16 Signs That People Are Becoming Stupider

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Does it ever seem to you like people are becoming stupider than ever?  There have always been people out there that have been a few cards short of a full deck, but these days it seems like more people than ever are a few fries short of a Happy Meal.  Certainly our education system plays a major role in this.  Our children are being systematically “dumbed-down” by our public schools and millions of them are graduating from high school as dumb as a rock.  And the endless hours of mindless entertainment that most of us are addicted to certainly is not helping matters either.  Will we eventually become a society where only a small minority possess critical thinking skills?  In our world today, logic and reason seem to be in very short supply and the sheeple seem to have taken over.  As I wrote about recently, in this day and age it is more imperative than ever that we all learn to think for ourselves.  Unfortunately, most people do not seem to be doing that.  Most people seem content to let their televisions do their thinking for them.  Way too many people have a blank look in their eyes as if they aren’t even fully there.  But when people are not thinking clearly, they tend to act very foolishly.  From the very top of our society to the very bottom, people are doing some really stupid things.


The following are 16 signs that people are becoming stupider….

#1 According to a poll recently conducted for Reuters, about 10 percent of the entire global population is convinced that we could witness the end of the world in 2012.  When we get to 2013, a similar poll will probably find that 10 percent of the entire global population is convinced that the world may not survive until 2014.

#2 A whole host of medical studies have shown a connection between cell phones and cancer.  The World Health Organization has even admitted that cell phones can cause cancer.  But nearly all of us continue to use cell phones very heavily.

#3 Genetically modified crops have been shown to have some very negative effects on the environment and on human health.  But the USDA has approved 80 different genetically engineered crops and has never denied a single one.  At this point, approximately 70 percent of all processed foods in the United States contain genes that have been genetically engineered.

#4 The TSA is entrusted with making sure that no terrorists get on board our airplanes.  But the TSA has been hiring new employees without even conducting background checks first to make sure that the new employees are not terrorists….

In a move that could affect security at airports around the nation, the Transportation Security Administration confirmed Wednesday it had such a backlog of background security checks, airport employers were allowed to hire any employee needed.

TSA officials said the background checks are delayed, but they are processing them as fast as they can. 

TSA also will complete background checks on accepted applicants at a later date.

#5 In Los Angeles, it was discovered that four TSA employees were taking huge bribes to allow suitcases full of “cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana” to pass through airport security.  But the federal government thinks the TSA is doing such a good job that their duties have been expanded to include buses and subway stations.

#6 Barack Obama wants to convince all of us that it is not a big deal that he is now admitting that the “New York girlfriend” in his 1995 autobiography “Dreams From My Father” was actually a “composite character“.  Tens of millions of Americans will believe him.

#7 Down in Florida recently, a frightened wife was able to struggle free from her abusive husband who was choking her and fire a single warning shot into the ceiling.  So who is the law coming down on?  It is the abused wife that is going to be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

#8 A total of $205,075 was spent to move a single bush that was standing in the way of a highway-renovation project in California.  It turns out that an identical bush could have been purchased at a local store for less than 16 bucks….

The bush—a Franciscan manzanita—was a specimen of a commercially cultivated species of shrub that can be purchased from nurseries for as little as $15.98 per plant. The particular plant in question, however, was discovered in the midst of the City of San Francisco, in the median strip of a highway, and was deemed to be the last example of the species in the “wild.”

#9 The federal government is telling us that old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs have to be phased out because they are supposedly bad for the environment.  But the new CFL light bulbs are actually worse for the environment.  They are filled with mercury and they are so toxic that if they are broken they require special clean up procedures.

#10 Obama’s top science adviser, John Holdren, has suggested that we should extensively use geoengineering to purposely cool the climate of the earth.  The following is how CBS News described one of his ideas for accomplishing this….

Shooting sulfur particles (like those produced by power plants and volcanoes, for example) into the upper atmosphere, an idea that gained steam when it was proposed by Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen in 2006. It would be “basically mimicking the effect of volcanoes in screening out the incoming sunlight,” Holdren said.

Apparently Holdren never watched The Matrix, because if he did he would know that blocking out the sun is a really, really bad idea.

#11 There are 1.4 million gang members living inside the United States today and illegal immigration is totally out of control.  But the Obama administration has decided to make border security even weaker by pulling 900 National Guard troops away from the U.S./Mexico border.

#12 In Maryland, one man recently called 911 to report to the police that someone had just stolen his marijuana.  Needless to say, the man never got his marijuana back.

#13 It has been estimated that prescription drugs kill 200,000 Americans every single year.  Yet Americans continue to gobble prescription drugs down at a faster pace then ever before.

#14 Burger King is testing a new ice cream sundae that comes with two strips of bacon crammed into it.  There are some Americans out there that will actually eat such a thing.

#15 Right now, China is holding over a trillion dollars of U.S. government debt.  But that didn’t stop the U.S. government from sending China 17.8 million dollars in foreign aid during 2011.

#16 According to Gallup, if the presidential election was held today 46 percent of all U.S. voters would vote for Mitt Romney and 45 percent of all U.S. voters would vote for Barack Obama.

Do you have any examples to add to this list?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • ZombieDawg

    “16 Signs That People Are Becoming Stupider”

    You forgot the big one – those morons whose whole purpose in life is to post “First” in replies…
    NO FUTURE AT ALL for you zombies…

    • mondobeyondo

      You’re right! heheheh…

  • mondobeyondo

    Cell phones don’t cause cancer. Cancer causes cancer…

    • Jabberwocky

      “Cancer causes cancer…”

      Here is #17.

      • mondobeyondo

        Guns don’t kill people. People pulling the triggers of guns, causing guns to discharge, kill people. Stupid people.

  • Colin

    In regards to #10, I agree with you Michael. I think John Holdren heard or read only part of the story. The part of the story I don’t think he heard or read was that when the Earth cooled, as a result of volcanic activity, was that the weather changed. This change in weather resulted in farmers witnessing their crops die and people dieing from starvation. I am thinking of the volcanic winter of 1816 which occurred after Mount Tambora erupted.

    Wikipedia article on the volcanic winter of 1816 (The Year Without a Summer):


    I don’t think a person needed to see a movie to know that cooling the Earth was a bad idea. I would think that common sense and doing research would prove the awfulness of the idea.

    • Jerry

      Doesn’t Holdren also want Earth’s population reduced to 500 million people? Connections…

  • VyseLegendaire

    “Apparently Holdren never watched The Matrix, because if he did he would know that blocking out the sun is a really, really bad idea.”

    Lmao! Nearly spit my coffee out at that. But its true! But for some reason I’m not surprised Obama would appoint a hardcore eugenicist and advocate of self-imposed nuclear winter to a top science advisor.

  • WarriorClass III

    “According to Gallup, if the presidential election was held today 46 percent of all U.S. voters would vote for Mitt Romney and 45 percent of all U.S. voters would vote for Barack Obama.”

    We’re doomed.

  • Graham

    Add: #17
    Fluoride in the water supply (and toothpaste)
    It “calcifies” the pineal gland and that dumbs down conscious awareness. The Nazis experimented with fluoride in their “camps” for a reason. Various naturally grown organic products act as very good decalcifiers, “Kale” being one.

    Add: #18
    Aspartame in diet drinks.

    Add #19
    Microwave ovens

    1) Microwaved Water Kills Plants:-
    A must read!

    2) Sodium Bicarbonate (Treatments):-
    Amazing product!

    3) The Global War on Children:-
    This is a wake up call!

    • Great resources Graham! When I saw the title of this post, I expected a reference to fluoride, but it wasn’t there.

      People greatly underestimate the effects of fluoride in their water, but it affects your brain like Prozac to dumb you down, so that you won’t think clearly and your less likely to fight back. Which is why the Nazis loved it.

      Use a reverse-osmosis water filter to remove the fluoride. I use a Berkey gravity-feed water filter, as it’s a great portable filter too.

      I would add toxicity from metals to the list.

      The mercury and other toxins in immunization shots are devastating. Look at how autism rates have risen.

      Mercury-based anagram fillings continually emit mercury in your mouth, just below the brain.

      Aluminum-based deodorants and cookware fill your body with aluminum, which can lead to mental focus issues, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

      Chemtrails dump Aluminum into the air, soil and water.

      To remove toxic metals from your body, research Chlorella, Cilantro, Zeolites. Here’s a list of natural ways to remove heavy metals from your body http://www.naturalnews.com/026885_natural_zeolite_heavy_metals.html

      • Graham

        Urban Survival Guide:-

        Cheers for the link!

        Also for the numerous additions you made. Yes, “mercury” is an extremely important one too, especially with its use in vaccines.

      • “Mercury-based anagram fillings continually emit mercury in your mouth, just below the brain.”

        I think you meant “amalgam”. If I remember correctly, an “anagram” is a word or sentence that is spelled similarly forwards as backwards.

        Luckily, now I get tooth fillings containing neither amalgam nor anagram…

        • Xian

          “If I remember correctly, an ‘anagram’ is a word or sentence that is spelled similarly forwards as backwards.”

          That’s a palindrome. An anagram is a word or words with the letters rearranged to spell something different.

          “Able was I ere I saw Elba” and “race car” are palindromes. “Karma Cab Boa” is an anagram of “Barack Obama.”

  • mark

    Well, what do you expect? The lefts brightest, Paul Krugman thinks we can fix our debt problem by adding more debt. The only way that adds up is to go into hyper-inflation and we do not need that.

  • jiml

    17. The above comment.

  • Uncle Sam

    People are not stupid. They are just out of ideas. They hide from a reality that has cheated them of any hope. To those just starting out in life, it seems futile to try to advance their station. There is nomeaning to things, no mystery or unconquered realms to explore. It is paralyzing.

    Just like during the depression, people are looking for answers, only this time, there is a damn good chance that the answers are not out there. Those people have lost the war before it was ever engaged, no that anyone is even telling them how to engage it or exactly what the hell it is.

    People believe in the 2012 prophecies not because they want the world to end, they want it to change. To them, and frankly myself as well, this change cannot come from within. We need an externality to radically alter our way of thinking and living. That is what we hope for. Not just hope, either. We want it to happen. We need it to happen. Maybe the mass consciousness of the human will can actually cause it to happen.

    We will find out and soon.
    In lak ‘ech.

  • Golden Child

    Number 12 made me laugh a little. But what is even stupider is that weed is illegal even though marijuana use, in itself, has never caused a single death in the history of mankind, while alcohol causes more death than Iraq yet liquor is as legal as orange juice. Seriously, about 50% of all violent crime involves alcoholic intoxication. Not to mention that inner city areas, where non-coincidentally most homicides in America occur, are characterized by a blatant overabundance of liquor stores. Marijuana has been proven to have medical benefits. Alcohol has NONE. People drink to get buzzed or obliterated, period. All of the real drugs prescribed by your doctor (i.e. Coedine, Percocet) are deadly addictive narcotics that can easily destroy your life. All of the fancy new prescription pills that are prescribed every other month and advertised on TV get recalled within a few months and are known to cause massive health problems. So you better get that malpractice lawyer ahead of time if you plan on popping designer dope pills (which long-term side-effects are not known because you are the guinea pig). Yet weed is illegal. Popping too may Advils can easily kill you. Yet that is as legal as 2% Milk. Weed has been legal and used for thousands of years by tens of millions of people. Weed being illegal in this country stands at a sharp contrast to the hundreds and hundreds of years weed has been legal and freely used on this planet. Who is really stupid here? It is no secret that California produces some of the best weed on Earth. The climate in areas like California and Colorado are conductive to growing high grade weed. Stoners who have traveled the globe will quickly confirm this. Completely legalizing weed would be great for the American economy and bring America back to actually producing something other than “ideas”.

  • Mainuh1

    Cell phones are nature’s way of thinning the herd.

  • Tim

    “But nearly all of us continue to use cell phones very heavily.”

    Have you ever noticed when you’re driving how many other drivers are using a cell phone? Or texting? Just about everyone. I get so annoyed by these morons who should be focusing their attention on driving but instead are conversing with some other mindless idiot. What are they talking about? Who’s on Dancing With The Stars tonight? Can’t they wait until they get home?And many have those little cell phones that stick in your ear so you don’t have to hold the phone to your head. How convenient! It seems to me that they’ll just get cancer faster.

  • Nexus789

    I’m surprised that there only 16.

  • Phillip

    #1 is the only one I didn’t understand. I am ” ‘Convinced’ that I ‘could’ ” see a traffic accident today. I am also ” ‘Convinced’ that I ‘could’ ” not. I may or may not see a traffic accident today. The more traffic I see, the more likely it is… the progression of time brings closer the actuality of the event. Or maybe #1 just needs to be worded differently.

    #3 Has nothing to do with stupidity. The COMPANIES don’t print on the labels which foods are genetically modified. Why? Would people reject it? Rejecting genetically modified foods, when you know which foods they are, is not stupid. This is “Administrative Stupidity”, not “American Population Stupidity”.

    #4 Administrative Stupidity

    #5 Administrative Stupidity

    #6 Please clarify: tens of millions will believe that the ‘girlfriend’ issue “is not a big deal”, or that the girlfriend was a “composite character”?

    #7 Administrative Stupidity

    #8 Administrative Stupidity

    #9 Administrative Lying

    #10 Administrative Stupidity

    #11 Administrative Stupidity

    #14 I used to think the same about French Fries and mayonnaise. Personal taste (opinion) has NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING to do with stupidity… ANY BRAIN-DEAD CABBAGE COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT. That is grade-school level fact. Come on, man.

    #15 Administrative Incompetence

  • xander cross

    Number 7. The price you pay for passing laws like stand your grond in the state of flordia. Yeah, but then again, the sheep actually believe that Romney is a Momoron and that Ron Paul actually cares about the economy, yeah, that’s why he has been working for the governmnet for over tweleve terms and yet, he collects tax payer money, the very thing that many of you on this site claim to be against. How sad.

    • Gary2wannabe

      God forbid anyone defending themselves from a thug like Martin.

  • Hello

    How about the very title of this article doesn’t even use proper English? Try “more stupid” vs “stupider” or is that supposed to be irony?

    • Thanks for pointing that out–it bothered me too.

  • Bob

    Do you want to see how stupid the american pubic are? I would say that obama is a shoe in in our last election. Every one that I have shared what is going on for the last 3 years tells me that they love obama and they don’t care what he does (including killing their mother) would still vote for him! And I say if he is in than you had better hold on because you’ve never seen DOUBLE DOWN like whats comming! You asked for it and you’ve got it.

    • mondobeyondo

      “American pubic”… I LOVE IT!!!

    • Steve Giardini

      What were you doing in school during english class… crack ?

  • deborah

    I love the pictures. The t-shirt rocks but the plastic sheep are perfect. lol.

  • There is another very important sign of stupidity (probably pretended – how could senators & congressmen really be that stupid?) one I am very concerned about.
    It is the plight of the USPS (U.S. Postal Service. It was privatized by Pres. Nixon July 1, 1971 from the POD (Post Office Department to USPS. Except power to control postal rates was kept with the federal government. In May 1971 1st class postage increased from 6 cents to 8 cents. In 2012 1st class postage became 45 cents. The government does not allow the USPS to receive much more than 5 – 10 cents for NONPROFIT mail, which is the majority of the mail & thus majority of income the USPS receives for delivering mail!
    With all of the debates occurring in Congress the past two years about the fiscal crisis of the USPS, they never accept any responsibility for causing it by not allowing USPS to raise NONPROFIT even by a few pennies.
    Ironically, the abuses of discount postage are increasing – they refuse to make the link or connection that it is drastically decreased earning from fixed postage prices that increases the deficit more each year. Costs of the USPS are increasing but income is increasing!!!! Congressmen express nothing about this most basic principal of business. It is beyond the pale of stupidity.
    To make it worse Pres. Bush 2 in 2006 signed a bill to mandate the USPS pay once a year to the Federal Government $5.5 billion as a pre-payment for future USPS retiree retirement benefits. News was publicized two weeks ago that the Senate voted to bail out the USPS with $11 billion – what a lie! All the Senators care about in an election year is to look good to let us, the public, believe they care about saving the USPS. All it was, however, was to allow them not to pay the pension prepayments for two years.
    A final example of the abuses. 2-3 weeks ago I received a mass political mailing from Bill Clinton to solicit donations for the Democratic, which is no surprise, & valid. The postage on the envelope was 8 cents = 1st class rate of 40 years ago. Whether or not it was a legal use of NONPROFIT mail, each of the millions of mailings he sent out took 45 cents – 8 cents = 37 cents of income away from the USPS! The politicians are oblivious to why the USPS is losing so much money – as long as they can get away with it – they will take all the discounts they can get.
    Then they will say we need to eliminate 100,000 postal workers job because they are losing so much money.

    Sorry for carrying on with you this way. If the government cannot understand such simple arithmetic with the USPS, what can they understand. However, probably it is not that they fail to understand; it is more likely they refuse to admit; it is all about promoting themselves with all of the free postage they can get! Then they say we need a 50 cent 1st class stamp next year but never mention their 5 – 10 cent sacred and privileged rates.

    Joe Trevors

    • Colin

      The issue with the USPS is not tied to stupidity in my opinion. I think this issue occurred because (1.) the Republicans believe that the free market system is better than the government and (2.) the Republicans want to see unions destroyed. The Democratic Party has been historically supported by unions, and, if the Republicans can destroy the unions, a major source of funding for their opponents will be shut down.

      • mark

        Colin, I just want the public employee unions to go away. They get sweetheart deals from the same pols that the unions give money to. And we the taxpayers are left holding the bag.

    • Gary2wannabe

      Let me guess. You “work” for USPS. The layoffs and closings do not go nearly far enough.

  • Scott

    I read a report the last 4th of July that over 20 percent of Americans don’t know who we fought against in the Revolutionary war. Many more Americans probably couldn’t tell you where China is on a map. Another thing that truly amazes me is how many people believe everything the mainstream media says without ever questioning it.

    • angrycitizen

      Last year poll: 1/3 of all Russians believe that the Sun orbits the Earth.

  • Virginia

    People basically are not being challenged in this society. Techology has made our lives so easy. When people are not busy working and building for the future, they lose purpose, interest and motivation. There is a huge disconnect between the right and left hand and education and marketable skills. At every turn, there is friction between people, government and industry. We are fighting a war here in America every day and it is wearing people down.

  • ScoutMotto

    The ice cream sundae sounds grotesque.

  • Gary2

    The number of 99% that vote republican against their own economic intrests is all you need to know about stupid.

    They actually think their elite masters give a shit about their silly little social conservative aganda. How msny republicans have been caught up in gay sex scandles? How many of them throw the social conservatives under the bus when it is in their economic intrests to do so? Yet the dolts keep voting for them.

    • mark

      Gary2, the reason that they vote for them is for more freedom. Freedom to start a business or hope to start one in the future. Maybe they hope to keep more of their hard earned money to spend or invest as they wish. If you vote for a democrat you are just looking for a free lunch and there are no free lunches.

      • Gary2

        freedom to go without healthcare, freedom to go hungry, freedom to let the poor die, freedom to have a lower quality education, freedom is in the eye of the beholder. I do not want the repube version of freedom where its survival of the fittest.

        • adam

          Course you don’t want the survival of the fittest. You’re poor and stupid and couldn’t make it without my tax dollars. HAHA – loser!

    • Rebeca Johnston

      This is the most intelligent comment made in this entire article and its comments. Thanks! I thought everyone had become dumb sheep, following the teaching of hypocrites like Rush and his Fox cohorts.

    • Jerry

      Thing is, it sure beats voting for a dumbocrat! Spend and tax…spend and tax…etc. etc.

    • Jean Bush

      Actually, Dems & Reps are 2 sides of the same coin. The NWO Elites control both parties, letting Americans think they have a choice. We don’t. As long as they follow the NWO agenda, ANYONE can get into office.

  • http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/cellphones LOL

    we’re doomed… I believe the government they said so…


    America is being played…. even Rockefeller said to Aaron Russo ” look how stupid they are”

    Here’s a way to get shrewed fast:


    • Hey Jeff, you’re right on the mark about the Rockefellers.

      They control the education system to create complacent workers, not rugged individualists.

      The National Education Association was founded by John D. Rockefeller, who said “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.”

      They control the American Medical Association, to enforce their ‘sickcare’ industry, which promotes their pharmaceutical drugs.

      They poison us with chlorine, fluoride, vaccines that contain metals, chemtrails, GMO’s, etc.

      They control the American Dental Association and force dentists to continue using mercury amalgams which are toxic.

      The Rockefeller family controls Monsanto, who is modifying all seeds(GMO), which are toxic to our bodies.

      David Rockefeller said “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

      • Gary2

        there is no such thing as a rugged individualist. that is a myth. no one succeeds on their own.

        • Prepping for the Future

          That is A myth Gary in your case and all progressive liberals hate hard working Americans. You preach nothing but the stupid tax the rich. Please tell us what the super majority of Dems did for 2 years that made American better less taxes less government problems for small business owners. ZERO this idiot healthy care bill is going to finish off the small business not to mention the new Regualtion on coal fire electrical plants then the idiot Dems say make electrica cars. Talk about psychopath thinking there. Vote for the progressive liberla so your electrial bill will skyorcket then buy yoiur chevy volt so you can afford to drive it. Progressive liberals are the chain around the neck of freedom and backwards thinking.

  • Good thing I don´t live in the US of A. The world is laughing at you arrogant yanks.

  • William

    If you do not know these names, you are stupid. Beria, Kaganovich, Yagoda, Sverdlov, Trotsky, Kamenev, Kerensky, Zioniev, Sharon, Eitan, Begin.

  • Nikola

    I am from Serbia,and i am loving this website people,what can we do,and sure i want to say i am amased with Uncle Sams comment,anyway all are good and you all have my support,i am reading this articles almost every day,big hello to you all,uzdravlje!!

  • angrycitizen

    Quote from the article linked below:

    Fully half of Americans believe a massive financial collapse is imminent and some 15% of the world’s population is expecting the end of the world over coming decades.

    Yet, when one takes steps to insulate themselves from the possibility of these very disasters they are looked at by most as paranoid, fringe lunatics who are acting completely irrationally.

    This begs the question: What’s rational about expecting the end of the world, or a black swan event, or a natural disaster, but taking no practical steps to prepare for it?

    One could argue that it’s those very people, who are aware of the possibilities but refuse to make preparations, that should be labeled the practically certifiable ones.


  • angrycitizen

    #16 is the most basic one (Obama/Romney support). All other examples of the mass-scale American stupidity pale in comparison.

  • “There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.ADD COMPUTERS HARD DRIVES THAT HOLD A TERABYTE OF MUSIC OR VIDEO, CELL PHONES WITH CAMERA AND VIDEOAND APPS, VIDEO GAMES ,NEW CARS WE CANT AFFORD, TELELVISION WITH 1000 CHANNLES INCLUDING PORN !!!!!!!!AND THEN THEIR IS ILLEGAL DRUGS!!!WE HAVE BECOME COMFORTLY NUMB!!

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Our children are being systematically “dumbed-down” by our public schools and millions of them are graduating from high school as dumb as a rock….”

    don’t forget mega-churches

    • Dezertsub

      Oh look, it’s someone else who personally despises religion because of his own emotions. It’s obvious to anyone by your choice of a handle that your prioritize your homosexuality over patriotism. Oh, and don’t forget that our tax dollars pay for public education, and churches are funded by their own followers. Please keep your bias to yourself, I haven’t said anything about how I despise homosexuals who are so proud of their homosexuality, because that’s irrelevant. If you wanna be gay, great. keep it to yourself.

      • Jean Bush

        If you want to be religious, great. keep it to yourself.

        • Jean Bush

          Come on, Gary2, where are you when I need you??

      • Malory

        what does religion have to do with this? Unless I read wrong, religion wasn’t even mentioned.

  • Brian

    How many people can’t remember phone numbers anymore because they are programmed into the phones?

    How people many can do simple arithmetic by hand without the use of a gadget?

    • Jean Bush


  • Linda

    People are not stupid, they simply lack wisdom. Pro 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Want to get smart? Read your Bible.

    • Hey Linda, I agree that people need to seek wisdom from God, but would add that if people want the true words and wisdom of God, they should read the King James version.

      The modernized versions of the Bible like the NIV have verses that have been changed to deny that Jesus is God; deny the virgin birth; remove that our redemption is through Jesus blood; deny that Jesus is our judge; and remove the trinity of God.

      And now the newly updated 2011 NIV Bible has been changed to be ‘politically correct’ and ‘gender neutral’.

      Zondervan publishes the NIV and their parent company HarperCollins publishes ‘The Satanic Bible‘, so apparently they’re in it for the money, not for the truth.

      The King James Bible is the ONLY Bible that is not OWNED by men!

      That’s right! The King James Bible has no Copyright ownership and it can be published by anyone, anytime, with no need to ask for permission!

      So if you’re a publisher and you want to have exclusive copyrights to maximize your profits, you have to produce new versions of the Bible, such as the NIV.

      Get more information at http://christianitybeliefs.org/the-most-accurate-bible-translation-comparison-and-deception/

      • Gary2

        can you read about gog and magog in the king james version???

        • Jean Bush


      • Jean Bush

        Sweetheart, Jesus is NOT God nor ever was. In the New Testament, he even says he is the Son of Man, NOT GOD. Better re-read that book of misinformation again.

        • FirstGarden

          The vehemence of your assertions almost equal your ignorance. I’ve studied cults, occult and world religion for decades. And though I mean no offense, you really do not know what you are talking about. You are not a biblical scholar. Some of the greatest minds in the histroy of man attested to the fact that Jesus Christs was in incarnation of Jehovah God — the character and nature of God stamped in human flesh.

          Stay out of this arena. You have no idea how preposterous you look.

          • Jean Bush

            You’re an arrogant asse. & if I want your useless advice, I’ll ask for it.
            BTW, many scholars consider Jesus to be a myth. I concur after doing extensive research on it.
            Have a nice day.

          • FirstGarden

            Wow, the very thing you do, you are accusing others of doing. I have not seen this sort of intolerant hate in a very long time.

          • FirstGarden

            Why pedal your advice so richly, yet refuse that of others? Do you realize how this looks?

          • FirstGarden

            I do not believe in this research you claim you did. I have known true biblical scholars across the land. they are all in stark contrast with what you are saying. Why do you hate God so much??

          • FirstGarden

            That fact that you suggest Jesus being a myth, exposes very deep ignorance. This is an old Jewish argument. (I’m Jewish.) Even the jewish scholars KNOW that Jesus was real. Apart from the extensive biblical record, He is clearly referenced in the Talmud – a writing that they believe and respect. Those in the know do not buy into that argument, and to do so reflects a very disingenuous, biased and intellectually dishonest position.

          • FirstGarden

            Please be aware that this IS a Christian website. Please read the section entitled, “The Most Important Thing.”

            BTW, you are way out of your league on matters of religion and philosophical discourse. In the future, please consider showing civility and respect to others. You will like yourself much more.

    • n. daniels

      You beat me to it. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This country for the most part has no fear of God, therefore there is no concern for what we do or how we live. If there were any fear of God people would not do the things that we see being done today and since the very beginning. People without wisdom act accordingly. People without God act accordingly.
      Romans 1:20For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.
      21Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused. 22Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools.
      When people become their own God, there is no limit to the level of stupidity that can be exhibited. The sole contributor to each and every problem this planet faces and that Michael brings to light on his blogs is that more and more people believe themselves to be God. Therefore they worship themselves and they serve themselves and the end result will be their destruction. BUT “He that lives for and believes in Jesus Christ will NEVER DIE”.

      • gary2

        dude–here I thought you were going to tell me about gog-magog. I am disappointed!

        • Dezertsub

          Hey Gary2~ It’s obvious you’re only here to troll. If you want to read about gog-magog…GO OPEN YOUR BIBLE!!!

          You’re not gonna listen anyway. Chances are, you’re one of those “religion is for idiots” types, then tells everyone we need to worship “mother earth”.

          You’ve already proven to us that you have no original individual thoughts, are totally reliant upon others, and therefore, your opinion flat out doesn’t matter. Those who take without contributing should not be allowed to participate in the decision making processes for those who do all the providing. There are rugged individualists…and when THEY work together, they get more done than a bunch of incompetent bozos who demand that they be called “senator” (Barbara Boxer reference) The myth is that people like yourself are “important to society”. Life would be better for all if the herd thinned…as the weak in mind and body would founder. (Pssst, that’s YOU)

          • Jean Bush

            Why you bible blabbing, scripture scudding scumhead, Gary was just kidding. Bible thumping fools like yourself are the ones who have no independent thinking and can’t take a joke or a difference of opinion. Life would be better for all if the God freaks were just thinned out.

      • Jean Bush

        Sorry, but I’ll fear my government first.

        • Joe

          Wherever there is a majority of republicans in any area of the USA that area will suffer because of stupidity

          • Jean Bush

            No. The 2 parties are both sides of the same coin controlled by the same entity: the jews.

  • 16 Signs That People Are Becoming Stupider

    People Are Becoming Stupider

    Becoming Stupider


    • Ozmo

      :)I don’t think people caught that one. So funny

  • Melody

    They are becoming stupider, because they are too lazy to go look it up to see if it is true or not… now do I have enough it’s if’s is ..in this sentence.. i need to go look it up

    • Bob Marshall

      Stupid cannot be fixed but ignorance can. ‘If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization,it expects what never was and never will be…if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free,it is the responsibility of every citizen to be informed.” Thomas Jefferson.

  • Jessy S.

    Honestly, this list is very true and to the point. However, this list really should have a brand new headline because it includes headlines that aren’t reported by the government controlled media, and if they are it is in a style where items such as #3 are lost in the clutter while the public focuses on the cute dogs in hats. (South Park Reference) BTW Here’s the headline: “16 Pieces of Information the Media isn’t Reporting.”

  • Zowi420

    In Vermont: Crackhead woman pulls knife on store clerk, struggle ensues, clerk restrains crackhead until cops come, crackhead dies of heart attack. Clerk is charged with murder. Crackheads mom is on TV crying: He didn’t have to kill my daughter! But it’s okay crackhead pulled a knife on the young clerk. Clerk should get a trophy, medal, and key to city! Instead, charges filed.

  • Kim Bradley “Our opinions don’t make him an idiot” Look at the herd mentality coming from this fear mongering, fact/story correlation twisting, religious fundamentalist, propaganda spewing website. Elvis didn’t do no drugs.

  • Andrew Kind

    I’m confused on the last one so you’re saying obama should win

    • Michael

      No, that is not what I am saying.


    • Jerry

      IMO he’s saying that the mere fact that Obama the Complete and Utter Failure is that close in the polls is incredibly stupid!

  • Michael Prymula

    #2 is pure bull**********, we still use cellphone because we ************ NEED them! How else are you supposed to call for help when you’re car breaks down and you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere? Cellphones have saved countless lives, so if using them is “stupid” then sign me up! The odds of cellphones actually directly causing any type of cancer is greatly exaggerated, just more proof that this website is full of crap!

    • Jean Bush

      Not really; actually we have ben CONDITIONED to need them. How did we function before they came along????

  • Michael Prymula

    #11, people need prescription drugs for many things, so of course they’re going to keep on using them, cigarettes kill millions more people every year and people still smoke, so that seems like a better example.

    #12 Americans love unhealthy food, big shocker, this is NOTHING compared to some of the stuff you find in sit down chains like Applebees and the Cheesecake Factory. There’s also the Heart Attack Grill in Texas, whose name speaks for itself.

  • A study by the new McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum found 22 percent of Americans could name all five Simpson family members, compared with just 1 in 1,000 people who could name all five First Amendment freedoms.

    And ppl wonder why we are losing our rights & why our economy is crashing.

    Need a real life example?

    I was recently in a thrift store that had a 50% off sale. I saw a teenager who picked out a shirt & was talking to his Mom – the conversation went something like this…

    Teenage son: I want to get this shirt Mom, how much is it?

    Mom: Well what does the tag say?

    Son: It says one dollar

    Mom: Sooo what is 50% of one dollar?

    Son: (saying nothing with a confused look on his face…) aaahhh…

    Mom: Don’t worry about that, what is 50% of 100?

    Son: (more silence followed by…) MOM!

    Mom: Don’t “MOM!” me young man, what is half of 100?

    Son: Come on Mom, just tell me how much the shirt is…

    The sad part was the Mom told him.

    All I know is that my wife & I have taught our daughter morals, common sense & many other things that is NOT taught by most parents or public schools today. So what was the result?

    She received an associates in science before she graduated high school; got a full ride scholarship with room & board & is looking to become a doctor. She speaks, reads & writes in two languages, has manners & respects others. She has never dated or used drugs & see the stupidity of most kids these days. What is sad is that kids like these are few & far between.

    If you want to know what the future of Amerika will be like watch “Idiocracy” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMkrJOOTjj4

    Yea the stupid will be the downfall of all


    • Michael

      Great comment Steve.

      I wish I could have heard that conversation between the mother and the son.


      • “I wish I could have heard that conversation between the mother and the son.”

        Well, I’m glad I didn’t!

  • JAFO

    The article was on point. However, the writer could have done a little more research in the grammar arena and perhaps not relied entirely on spell-check. Two cases in point are as follows:

    1) Stupider — Stupid is just like lucid (same -id ending). The comparative form is more lucid, and the superlative form is most lucid. Likewise, the comparative form of stupid is more stupid, and the superlative form is most stupid. In fact, in general, -id words use more and most instead of –er and –est. (The water was more tepid, he was the most lucid, they could have been more candid, his reflexes have grown more torpid, the milk was the most rancid, his tongue had grown more acrid. No one would even think to say tepidest, lucidest, candidest, torpidest, rancidest, or acridest.)

    2) #13 It has been estimated that prescription drugs kill 200,000 Americans every single year. Yet Americans continue to gobble prescription drugs down at a faster pace then ever before.
    Regarding the use of ‘then’ in the second sentence wihich could be a spell-check oversight; ‘Then’ is used either as a time marker or with a sequence of events. Unlike then, than is not related to time. Than is used in comparative statements.

  • “Do you have any examples to add to this list? Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….”

    #17: endoftheamericandream.com/archives/1-4-million-gang-members-and-more-pour-into-the-united-states-every-single-day

    #18: endoftheamericandream.com/archives/is-illegal-immigration-destroying-the-southwest-united-states-17-immigration-facts-that-very-few-people-are-talking-about

    #19: endoftheamericandream.com/archives/25-horrible-statistics-about-the-u-s-economy-that-barack-obama-does-not-want-you-to-know

    #20: http://www.vdare.com

    USA = United States of Apathy.
    In Sloth we trust.

    I’m increasingly glad that I don’t live in the USA, and now don’t even want to travel there anymore. Methinks the USA has turned into a Socialist hell-hole akin to the USSR.

  • Bob Marshall

    Why does it take moderators so long? Can they not read?

  • We only need a basic skeleton government. No “corporations” “third parties” “agents” etc.. needed. Theses parasites have got to be eliminated. So do your best to avoid, and if possible eliminate them. As for the govt. we r paying taxes. N we dont want to pay excess for what we dont need. Problem is how do we tell the all powerful GOVERNMENT this for a fact… that we dont need their surplus help????????????????

  • simon tatchell

    I like stupid people. but I hate stupid leaders.

  • a

    #16 is a good example of how people are becoming stupider; more people would vote for Romney than Obama. Stupid indeed.

  • disqus_5HJszqLssX

    Don’t forget about how people drive these days..always in a hurry. People are too much in a hurry and I think they forget to bring their brains along for the trip when they’re quickly going somewhere. I blame high speed internet, smartphones, and fast cars for that problem.

    • Jean Bush

      Hi dis, actually no, it’s time mismanagement.

  • Jean Bush

    I would say from half that list that the government is making us stupider.

    As for shielding the sun, what will they do when they trigger a new ice age??? Baaawwaaaaahhh!

    • Annie

      Everything goes back to the government/politics, doesn’t it? There are some who would even go as far to purposefully dumb down education. Why, one might ask? Because its a hell lot easier to control stupid people.

      • Jean Bush

        Remember, the weaker, sicker, broker & stupider we are, the easier we can be controlled.

  • Aria

    Why is it that all the idiots are in power while the smart ones that are actually trying to help getting pushed away? And the idiocy continues.

  • Maxine

    Good; we’ve established that people are getting even dumber. Now the question is: how are we going to deal with it?