after killing his brother Abel “am I my brother’s keeper?”

        • gary2

          somewhere in Genisis.

    • mark

      Gary2,Gary2, government forced taxes are not charity. When are you going to understand that charity comes from your heart. That is what Jesus talked about. My libertarian values are not selfish. I choose to donate to help the poor each month. Just look at the example of Joe Biden at how he donates such a small sum to charity. A leader leads by example. A general is the first one over the wall in a fight if he is a true leader and not just a manager. If you libs feel that the government is the right way to distribute money to the poor then just step up and donate more on your own to the IRS. But true to their colors, the left will not do that. Obama took every tax deduction he could and pays a lower rate than his employees. You on the left should put up your money on the table or shut up for a change.

      • Cinderella Man

        Since when did you become a libertatian Mark? You think Ron Paul is a joke and the only one who can save America is Romney?

        • Cinderella Man


      • Josie

        I agree with you mark. I will give to people who are in need everyday: it may be a ride to the store, it may be a plant that I have gotten out of my woods and potted for someone, it may be money for people who are burned out of their homes, it maybe furniture to a guy who just moved here from New Mexico who needs a desk, it may be food from my kitchen, and on and on. I give, I am a giver. Do I trust 535 rich Democrats and Repukelicans to give my money to the right people? Nope! Never. It will go to places like defunct Solyndra and the latest green energy plant that just went bust

        • gary2

          Solyendra went bust because the Chinese gov heavily subsidized their solar industry and we did not. Now they have the lead in this important filed.

          How can conservatives be so utterly stupid and brain dead??

      • gary2

        this is why the law needs to be changed to tax the rich hard. No one will voluntarily pay more so they need to be forced.

    • Tommy

      Got your scripture wrong there, it’s AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER! THERE FTFY

  • mondobeyondo

    Many Americans tend to think of Third World African and Latin American countries as corrupt. Maybe we should just check our own back yard first.

    The only difference is that our government is better at covering up corruption.

  • mark

    Many have lost their moral compass. Where we will end up is not known. All I can do is prepare for as many possiable disasters as I can. We all need to prepare our spirits and our material needs for whatever the future brings. If Obama is relected the end will be sooner and if Romney the crash will be a little later. Like it or not this 16 billion debt can’t be repaid and will not be paid back. What that action will bring is still up in the air. I would take this time to store up some supplies.

  • whoisbiggles

    I’m afraid this is not just an American problem, but a global one.
    2. Insurance companies are scum, which only becomes apparent when you try to make a claim. In the Queensland floods we can’t even get an agreement on what a flood is! So one neighbour may be covered and one isn’t because of differing definitions of what a flood is.
    4. Angry Boys was a pretty good mockumentary (not as good as Summer Heights High), but this satire doesn’t resonate for an American audience because the Aussie male cilture is not yours. It is attacking our Aussie culture. I have no idea why HBO would buy or show this in the US.
    All we can do is act with integrity and honesty in all things.

  • John Hixson

    We are no longer a Christian nation. The culture is post Christian.The Christian belief system was our blue print for survival. It has been eradicated, or extirpated from our culture leaving hedonism, materialism, narcissism. This has happened because people have it to easy. Our modern lifestyle is making us soft and we do not feel we need God anymore. Only trials and suffering will bring us back to the Lord Jesus Christ. They are on the way. Then we must repent and humble ourselves to God and confess our sins and turn from our false idols of pleasure, technology.

    • lars olfen

      AMEN….GOD is a threat to Statist regimes throughout history which is why they expunge God to create Godless societies.

      • MB92083

        Additionally, why is it they (especially the Godless in the good ole USA) always go after Christians, but Muslims, Buddist’s, Hindu’s, ect. not so much? Could it be that they fear the one true God?

  • Imaplaneiac

    The sexual exploits of the Secret Service and GIs in Colombia are NO surprise to me! I did 22 years of active duty in the Air force and can assure you that grievous sexual sins, including adultery and fornication, are COMMONPLACE among a high percentage of enlisted GIs! I was even aware of lesbian activity among what were then called ” WAF ” ( Women in Air Force ). Furthermore, hell-raising of all sorts is common!

    The general and commonplace depravity and degeneration of Americans is another ” sign of the times ” to me! The stench of sin that permeates America is nearly unbearable!

  • RockHard

    If you live in America and are aware of what the tsa does for a living and you go there voluntarily, you deserve whatever they do to you. I don’t feel any sympathy for the fools who willing enter the spider’s parlor. If you know that the piranha fish are out in force in the river and you decide to cross then you deserve to be eaten–you may cross a few times without being attacked but one day the river will bubble up with you blood.
    If Americans would have stopped going to airports when this unconstitutional action against Americans began, the tsa would not exist today. Who in their right mind would take their children to an American airport? I wouldn’t even take them to await the arrival of any dumb relatives who decided it was okay to fly in–even if it was old grandma…she’d have to get her own taxi, rent a car or hitchhike. I would not hazard the chance to give the tsa any opportunity to molest my children.
    It’s as simple as this my fellow Americans, if you don’t want your breasts, butt cheeks and groins fondled, touched squeezed, ransacked, probed, violated, X-rayed, massaged, pushed or shoved—don’t go to the airport!

    • ScoutMotto

      I suggest everyone stop flying. Let that airlines fail under this tyrannical TSA policy. Let this horrible rights-violating policy dictate the airlines’ future.

    • lars olfen

      INDEED….if we Americans weren’t a bunch of SHEEPLE we’d all stop flying for 7 days and bring the airlines and tsa to their collective knees.

    • Justa Guy

      I totally agree. This goes to show that Americans for the most part have no guts anymore. There are very few real men left in this country, thanks to them being feminized as children. If this country had more real men, this would never be happening. If you stop using the airlines, they would have to change or go out of business. There is no way as a husband and father that I would ever even consider putting my family in a position to be subjected to this. And if they ever think they’re gonna bring it to my family somewhere else, they are gonna get a rude awakening. Flying isn’t a necessity. If you can’t get where you want to go without it, then go someplace else. Some people may say their job requires it. Well, I say it’s better to take a stand and find something else, even if you don’t get to sit on the phone, or push papers, and be soft for a living. Unfortunately, today most men will drop their pants and bend over and take it in order to continue having things easy.

    • William

      The role of the TSA is to subjugate, harrass and subdue the public, just as with most of the federal responses to the false flag attacks of 911. This is not by accident. This has been planned since the days of Adam Weishaupt. Those who complain are given the “Sen Paul Wellstone” treatment.

    • WM

      Your comments sound very “anti-flying”. It is not reasonable for everyone to just stop flying. If I wanmt to visit family in Peru, South America, how do you suppose I get there? driving, walking, etc.? Flying of course.

      So, you are saying that if I volentarily go to airport knowing what TSA will do, that I deserve it? I disagree. I go to the airport because it is the fastest, most economical way to get from here to there, and I do NOT deserve what they may do to me or my wife.

      I do agree with you about the boycott that should have happened when the unconstitutional action began, if we did that, then that would give a clear message to the airports, government, etc. Unfortunetly, as this website so well documents, there are too many sheeple here in America and no more unity, and everyone seems to fat, happy, and comfortable, that no one wants to rock the proverbial boat. This is why our government keeps pushing more and getting away with more.

      The sad part is that most people living here in America refuse to wake up. When they do finally wake up, it will be too late. Its like a concrete truck that is full and has no brakes and is rolling down a large mountain road…..there is no stopping it now, it is just going to keep rolling until it crashes.

      I think America is too far gone now for any hope of repair or restoration, other that a total collapse of the current system, and a rebuilding again to reinstitute the concept that the Founding Fathers so insightfully gifted us with.

    • Kevin Eshbach

      Fying is still the fastest way to get to some destinations. When your destination is on the other side of the coast or another country and you have limited time you have no choice but to fly or not go at all.

      • guido

        Yeah, and I can’t afford to tell my employer I’m not going where he sends me. I don’t like it, but I go through with it so I can keep my income incoming.

  • Rob M

    The funny thing about this is that the people committing most of this evil consider their actions good and just.

    • MB92083

      In the book of Proverbs, they are described as being “wise in their own eyes”.

  • Ameen

    I rarely reply to blog posts but @Gary2:

    1) Learn how to COMPREHEND what you read
    2) Learn how to write properly and grammatically
    3) Learn how NOT to be a moron

    Then have at it, ok?

    Thanks … So much.

  • Gary2

    Why aren’t all you libertarian hypocrites against the tax subsidizes the church and the rich ministers housing tax scam???

    You are helping to pay for the mansions of the mega church pastors. What a crook of **********.

    Michael–you never miss an opportunity to bash the poor but you are strangely silent on the above.

    I guess you do not like big government when it actually helps poor people but are all for it when it does what you want.

    • Cinderella Man

      I hate paying taxes for anything! Thanks to your benovolent dictator in chief the taxes taken out of my paycheck could have help me get gas for another couple weeks!! im tried of suffering for the sake of you deadbeat welfare cases!! If you want more money get another job and keep your damn hands outta my pocket!!

  • Gary2

    Michael–is that picture at the beginning of the post the lake of fire sans the fire??

  • Shepherd Thomas

    The US has becone a Nation of people who love themselves more and disparage the value of their neighbors because people started using the power of our government to promote and mandate the worship of mammon over all of the other gods of men and they found gunmen willing to comitt treason to keep them in power.

  • Jeffro

    It has been done by design.. destabalisation of a country begins with destroying the families and morals of its people. Easily accomplished in a few generations through television. If there is no father in the home and the govt steps in to fill a “gap”, the next generation thinks of it as normal in neighborhoods where everyone lives this way… It’s inevitable…

  • Gary2wannabe

    Interesting pattern with the perpetrators of the flash mob robberies.

  • William

    There are two words that explain the corruption that has destroyed America:


    There has been no accountability for all the crimes and lies that have wrecked the USA. The list is nearly endless…..no accountability for the Israeli deliberate and repeated attacks on the USS Liberty in 1967; no accountability for the unnecessary war in Iraq, a war based on LIES; no accountability for the US Congress spending about $2.5 TRILLION of excess paid-in money to Social Security; no accountability for the abduction, torture and murder of prisoners who had NOTHING to do with 911; no accountability for the assassinations of JFK, RFK, or MLK; no accountability for the unconstitutional creation of the Federal Reserve; no accountability for the federal debt ballooning since 1980. The US Congress is at the root of all this lack of accountability. We are beyond “voting the bums OUT”. The new bums will be just as bad.

  • Skip

    What is Occuring inside The United Slaves Of America is the old saying you Reap what you Sow!
    Allowing the Kenyan to desercrate your Flag and sign NDAA shredded the Costitution he swore an Oath to Protect & Support Holder walks away from (Fast & Furious) its all Scandelous what is happening under your Noses
    Your freedom of Rights no longer exist and Next Train for Camp Fema and then sheeple?
    You have allowed your Government to Dictate to you time you re-claim your Nation out of the hands of the Bankser Criminals
    Maybe one day we will see Justice for a great many bad deeds conducted by the Government everyone is accountable for their Actions?
    Actioın reaction Happened to Rome just as it will happen to USA Total Collapse!
    USA will be History unless you get someone with integrity back into office!
    Pray! Ron Paul gets his Chance to haul your sorry asses back from the Brink?

  • Michelle

    “#22 Most Americans have no idea this is happening, but the truth is that abortion clinics all over the country are selling aborted baby parts to scientists for medical research. If we keep cheapening human life like this, eventually it will mean next to nothing to us.”

    Because evolution was brought into the schools and creation taken out, human life means nothing now.

    • MB92083

      “If we keep cheapening human life like this, eventually it will mean next to nothing to us.”

      I’m afraid we may already be there.

  • Steve

    Here’s a simple thought about laws that pertain to driving that is representative of American’s attitudes and beliefs. The majority of people driving ignore the majority of the rules the majority of the time. Sure, we all stay on the right side of the road, and we stop at red lights (as long as it didn’t just turn red), but that’s about it. We speed, we roll through stop signs, we turn right on reds without stopping, etc. The point is simple and extends to just about everything. People don’t want to follow rules; they want to decide for themselves what they should do because they only care about themselves. If they get caught doing something wrong, they’re sorry, but only because they got caught, not because they did something wrong.
    I’m not talking about a “free country”, I’m talking about following rules that are in place to benefit society. Most people just don’t care about how something might be for the good of the community, they only care about what’s good for them.

  • Benjik

    Here’s EXACTLY what’s wrong with this country:


    A 6-year old girl is cuffed, stuffed and charged with assault and damage to property in GA. That’s right, a little SIX YEAR OLD GIRL. How many “adults” did it take to scar this girl for life? Let’s see; there’s an obvious lack of parenting skills with this type of behavior; apparently the trained, educated and licensed school officials don’t have the skills to deal with a SIX YEAR OLD; and let’s not forget the Super Troopers with the spit-shined badges, puffed out chests and Dirty Harry attitudes that can now brag to their cop buddies that they put the Smack-Down on a kindergarten-age little girl. Accordingly, if these charges stick, we can also thank the local DA for “standing up for justice” and stomping out “violent crime” in his/her district. Think about it, a 6-year old little girl with a violent criminal record…..GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Give it a few days, I’m sure Holder and the DOJ will file some charges against this “menace to society” as well……..

    • MB92083

      Give it a few days, I’m sure Holder and the DOJ will file some charges against this “menace to society” as well……..

      But only if the girl was a non-white.

      • Benjik

        Sadly there is truth in what you say. I hear Sharpton is already gearing up for another round of “Pay the Reverend”…..

  • non-GOD-believer

    Most of the responses here are the bit about the lack of god in the public square. GOD was never meant to be in the public square. You don’t know Jesus if you think it should be. What is ruining our country is GREED! Everyone thinks that they should be RICH or look RICH. The other problem is that people is back and BLAME OTHERS. Look at the posts; everyone is blaming someone else. LOOK IN THE ***** MIRROR, IDIOTS. Get god out of politics and back nto your hearts. DON’T VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN. And don’t vote for the T-PARTY, they are a cover for the large monied interests that are ruining our great county. VOTE FOR HIGHER TAXES on people making/taking all of your money because they have a monopoly on business. Cut off your cable TV and stop watching TV. Go out and meet your neighbors. Talk to people. Get the hate out of your systems. FOX news makes sure you have hate in your heart. Hate is the basis for their success.

    • MB92083

      FOX news makes sure you have hate in your heart.

      If you follow your own advise (ie you are not hypocritical) then you do not have cable or TV. How then, not being able to watch Fox news, can you make such a statement?

      • non-GOD-believer

        Do not have cable. Cable is the devil. I have seen it at my Pastors Rectory. He loves it. He’s the devil.

  • God

    When you remove me from your mind and doings, there are no standards.

    Happy now?

  • blisterchicken

    The good thing about having America become a cesspool of filth, is that it gives us a good example of how NOT to act.

    As for the Cesspool bankers…mass arrests expected any minute now. Hey, all those Federal Marshals have to do something!

  • Jack

    The destruction of the family and entitlement mentality.

  • Nick

    And the NUMBER 1 Sign America is on a downward spiral to hell is

    “Americans think it’s perfectly OK to MURDER innocent babies in the mother’s womb”! God help us all!



    Rather slow to the dance, aren’t we? I have been saying this longer than I can remember. There is no hope for this asylum society. It can’t and won’t be saved. It will crash and burn in an exploding fireball of epic proportions.

    RockHard, you also have the right idea. I have been telling the blockheads in amerika that the only way of ending this national nightmare of being sexually assaulted at airports is to BOYCOTT ALL AIRLINES AND AIRPORTS, PERIOD. I would not expect one to quit their job over it, but if a boss does not tell you to fly as a condition of employment and you go to an airport anyway, you are getting what you so richly deserve………….

  • JD

    John Hixson is right. But the cause is much more involved. It is due to communist infiltration going back at least to the Franklin Rosevelt administration, the first one to recognize the govt. of Soviet Russia. His and Truman’s were honeycombed with communists, a fact admitted and shown when the archives of the “former” Soviet Union were opened in the early 1990’s… That meant an embassy and consulates all over the US. That brought in KGB agents masquerading as “diplomats.” They had a plan that can be found in various sites online. Infiltrate academia, especially the schools of journalism,etc. Make America feel shame for her “racist” past, take God out of everything via their surrogates at the ACLU with their treason. Infiltrate and take over both parties but especially the demon-cratic. At the same time,sending communist youth into catholic seminaries to weaken the church, water down her Mass and beliefs and bring in homosexuals by the hundreds.(see Bella Dodd, Congressional record, her testimony before House Unamerican Activities Committee, early 1950’s.) Of course, it didn’t take much communist effort to take over “Hollywood.” All these things corrupted society and broke down its morals. Oh yes, did I forget? Take over the judicial system of the U.S.A. Can you imagine, porn on the internet (and everywhere else) a form of constitutionally protected free speech…? So , of course the people gradually “came onboard” and thus mushrooming the corruption. For a real understanding of what happened, go to http://www.fatima.org. Be patient and non-critical and read through it. There you will find the real solution to the problem, but probably not until after unbelievable worldwide calamities that are on our doorstep!

    • Gay Veteran

      you sound like a John Bircher

      • JD

        We don’t need gays with their complete lack of morality to comment on spiritual matters…And no, I’m not a Bircher, just someone who has seen a once great nation disappear…Go back into the closet OR go to a real church, get on your knees and PRAY!! Hell is real and you may go there!

        • Gay Veteran

          poor pharisee, you confuse religion with morality

  • mondobeyondo

    I wasn’t surprised about the Secret Service scandal either.

    Yes, they are “the best of the best”. But they are still human, with the umm, normal human desires of any adult heterosexual male.

    Yes, prostitution is legal in parts of Colombia, but that is not the issue here. The primary job of the Secret Service is to protect the President. That’s their job. (They also look out for counterfeit currency, but that’s another story.) When an agent is doing the… um, Humpty Bumpty with a hooker in a hotel, he’s not doing his job! The agents violated their integrity.

    • Tim

      So, because prostitution is “legal” there it’s okay to use a prostitute’s services? Whoredom, fornication and adultery are sins against God. The bible says that God will judge whoremongers and adulterers. (Hebrews 13:4)

      • Gary2

        the whore or the monger, which one?

        Bottom line people like to F, get over it.

  • Cinderella Man

    I have mixed feelings about HBO. I love The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. I dont know about this Angry Boys that sounds like some sick *******. HBO has never been a bastion of social intergity. Anyways I dont believe you hate America Michael. Some commenters on other sites are bashing you but I think the point you try to make is that America is a shadow of her former beauty. There is not much pride in being an American anymore. That woman crying in the TSA line is just gut wrenching. If that dosent bother you then you got some serious problems. To subject your people to humilation is the best way for tyrants to break us, however the limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress, and our breaking point is here. Already there are people getting in armed standoffs with authorities everyday. We have limits and they are nearly reached.

    • Michael

      Yes, anyone that reads my stuff regularly knows that I don’t hate America at all.

      I love America and I would love to see America change course and turn things around.


      • Gary2

        you only hate poor america. You conservatives worship the rich

        • Michael

          I do not hate anyone Gary.

          I love even the politicians that I criticize.


        • Prepping for the Future

          Michael I have to give you credit I would have block that welfare collecting cry baby Gary2 a long time ago. How can anyone be as brain dead as he is and have so much time to spread all his hate. Did you ever notice how the liberal always 100% of time are attacking and spreading hate to everyone. I do think you should make another page just for Gary comment and stop them from polluting your work and the other people comments.

          • Michael

            I like to keep the comments as free flowing and uncensored as possible. One of the ways to reach those that are asleep is to engage with them.


  • SukiAnna

    “…corporations/corporate welfare which costs WAY more than any welfare for the poor…” OH! Please, please, please explain this ignorant statement!!! It makes absolutely NO sense at all. NONE!!! And there is NO truth to it, at all. This is the kind of ignorance that has put a fool like ******** in office…that backs a corrupt and dangerous congress…that says OWS is ok and doing good!

    • Gary2

      its simply common sence. I know those on the right lack the critical thinking skills and your post proves it.

      Just THINK (if possible) about all the corporate welfare vs welfare for the poor. You can also Google it as it is an established fact.

  • I am John

    I am John, messenger of the LORD, born of a Gentile Elizabeth. First Jew then Gentile, both of the same olive tree. Let the wise hear what I say. An angel of the LORD delivered a message to me. You O’Church of America are filled with the spirit of the Laodecians. REPENT OR BE REBUKED AND DISCIPLINED! You O’America are filled with the spirit of Babylon. JUDGMENT COMES FOR YOU! “My patience has died, and the children are far away. Time to gather the grapes for the winepress; time is up. I will not tarry much longer!”, thus saith the LORD.
    Revelation 3:
    “14 And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write, ‘These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God:
    15 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot.
    16 So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.
    17 Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’–and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked–
    18 I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.
    19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.
    20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.
    21 To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.
    22 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

    Dear children turn back to God our Father! Behold, the Lord Jesus stands at the door and knocks!

  • Ted

    We all need to pray and prepare for very rough times ahead. Our merciful Lord Jesus Christ will hear our prayers but we must refrain from sin and evil ourselves. Prayer is the simplest remedy but most people don’t bother. Yours in JMJ,

  • Glen

    All this corruption in the US boils down to this. We want it and we like it or we wouldn’t keep voting Socialist/Fascists into office. We want our free living, decadent lifestyle at any cost. And, we will cling to this attitude until it does not work anymore. We deserve all of this.

  • Tony

    The reason that todays America has slipped into the gutter is simple; Gods word says that before His Son can return to take His church to Himself and return to His Fathers Kingdom there must first come a falling away from God and His Word. Church attendance is at an all time low, morality in America is non-existent,back in bible times God destroyed two cities for their perversion and this same perversion is rampant in America. There is only one reality, and you can either choose to accept it or reject it but still it IS reality. Gravity is also reality and you can choose to accep it or you can choose to reject it. If you choose to reject it, try walking off of a 250 foot cliff and see the results of your rejection. You can expext the same results for rejecting the only true reality of life and its creator.

  • Polish Rifle

    Why did you stop at 25? This list could go on indefinitely.

    The hippie scumbags from the 60’s are finally having their way, and they’re dead set on indoctrinating our children as well. Progressives have successfully infiltrated the media, our public schools, and all branches of government. We’ve become malignant with these parasites and it’s been planned for YEARS. This is their endgame.

    The day will come when real American Patriots will need to take this country back from the Fascists. Force will be necessary, and inevitable.

    • Gay Veteran

      *************, the hippies? really?!?!?!?

      • Polish Rifle

        The same folks that were rolling in the mud at Woodstock and protesting Viet Nam are those running the country today… Uber-leftists who’ve cut their hair, shaved their faces, and put on a tie instead of a tie-dye.

  • Joe

    If want to see a change, you must first change yourself. Corrupt politicians and wall st. big shots don’t come out of the blue, they come from the same greedy and corrupt society that you belong and contribute to.

  • VyseLegendaire

    None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

  • Kathy

    Jesus said,” I’m weary of looking at your HUMAN garbage piles!!” Abortion my friends was the beginning of the end! Moms and Dads have become murderers! This is the last of this age, so prepare your hearts,that is were the real battle takes place everyday!!!!!

  • Chris

    Why is USA/UK a seething cesspool of filth and corruption?

    Well in the Bible didn’t Satan take Jesus up to a high place and show him all the splendour of the world kingdoms and say all this you can have if you bow down and worship me?
    To be a ‘success’ in this present world it appears you have to be either a criminal or corrupt leader or something like that. Anyone that therefore desires power in this world is automatically not fit to be given such a position.
    A society cannot survive if the top and bottom are rigging and playing the system to destroy the middle. Without the middle who will the fraudsters at the top have to prey on?

  • anakin

    The only way for evil to prevail, is for good people to do nothing.

  • IT seems to me that there is no shame in the world anymore.WEare living in a very me me society

  • anakin

    When we vote for non representatives that have not representated their constituents for one or more terms, we have become part of the problem. Many Representatives have become very wealthy after being elected and reelected. They line their pockets in many ways including insider trading, like Nancy Pelosi. Martha Stewart went to prison for doing that! Why hasn’t Nancy Pelosi? The Obama Administration is corrupt, yet look at howmany people approve of him: 43%. The others running for election aren’t much better; they are corrupt as well. Why do we elect the lesser of the evils, hoping they will have integrity? Evil is Evil. If the devil your in bead with isn’t Satan your still in bed with a demon.

    Satan is a liar from the beginning.
    Obama has been a liar from the beginning.

    Negotiating with Satan is folly.
    Negotiating with Obama is folly.

    Obama, the Obama Administration, Congress and the Supreme Court are corrupt. If any one branch of government weren’t corrupt, then we wouldn’t be in the pit we are in today. The government is no longer: Of the people, by the people and for the people. It is now: Of the elite, by the elite and for the elite. Power corrupts!

    So what are we going to do about it?

    • mondobeyondo

      Okay, I get it. You think Obama is Satan.
      Barry’s got to come up with a lot more evil though. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Ted Bundy, Charlie Manson. That’s some stiff competition. I have to tell you, I don’t think President Obama is Satan.

  • Paul

    AMEN.!!! I am pleased someone else is also calling SIN-erica EXACTLY what she has, sadly become. A CESSPOOL OF FILTH AND CORRUPTION.!!! Welcome to the club, endoftheamericandream.!!! Keep praying for our wicked nation my friends. Pray for our wicked leaders. Pray that MANY here will find Jesus before the IMMINENT Rapture. We have dug our own graves, and now God is BURYING US IN THEM.!!!

  • Ted Radamaker

    If the above responses are indicative of the level of American belief, then it is no mystery why we are a cesspool of corruption.

  • scott W

    Michael ,

    it would be nice if you can put together an actual list of the CORRUption ,and please make sure you include the last TWO presidents and there list of corrupt activities and don’t forget the economic treasonous laws they signed…and what it ended up costing AMERICA ??

    then you article would be valid

    if you could ,, we could compare S

  • Ted

    Well Jesus, said before kingdoms change man must change, All and every Christian, Catholic or none Catholic, should be passing the word to Pray as a Nation. America is a Christian Nation, Jesus said pray for your self and for your children. One Nation Under God. **************************. We need to pro act in Love as a verb and you tell some one you love and do nothing its lip service.pray not judge, but live by example. Doing Good deeds is also a prayer if you offer it up to God. God Bless

  • TeZ

    #4 The filth on television continues to get worse.
    “Angry Boys” is an Australian production (not American)and we think It’s Piss Funny.
    I’ll give you the rest though

    • whoisbiggles

      Imagine the response to Summer Heights High!



  • Angelcrown

    Denise, you are so very right. God is the center of my life. Our country has removed him, starting with obummer, the worst thing to ever happen to our country.

  • Magdiel

    I keep reading here people commenting about ‘religion’.Friends,forget religion,think about God!If you read the Bible carefully,you’ll notice that most of the time religion here on earth is totally against the principles and the Law of God,in other words,they haven’t loved the Lord our God with all their heart and strength.A clear example of it are the leaders of the Jewish Nation in the days Christ was on this earth,they claimed to be faithful and obedient to the Holy God,when at the same time they persecuted and killed Him,they murdered God!Do you all take the meaning? It does not matter how religious I claim or appear to be,if I do not have Christ the Lord in my heart,all of it is nothingness,it is vanity! Now we may ask: ok so,what is the true religion in the eyes of God? Well,that question has a definite answer in the Holy Scriptures,in James 1:27._”Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this,to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction,and to keep himself UNSPOTTED from the world.”
    Unfortunate but true is the fact that most of the churches today are corrupt and immoral before God,but remember,religion and God are to different things,religion may dusted,but God never changes. So,please,let us fix our eyes in Jesus Christ,for doing that,we will never fall!

  • Magdiel

    America:::Sodom and Gomorrah:::Punishment.
    What a shame!!!

  • Johnny Rocket

    Lack of respect for and enforcement of individual property rights. Pretty simple in my book.

    It’s amusing how much the word “our” gets thrown around. How very collectivist.

  • Joan Moore

    This article is tripe. The USA is failing utterly but not for the reasons you site. Crime is actually down…way down. Even teen pregnancy is way down, although the USA still has the highest rate in the world. But that is because of your silly god stuff and bible teaching of abstinence.
    We need a lot less of this god stuff and more logical reasoning to solve the issue of corruption and greed in the USA. It is laughable to point to television programing, no matter how crude and coarse it may be, as a reason for the collapse of this US empire. The problems are so much more immense than that rediculous stuff.
    What crap this article is….

    • Gay Veteran

      and most teenage pregnancies are in the Bible Belt

  • sheik speer

    sod’em an tomorrah


    People need to follow the Gospel- what were Jesus, first words? REPENT , the only thing that will save us are people like Denise.

  • Denver

    Why has America become such a cesspool?

    Their are many reasons why we’ve sunk into the depths of moral decay but here are the three main drivers:

    1. The welfare/redistribution of the wealth state: Right now the big money is being made by crony insiders who lobby government for taxpayer money. Why work and produce something of value when it’s easier to just vote for a living?

    2. Dollar devaluation a.k.a., the inflation tax: You know you’re living in a kleptocracy when the act of trying to save money becomes a bad financial decision.

    3. Feminism: When the wife becomes the breadwinner and/or when enough guys begin to realizes that it’s an act of financial suicide at best or an act of borderline criminality at worst for him to get married and actually start a family then I guess we really don’t have anything left worth defending…………….

    • Gay Veteran

      yeah, those women need to know their place, pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen

      • guido

        Ahh, reductio ad ridiculum.

        Gay, if you really believe Denver is calling for women to be chained to the stove, you’re more ignorant than I thought. The fact is, Feminism attacks the fundamental place of women in civilization.
        What’s a woman’s place?
        How about the nurturing mother of the next generation of thinkers and doers?
        All women? Maybe not. But some women, perhaps most women, need to be having children and raising them if we’re to survive. Here’s the big secret-They need to be doing that with a man in a stable nuclear family unit for the best possible results. So the man’s place, which is never discussed, is in helping create, nurture, and culture that next generation. It’s a biological imperative you can’t deny, lest you invalidate your own existence.

        My mother was a homemaker and she would be considered either a victim or a traitor by Gloria Steinem’s Feminist standards.

        Without women raising children and giving them the best possible foundation to work from, we would have no future. Interestingly, I believe the worst thing that ever could have happened to us AND our women was Feminism, since it has driven our best and brightest women to forsake the rewards of family to chase careers instead of the satisfaction of raising children. I completely believe in equality and supporting our mothers, wives, and daughters in going as far as they can to make their dreams come true. I also believe a woman can have a career and children, and that’s great. Climb that ladder, get wealthy, follow your ambitions, and go as far as you can-but don’t abandon family in the process.

        Something interesting has happened since women were “liberated”-they don’t have as many children. (Look at a population pyramid to see how we have a massive baby boom population teetering above a much smaller Gen X and Gen Y.) And in that, statistically, many of our most productive, intelligent, creative, and powerful women went into the workplace, never had kids, and denied the next generation the very genes and nurturing that made them as they chased their professional ambitions. This means there will be necessarily fewer people in succeeding generations with the “nature-ing and nurturing” that made those women so great in the first place.

        • Gay Veteran

          wow Guido, excellent defense of patriarchy

          • guido

            No, if you read what I wrote, I in no way stated men are there to rule over women. Fundamentally, a woman’s place is to procreate and create the offspring that will continue the species. Fundamentally, that’s ALSO the man’s place. In a perfect world, both of them would be there together doing it-not one or the other doing it alone. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. You can not deny the biological imperative. However, due to the physical and mental makeup of men vs. women, historically it tends to be the man that goes out and brings the food home, fights to protect the female and the home, and otherwise insures she is safe to do the child rearing. It’s not oppression. In fact, if you really are a vet, then you probably saw the differences between men and women in the military and just who is suited to which role.
            You will never change that, either, until you figure out how to reverse a million years of evolution…

            No matter how much you politicize it, there’s no denying nature.

          • Sortinghat

            Enjoy arguing with the bot?

      • Prepping for the Future

        You are so Right Gay Vet your new way is so much better. Let the women divorce spilt the family up bankrupt the ex husband ruin the children future and teach them no matter what you do wrong the Gov is there to give you hand out that is helping to bankrupt America.

        • Gay Veteran

          uh, where did I advocate divorce? nice strawman

    • Laz

      I agree with Denver 100%. I’ve been saying that feminism contributed to the decline of our economy and society in abundant measures for a few months now. I’ve even upset my female friends (as I am female), and some male friends, with this mindset. It’s because as soon as it’s mentioned, people automatically assume we’re saying that women should be in a kitchen, home instead of with friends, not striving to better themselves, hidden away in the background getting zero credit for what they really contribute. Quite the contrary, women play a very vital role and possibly the most important. Women at home, raising their children, instilling good qualities in them and being the link in the chain that is family, is precisely what keeps the well-oiled machine of “family” running. Which, if you haven’t noticed, is what is broken in our nation. It doesn’t mean that we’re saying men should be abusive and cheaters and women should just take it. As Denver said.

      “Here’s the big secret-They need to be doing that with a man in a stable nuclear family unit for the best possible results. So the man’s place, which is never discussed, is in helping create, nurture, and culture that next generation. It’s a biological imperative you can’t deny, lest you invalidate your own existence.”

      It’s all about teamwork and people working together for a common goal of a better future and when we’re all out for ourselves, who’s left to care for other people? For future generations? For the welfare of our existence? The next guy? Someone across the world? They’re just as worried about themselves as “you” are.

      • Sortinghat

        They foster that idea because the powers take small snippets of truth then twist them like the feminism issue.

        The truth is so ripped that I am sure that the powers now don’t even know one lie from another.

        It’s all the same as long as they get their money and mansion.

  • JFK

    This is happening because people cannot be trusted. This civilization will end too just like the early ones. Time and time again, humans have proven that we are not trustworthy, we are thieves, we are greedy and we are vain. And for whatever goodness we do, is just out of vanity, out of money, out of material motivation, out of comfort and satisfaction.

  • God help America and the whole world. There is almost no value for life at this rate. I can’t even imagine what Heaven is going through. Kyrie eleison

  • Jason Billington

    Number 1 is some dudes sleeping with prostitutes? And they are married!?!? My, my I am shocked ;0) How about DSK, former head of the IMF, he’s still facing a whole raft of charges in France. The US, whom funds a signficant % of the IMF let him go last year in NYC. Didnt even bother to read the rest of the list….

  • Gary2

    I often wondered how these republican bastards could look themselves in the mirror, knowing how they’re screwing over the most helpless of us, but then I realized something! Soulless, bloodsucking vampires don’t have reflections.

    Comment from you tube

    • Marybeth

      Really? I know that is an over used word today… but REALLY Gary2? Wow! Your post confirms what I have always suspected. “bastards, screwing over the helpless, soulless, bloodsucking vampires…” THAT is an awful lot of name calling in just two small sentences. I’m guessing you lean to the far left in your politics?

      • Gary2

        yep really–republicans suck, suck all the wealth from the middle and poor right up to the rich. They also just plain suck.

        I do not know what gave it away that I lean to the far left in my politics. Must be that genious conservative (an oxymoron) brain of yours.

        BTW that was a cut and paste from a comment on you tube. You should have seen the ones I know Michael would not let through.

        • There is no difference between the “parties”.Both are owned by Wall Street.The old left/right myth is dead.

          • Sortinghat

            Best post of the site but that will kill the fun of America chasing each other while the bankers transfer slowly the cash overseas to prepare for the inevitable collapse of the dollar.

      • guido

        I guess you’re new here. Gary’s a Communist troll who lives to stir people up with insults and retread commie claptrap.

        • xander cross

          Something is very wrong with Gudio. I always known that becuase of the comments and the tone of what he is saying.

    • Prepping for the Future

      How do you look yourself in the mirror when you useless progressive liberal force people out of work for a fake endangered species. Or block drilling for oil here in America. Yep we sure don’t need cheaper gas do we Gary. YOU progressive morons prove every single day you can’t fix stupid.

  • wtf

    This is a joke page right? And the comments… really, this must be satire.

    If not then after reading this article and a sample of the comments I have number 26 for your list.

    26. Christian zealots are taking over the country, with most having almost no education and an obvious lack of critical thihking skills. You just need to read the commnents here: http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/25-signs-that-america-is-a-seething-cesspool-of-filth-and-corruption

    • JamesL

      Before you accuse others of having almost no education, get a dictionary. Maybe then you will learn how to spell thinking and comments.

      • wtf

        Typical… attack the typing errors and while completely missing the point… which you have.

    • Gary2

      you got that right! These fools will vote against their economic self intrest if the politication screwing them says they are againt abortion. They are very low information people who have the IQ of a trained dog. (apologies to the dog)

      The rich who fund the tea billies could give two shits about their silly little social conservative beliefs. Look how ofter the drunk boner caved.

    • Go back to the hole you crawled out of and STFU!

  • Andrew Jacobson

    Only when man becomes humble before God can things straighten out. When man puts himself before God his ego assumes control and man becomes corrupted by the illusion of his own power.

  • sam

    One of the main reason for US going down the drain is TV and movies — No where in the world almost naked young girls eat insects and worms and get paid for it — the reality shows like the ‘ Dancing with the stars’ are nothing but soft porn where almost naked stars do sexually explicit dances and again get paid for it. Almost all these shows and movies which are full of violence and sex are all owned by Jews and it is plain as the day that there is a conspiracy going on to undermine the Christian religion of the country.

    • bob

      Wow, Sam ignorance is indeed bliss. You’ve clearly never traveled. American TV is tame compared to many countries, though rather crude when compared to anything that resembles basic decency,

      • bob

        I forgot to add that you’re clearly a bigot and an anti-semite. Try reading the Bible sir.

    • mondobeyondo

      The Ed Sullivan Show > Dancing With The Stars

      By a long shot.

  • Marybeth


  • zero

    Americans don’t give a dam anymore…they have been used , abused and enslaved for so long they can’t see light at the end of the tunnel. Pity the meek, for they shall endure being pawns in the game.

  • Gay Veteran

    some people just miss the old white male patriarchal society

  • Sam Hill

    Ohhhh Yeaaaahhhhh, America has been brought low. . .by what or just whom? I am sick to death of people who point the finger at “those people” who are on some sort of public assistance! Do the finger pointers still believe the nonsense that lending people money who couldn’t afford to buy homes caused the first domino to fall into a cavalcade? Then there are also the finger pointers who claim that the “Democrats or the Republicans” are the entities to be blamed. HERE’S some TRUTH! All of what’s happening to this once great nation, to us, to our children is because of IDOLATRY! A ficticious beast was created in 1917 and was unleashed on the soil of this nation! Articles of incorporation! Our constitution has been subverted by this BEAST. The beasts who sprung from this beast now have more rights than LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS! The financial system is A PIECE of PAPER, paper is made from wood, IT IS AN IDOL that now has control over HUMAN BEINGS. The BEAST/IDOL does not view you as a human being with certain inalienable rights, in the BEAST’s eyes you & your children are mere RESOURCES to be used and thrown away at will. This nation has now been plundered by FICTICIOUS ENTITIES who for the most part are FOREIGN in origin & are headquartered on foreign soil (Geneva Switzerland). This beast is so very clever that it has co-opted nearly all houses of worship (501c3) and also controls nearly all media outlets. Want it to change? There is still time. We’ve still got breath left in us. 1st WAKE UP! Turn off the TV & start to read & go WAKE UP the neighbors- -they need to know that the ‘house is on fire’ too. 2nd start going to your local government meetings and speak up especially about this ‘sustainable development’ crap that is nothing more than an arm of globalist control. 3rd go to your 501c3 church and wake them up too. 4th Get down on your knees and pray like you never have before! Peace be with you in your endeavor- -God help us all!

  • guido

    The Greeks have discovered a unique way to insure their wealth isn’t diverted into the government or stolen from future generations. Look up http://www.zerohedge.com/news/birth-barter-how-one-greek-town-dropped-euro-and-moved and watch the video of the village that reverted to bartering. With the Euro both expensive and part of a union they may not be part of for long, the Greeks have found an alternative. This alternative will probably scare the heck out of the government and bankers. In the US it would inspire raids and rounds of arrests…

  • steve

    where do get it is the republicans the democrates run the white house and the Senate. The democrats had a majority for two years and jambed numerous bills on the american people including the health care bill. Gary2 when you look to blame someone get the facts straight blame first those who have the control the democrates. And president who wants to turn us into little communist with him as the new Stalin, wake up!!!

  • Francisco

    That’s what happens when you have the Godless generation outnumber Christians and other faiths. They will be perfect soldiers and recruits for the Army of Antichrist.

    • Azoth

      ‘Godless generation’- give me break. It is the Christians who are screwing your nation over.Bush Jr and Obama are both Christians. Christians to the *************!

      • Gay Veteran

        poor WM, if you want to live in a country ruled by religion then move to Saudi Arabia

  • Gay Veteran

    Francisco, you do realize that a lot of fundamentalists consider the Catholic Church to be a cult?

    • mondobeyondo

      Well…. oh boy. It’s way too late in a Saturday evening to be going into this.

      Mary is revered in Catholicism. But Mary can’t save your soul.
      Yes, she was the earthly mother of Jesus. But Mary can’t save your soul.
      Mary didn’t die on a cross for your sins. Jesus did.
      Only Jesus can save you. Not Mary. She is not the “Savior”. Jesus paid the price.
      God blessed Mary, and allowed her to give birth to Jesus here on earth. But that was the extent of it.

      Jesus said that anyone that accepts Him, and asks Him to forgive them of their sins, will have eternal life. That is His message. Not Mary’s.

  • rick

    The human race is a failed experiment,people are no good.The only alternative is to clean the slate and start over again, but next time, I suggest someone read the chapter on ethics 101,of the humanity handbook, before making another monumental mistake.

    • Thom

      I think you’re wrong, people are inherently good, but they can be easily molded over time to be dysfunctional by clever malovent Elitists. And that is precisely what has occured. Huamnity has been hijacked. But eventually somehow someway the Principalities in high places which rule this beautiful but dark and cold hearted planet will no longer be in control.

    • Sortinghat

      Actually more like get their brains examined before creating another human type race.

  • games

    Glad I don’t have ta follow em with a pooper scooper.

  • mondobeyondo

    Not sure what the peacocks are doing, but the chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Grace Wildfox

    I think the world would be better without money, people are free to pursue their dreams. Anyone can build a monument for all to see, visit, or live in. A world where we all love each other and respect one another. We can not see the color, culture, gender of another, look at their soul aka into their eyes….all of us can not go against each other, the hate, the stereotyping, the evolution must be this way or that, it has to stop. Each of us needs to be who we want to be without harming others, without killing, or destroying things. Violation of human, animal, and earth rights would not be even thought of!
    Imagine if there was no money, it would elminate greed, power to be the richest, crime, because everyone would have whatever they needed provided by our earth…

    Haven’t you ever noticed, we are the only ones who pay to live on earth….

    This system of opposing views, hatred, and negative ulgy society does not have to be…positive events, kind gestures, helping a neighbor, stop and help a victum of a crime are things that we all used to see and do….why did this stop? We can not turn against each other, we can not turn against the world. People are dying due to American wars and I am American and I can not stop innocent children from dying, what if that was me…my family?? Killed by an unmanned drone??? Why are we letting this happen, how come no one seems to say anything….people just stay in their busy life mode and seem not to notice…..

    Shut off the TV and unplug it!!!! Filter out all fluoride and impurities in your water, do not feed your children and yourself GMO food, research childs’ vaccines before you even let them have one, enjoy your time growing your own food from heirloom seeds, watch the skies, enjoy your moments with your parents, family, and neighbors, unite….please!!! unite!!!

    • “Imagine if there was no money, it would elminate greed, power to be the richest, crime, because everyone would have whatever they needed provided by our earth…”

      Yeah, because there were no such things as “greed, power to be the richest, crime” before money was introduced – and at that time everyone had whatever they needed!

      • Sortinghat

        Since my comment won[‘t go thru then you should check out The Gods Must Be Crazy showing that it’s not money that will make people corrupt.

  • rpm3165

    When money becomes the absolute highest value in a society, held above all other people, places, animals and things, then corruption becomes the primary embedded value in people’s behavior.

  • DachsieLady

    Christ is the King. Until those who totally belong to Christ take over the helm of our government at all levels, there will be nothing but evil upon evil.

  • PJ

    Let’s see, first I read the article that opened my eyes to 25 reasons America sucks, then the comments below the article which only made the above 25 reasons seem so true!

    I am not trying to insult anyone really, just take a step back and see how we treat one another for simply having an opinion! Amazing.

    What we are experiencing in my humble opinion is a evolutionary event at the human level on this planet. Again,I ask you to step back and try to see the larger picture, all of these transgressions from our Government and all the corruption fore mentioned are merely symptoms of the corruption in our own hearts and minds!!
    When we ALL take responsibilty for THAT< we can heal and grow into our next level of human being! Illuminous!
    just sayin

  • Bob

    America = Babylon in the Bible (Jer.50 +51; Rev.17+18) and mentioned elsewhere scattered throughout in Scriptures.
    The LAST super power/empire that brings the New World Order to total fruition.

  • t man

    Finance, Congress, the media, TV and enetertainment, the FED and our entire money supply, our foreign policy and the wars we fight, all of these things are controlled to some extent by a very small minority. Debasing our values is OK for these people because they see us as “goyim.” Or cattle. Sheep, whatever you want to call it. I said to “some extent.” I didn’t say they control everything. They don’t control your will or your destiny, you still have to make choices which are right for you.

  • simple….loss of family,religon,and country and they want it that way and we the people are letting them.STAND UP AMERICA

  • lC

    Right wing media ownership, corporate greed & religion mixing with politics pretty much causes all of it.

  • Magdalene

    The fabric of our society is perhaps irretrievably torn. Marriage (one man, one woman) has been decimated and now is being ‘redefined’. The family unit that is the building block of society has crumbled.

    Perhaps is started with contraception and the ‘sexual revolution’? Women are now more used and abused than ever and in the name of’freedom’ but what has it availed them? Loss of committed love, loss of motherhood due to the massive killing of the unborn and so on. All the money in the world does not replace a child or a committed marriage.

    And we have a totalitarianist government forming with the intrusion into every facet of our lives and the stealing of the freedoms that once made this country great.

    The massive welfare dole, the huge unemployment, the incredible national debt…where does it end?

    Many people hostile to religion, to the Judeo-Christian morals that were the foundation of our country. Now our government is big into promoting immorality and legislataing it and soon will punish those who will not comply with it or speak against immorality.

    Freedom is not license. And one day we will all meet our Maker and we will know the depth of our own personal sin.

  • Lonie Ross

    What leads to the things mentioned in article ?

    The absence of Gods ten commandments , the basic rules to live by. It covers all 25 items .

  • Ramona

    The Birth pains have already begun!!

    Come soon Jesus! Waiting for His second coming. Judgment is coming soon!

    Catholicism is the whore (of Babylon). The whore has daughters. America is one of the daughters. Look at Babylonian paganism in USA… statue of Liberty is Babylonian Goddess Ishtar, torch facing the sky is Luciferian, many other pagan/satanic statues and symbols in DC and NY.

    The Papacy, Iran, United Nations, USA, European Union and Russia are all involved.

    The man of sin will get Israel to sign a 7 year peace treaty with many and half way through the treaty will be broken. Then there will be tribulation as has never been seen before!

    Do not take the MARK OF THE BEAST under any circumstances!

  • English

    Americans PLEASE STAY OUT OF MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ….you are NOT welcome genuinely NOT welcome ….you and your country are the pits of humanity….WE literally cringe when in your presence

    • Anon

      How rude, these people are the minority, most Americans are so damn lazy we don’t give a crap. We mostly let the minorities (I.e these ppl, rich ppl, or smart people) do our talking. I’m not Christian because I’m too damn lazy to believe in anything. Takes too much of my time. So I guess if you don’t want THESE people that’s fine. But I could see how you wouldn’t want lazy people either. AS FOR THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE, most of your facts are skewed. Obama doesn’t want to be hitler or dictator or anything, he’s just really unpopular with you. He got voted in because whites ar now a minority. There were not enough of you to kick him out, sorry. I don’t support him, (I’m republican) but I don’t call him the antichrist because I didn’t vote for him. Most of these problems WEREN’T even cause by Obama. They were years in advance. Like the housing bubble. That was from Dubya and before.

      • Anon

        Also, just because America was founded by Christians, doesn’t mean that we must all be Christian. This country was founded by IMMAGRANTS, yes, that’s right. All Americans (except the Indians and Inuits and so on) were IMMAGRANTS from Europe or other countries. So don’t complain that immigration is a problem, the solution is to make immigration easier. The immigrants take the jobs we don’t want. Like toilet scrubbing or sewer cleaning, so why not give it to them and go for better jobs? And how is not being married before you live together societal corruption? That’s moral corruption, and if their not your kids, legally they can do what they want. Teen pregnancy is an issue, with a simple answer:abortion. Yes, abortion. If you want to stop overpopulation, and teen pregnancies that’s the only way. Many teen pregnancies are accidents, and telling the kids not to wont work, because they won’t listen. Polotics and corruption are a problem as well. That can be avoided by putting term limits on congress and the senate, killing off e career polotitions

        • Sortinghat

          Except the majority of the immigrants did not hope fences or get around screening and expect free driver licenses/hand outs at the corner.

      • %$#@

        You make no sense.

    • Niac

      Blame the government, not the people. I doubt you know a good person by talking to them. You’re just as bad as the people you hate.

    • Sortinghat

      Keep standing up for your country. I fully agree and if I could I’d denounce my citizenship in a heart beat but there are way more countries that make people ‘vanish’ for posting a blog like this.

  • Anon

    Sorry for the grammar, typos, I’m doing this on an iPad

  • Anon

    Also, private education is a problem. It is the root of all our corruption. Yes your private CHRISTIAN schools and colleges teach the students that money can solve anything. Colleges are corrupting the American dream so that only the rich can get degrees, and with today, you need a degree to make lots of money and live easy. The solution is to make taxpayers pay for a college that works like high school. You have to join, but if you drop out they don’t force you to rejoin. We also need to secure privacy, and regulate the Internet. On the pornography part of this article is true, and a problem. The solution is that the government must regulate what goes on the Internet. They can delete information that is considered inappropriate to people, annihilating the porn problem completely! Also, the world has many religions, and we all gotta get along, Christianity has done some horrible things (crusades, dark ages, abortion clinic bombing) and is not perfect. Christianity is believed by humans, therefore it cannot be perfect. Tis applies to all things on this planet, religions countries, people. But note that not everything is 100% evil. Obama has a dog, and two children. He is a person, not just the president.

  • Anon

    The world is not coming to an end, and the us is no more corrupt than anything else on the planet, the only reason you think it’s a mid hole, is because its on a much larger scale than everything else. What about the priests who molest children? They are corrupt. God has wiped out entire cities in the bible, doesn’t that make him corrupt? I like to look at the world as not black and white, good or evil, but as a mix. We all have both good and evil within us, it’s what we choose to do with ourselves that makes us who we are. If we choose to take shortcuts, then yes we are corrupt, if we choose to work hard, and earn our pay, then we deserve to get to the top. I mean, if god is so great, then why does he allow still born babies, or to have an infant child die in a mothers arms, before the mother herself is shot? That seems pretty cruel to me. But you’ll turn that arround and say there’s a reason for that. Well you can’t tell the future becaus it hasn’t happened yet, so you can’t say that I do not have a point. And if. You just yell, and callme rude things, than that’s pretty limited. I DARE YOU, prove all my points wrong and I will concede that you are wrong. But my beliefs right now, is that the only way to stop corrupt

    • Anon

      Like my rant?

      • Sharon Newman

        stupid fool

  • Anon

    to stop corruption in America, the best we can do, is believe in America, and let her solve her own problems

    • ItMattersNot

      This kind of apathy is EXACTLY what got us into the situation we are in.

      Another coward.

  • James

    Oh she’s way beyond corrupt…wallowing in tyrannical despotism…the people are getting screwed six ways to Sunday…and than some…the political system is rotten to the core…like a cancerous body whereby the cancer has spread through the lymph nodes to overwhelm the system…it’s disgusting…the people need to be fully awake and engaged to take on this beast.

  • Josh

    If the government regulated the Internet it would defy our first amendment. Also articles like this wouldn’t be easy to find.

  • TonyinSeattle

    No offense but I think you have over reacted to a lot of what you have expressed. President Obama is dealing with the racist ‘Good Old Boys Club’ of the U.S. Congress. No doubt there is a lot of corruption in the U.S.A. but always has been, and always will be. You are coming close to sounding like the nut case preacher, Pat Robertson with the exception of not blaming everything on gay people, which Robertson has done. There are kernels of truth to what you write above but still I think it is an over reaction. If you can try to relax a little that would be great. Go for a walk. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Listen to some classical music. Go for a bike ride, or drive out in the country side. Relax. Breathe in deep and let it out easy.

    • Heeeere’s Johnny

      You keep telling yourself all that, Tony.
      But, sadly, you are simply a delusional coward.

      If you weren’t, you would realize that when you look in the mirror each morning, that YOU are the problem.

      But it’s so much easier to point fingers at everyone else that you disagree with, and place the blame on them, isn’t it, Tony? it’s so “empowering” to break down all those walls — to be an ICONOCLAST — isn’t it?

      I will remind you – in case you are unable to connect the dots – that the more this nation adopts these “virtues” that you seem to be so happy to espouse, the more of a third-world hellhole it becomes.

      Welcome to Babylon, Tony. Are you proud of it?

      You created it. Now you get to try to survive in it. Here’s a hint: It’s NOT going to be easy for you. Because, in reality, all those entities you have allied yourself with, in the last decade or so, are not REALLY your allies. You see, they have LIED TO YOU. They are your ENEMIES. And they will readily CONSUME and DESTROY you the minute it becomes advantageous for them to do so.

      Take a good look at Detroit, Tony. Soon your Seattle will look like this.

      And you and yours will be no more.

      Mark my words.

      • TonyinSeattle

        Okay. I’ll mark your words. Just for your personal growth and development – name calling is very immature. Grow up.

  • Victim

    I have lived my life as honestly as I could for 55 yrs and have been ripped off by banks, Edward jones, age discrimination, low pay,widowohood and every other mean vindictive liar cheater piece of crap know to man kind I am tired and don’t give a crap anymore this country is one huge hell hole

    • David

      I feel exactly the same except I’m one year older. America is gone, our leaders are nothing but liars in suits. Morality has been lost, and we certainly have failed our children.

    • Sortinghat

      When you do good you also shine a beacon for the dark agents to find you and they are out there sniffing.

      Without protection from spiritual sources that are good you will be eaten alive and they will have no mercy.

    • Sortinghat

      They can smell a ‘goody two shoes’ several miles away.

  • UniversalNoun

    Technology is largely the problem. It has happened so fast that human nature hasn’t had a chance to catch up. People need many of the things that technology usurps. There’s no going back, but I think we need some really courageous and wise leaders to pull the right strings and move towards a viable course. The people are mind numbed, beat down, confused, apathetic, divided, etc. They need a leader to unite them on the basics of what this country stood for, and I don’t think it can happen without either a dramatic change of mind, which could very well happen with the existence of so much media, OR… a leader who has the courage and the wit to help get rid of the influences that lead to personal and political corruption. Either way, I think the baby boomer generation screwed it all up.

  • Alec Sevins

    You left out the GOP’s lack of respect for nature, which leads to the type of pollution shown in your main photo. That’s the literal cesspool aspect. Fracking is a good example. Those who whine about Obama tend to support that sort of pollution.

  • Sharon Newman

    United States is absolutely corrupt to the core. Hollywood sexualizes everything to make a buck. Americans have become so dirty-minded that movies today subtly introduce pedophilia into the viewer’s mind. There should be a ban on their seedy immoral movies released by this evil filthy industry.Their women are NOT hot THEY ARE FAKE and very aggressive and hard looking with deviant lustful minds . Their men are vulgar crude and shallow .They have been modified botoxed, collagened, peroxide blonded ,plastified. fake tanned, implanted, hair extensions,fake fake fake everything and nasty personalities. spoilt, vain and pampered to the hilt ,demanding, controlling divas .its a sinful sick evil environment full of pedophiles, homosexuals,incest,corruption,divorces,loose sexual deviation, prostitution, etcetcetc saturated with filth and depravity, no integrity, filth on tv gets worse and worse, its insane.,violent crimes, shootings, drug traffiking, it never stops. I cant find anything attractive in that.

  • Sortinghat

    Look around at entertainment both online and offline. It’s hard to find something that isn’t either full of extreme filth or totally stupid like TeleTubbies stupid.

    The more naughty something is the more people flock to it. On both fan fiction and regular fiction I noticed the more gore/rape and torture there is the more reviews there is like one story had 5,000 reviews which is a lot for a single story that had a lot of torture in it.

    I don’t believe it’s by accident either that we have such a broken system and once the older generation that knows skilled labor retire or die off then we will have problems when nobody in today’s youth can run anything essential to our nation without outside assistance.

    And can anyone guess where the outside assistance for our broken infrastructure is going to be?

    Twenty points to whatever house your sorted into for the one with the answer.

  • Reese Daniel

    Fast forward to 2017 and you can add “Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby organs to food companies like Kraft, Nestle, Pepsi, Heinz, KFC, Taco Bell, Frito Lay Cadbury, and Nabisco to use as a “flavor enhancement.” We are now living in Soylent Green.