There Are A Lot Of Really Bizarre Theories About Monkeypox Going Around

As if 2022 wasn’t crazy enough, now it appears that we could be on the verge of another very deadly global pandemic.  As I write this, there are now 204 confirmed, probable or suspected cases of monkeypox in 17 different nations around the world.  By the time you read this, that total will probably be even higher.  In fact, the World Health Organization is specifically warning us to expect more cases.  Needless to say, this new outbreak has spawned a lot of really bizarre theories.  Some of these theories will end up being proven false, but at least some of these theories are likely to turn out to be accurate.  There is still so much we don’t know, but it certainly appears that this pandemic has the potential to become another major global crisis. (Read More...)

How Has Monkeypox Spread All Over The Globe At Lightning Speed?

What in the world is going on?  In the past, we were told that monkeypox was not a major concern because it was so difficult to spread it from person to person.  But now monkeypox seems to be spreading like wildfire.  On May 7th, the very first case in the western world in 2022 was confirmed in the United Kingdom.  Now here we are less than two weeks later and there are now dozens of confirmed and suspected cases in seven different countries outside of Africa.  Yesterday, I discussed the cases that have popped up in Spain, Portugal and the United States.  Now there are three more nations that are reporting confirmed or suspected cases, and that should greatly alarm all of us. (Read More...)

A “Smallpox-Like Virus” Has Now Spread To Spain, Portugal And The United States

Is it already too late to prevent this new monkeypox outbreak from spreading all over the globe?  Cases have now been confirmed in the UK, Spain, Portugal and the United States.  A few days ago I warned that this outbreak could potentially develop into something big, and that appears to be precisely what is happening.  If you are not familiar with monkeypox, it is being described as a “smallpox-like virus” that produces some really nasty symptoms.  In particular, the fluid-filled blisters that it produces all over the body can cause victims to look pretty horrifying.  The good news is that monkeypox is not nearly as deadly as smallpox.  The death rate for smallpox in humans can be as high as 30 percent, but the death rate for monkeypox is usually far lower. (Read More...)

Super Creepy Military Recruitment Video Tells The Truth About Bizarre Psychological Operations That The U.S. Is Running

I just watched one of the creepiest videos that I have ever seen in my entire life.  In fact, it was so creepy that I never want to see it again.  I avoid horror movies because I don’t want to be exposed to that sort of content, and I would put this video in the same category.  But the video that I just watched is not a piece of fiction.  Instead, it is actually an official recruitment video for a unit of the U.S. military known as the 4th Psychological Operations Group.  According to their official website, the 4th Psychological Operations Group is engaged in “information warfare” all over the globe… (Read More...)

Even More Cases Of The Monkeypox Have Been Confirmed As This Sickening Plague Continues To Spread

It is just 24 hours later, and the number of confirmed cases in the UK has more than doubled.  I told you that I would be keeping an eye on this story, and there have been some alarming new developments.  When I wrote about the monkeypox outbreak in the UK yesterday, there were three confirmed cases.  Now there are seven, and authorities can’t explain why it is spreading.  This is a disease that is not supposed to spread from person to person easily, but apparently some human to human transmission has been happening in these new cases. (Read More...)

A Bizarre Skin Disease Is Mysteriously Spreading In The UK

Monkeypox is a disease that I have been monitoring for quite a while now.  It is not supposed to spread easily from human to human, and hopefully that is still true.  But human cases are now popping up in the UK, and authorities are not exactly sure how it is spreading.  As we have seen with COVID, deadly diseases can mutate in dangerous and unpredictable ways.  And as we have also seen, a handful of human cases can ultimately turn into a worldwide pandemic.  So we should definitely keep an eye on this alarming new outbreak in the UK, because it could potentially become something much larger. (Read More...)

Never Underestimate The Power Of The Federal Government To Mess Things Up

Just when you think that it can’t get any worse, the clown show in Washington somehow finds a way to make it happen.  Our politicians like to tell everyone else in the world how they should be running things, but meanwhile the Biden administration is putting on a display of incompetence that is absolutely breathtaking.  Biden administration officials keep pivoting from one crisis to another, but they can’t seem to solve any of them.  This week, their focus is on the epic baby formula shortages that have erupted all over America.  In 25 different states, out of stock levels have now risen to at least 40 percent. (Read More...)

China Just Held A “Rehearsal” For The Coming Invasion Of Taiwan And Congress Just Greatly Escalated The Conflict In Ukraine

Will the U.S. soon be involved in two major wars at the same time?  The U.S. House of Representatives just escalated the proxy war in Europe by approving a 40 billion dollar “aid package” for Ukraine, and I will have much more to say about that below.  But first I want to talk about a major development in Asia.  For a long time I have been warning that the Chinese will invade Taiwan, and now that day appears to be closer than ever.  From Friday through Sunday, China conducted very alarming military exercises off the coast of Taiwan that one Chinese military analyst is referring to as a “rehearsal of possible real action”(Read More...)