12 Incredible Obamacare Quotes That Show That Our Wretched Healthcare System Is Headed Directly Into The Toilet

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You might as well stick a fork in the U.S. healthcare system because it is finished.  Even before Obamacare, Americans paid far more for healthcare than anyone else in the world.  Now thanks to Obamacare we will be faced with much higher health insurance premiums, much higher taxes, much longer waits to see doctors and more government bureaucrats involved in our lives than ever before.  As I have written about previously, the U.S. healthcare industry is a horrible mess, and now Obamacare is going to take the entire system directly into the toilet.  All over America today, families are going broke because of outrageous health insurance costs and suffocating medical debt, doctors are going broke and leaving the profession because they can’t make a living, and sick people are dying because they cannot get the care that they need.  So what solution does Obama give us?  A nearly 3,000 page monstrosity that will destroy what is left of our crumbling healthcare system and that will unleash 16,000 new IRS agents to hunt down the millions of Americans that do not currently have health insurance.  For those that love Big Brother socialist totalitarianism, Obamacare is a dream come true.  For the rest of us it is a total nightmare.


Obamacare is truly a Trojan horse.  The millions of Americans that support Obamacare believe that they have been “given” something.  But that is a lie.

All of us aren’t going to be getting free government healthcare as a result of this law.

Instead, we are all being forced to buy health insurance policies that many Americans do not even want from deeply corrupt health insurance companies that make more money when they provide less healthcare.  If we don’t buy government-mandated health insurance the IRS will be coming after us.  This reality was beautifully communicated by this cartoon that was posted on Facebook recently.

As a result of Obamacare, there will be more government intrusion in our lives than ever before. Hordes of government bureaucrats will now run the system, with predictable results.

If you think that the amount of paperwork in our healthcare system is bad now, just wait until this new law is fully implemented.

Is Obamacare complicated?  For an answer to that question, just check out this flow chart.  What sick minds came up with such a monstrosity?

Actually, we know that answer.  The truth is that the big health insurance companies drafted much of the law.  The Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare was very good news for health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and government bureaucrats.  It was very bad news for doctors and patients.

So who is going to pay for this monstrous system?

You and I are.

Americans for Tax Reform has compiled a list of 21 of the new taxes that Americans will be paying as a result of Obamacare.  And because Democrats have decided that they will fight to the death to save this law, the Republicans will have to take the White House, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives to have any chance of fully repealing it.

As I wrote about the other day, there are a whole host of reasons why Obamacare is bad for America.  But instead of going on and on about what I think, I thought that I would share some of the very interesting things that other people have been saying about the Supreme Court Obamacare decision.

The following are 12 incredible Obamacare quotes that show that our wretched healthcare system is headed directly into the toilet….

#1 Donald Trump

Let me get this straight . . .

We’re going to be “gifted” with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t! Which purportedly covers at least ten million more people without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a Dumbo President who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we’ll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese , and financed by a country that’s broke!!!!!

‘What the hell could possibly go wrong?’

#2 Senior Wall Street Journal Economics Writer Stephen Moore during an interview with Fox and Friends….

“Again, whatever you want to call it Alisyn, fines, taxes, penalties, but three quarters of those costs will fall on the backs of families who make less than $120,00 a year, so it’s a big punch in the stomach to middle class families.”

#3 Dr. Elaina George of the Project 21 African-American Conservative Leadership Network

“Because of the mandate, Americans will be forced to pay for a system that will increase costs for patients, remove health care decisions from both the doctor and the patient and lead to rationing. It changes health care as we know it into a system based on one-size-fits-all, cost-controlled and conveyor belt socialized medicine”

#4 The incomparable Charlie Daniels

“The United States of America took a giant step toward a totalitarian socialist government when the Supreme Court voted to uphold Obamacare, allowing the individual mandate for the government to force American citizens to buy health insurance whether they want to or not.”

#5 Ron Paul

“This is patently obvious: the power to ‘regulate’ commerce cannot include the power to compel commerce! Those who claim otherwise simply ignore the plain meaning of the Constitution because they don’t want to limit federal power in any way. The commerce clause was intended simply to give Congress the power to regulate foreign trade, and also to prevent states from imposing tariffs on interstate goods. In Federalist Paper No. 22, Alexander Hamilton makes it clear the simple intent behind the clause was to prevent states from placing tolls or tariffs on goods as they passed through each state — a practice that had proven particularly destructive across the many principalities of the German empire.”

#6 U.S. Representative Todd Akin

“Today America is threatened with a stage three cancer of socialism, and Obamacare is exhibit 1.  There are many of us here who have been fighting this for three years and we don’t really want the compassion of the IRS and the efficiency of the post office introduced in our healthcare and we are not going to rest until every single line of this bill is repealed.”

#7 The Health Ranger Mike Adams

“But even if Obama is replaced in the White House, the damage has already been done. With its decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has set a precedent of government control over private paychecks, and that precedent has fundamentally crushed economic freedom in America and opened the door to limitless taxes for everything imaginable. King George III couldn’t have done it better.”

#8 Documentary Filmmaker Michael Moore

“You better get on the train or watch your party implode – that’s my words of advice to the Republican Party”

#9 The communications director of the Tenth Amendment Center Mike Maharrey

“The states simply need to follow Thomas Jefferson’s prescription and nullify the entire act. They should just refuse to implement this monstrosity. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has already indicated he will refuse, and other states should follow his lead.”

#10 Becky Ayers

I’ve never bought medical insurance. The only time a policy has covered me was when it came incidental to a job. The Lord has blessed me with disgustingly good health; then, too, when I was 18, my mother died of a brain tumor that had escaped diagnosis for six years despite excruciating headaches and other symptoms a professor of nursing later described as “classic.” If I were bleeding and unconscious, I might wind up in the clutches of the medical establishment, but never of my own volition.

So I deeply and personally resent Roberts’s little parlor-trick of a word-game. Forcing me to buy medical insurance is unconstitutional if we call it a “fine” but perfectly OK if it’s a “tax.”

#11 Byron Maduska in the Leavenworth Times….

“A new survey of Doctors has been released. The results are bleak.

If Obamacare is fully implemented, 83 percent will consider leaving the practice of medicine. Sixty-one percent say it’s an affront to their ethics. Eighty-five percent say it destroys the doctor-patient relationship. Sixty-five percent say governmental involvement is the cause of the problems in medical care now. Seventy-two percent say the insurance mandate won’t result in improved access to medical care. Seventy-four percent say they’ll stop accepting Medicare patients, or leave Medicare altogether. Seventy percent say reducing governmental involvement would be the single best fix for healthcare in this country. The negatives of Obamacare went on and on in the results of the survey.”

#12 Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

“This decision goes against the very principle that America has a federal government of limited powers; a principle that the Founding Fathers clearly wrote into the Constitution, the supreme law of the land.  The Constitution was meant to restrict the power of government precisely for the purpose of protecting your liberty and mine from the overreaching hand of the federal government.  This unprecedented decision says that Congress has the authority to force citizens to buy private goods or face fines – a power it has never had in American history, and a power King George III and Parliament didn’t have over us when we were mere subjects of Great Britain.  Since the federal government itself could never articulate to the court a constitutional limit to this power, Congress has gained an unlimited power to force citizens to buy anything.”

So what do you think Obamacare is going to do to the healthcare system in America?

Please feel free to post a response with your feelings below….

  • DaytoDay

    Good… Keep the ball rolling, even ahead of schedule…

    We’re living in Egypt and Socialist Healthcare is but one of the ten plagues… As Moses said, “Let my people FREE!!!”

    This will most definitely speed up the collapse and it’s about time too… The sooner we can cure the disease, the sooner we’ll start to recover.

  • Jodi

    I’m not a fan of Donald Trump but excellent quote.

    • Michael

      Yes, I am not a huge fan of Trump either but I thought the quote was very good.


  • Gary2

    Michael–all right wing lies in your post.

    Nothing bad will happen as we will have single payer. You have to know that is the plan all along.

    Obamacare will cover 30+million people who currently have no coverage and die young. I know conservatives are selfish I got mine screw you so I get why they are against this, however, quit pretending to be Christian as your opposition to this will condemn those 30 million to no healthcare.

    I am guessing you missed the part about being our brothers keeper in the bible???

    Only an incredibility selfish self centered person could be against helping those without. Repube bitch mcconnel said its not about the people–again proves my point about disgusting conservatism selfishness. This is all about helping people. Yes it is not the single payer we need but it is a good first step.

    • marK

      Well Gary2, are you going to pull out thousands of new doctors out of your hat to service the millions of new customers. There is no free lunch. I get the feeling that you don’t want to pay your fair share. lol

      • Gary2

        what are the doctors going to do–apply at McDonalds. You have a straw man argument.

    • A.S.

      Are you an idiot Gary2? Just take the simple fact of 30 million more people added without a single extra doctor added to take these people! And compounded with the fact that doctors are leaving the profession and would-be doctors are not going to medical school, this may in fact make each doctor that stays all of the sudden receive as much as 25-30% more patients and LESS PAY.

      If you were a doctor, would you like that? If you were an assembly line worker when American auto companies were still making cars like Ford or Chevy, would you take a pay cut and on top of that given a 30% extra production quota or be fired? Idiot! This is pure supply and demand. Go back to high school economics and learn basic economics again.

      • Gary2

        they were already getting care at the ER. I know conservatives are a selfish bunch but at least try to pretend you care about other people.

        • jaxon64

          Yes..all of those selfish and evil conservatives who have dedicated their lives to caring for the ill, injured, diseased and terminal.

          We are such selfish jerks, us Christian doctors as we work 15-20 hour shifts, do volunteer rounds at local nursing homes, research tireless hours to try and find new tx’s for the unending maladies of the masses.

          It may surprise you in, entrenched as you always are in ignorance and blind hate, but the VAST majority of the Doctors and Nurses I work with every day are deeply conservative and Christian–you see, we don’t talk a bunch of “compassion” or hopey changey claptrap- we actually live compassion and empathy hour after hour day after day moment after moment.

          To you this is all politics and ” my SIDE won”..but for us this is about human beings and quality care for people.

          And despite all of your hate and vitriol-I will continue to pray that God reveals himself to you as the True Living God and removes the bitterness from your heart and scales from your eyes.

          PS: wanna spend a few hours trailing me during some rounds at the local nursing home? You can kindly help assist a patient to the toilet and calmly reassure them in their embarassment while you have to help clean them from soiling themself…or you can hand me some steriles as I clean some necrotic tissue from the feet of a diabetes pt who is hoping against hope that the blackening toe on her foot will heal and she won’t have to end up with a trans-tibial amputation…or better yet, just kneel down kindly to someone you pass and help tie a shoe, or push a struggling geriatric 30 feet to their destination when it’s out of your way, or make sure they can have a few sips of water when they have no family and are quietly and slowly nearing death. After you’ve done some of these things with us–which we do EVERY SINGLE DAY..then let’s see you politicize this issue and make callous remarks about our compassion as Christians and conservatives. Someday, it will be your non-ambulatory butt stuck in bed with nothing but us evil and un-compassionate Christians taking a moment to ease your pain, dress your wounds and sores, change your soiled clothes and help feed you–and yes Gary2, we will even give you a smile and a human touch–after all-THIS is who we are, not the television image of Maserati driving, slicked hair on the golf course liberals that Hollywood invented. We became doctors because we love and care for other people. We have dedicated OUR ENTIRE LIVES and TALENTS to making other’s lives better, healthier and less pain filled….

          I’ll end it here before I start saying some mean things that are against my Holy Spirit filled nature………

          • LOLa

            Oh, I’m sooooo sorry for you! Now instead of 3 mercedes and 2 jet planes you will only be able to afford an Audi and 1 jet plane. I feel YOUR pain! (LOL!)

      • ME

        Never argue with an Idiot (Gary2 deserves capital I) because:

        A) They will drag you down to their level and then beat you because of experience.

        B) If anyone is watching, they will not be able to distinguish which of you is the idiot.

    • A.S.

      And another thing: if the plan is so good, why did Congress exempt themselves from it? If you were a “The Great and Glorious lord” (obama, congress, etc), would you give something to your citizens that you claim is good, but deem it NOT GOOD for yourself? I sure as heck wouldn’t. Therefore, maybe on this alone, the whole system is EVIL.

      • ME

        Socialism appeals to:

        A) Slackers like Gary2 who think they will get something for nothing.

        B) Sociopaths who think they will be running the system.

    • Colin

      If you think any of this bureaucracy they call health care reform is about “helping people” you need to go run your head into a wall. Its about controlling your life nothing more and nothing less. BTW: single payer will be much, much worse. What do you do anyhow?

    • Crystal

      Well, if you work, YOUR taxes are going to go sky high.

      Also, the Democrats gutted $500 million dollars from Medicare. How is that going to help our elderly who need and deserve medical care? It doesn’t seem like the Democrats are interested in helping them.

      This is a bonanza for the rich insurance companies. Also, the Congress(they are rich)exempted itself from the program. So the rich are winning again but the middle class will suffer yet again.

      For more information, a doctor named Elizabeth Vliet has a website called herplace.com. She has written opeds about this disastrous program which will hurt the average non-rich person.

      • Gary2

        gutted the money from medicare advantage private overpriced insurance. Turn off fox and think.

    • Gary, you have it backwards: those 30 million people will be condemned to Obamacare! Take a look at statistics and you will find that when doctors go on strike the death rate drops. That’s how bad our healthcare (really sickcare or disease management) system is, because it is merely big business controlled by pharmaceutical interests that make it very difficult or even illegal for real healers to practice. A few examples: Despite the fact that vaccines cause autism spectrum disorders (Asperger’s, ADHD, full-blown autism), they are practically mandated (many people don’t know about the waivers) and the vaccine manufacturers are protected by law from being sued. Many immune-supporting cancer treatments have proven extremely effective (even for stage IV pancreatic cancer; see Dr. Nick Gonzales’s work) but in many states it is illegal to treat cancer with anything but chemo, radiation, and surgery. Why are they so afraid of the competition that they need to enact these laws to protect themselves? Wake up Gary, and realize that our government is largely ruled by corporate influences, and the constitution has been relegated an old relic. If you do not agree, then please review the stories and listen to the radio programs at http://www.naturalnews.com for a few weeks with an open mind. I sincerely wish you to seek and to find the truth.

    • jaxon64

      Gary2…again your ignorance and twisting of the Bible is showing. The expression about “am I my brother’s keeper?” was after Cain murdered his brother Abel, God confronted Cain and asked Him knowingly, Where is your brother?..that is when Cain lied to God and said, “I don’t know, am I my brother’s keeper?…so you see, your example is not only horribly out of context..it also appears to almost be a strange reverse symmetry to the point you were trying to make–especially considering that this travesty that was just passed will consign millions to shorter lives and millions more to rationed care and waiting periods that may be longer than the time it takes for the illness to kill…….quite interesting that you chose this faux pas…

  • Gary2

    if you have to resort to quoting trump and the d-bagger stephen moore you already lost the argument.

    • Rtype

      Listen to Robert Reich then:


    • adam

      Typical liberal idiotic post. Always easy to spend other people’s hard earned money when you’re a loser and can’t make it on your own – right Gary?

    • OldPhart


      So far I have held of on responding to your taunts and avoided ‘ad hominem” attacks. On this however, I find myself rolling up my sleeves, checking my holster and spurring on my steed.

      You, sir, are the pimple on my ass.

      You apparently have no concept of the fundamental role that our government is set to play as defined by the Constitution of the United States. Nor do you have any clue of what Conservatives actually believe or really ferkin’ DO, hands on, every g.ddamn day, in real life to better the circumstances of those less fortunate.

      Nor do you have ANY idea of the number of Conservatives that are the very volunteers that feed you on the soup line, with food they personally contributed, when your parents desire a night without you lurking in their basement.

      Nor do you have any concept of volunteerism demonstrated across our nation by conservatives, as well as some enlightened liberals, in service as Fire Fighters, EMT’s, Paramedics, and health care.

      I would wager that you have never personally made a difference in any persons’ life, you’ve never saved a child or delivered one, you’ve never donated more than $25 to any one charity (as in direct aid to those that need it as opposed to political donations) in any given year, you’ve never gotten out of your car to change a tire for an old person or lady, or simply smiled at a stranger.

      I say this with relative confidence because I have read many of your bitter, hate-filled postings and I recognized the type of person you really are…(forgive me, Michael)…you are an asshole.

      One that becomes obvious within seconds. You are the type of person that is blinded by obsessive hatred that does not allow development of true congnition. You shudder in cognitive dissonance and strike out at any that do not view the world as you do. You write as a pissy teen-ager, mad at his parents because they grounded them for not washing the dishes as they should.

      You really need to step back from what, and how, you have been writing and think about the next ten years when I will be reaching into your pocket to pay for my social security, medicare, drug benefit, and what ever new scheme Congress dictates that we must purchase (I imagine the next requirement will be that each of us must purchase a car every so many years).

      By that time, I will be retiring. By the time I do, people like you will need to relinquish two thirds of your income just to support us geezers. I really appreciate your support for my retirement. *******.

      • Jodi

        Well said, I have also avoided Gary2 comments too. He called me a d-bag yesterday when I commented on Michael’s article ’15 Reasons Why The Obamacare Decision Is A Mind Blowing Disaster For America’. I’m not a douche bag, although I’m not perfect, I’m a very caring & concerned person and I’m just trying to learn something from Michael’s articles. Gary is a typical Liberal, he bashes Conservatives, tea party and anybody else who is for limited government only because he has no argument that Obamatax is good. Gary2 obviously doesn’t understand the dangers of Obamacare which is now known as Obamatax. Sorry to burst your bubble Gary2, but you didn’t hurt my feelings in anyway calling me a d-bag. You Liberals will destroy yourselves in the end.

        • Gary2

          OK Jodi–I was wrong to call you a name,. I meant to say that crying over obamacare being passed was d-bagger behavior. The policies of the right which is cut taxes on the rich and to hell with everyone else baffle me, especially when lower income people vote against their own self interest by voting this right wing nuts into office.

          The Constitution is a living document (we have amendments) and can and should be changed to fit the times.

      • HecatesMoon

        So far I have held of on responding to your taunts and avoided ‘ad hominem” attacks. On this however, I find myself rolling up my sleeves, checking my holster and spurring on my steed.

        You, sir, are the pimple on my ass.

        LOL You had me all set up with the cowboy imagery, and hit me with “You, sir, are the pimple on my ass.” LOL

        For the most part I find all the unpleasantness very…well…unpleasant, but once in awhile I can’t help but laugh.
        No matter which side of the coin people are on, some of you are plenty funny. If there’s nothing else in common, there’s that.

      • Gary2

        Nor do you have ANY idea of the number of Conservatives that are the very volunteers that feed you on the soup line

        People are in the food line in the first place BECAUSE of your conservative cut taxes on the rich BS.

        BTW–I have personally saved 2 peoples lives. Your ignorance is amusing to read, however, the fact that you are allowed to vote is scary. This country would be so much better off with way less conservatism.

        • commonsense

          gary2, “this country would be so much better off with way less conservativeism”
          conservatism is required to survive, the money has to come from somewhere, you liberals think you can tax yourselves into prosperity. the government should run the way we as individuals run our households. If i can’t afford a ferrari, i don’t go buy one. the liberal view is if we can’t afford a single ferrari, lets go into debt and buy 30,000 ferrari’s. who cares who gets the bill. The government should be trying to come up with programs to create productive citizens, not punishing those who have sacrificed huge portions of their lives to make a comfortable living. being conservative is not about being greedy, its about one person going the extra mile to better themselves and should reap the benefits, not be punished (over taxed) to pay for those who wouldn’t put the joint down or get off the playstation, and do something with their lives. Gary2 i don’t know what you do for a living, but when the taxes come into effect to pay for this monstrosity called obamacare, you’ll feel it just like the rest of us. only difference is we’re smart enough to know its coming and trying to fight it. Western countries with socialized healthcare income tax rates range between 43% and 49% and for the record i have spent alot of time in many of these countries, the people are forced by law to surrender nearly half of the money they worked for so their governments can spend it for them. I don’t know how you feel about it, but no government should have the right to take nearly half of what you make. the only people that would possibly be in favor of this is people who don’t work and aren’t at risk of losing anything.

    • Cinderella Man

      Its an extra tax Gary. This is NOT FREE HEALTHCARE! I dont see how in any way am I going to benefit from this. Im already being garnished for student loans and pay high taxes cause Im single and now they want to FORCE me to buy expensive insurance. I cant afford this and those subsudies for the poor you talk about will not help me. This is control of our healthcare and I agree that we need fundamental change in the cost of healthcare. There is no reason that it should cost $5000 for a broken wrist. The system is highly corrupt already and I dont see how paying billions a year in extra taxes to the corrupt insurance companies is going to solve a damn thing! How high are the premiums going to be? What about the decuctables? Ive had employer based coverage before from 2 different employers. One I paid a small amount weekly and I was covered 75% another was supposedly “free” but there was a $500 deductable before the insurance kicked in. So basically all the minor stuff I went in for such as a cold or sore back or stitches I paid for myself!! So it was useless for me to have insurance unless it went over $500. I dont trust big insurance and this is a terrible idea. Something better must be done.

      • LOLa

        NOBODY claimed that it was “free” or even REQUESTED that it be so. Only that EVERYONE had the SAME access to it. Got it, moron?

  • Eddie

    Historians will one look at the Roberts decision much like the Dred scott decision that lit the match leading to secession, and the first Civil war. The productive people have had enough of the creeping socialism of the last 80 years. They have been relocating en mass for the last 20 years to the conservative/libertarian states.(just look at the congressional seats being shifted) I believe the Obamacare decision will accelerate this migration and harden division. I believe these state’s will reassert their sovereignty and begin the big push back. The two divisions in the country are too severe and irreconcilable at this point, so perhaps it would be best to split up. The takers will have to find someone else to support them. I see at the very least economic secession with various states “no longer hearing the Falconer” (the Federal Gov’t) to borrow from Yeats.What is the Federal Gov’t going to do in such an event. Send the Army into the states to enforce their will? Most of the military is staffed by people that come from these states.(think they will really obey orders from a corrupt Gov’t)_ When everyone realizes the emperor has no clothes the Gov’t will collapse. Perhaps then we can reset and restore a much smaller constitutional Gov’t, or perhaps we will wind up with 2 new countries. In any event we are living in very consequential times.

  • Dave Webb

    I think we need a learning program for Congress Persons. How about Reading 101. If you cannot read it, then perhaps you should not sign it into law.
    Perhaps we need a list. Voters that know how to read might consider this when voting for people in Congress. Did they vote for this Health Care Program? If so, do we really want them representing us in Congress?
    Who put the IRS in charge of enforcing mandatory Health Insurance? Perhaps that should be a consideration also when voting.
    I think we also should be considering impeachment charges on these Supreme Court Judges that voted to uphold this as constitutional. Perhaps being a supreme court judge for life is not such a good idea after all. Impeachment might be based on not following the Constitution. I speak of obvious meaning of the words in English, not legal arguments to the contrary.
    I was a Real Estate agent many years ago. My first contract was full of legalities. My Broker took me aside. He said simply: Use plain English, keep it simple and easily understood, don’t try to imitate a lawyer. Most simple documents are unbreakable in a court of law. It is when people get complicated that lawyers have a field day.
    This law should not be thrown out because it is unconstitutional. It should be thrown out because it is too long, too complicated, and not in plain ordinary English. But then again, the IRS statutes should be thrown out on the same basis.
    If the law was written as a tax then so be it. But Fines are not taxes. On that basis alone, the judges fell on their respective faces.
    I want to know how a group of intelligent judges, top of the judicial system could miss such a basic point? Fines? Taxes? When did they become twin words meaning the same thing? Notice I did not use any big words.
    Any legal document that takes a long time to read is probably full of things that contradict one another. It is only a matter of time before that becomes apparent.

  • BeenThere

    Yes the right wing attitude is I’m OK, screw you. However, looking up Obamacare on the internet indicates that it is not a simple and elegent solution either. I think it only tinkers at the edges with the problems of America’s incrediably ineficient and costly health care system.


    SOMETIMES I WONDER IF PEOPLES ENERGY CAN AFFECT THE WEATHER????More than 3 million people in the eastern U.S. faced a second day of 100-degree temperatures without electricity Sunday after storms ripped through the region, and the storms’ death toll was raised to 17.
    It could be several days before all power outages in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere are restored, officials said, and The National Weather Service said another round of thunderstorms was possible late Sunday and early Monday.
    “Unlike a polite hurricane that gives you three days of warning, this storm gave us all the impact of a hurricane without any of the warning of a hurricane,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said, after the storms late Friday toppled massive trees onto cars and blocked roads in the nation’s capital.I DONT THINK TOO MANY PEOPLE LIKE OBAMA CARE!!

  • Chris

    “I am guessing you missed the part about being our brothers keeper in the bible???”

    I must have missed the part where being your brothers keeper meant having your wealth forcibly stolen from you and redistributed by power hungry beurocrats in the most inefficient way possible. Your a loud mouth fool.

    Who is paying you to come here everyday? Seriously. You hold none of the same beliefs as 98% of the visitors to this site nor the author. You just come here, spout incoherent left wing totalitarian tripe and loaded “studies” that “prove” that anyone who doesn’t march lockstep with your beliefs is a “rascist”

  • i’vegivenup


    You have spent a great deal of time tearing Obamacare to shreds but at the same time you have not listed one single plan that the Republicans have and why is that? BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE A PLAN. THEY DON’T WANT ONE EITHER. So…instead of blasting Obamacare at every opportunity why don’t you ask yourself the question…WHAT VIABLE ALTERNATIVES ARE THERE AND WHY HAVEN’T THE REPUBLICANS INTRODUCED THEM?

    • Michael

      I am not defending the Republicans. Our entire health care system is a total disaster and neither major political party is proposing a decent solution.


      • techneon

        No the biggest disaster is our form of corrupt unrepresentative governance! In the Declaration of Independence the founding fathers included the reasons for revolting against the King of England who they described as a tyrant. The rest of the reasons are eerily similar to what is happening today in the Oval Office.

        “The ultimate authority…resides in the people alone. … The advantage … conform to the probable one in which it was passed. … Our peculiar … Our Founders further avowed, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that

    • HecatesMoon

      ….why would Republicans introduce alternatives if they didn’t want one?
      smart mouth moment of the day….

    • Biggestbird

      Certain people will refuse to look it up for themselves (or believe it should they read it) and It’s too late for me, so I won’t bother to look for and post it, but it was stated that this “Obamacare” bill was so close to what the Repugnantcans had proposed as the antithesis for “Hillarycare” in the ’90’s that after the WWE theatrics of a half-hearted protest, they “gave in” to the Demicraps!

      • ME

        The Repubics will make no real effort at repeal because they want it (for us, not themselves) as much as the Dimocraps.

  • happy camper

    Restore the constitution! Best quote Ive ever heard from the Donald! BTW being your brothers keeper does not mean enabling him ..he can go out and work just like I do … and if its so good how come no one on capital hill is going to be using it ..ohhh cause they have real insurance..free!

    In November ..ANYONE BUT OBAMA!!!!!!

  • Buck-toothed Briton

    I’d just like to say, as a British man, that it’s a joy to watch America imploding. You can blame your problems on left or right, but at the end of the day, ALL of your politicians are selfish, evil, bastards and you know it. Cons and Dems.

    It’s literally hilarious to see you on the verge of collapse. I like the way every idiot in your country blames Obama for everything, without even thinking about the insane amounts of taxpayer money spent on the military. What a *************** joke.

    If you have any sense, move to Canada or Mexico. America is crumbling.

    • HecatesMoon

      ahhhh….the love…..

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      So is Britain, I mean seriously, cameras in the bathrooms? Can’t get much more big brothery than that. All of western society is crumbling, because those in power don’t care, and those that care and try to do anything are shot down, and their ideas shot up (sometimes literally) by the gov’t and general public, who just accept everything that is spewed to them. Thank you for your time.
      -Young Patriot

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        We need to spend all of that money on the military, for one, because of congress’ viewpoint that men are numbers, and not men, they need that money to replace those who are kia or mia. You’re right on the corrupt politicians part. It is their fault good ol’ American boys are still in Afghanistan fighting and dying to eradicate an enemy we could have destroyed within 2 years if politics had stayed out of the war. Always support the troops, never support the corrupt politicians who send them to do what “needs to be done,” when in reality the majority of the time it is just promoting their agenda. I like a certain quote by General Curtis LeMay, though it is not the exact quote, it is along the lines of it. “If a country is to truly go to war, it should think long and hard over whether war is needed, but when it is decided that there is no alternative, then it should go to war with every weapon at its disposal.” and the quote by William Tecumseh Sherman “War is cruel, the crueler it is, the quicker it ends, and the more lives are saved in the end.” Wars drag on because of politicians, and it is the young fighting man that has to pay for an old fool’s decision.
        -Young Patriot

        • Gay Veteran

          wow “concerned”, you have bought imperialism hook, line and sinker!

          the Afghan people will NOT tolerate a foreign army of occupation in their lands. Would we?

          Our bloated Pentagon budget needs to be cut by at least half. We spend more on “defense” that the rest of the world combined.

          Always support the troops? I support them getting the hell out of Afghanistan and Iraq (our little war of aggression).

          And if you want us to stay in Afghanistan and/or Iraq, then you need to march down to your local Army recruiter and sign up!

          • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

            No, the taliban, which supports al-quaeda, was in afghanistan, and it was justified in our invading them. I do not believe, however, that we should have stayed as long as we did. It does get suspicious. If we had gone in there, killed the enemy, and gotten out, everyone (us and them) except those who profit from the loss of lives would have profited. We were there too long. Iraq also did have wmds, they were just destroyed by Israel two decades earlier. I am inherently against long costly wars that we have no intention of downright winning, which is what iraq and afghanistan were from the start. “The last war that Americans fought to win, and consequentially won, was World War Two; all wars since then have been ‘gradually fought’ with disastrous results in the cost of men and material”
            -Young Patriot

    • mondobeyondo

      It’s not that funny if you’re an American who sees what’s happening, yet doesn’t have the resources or finances to “get out”.

    • Estamos Jodidos

      If things are so great in the UK, why are you buck-toothed? Don’t they provide free orthodontics? Just sayin…

  • Donald Wilson

    Socialized anything is WRONG. I’m retired and work 2 jobs I pay over 20 grand in various taxes enough already time to for the rest to get off their asses and get work.

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      I concur, and those who praise socialism should look at the soviet union; didn’t last very long, and I wonder why (not). Also, they should remember the massacre in a Chinese square in 1989, where people who dared voice their opinions were shot and killed on the spot, no questions asked. Such is socialism; it is a monstrosity that serves those in power without any opportunity for anyone not already high up to raise themself. Capitalism may not be perfect, but it damn well is the best system humans have yet invented, and yet the greatest bastion of capitalism, America, is being overly controlled by the government, and the people are cheering… Just makes you wonder what happened. If this had been proposed in the 50’s, from what my grandfather told me in our discussion a few days before the verdict, it wouldn’t even have gotten on paper.
      -Young Patriot

      • Gay Veteran

        capitalism in the 50s was great, unions were strong, workers got their fair share of their productivity, and regulations help keep corporations from becoming too powerful

        that changed under Reagan, and the middle class and working class have been going down the toilet ever since

  • Leland Groth

    Before the government ever got involved in the health care system it was good and the costs were low. A Frenchman (can’t remember his name) commenting on our system remarked (not a direct quote) that things would go bad when the people learned that they can vote themselves benefits out of the treasury. Of course, we learned that well. Whatever the government finances it will generate more of. Example – want more pegnant teens? Just give them all the federal aid they want. This is because of the philosophy “If government (taxpayer) is going to pay for it, just ram the price up. If the normal price in the store is $10 then bill the government $50 or more. The system is so screwed up they’ll never catch and it just let it go through. That’s why health care is so expensive.

  • SAM

    It’s government tyranny to force us to buy expensive health insurance that we do not want or need! Thank you Michael for your good insights into this matter. It’s sad this country has descended into a totalitarian state. It seems that it is no longer good to live in America anymore. The first chance I get I am heading out of this country.

  • SAM

    I forgot to add this: Michael you wrote in your article that the “doctors are going broke and leaving the profession because they can’t make a living.” How are doctors going broke when they are the ones who profit from all the patients seeing them? Being a doctor is a very lucrative occupation.

    • A.S.


      Obamacare leads to higher premiums (why, because health insurance companies now have to abide by new idiotic regulations, not to mention by mandate take into their group(s) formerly uninsured people who have various pre-conditions.

      Higher premiums leads to higher hospital cost because they can now charge more since higher premiums can pay more.

      Higher hospital costs leads to more profits for the hospital but they will not in turn give more salaray to the doctors because the hospitals are for profit. At the same time not-for-profit hospitals are going to be shut down because of the same Obamacare mandates.

      More patients to serve already means a paycut. In the longrun an actual paycut will take effect because of less profits to the hospitals once all the mandates kick in the the only health insurance available is from the government.

      So, after a few years, the doctors will have less pay, more patients to serve, etc. Some will leave the profession because of burn out. Would-be doctors won’t go medical school seeing how hard other doctors have it. So, now we have less doctors, who make less money, serving more patients. Eventually more doctors will leave because they cant pay their medical school debt or afford their previous lifestyle. They will lose their home through bankruptcy. Once that is on your credit report, your credit worthiness is ruined for at least 7 years. If that is not going broke, I don’t now what is. After a few years, we will have maybe half the doctors as we do now, serving at least 30 million plus natural population growth patients, working for less pay.

      So, how will the care be if that is the case? UK? Canada? EU? Former USSR? Let’s kill Obamacare before it takes effect!

    • Colin

      Not a very well researched statement there. You clearly don’t understand the costs involved in keeping a doctor office open, especially private practitioners. Doctors profit because they have incentives to perform well and do the best job possible. They sacrifice 12-15 yrs of their life just to attain the study necessary to get to that position and are rightly compensated for the value of human lives they help. Socialization and equal pay for all doctors limits the incentive to do a good job. I would modify your comment and say that being a doctor is lucrative if you are a GOOD doctor.

    • Giudo

      Sam, do you actually know any doctors? If you personally know a doctor, ask him about his insurance, any lawsuits, and how much time he spends being audited by the DEA for prescribing pain killers. Ask him how much student debt he has to retire. And ask him how much free time he has.

      One of my relatives was a doc and his stories are amazing. I looked him up one time in the Lexis/Nexis database and found a number of lawsuits from former patients, most notably a lunatic who accused all their prior doctors of being part of a secret conspiracy to cause them pain. The case went all the way to the state supreme court!

      Doctors are not bottomless money pits, nor are they wealthy leaches, nor are they the cause of the problems in our medical system. Most, if not all, of our problems are the fault of the fedgov. They’re the ones who regulate the system, the insurance, the drugs, etc. Barry-Care should have been knocked down based on that fact, alone-more of the cause has never been the cure.

      Your average doctor isn’t raking in the money. What money they are earning is going to pay off what could be a 100,000+ student loan debt. They pay a lot of money to learn their skills. Then, they give up years of their life to practice those skills and get treated like garbage as residents. People really ought to respect them for the professionals they are. For all that expertise, experience, training, and knowledge, don’t you think it ought to be a little expensive? Knowledge doesn’t come cheap.

      A lot of doctors are leaving the system because it isn’t worth it to practice medicine anymore. Frivolous lawsuits and huge insurance premiums make it very costly. Vilification in the media and a wide-spread sense of hatred and envy have replaced the old feeling of trust and respect for doctors. Insurance companies, medicare, and medicade screw doctors on treatments, so they lose money for every procedure they do.

      Some docs these days are refusing medicade and medicare or demanding up front payments of cash to balance out what they’re stiffed on by the gov’t. There are docs who will treat you like a king if you pay in cash vs. the animals who are paying with insurance. HMOs and managed care have turned medicine into something more like an assembly line, too. In the 1990s efficiency experts announced docs should spend no more than 8 minutes with each patient to remain profitable. 8 Freakin’ Minutes!

      My relative retired in the late 90s. He stated he was glad to get out because it wasn’t worth it any more. He told me he wouldn’t want to be starting out in this day and age.

      You need them more than they need you.

      If people keep crapping on docs, treating them like they’re some entitlement, some resource to be exploited, crapped on, resented for their income, and sued for any wacky reason under the sun, eventually they’re going to leave for greener pastures. They’ll retire. They’ll quit taking insurance, medicade, and medicare. And we’ll be left wondering why it’s so hard to get a good doc. It’s like Galt’s Gulch-you can drive off the people you need the most.

      • techneon

        Well said! In addition, all the malpractice cost as well as the fees for DEA license and Medical license that are due every two years!

    • ME

      More and more MDs are refusing Medicare/Medicaid patients because it is a money loser. Soon they will not have that option (another mandate will be written), so many will rethink the economics of a college/medical education vs another occupation.

  • jsmith

    Will Barack and the 535 members of Congress be covered by Obamacare?

    • Jodi

      Nope! They exempt themselves. Why? Because they know the bill is crap.

  • Dean Malkowski

    RE: Gary2:

    Please do not feed the trolls-this is a particularly stupid troll as it is incapable of even simple reading comprehension.

    The article quotes MICHAEL Moore, troll references someone named STEPHEN Moore.

    Final proof of troll’s abysmal stupidity-it is unaware of the convention of capitalizing the initial letters of proper names.

  • Judie

    Has anyone considered maybe Roberts switched his position on the vote – and made it clear it is a “TAX” and not a “fine”? Now, that decision has raised the ire of every intelligent citizen out there! Guess who is NOT voting for B.O – a whole lot of responsible, intelligent, voting citizens – that love their Constitution and Bill of Rights! and in case you don’t know it – because of the bias of the media! that Ron Paul is still pulling in delegates and is alive and well and still has a huge following of conscious Patriotic Americans! Wake up folks – WE DO HAVE CHOICES AT THE VOTING BOOTH – THINK FOR YOURSELVES AND IGNORE THE BIASED MEDIA THAT ONLY REPORT WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW. THEY LIE BY OMISSION! GOT IT YET????

    • Gay Veteran

      uh Judie, the only “choice” we will have in November is between Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama and Mitt “Wall Street” Romney

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        I can’t even vote. But there should be an empty ballot space where people can write Ron Paul, unless they got rid of that option too.
        -Young Patriot

  • John

    Gary2, If you are going to quote a bible verse, please get it right. This quote came from God as he was questioning Cain about the killing of his brother Able: “And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?” Genesis 4:9. Only a flaming Liberal could misquote a passage in the Bible

  • And more redundant proof that the established profit from disease systems have gone orbital. The health of society as a whole is now something that real fascist plutocracy looks down upon, like they were already in outer space away from that.

    Basic nutrition is being attacked & demonized, while every insane thing that made more profit, for big corporations, is being promoted more. This is a system that made medical marijuana illegal, and wants to keep it that, running even more amok! Simple things that could work are being made unavailable, while the only “choices” left are expensive things, which may backfire badly!

    • ME

      I don’t smoke pot, but would rather meet a pot smoker on the highway than a drunk any day. Look at the carnage caused by alcohol use. If one or the other should be legal, it should be pot. The “stepping stone drug” argument is BS. I have often heard that people who work with hard-core drug addicts say that the hardest drug for druggies to quit is tobacco.

  • Giudo

    Everything you need to know about Barry-Care is in this simple line-and-block chart:

    My name is Ozymandias! Look upon my healthcare bill, ye mortals, and despair!

  • mondobeyondo

    Our already broken healthcare system is about to flat-line in a couple years.
    Yep. We’re going around the bowl and down the hole.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    It is senselessly complex, with millions of opportunities for computer operator error. The flow chart looks like a tangled hair mass clogging a drain and nothing has yet to be activated. This is another Obummer sabotage effort by his controllers.Obummer could never ideate something like this. He believes he killed Osama bin Laden last year. Nobody home.

  • SandraO

    How can the United States which is a bankrupt country drowning in trillions of dollars of debt bring in an additional 30 million people (including illegal aliens) into a nationalized socialized healthcare system and hope to save money on healthcare? Who is going to pay for it? Of course Obama and the neo-Marxist fascist Democrat thugs will tell the gullible voters that the answer is to tax the rich. Does anyone really believe that the rich Hollywood leftist elite like George Clooney, Sean Penn, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria or Barbra Streisand will ever pay one dime more in taxes than they do now when they lavish millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the current regime and when they can afford to buy the best tax advice? No doubt the middle class will be taxed to death to pay for this worthless healthcare scheme and the U.S Government will be forced to borrow even more money from China! Under Obamacare, the rich elite will have their own private healthcare system while the poor masses will have worthless medical care much like what exists in third world Communist countries like Cuba with rationed healthcare, long waits to see a medical provider, and shortages of medicines and medical supplies. This will be an economic and financial disaster!

  • We are in the final stages of collapse now…God Help U.S

  • Cleo

    No one, and I mean no one in this country goes without healthcare unless they choose not to seek it. There are hundreds of low cost charitable clinics where you can even get free services if you can’t afford it, not to mention the last option of emergency room. Also, many counties have clinics where low cost services are available. Bottom line is we already have affordable healthcare available for basic healthcare needs.

    In Wamego, KS we have a clinic that is well funded, well staffed, and reps from other counties come to see how we do it. A dentist comes in once a week, and different Dr’s come in at various times and schedules, as it is volunteer work. You just can’t show up anytime…you make an appointment, but you will be seen. You pay what you can afford to pay…nothing if you can’t afford it.

    Obamacare is all about progressive eugenics….saving the planet from overpopulation, through denial of services to both young and old. The same reason for abortion and DNA testing….get rid of anything abnormal or which might be expensive in the long run…Downs Syndrome, mental retardation, etc. Read the works of Margaret Sanger yourself, the mother of Planned Parenthood…..she is one evil human being, and a racist one who HATED black people.

    So, if you think that one size fits all socialized medicine is going to be all sunshine and lollipops, you best quit drinking the liberal Kool Aid lies of the left and wake the hell up.

    • Tammy

      Who pays for the “free” health care services?