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14 Potential Justifications For An Invasion Of Libya By The U.S. Military That Are Currently Being Floated In The Mainstream Media

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Over the past couple of days, top government officials from both the United States and the EU have been openly discussing the possibility of military intervention in Libya. In fact, it has seemed like there has been a full court press in the mainstream media to sway public opinion toward supporting a potential invasion.  We are being told that we simply cannot stand by as Libyan civilians die.  We are being told that this would be a “humanitarian” mission.  We are being told that this would not be like Iraq or Afghanistan.  Even now, the U.S. military is moving the USS Enterprise and other warships closer to Libya in case they are “needed”.  Other nations are also sending warships into the Mediterranean and are preparing for military action.  It really does appear that authorities in the United States and Europe really are serious about potentially going into Libya.  But is there really any way that the United States can really justify getting involved in another war in the Middle East?  Will the American people ever be convinced that an invasion of Libya by the U.S. military is a good idea?

Fortunately, so far it appears that the mainstream media propaganda is not working.  A recent Rasmussen poll found that a whopping 67 percent of Americans do not want the U.S. to get more involved in the unrest going on in Arab countries and only 17 percent of Americans do want the U.S. to get more directly involved.

But that doesn’t mean that top politicians in the U.S. and in Europe are not going to continue to try to change our minds.

British Prime Minister David Cameron sure sounds like he is ready to go to war….

“If Col Gaddafi uses military force against his own people, the world cannot stand by.”

On Monday, Hillary Clinton made it clear that the U.S. government considers military action to be very much “on the table”….

“Nothing is off the table so long as the Libyan Government continues to threaten and kill Libyans.”

It is almost as if they want us to believe that their hands are being forced.

Of course nobody in the mainstream media seems to be bringing up the fact that the United States has stood idly by and watched millions and millions of Africans be slaughtered in bloody civil wars and genocides over the past couple of decades.

For decades the U.S. has looked upon the suffering of millions of Africans with indifference but now they are trying to convince us that it is a “moral imperative” that we intervene in the civil war in Libya.

It is funny how things can change when oil is at stake.  Libya is the biggest producer of oil in Africa and that makes it a very important nation to the global elite.

Fortunately, it appears that the American people are starting to get sick and tired of sending our young men and women off to the Middle East to fight these endless wars.

American blood should never be spent cheaply.  Each American life is precious, and our military men and women should never be sacrificed unless there is a darn good reason for it.

Well, right now the global elite are working overtime to try to create some “good reasons” for going into Libya.

The following are 14 potential justifications for an invasion of Libya by the U.S. military that are currently being floated in the mainstream media….

#1 “We Can’t Stand Aside And Watch Gaddafi Kill His Own People”

#2 “It Would Just Be A Humanitarian Mission”

#3 “Libya Is Torturing Prisoners

#4 “The Libyan Rebels Will Not Be Able To Take Down Gaddhafi With Our Help”

#5 “U.S. Interests Are Being Threatened”

#6 “Gaddafi Is Crazy”

#7 “Gaddafi Has Weapons Of Mass Destruction

#8 “Gaddafi Will Use Chemical Weapons If We Don’t Stop Him”

#9 “Gaddafi Has “1,000 Metric Tons Of Uranium Yellowcake

#10 “European Energy Companies Are Deeply Invested In Libyan Oil And Gas Fields”

#11 “Millions of Dollars Worth Of Infrastructure Will Be Destroyed If We Don’t Intervene”

#12 “The Crisis In Libya Is Bad For The Global Economy”

#13 “Someone Has To Protect The Oil”

#14 “We Have Got To Go Into Libya To Keep Al-Qaeda From Getting A Foothold”



Yes, they are being trotted out once again as a reason for us to invade someone.

A recent article in Time Magazine made the following claim….

“U.S. counterterrorism officials have noted the disproportionate number of Libyans turning up in the ranks of al-Qaeda both in northern Africa and in Iraq.”

You can always count on Time Magazine for some good government propaganda.

Hopefully the American people will not fall for this nonsense.

But it looks like it is not just going to be the U.S. military that is going to be involved.  This is already being framed as a “NATO operation”, and we are being told that a direct invasion will probably not happen immediately.

Rather, we are told that a “no fly zone” would likely be set up first and special forces troops may be sent in to help “advise” the rebel forces.

Well, the truth is that the moment that we shoot down one Libyan plane or we insert one U.S. solider into the country we are at war.

In fact, the Pakistan Observer is reporting that hundreds of “defense advisers” from the United States, the U.K. and France have already landed in Libya and are helping to train rebel forces.

Let us hope that the Pakistan Observer report and other similar reports in the international media are not true.

The American people are sick and tired of using the U.S. military as the police of the world.  The Libyan civil war belongs to the Libyan people and it should stay that way.

No mater how it is justified, if the U.S. military does go into Libya the Libyan people and most of the rest of the world are going to deeply resent it.

So what do you think?  Do you believe that it would be a good idea or a bad idea for the U.S. to get involved in the civil war in Libya?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • kowboy99

    It’s the corrupt puppet masters controlling the USA that want control in the Middle east,..and should be staying the hell out of there ! The Libyan people have already spoken and said they want no interference from the US and the Globalists. Most Countries if not all, know the power and threat to them by the Globalists that put in and support their Dictators and they are tired and fed up with their so called “Democracy” BS. There’s an awakening going on around the world, …the Globalists are soon finished for good.


    Politicians are being blamed for lost jobs, lowered wages, foreclosed homes, higher taxes, broke pension funds, a worthless dollar and restrictions on freedom. Protests of this nature will lead to riots and violence in the streets.

    Out of fear and self preservation, politicians will blame other nations. China will be blamed for climate problems, currency problems, loss of US manufacturing jobs, raw material shortages, and the US trade deficit. Iran will be blamed for the high cost of the War on Terror. If Americans are not satisfied with these enemies, some other enemy will be invented.

    If politicians can fool Americans, the United States will again engage in a major foreign war to divert attention from domestic problems.

  • emma

    The guy i follow says this will spread. He is from australia
    that guy has called many big events before they have happend, i.e. market crash, Economic collapse etc.

    They have been accurate on alot of the world eventslatetly, and i follow them closely.

    They have a big launch for an ebook they are releasing next week called “THE U.S. SECRET HIDDEN TREASURE MAP!”

    Looks VERY intresting. Their prelaunch page is over at :-

  • nick

    Lets ensure China doesnt get THAT oil either! Its like chess: the pieces are slowly taking their places. All we need now is China going to a gold standard for this to really heat up!

  • RevBryan

    The old saw of the Stalinist Era was “Peace at home and war abroad.” It seems that our country has become a monster meddler and meddling will eventually get you a sock in the nose, or worse.

  • Clyde Ankle

    It isn’t a good or a bad idea. It will simply happen because Libyan oil is not easily replaced on short notice. Therefore, the US and European Union must keep the oil flowing. With Western experts and Third World Nationals fleeing the country there will be a significant disruption in oil production and to restore the flow of oil, these workers must be protected and allowed to return under the protection of our military who will protect any civilians standing near an oil well and leave the cities to fend for themselves.

    Since Libya is thinly populated, direct rule by the Western powers might be the most expedient method of restoring oil production.

    Clyde Ankle

  • john

    The powers that be are just itching to get us in a war to boost the economy.

  • MonT

    What in this list of 14 reasons isn’t committed by the US on its own people?
    Does not the US kill its own people with deadly vaccines/pharmaceuticals, and flouridated water, and GMO crop? The US tortures prisoners; The US citizens could use some help removing their leadership from power – and yes, they are crazy. The US has weapons of mass destruction, etc. etc. Each point has a valid US-based counterpoint. And if you are a Christian, who carries a weapon and love freedom – you might just be Al-Qaeda.

  • Dana Dahlstrom

    #1 “We Can’t Stand Aside And Watch Gaddafi Kill His Own People”

    You mean like the Bushs’ and Clintons’ (Obama) has done?

    #2 “It Would Just Be A Humanitarian Mission”

    Like in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    #3 “Libya Is Torturing Prisoners”

    Like the United States Incorporated is doing?

    #4 “The Libyan Rebels Will Not Be Able To Take Down Gaddhafi Without Our Help”

    Somalia, Vietnam, Korea, ect.?

    #5 “U.S. Interests Are Being Threatened”

    No more the last year, or the last 30 years.

    #6 “Gaddafi Is Crazy”

    Who isn’t?

    #7 “Gaddafi Has Weapons Of Mass Destruction”

    And the USI doesn’t?

    #8 “Gaddafi Will Use Chemical Weapons If We Don’t Stop Him”

    Like we stopped Our military, Saddam, BP, Dow.Ect?

    #9 “Gaddafi Has “1,000 Metric Tons Of Uranium Yellowcake”

    Prove it or shut up.

    #10 “European Energy Companies Are Deeply Invested In Libyan Oil And Gas Fields”

    Good, they should lose their custom Eton shirts. The greedy basturds.

    #11 “Millions of Dollars Worth Of Infrastructure Will Be Destroyed If We Don’t intervene”

    Bullshit. Who cares anyways? It is their country. We need to repair our own infrastructure.

    #12 “The Crisis In Libya Is Bad For The Global Economy”

    One little country? That supposedly sanctioned.

    #13 “Someone Has To Protect The Oil”

    Bullshit!!! It is their oil. The most they produced was in 2009. And it was only 1.8 million barrels a day.

    #14 “We Have Got To Go Into Libya To Keep Al-Qaeda From Getting A Foothold”

    Really? Al-Qaeda? A product of the CIA and Al Mukhabarat Al A’amah. Besides, Al-Qaeda is no more. The CIA report that there is no more than
    2,000. And most likely, only 20 hardcore members. And the CIA should know. It is their baby.

  • Mark …

    I don’t see a problem liberating countries where the population clearly asks for it.

    The problem with the U.S. is that they stay too long afterwards.

    Get in, kill the dictators, organize a new government, and get out, that’s it.

    The Iraqi army was in control of the country during Saddam. They could have been perfectly in control after the invasion, with the U.S. supervising them while in bases around the country.

    This whole occupation could have been over in a year.

    No, instead, the entire Iraqi army was sent home, and Americans were patrolling the cities.

    At the beginning, it seemed to me, the Iraqi people were very happy with the liberation.

    Within a year, there could have been elections, and the Americans could have left.

    Libya, at this moment, might even be easier. Most of the country is already liberated. The only thing they need is some shipments of weapons and some air support. They will liberate themselves.

    The U.S. has sent hundreds of tanks to Egypt. I am sure Egypt has some old tanks to spare which the U.S. could help to sent to the liberation forces of Libya.

    As for Afghanistan and Pakistan … just get out. These people don’t want to get liberated, so don’t try. Maintain a couple of bases for drone attacks, but that’s it.

    If Sweden and Finland were suddenly attacked by Russia, I would certainly want the U.S. to intervene in such a conflict?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    It’s not surprising the Lame Stream Media is pimping some sort of Libyan adventure. Their rosy cheeked asses are not going to be on the firing line so they can say all the stupid things they want. Anyway Nick in UK was talking tough on Tuesday about a no fly zone and Aunt Hilary and the French shot that down (pun intended). The DOD has explained it’s not as simple as the morons on MSNBS and the Chicken Noodle Network are saying. Nobody is going to do crap in Libya. Barry already has two unpopular wars going on now why would he add a third, and the Europeans can’t be depended on to defend themselves against a determined Girl Scout troop?

    NATO is selling Wolf Tickets all this gum flapping about carriers moving around and tough talk is to try and scare one of Gaddafi’s minions onto bumping him off. Their hoping some dimwit in Gaddafi’s tent will think NATO is serious and smoke his boss, to avoid war crimes and having his money taken. May happen may not I’m more concerned about the 2% of the worlds oil these guys supply, than the demented ranting of the chattering classes. Get on to something else already!!!! (Like $5.00 gas by August)

  • mondobeyondo

    Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people were massacred in Rwanda, the Sudan and Darfur in the last 20 years.

    The U.S. didn’t even bat an eyelash. We didn’t
    “care to get involved”. No U.S. military or planes sent to those countries to stop the slaughter. Interesting, huh?

    Those countries don’t have any oil.

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh gosh, not the old “so and so has WMD’s” allegation again. It’s starting to get tiresome. It worked with “So-Damn-Insane”, sort of…but come on, Libya has chemical weapons and nukes?!

    Saddam even admitted that indeed, he did have chemical weapons at one time and that he used them, but did not have them any longer. Sorry, Saddam, not good enough! Here comes the U.S. led coalition, with the tanks, missiles and armies. Gonna make you pay this time.

    OK, let’s try the old favorite – “Al Queda is moving in (X country), we’ve got to stop them!!” Fine, let’s just attack every Arab country then. If we don’t stop them there, they’ll come over here, as Dubya would say. Xenophobia at its best! The entire Arab world would hate the U.S., if they don’t already.

    There’s no doubt there are some looney toons in the world – Ghadafi, Kim Jong Il, Hugo Chavez, etc. But the U.S. government seems to have lost total sense of reality at times.

  • JJ

    This right here speaks volumes…

    On Monday, Hillary Clinton made it clear that the U.S. government considers military action to be very much “on the table”….

    “Nothing is off the table so long as the Libyan Government continues to threaten and kill Libyans.”

    Not many people realize this, but Hillary was one of the major players who was collaborating with Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld in engineering the invasion of Iraq.

    She is a war criminal same as they are.

  • America has the right to intervene in international turmoils like the one in Libya.The people of the US are concerned and they are asking their authorities to do something.If it’s in our power to do good, way shouldn’t we take advantage of our military situation and offer our help?

  • Guido

    Who cares about Libya? We never cared about them before. I see no reason to put US soldiers’ lives on the line for no reason.
    Actually, I kind of hope Qaddaffi wins, mainly because everyone else in the world is rooting for the rebels. I don’t know why, but when all the news channels are echoing the same message, I tend to go for the contrary. It seems safer. In any case, at least with Moammar we know what to expect.

    Now, I also think that if this is a real revolution, then we have no business getting involved, anyway. Let Libya earn its freedom, or not, on its own. Where would the USA be if outside powers had stopped the revolution in the name of peace? Where would the Union be if the French and English had halted the Civil War in the name of peace? You would be buying cigarettes imported from the CSA, that’s where. Let the Libyans earn it and perhaps have something to be proud of.

  • Guido

    Good point, Mondo! Whatabout Sudan? They’ve been slaughtering their own people for, what, 30 years? We didn’t have squat to say about that. Oh, and Sudan was where Saddam hid his NBC labs and his some of his aircraft prior to gulf war II, but you never hear about that part…

  • Rhonda


  • Rhonda


  • Sadam H

    It seems americans want to U$A to invade Libia since it is one of the only countries where U$A doesn´t have petrol companies. I am keen to see Gaddafi putting his fingers in the marines´s eyes of Obama crap nobel peace prize.

  • Claude Hopper

    OH MY…this is all very interesting WOULDN’T you AGREE???
    This is a history classroom with the big screen TV screaming away.


    WE CAN’T AFFORD this NOW…or even 100 YEARS into the FUTURE.

    Try Googling FEMA coffins/concentration camps if you really want to know what is going on.
    Or try going to: and see what is REALLY up.
    FEMA is not governed by our constitution. It has enormous control over the citizens of this country. Go ahead…check it out and then start thinking about what you NEED to do.
    and I don’t mean MAYBE!!!!

  • “People should not fear their government. Government should fear their people.” Unfortunately, that’s not always the case…

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • TheDemiprist

    Does the word “AFRICOM” mean anything to you people?

  • MicroChipThis

    Finally, it seems that more people are waking up to the warmonger hypocrisy which for far too long has passed for foreign policy.

  • Tao Jones

    “America has the right to intervene in international turmoils like the one in Libya.The people of the US are concerned and they are asking their authorities to do something.If it’s in our power to do good, way shouldn’t we take advantage of our military situation and offer our help?”

    EITHER you are a shill paid to pimp for the warmongers that make up our criminal government, OR you have awoken just this morning from a deep coma that began in 1990, OR you are so brainwashed that you are unable to see beyong propaganda that would not deceive a reasonably bright 6 year old.

    The American people ARE NOT asking their ‘leaders’ to ‘do something’, just as they are NOT clamoring to be protected from terrorists at their airports, just as they WERE NOT crying to be saved from economic ruin by grand theft masquerading as a ‘bailout’.

    Any time–ANY TIME- you are told that some new policy is being effected in response to the wishes of the American public you may be certain that you are being exposed to propaganda.

  • fed up

    “Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people were massacred in Rwanda, the Sudan and Darfur in the last 20 years.

    The U.S. didn’t even bat an eyelash. We didn’t
    “care to get involved”. No U.S. military or planes sent to those countries to stop the slaughter. Interesting, huh?

    Those countries don’t have any oil.”

    Well said….

    That and the paint tile that matches the skin tone of their average denizen is a few shades down the scale in those countries as well. Time to start calling the “Mainstream Media” the “Corporate Media” while we’re at it, best to call a spade a spade….

  • Finious

    We realize that our country’s foreign policy is based on what France and Great Britain did about 90 years ago. They fought a war against the Ottoman Empire (the remnant of which is Turkey). When the Western Powers won, they had the gall to carve up these huge chunks of land in the Middle East and call it theirs. They didn’t pay attention to how Kurds, Shi’as and Sunnis would live together in a brand-new country called Iraq…sound familiar?

  • mendoza

    this is completely ans entirely stupid. The US is already at war. We do not need two wars. Its enough. we have no reason to be there and dont need to sacrifice more of our soldiers in order to accomplish nothing. End wars we have enough going on in our country that need to focus on. Gas Prices? Major debt? Obama? come on. think about your own country and let there country handle there country.

  • KevinM

    You misseed the most obvious one “we’re democrats so everything we do is automatically in the best itnerests of freedom and the American pubilc.” Lets face it when Bush sent troops to Iraq for several of these exact same reasons people hung him out to dry. Now those exact same people are rushing us into Lybia. It juist shows that democrat is a synonym for hypocrite.

  • More people need to read this and act on it. Great post.

  • matt

    We are the only country that tries to Intervene in every war… why? You might ask… because we can end them very quickly… if you truly believe that we just go in and kill innocents and then steal their oil then you are just another person that is blinded by mindless propaganda… we account for over 40% of the worlds military… if we don’t intervene who will?