22 Facts About California That Make You Wonder Why Anyone Would Still Want To Live In That Hellhole Of A State

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Why in the world would anyone still want to live in the state of California at this point?  Residents of California have been forced to endure a brutally oppressive level of taxation for many years, and yet the state of California has still managed to find itself on the verge of bankruptcy.  California Governor Jerry Brown declared a “fiscal emergency” in his state on Thursday, but nobody is even pretending that such a declaration is actually going to help matters.  Brown wants to cut even deeper into the state budget (even after tens of billions have already been slashed out of it in recent years) and he wants to explore ways to raise even more revenue.  Meanwhile, the standard of living in California is going right into the toilet.  Housing values are plummeting.  Unemployment has risen above 20 percent in many areas of the state.  Crime and gang activity is on the rise even as police budgets are being hacked to the bone.  The health care system is an absolute disaster.  At this point California has the fewest emergency rooms per million people out of all 50 states.   While all of this has been going on, the state legislature in Sacramento has been very busy passing hundreds of new laws that are mostly about promoting one radical agenda or another.  The state government has become so radically anti-business that it is a wonder that any businesses have remained in the state.  It seems like the moving vans never stop as an endless parade of businesses and families leave California as quickly as they can.


One of the only things keeping the population of California relatively stable at this point are the massive hordes of illegal immigrants that are constantly pouring into California cities.  There are certain areas of major California cities that you simply do not ever want to go into anymore.  In fact, there are rumors that the police will not even venture into certain areas anymore.

Traffic in California is a bigger nightmare than it ever has been before and the state cannot even keep up with repairing the roads and infrastructure that it already has.  There are a few areas of California where you can still see the promise of greatness and the amazing natural beauty that once attracted tens of millions of Americans to the state, but they are few and far between now.  At this point, most of the state is turning into one gigantic hellhole.

Perhaps the state could have some hope of turning things around if they had some solid leadership, but at this point the vast majority of the politicians in the state are pushing agendas that are so “radical” (not in a good way) and so “anti-American” that it is absolutely frightening.

Of course on top of everything else there is the constant threat of wildfires, mudslides and earthquakes.  One day a really “big earthquake” is going to hit, and once that happens many people believe that the geography of the state of California could be permanently altered forever.

But what most people are focused on right now is the horrific financial condition that the state of California currently is in.  Governor Brown recently summarized his analysis of California’s financial condition with the following statement: “We’ve been living in fantasy land. It is much worse than I thought. I’m shocked.”

Yes, things really are that bad in California.

The following are 22 facts about California that make you wonder why anyone would still want to live in that hellhole of a state….

#1 The California state government is facing a potential state budget deficit of 19 billion dollars this year, and California debt is rapidly approaching junk status.  One way or another the taxpayers of California are going to have to pay for this mess somehow.

#2 California Governor Jerry Brown recently unveiled a “draconian” budget plan for 2011 that includes 12 billion dollars more in spending cuts and that maintains 12 billion dollars in recent tax increases.

#3 The state of California currently has the third highest state income tax in the nation: a 9.55% tax bracket at $47,055 and a 10.55% bracket at $1,000,000.

#4 California has the highest state sales tax rate in the nation by far at 8.25%.  Indiana has the next highest at 7%.

#5 Residents of California pay the highest gasoline taxes (over 67 cents per gallon) in the United States.

#6 California had more foreclosure filings that any other U.S. state in 2010.  The 546,669 total foreclosure filings during the year means that over 4 percent of all the housing units in the state of California received a foreclosure filing at some point during 2010.

#7 Home prices in some areas of California have completely fallen off a cliff.  For example, the average home in Merced, California has declined in value by 63 percent over the past four years.

#8 725 new laws (most of them either completely pointless or completely stupid) went into effect in the state of California on January 1st.

#9 20 percent of the residents of Los Angeles County are now receiving public aid of one kind or another.

#10 The number of people unemployed in the state of California is approximately equal to the populations of Nevada, New Hampshire and Vermont combined.

#11 In some areas of California, the level of unemployment is absolutely nightmarish.  For example, 24.3 percent of the residents of El Centro, California are now unemployed.

#12 Residents of California pay some of the highest electricity prices in the entire nation.

#13 The state of California ranks dead last out of all 50 states in the number of emergency rooms per million people.

#14 According to one survey, approximately 1 out of every 4 Californians under the age of 65 has absolutely no health insurance.

#15 At one point last year it was reported that in the area around Sacramento, California there was one closed business for every six that were still open.

#16 In the late 70s, California was number one in per-pupil spending on education, but now the state has fallen to 48th place.

#17 In one school district in California, children as young as five years old are being forced to watch propaganda films that tout the benefits of “alternative lifestyles”, and parents are being told that no “opting out” will be permitted.

#18 The crime rate in the San Diego school system is escalating out of control. The following is what San Diego School Police Chief Don Braun recently told the press about the current situation….

“Violent crime in schools has risen 31 percent. Property crime has risen 12 percent. Weapons violations (have gone up) almost 8 percent.”

#19 Oakland, California Police Chief Anthony Batts announced last year that due to severe budget cuts there are a number of crimes that his department will simply not be able to respond to any longer.  The crimes that the Oakland police will no longer be responding to include grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism.

#20 Things have gotten so bad in Stockton, California that the police union put up a billboard with the following message: “Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California. Stop laying off cops.”

#21 During one recent 23 year period, the state of California built 23 prisons but just one university.

#22 The farther you look into the future, the worse California’s financial problems become. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, California’s unfunded pension liability is estimated to be somewhere between $120 billion and $500 billion at this point.

So could the state of California actually go bankrupt?

In Washington D.C., some lawmakers are now working very hard behind the scenes to come up with a way to allow individual U.S. states to declare bankruptcy.

If something like that is worked out in Washington, then certainly the state of California would potentially be one of the first states to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the state of California is a complete and total mess at this point, and not even bankruptcy is going to fix much.

The state has become a rotting, festering hellhole that is getting worse by the day.  Yes, some really good people still live there, but there are some really, really good reasons why so many people are leaving the state in droves.

But perhaps you disagree.  Does anyone want to state the case in favor of the state of California?  Please feel free to express your opinion below….

  • ms.lettuce

    yes, its a nightmare to live here. but for some there are no options. seriously, some of us work a job for 2.5 months and get laid off so that you can’t claim unemployment at this point … I had my first job in October 2010 since being laid off in January 2009. Ask me how I am doing? Tell me not to whine, but I get rejected for unemployment. F*** everyone who voted for Sh*tty wannabe politicans who never studied politics or finance. Those should be required as well as ethics to be a leader.

  • mondobeyondo

    Well, obviously Arnie “The Governator” Schwartznegger wasn’t up to the task. He should have stuck to making action movies.

    In many ways, California is the bellwether of the nation, at least culturally. Remember, this is the home of the great and mighty Nancy Pelosi! (har har!) – not to mention the Beach Boys, the Mamas and the Papas, and more recently, West Coast rap artists.

    I’ve been to L.A. a few times. Phoenix is only 370 miles away, so it’s an 8 hour drive, more or less. I can count the fingers on both hands, the toes on both feet, an abacus, supercomputer and a hand held calculator, the number of people fleeing Los Angeles for Phoenix. Just count the number of vehicles with Cali license plates…scary.

    Do us a favor here in Arizona. Stay home. Don’t turn us into California East. Our state government already has to lease its government buildings.

    Please spare the rest of the nation from the disaster Cali has become. (Maybe it’s too late though.)

    • Pamela

      Funny, when I was overseas, in Europe, it seemed that New York and not California was the “epitome” of where everyone wanted to be when they came to the USA. I’m just sayin’

  • mondobeyondo

    Many of the problems in California have to do with… wait for it…
    Are you ready?

    Illegal immigration!!! (GASP!)

    The same as in other southern border states – Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

    Fix that problem, and you’re halfway there.

    The other half? Kick out the corrupt freaking politicians. Good luck doing that! There is still hope though.

    A few months ago, there was a big news story about city council members in an L.A. suburb, earning millions of dollars while doing nothing. The people found out about it, protested it, and the government employees resigned.

    It’s time to expand that nationwide.

    • Pamela

      New Mexico doesn’t have as much of a “problem” with illegal immigration, per capita, as neighboring Texas and Arizona. It has more problems with the immigration from TEXAS.

  • William

    Take Willie Brown, stir in a continuous stream of illegal immigrants, and garnish with throwing Davis out of office for Arnold, and PRESTO, you have California 2011!!

  • herschel sarnoff

    its still the 8th largest economy in the world. Many of the problems are due to the failure of the Feds to enforce the border. Its 72 degrees, bright and sunny, no humidity, few insects, that’s why we love it here. Please do not move here.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Mondobeyondo pretty much stole my thunder. Jim Puplava of FSN gets asked this all the time, he loves the weather he sails for him it works, me I’m baffled and JP is a smart cookie. Me I’ll never move to that potential hellhole.

  • Dennis in VA

    I lived in LA for two years in the late 1980s. I hated every minute. Crime is a real problem. In two years my apartment was burglarized and my car was stolen and repeatedly broken into, and I was living in a “nice” neighborhood close to Beverly Hills. Statistically, your chances of being victimized by crime are very high in CA. People are very self-absorbed and unfriendly. I couldn’t wait to leave. Any state that would elect Barbara Boxer deserves to go down the tubes. I have no sympathy for the state. Let the liberals that run the place deal with the mess thay have made.

    • Gerald

      Oh yes, everything is the liberals’ fault. Taxes, crimes, recessions, unemployment, homelessness, foreclosures, cancer.

      Or are we forgetting that Deukmejian, a republican, was governor for most of the 80’s? The problems transgress political parties. Don’t use a bad situation to bash an entire half of the US population. You sound really ignorant and short-sighted. Oh wait, you are really ignorant and short-sighted. Carry on.

  • There are so many different parts of California and so many different kinds of people there.

    I lived in Hollywood for a year and a half. My low-income neighborhood was basically the “Central American Ghetto” – because I couldn’t maintain meaningful employment (as my job was being done by illegals) and I was trapped in the student loan default debacle.

    Rent at that time was $800/month for a live-in-closet sized studio. I worked as a barista in a coffee shop in Santa Monica for $8/hour. Do the math. Even while working I barely had enough $$$ to do anything.

    The film industry is also a joke. I spent 6 month working as a “professional game show audience member” (where we were paid $7/hour to sit in the audience of popular game/talk shows and look interested). They would take anyone off the street for this job (ex. drug addicts, ex-cons, etc.). The experience really makes me watch game shows with a whole different insight.

    Anyway, a few times I tried to work in restaurants and got pushed out by the illegal Latinos. Instead of just being appreciative that they have the opportunity to live in (and make tax-free money from) America, they come onto the scene and think they own the place.

    I agree with some of the other posters who say that illegal immigration is the biggest thorn in the side of California. We need to find a way to start taxing these workers (illegal or not) as a step towards generating legitimate funds for the state.


    • Gerald

      You worked as a barista, darling. Don’t act so entitled.

      • Pamela

        It was the only job he could GET. That doesn’t mean that’s the only thing he was

  • Tennessee’s sales tax is 9.75 so California’s is not the highest.
    and you pay it on everything, even food.
    I live here, I know.

  • VegasBob

    California has its fiscal problems, but I think Illinois is even worse in percentage terms.

    Cali’s fiscal problems are going to go nationwide at some point. It is the inevitable result of trying to create phony economic prosperity through governmental borrowing and spending. Worse still, after the borrowing and spending approach crashed, Mr. Bernokio over at the Fed has treated the country to unrestrained money-printing and spending, no doubt in a futile attempt to keep the music playing for a little bit longer. It’s no wonder that commodity prices, including oil, are going through the roof.

    America had one brief chance at the beginning of 2009 to fix our economy. Unfortunately, that would have required statesmanship on the part of Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama could have admitted that the nation was broke and was going to have a lengthy period of painful economic restructuring. Instead, Mr. Obama doubled down on Bush the Dumber’s policies, expanding the wars, and doubling the deficits.

    I wonder if it has ever occurred to Mr. Obama that he was NOT elected to serve Bush the Dumber’s 3rd term?

  • Colin

    I live in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County, CA. I can attest to many of the facts stated here. The county I live in has been adversely affected by the foreclosure crisis, and the unemployment rate is 10.9 percent (officially) and ~20 percent (unofficially).

    Some years ago, the carpool could be used by only multiple person vehicles between 3 and 6. In the last year, this was changed to 3 to 7. Traffic is getting so bad that people are fearing to drive in it. Drivers are taking unnecessary risks, and the roads are deteriorating fast.

    If I could leave this state, I would. It’s a very terrible place to live.

  • mondobeyondo

    “Going back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali.
    Going back to Cali? I don’t think so…”

    L.L. Cool J, “Going Back to Cali”, 1988


    California……Hellhole???? NOT!!!!!, you must of been smoking some good weed to come up with this BULLSHIT list! I’ve been living in California for 52 yrs, and there isn’t another state in this frigging Country that is fairing better! Nothing tops the San Franciscan Bay Area living, nor EXCELLENT weather!! Those of you who hate Cali, buy your ticket, and take the next train out of here, and don’t let the door hit your ass!I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!!! FUCK THIS BULLSHIT DOOM & GLOOM WEBSITE!!!

    • Pamela

      Try being a San Francisco public school teacher and living there on THAT and you’ll be singing a different tune!

  • miner_tom

    One can better understand Calfornia if one realizes that the only good jobs left are with the state government and its agencies. So, to justify their positions and be able to “put in their 20” and get those astounding retirement and medical benefits, state workers will do whatever it takes. If that means closing down every business in the state then they will do that.

    The local board of health shut down the muffin man. Thats right. An old retired guy that used to get up early and sell muffins and other food to buisnesses during the morning hours was told that he would no longer be able to put food in his truck and transport it unless he bought a refrigerated vehicle and a portable refrigerator unit (could not be a cooler) to transport the food from truck to business.

    I and my partners worked for 13 years to excavtate an old gold mine in the mother lode district. When the forest service and the water board found out about our 3 man pick and shovel operation we became public enemy number one. After 20K in legal fees and environmental consulting fees, we have been permanently shut down.

    These fools won’t be happy until there are no businesses left in this state.

  • Rob Mosher

    I have lived here off and on for 42 years. Hellhole is not strong enough a word for it. One cannot go anywhere without seeing Graffitti from these gangs. Illegal Aliens are literally on every corner and every home depot. LA County alone spent 600 million in aid to illegal aliens not including education being factored in and the state spent 110 billion last year on just programs, welfare, aid to illegal entitlement programs, no fucking wonder why we are broke, the liberal agenda out here is astonishing, these liberals literally couldnt see the forest through the trees. I am so sick of seeing Nortenos, Surenos, LaFamilia, and other hispanic gangs crowding our prisons, illegals underage having their anchor babies, illegals crowding the ER’s, crowding the schools. No wonder why the teachers are pissed off. I agree, this state sucks, and we will be moving very soon.

  • Rob Mosher

    I know I am not Naive to Americas past, the blacks were beyond mistreated, the indians kicked out and all but annihilated. 99.9% due to whites. What we are talking about is NOW. Not the past. My mother in law is from the Philipines and is required to carry her citizenship papers. What makes mexicans so special? Not a damn thing. I dont have problems with mexicans in general. What we are talking about is Illegals.
    Do you even see whats going on here? Do you even understand the economic impact this is having and why American Citizens are up in arms about this? Hispanics jumping the border for tax free work for cash under the table? Forget the cartels, we know the street runs both ways there. We also dont ask hispanics to join the gangs and create the violence and crowd up the jails due to their crimes, or sprout their “Anchor Babies” with underage and unwedded teenage girls. Then we are dealing with Liberal School officials saying the American Flag is “Offensive” and business owners purposely fly the mexican flag over the American flag as if begging for a fight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nal3RP9il3A
    We have Spanish being taught in schools, hell some school assemblies and I even witnessed a school in Salinas Ca, Alvarez Jr High holding their graduation ceremony in Spanish in June 07
    Ok in a nutshell here is what illegal immigration is doing right now. Here is the scenario…you get married, buy a house with the wife, then have a baby and she stays home to care for the baby. Then her brother moves in, then the in laws because times are tough, then you get a dog, then her brothers girlfriend moves in, none of whom work at all and of course sponging off of one income …none of them contributing. This is exactly whats happening to the U.S. The bleeding heart liberals and the Al Sharptons of the world on jumping on the minority bandwagon for the minority Vote and crying racism and profiling. Sure , I agree , its racial profiling, small price to pay for the safety of US citizens and tax payers, small price to pay to eliminate crimes being committed ( I know mexicans arent responsible for all) Straining our prison systems, schools, healthcare, workers comp…. 12-14 Million illegals here in the U.S.A. Also, our health care is strained, workers comp laws are being exploited by illegals milking the system, they know the US will hesitate to deport them if they have a baby so they squirt out babies like rabbits. Then they get free healthcare at TAXPAYER expense and completely deplete the resources intended for red blooded Americans. Medi-Cal is all but gone, Social security is borrowing money from other programs, the schools and cities are being overpopulated, and to make things worse, I even witnessed an 8th grade Graduation done all in spanish. WTF. Why should I have to press one for english, why should I have to flip through multiple pages for instructions written in english? Why should I have to learn spanish to increase my worth to employers? Why should you have to wait in line behind some illegal clogging up the emergency room because of a fake work comp complaint? And for crying out loud, if I go to Walmart one more time and step in Gum because some little dirty ass illegal dropped it Im going postal. I fired my gardner last week because I found out he was illegal, when I need a contractor I make sure he or she is LEGAL. Also, when I see someone speaking spanish in front of me at a local Albertsons, you bet I speak up and demand they speak English. This is My Country, your country. We pay taxes and earn our keep.
    Bring our troops home, build the wall, stand our troops shoulder to shoulder on the border. Eliminate ALL foreign aid. This is a time when we need to be selfish for the preservation of our country. We help others out too much for the sake of appearances and political prowess. Its time others scratched our backs for a change, time to collect on all the debts owed us. And of course to pay the debts we owe. Time to stop living above our means and living responsibly and practically.
    Illegals are NOT protected by OUR Constitution. It’s ours, not theirs. Something has to be done to make it Politically Correct to do the right thing. People! Wake up, Stand Up, Speak Up. The words of a few are over-riding the words of most. He who speaks loudest wins and we must win this. Our Economy is suffering in part because of this, our health care system is being destoyed. We have to do whats right by our country!
    Take a drive down the street…I am constantly playing the game “Count the underage illegal immigrant with a baby”
    Gloria Estefan for which I am no longer a fan decides to jump on the liberal bandwagon stating that “our nation is built on immigrants”. She’s right, but not built on ILLEGAL immigrants.
    The home Depot parking lots are full of illegals looking for work.
    I understand the plight of an illegal immigrant, they come here to work to provide for their families.Many of whom work their asses off. We tried the Amnesty thing back ten years ago when there was supposedly 6 million and now its upwards of 14-22 million illegals…heres a question…do ya think it worked?, they refused to go that route. I can appreciate that. But this day and age, the well has run dry, the tolerance has evaporated and our economic, natural and many other resources had been milked enough.
    So dont freakin tell me its about RACE, anytime something doesnt go a NON Whites way they whip out the race card, which is highly overused and abused.Maybe you are the one blinded by color. Besides, regarding the enforcing the new laws, the whipping out a small paper to show proof of citizenship is a small price to pay for a country that is home to your legal family and mine, a country in which I served, did you? Are you willing to pay the higher taxes to continue supporting the tax payer funded programs for illegals? This …this is nothing compared to whats coming next. If we get our way our troops will be standing shoulder to shoulder to keep out the illegals. The Economic Impact is so drastic, states like Arizona had to take such measures and California is cutting hundreds of programs. Why because it cant handle the population boom from Anchor babies and illegal immigrants sucking up all the resources, programs, welfare and other things normally alotted for LEGAL Citizens

    This is far beyond rediculous…We need to stand up and fight. Dont buy products made in Mexico, wear your flags, post your flag out front, put your Proud to be a “Real American” BumperStickers on, Do not Vote for Obama..I have a bumpersticker also that reads “Press 1 For English?!…My Ass! I served my country”. We cannot Cower, make excuses, we have to make something drastic happen…

    I do feel the term racist is highly over used. I do agree that the only people that are considered to be racist these days are whites. I am a 41 year old ugly white dude. Not trailer trash, just a man. I do believe in equality with every fiber of my being. Over the last say, 30 years I agree the distinction has been isolated in applying to whites only. However this double standard is being used and flaunted. For example, BET, BLack Entertainment television…but just the name does throw it in your face. If there was a WET (white Entertainment TV ) then Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and their mothers would be among the first to protest. Latino college fund, speaks for itself. There is no such thing as a White college fund or a WET because it would be considered to have racial conotations. Personally I am over the racial argument, I am tired. Some say that we (as in Whites) will never understand) I belive we are getting an education in understanding right now. No problem, I appreciate the slice of humble pie even though I know I dont deserve the slice. Suffice it to say that regardless, my argument remains the same regarding SB1070 AZ Law. Kick out the illegals because they are Illegal, not because they are mexican. Its just that right now Hispanics are speaking loudest and even the illegals are allowed to bravely pound their chests in a public forum as if enticing a fight and throwing out the race card like a soccer ref whips out the red card after a foul.
    THe vast majority of illegals , sure, are coming from south of the border, but, if you go north to Seattle , there is a problem with Asian illegals and Russian. Head east to New York then you have European and middle east illegals, head south to Florida and the problem is with Cuban illegals. All eligible to pull the race card except of course the Russians (because they are mostly white).
    However, no matter how hard we try to convince otherwise, no matter how compelling the argument the past creeps up and is used as a catapult to win an argument where there are no winners. Case and point, calling us Nazi’s and comparing us to the people responsible for killing 12 million jews.
    I love my country, our country. I see you in the store, I can open the door for you or you for me, I smile and say hi, I crack a joke about the weather or how crappy my sports team and someone, somewhere will see my harmless comments as being racist. I dont have a swastika tattooed on me, I dont have an issue with blacks, whites, mexicans, asians (my wife is Puerto Rican and Filipino (which is funny because that means she can chew my sorry ass out in Tagalog much faster than usual). I dont have a problem with Armenians, Persians, or Aboriginies. Doesnt matter. If you are an Asshole then we have a problem, if you hate me because you stereotype me because I am white then that makes you and asshole which means we have a problem. If you think I have some hidden White Agenda then you are an asshole and shouldnt be allowed to breed.
    Back to the more eloquent side:
    I love my country. I served my country alongside the blackest of the black (some dude from Nigeria, damn that man was black and he could run forever) but he served along side me, just as full of shit as I am. Served with Vietnamese (strong little fuckers) Served with Persians, (looked like Sam the Eagle from the muppets) Served with Koreans (built like brick houses) and along side many others. All just as full of shit as I am. At the end of the day, they were in my foxhole alongside me. Protecting me as I did them. We shook hands, smacked each other upside the head but we were friends. We made fun of each others various racial stereotypical features and such, not once did anyone ever say anything about being offended! Not freakin once did anyone hold it against each other. We all bled Green.
    In the USA we all need to bleed Red White and Blue. If you came here looking for a better life (hope you were able to) then we bleed the same. But, if you came here to exploit our resources to use them against me, then we have a major problem…case and point 9/11. If you came here to take over or make a political statement for and only for your race, even if you are white, or came here to live for free off tax dollars through government funded programs or came here and didnt do it legally, then we have a problem, a major problem. Truth is for those of you who are crying racism and here illegally, you obviously fall under one of my criteria. Now we as Americans are doing something about it.
    You come here and cry about constitutional rights? Did you even read the Consititution? I will bet you didnt, want to know why? Because you are blinded by your hatred for who you call “The Man” or you cant read because English isn’t a language in which you speak. (one of the things not required, but should be in order to gain citizenship.
    We asked a few years ago to get legal by offering Amnesty when immigrant population was around 6 million, now it is around 20 million, you think it worked? No. Unemployment rates are high because many jobs are being shipped over seas, done for cash under the table, or companies hiring illegals for cheap. Many jobs are unnaccounted for because the job is getting done secretly by illegals, jobs that should be reserved for AMericans trying to feed their families. But Cant…
    Sorry for the rant, but this whole thing sickens me and we have to start somewhere, but the sword cuts both ways, get rid of the illegals and American Corporations need to not hire Illegals.
    This whole immigration issues baffles the hell out of me. There is no question the majority of AMericans are against illegal immigration yet the Dems are drafting an Amnesty bill right now. Why? Why do that when you know it goes against the very grain of society. Why are mexicans assuming they are the only ones being singled out?
    Look at Chicago, issues with Polish illegal immigrants, Seattle, Asian illegal immigrants, New York, Mexican and European Illegal Immigrants. Florida, Cuban Illegal immigrants and California, Mexican illegal immigrants. Sure mexicans take up about 60% of the population of illegals in our country.
    What baffles me is how our president obama (doesn’t deserve capitalization) sides with calderon against American Citizens (do deserve Capitalization) THen the health care bill which again, Americans are totally against it yet it gets pushed through anyways.
    So I ask anyone, why is obama getting away with going against what America wants? How are these even up for debate?
    It is simple. Close the borders PERIOD.
    I agree our healthcare needed serious overhauling but not this. Why are Mexicans crying about racial profiling and pulling the race card? Because they know they are the culprits. Even the legal hispanics are jumping on the bandwagon. Hispanics and the ACLU are even courting the Black vote. Its like this Anti-White exodus like Whites are causing all the issues! Yeah I agree whites have done some jacked up things in the past. But not me. Not my generation. I think I can speak for the majority of white people. Cant let a few dumbass Skinhead Aryan brotherhood speak for the rest of us.
    They dont speak for us. Lets make that clear right now.
    We have illegals protesting in Washington and wanting to be inducted into the US Military to gain their citizenship. No Way, huh uh! No Effing way. THats just a sidestepping tactic. I mean, the gaul, the nerve of thes illegals to stand up and protest on our soil, in our country talkin about their rights? You’re kidding me right? Shouldnt the feds have taken a helpful hint for their asses to get down there with the paddy wagon and pick them all up and deport their asses right there on the spot. Illegals dont have the rights to free speech in OUR country, Illegals dont have the rights to protection under the Constitution.
    I live in Bakersfield California. I can say this, the blacks aren’t responsible for the crime in our city, blacks arent responsible for the graffiti being painted on our walls like a dog marking his territory. Blacks arent responsible for the crime rates. Who is? Hispanics, mainly illegals or their teenager gang wannabe anchor babies thats who. Hispanics (I have video footage) broke the window in my truck on my driveway to take my GPS. I have taken up arms in my house. I post the AMerican flag freely in front of my home as well. My Dobermans (3 of them) roam freely and patrol all throughout my home day and night.
    just to reiterate on my previous posts everywhere else. The financial impact that 22 million illegals has on this country is astounding. Most of which are having Anchor babies. Think of how many of those 22 million are having ANchor babies at tax payer expense at about 5000 to 10,000 a pop! Think about the jobs lost to these people. Think about OUR unemployment rates. Think about how you would feel the next time you are in a vehicle collision against some illegal without a drivers license or insurance? Think about the cost to print documents in both English and spanish. Think about the efforts people go through to learn spanish just to be more valuable to employers.
    This my fellow Americans is time. Time for action against these Illegal immigrants.


    Truth is it doesn’t matter if she can back up those claims, in this case you can never overstate the obviousness of the problem at hand. We have 12-20 million illegals here in the U.S.A. All with the same things in common, they came here illegally. Some came with the help of a Coyote, some came in luggage, in gas tanks, under the carpet of a pig carrying flatbed pickup whatever.
    I understand the plight of the illegal, one side is that they came here for a better life, which is what we all want for ourselves and are willing to do what we can to get it. But on the other sidem now our way of life that many of us have worked so hard for is being compromised because some (expletive) illegal came here and squirted out an anchor baby on my tax dollars. I understand they want what we have, and so far we have given it to them, one way or another we have. Like a petulent child they want more. It’s like in grade school you whip out a pack of gum and every kid in the class wants a piece leaving you only one. I say we have given out enough (expletive) gum and still the kids dont say hi or help you with your homework.
    Our country is a sinking ship with Obama leading the way with his stongarm, yet underhanded Chicago tactics like Al Capone shakin down a local grocery store for protection money. Even though the polls say roughly 70% of Americans are in support of AZ law why is he taking the back door to pass Amnesty?
    We have an oil spill that Obama has literally done nothing about except use his strongarm chicago tactics to extort $20 Billion dollars. I agree BP is a mess and the people of Louisiana have gone through literal hell over the last few years and god bless them I hope the sun shines on them soon.
    Obama extorting this money from them is possibly going to cause a bit of tension between the US and the British. Then again Obama is Muslim.
    Question….why is it that Obama’s stance on the legalization of Marijuana is that it should be up to the states to control that and that he wont get the feds involved? Yet he wants to sue AZ over SB1070? He still hasn’t supplied the troops, there’s something there but need to give it more thought.
    Obama does have some involvement with the Blagojevich trial and we will see a lot more of that coming soon I am sure.
    The mere fact that most Americans disagree with his new health plan speaks volumes about his agenda. This is exactly why we need to get out there and vote. Now Obamas sorry ass doesnt have to worry about passing a bill because he has the house ruled by the liberals and to liberals, Obama is god.
    We have to pay attention this coming november and make sure we are heard people!
    As far as illegal immigration is concerned, illegal is illegal. Maybe not to someone crossing the border because they may or may not know. BUt the Mexican President knows about our laws and yet Calderon still endorses his citizens crossing our borders because it is more money in his corrupt little pocket and less people for him to worry about. Then again does he worry about those people? I’ll let you answer that.

    The Anchor baby law needs to be changed now. I was in surgery recently (I work in the O.R. and we had 3 cases of women who wanted their tubes tied. All were mexican, all only spoke spanish, and the oldest one was 24. Between those 3 women they had 17 kids! you do the math. And all of them were in Medi-Cal state insurance…
    THere is also a severe lack of respect from illegals in this country. They refuse to speak english and refuse to teach their kids english so its left up to the schools to do that (at tax payer expense). Our schools are overcrowded (yathink????)
    Yet these people claim they do work that Americans wont do. Ehem what are our inmates doing? Put their sorry asses to work. And while they are at it, have them build the damn wall. I will be happy to pay extra taxes for that.
    Go ahead and try and get benefits for WIC (program called Women, Infants and Children) as an American.
    As for the illegal immigrant student in Georgia who was popped for a vehicle violation, sorry her sorry ass should be deported, as for the Harvard illegal, same fate…I’ll bet you he got a student loan too. Tax Payer expense.
    The avg cost to have a baby in California is roughly $4000 to $7000 bucks. Multiply that times the current count of Anchor babies over the last say 10 years or so. Drive down the street and see how many underage illegals there are walking to the store while their boyfriends are nowhere to be seen (except in the Home Depot parking lot).
    People, our country has too many problems to worry about political correctness. We can talk all we want on facebook, but talk is cheap. I know I am doing something about it. You should too. One of my suggestions is to go to
    then register and a funny thing will happen. Your local officials and congress people will pop up for your area. you will also be notified of any issues to be voted on. If you are for or against an issue there is a form letter already done to which you can add what you like and click “Send Fax” button and it sends the fax directly to your local congressperson.
    So wave your American Flags proudly. Because like smiles are contagious as well as yawns, so is waving the American Flag.

    Sorry for the long rant and thanks for taking the time to read it. I am just as full of shit as the next guy. But I know I stand behind my words.
    I have always considered myself a clean cut all American Straight Shooter. I have been told that I’m honest, hardworking and caring. I know I call it like I see it, even when the call goes against my team (49ers and the SF Giants). Where I am from is Monterey California. Bleeding heart Liberal Central. Since California is the “All About Me” state I find it interesting to see just how hidden the Obama lovers are now. Obama bumperstickers peeling off the backs of cars and people clammering to get their heads back inside their shells. The far left seems to have given way to the fact that all thats been said by the Obama fraud was all just talk and flipflopping. To those who voted for him I say “you elected him”.
    If you think things are bad now, wait until you see the substantial tax hikes in 2011 to help cover those costs.
    What we have to do is flood to the polls in record numbers coming in november to stave off the inevitable.
    We have to Impeach Obama based on Merit alone for which Obama has Zero. His numbers and approval ratings are tanked, Biden his little devil on his left shoulder spouting off little junketts of foul language when faced with tough comments while the bleeding hearts on his left shoulder are pulling the race card. Meanwhile Obama keeps trying to say what he thinks we want to hear but at this point all we want to hear is him stepping down from the Presidency.

    I realize that each new regime that comes into power always blames the previous for the country’s issues which seems to be a common theme. THe difference this time, is Obama and the liberal left are wrong and they know it. Hence the reason they are hiding. They blame Bush. THen again Bush did have one major distraction and that was to meet the demands of the American public for an old fashioned “eye for an eye” smackdown due to 9/11. Everything else was put on hold.

    Seems to me there is too much to list with todays issues from Blagojevich trial, BP oil spill, the nomination of Kagan (for which she has never served as a judge ever) to the AZ Border issue, the Stimulus packages which more than double our national debt to the bailouts and the passage of a healthplan against the wishes of the vast majority of the American People. His Muslim status to the Reverend Wright spewing antiwhite messages into his ear. THe underhanded way he is trying to pass an Amnesty deal without the consent of congress or the American people. Closing Guantanamo bay anyone? What about those troops he promised Gov Brewer a month ago. Where was Obama born? Hawaii? Kenya? SE Asia? How about Obama siding with Calderon against Arizona?

    There really is too much to list. I’ll admit I voted McCain but when Obama was elected I thought “well maybe they are right so lets give him a chance”.
    Now I feel the need to protect my family because I live in an area thats populated by illegal immigrants for which my truck was broken into by one. I am cleaning graffitti from the street signs and sidewalks and complaining to my HOA about the broken windows in the community building down the street. I am armed, my home is protected by my 3 Dobermans and a pug that is mean as hell. I fired my gardner because he admitted to me he was here illegally. I make sure the food I buy is not a product of Mexico. My bumper sticker reads “press one for English?…My Ass” and the other one reads “I support Arizona SB1070 resting nicely on top of the American Flag.
    I served my country, my wife to be is Filipino/Puerto Rican (which means she can cuss my sorry ass out in Tagolog twice as fast). I know I’m not a racist. I like Mexicans, Blacks, Asians, Whites and the occasional Aboriginy I might meet down the road. I like them all because they are just as full of shit as I am and they came here Legally.
    But for someone apposed to the AZ law such as my own son (who lives with his mother in a hugely illegal immigrant populated town in Escalon Ca) sickens me. He’ll learn though.
    WHat I do have a problem with is those who take advantage of exploiting the system which, in turn, jeapordizes benefits for you and me, the red blooded American from future MediCare benefits, social security, increased taxes and too many other things to list. Because Arizona is scaring off the illegals they are roaming from state to state instead of going back to the land from which they came. We tried Amnesty to some 6 million illegals and now we have somewhere between 12 and 20 million sponging off of us. Illegals are claiming they are taking jobs we refuse to do. LaRaza is claiming they are taking back the lands we “Stole” from them. Sorry, we earned it fair and square, perhaps the mexican forefathers should have fought harder during the mexican American war. This isnt to say that Mexicans are not welcome here. All (I think) we are saying is do it legally, now we have to do things the hard way. Kick the illegals out, change the Anchor baby law to not allow children born to illegal immigrant parents to be grandfathered into this country and automatic citizenship.
    We all know and apparently 70% of Americans agree the border is our biggest concern. Why is Obama going against the will of the American people? Hint: to Secure the hispanic vote in future elections. Then there is Meg Whitman of California Primary elections courting those to believe she is for closing the borders and against Amnesty then after she gets elected she does the “Bait and Switch” routine and flip flops on the issue by advertising her future campaign for Governor on spanish stations courting the hispanic vote and is all for Amnesty and against the AZ Law) I’ll be writing down Steve Poizners name on the ballot come November because Jerry Brown is certainly not the answer to feed the wants of Spoiled California Voter.

    • how much can a dude write?

  • The Good Bitch of the South

    Northern California is still beautiful. Just give Southern California back to Mexico…build that wall there, cut off all services and tell El Presidente of Mexico ” Here, it’s yours, now YOU fix the problems”

  • Entropy

    I left Cali last year and headed north to Oregon… Couldn’t be happier.

  • missy

    Just WHAT are you complaining about? Guess what the current debt is in the province of Ontario, Canada? It’s 225.3 billion. (Read that again, slowly.) The provincial tax for anyone earning up to $41,000 is 9.15% plus surtaxes. Add Federal tax and that $41,000 is taxed at 24.15%. If you’re one of the lucky few who make over $128,000 a year, you’re taxed at 46.41%. The sales tax in Ontario is 13%. The average wait at an emergency room before you can see a doctor is 8 hours. How does that old song go again? Oh, yeh, “California, Here I Come”.

  • missy

    Oh and the tax on gasoline in Ontario is about $1.06 per gallon.

  • Bill

    Herschel I dont think you have to worry about many people lining up to move to California!
    The once great symbol of American power and influence in the world is fast becoming the biggest joke in America!
    Just look at what corrupt politicians have done to your state!
    Most everyone in the other states in America are just hoping we dont become the next California!
    I myself like to live in a state that has jobs and is not completely over run by illegals yet!
    So you can keep your 72 degrees, bright and sunny and the rest of the country will pray we dont follow California lead!

  • vegas

    Please stay the hell away from St. George, UT. We like our clean quiet city. Don”t bring your attitude and disgusting know- it- all drug riddled kids either.

  • Spatula The Barbarian

    It seems to me that the illegal immigration problem is more of a “social programs” problem. If all of social programs were eliminated– all of them, everywhere, across the board, no exceptions– I think that illegal immigration would be a non-issue.

    • Pamela

      You’re right, then only barely subsistence-wage-earning public school teachers would be broke and starving. Good idea……

  • John

    I’m not sticking up for the government as everything they do is terrible, but the reason that we all still live here is because despite all the idiots running the place and the socialist retards grabbing for my money California is still better than all of the other states with terrible economies, terrible weather and terrible scenery. Eventually the problems here will get worked out (hopefully without a federal bailout) and we’ll all be in California and you idiots will think we’re crazy to live here because of the earthquakes.

  • mondobeyondo

    There’s no reason to move there, unless you’re one of the unfortunate people who get a job transfer.

    I can’t speak for Northern California, since I haven’t been to Sacramento, San Fran, etc. But SoCal is a Mess. Wanna learn to swim in air? Go to L.A. during a smog alert. The traffic is atrocious. (And I thought Phoenix traffic was bad. It’s a country road compared to the Harbor Freeway or Santa Monica Freeway in rush hour.) Floods, landslides, fires, earthquakes and riots. And lots of really sweet gangsters like the MS13 boys, who would love to chop your head off at a moment’s notice. No thanks!

    115 degrees in the desert sounds really nice compared to that!

    p.s. The LA Metro area does have Magic Mountain and the beach. And Disneyland in Anaheim. I miss that.

    • Pamela

      Ditto for Albuquerque!!

  • mondobeyondo


    I read through “War and Peace” faster than I did your comment. What exactly was your point?

  • mondobeyondo

    @Please Leave

    That’s OK, we’ll still help you out anyway.

    To paraphrase an oft-repeated line from the movie “Airplane…”

    “An earthquake? In California? What is it??”

    “It’s a tectonic disturbance in the earth’s crust in a western state of the U.S. But that’s not important right now.”

  • Piglet

    One of the major factors behind the state’s claim to being the world’s 8th largest economy is its production of war materials. Were it to be an independent country, it could not sell these things to itself – the rest of the country, and indeed the world, has to buy them. Since war is what helps to prop up whatever little is left of the state’s economy, look for a lot more war to keep it going. If you subsidize war to this extent, you can expect to get a lot more of it.

  • Jose

    As goes California, so goes the nation.

    I used to doubt the accurracy of that little maxim, but over the years, we’ve seen trend after trend start in California and move eastward.

    I have to say it, but I think in 50 years or so, our whole nation will be in this sorry condition.

  • Kris

    Absolutely LOVE living in California and so do all my neighbors!!! You couldn’t force me to go elsewhere!

  • Expat-Californian

    I can’t find a single untruth or flawed argument in the article. It’s a shame a state full of so many educated, talented people can’t preserve their state and local communities with the conditions they’re being force-fed into.

    The leadership in California is a travesty and reeks of New World Order operations. I moved and never looked back!

  • Kris

    Oh yeah and we’re also the biggest fruit and vegetable producer in the country.

  • Ben Witz

    I visited LA way back in 1994 and never cared to visit that state again!

  • Steven Ben

    California really is the land of fruits and nuts. You can get arrested for smoking a cigarette in a public place but homosexuals can slime on each other in public. Do they breed non-common sense there? The illegals are breaking the State by getting welfare payments. Glad I do not live there. I would not raise my children in such trash and Godless society. Chaos will hit the state soon due to their own desires and civil unrest will rule. Hug a liberal for this and give them a sloppy kiss.

  • John Doe

    Why would anyone want to live in California? Without even reading this article, which seems like one of the many rants against illegal aliens and taxes, I would simply say because despite the typical rants against it, it still provides one of the finest lifestyles in the US. I lived in various places in the US, and visited much of the rest, and few offer what California offers. I have a preference for northern California, having last lived in Santa Cruz, 5 minutes to the beach, lovely small town quality, with intellectual and artistic developments abounding. I am here in Denver where the temps can go to the single digits. We have to take our son to the mall on cold days as opposed to just going to one of the many wonderful parks in Santa Cruz, the redwoods, the beach, or various other small and large towns nearby. I would ask, why wouldn’t anyone NOT want to live in California.

  • edgeman.au

    I consider myself a social liberal (im auzzie) and i wouldnt advocate handing out money to illegals, how he hell did it come to this, sure help the poor , disabled, unemployed etc but randoms from another country , sorry amigo .

    in addition im all for diversity but (no17) sex education of 5 year olds regarding homosexual lifestyles is a no go, stick to biology thanks complex social issues related to alternative lifestyles are beyond the grasp of a 5 year old. also no Opting out is bullshit ill simply take my child out of school .

    why is has liberal become a dirty word in the US , im liberal im not a bad person . its bizzare

  • And a couple, if not all,vote-seeking politicians which bring s economic mayhem.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit http://www.pathtoasia.com/jobs/

  • Wolf

    I have to say that being British I was unaware of all of the issues surrounding California. However, if what is published is true then I can say the UK has a definate comparison, albeit on a smaller scale. Immigrants who refuse to speak English, seeking to have their own laws from another country established in English law and yes anchor babies just to mention a very few things. I have predicted civil unrest in the UK for a number of years now and I still think it will happen at some point. I also think that the UK and the US will once again experience a depression based on historical events and what both our governments are doing. Both Obama and Cameron are people who has come from privilaged circumstances (i.e. not being working class) and have no idea what it’s like for ordinary people who have student loans, low paid jobs, unable to get work and the ever rising cost of taxes and the like. Personally I hope it doesn’t happen but in 30 or so years of predictions I’ve never been wrong. Prioritising against illegal immigration may be the only way forward. I know that a lot of America is religious so I will say God speed for you all.

  • Mark …

    I visited California with my spouse last summer.

    My spouse is totally in love with the San Francisco area, and the coast line.

    If you don’t know about the economic situation, you would not think the State was in a terrible trouble, at least not more than in the eastern US.

    However, the further away east from the coast, you travel, and the further south you travel from SF, it seemed to me the more for-closure signs I saw along the road.

    My very rough estimate is one for every three to five houses. Is that correct?

    At one point, we visited a sticker factory with the kids. During the lunch break, I walked around the area a bit: brand new industrial area, surely less than 10 years old. I couldn’t believe that out of the 10 to 15 buildings I saw, only this sticker company and one other factory seemed to be active. All the other places were empty and had for rent signs.

    In one parking place I saw an American flag upside-down, hanging half staff. It was not hard to imagine who put it there.

    I didn’t tell my spouse, and she is still in love with California … I think I will keep it that way.

  • Mark …

    One more observation … I thought the roads would be in terrible shape, and that we would certainly not see any road repairs.

    However, I was very surprised by the large number of road repairs we came across. I just couldn’t figure out how California was paying for all of that ???

  • Mark …

    “The Good Bitch of the South
    January 22nd, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Northern California is still beautiful. Just give Southern California back to Mexico…build that wall there, cut off all services and tell El Presidente of Mexico ” Here, it’s yours, now YOU fix the problems”


    While visiting, I was wondering, why don’t they simply split up the state in two with the border somewhere between Monterey and San Louis Obispo.

    The two sides seemed like two different countries, similar to the difference between Germany and Italy. We clearly we preferred the northern side.

    Do they ever talk about that in the media?

  • ladyjane

    I left Cali in the early 70’s and never looked back.

    At that time Cali had the 2nd highest academic rating in the nation, today it’s #48.

    When Santa Cruz provided a warehouse where low income families could collect “staples” (beans, rice, sugar, fruit and vegetables etc.) there were few people on “public assistance”. When the state required that the staples program be replaced by food stamps the participation increased dramatically.

    Just two examples of the reason I chose to leave. I saw the handwriting on the wall and jumped when I was given an opportunity to get out of the state.

    When my husband finished his 2nd masters degree a headhunter tried to recruit him for a job in Cali, we discussed it and opted to forgo the “opportunity”. He was told that he could write his own ticket because he was one of only two people in the country with those particular qualifications but the way things have developed in Cali it would have been a foolish move especially since Spanish is not one of the 5 languages he’s fluent in!

    Cali is/was a beautiful place and it’s sad to see the destruction to the social and economic infrastructure the both political parties have wrought. I just pray a solution is found or it may be more realistic just to give it back to Mexico.

  • J

    Born in SoCal and lived there all but 3.5yrs of my life. No matter where I live it will always be my home and I love it for that. It’s a beautiful state. I even miss L.A. In all the years I lived there I only had one problem with crime (and really it was due to a friend of mine’s actions). I realize there’s problems with the illegal population and in L.A., gangs, but part of what exasperates it is the fact that most non-ethnic people have this “better than you” attitude or abject fear of people of color. If you have respect for another human being – no matter their circumstances, ethnicity, etc. you often do just fine. I’ve been all over L.A. from Beverly Hills to South Central.

    I don’t have any answers on how to fix all the problems because at this point it’s systemic and it would take a lot of solutions over a long period of time. But as others have pointed out, it’s not just Cali that’s having a problem. Just about every state is. And in the midwest it’s even worse because they have to deal with real winter on top of everything else. Just about every state is having budget, unemployment, housing and other problems. CA is just an easy target – cause it’s a big one. People can talk all the shit they want about that state but I still miss aspects of it.

  • I recently turned down a $95,000 a year job in West L.A. with great reluctance.

    But boy am I glad that I did!

  • Andyb

    …because it’s January 24th and it’s 70 degrees and sunny outside.


  • JpRAustin

    ExPat-Californian…right you are.
    Lived there for 22 yrs. Left in Dec.2010.
    Now living and loving it in Texas…. NEVER going back!

  • Specter

    To those of you in California.. you caused this mess. You keep voting in those idiots time afeter time, and spend spend, and more spend. And now you’ve voted in the idiot of a governor (AGAIN) who pretty much started the mess in the first place. You deserve it all. Now quit whining, shut the heck up, and enjoy the peoples paradise of KALIFORNIA that you have created………. and don’t even think about moving – we Don’t want you here!

  • barkerman

    That’s what happens when you let Democrats run things. Michigan? Detroit? California? Anything in common?

  • mike

    Our hyper sensitivity to racism that our politicians and media has created is being exploited by Illegal Mexicans and used against us. they come here brazenly and act like they own the place. they then take our jobs while our politicians tell us B.S. about how they are only doing the work americans won’t do or the old story that they are hard working, blah, blah, B.S.! they are illegal, sucking our resources dry.
    1) deport
    2) emplement HEAVY fines for hiring Illegals
    3) have a “report an Illegal” hot line
    4) stop educating, hospitalizing, subsidizing Illegals
    5) now more than half your problem is solved

  • freeport56

    Yes it is bad here, yes the Democrats are the root cause. But, we will be the shinning example of what happens under the democrat Morons and their concept of “Social Justice.” Crime will rise, unemployment will go up, crime will rise. 3,000 Californians and businesses are leaving each week. State revenues will drop as a result. Gov. will Fail again as he has in every elected office he has held.

    We could get lucky and the state could go back to it’s conservative roots….or be sold to the Chinese!

  • El

    Mondobeyondo inadvertently reveals the reason may of us are staying – we get treated like s—t in the new communities we attempt to call home!
    We left several years ago, but returned to Cali where, at least, people really don’t care where you were born and raised or if they do are too polite to harp on it. Despite creating jobs with our business rather than “taking” local ones, we had our tires slashed, constant ignoramus comments to the tune of “go home and don’t let the door hit you,” and weirdos peering at our license plates as though we had come down from an unknown planet. This in spite of hiring several local workers for the small business, purchasing an inexpensive home in a modest subdivision, spending our hard earned dollars in the local economy and keeping our yard and lawn in pristine condition. Cali is pretty much hick-free, so we probably will stay here for the time being, thank you.

  • Patriot Act

    OK, but look on the bright side. The invasion of Hispanic illegals has brought in lots and lots and lots of … Democratic voters!

    The fact that our elected “leaders” are willing to sell out the electorate and destroy the very fabric of American society through uncontrolled illegal immigration, just to stay in power, is profoundly disgusting. F’ing scum bags.

  • Rob

    WA sales tax is 9.9%.

  • Cali is worth fighting for. We just need more Patriots to stand up and get involved.
    Join a Tea Party or “Americans For Prosperity” or some organization to take our state back.

    • Mia

      Oh Yeah! That’s the answer! Join a tea bagger revolution! Pass the blame, find a scape goat! There’s always one around the corner. OR, choose to take responsibility, become pro-active and not always a “blamer”, and stop electing officials that do not serve the way you want them to! Really at the end of the day the Lobbyists are running the country. IF we want to tackle them, we will find empowerment. Education=Empowerment. I do agree with a lot of these quacky comments though, send the ILLEGALS back where ever they have come from!


    It is still the best place in the world if you want your daughters to get into the porn industry. There is that.

  • My mother was a 4th generation Californian and left in the 40’s. I left, after moving there, after the King riots and will never return again. One of the saddest stories of degeneration that has happened right in front of our eyes.

    “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” ~ Will Durant


  • shane

    I have no sympathy for the tree hugging fools and hope that they don’t head to louisiana to find prosperity.

    • Gerald

      People trying to protect our environment? Could they be more foolish?

  • JF

    I work in law enforcement in LA (I fortunately don’t live there). LA is a third world country, trash everywhere, graffiti, gangs(mostly Hispanic). I’m sick of illegals primarily Mexicans (I’m American of Mexican descent). These liberal politicians will not stop aid to illegals which costs this state 21 billion dollars a year, which is about the same as our current deficit. I earn a pretty decent income and my wife has a meager salary, but it seems to get more and more difficult to earn a living in this state. If I can make it to retirement, I’m probably going to leave this state.

  • JF

    I need to add that I work in South Central through downtown to the Rampart area. Everywhere I go I see women with kids, and more young women getting impregnated while their boyfriends return to their latest prison stint. All these mouths must be fed by the taxpayers and all this is feeding the monster prison system where these kids will eventually end up.

  • mondobeyondo

    L.A. smells so bad, I had to drive to the sewage treatment plant for some fresh air!

    (rim shot!)

    I might even make David Letterman or Jay Leno use that one!

  • Jan

    @JF…First of all thank you for your service♥
    I am a 50 yr. native born and raised in Cali (San Fernando Valley)residing in Tucson now.I watched our quite area turn completely hispanic. I have no problems integrating with anyone but, when my entire town statistically turned me into the minority by catering to illegal families with state subsidies (brought on by the 14th amendment) I was feeling a bit uneasy and decided it was time to go. There are no safe neighborhoods anymore due to the drug dealers who commit various other crimes without concern due to the states revolving door from Mexico. The average rent for an apt. is $1000.00 and this puts you in a 1 bdrm 1 bth where 5-8 illegals will be living under one roof.
    The valley is trashed and I go back often but I see no end insight.

  • Philip

    The reason Californias economy is as large as it is
    is probably because 20% of the Fortune 500 companies
    are there. It also has about one tenth of the population
    of the U.S. so you would expect that it would represent
    one tenth of the U.S. GDP which is about $14 trillion. Texas also has a little over 20% of the Fortune 500 companies and also has a large
    economy. I think Texas and California account for about
    a fourth of the total GDP of the U.S.
    The revenues of the Fortune 500 companies combined is
    about 11 trillion dollars. Walmart is #1 on the list
    and it produces over 400 billion in revenue.

  • Steve

    @Please Leave

    I live in North Dakota and we have a massive budget surplus from oil profits. My in-laws live in California, so I spend a lot of time in your state. The quality of life is better here in Fargo and the people aren’t a$$holes like the ones in California.

  • Jim from NoWhere

    Interesting list.

    I understand the appeal of California. It IS beautiful country. At the same time, it is a nightmare to try and work there.

    I was involved in a contract with the State of California and was an on the ground manager there. I dealt with the State people and the people we hired (mostly from there). Frankly, coming from the Midwest, I was expecting way too much from high school and even college graduates in terms of capability to write a coherent sentence to describe what they were seeing at a given location (one of the primary tasks of the job). The “drag this out” or (in NM terms, “Manana”) attitude of the workers was frustrating to say the least. The saddest part was, several of them WANTED to do better, they just didn’t know how, because the school never equipped them.
    The state workers we dealt with were nice people, and no complaints over the level of service in our interfacing with them. (that was a wonderful surprise, by the way) However, what I was struck more than once by several of the people we dealt with who were 10 to 20 or more year veterans of the state, who, for vacation, went to the Himalayas to climb a mountain (and lived in very expensive area, and drove a very expensive vehicle) because they had retired, and then rehired, double dipping on their quite tidy salary…

    I was offered a job out in LA, and it was quite good money (even for LA) but with all the turmoil I saw and felt under the surface, I decided to not pursue that and stay out here in the Midwest… not perfect, but at least the mindset of the people is more stable, and you don’t have to worry about getting gunned down if you go into the wrong neighborhood. (Or have police escort for your people while they are working!)

  • I don’t think so…

    To me California is like the big gaudy house at the end of the cul-du-sac. They always throw the biggest parties and flaunt the newest and best stuff. Unfortunately, they live on their credit cards bragging about how great and smart they are; that is until the bills come due. Then they complain to the subdivision for help. What I want to know is how much of our prudent lives will be wasted helping the gaudy stay gaudy (while they still claim to be great and smart).

    California is a great state with some great people; however, I would like to see them act like adults and clean up their own mess. My guess though is that we will be burdened with their bill.

  • RonE

    Perhaps… just perhaps the reason people in other states do not take kindly to Californians moving to their state is that the second they DO move there they try and make OUR state like Cali. I experienced this in Oregon and there.. we had the attitude go the F*** back if you don’t like it here. They refused and stay and try to pass their bull off on others. Don’t come to my state from Cali or Michigan, New York, etc, and try to pas your crap here. We. Do. Not. Want It. Get that through your thick friggen skulls or stay there and fix your own damned problems. We will manage ours just fine without destroying our state thank you very much.

  • toemoss71

    JF – You are more than welcome in Oregon, although the uber-liberal politics here have Oregon heading down the same road as California. But still, it’s much better than what you’ve described, especially in the smaller towns.
    Love the article, and having family trapped down there (can’t sell their home to get away) I hear about how wretched it is. My sympathy to the good folks down there, and the rest can sleep in the horrific bed they’ve made for themselves (especially the politicians!!!).

  • Steve

    The article said:

    #16 In the late 70s, California was number one in per-pupil spending on education, but now the state has fallen to 48th place.

    Considering that public schools are fiscally-irresponsible and waste money to an incredibly degree, being top on the list for per-pupil spending is nothing to brag about. In fact, I would say that the less the state pays per pupil is a better measure. Why should we pay top dollar for lousy government-run schools with their unionized teachers and bloated bureaucracies?

  • Heliflyer216

    I’ve got eight years to retirement. I’m seriously looking at moving to a warm weather state with low taxes. The political stupidity here is staggering.

  • Mike

    “Cali is pretty much hick-free, so we probably will stay here for the time being, thank you.”

    I’m sorry to break this to you, but California is the world’s largest, richest trailer park. The entirety of the state is made up of nothing *but* trailer park people in high-end clothes.

  • Donald

    It’s hilarious to me (in a very sad sort of way) that the only benefit of living in California that anyone can list is that the weather is nice. Really? That’s it? 22 perfectly legitimate reason to not live there were provided by the author and some of you try to counter-act all of those reason with “The weather is nice”? That show how pitifully out of touch you are with reality. Nevermind the fact that many parts of California are nearing third-world status, as long as the weather is nice. And for those who said “I love California. I lived in Santa Cruz,” you’re also missing the point. Of course there are some nice places to live in the state, but the state as a whole is in terrible shape. You’ve gotta look at the big picture, not just how convenient it was to live near the beach for a few months.

    Oh, and to the people who claimed that Tennessee’s and Washington’s sales tax rates are higher than California’s, you’re combining state and local sales tax. Tennessee has a sales tax rate of 7% and Washington is 6.5%. Also, Tennessee has no income tax except on dividends and interest from investments. Washington has no income tax. California’s sales tax is 8.25% income tax is 9.3% at $45k. So a person making $45k in Cali pays a combined 17.55% in state income/sales tax, Tennessee residents pay 7% and Washington residents pay 6.5%.

    And yet you claim taxes are higher in Washington and Tennessee? Do you people even know what you pay in taxes? Apparently you don’t, but that doesn’t stop you from arguing about it.

  • Donald

    What happened to all of my “S”s?

  • Pumpette

    Rob, they are talking state sales tax only; not combined state, city, county, local, etc.

  • William Vojak

    >> Rob said: WA sales tax is 9.9%

    No, it is NOT. The Washington State sales tax is 6.5%. If Your tax is higher than that, it is because the County and/or City you live in has added an ADDITIONAL sales tax on top of the State sales tax.

    For example in Seattle:
    State Sales and Use Tax .065
    Local City/County Sales and Use Tax .030
    Total tax rate .095

  • Corey

    I love the Californians posting that they love living in crime infested hellholes because the weather is great.

    It’s 70 degrees here in Orlando, FL and I don’t have to pay a state income tax :)

    Enjoy getting reamed by your state government in Cali to pay for illegal immigrants on welfare.

    Enjoy all the business leaving your state in droves.

    Enjoy all the people leaving your state in droves.

    I’m curious does physics apply to a perpetual machine, when that machine is government?

    How does the state of California expect to pay the ever increasing government employees and their pensions if there is less and less business and population paying the taxes?? it’s like trying to lift yourself up in a bucket by using the handle.

  • buddybad

    I grew up in the suburbs of LA in the 60s and 70s. It was truly a great place to live then. I moved to Michigan at age 18 in 1979. I am so glad that I left. I am tired of the disgusting values that CA keeps shoving down the throats of the rest of the country, I am tired of Hollywood peddling their garbage. I believe that CA will become worse than a third world country very soon. I don’t see why my sister and her husband still live there! Californians = get out while you still can!

  • MS

    Yes, and you just inadvertently revealed why the locals wherever it was you tried relocating treated you the way they did. Referring to California as being “hick-free” wouldn’t endear yourself to me either.

    I’ll bet you were also complaining about how backward things were and exuding a sense of superiority when interacting with the locals. They also probably didn’t appreciate the inevitable suggestions on how they could improve their state coming from a person who had just moved from a place so screwed up and in which he probably had a hand in creating.

    So tell you what, you stay in California. I’d rather not listen to you telling me what a great favor you’re doing me by moving to my state!

  • StaticKlingon

    Calfornia-the answer to the question: what do you get when your biggest export is toxic culture, and your biggest import is foreign nationals who are intent on exploiting the system?

  • StaticKlingon

    Yes, we look at you and your license plates with suspicion and disgust. Spend as much time repudiating the damage your slimeball state has done to the rest of the country as you do denigrating us “hicks” for despising the influence you have had on our kids, and maybe you’ll get some damn respect.

  • Unka Mikee

    Unions. All you people blaming the Mexicans are forgetting the unions. And unbridled liberalism. There’s a company in Grass Valley trying to reopen a gold mine in the gold country (gold at what, $1400 an ounce?) and has been denied permits for 7 years. Firefighters retiring at $284k a year! Look it up online. (Contra Costa County). That’s why the state is in an economic shithole.

  • Ray

    Maybe San Andreas will come along and put these CA cretins out of their collective misery.

  • Atom&Yves

    Californians, DON’T MOVE HERE. And I’m not going to say where HERE is.

  • Donald


    Why were you driving around with a California license plate if you had moved to another state? And how often did you go out of your way to tell people that you were from California? How many times a day did you say “Well, in California we….”

    The very tone of your post reveals that you considered yourself better than the people around you… maybe that’s why they treated you the way they did.

  • The Budster

    There is a very easy remedy for this. Insist that Mexico take back California. A part of the deal would be that Mexico would have to take Hollywood with it. This solves 2 problems with one action

  • Lizzie

    As someone who was born in Chicago, grew up in Orange County, California, and has lived in New York City (Manhattan), Denver, Atlanta, and New Jersey, I have to say that the best quality of life I’ve had is here in California.

    After 9/11 we left NJ and moved to LA. I was thrilled to be back home. We’ve been here 8 years and we’ll never leave. I was more afraid in NYC and Atlanta than I’ve ever been here. New Jersey, NYC and Atlanta were so humid it made me sick. Denver was nice, but very “New Age”. The joke was if you ask your husband to pick up granola on his way home from work, he stops at the day care center.

    I have had children in public schools in Atlanta, NJ and here. There has never been a time when they were made to watch something without a parents permission, ever. All of the school districts had pluses and minuses, but the bottom line is that had my kids graduated in Georgia, they’d be attending U of GA in Athens. Had they graduated in NJ, the state school is Rutgers. Here, they are at UCLA and Berkeley, two of the top universities in the WORLD.

    We own a business and have been successful enough to open a second shop. We live in LA county, and many of our neighbors work in law enforcement.

    Finally, it is true that the weather is a huge draw. I no longer spend hundreds of dollars on boots, mittens, winter coats, and scarves every year as the kids grow out of them. My cars don’t degrade from the salt poured on the roads to combat ice. I’m grateful my older kids don’t have to drive much in inclement weather. My lemon tree in the back yard is bursting and the sky is blue. Despite everything we’ve read here, California is still the land of dreams and opportunity. You just have to know where to look for it.

  • SuzieSunshine

    We lived in Cali back in the early 80’s and it was still a nice place. As Florida natives, we felt comfortable with the weather and the outdoor lifestyle. But we weren’t sad to leave because of the taxes, the traffic, and the social mores of the general population. Hard working, yes, but often shallow, narcissistic, and disconnected.
    Cali folks truly don’t have a clear picture of how the rest of the country sees them, and to a large extent, they don’t care. That isn’t necessarily awful, but for some reason they don’t seem to grasp that the rest of the country is having a tough time with their own bills and cannot pay Cali’s now that they’ve come due. The US is undergoing a transformational time – we’re learning that there is a limit to how much we can have, how much we can spend, and how much we can pay for goods and services, including civil servants, housing, and other people’s pensions.
    Most of us have a 401 or an IRA rather than a defined benefits pension. Simply put, civil servants should have what their employees (that’s us, you know) have – a savings plan of their own to which they and their employer contribute. Their own skin in the game, so to speak.
    Cali is a lovely place and does have nice weather. So do many other places, especially the South. Cali doesn’t have a monopoly. And scenery doesn’t pay the bills.
    I’m puzzled as to why some want to blame the government for letting in illegals. Ever ask why they stay once they arrive? Cause the benefits are so good. And that is squarely on your shoulders. Stop giving away so many goodies. If the freebies stop, they have no inducement to stick around. Wake up!

  • MattL

    The reason we’re skeptical of former Californians is the logical conclusion you’ll try to establish the very government here that you’re running from. Sorry, but self preservation rules the day.

  • The big difference between California and Texas is Texas is run by Conservative Republicans and Ca. by left-wing radicals. Texas has some of the lowest taxes in the Nation and no state income tax and businesses are beating down the door to move here. Texas surpassed New York as the number one state with the most Fortune 500 companies. Texas also has a large deficit of about $9 billion but we have what is called a rainy day fund with $8.3 billion available if needed. Texas also has some of the lowest cost of living in the Nation and is the only State that had positive job creation last year, 600,000 new jobs.

  • Justsayhellno

    Californication – the liberal minded venereal disease that looks, sounds and feels good at the onset but turns out to cost a lot more than you were told eventually leaving you with nothing but warts. Cali needs a massive dose of penicillin, and rehab to get the government off crack.

  • BillyCAinGA

    As a Cali-native (born and raised) and now in GA for 21+ years, I always tell people that the California I grew up in doesn’t exist anymore. I try and share stories of life as a kid and the fun things we did growing up, to my own boys and realize that they couldn’t enjoy those things today. Was I sad to leave/relocate 20 years ago? Sure…but would I ever want to move back (or heck, even visit now)? No friggin way…missing Malibu but nothing else. Well, maybe Carmel or the Central Coast…

  • Where was this “report” 30 years ago? Maybe if it had been published back then all the goofballs wouldn’t have crowded in and sucked up all the resources. They should’a locked the gate years ago.

  • MarkJ

    Future headlines:

    1 January 2015:


    2 January 2015:

    “PACIFIC GIVES CALIFORNIA BACK: “I can’t afford to keep it.”

    • ColdAndTired

      Looks like you are wrong complainy little punk, enjoy the great benefits you have of living in paradise and stop whining on the Internet bc u are too priveleged to be bothered by actual real life problems

  • JimB

    OK, so California has a few minor negatives. But where else can a couple of gays get married and buy pot legally?

  • KerryW

    El’s comment about the “hicks” – presumably anyone not living in his holier-than-thou California – is so characteristic of the attitude of many Californians I have met.

    Sure is funny if everyone is so “together” and sophisticated in California – the state with some of the most prestigious universities – how the state has become an utter dump and embarrassment to this great country!

    Guess you and your liberal friends aren’t doing such a great job, are ya!

  • GM2Dragon

    North Carolina tax rate is 7.75-8.25%. We have just voted a Republican super majority in our General Assembly since 1870. We will NOT become the east coast California. No government has EVER taxed itself into prosperity.

  • Sam

    The only good thing about California is located in Simi Valley…The Reagan Library. The rest of the state is a hell hole!

  • Mi

    I say they start closing the borders and go house to house and ship all the illegals back to where they came from. They have sucked this country dry.

  • steve

    The Budster: Sorry to break this to you, but Mexico has already taken back California…

  • Jim

    I look forward to moving to CA soon.

    I think of CA somewhat like Miami. I don’t really care for Miami that much ( last time I was there I had a .38 pulled on me ), but I love Miami Beach, especially South Beach. Great place, great people, great everything.

    I’m hoping I like Malibu as much ( or more, I’m open ).

    I’m bringing my business with me, that I can work over the Internet FUNDING Real Estate transactions ( When EVER you have your End Buyer in place, and need FUNDING, think of me FIRST! ~~~ BeTheBank101.com ~~~ Plus I hope to Joint Venture with others who have found deals and need the $ to close ).

    I wouldn’t doubt that I make my 1st million there.

    Enjoy, wopg.org peace and prosperity!


  • Pappy

    “The state of California ranks dead last out of all 50 states in the number of emergency rooms per million people.”

    Mostly because many hospitals have either closed their emergency rooms or closed entirely. The number of deadbeats, especially here in the Coachella Valley (where it’s a short drive from the Mexican border), means that hospitals either have to wait for the state to reimburse them for mandated care, or suck it up.

    Oh, and all you Cali-haters?

    I love you, my fellow Americans.

  • Carolina

    Many of us live in California because we can’t afford to move. My husband and I were both born here, as were our parents. Citing all the reasons given why nobody should live here..our property values have tanked, education is a farce, etc., we can’t afford to just desert our house, pack up the car and drive off into the sunset with no financial reserves or resources. So we hang on to what we can, remember when life was easier and dig in for the long haul.

    • uhhhh

      too bad its actually really really easy to move out of california seeing as to we have one of the highest cost of living. it would be really easy to find a $200,00 4 bedroom house in arizona or something. retard.

    • uhhhh

      and if ur really from california, you would know that driving into the sunset would lead you to the pacific ocean…

  • Upgeya

    I’m afraid I disagree, especially with the tone. It’s so easy to criticize one’s neighbor. And ignore the larger circumstances that create all this.

    First, almost every other state is close behind. The red ink is flowing big time in WA and OR. Only North Dakota, with the only state owned bank in the nation, is in the black (http://www.banknd.nd.gov/).

    Second, the article is full of exaggerations. For example:
    “state legislature in Sacramento has been very busy passing hundreds of new laws that are mostly about promoting one radical agenda or another. The state government has become so radically anti-business that it is a wonder that any businesses have remained in the state”
    And what would these radical laws be? AB 32, perhaps, that creates incentives for solar, and provides the beginning of a renewable energy economy, true economic recovery for CA, and the wherewithal to compete with China (who by the way, is beating the pants off us in this area)?

    “the massive hordes of illegal immigrants that are constantly pouring into California cities”.
    Some, yes. “massive hordes”, no – just an appeal to tea party emotionalism. And you can look to the Federal Gov. for the causes of this.

    “the vast majority of the politicians in the state are pushing agendas that are so “radical” (not in a good way) and so “anti-American” that it is absolutely frightening.”
    It’s easy to make claims like this when you don’t back them up with anything. If the use of the “radical” word were not enough, the use of the “anti-American” label is a giveaway. Appeal to emotion. Appeal to jingoism.

    “Of course on top of everything else there is the constant threat of wildfires, mudslides and earthquakes. One day a really “big earthquake” is going to hit, and once that happens many people believe that the geography of the state of California could be permanently altered forever.”
    O yea! This gotta be the clincher! You don’t get wildfires, mudslides or earthquakes anywhere else, but CA, right?

    But, yes – things are really bad in California. Things are really bad in the U.S. of A.

    The state started to go into the hole big-time when Enron defrauded it of billions by manipulating electricity prices through the roof. There was never any accountability, any payback for that. Then, of course, there was the massive fraud in lending that occurred at the highest banking levels, that lead the economy down the bubble path – and of course, the bubble bursting consequences. No accountability for that either – instead, massive, taxpayer funded bailouts for their risky behavior that will place generations of Americans in debt slavery, unless we default.

    As for the list of facts. Much of the debt of the rest of the states are rapidly approcahing junk status, with increasing unemployment and falling RE prices. Where the bubble was greatest, the burst is greatest. Also, statistics which attempt to compare CA with others states on a raw number basis ignore the much greater population of CA. Only per-capita comparisons are valid. Ya, and some of those “radical bills” are designed to bring the cost of electricity down, and not subject to the price of foreign oil. And “alternative lifestyles” are what most of us are going to be living in 5-10 years, given the inexorable economic decline implied by off-shoring labor to China/India/etc, and by the peaking of oil/energy production worldwide. What this article refuses to acknowldge is the massive transformation the world, and especially the industrialized part, is going through because of peak oil and population overshoot.

    There’s a real tendency now to find blame rather than understand both the huge forces at work, and how the very design of our economic system guarantees periodic booms and busts (and the FED just contributes). The current system is based on unrealistic, unlimited growth on a finite planet. With peak oil, global warming, ocean acidification, and population explosion, we are really running into those limits. It is based in a money system that charges interest on debt – mathematically, an exponentially increasing function – that will inevitably result in booms and busts. And it is based on a banking system whereby private bankers create money out of thin air to loan to everybody, including our governement, collecting the interest – and thereby insuring the few enrich themselves at the expense of the many. And when people start to get wind of it, they create wars to distract people and rake in still more.

    Until we establish a real steady-state economy based on real ecosystem limits and renewable energy, and remove the exponential function from our economy (debt-based money), we are going to have these booms and busts, where the few are enriched at the expense of the many.

    And finally:
    “and not even bankruptcy is going to fix much. The state has become a rotting, festering hellhole that is getting worse by the day. Yes, some really good people still live there, but there are some really, really good reasons why so many people are leaving the state in droves.”

    Bankruptcy will actually begin to fix things. The debt must be purged from the system – and the system rebooted on a sustainable basis, or it will all happen again. And as for the “rotting, festering hellhole” – well I’ve covered the use of language designed for emotional manipulation above.

    • johnboy006

      I will have to say after growing up in caifornia since 1960 and then moving out in 2005 my family and I are much better off. We now have a paid for home on 11 acres a better paying job then in Cali and lower taxes and insurance. We can now afford vacations a couple time a year. Something we could hardly do when we lived in California. Now we just visit!

  • Cylar

    I have lived in California all my life. Let me concur with those who say that Northern California is a very different place than the south.

    When people talk about our state, they seldom mention cities like Redding, Eureka, or even all that much about Sacramento. No no, California is defined by the Los Angeles basin and maybe San Francisco, you see. Oh, and the crappy economic climate in the San Joaquin valley.

    Yes, those of us who live in the northern areas are getting dragged down by the fiscal insanity coming out of the state capitol, but our towns aren’t (yet) completely overrun by illegals and gang bangers. If you don’t count the pot gardens growing in our forests and mountains, it’s actually quite nice here. (I have been a hiker all my life and have yet to run across a pot garden. My guess is that they try to stay away from the established trails I’m hiking on. Fine with me.)

    I also hear quite often that many other states – Michigan, New York, Illinois – have the same problems we do and then some. As bad as the economic climate is here, you can keep your Big Apple and your Detroit and your Chicago. You can also keep Cleveland. All the problems we have (mostly due to unchecked left-wing governance for decades, just like us) AND it’s bone-chilling cold. For that matter, I don’t relish the idea of living in a city like New Orleans, either. The Katrina debacle cured me of any desire to move down to Louisiana.

    Aside from the high taxes, the prevailing left-wing nutball public opinion, the choking regulation, the outrageous cost of gas, the hordes of non-English-speaking immigrants (legal and otherwise, some of whom have lived here for 25 years and still don’t speak our language)…

    …the only other thing that really irritates the hell out of me is our insane gun laws. “Assault weapons ban.” Really? An 11-round magazine turns a person into a cold-blooded murderer, so we’re going to restrict you to 10 on any semi-automatic rifle? What’s that, you say – the federal ATF has issued you a firearm collector’s license, but your state government presumes the right to refuse to recognize it?

    What’s that – you can’t get a concealed carry permit unless you A) live in a rural county with a common-sense sheriff or B) have contributed to your sheriff’s re-election campaign? What’s that – a 10 day waiting period (and a $25 fee that you get to pay) to buy a rusty old bolt-action rifle made in the Soviet Union in 1943? In. Sane. Our state legislature also tried to tell us we can’t buy handgun ammo over the Internet (a court just spanked them on that and overturned the law) and as I speak, they’re trying to ban open-carry, having already made it next to impossible to carry concealed.

    First they take away our right to defend our homes, then they tell us that due to budget cuts, the police aren’t coming and the courts won’t prosecute. Gee, I wonder what could possibly go wrong.

    I’ve dreamed about up and moving, but where would I go? Nevada’s a dried-up wasteland with the same problems, Oregon is beautiful but has the same problems we do (or is trying hard to follow our lead) and I sure as hell am not moving to Texas. My entire family is here and I’ll have to tough it out a bit longer.

    • Thank You for saying what the majority is thinking…..:))

  • Mabus Maban

    I’d like to state the case in favor of living in California…

    First of all, um, well, uh, um… California Love, Gin and Juice, Katy Perry.

    Ok, you got me. There’s no case to make in favor of staying in Killifornia.

  • Kris

    I left LA in 2006. Sold four homes at the peak of the housing market; so, SoCal was good to me financially. With that said…it is a hellhole: crime, polution, traffic,…worst of all, I felt like a foreigner in your own country. Moved to the midwest and love the snow! I don’t even plan to return to visit.

  • walkingfeather
  • Cylar

    I’d like to address one other point. People say that “the weather is nice” doesn’t make up for the serious drawbacks of living in California.

    Weather isn’t everything, but it does count for something.

    Hey, Midwesterners. Hey, Deep South. Hey, New England. Hey, northern Plains. Yeah, I’m talking to you people:

    You can keep your hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, baseball-sized hail, floods, droughts, unbearable humidity, and snow on the ground from September through May.

    California doesn’t deal with any of those maladies. THAT is why people rave about the weather here. Not to say its nice all the time…the valley gets well over 100 (though no real humidity, and we’re not Phoenix either) on a typical summer day, the Sierra regions still get heavy snows…and that’s about it. The whole state isn’t San Diego, but for the most part the winters are mild and the summers hot but bearable.

  • Cylar

    And before anyone says, “Yeah, well, California can keep its fires, mudslides, and riots,” know that the fires are pretty much confined to the mountain regions (there were a couple large urban fires in the Bay Area), and the other stuff to the southern regions. Up north…not so much.

    We don’t even have earthquakes in northern Cali except for in the Bay area. There have, however, been two floods in my lifetime.

    If I seem to be talking out of both sides of my mouth, it’s only because I wanted to rebut the point about weather. Other than that…what the original columnist said. Still, the state isn’t a “hellhole.” 40 million of us still live here, and not everyone is an immigrant.

  • Bill Oikle

    I live in NH and I do not have snow from Sept to May. I also have no income tax nor sales tax.
    Our state budget is now a litte heavy due to 4 yrs of democrat rule but they are all gone now and things are looking up.
    All the states run by democrats over the yrs, now facing bankrupcy, we are doing great. After living and working in Wa., NY state and Mass. I would not want to live anywhere else, especially California. PS: Our first snow happened in Jan. not Sept.

  • TF

    I was born and raised in CA, lived in northern CA for 38 years, kept moving farther north until I finally moved out of state in ’87 and it was a wonderful place back then. Went back for a few years in 2002 even farther north and couldn’t take it. State govt is on mushrooms!
    But I do go back to visit all of my family who are still there. I worry about them and even more so now that Jerry Brown is saying it is worse than he thought? What’s he on these days? Did he not study the state affairs before running for 2nd time? Now I hear he wants to close down some prisons which I hope he only lets the petty criminals out and not the really mean ones. Kinda like Reagan did with the mental institutions when he was guvna. And then painted all the lines yellow so they could follow the yellow brick road…out of CA.
    I moved to CO and believe me it’s not much better. Gangs are out of control. Many subsidized foreigners brought in to work in meat factories or to just breed if that’s what they want. Crazy fights here too but I am in rural area so not as bad but theft is up, cops out of control or being killed by someone gone crazy, suicides going on as the paper prints “Oil and Gas Industry Booming” which is bringing more here, Denver is sanctuary city..the list is long here too but now people flooding here for work that is not happening. My husband works in gas industry and hardly any work for him right now so I don’t know why papers are saying this. It seems to be mostly smoke and mirrors but I tell ya what we do have. A super prison with that crazy Al-Queda guy who got waterboarded by G.W. Bush and the shoe bomber and Terry Nichols OKC bomber accomplice and who knows what other idiot. Then all the bank robberies, thieves breaking into homes while stay at home moms are home, or just knocking on the door with a gun. Kids going nuts do to the entitlement era and who knows, maybe the air and water. Then there’s military everywhere!! So think hard before coming to CO for work. It also stinks like cow poop and they call it the smell of money.
    I never thought I would have a sign on my front door that says “No Trespassing, No Soliciting, Violators will be shot and survivors will be shot again.” That’s what we do here when we’ve been robbed. Good thing I’m one of those peace loving hippies from CA! :)

  • movingoutofca


    I live in the most northern part of Cali..we most certainly do have EARTHQuakes! I have been in 4 up here..those are only the ones felt.

    I was born in Long Beach, back when it was a beautiful safe area..I was raised in the Bay Area…I went to college in Southern CA..so I know my STATE!

    The Liberal Agenda has all but destroyed this once GREAT STATE…there is NO disputing the FACT’s..their agenda= Big Govt, Big Brother..and TAX and Spend!!

    WE have a serious problem with Illegal’s it is destroying our State…when I went to school we had all kinds of programs and a good education. With the billions that are being sucked by the illegal’s this is no longer a reality in this state.

    Fact: Stockton..2nd highest crime rate…% mostly hispaninc/illegals
    Fact: San JOse…Illega’s
    Fact: Van Nuy’s CA, where I lived for 2years..I was surrounded 4blk either direction at that time by mexican’s..no English…when I went to the local Von’s I was the only white person on any given day shopping…everyone around me spoke Spanish (this was 20yrs ago)…our Street was primarly White/Asian and was clean and kept up (by us the working residents’)..the surrounding streets were filthy and disgusting!!!
    Fact: Santa Rosa, CA..being taken over by hispanic…property values declined even before the housing bubble due to illegal’s..my sister lost over 100,000 in equity because her once beautiful neighborhood was destroyed by ILLEGAL’s..4 families to a home, loans forced by the gov. under FREDDIE/FAnnie..under the absolute direction of the Democratic COnGRESS ordering them to fund loans!!!! She couldn’t come home after dark because of violent threats by gang banger neighbors..she was forced out!!!

    This is the general theme of all neighboorhoods and cities that the Illegal’s get their foot in the door. Have you ever been to Mexico? And I don’t mean a resort..I mean Mexico…filthy dirty..NO PRIDE…this is the people we get…they don’t want them either..Their President has the nerve to stand in our Congress and condem us for following our LAW’s, when the law’s to migrate to Mexico are harder and if you get caught there, you go to Jail. NO service’s there for Illegal’s, unless you like the service in Jail. You have to prove you are going to produce an income (have money in the bank, ect.) Not here…our liberal loon’s are just giving these people enough to get them elected and hoping their volumes tip the scales for all future elections…this is very dangerous and will hit critical mass at some point. This is why they want to take our gun’s away..

    California is loosing 1000’s of business a year, either moving or closing. We own 3 business’s and have 20+ employee’s. We are moving…sadly this will cost 13 job’s in CA and less Tax revenue, not only from us but those lost job’s (we are only selling one of our business’s and that two will cut 2more job’s)….less money spent in our community and less money for the STATE. The elected officials don’t get it, truly stupid people. When large corporations move to other states because they can do better, this should have been CA first clue.

    Two years ago the State was short on expected revenue..people moving out…again last year..people and business’s moving out…and this year I expect the whopper of all unexpected shortfalls to hit this STATE…thus forcing SAc to finally wake up…sadly the turn around will be to many years for us. I do believe the Illegal situation is also coming to a head. CA is going to be forced to stop the flow and stop benefits with all the REAL Tax money leaving the state they will have no choice. I have written many letters to State leg, Gov. and controller expressing my/friends concerns…I suggest everyone take the time to write letters, sign pettion’s and get involved. Those of you who are staying…watch out..it’s going to be hell!

  • realityseeker

    How old is this article? It says Jerry Brown is the Governor…

  • Cylar

    Realityseeker: You do know that Jerry Brown was just elected governor in November 2010, right? Don’t confuse his current term with the one he served between 1978-1982 or so.

  • jesse d

    i believe california is on the fast track to nowhere,but being a resident of illinois,believe me we are NOT far behind.in many cities we already have 8.25% sales tax,they just raised our income tax,cops are being laid off,we are VERY friendly towards illegals,gun control is still rampant,and we are going broke!as many of my west coast brothers and sisters my wife and i simply cannot aford to move.welcome to the 21st century!

  • Milt Crammer

    Big problem in California is the rich people that live in gated communities and have access to huge amounts of money—and imagine if all the poorer folks would just not be so stingy and share their wealth–why all would be well.

    Anytime the people– as in USA— lose sight of being in the world is not the same as being empowered by the world

    You can plainly see that the world is on the verge of bankruptcy and the rich folk want it divided up differently

    All of the common folk will receive equal portions of the world’s wealth—includes universal health care and equal wages.

    The rick folk and their friends are, naturally, not in the equation which deals with the common folk

    It sounds as secure future of no failure–and also no successes–just a future of unchanging mediocrity

    The common folk will work on schedule until they reach retirement age–at which time–they will not be allowed to work as it takes away from those who produce–and the elderly non producers eat away at the savings which go to support non procers and these savings could be put to better use

    The useless eaters are the first to sacrifice for the welfare of others—Euthenasia is the thingto do for the good of the fatherland—or the mother earth—

    California can’t solve the problem in their lap–they SURE CAN’T SOLVE ANYBODY ELSE’S PROBLEMS


  • I lived and worked in San Francisco,and CA,for almost 30 years;I had to get out,especially when I had to retire.

    I remember what northern CA was like;Concord,Contra Costa County,was invaded by so many foreigners,who did not speak English.Even in our condo,it was that way;it was “white flight”,and all the older,white people moved away.It was too expensive,the electricity blacked out constantly;no one was friendly.Everyone was “on the prowl”for careers,and work,that was it.No one talked to each other,they were all paranoid.

    Everyone sold their homes,and split for other states.It was a mass evacuation.I did not go,till the end,about 4 years ago.Northern CA had so many illegal migrants,they were everywhere,my Hispanic friend told me,gangs,dangerous,came over the border,and now lived in north CA.Yes,all the white people left.

    We did feel like we were invaded,for sure.They had mass,huge parades,covering all of the main highway,and they were so loud,you could hear them from miles away.Man,they were angry,and agressive!These were illegal aliens,who were demanding jobs,rights,and everything else.No matter what any Liberal said,the north CA was being taken over by illegal aliens.That,and very rich people.So,everyone else left.

    I went back to my home state of Oregon;people were friendly,said hello,talked to you,and were not snobs.It was so different than North CA,I wish I had come back home years ago.I realize how unfriendly and snobby CA had been,which was why it was so hard to make friends. ****** It seemed like New York City,with sunshine!!(To tell the truth,outside of SF,it was way too hot,I was sick of it.)Yeah, 108 F.in the shade.

    You can have CA;everyone thinks they are better than everyone else,are unfriendly,snobby,and self centered and arrogant;I’m so glad I left,yes,I wish I had left years before.Oregon is very poor,but the people are a lot nicer,human,and like to make friends.You do not have to be rich,important to be someone, in Oregon.It has many faults,but it’s so much saner than CA.And,there is much more community in Oregon.

    Unfortunately,a lot of New Yorkers and Californians have also moved to Oregon,en mass,and it’s very crowded now.We had to fight,pass laws,to keep big developers out,to avoid converting Oregon into subdivisions and concrete,like CA did.

    My sister still lives in Berkeley,but how she affords it,I do not know.She’s stuck on how important CA is,so she can have all it’s problems.They live in a black slum,with drug dealers,ect.,cause otherwise,the rent is too expensive.I live in a pretty nice neighborhood,and I like mine.No,if I had the chance,I would not go back again.I stayed way too long.

  • Yeah, I agree that CA has become a Hellhole; years ago,it used to be great.Not now.Now,it is Hell,and it’s also a huge rat race.That’s why i left.

  • Sara

    So Ca is the most beautiful place to live. I’ve lived here since the early 1970. It has gotten over populated & expensive but that’s because it’s a desirable place to live. You get what you pay for so if you want to live cheap the place will probably be undesirable. I grew up back east & wouldn’t want to deal with the weather, negative people,& boredom
    I’ve also lived overseas & found there is nothing that comes close to So Ca

  • Durp

    I worked really hard for years to be able to buy my own condo, and now I am surrounded by neighbors on welfare because they are entitled to live in a middle-class neighborhood. Now when I go to work so I can pay their rent, they are at home robbing our condos. CA sucks.

  • viktor

    stupid article-wellcome to russia for

  • Sheila Berenson

    Illegals immigration and the stupid, dysfunctional State
    legislature – have ruined this State

    The people have no voice . They do what their left
    wing, highly controlling masters tell
    them to

    • i’m getting the hell out of here after living here for 2 weeks

  • Adribug

    california is a fun place to visit. I like going there to see the attractions and themeparks. Although it takes an hour to get anywhere due to the impossible old tattered freeways. The sights arent pretty unless you are very north. My in laws live in san dimas and when we stay we have to watch how much water we use. So family baths it is! Iive in az and have all my life. I love it here and we have fashion, music, art, education, and police!!!! My home is 2400sq ft in low crime beautiful area for 180,000. Yeah I might visit but ix rather not fight to get a job or an education or help from the police. Thanks.

    • Mia

      AZ, you should have to watch your water use as well. You live in a DESERT!

    • I happy i’m leaving this helleole

  • I have lived in Sacramento (Suckramento) my whole life. My parent’s live here, and do their parent’s. While it does suck paying so much in taxes, having roads that are not much better than dirt roads, and politicians who care more about getting paid for doing nothing to help us, I love it here. Lake Tahoe is two hours away. The ocean is two hours away. Reno is two hours away. Vegas is a two hour flight. Sacramento has a decent music scene here, and since I play guitar in a band, that is very important to me.
    While I might be unemployed, have no medical insurance, and see no good ahead of me, I wouldn’t think of leaving CA, because it is all I know. CA may very well be a ****** hole, but its MY ************* hole, and I plan on dying here. Even if CA is what kills me.

  • OutofCA

    Hate it born there hate it. I want my rights. Fascist rich hater democrats get rights I do not. Oh and thank CA for a wounderfull stay in juvinile hall for 4 months for drunk in public. Oh and thanks for my roommate Roy Corbitt he was a murderer. I was just a kid WTF. I carry a gun everywhere now and if you try to take it I will kill you.

    • lebelly

      Johnny Law is heavy handed everywhere nowdays. I moved to the hell hole of Texas from California a year and a half ago, and feel like I am in a police state. THey act like they are pro gun, they are NOT. The cops are out of control. They would like to disarm the citizens and violate rights whenever and wherever. Total control. This is an American problem, not a California problem. Get ready, the government WILL kill you to take your guns away. Just challenge that. Do you have any misdemeanors related to an assault charge? Make sure you are not on their list of people NOT authorized to carry a weapon, like my boyfriend, who has NEVER threatened anyone with a weapon. Again, this is coming to your town too. Texas is a &%#%hole, and I would live in Cali anyday. Can’t wait to move back to a rural area of that beautiful state, lay low, and enjoy the view. The government is f’d up now, the laws are meant to control, manipulate, and gain monetarily from YOU. This is true everywhere now. Scary.

  • I was born in state of California and have lived there for over 30 years. If you live in a rural area such as the beach or the mountains you are ok, but if you live closer to big cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco then it sucks because it is very overcrowded with illegal immigrants and gang bangers. I can remember back in the 80’s, you couldn’t pay me to leave California, now I was happy to leave because it was just unbearable for me. I am in New Mexico now, and it is way more affordable, so much that I have my own place no roommates, cable t.v. and maid service.

  • G Jet

    While California has beautiful weather and scenery that is about all that it has for an everyday working person. Ownership a nice home at a reasonable with an affordable monthly mortgage payment is next to impossible for regular everyday working people. Additionally, renting a nice apartment with anemities like an in unit washer and dryer or central air conditioning is extremely expensive. To top it off illegal immigrants seem to enjoy some type of preferred status in California which is extremely unfair to working class people who pay taxes. Next, the rich democratic liberals like Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and Brown help to ruin the state with their blatant liberalism in the form of gay marriage and unfair tax increases. Save your time and money, and don’t ever move to California as it’s an okay place to visit but hell to live at forever unless your rich.

  • Rebecca Robinson

    I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I currently live outside of Sacrament, (I hate the central Valley). The thing with CA is we have great weather, and there is always something to do. The natural beauty and great diversity is what keeps me here but I would consider a move to the U.K but Cali will always be home. I believe we will make a come back, just hold on to your nickers! LOL

    • id rather live in spain

    • Shannon

      Hi Rebecca,
      You may want to rethink the UK thing. The weather here is only slightly more miserable than the food. I am from Sacramento, living in Edinburgh UK and have found that all the major northern European cities have crap for weather. Spain, South of France are much better options if you must make it to Europe.

  • Eddo

    I lived in Canada most of my life, however I lived a few years in Texas, Arizona, and California.

    Some of the best sites, places to do and see are in California. As lived in many places The economy is hard everywhere for middle-class. True even some higher un employment for metropolitan areas.. I love my apple products, think creative, and love media productions…

    However when I opened a MacBook the other day, I notice Designed in California? Well half the parts come from companies like Foxconn in China. Then makes me think how a lot of the companies left North America for cheaper labor means… I really think for USA and Canada for that matter should have better government enforcement and better incentives to keep jobs at home… I hear of all the abuse of overseas work in other companies that Chianese workers have to work 20 hours a day frequently if not they are fired, lose their house etc… Now if we kept the jobs at home shared the hours, then there is no reason why people can not get a fair 8 hours a day 5 days a week! If the jobs are lost then what are good people going to do? The average house price here in Ontario Canada for cities around 200,000 people are about 325,000 $ USD Ginger box house …Unless you frequent media job, devorce lawyer, plastic surgeon the. You have it made… If your an auto worker laid off then have to fight for a McDonald’s, Starbucks, Walmart job..my heart goes out to y’all.. This sucks Im just studying media relations and just work contracts.. I faced periods of un employment for 3 to 6 months…if I ever got a decent sum of money I rather still live in Cali.. Near a beach…any time..but really we try to just live normal? North American Dream? What’s that? I thought to have a home, have a family, see your loved ones safe and happy??? It’s starting to seem lost.. Maybe that’s me bit that’s my dream. God bless y’all!

  • SmartCali

    This is a message to UPGEYA. What a load of liberal crap!!!! Those statements come directly from “Liberal University Brainwashing 101”. Do you actually hear yourself?? You target Enron, and big banks for the problems in california. Yes, Enron screwed us……, yes banks forclosed on home loans…… Look closer at the Fed chairman, and that socialist president Barry S. They lowered interest rates (SO LOW) and forced the investors to change up where their investment money went. Compound that with greedy real estate brokers and that is the bubble that burst. By the way, little of that has anything to do with the problem of illlegal immigration. If you add up all the welfare, all of the special services, all of the hospital and clinic charges that are spent annually, your uninformed head would explode. Numbers and logic are not “Tea Party Emotionalism”, they are facts. Facts that idiots like Ms. Boxer, and Ms. Frankenstien, and you cannot just accept. Eventually, somebody has to work to pay for these services. And finally, dont all of the citizens of this country have a right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness?????”. Why doesn’t the constitution ever protect me?????????????????????????????????????

  • christian

    I’ve livedin california my entire life I love it out here there’s everything to do only problem is the racist people its funny cause people point the finger at mexicans taking about illegal imigrants when we’re all imigrants decendents from another country what really is an american someone who forgot they’re culture hahaha I’m mexican american and proud people need to love and respect each other no matter what color or language you speak

    • james

      True we are all descedants of immigrants but what you bigoted narrow minded uneducated liberals fail to understand is that there is a difference between LEGAL immigration and ILLEGAL immigration. And no the native americans were not the real americans they did not form the states , or write the constitution, it was the english and dutch that created america

  • California will sort itself out. The allure of the state, the beauty, and the culture is still present. I’ve traveled to almost every state in our great country and California ranks at the top in “best destinations”.
    Even the worst areas can be improved by residents themselves taking action. American ingenuity will prevail and Californian ingenuity will prevail with it. People need to be good to their neighbors no matter where they’re from. Help one another and always Pay It Forward. Spread out so you’re not living like sardines. The desert and inland California communities would be amazing places to call home. If there are some things that you think you can do to change your community, volunteer or organize a committee. Volunteerism is the key to fixing things. If there is something that you don’t like about your community, step up and change it yourself. Take charge. Volunteer.

  • Barry

    I’m from NYC, and have visited various places in CA several times. There was a time when people left the East Coast to move to CA. Now it’s virtually unheard of. I can’t understand why NYC has been able to reinvent itself for the better over the past 30 years, while CA has gone in the opposite direction. NYC is a utopian dream compared to the way it was in the 70s. If we can do it, then so can CA!

  • Simon

    NYC is a ************************* where two classes of people 1% live and 99% exist. Take a ride on the train at 7p.m. and see how overcrowded it is with people heading home from their 40k a year jobs for which they do 60+ hours a week. Kids don’t see their parents and learn how to become abusive mongrels from NYC public schools. Entire city is ready to fly off the handle. The only parts of the city where you will find careless easy going smiling people is tourists attractions and 60th – 80th between 5th and park ave where the Bloombergians with their gazillions live.

  • Katherine

    Do any of you have some equity and seriously want to get out? We got out 7 yrs ago and were able to purchase 3 homes outright with the money from one condo sold in Santa Monica. We split our time between Maine and NC in two residences and have a third one rented out producing income for us. We easily drive to cities for weekend getaways (Charleston 4 hrs, DC 6 hrs, Asheville 2.5 hrs for example). We are offering a property in Maine and a property in NC for sale as a package. Think LIFESTYLE.

  • Vi

    The people I hate in california
    1) extreme republicans
    2) annoying rednecks who act like they signed the constitution
    3) people who hate me and other vietnamese people, and other ethnicities
    4) People who hate gay/lesbian/bi people
    5) people who try to convert me when they know I’m zen Buddhist
    6) this is a long list
    7) westborough baptists
    8) people who live in the US and want to destroy it

    • Guest

      Wow. A hateful liberal. How unique. You claim “tolerance” and then you use racial slurs such as “rednecks” . You can stay out there in California. You fit right in.

  • Gerald

    And yet we’re still the most populated state. 70 degrees year round? The best beaches in the United States? The best forests in the United States? The best lakes and mountains in the United States? The best looking people in the United States? One of the most diverse states? Yeah, I think I can tolerate a below average economy. Enjoy your Greenland-esque winters and endless prairies. That’s your claim to fame, right?

  • Doodleydoo

    Haha. Every state has it’s good and bad. Just because California is progressive and different doesn’t mean it’s a hellhole. A hellhole to me is living with a bunch of red neck narrow minded people. If it is so terrible, why is it the most popular state in the U.S.?? Why do your fellow people come to our state for vacation? Yes, California is laden with problems, but at least we put it out there, and it’s still a beautiful state.

  • Ash

    But doesn’t it seem like this ENTIRE country is hellhole now?

  • Dr. V.

    PLEASE, Stay away from California! The biggest problem here is the influx of people from the South, East and Midwest as well as the influx of illegals. I was born here and it was a great place to be before you all came here to get a piece of us. I encourage anyone who dislikes my native state to not let the door hit you in the ass on your way back to whatever hellhole you crawled out of.

  • StantheMan

    The biggest problem California has is it’s taxes and being a welfare state. “I’m depressed”…here’s your monthly SSDI check for 900 bucks, and if you stay out on the streets (winky, winky) for a year, you get housing ahead of families that have been waiting 10 years for a place! Pay 200 for rent, get free Medi-Cal, get 3 dollar electric bills and food stamps…woohoo, sounds awesome! What can a person that never works, with all the time in the world, do with $700.00 a month free money? Drugs,probably. Gettin their hair did and nails done, probably! Sport the latest Jordan tennis shoes..you can bet on it! Most sure aren’t investing their money. I know, I work for this broken system. Addictions are considered for Social Security and I have yet to see one that didn’t get approved. Snort meth, and claim depression, and whamo there’s your check! And let me tell you it’s not just the 900 a month. They get “retro-pay” going back to the first time they ever filed. So, if they filed on their own in 2000 and didn’t get approved (because of the length of time they were “disabled” and no doctor care), they get 12 years of retro money..900*12*12. I have seen people get retro checks in the amount of 50,000. And what do they do with that money? Get an apartment on their own…nope…pay for an education…hell no…they buy big screen tv’s, theraputic mattresses, 5,000 dollar bedroom sets, Mercedes, Italian leather sofas, fine china and real silverware with that money, to live in Section 8 housing! This state is robbing the working class to pay for the lavish lifestyle of the drug addicts.

  • Of all the things, what’s up with over 700 random laws being passed? And the 23 prisons to one university was quite sad. :(

  • Why that was the Lone Stranger. . . . Funny how many beautiful things have come out of Hollywood–the most beautiful women in the world, and the sexiest men. Personally, I had a crush on Rock Hudson and Robert Goulet, Doris Day and Alyssa Milano. Even Ricardo Montalban. But they never come around so I can see them.
    California is a great state, I’m sure, and I’m rather static right now, but I hope that whatever is done is the best thing for California and the United States of America.

    • Tim

      What’s funny is you claim the most beautiful women and the sexiest men came from Hollywood. Those titles are given by magazines that promote the Hollywood lifestyle so they are biased. I’ve seen plenty of girls next door that are far more beautiful and sexier than anything Hollywood has produced. And by the way, Alyssa Milano was born in New York. Rock Hudson was born in Illinois. Robert Goulet was born in Massachusetts. Doris Day was born in Ohio. Even Ricardo Montalban was born in Mexico. None of these people were born in California, especially not Hollywood.

  • Salman Lodhi

    Chill out people, just stay positive and do your best. There is no place like home. Make it beautiful, work hard, put a smile on your face and contribute to your society. Go do that, step out and smile and think positively!

  • ollie daher

    All you hate California simply cause you’re nit used to the whole fast/sophisticated lifestyle.I was born and raised here and I enjiy living the cali lifestyle, the harded times get the more it adds to the whole pointbof scenic/sunny/money hungry california.I love driving my red Porsche carrera on a hot summet day after hitting up the bar for some pizza and beer.

    • Icats

      I use to love living here too. Use to be the best state. However wait until it moves into your community you will change your mind. Especially when you get your house broken into and someone keys or steals your car. Things changed in my town over night. Wait to you go to the grocery store and you are the only one with money and not an EBT card. Or when a decked out lady with six kids dressed up in top of the line clothes pulls out her EBT card to pay her 600 grocery bill including steak and lobster things you can’t afford anymore because the state keeps raising taxes and cutting the school budget (I’m a teacher). I lost 13,000 a year in my income due to budget cuts. I also went from 20 students to 35. Meanwhile CA keeps upping welfare benefits and housing families who have multiple kids and don’t work. Not to mention the benefits the inmate get in prison it’s more per year the students get. You can love it in Ca but I’m out. Peace.

      • Jim Stinnett

        Sounds like you’re one of those hillbillies that watches Faux Nooz to get your “facks” about California…

    • TheTruthFinder

      First of all, we don’t hate the state or even all the people it’s just the assumptive,snobby types like you we hate. Honestly I don’t care what car you drive. Brag all you want about your money-hungry population, and your ever-stressful and time-consuming fast,sophisticated lifestyles.You need A reality check and believe it or not, we have brains so most(or at least some) of us can find ways to adjust. By the way, did I mention I’m from Michigan? The SECOND worst state in the country! I could brag about my state like you did but I won’t. Oh and every state has some type of beauty why don’t you visit Michigan? Its just as or even MORE beautiful than California. Well okay I bragged a little:) For anyone who reads this…thanks:) Hope you enjoyed it!

  • Icats

    Moving to Florida in June. Ca is a welfare state. People who work (college degrees) live in worse conditions then single moms on section 8 living with their thug boyfriends. I currently live in Lancaster (ghetto) enough said. I’m out for good in a few months. im already packing.

    • destiny

      Everybody who works does not have a college degree. Your assumption that only highly educated people work hard is flawed (I have a college degree btw). I will agree that depending on what you went to school for you may be having a tougher time in California finding a decent paying career in your field, but that has NOTHING to do with welfare but the fact that the state is overpopulated and is not very business friendly (high taxes) so you’re up against steeper competition for fewer jobs. Also, Lancaster, Ca. has NEVER been known as a place of economic or cultural opportunity so I don’t know how you were expecting on improving your financial situation in such a city. It’s in the middle of no where for God’s sake. Like you said, its somewhat of a ghetto so of course you’re gonna be around a lot of welfare moms. California is a huge state. You should have considered have considered moving to another part of the state before leaving it all together.

  • Annie

    Amazing weather, nice beaches, friendly people, great UC system, cultural acceptance and diversity, huge technology innovation companies like Google, HP, and Apple.. Yeah, sounds pretty awful.

    • Fatima lopes

      I agree:-)))
      What an awful place:-))))
      I love California as well:-)))
      I have been trying to move there.
      I live in NY and can’t wait to move to your beautiful and sunny state:-))))

      • mike scott…….detroit mi

        Michigan sucks we all want to move there.

  • Polly

    California is a strange state… I think it’s beautiful, yes, but the people there left a VERY bad impression on me.

    • mike scott…..detroit MI

      Put it this way i live in michigan. Look up the facts of michigans laws and economy and hell all of the above and u will see that life in cali far exceeds that of a life in michigan. Ive had to sell like everything i own just to get by. Matter fact anytime i get something cool it has to be sold cause were so damn poor. Alls i got left is my dog, an old 12 gauge shot gun and i think 3 shells for the gun. Eventually when things get real bad im gonnah have to shoot the dog to eat and then looking further, i might have to turn around and point it in my own face. So dont be complaining ive been homeless in cali and i was livin better then
      than i am now.

  • Will we ever get to the bottom of this (oops), I think we already have, Now it’s time to get to the TOP of it and stay ABOVE it.

  • Hershey Brown

    Honestly I left California for 2 years I’m going thru withdrawal! ! Currently living N Louisiana. California systems beat da hell outta dis God forsaken place
    Terrible roads, no entertainment unless you go up New Orleans. Horrible school systems. So unless you like nosy neighborhoods and you can endure people who speak broken English have fun! I’m headed back To.The Golden State ~ where it’s Great! !

    • mike scott

      Hell yeh hunny!

  • APD

    I’ve lived in CA for 22 years. I have seen the decline in that state and every year it seemed to get worse. I just moved to Washington (state) and it is the best move that I have made. CA maybe okay to visit for a week, two weeks tops, but there is no way in hell I will ever move back and live there again. Period.

  • Jeff

    East coast all day. Ill take personality over sunshine any day. I won’t stereotype and say that everyone from California has a bad personality but for most it seems true. I have cousins who live in the bay area but I have been all over the state and every time I go there I am so amazed at how many stupid people are walking around. Too much sunshine and not enough books. It doesn’t help that they have this pompous attitude about being from CA, as if anyone outside your state cares. When I was in school in NY it was always funny talking to those freshmen fresh off the plane from CA. Total airheads at first. Nothing remotely intersting about their personality. Constantly talking about California and it’s weather blah blah blah. The Californians I know out here either left because they were too sensitive and couldn’t handle the personalities of the East coast or they adjusted and found themselves never wanting to go home. In addition the whole “laid back” thing is complete nonsense. Just because your sensitive and boring doesn’t mean your laid back. There are actual laid back people all over this country and a plethora out east.

    • Destiny

      What’s so stupid about talking about where you came from? I’m pretty sure when you were in California, you were talking about your life in NYC. You sound like you have a chip on your shoulder. Different environments usually produce different ways of thinking and different values. There is no need to insult anyone or call them stupid, because they have a different view on life than you do. You say some people on the East coast are just as laid back, but its clear that you’re not one of them.

      • mmafan3 .

        well said

    • Tiana

      And they always say people from NYC are all douchebags. I won’t say they all are, but you just proved a majority of them are. Not so fun when u flip the script huh? When you talk to everyone in california, then give me a call. Thats when you cann judge us.

    • mmafan3 .

      Seriously? The LOUDEST and most obnoxious people in college were from NY and NJ. Many have this obsession with letting everyone know they are from there and it’s not always pleasant. When Itraveled for work I hated going to these two places for this very reason, I’ll take Cali folks anyday of the week, be it NO or SOCAL.

  • dave

    Sounds like da horrible school system is also in cali

  • californiagirl

    As a California resident, I admit that I am biased. We are a city of innovators and dreamers. Not only do we live in a year-round temperate climate, but we also have 2 very happening metropolitan cities. Sure it’s not all peaches and cream, but we are a large state with a lot of people, and there are bound to be budgeting issues. Yes there is a disparity of wealth, which may account for the 20% needing aid, but you see that everywhere; It’s kind of a global issue. Just for your information, the average working person’s income here is $51,910 (5th highest average in the country, by the way, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). I find your reasons for not liking California to be very short-sighted, and while I don’t dispute that places like Stockton have been mismanaged, I do think that it’s pretty ridiculous to say the whole state is “a rotting, festering hellhole that is getting worse by the day”. And by the way, where are you getting all your information, it is very one sided”. Seeing as you are so disenchanted with my state, I hope you don’t live here, otherwise I would feel quite bad for you.

    • djbcali

      Just curious, what are the 2 metropolitan cities? I think we have a lot more than that. LA and San Diego? LA and San Francisco? Also, how does a disparity in wealth account for 20% needing aid? Are you suggesting that because lots of people are rich in CA, that necessitates that there are lots of poor people too? I don’t want you to feel picked on. I mostly agree with what you’re saying. In fact, I’m responding to you, above everyone else, because you made some good points and I’m curious to see your response.

    • Lindsay

      I live in California, and I just noticed you DO pay a lot for gas…..

    • debunk

      An avergage of $51,910 per income for california is horrible. You ignore the fact that the cost of living is one of the highest in America. However, places like Virginia have an avergage income right under 50k, and the cost of living isn’t bad.

      • Ben

        This makes me think of Australia. Sure, people get paid a lot, but the cost of EVERYTHING is extremely high…

  • I really don’t understand the whole point? If you don’t like California or Californians, there is a very simple solution: don’t live in or visit California, if you come across a Californian, avoid them.

    • Ta-Kuan Fuan

      Many Californians nowadays are transplants from other states or illegal immigrants.

      • Daisy

        Rethink what you said. Just saying.

    • Chill Pill

      This is for who hasn’t lived there and try to get info if CA is good place or not to live and people are sharing their experience

  • I Love California <3

    • James Guthrie

      California no longer exist.

  • sillywalks

    As a former California resident, I have to say that leaving that state was one of the best decisions I could have made. If you aren’t living in the highest tier of the income tax bracket or a University student then prepare for a pretty rough time. I lived in Modesto, Redding, Berkeley and South San Francisco. Not one of these places did I find enchanting or quaint. Shootings and robbery were prevalent in my neighborhood in Berkeley while Redding is slowly turning into the meth capitol of the country. Californians are (largely) just rude and obsessed with themselves. Who really cares about these booming metropolitan areas anyways? Tourists? The homeless? I couldn’t afford to take advantage of anything the cities had to offer because I was too busy working to pay my rent (which was insanely expensive I might add) and I couldn’t afford to go to school and still pay bills. First chance I had I got out of there. I now live in Kansas, I can afford to go to university, the people are nice and the cost of living is so reasonable I can afford to go on vacations. The weather isn’t sunny skies all year round, but the sometimes erratic weather adds a certain ebb and flow to life. California is just overrated and the media just perpetuates the hype. There’s this idea that all of California is Hollywood and the beach. Well, it isn’t. It’s life below the poverty line and a separation wealth and people with too much time on their hands.

    • Nica

      I know I am late but thanks for sharing your experience! I was thinking of moving there but now I am rethinking the whole thing! I think the whole perception of Cali is bad. It’s weather & celebrities that makes every one nuts & think it’s the best state in the world.

    • mmafan3 .

      Excellent assessment. I think too many people come with a high set of expectations,, but when the reality hits, the fantasy is over. I visited Ca. with my parents in the late 60s, was stationed there in the 80s and haven’t returned since. I would like to visit SOCAL at some point in the near future, but would never live there with the current state of things.

  • Jen

    NY state sales tax is 8%, and has been for a long time.

  • Rob

    California is a nice place to visit on a corporate expense account but I would not want to live (or pay taxes) there.

  • B

    It’s funny how people pick from the cherry tree! Every place has its woes – California’s are no worse than any other states. The HUGE difference is that CA is the most beautiful state, great education system, diverse, lots to do. The state now has a surplus, the weather is phenomenal. I find the people who knock CA are people from thd Midwest and southern states, which are NOT progressive, ARE red states, cost of living is cheap but people are (generally) uneducated, on welfare, busy being bigots… Next time you rag on CA, remember that we are the 8th largest economy in the world and it is us (and other states like us with money) that subsidize the low cost of living in your state because “y’all” don’t think you should have to pay for things like public roads, edumucational institutions, and social services. California is beautiful, crazy, awesome, tasty, wonderful – those are facts! That’s why so many people want to live here and do live here. People also forget to mention that you can earn a living wage here – Walmart does not own CA. I spent a few regrettable and miserable years in Texass and thd disparity between rich and poor is HUGE. CA has a true middle class – a large number of people who aren’t super rich but can afford to have a nice home, raise a family, and save for college and retirement, and not be stretched too thin. Go look at the stats for teen pregnancy, crime, poverty, education, etc…, in red states and you will find the rates to be consistently higher than they are in blue states, esp CA… Nice things aren’t free.

    • Guest

      I find it funny that you state opinions as facts. Beautiful, crazy, awesome, tasty, and wonderful are all relative words to whoever’s opinion they apply to. Blythe is in CA (bet you didn’t know that, most Cali people look at me funny when I tell them where I’m from) and doesn’t have “amazing”weather. Places like the Appalacians are sure as hell more beautiful than this dust pit of a desert in SoCal (El Centro to Blythe/Needles is a depressing DUMP). I’ll agree with Cali having nice weather if you happen to live along the coast though. Just remember though, California also includes those places that hit 125 degrees in the summertime, and stay well above 100 for 7 months at a time.

    • Kristof

      The educational system in CA is no where close to being good. You must not have kid(s). CA is also the host to many corporate welfare recipients compared to other states. And it seems everyone turns a blind eye to it. The crime rate in CA is out of control for it’s insanely liberal views on firearms. And CA financial status is not so hot since it’s been tip toeing around going bankrupt. It’s size of economy means nothing. It has been slipping lower and lower. CA is also one of the least freest states. Just behind NY we have more laws than 48 other states.
      What is really nice about CA is it’s Mediterranean climate and it’s native landscape. There are outstanding microbreweries here. And for the most part, you can grow any kind of veggie or fruit year round without having to hunker down for snow fall. But I just don’t think that out weights the poor political leaders that have been in the same seat for years on end. Jerry Brown as Gov. for the 3rd time? Sad. And folks from the midwest (like myself) are far more friendly and what I learned in our senier year of high school is what they were teaching us as freshman at UC Berkeley.
      The cost of living in most desirable places is far to out of reach for many “normal” wage earning folks. It’s out of proportion really. $3K for a 650 sq ft apt and you can not even have a dog nor do regular maintenance on your vehicle. Only in CA will you find free range/organic eggs for $5-8 for a dozen.
      Now for my opinions. I’ve experienced far too many negative things here that make me really dislike/hate the state. California’s policies are half backwards. The bay area is insanely violent. Even the “good” areas. Now the A**holes are going into the nice areas more often. The taxes here are out of control. And I don’t even have health insurance b/c I can’t afford to. After taxes on a pay check, rent, gas, and food. I’m freakin broke. Sure I only make $30hr. But it doesn’t go far. For a state that claims to be progressive. I’ve witness just as much racism here as I did when I lived in the south. But in CA it’s the blacks that are most racist. You can’t park a car without a parking ticket on your window or having to feed a meter. Maybe that falls under more taxes! The beach in Northern CA are cold and filthy. SoCal is just out of the way for a beach.

      • Sean

        really education system nowhere close to being good? What about UC Berkeley the best public school in the country or Stanford or Cal Tech?

        • BronzeChariot

          Yes there are good colleges in CA but the public schools (elem and h.s) are HORRIBLE. I’ve been to them for a short while they are really terrible. I was homeschooled through elementary school and finished high school at an international school in another country. Both were far better.

    • Tim Smith

      I’ll stay in my RED state. You guys can keep your gangs, forest fires, earthquakes, mudslides, queer marriages, Libertards, High taxes, High Gas prices, and cities going bankrupt.

      • Jack

        You forgot to add to that list the millions of uneducated illegal Mexicans flood the streets with their country flags while asking for amnesty!

        • Daisy

          Some these called illegal Mexicans come for a better futute. Nobody is really orginally from the united states everybody came from different place before it became the place it is.

      • alwaysright

        We’re glad you’re not coming, we can’t stand bigots like you.. Stay put creepy !

      • Nica


      • mmafan3 .

        PLEASE stay where you are, lol

    • James Guthrie

      You mean regressive you commie IDIOT.

  • destiny

    Of course California has more unemployed people, higher crime rates, and more foreclosure than other smaller, less populous states. It makes perfect sense.

  • Not Conservative Garbage

    Conservative Garbage.

  • Nozferatu

    This article should be titled ”

    22 Facts About The USA That Make You Wonder Why Anyone Would Still Want To Live In That Hellhole Of A Country

  • John

    I lived in San Diego back in the 70s and had a great time. I’m thinking of moving back, but the real estate prices seem a bit over the top. Even a one bedroom condo at the beach can cost $500K. That’s a lot of money. Then again, so what? Compared to some of the rest of the USA, California is a great place. Maybe it would be worth it.

  • nolackawanna

    People find reasons to complain about all cities. One could can justifiably complain that NY has lousy weather, snobby people who think NY is the only place to live, a failing infrastructure, ridiculously high rents, a crappy subway system, and a noisy, frenetic pace. One might complain that Los Angeles has terrible smog, hideous traffic, a woeful lack of culture, a disproportionate amount of natural disasters, crappy roads, and plastic people. But you have to also look at the reasons so many people flock to NY and LA. It all depends on what you value.

    The truth is more people are concerned with what they can get from a city than what they can bring to it. People whine about the way things are, but nobody talks about what can be done to improve it.

    I’ll tell you where you could start: by improving your command of the English language. 95% of the replies to this post could be disregarded if only because of faulty punctuation, bad spelling, and sloppy composition. If you want to be taken seriously, if you want others to respect what you have to say, earn their attention and respect by the intelligence and care you put into your written word. One of the reason this country is in decline is that too many people believe that spelling, punctuation, and grammar are not important. There’s nothing farther from the truth: how you communication is everything.

    And please don’t hurl at me that tired cliché of an epithet: grammar Nazi. I’m just a person who reveres the English language and wishes everyone would treat it as conscientiously as I do.

    And yes, the California sunshine rocks. (But I still miss the NYPL.)

  • Dan

    I agree California is very much a Hell Hole. That’s why I moved to Las Vegas. In California, it’s hard to get a job if you don’t speak Spanish. Most of the buildings have bedbugs. The parking is so bad that you have to sometimes wait in your car 45 minutes for a parking spot to open up plus you have to move your car twice a week for the street cleaning otherwise your car gets towed. In LA there’s a parking sign pole with 5 signs on it for different restrictions do not park here times. You can wait 35 hours in the Emergency rooms because all the illegals are having their babies there because our tax dollars are paying for it. The doctors don’t mind because they are getting rich by charging the government which charges us. California is a Hell hole because it runs on Keynesian economics. That’s where the people expect the government to do everything forgetting that when the Federal reserve prints money or nowadays adds zeros to banks accounts of special interests, the value of our money goes down. Why do you think the average new car costs $30,000 as opposed to $300 as it did $100 years ago. Stop voting for people who want to spend us into oblivion.

  • arsenalgirl1

    if you think that #3 The state of California currently has the third highest state income tax in the nation: a 9.55% tax bracket at $47,055 and a 10.55% bracket at $1,000,000 is bad …………. then you should consider what us brits pay – 20% at £9,400 and 40% at £32,000. so in your terms : your taxed 20% at $15,500 and 40% at $52,500. bet that 10.55% feels a bit better now!!!

  • regrets

    Try living somewhere else and you will find that when you take all of life’s expenses and challenges into the equation, that California is the Promised Land. I relocated to Iowa thinking that life could be better somewhere else and found that what the midwest thieves don’t steal from you, the never ending expenses of just getting by in a place like this will drain ALL of your resources. It will suck the life right out of you. The crime rate, drug use, sex crimes, child abuse, you name it, is rampant here. There are all and then some, of the problems encountered in California and yet, none of the advantages. There is no where and no one to turn to. So, get out if you think it’s so bad in California. I’ve made my mistake and if I ever get to come home, I will never leave again.

  • Brianna Flores

    $100 an oz for danks though, and alcohol is hella cheap

  • marylandlocal

    Obviously none of you have ever been to Maryland. It’s a crap hole and the locals make it a million times worse. The crime is astronomical and the weather is bipolar. Not to mention the cost of living is no picnic either. Quit bellyaching about Cali. At least it’s beautiful.

  • marc

    Funny, this blog. I think that the fires, tsunamis and earthquakes would seriously worry me. Although, I lived in Australia for several years and the bush fires are a serious issue there as well ! No earthquakes though.

    As a European I can tell you this: in Belgium the income tax is 55% for the tax bracket starting at $ 30,000 – $ 47,055 and petrol is twice the price compared to the US so I would probably survive the Californian taxes. Although in some places of Europe you do get a lot of free stuff like free motorway travel, dirtcheap healthcare and excellent street lighting.

    Gangs and shootings are still extremely rare in Europe although some parts of the suburbs in London and Paris are slowely going down that path. This is still nothing compared to what you see in LA and Sacramento though. I also lived Poughkeepsie (NY) for two years and shootings happened on a daily basis there as well so I wonder where to go next for a safer life.

    I am surprised to read that shootings take place in Berkeley, a place with an international reputation !

  • T.L.K.

    I completely understand where you are coming from as I see
    these problems all throughout Southern California. I’m so sad to hear it is
    happening in Lake Tahoe as well. What is to be expected when such a large
    population of poverty is imported across the border? I see teachers becoming
    hopeless over the unbelievable challenges they face in the classroom due to the
    social issues brought into the learning environment. This is ongoing and most
    teachers I know are just hoping to make it to retirement. They have lost hope.
    There are exceptions, but the rule, most of all is poverty of mind, breeds more
    of the same. We are in a crisis here. We are moving out of So Cal due to the dysfunction
    we see constantly. Maybe check out Portland, OR. It has a lot to offer. It does
    rain a lot, but the air is clean, and there is a lot less of the low class type
    of people.

  • Jim Stinnett

    California is awful, stay away!

  • two beers

    if you wish to leave california and move to another state you will be welcomed BUT leave your west coast ideas behind and don’t try to turn your new home into the mess you left.

  • californian

    I live in California city CA and it’s filled with potheads and crime and gun laws aren’t helping we can’t even defend ourselves now

  • smartwater

    From what i heard the east dont have many backstabbers as does cali

  • Alan

    From 1985 onwards, I lived and worked in Southern California for over 20 years.
    I left in 2007 and vowed NEVER to return. It’s an awful place to live now and the cost of living is completely insane!

  • sdfsfsdfsdfsd

    Left California for Seattle. Really strange to be around people that have personalities rather than a weird robotic self-absorption, but I like it. Oh, and the women there are hideous.

    • Blueborn

      Considering I am a female…I agree with you on all counts but that last one ;).

  • Jess

    Honestly reading these comments about people saying how we Californians have crappy personalities is ridiculous. People are people and no matter where we come from we will always be different. Not every Californian is the same, we are not all rich stuck up people and its not always sunshine over here either. In fact it’s raining terribly outside of my home right now. California is not the best place to live but it is for me. It’s my home, and so is it for everybody else in California. Trash talking California is going to benefit you in any way. Not only that but listing off all the bad things about this place is not going to change anybody’s mind about this state. Not every place is perfect, in fact I think I could list off ten or fifteen bad things about each state. But still, California is home to many people and myself. I respect your opinion but still..it’s a home.

  • Scrambler

    Wow, I realize this article is old but it is EXACTLY, word for word what my coworkers here in Hillsboro Oregon say about California almost every day of the year. Some of the more entertaining quips/quotes come from my biologist/chemist coworkers….”my uncle lives in Los..Las.. something or other California and he says it has not rained since 1983″ “When you buy any home in California you are required by law to purchase gang violence insurance” When I tried to explain the Feather River/Oroville Dam water storage facility, they called me a liar because they knew for fact that there are no mts in California with snow on them” These people are FAR more ignorant than any backwoods Southerner I have met.

  • Cloud Dweller

    It is Mexico now and thy have been “allowed”by cowardly Americans to take over.America is not a country nor is
    California a state…..no borders.
    Without White European”stock” it will “ALL” crumble.
    Whites invented everything you see……………..everything!

  • Erik I

    *sees 17* AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! XD

  • schwinndog


  • Derrick Hoel

    Tennessee has a higher combined sales/local tax at 9.25%. They tax food here also, but I imagine it is cheaper to live here as a whole.

  • lightingengineer

    The problem with California is creeping democratic socialism where the self reliant and industrious are outnumbered by the lazy, corrupt, and envious who progressively kill value creation through income redistributing taxes, laws, and regulations that take away the personal incentive to create value. This results in the masses sharing scarcity instead of wealth.

  • Here we go again. The governments are always responsible. Not the people. Debt, debt, debt. All of this debt is the government’s fault, absolutely. Governments are notorious for debt. To overspend is a normality for government. Think of this: the government pays themself first, foremost. And, they will pay all government pensions, to government officials, first. Does anyone know the cost of government?

  • Please stop this. This is nothing to do with the people themselves. This is a government concern. Debt. Debt is not the fault of the peoples of any state. Overspending is a rotten thing one by a few for the reasons of impressing the many of what a great job the few are doing. Follow? Stop screaming ” deficit”. Governing includes the governing of finance. Perhaps?