11 Shocking Home Invasion Horror Stories That Are Almost Too Creepy To Believe


Is your home secure?  Are you absolutely sure?  There are very few things that are more terrifying than having your home invaded.  In fact, many people are never able to feel completely safe in a home again after it has been invaded.  Our homes are supposed to be our fortresses.  They are where we keep our families and our most cherished possessions safe.  Unfortunately, due to the declining economy the number of truly desperate people out there continues to rise.  When people become truly desperate, they will often find themselves doing things that they never dreamed that it would be possible for them to do.  Hopefully the shocking home invasion stories in this article will motivate you to take action.  We all need to learn how to protect ourselves and our families.  For a long time the incredible prosperity that we enjoyed in this nation helped to mask the nightmarish moral decline that was taking place.  But now that hard times have hit, we are starting to see the fabric of society come apart.  All over the United States homes are being invaded, and some of these home invasions are almost too creepy to believe.


Once again, the goal is not just to scare you with these horror stories.  Rather, the goal is to get you thinking about what you need to do in order to protect your homes and your families during the hard economic times that are coming.

America was once such a peaceful place.  People would leave their homes and their cars totally unlocked and there was a feeling that you could trust almost everyone around you.

Well, all of that has now changed.  America is becoming a much different place.

The following are 10 shocking home invasion horror stories that are almost too creepy to believe….

#1 In New York recently, one home invader actually set up an XBox and played video games in the apartment of an 82-year-old woman while she was away for the holidays….

An elderly woman from Brooklyn who has lived alone for years suddenly found herself with a roommate. A stranger slipped into her apartment while she was away for the holidays, and made himself right at home.

The freeloader not only broke into 82-year-old Joyce King’s East Flatbush apartment, he moved in, eating in one of her chairs, watching TV, setting up an XBox, all while King was visiting family between Christmas and New Year’s.

#2 If you were a home invader, would you leave a dirty pair of boxer shorts behind?  The following home invasion story from Sacramento, California was recently sent to me by one of my readers….

Somebody got into my sister’s house last night while she was out. My mom was upstairs, but didn’t hear anything. Whoever it was, they ate some chips and sorted through a stack of maternity clothes my sister had ready for selling on ebay. He left a dirty pair of boxer shorts and a bottom dentures on the dining room table. Fortunately, he was gone when she got home. I’m amazed, but the police actually came out and collected fingerprints and his boxers and false teeth. Probably a homeless guy. He may have switched his dirty boxers for a clean pair of maternity jeans, so the police just have to look for a guy wearing women’s maternity pants with no lower teeth. The crazy thing is that the dog never barked. I can’t go in the backyard without her barking like crazy, but she evidently liked the burglar.

#3 A large number of home invaders will do it over and over again until they get caught.  The following is a recent report about one serial home invader from the Washington Post….

A housekeeper was tied up and sexually assaulted and a mother and teenage son were tied up during a home invasion in Bethesda early Wednesday morning that Montgomery County police say involves the same suspect as in a home invasion Tuesday in Wheaton.

#4 When one burglar was recently arrested in New York City they discovered 100 different keys in his apartment.  They are still trying to figure out how he got so many keys to so many different homes.

But this is what many home invaders will do.  If they get your keys they will keep them in case they want to hit your place again at some point in the future.

#5 One serial home invader down in Maryland was recently sentenced to 100 years in prison.  So did he deserve such a harsh sentence?  You be the judge….

In one case, authorities said, he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl after breaking into her family’s Fort Washington home with a cinder block and forced her to pose nude on a bed as he took photographs and videos of her. Authorites said in another case, Scott and an accomplice, Marcus Dermanellian Hunter – who has already pleaded guilty to federal firearms charges – held up a Bowie family at gunpoint in April 2009, used their debit cards to steal money from ATM machines and then stole a luxury car.

#6 In the Seattle area, an elderly couple in their eighties was recently brutally attacked by a 31-year-old man armed with a crossbow and a hatchet.  The following description of this brutal crime comes from King 5 News….

Prosecutors say 31-year-old John Chase was walking down the highway when he saw Ralph Aldrich, 88, in his back yard. Detectives say Chase shot and killed Aldrich with a crossbow and then went inside the home and repeatedly hit 83-year-old June Aldrich with a hatchet.

#7 In Wilmington, Delaware recently, a man offered to help someone carry a television down the street, but quickly realized that it was his own television which had just been stolen out of his own house….

A Wilmington resident who stopped home for lunch about noon today saw a man carrying a flat screen TV down the street and asked the man if he needed help.

He then recognized the television as his own, looked up and saw the door to his home ajar, said Master Sgt. Adam Ringle.

#8 When thieves get desperate, they also tend to become very bold.  A reader named Mark left the following disturbing comment on one of my previous articles….

Some tweekers drove up last week looking for scrap metal and one was out of their truck and heading to the shop when I came out of the house. It used to be that strangers would not even cross our bridge or get out of their car wondering about what the dogs would do. Times are changing and not for the better.

#9 Down in Tucson, Arizona a while back four armed home invaders were repelled by an armed homeowner that had a gun and knew how to use it.  There is no telling what the home invaders would have done to the homeowner if he had not had a gun with which to defend himself.

#10 When home invasions happen, sometimes people end up dead.  The following comes from a recent article in the Houston Chronicle….

San Antonio police Sgt. J.R. Fiste said two men broke into the house in the 8200 block of Quail Creek about 5 a.m.. The homeowner shot one of the men dead inside the residence, police said.The other suspect was shot in the chest and flown to San Antonio Military Medical Center, where he remained in critical condition about 7 a.m.

The homeowner was shot in the chin, Fiste said. He also was taken to SAMMC, where he was listed in stable condition.

#11 An 18-year-old mother named Sarah McKinley was faced with a very hard choice this past New Year’s Eve.  She was home alone with her three-month old son, and she called 9-1-1 when she discovered that two men were trying to break into her home just outside of Oklahoma City.  What happened next should give all home invaders something to think about….

An Oklahoma woman was recently home with her 3 month old son when two men tried to break in.  Armed with a shot gun and a pistol she called 9-1-1.

Operator: “Are your doors locked?”

Caller: “Yes, I’ve got two guns in my hand.   Is it ok to shoot him if he comes in this door?”

Operator: “I can’t tell you what you can do but you do what you have to do to protect your baby.”

The mother did shoot killing one of the intruders.  Oklahoma police called the shooting justified.

Unfortunately, at the same time that we are seeing society become more unstable, we are also seeing many local police departments around the nation make huge cutbacks.

For example, it has been announced that police stations in Detroit will now be closed to the public for 16 hours each day in an attempt to save money.

In the future, you are not always going to be able to depend on the police to protect you.  They might come out and take down a report once it is all over, but that won’t erase what just happened.

A while back I wrote about how many of our formerly great cities are being transformed into post-apocalyptic hellholes.  Sadly, wherever you have dramatic economic decline you almost always also have rampant crime.

As the economic crisis in America gets even worse, the number of home invasions will surely go up as well.

Now is the time to get prepared for that.

So do any of you have any creepy home invasion horror stories to share?

Have you noticed crime getting worse where you live?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below….


1,675 thoughts on “11 Shocking Home Invasion Horror Stories That Are Almost Too Creepy To Believe

    • You’re making too much sense. This sounds completely reasonable and rational to any normal person. Unfortunately in some places in america you could be charged with a crime and suffer criminal charges by authorities. Worse if the criminal lives they may even file a civil claim against you and win. The fact that this could and has happened anywhere in this country is a sure sign that it not only is the end of the american dream it has become a nightmare :(

      • Very well, make sure they’re all dead. Once they’re down, do execution shots into the backs of their heads to make sure.

        Then they can’t complain. That will shut them up!

  1. My mother was robbed one morning around 11:00am. Two masked men broke and entered her sliding glass window. They said give us your cash. They taped her hands and feet together with duct tape. One guy went down stairs the other guy undid her feet so should could walk around. They told her to give them cash or they would kill her.

    Luckily for my mother, she was on the telephone when these thugs broke in. The person she was talking to heard the glass break, and the bad guys say give me your cash. The person my mother was talking to immediately called the police and had them dispatched to my mother’s home.

    The police entered the home and shot one of the thugs, the other one ran outside and was caught by all of the police officers that had surrounded the home.

    My mother has not been home since this has happened. She has not really been the same.

  2. It’s been said that “a man’s home is his castle”. So, it’s a good idea to defend it like a castle. I don’t mean digging a moat around your house and filling it with alligators, but at least have a good home security alarm system. Guns are also nice to have in the event of a home invasion.

    You have to look out for yourself. Remember, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

  3. From Lee Bellinger

    An idle public with a sense of entitlement combined with economic malaise is a prescription for crime.

    Startling Statistics You Absolutely Need to Know About

    One in five households will be broken into at
    some point.
    More than two-thirds of break-ins target
    residences rather than commercial properties.
    Half of all burglars are armed during a break
    Nearly half of home invasions result in physical
    injuries to the victims.

    Don’t Be an Easy Target

    (1) The first things to secure are your doors.
    (2) Your windows are the next thing to reinforce.
    (3) Landscaping and lighting provide other ways to deter criminals.
    (4) Neighborhood watch groups have proved to be an effective deterrent against criminals.
    (5) First, think about installing an alarm system.
    (6) Another excellent deterrent is a dog.
    (7) A gun is an important tool.

    • Ah yes-the intelligent and insightful right wingers. The more you talk the more you make my point about conservatives being low information fools.

      My advice to you is to put your teeth back in, fire up the motorized scooter, put on your 1970’s era head phones and listen to rush. Maybe if you are caller #3 he will send you a new confederate flag you can stick to the back of your scooter, you know right next to the sticker saying to keep your government hands off my medicare.

      Didn’t I see you on the people of wal-mart web site?

      • I almost forgot-remember to put some extra pairs of depends in your backpack. That way if your catheter tube comes out again you can keep dry.

    • Adam,

      While I do not always like the some of the things Gary2 says, but what I don’t understand why you feel the need to attack anyone with out cause or provication.

      Unfortunatly Adam you don’t even wait for Gary2 to say something you don’t agree with and just attack him. Unfortunatly Adam you are part of the problem in the world today. You decided on the other blog to attack him with no provication.

      While I don’t agree with a good deal of what Gary2 says, but I don’t attack him for no reason. You Adam are the perfect example of ignorance. I pray you find peace in your life, without attacking people to get your esteem boost for the day.


  4. Well, I finally got around to installing the intercom and key pad for the automatic gate closing device. It works good, but the gate will really only keep out some as they can just climb over it if they wanted to. At least they will have to walk up to the house. If things get real bad I will just park a dozer in the road up against the gate. Between the public road and the house are five fences in some fields and a creek. I guess all those fences to control cows are good for something else after all. All the black berries growing on the fences or in the creek are pretty good as they sure can hurt. Hey Mondo, come to think about it is like a moat in the winter as the creek gets up pretty good.

  5. Re: Point #2. It sounds to me like the mother had company that night and there was no home invasion at all. She just got caught and didn’t want her daughter to know. Stranger things have happened.

  6. This article points out a very serious and growing problem. Yet, the posters with petty and childish minds still laugh and call names – dragging us all down even faster.

  7. Although not nearly as intense as these other stories, this was my family’s wake-up call:

    My wife and I lived in a peaceful, somewhat secluded apartment complex in a very nice neighborhood. There were at least a dozen homes within earshot of our car, but no one heard a thing when someone smashed our window – to steal our four-year-old GPS that would fetch maybe $20. The car alarm never went off. We never, ever leave valuables (or even semi-valuables) in plain sight in our cars anymore. We don’t trust alarms. And we don’t believe that having people around necessarily makes one safer.

    By the way, some good advice about being prepared against home invasions may be found at ferfal.com

  8. Hi Michael, Sorry for the number of posts, it does not seem to go through when I include a web link. I posted about the Chesire, CT home invasion murders that made national news in 2007. Both perpetrators were found guilty and sentenced to death penalty:


    and the plethera of appeals and excuses that are made trying to be made to prolong his visit on death row:


    • Ritual human sacrifice aka Government-Sanctioned Murder solves nothing.

      It is rather amusing, though, to watch vermin writhe around in the mud trying to defend their pathetic existence.

  9. One more thing….criminals need to start realizing that MANY American, law abiding citizens are happily excersizing their 2nd Ammendment rights, and WILL be justified in killing a home invader during a home invasion.

    Too many criminals are armed, dangerous and seem to think they can get away with the crime. ( they only do it because they think they can get away with it). Had the Petit family been armed during the Chesire, CT home invasion, chances are they would all be alive now, the two losers would have been killed….tax dollars saved for the state.

    I always say a great deterrant towards a home invasion, is a loaded firearm pointed at the criminal in the hands of a well trained firearms user.

    I think people are finally getting fed up

    • Firearms and the training to use them is not just a deterrent to home invasion, but indeed a deterrent to country invasion.

      It’s no coincidence that Switzerland is peaceful, prosperous, and neutral while being unassailed by foreign powers in every major conflict for the past few hundred years. Every adult male is trained in military tactics and the use of firearms, and an SG 550 assault rifle is kept in every home. From what I understand, there are even crew-served machine guns and shoulder fired anti-tank rockets in many a basement armory.

      The tunnels and bridges in Switzerland are mined, and there is a vast underground tunnel network to funnel supplies and personnel wherever need be.

      Not even the Nazis dared mess with the Swiss.

    • They’ve started to learn that no matter how big a gun they have, they’re not immune to a bullet or two into the head. There’s a reason that shotguns are sometimes thought of as ‘equalizers’ among self defense discussions. No skill needed to aim, nice scary sound when readying, narrow hallways to aim down, and very painful at close range even if not deadly which they usually are. Body armor is an issue but you can’t have everything and there’s still the issue of not covering everything.

  10. The one good thing pointed out in the article is the cutbacks in local police departments. Police having morphed from peace officers into thugs for The Empire, pose just as much (or more)danger to the ordinary law-abiding citizen as do ordinary criminals.

    Now if we could just see some cutbacks among the federal thugs we’d all be alot safer indeed!

  11. Sad to say this but deliever folks watch to, I live where you can’t see my place from the road, but Lowes brought my freezer on a Thursday and a week later my REAL NICE tiller was gone. No one have ever taken anything from my place the 12 years that I have lived their. And I live pretty far out, and since then nothing has come-up missing, one of the best weapons for home use is a shot gun, just jack the load of shells up the chamber and if they can’t hear that there beyond help, I am not one to harm anybody, but you have to protect yourself.

  12. As more and more Americans fall out of the middle class and into Third World poverty, things are going to become much nastier and much more violent in The Banana Republic of America (formerly Los Estados Unidos). And that means that we can look forward to a lot more violent home invasions much like the violent home invasions that are common in Third World countries. In Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica and El Salvador, people who have money spend a lot of it on home security and bodyguards; otherwise, they are likely to have some uninvited guests. Desperate people do desperate things, and that includes violent home invasions along with carjacking, drug trafficking, mugging, armed robbery and kidnapping. Oh, that’s another thing the BRA can look forward to: a lot of kidnappings. The BRA still doesn’t have the kidnapping epidemic the way that a lot of Latin American countries do, but it will. It’s only a matter of time.

    It’s no coincidence that Chile has been working hard at building a middle class and is also one of the safer countries in Latin America; there’s a definite correlation between the two. But the suicidal BRA is determined to destroy what is left of its middle class. So get ready for all of the violence and instability that goes with not having a middle class. If you want a glimpse into the BRA’s grim future, just look at Caracas or Guatemala City (where muggings, carjackings and kidnappings in broad daylight are the norm)…….or Ciudad Juarez (where the drug cartels are better armed than the cops)…..or the slums of Kingston, Jamaica, where the poor look up to drug posses because they offer better wages than sweatshop jobs.

    “It’s a plantation economy. The folks out there are working, but they’re working on the plantation.”—Gerald Celente

    “Far too few have much too much, and way too many have much too little.”—Gerald Celente

    There have always been haves and have-nots in this country. But the difference between the USA in the 1950s/1960s/1970s and the BRA in 2012 is that the poverty is so much more widespread now. Millions of Americans who thought they would never be poor have become the neo-poor. So as Gerald Celente says, get ready to live in a very violent country. When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

    • You forget to mention the RSA (Republic of South Africa). In the RSA you have:
      1. a strong divide between rich (black and white) and poor (black).
      2. 40% unemployment rate
      3. a lot of slums
      4. crappy police: either non-existent or corrupt. I once read a news article that the police had to take a lift with the ambulance or a civilian because their car was broken and they didn’t have the money to repair it (that was close to the border with Namibia).
      5. the most killings per 100,000 inhabitants in the world.
      6. a very vibrant security industry

      I lived there long enough to hear and see hair raising stories. The USA is still relatively ok.

      • DB200: Matter of fact, Johannesburg is one of the most dangerous, crime-plagued cities in the world. Downtown Jo’Burg is full of muggings and armed robberies even during the daytime. Many poor blacks from neighboring countries like Angola and Mozambique have moved to Jo’Burg in the hope of bettering their lives only to end up in an infamously bad area like Hillbrow (or as the locals call it, “Hellbrow”).

        Now here’s something to contemplate: which is worse, Tepito (one of the worst parts of Mexico City) or Hillbrow? Is one more likely to get murdered in Tepito in broad daylight or in Hillbrow in broad daylight?

      • As between Jo’Burg and Baltimore, I’d take my chances in Baltimore, a.k.a. “Bodymore” or “Baltimorgue” (actually, Baltimore’s OK if you stick to the nicer parts of town like the Inner Harbor, Lower Fells Point, Federal Hill and Mount Vernon and avoid big chunks of West Baltimore and East Baltimore).

  13. Daniel Budney I would like to see these statistics please. The only way a gun in my hand will make me Less Safe, is with a bad guy at the other end.

  14. Daniel Budney You’re obviously completely out of your depth. None of the statistics support your idiotic contention. Anywhere firearms are made legal sees a drastic reduction in crime as crooks realize they’re taking their lives in their hands when they assault citizens. The old #s the DOJ put out indicated firearms are reportedly used over 1,000,000 times a year to stop crimes and don’t even need to be shot to be effective in prevention. Those #s, by the way, were only REPORTED incidents and DOJ suspected the #s were much, much higher. Guns save lives. Read More Guns, Less Crime.

  15. Your children, your grandchildren are NOT going to be safe, they won’t be, and what you have done to stop it? NOTHING.

    This happened last week I think in Florida, 14 year old White girl, the penalty on the “minority” attackers? HOME DETENTION for a week or so.

    You better keep your 2nd Amendment rights, Obama just needs one more Supreme Court nomination and it will be toast. They mean BUSINESS.

  16. When they come through the door, press, press, press, three to the chest. Wait for them to bleed out, then call 911.

  17. Ron Paul is the last, best hope this country has left.

    And one final comment:
    I’d rather fly on JetBlue than JetCrash.
    Just sayin’…..

  18. If your attacker is not armed you can still shoot him and get away with it. Use a throwaway. Use a gun not registered in your name. Shoot them with that gun. That is the gun that you took away from your assailant during the life and death struggle and you were so lucky to have come out on top. DO NOT WIPE THE GUN CLEAN OF YOUR PRINTS. That is expected physical evidence. You are going to lose your gun anyway as it will be connfiscated as evidence in a homiciide investigation. Just because it is ruled justifiable does not mean that you will get it back.

  19. I think I read that most home invasions happen by people of your own ethnic group or skin color, also that the person(s) will try to hit you around 4-7 AM when people are leaving for work.

  20. If you don’t have a well-stocked armory in your house, and when you’re out of the house a well-stocked armory strapped to your person, then you don’t value your life or your loved one’s lives – it’s that simple.

    I’m trained in the use of firearms, grappling, ground-fighting, knife fighting, and assassination techniques. I carry what’s called a “kubotan”, or Japanese self-defense stick for non-lethal situations. I carry a combat folding knife in case more than mere pain deterrence is necessary (any length of folding knife is street legal in California). I would carry my pistol with me, but sadly California is one of the few states left that still prohibits concealed carry. All of this is the minimum I consider necessary to be safe, whether at home or at the grocery store.

    Most people think “but chances are, you’ll never get into a fight”. That’s absolutely true. What is also true, is that if you do get into a fight without training, then your odds are 50/50 if your attacker is equally untrained and unarmed, and much worse if your attacker *is* trained and armed.

    And as mentioned in the article, the odds of you getting into a fight just got a whole lot higher.

    One last thing: picture this scenario for a moment. What if on 9/11 the hijackers armed with box-cutters had encountered a plane-full of trained assassins and commandos, instead of a meek and compliant flock of sheep? Those hijackers would’ve been killed within seconds of raising their box cutters and making demands, and then everyone would have continued on their travels as if nothing happened. Instead, several planes full of passengers and several skyscrapers full of people were killed, and the government got a whole lot of excuses to steal what was left of our civil liberties and start two wars that still haven’t ended.

    That’s what being defenseless and trusting authority gets you: dead, with evil victorious.

    • Keep your door closed.

      Provided you have a door that is difficult to break into, same goes for windows and walls.

      Best way not to have your bicycle stolen:
      Park it besides a better looking one that uses an easier to break lock.

      Even better:
      Buy locally.
      Keep your population busy in jobs.
      Do buy from small companies, not from big ones.

  21. story #2, this actually happened to me while I was a CSI….buiz selling mobile homes set up near wooded area inhabited by homeless camps. Guy broke in, sleep there over night and had a massive diarhea attack on the non-working tiolet and left dirty boxers….trying to lighten the mood, when asked by police/woners if we were collecting the boxers, we told them that no, we do not do s*^*. Sometimes have to laugh or cry….leaving dentures, though, might produce DNA/blood typing,etc….could be positive evidence, also, finger prints……

  22. #5, true, a long sentence justified for the sexual assualt, also the weapons issues and his aggressive stances. He will continue to devolve until someone puts him away or shoots him.or he starts becoming more violent, which seems the path he is on…..

  23. at a time when we need to fend more for ourselves, watch the Govt and its lap dogs become more aggressive on gun control, meaning “go become a victim”…..

    at one time, our forebearers, here and in Europe,etc, would not think twice about using force, let alone have to ask permission to do it…..so in depth is the Govt=savior mentality, that we w/o realizing it have to hold action to get permission….as tehe 18 yr old w/baby, likely did not even realize, she had to ask a authority figure, govt offical knows as dispatcher, “can I shoot or not”??. These days we do wonder-gee, defending myself means I might get arrested and everything that follows (lost income, work, bail,jail inmates,etc.)

  24. As homeowners the steps we take concerning home security will determine whether we become a victim of crime! The harder you make it for a criminal to gain access into your home by the installation of alarms and other home security products will lessen this chance.

    The product Chain Reaction DNA has been designed to ease the fear associated with doorstep crime and to deter a burglary, forced entry or home invasion robbery from being committed, but if activated sounds an ear piercing high decibel alarm to draw attention to the fact unlawful entry is being attempted but at the same time the attacker will be sprayed in the latest UV based forensic trace technology.

    This liquid fingerprint stains the would be intruder for up to three months and this substance is easily identified by POLICE using UV lighting technology! We want the threat of being forensically linked to a crime scene to deter an offence being committed in the first instance.

  25. Try to build your “fortress” not from wood but from concrete. Use metal shutters and doors that keep unwanted people out.

    It is a bit more expensive, but

    “no investment – no return”

    Concrete has some other advantages over wood:
    It doesn’t burn.
    It remains standing in a Hurricane. (Hong Kong gets visited by typhoons every year but there is very little damage as all houses are made from concrete.)
    It is durable. Your grand children can inherit your house from you.

  26. This is exactly why whenever someone murders another person, the only option for that person should be the death penalty (assuming there were 2 witnesses and lots of questioning to validate their claims). This will make lots more room in the jails for the thieves.

    Although, frankly, imo, all thieves should pay back the ownes double of what they stole, not a get into jail free card. And for those who say they don’t have money that’s why they steal, well these thieves should automatically be disqualified from government support forcing them to get a job – from which a part of their pay will go directly to the people they stole from until double has been paid back. If they repeat the crime – THEN you can stick them in jail.

    Anyone that rapes another person should have a crushing fine to pay for the pain caused.

  27. Look up the story of Amber Lee from Sarasota County Florida. THAT is one horrific, nightmare story of home invasion!!!

  28. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Cuomo, 4/9 SCOTUS justices and many more local and international mugwumps want us not to be able to defend ourselves. Why? What possible reason could they all come up with? That certain types of guns are evil because they hold too many rounds or have a bayonet lug? get serious! Even Obama says we don’t use bayonets anymore! When was the last mass killing that used a bayonet or thumbhole stock that killed people because they had such items? In every case involving a mass shooting, someone with evil intentions had to be behind the gun in order to do the killing. In each situation, had armed responders been on scene as it began they would have been able to whack the killer before the killer whacked anyone. But of course, liberals insist that the gun would have kept on shooting all by itself and killed many more, even if the bad guy had been killed. The real reason the formerly named mugwumps want guns to go away is because they don’t know how to solve the problem. Denying people the means to protect themselves from crime and oppression by power hungry politicians and people who care more about themselves than anyone else is the real reason so these folks always grab the guns first. Hoplophobes just can’t help themselves and would rather destroy the country or try because of their ideologies against perpetuating our constitutional republic.

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  30. Wow, these are really crazy stories. I’ve never had to deal much with sexual assault before. I’m taking a criminal law class and have to read up on it and find a situation to talk about with everyone. We’ll see how it goes, really crazy stories in here.

  31. I have had trouble sleeping since our home invasion happened in june of 2013 just after 3 am. We lived in a downstairs apartment and I would typically stay up til 4 am since I have the summers off from work, but this particular night I turned all the lights down and crawled into bed with my husband, cellphone in tow. Just as I began to fall asleep I heard a faint rustle of keys at the sliding door that led to a small patio. On the third jingle I woke up my husband but at the exact moment I heard the scariest noise of my life..glass shattering and men yelling. My husband jumped out of bed and met the men in the hallway just as I slipped behind him and ran out the front door. Just then I heard a gunshot go off and as I ran I remember thinking they shot him and im next. I tried knocking on a neighbors door then hid behind shrubs as I dialed 911.

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