10 Signs That An All-Out Attempt Is Being Made To Sabotage The Trump Campaign

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Can the craziest election in modern American history get even crazier? At this point we are just 28 days away from the election, and it appears that an all-out attempt is being made to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign. But the big surprise is where the worst of this sabotage is coming from. We always knew that politics in America is a dirty game, and that the Clintons are the dirtiest players in the game. And we always knew that the mainstream media was going to be in Clinton’s corner, although it has been a shock to what degree they have completely abandoned any pretense of objectivity during this election cycle. So it was always going to be an uphill battle for Donald Trump, but what he didn’t anticipate was blatant and widespread sabotage of his campaign from within his own party. In recent days it has become clear that the worst sabotage to the Trump campaign is being done by people that are supposed to be on his side.


It is being called “the Republican civil war”, and I don’t think that is overstating the case at all. Prominent Republicans all over America have turned their backs on Trump in recent days, and many of them have even publicly announced that they are going to be voting for Hillary Clinton.

I have always said that the establishment would move heaven and earth in order to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, and that is precisely what we are watching unfold right in front of us. Establishment Republicans, establishment Democrats, the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign are all working together to torpedo the Trump movement. Never before in modern American history have we seen anything like this. The following are 10 signs that an all-out attempt is being made to sabotage the Trump campaign just before the election…

1. Gateway Pundit is reporting on rumors that it was actually a close advisor to Paul Ryan (who wants to run for president in 2020 by the way) that leaked the now infamous Trump audio recording to the press.

2. The Blaze is reporting that there is a “mass hunt underway” at NBC News for more damaging comments that can be used against Trump.

3. According to Bill O’Reilly, there are three major media organizations that have “ordered their employees to destroy Donald Trump”.

4. There is a major push to have tapes from The Apprentice released which supposedly contain even more damaging things than were said on the audio recording released by the Washington Post.

5. According to Mike Cernovich, there are widespread reports of local GOP officials sabotaging the Trump campaign on the local level in critical swing states.

6. USA Today is reporting that 180 prominent Republican leaders have either denounced Trump or revoked their endorsements of him since the release of the tape containing Trump’s lewd remarks.

7. George W. Bush’s niece, Lauren Bush Lauren, has announced that she is going to be voting for Hillary Clinton.

8. Glenn Beck has admitted that he considered voting for Hillary Clinton, but that instead he will be voting for Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle.

9. Christianity Today, the largest and most prominent magazine for evangelical Christians, has just posted a scathing anti-Trump editorial.

10. The mainstream media is breathlessly proclaiming that “civil war” has broken out in the Republican Party, and to a large extent they are actually correct. Never before in U.S. political history have we seen a major party so divided less than a month before a presidential election.

If Donald Trump can overcome the release of the lewd tape, the sabotage of his campaign by members of his own party and the worst pounding that any presidential candidate has ever taken from the mainstream media to win the election, it will be the biggest miracle in American political history by far.

But even if Donald Trump is able to overcome all of these factors and get the votes that he needs, the truth is that the election could still be stolen from him. There was widespread evidence of very serious election fraud in 2012, and I recently sat down with Zach Drew and Sasha Volz of RITN and explained why we need to be watching for the same things on election day in 2016

Before I end this article, I just want to comment on why some top Republicans are so motivated to sabotage the Trump campaign.

If Donald Trump wins in 2016, it would be nearly impossible for any Republican to challenge him for the nomination in 2020.

That would mean that the next time any top Republican could realistically shoot for the White House would be 2024.

This helps to explain why Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been so openly hostile to the Trump campaign. A Trump loss “keeps 2020 open”, and many analysts believe that after four years of Hillary Clinton it would be a golden opportunity for a Republican candidate.

So the truth is that much of this opposition to Trump is simply based on selfish political ambition.

Unfortunately, this civil war in the Republican Party has paved the way for Hillary Clinton to get into the White House, and I don’t believe that there will be any way that our nation will recover from that. To a certain extent the damage has already been done, but four years under Hillary would certainly finish us off.

I don’t know what the result of the election in November will be, so it is entirely possible that Donald Trump could still pull off a miraculous turnaround.

But right now things look really bad for his campaign, and things seem to be getting worse with each passing day.

About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.*

  • robert

    Donald actually believed that anyone qualifying under the Constitution could be president or run for the office. Well, someone should have told him you have to be in “the club”. An Ivy Leager and member of a secret society as well as coming from a family of professional politicians. What was he thinking?

    It matters not who wins of course. The US of A is done. Done financially, socially, politically and has gone completely amoral.

    Ms. Clinton intends to globalize no matter what. That what might include a war with Russia which frankly I would not bet on the outcome. She also intends to completely shut down conservative media. That will happen. Michael’s excellent blog will disappear. Conservative radio will go as well.

    The barbarians are not just at the gate, they are inside the wire.

    • William Lutz

      Yes. If Hillary becomes president, she will be capable of anything.

    • Lazarovic

      You’re delusional; Fox Fake News ain’t goin’ nowhere, way too many brainwashed acolytes watching. Snyder’s lying propaganda site ain’t going nowhere either.

      • Daddyotis

        Liberals are an affront to God

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Hold still while we gas you.

  • TrollingforTrolls

    Thank you, Michael for such an enlightening article. I had believed it was solely Hillary’s camp that was digging up as much dirt on Trump as possible. Yet, it still boggles my mind with all the scandal involving Hillary that she is EVEN able to get into the White House. No words can describe my absolute distrust and disdain of this woman. She is a woman with an agenda, fueled by nothing but absolute greed and power. That is a very dangerous combination. Sadly, a majority are buying into her deceptive web of lies. We, as a nation, are reaping what we have sown.

    • watchmannonthewall

      When God says He will send those who “love not the Truth”, strong delusion so they will believe lies, I think we can see what that actually looks like today! (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12)

      • Paulette McCoy

        watchman, I think you are right.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      The RINOs like McShame, Paul Ryan and Obamney really do support her 100% too.

  • K

    Sadly I suspect it will be Hillary, weather she wins or not.For the first time ever. I see folks fixing up their cabins, and bringing in supplies.for the winter, usually everybody leaves, except me. Now these people are preparing to stay up on the mountain, for the entire winter? Why? They expect trouble after the election. Guess I am going to have a busy winter, some of these folk are city folks.

  • Barry Goldwater

    Ryan for President in 2020 ?
    Don’t make me laugh or choke whichever comes first. Ryan is a weasel and the knowledge of his efforts to sink Trump renders his name poison automatically to 15 million Americans who supported Trump in the primaries. We’re not going anywhere and if worse comes to worst I pledge to everyone on this site I will never vote for Paul Ryan, NEVER !
    Now to my second point which is he must be completely numb from the neck up to believe he can defeat Hillary Clinton when she’s had four years to continue the transformation of America. She would beat him badly !
    The weasel Paul Ryan is a person I rank below Crokked Hillary if that ‘s even possible. I think more of my garbage collectors than Paul Ryan.
    Lastly but not least , do these simple minded fools actually believe they can possibly trample the wishes of 15 million Primary voters who chose Trump and presto four years later they’re back in the good graces of the American people and rank and file Republicans?
    It’s the joke of the century, just watch what happens to them, I can promise you it’s going to be ugly.

  • iris

    Black Box Voting dot org. Surely there is genuine emotion being expressed by Trump’s detractors, with some good reason, although they also happen to stand a lot to lose if he actually gets in, but imo, politicians are the best of actors, and most of this is probably another smoke and mirrors side show, while the much bigger story is that the sovereignty of nations and Israel’s ability to exist, are both sitting on the chopping block. God is allowing these things, and allowing individuals free will, and He is in control, even though election fraud of the highest order will probably hand us HRC. Maybe they’ll make it look like it’s a narrow win, just to play it safe, since the GEMS program is quite refined by now.

  • Letfreedomring

    The deafening noise of the media’s election coverage is drowning out and drawing our attention away from bigger issues while the mud slinging is blinding us to what’s truly important. Obama is way too quiet and makes me wonder what he’s up to. Like the toddler in the other room … what’s he destroying now?

  • Richard

    This is, by far, the most important post I have ever made on this site or Michael’s other sites since he started here and since I have been associated with it. Many of you will know how critical I have been of Michael’s prose style. Thank God he has listened and has made huge and dramatic improvements. But that is all beside the point now.

    Here is my message: If Hillary Clinton comes to power as President, each and every one of you needs to pack your things up and leave the country for good as fast as possible.

    Mrs Clinton WILL pull that trigger or press that button and set off the third world war which will end civilization as we know it. That is a certainty. I have never felt more sure of anything in my life (over 65 years of it). You have got to leave. The danger that the United States presents to the world in 2017 is far, far greater than Nazi Germany in 1938, yet only a handful of Germans left the country at that time. I know I would have been shouting the same message to them, as well.

    If she becomes President, I beg and implore you all to get out of dodge as fast as you can. The woman is filled with hate, rancor, bitterness and ill-will. She WILL go down the road of destruction and she WILL destroy herself willingly in the process.

    I left in 2009. I will never come back. I knew the United States was on the road to self-destruction even then. All my fears have been fulfilled except one.

    You need to find a corner of the earth in a non-aligned country that will be as safe as it is possible to be and go and live there. They do exist. It is every man and woman for his/herself. You owe this to your loved ones. You must not prevaricate any longer. Do this. Please.

    • shots cause autism

      Yes she is very bitter. You should hear what she says about other people in private. Kinda scary to read. I tried putting a link to Hillary quotes but it seems to have been denied. You can Google Hillary cus-sin-g.

    • VonFisch

      Okay, where did you move to that isn’t polluted with Marxism and Jihadist refugees.

  • seekless

    Seems like a left wing writer, hit another place, I am gone.

  • DJohn1

    The only way Donald actually had a chance of winning is the corruption in the Democrat Party is so obvious and so bad that even a deaf, blind person can observe it.
    Donald is no angel either. He is and has been an obnoxious person from the word go. So what exactly are the options for every day average people out there when they go to vote? That is if the electorial college is not corrupted as well.
    The election booth scandal has never been resolved.
    So even if many people do vote Trump instead of Hillary their votes might end up going to Hillary in Ohio anyway.
    Is the FBI and other law organizations corrupted? Cannot tell. The fruit of their labor concerning Hillary indicates something is going on.
    Can a President order the FBI to do something wrong in a political party support of Hillary. Surely looks like it. Appearances can be deceiving. That law director took what I call the
    “Yes, there are no bananas” approach. First he said they wouldn’t prosecute. Then he said she was guilty. That sounds like pressure from above.
    With everything going on before the release of this scandal over Donald making some really poor taste comments 11 years ago before he had any idea he would run for President, the electorial college was going to elect Hillary by about 20 electorial votes anyway.
    Donald being obnoxious has really sunk his ship before it sailed.
    But if the average common person out there voted overwhelmingly for him, they would have had no choice but to elect him. If it is close, then they can elect anyone the political machines want. Al Gore actually won the popular vote and lost the election in the college.
    So bring on the blitz of information showing just how obnoxious this billionaire is. The only problem I see is he is obviously right about so many things he has talked about. And obviously very wrong on others.
    It could very well backfire on them. But I doubt it.
    Too many ignorant people out there that do not understand what they are dealing with when they deal with D.C.
    Otherwise how do you explain 15 other candidates and Hillary as your choice for election?
    Neither party has given us a viable choice at this point in time.

  • donna

    In view of his age not likely he will run again but after all this he would certainly not endorse any of these jerks

  • Scot Wm

    On September 5, 2016, the following article appeared on this site: “Does Hillary Clinton Have Parkinson’s Disease?” Next month, we may very well witness the election of the first female US president. It is painfully obvious that Hillary Clinton is so sick that her declining health will probably force her to abdicate the throne early in her reign. At that time, however, the Clinton crime syndicate will be in power and President Tim Kaine will continue where Hillary left off. Dark days will follow.

  • SantosGarcia

    I am praying according to this; it will take an Act of Divine Intervention… but perhaps that is GOD’s Intention! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzuxTEq-plE

  • JB

    I agree after 4 more years of the Clintons we won’t recover: income taxes through the roof, out of control government, thought police, more strange flesh, etc. Neither us, nor the world will: the ME is already on fire, Russia is threatening, Pakistan and India are at great odds, etc. – the world has never been more unstable. This really is our last call: any Christian should be on their knees, asking the Lord to supernaturally intervene (but trusting His will to be done).

  • In spite of all this, I firmly believe Donald J. Trump will be our next President. Vote!

    • iris

      I will absolutely vote, whether my vote is counted or not. Demographics will be gathered, that’s for sure.

  • iris

    It is certainly possible, thank you for the reminder, Dan. God withheld His wrath when Nineveh repented, it could happen here, too. And whether or not the country is saved, individuals in it can be if they call on Him and surrender to Him.

  • shots cause autism

    It’s too late.

  • IM Sayldog

    Republican elites have either failed to endorse Trump or even
    come right out and said that THEY will VOTE for HILLARY!

    So here’s what gonna happen.

    All these people, regular people, the ones you see gathered by the
    multiple thousands at wherever Trump speaks (without having to be paid
    to be there, or photoshopped in), ARE going to VOTE TRUMP.

    And THEN….they will NOT vote for those TURNCOAT Repugnicans because it
    apparently DOESN’T MATTER which party holds office (which of course is
    true, but since the Repugnicans have decided to emphasize the point, let
    them lie in the bed they have made for themselves).

    My prediction – TRUMP 2016, and MAJOR LOSSES for Repugnicans down ticket!

    • Paulette McCoy

      IM, you do realize that if he wins, but the down ticket loses it will be harder for him to get anything down. If the Dems control the house and Senate, it will just end up like it is now, with a Dem president and a Republican house. To get things done he will need a Republican House and Senate.

      • IM Sayldog

        I have to call BS Paulette. The Repugnicans have made it clear that their is no 2 party system, just one big happy group of political elites with cosmetic differences. Both parties need to have their feet held to the fire, and Trump is the only candidate with the balls to give them both the finger. “Get things done?” His very election will shake up the establishment and show the elites that are backing Hillary that while their incomes may be disproportionate, their votes carry no more weight than mine. The Repugnicans will no more back a Trump/populist agenda than will the Dems, and I say F them all, we need to eject the political royal families that have entrenched their power in the country, are trying to entrench it globaly, and are destroying this nation to do so. I know the Bremains used a similar argument against Brexit, the people felt otherwise, they have their own agenda similar to that of Trump supporters, that being to remain a sovereign nation.
        Thank you for your response.

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    Major league corruption, deception, lies, and dirt-slinging has now gripped our nation with fierce turmoil. People are at each others throats like never before. High profile people! And the candidates of this election are not exempt, in fact, they are leading this ‘circus’.

    It’s absolutely embarrassing that 2 of our ‘top’ candidates fight with one another, put each other down and now this Trump dude is going after everyone who doesn’t side with him. How childish!

    Are you kidding me? And we want him to be our next pres..? Give me a break. They’re both no good and do not deserve to be president of this once Godly nation.

    This nation is in a tailspin of rapid moral, financial and societal decline. Without Almighty God in absolute focus and without absolute repentance from the top down we are finished and only judgment remains.

  • Kent Harris

    Our country has turned from God. Last year, our country said yes to homosexual marriage. God from the very beginning declared in His divine law that marriage was between a man and a woman this sacred had been broken and God will no longer turn a blind eye to this sin. A nation that sins and does not repent receives judgment.

    • cops kill 1000s

      America turned from God decades ago. A chain is as strong as it’s weakest link. All it takes is one link to break and the whole thing goes. Take just one example, lets say makeup. There was only one woman in the Bible that painted her face and the dogs licked her blood. Now it’s perfectly acceptable and has been for years. Now what about all the possibly thousands of other things to follow that the Bible says.

    • Paulette McCoy

      Kent, yes, that is what God said. That if they turn their back on him, he will turn his back on them.

  • Lazarovic

    Mr. Trump is doing a fine job of sabotaging himself.

    • Daddyotis

      Turn from your liberal ways , as God will not be mocked…

  • Matthew Chen

    Who is controlling America? Google “The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia”. Trump will get rid of them and set America free again.

  • catalanismo is hatred


  • Mohammed Cohen

    Atom Bomb of Hollywood in full collaboration with the DNC’s criminal cabal has already created a fake CGI made short scene of Mr. Trump in an extremely explosive situation for one and only one purpose…. to instantly decimate Trump voting base over night! This mystery scene will appear through a full cooperation of the scoundrels of Hollywood’s mafia two days before the vote casting will begin. This is the last trump card in DNC’s and the Wall Street’s ZioCabal’s hand that they will play to see an instant destruction of Donald Trumps presidency. In two days after the release of this tape, Hillary will win the nomination and by this time all the noise and disputes will be useless. DHS is in full lock’n’step with the establishment to thaw any civil unrest. Propaganda and PR short films about the mighty DHS and the local police along with the Civil Defense puppets will scare the daylight out of those who plan to march for demonstrations. Within a matter or a month the entire self-fabricted false elections and its denounciations will end and the rest will be only time to tell what’s in the kitchen cookin! God help America for its gullabilities perpetrated by its enemies at home! Wake up America!

  • ProfRaccoon

    Trump can still win despite of the corrupt msm. He has time to recover, the msm polls are fake anyway. It aint over untill it is over.

  • Bob

    The entire article exposed the mainstream media and republican elites sabotaging the Trump campaign, and then ended with the following comment wagging it’s crippled tail at the end:

    “But right now things look really bad for his campaign, and things seem to be getting worse with each passing day.”

    Really? You mean the same people you just wrote about ? What did you expect? A sudden outbreak of objectivity ?

    What was otherwise a great article ended like a wet fart.

  • TJAW

    Trump is a national disgrace and a self-described sexual predator.

  • Rusty Nale