16 Nightmarish Economic Trends To Watch Carefully In 2011

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If you only watch the “economic pundits” on television, it can be very confusing to figure out exactly what is happening with the U.S. economy.  One pundit will pull out a couple statistics that got a little bit better over the past month and claim that we have entered a time of solid recovery.  Another pundit will pull out a couple statistics that got a little worse over the past month and claim that we are headed for trouble.  So what is the truth?  Well, if you really want to get a clear idea of what is really going on you have to look at the long-term trends.  There are some economic trends which just keep getting worse year after year after year, and it is those trends that tell the real story of the decline of our economic system.


As you examine the long-term trends, you quickly come to realize that the U.S. is trapped in an endless spiral of debt, the middle class is being wiped out, the U.S. dollar is being destroyed and America is rapidly becoming a post-industrial wasteland.

Posted below are 16 nightmarish economic trends to watch carefully in 2011.  It is becoming exceedingly apparent that unless something is done rapidly we are heading for an economic collapse of unprecedented magnitude….

#1 Do you want to see something scary?  Just check out the chart below.  Since the beginning of the economic downturn, the U.S. monetary base has more than doubled.  But don’t worry – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has promised us that this could never cause inflation.  In fact, Bernanke says that we need to inject even more dollars into the economy.  So if you are alarmed by the chart below, you are just being irrational according to Bernanke….

#2 Thousands of our factories, millions of our jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars of our national wealth continue to be shipped overseas.  In 1985, the U.S. trade deficit with China was 6 million dollars for the entire year.  In the month of August alone, the U.S. trade deficit with China was over 28 billion dollars.  Nobel economist Robert W. Fogel of the University of Chicago is projecting that the Chinese economy will be three times larger than the U.S. economy by the year 2040 if current trends continue.

#3 The United States is rapidly becoming a post-industrial wasteland.  Back in 1959, manufacturing represented 28 percent of all U.S. economic output.  In 2008, it represented only 11.5 percent and it continues to fall.  Sadly, the truth is that America is being deindustrialized.  As of the end of 2009, less than 12 million Americans worked in manufacturing.  The last time that less than 12 million Americans were employed in manufacturing was in 1941.

#4 The number of Americans that have been out of work for an extended period of time has absolutely exploded over the last few years.  As 2007 began, there were just over 1 million Americans that had been unemployed for half a year or longer.  Today, there are over 6 million Americans that have been unemployed for half a year or longer.

#5 The middle class continues to be squeezed out of existence.  According to a poll taken in 2009, 61 percent of Americans “always or usually” live paycheck to paycheck.  That was up substantially from 49 percent in 2008 and 43 percent in 2007.

#6 The number of Americans living in poverty is absolutely skyrocketing.  42.9 million Americans are now on food stamps, and one out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least one anti-poverty program run by the federal government.  Unfortunately, many of those that have been hardest hit by this economic downturn have been children.  According to one new study, approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States are living below the poverty line in 2010 – the highest rate in 20 years.

#7 Many American families have been pushed beyond the breaking point during this economic downturn.  Over 1.4 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009, which represented a 32 percent increase over 2008.  The final number for 2010 is expected to be even higher.

#8 The U.S. real estate market continues to stagnate.  During the third quarter of 2010, 67 percent of mortgages in Nevada were “underwater”, 49 percent of mortgages in Arizona were “underwater” and 46 percent of mortgages in Florida were “underwater”.  So what happens if home prices go down even more?

#9 More elderly Americans than ever are being forced to put off retirement and continue working.  In 2010, 55 percent of Americans between the ages of 60 and 64 were in the labor market.  Ten years ago, that number was just 47 percent.  Unfortunately, it looks like this problem will only get worse in the years ahead.  In America today, approximately half of all workers have less than $2000 saved up for retirement.

#10 In the United States today, there are simply far too many retirees and not nearly enough workers to support them.  Back in 1950 each retiree’s Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 workers.  Today, each retiree’s Social Security benefit is paid for by approximately 3.3 workers.  By 2025 it is projected that there will be approximately two workers for each retiree.

#11 Financial assets continue to become concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.  For example, the “big four” U.S. banks (Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo) had approximately 22 percent of all deposits in FDIC-insured institutions back in 2000.  As of the middle of 2009 that figure was up to 39 percent.

#12 The Federal Reserve has been destroying the value of the U.S. dollar for decades.  Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the U.S. dollar has lost over 95 percent of its purchasing power.  An item that cost $20.00 in 1970 would cost you $112.35 today.  An item that cost $20.00 in 1913 would cost you $440.33 today.

#13 Commodity prices continue to soar into the stratosphere.  Ten years ago, the price of a barrel of oil hovered around 20 to 30 dollars most of the time.  Today, the price of oil is rapidly closing in on 100 dollars a barrel and there are now fears that it could soon go much higher than that.

#14 Federal government spending is completely and totally out of control.  The U.S. government budget deficit increased to a whopping $150.4 billion last month, which represented the biggest November deficit on record.  But our politicians can’t seem to break their addiction to debt.  In fact, Democrats are trying to ram through a 1,924 page, 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill in the final days of the lame-duck session of Congress before the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives next year.

#15 The U.S. national debt is rapidly closing in on 14 trillion dollars.  It is more than 13 times larger than it was just 30 short years ago.  According to an official U.S. Treasury Department report to Congress, the U.S. national debt is projected to climb to an estimated $19.6 trillion by 2015.

#16 Unfortunately, the official government numbers grossly understate the horrific nature of the crisis we are facing.  John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics has calculated that if the federal government would have used GAAP accounting standards to measure the federal budget deficit for 2009, it would have been approximately 8.8 trillion dollars.  Not only that, but John Williams now says that U.S. government debt is so wildly out of control that it is mathematically impossible for us to “grow” our way out of it….

The government’s finances not only are out of control, but the actual deficit is not containable.  Put into perspective, if the government were to raise taxes so as to seize 100% of all wages, salaries and corporate profits, it still would be showing an annual deficit using GAAP accounting on a consistent basis.  In like manner, given current revenues, if it stopped spending every penny (including defense and homeland security) other than for Social Security and Medicare obligations, the government still would be showing an annual deficit. Further, the U.S. has no potential way to grow out of this shortfall.

The more one examines the U.S. economic situation, the more depressing it becomes.  The U.S. financial system is trapped inside a horrific debt spiral  and we are headed straight for economic oblivion.

If our leaders attempt to interrupt the debt spiral it will plunge our economy into a depression.  If our leaders attempt to keep the debt spiral going for several more years it will just make the eventual crash even worse.  Either way, we are headed for a financial implosion that will be truly historic.

The debt-fueled good times that we have been enjoying for the last several decades are rapidly coming to an end.  Unfortunately for the tens of millions of Americans that are already suffering, our economic problems are only going to get worse in the years ahead.

So what do you think?  Do you agree that the U.S. economy is doomed?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

  • Mr bill

    Start prepping now…the blame game is over. To argue about under what political party the blame should be laid is fruitless. I recommend survivor blog and Chris Martensen’s crash course…..The sweet ride is about to end. Beans, bullets and bandaids should be in your future..The people with the foresite to plan ahead and develop critical skills like gardening, hunting and fishing will be in a better position to avoid a ton of pain in the not to distant future..Good luck, hang on it,s gonna be a bumpy ride!!!

  • Gary

    Hey-while so many people are hurting, how about we give the rich another tax break. It has worked so well in the past. NOT!

    The selfish immoral republican conservatism focus on funneling wealth to the top 10% has ruined our country.

    It is disgusting that as so many people are hurting the rights only solution is to give tax cuts to the rich, to let billionaire hedge funds only pay 15% on their income/capital gains.

    The right is insane. Repubes must be Godless souls.

  • Gary

    I almost forgot: almost all the above nightmarish trends would be solved if we taxed the rich and spread the wealth. The top 1% has more wealth and income than the bottom 50%. There is no way anyone can tell me that that wealth could not be better utilized feeding hungry children/adults etc. Providing the eldery with a dignified retirement, and health and dental care for all. Free education and no more student loasns. Just think what all the welath of the top 1% could do to help the rest of the country.

    It is my belief that wealth will be spread either willingly or not. It will be spread,

  • Sam from malaysia

    Yup, sorry to see the current condition of the US economy. Yeap years of reckless spending on liar loans, stock market manipulation, slice and dice of derivatives, QE and you name it America got it. Unfortunately this is just the beginning and will be much worse in the coming years.

    We in Asia are more prudent espcially from a Chinese background. We dont like to get ourselves into debts, for small ticket items we normally pay cash for it and for big ticket items like cars and houses we normally pay about 20-30% down and the rest we go for mortgage. That is why even though economic crisis are hitting europe and america we hardly felt anything other than some price inflation of goods. We have learned our lesson from the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis.

    I just dont know why all those American and European corporates are not creating jobs back home and instead moving their factories overseas – more profit i suppose.

    In my hometown in Ipoh which is 2 hours drive from K.L, recently there are a lot of FDI activities. An American company by the name of Twin Creeks from California just had their ground breaking ceremony yesterday in one of the indistrial estates here. They are investing something like US 400 million and phase One will employ 1500 – 2000 workers. Phase Two to be commence in 2013. We have Finisar, Intel and a whole lot of multinationals operating and planning to shift their operations over to this part of the world. Over here jobs are abundant and unions are pushing for higher minimum wages.

    And with our government’s economic transformation program taking off for the next 10 years we are to spend something like RM 1.4 trillion and will create a hell of a lot of jobs along the way.

    Over here banks will never lend you any money if you dont have a good track record or without any collateral to back up your loan. Sorry mates no liar loans and stuff like that and that’s why our NPL stays at less than 4%.

    At the end of the day i think the main culprit are the flawed government economic, social and foreign policies that had contributed to this mess in the US.

  • William

    Americans are simply not paying attention to this unfolding disaster. I know not why. It is clear that we can not grow our way out of this nightmare; we can not tax our way out; we are bankrupt and can not stimulus spend our way out. We can, and do, wage unnecessary wars of choice. Expect another unnecessary war to distract the sleeping fools who have let the Republicans destroy America. Iran??

  • Javik

    America is going to be making the sudden shift to a third-world country very soon. We are all going to be forced to make a major downward readjustment in living standards.

    The $400,000 custom-built McMansion will be replaced with a $40,000 manufactured house, and the Lexus traded down for a Kia. The Tata Nano may end up quite popular here after the crash.

    It is going to feel incredibly humiliating, and the rest of the countries of the world are going to be laughing at us.

  • mondobeyondo

    Economic Tornado Warning!
    Economic Tornado Warning!

    Don’t bother with the jewelry or the family photos, your life (as you know it now) is at stake!

    Because everything you know and love today – your high paying job, your fresh veggies at Wal-Mart, your cost for a dental appointment, etc – all that is literally going to be wiped out. It’s coming. The storm clouds are building.

    Just dive to the basement, as fast as you can!

    If you haven’t prepared beforehand… well…
    um…I’ll try to help as best as I can, once the hail stones stop falling.

  • zack

    Sam from Malaysia has it absolutely right. Asia is experiencing an economic boom because Asian culture encourages savings, prudent spending and living within one’s means. In America, it seems that most are just trying to get something for nothing. That is precisely why my company helps move Americans to Malaysia in particular.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit http://www.pathtoasia.com/jobs/ for details.

  • Aurelius 7

    Bullets, beans and band-aids sum it up nicely. In addition to what Mr. Bill said…

    You might want to buy military rations and MREs. Uncle Sam will be at your door to collect your crops as these ’emblements’ are considered government property through eminent domain. Think I’m joking? Just wait until the food shortages hit.

    Food inflation has been climbing at roughly 2% each month this year while the real increase (upwards of 50%-plus) has been hidden by the reluctance of producers passing the cost on to the masses and government subsidies.

  • Aurelius 7

    Too bad our boy Gary here is stuck in the right-left paradigm. His socialist pal in the Washington DC Kremlin satellite just gave the rich another tax break. If you want socialism so bad, just outright give me your car or your house, or both so you can be happy — that’s how it works. I’ll even be kind enough to trade you a plastic tent made in China.

  • Christian

    Well Gary Obama you are WRONG!

  • Ron Paul

    This is a direct product of the Unconstitutional monetary system that we run, the fifth plank of the communist manifesto: “Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.” Why do you think the founders were so careful as to outlaw this system? Why do you think the progressives illegally put it in place? Now we will all find out what it feels like to live under a regime in which people starve, rise up, and then are absolutely smashed like ants beneath the fist of the rulers. They will have the most powerful spying power and military power in the history of all mankind at their disposal. Things are bad, things are even worse than we think.

  • Thomas

    Really? The reason the fed is hoping for inflation is so we can build things here. Right now countries can do it for a lot cheaper. But that only hurts the American people and encourages more blue collar jobs. Why not train everyone to have white collar management jobs. The world is evolving faster than we can imagine. Of course you have the major conflict of interest between the private and public sector where the people running the private sector worry about the ones at the top and public worry about the ones at the bottom; no one caring about the ones in the middle.

  • Susan

    I think the real estate market is in for a VERY rough ride ahead. I just watched some videos about people living in tent cities. Once you’ve been lived economically at that level, I seriously doubt you will ever feel like you *need* a big screen TV or $5000 backyard grill or the 2500-3000 square foot home to hold all your “stuff.”

  • graetscott

    I love how some of you think the rich should fork over their hard earned money. The so called rich already pay 90% of the taxes. Excuse me but $%&* You! Half of all working Americans pay ZERO taxes.

  • Tizzle


    What happens when all of the rich folks’ money is gone?

  • “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

  • rox0r

    I agree with some of the points, but the statistics on some points don’t actually back up the argument.

    #3. “post-industrial wasteland”: It begs the question that a drop in manufacturing is a bad thing. I’m sure at some point blacksmiths and coopers were showing stats point to a precipitous drop in their numbers, but without directly backing up that it is a bad thing, the argument hasn’t been proven, it’s just been shifted to something else. And don’t just say it’s obvious. If it was obvious, it would have been easy to back up with numbers in the first place.

    #9: This quote links to a page that says something different: “In America today, approximately half of all workers have less than $2000 saved up for retirement.”

    Actual quote (that isn’t actually backed up):”While it is true that the average retirement accounts for many Americans is near $50,000 half of Americans have $2,000 or less in their account”

    Half of Americans and half of workers are vastly different ideas. If every family has 2 kids, and kids don’t have accounts, then by definition half of americans have $2k or less in their accounts.

    #12: Does it matter what the 1913 dollar was worth? We all get paid in 2010 dollars. So, if we make 1000x in 2010 dollars does it matter if it is worth 200x less in 1913 dollars? I don’t know what the numbers actually are, but the point might be good or bad depending on how it relates to other things. Would you rather be in the dust bowl ’30s or 2010?

    The last handful of points. Since the dollar is being devalued, doesn’t that mean the debt could grow in number and still be smaller in value than before?

    And to circle around to the manufacturing point. The article backing up that point mentions foreign countries like China devaluing their currency to make a bigger trade imbalance. Doesn’t that mean manufacturing in the US benefits by weakening the US dollar?

    If other countries want to buy a $10 US item and suddenly $10 (dropping in value) is only worth $5 of their currency, doesn’t it make it easier to reverse the trade imbalance?

    The reverse of it is that a weaker dollar makes China-made goods more expensive, so people will buy American.

    I don’t disagree with all of the points, just that some are very weakly backed up. If people don’t stay sharp about weak arguments it is easy to be tricked by those in power.

  • MK

    What has happened in this country is so much bigger than just bad policies. It was deliberate. What bothers me is the amount of treachery, hatred of other Americans and arrogance that went into these decisions.

    Regardless what the “elite” think, they will not escape unscathed from the mess that they have created.

    Aurelius, you must be a Satanist, the way that you are gloating over people starving. Have you seen starvation? I have. It is not pretty.

    Some of the other posters here are just as bad. They seem to think that everybody in America is living high off the hog. Well, I am well over 50 and I am barely making it…not because I am not educated (Masters degree) and not because I don’t work hard, but for other reasons linked to the excrable state of this country.

    I was opposed to NAFTA and the other stupid policies. I remember arguing with young people who were so delighted about the “cheap goods” that they were going to get and the new MANAGEMENT positions that NAFTA would create. I told them that those were pipe dreams. It gives me no comfort to know that I have been absolutely right in opposing many policies.

    Those of you who think that you know what is going on are, sadly, clueless. Read Plot to Steal the White House and you will begin to get an inkling…maybe.

    The blog address above will fill in many more data points for you.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Mister Bill is right, arguing over this left right, liberal neo con is just bull corn. We’re past the tipping point here and in Europe. You need to get educated and get ready, and to the guy from Malaysia good luck selling that stuff in Africa.
    This is a global problem feel free to read about the demos in Europe the riots in Greece today, China is having problems and has one of the fastest aging populations in the world, on top of a growing inflation rate and debt bubble.
    You need to read more than the local paper, or you deserve what bad things happen to you.

  • mondobeyondo

    “A house is just a place where you put your stuff, while you go out and… gather more stuff”

    — George Carlin

  • mondobeyondo

    Yeah, that big screen TV fits in your tent perfectly, right next to the Coleman stove, fold up chair and sleeping bag.

    You can even invite your new friends in your local Bushville/Obamaville (although our present economic problems go way beyond Bush II or Obama), to watch “Dancing with the Stars” at your next tent party! And what a thrill it is to see Oprah in high definition!

  • Gary2

    if we ever run out of rich peoples money then we can tax the corporations who are sitting on record cash reserves.

  • It has amazed and then saddened me that my neighbors and co-workers are unable or unwilling to see just how serious our condition has become. I realize that denial is an important coping mechanism and one that I am most familiar with in the context of a dying patient. However, it is useful only to a point and after that it makes the process even worse. When the inevitable comes, it will crush many people. I forsee masses of people hungry and terrified and looking to find someone to blame for their condition. The government will be only too willing to supply scapegoats and there will be violence. But our economic future is not the worst of it. There is a bigger picture that even fewer will see until it is too late.

  • Mike

    Yes all the facts are true, but America can fix the problems. Some myths we must discard first.

    The rich earned their money and deserve to pay low taxes. FALSE. 75% of all the wealthy, those with net worth over $10 million inherited their wealth they didn’t work a day for their money. Bill Gates did, his wife and two kids didn’t. Warren Buffett did, his wife and four kids didn’t; all are billionaires. This is the rule among the rich.

    The rich pay high taxes. FALSE. The top 1% paid just a 22% federal income tax rate in 2009, far too low. The average income was $8.4 million and the tax paid was $1.8 million.

    This needs to be increased back to the Reagan era, 50% marginal tax for all income over $200k.
    The net wealth of the top 5% of Americans was just $8 trillion 20 years ago it is now $40 trillion. Take some of this to pay down the debt.

    A tax on net wealth could balance the budget immediately. Remember 75% of these rich bastards never worked to be rich. Caroline Kennedy is worth $400 million all inherited. The list is too long, 75% of all the rich are lazy, greedy, uncaring people who didn’t earn a dime of their wealth.

    The top 1% of American now get 25% of all US income; up from just 10% 30 years ago. The CEOs now make 400 times the average worker wage; up from just 100 times 20 years ago.

    We have had income and wealth redistribution
    from the middle class to the rich since Reagan.

    To fix the problem is easy; we need to raise taxes on the greedy and help the needy. We need to take from those who never worked to be rich and help America.

    America needs to fully fund education with the taxes on the rich so we can get the benefit from our kids. Without education they will not get good jobs and buy goods and services driving the economy and they will not pay taxes.

    Those are the real underlying facts. Greed, hate and fear now rule America and this is destroying the country.

  • Dave McMahan

    Forty-years ago, America had a trade surplus (though trade was a small part of our economy- only 3% of GDP), the strongest currency, was the world’s largest lending nation, had the highest worker’s wages, the highest standard of living, and net positive personal savings. America was a strong country based- primarily- on Americans working for Americans building things and providing services for Americans.

    America has fallen to have huge trade deficits, an ever-declining dollar (now worth half a British pound and even weaker than the Canadian dollar), being the world’s largest international borrower, and many of our companies and assets have been purchased by foreigners. In addition, worker’s wages (in real terms- “adjusted for inflation”) have fallen and we have net personal debt (“total indebtedness- even when assets are figured in”). Much can be blamed for these (such as our federal gov’ts. huge annual budget deficits- largely financed by foreigners, now), but part of it is America’s stance in the “global economy”.

    America’s “openness” (often-times “one-way”- not fair) in the “global economy” has meant huge trade deficits (“can’t compete with near-slave labor and lack of pollution controls in places like China or socialized competition in countries like Japan where companies don’t shoulder retirement or healthcare costs”) leading to lost jobs, reduced wages, and the flight of wealth from us. These $700 billion dollar-per-year trade deficits (again, along with gov’t’s. massive borrowing) take much money from the US and put it in foreign hands. Our trade deficits started in the late 70’s. “Coincidentally”- by mid-80’s the US incurred ever-increasing, yearly “net international investment deficits” (foreigners buying more of our land and assets than we theirs). In the year 2003, this figure was over $2 trillion dollars negative.

    The Chicago Toll Roads is owned by a Spanish-Australian consortium and Budweiser beer is owned by Germans (“profits go overseas”), Miller Brewing by South Africans- the list could go on forever. Warren Buffett wrote a Fortune article, “America’s Growing Trade Deficit Is Selling The Nation Out From Under Us” (2003- “google” it). He, also, said, “A ‘Sharecropper’s Society’- that’s precisely where our trade policies, supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, are taking us.”


    Many things need to be done in America, but it’s time we tell our politicians to defend our borders economically and turn inward (on trade and fiscal policies), because a society cannot consume its way to prosperity- we must produce our way to prosperity. Check out http://www.americaneconomicalert.com and http://www.economyincrisis.org.

    Politically, we are in a HUGE uphill battle fighting against this “global, ‘free trade’ system” and fighting for American jobs and true, “We The People” prosperity (“opportunity” for all willing to work, innovate, risk, etc.). I think we all realize this (and we’ve got some good “allies” on our side in the reality of “joblessness”, indebtedness to foreigners, foreign purchasing of our assets, etc.).

    BUT, there is the other side of the coin. INFLATION in America has caused everything to be MUCH, MUCH more expensive. Healthcare (which we gotta’ have) and “higher education” (which we THINK we gotta’ have) are two areas that have inflated in price, greatly, the last thirty years.

    We have financed our desire/need for these two things with ALOT of debt (both government debt- “healthcare has, truly, been socialized in many ways- waaay before “Obamacare”- and personal, household debt- of course, that “higher education” was “supposed” to pay back dividends). We have allowed ourselves to consume/utilize these more and more expensive things by “sacrificing” manufacturing for “cheaper goodies” made overseas (after all, if you’re spending more and more on “eds and meds”- not to mention energy, food, housing, etc.- all of which cannot be “gotten” from overseas, you gotta’ save the budget, somewhere).

    So, how do we resolve to FORCE “ourselves” to buy things manufactured by “ourselves” which- of course- will be more expensive than “overseas stuff”????

    Seems to me that we have to resolve ourselves/”convince our neighbors” that “paying the price” is not only “worthwhile”, but imminently necessary! We must caption a slogan that, “A nation produces its way to prosperity; it cannot ‘consume’ its way to proserity”!!!

    We have to resolve ourselves that our children get two good quality, “Made In USA” toys under the Christmas tree, instead of ten junky “Made In China” gifts. We have to become more responsible and less of a “throwaway” society (if little Johnny/Sally are irresponsible and destroy/lose that $ 150 Made In USA portable DVD player, it will not automatically be “replaced” thru Mommy/Daddy buying a new one like the $ 60 Made In China model would’ve been).

    This battle- fighting irresponsibility, selfishness, the “throway” mentality, and pig-headed, “Me first”, short-sighted “consumerism”- is, probably, a BIGGER UPHILL battle than the political one.

    But, it is where we stand in Modern-day America floating amidst the “globalized economy” (and, yes, I know I’ve left out the “pie in the sky” dream of America somehow booming in manufacturing through selling to foreign markets, BUT we LIVE right in the middle of the- still- largest market in the world, so I’d rather focus on “regaining domestic consumption”, rather than that “pie in the sky”).

    Yes, “free trade” and “free choice” are always the “best”- in the short term (the “NOW-time” of purchase and consumption). However, they are NOT always the best for the “long-haul” and often not “sustainable”.

    Greatly “simplified” point in case- if I were in the business of harvesting trees to produce pulp for making paper, the best long-term sustainable practice would be for me to incur the cost of planting new trees to replace those I’d harvested to ensure my business will have a “crop” for continuation some thirty to forty years later. This cost will have to be passed on to my customers in the form of somewhat higher cost for paper.

    However- of course, the customer prefers “cheaper paper”.
    So, if my competitor utilizes a “slash ‘n burn” paper production process- not incurring the cost of re-planting trees- he can- in the short term (until he runs outta’ “crop”)- produce “cheaper” paper and outsell me (possibly even driving me to bankruptcy) as the “free market” decides that he is “better”.

    You can see how “free markets” -driven by short-sighted greed and “price-push” consumerism can be “cannabilistic” and unsustainable (let alone “not good for the general welfare”).

    After the “slash ‘n burn” guy runs outta’ trees, he, of course, goes outta’ business, too- but he’s made great profits on his investment and his shareholders were happy at the time. Then, society- all because of what the unregulated “free market” dictated- is left with the burden of a “treeless planet” and “what to do about it” (again- I know this is a grossly oversimplified example, but I think it illustrates a point).

    You can see how- in this case- it would be necessary for some form of government to step in and make a rule that “when you harvest xx amount of trees, you gotta’ re-plant xx amount of trees” (regardless of whether the consumer- who might or not be “cash-strapped” because he lost his job at the “sustainably-minded”, bankrupt tree producing company pushed outta’ business by the “cheaper paper”- regardless of whether that consumer likes paying “extra” for paper to incur the “passed-on cost” for re-planting trees in the form of higher paper prices.

    I am- generally- a very much “liberty-minded”, “little government as possible”, “Constitution-supporting” fella’, but it seems to me that there are definite cases where “collective action” must be taken to “control” the free market (a very delicate matter, because too much “control” can suffocate it or stunt its growth- let alone lead to “government-sanctioned monopolies” that rip-off and abuse the people, entrenching sloth and corruption).

    Seems to me that these “trade deficits” and the outflow of wealth from the USA to foreigners are unsustainable.

    The US position as the big “credit card-bearing” consumer for much of the world is unsustainable and is leading to a “downward spiral to the bottom” for the USA and that our elected officials should step in and use their Constitutional authority to “regulate international commerce” in order to protect the avenues for “pursuing happiness” our ancestors have endowed us with in this country (regardless of whether the bare, open free market dictates it in the “NOW-time” of consumption or not). A nation cannot consume its way to prosperity, it must produce its way there (like we USED to- buying stuff that we made).

    I understand that- generally- “two-way”, reciprocal trade is good, allowing all of us to “focus on producing/delivering what we do best” and- generally- “raises all our boats”, but this modern system of “one-way”, “slave-labor” trade which allows the multi-national corporations the “cheapest means of production” (through the utilization of “slave-labor” which isn’t paid enough to be a reciprocal consumer) is a “downward spiral to the bottom”.

    America is- still- the world’s biggest consumer market and we- obviously- sit right in the middle of it, having had a large share of that market taken up by foreign companies and foreign-made goods. Instead of addressing that, vigorously, and seeking to “recapture that market”, we listen to politicians (Republicans and most Democrats when they get in a position that “really matters”- “once they get elected”) and the “multi-national corp.-lap-dog, US Chamber of Outsourcing” (Commerce) sell us on “more free trade deals”, because we’ll “export our way back to prosperity as a people”.

  • Gary

    Mike-great Post-you are right on! My take on taxing the greedy:

    As far as your arguement “it is their money in the first place”. Bullshit. That income group has not experienced recession. They owe this country for creating the conditions that allowed them to earn and keep their income, as well as to live in a safe and clean environment with laws, law enforcement, and courts that protect them.

    If there is going to be shared sacrifice to reign in the national debt, those that have benefited the most from the economy need to sacrifice the most to correct the problems.

  • Randy

    Mr. Bill is right @ the first post.
    Since WWII, as a point of reference, the United States has bailed out and repaired many countries yet very few have paid us back. And when a catastrophic event happens in the US, very few countries come here to help.
    I don’t expect this trend to change. They can’t support us financially when we’re already doing that for them.

  • European

    I agree with most people here;

    But when reading how some one like Randy writes “how others owe the US” that really cracks me up. Those “others” are the ones who are keeping the US afloat. If they withdraw their capital/assets the US would crash before you can whisper shit. This US you are now living and breaving is NOT the US it once was. What you see now are banksters infiltrated everywhere and those in the camera are their puppets. Criminal families which have been working since the beginning of the 20th century to this point of being “businessmen”. The same thing what happened in Russia when the wall came down. Criminals are now call themselves “businessmen”, they’re in banks, politics and many other toppositions playing chess with us.

    And you know what ? Here in Europe we have the same shit going on. Banksters and the elite are pushing Europe to the same mess the US is now experiencing.

    The few countries in West Europe which didn’t join the official EU are now doing better, wealthier than ever. They do participate in the EU in many ways but without being chained to the EU.

    Whatever capitalism means, it doesn’t work if you keep playing the borrow-money-and-pay-more-back game.

  • Martin

    Worldwide we are already paying much for US debts, because US banks sold it to our banks.

  • JFW

    Every countries government is a reflection of their people

  • Thinker

    How can banks foreclose properties of very same people they outsourced production jobs to overseas? Now, we owe money to WHOM??? China is only $1T out of $14T, who has rest of it??

  • Yrag

    Hey Gary,

    As the saying goes, you’re an effing commie idiot.

  • ScottinWisconsin

    You “tax the rich til there are no more rich” can kiss my @ss. You come for my gold and silver, and all you’ll get is my lead. I dare you, you cowardly looters, who expect the government to rob me for you.
    Bring it on.

    “The trouble with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money.” Churchill.

  • We ought to hang all the politicians, pull our military back inside our borders, SEAL the borders, and tell the rest of the world to f*** off, and if they mess with us, we’ll turn them into a glass parking lot.

    Ought to.

    It’ll never happen.

    “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

    That’s where we’re headed with all of this globalist BS.

  • Fred

    Canada’s banking system, to quote Tony Blair (paraphrase), “is one of the best kept secrets”.

    I laugh at most international “news” reporting on anything involving economics. Many reports cite Australia and other countries. Well, Australia is on the other side of the world and has HALF the population that Canada does. Not sure why the US media loves Australia so much. Here’s some info for you Yanks:

    – Canada is your biggest trading partners and one of your best key allies.
    – Canada supplies the USA with more oil than Saudi Arabia… yes, you heard that right. Look it up on Google.
    – Canada’s banking system and overall economy were not hit nearly as hard as all other countries in the world during this economic crisis.
    – A Canadian invented the game of basketball.
    – Captain Kirk (William Shatner) is a Canadian.
    – Michael J. Fox, the star of the mega blockbuster movie Back to The Future is a Canadian.
    – Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world (only Russia is larger).
    – Almost 25% of all the fresh water in the world is in Canada.
    – Canada’s land mass contains 10% of all the forests in the world.
    – Canada is the third largest diamond producing nation in the world.

    I could go on but it’s about time you lazy buggers did your own trivia research (lol). As for the USA news media who love the Australians for some reason, keep ignoring us Canadians. We love it.

  • kickedNtheNUTZ

    With only a few exceptions, most of Congress, and Senate should be held accountable to acts of HIGH TREASON! Taking pulpit money to pad their lifestyles, while the rest of us burn. This is also why we need term limits.

    Now I’m paying for someone elses retirement, while I have none, and cant afford health insurance either. When the end is near, just give me pain meds, cause I wont add to this nightmare problem we have in this country, I’m ready to go when Jesus will take me.

    I dont have car payments, and until recently no credit card balances, now I have one, just getting us by on slow months. My house was on a 15 yr fixed, and I’m 7.5 years in and now I’m struggling to keep my commitments. And its not because I’m lazy, its because theres no economy to support our business anymore, and material costs are through the roof.

    While we can find unlimited people on the internet who will talk about it, in daily life its business as usual, and most people I know, don’t want to talk about, much less make any changes. I don’t think the country is divided on this, it’s more like undecided… WE ARE SCREWED!

  • Its Coming

    Gary, you live in a marxist utopia dream world with no obvious life experience and a hatred for those who work for what they have. When you decide to take from those who have to give to those who don’t, it is felony theft. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs is indeed a failed concept. I am a full time policeman, and a business owner. I started my business and work every waking moment. Who in the F@$%king F#))(# do you think you are to come and take what I have worked my ass off for, only to give it to some lazy piece of S#!* welfare recipient who hasn’t sacrificed anything in their life and have never taken a financial risk. And don’t try to talk smack about how I have always known wealth. I have been broke, and didn’t have a damned chicken bone in the fridge to even make chicken flavored water to eat. I am self made. I grew up broke and said to myself. I will never live like that again! The key word is I. Not the collective WE as you would have it!


    Interesting concept. The problem is that the question that progressives always fail to ask themselves when they are on a crusade to redistribute wealth. “At Who’s Expense.” Progressive douche bags like Pelosi and Reed are always happy to give other peoples money away. And don’t get me wrong Gary. I despise republican and liberal progressive politicians. They are aphids, ticks, leaches. This ship has already hit the iceberg. When a sitting congressman makes a minimum of $174K and a soldier who gets SHOT AT! makes a measly $19k, there is something fundamentally wrong with that. There is no stopping the water. Progressive agendas got us here with their wealth distribution and non constitutional fiat currencies. And those that adhere to the constitution are the ones who will again be picking up the mess. I say, lets get this party started! I’m Prepared! Are you Gary? Probably not, you are just waiting for the poopoo to hit the fan so you can get together with other like minded marxists to try and vote that I give you my well prepared stores under accusation that I am hoarding. I’ll be thinking of you and yours when your a$$ is starving because you wanted to still play politics and blame everyone else for your own inadequacies.

  • Aman

    God prohibited usury in every form.
    What we see in the US and other parts of the world is direct result of widespread usury. Solution is – we return to God and live by His commands, because Creator always knows what is better for His creations.

  • htc

    Fred – Canada may have a well regulated banking system, but we are an export driven economy and most of our trade is done with the US.

    The collapse of the US economy all but guarntee’s a collapse of the Canadian economy.

  • Law Dawg

    @ Gary, You only covered half of the problem. I wonder why that is?

    The Dems and Republican POLITICIANS are responsible, no one holds a gun to their head and makes them vote.

    The part you missed…It’s time that the American parasites that lay around daily and collect their “entitlement” checks kick in and provide a good or service to their neighbors for the “free” shit they get from the 554. And those that are here illegally also collecting “entitlement” checks should have been sent packing long ago.

    America has become land of the Apathetic Political Correct and home of the Entitled Human Parasite.

  • Let’s face it; people are already tired of hoping for the better. Why is it that the government cannot live within a budget when the economy is healthy? It never happens. We must replace all career politicians – they are too entrenched, and the special interests from business to unions to foreign governments have far too much influence. We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit http://www.pathtoasia.com/jobs/ for details.

  • Movin333

    It’s disheartening to see how many people believe it is right and just to take another’s property or savings based upon some perceived injustice.

    Gary (1+2)…I believe your post photo says everything we need to know about you.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Movin333

    Dear It’s coming,

    Excellent post. Aside from the general stance of preparedness one might want to consider “teaming up” with other like minded individuals as there are soon to be many “Gary’s” out there…As I’m sure you know it take about 6 healthy people to man a 24 hour watch and still get stuff done.

    To all who see the inevitable, unite with your friends so that you and yours may survive the coming storm…

  • mm

    wahoo…deflating debt, while at every dollar borrowed to buy housing 10 to 100 dollars are printed up to compete with evewry dollar put in the bank as savings……

  • Gary

    It is not theft when we tax the rich. It is OUR (working people/poor people) money that they stole by not giving any productivity increases to workers. It is not theft to take back something that belongs to you and that was stolen from you.

    The wealthy got that way by exploiting people with low wage jobs etc. Look at the profits wal-mart/McDonald’s etc make by paying poverty wages.

  • Gary

    There is no such thing as a “self made man” You benefit from living in America that allows you to become well off.


    If bill gates was born in a rain forest in central America he would be as poor as the rest of us. He said this himself.

  • Maple leave

    Fred forgot to mention that the country of Canada has a population less then California

  • Its Coming

    Movin333, We are already organized into our group with SOP’s and fallbacks. Oh, and by the way. My total post was extremely edited by the moderators. I wonder why people are to scared to hear the truth or to even let others hear the truth. Lets just say that as a full time police officer I were to respond to a scene of a an attempted burglary. And the homeowner was armed. He while sleeping or on watch, woke up or was alerted to a disturbance inside the established homestead perimeter. He reacted lawfully as it pertains to the castle doctrine and the second amendment. Needless to say the coroner had to be summoned to the scene and a crime scene clean up crew had to respond as well due to the amount of bio-hazard that was present. Well as the responding officer, I would rule in my report as well as concur with the prosecutor that the sovereign citizen was well within his right to defend his property, and life. He would be completely and totally justified in what happened. Now I would assume that since this reads like a “Law & Order” episode, that it will make it through the PC police so as to not hurt the feelings of some. But let me just say that I was not so nice when I originally posted and a lot was cut out. In my honest opinion, censoring does a great injustice to those that have the motive and desire to take from those who have worked their ass off for their family. Maybe if they heard what the owner of said property would be willing to do to protect it, they might rethink their whole marxist thought process. I’m Just saying……

  • Gary

    Its Coming-so you are one of the public employees who are living off the gov yet you say your a self made man? I have no problem taxing your business income and spreading the wealth around, and you know what-more and more people think like me because they can see the failure of the free market

    Read the following and put it in your memory:

    There is no such thing as a “self made man” You benefit from living in America that allows you to become well off.


    Quit complaining and pay your dues for living in America. Don’t like it then go to most other countries where the taxes are even higher.

    I am thinking you need to go back to the compound somewhere in Idaho. Scary that you are a police officer.

  • bill c

    unbelievable to me that so many parasitic Gary’s exist in our America. It’s over, It’s obvious, we’re doomed. Civil war #2 is brewing. The good thing is these leeches don’t have a clue and will fold like a cheap suit when TSHTF. Brace for impact!!!

  • J. Knight

    What many of you say is true, we have gotten ourselves in quite a pickle by overspending, overborrowing and over consuming. We have allowed our industrial base to suffer by giving out tax breaks to companies that move their operations out of the country, particularly to Mexico. There are many other examples to other countries as well.

    But what can we do? I want to offer a few suggestions that will not solve all the problems, but will help tremendously.

    1. We need to dramatically cut spending by the Federal Government. Do away with the Dept. of Education as education was handled by the states up until the 1960s, and has suffered since the federal government has moved into that territory. There are numerous programs that do nothing but waste money and reward the unproductive among our population. Cut defense spending as well by bringing our troops home from the ME.
    2. Change the tax code. Right now we have 50% of the people who pay no income tax. They must be taxed, or they will have no stake in the nation. When the code is changed, we should have a one-time tax on high earners of 50%, and then a reduction to around 30%. All others should pay about 20%.
    3. Place a tariff on all imported goods to raise additional revenue and discourage imports.
    4. Secure the border, and stop spending billions of dollars on free services to illegal aliens. Identify and deport them as they have no claim to taxpayer-funded services.

    We also have some huge advantages. The United States has the largest natural gas supplies in the World. Develope them fully. We also have the largest coal reserves in the World. Use them. We also have produced more oil this past year than any year in history. We have huge reserves in Alaska and the Gulf, 10s of billions of barrels, yet we leave it in the ground while paying hundreds of billions of dollars a year to our enemies. We also have new oil fields discovered in No. Dakota and Montana, along with possible development of huge new oil reserves in Utah and Colorado, adding further 10s of billions of oil reserves. Develope these new fields.

    We also have huge reserves of rare earth minerals, all locked up in government land. Unlock then, and develope them. Uranium deposites, the largest wind energy potential in the world, I could go on and on, but we in the US could unleash millions of jobs in the energy industry alone if our government would get the hell out of the way.

    New refineries would need to open to handle the fuel production, power plants would be built, the auto industry could be rejuvenated, and many of the problems we have would solve themselves.

    But could this be done? I don’t know, but if everyone would realize that we have to stand together, or we will hang separately, then it could happen.

  • Its Coming

    What I find incredibly amazing is that the parasite named “gary” thinks that there is no such thing as a self made man. Have you no dignity. No ability to make yourself better, or to rise above your own circumstances. Have you been so indoctrinated by the (and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION) minuscule 20% left and 8% of the far extreme left that you belong to, that you don’t believe that you can make something better than you! OMFG I hope you are sterile. Your children will have no chance. The truth is that you are probably a college student at berkley (lower case on purpose) with absolutely no experience in life. You have never taken a risk financially or otherwise. You believe that I am somehow allowed by a government to do what I do. That it is my obligation to ask for permission to become successful. Well listen up you infantile moron. I realized and have accepted 13 years ago that the primary career that I chose would never make me rich or even wealthy for that matter. I got into this profession to help others less fortunate than I. Because I am willing to FREELY Give My Life to protect those that can’t or are unwilling to protect their own lives or property. So don’t sit there in your momma’s basement drinking warm Red Bull in your pj’s and even remotely think that you have either earned the right to judge me, or even have the life experience to compare your twisted thoughts of righteousness and justice to the real world. Listen sonny! I don’t know you. But If I were in the area of operation of your sorry existence. And while either on duty, or off duty walking in the mall or parking lot with my family, and one of the little G-thugs that you believe is so worthy and entitled to what I have worked so hard for, decided that you were an easy mark and he was going to rob you at gun point. I would gladly distance myself from my family and make an immediate B-line towards the threat that your sorry ass would cower away from. And while you were begging for your sorry ass life to the piece of shit that would rather kill you dead with his sideways High Point than hear your sorry ass cries for mercy, I would dispatch his ass without ever knowing that you weren’t even worthy of the cause. You think about that before you open your Fu$%ing mouth again. So when you get out into the real world and begin to realize that there is such thing as a SELF MADE MAN. Then you can exercise your thoughts from experience and not from the side of your momma’s teet. Just because you can’t make yourself better, or rise above your circumstances, doesn’t mean others can’t and have!!! And who the fu#^ made Bill Gates king of the wealthy people? You have no clue. I pay taxes too dumbass. So one could say that I pay for my own salary. And in (MY) (FREE) time, I manufacture a product for the warriors you so obviously despise. I use my skills and abilities to make a better life for myself, my family and my friends. Yes, that is right. I as in ME. Not your collective WE dipshit! What you need to learn is that if you continue to give those without things that they neither earned or deserve, they will continue to think that they are entitled. You empower someone, and make them uncomfortable in their poverty, you quickly realize that they will get motivated or die. It is sad that marxists like you fail to educate themselves. They simply spew out talking points, and have no meaningful argument. So while I insult you with my fancy words which makes me and others like me (80% of the population) feel better, I also provide an argument that cannot be defeated. The truth will burn your lies and talking points like a fire. If one puts my point to the test, in history it has shown that it works. EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPT IN THE HISTORY OF MAN TO CREATE A MARXIST, & COMMUNIST UTOPIA HAS FAILED. LET ME REPEAT THAT! EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPT IN THE HISTORY OF MAN!!! TO CREATE A MARXIST, & OR COMMUNIST UTOPIA!!! HAS FAILED!!!!!! IT LEADS TO DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. Your claim that capitalism has failed and that the free market doesn’t work is a debunked point from the get go. We haven’t been living in a free market or capitalism driven society since the early 1900’s. government intervention, bureaucracies, and regulations have squeezed the market and manufacturing industries to a point where they can’t even function. They have opted to leave this country. The United States is as of last week now the leader in corporate taxation due to Japan lowering their corporate taxes. I could go on, and on, and on. But sorry to say, you can’t help those that won’t help themselves, and I believe that there is no hope for you anytime soon to learn life’s lessons. Here is what is going to happen. When our economy does collapse, and it is going to collapse. The recipient class that you hold so dear to your heart is going to turn on you and yours. They won’t care about your thoughts of social justice, or how you tried to fight for their entitlements (AKA stolen property). Or how you thought that all those greedy bastards who created this problem should pay for their strife. They are going to dispatch your ass and no one will even know that you ever existed. The only point in your argument that I will concede is that yes there are greedy people out there. They are a minority just like your 20% of left wing nuts. Bill Gates has donated Billions to charity. John Huntsman has pledged to give all of his money away before he dies. However, look deep into your argument. Lowlifes like Barney Frank and Pelosi were the ones that thought it was a good idea to force banks to approve mortgages on stated income alone. Becuzzez everyonez deservez a house! (BULLSHIT) They are the ones that created this problem which brought the true greed out from the greedy unethical minority. So don’t lump everyone that owns a business and works their asses off, and creates jobs, and provides health insurance, and manufactures that computer that you are using into the same boat. I know how you marxists think that everyone is the same, but you are going to have to realize that we are not! We are all only created equal. We are not all guaranteed equality. It is up to the individual to make themselves prosperous.
    I am sure that you would agree that every one is as different as a finger print. Therefore you must treat each as an individual to their needs and adjust to their personality. If you were to treat them all equally, then you would be discriminating against them all. Those lower on the scale would lose just as those higher on the scale would benefit. This is a failed concept.

  • Gary

    Its coming-I am guessing you have never been to Europe? Socialism DOES work. No one is talking about communism. Europe beats us in education/health/length of life/childhood poverty etc. Do not take my word-look it up. I could go on. These are facts. I want America to be in the top 10 again instead of #11 and lower.

    I think it must be your Republican libertarian fantasy that it is possible to be a self made man. You would be nothing without the benefits afforded you in America. You build on the knowledge of others before you. Part of the others is government. It is simply impossible to be a self made man. You benefit from society and you need to be taxed to pay back society. Yes-you OWE it. The fact that you have to resort to name calling/cussing/disparaging me simply seems that I am right and you are mostly wrong. This is the case when you do not have facts on your side. Typical right wing way of things. Quit listening to Rush and think for yourself.

    I do truly appreciate that you would help me if I was a victim of crime. I have no problems locking up criminals and throwing away the key. You are also equating criminals with poor /working people who need government assistance due to the very un-level playing field and due to the selfish conservative policies you and people like you espouse. Part of me really wants to believe that everything you are saying you can’t possibly believe and you will say you were just kidding in your next post. You are either joking or are extremely ignorant, probably the latter which is why this country is in the shape it is in.

  • Bebe

    We were so better off without “formal education”…….

  • Jasper

    Well, I don’t really care to much for your irrelevant discussions on left or right-wing solutions. I just wanna tell you all that from here, Holland, or even broader, Europa, people LOVE to see the USA falling down like it does now and it will continue to do in the years ahead. I really enjoy watching the once proud American Eagle falling down from the sky because you never could controll yourselves in consuming. You Americans are nothing more than a bunch of ugly fat people and your reign is clearly over. From the start of the crisis, that your corrupt banking/govermentsystem has caused Europe concentrates on China and the rest of Asia. As an investmentoppertunity, the USA are nothing more than a laughable old man of the world. Forget the Eurocrisis, you guys are in a much more terrible state. The Eurocrisis will eventually (not now, I admit) bond Europe close together, creating the new biggest exportmarket for China. With one difference from America: We can actually produce goods the world wants to buy.
    So, good luck over there with your upcoming idiotic Teaparty movement (Palin, hahahahaha, talking about laughable…) or beautiful speecher but very week President Obama. Bye Bye America

  • J. Knight

    It’s coming=Texas

    Pretty easy to see which one is best, which one works, and which one is failing miserably. And to say socialism is working in Europe—OMG, have you been watching the news for the past few months?

  • ConservativeEconomist


    Socialism works? Why isn’t it working here in the U.S.?

    Oh, you think America is a capitalist country? If income tax, government regulation, welfare, now universal healthcare is capitalism, you are the ignorant one.

    We are nothing more than slaves to the system, giving our 40% in taxes to help level the playing field for all these poor people who need government assistance. So they can watch tv and play video games.

    What are you complaining about? That the Feds don’t own it all… yet?

  • Its Coming

    J Knight & ConservativeEconomist, You are absolutely correct. This idiot reminds me of Alan Colmes. They are obviously two peas in a pod. It is obvious and true that socialism has never, and will never work. The ones that do not see this will be the ones that are left behind and left to fend for themselves when the recipient class rises up against them. They are clueless. As clueless as Chamberlain’s attempt to appease the Nazis. Those like Gary that do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it at the expense of others. WE HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO EXERCISE A FREE MARKET SINCE THE EARLY 1900’s. This is due to the massive and convoluted tax codes, progressive social entitlement programs, and the mass exodus of lazy Americans and ILLEGAL ALIENS towards a welfare state which vote the aphid politicians in who give free shit away. (STOLEN SHIT) They will continue to vote and take, take and vote until the money and resources of those who actually provide and produce decide to stop providing and producing for those who chose to sit and collect. There will be no initiative. So why bother. Once this happens, the recipient class will rise up JUST AS THEY ARE DOING RIGHT THIS DAMNED SECOND in Europe. They will turn on the hands that feed them. THIS IS YOU GARY! Again, they won’t care about your views. They won’t care about how you tried to steal from us to give to them. They won’t care about how you tried to be trendy and vote a Marxist Post Turtle into office. And with your last breath spewing your socialistic views, they will consume you! LITERALLY! If you simply look at all of the posts, you will see that you are indeed the minority of views which means that you are a pariah. You like all of the other minorities of thought will indeed have your “Come to Jesus” moments in the last seconds….Ohhhh… Shit…. will undoubtedly be your last words. I want you to think of me. The guy resting after picket, thankful for the insight and preparation, watching my kids live, and once everything calms down, rebuilding a nation without the socialist morons who worshiped a FAILED theology! Goodbye Gary. No need to reply. We know how you feel. You won’t change. Your fate is sealed. The majority will overcome. Everything happens in cycles. Your cycle is up. And we truly do not care about you.

  • Its Coming

    OHHH. And I have been to Europe & Asia. Serving my country. Giving Aphids like you the right to spew your bile. Our death rate vs. the European death rate is merely a statistic that you bring up which can be negated by an equal and opposite statistic. Such as health care. American medical care is second to none with a longer life expectancy like with cancer treatment as well as other diseases. The failed socialist medical system in Europe has proven time and time again that rationing is the medicine of the day. Ask Mitt Romney if it worked. It didn’t that’s why he is not an advocate for it any more. The life expectancy of those treated by a rationed medical system is FAR less than that of the American medical system. Why do you think that they are moving away from it? I don’t listen to Rush. I read! A lot! Try it sometime. And again, you continue to regurgitate the same talking points and and accusations. I, as well as others on these posts bring up factual arguments, statistics, again negating your recycled talking points. I curse as I don’t believe in good or bad words. I speak and write eloquently using all of the words in my vocabulary. I wasn’t kidding, or joking as this is not a kidding or joking matter. This is life or death. You will learn this soon enough. Sorry-Boutchya!

  • Christine

    Perhaps Gary is talking about the Nordic countries? It’s true that Norway is rolling in oil, but the rest aren’t, and they still have some of the most comprehensive welfare systems in the world.

  • Thanks! enjoyed it.