21 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Have Become Training Centers For Sexual Deviancy

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21 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Have Become Training Centers For Sexual DeviancyWhy do men and women have a such a hard time relating to each other in a meaningful way in America today?  Could our oversexed culture have anything to do with it?  In the United States today, we are constantly being bombarded with sexual messages.  Just think about it.  Did you watch the Super Bowl a few weeks ago?  Most of the commercials were about sex on some level, and the “halftime show” featuring Beyonce might as well have been a strip club act.  It was utterly shameful.  But in America today, all of this is considered to be “normal”.  We literally worship sex, and we can never get enough of it.  And of course the results of such a society are predictable.  There are 20 million new sexually-transmitted infections in the U.S. each year, we have the highest teen pregnancy rate on the planet, and it is estimated that one out of every four girls in the U.S. is sexually abused before they become adults.  This culture of sex is pushed on our children from a very early age, and at this point it would be quite accurate to say that U.S. public schools have become training centers for sexual deviancy.  A lot of people focus on “sex education” as the problem, but the truth is that it goes much deeper than that.  Sex education only lasts for a few weeks at most.  The much bigger problem is the fact that an obsession with sex literally permeates our schools.  If parents could only eavesdrop on the conversations that our teens are having, they would be absolutely horrified.  Thanks to endless brainwashing by the mainstream media, our teens are absolutely addicted to a sexual atmosphere.  Every form of entertainment that they enjoy is soaked with sexual imagery, and lust and sex are never far from their minds when they relate to members of the opposite sex (or sometimes the same sex).  So should we really be surprised that students are having sex with each other in the hallways of our schools?  Should we be surprised that young teachers are taking advantage of our students sexually behind closed doors?  We have created a society that is sexually supercharged, and what we are witnessing now are the predictable results of the very foolish decisions that we have made.


The following are 21 signs that U.S. public schools have become training centers for sexual deviancy…

#1 There is a raging epidemic of sexually-transmitted diseases among our young people.  According to the latest figures released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, there are 20 million new sexually-transmitted infections in the United States every single year, and Americans between the ages of 15 and 24 account for approximately 50 percent of those new sexually-transmitted infections.

#2 Many of our teens our catching diseases that they can’t even pronounce correctly.  There were more than 1.4 million cases of chlamydia reported in the United States in 2011.  An astounding 33 percent of those cases involved Americans that were younger than 20 years of age.

#3 At this point, one out of every four teen girls in the U.S. has at least one sexually transmitted disease.  How high does that number have to go before we admit that there is a problem?

#4 Apparently, all of the propaganda about “safe sex” is not really working very well.  According to one survey, 24 percent of all U.S. teens that have an STD say that they still have unprotected sex.

#5 When you take morality out of public life, the results are predictable.  In the United States today, approximately 47 percent of all high school students have had sex.

#6 Many of our young people seem to not understand the value of waiting until marriage to become a mother.  Amazingly, one out of every five teen girls in the U.S. actually wants to be a teenage mother.

#7 When I was growing up, I don’t remember a single girl being pregnant at my high school.  But today all of that has changed.  A couple of years ago it was being reported that 86 teen girls at one high school in Memphis, Tennessee were either pregnant or had recently given birth.

#8 If you can believe it, the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate on the entire planet.  In fact, the United States has a teen pregnancy rate that is more than twice as high as Canada, more than three times as high as France and more than seven times as high as Japan.

#9 Increasingly, oral sex is being promoted to our young people as a “safer” form of sex.  According to shocking research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately two-thirds of all Americans in the 15 to 24 year old age bracket have engaged in oral sex.

#10 Sex “education” has become much more about “indoctrination” in recent years.  One recent example of this trend was detailed in the New York Times

IMAGINE you have a 10- or 11-year-old child, just entering a public middle school. How would you feel if, as part of a class ostensibly about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, he and his classmates were given “risk cards” that graphically named a variety of solitary and mutual sex acts? Or if, in another lesson, he was encouraged to disregard what you told him about sex, and to rely instead on teachers and health clinic staff members?

That prospect would horrify most parents. But such lessons are part of a middle-school curriculum that Dennis M. Walcott, the New York City schools chancellor, has recommended for his system’s newly mandated sex-education classes. There is a parental “opt out,” but it is very limited, covering classes on contraception and birth control.

#11 Sexual “experimentation” among our teens is reaching heights never seen before.  According to one recent study, sexual contact between teen girls in the United States is now at the highest level ever recorded.

#12 In America today, sex in public school hallways has become a common occurrence.  In a recent article about Detroit, I shared a quote from one of my readers that actually attended one of the “best” public schools in Detroit…

The school was a new seven story building just a couple of years old. The bathrooms would often lack toilet paper & soap beyond the second floor (the main floor), the bathroom sinks would often not work. The water fountains on north side of the building on from the third floor & up did not work. The elevators would constantly break down. I even got stuck on the elevator before. I almost tripped down a half a flight of stairs because the elastic seal (it was the metal bar at the front of a treader of I don’t know the name of it.) the stairs was not properly installed.

Students would often have sex on the stairs & throughout the school. Parents actually called the school many times & reported kids having sex on the stairs because all of them had glass windows 270 degrees.

#13 Would you feel okay about your teenage girl sharing a bathroom with boys?  In the state of Massachusetts, boys will now be able to freely use girls restrooms and girls locker rooms if it makes them feel more “comfortable”.

#14 One of the results of our “culture of sex” has been an explosion in the number of babies being born outside of marriage.  For women under the age of 30 living in the United States today, more than half of all babies are being born out of wedlock.

#15 Being a single parent is incredibly hard, but more U.S. children are being raised by just one parent than ever before.  At this point, more than one out of every four children in the United States is being raised by a single parent.

#16 Thanks to our “sexual revolution”, men and women are having a harder time than ever relating to each other in a meaningful way.  Our young people are being taught that marriage is a “burden” and that they should delay it for as long as possible.  Today, an all-time low 44.2 percent of all Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are married.

#17 There is an epidemic of sex between teachers and students in the United States.  In fact, for some teachers one student is just simply not enough.  For example, a 33-year-old art teacher down in Arizona was charged with having sex with four of her male students.

#18 A former high school English teacher down in Texas has that teacher beat.  She has been accused of having sex with five different male students.  The most disturbing part of her story is that she is a mother of three children and her husband is serving this country in the U.S. Army.

#19 But a high school teacher down in Georgia has both of them beat.  She was recently charged with having sex with seven of her students.

#20 Sometimes even teachers that have been convicted of having sex with a student cannot stop themselves.  For example, there was one case where a probation officer found a student that a teacher had been convicted of having sex with previously hiding in her closet

Lisa Lavoie, the former Holyoke teacher who plead guilty after having a relationship with a student, has been charged with violating her probation after the student she had a relationship with was found hiding in her closet.

Back in February 2009, Lavoie ran off with one of her students, who was 15-year-old at the time. Lavoie was a teacher at the Donahue School on Whiting Farms Road in Holyoke.

The pair was found several days later in a motel room in West Virginia. Lavoie pleaded guilty to three counts of statutory rape and one count of enticement of a child in January 2011. She was sentenced to five years probation.

#21 Sadly, there are more stories of teachers having sex with their students in the news almost every single day.  The following are just a few of the teacher sex news stories from just this past week…

N.J. teacher, baseball instructor, admits to sex with 14-year-old girl, authorities say

Sheriff’s deputy and teacher arrested on charges of sexual exploitation of a child in Douglas County

Onamia Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student

Former Mesquite teacher pleads guilty to sexual relationship with student

Pregnant teacher says sex with teen ‘just happened’

Are you starting to see that there is a problem?

What are you seeing where you live?

Do you believe that U.S. public schools have become training centers for sexual deviancy?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

Are You Sure You Want To Send Your Kid To A Public School?

  • Gory

    Tax the rich!!!!!

    • Kritischer_Realist


      • 2Gary2

        becausethey have stolen our productivity increases.

        • Kritischer_Realist

          If they really did you should sue them. Stealing is a crime.

          • 2Gary2

            that suit would be taxing then hard and spreading the wealth.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            You can’t “spread” wealth. By “spreading” wealth you only destroy it. That has been proven again and again.

            Although the leftists deny it, wealth is nothing without the people that create it. There is a reason that some people are rich and others are not.

            After the “spreaded” wealth has been consumed it will be the same people that are rich and the same that cry for having nothing.

          • 2Gary2

            it is the workers who create the wealth so I am glad we agree.

            Spreading the wealth is ongoing so there is no Spreaded as in past tense.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            We do not agree at all. Workers do what they are told. They HELP generating wealth, but they don’t do that on their own. A company is like a car, that does not run without wheels – i.e. the workers. But a car is much more than just wheels.

          • 2Gary2

            but the car will go nowhere with out wheels so we are right back to where we started. Everyone creates the wealth.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            Everbody has his share. But the shares are not of the same size. You pay much more for the engine of the car than for the wheels. Wheels are necessary, but they can and will be replaced easily.

          • 2Gary2

            again the engine is worth nothing with out the wheels. You can buy cheap wheels but they will not last and turnover is expensive. There is a high cost to low price.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            What I try to explain to you is the fact that a company needs all its employees as the the car needs all its parts. But some people are much more worth than others, such as the wheels are cheaper and easier to replace as the engine.

            To work properly a company needs to pay more to the more important people – or it will go bankrupt.

          • 2Gary2

            only as strong as the weakest link

          • Kritischer_Realist

            It is the duty of a wise entrepeneur do detect weak links and replace them with stronger ones.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            Spreading wealth might destroy it, but that does not mean that some of the rich people who make their money off of scams and disgusting practices should go unpunished.

            Also, instead of spreading wealth, we should try spreading opportunity. Yet, greed will forever put a damper in that idea.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            Let’s not talk about people who got rich by committing criminal acts. They should be dealt with by police and courts.

            Burt I do not understand why you seem to condemn greed. You should read “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. Then you would see that greed is the greatest virtue of all.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            Actually, greed hurts the greedy as much as it hurts those who are hurt by the greedy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t propose collectivisation of all private property etc. Not at all but greed is what is leading to the destruction of the environment. Well, that’s EXTREMELY bad because we depend on the environment for our food, shelter, and a decent standard of living. Have you ever heard of the nomads who arrived at Easter Island back in the day? They thrived for a bit, but they started cutting all of their trees down until they had no more. Once there were no more trees, there was no more reproduction of trees so the Islanders were stuck on the Island. They could not build any rafts or build any more shelters and they starved to death.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            Greed does not hurt, greed makes you rich. And greed knows that you should use resources, not destroy them. The nomads on Easter Island were not greedy, they were just plain dumb.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            Greed makes you stupid. It’s no different than lust which we all know inhibits our ability to think straight.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            Greed is the greatest virtue of all. And you have to think very clearly to reach the goals that are set by your greed.

          • 2Gary2

            you are a d-bag. ayn rand? that is an adolescent crap.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            What a profound analysis!

            You clearly have reached the end of your arguments.

          • 2Gary2

            No I was just stunned that anyone would praise ayn rand the atheist who her self took gov aid.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            I do not praise the person, I praise her philosophy. And by the way: I would take take government help myself, if I could get it. Everybody would do this.

            That is one of the important reasons for the government not giving »help« to anybody.

          • DiscouragedOne

            You mean the ones that have not yet moved themselves, their available jobs, or both out of this country. Many are already gone and as Obama keeps it up that will only increase.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            Yes. It is as in every civilized country of today: people with »needs« are coming and expect to get »help«, and the politicians welcome them. But the people that are needed try to leave their respective country and find a place where they are not plundered to feed strangers with no skills.

        • liberalliar

          Capitalism is the cause for America’s superiority. Now, that liberals are swarming, our country will soon die. And hopefully, the liberals with it…

          • 2Gary2

            yea hows that capitalism thing workin out for the majority of the people?

          • Kritischer_Realist

            Very good. Americans are some of the richest people in the world.

          • IHadAV8

            Dude, it’s the socialist commies in control at the moment. And if you don’t know that, you are the uninformed one living under a rock somewhere. Oh . . . wait . . . no. You would be the loser dude on food stamps having a sexual romp in your government assisted housing bought and paid for by the fella who went to work to support your lazy butt.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            It’s not accurate to blame one party or political ideal for all of our woes. Capitalism has done a lot of harm. Now, I do not believe that working for an employer is exploitation in itself, but it can quickly become exploitation when employers start working their employees like dogs because they know that their employees know that they are replaceable. We see this now in Authoritarian Capitalist China, and we see it with illegals coming up from Mexico and willing to work for less. Furthermore, an unregulated market only works for a limited amount of time until power seeps into a few hands. Communism hasn’t led to a few corporations controlling most of our food production, media etc., Capitalism has.

            A lot of liberals are NOT helping the problem though. For instance, I was perusing a ‘liberal’ site the other day and saw an article that incited a lot rage, from women especially. It was an article about a woman getting arrested and put in jail for 6 months for baring her chest. Don’t get me wrong, the sentence was overly harsh, but the whole time I was going through the vitriolic comments, I couldn’t help but be disgusted. Our economy is failing, our standard of living sharply falling, our education system in dire need of reform, illegal immigrants flooding the nation, the environment turning on us, our oceans and air being polluted, cancer on the rise, need of alternative energy, and the whole time this is going on, the world is destabilising around us. Rather people should be allowed to bare their chests in public or not should be the least of our worries. We have more important priorities.

    • who’s going to give you a job

      • 2Gary2

        people that have money to spend and actually spend it–the middle class is the real job creators as they generate demand,

        • liberalliar

          The middle class are middle class because of capitalism. Moron!

          • 2Gary2

            that capitalism thingy is not working out too well for the vast majority of the people

        • DiscouragedOne

          They don’t have the money anymore, guess you will have to starve in the streets.

    • 2Gary2

      works for me

  • Richard

    I quit going to school about 4 years ago and I seen it all. The sex was way out of control. They had sex in the bathroom, the auditorium, under the gym bleachers. There was literally 5 pregnant girls in just ONE of my classes. And the school’s solution to this? Nothing….Most the time they didn’t have a clue it was happening. You were a “rat” or a “goody two shoes” for reporting it, but when you’re a teenager you have that choice if it’s right or wrong, I thought it was wrong. My parents taught me all of that was wrong. I refused to have sex or experiment when I was that young not only because it was wrong, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it. You get called a fag or that your gay, but that’s not the point. Some of us do have parents that teach us morals, that the schools cannot destroy.

    I quit going to school and got my GED a year ago, and I don’t regret it at all.

  • Kritischer_Realist

    The »sexualization of society«

    • 2Gary2

      excuses me while I barf–its the conservatives who want to repress sex that is the root of the problems.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I think it was the Hippies that started the “free love” thing. Honestly, I am younger than the Hippies but I did know a few when I was younger, and they were NOT what they pretended to be, you found that out the second you didn’t agree with their opinion.

      • Kritischer_Realist

        Correct. They were communists with flowers in their hair.

  • Synick46

    Add this: Having an opinion about sexual morality or “saving yourself for marriage” is constantly portrayed as “uncool”, “out-of-date” or politically incorrect. Those of us who hold such opinions need to speak out and so those members of the younger generations who share these opinions–and they DO exist–can be encouraged to stay the course.

    • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

      I understand you exactly. I’ve made the mistake of expressing my moderate opinion before on a leftie forum, and was viciously attacked for it. Not a very progressive thing coming from supposed ‘progressives’.

      • Colin

        In an opinion I posted in response to this article, I was identified by another blogger as a communist. For right wingers, communism has become a word with derisive connotations and is used to label and stereotype left wingers. This word is raised when a right winger doesn’t agree with a left winger.

        • 2Gary2

          right wingers are small minded dolts. There have been numerous studies proving this, as well as the reality you can see before your own eyes.

          • Colin

            Not all right wingers are small minded dolts. I like Michael Steele. The major issue with them is that they have been pulled into extremism by enforcing a litmus test whose criteria was rewritten by a minority within their party (the Tea Partiers). The situation is so dire that even a hero of their party, Ronald Reagan, would have no standing in their party now. For example, he supported 11 tax increases – an unconscionable sin in the contemporary party.

          • 2Gary2

            Obama is the best moderate republican ever.

          • Gregory

            Are you gonna be witness of the sex?

          • american

            Name numerous studies, unless you are just lying, which is what hedonists and liberals do all the time.

          • Gary’s imaginary friend

            Now Gary, you are showing your arrested development and calling people names again .Just because “Right wingers” don’t have your sexual prowess doesn’t mean they are dolts. Just go ahead and link to a few of these studies and you can go back to being the sexual dynamo that you are big guy. Look out ladies or Men or both.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            That name! XD

        • american

          On the left wing are communist, epitomized in the 75 year experiment in misery known as the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics. On the right wing are Nazis, the German National Socialist Worker’s Party. Note both are socialists. The whole bird is socialist. There is no place on that bird for conservatives, or true Republic-cans.

  • Tim

    “When I was growing up, I don’t remember a single girl being pregnant at my high school.”

    I’m surprised to hear that. I’m just a few years younger than you. I went to a high school in Maryland, and I remember quite a few girls who had gotten pregnant. It was a big school–the only one in the county at the time. I started 9th grade in 1989, and I recall that it was like a sexual revolution! I wish I hadn’t had to go through the public school system. But my mother was raising my siblings and I on her own, so homeschooling wasn’t an option. Besides, at that time, I wasn’t a Christian, and I couldn’t have cared less about what I was being exposed to in the school system.

    • interestedobserver2

      On the other hand, when I was in high school in the ’70’s there were a total of five girls in my entire four years of high school that wound up pregnant, and all of them were considered somewhat “trashy” by the kids. And at that we had one of the higher teen-pregnancy rates in the school district. As an aside, my graduating class in ’78 was almost a thousand students. We actually had more kids DIE than got pregnant.

    • kim

      I was in high school from 79-82 and yeap, only one girl pregnant. Time’s achangin’

      • While I went 82-85, only one teen pregnancy in my class too.

        • 2Gary2

          did you get that one pregnant?

          • liberalliar

            Again, a moron

          • 2Gary2

            you didn’t answer the question so I assume yes!

          • Viking


          • That’s all he does.Another Obama-noid pervert thinking he’s clever.Now that “the closet”doesn’t exist(unless you are a Christian),these pervs get into everything!LOL!

        • WM

          For me it was 80-84, so we are close, and I too can only remember 1 girl got pregnant, and I went to a rural regional school, (6 towns in one school). Drinking and a little pot was the major problems, as well as a good amount of “making out”, at dances, but the girls were NO WHERE near as uninhibited as the young girls are today. (young men tell me some disturbing stories). We never had any issues with drugs or any gun/gang violence whatsoever. I would say the biggest trouble we got into was speeding around in our casr and vurning the tires off every chance we got, LOL!!! Oh, those were good days…you remember, when cars had rear wheel drive?

          I never played video games, and of course no internet or texting back then….how did we survive???LOL!!!

    • Kritischer_Realist

      Maryland is New England and thus prone to communist infiltration.

      • 2Gary2

        its mainly the red states that consume the porn etc.

    • jd

      I graduated in ’86. 3 senior girls were pregnant – I knew of none before then. Oddly, the 3 were all friends and about as far along, so it was very odd. I knew of none before them while I was in high school, so it was new.

    • I was in junior high in 1977, and I remember 12-year-old Felicia getting pregnant.

    • Helena

      I went to school in Sweden 89-02 and the only teen pregnacies I have ever even heard about in my school was when I spent 4 months in a High school in Florida. Contraception anyone?? This is one of the most important parts of building an equal society. It does not make people have more sex either, if that is what everybody is scared of. Just less kids without fit parents out there.

  • Arty

    You sir, are a bigot, and a moron.
    And I bet you vote democrat.

    • brian

      I vote democrat and am not a bigot keep in mind your vote don’t mean jack

      • interestedobserver2

        Too true! I mean if our votes actually counted and weren’t stolen or electronically changed to something else, Obama wouldn’t even be President right now!

    • kim

      How is he a bigot, a moron and a democrat when he is just bringing out facts??

      • 2Gary2

        conservatives are low information fools who call everything they do not understand communist. Because they do not understand much you hear the communism term being used quite a lot on this site. This is in a way good as it shows everyone how low information they are but bad as they are allowed to vote. Fortunatily conservatives are on the wrong side of demographics and are soon to go bye bye

        • liberalliar

          Those who profess to wise in their own eyes are fools and are the dumbest of them all… Go back under the bridge you troll!

        • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

          I don’t like to generalise so I wouldn’t say ALL conservatives refer to things that aren’t actually communism as communist. However, I have seen a few do this, but there are uniformed and ignorant people from all places within the political spectrum.

        • Robert (qslv)

          Gary never told us whether he is a producer or a parasite.

  • Tim

    I think you need to filter the Facebook comments, if there’s a way of doing that.

  • RB

    Utterly shocked…when did this ever become ok? Following and promoting principles of purity, true self-love and love for others would never have led to such detrimental results. It’s evident…..Something’s gotta change.

    • brian

      this thing has been happening long before you and I were born nothing is new

  • piccadillybabe

    But yet many women cannot conceive and many men need pharmaceuticals to be able to perform. Perhaps all this suggestive inuendo we see in the media is there to help boost birth rates which are in sharp decline and business is bad enough as it is. Just saying………

    • interestedobserver2

      So your solution to that statistically small problem is to propagandize grade school kids with sexual information minus any kind of moral guidance, and then plunge hormone-ridden teens into the midst of it without any sense of their limitations? Good idea! I hope when your daughter gets knocked up by some kid she can’t even identify for sure, you take a moment to consider how well your “solution” worked.

  • brian

    this is nothing new since marry K this has been an on going thing and this has been going on with male and female teachers some I would say consensual and I would say non conseunlal we need to hear from the alledge victims as how this came about I have to admit I had a crush on my 4th grade teacher I would act up just to get the paddle from her I prefred to get a spanking from my 4th grade teacher then from my mother even though my mother was a great looking lady herself
    but there are abuse we need to find away to keep this from exploding but they treat sex if it is a popular trend women now of days will try to set a trend more often then men will it is like this if a lady has a pair of nice boots other women will want the same boots period nothing against women but they are on the same web page as the others very universial in contrast

  • Michael McNew

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFmIEIOvwGY The video here, “The Psychology of a Cultivated Society” gives a good breakdown of how the elite have gutted western Europe and the USA.

  • interestedobserver2

    Just another by-product of the liberal, atheist, “just do it” mentality. How can anyone be shocked? Doesn’t the old phrase “you reap what you sow” pretty much describe the likely outcome of our educational and moral policies over the past 40 years?

    • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

      I feel as if liberal is used wrong. Back in the day, the term liberal was applied to libertarians, but now everyone uses it to describe lefties.

      • interestedobserver2

        Actually, you’re correct, but since the lefties hijacked the term, it has become customary.

  • $47325188

    Your Point in #8 defeats your argument, if anything it points out that more sex education leads to a lower teen pregnancy rates. Who would have thought that teaching teen’s about condom’s and other form’s of birth control could help prevent that.

  • WolfRain718

    Public school system teaching children
    that sex is good at a young age? Disgusting beyond

    I say Home Schooling is the better route. I skipped high
    school and took my GED at 16, and it was the right choice.

  • 2Gary2

    If you take Blacks/Hispanic out of the mix the STD rate is no where near as high as you make it seem.

    • liberalliar

      You’re a racist! Liberal racist pig!

      • 2Gary2

        I was simply putting Michael’s stats into perspective. What I said it simply a statement of fact.

      • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

        Hmm, I always though liberals were supposed to be anti racist.

  • YCIS

    A few years ago a teacher was caught failing girls that until then had a 4.0 so they would have sex with him to get their grades back up.

  • underscore

    Watch any “high school” movie from the last, what 20, 30 40 years? and you’ll know sex is on the minds of young people.

    Educate, don’t tell them it’s bad and wrong.

    Give them more access to free contraception – it doesn’t promote sex – look at your statistics and see that it is happening anyway.

  • Roger Stamper

    cause food stamps grow?

  • WarriorClass3

    Forced government schooling was never a good idea. It was conceived and controlled by the collectivists from its inception.

    End it.

    • Kritischer_Realist

      Exactly. Why should the taxpayer pay for the schooling of people he never would give a penny voluntarily?


      • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

        The problem with public schools is that they don’t have to be indoctrination centers. They CAN be a center for learning and critical thinking.

        Honestly, I think that ending public schools would damage society worse than it already is and force those too poor to afford education or have parents incapable of educating them to be forever forced into a life they don’t want. In a world where public education is dead, only elitists will be able to obtain education and this will narrow the pool from which we pull skilled labour, talent, intelligence, and innovation.

        • Kritischer_Realist

          Every private school has its scholarship programs for really intelligent poor kids. There is no need to spend the taxpayers’ money on schooling kids that have been conceived when the parents where on alcohol and/or drugs.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            Private schools find intelligent poor kids through public schools. Also, you might not care if children other than your own are educated or not, but I care.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            I don’t have a problem with educating the children of other people. I only have a problem when this is done with MY money.

          • 2Gary2

            typical selfish conservative–I got more screw you mentality.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            If everybody is selfish, no one is forgotten.

            But the real selfish people are the socialists. They rant about their »needs« – and demand that others pay for them. THAT ist real selfishness, comrade.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            Not just their needs but everyone else’s as well. Hence the word SOCIAList.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            You pay for your needs I pay for mine. Socialism is not social at all because it is not for the good of society. Instead socialism turns a wealthy society into a poor one with trillions of debt.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            Not your money. You pay the government tax to live on their land and for their protection, oh yeah, and for those nice little services that come with living in a civilisation called police and firemen.

            You want to play that card. Fine, I don’t want my money to be used to pay firemen that are called to put the fire out at YOUR house.

          • Kritischer_Realist

            Taxing as it is practised today is nothing less than organised robbery. The only tax that would be acceptable in a real democracy is a poll tax – everybody would have to pay the same amount regardless of his financial situation, let’s say $100 a month. Every other taxing is illegal.

            But a well organised state does not need taxes at all, it could get the money it needs from charging citizens for its services. That would indeed mean you have to pay for firemen and schools.

        • WarriorClass3

          Your mistake is thinking that they are getting an education or some life skill in public school that makes them employable. They aren’t. What they are getting is an indoctrination that harms everyone.

          What would happen with the elimination of a fraudulent system is that a legitimate system would replace it. Poor kids would take apprentice jobs where they’d learn something real and improve themselves. How long does it take to learn to mow a lawn and start your own business? Or janitorial service? It’s better than keeping them on welfare.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            Welfare is not a dirty word. How it is used is what makes it a poor or good system.

            They might learn how to do certain skills, but what if they wanted to attend university or a private school, which would be prohibitively expensive if privatised? They would not be able to work their way through it the way they might can now. Now, I don’t believe in coddling people, but I also don’t believe in ‘tough luck’, and that is what you are proposing for so many people. Also, who would teach them read or write? Those skills are very important and in fact necessary in today’s world.

            Privatisation is just one good way to crush the poor. Speaking of privatisation, if oil companies were not subsidised by the United States government, it would be so much more expensive. We complain about a 30, 40, or even 10 cent rise in the cost of gas, just imagine how expensive it would be if big oil had their way.

          • WarriorClass3

            You know nothing about economics, but I’d suggest you read “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat for starters.

          • 2Gary2

            privatization occurs as the private companies can give campaign contributions aka bribes.

          • DiscouragedOne

            LOL, so you don’t think college is prohibitively expensive NOW?

  • vlr1230
  • Dash

    Don’t blame the schools. What about the parents? They should be teaching their children morals. And for teachers having sex with students. They should lose their credentials and be given the same penalty as anyone else having sex with a minor.

  • liberalliar

    You’re a moron who needs to stop drinking the kool aid.

    • OwlsHoot

      Nah that Troll doesn’t even need to drink or take anything. “It” is naturally that way. Some people are just born to be mindless,low-intelligence “Toadies” mouthing off all kinds of vile spews in the hopes of insulting people who are logical,sensible and moral. Looney-tunes like Mister Gary, are the ones who loves being enslaved and probably being pushed around. You know a little “S&M” Folks like him, those foul Liberals will be the ones who will worship false deities and take the “Mark” one day forsaking their eternal soul & salvation. But for everyday a Lib is by the grace of a Merciful God, living & breathing is a day for them to change their heart and mind and repent. Shame on the so-called Sexperts who are indoctrinating and molesting kids. They are nothing more than perverted clowns seeking to violate anything they can get their hands on.

  • liberalliar

    It’s usually the liberal brain dead that make it. That’s ok though, because your pool will soon dwindle away and be no more… Good riddance!

  • Ironic Yet Saddening

    I find it ironic, yet saddening, that after this article about the breakdown in sexual morality, there is an advertisement for an auto insurance company that finances the Democratic Party.

  • Kritischer_Realist

    Whre are real conservatives left in the US of today? I don’t see them – at least not in the two big parties.

    • DiscouragedOne

      The real conservatives are like me, Independent and Moderate and trying to figure how what the heck is going on. It is more of a struggle for me as I am not as socially Conservative as some of my friends but more of a fiscal Conservative, yet if forced to “pick a side”, I would take the Conservative one.

      • Kritischer_Realist

        Yes. But it is as sad as it is true that people like you are not al real political power in the U.S.

  • Kritischer_Realist

    If you see this – why then are you pursuing deeply red political goals (“spreading” wealth)? You see me surprised…

  • 2Gary2

    man I wanted to do my teacher–she was hot. I would not have minded bedding her at all…

    • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

      Would you have minded an STD?

      • 2Gary2

        I do not think she would have had a STD. Its like asking would you like to get run over by a car?

        • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

          I think the chance of catching an STD is far higher than getting hit by a car.

          • 2Gary2

            again–minorities have the vast majority of STD and my teachers were not minority

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–you must have deleted my MILF teacher comment.

    I was simply saying I felt cheated as I wish my teacher (female) would have wanted to de-virgin me.

    • jim

      spoken like a teenager

      • 2Gary2

        Simply am stating facts. regardless of what you think people like to F and F with many different partners.

  • Viking


    Pffft….sex and survival are the 2 biggest instincts we have. Stop trying to legislate your misguided morality all over it…

    • IHadaV8

      Ya know, one thing that does make us higher than animals in general, like dogs for example, is that we don’t have to be slaves to our bodily urges. We possess the unique ability to be loyal, respectful, monogamous, trustworthy, and kind, among other things. Dogs on the other hand will have a free for all for things like food and mating. I’m guessing you don’t fight other people in the McDonald’s line to snarf down all the food.

      There are a number of good reasons, in addition to morality to abstain until marriage. Health, self-respect, your spouse would feel incredibly loved to know he/she was special enough to wait for. But I’m guessing most would poo-poo all that. Who cares about staying healthy or how the other person feels.

    • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

      We are not lower order animals. We have thinking and reasoning capabilities. Let’s not blow it all on such temporal things as sex, sex, sex, shall we?

      And I hate to break it to you, but morality is why you are sitting there typing that in the first place. If no one had a second thought over murdering someone to get what they wanted, then you would not be here, and you certainly would not be quite so comfortable. But yeah, keep using morality as a dirty word.

  • so

  • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

    That is exactly why we will continue to see a boom in population. Sexual excess is not liberation, it’s imprisonment.

    • Steven Luo

      That’s one thing, how about kids with teenage mothers. Note that as well. And that’s not the only factors. Unfortunately, male human babies whose mothers are teens when they are born are THREE TIMES AS LIKELY TO BE INCARCERATED compared to male human babies born to older mothers. Also, the teenage biological mother him/herself will face medical bone in the future. To cancel that, you have to consume quite a few grams of calcium to replace it.

  • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

    Please elaborate on that. From the vague sentence you wrote, I do not see a connection.

    Personally neither sexual repression nor sexual excess is good for society. Moderation is key in everything.

    • Colin

      If I did an accurate fact check, some of those names belonged to the Frankfort School. This school was attempting to implement an extreme form of communism, not socialism. These are two theories that, while sharing some similarities, are different enough to be considered separate.

      • DiscouragedOne

        Although I agree with you that Democrats are Socialist not Communist (not that I think either one is good), I have met plenty of Communists in the Democratic Party as well, they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

    • DiscouragedOne


  • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

    That is despicable. If I had ever had a teacher try that on me…

    • 2Gary2

      I do not think you would need to worry about this…

  • whbf

    oh this site is so cute :) I love it! Just watching this thing exist has brought hilarity to my evening. Thanks!

    • 2Gary2

      it is entertaining to see the stupidity of conservatives in all its glory.

      • Its entertaining to see you write anything… since you are the poster child for stupid. Liberalism is A MENTAL DISORDER and you prove that point most eloquently:)

        • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

          Will all due respect, you have no idea what liberalism is. Ever heard of libertarians? THEY are liberals. If you want to prove a point, get your facts straight first.

  • Timeless

    Not just in the uSA but the entire western world has this problem. Instituted at the highest level by those that want to
    distroy a culture by perverting the young and the innocent.

  • Joyce

    I am just discussed to hear this filth that is raging strong in our public school system today may God help us before its too late!

  • Marie

    Don’t leave this out…Planned Parenthood in our schoolsdoing all they can to get kidshooked on sex. Disgusting material they are using.

  • Marie

    Please din’t ignore the fact that Planned Parenthood is in schools using disgusting materials and doing everything possible toget kids hooked on sex.

  • I wish I could be surprised but sadly am not. The fact is we as a society are lacking in morals and it is getting far worse. I am Catholic and will tell people I would never date a man with multiple baby mamas and am told I am judgmental and a prude. Sorry but I am strongly opposed to this. Considering most of these men with baby mamas aren’t supporting the kids, taxpayers are.

  • Jim

    The Bible says, believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and that he was raised from the dead and you will be saved.

    • Kritischer_Realist

      But why should I believe the bible?

  • eric de torres

    signs of the end times,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Walker Amissah

    It is not surprise to me; learning the Bible make it so (not surprise); but it is getting worse than the way I was expecting. If our parent send us to school to become responsible, and it (school) turns to lead us into sex deviant, then what is the important of school now?
    Am really shot of words; but, since we can’t stop schooling, we (students) should do our best to prevent ourselves from sex act and submit ourselves to Christ all the time.
    My prayer is God lead our life at school.

    Walker Amissah

  • Piglet

    RE: “#2 Many of our teens our catching diseases…”

    That should read “Many of our teens ARE catching diseases…”

  • Colin

    This type of article irks me. It strikes me as the ranting of a conservative who is universalizing the behavior of a small minority of people into a broad statement of the people (the students, the parents, the teachers) who are participating in the public education system. This kind of talk can have disastrous and unforeseen consequences.

    Using a principle expounded in the Gospels – from the lesser to the higher, I have read and heard of the damage this can cause. In the Gospel of Mark, the evangelist stated that the Jewish people elected to save Jesus Barabbas over Jesus. Later, the evangelist for the Gospel of Matthew wrote that the Jewish people would be held responsible for the death of Christ – “His blood be upon us”. These two Gospels were used by many Christians for identifying Jews as “Christ Killers” and for persecuting and killing tens of millions of Jews.

    I know that the right wing is opposing the public education system with support from corporations and lobbys. I know that the right wing is opposing the idea that students should be able to form critical thinking skills (Texas School Board of 2011). I know that the right wing supports an education system that favors one group over another. I believe that this article is working on this foundational theory of “reforming” the public education system. I believe that this article will be accepted wholeheartedly by the right wing bloggers who will then work harder to undermine the public education system and limit the potential future of many poverty-stricken individuals. Though it won’t lead to deaths, I do believe that it will lead to the persecution of public school teachers as the “enemies of freedom and morality”.

    Furthermore, there is a equivalence in the mind of the right wingers between training centers and indoctrination camps. It seems to me that it is the right wingers who are turning these schools into indoctrination centers. The difference between education and indoctrination is that in the former a student is expected to question what they are taught. The same can’t be said of the latter. In 2012, the Texas Republican Party in their platform stated,

    “Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order
    Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills
    and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based
    Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification
    and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and
    undermining parental authority.”

    • Kritischer_Realist

      You rant a lot about »right wingers«, my communist friend. But would you please bother to tell me which advantage I should see in having my money taken away by leftists so that they can indoctrinate the children of other people in their communist ways – using MY money?

      • colin

        I know that you don’t know what communism is. If you did, you would know that this theory is not taught to the majority of students. There are classes where communism is taught in a comparative study of different theories.

        • Kritischer_Realist

          The politics of the Democrats of today is purebred communism. It is a normal reaction of communists to claim that they are no communists at all (and that never ever there has existed real communism).

    • 2Gary2

      the vast majority of right wingers are retarded Fks.

      • Libsare Ajoke

        the vast majority of felonies are committed by democraps


  • When the government runs out of money and can’t give food stamps to all these unwed mothers, I wonder what they will do then. A moment of pleasure for a lifetime of regret.

    • Kritischer_Realist

      Why should a government give anything to somebody? A government should organize the state and not feed »the poor«.

  • DiscouragedOne

    BS, you didn’t have all these single Mothers when I was young, it was the Hippies that started this crap, and turned the Democrat Party into Socialists. Single Motherhood is NOT best for children, I swear you are a dolt.

  • Laura

    Kinsey…believed children were sexual beings as young as toddlers. Freud with his Oedipus complex also believed children were sexual beings. Liberals LOVE these men. Kinsey did illegal research with pedophiles to collect his data. What’s even more sick is NAMBLA. An organized group of pedophiles who are trying to get pedophilia out of the medical books as an illness and into society as just another sexual preference. This started many years ago. I can’t remember what country it is but recently they started sec education in kindergarten, explicit sex education, following Kinsey’s research. Society today is a loss. Democratic politicians are telling women they are too stupid to defend themselves with a gun and should pee on themselves toprevent rape. One well known lliberal said date rape doesn’t exist. This is the liberal mind set. Women are stupid, and there is no date rape. If she gets pregnant, get an abortion. It’s all good ladies. Liberal men have NO respect for women.

  • 145

    Yep, im 18 years old and when i found out i was pregnant my mom said she was just happy that both her daughters made it out of high school before it happened. But i used to ditch school and walk home just to go have sex with my boyfriend but the dirty girls would just go right in the bathroom. Its pretty sad that one of my friends who is 25 is pregnant along with her step daughter who is 14.

  • Stephen Hartford

    This is the result of decades of leftist indoctrination
    by Hollywood . Turn off the TV – disconnect the cable
    if you have to . Turn to God and Jesus and ask
    for help and spend time with other people who feel the same way .

  • Gregory

    Is there democracy?Shame!!!!Damned government made our education system as Sodom.I’ve read this material in Russian blog,I have not belived that,I almost have begun to argue and defend America front of Russian “liers”.But looks like it is truth!Get this liberal government out of top!We move to moral abiss!

  • Gregory


  • Noob

    Evil has used movies and TV shows to sexualize our children. I am actully only 13 years old, however I have no hope for my generation. Why is that so many movies are insanley violent, and why so many music videos promote sex and drugs? Evil is using it to corrupt America,

  • THEanon

    I thinks it’s the overall population that’s a problem. It’s just most visible in public schools. I’m pretty sure it goes on in private schools as well, it’s just more cleverly hidden (like in mine).

  • THEanon

    Evils not a creature Noob, it’s a belief and a state of being.

  • Karmen

    I have been out of school going on 4 years now. The sad part about it is that throughout my high school years (9-12th grade), I only saw it get worse. It wasn’t uncommon to see the parking lot strewn with condoms. My husband and I met in high school. We were 17 and 16 respectively. We didn’t touch, or even have sex for a couple of years after dating. We were adults. We knew what we wanted in life and have continued to strive for it, but as a married couple with a sweet daughter. Unfortunately, most people my age don’t believe in marriage, even when a child is involved. They don’t even think of the child. They are selfish and believe they are still young and entitled to explore, which causes chaos. Out of all my friends, which include some who are parents of between 1-3 children, I am the only one married to my child’s father, I am the only one who makes a livable income, I am the only one who has a home of my own, I am the only one who does not mooch off of my parents or family, I am the only one with a job, I am the only one who has anything. It saddens me because it has disconnected me from my friends. We still talk, but I am on a totally different level than they are. I may be young, but I am doing very well and only trying to make it better. I just hope that one day, the rest of my generation realizes what they are giving up, and what amount of time they are wasting. Our world is hard to live in. The more time you waste, the more each year is more like 3 that you’ve wasted and cannot regain.

  • 03/05/13 This is really fitting for the Ivy League colleges are now hosing workshops, teaching sensitivity to bestiality, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. They’ve been given over to the Hard Left reprobates.

  • Asmita Prasad

    we in india are suffering from a similar problem though thanks the freedom to abort, we dont have teen moms in schools. also, the moral structure frowns on premarital sex so anyone having sex in school doesnt really talk about it. it definitely isnt encouraged. but i have noticed a huge change in schoolkids in india today than in the late ’90s and early ’00s when i was in school. in school, we were listening to boy bands and girl bands that sand about crushes and looking into each other eyes. today, kids are listening to raps about blowjobs (whistle by Flo.Rida) and songs where girls are called bitches. and kids think this is cool and normal. also, it might seem conservative to people in the west, but i remember that when i was in school, this song came out that went like “people call me sexy, sexy, sexy” and after widespread public outrage, the makers of teh song had it changed to “baby, baby, baby”. today, we have songs that use words and language far more suggestive and offensive than sexy and preschoolers are dancing to these songs and singing them. reality shows have made swearing in public “cool”. and kids in india today are way dumber than kids a decade ago, they are becoming abusive and socially isolated as well. i think our schools are just a reflection of contemporary culture and where society is at. it’s a global problem.

    • wiseconsumer

      Hi Asmita, I see the decay in Indian Bollywood culture. Younger kids are being exposed to sexual things.
      In America and Canada, teachers have sex with their students on a wide scale, it is news almost every day. There has even been male and female teachers having sex with preteen students. Something is wrong in the education system. The teachers are busy promoting same-sex marriages, sexual promisucousity, Atheism and having sex with selected students. The education system is doomed to fail students for the future.

  • Jennifer

    Four Canadian teachers- Gordy Stefulic, Varla Abrams, Mary Gowans and Vivian Mavrou had it easy when they were caught with their students. The Ontario Teachers’ College is a communist union protecting their own people.
    The young teachers and teaching graduates are struggling to make ends meet as they are less promotions and full time contracts these days.

    • Stacy

      She had Zane MacLeod, MOANING for it along with his
      buddy. They did a 3-some.

      Vivian Mavrou is the acting Vice Principal of Martingrove Collegiate
      Institute. She was transferred from Silverthorn Collegiate Institute
      after being caught with a minor, Bojan Marinkovic in her vehicle. The Criminal Code of Canada states that persons in authority being caught having relations with a person under 18 years old is convicted for child abuse and exploitation of minors.

  • Paul

    Sooooo.. You mean it’s bad that we are finally shedding the morality (as you call it) that was basically instituted by these fake “religions”for population control a Thousand years ago? Also, you concern yourselves with teens having sex? It’s funny, as just a hundred years ago these same kids would already be married with kids. And most could take care if themselves well. You call the new age restrictions on marriage as morality. But the fact is, unless your brain is broken, you tries nature and you will get burned. Proof? Look around and read what you wrote here..

  • Stacy

    Vivian Mavrou is the acting Vice Principal of Martingrove Collegiate
    Institute. She was transferred from Silverthorn Collegiate Institute
    after being caught with a minor, Bojan Marinkovic in her vehicle. The Criminal Code
    of Canada states that persons in authority being caught having
    relations with a person under 18 years old is convicted for child abuse
    and exploitation of minors.

  • frogasaur

    *sigh* im only in middle school and we have this problem. my parents taught me to wait till marriage and don’t rush marriage ether you want to make sure you want to spent the rest of your life and your life in Heaven with that person. I agree with my parents. In 5th grade the teachers start teaching you all of this stuff, *sigh* what is wrong with America…

  • Teacher

    I’m a former high-school teacher, and believe me, when you are legally forbidden to teach morality, this can only happen as a matter of course. After all, if you say to a kid, “Don’t do that, it’s wrong,” and he logically asks you, “Why?” you have to be able to answer him!
    Another side of the same coin involves parents: as ANY teacher can tell you, they are a far bigger problem than the students. If we teachers try to tell kids not to do X because it’s wrong, but their parents either look the other way when they do X, or even enable them to do X (by buying them contraceptives!)… anything we might try to teach in school instantly gets undone when the kids go home.

  • annie500

    Since we have not been allowed to teach morals and values and have have denied the the role of Religious values and prayer this is what youend up with. Just read the Communist manifesto.