1.6 Trillion Dollars More Debt: Fiscal Conservatives Have Been Raped By The Republican Party

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What the Republican Party has done to fiscal conservatives over the past year and a half has been a betrayal so vast that it is difficult to find words to describe it.  Back in 2010, the Tea Party was riding high and a flood of new Republicans was sent to the U.S. House of Representatives in one of the greatest landslides in U.S. political history.  On election night 2010, more House seats changed hands than in another other election since 1948.  It was the greatest defeat for any sitting president in a midterm election since 1938.  After the election, the Democrats were left with fewer House seats than at any other time since 1946.  Needless to say, it was an absolutely historic election.  The Tea Party completely dominated American politics that night, and they sent the Republican Party a clear message that they wanted government debt to be brought under control.  So what has changed since then?  Not much.  The U.S. government is still running trillion dollar deficits every single year.  I have previously spent a lot of time blaming Barack Obama and the Democrats for this, but the truth is that they could not have spent a single penny without the approval of the U.S. House of Representatives.  So the Republican Party is complicit in this crime against the American people.  If there was ever a mandate to take a stand against runaway government debt, it was after the 2010 election, and the Republican Party has failed miserably.  So what are fiscal conservatives supposed to do now?


As CNS News recently pointed out, the U.S. national debt has increased by approximately 1.6 trillion dollars over the past 15 months.  This Congress has added more to the national debt than the first 97 Congresses combined….

When Boehner became speaker on Jan. 5, 2011, the federal government was operating under a continuing resolution that had been passed on Dec. 21, 2010 by a lame-duck Congress. That CR expired on March 4, 2011.

On March 1, 2011, Boehner agreed to a new short-term spending deal with President Barack Obama and Democratic congressional leaders to keep the government running past the March 4, 2011 expiration of the old CR. Since March 4, 2011, federal expenditures have been carried out under a series of CRs approved by both the Republican-controlled House and the Democrat-controlled Senate and signed into law by President Obama.

At the close of business on March 4, 2011, the total federal debt was $14,182,627,184,881.03, according to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Public Debt. At the close of business on May 31, 2012, it was 15,770,685,085,364.14. That is an increase of $1,588,057,900,483.11—in just 15 months.

We should expect Democrats to act like this.  They don’t seem to even care that they are plunging our nation into financial oblivion.

But Republicans are always giving speeches about how bad the national debt is.  They are endlessly promising us that they are going to stand up to Barack Obama.

Sadly, they never seem to deliver.

Most Republican politicians seem to have absolutely no backbone.

If the Republicans had wanted to stop these trillion dollar deficits they could have done it.

They could have said no to anything but a balanced budget.

Not a single penny of government money can be spent unless it is approved by the U.S. House of Representatives, and the Republicans have total control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

So why are we still running trillion dollar deficits?

Why does our national debt chart still look like this?….

The Republican Party is a poor excuse for a political party at this point.

They can’t even stand up for the most basic things that the party is supposed to stand for.

Why should anyone give them any money?  Why should anyone volunteer to work on their campaigns?  They never do the things that we send them to Washington D.C. to do.

If they are not going to work for us, then why should any of us ever work for them?

The U.S. national debt is not some small issue.

It is the greatest debt in the history of the world and it threatens to destroy the future for all Americans.

Right now, the United States already has more government debt per capita than Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland or Spain does.  How much worse does it have to get before we all start screaming at the top of our lungs?

When Ronald Reagan was elected, the U.S. national debt was less than a trillion dollars.

Now it is almost 16 trillion dollars.

And the Republican Party had control of the White House most of the time that debt was being run up.

Shame on the Republican Party!  Most of them are just a bunch of watered-down Democrats when it comes to fiscal issues.

Sadly, the American people are not even being told how bad things really are.  If the federal government used GAAP accounting standards, the real federal budget deficit for last year would have been 5 trillion dollars instead of 1.3 trillion dollars.

A recent USA Today article explained how this number was arrived at….

Under those accounting practices, the government ran red ink last year equal to $42,054 per household — nearly four times the official number reported under unique rules set by Congress.

A U.S. household’s median income is $49,445, the Census reports.

The big difference between the official deficit and standard accounting: Congress exempts itself from including the cost of promised retirement benefits. Yet companies, states and local governments must include retirement commitments in financial statements, as required by federal law and private boards that set accounting rules.

Yes, we should definitely blame the Democrats for this.  The Democrats are absolutely horrible.

But where are the Republicans?

They could have blocked all of this if they wanted to.

Right now, the federal government is stealing approximately 150 million dollars an hour from our children and our grandchildren.

Just think about that for a while.

By the end of this hour, the federal government will steal 150 million dollars from future generations.

Then they will do that again next hour.

And the hour after that.

And the hour after that.

The Republicans could stop this nightmare but they refuse.

And you know what?

If Mitt Romney is elected he is not going to stop it either.

According to a recent article in the Washington Times, Romney admitted that he has absolutely no plans to balance the federal budget in his first year during a recent campaign stop….

“My job is to get America back on track to have a balanced budget. Now I’m not going to cut $1 trillion in the first year”

So why aren’t fiscal conservatives howling in outrage?

It is because they are so scared of another term for Obama that they are willing to go along with just about anything.

They are even willing to vote for Mitt Romney.

During that same campaign stop, Mitt Romney went on to explain why he does not plan to balance the budget….

“The reason,” he explained, “is taking a trillion dollars out of a $15 trillion economy would cause our economy to shrink [and] would put a lot of people out of work.”

And you know what?

Mitt Romney is right about that.

Sucking a trillion dollars out of the economy would make the economic statistics look absolutely horrible and would guarantee him a one way ticket out of the White House in 2016.

Our politicians don’t want to ever cut the budget significantly because it will hurt the economy and make them look bad.  If they look bad then there is a good chance that they will not be elected again.

So we continue to steamroll down the same path that Greece has gone.

In the end, our financial system will be absolutely destroyed.

Things did not have to turn out this way.

The Republican Party could have taken a stand.

But they didn’t.  The cowards in the Republican Party always gave in.

So now we all get to pay the price.

The greatest debt bubble in the history of the world is going to burst and America is going to be completely devastated.

  • Gary2

    Michael–I have been saying that the tea party folks are nothing but cannon fodder for the rich for some time. The rich will throw these defenders of the 1% under the bus in a heartbeat. The tea party is easily manipulated as they are low information fox news rush bimbo listening fools.

    Tea party–Your rich benefactors could give 2 ******** about your silly social conservative agenda. You have been sold out.

    You started out with good anti bail out goals but because you are easily led you got duped. You have to not watch fox or listen to rush. They are playing you and doing a good job at it. Your movement is now for the most part discredited. even some of the “leaders” are saying this. Can you say astro turf???

    Here tea party is what the majority want:

    Sorry to all the 1% defenders-more agree with me TAX THE RICH HARD!

    •72% of participants favored raising taxes on people earning more than $1 million a year.

    •74% believe eliminating tax credits for the oil and gas industries to help reduce the budget deficit is mostly or totally acceptable.

    •63% believe it is totally or mostly acceptable to eliminate the Bush tax cuts for families earning over $250,000 per year.

    •78% support repealing the Bush tax cuts as a major or minor way to reduce the federal budget deficit.
    •72% describe the recent debt ceiling negotiations in negative terms such as: terrible, disappointing, childish, and a joke.

    •64% think it is a good idea for the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share in taxes and can afford to pay more for programs and government operations.

    •53% believe it is totally or mostly unacceptable to reduce the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% .


    • A Concerned AmeriCan Patriot

      There are (almost) no honest politicians, they may enter the system honest, but the system requires them to become corrupt to get anywhere. Both parties (and the divisions of both parties) are enticed to vote by big corps that are pro bigcorp, and antiAmerican. Most politicians simply do not give a damn for you or me, they only care how much money they can make for themselves and their benefactors. This is the sad truth of politics, anyone honest has lies written about them to decry them and remove them from any chance of doing anything good, like reforming the system for instance. Do not just blame republicans for this Gary 2, it is both parties (and politicians in general) that are causing America’s downfall. I still believe capitalism can work though. Pure capitalism does. “When the gov’t values, above all else; even above human life; personal gain, then hope is nearly gone, but those who do not lose hope and persevere, will accomplish great things.” No idea who the source of that quote is, nor if it’s 100% accurate, so if someone can provide a source and the proper quote, I would be much obliged. Also keep in mind with your replies Gary that I am still in high school, and have yet to turn 18, so I cannot vote yet, and I cannot do anything about the rampant corruption throughout this country as a whole.

      • A Concerned AmeriCan Patriot

        Pure capitalism is where everyone has an equal chance to achieve in life, not inhibited by choice of profession, over intrusion by gov’t, etc.

        • Gary2

          ah but there is the twist–there is in no way shape or form anything like equal opportunity to succeed.

          Currently the best predictor of wealth is choosing your parents wisely and winning the lucky sperm contest.

          • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

            But there is Gary, you know Lincoln? He was a backcountry farmer whose parents both died early leaving him to look after his sister. Guess where he ended up? Oh, that’s right, THE WHITE HOUSE; as one of the greatest presidents we’ve had. Also Edison made his fortune from nothing, the dream of the Wright brothers got us flying, the dream of independence is how we as a nation were born. So yes Gary, anyone with a dream may accomplish it; it may be increasingly difficult with all of the government rules and regulations, but it can still be done.
            And just because people are successful does not mean they should be spited for it, unless they are like Bernie Madolf; if they earned their wealth legitimately, there is no harm in letting them keep it, as opposed to giving it to those on welfare many of whom (not all) are lazy and are glad to not have to work to get paid. And before you call me a poor basher; know that my family is eligible for welfare, we just don’t chose to take other’s money.

          • Gary2

            if you have to go back to the 1800’s for your example you loose. period.

        • Gay Veteran

          pure capitalism leads to monopolies, which is why businesses have to be regulated

    • Eisenkreutz


      • Gary2

        ok rush

    • valerie

      Gary2, I wish I could like your post a million times. So true, so true!!

    • Randome-11
    • Scott

      Mindless deflection from the real topic which is spending. Even taxing the Rich at 100% won’t put a dent in the deficit. How about addressing the topic at hand, instead of copying and pasting the same drivel on every thread.

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        How about instead of taxing the rich into oblivion, we eliminate all of the useless gov’t employees and programs that are just sending money down the drain? How about we take any government official who uses the “million dollar hammer” gig to line their pockets and prosecute them unto the full extent of the law. Then maybe politicians would stop stealing so much from the people, and actually put that money to good use. We should also not allow politicians to have a 100% pension after only one term (in many cases stacking per term), nor should we allow them to create their own salary, and we should impose term limits on every political arena.
        just a thought

    • Kevin


      The problem is if all of the ideas you presented were implemented the US is still falling.

      Wealth needs to be created. Redistributing it is just delaying the fall for many. I don’t disagree with the taxing the rich significantly more since they paid a lot higher percentage in taxes back in the US glory days of the 1950s & 60s. It did not hold us back but carrying the world has drained us.

  • mark

    If we want to change the Republican Party to a conservative party, it will take time to toss out the neocons and other big spenders. I do not think we have enough time, but where else do we have to go to stop Obama. Gary Johnson is a bright guy but it sounds like he smokes to much pot. Look how many years it took for nut jobs like Gary2 to take over the democrat party. The leaders of both parties know the the wheels are coming off the bus and they could bring on the collaspe real soon after the large cuts that need to be made start. They will not do this as they are scared to death as to what will happen soon after the checks stop flowing. Romney will slow down the timeline a bit and might get rid of some real bad rules from the EPA. Our debt is to large to cover when you count Medicaid, Medicare and social security costs coming down the road. At some point interest rates will climb and when we hit aroud 7% we are toast. You had better get prepared.

    • Gay Veteran

      the so-called Tea Party Republicans have been bought out by the Wall Street banksters

      • Stan522

        I’m not seeing it. Please show me the connection.

        • Gay Veteran

          look at how the Tea Party Repubicans have voted and look at the campaign donations they have received at Karl Dennigner’s site (he’s one of the founders of the Tea Party)

          • Stan522

            Uh Oh…. this must mean obama is a “TEA Bagger” because he is full of Wall Street money too. You know….. those one-percenters….


            And here is one from the Washington Post:


            Is it that democrat Wall Street, one-percenter’s money is good and republican Wall Street, one percenter’s money is bad–?

            I have a different spin…. Politicians (all) are whores for any money they can get. They all pander to big corporate, they threaten them with legislation and then back off once money is received. They pander to voting blocks by threatening that the other guy is going to take away your medicare, social security, welfare, food stamps, (fill in the blank ___________).

            Meanwhile, people like you and me get all riled up and think these turds are going to save us.

            Stop believing politicians and government will save you. They just want your money and your vote to keep themselves in power.

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        And the so-called 99%ers support socialism and the redistribution of wealth from those who have earned it to those who haven’t worked a day in their lives; both extremes are bad, we need to find some common ground and work from there, after all, we are one nation, a nation of Americans; not two nations based on party loyalty.

        • Stan522

          I see where you are coming from on this and I respect your posts. However, I see the differences in those who post here aligned more by “Ideology” versus party. I blame both political party’s (dem’s and repub’s) for the debacle we are in now. I believe the career political elites hacks have to go, no matter which party. There is too much personal enrichment for the elites and they do it through corporatism, not capitalism.

          Some of those you have replied to are admittedly a socialist, or communist. I yearn for the day gone by that these Anti American trolls would hide with shame. What a toilet bowl we have become for allowing this out in the open.

          • Gay Veteran

            you wouldn’t know a socialist or communist if one came up and kicked you in the butt

        • Gay Veteran

          those who have earned it?!?!? you mean the Wall Street banksters? the Koch brothers who inherited their wealth?

          • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

            We need to screw our heads back on and focus on a real, major issue; political strife between parties are turning us against each other, when we need to focus on stepping forwards by stepping backwards; bring back the 50’s, where communism was NOT seen as a valid form of government, and where capitalism was in its prime; most people were better off than they were before the war. We are all American, it is time we realized it.

          • Stan522

            Envy is a deadly sin and unbecoming of a fine moral character. Focus instead on what you can do to uplift your own life instead of being envious and jealous of others good fortune.

            It’s amazing what affect deciding to be self reliant and responsible for your own actions will bring you.

          • Stan522

            Gary2 is a self admitted Socialist. I don’t need to go search and spot one. They’ve come out in the open and admit fully who they are. They are embolden by the turd POTUS and his minions in his czar kingdom. Where do you stand, former soldier?

        • Gay Veteran

          uh, Stan, I am quite aware of “Goldman Sachs” Obama and “Wall Street” Romney

          • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

            Gay Veteran; the 99%ers want to take money from everyone better off than them, not just those who earned it illegally. They are envious of wealth, and instead of working hard to become better off (which I’ll admit is in no small part due to the economy)they sit and protest anyone and everyone who has ore than them. I also (unfortunately) know quite a few who agree with the majority of socialism’s viewpoints in my classes; so they’re basically socialists. It never works.

  • ScoutMotto

    I have no faith in either of the big two. They all work for the same masters.

    • jaxon64

      agreed…..as I like to say, blue state Raspberry Dem KollAid or Red State Cherry Repub KoolAid–its all still KoolAid and 98% slurp it down, 1% are distributing the koolaid and 1% actually know that there is group of international elitists behind the curtain readying for the end of US sovereignty.

      I also like the analogy of a single serpent but with 2 heads–and the masses have been tricked into fervently battling over which head of the same snake they like more–ignoring all the while that it is really just a single snake–and it is eating their liberty alive !!

    • TK

      They are the exact same, it is nice to know that others are awake as well!!!!!

  • mondobeyondo

    Keep adding more trillions to the national debt. Yeah, that’s the solution. Press that money making gas pedal to the floor. Sooner or later, it’s going to end up in such a horrific crash, it’ll make the 1973 Indianapolis 500 look good.

    Don’t think so? Google or YouTube “1973 Indianapolis 500”. It was awful.
    AWFUL. And no, I don’t remember it. I was 7 years old then. Gordon Johncock won the race, though. That’s what really matters……. right?

  • Dave

    You lost me the second I read the comparison of the U.S. to Greece. The two monetary systems are entirely different in every single way imaginable.

    The Tea Party people that were elected likely woke up to the realities of U.S. monetary operations. Being the sole legal entity to issue currency, if the Federal Government doesn’t spend it into existence, it just plain doesn’t exist. If currency doesn’t exist how does anyone go out and spend it (increasing economic activity and the need for jobs)?

    Roughly 8 of 12 trillion dollars is sitting in savings doing absolutely nothing. Until people feel they have a cushion they can fall back on, they won’t be spending it. Injection of currency, AKA federal government spending, is about the only thing that will contribute to lifting economic activity because everyone is sitting on whats already out there.

    I’m also pretty sure you don’t even know what the federal government debt is actually made of. Contrary to popular belief, the federal government doesn’t need your money to spend more. After all, they are the sole legal entity responsible for issuing the currency you use. Every working person in the country is contributing to the “national debt”. Look at your paycheck. See those PICA taxes? That money goes to trust funds which by federal law must use to purchase u.s. govt. bonds. Much of this makes up the public debt side of the national debt figure. Much of this is Social Security money. Not to mention if you or anyone else walks into a bank and purchases a savings bond, it too is added to the public debt side of the national debt. Foreign debt is slightly different. Everything imported into the U.S. is paid for in USD. That money is more often than not put into purchasing treasury securities in the names of the foreign governments that export their goods to the U.S. They actually EARNED that money and it sits in an account at the federal reserve. They didn’t loan us anything.

    • marK

      Sorry Dave, There is no trust fund full of wealth. Those bonds that you talk about are debt. The wealth sitting in savings accounts belongs to those that saved the money to put into those savings accounts and in turn the banks loan the cash out at a higher interest rate than they pay for the privledge to have the use of my money. Those that borrow the money are supposed to invest it into a business that will return a profit. If the Fed and the government print more and more dollars they make the dollars that you or I have saverd up worth less. At first iur dollars were backed by gold since the Federal Reserve could not just print it and devalue the existing money. Since the Federal Reserve to over the value of our money has droped be about 97%. That is a lot of lost value. When those that control the printing presses are out of control, the paper will have less and less value over time and that is what is taking place today.

      • Stan522

        May I add that banks loan out far more than what deposits they may have of ours. This defines the fractional banking system we are in. That pie in the sky funny money fiat currency game is a gamble and at some point in the near future, this all will implode. At some point, paper money will be worthless, which is one of the reasons for all the “prepping” by some.

  • David Hammond

    There are no sound minds left in the US Government. With that being said, I believe the US government is preparing for the collapse from certain legislations that have been passed this last year in order to control the masses in the future. Look at the expansion of the US government and their authority they now have over US citizens. It makes me wonder that they know it will soon all come to an end so they are spending into an oblivion while they can, like a bipolar in their manic phase before the depression kicks in.

    But, walking close to the Lord, i take Daniel 2:44 to heart and realize the truth that we are living in a world that is passing a way. We battle against principalities and not the flesh alone. Walking with the Lord, we realize what is to come, and what is coming should not be a surprise.

  • Georgiaboy61

    The designations “Republican” and “Democrat” are distractions, red herrings, from the fact that the “red” team and the “blue” team are one and the same underneath it all. There’s only one major political party in America, what Weyrich and Lind call “the establishment party,” which is composed of those members of the political elite – Democrat and Republican alike – of the kind who move to Washington, D.C. and never leave. Presidents come and they go – but the establishment party is permanent. They comprise the permanent – and highly dysfunctional – political machinery that so mismanages this country. This is the reason that, despite election after election, nothing ever really changes for the better in this country. Political scientist and historian J.L. Talmon termed this phenomenon totalitarian democracy, “a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the integrity of a nation state whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of the government.” (Wikipedia)


    anyone with a working brain can see that since Nixon took the U.S.S.A. off the GOLD STANDARD, and then Ronald RayGun (CON-swervative my eye) then decided to deficit spend the nation into the toilet while also busting unions and collective bargaining by civil service personnel, via his PATCO cornholing, we have had more than 35 years of blatant HIGHWAY ROBBERY orchestrated by BOTH PARTIES.

    it took both DINOCRATS and REPUBE=LICKERS to utterly shaft the middle class, pass crap like NAFTA under the best GOP puppet the U.S.S.A. ever had in Bill Clintonstoned, and then let Secy. of the TREASURY under Clintonstoned conduct the biggest GOLD HEIST by shipping gold to Britain to be filled with TUNGSTEN so that the lion’s share of that gold could take a hike to ROTHSCHILDS banks in London.

    time after time, wealth transfer OUT OF THE U.S.S.A. has taken place, and nary a word from anyone because they were too busy watching; “Dancing With The Transgender Fags” on the idiot box, clutching their remote control clickers and swilling HFCS filled aspartame laced soft drinks. Nobody in America seemed to be able to grasp that the largest continual HEIST of ALL FINANCIAL WEALTH was going on for almost FORTY YEARS, shipping all of it to Mssrs. ROTHSCHILDS in London.

    the U.S.S.A. never truly broke free of Rothschilds rule since the War of 1812 more or less re-affirmed that virtually all financial dealings in the U.S.S.A. would be controlled by ******* bankers ROTHSCHILDS of LONDON.

    every *****************, every war, fomented by that one family, to pillage and RAPE the U.S.S.A. and any third world nation who dare get in their way.

    it’s now 2012 and the end is near. Debt Usury took a horrible toll, and BOTH PARTIES DID THIS TO US, *********************************

  • bohica

    typical ignorant comment unworthy of response- dont you know its better to be thought a fool than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt?

  • Stan522

    Gary, you are an idiot and quite frankly I’m amazed there are people like you out there spewing your anti American sentiment. Yes, I said anti American because America….. the country you live in was not founded upon socialism, communism, or any other -ism that you support.

    TEA Party is not in support of the 1%…… that divisive envy, class warfare propaganda was created by your chairman and the left to divide this country (read Cloward Piven). It is a strategy, I am sure you agree with from reading your crap. Ronald Reagan once said, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”. You, my friend, are the poster child for that quote.

    The TEA Party are not being fooled. They know well enough that the political elites are well entrenched in both political parties. The cushy relationship between politicians constantly in search of campaign money can leverage the cash through crony capitalism. Are there percenter’s who are culpable—? absolutely, but not all rich people play in that game.

    Those who align themselves within the TEA Party want less government intervention, less taxes, more people with a sense of self reliance and responsibility from their own actions. The same result would occur whether you give everything “free stuff”, with no strings attached to your children, or welfare recipient’s, they become dependent upon it and they lose their self-reliance. If you do that over long a period of time to enough people you rob a country of its worth. What you support in your socialism is just plain evil and has ruined this country.

    What Michael writes about the Republican Party is absolutely correct, but it can also be said about the Democrat’s too. When looking at the long term political elite’s on both sides, in my opinion, they are the same thing. Who are we fooling–? All politicians will eventually succumb to the pressures of money. Politicians create voting blocks by pandering to them. “Vote for me, and I will give you “XXXXX”! Politician’s leverage the corporate elite by threatening the passage of measures that will adversely affect their business. Certain corporations will pay heavily to the political campaign of both party’s to influence their vote, but the same thing can be said about unions. Why is one evil and the other one not in your head–? It’s the same damn thing, but you and your crony’s on the left point the finger at the 1%.

    go ahead and continue to lead your ignorant life, I blame them all.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Those who align themselves within the TEA Party want less government intervention, less taxes….”

      and yet they want their Social Security, their Medicare, and a gigantic Pentagon budget

      • Gary2

        tea party=retarded.

        • Stan522

          Took you all day to come up with that one—-? Add pathetic to my other adjectives.

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          Anyone who puts party loyalty over national loyalty=Retarded

      • Stan522

        Let’s assume for this discussion you are correct with TEA Party approval for these two government programs and the funding of our defense. But, let’s look at it at it from a different perspective.
        I don’t think we should assume just because someone wants to keep something infers their approval for it. Maybe instead, there could be many, many ears of paying into these Ponzi Schemes and they simply don’t want to give up the money and walk away. I am sure if the question was posed differently like, “Would you have preferred investing your hard earned revenue for SS and Medicare into and private equity firm and a health care savings account over the many years instead of the government Ponzi scheme you would see a different result.
        What kind of true American, as well as a supposed veteran wants a weak defense-? Defending our nation is one of the few things in the US Constitution that is mandated. We can debate how much is too much, however.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “Why are mainline conservatives so into getting gangraped? Why do they love getting conned? They worship the corporate fascists so much. It’s just insane.”—Alex Jones

    Michael T. Snyder writes: “What the Republican Party has done to fiscal conservatives over the past year and a half has been a betrayal so vast that it is difficult to find words to describe it.” That’s absolutely right. And there’s a word to describe anyone who still has faith in the Republican and Democrat wings of the War Party: sucker.

    The Tea Party condemned itself to total failure the minute it allied itself with the Republican wing of the War Party. The Tea Party should have built an independent third party movement including (though not necessarily limited to) the Libertarian Party; instead, it made a pact with the devil just like the so-called “progressive” suckers who naively think that the Democrat wing of the War Party will lead them to the promised land. So-called “progressives” suckers: welcome to buyers’ remorse, the 2008 edition. Tea Party suckers: welcome to buyers’ remorse, the 2010 edition.

    The reality is that much of the Republican/so-called “neoconservative” (more like neo-fascist) agenda carries a heavy price tag.

    You want imperialist wars and empire building? Get out your wallet.

    You want a War on Drugs? Get out your wallet.

    You want to have the highest incarceration rate in the developed world (if you can call this Third World hellhole a “developed” country”)? Get out your wallet.

    You want to lock people up for prostitution, strip clubs, porn, etc.?” Get out your wallet.

    You want bailouts and corporate welfare? Get out your wallet.

    You want the cops to serve as “enforces for the crime bosses” (to borrow a phrase from Gerald Celente) and beat the crap out of anyone who challenges the bankster mafia? Get our your wallet.

    So if you oppose the War on Drugs, corporate welfare, bailouts, imperialist wars, and prostitution busts, vote Libertarian. If you support those things, please shut up and pay your taxes.

    And for the “progressives” who think that a second term from Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama term will take you to Progressive Heaven…….dream on, my friends.

    “We have two choices, only two. And it’s not Romney or Obama. It’s fascism or freedom, and I’m voting for freedom.”—Gerald Celente

    “I don’t need some jerk like Romney, Santorum, Obama, Bush, Clinton or the rest of them telling me that they’re my leaders. They couldn’t lead me across the street.”—Gerald Celente

    “Voting for the lesser of two evils is voting for your own enslavement.”—Gerald Celente

    “Don’t tell me to leave—you leave. If Obama, if Clinton, if Mittens Romney, if Rick Santorum, if Neutered Gingrich, if Herman ‘999 666’ Cain, if Michelle Bachmann, if Sarah Palin, if Harry Reid—if any of these people want to tell me to leave because I don’t believe their BS, come over and we can talk. You want to go man-to-man with me? We could go at it. Don’t send one of your flunkies.”—Gerald Celente

    “Without bread, Americans will be consoled by circuses for only so long. One more bailout, another high-ranking government official caught with his hand in the till, one more indication that the Marie Antoinettes who inhabit the District of Columbia believe themselves above the law—and then watch out. It could get ugly.”—Justin Raimondo

    “We have an election coming up between Romney and Obama. It’s not the lesser of two evils: it’s the greater of two stooges. These are no choices. That’s why I’m calling for a voter’s strike. If you vote for the lesser of two evils in a criminal organization, you are an accessory to a crime—the crime being committed against democracy and freedom in America. If you voted for one of the two members of the two-headed one-party system, you are an accessory to the crime.”—Gerald Celente

    The Banana Republic of America (formerly Los Estados Unidos) is seriously broken on so many levels, and this Third World hellhole will only go from bad to worse as long as the Republican and Democrat wings of the War Party are in place.

  • As anybody who bothers to read this kind of article already knows, the derivative bubbles are orders of magnitude greater than the public debt bubbles. Therefore, talking about attempts to restrain spending, as a means to limit the runaway debts is goofy, since the system already has more fatal problems than the public debt aspects! With a basic money-as-debt system, which is what already exists, IF there were no more debts, there would be no more money!

    What theoretically needs to be done is monetary revolution. No “reforms” of the established systems come within a light year of the actual ASTRONOMICAL SIZE of these problems. Furthermore, nothing within the domain of merely political economy can cope with the reality of a global fiat money electronic fraud, backed with atomic bombs.

    The basic problem is that we are looking at the runaway triumph of organized crime, in the form of a MONEY/MURDER SYSTEM. It is impossible to separate the murder system from the money system.

    Therefore, any and all genuine solutions are necessarily going to be based on changing BOTH.

    The deeper problems are that the history of the murder system was the history of militarism, in which deceits and spies, etc., were the most important factors which contributed to victories. Therefore, I repeat the obvious, American history has seen the triumph of WAR IS KING, rapidly changing to FRAUD IS KING.

    Nobody has a clue what happens next, since nothing in human history can be compared to a runaway system of global electronic fraud, backed by atomic weapons. The American Money and American Military are the leading players inside of that system. The debt controls depended on the death controls. That MUST continue to be the case. However, since those who were the best at doing that were also the best at lying about it, there is no sane way to have any rational public debates about those social facts. The established systems ARE out-of-control insanities, headed towards psychotic breakdowns. The only theoretically rational responses are to develop better death controls. That is theoretically possible, but so totally impracticable as to appear as amusing absurdity.

    There can be no rational debates inside of the context where FRAUD IS KING, while those who are the best at lying about their death controls are the ones actually doing that. We are playing Russian roulette on a roller coaster ride that has never been tested before!

  • Gary2

    I do not think the debt is an issue. We can borrow at historic low interest rates and we should be having another stimulus but bigger than the too small last one. Government can create jobs and we need it to do so now. It can simply take the money the big corps are sitting on and spend it.

    The debt is a non issue that conservatives use to dismantle the remaining new deal safety net programs.

    Look at Europe-austerity does not work.

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      Every bubble eventually bursts Gary, and the debt bubble we have is $15trillion, which is a pretty big debt bubble. If it bursts, say goodbye to any reasonable prices and say hello to a situation that makes the great depression in Germany (where it cost a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a cup of coffee) seem like a good situation.

  • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

    What we the people do not remember in discussions like this is that we are not republicans or democrats, we are not liberals or conservatives; we are all Americans, and should have the best interests of the country, not our party, be the priority. We are all Americans. It is time we wake up and realize this.

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      “A house divided against itself can not stand.”

      • MB92083

        You are wise beyond your years young man!

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          Thank you, I think my parents and family members did well in raising me thus far. I owe everything I am to them and Jesus

  • William

    While he did use excess paid in Social Security to balance the budget, Clinton left balanced budgets. The current nightmare started anew with the evil of the Smirking Chimp Bush. Republicans and those still STUPID enough to support what Bush did just will not come to grips with FACTS. The Bush tax cuts, two unfunded wars, unfunded Medicare Part D, and a HUGE expansion of the size and cost of the Federal government under the Shrub put the USA in the current position. Having said that, the failed Obummer has only worsened things. There are few in the US Congress who deserve reelection. They did this to America. No monies can be taxed, or spent, without the approval of the US House of Representatives. Republicans control the US House. The members of the US Congress like to borrow money and give it away to a foreign country, as well as wage unnecessary wars for that foreign country. Can you guess the name of this foreign country?????

  • Scott

    You are blaming the Republicans??!! You must be joking.

    BO has the WH. The Demoncrats had both the House and the Senate the first 2 years he was in office and the Pubs still only have the house.

    You’re so fulla crap!!!

    • Michael

      I am blaming both of them.

      The Republicans could stop the deficit spending any time they want. They have control of the House.


  • Scott

    Then again, I see your point. The Pubs could just ‘stop it all’ if they so chose. NO bill could/would pass if they would just vote NO!!!

  • Patricia Garner

    What a joke, what Bush did was cut taxes and increase “spending” but
    what Obama did was to keep the very same taxes (and spending) and also
    add “sitmulus”. In other words Obama was powerless to change any bad
    “Bush” policies, but could add a whopping new entitlement, Obamacare.
    Obama now wants to keep 98% of the terrible Bush tax policy (and
    spending) and add more “stimulus”. Hmm.. We need to contact some reputed consolidation companies such as http://www.ovlg.com/debt-management/

    • Obama inherited a mess. The economy is picking up, but it will die if the Fed does not follow through with a plan to force the banksters to stop hoarding commodities. I believe the Fed knows this is killing the economy. It has to stop.

      And the Tea Party was taken over by bank lovers. The Tea Party was taken over by the Koch Brothers whose dad cofounded the John Birch Society. Eisenhower said they were fringe because they didn’t want social security and unemployment insurance.

      And the Tea Party always supports war, and the neocons who make the war. In my ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies on Amazon, I expose those neocons. I suggest you not vote Republican until the party purges itself of neocons or you think Obama is a big spender? Wait til the neocons get back in power.