11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools

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It should be painfully obvious to everyone by now that it is time to get all of our kids out of the government schools.  The public school system in the United States has been dramatically declining for a long time, and in most areas of the country the public schools are open sewers at this point.  Yes, there are some U.S. public schools that are still very good and that do a decent job of preparing our young people for their adult lives.  But those good schools are the exception to the rule.  Hopefully the school shooting that just happened in Ohio will be a wake up call to millions of parents out there.  Drugs, sex and violence are rampant in American public schools today.  The “teachers” are endlessly pushing specific political and social agendas down the throats of our kids, and the skills that our children really need such as reading, writing and mathematics are often badly neglected.  Hopefully we can get more parents educated about what is really going on in these schools.  After all, why would any parents want to send their children into an environment that is going to be highly destructive for them for six to eight hours a day?


Sadly, “destructive” is not too hard a word to use for the environment in these public schools.  I went to public schools all my life, and they were absolutely horrible.  Unfortunately, they have gotten even worse since the time that I left them.

The following are 11 reasons to get your kids out of the government schools….

#1 You Could Be Arrested For Something That Your Child Does

Yes, you read that correctly.  If your child writes a story or draws a picture which a teacher or an administrator takes the wrong way, you could end up in jail.

The following example is from thestar.com….

A Kitchener father is angry at police after he was arrested at his child’s school and later strip-searched at the police station, all because his 4-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun in class.

“I’m picking up my kids and then, next thing you know, I’m locked up,” Jessie Sansone, 26, said of his ordeal on Wednesday. “I was in shock. This is completely insane.”

The school principal, police and child welfare officials, however, all stand by their actions. They say they had to investigate to determine whether there was a gun in Sansone’s house that children had access to.

#2 Your Child Could Be Arrested While At School For Just About Anything These Days

As I have written about previously, children all over the United States are being arrested by police in government school classrooms for some absolutely crazy things.  Just check out the following examples….

*A 12-year-old girl named Sarah Bustamantes was recently arrested for spraying herself with perfume at a public school in Texas.

*A 13-year-old kid attending a public school in Albuquerque, New Mexico was recently arrested by police for burping in class.

*A 12-year-old girl at a school in Forest Hills, New York was marched out of her public school in handcuffs by police just because she doodled on her desk. “I love my friends Abby and Faith” was what she reportedly scribbled on her desk.

*When a little girl recently kissed a little boy at one Florida elementary school,  it was considered to be a “possible sex crime” and the police were called out.

#3 Your Child Might Be Bodily Harmed By Security Thugs

All over the nation, public schools students are being bodily injured (sometimes permanently) by school security thugs.  The following are a couple of examples….

*A security thug at one school in California actually fractured the arm of one 16-year-old girl because she left some crumbs on the floor after cleaning up some cake that she had spilled.

*In Allentown, Pennsylvania a 14-year-old girl was tasered in the groin area by a school security thug even though she had put up her hands in the air to surrender to him.

#4 Virtually Everything That Your Child Does At School Is Being Put Into A Database Somewhere

As I described in a previous article, public schools (in conjunction with the federal government) have become obsessed with watching, monitoring and recording the activities of our kids.

According to the New York Post, the Obama administration is planning a vast new database which will collect all sorts of information about our children.  Is this the kind of information that you want the federal government to keep track of?….

The administration wants this data to include much more than name, address and test scores. According to the National Data Collection Model, the government should collect information on health-care history, family income and family voting status. In its view, public schools offer a golden opportunity to mine reams of data from a captive audience.

#5 Our Kids Are Not Learning Anything In These Public Schools

As I have documented before, American public school students are being dumbed-down and millions of them end up dumb as a rock and yet still are able to graduate from high school somehow….

The following are some of the absolutely amazing results of a study conducted a few years ago by Common Core….

*Only 43 percent of all U.S. high school students knew that the Civil War was fought some time between 1850 and 1900.

*More than a quarter of all U.S. high school students thought that Christopher Columbus made his famous voyage across the Atlantic Ocean after the year 1750.

*Approximately a third of all U.S. high school students did not know that the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  (This is a topic that I touched on yesterday).

*Only 60 percent of all U.S. students knew that World War I was fought some time between 1900 and 1950.

Sadly, we are rapidly falling behind the rest of the globe.  At this point, 15-year-olds that attend U.S. public schools do not even rank in the top half of all advanced nations when it comes to math or science literacy.

#6 Our Public School Kids Are Being Forced To Take Large Numbers Of Vaccines

All over the nation, children that have not received all of the “required vaccines” are being banned from school.

Many parents do not want dozens of toxic vaccines injected directly into the bloodstreams of their kids, but in many states today you will not be able to send your kids to the public schools if they don’t submit to the shots.

This is just another reason why all American families should pull their kids out of these government schools immediately.

#7 Exposed To Rampant Sexual Promiscuity

When you send your kid to a government school, you are sending them into an environment where they will be exposed to rampant sexual promiscuity on an endless basis.

When the kids around you are constantly talking about sex and joking about sex, it makes it nearly impossible to escape it.

What makes things even worse is that the “sex education” courses are becoming more detailed and more graphic than ever.  One example of this phenomenon was detailed in the New York Times….

IMAGINE you have a 10- or 11-year-old child, just entering a public middle school. How would you feel if, as part of a class ostensibly about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, he and his classmates were given “risk cards” that graphically named a variety of solitary and mutual sex acts? Or if, in another lesson, he was encouraged to disregard what you told him about sex, and to rely instead on teachers and health clinic staff members?

In some U.S. public schools, kids are even having sex in the school bathrooms.

Do you want that to happen to your kid?

#8 Teachers Are Having Sex With The Students

It seems like almost every single day there is another news story about teachers having sex with public school students.

The following are just a few of the headlines that I found from this week….

-“More California Teachers Accused Of Sex Crimes

-“Teacher Accused Of Sex With Student Appears In Court

-“Queen’s Teacher’s Aide Charged With Child Sex Abuse

-“Teacher Caught In Bed With Teen Student

#9 U.S. Public Schools Are Dominated By Radical Control Freaks That Are Teaching Our Kids How To Live Like Slaves

The level of control that is exerted over the lives of children in many of our public schools is absolutely frightening.

I know that I have mentioned the following example several times, but it is worth repeating because it shows just how far things have gone.  One 4-year-old girl recently had her lunch confiscated by a control freak at one U.S. preschool because it did not meet USDA guidelines….

A preschooler at West Hoke Elementary School ate three chicken nuggets for lunch Jan. 30 because the school told her the lunch her mother packed was not nutritious.

The girl’s turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice did not meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, according to the interpretation of the person who was inspecting all lunch boxes in the More at Four classroom that day.

The Division of Child Development and Early Education at the Department of Health and Human Services requires all lunches served in pre-kindergarten programs – including in-home day care centers – to meet USDA guidelines. That means lunches must consist of one serving of meat, one serving of milk, one serving of grain, and two servings of fruit or vegetables, even if the lunches are brought from home.

Do you want sick control freaks inspecting the lunches that your kids bring from home every single day?

If not, perhaps it is time to pull them out of the government schools.

#10 Specific Social And Political Agendas Are Being Shoved Down The Throats Of Our Kids In U.S. Public Schools

If you think that the government schools are “neutral places” where all social, political and religious beliefs are tolerated, then you are either ignorant or you are delusional.

The truth is that very specific social and political agendas are built into the curriculums of most public schools.  Often, these social and political agendas are the same ones that are being force-fed to public school children in other western nations.

If your children are attending a government school, a system of “right and wrong” is being pounded into their heads that may be very different from what you would teach them.

In one recent New York Times article, a district superintendent admitted that particular agendas are integrated into classroom instruction anywhere that they will fit….

“We’re trying to integrate it into anything where it naturally fits,” said Jackie Taylor, the district’s superintendent. “It might be in a math lesson. How much water are you really using? How can you tell? Teachers look for avenues in almost everything they teach.”

If you want to see where all of this is going, just check out what is going on in Europe.  In the UK, teachers that don’t promote the “correct agenda” face harsh  disciplinary action.

Those that control the public schools don’t just want to “educate” your children.

They want to indoctrinate them.

#11 If Your Children Attend Public Schools They Could End Up Dead

Sadly, the school shooting that just happened in Ohio reminds us all once again that this is a matter of life and death.  Our schools are not safe and they are becoming less safe all the time.

While the odds are not great that your children will actually be murdered in our public schools, the truth is that there is a very good chance that they could be scarred for life by the destructive environment in these schools.

Most Americans that have gone through the public school system emerge from it with deep emotional scars.  If you have some of these emotional scars you know exactly what I am talking about.

The vast majority of our public schools are horrible places.  Just ask kids that are going to public high schools right now.  Most of them hate it.

Sometimes people argue that we should keep our children in the public schools so that they can be a “light” and so that they can be a good influence.

Unfortunately, that is just not the reality of the situation.  Our kids go there to be taught, and it is the teachers that have the authority.  Our children are far more likely to be changed by their teachers and their friends than they are to significantly change the system around them.

When you are young and insecure, it can be incredibly difficult to take a stand for what is right when all of your teachers and all of your friends are going the other way.

We need to protect our children and we need to put them into environments where they will be safe, protected and will receive a quality education.

Growing up is hard enough without having to spend 30 to 40 hours a week in a nightmarish hellhole where you will be physically, mentally and emotionally tortured.

So what do all of you think about the state of U.S. public schools?

Do you believe that we should get our kids out of the government schools?

Feel free to post a comment with your opinion below….

  • When these young people commit suicide (the ultimate escape and evasion technique) after several years in one or more of these hell holes, the parents go through a long of anguish and spend a great deal of time blaming the school administrators and teachers for not doing something when the fault lies with themselves. I know for a fact that a lot of children will complain to their parents years before the decision to commit suicide is made and ask them not to send them to school anymore but the parents keep sending them and blurt out some useless excuse like, “It’s the law.”

    Well the law only requires that parents see that their children get an education and there are so many alternatives to the public schools, including doing the job themselves, that “the law” is no longer a valid reason. Get your kids out of the school or prepare to not have any grandchildren…

    • Michael

      Great comment. A lot of kids unfortunately do end up turning to suicide in an attempt to escape these prisons.


      • There is one way that might improve the public schools but it will never be allowed to work:


      • r.bitting

        Here in our county, there have been six suicides since the school year began. I will say this though, if there is one silver lining in the dark cloud of public school, it’s the opportunity that the Christian kid has to be light in a dark world. There are many kids in our church youth group, about half of which attend public school, and many bring friends with them to the Weds. night youth worship and lessons. Kids in public school need Jesus Christ too… ” How shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how will they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? Romans 10:14… I’m not advocating that we send all our kids to public school, I am saying that I believe God has his people ( both teachers and students ) in there to find that 100th sheep. And I believe God watches over his servants while in the Lions den.

    • Kelly B

      I tried to escape. I went to a large southern school. I was different and more intelligent. I didn’t try to do things just to be cool. So I was bullied. My parents and I even told principals, and they didn’t really do anything, just said it’s a part of school. They just wanted me to keep quiet. I had some weird teachers too who would look at us girls a bit too long. Not only was my social experience a blow to my self esteem, but I was not fulfilled by the education system and usually had to stimulate my mind from reading and surfing the web in my spare time.
      Its been 3 years since I’ve graduated and the scars are still there but are fading away in time.

      I have to teach for the state 2 years on exchange for a Critical Needs Teacher program paying for my college. I’m going to strive to be a great teacher and hopefully not be fired.

      • Roger

        I wish you the best Kelly good luck!

    • Al

      The answer is to homeschool. Doesn’t matter how smart you are. Anything your child can learn at home, from you and from normal day-to-day life is going to be FAR better than what he or she will learn (be subjected to) in public school. People agonize that they won’t be smart enough to homeschool or rich enough to afford private school. They should worry more about just getting their kid OUT OF THERE NOW, TODAY. That’s the most important thing.

  • babygirlway

    Our public schools are cesspools. Both my children attended a “Five Star” School system in a very affluent area. As they were less than two years apart in age, the younger child was sucked into the older ones peer group and they both spent their high school years in and out of detention centers due to their experimentation with drugs, DESPITE our best intentions, prayers, and tough love as their parents. While trying to prevent my children from their delinquencies I discovered that the administration KNEW that drugs were being sold in the parking lots before, during, and after school and also KNEW that alcohol was being consumed during school hours in water bottles that they promoted in order to “prevent dehydration”. They did nothing. Don’t send your children to public school…while they might not immediately end up like mine, they will at least end up desensitized, traumatized, and no longer innocent. A cautionary tale.

    • Michael

      Great comment and hopefully people will take your advice.


  • justadad

    Run, Jane, Run!

  • Cinderella Man

    Wait a second… Wasnt these new rules and SROs supposed to keep the kids safe. I mean safe from burping in class chewing gum, throwing fits, messy eating, and SHOOTINGS!!!???? WTF are they doing there if they cant keep students safe from shooters and pedophile teachers?? This is totally backwards. These poor kids will never stand a chance when they have to have vaccines and fluoride swish cups shoved down their throats. I thought with the hyper-paranoid police state in schools these problems shouldnt exist. Those bastard kids from Columbine have ruined school forever. Glad I was done in the 90s.

  • #12 You can’t say the name of Jesus @ Christmas time…but you can must celebrate Kwanzaa.

    Homeschool. Homeschool, HOMESCHOOL!!!

    • MC1171611

      AMEN! Home schooling is the ONLY way to guarantee that your children not only learn what you want them to, but grow up to be the kind of people they need to be.

      As a twelve-year homeschooler, I have some insight on these matters. ;)

  • Karen Kennedy

    In addition to the 11 reasons published here, parents should also consider that the mandatory “lock downs” that seem to happen at least once per quarter aren’t for your child’s safety [as indicated by the school administration]. I received a group message from my daughter’s school last week letting me know that this had already taken place. There is never any prior indication of the school’s intentions. The parents are notified AFTER this “lock down” has already occurred. This is another way to get your children used to being in scary, high anxiety situations. There have been violent acts committed in schools over the past 20 years that changed the way administrators and the country at large view education. But these isolated situations are no reason to conduct sessions that lock a school full of children behind closed doors with armed police officers.

    • Michael

      That is a great point.

      If there is a copy of that notice online somewhere I would love to see it.

      This type of thing is happening all over the nation and it is putting our kids through a nightmarish amount of stress.


      • Jana

        Where my daughter attends school it is not unusual to hear of weekly lockdowns. I think the most important thing to remember as a parent of children that attend public schools be informed although they’ll (admin) try their to keep you in the dark. I’d never know about these potential “threats” of violence and subsequent lockdowns if a teacher at the school wasn’t a relative. That being said; I have an extremely bright, free thinking, honor roll student. We talk a lot. She searches out good role models because shes aware of what they look like. She finds them. Luckily, because we have an open door policy on communication within our home, she knows exactly what she does not have to succumb to (religion, politics) and exactly what she does (learning beyond your comfort zone). First and foremost the parents are responsible for the welfare of their children. If you feel in any way that the class rooms or teachers are unsatisfactory its the responsibility of the parent or guardian to give them a rich environment in which to learn. There really aren’t many more options than that, as MY children are not replaceable.

  • tommcd

    Everyone who has children in the American educational system should read “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. The author was a senior policy adviser in the Department of Education under Reagan. Her father and grandfather were globalist insiders and members of “Skull and Bones”.
    Ms Iserbyt decided to speak out and try to inform the American people about the true purpose of the American educational system. You can download the book for free from Ms Iserbyt’s website here: http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/

  • old soldier

    Re: item #5. It is unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable how little students these days know about US and World History.Unfortunately, I’ve seen it. One student, when questioned about Pearl Harbor, didn’t even know about the Arizona or the attack on Dec 7th and SHE’D visited there on vacation. It’s even sadder when I see students in third and fourth grades that can barely read and write. And this is the future of our country??

    • mondobeyondo

      It is truly sad.

      I studied WWII in high school. The invasion of Poland, the “Phony War” of 1939-40, the German invasions of the Low Countries and Russia. Pearl Harbor, Stalingrad, Warsaw, Tarawa, D-Day, Iwo Jima. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, too.

      My second interest was the JFK assassination. The very first book I ever checked out from my high school library, was Jim Bishop’s book “The Day Kennedy Was Shot”, back in 1979.

      Sad that many students apparently don’t have the same interest and curiosity about history today.

      • mondobeyondo

        Oh yeah – if your appetite for history is salivating by now — (ha ha)

        “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by William L. Shirer is an essential read for those studying World War II, in my opinion. It’s a long book, but definitely worth it.

        • BeenThere

          I have that book. It is excelent and gives an insite as to why the Nazi party succeeded to come to power where all the other far right groups that started up in 1919 failed.

      • mondobeyondo

        btw, if you’re wondering: Yes. It was a conspiracy.

  • i’vegivenup


    Many families cannot afford to pay for their kids to go to private schools. What’s your answer for them?

    • Michael

      Homeschooling is a good option for many families.

      These public schools do a lot more harm than good I am afraid.


      • Deborah

        Who can do this!!!!???? How is this more affordable than sending kids to public school?

        • Michael

          Sending your kids to the public schools is certainly easier and more “affordable”.

          But it is doing extreme amounts of damage to your children.


          • Deborah

            I disagree. My children are doing wonderfully in public school. The school I teach in is in a disadvantaged area and it is a wonderful place as well. I don’t know what is going on in the rest of the country but schools are still very important community centers, as important as the church in my opinion.

          • S. Wiseman

            Deborah, your children are not doing “wonderfully” in public schools. Tell me, what is your standard measure of success? If your measure is in accordance with what the school boards say they should know by grade, I’m afraid your kids are being deliberately dumbed down. An A grade by today’s standards would be considered an F in the 1880s. There’s a sample 8th grade final exam from the 1800s available online. Forgive me I don’t have the link. Look at the questions and tell me if you or your children can answer them. Public schools are not important at all. If the church cared at all about what is being done to God’s children, they would call for parents to remove them from the schools en mass and the church would take back its calling – its duty – to help parents educate their own children. Government schools are toxic environments even the ones that parents consider “good, wonderful schools”.

            And to those of you who believe our kids should be the “light” in the schools, God the creator did not set the Israelites free just so the parents could send their children back to Egypt to receive an education. Jesus trained the deciples personally for three years before he sent them among the crowds alone. It doesn’t make sense to send children to do what adults won’t even do themselves.

            Parents should make ending the sacrificing of our lambs to wolves a priority.

          • S. Wiseman

            To paraphrase… If a clean garment comes in contact with a soiled garment, does the soiled garment suddenly become clean? No. However the clean garment will in fact become dirty.
            Pour clean water into a vessel of poisoned water does not turn the poisoned water pure. Think so? Then you drink it.
            Christian parents really should stop using the bible to justify sending their children to government schools. Our first duty is to be obedient and COME OUT from among them.

        • Just Me Down Here

          Our family of 8 lives in a 1100 sq ft home. We live take home pay of $50,000. We homeschool our children too. Christian Liberty Press is affordable curriculum. As always, the library is free if you can remember to turn your books in on time. There is many websites that you could use for free if you took the time. Teaching my children is hard. I get tired of it some days. However, I wanted to have my children and I believe they are a blessing from God. Why would I throw all that away and send them to public school? My 4 year old daughter is reading at least a 1st grade level. The excitement and thrill of teaching your children, and them getting it, is one of the best feelings. I believe ANYONE can teach their children if they tried. It is hard and you may need to have a break once in awhile but it is so much worth it. My 21 year old daughter just published her first book on Amazon. Homeschooling can lead to great things. Very few people can NOT afford to teach their children. Ask yourself this question – do you want to invest in your child’s life now or when they are locked up because you didn’t take the time to train them, teach them and love them. Parenting is hard. Live by that mantra.

          • Just Me Down Here

            There “are” many websites.

            Thought I would correct that before some idiot pointed out that I said it wrong. Hey, I was public skool ejamicated. College too. ;-)

        • “Who can do this!!!!????”

          Millions of families do this everyday in the U.S. and tens of millions do around the world.

          “How is this more affordable than sending kids to public school?”

          1. Reduced medical visits for the communicable diseases they pick up and injuries they receive in school.

          2. Reduced costs for psychological/psychiatric therapy sessions.

          3. Better able to arrange your own schedule to be more energy efficient with your own vehicles.

          That’s three just for starters…

        • MC1171611

          Because it’s not about the MONEY, but about the LIVES and FUTURES of your children. My parents loved me and my siblings enough to sacrifice, scrimp, and save every spare penny in order to provide a home education for us on a single income well below the “poverty” line. It can be done: you just have to love your kids enough.

        • Kit2

          Our household income in only $31,000 yet I’m a homeschooling mom. It’s hard but it can be done. We only have one 12-year old car and don’t eat out but it’s worth the sacrifice. I would homeschool if we lived in a tent. How much is the soul of a child worth to you?

    • While trying to not state the obvious (which is like trying to prove a negative) it seems you have a computer. There are hundreds of websites that offer grade K-12 education for little or no cost. And there are still thousands of the good old fashioned correspondence programs. The excuse to send children to public schools because it’s “free” is long over…

    • r.bitting

      The answer for them is the same as for the private school kid, to raise them to know the fear of the Lord and to depart from evil. You do that and God will meet you the rest of the way. God knows those who are his, and no one can snatch them out of his hand.

    • M Fox

      DEMAND a voucher from your state government!

    • homeschool mom

      Check with the state you live in. I know in TX you can homeschool through the public school system. Many states even provide your student with free equipment(such as a laptop, etc). It’s all free, just like going to public school from home. It’s online and they even have teachers online to help tutor and grade their work. Go to connectionsacademy.com and see what your state offers! I personally choose to use a Christian-based curriculum, however, if your child is currently in public school and you want to get them out quick, this is a great resource.

      • C. Dunamis

        It’s “just like going to public school from home” because it IS being public schooled at home. It is NOT truly being ‘homeschooled’. Who has ultimate choice of curricula? I’ve known of some who have ‘taken the bait’ that these public schools have offered, those ‘freebies’ and their ‘Christian’ text books, only to have these public officials later come back and tell the students that those credits or classes they thought had been accepted are now being rejected, (and therefore they must re-do!,) all because they had used a Christian text book that was now deemed ‘too Christian’. They claim it is because the law prohibits federal or state funds to be used on religious instruction. Can you imagine how those poor students must feel like? Oi!

        I’ve heard it said, that if the public schools can get the majority of the homeschooled students back under their control, then they can wipe out the rest of those homeschoolers (who’s numbers to resist would be few,) with just one well written bill. Then they can go back to those students they won back, and remove those ‘freebies’ and Christian curricula one by one, till they are once again no different from the public schooled students.

        Know your rights! If you’re thinking of homeschooling your children, then you need to check out the Home School Legal Defense Association first! (DO NOT go to your public school or the department of education for this information!!! They will make it sound like it’s not legal, or that you really can’t do it yourself! They have a vested interest in keeping your children in the system!) H.S.L.D.A. has all the up to date stats and regulations for each state in the US, plus some other supportive links to help you get started. http://www.hslda.org/

  • DownWithLibs

    All I can say is “Thank God I don’t have any children!!!!!!”.



    The teachers are pushing specific political and social agendas as opposed to the religious mullahs in amerika who want to turn every school into a christian maddrassa where the children learn to hate anyone who disagrees with them and to worship war, death, and destruction. Some choice………..

    Outside of that, all in all, I agree with you. It’s long past time to shut these de facto prison facilities down. And the only way to do that is for parents to disenroll their children from these prison farms and home school their children. I am all for that.

    “The “teachers” are endlessly pushing specific political and social agendas down the throats of our kids, and the skills that our children really need such as reading, writing and mathematics are often badly neglected.”

    • Michael

      I am glad that you agreed with most of the article. :)




        I admit, I am tough on you when it is justified. But by the same token, I have no problem with giving you credit where credit is due on points where I believe you are right and where we agree.

  • Pamela

    Ok people this comment is from a hard working public school teacher. I know there are some sorry teachers and schools in the U.S. but there are also many fine hard working schools and teachers as well. We are given the curriculum and told what to teach. Government mandated standardized testing has killed creativity in the classroom. But parents are at fault here as well. They allow their children to spend hours on video games and the like so much that kids don’t want to concentrate on anything else such as the Civil War or WW11. I can honestly say I spend a great part of my day dealing with problems (calling parents, writing e-mails etc) that if they were addressed at home then I could spend more time teaching. Again, there are bad schools and teachers aplenty but we are losing a generation of young people mostly because we have failed as parents.

    • ME

      So you propose no testing? Some test is needed to assess whether any education is being accomplished. As far as “teaching to the test”, if things like math, reading, and writing are actually being taught, little or no test prep is required. If high school students take classes in math, English, and science, that comprises less than 1/2 the school day.

      My niece took a course on “current events”. They read the newspaper. I took Greek mythology because it was easy, nobody ever failed, and everyone (including school staff) knew the man who taught the class was senile. My junior high science teacher was also known to be REALLY senile by both students and staff. Your tax dollars at work.

    • babygirlway

      Pamela, I believe that most reasonable people would recognize that there are plenty of good, well intentioned, and even over burdened teachers within the public school system. For me, the issue was not necessarily the lack of teaching, but the schools lack of morals or standards. When your child spends the majority of his/her day within the walls of an institution that does nothing to combat the idea that your child should only do what makes him feel good, there is no right or wrong, and the idea that you will not stand before God one day and give an account of yourself; you as the parent and your morals hardly even stand a fighting chance. It is very easy for everyone to blame the parents, and there are likely many parents who do share a large amount of blame. However, parents are a variable that really can’t be equated. How would anyone know what was going on in each individual household? It can’t be done. Making a blanket statement that we have failed as parents is short-sighted. The reality is that our morals and values as a society are repugnant….public schools and the problems within them are a contained amplification of that.

    • Mike

      Pamela, thank you for your comments and your hard work. My wife and I personally home school our children and it was not because of the teachers (though the final straw came from one who had been teaching many years and was burned out because of the system). I am only commenting to you because you said the key problem, and I think it is where we all can find common ground. “government mandated standardized testing.” You raise an excellent point about the parents not accepting their role. Please keep in mind that these parents were produced in the same school system. Digging to the root cuase, they were never taught to be parents. Sure, the government was less directive 20 years ago, but that’s only because the approved cirriculum was decided behind closed doors. They can be out in the open because the majority of the population is ignorant of what is happening. ASa a result, those parents were only taught to be workers. Until more people realize and take action in a self directed education that goes beyond industry skills (skills that improve character and problem solving) this will not change. It is the system, not the individuals involved that need to change. I applaud you for what you do and I’m sorry for the situation you are in, I truly am. We need to band together on this, not point out the deficiencies in each other, because that is what the system is trying to produce. As a reference, look up the 10 planks of the communist manifesto. All 10 are occuring in this country today. The problem is so much worse than the symptoms in this article or how the individuals play their roles. It’s time to reestablish the Constitution and Liberty in this country. People of all ages need to step away from their idiot boxes and begin their own cirriculum in a self directed education. Sorry to rant a little, but this topic really gets me fired up. Sometimes it feels an insurmountable task, but we must stand together in fighting against this tide.

    • Tim

      “…but there are also many fine hard working schools and teachers as well.”

      I agree. At least there were when I went through the public school system. I had some great teachers in high school. But, looking back, I wish that I hadn’t had to go to public school for the very reasons stated in this article. For example, when I finished middle school and moved on to high school (9th grade), it was like a sexual revolution! Now, I’ll admit that at 14 years of age all I thought about was the opposite sex. ;-) That’s normal. But, regrettably, what I learned in high school among my peers was NOT normal. I’m speaking of sexual acts that I now know are unnatural. The topic of conversation among my peers was who was sleeping with who and how often. And even back in 1990, when I was in 9th grade, I remember that the sex ed. course I took was very indiscreet, for lack of a better word. In the first session of the course, the teacher went around the room and asked each student a very explicit question as sort of an overview of the things that would be discussed in the course.

      I don’t think private or parochial schools are any better than public schools. I would argue that they’re worse! My best friend when I was in high school went to a parochial (Catholic) school. It seems to me that private schools are for public school rejects.

      I think homeschooling is the best option for parents who want the best for their children. It does involve sacrifices, but you can’t put a price on the life of your children.

    • Rowell

      Well said. Teachers are there to teach, not play babysitter for your maladjusted, spoiled-rotten, delinquent child.



      For any school system to succeed the following are required:

      1. Administrators: Individuals who administrate for the good of those who are tasked with teaching, and the students who are charged with learning, not increasing endowments and feathering their own caps.

      2. Teachers: Individuals as well as administrators who have the children learning as the one and only item on the agenda, not ending up in bed with their students, literally.

      3. Parents: Individuals who know how to parent and want their children to learn and do their part to see that they do learn. This includes but is not limited to: attending parent teacher conferences or keeping in communication with the teachers, making sure their children go to school and that truancy is not an issue, and making sure that homework is completed and turned in.

      4. Students who want to learn, are thirsty for knowledge and the skills needed to survive and thrive.

      5. A governmental structure that stays its hand, to include allowing teachers to teach and not push test taking to dumb people down. Also, government needs to keep law enforcement at a minimum, not turning the schools into de facto prison facilities, and for communities to not become so scared of their own shadows that they call for excessive law enforcement presence to babysit schools every minute of the day. There is no inherent right, divine, constitutional, or otherwise, to be safe every minute of every day. Freedom and liberty requires some risk, and that small amount of risk is much better to accept than a police state crackdown where five year olds are handcuffed and strip-searched.

      Without all five elements working in unison, no school system can ever succeed.


      I have said this many times and will continue to do so. There are no magic bullet government programs for the ills of society. What has to happen is for a ocmplete social overhaul of the human mind to take place, one child at a time, one adult at a time. No society will ever function for the better when its populace, by and large, are addicted to and are firm believers in war, death and destruction, that includes the death penalty and abortion on demand. Starting one mind at a time, society must come to believe in the sanctity of life, freedom, liberty, and justice, and to abhor government intrusion where it is not warranted or justified. Until this happens, all other aspirations are merely pipe-dreams………………….

      • justadad

        You say there’s no magic bullet and then prescribe a magic bullet “a complete social overhaul of the human mind.”
        You’ve just described heaven. A place you don’t seem to believe in.
        So how do you get there?




          I said there is no magic bullet government program that will work. Social overhaul begins one mind, one child, one adult at a time. People have to re-learn those things that can make a society great, such as respect for human life, liberty, and the right to be left alone. That’s not a government program, that is a state of being for society as a whole to aspire and evolve to the next level. Things like war to kill people and destroy things, sanctions and embargoes used to starve them out, Cops blowing people away for no reason at all, corruption at all levels of government, and other monstrous policies and cultural norms like these need to become anathema to the human spirit. Unless and until this happens, there can be no progress for the human race.

          • justadad

            You have not answered the question.
            How do you get there?
            Who does the overhauling? What set of standards are we to use? Who gets to enforce them or is there no penalty for breaking the standards?

            As much as you want to believe it, morality is not a product of evolution, social or natural. Nor is it a product of democracy.

            Our nation was founded on the belief that all of the things you so desperately want come from a Supreme Creator. This truth was so self-evident that courageous men and women fought against the greatest known army of its day to release those liberties.
            You reject religion and then impose your own set of standards and beliefs (your righteousness). This is nothing more than a self-created religion based on your morailty.
            (which obviously includes using slander)
            You argue that there is no good vs. evil and then contradict yourself by wanting good to overcome evil.
            Justice vs. corruption.
            Peace vs. war.
            Equality vs. bigotry/racism
            Safety & security vs. fear

            What you are looking for is encapsulate in the Hebrew word ‘Shalom’ and it is found in only one source, Jesus Christ , the Prince of Shalom

            Give it up Reed, you have no answers, in fact, you may be the problem.

          • Gay Veteran

            sorry justadad, but many of the Founders were men of the Age of REASON, of the Enlightenment

          • justadad

            Sir Isaac Newton helped to spark the Age of Reason. He was a Christian, who not only gave us the laws of motion but actually penned more works on Theology than science.
            To be a man of reason does not exclude a belief in God.
            Your point was?

    • CurlyQ

      We shouldn’t be pointing our fingers unless we have raised our children/ taught our students perfectly, to be polite and honest and never angry or prejudice… hmm, sorry but I don’t know anyone that is perfect. We, as parents do our best? Teachers do their best? Government officials do their best? We would not be in this discussion if that were the case. The sad truth is that although some do try to do their best at teaching and raising up respectable children, there are obviously many who do not. There is a wrong being done here. Statistically our public schools ARE failing and there MUST be something done about it. Please let us not sweep this topic under the rug any longer by making it “one” group of peoples faults! ALL are to be blamed and ALL should work to fix it, NOW, although I fear it may be too late.

      • Gay Veteran

        justadad: “To be a man of reason does not exclude a belief in God.”

        Nor does it include imposing your religion on others.

        • justadad

          The declaration of independence was a declaration of belief in a creator God who gives rights to all men equally.
          The Constitution was the ground rules by which those rights would be secured.
          Who is imposing?
          You don’t have to believe in God to experience your God given rights buy stop complaining about people who want to set the record straight.
          If you don’t believe in God please explain where your rights originate?

  • Virginia

    Many parents just do not care. They just want their kids out of their hair and could care less if they learn anything or not. Look at all the negligent and absent parents nowadays. Many times the grandparents end up raising the kids (as in the case of T. J. Lane, the Ohio shooter). These kids are so neglected at home that even if they did have good teachers, it is debatable whether they could learn and do well. There is literally a whole generation of unwanted kids out there. People have to really start asking themselves some serious questions about raising children in this society today.

  • Two¢wurth

    My daughter graduates from college in three months. We pulled her out of public junior high school and put her in a private parochial school. It was a tremendous financial hardship and took her several months to accept her new surroundings and “go with the flow”, but what a difference. Within six months her grades improved 30%, her activities in drama, sports and other extra curricular activites filled the dead spots in the afternoon, and our (forced at first!) participation in her education gave us a first hand knowledge of where the problems existed.

    It takes at least five years or more to gain perspective to see how it is money well spent, and see the product of all the attention spent on your junior high or high schooler, but looking at it in hindsight it was money well spent. I meet far too many parents who meant well but could not fight against the tragedy that is our secondary education system. This is true for the teachers too. There are scores of curriculum on the internet, and home or private schooling makes a huge difference in the quality of your “adult”. Never count your child’s upbringing in dollars and cents.

  • akaGaGa

    If you do a little reading outside the box – i.e. at JohnTaylorGotto.com – you discover that our public schools were not formed to teach reading, writing, & ‘rithmetic to the poor kids who otherwise would be ignorant, as we are always told. They were formed by the likes of Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, & J.P. Morgan: “in the fourth purpose, school in America became like school in Germany, a servant of corporate and political management.” Children in public schools are basically groomed to bow down to authority and stop thinking for themselves, so they will accept their position on the assembly line or in the office cubicle.

    The bottom line is that parents are responsible for the child’s education, not the government. And if you turn your child over to the government from age 5 – 18, don’t be surprised at the results. And don’t blame anyone but yourself, because you have choices.

  • mondobeyondo

    Kind of begs the question “What ARE our kids learning in middle and high schools?”

    Well okay. Just today, some teenager in a Michigan school decided to open fire on his classmates in a high school cafeteria. One student dead, four others wounded.

    Apparently the perpetrator didn’t snap and go ballistic (no pun intended!!) because he forgot the Pythagorean theorem, or Newton’s Second Law of Motion. Noooo. It goes far deeper than that.

    Next question is, WHY are our children behaving in this manner?”

    Umm… it’s bedtime. Gonna think more about this tomorrow. That’s if I can get to sleep tonight. Looks like it’s going to be another “all-nighter”. Thinking twice about not taking that 1am – 9am shift at the 7-11 store.

  • Chumchingee

    How many kids destroyed by vaccines does it take before we wake up? This is a drug company agenda. But they are in bed with our legislatures.
    Most people are herd animals. They will not wake up until it is too late. Children that do not learn in school about history are doomed to repeat the lessons of history. Such as children killed by vaccines when they have bad reactions to them or crippled for life.
    Remember that history is taught by those who won the wars. It is not unbiased. Just like most of our current crop of media are owned by a few groups of wealthy people. It is dictated as to what they are going to say. I refer to the editors of these media.
    It has gotten so bad that it is openly done. Watch the Republican debates and watch how they treat Ron Paul as an example.
    And what are they teaching these children? Are they teaching them to run a business someday? How about learning a skilled trade so that they can earn a decent living? How about teaching them that college isn’t going to get you a good job? How about teaching them skills like typing, spreadsheets, database management, or how to fix something that goes wrong. Like how to change a tire. Do an oil change. Check the battery on a car. Change the rubber rings on the plumbing. Change a furnace filter. Trace down a fuse blown or replace a circuit breaker . . .
    How about something simple like sew a button on?
    If you want to teach science that is great! Except teach the difference between conjecture and proven science. Teach evolution if you must. But teach it as a theory that is not completely proven. Then teach about the latest advances. Like genetic manipulation, like the strange case of human chromosomes, 46 instead of the normal 48 in the ape family, like the double size of two of those chromosomes, Darwin people do not talk about those things. Might confuse someone with the truth. The truth is we simply do not know a lot of things. We can only make best guesses.
    If I was running things . . . I would start out with how to use your memory. Most human memory is visual images. If you manipulate that image in the mind, then you can recall almost anything! You have to learn to file things for easy retrieval in the mind. Each person is different. Montesori teaches that children learn language at a certain age range. Math at a different age range. And it goes on. But none of this is taught in our schools. It is proven that a direct relationship between using what you learn gives learning longevity. That means small classrooms with individual instruction, not assembly line teaching where the kid forgets what he learns as soon as he or she leaves the classroom.
    Unless you are teaching children to become mindless automatons. Teach them the ultimate goal is to work on an assembly line. Or sling hamburgers for a living. Teach them they have to work hard for nothing. Instead I want them to treat work as something to enjoy. I want them to get into professions that gives them a life not slavery. I want them working at things where they lose track of time because they enjoy what they do.
    Instead I see a politboro similar to Russia. What in the world has happened to our education system?

    • S. Wiseman

      “How about learning a skilled trade so that they can earn a decent living? How about teaching them that college isn’t going to get you a good job? How about teaching them skills like typing, spreadsheets, database management, or how to fix something that goes wrong. Like how to change a tire. Do an oil change. Check the battery on a car. Change the rubber rings on the plumbing. Change a furnace filter. Trace down a fuse blown or replace a circuit breaker . . . How about something simple like sew a button on?”

      Well, if you teach them those things they won’t be dependent on corporations. If you teach them to think for themselves they won’t be dependent on the church and government and may stop groveling at the pastor’s and politician’s feet lapping up everything they say.

      Liberty is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a freeman.

    • Leslie Landberg

      To me, it’s just a no-brainer: don’t let the state raise your kids. The state’s objectives are the state’s: good, mindless slaves who can’t think critically and do what they are told without question. Breeding machines who will fight your wars and fight over your slave wages and die eating your crap food and taking your crap drugs.

  • VyseLegendaire

    “Growing up is hard enough without having to spend 30 to 40 hours a week in a nightmarish hellhole where you will be physically, mentally and emotionally tortured.”

    The greatest thing you’ve ever said! Thank you for not holding back any punches in this article. You’re honest as hell!

    • Cynical Guy42

      Amen! I attended public school and I was tortured by my peers and they blamed the victim.

  • Greg

    These 11 and other reasons are why I cough up $30,000 per year to send my 3 kids to private school.

    After graduating from a private school and attending a public university I was shocked how few freshmen were unprepared for college.

    My aunt could not wait to retire from her math teaching because every year the bureaucracy, paperwork, political correctness, and pressure to socially promote failing students was more and more intolerable.

    One thing you will rarely see mentioned is that paying for private school filters out the families that look at school as free day care (and you can imagine what a poor influence their kids are on others).

  • jhall

    School was like prison for me back in the 70’s, even though it was a small school of about 180 students k-12, in one of the most rural parts of Maine. Even then there were teachers hitting on students for sex. A few men teachers even married girl students as soon as they graduated. One of those SOB’s that I hated, was after my girlfriend in High school. He even had sex with another girl who was only 16. Then just a few years ago at my old school, the kindergarten teacher who was a male pervert, was arrested and sent to prison for child pornography on his computer. Some of those pornographic pictures were of his own 5 year old students.
    At least back when I was in school you could wear a hunting knife on your belt and bring your gun to school as long as you told the teacher or principle. No one was ever hurt or threatened with violence either. We were even allowed to smoke cigarettes during breaks if our parents gave us written permission, although sometimes we didn’t just smoke tobacco when no one was looking and when we could get away with it.

    • Michael

      If only parents knew how much teachers were hitting on students in these schools…..


    • Roger

      This happens in a ton of places.

  • ME

    Remember when home schooling was taking off? The government school racket recognized the threat to their monopoly and tried to make it law that the parents had to be “certified educators”. Mention school choice to a government school teacher. They hate the idea, because if parents can use the money wasted on government schools elsewhere, government schools will be empty.

  • ScoutMotto

    Every time I made a statement supporting homeschooling, there was always someone who politely disagreed, since the children “won’t get any social exposure.” Reason #11 should be enough to shut that excuse down, one would think.

    The worst my parents has to worry about with me in my high school years was long hair and loud music. My, how the times have changed.

  • Euart

    First off, let me state that the USDA recommendations on food intake are inadequate, unhealthy and based on lobbyist pressure including the meat, dairy and grain industries of America.

    But regardless, lets use their recommendations stated in the article. The girl who had her lunch box food taken did meet them, so why did they take her food?

    1 meat—turkey on the sandwich
    1 milk—the cheese on the sandwich, USDA usually states it in terms of dairy which includes cheese
    1 grain—the bread used with the sandwich
    2 fruits or vegetables–the banana and apple juice

    So what was the problem? Then they give her chicken nuggets which is a fried meat worse than the meat she had of turkey. And was that all she was allowed to eat? If so, then they didn’t even meet the USDA recommendations. As usual, whatever involved a govt. agency makes no sense.

    • Euart

      UPDATE—I did some research on this and found this article.


      Apparently, the child was given a cafeteria tray once the lunchbox was taken and all she ate from it was three chicken nuggets. Evidently she didn’t like anything else on the tray which is certainly understandable with the nasty tasting unhealthy food most public schools offer.

      Oh yeah, the mother was billed $1.25 for the school food! So the school gets more money as well, isn’t that convenient.

  • What a brilliant article! Thank you! Duely forwarded and re-posted.

  • Magdiel

    As a person who immigrated to this great country from the communist Cuba at the age of 18,and therefore studied over there to the 12th grade,I know thoroughly what a great influence the Government Education can have over our children.The Cuban government,which,as I stated before,is communist and totalitarian,takes great care to theach that which is of there convenience,for instance,they teach that communism is the way of life,that capitalism is the enemy of the people,they indoctrinate the children to be submissive to the Government,they teach Atheism,Evolutionism,etc.and at the same time they do not allow any private school to be there besides the public ones.I escaped there influence because my parents taught me at home the great values of God,and I chose this one rather than communism.No wonder that they(the communists) have been able to stand for more than 50 years and the people has done nothing about it.I would not like to see this great Nation,which since it was founded has been an example of freedom and liberty to the world,to fall to such low state.

    • S. Wiseman

      What American education has become… Amerika teaches for instance: 1) that democracy (path to dictatorship) is the way of life, 2) that industrialism is the great liberator of the people (even as thousands of americans lost their farms and their land and were practically forced to go work in factories), 3) they indoctrinate the children to be submissive to the Government, 4) they teach Atheism, Evolutionism, etc. and at the same time 5) they do not allow any private school or homeschool to exist unless they submit to the dictates of the State.

  • Kyle

    At this point, I’m 24 years old and really have no desire to start a family. What plus can I get out of it that isn’t driven by my own selfish desire for personal satisfaction and fulfillment in life? How responsible would it be for me to bring another mouth to feed into this hell of a world?

    This is coming from someone who believes in Christ and the values of family and love. My girlfriend will bring up the topic of having kids someday and I just shake my head. Young people simply do not understand the responsibility you have bringing a living person into a world that seems void of moral grounding and love.

    I hated school. I never did any drugs, not even smoke pot. Didn’t have my first drink of beer until I was 21. The writing was on the wall then and I knew it which is why I couldn’t wait to be done with public school. It’s probably gotten 10x worse since then. Articles like this only validate it. As much as I’d love to live the “American Dream”, it’s simply not the right time period to attempt it. I need to worry about the survival of myself and the family I already have so maybe someday I can have my own children. Until then, I will not be raising any family in a world where bullies simply gang up on you so they can tape it on their cell phone and post it on Youtube. To hell with that.

  • Deborah

    I disagree with the article for the same reasons Pamela does. I found much of what was said in this article offensive b/c it cites a few bad examples of education and makes ALL public schools and teachers look like villains when the majority are not. I actually work in a “tough” neighborhood in which school is the only “safe/enriching” place for kids to be. The teachers I work with are compassionate heroes and deserve a tremendous amount of credit.

    Furthermore, trivial historical facts are often forgotten after the kids are tested to death. As Pamela said, stop the testing and creative minds will flourish.

    We NEED public schools, Michael, not all of us can homeschool our kids. I am lucky that my own children go to a wonderful school district, but where I work, although a “tough” and “underperforming” school we still have great success stories. Two of our students have recently met the president. One other student has just signed to a professional soccer team.

    These examples have nothing to do with the school and everything to do with parents. We have a PARENTING problem in the USA. If my kid fails it is MY fault as a PARENT, not the school’s fault.

    Sorry, but I totally disagree with this article. It is as if you want us to live on our own compounds with no community organization to bring us together for common good. The public schools are in need of reform, yes, but not erradication!

  • Sorry Pamela, I was a school teacher also, and everything in the article is dead on right. The article doesn’t demean teachers, and yes, parents are to blame also. But so much of what happens in public schools today is out of the teacher’s control, i.e. curriculum, promiscuous atmosphere, student discipline, etc. The politicians and educational bureaucrats make the rules – teachers are required to go along, and are powerless to change a corrupt system. Get out before it’s too late for your kids!

    • Deborah

      Sorry, but I am currently a teacher in a very “bad” neighborhood. This article is DEAD wrong. I have also worked for the NYC public schools and it is obvious to me that the people visiting this site live elsewhere. I am a firm believer in public education. Furthermore, if we want to talk about sexual abuse, lets take a look at the catholic church/schools before we point fingers at teachers. I know of no perverts in my school, which is a large one…we have over 4000 teachers alone in my district. sorry, dead wrong.

      • BenjiK

        “This article is DEAD wrong”, “obvious to me that the people visiting this site live elsewhere..”, “sorry, dead wrong.”

        It’s that kind of close-minded, arrogant, presumptuous, “I’m right, you’re wrong” rhetoric coming from a “public educator” that unequivocally supports this article. There’s absolutely no room for the psychological “It’s my way or the highway” mantra when granted the responsibility to educate and ultimately influence the developing minds of children that are not your own.

        • Brian Goudy

          No, it is called the truth. Most teachers are good. Yes there are bad ones, but there are bad police, politicians, and parents too. Generalizing all public education as bad is the ignorant at best. So yes, actually she is right, and yes this article is sensationalist.

        • stay strong

          ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR RESPONSE! Thanks to Debora for providing additional solidification to what is being stated on this site. You’ve pointed out that she is a perfect example of the teachers we’ve spoken of here. No doubt her students don’t respect her, don’t love learning, and hate school.

      • S. Wiseman

        Brenda, it is easy to get offended at the truth. I know about the “rubber rooms” in the NYC school system. You can’t even fire a teacher in NYC. Even as they are accused of committing the most heinous crimes against children they continue to get full pay. Teachers got it good… great benefits, full pension, summers off and powerful lobbyists on capitol hill working hard to steal more taxpayer dollars and keep teachers and administrators from getting fired. If you as a teacher knew another teacher was not up to snuff or was engaged in harmful practices, would you “see something, say something”? It is so easy to blame parents but in a democracy the 51 percent bear rule over the 49 percent. Kids are in school five days a week, six to seven hours a day thanks to compulsory attendance laws. Working parents see their children (awake) less than four hours M-Fri. Schools – and the bad elements in the schools – exact a powerful influence.

        Yes Catholic schools may be just as guilty but that does not justify a failed public school system. You state that the article is “DEAD wrong” yet you don’t point out specifically what in the article is wrong. Where is your proof? Everything documented is factual and based on truth, whether you like it or not. Our children are too important to keep a system going just because a handful of teachers are “good”. In spite of Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel and his three friends, the southern and the northern kingdoms still fell and a holy God ordained its fall. Oops, there I go bringing religion into the conversation. Sure to offend the educational establishment even more.

        • Ren Rogers

          Glad I was homeschooled, look at all the idiot ‘teachers’ here esp in NYC system. Bunch of lazy ignorant twerps that may have a 9th grade education.

      • Brian Goudy

        Deborah, I teach in inner city Cincinnati and I completely agree, this article generalizes far too much. Especially the part pertaining to safety in school because of school shootings. Absolutely ridiculous article for the most part, clearly written by someone who has an agenda of their own against education.

      • Ren Rogers

        you are wrong! Your school probably has hundreds of them don’t cover up for them–teacher.

    • Brian Goudy

      How is this dead on, even in the slightest? Sounds like someone is bitter for being pushed out of education.

    • stay strong

      Thank you Tony for your honesty. Anyone who thinks the public schools are producing productive, intelligent, independent students are probably not spending much time in the school themselves. It’s easy to have an opinion..Amen to those who are involved, aware, have compassion, common sense and are able to open their eyes and ears to what the children are saying and doing. Schools are now described as JAILS from the majority of students I’ve worked with. NOT OK. Learning should always be fun and rewarding. We should all be learning everyday.

  • Lelajane

    As a high school student myself I find the system stupid but yet the social stucture here nessesary in truly discovering yourself as a person what we truly need is smaller classes (10 ppl max.) extremely more parental involvement and a flexible system for the better of the individual learning style. This article has the right I dea but it’s a little rough on what the child wants. Well I for one want attention and recognition for my work. And in the chance to create good friends and a great foundation for my future. It was extremely tough to get any of this in the public school system, but, home schooling isn’t the best option and the private school in my town has the same problems. What we need is a new option.

    And might I mention I’m typing this on an silly school iPad in class research the American dream for a paper. Ha ha ha.

  • Kyle

    One of the main problems with school is that they’ve made teachers powerless to discipline children on their own without a POLICEMAN coming to class and causing a scene by dragging them out. When did this stuff start becoming normal? My parents talk of a time when if a kid was cussing out a teacher (something that probably only started getting big in the past 20 years), they’d get their heads knocked off by a flying textbook. If that didn’t do the trick, they’d kick their ass to the street and say “don’t want to be in school? Hit the bricks”.

    Corporal punishment needs to make a BIG comeback but I’m afraid it’s too late because two generations of people have been raised with a soft-hand and half the teachers in schools now wouldn’t know how to affectively discipline kids like they did up until the 1980’s. All of those old timers are in their 70s/80s or dead. I know in my high school they let “special ed” kids (the ones with ADD/ADHD and attitude problems) roamed the halls freely and told teachers and the assistant principal to pound salt when confronted.

    They have ZERO respect for adults. There were so many times I should’ve stood up in class and beat the snot out of punks who would send 60 year old teachers out of the room crying for mean remarks.

  • Wolf

    The whole point here is too disobey. If I was as evolved as I am now, and then put in school, I would be the worst whirlwind of havoc it has ever seen. It’s all about becoming intelligent by becoming non compliant. When the teacher says sit we were taught to sit, and if we don’t sit, we get arrested? WTF, it seems the only intelligent thing to do is make the whole system look like trash, and be non compliant when you can be. Study what you want to, and get your GED as soon as possible. When is America gonna start studying on it’s own. You can get professional classes for a myriad of things online if you want to learn, and it only costs a bit of money. For instance, if your teacher asked you to do a report on such and such, do a report on what you want to do a report on, and then express it to the class. Post articles in school hallways etc. Just wreak havoc on these Jail cells, and when you are thoroughly bored, go study what you want somewhere else.

  • Cleo

    Our schools were pretty good until Carter created the Dept of Ed.. Since then they have become the epitomy of the progressive left’s agenda of “throw money at it” to fix it, unionism, rewriting history, etc.. For example, just look at the St. Louis and Kansas City school districts. Billions (last count I saw was about 15 years ago, and it was 10B then) have been thrown down the money hole and guess what? They still suck. Who wants a child in either one of these school districts? Of course, the majority of folks have no option. St. Louis schools were so bad that parents in St. Louis would show the address of their children at their grandparent’s house in the Hazelwood school district. I can’t speak for the district now, but my kids got a good education, but that may not be the case now, as retiring good teachers are being replaced by newer indoctinated versions.

    We all set back and just assumed that teachers and government had the best in mind for our kids. Unfortunately, their definition of what’s best is not the same as ours. Now we are paying attention and we don’t like what is happening.

    Only elimination of the Dept of Ed and regaining control at the local level will solve any problems.

    Our local paper (KS town of around 4 to 5k pop.) had an article about HS students having exit programs before graduating from HS (probably a fed mandate, or progressive at the least). The paper hilighted a student who was raising a shelter dog and how this would prepare a student for life in the real world. Not that raising a shelter dog isn’t a good thing, as my last 4 dogs were from shelter’s. I never wrote a paper about it, just figured saving a shelter dog was the humane thing to do. But aren’t there more important issues at hand, like learning a job skill or learning about how America became the beacon of light for the world? Or learning how to spell? Kids graduate and can’t spell, can’t make change, and can’t even identify States or countries on a map.

    We need to get back to the basics (the Puritan work ethic to a certain extent) where personal responsibilty and hard work will allow you to succeed, not what is taught today where if something bad happens to you it’s not your fault.

    I’m a fan of John Wesley, whose summed up his goal in life pretty simply…”Earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.” This is what my wife and I try to do. Except now we have added “be prepared” to the list. We’re not counting on Social Security or Medicare….but they would be added bonuses if we at least get part of them. I would suggest you get prepared too…….the transformation is speeding up fast. Food, brass, and lead are probably the wisest investments now.

  • Bradley

    I can relate to the whole article. The whole time I was in public schools I was picked on and bullied from everything from money, food, clothes, etc. I guess because I was born with Clef Lip and Pallet. But as I have kids in school now myself I see the they haven’t changed any, infact they have gotten worse. We need someone in office that cares for the public schools and make them safer.

  • Bob

    Brick and mortar schools are obsolete anyway. The future of education is the internet, with e-books and tutorials about whatever you want to learn.

  • TK

    This article is spot on. No way would I ever raise my children in public schools. A good analogy of allowing young minds to be destroyed by public schools is throwing precious jewels into a mud hole.

    Thanks for opening other peoples minds to the dangers we face everyday!

  • Jeff


    Waldorf, or

    Sudbury Schools would never do this to anyone.

  • Mike

    More important than the schools are the Parents. My kids are doing ok in the public schools. One thing they are learning is that the American Nation is filled with lazy idiots. Both have them have formed bonds with the other smart kids. Yes there is a click of smart kids. The dumb kids call them names like Geek or Nerd. My kids are now skilled at determining the teachers political bent, and pushing their liberal buttons if needed.

    In 6th grade my boy was assigned to write a poem about President Obama. It was not kind, The teacher hauled him out of class to scold him, and tried to bully him. My son got full credit for the assignment, and has developed a skill for dealing with liberals.

    • That’s brilliant! Great way to encourage your child to think for himself and not bow under pressure! When my daughter was still in public school (now I homeschool her and her best friend) we used to think of witty remarks to use just in case such an instance came up (like when she was forced to study global warming and had to waste time writing a report on that garbage). Eventually it wasn’t the liberal-minded curriculum that drove us to take her out of school but the school administration itself. And to be fair, she loved most of her teachers. The carpool system was set up in such a way at her particular middle school that it was impossible to drop off a child there and still get your other children to school on time if they happened to go to the elementary school or high school (all the way across town, all in different directions). And if you were tardy 3 times in the morning (even if you were inside the building going to class) you automatically got ISS, in-school-suspension. When I was in school, ISS was where they sent the kids who cursed out the teacher or got in fights, or smoked in the bathroom, etc. So, my kid and her two friends who carpooled together ended up with ISS. One of these friends was having panic attacks because she was so stressed out in this school environment. These are girls who do their work, make good grades, are respectful to their teachers and classmates, and for the most part love learning.
      Why didn’t I just put my daughter on the bus to ensure that she was never counted late for school, one might ask? Well, because on her second day riding the bus (at 12 years old, by the way), my daughter was exposed to pornography. Boys on her bus were using their smart phones to show everyone porn. She came home crying. When I notified the principal, she of course had no idea that such a thing could occur, blah, blah, blah. So my kid gets ISS because she’s “disrupting class instruction time” by coming in one minute late, but meanwhile these kids who spread pornography on the school bus receive absolutely no punishment for their actions.
      Public school is a crap hole because the whole system is flawed and inevitably set up to fail. Meanwhile, it has parents and teachers pointing fingers and bickering with each other, unable to come to a consensus on a viable solution to improve education in the US. I for one am sick to death of paying taxes to support an ineffectual, floundering, and morally bankrupt government that no more represents the will of the people than Paris Hilton.

      • Jon LaLanne

        I have been studying this and you may want to research how Communist America actually is.Everything is back wards isn’t ? Thats because with each passing year we become more and more Communist.It is foreign to Americans such as you and I.Communism is nothing but a government monopoly that sucks……….the life and spirit out of everyone it controls .Good for you.

    • Jeanninne Bassinger

      Good job on your kids! :-D

    • Brian Goudy

      Incredibly ignorant on your part as a Parent. You claim the schools push an agenda yet you teach your kids about “pushing liberal buttons” and “dealing with liberals.” The point of the poem was not to glorify democrats but to write a poem about the PRESIDENT of their country. You are just too dense to realize that, and because of your own twisted views on politics it is you politicizing it not the school. I’m sure you would have been fine if it was a Poem about George W. Bush.

      As a teacher, I hate having parents like that because they push their own ignorant views on their children and make it hard to teach history. I had a student with extremely ignorant parents even tell me that “my dad says slavery was something made up by liberals to make me feel bad for no reason.” Stop being a part of the problem please. Sincerely, all the good teachers out there.

      • stay strong

        I have no doubt the parent didn’t hover over the child and tell him/her what to write about President Obama. Children are extremely intelligent and are very in tune with the world around them. More so than most adults in this world. One reason being, adults are too busy trying to make the almighty dollar. Children, however, are eager to live life. Therefore, they know the good and the bad in our government. With this said, the child has freedom of speech, and has a right to complete his/her project in their view. Full credit means that the child followed the criteria that the teacher expected. Maybe next time the teacher can be a bit more creative and ask the students to write about a “good” and then a “bad” view of Obama, then for the “bad” have them write what they would suggest a solution might be. I think you would be pretty shocked with the intelligent solutions our youth presents!

  • Gary2

    and one reason not to [take your kids out of public school]:

    We realize some of you aren’t too keen on public schools. It’s great that you want to take on more personal responsibility for educating your own kids. Just be warned: if you don’t teach them real science and real history — including evolution, climate change and the actual contents of the US Constitution — we’re [progressives] probably not going to hire them. So we hope you’re also ready to take responsibility for that, too, which will probably mean supporting your grown kids in your basement until you die.

    cut/paste from alternet

    • So let me get this straight:if we don’t all fall in line, shut up, and swallow the crap being shoved down our throats (and like it) we’re going to end up unemployed and living with our parents or other relatives because we can’t afford to pay our for our house/car/gas/groceries/etc?

      Wow, because that is SO not already going on already in America!!

      So let me ask you: how’s that progressivism working out for us all?

    • Jeffrey-Dale:Sarnstrom

      evolution and climate change?
      How bout Jesus Christ?
      Climate change is Natural, and you have not seen nothing yet!
      You will, you and billions of others are only going to wish there was room in the D.U.M.B.s for them. By the way, that stands for Deep Underground Military Bases. Ever hear of Planet X, Nibru, The Destroyer, The Frightener, Red Comet, Wormwood or Dogstar? These are all names of our second sun. it is inbound and should be visable soon to the naked eye. Everything that we have been taught growing up has been lies.

      Peace and love to all

    • Toni

      for one evoultion is not real, read the Bible, for history and true books the ones in schools are lies from the government not to be trusted, and Science, real science do you even know what that is, no tif you believe we came form monkeys, climate change funny how all our planet s are going through climate change, Jupiter and Saturn all going thru global warming, there is some science facts for you, if you were taught in the public schools you do not know the true history either, you have no idea what
      I teach my kids, the intent I teach my kids, I can turn a trip to Wal Mart in to lesson time, the government took over the schools in the late 1800s. uhmm wonder who has been mistaught now, God Bless

  • Gary2

    Michael-talk about throwing red meat to the right wing nuts…my kids public schools are excellent, WAY better than the private religious ones they used to attend.

  • delilah dawn

    I recently witnessed one public school from the inside first hand.. I was a lunchroom montor. My job was simply to set up the condiment table and montor and help the children k-4th.. What i witnessed was teachers so burnt out that i was repeatly told to ignore a child upset or crying. “They are a drama queen” was what the teacher told me. In first grade, really??? Told to ignore a child having a mental breakdown, while two whole tables laughed and heckled him, he was special they said and should be ignored. Teachers calling them worthless brats, etc.. What i saw was children that were kind, emotional at times, and just a kind word would put their crying to rest. I was let go cause i didnt ignore a crying child. I have no regrets, however my grandsone i hope will never attend public school. They do not care about ur child….xxoo God Bless hugsssss

  • LKY

    School system is a bad environment setting. Lack of structural parenting in the family is a bigger problem regardless poor or rich.

    In our current society, many parents use TV as baby-sitter; do not paying attention to what your children read (if they read at all); believe that parenting goal is to make your children happy rather raise a responsible individual. We harvest what we sowed. Unless we change our parenting, these problems will continue, and is slowly getting into the private school system too.

  • Godson of John T. Chance

    Over a year ago, my stepdaughter was arrested at a high school in Arlington, TX for defending herself against a group of girls trying to beat her down. As a result, my wife & I were fined by a Tarrant County Court. School Officials told us she should’ve taken the beating because order is more important than committing a crime.

    • Charles E. Winchester

      Godson of John T. Chance:

      So after that happened, where did you move?

      Now, that’s not my business, but my reason for putting that question is implying that you definitively ought to move after such an experience.

      Reading this and other posts at this site makes me very happy that I don’t live in the USA.

    • rob zombie

      Well that is Texas for you in Modesto California a Homosexual teenager got jumped by fellow students and those students never got in trouble for the hate crime and only got a week off school and their parents didn’t punish them but praised them with gifts this article is right :)

    • Ren Rogers

      Id tell that judge to go to hell, get the kid out of there and another state too. I know about TX schools, they stink. WA state is 100x better! Go there.

  • Bobby

    Government schools have become nothing but places of leftist experimentation, on the minds of our youth. Every single stupid idea that the communist left is enamoured of,gets tested on these poor human lab specimens. Of course you should remove your kid(s).


    As a current student in a Florida urban public school I can tell you for a fact that all of this is the truth where I’m from. The level of indoctrination on issues ranging from history to feminism (my friends and I refer to ‘feminazism instead) to religion (anti-Christian at every turn) is truly mind-boggling. Instead of being taught how to think, we are, in fact, being taught what to think.
    I am in an International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which is supposedly for gifted students, but is instead an anti-American pro-UN/Agenda 21/NWO madhouse filled with the very worst of the brainwashed idiots. I have no problem calling these students idiots because most of them lack a functional grasp of the English language, cannot carry on a logical debate, and refuse to objectively consider alternative viewpoints. My group of friends and I have basically given up any semblance of normality in order to provide verbal counter-battery fire to the barrage of liberal claptrap. We sport American and Confederate flags, actively pursue education outside of school, and have developed a high level of competency in self-defense and survival skills.

  • dp

    The first example you offer of the outrageous and egregious violation of your rights as an American by our horrible ‘government schools’ is an account of an incident that took place in Canada. You might want to review your geography lesson.

    • S. Wiseman

      The article is about Getting Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools PERIOD. He did not say “reasons to get your kids out of AMERICAN schools.” No geography lesson needed.

  • John Tautfest`

    I agree that a vast majority of public schools do a bad job of educating our children and that very specific agendas are pushed down the minds of kids too. There are some good schools in places but getting fewer and fewer as the days go by. One thing that needs addressed is the PARENTS of children! Parents do not care anymore about what their kids are learning or if they are even learning at all. I live in a rural area with a great school that has Christian administrators and they do things the old fashioned way but parents dont take an interest in thier kids’s education or at least very few do and you can tell the kids that have parents that care and those that dont. Sadly, the ones that dont care outnumumber the ones that do by a large majority. I have seen lots of home school kids who were home schooled by parents that dont care and the kids were turning out just as uneducated as before. Maybe we need 11 reasons that parents need to care about thier children. The Bible states “that in the end the love of most will grow cold”. The word love used there does not mean romantic love but the kind of love a parent has for a child. God help us all.

  • christy

    Quite frankly, I’m sick of the *********** with their unwillingness to learn from past mistakes. Heck, most of this country prior to 1750 came here to escape religious control of governments…however well meaning. Oh..and they were Christian. Most of you are okay, but **********..keep it to yourselves, will ya? I don’t need it in the law books. I’m good with natural law (which almost mirrors the only valid commandments).

    But back to school before the religous folk invaded…

    It’s a failed system used by people who refuse to actually parent their litters..I mean kids…and need a convenient place to lock them up while they do crack, ho around or watch TV while spending their welfare checks on Amazon.

    Or simply because they are so busy chasing a buck they can’t see they chase that buck only to spend it on trendy BeBe clothes for their kid in public school.

    Whatever way you cut it, public school is bad from both ends. Crazy socialist whackjobs trying to turn our kids into a real life version of the kids in The Wall by Pink Floyd while lazy and ostrich like parents just wash their hands of the responsibility.

    Take your kids out of it. Save their brains…their morals…your religious beliefs (however insidious and narrow those may be)…and your retirement accounts by teaching from home. :)

    • Toni

      although some waht true, some parents these days do take the easy way, drugs for ADHD, autism, but some of us do raise our kids I bust my butt everyday raising loveing and tending to both of my autistic kids. Husband deploys to serve the country you are fussing about I stay home with no sleep and no money becasue I have to spend money on expensive autism therapies I do myself becasue the nut jobs that call tehmselves educated ABAs do not know what the heck they are doing wanting me to reward for good and ignore the bad, and schoolis best for both of you, Then I hear this crap from people like you, excuse for me I am a Christian, I know my GOD, and I know how to raise my kids, wihtout sleep and sanity, I do not need to hear bull malarky from you, if you dont like Christ that is your choice but do not ever tell me to keep it to my self, that is againist my religion, GOD BLESS YOU,

  • If you want to turn your kids into obedient little government serfs, just keep them in public schools. If you want them to learn to think for themselves, home school them. And if you want them to abandon all of the moral upbringing you’ve tried to instill in them, just keep them in public schools. There are online schools now, like Florida Virtual School that give full credit for each course taken, and most of the lessons can be done in a couple of hours in the evening. I taught public school for several years, and I can tell you that it is no place for and child you care deeply about. You can do this. Ask yourself how much your kid means to you.

  • Educated in Reality and Not Propaganda

    This is the biggest load of propagandized nonsense I have ever heard, and I’ve heard Ron Paul speak, so I have a good starting point. Millions upon millions of US children in the public school system and you use a hand full of cases which I would be willing to wager are taken out of context and/or rumors. In all honesty, the numbers are that low because most parents don’t know the information either or expect the teachers to do all of the work.
    I went to public school. I was in accelerated courses and stayed out of trouble. I knew kids that got pregnant at a young age, but I stayed a virgin until 18. If you teach your children common sense, and do some educating yourself, it wouldn’t matter their environment because they would be able to recognize the good from the bad.
    You people are literally insane and sound, for lack of a better term, stupid.
    Reply all you want, I won’t be coming back to see any of this asinine, contrived nonsense. I pray that your kids are not as ignorant as you are.

    • Roger

      np, they built their little socialist robot well.

  • Sarah

    Just a note… Example #1 is actually from a school in Ontario, Canada.

  • In June our son will graduate. For all his educational years he has NEVER attended a public indoctrination station!! It has been Christian School or home school the whole way!
    Our daughter also, who now is a Junior has always been Christian or home schooled. Unfortunately, peope think I’m making it up when I tell them about our kids. They’re different!! They communicate with us, they’re
    not ashamed to go places with us, the do not use fowl language or watch mindless TV. They have morals, and have stayed pure. They are polite and think of others. Spiritually and emotionally they are everything a parent could want. Educationally, they are superior.
    They have been taught to think, not what to think! Testing proved it for both kids. When they were in middle school grades both tested at college levels! If Christians want to change the world we live in, they must stop believing in our public school system of cookie cutter education. Home School or put them in Christian School; so when they are strong enough THEY WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world! Even the secular world we live in can see a difference in our kids. Yes public schoo, can produce some ggod kids, but would’nt you rather choose the path with less land mines for your child?

    • Harold JS Smith

      The whole idea behind Christianity is being told not to think for yourself so what you just said invalidates your argument. Religion teaches people what to think and is in essence a mental disease.

      • Jim

        I think you need to look a little harder to try and define Christianity as a mental disease that tells you what to think not how. In fact the only thing Christianity explicitly declares from the followers of it’s faith, is that we do what is right in our hearts. Religion is for those scared of hell, faith is for those who have already been through it. I hope faith finds you.

      • CynicalGuy42

        Okay, first off in Christianity God doesn’t force you to believe in him. Second off, public schools teach people not to think for themselves, so maybe they’re a mental disease too if you follow that reasoning.

    • Elizabeth Conner

      Well, from the looks of your “fowl” (foul) grammar and spelling, your kids aren’t learning a thing. Once they reach the real world, they aren’t going to make it. How do you expect them to do anything without any exposure to the ugly truths of the universe?

      • slapyoface


  • Toni

    I homeschool, tried public but the teachers and students in preschool, and first grade, and second abused my children, so I hvae been homeschooling for the last 2 years, my kids are 7 and 8, they have aspergers also, I am able to homeschool on a military budget, I have an ipod and an Ipad, I use plus we use workbooks and hands on items, great becasue we can go on fieldtrips to learn about what we studing on that day. Lawsuites did not get anywhere, they did not care my son was abused, choked and locked in a utility closet, becasue he told the teacher the story was a lie. It was a lie, he was right and she was wrong, but it is a story being taught in our schools. Abuse and bulling is being taught in our schools, so if you want to put an end to bulling put an end to public schools.

  • banepollock

    It is because of most of the above comments that there is no religion allowed in public schools. Their mentality: “Believe in God because he is greater than everything. Oh, you don’t believe in God? Well you are going to Hell just like the rest of the pagans, heathens, and non-believers out there. I dont want MY child to be around Muslims, Jews, and Pagans. When the judgment day comes, all those non-believers will be burned in a fiery pit, while the true believers will be welcomed into Heaven.” I am proud to be a heathen and I am proud that I wont be sending my children to a parochial institution that controls you into being “perfect little boys and girls.” Christians wonder why other religions dont like them. Its because they have been persecuting anyone other than them for years. You are idiots for exposing your children to this NWO/”Non-believers must burn” bull. Have a pleasant day and dont push your beliefs on children who dont want it.

  • The government HATES parents, especially those that are “too involved,” and those that question everything, including vaccines. They’ll heap suspicion upon your ability, as the child’s natural (or adoptive) parents, to properly educate them, and heap regulations on any family that’s homeschooling. They’re training our children to be little minions of the government, and will not take kindly to parents performing a job they believe should be their’s. They’re downright evil, and possess enormous power and resources to undermine any conscientious parent’s desire to teach their own values and world-view, to their children. Watch out, because things are only going to get worse, not better. The best we can hope for is some measure of invisibility, but with increased meddling of technology invading our privacy, it will be almost impossible to operate off of the grid. Our crashing economy will be the (phony) catalyst in implementing an economic system based entirely on credit, monitored by personalized chip technology. Yes, folks…..the bible’s prophecies are currently becoming a reality. A century ago, these prophecies seemed ridiculous and impossible, on the surface, but now are scaring the literal hell out of people. To believe in the bible and trust in Jesus Christ is the only real hope of (ultimately) escaping the coming storm.

  • Ivy Fakename

    ********* i agree… im 15 and school just hurts me.. like im pushed and picked on by teachers and no one care what i have to say.. thats why this is my last day at this pathtic attempt of a school…. i say most the things they theach are pointless. like myths and motifs. is knowing that going to put food on my plate… no its not

    • Kevin

      Hey buddy, if that school is hurting you, don’t feel ashamed AT ALL to leave! You have god given rights to leave and find a school where teachers will totally respect you for you are and help you develop your potential. Whether it is homeschool or alternative school, you can do it… Don’t feel alone while you change schools, find what’s right for you… You’re 15 and you’ll thank yourself later for doing this.

  • Erin


    I have one question.

    Why is it the parents fault when the public school system has children from ages 5 to 18, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 3:00pm (longer if they ride a bus), August to May (with a few weeks spent at home for Holidays.), not to mention the 2 to 3 hours of homework a normal child expects to have Monday through Friday? Now really, who has the most time with the children?

    Parents may get a few precious hours through the week after homework, and before bed to spend with the child.

    When I was a child teachers still had control of children. They didn’t need lazy labels like A.D.D and oppositional defiance disorders to give them an excuse. They did not want the excuse. You were their student; their responsibly. In my school you were under their care. They taught you the best they could.

    Some of us excelled and some of us didn’t but we ALL minded them. They weren’t going to let a few of us derail a class. Nope, they were teachers. They knew how to handle difficult children. They took pride in us.

    They also didn’t give us hours and hours of homework. We did most of our school work at school and played at home.

    Seems to me the whole system is to blame. Sure it’s easy to blame everybody. Everybody needs to take some responsibility, but what really melts my butter is to hear the teachers moan and complain that they just can’t do the job.

    Children have changed so much? Parents have changed so much?

    You are still teachers. Stop with the excuses and TEACH! You do have the children the majority of the time. Take up your charge and do your job. Do it well. If you can’t inspire,if you can’t be bothered to care, if you cannot command a class room- then get out!

    • Lisa

      Or if a student can’t be respectful, responsible, and safe around their peers they need to get OUT! Remember parents have their kids the first 5-6 years! Of course often parents ship them off to daycare. I am a awesome teacher and I inspire kids and they learn everyday. I also have excellent classroom control and have been honored for the successful learning environment in my classroom. However, in my 23 years of teaching I have been bitten, kicked, pushed, and cussed at. I teach in elementary school. Are you going to blame that behavior on teachers? Or unavailable parenting? Seriously my children would NEVER hit, kick, or be violent to another adult! I have had 2 kids arrested for assault. You might want to rethink your response about excuses!

      • Nate Thruman

        What do you teach? I hope it’s not grammar.

      • L

        If you’re such AN awesome teacher, you should know which article to use. Also, you’re missing several commas, and “everyday” means common. Something that happens all days is “every day”.

        • Brian Goudy

          I would love to come scrutinize you at your job Lisa, I bet you are a real ace that never makes a single mistake. While we are at it, should we bow down and worship your mastery of the English language? Would you like us to pray to you two times a day?

      • Leslie Landberg

        lisa is a awesome teacher…not.

    • Brian Goudy

      We would love to teach. Problem is that parents tell their kids not to listen to us or things like this article are read which leads parents to always believe their little angels are perfect so it must be the teachers fault. A student will listen to their parent over a teacher and you are crazy if you don’t see that. You don’t know how many times I have to stop a lesson to explain why we are learning something because a students parent told them what we were learning did not matter. Thanks for making it so easy to “TEACH” as you put it.

  • Joe789

    Personally, I think some of the news you hear about is made up. Such as the kid arrested for burping. Years of investigation has shown that media entities make up news to stay in business, and to take bribes from politicians and government. But that’s another story.

    Overall, public schools are indeed unsuitable to raise our children. And I would consider 40 hours a week a considerable amount of influence on them. The schools in my small town never see crazy incidents like you have reported on this website. But it doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. After all, school officials have to do what they are told…and they will. Regardless of the impact on children.

    I am a huge proponent of homeschooling and believe its the only legitimate “schooling” in the world. Parents are educators, whether they choose to take on the role or not. Any dummy can teach a kid to read and write. And they don’t need much more than that. No kid has to know how many teeth sharks have, or who our first President was. He’s dead and worthless at this point. And it’s most likely (as truth tells) he was worthless when he was alive. Fighting wars and making money are not honorable where I come from. God comes first and last. And I will never exalt or idolize any human being. Our schools teach us to become selfish and individualized. They want us to praise money and power so that we will become ambitious and corporatized. America is a Godless culture full of atheists. They believe everything in life, including humans, is material. And it’s a big lie. We are spiritual underneath our skin. And without that, we become cold and selfish. GOD is everything. And the biggest reason why I will spend the rest of my life educating my family about GOD and things that are practical and important in life. Most things that are thrown at us are NOT of any importance at all. And our kids MUST learn the TRUTH.

  • Petunia

    Joe 789,

    I do agree that public schools are not up to par and parents should do a lot of the teaching (they do whether they are good or bad)….but I hope you are being sarcastic about teaching children about sharks teeth and the first president. Why shouldn’t they know all those things? It makes children well rounded and interesting. We must learn from our past so history is very important. We must also keep alive knowledge of our forefather’s faith. It is important to know many things about those first presidents and people who carved out our country and the ideas they had…..they built this country on Christian principals!
    If we do not have well rounded children and adults that know more than just the bible we will not be able to relate to the non-believer and love them. God calls us to love first….He’ll take care of the rest.
    Don’t be naive, a good education is what God wants for us…..knowledge is power—for whatever team you’re on ;)

  • Dr. Harold Jr.

    i do not agree with the content of this article

  • Noname

    The story about the cops being called on the little girl kissing the boy should be pulled. It turns out she was being sexualy abused and media failed to give all the facts. Her behavior was obviously inapropriate and the teacher recognized it.

  • Sia

    12) The free and appropriate education is not appropriate and this is apparent to anyone with even the most cursory of groundings in psychology

    13) The free and appropriate education is neither libre nor gratis.

  • Antonio

    When I have kids, they’re going to private school.

  • sunny S

    then what are the other options? I am not a fan of public schools either but not everyone can afford to put them in any other school and charter schools are hard to get into

  • Jon LaLanne

    It’s way better than stealing someones labour and redistributing it to someone else .I attended a Christian school and I had more fun than Vegas.The difference between Harold and I is that I respect people’s property, space and privacy.I don’t care what he does as long as I’m not harmed and my property is protected.Harold JS Smith above us here on the other hand wishes to control what we say ,how we behave and even what we think .Christians harm no one Old Harry here on the other hand is apparently ok with lying, stealing, cheating, and having no honer.Way to go Harry.I’m not religious but is it not strange how the left are so adamant about saving the whales ,trees,the planet,and animals but yet they are so quick to terminate the life of and unborn child. This is the dichotomy of Fat Karl’s manifesto .Oh by the way if we paid junior high students 2 dollars an hour to pick fruit they would learn valuable skills at an early age…oh wait Fat Karl got his child labour laws passed in the 60’s while hippies ran rampant.Fat Karl Marx killed the lemon aid stand and he is coming for Santa.

  • John

    Dear people reading this article, the reason why our public Schools are so disgraceful is strictly because of the parents inability to spank a childs ass for their bad actions. People call it child abuse when in reality its proper education. Now go to most countries where vhildren are properly disciplined and you will find every child to be much smarter than 99% of children here. also technology is making it soooooo easy tp cheat its not even funny, last year for every history test i could find all the answers online in order haha so u wanna watch that too.

    • CynicalGuy42

      I’m not denying that’s a problem, but our schools are still not very good. The schools are pretty control freak in the way they treat the students. Not to mention our academic performance.

  • Reecie Carillo

    I could have written this article myself. Most of the things this author has talked about is so true. It’s really sad and scary these days.

  • rxantos

    Parents must really hate their kids to so willingly place them in detention and indoctrination centers called schools.

    The only difference between a school and a minimum security prison is that they let you go once a day.

    Otherwise, they are pretty much the same.

    What did your kid do that is so bad to deserve to be in prison?

    Communities should organize and teach the children, they way they did in the past. Today, there is no excuse, as there are a lot of on-line resources. Teach your kids to think for themselves. Do not let the collective made them slaves.

    Long gone are public schools. All we got is government indoctrination centers.

  • Carm1973


  • going to die soon

    im a fourteen year old girl and i started my first year of highschool this year. i go to a pretty good school but i feel like im not learning anything. nothing makes sense to me. im also diagnosed with ADD, chronic depression, severe anxiety disorder, and am currently in the loop of being diagnosed for more problems. im currently taking six different medications. i wish america’s school systems would start caring individually about kids (especially ones with special needs/mental disorders) because right now school is so stressful i want to just kill myself and get everything over with. i want to be homeschooled but my mom cant afford it. :/ it’s killing me

  • Tatiana Covington

    Good thing I got thrown out of Leonia NJ High School on the ever glorious March 13, 1963.

    I did my K-6 in Sep 52 to June 59. Way too soon for all this crap.

  • JustMe

    I just stumbled upon this article. I am 15 and I despise the school system here. I am bored out of my mind. I do not study and I never bring homework home, yet I maintain a 4.0 grade average. I hate having to be around the imbeciles that that are my peers. I feel that school is just a way get people used to obeying a higher power. Do you know how much useless information we get crammed down our throats? I will go to private school. After that I will pursue modelling, as I am 5’9, 118, and have been told I’m stunningly gorgeous/beautiful many times. I don’t plan to live in mediocrity.

  • dfsffffffffffff

    Reasons 12-17
    12)The school system is biased. I would know- I do my work and turn it in. I go home and get yelled at for not turning it in. Their are kids who never do their work, get straight A’s despite doing nothing at all. The students who do that have money and are related to the school board.
    13)The school staff don’t care-they have a offensive sign up(its says “Cancer is annoying”) and I’ve asked them to take it down. They know I’ve lost four close relatives to cancer. Its paper- it would take five minutes max to take down. No luck
    14)Teachers spend more time doing paper work than teaching.
    15)Teachers participate in bullying. I’ve had my school clothes stolen from my LOCKED locker in gym(this stopped in high school- were we bring locks from home),and they were only returned when my mother threatened to sue.
    16) They don’t care about safety. Last year, in gym[thank god I’ve got that credit and don’t have to take it again] they had us doing ‘snakes’- climbing up and down the football bleachers as fast as we can in windy weather, in winter. There are no hand rails, so you only have the fence that was put up on the outer edges{it’s something like this:[.}Never mind that it rained the day before. Not only that, but they don’t close down the parking lot in fire drills. About half the school go’s their and cars are still aloud to come and go.
    17)Any argument against a teacher is invalid. It doesn’t matter that its the first day of Spanish and the Spanish teacher only speaks in English to insult students. They say other wise so its other wise. A teacher comes to school drunk and has multiple open containers of alcohol in a mini fridge in the class room. They get 5 days paid leave.
    No, I’m not exaggerating. This happens all the time in my school district. In fact- the sign thing is still ongoing.

    • Cynical Guy42

      Good reasons. If you’re in the public schools and you’re being bullied, the solution is to be pulled out.

  • Cynical Guy 42

    Look up Erica Goldson. She has some interesting things to say about public education.

  • Community College Student

    You’re lucky. I know some high-scholars who say drugs are a problem at their high school and they’d know where to get them if they so desired.

  • Brad

    I am a student and everything in this i think is true especially “Growing up is hard enough without having to spend 30 to 40 hours a week in a nightmarish hellhole where you will be physically, mentally and emotionally tortured.” I have been yelled at by teachers, paras, and other students. Just because I am different.

    • Cynical Guy 42

      I can relate to you man.

  • Cynical Guy 42

    Unless you are at an unusually good school, I don’t understand your love of our public education system. Kids get bullied, judged, etc. In addition, kids are taught what to think, not how. Also American public schools do not do well in comparison to other countries.

  • L

    “Toxic vaccines.” When your children die of measles or the flu, I’m not going to feel sorry for you. Schools are very obviously highly contagious environments – one kid gets a cold and the practically the whole school ends up with it two weeks later, including the teachers. If you want your child to get a preventable infectious disease that could possibly kill them, please, by all means, homeschool them. That way no one else will end up sick, too, and since they won’t have any friends since you’re terrified that everyone their age is a sexual deviant screwing in the bathroom, there won’t be a ton of young children scarred for the rest of their lives by their friend’s death.

    • Faith in humanity lost

      I guess you want people to go to public school and get bullied.

    • Cynical Guy 42

      What if your kids hate school?

    • Community College Student

      What if your kid doesn’t fit in or belong at school?

    • A guy

      What about kids scarred by school?

  • Cynical Guy 42
  • CynicalGuy42

    I’d say those not in public schools aren’t missing much. I went to public middle school and it totally sucked. I was bullied, I didn’t fit in, or belong. Screw the system.

  • A guy

    “Whenever your not in highschool so you don’t know what happens.” Grammar correction: Whenever you’re not in high school you don’t know what happens. Possible alternative: “You’re not in high school so you don’t know what happens.”

    “Please take it
    from a public high schooler. There is nothing wrong with public high
    schools.” Easy for you to say. You’re not one of the unpopular kids.

  • The Irritated Student

    I’m just sick of my Government (indoctrination) class. The teacher teaches so one sidedly it’s driving me crazy. What’s worse is I KNOW you don’t have to be biased to either side to teach this stuff, a couple years ago I had a teacher who just taught the facts, no “It’s all their fault, you’re the victim, they’re monsters, ect ect.” But, “This happened and then that happened and then this happened.”

    Also in English we have to read “The Handmaid’s Tale” which is basically about a Caliphate but christain. What REALLY bothers me about it is not the hating on my faith, but the fact that we’re reading this fiction when the real thing is happening in real life if the Middle East. Why are we reading about some imaginary girls and not the real ones? Do they want to plug their ears and pretend that it’s not real, that it could only happen in fiction? Do they want to pretend that christians are the soul source of evil? Do they want to pretend that 9/11 was our fault? What do they want?

  • Cynical Guy42

    People complain about religion because people listen to religious teachings without thinking critically about it. While it does happen a lot (not all the time I’ve been in Bible studies where you can think for yourself), it also happens in public schools and when you consume media.
    If you’re lucky you’ll get a class or a teacher where you think for yourself, but it’s not common in public schools unless you count colleges.

  • Elle Gra

    And then you get an organization like Georgia High school association that stops kids from participating in sports if a child moves school for academic reasons so a child is kind of screwed if they want a better education but still want to play sports.
    Kids that are forced to stop sports by organizations like GHSA those are the kids who end up doing drugs and kids that dont participate in sports or extra activities and are bored at home with no parent to supervise

  • Elizabeth Conner

    As a very intelligent high school student in her final year, I can tell you, beyond any doubt, that 4, 5, 9, and 10 are untrue. With regards to number 4, all the information they collect is aimed at helping students and parents with financial aid, testing preparation, even aiding families who are homeless or hungry. Number 8 is prevented as best as the schools can. Unfortunately, not everything can be stopped. That is called reality. It happens.

  • helen

    The bureaucrats running these districts do not have the best interests of the students at heart. Rather, they make hiring decisions based on who will comply to the liberal agenda. I am sick of seeing students under educated because the school district chose “veteran” teachers who will teach liberal ideologies than the actual material. I know of a US history teacher who uses Howard Zinn’s books for his texts. Districts do not hire naturally intelligent, independent thinkers and our students are being screwed because of it!

  • Brian

    This is absolute drivel. Sure some teachers are bad, but to make a blanket statement about the whole of teachers is an ignorant generalization.

  • Leslie Landberg

    Facts please. Personal anecdotes don’t really cut it in this discussion. Here are some: 50 to 60 per cent of all high school graduates in the U.S. Are functionally illiterate. Many positions in math and science go unfilled because Americans lack the most basic skills and can’t compete with graduates from other countries. Colleges are challenged by the vast numbers of American students who require at least two full years of remedial math and English and are unable to compose a sentence.

  • Andrea

    First of all, I always had a huge issue with waking up and feeling alert during school, so that was tough.
    But furthermore, (beginning in elementary school), I was regularly ridiculed for having acne (began at age 8 to present) and a huge gap between my teeth (over 4mm). My teeth were otherwise straight but I won’t deny the gap was very distracting. Regardless, kids pushed me beyond the point of suicidal to where I was in a continual, severe depression which took years to even begin to get over. Like yeah I can admit my teeth were jacked up, but children took it upon themselves to tell me how ugly they thought I was on a pretty much daily basis, and were increasingly cruel until I got caps at age 16. There were kids who prank called me to make fun of me, who drew pictures of me continually and stuffed them in my locker, called me spongebob square pants and Michael strahan, threw things at me on the bus here and there, and many other things. Two girls even set several hundreds of dollars of my property on fire for something they assumed I had done… That’s another story entirely.
    Furthermore teachers had to have been aware of this but did little more than tell me one day I’d be away from all those kids.

    • Andrea

      But no teachers ever adamantly said they were going to punish any kids who regularly emotionally, spiritually and mentally abused me, or any others. I had huge eating disorders, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, self harm, got bad grades and was very vocally angry in middle school, but teachers just counted down the days when their coworkers would have to deal with me. Public schools will destroy your kids in some aspect, whether it’s their faith, their self esteem, their self respect, their individuality, whatever. I didn’t begin to truly feel happiness on a regular basis until I was on my own, independent, graduated from school and spending my days doing things I find beneficial for me. Oh, and the salvation/healing of God has ultimately delivered me of my rather bleak past, all the glory has to go to Him. Praise the Lord!

  • Michael Hurlburt

    I hate these government schools. There is this atmosphere of laziness and sarcasm in the school I go to, and, as I gather from the media, other schools as well across the nation. The education is inadequate, and sadly I find myself to be my best teacher for writing and reading among other things. The only curriculum that I still find somewhat respectable is the math, but that too is becoming more dumbed down. Plus, as taxes have been rapidly decreasing, so too has the amount of money going towards the public schools (per kids who go to the public schools). Elementary and Middle Schools are a complete joke! I could almost compare them to a daycare for the amount of educating they do. High school is a step up, but still it is far too easy. The crazy thing is, nobody seems to care. How are these kids going to fill the shoes of their parents if the government gives them such inadequate schooling?