10 Examples Of How “Big Brother” Is Steadily Creeping Into Our Daily Lives

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Police State - Photo by Kate SheetsVirtually everything that you do is being watched.  Do you drive a car?  Do you watch television?  Do you use a cell phone?  As you do any of those things, information about you is being recorded and tracked.  We live at a time when personal privacy is dying.  And it is not just governments that are doing this.  In fact, sometimes private companies are the biggest offenders.  It turns out that gathering information about all of us is very, very profitable.  And both government entities and private companies are going to continue to push the envelope when it comes to high tech surveillance until people start objecting to what they are trying to do.  If we continue down the path that we are currently on, it is inevitable that we will end up living in an extremely restrictive “Big Brother” police state where basically everything that we do is very closely watched, monitored, tracked and controlled.  And such a day may be much closer than you think.  The following are 10 examples of how “Big Brother” is steadily creeping into our daily lives…


#1 Our cars are rapidly being transformed into high tech “Big Brother” surveillance devices.  In fact, a push is being made to require all new vehicles to include very sophisticated black box recorders

As if the government wasn’t already able to track our movements on the nation’s highways and byways by way of satellites, GPS devices, and real-time traffic cameras, government officials are now pushing to require that all new vehicles come installed with black box recorders and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, ostensibly to help prevent crashes.

Yet strip away the glib Orwellian doublespeak, and what you will find is that these black boxes and V2V transmitters, which will not only track a variety of data, including speed, direction, location, the number of miles traveled, and seatbelt use, but will also transmit this data to other drivers, including the police, are little more than Trojan Horses, stealth attacks on our last shreds of privacy, sold to us as safety measures for the sake of the greater good, all the while poised to wreak havoc on our lives.

Black boxes and V2V transmitters are just the tip of the iceberg, though. The 2015 Corvette Stingray will be outfitted with a performance data recorder which “uses a camera mounted on the windshield and a global positioning receiver to record speed, gear selection and brake force,” but also provides a recording of the driver’s point of view as well as recording noises made inside the car. As journalist Jaclyn Trop reports for the New York Times, “Drivers can barely make a left turn, put on their seatbelts or push 80 miles an hour without their actions somehow, somewhere being tracked or recorded.” Indeed, as Jim Farley, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Ford Motor Company all but admitted, corporations and government officials already have a pretty good sense of where you are at all times: “We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing.”

#2 A new Michigan law will ban thousands of preppers and small farmers from owning farm animals.  What are they going to do next?  Ban us from growing our own food?

#3 Have you ever collected anything?  If so, the FBI might swoop in and grab your collection someday even if you have not committed a crime.  If you think that this sounds crazy, you should consider what happened to a man named Don Miller recently

FBI agents Wednesday seized “thousands” of cultural artifacts, including American Indian items, from the private collection of a 91-year-old man who had acquired them over the past eight decades.

An FBI command vehicle and several tents were spotted at the property in rural Waldron, about 35 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

The FBI did not have any evidence that a crime had been committed prior to seizing the collection, and Mr. Miller has not been arrested or charged with any crime.  The FBI says that it is going to catalog the collection “to determine whether some of the items might be illegal to possess privately”…

The aim of the investigation is to determine what each artifact is, where it came from and how Miller obtained it, Jones said, to determine whether some of the items might be illegal to possess privately.

#4 A father of a 4-year-old girl has been told that he will no longer be allowed to send healthy homemade lunches with his daughter when she attends her pre-kindergarten program because they conflict with federal guidelines.

#5 Do you watch television?  Well, if you have a newer television there is a very good chance that your television is watching you as well

In November, the British tech blogger Doctorbeet discovered that his new LG Smart TV was snooping on him. Every time he changed the channel, his activity was logged and transmitted unencrypted to LG. Doctorbeet checked the TV’s option screen and found that the setting “collection of watching info” was turned on by default. Being a techie, he turned it off, but it didn’t matter. The information continued to flow to the company anyway.

#6 A plan that is being proposed in Fairfax County, Virginia would ban “frequent and large gatherings at neighborhood homes“.  This would include parties, scout gatherings and home Bible studies.

#7 At a public school in Florida, a 12-year-old boy has been banned from reading the Bible during “free reading time”…

A Florida schoolteacher humiliated a 12-year-old boy in front of an entire class after she caught him reading the Bible during free reading time.

The teacher at Park Lakes Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale ordered Giovanni Rubeo to pick up the telephone on her desk and call his parents.

As the other students watched, the teacher left a terse message on the family’s answering machine.

“I noticed that he has a book—a religious book—in the classroom,” she said on the recording. “He’s not permitted to read those books in my classroom.”

#8 In the USSA, a young child cannot even build a tree fort with his friends without the threat of being confronted by the police state.  Just consider what happened to one little fifth-grade boy down in Georgia a few weeks ago

A fifth-grader says he was terrified when a police officer pointed a gun at him and his friends while they built a tree fort.

Omari Grant, 11, said he and his friends often play in a wooded area behind his home and were building a fort when a neighbor in the next subdivision called police to complain about what the boys were doing.

But no one anticipated what Omari and his mother say happened next.

“I guess the release of tension was like, ‘Mom, he had a gun in my face, Mommy. Mommy, he had a gun in my face,’” said Janice Baptiste, Omari’s mother.

The officer reportedly used very filthy language as he pointed his gun at the boys, and he forced them to get out of the tree and lay down on the ground

“I was thinking that I don’t want to be shot today, so I just listened to what they said,” Omari said.

Omari said the officer holding his gun also used foul language and made him and his friends lay down on the ground.

“I learned that they’re supposed to help you not make you feel scared to even come outside,” Omari said.

#9 People like to joke about “the eye in the sky”, but it is no joke.  Technology that was originally developed for “blanket surveillance” during the Iraq war is now returning home

Persistent Surveillance Systems has developed a surveillance camera on steroids. When attached to small aircraft, the 192-megapixel cameras record the patterns of the planetary life they fly over for hours at a time. According to the Washington Post, this will give the police and other customers a “time machine” they can simply rewind when they need it. Placed strategically at the highest points of any town or city, these cameras could provide the sort of blanket surveillance that’s hard to avoid. The inventor of the camera, a retired Air Force officer, helped create a similar system for the city of Fallujah, the site of two of the most violent battles of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. It’s just one example of how wartime surveillance technologies are returning home for “civilian use.”

#10 Have you ever purchased storable food?  If so, you should know that it is now considered to be “suspicious activity” in some areas of the country.  Just check out what is happening in New York state

1-866 SAFE NYS is part of Safeguard New York, an NY State counterterrorism program that uses promotional material to encourage citizens to report people for engaging in “suspicious activity….which makes them stand out from others”.

An accompanying letter provided by the state trooper listed such “suspicious activity” as the purchase of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), flashlights, weather proof ammunition, night vision equipment, match containers, or gas masks.

For even more examples like this, please see my previous article entitled “19 Signs That America Is Being Systematically Transformed Into A Giant Surveillance Grid“.

Sadly, most Americans are totally oblivious to all of this.

Most Americans are so addicted to entertainment and to their electronic devices that they have no idea what is going on in the real world.

I came across the following video entitled “Look Up” on YouTube earlier today.  I think that it does a great job of showing what our obsession with our electronic devices is doing to us.  Watch it for yourself and see what you think…

  • K

    Yes big brother is already here, and it is only going to get worse.The very foundation of American justice is just about gone, innocent until proven guilty is a saying, more than a fact. Yet even with the gestapo at our doorstep, no outrage. The average American citizen is just about in a coma. When the LG sets were found to be spying on people. How many of you forever crossed that brand off your list? When the cops shoot and kill an unarmed person. How many of you are at the next city counsel meeting demanding an explanation? Some here have most likely done some of these things. But from the general public, all I hear is crikets

    • Otto Von Bismark

      K- I’ve been lurking on Mr.Snyder’s blogs for the past few years, and I’ve always noticed you (this is my first comment!) I want to thank you for your always honest view on things. Not always kind or reassuring, but honest. What can an honest man like me do to prepare?!?

      • K

        At this point, four things. 1. Have a plan to get out of the larger cities, if you are in one. 2.Have a fairly remote area you can go to. 3. Have enough supplies to last at least 60 days. 4. Have the ability to defend yourself against criminal elements. These are the basics. According to your finances, you can build on these basics.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


        I am glad that you have joined the discussion. I hope that you will do so frequently. :)


    • BTT

      Nobody shows up. I never could get anyone to go with me to a council meeting. They are all too busy watching the game or calling the cops because the neighbor didn’t mow his grass.

  • There is a big evolutionary leap coming for humanity and the evil wants you to skip it like it has made us do it 100 times before…Do not fall for the trick again…

    Evolution is In-Filling of Nature…Let the nature FILL YOU UP…You will grow into something far more higher and stronger that no Big brother would be able to even reach you.

    Intelligence is over rated. There is no force in the universe greater than Natural Force. Let it guide you, embrace nature, reject FAKE.

    Human beings are beyond UFOs…You are not special you are incredible…If only you realize the power you hold inside you.

  • DJohn1

    All of what you describe is true.
    It all costs fantastic amounts of money to put together.
    Why anyone would want to know that amount of information about anyone is beyond me. It is drivel.
    Most people get up, go to the bathroom, put the coffee on, and half listen to the news. Primarily they listen to the weather report to see if they need to take an umbrella with them.
    For that they want to spend thousands of dollars per person to know what color their underwear is? To know every little detail of their lives?
    AS to the the police getting on people like children, they made a complete A** out of themselves doing things like that.
    I think Infernal Affairs needs to have a discussion with them as to what they think they are doing in public.
    Anyone in a Uniform represents everyone else in that uniform. So what one uniformed policeman does paints everyone that wears that uniform with their actions.
    The teacher is correct about one thing. There is a time and place for everything. Would she have been just as upset with the child if he was studying various religions around the globe? I think not. So the teacher is really out of line. I suggest she be made to write the BILL of RIGHTS 100 times. Then explain to the class what those rights mean to individuals in the USA or are supposed to mean. Then apoligise to her class for disobeying those rights.
    There was a time in this country when we filtered who was able to teach our children. I think we need to get back to that morals and ethics stand.
    Personally, we home school our grand children. They are safer at home. I have a pretty good idea what they are taught. And they get personal attention when they need it. It costs us about 5 hours a day to do this.
    The reason that companies want to know about people is their formation of advertising and presentation of their products. Companies often spend 6 grand a week for a full page advertisement in a local newspaper. Why? Because it presents an image to the public. Same with radio advertising and TV. Telephone companies do this often.
    Where a product is placed on a grocery shelf is very important to the subliminal reasons you a customer use to buy one product over another. Do you buy generic or do you buy name brands? If so, why? That is very important to big companies.
    I once increased a small grocery store’s business by 19%. They advertised specials once a week in a full page ad designed for their district of the city. They paid a fraction of what a retail ad would run. They sometimes even ran coupons.
    Today we do the same thing with the internet advertising.
    That is all legitimate needs that companies in competition with one another have.
    The Smart TVs are another thing entirely and should be shut down.

  • Syrin

    The Federal Reserve will be bought by China within the year, then they will revalue the dollar to be worth a sixth of what it is. Your gov’t has TURNED on you. When are you all going to WAKE UP ?!?!?

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    It’s pure irony when Land of the Free is looking more like Soviet Union while Russia is no more an international threat. Oh yes I forgot to mention that the Mainscream Media are making again a picture of a “Big evil Russian”, thanks to Ukraine crisis which finally could lead to WW III.

    • Hammerstrike

      Weird start for WW3, there was plenty more US military activities prior to the 2003 Iraq war.

      Then again, the 2003 US economy was a lot more healthy than the current US economy.

      Thankfully, Germany needs the Russian federation to keep its economy running, unlike a lot of other countries within the euro that just keeps getting handouts.

      US needs Russia to keep its remaining space presence and supply its military with spare parts.
      They need Russian volk a lot more than the Russia volk needs them.

      No plans to kill off 6 out 7 billions, what we have is Ineptocracy.

      *_Ineptocracy_****(in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers*

  • Geezer

    Jesus Christ has a plan for the armies of the NWO. Read Zechariah 14:12.

  • K

    I am also a retiree. If I felt I had to stay in the city. I would at least plan a few different ways to get out quickly. As far as defending yourself, not much of a chance in the big city. Just too many people, you would be overwhelmed quite quickly. If you have seen the news out of the Ukraine, you have seen what happens when you stay in the cities. If you think that can not happen here, you are wrong. I hope you will reconsider.

    • laura m.

      K: Hubby refuses to budge, as some friends bought land for the y2k farce, then had to sell later when nothing happened. gangs of people will hit the country too, unless you’re well hidden. I do agree, move if ya can.

      • K

        A purchase of land is better, but not necessary. An escape plan is. See if any of your friends or family may have places in the countryside, they would be willing to share. In my case, before I bought my place in the mountains. My plan consisted mostly of small motels, that were at least 20 miles from the nearest Interstate. That and the ability to pack up and leave, before the crowd could pack the roads.A foolish man stands on the railroad tracks, and demands the train must stop. A wise man, steps off the tracks. As for your husband, perhaps you could introduce a plan to leave, as an Insurance policy. You hope you never have to collect on it. But it is good to have some insurance.

  • Paul

    My wife and I were talking and we agree that most people don’t have the money or resources to prep properly or have a fall back location to resort to. The high percentage of the elderly won’t be able to live the cities due to basic medical needs. Parents will not want to relocate their children to a basic needs location out of fear. Deep down people are grasping onto what they know as ‘normal’ as desperately as they can, whether for good or bad reasons.
    I’m not worried about the government. The Seven Shofars/Trumpets in the Book of Revelation are going to have a global, devastating, effect on food, health and societies. The Bible teaches us that the plans of the wicked won’t come to pass. What we need to prepare for is the battle against evil–and yes, prepping is not wrong. We have to endure, and we need food and water and medical needs. However, it is my opinion that too many are worried about the government and not paying attention to YAHWEH’S HOLY WORD as we are commanded to do.
    Yes, there will come a time when the mark of the beast arrived–and this is why I mentioned the need to prep. We’re going to be battling a dark enemy, not the American government. The evils we’re seeing in the global governments are leading up to a one world government.
    True wisdom comes from YAHWEH’S HOLY WORD through YESHUA our ETERNAL RISEN LORD. If you want true understanding please, I beg you, read your Bible.

    • K

      Paul, we usually agree on most things. But it seems you would give the ones who stay in the cities, an excuse..A person who leaves a city, in time of great upheaval. With nothing more than his vehicle, some water, and a small supply of food. Is wiser than one who stays. Few of us can prepare to the point we would like to. So I have always done as much as I can, and left the rest with the Lord. How many times does the Bible itself tell people to flee. Into the mountains, into the wilderness, out of a city. From my standpoint if the city people flee, they will have a chance. if they stay no real chance. We must all follow on the path the Lord takes us. As to the Government. I feel it has been overtaken by evil. I will not worry about it. But I will shout out the warning, that there is great evil, in high places.

      • Paul

        I recommend all people leave the cities and not remain. I am implying that many won’t be able to or refuse to for whatever reason. I agree that fleeing the cities if mandatory, but when I walked around the grocery stores and stop at red lights and look around, not many people are taking the warnings to heart that are all around them. Yes, we keep running. I run a blog that focuses on Bible Prophecy and relate it to current news. Every day I see the evils getting worse. YAHWEH’S JUDGMENT IS CERTAIN and that is my peace.
        When I mention Bible Prophecy to people, for the most part, I am giving a strange look and ignored. It’s tiring, but I know YAHWEH’S children will keep on sounding the alarm. The fact is the main stream churches are not sounding the alarm and people are in the ‘we’re all okay’ mindset because they can still go to the grocery store and pay their electric bill. When this ends…people will be woken up. We must pray for those who are asleep.

        • K

          I understand. The watchman on the wall is free of guilt. If he has raised the alarm, and the people refuse to act.

          • GodisFakeFreedomIsReal

            I was fine until you brought “God” into it hahaha

          • Paul

            Woe to you when you stand before the True GOD of Israel in judgment. Whatever you remark will not matter because your soul is already dead unless you seek YESHAU, the HOLY SON OF GOD, as your LORD and PERSONAL SAVIOR. The words you speak are flesh and die away as soon as you speak them.

      • Hammerstrike

        Rats does not need any holy text to flee the sinking ship, now do they?

        At the very least, the people who flee the cities contributes nothing to the system.

        These people cannot be taxed while a single hellfire missile cost years of average taxpayer money…

    • Hammerstrike

      While SHTF is real and is already happening,
      the bible remains what it always was, a load of bull written by insane, goat-humping desert dwellers.

      • Paul

        Woe to you when you stand before the True GOD of Israel in judgment. Whatever you remark will not matter because your soul is already dead unless you seek YESHAU, the HOLY SON OF GOD, as your LORD and PERSONAL SAVIOR. The words you speak are flesh and die away as soon as you speak them. The Righteous remain forever while the wicked are destroyed. This is fact. .

        • Hammerstrike

          Explain to us why the Architect would have choosen an insigificant tribue of delluded desert-dwellers over every other people on the planet?

          That choosen people was flesh that died in the pogroms, gas Chambers.
          When they stopped being victims is when they themselves fought their own battles, 1956, 1967 and 1973.

          evilbible. c om

          This is fact.

          If anything, the bible was written by Satan, which you would find yourself standing before.

          • K

            You would have a human, any human, explain to you the mind of God? What arrogance. If it were possible, it would be beyond your understanding. You might as well ask an ant, to explain human civilization.

          • Hammerstrike

            Exactly, the basis of the bible, quran and its apologistes is to the arrogant claim to know and explain.

            Ants with unwarranted self-importance explaining human civilization to other ants.

            evilbible. c om

            ThereligionofPeace. or g

          • K

            Changed the topic, didn’t you. The Bible is easily understood, and is written at a level a human can understand. Previous you wanted an explanation, of choices God made. Something we can not understand. It is all very simple, only man complicates it.

          • Hammerstrike

            Who brought the bible into this first? That´s right.

          • K

            You are a very confused person. I pity you.

          • Paul

            K, ignore this person–when he stands before YAHWEH in true judgment he will know the truth. until then he will dwell In his own poisons.

          • Deleted Truths

            Paul, you are already drinking your own poisons in the belief that they are the cure, if you keep doing that, then you will surely have health problems.

          • Paul

            The ignorance of man does not bother me. I depend on the Wisdom of YAHWEH as my truth and strength. the words of the flesh die away–the WORD OF GOD remains forever. someday when you die the Bible will still be here. This is absolute truth. The WORD OF GOD has been since the begibbing and creation and will remain forever. the flesh dies away.

          • Paul

            The ignorance of man does not bother me. I depend on the Wisdom of YAHWEH as my truth and strength. the words of the flesh die away–the WORD OF GOD remains forever. someday when you die the Bible will still be here. This is absolute truth. The WORD OF GOD has been since the beginning of creation and will remain forever. the flesh dies away.

          • Orly?

            I pity you.

            You know what the bible actually states, you know of the things it stands for.

            You could have just stated that you believe that the bible is imperfect, contain good as well as bad but you do not even do that

            Rationality is man’s basic virtue, the source of all his other virtues. Man’s basic vice, the source of all his evils, is the act of unfocusing his mind, the suspension of his consciousness, which is not blindness, but the refusal to see, not ignorance, but the refusal to know.
            Irrationality is the rejection of man’s means of survival and, therefore, a commitment to a course of blind destruction; that which is anti-mind, is anti-life.

            That is, your decision and nothing stops you from it.

            We can all ignore reality, of course, but we cannot for long ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. Especially not with what is coming.

        • Deleted truth

          If anything, woe to those like you, who knows but choose willfull ignorance.

          Claims a book is the perfect word of the creator but yet ignores numerous parts of it.

          With the choice of blind faith, true morality always goes out of the window for good and willfull ignorance is judged harshly in this World, oh yes.

          One can tell only by looking at how and why your country and the rest of the west are headed toward an epic disaster to know it is so.

          One can tell just by looking and thinking, not because so it was written in a book or even as a comment on the internet.

    • Solardiamond


      I was wondering how to say what you just posted but you did a great job. I would have laughed at your post 40 years ago, as many will do now, but after years of exploring “The Book Of Revelation,” I can see God’s Word coming true. It says clearly that in the last days, Israel will be front page news.
      To those who think we are stupid for believing in Jesus, I say in love, “Never take the mark.” Some say that’s the main goal of Obamacare.

      Believe and God will show you how real He truly is. I am anything but “overholy;” yet, I want people to seek the Truth.
      Do not worry about being “good enough,” for none of us are, certainly not me. God covers us with His Grace, as you would your own children.

  • stevesmitty79

    I find it ironic and a bit humorous that an article about the intrusion of big brother would be followed by your choice of NSA data mining sites such as Disqus, Facebook, Twitter and Google to post a comment. Thankfully, there is an anonymous option, but I still choose to use my longstanding handle, just not through big brother’s direct channels. That just seems to be counter intuitive to the intent of the article.

  • Sandbagger

    Amazing video.

  • Arizona

    America used to build things that were good for the people and the world,THEN THEY SAID “HEY LET US ONLY DO EVIL”and that was the end of america,THE LORD will destroy every nation,who uses their hands to do evil……GOOD BY AMERICA,your end is now in sight……………..

  • wally58

    Velcome to zee Great United Soviet Socialist Satanic States of Amerika, mien herrs!

  • Cynical Guy 42

    I guess our right to privacy is extinct.

    • Hammerstrike

      Till` next Carrington Event.

    • Thunderbolt

      No, we just have to make the choice to fight it, might make life a little bit more troublesome, but we have to decide if you want privacy, or be part of the problem.

  • DJohn1

    Reading the headlines: 20 billion being spent on White House Helicopters. FBI investigating the rebels at the Bundy Ranch.
    Government has no difficulty spending billions on pet projects.
    They have a great deal of difficulty giving seniors a raise in their Social Security to keep up with inflation.
    They have no trouble spending lots of money exploring Mars.
    They have no trouble spending lots of money on Drones to watch every little move people make.
    The Executive Branch wants to relax immigraton rules.
    Don’t worry, it is going to be fully funded and supported.
    Even though it will add a huge burden to the all ready over spent welfare roles and Medicaid for those that cannot afford medical care. The government wants to teach them how to defraud welfare.
    They want to raise the minimum wage? How does that effect millions of people that now will no longer qualify for social programs put on by the Federal Government with wage limits?
    In order to get the same benefits they now have, these people would have to make at least 40,000 a year. Or at least something like that figure.
    We, as a people, have become a two-class people. You are either very rich, or you are part of a huge mass of people that are poor.
    A small class of people are still somewhere in the middle class. That number is shrinking as we watch.
    The government is willing to spend any amount of money to keep us all under some kind of control.
    The day that the Congress did away with Due Process was the day that the United States of America ended.
    We are now watching the Decline and Fall of everything we have known all our lives to be true. It is certainly more entertaining than what we might watch on TV.

    • Hammerstrike

      What happen when that governement can´t borrow anymore and the middle-class have been gutted?

      A single hellfire missile cost today cost more than what is today an average citizen´s yearly income.

      Mind you, the growing wealth gap makes it worst for the system.

      It goes like this, the really rich does not pay their taxes, otherwise they would not be getting richer.
      The growing masses of the poor does not pay much taxes either.
      They have a massive shortage of skills, so you can´t even have them contributing a lot to the system while getting poorly paid like in some third-world countries.

  • Magdiel

    Hello Michael I put a comment here yesterday. Did you delete it?

  • TheLulzWarrior


  • Rogoraeck

    A hundred years ago a famous man have said, in the XXI Century it will be FORBIDDEN to THINK!
    Don’t laugh!

  • Thunderbolt

    You know, we can fight this but we may have to make some tough choices. Do you really need a TV, people live without one for years, some still do and are just fine. Do you really have to have the internet, not really, we could live without it personally. Same thing with smart phones, go back to LL phone, they still have them, sure they can listen in on them, but the attention is on them. Get rid of debt cards, CC, and “bonus cards” with stores, if you do have a smart phone do not take it in the store with you, use cash as much as possible. Don’t buy newer vehicles with “smart tech” built in, buy older used vehicles and fix them up. Not saying the government is not going to keep pushing this, they are, but lets make it harder and harder for them.

  • lilbear68

    remember, always aim for just below the helmet

  • anonymous1

    The only reason that I can imagine one person being so interested in another person’s every thought, movement, etc. is because they have no life of their own. It is nice to be concerned about one’s neighbor, but being this nosy is not about concern, it is about control. Why is Big Brother so interested in what everyone is doing? Some people’s neighbors, brothers, sisters, friends, etc. earn a living by spying on their fellow Americans; aren’t they ashamed for violating the 4th Amendment and the privacy of others? If not, they should be. For all of the Christians, doesn’t the Bible say something about not being a busybody or being in other people’s affairs (2 Thess 3:11)?

  • Private companies also extensively share information gathered about you with all kind of public services, national or local, including child protective agencies, social services and health authorities, and they earn big money from sharing the information. And those big brothers feel no limits for what they do. In many societies children are drugged down at kindergartens and schools to undergo intimate examinations to detect signs of abuse or negelct, or to use the children in some medical project. If you child comes home telling strange stories or having weird symptoms or signs difficult to interprete, this can be the explanantion.

  • Free Independent

    One commenter here says God has other plans. So true. We need not fear.

  • Free Independent

    Lincoln would be sorely disappointed in present day America because he would see that government of, by and for the people is indeed perishing from the earth.